Tevar (2015) Movie Script

"Radhe-Radhe... unite
me with Shyam."
The land of Brij,
The Holi-carnival.
And a grand Kabaddi competition.
Mathura in the Orange Jersey.
And Agra's team in blue jersey.
Ready to face each other.
The players are enlightening
the media about the game..
We'll show them the
strength of Gokul's ghee.
We'll crush the Agra team into a
pulp or you can change our name.
Right, sonny boy?
Look at that big one?
- Which one?
They are all big.
I warned him... against
pitting a match against them.
But he never listens.
He's missing and left us all
alone in this fair to compete.
Bhatura, call him.
No... his father
answers his phone.
I would rather not take
my chances with them.
Baingan, you call him..
- Yes, Brother.
Lam frightened.
You two are such big losers.
- You call him.
- Call him.
Yes, Gajender.
Fine, you don't have to come.
You don't have to hand
out any trophies anyway.
Now listen carefully.
Meet that Chaudhary politely.
People know too well
about your reputation.
The elections are close, we need
his support, and a clean image.
See you.
What's wrong?
- He isn't answering.
Keep calling him.
Pintu, your phone.
Pintu, your phone is ringing.
Papa, Pintu's run away.
Bro... Pintu will
get us all killed.
Calm down. He'll come.
He'll come?
He's no Karan-Arjun to drop in.
When will he come?
When they..
When they crush our bones.
Kakdi... where's your boss?
My back has become
red waiting for him.
I've been waiting
for him for hours.
Lam leaving.
Tell your hot-shot... to
hell with this alliance.
Peace is out of the question.
"There's only going to be war.
Get it.
The question here is... does
the State's Home Minister"
...Mahender Singh, want to
divert the people's attention..
...from the real
topic, which is..
...his brother, Gajendra
Singh's hooliganism" conducting
such tournaments?
Gajendra, you're sitting
in the middle of the road.
Do you want to die?
Jatt is believed dead..
...when his soul perishes.
You've quite an attitude.
Dancers have attitude, Mr.
People like me... raise a storm.
I see.
You can boss around
my brother, not me.
Okay, okay... it's done.
Brijvir Kabaddi
tournament semi-finals.
It's a close -match.
The star raider of
Mathura's team..
...Narender is out on a raid.
- Catch him.
And with a unique
display of speed"
...he's picked up Sonu Chilgosa.
The entire team of Agra is
trying to stop Narender.
And Narender's across the line.
Mathura, 24... Agra, 17.
Mathura's team is
mocking Agra's team.
You go.
Who's going to raid on behalf of
Agra? Let us check - Baingan, go.
This is the last raid.
Agra's bound to lose. Sure shot.
Come on. Come..
What're you doing
Finally you're here, where were you?
- What's this?
Agra's Pintu Shukla has
made a last minute entry.
Jersey no.10, Sonu is out.
And no.8 Pintu Shukla is in.
- Come on.
Go on.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
- Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
- Careful.
Mathura's defenders are ready.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
And Pintu attempts.
- Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
- From the back... the back.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
And another attempt from Pintu..
Pintu Shukla... nimbly
dodging the defenders.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Pintu's first attack... and
Mathura's Narender is out.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
He's jumped over two
defenders in a single leap.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Two of Mathura's players
have pinned him..
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
But what's this?
Pintu's still heading towards his
corner without breaking his breath.
The entire team of Mathura's
trying to stop Pintu.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
It's a very exciting match.
Come on, Pintu. Bravo.
You can do it.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
The people are astonished.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
- Agra's tensed.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
As soon as Pintu
breaks his breath..
"Agra will lose all hopes.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
What's this?
This is amazing.
Pintu's dragging the entire
team towards the central line.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
You can do it. Come on.
You can do it.
What an exciting match.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Pintu's managed to extend his
hand through the defenders.
Pintu's trying his best to
head towards the center line.
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi...
Kabaddi... Kabaddi... Kabaddi.
Match is over. Agra has won!
Pintu was amazing!
Agra has won.
Pintu Shukla made Agra win.
Yes! Yes!
Pintu! Pintu!
Take it... Mathura..
Agra! Agra! Agra!
Come on.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
My brother won.
You don't know my name.
Lam the head-girl in school.
I'm pretty well-known in
other schools as well.
Let go of my hand.
You can impress someone else
with those mobile poems.
Lam leaving.
See you tomorrow
at water cooler.
"See you tomorrow at the water cooler..
What are you doing in my room?
You need to stay in your
room to call it yours.
Why don't I just put up your
bed in the Kabaddi field?
Your brother's a hero.
I won the match again.
First hero I've ever seen..
...that hangs around with boys.
At least think about
my reputation.
Find a girlfriend.
First I'll win the
Kabaddi finals.
And then think about
doing anything else.
And making girlfriends
are not a big deal.
Not a big deal.
Then get one.
I don't want someone
soft or mushy.
I want someone... amazing.
- Amazing!
- Yes.
And there's a girl like that..
"Waiting to play hide-n-seek
with Pintu Sukhka, right?
- Kabaddi.
- Right.
- Get lost!
- Hopeless.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Will your picture be
in tomorrow's paper?
Close the door.
Pintu Shukla arrived
at the last moment..
Here, catch..
...and changed the
outcome of the game.
Pintu, you've conquered
Agra, Pintu.
Just win this final
match and see.
What's wrong?
Chaman uncle.
Did you forget to temper the
fritters with your sweat today?
It tastes bland.
- Where are you going?
Come, I'll drop you.
Isn't that Naresh the wrestler?
Come with me.
The chilly from your
bland fritters.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Baigan.
You go, I feel scared.
- Pay the bill.
- Yeah, go on.
"O girl on the cycle.."
"Why are you so cute?"
"Are you married or still a spinster?"
- Idiot.
Now my turn. My turn.
"Red veil..."
"Your red veil flew
away with the breeze."
"Your beloved ignore
you deceitfully."
"I know he'll ignore you."
"But he'll surely ignore you."
Wow, Pintu.
So Indian Idol, shall
we continue playing?
Lam out on a hunt, Pintu.
Don't mess with me.
I see.
Thank you.
Madam, hold on.
Please come.
Learn to respect women.
Otherwise I'll teach
you a lesson!
Otherwise I'll bust your
balls and break your barrel!
How dare you threaten me?
No one ever dares to abuses me..
Does your mobile have a camera?
- Yes.
- Take it out.
We'll put this on Facebook.
Let everyone know,
how cute our boy is.
Take it.
You can go now.
Sonny, hunting season is over.
Next time we meet... I
will make you regret this.
Pintu, forget it.
Those who lack guts"
...don't make tall claims.
"Let me tell you one thing."
"I am not scared of anyone."
"Let me tell you one thing."
"I am not scared of anyone."
"You can accuse me of anything."
"You can accuse me of anything."
"And do want you can."
"I am a Superman."
"Salman's fan."
"Those who mess with me...
never gets up again."
"I am a Superman.
- Wow Pintu."
"Salman's fan.
- Wow Pintu."
"Those who mess with me...
never gets up again."
"Wow Pintu."
"I am a Superman."
"Salman's fan."
"Those who mess with me... doesn't
get up again. - Wow Pintu."
"We give as good as we get."
"Never listen to anyone."
"You can be a king...
but in your home."
"Those who come looking
for trouble.."
"..we treat them really well."
"I have a very small desire."
"Speak the language of love."
"But those who don't get it.."
"..we make them understand."
"I entered with a loud bang."
"I entered with a loud bang."
"And my exit will be grand."
"I am a Superman."
"Salman's fan."
"Those who mess with me...
never gets up again."
"I... l am a Superman."
"I am a Superman."
"I am a Superman."
"I... l am a Superman."
"Mom can't pamper me.."
"..nor can dad reform me."
"I've twisted eyes...
dashing young man."
"What can the teacher teach me?"
"Or enlighten me."
"lam a graduate of
the college of fun."
"We're men of free will."
"We never lock horns
for no reason."
"But if anyone messes
with us we start a riot."
"To hell with the world."
"To hell with the world."
"I am happy the way I am."
"I am a Superman."
"Salman's fan."
"Those who mess with me...
never gets up again."
"I am Superman.
- Wow Pintu."
"Salman's fan.
- Wow Pintu."
"Those who mess with me... never gets up again.
- Wow Pintu."
"I am a Superman."
"Salman's fan."
"Those who mess with me... never gets up again.
- Wow Pintu."
Come on, Baingan.
You'll win today.
Bravo my boy.
You'll win today.
Why did you stop?
What the..
- Oh, God. He's back again.
Why doesn't he listen to me?
Pintu, time to play
hide and seek.
Let's get out.
Brother, I am frightened.
Well, Pintu... what now?
No, no.
What are you saying?
You can handle them.
Everyone. No.
They are larger in number.
Take a good look. Look..
Bro... Pintu..
Can't you see I am talking?
Hold on.
Sorry. Yes, what?
You mean... I see..
They're all doomed today.
What about tall guy at the back?
Him too.
And that fatso,
fluffing his nose?
Well... now my hands will
finish this conversation.
Beat him!
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
Whose neck do I twist"
...and whose bones do I break?
Play it!
Come on!
Catch him! Catch the idiot!
You all just keep coming.
Come in groups of 20.
- Throw it on him.
- Sorry.
- What are you doing?
Scorch him. Scorch the idiot.
Great... that's it, that's it.
Where are you going now?
Let's get out of here.
- Is he your son?
- Yes, he is.
Do you know what a nuisance he's
been creating on the streets?
This is the third time in a week
I've arrested him for vandalism.
What do I do with this goon?
- Lady fingers?
- What?
- Lady fingers?
- Where is it?
I did remind him, mom. Also
pointed to a vendor on the way.
But he didn't buy it.
He doesn't listen at all.
You can't do a single chore correctly
and out to apprehend goons.
"Let me tell you something."
"I am not scared of anyone."
The cylinder's empty. Get
it refilled tomorrow.
Why don't you tell father?
He'll do it for free.
Mend your ways... one
day he'll lock you up.
He's been trying for ages.
He would've if he
really wanted to.
Stop staring and let him eat.
Lam not staring.
I was wondering...
What spray does he use...
that every obnoxious guy..
"Gets drawn towards him.
Papa... you're so embarrassing.
This is why I never take
you along anywhere.
- It's called a deodorant.
- Fine!
Look, Ghanshyam.
- Papa, its Pintu.
Ghanshyam sounds so bad.
- Pintu. Pintu sounds $0..
- Cool.
See... even mom knows.
Hardly attends college.
I'm literally broke
paying his tuition fee.
But he's never been there once.
I swear, father.. I was
on my way to my classes.
I just stopped on the
way to watch the fight.
But he punched me for no reason.
I was just reasoning with him..
...when you and
your men arrived.
My men?
I am a dacoit! I run a group.
Your staff.
Look, son. Finish
whatever you want to do.
If you want to play
Kabaddi, be a champion.
Or else find a government
job and settle down.
Okay, Papa-
Swear on you. Whatever I
do next, I will finish it.
Cross your fingers, papa.
He's a liar of the first order
Look, Ghanshyam...
Pintu, this is the last time.
If he misbehaves again"
...l won't bail him out.
Then... can I keep his room?
- Finish your food.
God... she's so pretty.
How much?
A lot.
Which one is it?
One-night stand?
True love.
From the heart.
Then... stop humping
the parapet.
Stop harassing him.
You are all jealous.
She's been giving me
indication for three months.
She's your sister-in-law.
- Our... sister-in-law.
- Yes.
Is she still looking?
- Yes, she is.
Go on..
Come, my boy.
What nonsense.
I've been dreaming about wedding
bells and nuptial nights.
And she was actually
fishing for you.
You don't know, Pintu.
You just raided all his ideas"
"right from the wedding album,
to his bedroom memories.
I'll explain you.
Have you heard about Rambo?
- Yes.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Everyone knows Salman.
- Put them all in a mixer.
- Yes.
Blend then a few times.
And the glass of milkshake
that you just made..
Is me.
You just ruined my mood.
Remember... my brother's
getting married in Mathura.
You're all coming along, right.
- No.
Why? - If I go out at
night, papa will ground me.
And hold on. I don't want to
miss the Kabaddi practice.
Listen, we won't
miss the practice.
And make some excuse
to your family.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Come on.
Say it politely.
Say it aloud.
Everyone say..
Say what?
Hail Goddess!
Hail Goddess!
Hail Goddess!
So... You didn't listen
to me again, did you?
I told you to... be
patient with Chaudhary.
But no.
You never understand what I say.
Lam running the 'Save
Yamuna' program"
...and you're killing people
& throwing them in it
Here... look!
Corporator Jagdish
Chaudhary's car..
"Was found on the highway,
and his body is..
"Being fetched out of
the Yamuna river now.
MP Mahendra Singh and his brother,
strongman Gajendra Singh..
...are somewhere
linked to this murder.
This is Mahesh Mishra, with
cameraman Laxman Dubey, UP news.
The quality's really
good, brother.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
The motherland's calling out..
- We want Mahender Singh again.
Mahendra Singh.
What's your opinion about Corporator
Jagdish Chaudhary's murder?
Is there politics involved?
Mr. Mahendra Singh.
Do you know that he was spotted
entering Gajendra Singh's factory?
What's your name?
Mahesh Mishra.
Get some refreshment for Mr.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
If you don't listen to
your elder brother..
...then you're no strongman.
Shut that reporter up.
He won't leave me worthy
of ascending my seat.
And yes, that
contractor as well.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
- Glory to..
- Mahendra Singh.
"Krishna's flute..."
"resonates in my heart."
"I've lost conscious...
and become his devotee."
"I've lost conscious...
and become his devotee."
"Radha sways ..under
the trance."
"Radhe... Radhe!"
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"Sing Radhe-Shyam."
"As she'll lift her veil.."
"..and dance to the rhythm."
"With her kohl laden eyes.."
"..and her beautiful arms,
she will adorn Krishna."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"The twisted lanes
of Vrindavan."
"Peep around just
like You, beloved."
"A little sweet, a little sour."
"Madhuban's restless
just like you, beloved."
"Sing Radhe... Radhe... Radhe."
"Whisper the sweet words of
love in Krishna's ears."
"Her heart will beat like
the drums for Krishna."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"Radhe... Radhe.."
"Radhe... Radhe.."
"Radhe... Radhe.."
"Sing Radhe... Radhe.."
"Radhe... Radhe.."
"Sing Radhe... Radhe.."
"Your flute steals my slumber."
"All the girls are
crazy for you."
"You steal hearts while
stealing butter."
"Krishna, you're a thief,
yet you bully us around."
"I had tied them straight,
but they looked crooked."
"These tresses seek you."
"How do I control my lips?"
"They wake up with the
redness of dawn."
"Sing Radhe... Radhe...
"Fill Krishna's nights
with your love."
"She'll pluck the stars and
make them dance for Krishna."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
"When the music plays loud...
Radha will sway."
Brother. Brother, let's go.
Where are you lost?
I saw Her.
I just saw Her.
Now I'll chant
"Radhe-Radhe" too..
...only then will
I attain heaven.
Brother, what about
the reporter.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Brother, it's the
third house up ahead.
Stop the car. Stop.
Come on.
- This one?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Well..
Whom do you want?
What are you doing?
What happened? What happened?
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Excuse me..
Radhika - Yes.
Let's go.
I don't know who he is.
- Who was it?
- I don't know.
It was two men, they ran
away after seeing me.
Just like you fled
from my function.
If I had been there..
...l would've been bored
like rest of Mathura.
Papa... Why are you
bothering her?
Finish your food, and
let her eat too.
Eat it, dear.
What about your visa interview?
I've got the visa.
I just need to go to Delhi
and get my passport.
I don't get one thing.
Why is everyone so adamant
on sending me to the US?
Uncle's calling you,
so go meet him.
You can stay there
and study as well.
And get a job too.
And find someone for yourself...
some foreigner"
Yo-man... type.
I don't want to go anywhere.
I will finish my
studies right here.
Become a lecturer, like papa.
And find someone educated
for myself, right here.
We'll find him.
Find your cottage-cheese.
You should eat peas as well.
So friends, let's
listen to first love..
The song that plays in
every lover's heart.
"This sweet song.."
Yes, Kakdi.
Go on, I'll join you.
You seem lost since yesterday.
Kakdi... l am in
a lot of misery.
Heart says... l should
marry the girl.
Mind says... l should
threaten the reporter.
What should I do?
Can I say something?
Why don't you talk
to her directly?
These days the boy and
girl decide themselves.
And once you two are married..
...her brother won't write anything
negative about his brother-in-law.
Right said.
Right said, Kakdi.
Thank you.
- Come on... to the college.
Naved, last time. Please.
Juliet, O Juliet..
- Where are tao?
- Tao..
Who's Tao?
Where are thou? Thou?
How many times do l..
You had come home last night, right?
- Yes..
I had something to say.
Can I sit?
My name's Gajendra Singh.
Lam sure you've heard my name.
Your brother often
mentions my name.
You're Gajendra
Singh, the Strongman.
And your name?
I wanted to talk
about an alliance.
Whose alliance?
Well... you're unmarried..
...and coincidentally,
lam a bachelor too. $0..
Thank you, I don't
want to marry you.
What's wrong with me?
I look okay. I am wealthy.
I admit I am a goon.
I also admit that I
committed few murders.
That doesn't mean I
don't know how to love.
Here... Madam.
Down here..
It's not a scrapyard"
There's a garden of
roses in there too.
You might know..
"Since you've been living here.
And as far as my
hooliganism is concerned.
Hey, keep seated.
Every gangster is a
slave of his wife.
So make me your slave...
And if you don't
want to marry me..
...end it right here.
This is what I love about you..
You look really cute when you're shy.
You didn't kill me.
So that's a yes for me.
Okay? So see you.
I brought a scooter for you.
Don't take a rickshaw.
Won't look nice.
Sit on your scooter and
just zip through the lanes.
But I don't want to see
any boy at the back.
Why should boys
have all the fun?
See you.
Hold on!
Your scooter keys
and your proposal"
...both are kept on the table.
Remember to take it
on your way out.
Kakdi... she'll reform me.
Good footage.
Yes, Chutki.
See you at 6 o'clock.
What happened?
The magic of new clothes.
Brother-in-law called
you personally.
I'll buy you a new motorcycle, Kakdi.
- Thank you.
Just let me get married.
- This is amazing.
First politics... and now the
media's in our hand too.
Boss. Brother-in-law.
How are you?
- Great. Just great.
Sit down, do your job.
Sit down. It's personal now.
Bless me.
Here, have some sweets.
That's fine.
I heard that you went with a proposal.
- Yes.
Baby's naive.
Why don't you fix a date?
You're sensible, so I'll
explain you instead.
We'll definitely
finalize a date.
- But... for a hearing.
- What?
For a court hearing.
And you'll making new
relations in jail.
And I'll have sweets"
...only after I humiliate
you on all the channels.
One more thing.
Don't go near my sister again.
Otherwise I will serve
a sting operation..
...on Gajender and Mahender for
dinner in every household.
And then... before you can
even draw your knife..
...your brother's government
will slip out of his hands
Come, I'll see you out.
Sir... you have such
stupid sycophants.
Tell him.
If he tries to mess with media..
...he'll have to face
the music, not us.
Radhe... Radhe..
Travel safely, son.
Mummy, I am going to
Mathura, not the border.
What are you doing?
- You're going for a veneration.
You should go with a clear mind.
Open your mouth.
Aunty, if he eats the offerings
here what will he eat out there?
Give me 100... I
mean 1000 rupees.
- 1000 rupees?
- To splurge...
For donating. To donate
when we go there.
Idiot, why don't you..
...give the size, figure, height
& other details about the girl.
Shut him up.
Here... you can donate 251..
...and buy sweets of the rest.
- Only 500?
Aunty, for this much we
will only get a kis..
It's enough"
Shall we?
Wear your sweater.
Wear it.
- Bye. - Wear it.
- Bye, aunty.
- Bye.
Thank you, aunty.
- Bye, aunty.
- Bye.
- Bye, Pinky.
- Bye.
Hail Goddess.
Where is he going?
They're going to Mathura.
There's veneration at
Ghosla's brother's house.
She's a policeman's wife and
still couldn't figure it out.
I wonder what mess he'll get
himself into this time..
So... Mr. Reporter!
I'll show you how I bite now?
Come on. Run!
Media is running.
Come on.
Come on.
Now write your news. Get up!
Come on. Run. Come on.
Come on!
Keep running.
It reminded me of my wife.
You're just too much.
- Who's that?
- That..
What's wrong?
Why are you wielding a
sword out in the open?
What's going on here?
- Sir..
- Yes.
Sir... him..
Let's go, Dubey.
- Yeah, let's go, Bhanwarji
Get up. Get up.
You hold the mic. with
this hand, don't you?
With great regret,
everyone's informed..
Hold it straight.
That my future brother-in-law..
...met with an untimely death.
Never threaten your
future brother-in-law.
What will I tell your sister?
...l'll explain her.
Have you finished the job?
- Yes.
It's really nice.
That's true.
- Anybody there?
- Yes.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Are you Mahesh Mishra's father?
- Yes.
What's wrong. Palm?
Speak up.
What's wrong?
You will have to come down
to the police station.
Why? What's wrong?
You see... your son's committed suicide.
- What?
Brother... he used to
dictate us with his mic."
This is wrong.
"Misuse of your power."
You blew up his satellite.
And his sister.
- Oh yes, his sister.
I told his family to come down at the
police station and collect his body.
And his sister"
His sister... She
fell unconscious.
She fell unconscious.
Brother. Why are
you beating him?
Don't beat him.
Your sister-in-law fainted..
...and you think that's funny.
- No..
What were you doing?
Leave me.
Idiot. You think it's funny.
Come here.
- Idiots, you get free booze.
You dare mock your
Run away, idiots.
Brother... Curses...
Dear... we can at
least do something.
We would if we could.
Gajendra killed him in
the middle of the road.
But no one's going
to say anything.
We'll file a case, and
it'll keep dragging.
How about I talk
to some minister?
Uncle... Mahesh told me..
...why he had called
Gajendra to the office.
I think its best you
send Radhika to the US.
But, son..
- Uncle, there's no other option.
Because he'll always
be up to something" long as he
doesn't get Radhika.
The arrangement's excellent.
- Yes.
Yes. Chowmein and kebabs.
- Wonderful.
- Thanks.
Hello, uncle. Aunty.
Look, the music will start...
and then Baingan will start.
Baingan will start later, first
you get things started..
We've to practice for
Kabaddi, we've to go.
Don't even think about
leaving, Pintu.
Look ahead.
Take a look.
"The lanes of Mathura
are in a stir."
"A maverick handsome
"Anyone who takes me away."
"I'll make him my lover."
"Your smile's luscious
and style's incredible."
"Your smile's luscious
and style's incredible."
"You're hot and soft...
you're incredible."
"Eyes are sultry...
and lips are sweet."
"Allow me to... taste them."
"I am willing, make
me your lover."
"Very respectfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
"Very faithfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
"It's a modern age...
this is an item song."
"Everyone's naughty here."
"You're totally blank."
"And a complete Casanova."
"Don't talk about respect."
"I am as naughty as
you're beautiful."
"I am the only hottie
in my neighborhood."
"I am willing, make
me your lover."
"Very respectfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
"Very faithfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
"What kind of a
mischief-deer are you?"
"No flowery veils or pillows."
"How will adorn our bed?"
"You don't pounce or hug."
"You're different
from the rest."
"How are you going to have fun?"
"Only fools pounce and leap."
"I've heart... that's
filled with love."
"I am willing, make
me your lover."
"Very respectfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
"Very faithfully yours.."
"I'll be your mad lover."
Kakdi, your sister-in-law
has run away.
Take your men and seal the city.
I'll check the bus stations and you
check the railway stations. Okay.
Are you deaf?
In the graveyard. Gajender
Singh's dead, you fool.
Get up.
Will I go alone to play Kabaddi?
You alone are enough
for everyone.
You're amazing.
You know, Pintu.
When you're around,
lam not frightened.
Come on.
Pintu... hold on.
One ticket for Delhi.
- 140 rupees, ma'am.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Where were you going?
We're getting married.
You forgot.
Come on. Let's go. Come.
Come on.
Come on.
- Leave me.
- Come.
What are you staring at? Haven't
you seen couples fighting before?
People are watching.
Come home quietly.
Come on. This is embarrassing.
- I don't want to go.
People are watching. Come on.
Baby... come on.
- Mister.
- Get lost.
What is it?
What do you want, man?
What do you want?
Brother. Brother.
Brother, are you okay?
- Take care of him.
Follow them, get the car.
- Get the car.
- Driver, faster
Some boy made off with sister-in-law.
Catch him.
What did I do? They're chasing me.
Who are they?
Faster. Faster.
Faster. Faster.
So many bullets, so many men...
who does that?
Who are they?
Stop you idiot, where
are you going?
Don't stay quiet, say something.
- Gajen what? Who was he?
They are after me.
Stop. Stop. What
mess did I get into?
Whom did I just hit?
Tell me who was that?
Who was he? Who was he?
Gajender Singh.
- Gajender Singh who.
- Strongman Gajender Singh?
- Yes?
Faster. Drive faster.
You mean... Gajender Singh?
What did I do?
What mess did I get myself into?
I came here to attend a marriage
but landed in big trouble instead.
Stop. Stop.
Why is he after you?
- He wants to marry me against my will.
So why didn't you run away?
Why were you picnicing?
Shut up!
- Why are you..
- Shut up.
Just shut up!
Listen to me.
I was running away.
Gajender killed my brother...
in front of everyone.
My parents managed
to help me escape.
I was going to Delhi.
I have to go to US.
Leaving everything behind.
I was running away.
I wasn't on a picnic.
Gajender Singh,
Mathura's strongman.
And you're Pintu...
A boy from Agra
Either you run away...
...or you run away.
Shall we?
You want to run away, don't you?
You bumped into the right boy.
No one runs better than me.
Oh yes, myself Pintu.
This way, they're this
way, come quickly.
Get out...
- Look, they are inside.
Get in from the right.
Take a look, quickly.
The boy must be
inside, take a look
Shoot. Shoot him.
Where do you think you can go?
Why you..
- Stop.
- In that lane.
Catch him.
- You can't run... stop!
Go inside.
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
Whose neck do I twist"
...and whose bones do I break?
Come on. Inside.
This way.
Catch them. Take aim.
Hello... brother.
Catch him.
Come on. Hold on.
What are you doing?
Stop... stop your idiot.
You stop.
Otherwise your future wife..
...will be lying on the
street like a crushed melon.
Why you..
He said no. No one moves.
They won't harm you.
- Let the girl go.
- Let her go?
Scared... aren't you?
Hey... you.
Gather everyone's guns, come on.
Brother, order your dog...
or he won't move.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry UP-
By the way... your
girl's really healthy.
I can't hold her for too long.
My arms are paining.
Hurry up, take his gun too.
He's not special.
Throw them.
Throw it.
Throw it.
Now... take off your pants.
Take off your pants.
Next time I will let go.
Take off your pants.
Let it slip all the
way to your ankle.
I don't want a free show here.
What are you all mourning for? Will
I have to tell you all separately?
Take off your pants!
You see, brother...
...l always try everything once.
And if I like something..
I do it twice.
So my groom...
...don't bump into me again.
What are you staring at?
Catch him.
Catch him!
Catch them!
- Get down.
- Get down, quickly.
Catch the idiot.
Catch them! Catch the idiot.
Brother, please come
here immediately.
A terrible thing just happened.
Something terrible
happened with Gajender..
Please just get here.
Come quickly.
Brother... it's terrible.
Brother Gajender..
He took it off.
Some boy made off
with sister-in-law.
Do something.
I know...
I know everything.
Let's go to my office.
Listen... call that cop.
And seal off the entire city.
- Yes.
Give that.
Wear your pant.
I'll wear this pant..
...when I find my wife.
What the...
Dubey, leave whatever
you're doing.
Someone made off with
Gajender's fianc.
Seal the city, setup check-posts.
Let's go.
Mathura Police Station, block the Agra Highway.
- Yes, sir.
Brother, why have you
jammed the roads.
Move on.
Why have you blocked the roads?
Thank you.
Where are you going?
I'll manage on my own.
But seriously, thank you.
- You're welcome.
But how will you go?
Will you fly out?
Till what time can you
collect the passport.
4 o'clock.
- 4 o'clock?
And it's 11 now.
The place is heavily guarded.
You can't make it by 4.
Tomorrow's a Saturday,
and then Sunday.
You won't get your
passport before Monday.
Do you have a place
to stay in Delhi?
No. But I will manage.
Can I give you a better idea?
Stay with me, in my home, Agra.
No, I will manage.
I admit I look like a
loafer, but I am not.
You trusted me once.
So do it again.
Come on.
Come on.
I don't understand one thing.
Why are you helping me?
- Madam, I am Superman.
Superman helps everyone.
That's all.
Let's play a game.
And what about the checking
at the by-pass up ahead.
Hold on.
Pick out the longest finger.
Aren't you scared?
But if I worry about
the future now..
...then, what about my present.
Okay, you tell us which one
is the longest finger.
Come on, check every car.
Yeah, Kakdi.
No, no..
Lam personally
checking every car.
By evening, sister-in-law...
will be back home.
Where are you heading?
Dubey, what about my buttermilk.
I told you.
What did I get stuck into?
"Handsome beloved.."
"Gorgeous sweetheart."
"When they met,
they fell in love."
Dubey, we've found the girl.
What? Pintu, leave me.
Pintu, what are you doing?
They will see us.
Stop? Stop right there.
You were looking for
her, weren't you?
Who are you?
Lam a responsible citizen
of this country.
And he's the one who
made off with her.
The one who made Gajender
take off his pants.
There he is, in the red car.
Go on.
Mr. Responsible Citizen, please
look after her for a moment.
I'll be right back.
- Dubey, follow me.
- Coming.
- You idiot..
- What's wrong, sir?
How dare you elope with girls?
- No, sir.
I was just teasing her,
he girl was with him.
Bhawar... brother's calling.
Hello, brother.
Enough! I am breaking up
the friendship with you.
Quiet! Promise me
you won't scream.
You won't scream.
If you don't scream,
I'll show you something.
Promise. Do you want to see?
Come on.
- Mom..
- I said don't scream.
Who is she? Where did
you get her from?
Did he kidnap you?
- Are you crazy?
And you.. You were
supposed to get offerings"
"but, you brought her instead.
Father said" If you don't
come back by tomorrow..
...he'll issue a
warrant in your name.
That's why I am asking
you to shut up.
I'll deal with you later.
Come here. Come.
So what's the scene?
Are you two have
having an affair?
Stupid girl... we're
not a couple.
Please don't step out of the room.
Stay here.
Please arrange for some clothes.
What's going on here?
Tell me.
Are you two really not having an affair?
- No.
Someone wants to
marry me forcefully.
Pintu's just helping me escape.
Are you hungry?
Would you like to eat?
Pintu, get something
from the kitchen.
Are you crazy? Why would I go?
I'll get trapped if I do.
- Pintu, she's our guest.
- So?
Fine, I'll tell papa. He'll
get something for all three.
I'll get something to eat.
Just get her some clothes. Okay.
Do you like yellow?
Where were you all day?
Practicing Kabaddi.
You practiced all day.
I was wandering around.
Did you do something
you shouldn't have?
There's rice and curry. Take it.
And Pintu, next time you
decide to wander around..
...then don't forget
to inform me.
When children stay out of the
house without informing" scares the hell
out of the parents.
Sorry, Papa-
Freshen up.
It's like... take your eyes
off, and accidents occur.
What happened, Baingan?
You left... but we
got stuck yesterday.
There was a big jam.
Someone made off with strongman
Gajender's girl yesterday"
There was a stir in the entire city.
The highway was jammed too.
You know, Pintu,
whoever did it..
...must be really amazing.
He's really got balls of steel.
I did it!
I did it!
What nonsense.
There was a problem
at the bus station.
I didn't know he was
Gajender Singh.
You just doomed us all.
- I didn't do it intentionally.
He was dragging her,
and I punched him.
We're doomed.
And the girl.
- Be respectful.
- Pintu.
Well... she's hiding in my room.
- Your home.
You hid her in your home.
Are you crazy?
I don't plan to
settle down with her.
I'll take her to
Delhi on Monday.
We'll collect her passport,
drop her at the airport.
End of story.
What "End of story"?
And Gajender?
There's no point in locking horns with him.
- He's right.
We'll all be in trouble.
Listen to us.
- Are you scared?
- Yes.
Me too.
Did we ever lose as a team?
Did we ever lose as a team?
We're the Attitude.
We'll get through this.
We'll get through.
Fine... we'll get through.
- Kakdi!
- Yes, brother.
Where's brother?
- He's gone to Agra.
To attend a rally.
- Sit.
- Yes.
The peace, and sanctity in
our state, in your state.. does it prevail?
Because our government
is in power here.
Your government.
We work hard day and night.
What for?
For your happiness.
Your happiness is..
Stop all this.
Stop it. Don't you get it?
Get lost.
Your prosperity is..
Just one minute.
Well... my name is Gajender
Singh, and I belong from Mathura.
My brother, this one here..
"Has been the Home Minister
of this state for four years.
And my cousin is the MP here.
That means... l am the One..
You see... l was
supposed to get married.
And some obnoxious guy..
...made off with your
future sister-in-law.
Get lost.
Keep your eyes and ears open..
...and find your daughter-in-law.
If we find the girl..
...then, everyone's
invited to the wedding.
And don't leave without eating,
or I'll feel offended.
And if she's not found..
...then I'll be your one
and only son-in-law.
And lay my cot wherever I like.
Do you want to say something?
So... we're going
to have a rally.
Come on. Get to work, come on..
Move. Move.
Stop playing.
What are your hobbies?
What are we doing here?
Papa's at home today. So
it's a bit tense at home.
I don't want any trouble
before your flight.
Isn't it amazing... The Taj.
You know what's strange.
So many Indians have
still not seen the Taj.
- Lam one of them.
- What?
You haven't seen the Taj yet.
That's the problem
with us locals.
Everyone wants to go
to London or New York.
But no one wants to see the
beauty in our country.
I didn't want to go either.
But brother was adamant
on sending me..
Now that I am going,
he's no more.
Can I ask you something?
What do you really like?
Do you like 'Baingan'
You don't know... how
much I love you.
Me too.
Me too.
If father finds out you
two are eyeing her..
...then he'll be scared too.
Hey you three... Pintu.
What's up?
They are my friends.
Ghosla, Bhatura...
and he is Baingan.
What kind of friends are you?
You just humiliate me anywhere. You
should first see the situation.
Should I tell her your real name?
- Real name?
- Should I?
- Should I start?
I'll start. Ghosla.
Bhatura. Now we're going
to have some fun.
I won't... It's alright.
Switch on the generator.
Ghosla, don't do it.
Bhatura, shut it down.
Stop it, Pintu.
Let it be.
Brother. Stop it. Take this.
"Hey listen baby..
- Baby...!"
"I'll do anything for you."
"Nah... l'm just joking."
"I'll even go to
the moon for you."
"Now get ready.."
"I can't wait anymore."
"I just wanna party... hard."
"Like an animal."
"I see her dancing...
she looks outstanding."
"She's got no love...
or passion."
"For you all this
was a fashion."
"Pretty blue colored jeans."
"And blue colored shirt."
"You made my heart freeze."
"You look like Dutch police."
"Let's celebrate.."
"Let's celebrate this moment."
"Let's Instagram this."
"Let's Instagram this moment."
"I just want to
live this moment."
"They call me the
mood mechanic."
"And I'm going to fix you."
"These days everyone
wanna be rappers."
"Unfortunately... l
am the baddest."
"If you're feeling restless."
"I'll be your Superman."
"You don't need to worry."
"I am like a one man..."
"From Haldipur to Agra."
"Your moves are outstanding."
"You ripped my heart out."
"Let's celebrate this moment."
"Let's Instagram this."
"Let's Instagram this moment."
"I just want to
live this moment."
"Hey Superman now take it slow."
"..can you stop the time."
"What's going happen to
me now, can't describe
"I just wanna stay
in this moment."
All the time "Shake your body."
"Shake that body."
"Let's celebrate."
"Shake your body."
"Shake your body."
"Shake that body."
"Till it drops."
"Shake your body."
"Shake that body."
"Let's celebrate."
"Shake your body."
"Shake your body."
"Shake that body."
"Till it drops."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Let's celebrate.."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Till it drops."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Shake that body."
"Let's celebrate.."
"Shake your body."
"Shake that body."
"Till it drops."
"Let's celebrate.."
"Let's celebrate this moment."
"Let's Instagram this."
"Let's Instagram this moment."
"I just want to
live this moment."
"Let's celebrate.."
"Let's celebrate this moment."
"Let's Instagram this."
"Let's Instagram this moment."
Don't scream, Gajender.
What else should I do?
Where is baby?
She was last spotted on
Mathura-Agra highway.
You claim to be the
Home Minister.
Your love's going to
cost me my future.
And I won't let that happen.
Starting from now, you
won't touch anyone.
You want to marry
her, don't you?
I'll do something.
One has to do illegal
things legally out here.
Do you get that?
- Kakdi.
- Yes.
Tell that cop to
call all the cops"
...of the neighboring cities.
- Yes.
We'll make some arrangements.
Now wear your pants.
Wear your pants. I've had
enough of your love.
People take their pants
off when they get a girl.
But he'll wear his
when we find the girl.
Why don't you take part
in the dance show?
Right. Why don't I?
- Come, I'll tell you.
Have you seen your face?
- Thank you.
- What for?
You did everything to
make me smile, right?
No... This is what I
do when I am free.
I mean... all the time.
I forgot to ask, where's
your visa application slip?
I guess I left it
home in a haste.
What now?
I'll go to Mathura and get it.
Bhatura, I'm going
to Mathura tomorrow.
You've made it your mission" send me to the US, right?
Where are you going now?
- Meeting. I've to go.
Go back inside. Lock the
door, I'll be right back.
Your meetings never end.
- Pinky.
- Pinky.
Mother... why don't
you call Pintu?
Lam really hungry. Get
me something to eat.
My child... l'll get something right away.
I've made stuffed bread for you.
- See you.
- Okay.
Lam going to Mathura,
to get notes.
I'm telling you in advance.
- Where are you going?
- Mathura.
Lam heading that way
too, I'll drop you.
Come on, hurry up.
Is everything okay?
Pintu's there. He'll
handle everything.
Does this all belong to Pintu?
- Yes.
But why does he play Kabaddi?
There are other things.
He says, real champions don't
send players out of the field.
In fact, they come back home.
By the way.
What's his real name?
Ghanshyam, where are you headed?
- He's talking to you.
- Yes, sir.
- Don't know about Ghanshyam, but Pintu..
Oh no!
Where are you headed? Tell me.
- Anywhere but here.
- What?
I mean some place..
- So you're SP Shukla.
- Manners"
lam Kakdi.
I didn't ask your name.
You need to learn some manners.
Are you alone?
No. The Prime
Minister's with me.
Would you like to meet him?
This is not the time to joke.
Where's the meeting?
Chaubey, let's go.
Even he... my brother said
everything will be fine.
But nothing happened.
And why do you think that
boy made off with the girl?
Kidnappings are not done
with anyone consent.
He was a goon. Spotted a
girl and made off with her.
And how are you
related to that girl?
She's my fiance?
- Any other question?
- Yes.
You said he made off with
her from the bus station.
What were you two doing
at the bus station?
Will you ask me everything or
save something for that boy?
Here's the file. It's got
her photo and details.
Read it.
Sir, you want the police's help.
We'll ask you all the questions.
We can't go ask
some soothsayer..
...that "Where is Gajender's fianc".
- Mishra.
- Shukla, Mishra, Dubey... whatever.
Even I have a funny bone.
Get some work done.
You might have a funny
b one, I don't.
Just answer my questions,
and I'll find the girl.
You've quite an attitude.
Fine, ask.
What were you two doing
at the bus station?
We had a fight.
She was furious.
Did anyone ask her parents?
When are you coming?
Did you get everything?
How can you forget?
Tomorrow's Holi.
"Beloved, when you sprayed...
that color on me."
"The girl's now mine..."
Go ahead.
Make the call.
"Beloved, when you sprayed
that color on me."
"The girl's now mine..."
"Beloved, when you sprayed...
that color on me."
You go.
"The girl's now mine..."
Sorry, sir.
- So...
- Yes.
You like playing
Holi, don't you?
Let's go to the police station.
Come on, I'll make you black and blue
without applying color. - Sorry..
Thank you, sir.
Listen, dear.
I'll take you home.
- No, I'll manage.
Come on, dear. Hold this.
Come on.
Do you live here?
I never saw you before.
No, my relatives live here.
- I see.
- Where?
At the next left.
Sir... do you know that Kakdi
that lives in Mathura.
Yes... I needed his number.
Yes. Thank you.
Sir, this is where I've to go.
How are you related
to these people?
My future in-laws.
Your file.
I've come this far you can at
least get me a glass of water.
Come on.
Brother Gajender.
Let's go.
Sir, that's Pinky. My
future sister-in-law.
Pinky, please get a
glass of water for sir.
Go Pinky, please
get water for sir.
No formality. I'll
take it myself.
Excuse me.
Sir... listen to me.
I was thinking, why don't I
meet your in-laws as well.
How can you come in..
- She's your sister-in-law, right?
And your mother-in-law?
- Who is it, Pinky?
Mother.. Mother,
it's the police.
I know, dear. But who are you?
She's Radhika.
And she's"
And he's your future husband?
Pintu, what's all this?
Who is she?
Do her parents know?
Radhika, run.
Pintu, stop. Pintu.
- Pintu!
- Sorry, papa.
Pintu, stop.
Find the boy and girl,
they are somewhere here.
Yes, sir. Over.
"Slowly... slowly...
on my lips.."
"..I can feel a
smile blossoming"
"..from my heart."
"My... coarse palms.."
"..can feel the soft
rays of the sun.."
"..spreading all over."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"You can color me
with your love."
"Or take me in your
embrace, beloved."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"Since you embraced me...
".. I found my destiny."
"Since you embraced me..
".. I found my destiny."
"After I woke up in your arms.."
"..I found a new dawn."
"Whether you light
up my nights.."
"..or fill my world
with darkness."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
Brother, we'll return
only with sister-in-law.
Be patient. Patient.
Keep the car running.
Radhe... Radhe..
Mr. Shukla, what's amazing is..
...every time I ring the
bell, I get good news.
You even found my fianc.
Where is she, Mr. Shukla?
Tell me now. I'll
get you promoted.
Mr. Shukla, please don't tell
me that she ran away again.
What's wrong, Mr. Shukla?
You were making tall
claims at the office.
Mr. Shukla, this
boy in the photo..
Is he your son?
What is this?
Listen, SP.
Bring your boy and sister-in-law
to the office by tomorrow morning.
Or else there will be no
one left in your family.
Get that?
Don't boss me around, Gajender.
Lam his father!
No one will lay a
finger on my boy...
before me.
Get that?
This is your house.
This is the only place
no one will look for us.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hold on.
Now no one can recognize you.
My last 'Holi' in India.
Yes, Bhatura.
Everything's set.
Okay, we're coming.
Hello, Ghosla.
Dubey, start the car.
There goes the boy!
Let's go.
- Come on, pull Mr. Dubey.
Stop everyone.
Where are you heading?
- Happy Holi.
Don't spare the idiot today.
- Kill him.
There he is.
Shut down all shops.
Get rid of everyone!
Get them out of here!
- Stop it.
- Stop it now.
- Come on, go.
- Come on, run.
Let's go.
Move, get aside,
Let's go, we'll smash his head.
Sir, he's heading towards
the new highway!
Head towards the new highway!
Brother... he's heading towards
the new highway... on a bike.
- Kakdi.
- Yes.
Let's go.
- He's heading towards the new highway.
Let's go. Let's go.
Happy Holi
He duped us..
Let's go.
Angry bird... very good.
Come on, hand me your phone now.
And your radio. Give it.
Very good.
Stop. Stop.
Where were you?
Celebrating Holi.
Bravo, Baingan. You
were amazing today.
This is not just a
car, it's a rocket.
Listen, drive carefully.
- Yes, get going.
- Take care.
Pintu...'re in a hurry to
get rid of me, right?
Aren't you in a hurry to leave?
"No... don't send me.."
"L don't want to go... away"
"Don't send me.."
"..I don't want to go... away."
"My beloved I love...
lives right here."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go with anyone."
"You snatched the veil
from over my head."
"And gave me the sky."
"Whether anyone knows
or they don't.."
"..but he knows the
condition of my heart."
"Don't send me away.."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go with anyone."
I'll tell uncle to get
you two there soon.
Stop worrying about us, dear.
You go.
- We'll be fine.
- Hello, uncle.
You take uncle and aunty to the bus.
I'll see you later, okay.
- Go, son.
- Shall we?
There's gate no.3.
You have your passport,
here's the ticket.
And it also has uncle's number.
Call him as soon as you land.
Come on.
Listen, don't worry at all.
Just be relaxed.
And take care.
All the best.
"Don't send me away.."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go with anyone."
"Since I met you."
"I've feel addicted to you."
"With you beloved."
"ls my fate."
"Beloved, now I know."
"What it means to fall in love."
"Don't go away now, come back."
"Come back."
"I won't go with anyone."
- Pintu.
You didn't go.
I was waiting for you... stop me.
For you to say what I want.
And better tell me if
you're not going to say it.
I will leave.
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
"I won't go... I won't go..."
"I won't go with anyone."
Wow, Mr. Shukla.
You've made all arrangements.
Baby... let's go.
Your parents are safe
with my men too.
Let's go, Baby.
Pintu... let him go.
- Arrest him!
- Pintu.
Leave her, Gajender.
Gajender, let her go.
How long will it take?
Don't use those white
ones, take these.
How are you?
Wow... you look really happy.
I'm bound to be happy.
You see, I am not married yet.
And coincidentally,
you're a bachelor too.
We're acquainted now.
And there's nothing
lacking in you.
I admit you're a goon.
Also committed few murders.
But that doesn't mean it's
all brass down there.
There... a rose
garden too, right.
I love this about you, Gajender.
You shy very nicely.
Like the way you
were feeling shy..
...the other day...
in your underpants.
A boy...
...made you take off your
pants in your own city.
And that's when he
didn't know me.
And now he loves me.
I wonder what else
he'll do to you.
I don't know.
What's wrong, Gajender?
Aren't you happy?
How can you be?
Because you know...
he'll come for me.
...he'll come for me.
...the one you love so much..
...won't come here...
...instead he'll depart.
First he'll be reduced to ashes"
...and then we'll get married.
In front of entire Mathura.
Yes, brother.
Bring your sister-in-law
to the fair.
The Home Minister's lodged
a report against you.
Did you know who you
were challenging?
And you're asking
me to forget it.
If you had told me earlier..
...then you wouldn't
be in this state.
Why, Pintu?
Come on.
Papa says he'll make me proud.
What's up, Shukla and Shukla?
Mr. Shukla, take
his handcuffs off.
His best friend's
getting married.
You filed a complaint,
didn't you?
I've taken action.
Now leave.
I see.
There's your report.
It's canceled.
- Let's go.
- He won't go.
Let me go, Papa-
Something's need to be finished.
Now I am in love.
Now I can lock
horns with anyone.
Mr. Shukla.
Are you coming or do I
have to get you a dress?
Mr. Shukla, are you worried.
But for you...
...not him.
Thank you.
Come on.
See you at home in the evening.
Let's go.
Or we'll miss the
auspicious time.
Radhe... Radhe..
The last entertainment program of
this fair for the people of Mathura.
Until the vermillion
doesn't mix with blood.. one will move.
Gajender, the entire
city's watching.
There's no need to make a scene.
Let's go home.
You go home, brother.
Listen to me, Gajender..
Go home!
Take brother home, Kakdi.
- Yes, brother.
I was wondering for three days.
"He's a young boy, hot-blooded."
"Forgive him, Gajender."
By talking about love...'ve pierced my heart.
You will die now.
And I will get heaven.
Radhe Radhe.
There's your Pintu...
I told you.
I try everything once.
And what I like, I do it twice.
Oh man...
A Jatt dies when...
...his soul perishes!
Brother... Kakdi speaking.
Radhe... Radhe.
Thank you... Ghanshyam.
Nice name.
"Slowly... slowly...
on my lips.."
"..I can feel a
smile blossoming"
" my heart."
"My... coarse palms.."
"..can feel the soft
rays of the sun.."
"..spreading all over."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"You can color me
with your love."
"Or take me in your
embrace, beloved."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"Since you embraced me...
".. I found my destiny."
"Since you embraced me..
".. I found my destiny."
"After I woke up in your arms.."
"..l found a new dawn."
"Whether you light
up my nights.."
"..or fill my world
with darkness."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"Since you embraced me...
".. I found my destiny."
"Since you embraced me...
".. I found my destiny."
"After I woke up in your arms.."
"..l found a new dawn."
"Whether you light
up my nights.."
"..or fill my world
with darkness."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."
"I've forsaken the
world for you."
"Forsaken for you."