Texas, Adios (1966) Movie Script

Get up!
You shouldn't go looking for fights.
- I have to.
- You're talking to a bounty killer.
I reckon you know
what the star stands for.
I prefer to catch outlaws alive.
- And the reward?
- Well, I'll take it.
I didn't know that, Sheriff.
Now you do.
Jim! Jim!
Your brother just got
another one of the bandits, alive!
He's looking for you!
Give little Margie a big kiss for me
and get on home straight away!
Goodbye, Jim!
Two bandits in a month, nine in a year.
This is the tenth one.
- There'll be a celebration.
- Jim...
They didn't have one last time
because of Slattery's death.
This time'll be different.
You heard John's yell, didn't you?
That means that everything's OK.
There's gonna be a celebration, Margie.
- See you tonight, Margie.
- Jim!
I'm sorry, Dick, but I have to leave.
- You will announce it.
- When are you coming back?
I don't know.
Dick... keep an eye on my brother.
- Take care of him as if he was yours.
- Don't worry, Burt.
- You know, you're pretty good.
- What are you doing here?
It ain't nice to leave town
without saying goodbye.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going with you.
I ain't going to White Rock.
You're not going back to White Rock?
Jim, someone murdered our father
years ago.
The fellow who did it
will be brought to justice.
I promised myself I'd do it.
- That day has come.
- Right.
- We'll bring him to justice together.
- No, you're not coming.
He was my father, too.
It's too much of a risk.
You're too young.
You were younger than I am now
when you first caught Sam Guildmore.
- You're stubborn.
- Just like you.
- Burt, where are we heading?
- Mexico.
Mexico it is.
On the other side of those mountains
is Sierra Mojada.
I'd like to change $200.
Dollars? One moment, sir.
Please, one moment.
Did you say dollars?
The bank is always glad
to get dollars, se?or.
- Yes, the bank is always glad.
- Go!
Here, it comes to 2,400 pesos, se?or.
Thank you very much.
Do you know anyone called...
...Cisco Delgado?
Do you know Cisco Delgado?
Yes, I know him by name, se?or.
But I've never met him.
He's never been seen in Sierra Mojada.
I'm sorry I can't be of any help.
Good morning, amigos.
What did they do?
They're thieves.
- You murdered them for stealing?
- Try asking them.
That's the way we do things, stranger.
Maybe he knows Cisco Delgado.
But he's never seen him.
Nobody's ever seen him.
Take it easy. It's powerful stuff.
- What is it?
- Aguardiente.
Tell me, Miss, do you know
a certain Cisco Delgado?
- You didn't answer me.
- I don't know him.
Maybe you don't remember.
But I bet this'll jog your memory!
You shouldn't have done that.
He's just a kid.
But you are not.
Pray you never meet me again.
What do you wanna do? Stay?
My boss thinks he can help you.
- Who's this boss of yours?
- Mr. McLeod.
It's the only way
to induce perspiration.
- Please, sit down.
- We're in a hurry.
That's a shame.
I know that you come from Texas.
I hope you had a pleasant journey.
I've been told
you're searching for someone,
but I don't recall the name.
Am I wrong?
There we 90, that's better.
If I asked you
why you were looking for him,
you'd probably say
it's none of my business, wouldn't you?
It's crme de menthe, not aguardiente.
- A perfect drink for hot weather.
- Carry on.
And... if I kept asking,
I'm sure you would leave.
Is that correct?
Then I can't help you,
despite the fact I'd really like to.
- What do you mean?
- What do you want from Cisco Delgado?
Just a minute...
Two big gold nuggets.
They have the magic power
of granting speech to the mute.
Are these enough?
Then I'll give you a little advice.
Take your brother
and go back to Texas.
I'm afraid someone stole your horses.
I'm so sorry.
- Texas is that way.
- That's just your advice.
Now it's an order!
According to the laws of this territory,
the mayor has the power not to admit
or expel any or all strangers
considered undesirable to the state.
The mayor's right here.
That fellow's the lawyer
and you two are the undesirables.
Why? We haven't done anything.
What's your name, boy?
Jim Sullivan.
And this is my brother, Burt.
Burt, why don't you tell your brother,
what happens when a stranger
gets too curious?
Wait a minute, I need to talk to you.
No one will see us over there.
I'm sorry about what just happened.
In this part of Mexico,
there's neither law nor order.
Only anarchy and the encouragement
of mercenary interests,
merciless tyranny and unchecked power.
- I've noticed.
- I know you have.
And all because of one omnipotent man.
Who is he?
- The one you're looking for.
- Tell me where I can find him.
I couldn't tell you that.
Wait, don't 90, Mr. Sullivan.
We're planning a revolution.
You two are Americans,
you're both free men.
You've been through this already.
Please, help us.
And we'll help you.
I wish you success, sir,
but we don't have time to wait
for a revolution.
Good luck to you.
Thanks, Mr. Sullivan.
You drink too much, Miguel.
I don't like it.
I couldn't do otherwise.
But if you want...
...we could make it look like an accident.
I'll take care of those two.
Farewell, Miguel.
Are you tired?
Burt, didn't you prefer to catch outlaws
alive when you were a sheriff?
This ain't White Rock.
If you can't cope,
you'd better go home.
It's a carriage. Let's get a ride.
He's trying to run us over!
That's the first time
you ever killed anyone, ain't it?
Come on, let's go.
Please, come with me.
This dollar belongs to you.
Are you still interested
if I know Delgado?
Yes, of course.
Now that's better.
Didn't go well? Maybe next time.
You keep an eye on the horses,
I'll take care of the women.
If you wanna know where Delgado is,
it'll cost you six dollars,
plus four for my trouble,
that makes it ten.
The woman's included in that for free.
Burt, up in the mountains,
in a cave in the Tejero Pass,
we'll find a shepherd named
Manuel Hernandez and he'll talk.
I hope so.
It's unbelievable, Cisco.
Old Antonio still refuses
to sell us his land.
That's bad, Antonio.
I thought my offer was quite reasonable.
- Good morning, Cisco.
- Good morning.
So, what have you got, McLeod?
It's the month's collection. We sold
20 women and 30 crates of rifles.
The alcohol's on another bill.
Keep talking.
The land near Coberto Roco
wasn't productive, so I sold it.
The settlers of Tejano refused to pay,
so I had to punish them for that.
Take it easy with the punishments.
Pedro will take care of you.
Do you want your sons to die?
Damn you!
A couple of strangers were in Sierra
Mojada yesterday, looking for you.
Did you find out what they want?
They're the sons of Jack Sullivan.
I tried to send them back where
they came from, but they wouldn't go.
But don't worry about it. I can handle it.
It's just a matter of time.
- They'll regret they ever came.
- Leave them alone or I'll kill you!
- Where are they?
- Near Tejero.
There's someone down there.
There was someone.
Whoever it is, is dead.
It's the girl from the tavern.
We meet again, gringo.
God refused to listen to me,
even though I prayed.
You can bury the woman, if you want.
If I were you, I'd make it bigger.
For three.
I think I'll make it for nine.
- Doesn't it seem strange to you?
- What?
When they saw us,
they didn't even try to kill us. Why?
I don't know.
- What do you want?
- Are you Manuel Hernandez?
Paquita, a girl from the Sierra,
told us we could find you here.
We're looking for a man called Delgado.
Old man!
- I want more, twice as much.
- That's enough.
Very well. Come on.
Those women are slaves.
Go with them, but don't ask
any questions. Farewell.
Julian, Julian, it's us! Bring her out!
Let go of me! Let go of me!
Sebastian, help me!
Let go of me!
Juanita! Juanita!
Cowards! You're just
a bunch of filthy murderers!
Make one false move
and I'll kill you all without mercy!
Get out of the wagon!
You're free! You're all free!
- Get down! All of you!
- Jim!
- Burt! I can't believe it, Burt?
- That's how they killed our father.
Put the women in with the others!
And give them a bath!
You two, come with me.
Where's Delgado?
Didn't they tell you
not to ask any more questions?
So why aren't you following their advice?
He's gonna wait here.
I've been expecting you, Burt Sullivan.
- You know why I'm here, don't you?
- I also know the reason why you'll leave.
You're coming back to Texas with me.
It's time for you to settle the score.
Both with the law and with me.
I'm sure you understand
who I've become.
I have land, prosperity, power!
My name is feared all over Mexico.
Do you expect me to leave
all of this behind,
to pay off an old score with justice?
You killed my father.
I know that where you come from,
you're considered a wise man.
But I doubt it!
You shouldn't, Cisco, not at all.
If you're not crazy, just leave!
You really want me to go?
Where's Jim?
What about him?
Jim is my son.
You were a kid
when I met your mother.
I wish it had never happened.
But I've never forgotten her.
Not even after she died.
I didn't come back for Jim,
because I knew he was with you
and he'd grow up
to be honest and respected,
without the taint
of being a criminal's son!
Out of trouble.
Without taking the risk
of becoming like your father or me.
That way, I thought I could avenge
the evil instinct that runs into my veins.
That's why I can't go back to Texas.
Are you satisfied now?
Follow me.
Do you like her?
Go ahead, dance.
You can have her.
The party's for you, too.
You could stay and work here.
I know you're very good with weapons.
I need someone like you.
We're heading back tomorrow at dawn.
I'll give you so much money,
it'll last you for the rest of your life.
And you're coming to Texas...
...with me.
You're out of your mind!
You filthy, revolting, crazy fool!
Who do you think you are?
A pastor? A Quaker?
A preacher of the law?
Your father was nothing
but a cheap bandit,
and your mother a slut!
I said, this woman here is mine.
Don't move!
Enough! Everyone, out!
It was because of the girl.
He's the one who started it, I...
I know, Jim, I know.
Leave us alone.
- Let's go.
- He's not going anywhere.
Take your hands off me,
you swine!
Lock him up!
You had your chance
and you didn't take it.
Be gentle, Juan.
I need him alive and breathing.
Hand him over to the mayor.
He'll take him to the Texas border.
Goodbye, Burt.
Greetings from Cisco, Miguel.
He wants you to take the American
back to Texas.
What did I tell you?
You're an undesirable.
Wait for me outside.
If you throw it on the floor again,
I'll tell you a story first,
then I'll smash your face.
Why is Delgado holding me here?
That's something
I'd like to know myself.
- Calm down, boy.
- Get out of my way.
Open it and look inside it.
It's your mother.
She was very pretty.
I knew her.
What has my mother to do with this?
Answer me!
- What has my mother to do with this?
- You are my son.
Take it!
Don't wanna talk, eh?
I understand.
There's something you could do.
If I were you...
...I wouldn't feel so bad
about leaving this country.
- Hello, Mr. Sullivan.
- Howdy.
What's this?
Have you started the revolution?
You should've had a fanfare,
I would've taken my hat off.
Think we have enough men?
- To do what?
- To eliminate Cisco Delgado.
That's insane!
You're out of your mind!
Tell me something, lawyer!
Are you tired of living?
Yes. Under these conditions,
who wouldn't be tired of living?
Do me a favor, stranger.
Pray for all of us.
When you were young,
you stood for justice and liberty.
My father always told me
you were one of the best.
You lost your family
to stand up for your ideals.
Why don't you join us?
I'm too old now... and tired.
What about you, Sullivan?
Will you help us?
I wish you luck.
What do you want?
The gun.
What do you want it for?
You heard what the lawyer said.
I heard that Cisco has your brother.
Is that true?
You're doing the right thing,
helping the lawyer.
They're good and honest people.
At least, they still have
the courage to die.
Above all, they still have dignity.
Farewell, stranger.
Jim! Jim! Hurry! Come on!
There's no one on guard. Come.
Come on!
Come on!
Don't move.
Hold it!
You shouldn't have done that.
I saw a group of armed people
coming from Sierra Mojada.
The lawyer Gimenez is leading them.
They're heading here.
- And what about Burt?
- Burt? I haven't heard anything.
Pedro, I want the men here at once,
and all of them ready to move.
They entered the wide gorge.
Here I am.
What are doing here?
You changed your mind, Mr. Sullivan?
You can't go any further,
they're coming.
- Who?
- Delgado's men.
- How many are they?
- Enough to put a stop to the revolution.
Well, then, it's going to be an old-style
battle on horseback, Mr. Sullivan.
Just like the good old times.
I reckon you know a lot about the law,
but nothing about fighting.
Nothing at all.
Didn't you hear him? Dismount!
When they get to that point in the road,
give the signal to fire.
Thank you, Sullivan.
Come with me!
Stop there, Burt!
And lay down that pistol.
Over the years,
I learned to forget about hate.
But now, I feel it burning inside.
You have reason to hate me,
but not my own son!
Is that you, Burt?
I can't see you.
Help me.
When you get to Texas...
Can you hear me?
Good bye.
Choose one of the horses.
Your time has come, Cisco.
We're going back to Texas.
We're going back to Texas.