Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994) Movie Script

...has hinted that | it could be only the beginning.
Hi, honey, you're home!
In a seemingly related | story, a Lebanese citizen...
Starting to worry. | I wondered where you were.
Get off my back. | Hear me?
I just wondered | if you had a good day.
Please, get off my back!
Stop screaming!
Fucking shut up!
A Miami jury today | returned a guilty verdict
in the slaying of | abortion doctor Irwin Guffer.
It took the seven-man, | five-woman jury
only a matter | of hours to find...
Hey, Charles, I think you're chasing | the wrong tail there, buddy.
Oh, my god! Where have you been? | We've been waiting.
The wedding's going on inside.
We need to put you | on the top tier.
Don't mind the footprints | in the icing.
I'm excited. They look good.
It's like a vest thing. | I fucking hate kids.
Miss Abbott, | did Barry come through here?
Barry? Oh, Barry.
- Didn't you break up? | - No!
Oh, well, never mind. | I just thought... Forget it.
She's doing it again.
Miss Abbott, she just does that | to make trouble, okay?
It is obvious. | It is so...
- What are you talking about? | - Obvious.
Don't even listen to a word she says. | She's just trying to make trouble.
All that... All that...
It's just that | she's such a bitch!
- Sean, hi. | - Hey.
Have you seen Barry?
- Not in a while. Have you? | - No.
She was, like, | completely naked.
Oh, bullshit.
No, she was spit on | all over the place.
It was like a battleship | or something, you know?
So I lay her down...
- A battleship? | - Okay, like a dinghy.
Has anybody seen Barry?
Have you seen Barry?
- Barry! | - Oh, shit!
Heather! Shit!
Don't worry about it, Barry. | She'll be back.
If that's really | what you want.
Heather! | Heather! Heather, stop!
Heather! Stop the car!
Damn it, Heather!
Heather, you better fucking | stop this car right fucking now!
Damn it, if we have a wreck, | it's gonna be my ass!
- I don't care. | - Slow down, please.
I wasn't doing anything.
I don't know what | you're so pissed off about.
Barry, I saw you. | You were kissing her.
Once. I kissed her once. | What's wrong with that?
Come on, it's like I can't even | talk to my friends anymore.
I can't believe | how possessive you are.
Oh, right. I guess that's why | you were feeling her up.
Look, guys need sex, | okay? It's bad for you
to get all worked up | and then not get it.
You can get "prostrate" cancer. | Is that what you want?
That's a lie.
Heather, look out!
What the fuck | is the matter with you?
I'm dead. | I'm so fucking dead right now.
Oh, man.
You can't get cancer | from not having sex.
Oh, right. | Like you'd know.
You never had a date in | your life, you're so ugly.
- She is not. | - Shut up, Sean.
He's just trying to make | you think it's your fault.
Look, my father's | a doctor, okay?
I think I know what I'm talking | about, so fuck you, Jenny.
It's true. It is my fault. | I won't have sex with him.
That doesn't make it | your fault.
Yeah, but what if | he gets cancer
and all his hair falls out | from all the drugs or something?
It could happen.
Yeah, Jenny, so just shut up, | all right?
No, that's just a line | to get you to have sex with him.
- Ask Sean. | - She's right.
He's never had a hard-on | in his life.
I know all his lines.
He lived across the street | from me till the eighth grade.
Shut up, Sean.
We were even friends | before he got too cool,
so fucking annoying.
It's not my fault you turned out | to be such a little geek.
He used to come over | to my house all the time
and he'd be laughing about | all the girls he'd felt up.
His big line was to tell them | that his father was a doctor...
and that they could get breast cancer | if they didn't get felt up enough.
- Barry! | - Okay, I lied. Big deal.
It's not my fault they're | stupid enough to believe it.
- What a schmuck. | - What's your problem, Jenny?
Just 'cause you hate guys.
He's just trying to | change the subject.
What are you afraid of? | That they might try to fuck you?
It's not like | it's a big secret.
- What? | - Ask anybody.
You never go to parties. | You never go anywhere
unless you're with Sean.
Everybody knows that | he's a little pothead
and all you are is friends.
By the way, I know | what you're doing in my car.
You're getting stoned.
If my dad smells | this shit tomorrow,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Wait, wait, wait.
I just thought of | something so cool.
What if we got into a wreck
and we crashed into a car | in front of us and we all died?
They could write | a song about it.
Shut up.
- Where the hell are we? | - Oh, great. We're lost.
No, we're not. | All we have to do is go back.
Look for a place | where we could turn around.
Cool dress, Jenny. | What's this?
What's the matter?
Afraid somebody | might find out you have tits?
- Girls have tits. | - Leave her alone, Barry.
There's no place to turn around.
There's never any place | to turn around. This sucks.
These assholes don't know | how to make roads.
What was that? | Did you all see that?
Watch out!
Oh, no. I'm so dead.
- Is he okay? | - I don't know.
This is gonna leave a scar.
I'm not hurt.
- Oh, shit. | - His head.
Oh, my god! | Is he dead?
Did he die?
No, he's just passed out. | You can tell by his eyes.
Yeah, but he could be in shock. | We need to get him to a doctor.
Yeah, right. | And keep him warm.
- All right. | - How did you know that?
Something bad's gonna happen. | I can feel it.
He's gonna die. | Look at him.
Do you think it'll start?
I'm dead. | Somebody kill me, please.
It's my fault.
If he dies, I'll be a murderer.
We've gotta find someplace | where we can call an ambulance.
- I'll go. | - Okay, come on.
I'm not staying here alone. | What if he dies?
- Fine, then I'll go with you. | - You stay away from me.
This is stupid. Look, I'm gonna go, | and whoever wants to come, come.
- But somebody needs to stay. | - I don't know what to do.
Wait. | Do you have a flashlight?
Is somebody gonna | come with me?
- Stop! I heard something. | - Heather.
I had these dreams about some weirdo | following me through the woods,
- and it's coming true. | - Yeah?
I'm sorry, | but we're all gonna die.
Some murderer, | like that guy in Chicago.
He killed people and put | their hearts in a refrigerator.
He's gonna kill us.
They're gonna show our pictures, | naked...
with our hearts torn out | on A Current Affair.
God. | What was that?
Great. | Now we can't see jack.
I'm sorry, but | someone is following me.
I can feel their eyes | on my back.
- Bullshit. | - No, that's what they want.
For us to go wandering around | in the dark.
We need to stay here | and start a fire.
We need to call an ambulance.
We can't do anything | until we can see.
Thank god. We're saved. | Somebody say a prayer.
Piece of shit.
You might be, but my father | is still gonna kill me.
Call the police. There's been | this horrible accident.
A man's dying.
Prom night.
Somebody bring me | a glass of water, please.
Quick. | I'm think I'm gonna pass out.
Goddamn answering machine.
Don't you worry. | He'll pick up.
Vilmer, if you're there, babe, | pick up the phone.
Phony as three-dollar bills.
Changed my life, though.
Goddamn it, Vilmer, | button it up, babe.
- Get me some water. | - Stop it.
You know what? The minute | I showed up with these...
every peanut farmer | in the county
thought he was | god's gift to women.
What the hell.
- Doubled my commissions... | - Okay.
in the first six months.
Goddamn it. It's about time. | Vilmer, listen.
Some kids got in a wreck | up the road,
and one of them's hurt.
Wait a second, wait a second.
- Which way? | - Back that way.
- How far? | - About a mile.
About a mile | back up 709 from me.
All right. Bye.
Why do blondes stick their heads | out of car windows?
- Why? | - Get a refill.
I don't get it.
We should get back then | and see if Sean's okay.
- What was that? | - Don't worry about it.
Just some farmer's wife.
Like I'm even interested. | See them and weep!
Or some high school boy.
You know, they are always doing | something to get me to flash them.
- Worse. | - What?
Hey, is there an ambulance | coming? This guy's hurt.
I think he's delirious.
Is he okay?
Boy's dead.
No, he's not. | He's just passed out.
I said he's dead.
But he was just talking, | like talking in his sleep.
Is that right?
He's dead now.
Boy, don't even think about | running off down that road.
It ain't gonna do you | a damn bit of good,
I can tell you that right now.
What are you gonna do?
Well, first, | I'm gonna kill you.
It ain't no fucking biggie.
'Course, it's different | for every individual.
Sorry I can't give | you all a ride.
That wrecker'll be along | before you know it.
- Thanks for calling for us. | - Yeah, thanks.
Don't you worry about that old boy | that drives the wrecker.
He talks tough,
but you just tell him | how the cows eat the cabbage...
and you won't have | any trouble.
Okay. Thanks a lot.
What about the service station | across the road?
You think maybe somebody there | could give us a ride?
That old man?
He is liable to shoot first | and ask questions later.
We see you, you old fart.
Thanks. Bye.
You tired yet, boy?
Please, mister, | you're scaring me.
No shit.
What did I do?
Let's just say | you're shit out of luck, son.
Just tell me what I can do. | Give me a chance.
We ain't even | having fun yet, son.
Run, run, run!
Swing right.
Come back to Papa. | Now.
All right, racing fans.
Here we go!
Oh, still kicking!
That should have done it.
Yes, that | should have done it.
Barry, | there's somebody out there.
I mean it this time. | I'm not making it up.
Stop. Listen.
I don't hear anything.
Jenny, stop! | My feet hurt.
What am I | supposed to do, carry you?
Carry me piggyback. | Just for awhile.
Lose 20 pounds. Yeah.
Oh, man. All right. | This guy's a lifesaver.
Come on, man. Wait. | Hey, man, want to give us a ride?
All we need is a ride. | We'll pay you.
Barry, wait! We could get | arrested for trespassing.
Please, come on.
If you guys can hear me,
I'm gonna go back | and see if Sean's okay.
All right?
All right?
No, wait!
Okay, who's there?
Is there anybody there?
Barry, wait. Stop.
What if they're murderers
and they want us | to follow them...
so they can hide behind trees | and stab us?
There could be dead people | buried all around us,
and we'd never know.
They could tie us up in a cellar | and no one would ever hear us.
That's dumb.
There aren't any cellars | in the houses around here.
Okay, that's it. | Don't call me dumb, Barry.
I may not be the smartest person | in the world, but I'm not stupid.
I just act that way sometimes | to get people to like me, that's all.
Yeah, right.
All those stories | about murderers
and people following me. | I know it's not true.
It's better than being bored. | I'll tell you what's stupid...
is that line you gave me | about you and that girl, Brenda.
Not even a little kid | would believe that.
Jenny, that bitch. She started | this whole thing.
It's all her fault.
You'd like to think. I'll tell | you what it is. I'm a bitch.
I'm just like my mother. | She can't stand my father.
But she stays with him because
she wants a | certain kind of life.
I don't care | what anybody thinks.
That's still the best way | to get it.
What's wrong with that?
Forget it.
Okay, fine, but you | should've said something.
It pisses me off that | you let me go on like this.
It's embarrassing.
I told you, I'm a bitch.
If I wasn't such a chicken, | I'd be more like Jenny.
No, you wouldn't.
- You're probably right. | - She's a dog.
- You just don't know. | - What?
Everyone thinks | she's such a wuss, right?
Her mother gets married | every 15 minutes,
and her husbands are | always hitting on her.
That's why she's the way she is, | but I've had P.E. with her.
- She's got a body to die for. | - Really?
Tell them we'll give them 50 bucks | if they give us a ride, okay?
Fifty bucks?
You don't | have to give it to them.
Tell them to send us a bill.
If they get mad, | give them five bucks.
Tell them we'll send | the rest later.
It's no big deal.
Just business. | My father does it all the time.
You are weird.
Hey, is anybody home?
Must be deaf.
Hey, is anybody in there?
Maybe they're out back.
Well, go check.
I have an idea! | Why don't I go check?
Damn it!
Hold it right there.
It's okay. We had a wreck. | All we want is a ride.
You better not shoot me, mister.
There was a man that shot | a kid who was robbing his house,
and they got him for murder.
"I propose to fight it out on this line | if it takes all summer."
That's Ulysses S. Grant.
You probably didn't know that, | did you? 'Course you didn't.
'Cause you're a bona fide moron.
Come poking your nose around | here where it don't belong.
It's okay. | She's my girlfriend.
Don't trouble yourself.
No! No!
No! Stop!
Please! No!
Please! Please!
No! Please!
If I go in there, | that's kidnapping.
My father's a lawyer.
I know what I'm | talking about, okay?
"Among other evils | that being unarmed brings you...
it causes you to be despised."
That's Niccolo Machiavelli. | Now get!
Okay, okay. I need to use | your bathroom, anyway.
Heather, you in here?
I need to piss. | Where the hell's the bathroom?
Heather, you okay?
There's some crazy guy outside | with a shotgun.
Locked him out, though. | You should've seen me.
What's going on in there?
Barry? Who's out there?
Please! No!
No! No! No! No!
You don't need to be walking | these roads alone this time of night.
Why don't you get in?
Are you the one | that moved the cars?
Listen, either you want a ride | or you don't. It's up to you.
Where are you going? | Where's Sean?
- Where do you want to go? | - Where's Sean?
- Is that your boyfriend? | - Yeah.
He was the one that wasn't hurt. | Do you know where he is?
I know exactly where he is. | Now why don't you get in?
Well, where is he?
Goddamn it! | I said get in the truck.
Well, wait a second. | Hang on.
You got to watch getting into cars | with strangers these days.
I heard about | an old man once,
picked up a little girl | on the side of the road...
chopped both her arms off, | stuffed her in a culvert,
left her for dead.
- God, I fucking hate that. | - Yeah.
I mean, that sorry son of a bitch | didn't have shit for an imagination.
How fucking simple | can you get?
- Stop. You're scaring me. | - Scaring you?
You're not scared.
You don't know shit about | being scared, little girl.
Not yet.
You want scared?
Have a look behind you. | Have a look.
Yeah, how about that?
- Look again, goddamn it! | - No!
Go ahead, look again!
No! I think I want you | to stop and let me out.
You think? | Or do you know?
Go ahead and have a look.
- Getcha a better look. | - No.
- You don't want to look? | - No. No.
What's your goddamn problem?
Okay. | If you stop, I'll look.
- You wanted to stop. | - Stop it!
Come on, | have a look at that.
Have a look at that. | Take a look at that.
How about that? | What is that?
What is that?
Oh, god!
Yeah, of course, you gotta throw | in a little something extra...
just to let them know it ain't | Saturday morning cartoons,
if you know what I mean.
What's gonna happen to me?
You think I give a goddamn | what happens to you?
Are you letting me go?
You figure it out. | It's your goddamn life.
I don't understand.
Well, welcome | to the real world.
You don't know | what the hell you're doing.
Just where do you think | you're going?
If that's what you want...
it's up to you.
Live and learn.
Oh, shit, no! | Oh, god, no!
No! No! God, no!
Oh, god.
Open this door!
- What in the world? | - Oh, god.
- It's okay. It's okay. | - He's out there.
No, no, it's fine. | It's all right.
Just come here. | Come here.
Just sit down. | Sit down, right now.
I'm gonna go see what's what. | No. It's gonna be all right.
Now just sit there. | I'll be fine. Now, listen.
I'm just gonna go put | a little scare into them.
All right, you got any balls, | show your face.
It's been a long night, boys.
I could use a little action.
It's nothing.
No, he's out there | with a chainsaw.
No, he had a chainsaw. He was | chasing me with a chainsaw.
Listen here. | It's just local boys
trying to give you | a little scare, that's all.
No, the guy with the wrecker | killed Sean.
Hell's bells. It's party time. | What about your friends?
I don't know. | They tried to get a ride.
W.E., what the hell | is going on?
Where's Vilmer? | I don't want to hear it.
You get your butt over here | mucho-quicko. All right.
I tell you, that old man, | his nerves are shot. Now listen.
Don't you worry.
Vilmer does something, | it's for a good reason.
- Who's Vilmer? | - Good question.
You know what? You look real pretty | with your glasses off.
- What? | - Well, what...
You should've brought | a gunnysack or something.
What's this look like to you? | Green eggs?
Well, what the hell | you waiting for? Tie her up!
You sit right down here, little lady. | I got enough trouble.
Goddamn it, W.E. | Now look what you got started.
Wait till Vilmer hears about this. | I swear to god.
Where's my gun?
It is easier to resist at | the beginning than at the end.
Be sure to tell Vilmer I'm gonna | stop off at the pizza place
and pick us up | some dinner, all right?
Why are you doing this?
"Conversation is | a game of circles."
That's Ralph Waldo Emerson.
What if I was | to turn you loose?
What would you give me?
What do you think | about that?
What do you want?
- What do you want? | - I'll tell you what I want.
W.E., what the hell | are you doing back there?
I tell you what.
Grow up, will you?
And tell Vilmer | I called our order in
so it would be ready | when I got there...
and then I'm | coming straight home.
Okay, we got | one medium deluxe...
one medium pepperoni, | one large vegetarian.
And your drinks'll | be out in a minute.
- Okay. | - Help me!
I think you got something | in your trunk.
That's just somebody | I got tied up back there.
Really, what's back there?
You want to come see?
I better not. I might get | in trouble or something.
All right.
Will you shut up | and quit kicking my car.
Okay, but I can't breathe.
Welcome to Bud's. | Can I get your order, please?
What do you want? | Coffee? Black coffee?
- Two black coffees. | - Is that all?
If I poke a hole for you, | you gonna quit?
- Well, somebody's got to do it. | - In your dreams.
Now if I hear any more | kicking or screaming...
I'm gonna come back here
and tape your | mouth shut, all right?
- Okay. | - Okay.
What you got in the car, honey?
Believe me, | you don't want to know.
Oh, come on now, | I'm a nice guy.
Ma'am. | Your drinks are ready.
What are you doing out here | in the middle of the road?
Please, help me.
All right.
But I gotta run and go get a | blanket or something first.
You stay right there.
Please, don't hit me. | Don't!
Don't hit me.
But don't you go | crawling off.
Get! I said, | get on out there. Move!
Leave him alone.
You run along | and do whatever W.E. tells you.
He even tries to hit you, | you let me know...
and I'll tell Vilmer.
"I have not yet begun to fight." | That's John Paul Jones.
You might can scare him, but you | so much as lay a finger on me...
you'll wish you'd | never been born.
Almost forgot. | One of them got away.
She's crawling off | down the road.
You better get her, too.
Come on. Bring her in.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you. See? | I'm not gonna hurt you.
See? I'm right here. | Not gonna hurt you.
Go on. Get in there. Move!
Get! Get!
Hi, sweetie. | How was your day?
Sweetie, would you shut up?
What are you | so pissed off about?
You having a bad day?
Why are my batteries | not charged?
Did W.E. tell you?
That son of a bitch. | I tell you what.
I told him to let you know
that I was on my way for pizzas | on the way home,
and he didn't tell you, | and I'm sick of it.
Look what your brother did | to this door.
Nobody gives a damn | about that door.
Hey, mister, | I have had it with you.
I'm so sick | and tired of you trying
to stir up trouble | between me and Vilmer.
You're the one | causing problems.
Ever since you got here, | you been nothing but trouble.
Nobody gives | a goddamn about the door.
I'm the one who | puts things together here.
- Nobody cares. | - It was fine before you come.
I said shut up.
My god.
What are you gonna do?
You don't fucking | believe this, do you?
Oh, god. What are you | gonna do to me?
You know, I asked you | a goddamn question.
He asked you a goddamn...
You don't think the FBI | has this place
under 24-hour surveillance?
You don't think there's | transmitters in all these walls?
Let me ask you one question.
- Are you having fun yet? | - Oh, god!
Because I promise you...
I promise you, you and I | are gonna have some fun.
Oh, no. No more, please.
- No. | - What's my fucking name?
- What is this? What is this? | - I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know!
You don't know?
- You don't know shit, do you? | - No. No.
Do you think all I want to do | is kill you?
I don't know.
You're goddamn right you don't.
Why don't you just | try to relax a bit, honey.
I know it's hard.
Why don't you mind | your fucking business?
Look at this fucking door.
"The woman's a whore, | and there's an end on it."
That's Samuel Johnson.
Oh, take it on out of here.
Now, now.
Don't you let him get to you, | 'cause that's what he wants.
Will you please tell me | what all this is for?
Well, you'll have to | ask Vilmer that.
But if you ask me,
I think the son of a bitch | is from outer space.
Oh, god. | What are you gonna do?
No, what are you gonna do?
- Don't hurt her. | - Give her a kiss.
How could I hurt | a pretty face like this?
But then, I am | in the mood for love.
There, now.
How's that? | Feel better?
Look at you.
You're really pretty.
You know what? | I have got this dress
that I have never even worn | and it would be perfect on you.
Oh, you're scared.
- I just don't want to die. | - Well, of course you don't.
Will you help me?
Shut up in there.
You just hush up yourself. | It's just girl talk.
I tell you what. He's not near | as bad as he seems,
once you get to know him.
It's just this job. | You know, all the stress.
It's his job to kill people?
Well, I really shouldn't be | telling you this.
But you know how you | always hear these stories
about these people | who run everything,
but nobody knows | who they are, right?
Well, it's true.
I mean, I never would have | believed it, but it's all true.
I mean, who do you think | killed Kennedy?
No, that government | stuff is bullcrap.
It's these people.
And they've been doing this kind | of thing for, like, a thousand,
or two thousand years, | I forget which.
And nobody, I mean nobody, | knows their names.
And that's who | Vilmer works for.
I told you... goddamn it!
Alone again?
Little desert flower.
I've got a mind...
to slit your goddamn throat.
Give you a count to ten to give | me a reason why I shouldn't.
- Nine, eight, don't be late. | - What?
Seven, six, | you better get it right.
I don't want you to kill me.
Five, four.
Three, two.
Yes, you want me alive | for some reason!
You want me alive | for some reason.
That's a good answer.
That's a good answer.
Smart girl. | We've got us a smart girl.
it kind of makes you think, | doesn't it, smart girl?
Wrong, wrong.
You're embarrassing me | in front of company!
No, no, no, no, no!
Don't you ever touch me!
Okay, stop!
Nobody move, | or I'll shoot!
What did she say?
"Nobody move, | or I'll shoot?"
You want my advice? | Gut-shoot him.
Poison his insides. | Otherwise, it won't do no good.
He's been shot before. | Lots of times.
Run over. | It don't mean spit.
Oh, shut up, W.E. | Nobody asked you.
You shut up!
All the time, | running your big mouth.
No, everybody shut up!
Why don't you shut up?
Okay, now get down | on the floor.
Everybody get on the floor
and put your hands | in front of you!
- Get down! | - Okay.
You get down, too.
What are you gonna do, | shoot me?
Yeah, if you try something.
What if I do this?
Goddamn it, Vilmer! | That ain't one bit funny!
Stop it!
Now, we're going.
What do you think?
One, two. | Take your fucking chances.
- It's a damn trick. | - Shut up, W.E.
Why don't you | shut up your own self?
Oh, god. | Just forget it, hon.
I tell you, if that | shotgun was anywhere
where you could get at it, | believe me, it's what he wanted.
No. You stop.
You get back down.
"Discretion is | the better part of valor."
That'd be Billy Shakespeare.
You get down too, | or I'll kill you.
- Come on. | - I'm sorry, sweetie.
I got a big mouth. | What can I say?
Okay, maybe it's not loaded.
But maybe it is, so fuck you.
And if you come near me, | or if you try to stop me,
I'm gonna blow | your fucking head off!
Let's not make this | an all-nighter, all right?
I mean, I hate to be | a party pooper,
but it's late and I'm tired | and the pizzas are getting cold.
And nobody asked you | fucking shit!
Heather. Heather, get up. | Get up, Heather.
You have to get up. | We're gonna go.
Five more minutes.
Get up, Heather!
You're gonna kill her!
Heather, come on. Get up.
I can't find my shoes!
Heather, come on. | It's okay. Get up.
No, Heather. | No, you got to get up.
You got to get up now. | We have to get out of here.
Stop it!
Pop goes the weasel.
Oh, my god!
What are you doing in there, | little girl?
What are you doing there?
Oh, god!
Damn shame about | her face, Leather.
Least you can have her shoes.
Look who's coming to visit.
Come on up and have a good time.
We want to see that | that doesn't happen again.
Don't get excited.
That ought to settle her down | for a while.
You better be nice to me.
'Cause I can always go back | to my husband.
Is that all you got?
Better come eat | before it gets cold.
All right, all right, all right.
What took you so long?
Welcome to my world.
I suppose we can forget about | having a nice, quiet evening.
Just go ahead | and breathe into this.
Go ahead.
Breathe. Breathe.
Yeah. Yeah.
I told him once, | I told him a thousand times,
it's gonna end in tears.
You lie down with dogs, | you're gonna get up with fleas.
Any fool ought to know that.
"Common sense is not so common." | That'd be Voltaire.
All right.
- Are you gonna help me or not? | - Are you gonna help me or not?
And don't tell me | any more of your stupid stories.
Hon, you just don't understand.
He doesn't work for anybody.
The only reason | for any of this
is that he's a psycho | and he gets off on it.
Get off. | Now listen. I just can't.
See, he put this little thing | in my head...
and all he has to do is | push one little button, and...
blow my head clean off.
There's nothing in your head.
Girl, you just said | a mouthful.
You get to running | with the wrong crowd,
wind up in the reformatory.
No respect. No discipline. | That's the problem.
Family values have gone | straight to hell.
Now, for why we came.
My brother here is tired | of what's-her-name's face...
and he wants a new one.
It just happens to be | he wants this face right here.
- Oh, no! | - Oh, yeah!
- No! | - Oh, yes!
Yes, it does.
Don't you touch me!
Don't you ever touch me!
If you're gonna kill me, | then do it!
I'm not gonna put up with | any more of your crap.
It's bullshit. | Nobody believes any of it...
except your idiot girlfriend!
It's fucking pathetic!
There is nothing to fear | but fear itself.
Now, I'm gonna leave, | and no one is gonna stop me.
You sit the fuck down!
And shut up.
Are we having | a party or what?
Here we go!
Douse her down!
Oh, please! No, | you can't do that! No!
- She had nothing to do with it! | - That doesn't matter.
- I'm sorry! | - Fire in the hole!
- Burn! | - No!
Watch her burn!
Now, why'd you have to | do that?
You know I can never get | that smell out of my clothes.
Oh, god.
Oh, god, no.
what the hell do you want?
I assume that that is | a rhetorical question.
You assume whatever | you goddamn well please.
It ain't no skin off my ass.
Is that what you | want me to think?
That you're a silly boy?
Oh, god. | Oh, god, you have to help me.
These people are crazy. | Please, come on. Let's go.
- Let's get out of here. Please. | - It's all right. Shush. Shush.
There, there. There, there. | Come on, now. Come on.
Come on. There.
That's better.
Come on, now. | Come on.
It's all right. | It's all right.
Just sit down. | There you go.
There. That's all right.
There, that's fine. | You just stay there.
It's gonna be fine, okay?
Come on, now. | It's all right.
It's all right. Come on.
There, see?
What is this?
Can anybody else tell?
Things are gonna change.
I can promise you that.
You just sit there.
- No. No, don't go, please. | - You just sit there.
This is appalling.
You are here for one reason...
and one reason only.
Do you understand that?
I want to hear you say | you understand that.
It's very simple.
I want these people to know | the meaning of horror.
Is that clear?
You don't want to be | a silly boy.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
Fucking A it is.
What... | What are you...
what are you doing?
Why a woman like you has | anything to do...
with this...
is a mystery to me.
Bastard, you know | exactly why I'm here.
What are you gonna do?
Oh, god. I don't | want anything! Oh, no!
Oh, god. Oh, no!
What? What?
What are you doing now?
Don't. It's not your fault! | Stop that!
Stop it.
Stop. It's not your fault!
Don't! Please don't!
Get her, Leather!
We got some more fun today!
Get that bitch!
Thank you, Mrs. Spottish.
It's a beautiful morning.
- Stop! Stop! | - Don't stop! Don't stop!
Stop! Please stop! | Oh, god, no!
There's a monster chasing her | with a chainsaw!
Step on it, Mr. Spottish!
Step on it!
Oh, no, no, no. | You have nothing to fear.
All of this...
It's been an abomination.
You really must accept | my sincere apologies.
It was supposed to be | a spiritual experience.
I can't tell you how...
disappointed I am.
I suppose it's something | we all live with.
People like us | who strive for something...
a sense of harmony.
Perhaps it's disappointment | that keeps us going.
it's never been | easy for me.
One of my many failings.
Fuck you.
Would you like to go | to the local hospital...
or to a police station?
You know, this isn't the first time | something like this has happened.
We will find out | what this is all about.
This is not the end of it.
Do you know | who that is, miss?
What the hell is going on | around here?