Texas Heart (2016) Movie Script

- [Voiceover] I love the ocean.
It's so beautiful.
And frightening.
Considering the
things that I've done,
seems like an appropriate
place for me to be buried.
(surf crashes)
(peaceful instrumental music)
(plane engine whines)
- Look, the whole case is farce.
The judge is up for reelection,
tryin' to look tough on the
whole organized crime thing.
Using our boy, Sonny Smith,
as some sort of example.
He is a legit businessman.
I mean so what, so what, he
owns a few Miami strip clubs.
They're gonna lynch
him in town square?
Who do you think pays
the strippers' rent?
The judge and his
buddy politicians.
They want lap dance
after lap dance
and they even take 'em home.
It's exactly what happened.
But now I'm dealin' with
this whole tax fraud thing
that I have to take care of,
but it is all under control.
I got this, I hit ya back.
(pulsing electronic music)
Well good morning, ladies.
Why so bright-eyed and
bushy-tailed this morning, huh?
(phone rings)
Hey, it's Peter.
- You forgot my birthday,
did you even realize that?
- Elaine, I'm so
sorry, sweetie, I.
I didn't miss your
birthday, I rescheduled it.
- You can't
reschedule a birthday.
What sleazeball criminal did
you help get off this time?
- Honey, I didn't hear you
complain about my clients
when I was takin'
on fancy vacations,
buying you nice
jewelry and clothes.
- I never asked for any of that.
Do you ever think
that maybe I worry
that you're gonna turn up dead
and I'm gonna wake up with
a horse head in my bed?
- Honey, can we talk
about this later?
- Peter, you work with
all kinds of criminals.
- Honey, baby, listen, how
'bout I come over later tonight
for some dinner, 'kay?
And I'll make it up
to you, I promise,
but right now I have to get
to an important meeting, okay?
- Oh, oh yeah, is that what
you call it when you, uh,
meet a drug lord
in a strip club?
You know what, you're never
gonna change, are you, Peter?
- Honey, can we talk
about this later?
- No, you know, you know what?
I'm sorry, I'm done.
- Elaine.
- I am in a relationship
with the Dish Network.
- Elaine, wait.
- I'm done.
- Elaine.
- Man, you forgot her birthday?
- You know the drill.
Turn around.
- Is that anyway to treat
your one and only friend?
- [Woman at table] Petey.
- Mrs. Smith.
- Have a seat.
You know, I had a shrink once
that told me I had trust issues.
She also told me I
spoiled my boy Sonny.
She's right, I do
have trust issues.
She disappeared
right after that.
Don't take it personal.
'Cause I just look at ya.
And I say, "Oh, he
might be packin' heat."
This better be good.
- Look, I told ya not to worry.
I've got it all under control.
- That's my baby boy
we are talkin' about.
- It's a done deal.
- And we don't do jail.
- Nobody's goin' to jail.
He's more than well
compensated to take the rap.
He's grateful for the
bump when we get him out.
Look, Johnny's been cookin'
the books for years.
Just how Sonny
told him to do it.
Hell, he's the Iron
Chef of cooking books.
But I promise you, your
business, on paper,
looks completely
legal and legit.
He knows when to
keep his mouth shut.
- Course he does.
Because he's just like you.
- Right.
- We do not tolerate
any mistakes.
- Well that's good,
'cause I don't make them.
- Get outta here.
- [Henchman] Let's go, up.
- Mr. Stephens, what were
your responsibilities
workin' for the defendant
Mr. Sonny Smith?
- I was his bookkeeper.
- How long did you have
those responsibilities?
- Just over six years.
- But isn't it
true, Mr. Stephens,
that Mr. Smith had nothing to do
with the way his, his
books were handled?
That actually, well, he
left 'em all up to you.
And so, all this business
about money laundering,
probably outside of his purview.
Isn't that true?
And wouldn't you
agree, Mr. Stephens,
that the Smith Shipping Company,
well, it's way too big
for one man to watch how
every single penny is spent.
Well, unless
it was his one and only job.
As it was yours.
(Mr. Stephens sighs)
Isn't that right, Mr. Stephens?
Do you need a
tissue, Mr. Stephens?
- Mr. Stephens,
answer the question.
(Mr. Stephens sighs)
- Yesterday
afternoon, I found out
that I have pancreatic cancer.
And that it's terminal.
I think it's time I
did the right thing.
- Look, Johnny.
Look, I'm sure everyone in here
is really sorry to hear
about your health problems.
But I'm gonna need
your answer here.
Wasn't it you, and you alone,
that dealt with all
the money for Mr. Smith
and his shipping company based
in the port of New Orleans?
Come on, Johnny.
- Not exactly.
- That is not,
that is not what you
previously stated under oath.
- I was scared, what
do you want me to say?
I lied.
I mean, Sonny's been
payin' me for years
to doctor the books.
To do whatever it
takes to make sure
the operation runs smoothly.
- [Peter] Mr. Stephens.
- Because you don't tell
people like the Smiths "no."
Besides, they paid me an
exorbitant amount of money.
$250,000 at first
to take the fall,
then another quarter million
when I got outta jail,
and I got to keep my job.
I've seen a lot of
bad things in my life.
And I've never done
anything about it.
Well now it's time to
do the right thing.
You know, you hear these
stories about people--
- Mr. Stephens,
please take your seat.
- Havin' these
come-to-Jesus moments.
Well I'm pretty
sure this is mine.
- Mr. Stephens, take your seat.
- And I can tell you right now,
that man is a criminal, a
drug dealer, and a murderer.
- [Judge] Mr. Stephens,
take your seat.
- And I'm no better,
and I'm turnin'
my life to God.
- Objection!
- And it feels so good!
- He cannot, you
can't prove that!
- You can't! Your honor!
- [Judge] Sit down!
- Your honor, I
want, I want a doctor
to prove this man is
mentally fit to testify!
Judge, your honor, your honor--
- Mr. Franklin, is
there anything else
you'd like to ask Mr. Stephens?
- No, nothing.
- I'm gonna kill you.
- Is that a threat?
In a courtroom?
- No, it's a promise.
(Peter coughs)
- [Judge] Mr. Franklin.
(Peter coughs)
Are you all right?
- I'm okay, your honor,
just gettin' some water.
- Bury him with Johnny.
(tense orchestral music)
- [Peter] I never
saw this coming.
(muffled screams)
(plane shrieks)
Hey, wait!
Hey wait, stop, stop, stop!
- Sure you don't wanna
take her for a spin?
- Nope, bought it good.
- Put the new
plates in the mail.
(tires squeal)
(phone rings)
- Fuck!
Miss Smith.
- Petey.
Hey, so it looks like
you are headin'
south on the 405.
In Los Angeles.
Is Disneyland on
your bucket list?
- Why do you think I'm in LA?
- Sonny is a little upset.
He don't like jail food.
When Sonny gets a little upset,
Mama gets real upset.
- Please, Miss
Smith, just trust me.
- I am gonna find you.
At that happiest place on earth.
And I am gonna blow
your fuckin' head off.
Have a nice day.
What do you want?
What are you lookin' at?
- Find me now, bitch.
(thudding and groaning)
- You!
Finish him.
(grunting and groaning)
- Christ, I'm a dead man.
Where the fuck am I?
Good luck findin' me here.
- Hey, what are ya lookin' for?
- How do I pay?
- You're lookin' at it. (laughs)
Go ahead and pump it.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
I like them shoes.
What do ya call 'em?
- My shoes?
(older man laughs)
That's funny.
- So where ya headed?
- I'm not sure yet.
I'm, uh, lookin' to relocate.
- Fella like you
movin' to Juniper?
Must either be crazy or...
Somebody lookin' for you?
- I don't really think that's
any of your business, right?
- You know, Mister,
pretty much everybody
that wants to live
here already does.
But, hey, you're lookin'
for a place to stay,
I hear they're tryin' to rent
ole Chigger
Chastain's place out.
- Where, uh, where
might that be?
- Ah, tell ya what.
See that boy with the
mower across the way?
- [Peter] With the dog?
- Yeah.
That's Tiger.
He's, uh, well, he's special.
Anyway, you just
follow him home.
He lives right behind
ole Chigger's place.
- Chiggers?
- [Older man] Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Older man] All
righty, there ya go.
- [Peter] Thank you, sir.
- You bet, good luck.
- I'm gonna need it.
- [Voiceover] You're
gonna get a treat, player.
- Pardon me.
Are you, uh, are you Tiger?
- Who are you?
- Oh, I'm, um, well I'm
Frank, Frank Stephens.
Frank, Frank Stephens.
- Frank.
Hi, Mr. Frank Stephens.
This, this here's Buddy.
- That's a, that's a cute dog.
- He, he's, he's my best buddy.
- It's a cute dog.
Hey, uh, listen.
The guy at the gas
station, he mentioned
there might be a place available
across from your place.
- Um.
- [Peter] Chigger?
- Chigger's house, yeah.
- Yeah.
- [Tiger] You wanna live there?
- Well I'd love to take a look.
- Me, me and Buddy's gonna,
gonna go there right now.
We'd love us a good neighbor.
- Okay, I, uh, let me, let me
get my car, I'll follow you?
- Come on.
- [Peter] Okay.
- [Tiger] Come on, Buddy.
(bluesy country music)
Hey, Mr. Frank, that, that's
Chigger's house right there.
(bluesy country music)
(door rattles)
(gun fires)
- [Peter] Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
- [Man with gun] Hey!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey!
- [Peter] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, what do you
think you're doin', huh?
Huh, you tresspassin',
breakin' in.
- No, no, no, no!
- Huh!
- No, no, no, no, no, I'm.
I'm just moving in.
- What, are you
kin to ole Chigger?
- No, can I please get up?
- Yeah, get up.
You movin' in?
Man, what's wrong with you?
- I, I gotta live
somewhere, right?
- You're not a blend-in
sorta guy, now are ya?
I'm Roy.
Roy Mitchell.
- Frank, Frank Stephens.
- This is my brother Tiger.
And his damned dog.
- Yes, we've, uh, we've met.
- Every village has
got their idiot.
He's ours, ain't
that right, Tiger?
Listen, sometimes I like
to do some target practice
out back here.
So if I was you,
I'd stay inside.
It'd be a shame if you
ended up like ole Chigger.
Wouldn't want you
to get shot now.
You're welcome to
join us for dinner.
- Tiger.
What's he talkin' about?
What happened to Chigger?
- Chigger?
He, he, he went crazy
and shot hisself
right there on the
front porch, mm hmm.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Roy, Roy says he, he, he
got bored and shot hisself.
Hey, uh, Mr. Frank, you hungry?
Come on, come on.
Buddy, come.
- Do you like turnip
greens, Mr. Stephens?
- (clears throat) You know, I,
I can't say I've ever had any.
- Buddy likes them
green, here, Buddy.
- Be careful with them things,
you'll be fartin' for a week.
- Now, Roy.
That ain't no way to
talk to our guest.
- A scientific fact, Nana.
- Uh, well, Frank.
Where'd you say you was from?
- Back east, New York.
- I had you pegged for a Yankee.
You workin' over at the plant?
- No, I'm, uh, I'm a writer.
I'm actually finishing a novel.
- [Tiger] Good boy.
- Tiger, do you always
feed Buddy at the table?
- Of course I do.
He's Buddy.
And he's my very best buddy.
- [Roy] Only 'cause you
can't get any girls.
- That, that's a
big fat lie, Roy.
- Really?
How come all I see you
with is your lawnmower,
them damn firecrackers,
and that smelly dog?
- Buddy don't smell.
- Yeah he does.
- No, no he don't.
- Yeah he does.
(phone rings)
Hey, babe.
Yep, hey, one second.
Excuse me.
- Who's that?
- It's a hot girl, so that'd
be none of your damn business.
- It's a school night, Roy.
Now don't be out too late.
- I love you, Nana.
- All, all the girls like Roy.
- Yeah.
- Wanna know why?
- I don't know.
His, uh, charming personality?
- Because he, he plays football.
And girls like boys
who play football.
- Yeah.
- I, I wish I played football.
(Peter sighs)
(soft instrumental music)
(half-hearted piano piano music)
(blinds creak)
(soft instrumental music)
- Howdy, I, I reckon
you the new guy in town.
- Who wants to know?
- Well I'm Betty Reynolds
and this is my husband Lanny.
- And this is Betty's
world famous pecan pie.
- Right.
- Well, it's world famous
here in Juniper anyway.
- How much is it?
- Well, well it's nothin'.
We're just bein' neighborly.
- That, that's our
house right over yonder.
You can see the roof from here.
- [Betty] Well, it ain't much.
- But it's home.
- Who sent you?
- Excuse me?
- Did someone send you?
- Well we're just
bein' neighborly.
- [Lanny] We just, we just.
- Well you just
brought me a pie.
- [Lanny] Just come over.
- [Betty] Yeah, yeah.
- That's terrific.
- [Betty] Lanny, let's, let's
let him get on with his day.
We'll, we'll be seein' ya.
- You just come over
and visit sometime
and we'll knock one back.
Just come on in, you know?
- Knock some back.
- Door's always unlocked.
- Okay.
Thank you, thank you.
- [Betty] Bye bye.
He's still standin' there
lookin' at us, come on.
(bright country music)
- [Woman in back] You like it?
- [Man in overalls] Not really.
- Who buys this shit?
- [Man in overalls] I do.
- [Cashier] You want
the same number?
- Can you make it a
different area code?
- Yeah, I can do that.
But you sure you want this one?
It don't even have GPS.
- Actually that's,
that's perfect.
- Okay.
- Liquor and guns
in the same place.
Only in Texas.
- [Older man] Straight off the.
- [Younger man] He ain't
from around here, is he?
- Hey, can I help you
find somethin' there, pal?
- Yeah, I'm unfortunately
out of spirits.
- Well, came to the right place.
Name your poison.
- I'll grab two of those
bottles of tequila.
And a few of those cigars.
- A'ight.
20 bucks.
- Is that a machine gun?
- Goddamn, you rob a bank?
- [Peter] Got a bag for that?
- No.
- You that, uh,
writer from back east
stayin' over at Chigger's place?
- Word travels fast here, huh?
- Well I make it my business
to know what's happenin'
in my town.
That's what I'm,
uh, elected to do.
- [Older man] Twice.
- Twice.
- Right.
- What kind of novels you write?
- Crime mostly.
- [Sheriff] Oh like,
uh, "Thin Man,"
"Red Harvest," "Maltese Falcon"?
- Yeah, somethin' like that.
- You ever need a, uh,
consultant, an expert,
I know your guy.
- I'll keep that in mind fellas.
- You do that.
- [Peter] Gentlemen.
- I wonder what his story is.
- [Tiger] Hey, hey,
Mr. Frank, watch this.
(tires screech)
Buddy, Buddy,
Buddy, I'm so sorry.
- [Woman] Oh my God.
- [Tiger] Buddy, I'm so sorry.
- Is he okay?
I'm so sorry, he ran right
out before I could see him.
- It's not your fault.
- [Woman] You're the
sweetest dog, Buddy.
- Tiger, Tiger,
are you guys okay?
- Yeah.
- [Peter] Buddy, are you okay.
- Allison, this is Mr. Frank.
- [Allison] Hi.
- Hey. Frank Stephens.
It's nice to meet you, Allison.
- You're not from around here?
- Is it that obvious?
- Yeah, around here, new
person comes to town,
you think you're the one change.
- He, he just moved in
to ole Chigger's house.
- Wow, uh, I don't think
I could live there.
- Yeah, well, at least
the rent's cheap, right?
- Guess so.
What brings you
here of all places?
- Actually, um, I'm a writer.
- You don't look like a writer.
- No?
- [Allison] No.
- Well you know what they say,
can't judge a book by its cover.
- Guess not, well if you can
find something interesting
to write in this place, you
got quite an imagination.
Uh, do you know where Roy's at?
- Um, Roy?
He, he's probably
playin' football.
- Okay, well, you tell
him I'm lookin' for him?
- Mm hmm.
- Yeah?
- [Tiger] Okay.
- Okay.
Tiger, I'm so sorry.
Mr. Frank, it was nice
to meet ya, I gotta go.
My dad's gonna kill me,
but I'm so sorry, Tiger.
- [Tiger] Bye, Allison.
- [Peter] Drive safely.
- [Allison] Thank you.
- Allison likes me.
I, I got me a girlfriend.
- When are you
gonna finish this?
- [Allsion] Workin' on it.
- Well.
It's gotta be done.
Just stop your bitchin'.
- I'm not bitchin'.
- Okay.
What's this I hear about
you goin' out for, uh,
homecomin' queen?
- You ain't gotta worry
about it, I'm not doin' it.
- Why not?
You're the best-lookin' thing
in this town since your mama.
- Well thank you, but we'd
have to find a formal dress
and we just don't have that
kind of money right now.
- Ah, so it's all my fault?
- Well if you didn't
drink and piss away
everything you make.
- What'd you say?
Hey, what'd you say?
You better watch that wise-ass
mouth of yours, little girl.
You gonna get yourself
in big trouble.
You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
All right.
You can get all this
shit outta here.
(mower rumbles)
- Tiger! Tiger!
Tiger, hey.
What are you doin'?
- Your lawn needs,
needs cuttin' real bad.
Can't you see?
- I can see that,
Tiger, but I don't.
- First time's free.
And, and, and since
this one's so small,
I'll do it twice for nothin'.
After that it's, um,
three times for $20.
Or four times for 15.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sorry but
that's just business.
- Wow, is that how you
get all your customers?
Well you are very smart.
- No, no, not me,
but Buddy, he's,
he's the smartest dog ever.
- [Allison] Is he?
- [Buddy] Mm hmm.
- Yeah?
You sure love him.
- Of course I do, Buddy.
He's my best buddy.
- Hi, Buddy.
All right, Tiger, well thank
you for cuttin' our grass.
- Okay.
- Lord knows
nobody else'll do it.
Thank you.
- Buddy.
Buddy, I, I got me a girlfriend.
- [Voiceover] Hey,
you've reached Elaine.
Leave me a message and I
will call you right back.
Thanks, bye.
(Peter groans)
(Peter howls like a wolf)
(lilting country music)
(birds chirp)
- Hi.
- Betty.
What can I do for
you, Mr. Stephens?
- They're very good.
My God, my God, Betty.
This pie, I, I can't
even describe it.
It's like crack.
You're a crack dealer, Betty.
- Well I'm sure
that's a compliment.
So I hear you're a writer.
That sounds pretty excitin'.
- Not really.
It's a lot of alone time.
- I like to read romance novels.
I know it's silly,
but I just love 'em.
- I can imagine livin'
in a place like this,
you probably wanna
escape somehow.
You guys don't even
have a movie theater.
- There's a lot of
fine folk livin' here.
Good people, just
tryin' to get by.
It would be nice to
travel more though.
See the world.
- Well maybe when
Lanny retires, you can.
- Retire, shoot.
Around here, if you're not
workin', you must be dead.
- Like Chigger?
- You want another piece of pie?
- You even need to ask?
Thank you.
- Well, Chigger was gone long
before he pulled that trigger.
He got hooked on
that awful meth.
You know who got him
hooked, don't ya?
Tiger and Roy's daddy.
Can you believe, he
used to cook that stuff
right in the house?
With them babies runnin'
around all over the place.
It's no wonder Tiger
turned out the way he did.
- What about their mother?
- Their daddy went crazy
one day and shot their mama.
Then himself.
Guess that was right
after Roy was born.
- Why?
- Guess he thought she
was cheatin', somethin'.
Who knows?
I tell ya, I'm not one
to speak ill of the dead,
but between you, me,
and the fence post,
I wouldn't be
surprised if she was.
She was a whore.
And everybody in town knew it.
A lot of people
say he killed her
'cause he found out
that Roy weren't his.
- And you guys say
this place is boring.
- Well it's a good thing
those boys had their nana
to take 'em in.
I don't know what
would've become of 'em
if she hadn't come
in to raise 'em.
She's a goddamn saint,
I tell you what.
That lady is a goddamn saint.
Hell yeah.
They just don't make
'em like her anymore.
(tense instrumental music)
(Elaine whispering and
humming to herself)
- Ding dong.
- Who are you?
- Let's just say a
friend of a friend.
When someone takes off
and doesn't tell their
friend where they're goin',
it's kinda frustratin',
isn't it, Elaine?
- I have no idea
where Peter is, Miss.
- Smith.
Oh come on, come on,
think real hard, Elaine.
Come on, just use
your little head.
Think real hard.
- I don't know.
- You're a very
attractive woman.
- Please don't.
- He hasn't reached out to
you even for a good fuck?
- I haven't spoken to
him since he disappeared.
- [Mrs. Smith] You're a
terrible liar, Elaine.
(gun fires)
(melancholic instrumental music)
- [Cheerleaders] Gimme a T.
- Somebody lookin'
at you, slick.
- [Cheerleaders] Gimme an I, I.
Gimme a T, T.
Gimme an E, E.
Gimme an R, R.
- Oh my God, a kiss.
- I'm gonna hit that real soon.
She ain't even
gonna see it comin'.
- Hell yeah, you
lookin' good, bro.
- Dad.
- That was your mama's.
She paid a ton of
money for that dress
back when I was on the force.
Only wore it once.
Don't ya think
somethin' like that
should be worn more than once?
- Dad.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You know, uh, when
you're friend there,
uh, that boy Roy Mitchell
sees ya in that thing,
you tell him not
to get any ideas.
- 'Kay.
- Okay.
Have fun.
(crowd cheers and screams)
- You ready to go get some, Roy?
- Yeah, Coach.
- Let's go.
Listen, you gotta make a play.
You gotta get in there
and make a play, Roy.
Can you do it, son?
- Yeah, Coach, yeah, Coach!
- Now get your tail out
there and make a play.
- I'm gonna fuckin' run
right through you, boy.
I'm puttin' you
right in the ground.
(grunting and thudding)
- Let's go, that's right!
- Yeah, that a boy, Roy,
way to hit somebody!
- Get 'em, let's
go, make a big hit.
(grunting and thudding)
Let's go, that's right!
- [Voiceover] That's
number 29, Roy Mitchell,
makin' that sack for the Tigers.
(exciting instrumental music)
- Hey, Tiger.
Your brother Roy's
pretty good, huh?
- Yeah, I reckon
he's a good 'un.
- Tiger, can I
ask you somethin'?
- [Tiger] Uh huh.
- How did you get
the name Tiger?
- My, my mama said that
when, when I get somethin',
I, I hold on to it like a tiger.
- Your mom, huh?
- Mm hmm.
- That's a perfect
name for you, Tiger.
- [Voiceover] Allison is
the daughter of Carl Blevins
and Juniper High School's
1990 homecomin' queen.
- Allison!
- Hi.
- [Voiceover] LeAnn Willis.
- That's my girlfriend Allison.
Ain't she the prettiest one?
- Yeah, Tiger, she is.
- [Voiceover] She says she
plans to attend college
after graduation in
the study of nursing.
Allison is escorted this
evening by Roy Mitchell.
- [Voiceover] Way
to go, Allison.
- [Voiceover] Ladies
and gentlemen,
this year's Juniper
High homecoming queen,
Allison Blevins.
(cheering and applause)
- Tiger.
- [Voiceover] Yeah, Alice,
we love ya, darlin'.
- [Peter] Tiger.
- She's beautiful.
Lord a mercy, baby's
got her bluejeans on.
- Hey there, cowboy.
I like them boots.
- Oh yeah, you know,
I don't know how
you guys wear these things.
- (laughing) Aw, they'll be
fine once you break 'em in.
We're goin' shootin'
in the mornin'.
We, uh, invitin' you to
come along if you want.
- Oh, guys, I'd love to, you
know, but I don't got a gun.
- Man without a gun. (whistles)
Uh, you got a pecker
down in them jeans?
- I got a shitload of guns.
I can let you use one of 'em.
- I'm game.
(tender instrumental music)
Hey, Tiger.
You okay?
- No.
Allison was my girlfriend and
Roy up and stoled her from me.
- Look.
Maybe she wasn't the
right one for ya.
- She says she likes me.
She, she even kissed
me right here.
- Tiger, just because a girl
kisses you and
says she likes you,
that doesn't mean she wants
to be your girlfriend.
- Well why not?
- 'Cause women are crazy.
And complicated and
confusing sometimes.
- You, you got a
girlfriend, Mr. Frank?
- Sort of.
Well I did.
But she, uh.
She got mad at me.
- What, what for?
- Lots of reasons, Tiger.
And they're all my fault.
So I deserved it.
What are you doin' anyway?
- Oh, um, I, I'm
countin' my fireworks.
I, I got me the best
firework business
in the whole, whole world.
- You do have quite the arsenal.
- Yeah, yeah, my bottle rockets,
and I got firecrackers
and, and smoke bombs,
and people clashers.
Um, I got Roman
candles, you want some?
You know, I been
tryin' to count 'em
and I keep messin' up
and have to start over.
- I can help you count 'em.
- [Tiger] Really?
- Mm hmm.
- You're the nicest person
I, I ever met, Mr. Frank.
You sure don't seem like
anybody else around here.
- What do I seem like?
- Um.
I, I don't know.
Like you don't really
got a home nowhere.
- Get down, motherfuckers!
- Roy, my boy!
Roy, my boy!
Get over here, you
son of a bitch.
Hey, the beers are cold
but the women are not.
- You, Simon, that
you, where's the beer?
Thank you.
- Hey, you get at
it yet or what?
- I'm goin' to.
- Yeah, you better.
- Canadian mojo.
- Yeah, that's a jump start.
(Roy shouts)
- Where'd you get that
Boogie Night's jacket.
- It was my dad's jacket!
- All right.
- Naw, man, what is this
Canadian whisky bullshit?
Hey, where's my queen?
Queeny, I wanna see my queen.
Come here, you.
I want a little kiss.
- Will you hold this?
- Bye, guys, we'll
see you later.
I'll see you later.
You look so pretty over there.
I saw you in the
corner of my eye,
I just about went crazy.
I go like this.
- Like that.
- And I turn ya and I dip ya.
Make this.
You look so pretty, honey.
Do you know that?
- [Allison] No.
- [Roy] Hey, there's
somethin' happen' here.
- [Allison] Roy!
- [Roy] Hey!
- Man, get outta here.
(Roy mumbling drunkenly)
- [Allison] All right,
where are you goin'?
- [Roy] So nice up in here.
In your boots and your crown.
- [Allison] Yeah, no.
- I thought so.
I get you all to myself.
- Roy.
You're drunk.
- [Roy] Baby, uh uh.
- [Allison] Mm hmm.
- [Roy] No I ain't, baby.
- Yeah.
- [Roy] Homecomin's
special, you know?
- Yeah.
Let's go outside.
Roy, no.
- [Roy] Just.
- Roy.
Roy, come on.
Roy, Roy, stop.
Roy, stop.
Roy, stop!
Roy, get off me!
- It's okay, Allison.
Allison, Jesus!
(fleshy smack)
(door slams)
Hey, wait, hold on,
Allison, hold on!
Allison, wait!
Get the fuck off of me!
- [Friend] Bro, that's what
she, that's what she wants.
All right, have a fuckin' drink.
- What the fuck are
y'all lookin' at?
(lonesome country music)
- Hey.
- [Allison] Hi.
- [Peter] You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you lost?
- No, no, no, um, do
you guys always walk
around in the dark like this?
- No, uh, I just lost my ride.
- Well I, I can give you a lift.
- [Allsion] Oh no, no.
- [Peter] You remember me?
I'm the writer.
- I remember you, yeah.
I live right up there, I'm fine.
- Listen, I, I can give you a
ride, it's late and it's dark.
- Okay.
I appreciate it.
- No problem.
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Do you wanna talk about it?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- I saw that you won
homecoming queen.
You looked very beautiful.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Been writin' lately?
- Huh?
- I don't think you're a writer.
- How'd ya figure that out?
- I could tell from
the moment I met you.
- Oh yeah?
- Yep.
- No, I'm not.
I'm a lawyer actually.
(Peter sighs)
Made some very bad decisions
with some very bad people.
And, uh, I need to
lay low for a while
so I ended up here.
- This crappy little
piss-ant town.
- Piss-ant.
I like that word.
Actually, it's been, uh,
it's been a good
experience for me.
I've learned a lot about myself.
- Oh good.
- So I'm assuming you're
not going to marry Roy.
And have a bunch of homecoming
queens and football stars.
- No. (laughs)
If I did, I would end
up like Chigger, so.
- Don't say that.
- No, I would.
No, as soon as I
graduate, I'm outta here.
- From what I hear,
Chigger was a meth head.
You have a lot more going
on for yourself than that.
- I hope so.
- Where would you go?
- I don't know.
Somewhere where I
can see the ocean.
Never seen it before.
- You never been
to a, to an ocean?
- Yeah, not once.
- Wow.
I used to, uh, I used to
have a place in Malibu.
Right on the ocean actually.
Man, the sunsets are amazing.
- You miss it?
- Every day.
- So I'm right up here.
You can just pull over here.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- I appreciate it.
Really, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, Allison.
- [Allison] Yeah?
- Look, whenever
things get really bad,
just think of Malibu.
- Okay, thank you.
- I thought me and Allison
had somethin' good goin'.
Thought she was into me.
I mean, you saw the way
she was lookin' at me.
- I hear ya.
Girls' a prick-teaser, man.
You gave away all your card
lettin' her treat you like
that in front of everyone.
I mean.
- It isn't right, is it?
- Hell no it ain't right.
I wouldn't let some chick
talk to me like that,
and before her, you
wouldn't either.
- Yeah.
It ain't right!
- Where ya goin'?
- Allison!
Hey, Allison, open the door.
- [Friend] Crazy son of a bitch.
- Allison, just open the door.
I just wanna talk to ya!
So open the door!
- [Friend] Come on.
- So open the door!
- Sometimes you're the moose.
- Sometimes you're the mailbox.
- Damn, how much?
- [Sheriff] Oh, let's just
call it, uh, double or nothin'.
- You guys always get so boozed
up before you go huntin'?
- Well, if we didn't
we wouldn't go huntin'.
- Or drinkin'. (laughs)
- You gotts give the birds
a fightin' chance, Frank.
- If I was a quail.
(gun clicks)
I'd feel safe sittin' right
at the end of his gun barrel.
- [Sheriff] Amen.
- You guys might
be surprised what,
what I've seen at
the end of a gun.
- Oh do tell.
Frank, what.
It's the station
house, I gotta take it.
This is Dobbs.
- [Voiceover] Hey,
man, you busy?
- Well, yeah, I'm about
to go bird huntin', what?
- [Voiceover] Seems Carl's
girl's gone missin'.
- What?
- [Voiceover] Yep.
Well he's losin' it, too.
- You tell Carl.
Well just keep him there.
Tell him to hold his damn
horses till I get there.
Carl Blevins'
daughter's missin'.
- Well if you need anything,
you let us know, okay?
- Yeah, same here, man.
- You guys finish off
this bottle of tequila.
Try not to shoot each other.
That's a rain check on
the bird huntin', Stid.
- [Stid] Yeah.
- [Older man] That ain't good.
- No, it ain't, I mean,
Carl's been a damn train wreck
since his wife left.
I don't know what this is
gonna do to the son of a bitch.
- I left her a bunch
of messages and she,
she usually just calls me back.
It's not like her.
- Carl, you used to
be a cop, all right.
So I gotta ask you.
Things at home been worse
with you and Allison?
- You think I'd
somethin' to my girl?
You think I'd do
somethin' to my girl?
- [Sheriff] Calm down, Carl.
- Huh, that's all I got!
- Calm down.
I just have to know
if you did somethin'
that coulda made her run off.
- She's not run off!
She left all her stuff here.
All her clothes are here.
And girls don't do that,
you know that, Jeff.
- [Sheriff] All right,
I, I know you're upset.
I'm upset, too.
I just have to do my job.
- What are you doin'?
You're just wastin' your time.
You should be out talkin'
to that Mitchell boy.
He's the son of a
cold-blooded killer!
- Carl, I just have to
have all the information
to be able to do my job.
- [Carl] How come you're
not talkin' to him?
- [Sherrif] I will talk to him
and don't jump to any
conclusions, Carl.
- You don't have the time, Jeff!
- I know how much
time I don't have!
I'm sorry!
- [Carl] You know
what's gonna happen?
- [Sheriff] What?
- [Man in blue] They found
some footprints outside
the girl's window.
- Call Dallas, get
forensics here, ASAP.
Good work.
- It's my fault.
I can't do anything right.
- And I can't imagine
what it must feel--
- It's my fault,
I drove her away.
I gotta get her back.
Jeff, you gotta get her back.
- I will, I'm on it, I'm
your eyes and ears, Carl.
- [Carl] It's my fault,
I know it's my fault.
Oh Jesus.
- All right, all right.
(Carl cries)
(quiet instrumental music)
- Roy Mitchell!
Roy Mitchell, come out here!
What'd you do with her?
What'd you do with my baby?
Where is she?
What happened to my baby?
- Hey.
- You're gonna die.
- Carl.
- Did you kill my daughter?
- What the hell is
the matter with you?
What are you talkin' about?
- [Carl] You couldn't stay away.
- Carl, what are
you talkin' about?
- [Carl] My Allison.
- Carl, get outta here,
you dirty old drunk.
(fleshy thud)
- [Carl] Where is she?
I said where did she go?
- [Tiger] Don't
you hit my brother!
- [Carl] Oh, stupid kid.
(dog barks)
- What in the fuck, Carl?
- [Carl] Where is she?
- What the fuck is
the matter with you?
(dog barks)
Get outta here, Carl, I swear.
- You two, you two know
what happened to Allison.
- Buddy, you okay?
You're all right, you're
all right, settle down.
It's okay, Carl, get outta here!
- You know what
happened to my baby.
- Get outta here.
Oh jeez.
- [Carl] Oh God.
- Hey, you're okay.
(phone rings)
- Hello.
- You have really pissed me off.
I am coming to get you.
(glass shatters)
- [Sheriff] Hey, Roy.
- What do y'all want from me?
Look, Carl come over
here into my house
lookin' for a fight, I didn't
go to that man's house,
I didn't start no trouble,
he came over here!
- [Sheriff] Hey, hey, hey,
hey, calm down, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.
Calm down.
Now if Carl did somethin',
I'll take care of him.
It ain't about him.
It's about Allison.
- What about her?
- What'd y'all do last night?
- Went to the dance.
- And?
- Took her on over
to Ray's house.
- 'Bout what time
of night was that?
- I don't know, about
midnight I guess.
- You bring her straight
home from Ray's?
- I didn't take her home.
- Who did?
- I don't know.
- [Sheriff] She just leave?
- You get in a fight?
- Lover's quarrel.
- What was it about?
- You know how girls are.
Started drinking,
gettin' flirty and stuff,
and then the second you
make your move on 'em,
they turn on ya like ya
done somethin' wrong.
- Get used to that.
- So she left the party and
you didn't go after her?
- No, I didn't go after her.
- Roy, you don't
seem very concerned
about Allison bein' missin'.
- Missin'?
- Yeah.
- I'm sure she'll turn up.
- When do you think that'll be?
- Yeah, I'm outta here.
- Hey, hey, hey, it's
all right, thank ya, Tim.
Listen, hey, hey.
Son, we don't know where she is.
I'm sure we'll find her.
All right, you're right.
Hey, listen, son.
Some good tacklin'
you did last night.
You played really hard.
- [Tim] You hold up
for us right there.
- It's a shame y'all
didn't win that game.
- I can't do everything
myself, can I?
- Sure can't, I
know how you feel.
Holler at us.
- Jeff.
- [Sheriff] All right,
Roy, thank ya, son.
- Hey, listen.
That shit don't fly
in Mississippi, son.
- It ain't Mississippi and
I ain't your goddamn son.
Hey, Tiger.
Here's Tiger.
Bless his heart.
Hey, Tiger.
- Hey, man.
- How ya doin', buddy?
Can we talk to you for a minute?
- [Tiger] Sure, Mr. Officer.
- It's Sheriff
Jeff but all right.
How's the truck runnin'?
- It, it's pretty good.
- [Sheriff] Yeah?
- [Tiger] Mm hmm.
- Tiger, you know that
girl Allison Blevins?
- Course I do.
- [Sheriff] Uh huh, well
you notice anything,
you know, any problems between
Allison and Roy lately?
- [Tiger] Mm, problems?
- [Sheriff] Yeah, like
is he actin' unusual?
- Nope, Roy looks
the same to me.
- [Sheriff] All right,
hey, thank ya, Tiger.
I'll see you, buddy.
- [Tim] All right.
- But, now Allison, she looked
like she, she was cryin'.
- [Sheriff] Oh, she did, huh?
You saw her last night?
- Mm hmm, I sure did.
She, she was cleanin'
out her garage
sort, sorta cryin' and all.
But she said it was,
um all, all-ergy.
- [Tim] Allergies.
- Yeah, yeah, that's it.
- That's pretty, uh,
that's pretty late, Tiger.
What you doin' here
that time of night?
- Oh, I like to
drive by Allison's
'cause she's my girlfriend.
- Really?
- [Peter] Sheriff.
- [Sheriff] Hey, Frank.
- [Tiger] Frank.
- [Peter] Any word
on the missing girl?
- Hey, Frank, uh, just
tryin' to see if Tiger
knows anything about her.
- She say if she
was goin' somewhere?
Like maybe see a
friend or somethin'?
- Um.
I, I don't know.
She said she had to get
rid of all them boxes
or her daddy'd get mad,
so I took 'em to the dump.
- You mind if we take a look?
- It's kinda messy and all.
- [Tim] It's all right.
- Tiger, you don't, you
don't have to let them
look in your truck.
- Hey, hey, why are you talkin'?
- I'm just lettin'
him know his rights.
- You have the right
to butt the hell out.
This is a police investigation.
Come on.
- [Peter] Tiger, you don't,
you don't have to let them.
- [Sheriff] Not another word.
- [Tim] Hey, Sheriff,
you're gonna wanna
take a look at this.
- Tiger, can you explain this?
- Um.
- We're gonna have to take you
down to the station, Tiger.
All right?
- To the police station?
- Yeah.
- Tiger, you don't, you don't
have to go with them, Tiger.
- Listen, you
gotta stop talkin'.
- [Tiger] It's okay,
Buddy, we're just gonna go
to the police station.
- That dog ain't comin'.
- He's gotta come.
He gets scared if
I'm not with him.
- [Sheriff] Tough shit.
- Jeff, Jeff.
Just let him take the dog.
- [Sheriff] Tim, get
him in the truck, huh?
- Hey, listen, Tiger,
do not say a word
unless you have an
attorney, you understand.
Not until you have an attorney.
- Hey, enough!
- [Peter] Do you understand?
- Put him in the truck or
I'll put him in the truck.
What are you doin'?
- Is this how the law
works around here?
- I am the law
here, who are you?
- [Tim] Gonna talk
to the sheriff.
- [Sheriff] Hey, Grandma
was slow but she was old.
Get him in the damn truck, Tim.
Jesus Christ.
(engine roars)
- [Peter] Buddy!
- [Tim] So you did
not follow her home
and take advantage of Allison.
- How many times
are you gonna ask
me the same question
a hundred different ways?
- [Tim] I'm just
tryin' to understand
why you don't care about your
girlfriend disappearin', Roy.
- What I care about?
What do you know
what I care about?
You don't know me.
(solemn instrumental music)
- How you doin'?
- Hi, welcome to Walls Mart.
- I'm with the FBI,
have you seen this man?
If so, tell me everything
you know about him.
- Buddy.
Where did they put Buddy?
(foreboding instrumental music)
Where, where, where are we?
Is, is this the police station?
- This is hell, son.
- Hell?
- And there ain't a livin'
soul that knows we're here
besides me and Deputy Tim.
We just talked to Carl, Tiger.
He said that these
bloody clothes
belong to Allison.
That she was wearin' 'em
when she left the house.
You know, Tiger,
sometimes we do things
and we don't mean to.
- Like, like what?
- Like sittin'
outside a girl's house
and watchin' her
through the window.
You went over there last night.
You were watchin' her
'cause you love her.
Told me she was your girlfriend.
- She, she was my girlfriend.
- [Sheriff] Was?
- Roy up and stoled her from me!
- That's right.
That's right.
Your own brother.
That makes you really angry.
Angry enough to do somethin'
that you didn't wanna do.
- [Tiger] Yeah.
- Roy, a bit of a loose cannon.
I can appreciate
that, but you don't.
Got up in them drawers.
- No, no.
- [Sheriff] Yeah he did, got
in them pants and you couldn't.
- Nobody got in Allison's pants.
- Really, nobody got
in Allison's pants.
Then why do we have her pants
covered in blood that
we found in your truck?
'Cause you killed her and
what'd you do to her body?
- I.
I, I don't know!
- Why did you kill her?
- Quit askin' me!
- Carl loves his
daughter Allison.
More than anything
in this world.
And you took her from him.
- No.
- And if you don't
tell me the truth.
Tiger, look at me.
I'm gonna take
somethin' from you.
- Is he all right?
- Yeah, he's all right.
What, what's up?
- Forensics just came back.
Tiger's DNA's all over
the bloody clothes.
- Well, evidence don't lie.
- I know, I just.
Tiger, Jeff.
I don't think he's capable
of somethin' like this.
- Tim, would we be
havin' this conversation
if he wasn't slow?
The evidence points to him.
- I just.
- That report came
back, it says exactly
what I thought it was gonna say.
Your DNA, your semen, your spit
was all over Allison's clothes.
Do you hear what I'm sayin'?
There was a boot prints, your
boots, outside her window
leadin' to your truck, where
the clothes were found.
You killed Allison.
- No, no!
- Why did you kill her?
- No, I didn't, I
didn't kill Allison.
- What did you do with the body?
- I.
I, I don't know!
- Why did you kill her?
- Quit askin' me!
- Okay, I'm gonna
quit askin' you.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna make it
real simple for you.
Even you understand simple.
Now, Tiger, if you don't
tell me the goddamn truth,
so help me God, I'm gonna
take somethin' from you.
- Buddy!
- [Sheriff] No, no, no, no, no.
- [Tiger] I missed
you so much, Buddy.
- You love that dog,
don't you, Tiger.
- [Tiger] Course I do,
he's my best buddy.
- [Sheriff] You'd love
to take Buddy home,
see Nana and Roy, wouldn't ya?
- I, I can go home?
- Right now.
Wouldn't you love that, huh?
You tell us
what you did to Allison Blevins
or you will never.
- No!
- See that dog ever again!
- No!
You leave Buddy alone!
- I will take him!
- No, Buddy!
Officer Tim, please!
Open, open the door.
- [Voiceover] Rescue
teams have concluded
the state-wide search
for the missing teenager
Allison Blevins
of Juniper, Texas.
Blevins went missing
several weeks ago
and is presumed dead
by local authorities.
The suspect, Tiger Mitchell,
is going to trial
for her murder.
State prosecutor Reggie Huntley
has declined to comment.
- [Peter] When
you're on the run,
you learn to focus
on the here and now.
Because, believe me,
anything can happen.
Here I am in Juniper,
Texas, small town America.
Tiger's going to trial for
the murder of Allison Blevins.
Dobbs seems like
he's on a witch hunt.
Nothing adds up.
No body, no murder
weapon, no witnesses.
The whole trial
feels like a sham,
with Dobbs expediting
the whole process
just to get what he wants.
I could see it in her eyes.
Where you gonna go?
She's a runner.
Just like me.
- I don't know.
Somewhere where I
can see the ocean.
- [Peter] I don't know
what happened to Allison.
I don't know anything really.
Except these folks
taught me something.
You can run forever.
But you can't run
from your heart.
- Are counsel for
the parties present?
- Yes, your honor.
- Present.
- It's my understanding,
Mr. Franklin,
that you're here
representing Mr. Mitchell
pro hoc vice, correct?
- Yes, your honor.
- [Judge] Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,
we're about to begin a trial.
- I like your suit.
- [Judge] The state of
Texas versus Tiger Mitchell.
- It's my dad's.
- [Judge] Counsel for
each of the parties
will now have an
opportunity to question you.
- I don't know what he's sayin'.
- Just, just when they ask,
all you say is "not guilty."
- Not guilty.
- Not guilty, okay.
- [Judge] And for the
duration of the case.
- Remember, "not guilty."
- [Judge] To witnesses
and to the court only.
- We, uh, made a cast
of the imprint...
of the shoe of the suspect
after we took him into custody.
- I submit to the court
Exhibit C, pair of work boots
worn by the defendant
when he was brought
in for questioning.
- [Judge] Let the exhibit
be received into evidence.
- The photographs, the boot,
and the imprints.
What were the results
of those lab tests?
- They, they matched
the shoes perfectly.
- Nothin' further.
- [Judge] You may
step down, sir.
- Sheriff.
- [Sheriff] Yes, sir?
- Isn't it true that
Tiger made no effort
to hide the bloody clothes
you found in his truck?
In fact, he voluntarily
informed you
they actually belonged
to Allison Blevins.
- No, we told Tiger we need
to look inside his truck.
He complied.
We found the clothes, and
then he agreed they were hers.
- Well tell me, does that
sound like the behavior
of a, of a guilty man?
A man who might've
murdered someone?
- Objection, speculation.
- I'm just asking
for his professional
opinion, your honor.
- Overruled, answer
the question, Sheriff.
- It's highly unusual.
- I, I'm sorry, one more time.
- [Sheriff] Highly unusual.
- No further questions.
- Yeah, yeah he came around.
Mowed our lawn for free.
Picked some flowers once,
left 'em by the door.
- For Allison.
- They sure as hell
weren't for me.
- Did the defendant
ever drive by
or sit outside your
house at night?
- Yeah, seemed like just about
every time I turned around...
there he was.
- Nothin' further.
- [Judge] Your
witness, Mr. Franklin.
- Mr. Blevins, isn't it true
that you and your daughter,
well you have a
bad relationship?
- Well, son, we had
some tough times.
I thought you were
gonna call me.
- My phone died, my phone
died, Dad, my phone died!
- Don't mess with me!
- I'm sorry, Dad,
my phone died.
- I said don't mess with me!
- My phone died.
- What's that?
- Oh my God.
- What's that, huh?
- Nothing, Dad, nothin'.
- Havin' a teenager
is kinda like,
that goes with the territory.
- Well tell me,
do drunken fights
and screaming threats?
Does that also come
with the territory?
- Objection, totally
- Did he lay one finger on you?
Just one finger!
- What if he did?
(heavy thud)
Don't you sass me!
You understand me?
I said don't sass me!
(Allison weeping)
You know, Mr.
Franklin, I don't know
where you're goin'
with this but.
You're just a goddamn little
whore, you know that don't ya!
(Allison weeping)
I'm stayin' at Carol's,
I'm gonna stay at Carol's,
and I want you to
clean up that carport.
I don't think that
had anything to do
with my daughter just
up and disappearin'.
(Allison screams)
(glass shatters)
- Of course it does.
(Allison moans and weeps)
- Allison.
Where you at, girl?
You still asleep, hon?
- Because that's
exactly what happened
when her mother left you.
- Objection!
- You son of a bitch.
(gavel rapping)
- [Judge] Order, order, strike
Mr. Franklin's comments.
- No further questions.
- [Judge] Do you
solemnly swear or affirm
the testimony you are
about to give is the truth,
the whole truth, and nothin'
but the truth, so help you God.
- Yes, sir.
- Mr. Hill, how long have
you known the defendant?
- Well, about as long as
he's been alive I reckon.
- Have you ever noticed any
angry, violent behavior
from the defendant?
- That boy wouldn't hurt a flea,
less of course it was
makin' that dog of his itch.
- No further questions.
- How come you couldn't
of told us the truth?
Uh, Peter.
- [Mr. Hill] Yeah, how
dumb do you think we are?
- I'm sorry.
- [Mr. Hill] Don't
need your sorries.
Need you to get that boy off.
- [Voiceover] State
prosecutor Reggie Huntley
still refuses to comment.
Peter Franklin, New York
criminal defense attorney
for the defendant
Tiger Mitchell,
released this statement
earlier today.
- Son of a bitch.
- My client is being held
with almost no evidence
against him.
He is clearly being coerced
by local law enforcement
into a false confession.
- [Voiceover] More
coverage on this story.
- Miss Smith, you're
not gonna believe this.
- May I help you fellas?
- I'm Agent Brody,
this is Agent Mead.
We're with the FBI.
Do you know this man?
- Nope, can't say I do.
- [Agent Mead] You
sure about that?
- Think I'd remember an
ugly loser like that.
Kind of like I won't
forget your face.
- Lemme see that picture.
- [Stid] Now, Carl,
I think it's that.
- I'm an officer, I
was on the force here
and I can, maybe
I can help y'all.
Yeah I know him.
- [Agent Brody] Where
can we find him?
- Well, you're feds, huh?
- Yes, sir.
- [Judge] You swear or
affirm to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothin'
but the truth, so help you God?
- Yeah.
- Roy.
Would you say that your brother,
the defendant,
has a problem with girls?
- No.
Except he never has any.
- Did he have a thing
for Allison Blevins?
- Probably so.
He liked her a lot.
- As a girlfriend.
- That was his hope.
- But wasn't she
goin' out with you?
- Yeah.
Yeah, she was homecomin'
queen, I was her escort.
- And didn't Allison disappear
that very night that
Tiger first discovered
that you were the one
that she actually liked?
- Yeah, but you see,
Tiger, he doesn't always
understand these things.
- Because of his limitations.
- Objection, your honor.
The witness is not
a psychologist.
- Sustained.
- Now you've seen the
evidence against your brother.
- Yes, sir.
- But the defense claims
that Tiger's limitations mean
he couldn't have
harmed Allison Blevins.
What do you think about that?
- Once, once again, your honor,
the witness is not
a psychologist.
- [Judge] Sustained,
stick to the facts.
- Have you ever seen
your brother get angry
and hurt somebody?
- Yeah.
I mean, there was this one time.
This guy tried to
run over his dog
and Tiger, Tiger
'bout exploded on him.
- He was tryin' kill Buddy.
- [Judge] Quiet
please, Mr. Mitchell.
- Did he hurt the man?
- No, I pulled him off the guy.
- So you're sayin' that
when Tiger gets upset
over somethin' or somebody
that he cares a lot about,
he can act out?
- That is pure
speculation, your honor.
- I'll allow it.
The witness has
been able to observe
the behavior of the defendant.
- And when Carl Blevins
came to your door,
did Tiger act out then?
- No, he didn't act out, he
was tryin' to protect me.
Carl Blevins attacked me.
- And wouldn't you say
that if,
if Allison wouldn't return
his expressions of love?
- I didn't say that, I didn't.
- Well let's be honest here.
If Allison had a choice to
make between somebody like you,
a football star, good-lookin',
a man with a future,
and Tiger, a man-child
with no skills,
what's she gonna do?
She's gonna have to tell the man
who's obsessed with her,
who drives by her
house every night,
dreams one day
she will love him,
she's gonna have to tell him no.
And when she rejects Tiger,
can you imagine the anger,
after years of total
frustration and rejection.
- Objection!
Who the hell is testifying here?
- [Judge] Get to your
question, Mr. Huntley.
- My point is, is doesn't
take a mental giant
to do somebody harm,
now does it, Roy?
- Objection, your honor!
- I don't know.
- Includin' murder.
- [Peter] Objection,
your honor, objection!
- Sustained.
- That's all.
- [Judge] Your
witness, Mr. Franklin.
- Roy.
Isn't it true Allison
left the, the party early
because she was upset with you?
- Yeah, well, that's
how women are.
They lack control
over their emotions.
- Wasn't she upset
because you were so drunk
and you were forcing
yourself on her?
Isn't that right?
Roy, we already got
all the testimonies
from everybody
else at the party.
- Yeah, okay, maybe I'd
been drinkin' a little.
Doesn't mean I was gonna
hurt her or anything.
- That was it?
She just went home?
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Isn't it true, Roy,
that you went over
to Allison's house
after the party?
- Where you gettin' that from?
- You're under oath, son.
You lie on this stand,
you might be seeing jail time.
And all those
scholarships will be gone.
- Allison!
Hey, Allison, open the door!
- [Friend] Crazy son of a bitch.
- Allison, just open the door.
I just wanna talk to ya!
Just wanna tell ya
that you're pretty,
so open the door.
So open the door!
Allison, open the
door. (screams)
Allison, come on!
- So I'm gonna ask
you one more time.
Did you go to
Allison Blevins house
after the party?
- Yeah, okay, maybe I did,
but I just wanted to
see how she was doin'.
- And how was she doin', Roy?
- I don't know, she
wouldn't answer the door.
- Why, because she was afraid
what you might do to her?
- Objection, speculation.
- You were upset, Roy,
because she turned you down.
And nobody turns
down Roy Mitchell.
- [Prosecutor]
Objection, your honor.
- Sustained.
- Nothing further.
- [Judge] Step down, sir.
Your witness, Mr. Franklin.
- Sheriff, how long have
you known the defendant?
- His whole life.
- Did you ever have any concerns
that he might be a threat
to your community?
- A threat, no.
Concerns that he might
burn somethin' down
with a Roman candle that you buy
out of the back of
his truck, yeah.
Tiger's always been a
good 'un in my book.
I mean, it's not his fault he
don't play with a full deck.
- A full deck.
You mean his disability?
- I don't know if I'd
call it a disability.
He's a capable enough fella.
He's just slow, that's all.
- He's just slow, that's all?
- [Sheriff] Yes, sir.
- Sheriff, his being slow.
Is he any different than you?
- Well yeah.
Absolutely, I'm not slow.
And he's simple-minded.
He doesn't have the same sense
of right and wrong that we do.
He's like a really
tall 10 year old boy.
- Okay.
Is it possible, Sheriff,
on the night of September 5th,
that when Tiger was looking
through Allison's window...
He walked around the
back to the garage
where she was clearing boxes
and just simply
offered to help her?
- Oh my God.
- Hi, Allison.
- Tiger, what are
you doin' here?
- I, I like to drive
by your house sometime.
- Oh.
For me?
- [Tiger] Mm hmm.
- Well thank ya, Tiger.
- I, I'm sorry, I, I didn't,
I didn't mean to make you cry.
- [Allison] Oh no, Tiger.
- I was just.
- Tiger, I'm not cryin', it's
just allergies with the dust
and everything.
I have to take these
bottles to the dump.
- I'll get them boxes
for you, here, see.
- Oh no, it's really heavy.
Tiger, it's really heavy.
- [Tiger] It's okay.
- You're strong but, Tiger.
- I am.
- I have to take
'em to the dump.
I can't.
- It's okay, I, I gotta
go to the dump, too.
I got lots of trash.
- Okay.
- Mm hmm.
- Oh, well, one
more then, Tiger.
- Is that possible?
- (chuckles) All
right, I, I guess so.
- Oh that, that's gonna have
to go upfront with Buddy
'cause it's all full back here.
- [Allison] Okay.
- But it doesn't
explain how he got
his semen on her bloody clothes.
- Buddy.
Buddy, it, it, it's Allison.
- If she cut her own
hand on a broken,
broken beer bottle,
she could've got blood
on herself, right?
- [Tiger] Okay.
- Thank you.
- [Tiger] Bye, Allison.
- Bye.
- She would've thrown,
she would've thrown
those clothes away.
- Bye.
- So when Tiger took
out all Allison's trash,
those clothes would've
ended up in his truck.
Well maybe, maybe Tiger
couldn't find anything
else to clean up with,
so he used Allison's
discarded t-shirt and shorts.
There is no body,
no evidence of a struggle.
No proof of a crime
even committed.
Just a boy with
an innocent crush.
- That's some theory
you got goin' there
but what you're forgettin' is
we have a signed confession.
He confessed--
- You mean a confession
that you obtained
with your deputy
without an attorney present?
That confession?
- I don't, I just want my dog.
- It's locked.
Come on.
- No!
- Come on, Tiger.
There's nobody that's
comin' here, Tiger.
You went over to Allison's
that night, didn't ya?
She was upset.
You just wanted to make her
feel better, huh, Tiger?
- I did.
- You wanted to kiss
her, didn't you?
You didn't mean to
hurt her, Tiger.
But you did.
- Nothing further.
(surf crashes)
- [Judge] The court
recognizes Mr. Reggie Huntley
to make his closing argument
on behalf of the state.
- I know it's hard to accept.
But we all know
it is the painful truth.
Sometimes people
live double lives.
A pleasant,
even kind-hearted young man,
well-intentioned on the outside,
a lovable friend of
this, this little town.
But then,
deep inside there are hidden,
ungovernable urges that
we never really knew about.
Desperate, savage
feelin's that sometimes
just erupt.
And then it's too late.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Tiger Mitchell
had a secret life
fueled by sexual urges.
He is not the innocent
man-child he appears to be.
And now it's time
to tell the truth.
When you convict Mr. Mitchell
for murderin' Allison Blevins,
you will send a crucial,
necessary message
that all lies must be revealed
and that truth,
even painful ones,
must prevail.
- [Judge] Mr. Franklin, you
may make your closing argument
on behalf of the defendant.
- Fate.
Fate brought me here
to this little town.
Then I got to know the
fine people of Juniper.
And they accepted me
for, for who I am.
But there's been only one person
who's affected me
more than any of them.
That's Tiger Mitchell.
Tiger Mitchell is
everything good and true
you celebrate.
Rare enough to find
it in yourself.
That's why the very idea,
the very idea of him causing
the death of Allison Blevins.
It's just not possible.
It's not possible.
So he was frustrated that
he couldn't get a girl.
But to think that
his frustration
would lead him to,
to kill?
To kill someone?
You ask anyone who knows Tiger.
Tiger was threatened,
manipulated, and harassed
to confess to something
that he never did.
That's the real crime.
Tiger Mitchell is a
good-hearted, loyal kid.
Much more deserving in life
than what he's been given.
And with this lack of evidence,
we're gonna take
that away from him?
So are we really
gonna put a young man
behind bars for a crime
that we don't even know
has even been committed?
Why, because he's not like us?
As God as my witness,
I know in my heart...
that Tiger Mitchell
is an innocent man.
- [Judge] Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,
have you selected a foreperson
from among your number?
- We have, your honor.
- [Judge] And have
you reached a verdict?
- [Foreperson] Yes
we have, your honor.
- [Judge] Would the
defendant please rise?
Mr. Foreman, please
publish the verdict.
- In the case of the state of
Texas versus Tiger Mitchell
on the charge of murder,
we the jury find the
defendant not guilty.
(cheers and applause)
- Tiger.
- [Tiger] I, I'm
not guilty, Roy.
I'm not guilty.
- That's my boy.
- We did it.
- [Tiger] You're, you're
my second-best buddy,
next to Buddy of course.
- Of course, Tiger.
- [Voiceover] I knew it.
(tense instrumental music)
- Travelin' kinda
light aren't ya, Peter?
- Oh, yeah.
Just a little dirty laundry.
- [Henchman] Get over here.
- Okay.
- I have some dirty laundry
to take care of as well.
- Come on, guys, don't ya have
anything better to do, huh?
- No.
Do you remember when you
said to our employer,
what was that?
- "I don't make mistakes."
(Peter groans)
- That.
- Well you can't
win 'em all, right?
(Peter groans)
- Yeah, well tell that to Sonny.
- Miss Smith sends her regards.
What a shithole.
Say goodbye to
God-forsaken Texas.
(guns click)
- I got him.
- [Henchman] You want
him, come and get him.
I could take out half
these rednecks myself.
- [Henchman in white]
I got the other half.
(gun fires)
- That's what you get
for messin' with Texas!
- Good shot, Roy.
- Damn straight.
- Anybody else want some
of this redneck action?
Might wanna put those
little pea-shooters down.
- You set us up.
- Y'all stepped right into it.
- Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna put that
firearm down on the ground.
Put it down or I'm gonna put one
between your goddamn eyes.
Now you get in your fancy car
and you better drive west
and you get the hell outta here
before I put a boot
in your ass so far
you gonna taste leather.
- Don't, don't mess
with Mr. Frank.
He, he's my buddy.
- We're not through with you.
- You heard him.
Now get the hell outta here.
(bluesy country music)
- Those are bad men, Mr. Frank.
- Yes they are, Tiger.
- Sometimes you're the moose.
- Sometimes you're the mailbox.
- [Stid] I tell ya what,
let's all go down to Stid's.
Drinks are on the house.
- I heard that.
- I don't know how
to thank you guys.
You guys saved my life.
- [Sheriff] Well, us rednecks
gotta stick together, right?
- Just another day
in Juniper, huh?
I guess I might
actually write a novel.
- You should.
- I, I don't want
you to go, Mr. Peter.
- I know, Tiger.
But those mean guys,
they might come back.
I don't want anybody
gettin' hurt.
- Where you headed?
- I'm not sure yet.
I was thinkin' start,
start headin' west
and see where the road
takes me, you know?
- You take good
care of yourself.
I'll be prayin'
real hard for ya.
- Nana, thank you.
- Thank you for takin'
care of my boys.
- I'm gonna miss you, Tiger.
You take care of yourself.
You hold on to it like a tiger.
- You, you gonna come
visit me sometime?
- Stranger things have happened.
Take care of your bro.
- You can count on it.
- Here.
It looks good on you.
Ain't that right, Buddy?
(twangy country music)
- [Peter] I'll see you, Buddy.
- [Man] Hey, Tiger,
how ya doin'?
- Hey, Mr. Joe Ralph.
- How's Buddy?
- [Tiger] Oh, he's,
he's my best buddy.
- Lanny, look at
that, we did it.
- Congratulations, baby.
- So proud of us.
- I can't wait to eat your pie.
- [Betty] Lanny!
- [Peter] Allison said she
had never seen the ocean.
And that's when I realized
that maybe I took
things for granted.
I don't know if they'll
ever find her body.
Who knows if they'll
ever find mine.
It's only a matter of time
before I gotta pay the piper.
Miss Smith will never give up.
I'll never see Elaine again.
Now I sleep with one eye open.
At least I got to
see the ocean again.
- Hey.
Where's your bathing suit?
- Left it in Texas.
- That's a very sad story.
- [Waitress] Ladies.
- [Woman] Thank you.
- Oh hey, you again.
You must enjoy the scenery.
- It's beautiful.
- Can I get you anything.
- No, I'm good right
now, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You look like a speedos man.
- [Woman's friend] Would you
give it a rest, Rose, jeez.
- Do I?
- [Rose] Mm hmm.
- [Waitress] Can I get
you guys anything else?
- [Rose] Oh we're
good, we are good.
We're just enjoying the view.
- [Waitress] Oh,
that's why I work here.
- Hey, your accent.
Where's it from?
- [Waitress] Oh, you
guys don't wanna know.
- No, it's cute,
where's it from?
- [Waitress] Um, this little
piss-ant town in Texas.
Yeah, let me know if
you need anything.
- Thank you.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Oh my God.
Mr. Frank, what
are you doing here?
I mean, I, I never thought
that they would pin it
on anyone, I mean
let alone Tiger.
I feel horrible.
- He's okay.
- [Allison] Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure the
case is closed?
He's fine, he's
not goin' to jail?
- I got him off, thank God.
- Yeah.
- Listen, I'll let everybody
in Juniper know you're okay.
That you're alive.
But you have to do me a favor.
Let your dad know
that you're okay.
He was worried sick,
he was torn up from it.
- I couldn't end up like my mom.
- You won't, you didn't.
You're here.
Just do that for me, okay?
- Is this enough for your book?
- I'm still a lawyer.
Except I'm not
chasin' the money.
I learned a lot from Tiger.
- Amber, could you come
help me for a second please?
- Yeah, yeah, I'll
be right there.
- Amber now?
- Yep.
- I like it.
- [Allison] What's yours?
- Mine?
Buddy Mitchell.
- Really?
- Yeah, why?
I think it fits the situation.
- Okay.
- So Malibu, huh?
- Hey, you sold me on it.
- I did.
- [Allison] Cheers to Malibu.
- To Malibu.
(laid-back country music)
(banjo-driven country music)
Get on down the road
Get on down the track
True love left her home
She ain't comin' back
Get on down the road
Get on down the line
I don't care where we go
Anywhere is fine
What you have'll pass
What you love'll end
Watch out where you're goin'
Don't worry where you been
Get on down the road
Get on down the line
Don't care where we go
'Cause anywhere is fine
Get on down the road
Get on down the line
Don't care where we go
'Cause anywhere is fine
Oh get on
Maybe Lafayette
Maybe San Antone
Southeast Catahoula
Everywhere is home
So get on down the road
Get on down the line
Don't care where we go
Anywhere is fine
Fine, it's fine
Get on down the road
Get on down the track
True love left her home
She ain't comin' back
Get on down the road
Get on down the line
Don't care we go
'Cause anywhere is fine
I don't care where we go
'Cause anywhere
Anywhere is fine