Tezaab (1988) Movie Script

Who are you people? What are you
people doing in my house...
...at this time of the night?
Lotia Pathan has sent us.
Today was the last day for
you to repay the debt.
But you did not repay so we
have come to remind you.
Yes, there is no need to remind me.
When I have the money I'll repay it.
You had said that when your
daughter will start...
...dancing on the stage the
money will start showering.
She has already done
twenty five shows.
But you have not paid
us a single penny.
Do not talk too much. And get
lost from here otherwise...
...I'll call the Police and...
Listen Shyamlal, if by
12 o'clock tomorrow the...
...money does not reach us then
remember we'll not spare you.
You are threatening me,
you scoundrels.
It is not a threat but
it is a warning.
And tomorrow this threat
will be carried out.
And we will not spare you
till your last breath.
Wow! Get on! Come on! 2... 3... Dip!
Hello! Oh! God! What are
you saying, daddy?
I've already given the number
1 and the number 2...
...money to you and now
you are demanding...
...50 thousand more?
Commitment is commitment, sir.
Krishnamurthy, I do
not know all that.
I am very frank; that if I don't
get 50 thousand rupees...
...then Mohini will not
come for the rehearsal.
What are you saying, sir?
- What's the matter, Krishnamurthy?
You are looking quite hassled?
Sir, Shyamlal is demanding
50 thousand rupees more.
What? - And sir, he is threatening
to cancel the show.
Really? Yes, Mr. Shyamlal, now
50 thousand is nothing...
...in front of a great artist
like your daughter.
You can take it whenever you want.
This is absolute blackmail, sir.
- Shut up, Krishnamurthy!
Is this the way to talk to
a man like Mr. Shyamlal?
You go and get 50 thousand rupees.
Mr. Shyamlal you bring Mohini to my
residence and I will pay you the...
...50 thousand rupees there itself.
Here are your 50 thousand rupees.
At least count the money.
Saxsena, Shyamlal does not
do the duty of a clerk.
If it is more or less then
I swear by Kashi's...
...Vishwanath you will repent a lot.
Okay then, I will take your leave.
Oh! Mr. Shyamlal, how can go
without taking any drinks?
Let Mohini go to the rehearsals,
but you sit...
...down with me. We will
have a few drinks.
I'll be right back.
Dear Mohini! Dear Mohini,
you go to the...
...rehearsals and I'll just...
And you'll sit down here
drinking liquor and...
...I'll dance there.
If someone else had said this to
me, I'd have killed that person.
You cannot kill me.
Because your liquor, your
gambling and enjoyment...
...is all because of me.
I am your source of
income; father and...
you do not have the guts to kill me
Come on Saxena, give me the glass.
Wow! Cheers! - Cheers!
You scoundrel!
If you don't get the money then...
Mohini will not come
for the show, is it?
Fifty thousand?
Lock up this old man.
And when the show starts throw him
backstage to hear his
daughter's song.
"Mohini! Mohini! Mohini! Mohini!
Mohini! Mohini!"
- Greetings!"
"Tell me, what would
you like to hear?"
"First you tell us, where were you?"
"I? I was waiting for somebody."
"Who is it?"
"The one whom I love."
- "Oh! No!"
"And I plead with him again
and again." - "How?"
"Like this!"
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"I wait for you..."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"On the fourteenth day I
received your message."
"On the fourteenth day I
received your message."
"Neither did you come on
the fourteenth nor on...
...the fifteenth."
"What did you gain by torturing me?"
"On the sixteenth day too..."
"on the sixteenth day too...
...I'd adorned myself
with sixteen ornaments."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"On the seventeenth day I
thought it was all over."
"On the eighteenth that
my heart was broken."
"I cried all day on the nineteen."
"On twentieth day the heart was
broken into twenty pieces."
"But still, no..."
"But still your love did
not go from my heart."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"The twenty first passed."
"The twenty second passed too."
"The twenty third and the twenty
fourth day too passed."
"The twenty fifth and the twenty
sixth days killed me."
"I was shattered by the separation."
"The days left..."
"The days left in a
month are only four."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"I count the days one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"The days turned into weeks."
"The weeks turned into months."
"And the months turned into years."
"You come and see for yourself."
"What is my state?"
"I am wandering around
like a crazy woman."
"Neither I am dead nor alive."
"In the lonely nights
I keep suffering."
"Come, come, come, come, come."
"Come, I am counting the days."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"I count the days, one by
one waiting for you."
"Come darling the spring has come."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
"One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten...
...eleven, twelve and thirteen."
Stop! Leave me, I said leave me.
Krishnamurthy, call the Police.
Leave me!
Brother Munna is coming.
Brother Munna is here.
Greetings, brother Munna.
Greetings, brother Munna.
Greetings, brother!
Please sit here, brother Munna.
There was a Police raid at Patil's
den but still I could save...
...this material and come.
This is your share for today.
Today in the entire day
I could sell only...
150 bottles, brother Munna,
that is why...
You know it is the end of
the month so nobody comes...
...to play three cards game.
The distance between your life
and death is not more...
...than the width of the sharp
edge of Munna's dagger.
If you ever tell a lie
again then you won't...
have any hands to deal
the cards with.
Come on; stand straight.
You jerk, Munna does
take money but...
he also saves us from
all other hassles too.
Come on hurry up. Do not waste time.
I have to go to report
to the Police Station.
Hey you, Pakya! You
all are still here.
Are you all on strike or the
railways has gone on a strike?
Come here. You are
bruised very badly.
Were you involved in a fight?
I'll tell you, brother Munna.
A new gang is operating in our area.
They roam in the Hanuman Lane near
the station and they rob your goods.
The same gang bashed up
Toped very badly and...
...snatched away all the money
from that poor fellow.
Whose gang is it?
There's a man called Mukut Bihari.
He has come from some other town
after committing a murder.
He is their leader.
Do you know their whereabouts?
No, I could not see their
faces in the dark.
And nowadays the Dandiya (A
dance form) dance of the...
...'Navratri' festival is
on at the Hanuman Lane.
So it is very difficult to recognize
anyone in so much of a crowd.
Hey! Come here.
- Yes, sir.
Give me the yellow ice-cream.
Papa! Papa!! My ear.
What happened? Oh! No!
Somebody has snatched...
...away my daughter's ear ring.
Please help. Catch him! Catch him!
What happened? - Oh! No! My
daughter is bleeding profusely.
Somebody has snatched her
ear ring. Look around.
Oh! No! Where is my bag?
Where is my bag? There
was my salary in it.
He looks like a very rich man.
If this intoxicated man keeps
throwing around all his money...
...then we will incur a big loss.
Is it all over?
- Yes.
It is done for the night?
- Yes.
Either come to some other
place for Dandiya...
...or everybody go home.
"Oh! I've forgotten
my paternal home."
"I'm in love with my
husband's house."
"Oh! I've... oh! I've forgotten
my paternal home."
Who is Mukut Bihari amongst you?
He is not drunk at all.
To bring cowards like you
out of your hideouts...
...I have many more ideas.
Who is Mukut Bihari amongst you all?
Oh! So you want Mukut Bihari, right?
Hey Rashid! Give him the
address of Mukut Bihari.
Try once again.
Now I'll make you dance the Dandiya.
Now tell me; why were
you looking for me?
Mukut Bihari, you silently
transfer your ration card...
...from here. And you should not
be seen here after this morning.
Oh! Child, in my ration card
there are 12 murders...
...registered. How many? Twelve.
And the thirteenth will be yours
and then your thirteenth day...
oh! Munna, you should've
come with some...
...dangerous weapon.
Now listen carefully to what
I've to say, Mukut Bihari.
Otherwise, you'll not be capable
of hearing anymore.
Tell them to throw
down their weapons.
Whatever you've looted in my area.
Here it is, brother.
Come on! Walk ahead. Come on.
No acting smart.
Look there is brother Munna!
- Brother Munna is here.
Brother Munna has come.
Brother Munna has come!
Brother Munna has come.
Stop. Looks like their
train has arrived.
Pakya, come on get onto it.
I'll go right now, brother Munna.
Come on.
Now put them in the Buffaloes'
And sent them to their
home town and how...?
As wedding guests.
- Yes. Come on.
Be careful. After all
they are our guests.
Come on shove them in. Oh! Oh!
All the purses and the wallets
that are in this bag...
...return them.
Brother Munna!
- What is it?
There is a telegram for you.
Brother Munna, please
come home quickly.
There is a very big problem.
60 men, 16 women and 40
children are injured.
3 persons were killed and
42 shops were looted.
And till date our police force
has not been able to find...
...out who they were.
We could only find out that
it was a gang of a...
...dangerous criminal named Lotia.
He is already wanted by the Police.
But where has he taken Mohini,
we could not...
...find out at all.
The motorcycles which were
apprehended from there, did...
...you find out about their owners?
Sir, all those motorcycles
were stolen.
Sir, we've received a message
on the wireless.
A banished criminal has
entered our city limits.
Who is he?
- His name is Munna.
He was banished from
here a year ago.
This is his file.
He is Mahesh Deshmukh!
How did he become Munna?
Sir, he is known as
Munna in this area.
Before this he has served a years
jail for committing a murder.
The file says that he is
a dangerous criminal.
But my memory says that he was
an innocent, sentimental...
...but a zestful young man,
who was even ready to die...
...for his country.
Do you know him, sir?
I knew him. Two years ago
I was posted at Nasik.
A bank was situated in the deserted
lane opposite to my police station.
Both his parents were
employed there.
I still remember that day when I
met Mahesh for the first time.
Daddy, I had told you that I'll
win the best Navy Cadet's...
...Cup and show you. Look at this.
The best Navy Cadet Cup?
Yes mother, the best
Navy Cadet's Cup.
I've done it dad, I've done it.
My dear son, I am proud of you.
- Bless you son.
Inspector, our son Mahesh.
- Mr. Deshmukh, now you'll...
...have to give us sweets.
Your son has fulfilled
your heart's desire.
Yes my desire is fulfilled now
let Mahesh's dream come true.
What do you want to become Mahesh?
I want to join the Navy, sir
and become an Admiral.
Is it? That's very good.
I don't know what has taken over
him. Since his childhood...
...he has always been talking
of serving the country.
Definitely he must've been a
freedom fighter in his previous...
...birth who become a Martyr.
Mahesh, I am very happy to meet you.
Wish you all the best.
Thank you, sir.
- Bye! Bye! Deshmukh.
Bye. I had promised you that
I'll buy a bicycle for you?
Here is the money.
Thank you daddy, thank
you very much.
Ok. Mother, I'll leave now.
I'll see you at home at night.
- Yes.
Beware! I'll shoot everyone!
Give me the safe keys you
old man, you scoundrel!
I will not give you the keys.
Why do you want to invite your
death, come on give them to me.
Look here; I am working here
since the last 20 years.
It is my duty to protect
their money.
And I don't care even if I lose
my life in carrying out my duty.
That woman is going
inside the bank, sir.
And she also has a small
child with her.
Their life could be in danger sir.
You do one thing, you go from here.
And if on the way you meet the
Police then send them here.
Sir, my mother and father are also...
trapped inside and I
should go from here?
Look, they are armed with guns.
They can shoot at anytime.
And your life could be
in danger, understood?
Why is it that only the uniformed
forces have the right...
...to fight against crime and
cruelty, and not us, sir? Why sir?
By the way I had written off
my name for the sake of my...
...country the day when
I wore this uniform.
Sir, it is very necessary to
stop that woman and her...
...child from going inside the bank.
If the dacoits see your uniform
they might start shooting.
I'll go and bring back that woman.
Sir, you order me. Sir! Please sir!
Please try to understand, sir!
Time is running out, sir.
Sir, order me. Give me the orders.
Please sir, please.
Ok. You may go.
Please, give it to me.
May God bless you!
- Ma'am...
otherwise the youngsters these
days. - I want to tell you...
They do not bother to respect
elders. - Please listen to...
I've to do everything alone... Ahh!
My Child!
Move away...!
- Please somebody save my child.
Please save my child.
Take this, sir!
Sir. Look sir, what they
did to my mother?
Inspector. Take him to hospital.
No, son. I don't have that
much time.
If you want to do something
for me then fulfill my dreams.
You dream has become my dream.
Father. I will be very
lonely without you. - No, son.
The entire country is with you.
Take care of Jyoti. - Father.
Father. Father. Father.
Mahesh went to Mumbai
along with his sister.
But after that day I felt that
my power of tolerating...
...pain has increased.
Anyway, search every nook
and corner of the city.
And block all the roads
going out of the city.
It is very important for me
that this man is arrested.
Because I want to know how
did he become Munna...
...from Mahesh.
- Brother...!
Jyoti, what has happened?
What happened?
Has Lotia harassed you?
No. I am seeing you after
one year that is why.
Jyoti, there are four more days
to go before one year...
...is completed.
I still have the stigma
of 'Banished' on myself.
And the Police are hunting
me like dogs.
And you are aware that until
I serve my sentence...
...I cannot come back to Mumbai.
Tell me; why have you called me?
For Mohini.
What has happened to Mohini?
Lotia Pathan's goons
have kidnapped her.
Then what should I do?
Who else can I tell if not you to
free Mohini from Lotia Pathan?
There are millions of
girls in his city.
I have not taken everybody's
But Mohini was the only one
amongst them who had...
...helped you in saving my honour.
Look Jyoti, I am a banished
criminal, so I do not want...
...to get involved in any such thing.
This is the Police or her
father's job. Not mine.
So being her father he can get
her married to Saxena too.
Saxena? That theatre man?
Yes him. He wants to get
married to Mohini.
Let him marry, she is not
related to me or you.
As far as I am concerned
I have accepted...
...her as my sister-in-law.
She cannot become your sister-in
- law.
Unless you don't marry
someone else or...
...she doesn't marry someone
else till then...
...I have given this right to Mohini.
And as far as you are concerned...
...look into my eyes and tell
me that you don't have...
...any relation with Mohini.
Then you can go from here.
Crazy! Go and bring a cup of tea
for me. - I will bring it just now.
Don't make me more furious, Saxena.
All this is because of you. You
are the root cause of all this.
Mohini is not going to come back by
blaming each other. - Leave it!
It is better that you cool
down Mr. Shyamlal and...
...think about Mohini's release.
We will find out some or the other
solution to this problem.
Shyamlal, the solution has
come to your door steps.
Lotia Pathan has imprisoned
your daughter in that place...
...where the crime is at its peak.
The police can't reach
there but I can.
How can a young boy like you lock
horns with Lotia Pathan?
They will slash you and throw
you in the drainage.
Shyamlal, you have become so
blind in your selfishness...
...that you can't see your benefit.
My benefit! Listen to this!
He will be benefiting me.
Look Shyamlal, if I am not able
to bring your daughter...
...then think that one of
the thorn in your life...
...has gone out permanently.
Because you think that
Lotia and his men...
...will not allow me
to come back alive.
Yes, I think the same way.
And if I bring Mohini
back then you will...
...get your daughter back.
Wow Saxsena, wow! It is like the
story of the neighbour's son.
If he climbs on the tree, then
we will get mangoes to eat.
And if he falls down and
dies then we will get...
...the meal of the religious
ceremony after his death. Very good.
But what will you get by
endangering your life?
I will get fifty thousand.
- Fifty thousand!
You are going to strike a deal
with me for my daughter.
You scoundrel! Go away from here,
go. - Think properly.
Wait! I will pay you the money.
Mr. Shyamlal, everything will
come back if Mohini comes back.
What will come back, Saxena?
What if she refuses to dance?
I am ready to take this
I will pay your debt
and not only that...
...I will make arrangements for you
to stay luxuriously the whole life.
Look dear, I don't understand
one thing.
He wants money in exchange
of my daughter but...
...what do you want in
exchange of money?
Mohini. If you give
us the blessings.
Why not Saxena? I swear upon Kashi
Vishwanath, Saxena, if...
...I get a good amount
then I am ready to...
...sell my blessings too. Yes!
Okay Munna, we accept your deal.
So brother, what will you have?
One 'handi biryani', one 'dandi
Kebab', one liver and...
...fish fry and the rest...
- I understood.
I hope you have understood!
What will you have brother? -
An Ice cream along with 'Pulav'.
Chocolate Ice cream, isn't it?
- Yes.
And you brother.
- One 'Chicken tikka'...
...one chicken Tandoori
and one butter chicken.
So brothers, we require
72o/- rupees to...
...celebrate Chandi's birthday.
Then do some thing, my hair
has started graying...
...because of empty stomach.
See this! - Yes, my friend!
Then give some of it, everyone
will be able to have food.
Look at this! I have heard that
we find hair in food but...
...I have heard this for
the first time that...
...we will get food because
of the hair.
Do something quickly,
I am very hungry.
It seems that there is a party
in your destiny today, come.
Hey, clean the table over here.
- One minute!
Where are you going?
- To wash my hands.
Hey sit down! Clean it with
your neighbour's shirt.
But what if he comes
to know about it?
Did you come to know about it?
Don't make fun, I will beat you...
These boys that you can see are mine.
Let them eat whatever they want.
I will pay the bill.
- No problem.
Hey waiter, come here!
Hey waiter, come here.
- Yes sir,
Bring one cup of tea fast with less
of water in it. Go - Yes sir!
"Tune of love..."
"I have selected you,
you too select me..."
"Listen dear, the tune of love..."
"I have selected you,
you too select me..."
"Listen dear, the tune of love..."
I saw it first.
- I too saw it.
We will share it.
- This is Mumbai.
The one who has the note
is the owner of the note.
Okay, then this note should
go to the owner of the hotel.
Hey manager.
- Can't we compromise?
It is possible, just pay my bill.
- Yes, I will pay it...
Then it is okay.
Hey, move from here or
else all of you will...
...have to wash utensils
on Chandi's birthday.
Manager, my uncle will pay the bill.
What do you say uncle? - Yes, I
will pay the bill, let him go.
And uncle, don't leave it, catch it.
He loves me a lot.
- No problem.
This cock is very nice.
How much is the bill?
Hey Pandu, how much is the
total bill of all of them?
Six chicken soups of 48/
- rupees.
Six vegetable 'Pulav',
Six chicken chilli.
Six 'Boti Masala', six
chicken special.
Twelve custard and one
fainted 'Marwadi'.
Today is okay but what
about tomorrow, bother?
There are many gullible people
wandering in this city.
We will get at least one in a day.
"The owner of the chickens,
save your chickens..."
"The owner of the chickens,
save your chickens..."
Hey, this is Munna's cycle. Munna!
Take this advance, I return the
vehicle in two days. - No problem.
My friend, I am very
happy to see you.
But how did you come so suddenly?
There are few more days left for
your punishment to get over.
I had to come.
Have you come for Mohini?
- Yes.
Any information about Lotia Pathan?
His hideout is in the
slums of Kasara Ghat...
But how did you come
to know about it?
One can get the address
of every hooligan...
...of Mumbai in Kafoor
smoker's place.
Give anyone of them 10-15 rupees
to smoke drugs over there...
...and you will automatically
get the information.
But we will have to go there fully
prepared. There may be a brawl.
Just tell me when we have to go.
- Just now. At this moment.
How is your life going on?
"The owner of the chickens,
save your chickens..."
Sir, you and here.
Though you have changed
your path and profession.
But I am still walking
on the same path and...
...my profession too is the same.
Mahesh, you are under arrest.
What is my crime? - If you are
banished my court then...
...surely you must have
committed some crime.
The law might have thought
of keeping you far from...
...the society for the
welfare of the society.
The same society had banished
Lord Ram too...
...for 14 years for their benefit.
What was his crime, sir?
But you are a criminal
in the eyes of law.
Don't you know what are
the consequences...
...of showing a knife to a police?
I know it, sir. Imprisonment
of 1 or 2 years, what else?
I am ready for it but now it is
important that I should go, sir.
Let's go, Baban.
Mahesh! Wait! My duty says
that I should arrest you.
And if necessary then
I should shoot you.
Then shoot me.
- No, I am not going to do so.
Because I what to know that
how the one who had taken...
...an oath to die for the country
has become its enemy?
I have forgotten my past life.
- You will have to remember it.
Because my duty is not only
to stop the criminals but...
...it is to stop the crime also.
And if I come to know that
how a talented youth...
...like you become criminals
then it is possible that...
...I might stop some youths from
becoming criminals in future.
You are talking about
stopping the criminals.
Your police made me a criminal, sir.
How? - I don't have the time
to state it now, sir.
You give me time of only one day.
I will surrender myself
to you within 24 hours.
And then I will tell you everything
that you want to know, sir.
And then you can give me whatever...
...punishment you want.
Look Mahesh, I cannot give you time.
But I can come with you.
- That is okay.
Yes Mahesh, tell me that
how you got banished.
After coming from Nasik
I joined a college here.
And started working in Boat
club's swimming pool.
One day I met a girl there.
Her name was Mohini.
Lift up your legs!
Hey madam, it is the time
to close the pool.
Are you waiting for an auspicious
time to get into it?
Isn't there any lady
teacher to teach?
What is wrong in me madam?
I want to learn from
a lady teacher only.
Why are you trying to terminate
me from my job?
If you paddle your legs on the
water, you will learn to swim.
I would like to drown before
a man touches me.
As you wish, but I don't have
any problem in touching girls.
Come on girls, time is up. Come on.
Look at the attitude of this queen.
I would like to drown before
a man touches me.
In the swimming pool of his heart.
Wait fatso, I will show you
in whose swimming pool. Wait.
Help me...
Come... let's see what has happened.
Not the learner but at least
the one who is drowning...
...should not have the problem
that the one who...
...saved her was a man or a woman.
Thank you for getting saved.
Come on girls!
- Let's go!
Hey brother! You!
Hey guy, has the college
not started yet?
There is a lot of time left.
Take us to drink tea.
- Yes, sure.
What happened?
- Someone stole my purse.
How will you have a purse? - I had
stolen someone's in the morning.
You found me only?
Look that is Guldasta,
let's praise him...
...we will get breakfast
along with tea.
That is good! Fantastic!
"The wind is blowing, remembering
of someone..."
"The wind is blowing..."
- Wow...
Great Guldasta!
- Please sit!
We want tea today.
What will you have?
My heart is filled with joy!
Have something... Tea...
- Tea. - What will you eat?
- To eat?
No brother, how is it possible?
- Okay!
- Yes sir!
Sometimes it is difficult
for us to decide...
...whether your tea is more sweet
or your voice is sweet.
How come your tea is so sweet?
"You called me and I came after
you with my life in hands..."
I think we will not drink tea from
Guldasta's hands for a long time now.
If Laxmikant sees you. - Not sees
but hears... - If he hears you...
...then you will directly
go to the HMV studio.
Look, one day we will sit here at
this tea stall and listen to...
...Guldasta's song.
Your friend is a music director,
isn't it? - Who?
I see; that one. - The one who
arranges programme in TV's
The same one who give chance
to new comers. - Yes!
Introduce him with him.
- Yes.
How much should I pay?
- Don't make me feel embarrassed.
How can I take money from you?
What else will you take? - No!
At least once introduce me to...
...that music director, please!
Hey Guldasta!
- Problem is created.
Yes, sir. - Keep this sugar
and tea powder inside.
And listen! Keep in mind
to take money from them.
You always forget to
take money from them.
Actually sir, they are
the real appreciators.
And there are very few
in this world who...
...appreciates the real art. - Keep
quiet! Go and take money from them.
Sir, deduct money from my salary.
What did you say?
The yellow one is mine.
- Look, the red one going is mine.
Pardon me, the red one was
yours last year but...
...she is mine this year, understood.
Here she comes.
- The blue-scarf girl is mine.
Hey, that girl is yours
You don't have the right to look
at her, except at her sandals.
We just have the right to look but...
...he has the right to
get beaten up with it.
Hey, my band of boys.
So boys, what is going on?
We are trying to impress the girls.
What will you impress girls?
You are just fooling around.
Just saying that red one is
mine and yellow one is mine.
If you have the guts then
go and talk to her.
Hey Munna master, you
go and propose a girl.
The Mumbai girls are very strict.
Girls are girls whether it
is Nasik or it is Mumbai.
One doesn't need a license of
the city to impress girls...
...he should have brains...
You are wrong at that point,
brother Munna.
One needs a heart to
love not the brains.
Do you remember Anand Bakshi's song?
"Love is not done! - It happens!"
"You cannot give your heart..."
"What is a heart, take
away my life..."
- Enough.
You all watch so many films then
too you don't understand.
The way situations are
created in films...
...to make one laugh or
cry, the same way...
...we can make one
to love us in life.
Oh! You mean, we can make
someone love us...
...by doing a drama.
No doubt of it. - Hey brother, this
is neither Nasik nor a drama.
You will have to get beaten
up with sandals.
Hey dear, this is a psychology...
It is the science to impress girls.
May it be Nasik, drama
or this college but...
...the way to impress the
girls remains the same.
Just the formula changes...
There is a new formula
to impress a new girl.
Master, what do you mean by formula?
Very simple, there can be little
difference in the treatment...
...of a patient according to him
but the rules are the same.
It takes less time to
impress some girls.
It takes more time to
impress some girls.
But it is sure that the
girls get impressed.
No master, decision cannot
be made this way.
Show us the way to use
your psychology...
...then only we will know about it.
Not free of cost, if you are
ready to bet then talk.
- Bet!
How much?
- Hundred rupees. - Hundred rupees.
Hey Baban, he is betting with me.
Yes, done.
- Done.
Do you know what she started
saying? She started saying...
...that wait, I am Mrs. Singh
Hi girls.
- Hi.
What is the name of the
girl who was the...
...college queen last year?
- Nikita.
Yes, Nikita... In which
class does she study?
In my class.
- And in which class do you study?
In Nikita's class. I mean I study
in your sister Jyoti's class.
It means that I will have
to talk to Jyoti.
You do one thing, if
you find Jyoti then...
...ask her to meet me in canteen
during lunch time.
I have an urgent work her, okay.
- Okay. - Bye. - Bye.
I will go now.
Why have you come so late brother?
You wanted some money,
didn't you? Keep this!
Money! When did I ask for money?
You had not asked.
- Hi. - Hi.
Then you might have told me
about going for a movie.
Come we will go!
Why are you buttering
me so much today?
What is the matter?
Actually Jyoti, the one...
that girl in your class...
...who has blue eyes, the
one with brown hair.
The same one who was
the queen last year.
Nikita. - Yes... - Introduce
me to her, please.
Ouch! I am asking. I will
introduce you to Nikita.
But you too will have
to do one thing for me.
What are you saying? Who
else will come to help...
...except brother to sister and
sister to brother. Tell me.
She is my friend Mohini, she
has some work with you.
Tell him.
- Speak up.
I wanted your notes
of psychology and...
...if you teach it yourself then...
Actually there is no
problem in teaching.
But the problem is of time.
He is going on doing the drama.
He is acting too smart.
There she is. Nikita!
- Hi. - Hi!
Hello... Hi!
What she is looking!
I am sorry, I am really sorry.
There is no need for sorry;
I really enjoyed it.
Did you get hurt somewhere?
- No.
Will you please sit there?
- What? - There.
Sit... - Thank you. - Are
you comfortable? - Yes.
Nikita, he is my brother Mahesh.
Hello, I am Nikita Sharma.
- I am Mahesh Deshmukh.
You are the one who passed with
first class in psychology.
Yes. - I was thinking that if
you teach it to me then...
I didn't understand.
- Actually Nikita, I am very much...
...interested in teaching psychology.
And if I get a student like you
then... Did you understand it?
But do you have so much time for me?
Time, we don't have time
but we have to find time.
Thank you... thank you very much.
Why don't we start from
today on wards?
Far from this crowd, somewhere
in isolation.
The place where there
would be no one...
...except me, you and psychology.
Let's go to such place.
- You are gone Mohini.
Now go to Badri Nath
and worship god.
Let's go.
- Yes. - Your book.
Brother, what about us?
- Try to understand.
- He has gone. Let's go.
It seems that she is
waiting for Munna.
It looks like they have made
plans to go out somewhere.
I will teach her a lesson now.
The tyre of your car is punctured.
Oh God! What will happen now?
What is the problem in it Nikita?
We have this Indian Impala;
we will go in it. Sit.
Should I sit?
- Yes, sit.
Shall we go? - Yes.
He doesn't look over me.
I think he must about Nikita.
What are you thinking
Mohini? Just jump.
What if he doesn't come?
So what! The one to give up their
life for love create history.
Jump Mohini, jump...
Help me, help me...
You come here to practice
swimming or...
...to practice how to drown.
If you drown a few more times then...
...you will get the
practice to drown.
- Hi!
Help me. - Stand straight!
You just stand straight!
You are in just two foot
of water, only two foot.
When did you come?
- Just now.
I teach swimming over here.
Is that so? How many of
them have you drowned?
Just 30 to 40 of them.
How come you are here?
- I didn't swim for long time.
But when I found out that you teach
swimming here...
...I decided to start again.
Why not? Why not?
- Can you teach me, diving?
Diving! I got 30-40 medals
in diving. Come on.
Ok. Let's go.
First raise your hand and then...
Have you finished your lunch?
Yes! We are just waiting
for my brother.
Shall I join you?
- Why not? Sit.
We will not be able to digest
our food if you don't sit here?
Yes, it is my affect.
Hey you, Did you find
this table only in
this canteen to show your affect?
If you want to show
your affect then...
...give everyone a bit of
opportunity to show the affect.
If you have any problem then...
I thought that Munna was here...
Munna, look how much
pain she has for him.
When that poor hungry
Munna comes here...
...then make him sit in front
of you and feed him.
Both of you will be satisfied.
You are crossing your
limits, Mohini.
You are talking about limits.
Even a witch leaves nine houses
before she attacks.
And you act as my friend;
talk very sweetly with us.
Hi Jyoti! Hi Mohini!
And on the other hand you stick
like a fly to jaggery.
In my culture, I don't give answer
to such cheap questions.
Who is asking for the answer?
I didn't swim for many days so
I thought of starting it again.
I do not know psychology,
teach it to me.
Learn as much psychology
as you want.
If possible then learn psychology...
...for your next seven births, so
that you are fully satisfied.
If I would have known that there
are ill mannered, stupid...
...and crazy girls like you
in this college then...
...I would have never
come here to study.
Munna, I am going.
- You are leaving the college.
No! I am leaving this city.
- Leaving this city.
You are leaving this
city just because...
...of some crazy girls foolish words.
Munna, after being humiliated
so much...
...I am not in a position to
show my face to anyone...
Nikita, how should I explain to you.
There is no need to
take it so seriously.
This is far more serious
than you think.
I am going.
Nikita, when will you meet me again?
- Not even by coincidence?
No, not even by coincidence.
I have stopped the love this time
which Mohini has awakened...
...in my heart for you. But I won't
be able to stop it the next time.
What? Nikita went away. I wanted
to ask for forgiveness.
I said a lot of rubbish
to her yesterday.
Munna, What is this
that I have done?
I myself didn't know
what I was saying.
I only knew so much that I started
loving you. - With me.
Yes Munna, I love you.
And I can do anything to get you.
Mohini, I cannot believe that
a girl could love me so much.
And that too a girl
like you for whom...
...any boy from the college would
be ready to commit a murder too.
You just smile, that
is enough for me.
Mohini, I cannot believe
that the love for which...
...I was wandering around so
much would be so close to me.
That means... Munna, you will
accept me, won't you?
Yes, Mohini.
"Heer got crazy calling Ranjha..."
"She got involved in love
in such a way that...
...she was neither able to
sleep or remain awake.
"She does not remember
anything except name..."
So Baban, saw how I enticed her?
- How you did it?
Not this way, first catch your ears.
We caught our ears.
And repeat along with me.
- What?
Whether it is Nasik or Mumbai.
Whether it is Nasik or Mumbai.
The girls are girls, one should
know how to impress them.
The girls are girls, one should
know how to impress them.
Love doesn't happen;
it is made to happen.
Love doesn't happen;
it is made to happen.
Hail to psychology!
Hey Kaichi, where are you going?
Give me my hundred rupees.
Give me the money of betting.
Take it.
- Give it. - I am not running.
Now tell us the formula.
Will you give me a party
at Golden gate?
He is a greedy man.
- Do you agree? - Agreed.
Hello. - Mohini, I wanted to tell
you that Munna is fooling you.
What Munna?
- He is using you just to...
He is playing with your feelings.
What is this fun going on?
If you don't believe
your well wishers...
...then go the Golden
gate hotel and...
...see it with your own eyes.
- But you...
So this is formula no. 46.
And its name is...
"See somewhere and hit somewhere..."
"See somewhere and hit somewhere..."
If you want to impress a girl
by this formula then...
...give importance to her
friend so much that...
...she gets jealous.
And after that, when the
iron is really very hot...
...at that time...
- Strike the hammer!
Munna, leave this
thing and tell me...
...what had happened in
swimming pool? - Yes...
At the swimming pool, she
told me very openly.
What did she say? - Munna, I
really love you very much.
She said that?
Master, I too placed a
dialogue at that time.
- Tell Munna...
Mohini, I don't believe it.
This is as if you got to eat
sweets by acting as a fool.
And then I praised her a lot.
Praised her? - I told her that
I had never dreamt that...
...any girl would love me so much.
And that too a girl like
you for whom any boy...
...in college would commit a murder.
You have really praised
that female so much.
Then she said that Munna,
you just smile...
...once for me, that's
is enough for me.
Then I thought that I should do
full and final of that girl. - Yes!
You are great enticer.
- I caught her and said...
Mohini, I was blind till now, I did
not know that the love for which...
...I was wandering around
is so close to me.
Hey Munna, I am not Mohini I am
Baban... - She was so close to me...
Not in search of love, Munna.
And this girl who is standing in
front of you, Mahesh Deshmukh.
The girl who loves you.
You used her like an animal?
Just to win a hundred
rupees bet you...
...slashed her feelings just
to prove your formula.
You have no value for my love.
You too are one of them whom I hate.
But... but the day you
understand the...
...difference between an animal
and a human being...
...that day you will hate
yourself the most.
Mohini... just listen to me.
I was craving from a long time
to meet you to talk to you.
Since the incident at the Golden
Gate, I have been waiting for you...
...outside the college
everyday for you.
And then in the evening,
the whole night...
...I was waiting in front
of your house.
But you must have not
come out of your room.
Don't talk to me.
- Why should I not talk to you?
There my sister Jyoti too
is not talking to me.
And my friends... they too have
vanished without telling me.
Mohini... how should
I tell you that...
...what I am going through
after that day.
Get side.
Mohini, I have started
hating myself but...
...I have really started
loving you, Mohini!
Shut up!
Mohini! All are watching!
Mohini, I know that after that day
you must have felt bad, very bad.
Please forgive me, Mohini...
Leave me! Let me go.
Mohini, how should I make
you understand that...
...how much I love you.
Should I kill myself? I swear,
I can kill myself...
...by jumping from this building.
Just say and see, if you
don't say then too...
...I will jump and kill myself.
Look, how dangerous it is. If I
die then there will be a problem.
You won't get the chance
to say sorry.
You will not be able
to forgive yourself.
If you are so much interested
in committing suicide...
...then jump from anywhere, either
from a six storied building...
...or from the Qutub Minar.
I have nothing to do
with your feelings.
Mohini, this is not
a hobby, it is love.
Look at me; this is not a joke.
How should make you understand?
You don't have to
make me understand.
There is no need to explain
anything to me.
Get back! Munna
Now tell me that you love
me as you loved me before!
Munna, come down.
Or else I will jump from here.
Munna, you are simply wasting
yours and my time.
Mohini! I will count till three
and if you still don't agree...
...then I will kill myself
by jumping from here.
You can count up to hundred, I
don't have anything to do with it.
Go back! Come down!
Two, Three...
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"Look, don't ever say such things..."
"Look, don't ever do such things..."
"Your these qualities
are a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath..."
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"I had hurt your feelings
the other day..."
"I am still sad because of it..."
"Forgive me thinking that this
is my first love, dear..."
"It is my love, dear..."
"These qualities of
yours is a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath."
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"Promise me one thing today..."
"You won't make mischief
in future..."
"As much as I love you, you
too will love me that much..."
"You will love me..."
"These qualities of
yours is a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath..."
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"Complaint and Criticism..."
"Complaint and Criticism..."
"Complaint and Criticism
are story of past..."
"Now I will never be
angry with you..."
"Now I am yours, just yours..."
"I will die but won't
separate from you..."
"Now I will never
be angry with you."
"Now I will not be a betrayer..."
"These qualities of
yours is a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath..."
"Tell me that you
are mine or else..."
"I don't want to live,
I want to die..."
"Look, don't ever do such things..."
"Look, don't ever say such things..."
"These qualities of
yours is a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath..."
"These qualities of
yours is a torment..."
"Listen, you have my oath..."
Mohini! - Yes! - We should
stop these daily meetings.
Why? I have heard that
the wife looks...
...boring after seven
years of marriage.
And you have got bored now itself?
- Exams are nearing.
And if I get a first class
this time then...
...I will easily get a job
in the Navy this time.
You want to become a Navy officer.
Yes, it was my father's dream.
Mohini, this job is not
just a basic need but...
...a reason to attach
and serve my country.
And what if you become
a Traffic constable?
Then I will stop the traffic
and say that...
...wait, madam Mohini
is passing this way...
Shall we move?
- Yes.
Don't you feel ashamed to wander
about with scoundrels?
Father, you can abuse
me in any way you want.
This is not a mark of decency to...
...talk such rubbish
about unknown people.
Then is it a mark of decency to.
...fool around with girls
from good families?
Or else do you feel
the need of men now?
You should be ashamed
to talk such things...
...with your daughter.
Just keep quiet!
I used to feel like an orphan even
though my father being alive.
But I got peace when
Munna touched me.
I feel safe under his shelter.
Do you know the status
of the one with...
...whom you are in love with?
His father was a simple clerk.
He has a broken house to live.
To look after the expense
he works in swimming pool...
...for 500 rupees, just 500/
- rupees.
And his friends, all of them are
unemployed and loafer. Shame!
His father was a clerk
but he used to...
...feed his wife and children
with his own earnings.
He did not survive on his
children's earnings.
He has a broken rented house,
but it is better than...
...this bungalow which is mortgaged.
He works for just rupees
five hundred.
But it is better than the one
who is drowned in debts.
His friends are unemployed
and loafers but...
...they are not gamblers.
You taunt me. How does it
concern your father...
...if I gamble or drink liquor.
Yes, it does not concern my father...
...but it concerns my mother.
Shut up, first tell me that
why didn't you go...
...to your dance classes?
I won't go?
- Why will you not go?
I don't like these things.
I want to study.
Let your studies be aside,
you have to get ready for...
...the stage show within
six months, understood.
I do not want to do the stage show.
It seems that you won't understand
in this manner.
Keep in mind that if you meet
that guy again then...
...I will do the same thing that
I did to your mother. Understood!
King, this money is collected
from Bhavani Nagar's casino.
How much is it? - Seventeen
thousand five hundred and...
...and eighty two rupees
and twenty five paisa.
This money is of MG Nagar's
boot lager's den.
Thirty five thousand
eight hundred rupees.
This money is from the
casino at police line.
Seventeen thousand two hundred
and twenty two rupees.
Very good.
- And this is the interest money...
...collected from laborers.
Eighteen thousand fifty rupees.
Come Shyamlal.
You all go to the office
and sit, I am coming.
Lotia, I don't understand
one thing.
You do not drink, you
do not smoke and...
...neither you go to the dace bar.
You do not have a bungalow,
you do not have cars and...
...neither you have any
luxurious items.
You have so much money that
it seems as it is pouring.
Why do you need so much money?
Money is not my need; it
is my weapon, Shyamlal.
Tell me, what you want?
My bottle is empty;
I need some money.
You have not paid the earlier debt.
Lotia, I will pay
everything to you.
Just as soon as my daughter Mohini
starts dancing on stage.
I will pay all your
debts; believe me.
Lotia never depends on the promise
of his debtors, Shyamlal.
When Lotia gives, he doesn't
make any favours.
And when he takes he
doesn't spare anyone.
From when is your daughter going
to start her stage shows?
Lotia, if it had been in
my hands then I would...
...have made her dance now it self.
But what can I do? From the day
that guy is behind my daughter...
...her behaviour has
completely changed.
I don't want to fall in any trouble.
I want to live happily with
on my daughter's earnings.
So what is wrong in it?
You tell me; what is my mistake if
I got a daughter instead of a son?
You are absolutely right, Shyamlal.
Go and take money from inside, go.
Chhote khan! Chhote, give him
twenty thousand rupees.
Write it in his account.
Who is this sir? I had
never seen him before.
He is my brother, Chhote khan.
I see... I am happy to meet you.
He just got released from
jail. He was caught...
...in a bank robbery case at Nasik.
He was caught? Oh my God!
There is no law left in
the country nowadays.
The visits to the jail and out
keep happening, Shyamlal
I am not worried about it.
I am worried that Chhote khan
is the first Pathan...
...in our family to become
a drug addict.
He cultivated this
bad habit in jail.
I will surely take revenge
from the one...
...who sent him to jail
Who is that unlucky person?
- His name is Munna.
Munna! Mahesh Kumar alias
Munna, the one...
...whose parents were killed
in Nasik bank robbery. - Yes!
Lotia, it means that our
enemy is one and the same.
He is that same Munna who
is after my daughter.
And he has made my life miserable.
Do you know his address?
Yes, I know it; I
will just show you.
Come, you have done a great
favour on me by coming.
I was waiting you from
last three days.
I never waited like this
for anyone till today.
But like a crazy person I used
to stand here for 4 hours.
You should have at least called up...
...or should have informed Jyoti.
Munna, this is our last meeting.
I will not be able to
meet you after today.
What? What did you say?
I can't marry you, so
I have decided that...
Decision! This is the decision
of both our lives...
...then how did you decide it alone?
Don't forget that this is the
decision of my life too and...
...I have the right take it.
What do you think of yourself?
You have made a joke of it?
I will slap you in such a way that
you will come back to your senses.
Munna, there is no use of these
things now. I am going
I will slash you into pieces and...
...I will slash myself
too into pieces.
What do you think I am?
You will go away from my life
and I will just keep watching.
You rich girl, if I can
die for you then...
...I can even kill you too.
But I won't allow you to go
away from me at any cost.
I wanted to see this side
of your nature too.
I wanted to see whether the fear
I have of separating from you...
...do you too have the same?
I wanted to see whether you
are equally craving for me...
...as I am for you.
I wanted to see whether
you have got bored...
...of our daily meetings.
What happened?
- Nothing.
Who beat you, Mohini? Who?
Father. He punished
me for meeting you.
So I was testing you, Munna.
I have left everything
and come to you, Munna.
That hell which I thought
was my house.
Everything, which I
considered as mine.
I have left everything
and come to you.
I don't have anything
except these clothes.
I can't give you a luxurious
life but...
...I earn so much that we
can live our livelihood.
And if we can live our livelihood
then our life too would run.
Mohini, you have taken
such a big step...
...surely there might be
something important.
Does your father want you
to marry someone else?
What will he get me married?
He will never allow me
to get married. - Why?
He wants to make me a singer.
He wants to live happily
with my income...
...by making me dance on stage.
He did the same thing
with my mother too.
She used to sing and dance on stage.
And father used to play the drums.
They fell in love and
then got married.
After marriage he never
played the drums.
He left the habit of playing
the drums but...
...he got into the habit
of drinking and gambling.
Whatever mother used
to earn by dancing...
...he used to spend it on
drinking and gambling.
Whenever mother used to fight
with father because of it...
...he used to shut her
mouth by slapping her.
She used to live with the claps on
the stage and the slaps at home.
One day God knows how she
suddenly got the strength...
...to leave the house.
I am going, I will not stay
even for a second here.
Go, go away, the devils
in human disguise are...
...waiting outside for
a woman like you...
...who is alone and helpless. Go.
There are only devils present...
...in the world created
my men whether...
...it is inside the house
or outside the house.
The devils inside the
house can protect you...
...from the outside devils.
What is the guarantee? The
devils inside the house...
...can sell me to the outside devils.
I am not such a downtrodden person.
Until I can sell your art there
is no need for me to sell you.
What about the day when my
art will not be sold? Then?
Then? Then for that day my
beautiful Mohini is there.
How can my daughter bear to
see her father wandering...
...here and there and begging.
Don't leave me and go my child.
Beware; don't even try to look
at my child. Come, Mohini!
Beware; if you take even
a single step ahead.
Do you know what this is?
It is called an Acid. Acid.
If you take even a step
ahead then I will...
...not leave you in a condition
to sell your body or your art.
You can't do that as I am
your source of income.
The place from where
you get your liquor...
...and all the luxurious items.
You don't have that much
guts to finish me.
I will show you my guts.
When the door of her
room was opened...
...in the morning she had
committed suicide.
But her death didn't have
any affect on father.
My mother's journey had got
over but mine was started.
I want to end this journey
of yours now itself.
You go home and come to the
temple along with Jyoti.
I will call Baban and
my other friends to...
...make the other preparations.
But why? - Why! Idiot, it
is our marriage today.
Now itself, let's go.
Tell me, where is Munna?
If he had been in the
house, you would...
...have been in hospital, isn't it?
Take her to the 'Bangarkhana'.
They kidnapped Jyoti.
Who were they?
I don't know about it but it
must be my father's move.
Do you know anything as to
where they have taken her?
Tell me; where have they taken her?
They were talking about
some Bangarkhana.
Baban, you go to the police
station along with her.
I will look after them.
No, leave me...
You are under arrest.
This is not a murder, My Lord!
But just an accident...
...which took place while saving
my sister's honour.
The court and you Mahesh
Deshmukh alias Munna...
...would be happy to hear
that according to the...
...medical report no rape took
place on your sister.
You mean that when some scoundrel
tries to rape your...
...sister you should wait until
your sisters virtue is spoilt.
So that you can show her
tarnished virtue...
...in front of the court as witness.
Shut up.
The court doesn't believe
in such speeches but...
...it believe in evidences.
Where were you when your
innocent sister...
...was kidnapped from your house?
I was on the bed along
with your sister.
You scoundrel!
If the Public Prosecutor can get so
furious just at the thought of.
...his sister getting raped.
So can a brother not
commit a murder...
...when he sees his
sister being raped?
The court does not have any
doubt that Chhote Khan...
...was killed my Mahesh
Deshmukh alias Munna.
But taking into consideration
the age of the culprit and...
...the situation when the
murder took place...
...the court declares one year
imprisonment to Munna.
And releases the rest
of the associates of...
...the late Chhote Khan
on the basis of doubt.
This is a sheer injustice.
You are releasing the...
...criminals and punishing
an innocent man, judge sir.
What type of justice
is this, judge sir?
Do not add the stigma of murderer
on my name, judge sir.
Don't spoil my life; don't
ruin my career, judge sir.
Take back your judgment,
don't go... Judge sir.
What will happen now, brother?
I had asked the same
question to myself...
...when mother and
father passed away.
And the passing time
gave me its answer.
How will I live without
you for one year?
This is just an imprisonment.
Tomorrow they can kill me.
What will you do then? Till
when will you keep crying?
Now stop this crying, you
are not a small child...
...that you always need me.
Be brave; be tough.
Learn to live alone.
- Who will teach me to live alone?
Life. Life, teaches everything.
Jyoti, the days of love and
affection have passed.
You will have to live
and fight against...
...injustice, betray and crime.
This is my punishment but
it is yours examination.
Good luck.
Just imprisonment of one year.
Advocate, only one
year imprisonment...
...for the one who killed
my brother whom I had...
...nourished for 26
years as my child.
This is an injustice,
sheer injustice.
The punishment for this
murder in your court...
...might be just one year.
But only one law rules in
Lotia Pathan's court.
Eyes against eyes, hands
against hands...
...life against life and
sister against brother.
Jyoti... what happened?
- They. - Who?
Idiots, get away.
Scoundrels, don't run, I will
not spare even one of you.
While going to jail Munna
had asked me to...
...take care of you so I came here.
Don't worry; someone will be here
everyday for your protection.
But bother, we can't stay
24 hours along with Jyoti.
And Lotia Pathan's men can
do anything at anytime.
There is only one solution for
this Lotia. - What solution?
Shut down all his
business and then...
...he will automatically
run away from here.
How is it possible? It is heard
that he runs many casinos.
The police too don't
know its whereabouts.
Then how can we find it out?
We will find out about that too.
Idiot! He said that to me.
Don't you have casino, the place
where cards are played.
Where is the casino in your hotel?
We don't have a casino in our hotel.
Sheikh is asking to
me buy this hotel.
He told me to buy this hotel
and build a casino over here.
He will play here.
- Sorry sir, it is not possible.
How is it not possible?
I will slap you with my slipper.
Hey, this Arab speaks Telugu.
Go and do your work.
Brother, can I help you?
I will take you to such
a place where...
...all your desires
will be fulfilled.
Thank you!
- Thank you!
Where have your brought us?
It looks like a hospital.
Prepare a casino, where
is the casino?
Sir, we will surely play
in the casino, come.
Brother, have patience; there is
a solution for everything here.
Someone might be winning
at every table.
This is our special room.
You can play...
...how much you want, there
is no limit over here.
The Khan says that this
is simply great!
Great! Great!
Sheikh says that he will play
here; he will play now.
Sir, this currency is
from your country.
This currency will not
do in our country.
What are you saying? This
currency will not work?
You are insulting us; this
currency won't work here?
No, it won't work.
Come to the hotel at 11:oo
am, we will bring...
...Indian currency
and will play here.
Yes, I will surely come, sure.
Catch all of them, no
one should run away.
Don't move from your place.
No one will go out. Understood.
No one will try to run from here.
It means that my doubt was right.
Catch him.
- What will you catch me?
Pandey, run from here.
There is a problem.
Hello, police station, there
is some fight going on...
...behind Jetabhai's store
near Hanuman street...
...you all come immediately.
Run away, the police have come.
Till now, I have seen the police
running behind thieves many times...
...but it is for the time
I am seeing that the...
...police is running
behind the police.
Hey, lift me.
- Fatty, you always...
Baban come, fast...
Yesterday Chandanwadi
police raided...
...many unauthorized casinos and
found 25 casino machines...
...and many other unauthorized
Lotia Pathan, the owner of
these casinos has escaped.
Police are searching for him
in every corner of the city.
Lotia king, these boys
have destroyed us.
Where will we go now king?
They have ruined us completely.
Whatever Baban did
is my debt on him.
And Pathan can leave
this world but...
...cannot leave his debt behind.
Baban will have to pay this
debt by shedding his blood.
Mohini... whenever I go
to jail to meet Munna...
...he always asks about you.
- He is eager to meet you.
Mohini, you will meet
him, won't you?
"One Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"I was... I was counting the
days for your return."
Come my beloved it's spring time."
"One Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"I had informed you on fourteenth..."
"I had informed you
on the fourteenth..."
"That I would be coming
on fifteenth..."
"And I had come..."
"But you didn't come out
on the fifteenth and...
...I was scared after
not seeing you..."
"on the sixteenth... I was eager
on sixteenth too from morning..."
"I was counting the days of your
return, come back my love...
...it's the time of spring..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"I was not able to sleep for the
whole night on Seventeenth..."
"You were not seen on
Eighteenth too..."
"I got crazy on the Nineteenth..."
"And I went away from the
house on the Twentieth..."
"The voice of a crazy man
resonates in streets..."
"Come my love, its spring..."
"I was counting the days of your
return, come back my love...
...it's the time of spring..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
Mohini... listen to me. - This is
a library and you are shouting.
"You didn't come on the Twenty
first nor on the Twenty second..."
"You did not meet me on the Twenty
third and Twenty fourth..."
"Everyone explained
me on Twenty fifth..."
"Not to allow Twenty
Sixth to pass..."
"There are only four days in
this world left for me..."
"Come my love its spring..."
"I was counting the days of your
return, come back my love...
...it's the time of spring..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"The days were converted
into week... '
"The weeks were converted
into month..."
"The months were converted
into year..."
"Just come and see my condition..."
"I am wandering like a crazy man..."
"Nor I am living nor I am dead..."
"I am spending a lonely night..."
"Come... Come as I am
counting the days..."
"One Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
"I was counting the days of your
return, come back my love...
...it's the time of spring..."
"one Two Three... Four Five Six...
...Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven
Twelve Thirteen..."
Saxena is waiting for
you for the practice.
All the girls have come.
And for whom are you waiting here?
Is your husband going to come?
- You are absolutely right.
Munna is being released
from jail today.
He will directly come here.
He will not remain alive
if he comes here.
Get ready to go. - I will die
but I won't move from here.
You can die for your love but
you can't live for your father.
I will see how you do not come.
I am not going to dance today.
How come you will not dance,
your father too will dance.
Leave me.
- Move.
Munna will never reach up
to this house, understood.
You will rot here until
you don't agree to dance.
I will see how many days
will you survive...
...without food and water.
Hey, how did you come inside?
What do you want? Get out.
Get side.
- Don't show your goondaism here.
Mohini! - I will trap you
in such a way that...
...you will remember me.
Move from my way; take your money.
- My money...
- Why are you shouting?
You will never get Mohini.
- Mohini!
Why are you shouting for Mohini?
Answer me, Mohini.
Shout loudly.
- Mohini! - Mohini.
- Money...
Shyamlal, you can't keep us away
for long from each other now.
Even if you have hidden
her under ground...
...then too I will tear off
the ground and find her.
Munna, you have come. I
knew that you would come.
Father used to say that you would
never be able to find me.
But I was sure that
you would find me.
Munna, you won't leave
me alone, will you?
You stupid girl, your Munna
is never going to come back.
What has happened to my Munna?
It is heard that someone has killed
him mercilessly. - It is a lie.
Munna is dead.
- No.
First of all his fingers
were slashed one by one.
If you had been there you
would have seen that...
...instead of his finger there
was only flesh. - No.
Then his legs were slashed,
he was crying for mercy...
...to not to make him disabled.
But just with a single
shot of an axe...
...the Five feet Ten inch Munna
turned into Three feet and two inch.
And at last when the axe was
slashed on Munna's chest...
...he was in agony and was
taking only one name and...
...that is Mohini...
- No.
If you had been there you
would have seen that...
...the blood from his body
spread on the road...
...and was wasted.
I removed him from here.
- Why?
That scoundrel destroyed my shop.
Everyone used to praise
him and used to have...
...tea and snacks free of cost.
He spent my hundred and
forty five rupees.
If I see him here, I
will break his legs.
Munna brother.
- You came back here again.
Look sir, I am here
as a customer and...
...lf I ask for tea then I
am ready to pay for it too.
Take the money.
- Give.
Won't you have some breakfast, sir?
Give me two omelets.
- Ten rupees.
You will not get breakfast or tea.
Now the balance left is one hundred
and thirty five rupees.
Munna brother, I was searching you.
I had even gone to your house.
- Why?
You are searching for Mohini,
isn't it? - Yes.
I know where Mohini is.
- Mohini! How did you come to know?
They have imprisoned
Mohini in the house...
...next to the place where I work.
Where is that house?
Throw the card!
Take this brother.
- What is the point?
Twenty thousand cash... Credit
doesn't work while playing cards.
You have come here again to beat me.
Why don't you kill me?
I want to die... Why
don't you kill me?
The way you killed my Munna.
But I am not going
to dance... Kill me.
I don't want to live without
Munna, kill me.
I don't want to live;
I beg of you, kill me.
I don't want to live; I want to die.
Mohini... - Don't touch me.
- Mohini, I am Munna.
Don't touch me; leave me.
- I am your Munna, Mohini...
Munna! You are Munna.
- Yes. - Munna.
I thought that they killed you.
But how did you come to know
that I am trapped here.
That Guldasta... that
man from the canteen
told me about you.
- That singer.
But few days ago I saw him
talking to my father.
- Yes.
Open the door. - It seem that
there is some danger here.
It is surely some one's plan.
- Wait I will see.
- I will break the door.
I am scared. I have passed one
year in very difficulty.
If something happens to you then...
...I won't be able to live alone.
I will kill myself.
But how can I... - I don't
want to listen to anything.
Go, please. You have my
oath; go from here.
Hey girl, open the door.
- Go.
You go away.
Constable, break the door!
I will come back, Mohini.
You have literally killed
me, Mr. Shyamlal.
I did many things for you.
I continuously gave you news
about Munna and Mohini.
I trapped Munna.
But leave alone Laxminikant
...you didn't even introduced
me to an orchestra party.
I will introduce you. - What are
you going to introduce now?
Yesterday night Munna fooled
the police and escaped.
It is heard that he is
after me to kill me.
Why are you so scared?
A case of robbery has
been filed against him.
And police is after him.
And if you are so scared then...
...take this money and
go to your village.
No Shyamlal, Guldasta will not
go to his native place...
...but he will be going
to the police station.
You have ruined me.
He is the proof that I am innocent.
Ask him what the truth is.
What is this?
- Sir, don't beat me. I am singer.
Sir, I will tell you everything.
Shyamlal has done all this.
Ask him... - Raj Gopal. - Yes sir.
- Take his statement.
- I will tell you everything.
Have a seat.
- Sir, you don't know
what a rogue this Shyamlal is.
- Is it?
Last year he...
Inspector sir, this
is Guldasta shouting.
Don't shout! This is a police
station not a college canteen.
They are beating him,
this is wrong, sir.
We know very well that what
is right and what is wrong.
But is this a new law to
beat a witness while...
...taking his statement?
Shut up.
- How can you do this to him? How?
Sir, this is his statement. And
he has accepted his crime.
And this is the money which he...
...stole from Munna and
Shyamlal's house.
What is this going on, Sir?
- Keep quiet.
Put this rogue behind the bars.
Idiot. - You scoundrel, you are
trying to trap me in a crime...
...which I have not committed.
You have taken bribe from Shyamlal...
...you have taken the bribe
from Shyamlal. Get side.
Tell me, whether you have
taken the bribe or not.
People like you are destroying
this country... Get side.
Inspector... I won't leave you.
- Leave him.
Shut up; tie him up.
Inspector, you come out...
You come out.
You come out and then I will
show you. - Get back.
I will show you, you are
raising your hands on me.
Tie him up.
You are raising your
hands on the police?
You scoundrel, you are going
to beat me with belt.
After the statement of witness,
evidences and investigations...
...the court has reached
the conclusion that...
...Mahesh Deshmukh alias Munna
reached Mulchand Kochar's house...
...on the night of 14th February
with an intension...
...to rob, where he deceived
the police and escaped.
Then on the 15th February in
broad day light he robbed...
...Shyamlal's house along with his
friend Abbas Ali alias Guldasta.
The court gives one year
imprisonment to...
...Abbas Ali alias Guldasta.
And Munna the one who is
a terror to this city...
...is ordered to be banished.
He will not be allowed
to enter this city...
...during this one year period.
Now at least you believe me that
why I don't have faith
in your profession.
But I will be happy if I
bring back your faith.
But you will have to pay a price
for it - I am ready to pay anything...
...to convert banished Munna
into Mahesh Deshmukh again.
Then give me twenty four hours time.
You have faith in me and
I will have faith in you.
Okay, I will wait for you.
Stop the vehicle.
Best of luck.
How are you?
- Your enmity is with my father.
He had taken money from you, why
are you punishing me for it?
What does that scoundrel
father of yours have?
You can pay all my debts
along with interest.
I have many who will be ready to
buy this beauty at any price.
And who else but the children will
pay off their father's loan.
You will pay the first installment
of my debt tomorrow.
Be prepared.
It is very difficult to find
Mohini in such a big place.
I don't know in which
dark cell will she be?
We will do one thing; we all
will spread in this area.
The one who will first
get information about...
...Mohini will inform all of us.
I can't work here; I am
from a good family.
You are from a good family then
are we from a bad family?
Are these girls from a bad family?
If you don't work then how will you
repay your step- father's debt?
I beg of you, please let me go...
I can't work in such a bad place.
I promise you that I
will pay your debt.
What is going on?
- Sir, this boy tried to run...
...from here yesterday night
and was saying that...
...he won't lift the load.
You scoundrel, you are
beating a child.
They have found Mohini!
Catch him.
You wait here, I will just be back.
You Blacky.
Okay... Take this, don't leave it.
Pascal! Anthony!
Run childrens, run with me fast...
She might be somewhere over here.
If she runs from here then I
won't leave any of you. Go.
Come out...
You will not be able to
go alive from my place.
I will go, I will surely go and
you will take him out from here.
Hey, get back, if you show
your smartness then...
...I will kill the Pathan
with this knife. Move!
Hey boys, run from here.
Munna, your enemy too will
praise your bravery.
Because not even a needle
can go out of this city...
...without my permission and
you are taking this girl.
I am not only taking
this girl from here...
I will burn your kingdom to
ashes and then go from here.
Stop him.
The vehicle is not working,
it would had been better...
...if someone had pushed
it from back.
We have won, Hail to children's...
Is it so?
Go, you all are free, go fast...
There will be only one aim
in Lotia Pathan's life...
...from today and that
is Munna's death.
I will not let you separate from me.
Not even for a moment.
You don't know how...
...tough it was for me
to pass this one year.
I was not able to sleep
even for a moment...
...as I got the habit of fainting
after the beatings.
I want to leave everything,
that dance, that song...
...that house, that fame,
that money everything.
Have you gone crazy? There
is nothing in you except...
...your fame, money and house that
I should take you with me.
What are you saying, Munna?
The same thing that
you are listening.
If you can't give me a
luxurious life then...
...what is the use of your love?
Is it for this why you loved me?
If your own father has
the greed of money.
Then what is wrong if even
I have the lust for it?
What do you want?
- The same thing...
...what your father wants.
You should dance, sing
and earn money.
I will have the right on
it as much I have on you.
You are lying. - What is there
to lie? This is the truth.
After completing one year
punishment of banishment...
...and staying along with rogues...
...I have understood the real
kind of this world, Mohini.
Nor the love and nor the dreams...
...come in use in this world.
I too loved my dreams
but what did I find.
I used to think that my dreams
are in my clutches.
But I didn't know when it slipped
out of my hand as sand.
This is the truth. The same way
your Munna too has changed.
His dreams have also changed,
this is the truth.
Now his dream is to be rich,
and to get all the...
...luxuries of this world.
And he will do anything to get this.
"The world is tranquil...
the sky is tranquil."
"All the destinations
have become quiet."
"This path too is silent."
"As the night came, the
one who had shelters...
...went to sleep"
"As the night came, loafers
like us came out...
...and were lost..."
"This street, that street..."
"This place, that place..."
"Where could we go even
if we would like to go..."
"All the destinations
have become quiet."
"This path too is silent..."
"This world is tranquil..."
"The sky too is tranquil..."
"This world is tranquil..."
"The sky too is tranquil..."
"Listen something about me..." "Tell
something about yourself..."
"Don't be quiet when close to me..."
"I am close to you and
even far from you..."
"I am free too and even
helpless too..."
"Why this season of
love passed away..."
"Why has the world won against us..."
"My heart is always sad..."
"And the life is in
complete darkness..."
"All the destinations are quiet"
"This path too is silent..."
"This world is tranquil..."
"The sky too is tranquil..."
"This world is tranquil..."
"The sky too is tranquil..."
Hey, old man, take your girl.
- My dear has come.
And give me my money.
- Money? Which money?
Cash Fifty thousand. Do
you remember it or...
...will I have to make you remember?
What will you make me remember?
Shyamlal, there is no use of
quarrelling with such people.
Give him the money.
- Money! I should pay it.
From where should I bring the money?
That day I had given you
fifty thousand rupees...
...as he was going to come
with Mohini and...
...we had to pay him or
else he would fight.
Didn't I give you the money?
You might have given but
I have spent I now.
I don't have it now,
we will pay you...
...as we get it, now
you go from here.
Hey Shyamlal, enough of this drama.
You daughter has come, now
give me my money quietly.
What will you do if I don't pay you?
Unless I don't get the money
this girl will stay with me.
Give me the money and take her away.
Someone stop him.
- Wait.
I will pay you the money,
take this and count it.
You amount will never
be wrong, Saxena sir.
Do call me if you have
any other work.
Sure, why not?
You disgraced yourself so
much in front of Mohini.
Why are you punishing
yourself brother?
What else would I have done?
- You could have accepted her.
She would have got a house and...
...I would have got a sister-in-law.
This is impossible, Jyoti.
Okay, I will make it
possible which you...
...feel is impossible.
I will tell her the truth and then
I will see how you ignore her.
Don't act like a fool, you
want to give her a house.
Saxena too can give that to her.
I am banished, police is after me.
I don't have enough
space to run then...
...how come will I give her a house?
I will always regret that
I was not able to...
...give you a sister-in-law.
And what about love?
There will be love...
As hatred in her heart and
as a wound in my heart.
Sir, I have fulfilled my promise.
My lord, the one who
has been brought...
...in front of you has not
only violated the rule of...
...banishment order, but he has
done many other crimes too.
My lord, Munna has not learnt
a lesson even after...
...being imprisoned for one
year in a murder case.
An unsuccessful robbery in Mr.
Kochar's farm house.
Robbery in Mr. Shyamlal's
house along with his...
...companion Guldasta.
An attack on the capable
Inspector Gupta.
It seems that this man
is in a war with...
...the innocent and good
people of this city.
These murderers are of such
a type that their...
...customs and traditions
is to perform crime.
My lord, such murderers should
be kept far from the society.
He is such an acid that
if he comes out then...
...he will burn the whole society.
Yes, I am an acid...
I accept that I am an acid
but I want to ask that...
...from where did this
acid come from?
To you, to the public
prosecutor and...
...all of you who are sitting here.
I want to ask that where
did this acid come from.
My lord, this acid did not take
birth in my mother's stomach.
The one who had taken
an oath to die...
...for the society and country
in the uniform of NCC...
...the one who had fulfilled
those promise...
...even after endangering his life
and loosing his parents...
...that acid is me. Mahesh Deshmukh
was not an acid, My Lord.
Julie, give me a glass, here
is mine move of Five hundred.
What is going on Gupta?
- Nothing, just a time pass.
When a duty becomes time pass and...
...a gambler instead of being
scared of a policemen...
...plays along with him,
then not only money...
...is placed in the bet but
the fate of the country...
...too is placed.
What do you want to prove
Gaga Singh? - Nothing.
You had shown the power
of the police and...
...had proved the truth as lie.
Today I am going to show
the same power and...
...prove the lie as truth.
Which lie, which truth?
Look at this belt, do
you remember anything?
I don't remember anything,
pack. I will move now.
Wait Inspector, you will
remember everything.
This belt will make you
remember everything.
Inspector, I too have a belt.
Only a belt is not enough,
the hands which are...
...used to taking bribe and
betraying their duty...
...don't have the power
to lift their belt.
Which innocent boy you had beaten
with this belt? - Munna
What you had done with him?
- I had trapped him.
How did you trap him?
- By false witness.
Whose false witness?
Guldasta's. - How did you made
him give false witness?
By beating him.
Gupta, you memory is sharper
than a wild elephant.
Keep this memory intact
till you reach the court.
It will be better for you.
My lord, I have told you everything
that I remembered.
Munna... is innocent.
But I proved him criminal
for the greed of money.
Taking into consideration the
witness of Inspector Gupta...
...the court takes back the
allegations made on Munna...
...alias Mahesh Deshmukh.
And orders to take action
against Inspector Gupta.
Look Munna, this country, society
is yours even after...
...all the injustice is done to you.
Your father sacrificed his
life for this country.
You can't go anywhere by
getting upset with it.
What can I do alone?
- Everything can be done alone.
Everyone waits that someone
else will do it...
...some organization will do it,
some society will do it...
...government will do it or
some society will do it.
And no one do anything
except waiting.
How is it possible for me
in this city along with...
...the stigma of murder,
robbery and banishment.
Not here, In Goa, my friend
has a shopping factory there.
I have spoke to him about you.
You go there and start a new life.
Come on Mahesh, cheer up.
That's better, come.
Lotia king, it is heard
that Munna is going to...
...leave this city and go to Goa.
Where will Munna go
leaving me behind?
I have a blood relation with him.
His life with my knife.
I had promised him that...
...there will be only one aim in
my life and that is his death.
Lotia never forgets his promise.
Munna won't go to Goa but will
go away from this world.
Guldasta you, come, come inside.
How come you came here?
I have come here to
ask for forgiveness.
Baban said that you are
leaving this city and...
...are going to Goa.
This city gave me the name Munna.
The same city gave another
name of Banished.
Getting free from that,
I am going to start...
...a new life with a new name.
Leaving Mohini! - Everything
which this city had given me.
Friends too and enemies too.
I won't let you go without
Mohini, no way.
Only relations stop a human being.
And I don't have any relation.
You have one relation and I
will surely try to save it.
There is nothing in between
me and Munna...
...to be saved, understood.
No Mohini, I have seen
in Munna's eyes...
...whatever is left between
you and him.
What did you see? The
desire for money.
I am not Mohini for him, I
am a girl of an old man.
And he made a deal with my
father for my release...
...and threw me from one
hell to the other hell.
I gave up myself to him
with lots of faith.
I loved him forgetting myself.
But he used me for his profit.
He trampled my feelings.
I hate him, I hate his thought,
I hate him.
This is what he wanted that
you should start hating him.
Yes Mohini, he knew that
how much he loved you...
...that much you too loved him.
And he knew that you won't
marry someone else...
...unless you don't hate him.
He was ready to see you as
a queen in Saxena's palace.
But he was not ready to
see you wandering...
...here and there with a
banished person like him.
Saxena! - Yes, he had come to know
that Saxena wants to marry you.
And what about the money which
he took in front of me?
He distributed it. He distributed
...between his unemployed friends.
I can't change whatever
had happened.
But I can try to stop the wrong
which is going to happen.
Mohini, when Lotia kidnapped you...
...there was only one man in
this city to release you.
It was Munna
He is leaving this city permanently
to live an anonymous life.
And now there is only one hand
in this city to be with him.
And it is yours.
The only aim of my life is to bring
both these hands together.
And if required then the
aim of my death too.
Go Mohini, go. - Wait Mohini,
you won't go anywhere.
Go inside.
Shyamlal, she won't stop now.
- Get aside you thief.
My body is not very strong Shyamlal.
But I have made my soul
strong by living in jail.
And sometimes the soul is
stronger then a body.
Go Mohini, go.
- Where are you going?
Go Mohini go, no one
will stop you today.
- I will give up my life?
Hey Baban, look the customer
is coming, turn it here...
Baban it is your old customer.
Hey Marwadi, don't leave your
vehicle, catch it properly.
Run away from here or else he
will sell away my vehicle.
Hey boys, don't look at my face,
get on with your work.
Lot's of work is pending.
Take it... - Where is the screw
which I had kept here?
Nut bolt... - Take it from here
and place it over there.
Baban brother... A great wonder
happened. - What happened?
Lotia Pathan is back and he
is hiding in the dockyard.
And he was saying that he
will kill Munna brother.
Before killing Munna, he
will have to kill me.
Munna brother you.
- Hey Chandi, where is Baban?
Lotia Pathan is hiding in
the dockyard to kill you.
Baban has gone to compromise
with him.
I had to take revenge
with you too Baban.
It's good that you
came here yourself.
To stop you from reaching Munna...
...this Baban can reach
anywhere, Lotia.
Don't spare those scoundrels.
Wait, I have to take
my revenge with him.
Lotia, you are finished now.
- No Baban, no...
Leave me... I won't leave him,
I will kill him...
No Baban... he has enmity with
me, leave that knife...
Munna, your life has
just started now...
...you go away from here.
Baban, your life too
is waiting for you.
Baban! Baban!
No Baban no...
- Munna, I had told you...
No Baban no...
- Munna.
Inspector, you are showing
me an act of bravery...
...by disarming me.
If you dare then keep aside
that pistol then...
...I will show you that how a
law can bend Lotia Pathan.
To bend a traitor like you
in front of the law...
...one doesn't need an
uniform or this pistol.
The youth of this country is
more than a match for you.
I know that I allowed you
take law in your hands.
It is a crime but still I did it.
Because I felt that this
is the only way...
...to bring out the acid
present inside you.
Now my aim has been completed.
I am ready to bear any punishment...
...that law is going to give me.