Thackeray (2019) Movie Script

You can see behind me, the
crowd has gathered at Lucknow Airport.
The situation is pretty
tense all over Lucknow City.
What's the crowd gathered for?
The entire city of Lucknow
has transformed into a campsite.
What did he do'?
Remember the Babri
Masjid (Mosque) case?
That was him.
You can pretty much sum up
how high profile this case is...
from the crowd that's gathered here.
Someone's coming
all the way from Mumbai?
Is it Amitabh (Bachchan)?
Who has been accused of
the Babri Masjid demolition.
But he wasn't involved in the
Babri Masjid Demolition?
Wasn't he?
No, but he was supporting
the ones that did.
The entire country has
It's eyes on today's judgment.
His supporters have gathered
around in large numbers...
just to catch a glimpse of him.
But if he hadn't lent his support...
then this country
would still be burning!
This is going to turn out
as the most different scenario...
in Indian Politics.
Greeting. Greeting. Greeting.
The CBI Lawyer claims
that the Babri Structure...
Was he actually involved?
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
Section 152A IPC,
Promoting Enmity between classes.
Move back. Move back.
Can't you hear?
Move back.
150B, imputation, Assertion,
prejudicial to National Integration.
Move back. I said move back.
And 505... False Statement...
Rumors, etcetera, circulated,
with the intent to cause mutiny,
or disturb public peace...
and being charged for the same.
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
Please state your full
name to the honorable Court.
Make sure you deposit the cheque today.
Thank you. Thank you, Sir.
Rosy, did you get the
front-page layout yet?
- Find out whether they did or not.
- Okay, Sir.
The classified in
Free Press is confirmed.
Just fax me the designs.
Okay, sir.
Govind, serve me filter coffee.
Here you go, Deshpande.
There's a Memorial Service
at the Town Hall today at 7 pm.
One of us dies and all we do is observe two
minutes of silence to pay our respects.
We should be ashamed.
In fact, we shouldn't
stay silent about this at all!
Calm down, Thackeray.
We're lucky that we're the only
Maharashtrians in this entire office.
That's not good luck at all,
It's out bad luck!
Back again?
The boss is calling you.
How does it look'?
I can never make
sense of your drawings.
But it does make me laugh.
You can't make sense
of my caricatures, can you?
Do one thing...
Laugh your heart out first.
Now imagine this...
First, visualize a watermelon...
Then add spectacles,
Now try to imagine who this is?
Sit. Mr. Thackeray.
I said sit.
Your cartoons are becoming
sharper nowadays.
I am pleased to know that
you understand my cartoons.
Thank you.
Stop going after that S K Patil!
That NijLing Appa calls
me more than my wife in a day.
And Morarji is completely off limits.
You start a fire,
while I have pay the price.
This 'Press' is not for you alone.
It's the breadwinner
for countless other families.
So please stop trying to shut it down.
If you restrict me
from using all my models...
then who am I going
to use for my caricatures?
I have no doubt about your skills,
but this 'Press' depends on
Advertisements and Good Relations.
Why are you trying to ruin
the equations of my business?
I know you think you're your own boss.
But I've superiors to answer to.
It's me who has to face the music.
I love my job.
That's the problem, Sir.
People love their jobs...
No one loves their work!
You can love your work,
and let me do my job.
I am tired of explaining to you,
but you don't get it...
I... I am an artist and
not some labourer!
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Done, sir. Done, sir.
Will be done sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Good day, sir.
Thackeray, at least listen to me.
What the hell is this?
If you don't like my cartoons, then
my cartoons won't like you either.
And this is my resignation!
Get out!
No, the proof we got
last time wasn't right.
I mean I need to talk to them.
- Sure.
- Let's go.
Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.
Buy one.
Tickets, tickets! Dirt-cheap.
Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.
Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.
Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.
Balcony. Balcony. Balcony. Balcony.
Looks like a Cheapskate.
Tickets. Tickets. Tickets.
Come on.
Slowly. Slowly.
We're lucky that we're the only
Maharashtrians in this entire office.
Get out!
That's not good luck at all,
It's out bad luck!
We're lucky that we're the only
Maharashtrians in this entire office.
That's not good luck at all,
It's out bad luck!
That's not good luck at all,
It's out bad luck!
Get out!
We're lucky that we're the only
Maharashtrians in this entire office.
Get out!
"Pancakes, Rice cakes,
Donuts, What do you want?"
Marathi Manus:
"Can I get a cup of tea?"
"Your tea. And hurry up."
"What are you two doing?"
"You are spilling
your food all over me?"
"Hey Ghati, get up. That's my seat."
"My seat."
"Move aside."
"The market's opens today at Rs.4.50."
"The market's opens today at Rs.4.50."
"Hurry up. Place your bids."
"What's a Maharashtrian
doing in a Share Market."
"Will you please move, sir."
- "Hey Marathi, where's my tea?"
- "Coming, sir."
- "My money."
- "Money? What money?"
- "My money."
- "Get lost?"
- "My money."
- "Get out of my face."
- "My money."
- "Get out of my face."
Hey sonny boy.
Khan Sir?!
You borrowed money from
me and are celebrating Diwali?
And who's going to pay
interest for that money?
My money...
My money!
"Milk to the Bhaiyas (UP-Ians)"
"Idli (Rice Cake) to
the Annas (South Indians)"
"Cinema to the Punjabis,."
"Tea to the Iranians,."
"Bakery to the Parsis,."
"Meat to the Muslims,"
'And yet this is a diverse India!'
'They own the newspapers...'
'...but they need a Maharashtrian
to deliver it from door to door.'
'This is not done.'
'We must show them that
Maharashtrians can be Ghati...'
'...but they are not cheap.'
'You're an outsider.'
'Whereas Mumbai and Maharashtra
belong to the Maharashtrians .'
Are you blind?
You're not ready yet?
It slipped my mind, but...
I quit my job yesterday-
Isn't it enough that he told us today?
So, what are planning to do next?
I am thinking of starting
a weekly caricature magazine.
Srikant will assist me.
No need to worry.
This runs in our blood.
Take me for instance.
I kept others closer than my kin.
And earned everything in
this lifetime, except for money.
But honestly,
all I can give you, is my blessings.
What about the money?
'What language is your magazine?'
'You won't get a loan
for a Marathi magazine.'
Hey, listen. This is not our policy.'
'I am sorry, okay.'
'We want to stay in the market.
Not go out of business.'
'What about the mortgage?'
'Marathi Magazine.
Who is going to read it?'
Gopal, you're heading to Gaay Wadi,
aren't you?
Yes, brother.
Keep these in the storeroom.
Take these along as well.
And don't forget to collect the money.
Please come in.
- How are you, Bajirao?
- Fine.
What brings you here, Bal?
We're thinking about
starting a Weekly Magazine.
I see.
We've been to numerous banks, but...
I am sure father told you everything...
Yes, he did.
need some money.
How much do you want'?
5, 000?
But, we'll return it soon.
How is Prabodhankar?
He's fine.
Here you go?
Here you go?
Count it.
And two more...
Here you go.
Uncle, this is 5,200.
Here's your 200 rupees back.
We'll need your blessings, Uncle.
It should start with a bang.
What did you say you are
going to call your Weekly Magazine?
On this auspicious occasion,
I would like to request
the Chief Minister of Maharashtra...
Mr. Yeshwant Rao Chauhan,
to inaugurate 'Marmik' (Poignant)!
A Respected Speaker, Photographer,
and the holder of many more such
titles and honor and my dear friend...
Mr. Prabhodhankar's
son has started 'Marmik'.
And I am extremely delighted about it.
After seeing the cover
page of 'Marmik' I am assured...
that it will only add to
my friend Prabhodhankar's glory.
In fact, this issue is so good...
that pretty soon the citizen
of Maharashtra will address him...
as the father of Bal Thackeray.
Although the magazine is
named 'Marmik'...
but its humor is pretty sharp.
And serious.
One can deduce all that
by simply watching the cover page.
And I can only hope that 'Marmik'
will be read in every home...
- in Maharashtra.
- Wait, I am coming too.
You can't even sleep
peacefully around here.
Why in the world did he
have to move the board around?
Yes, I am Thackeray!
After reading my articles
and seeing my cartoons...
you all must be wondering
who is this man?
The wrong guy who tells the truth.
Is he some gangster?
If being outright honest is a crime,
then I am a criminal.
I would rather snatch my rights
then beg for them like an a!
A man's strength and courage...
is not measured by
the size of his chest.
His strength lies in his mind...
which we have leased it to others.
Then may it be the Mughals...
the British, or any other Outsiders.
We just stand there with our hands
folded, like we don't have a spine.
Saluting them...
Salutations Anna.
Salutations Penna.
Salutations lyer.
Am I right, Uncle?
If you're our guest,
we've respect and honor for you...
and welcome you with open arms.
But if someone tries to take our jobs,
and steal our food...
then we can raise
These folded hands as well.
And we're done folding hands,
It's time we broke their arms.
We're done giving
them respect and honor.
Did you hear?
Does violence solve anything?
These bloody South Indians...
They are always together.
They drink together.
They help each other in business.
And we spend most of our lives doing
more harm than good to each other.
You can stay if you like,
but I am leaving.
We'll show him tomorrow.
They hire their own people
even to clean their dishes.
And when one of us starts a business,
do you know what we say?
"Less salt. Less oil."
When are you going to rekindle
that fire in your heart?
We're done felicitating them.
Its time to strike, where it hurts!
It's how he started,
by giving provocative speeches.
Provoking younger generations,
sparking riots, that was his...
Can you do something
about the loud noise?
Can you do something about
the loud noise from the fan?
Order! Order! Order!
Turn this fan off.
When things go bad,
they make a lot of noise.
How old are you'?
What kind of a pointless
question is that?
But still, what is your age?
35 years old.
35 years old.
At the age of 35, you're a lawyer,
You're representing the CBI in court.
And that's good.
But you are standing here today
because you received good education.
But when someone more educated than you can't
afford one square meal for his family...
then you realize the
true meaning of hunger.
And when you've no
means to douse that fire...
it in-turn burns the entire
society down to the ground.
Silence, please! Silence!
You've always been
a supporter of violence.
Definitely not.
Obviously, there will always be
a reaction to every action.
Only Marathi signboards allowed.
Rice cakes... Pancakes... Crepes...
Strike, where it hurts!
Strike, where it hurts!
These people deserve this.
These outsiders take our jobs.
Everyone single one of
them needs to be thrashed.
This isn't right.
You think violence will get us jobs?
Every day, you wear your tie and wander from
pillar to post, but did you get a job yet?
'You didn't, did you?'
'And you are never going to find one.'
'If we still do nothing,
these outsiders will sc us.'
'We will get jobs when their
glasses come shattering down.'
'No vacancy.'
Not qualified.
'...that's what you're fit for.'
'... no qualification, no job.'
'They are not qualified
enough to get a job.'
'But, if you know a maid,
then, send her over to my house.'
'No, we don't employ Maharashtrians .'
The glass is broken.
- Oh no...
- Run! Run!
Why did you hit it so hard, uncle?
Oh, Lord...
What's going on down there?
Stop playing Cricket.
And, who broke the glass?
It wasn't me.
It was sir.
No, I did not. Such a tattle-teller.
You're too much.
The broken glass has
scattered all over the place.
Who's going to clean this up now?
Come on, let us play.
You're just too much.
- Out. Out. You're out.
- No, I am not.
That was a six.
- That was a six.
- Out. Out.
I am not giving up the bat.
Come on, Come on.
He's not going to give up the bat.
Come on, let's play.
You Play.
And I clean up this mess.
Wait. I'll check.
Wait a minute.
What do you want?
- I want to meet Thackeray.
- What for?
I am Bal Thackeray.
Shall I come down to your Police
Station, or can we talk inside?
We'll come inside.
Let's go inside.
Let the kids play outside.
Come in.
Your speeches have caused a great deal
of loss to the South Indian community.
We've received a number of complaints.
Those complaints are against me.
You should have arrested me.
Why come all the way...
- So... you're here to arrest me.
The Udupi Hotels have
suffered huge losses.
We must file a case
against a couple of people.
You Know... we've to deal
with tremendous pressure.
And even our seniors are outsiders.
But, I like your method...
which is why I wanted
to meet you first.
You know we can't take
sides because of this uniform.
These outsiders come
to our state and rule over us...
I know all about it.
I've been through it myself.
I'll have to make a report.
But you won't face any problems.
See you.
Good bye.
Good bye.
Let's go.
But sir, DCP sir sent
us here to investigate.
Shinde, when one of us
is thinking about our benefit...
then you don't investigate him,
you think about his comfort.
Marmik's latest edition.
Read and Do nothing about it!
Give me One Marmik.
Marmik's latest edition.
Read and Do nothing about it!
Marmik's latest edition.
Read and Do nothing about it!
- Is Thackeray sir at home?
- Yes.
- Grandpa.
- Yes.
- Someone here to see you.
- Who is it?
- Yes? What do you want?
- Are you Mr. Bala Sahab Thackeray?
Mr. Baa Sahab.
Yes, he's here.
Bala Sahab is at home.
Let me call you.
Baa Sahab...
Someone here to see you.
You're doing a good job.
We always knew that Maharashtrians
were being exploited...
but now we know who the exploiters are.
Sir, this is a list of the
outsiders in our office.
I would like to work with you, Sir.
Sir, 10 days have passed. And my
daughter hasn't returned home yet.
They say they got married and that too,
to a Muslim.
And they are living at Bhindi Bazaar.
I beg of you, please
bring her back home.
I've been struggling, for the
past 7 years for a water connection.
When he returns from the loo,
he keeps the in front of my house.
I am not going to listen every time...
So I dropped him.
Bal, what's your stand
on this current situation?
My wife hasn't been keeping well.
You always speak against democracy.
This is my area, that one's theirs...
I am taking him back
only on your order.
If you can make a call to DCP sir...
There's a huge prayer
meet in our society.
Don't you believe in Democracy?
I will punch him, then and there!
As well as free food.
You should publish
this in the Marmik once.
You must do something about him.
And, I am saying this
pretty much in advance...
I'll get transferred immediately.
But if he comes home drunk again,
then I will...
Wouldn't it be right to say
what you're doing is also hooliganism?
Are you going to keep dealing
with their problems at here at home...
or, have you thought about starting
a different organization for them?
Yes, father.
At least not at home.
But, in order to work for the benefit of
the people, I'll have to go amongst them.
We must bring them together.
And for that,
we must build an organization.
For the Marathis,
for Mumbai, for Maharashtra.
Then what are you waiting for?
Sooner the better.
- Ramesh, go get a coconut.
- Okay.
you arrived at the right occasion.
What occasion?
For building a new organization.
I see.
That's great.
Sister-in-law, send some sweets.
We've decided to build
a new organization.
But... what will we be the name
of the new organization?
Have you thought about it?
Name? Well, the name...
I haven't thought
anything about the name?
Father, why don't you suggest
a name for the organization?
What organization?
We'll lead an army.
Take the name of King
Shivaji Maharaj and go ahead.
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Hail Bhawani!
- Hail Shivaji!
- Hail Bhawani!
- Hail Shivaji!
- Long live...
- Shiv... Sena!
- Long live...
- Shiv... Sena!
- Glory to...
- Mahadev...
- Long live...
- Shiv... Sena!
Real men don't talk about compromise.
These are words are used by weaklings.
And this state of Maharashtra,
ls not a state of weaklings.
We're tigers.
And whenever someone
tries to rattle a tiger...
history has been a witness
of their consequences!
My son here,
till today, was just a Thackeray.
But now, this Bal
belongs to entire Maharashtra.
I pledge him to the unified India.
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Hail Bhawani!
- Hail Shivaji!
To control the outsiders' intrude.
Soon we will begin with
the enrollment for 'Shiv Sena'.
Read the next edition of Marmik...
for more information.
Editor, Mr. Bal Thackeray.
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
Uncle. Have a sweet?
Sir, please help me.
What happened?
You know, we've been in the milk business
since the time of our forefathers.
I spent my hard earned
fortune to buy a house.
2 years ago I rented the place out...
but, now they are refusing
to vacate the place.
He's some goon.
He's running a gambling den there.
I went to reason with him,
but... he says we're 'His' men.
Who's He?
Baa Saheb.
Wait here, uncle. I'll talk to Sir.
Move. Move.
Sir, someone has forcefully
taken possession of his house.
And they claim that they are "our" men.
- Note down his address.
- Yes, sir.
Come, uncle.
Give me the address.
Hand me a pen.
Sutarwadi, Room no. 19.
Sir, this is a list of our nominees.
- Is this okay?
- Yes.
Sir, are we contesting for
the Corporation elections?
Yes, so?
Are we going to be holding demonstrations
and picketing for the rest of our lives?
How long are we going to
rally behind these Corporators'?
Now our Soldiers' will
become Corporators themselves...
and work for the benefit of the people.
But Sir, you never told us anything.
Well, I just did.
Now get to work.
I am really indebted to you.
Someone who troubles the
weak can never be one of us.
Hail Maharashtra!
Hail Maharashtra!
Hail Maharashtra!
- Hello?
- Hello. May I speak with Bala Saheb?
- Who is this?
- Sister-in-law, this is Manohar Joshi.
Just a minute.
Go ahead.
Sir, Balwant Mane from our party...
Speak freely.
Sir, he...
I said to speak freely.
He's called for a meeting,
at Manwali Hall, at 5:30.
Against... you.
He's also distributing circulars.
We must do something about him.
Our party's plan of action should
be decided with everyone's approval.
It's crucial to have
democracy within the party.
We won't let Shiv Sena
be controlled by a handful few.
We won't tolerate dictatorship.
We won't...
Let's show him.
No! No! Leave me.
Show him.
No. Leave me.
How dare you speak against Sir?
Sir. Sir.
I don't believe in petty democracy...
in this Organization.
So, are you against Democracy?
Where is Democracy?
Which Democracy are
you talking about to me?
According to me,
only two types of democracy exist.
One, where you stay
quiet and endure everything.
Or the one where you don't
stay quiet and raise your voice.
For your rights, and for justice.
If the Law of this country is equal for
everyone, and everyone's treated equally...
and Democracy has one view for everyone, then
why wouldn't I believe in this Democracy?
I agree different religions
have different Laws here.
If Democracy treats everyone the same way,
then why wouldn't I believe in Democracy?
Even I believed in Democracy.
When Kashmiri Pandits were driven out
of Kashmir, where was this Democracy?
Isn't Kashmir a part of us?
Aren't Kashmiri Pandits one of us?
The water of Sutlej is causing
mutiny between Punjab and Haryana.
Even today the Marathi people
of Belgaum and Karwar...
are demonstrating
to be a part of Maharashtra.
Our Mumbai itself needed the sacrifice of
106 people to be a part of Maharashtra.
Where was your democracy, then?
How many more sacrifices will
it need in order to Keep it alive'?
We celebrate Republic
Day on 26th January.
Where was your democracy
on one such 26th January?
When countless
innocent lives was lost...
Maharashtra should be a unified
state along with Belgaum and Karwar.
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray!
- We want...
- Unified Maharashtra.
We give an ultimatum
until 26th January.
If the Belgaum issue
isn't solved until then...
then we warn the Chief
Minister of Maharashtra,
Home Minister of the country, and
the Vice President Morarji Desai...
that leave alone Mumbai,
they will not be allowed even
within the limits of Maharashtra.
Who does Thackeray
think he is, to put a ban on me?
Mr. Yeshwant Rao, my tour
of Bombay will continue as scheduled.
Leave no dearth in your arrangements.
Sir, his goons even
stopped his oar in Mumbai.
There's excessive anger
amongst the people of Maharashtra.
The people of Belgaum and
Karwar have come out on the streets.
The decisions taken in the interest
of the country must be followed.
If someone takes a decision
against the Government...
then he will be dealt with
in the language best known to him.
If he fails to behave,
then the Government will not
hold back in showing it's true power.
Take utmost strict action if need be.
Also, he is the one who inaugurated Bal
Thackeray's Weekly Magazine.
Who does he really think he is?
I don't care about any of this.
I am coming to Bombay.
Do whatever is necessary.
Who is in charge of the Police?
Is he a Maharashtrian?
No, just a Maharashtrian surname.
His full name is Emanuel Modak.
Dutta Salvi. This is my last warning.
Tell Mr. Thackeray...
that I don't want to see any
of his boys anywhere near Mr. Morarji.
His boys?
Bala Saheb is personally going
to hand over his appeal to Mr. Morarji.
So Mr. Morarji better
collect it personally.
We have only one demand.
Belgaum, Karwar, is a part of Maharashtra,
still is, and always will be.
Lower your voice.
Don't forget you're talking
to a Deputy Commissioner.
This is the lowest my voice can get.
Do you see how he's misbehaving'?
What do you mean misbehaving?
- Duttaji it'll be fine, just calm down.
- But...
Look, sir, we want to hand
over this request very peacefully.
You just deliver our message to him,
that's all.
But the Law and Order on that
day will be your responsibility.
Fine, we'll see.
What do you mean we'll see?
Well, it means that, if he accepts our request,
then Law and Order will be maintained.
I will convey your message to him.
Thank you, sir.
See you.
- Why did you have to fold your hands?
- These things are necessary.
Our Saheb shall personally
handover the appeal tomorrow.
And Morarji must accept
it personally... understood.
- And don't you forget it.
- Let's go, uncle...
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb!
Back! Stay back!
- Glory to...
- Bala Saheb!
- We want...
- We want Unified Maharashtra!
- We want...
- We want Unified Maharashtra!
- We want...
- We want Unified Maharashtra!
- Go back...
- Morarji Go back!
- Go back...
- Morarji Go back!
- Go back...
- Morarji Go back!
- Go back...
- Morarji Go back!
If the cavalcade doesn't stop,
even we won't stay quiet.
Saheb, what now?
The convoy won't stop.
Stop them!
Saheb! They are saying that
Morarji's convoy won't stop here!
Saheb, they are saying
that he won't accept the request!
Stay back. Stay back.
Move. I said move.
Sir, get in the car.
Move. Move aside.
- Forget about me, stop them.
- Sir, get in the car.
We'll handle it here.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Control our Soldiers.
Saheb, Dutta sir's here,
He will handle everything.
Let me speak with the Police.
Move. Move.
Let me get down.
Stop the car. Stop the car.
You leave.
Come on, Modak.
Let's move. I said let's move now.
Move aside. Move.
This which I am carrying on my
shoulders, this is your Democracy.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
Lord is the Ultimate truth.
How much for the fruits'?
Threads for sale.
Threads for sale.
That's too much.
No, it's completely right.
Balasaheb's been jailed.
Shutdown everything.
You bloody... shut it down, I said.
Balasaheb's been jailed.
Balasaheb's been jailed.
Vasant Rao, who is running Mumbai'?
What are they doing?
What the hell is
your Police Force doing?
No, sir.
We've deployed the entire Police Force.
Everything is in control.
But the report received at
the PMO is completely different.
Vasant Rao, do what it takes,
but bring the situation under control.
I want Bombay peaceful again.
Yes, sir.
Call Modak.
Now who's going to explain to
him that it's not in our hands?
Only one man can calm down Mumbai,
right now.
George, I had great faith in
Mr. Vasant Rao.
But unfortunately, he gave in as well,
to pressure from Delhi.
This country needs a dictator.
One is born already!
A dictator has already
taken shape in you.
And you're saying this, George?
Someone who never believed
in Democracy all his life.
There was a time when you uprooted rail
tracks to protest against the Government...
but not a word against
Them after our arrests.
Why are you saying that?
I did come here to see you?
The government says that Shiv Sena should try
peaceful protests with Support of ideology.
Peaceful protests?
And how on earth do we do that...
from behind these bars?
Those who burnt the Bangalore Mail,
Madras Mail, are National Heroes.
And we're Fascists.
Shoot at sight orders, really?
Bloody sons of General Dire.
George, some water.
Yes, he's pretty thirsty.
I'll help myself.
Thanks to your Democracy,
69 of my boys were killed.
Sir, some people are here to see
here from the Chief Minister's office.
- Shall I...
- Yes, send them in.
Bal, you must take care.
Now everyone knows that George isn't
the only one who can shut down Mumbai.
When Bal Thackeray sets Mumbai ablaze...
even Delhi feels the heat!
You just be careful.
Sometimes one needs a
spark to diminish the darkness.
I've heard there's a
curfew in Lalbaug as well?
I heard that too.
Some of Marmik's editions
had to be delivered.
And I've asked Babban to do the same.
- And...
- Thackeray, letter for you.
I'll be right back.
How are things, Kamble?
I am fine.
Sau, Minas. Hail Maharashtra.
'These days I've been receiving
a plethora of letters.'
'All of them make me so emotional,
that they touch our hearts.'
'And we feel overwhelmed.'
'Such dedication, so much love.'
'I received your letter as well.'
'We must all face the situation.'
'I have only one regret.'
'There's no one to advocate
Maharashtra in front of Delhi.'
'A person like me who has
never even walked 10 steps...'
'I have no idea or count of how many steps
I Keep pacing in my cell, every day.'
'Thinking... Thinking... and
then thinking again.'
'How is our Aquarium?'
'How is Marshall?'
Good to hear that Timba
and Binda are behaving properly.
Think twice before sending
them to far off meetings.
The Mumbai Police is heartless...
and they won't back down from
taking any action, anytime, anywhere...
because their soul is dead.
Tell the children to read
something nice in the afternoon.
Bring them autobiographies
of great and successful.
What about Srimit?
I've heard he's handling
Marmik pretty well.
He's been explained
all the important factors.
The entire family's responsibility
is now on your shoulders...
and hearing how well you're
executing them is a treat to hear.
Maa, you must take
care of yourself too.
You didn't have tea yet.
Serve them this tea.
Was that Saheb's letter?
He's fine.
People love me, is that my fault too?
But Saheb, people are waging
war for the sake of that love.
Bombay is under curfew,
and it's burning.
Your men have closed clown schools,
colleges, factories.
They are my boys.
But Saheb, all this should stop now.
We must restore Bombay
to what it was earlier.
Saheb, this is a request.
Only you can calm down Shiv Sainiks.
Talk to the Chief Minister.
The Prime Minister.
They are the ones who have the power.
Everyone knows who
controls power in Bombay.
Your intervention can fix the
Law and Order situation in Bombay.
And now...
And yes, sir...
The CM has specially
sent you a message...
that other organizations are
taking advantage of your agitation.
"The Government has
called in the Indian Army..."
"to maintain Law
and Order in Mumbai."
"But I am very sad
and hurt to hear this."
"Our army is for the
safety of our borders..."
"and not to deal with
our internal conflicts."
"This is not good for us at all."
"The country is always our
first priority, and then our state."
"I call upon my Shiv Sainiks."
"To come together and work towards bringing
peace and harmony back in the city."
"And they must also make sure..."
"that entities like Lal Bhai
or any other organizations..."
"don't take undue advantage
of our agitation and struggle."
"Bal Thackeray."
Control room.
Control room. Control room.
There's a crowd of people
gathering at Parel Naka.
They are carrying weapons.
Please get there as soon as possible.
And this way, repeatedly the Police is just
watching helplessly, like an audience.
Has the Government turned meek?
How much lower is this
Government going to stoop...
due to the fear of one man,
Mr. Speaker?
This is not Democracy,
this is Dictatorship!
Mr. Speaker,
this Government is forcing our Police...
to bow before the same
man who sparked these riots.
Shame on this Government!
Shame on them!
Mr. Speaker, Law, and Order
in Bombay were in complete disarray...
while this power-hungry
government was snoring away.
We doubt the role
that our Chief Minister played.
And I sincerely request you,
in fact, I implore you...
to accept our non-confidence
motion immediately.
Krishna Desai, your time is up.
Please sit down.
Kalyan Rao is about
to give you a reply.
Sit down. Sit down.
Your time is up.
It's been so long
since we last came here.
You hardly get the time.
But I did today.
Are you angry?
I've no reason to be angry.
Children eagerly await your return.
And you?
You know you're too much.
Now, this is our life.
What can be better
than helping those in heed?
But the fact that all
eyes are on us at all the time...
is a little bit weird.
Get used to it.
You know what...
earlier when I used to look at people...
I used to see the humor in them.
But now when I look at
the same people again...
I see their pain,
their problems, and their questions.
Almost as if the artist
inside me is fading away.
Hmm, along with that artist, even my
husband is getting lost in the crowd.
Where are you going?
Not that way. Now in the water. No!
Not that way, dear.
Don't cry, dear.
My child.
You're with her, aren't you?
You should be looking after her.
- Can she swim?
- No.
Balloons. Balloons.
Only 10 cents.
- Pintya, start the car.
- Sir...
What do you want, son?
Autograph, please.
No, Sir. Yours.
- What is your name?
- Keshav.
Just like my father.
- Which school, son?
- Gyaneshwar Vidya Mandir.
- Which class?
- Class Four.
- Do you know my name?
- Yes.
- What is it?
- Tiger!
He looks more like a rat.
Why did Mr. Naidu round
up all of us to kill this rat?
- What's his name?
- Bal Thackeray.
I've heard that he
practically controls Mumbai.
Are you kidding me?
Naidu sir is here.
Come on.
Sir, some gangsters from
Nagpur are here to kill you.
They are outside.
Hand me my bag.
- That's him, in there.
- Come on.
I am Naidu.
- Are you Bal Thackeray?
- Yes?
We need to talk.
We are.
Not here, outside.
What's so special outside?
Your wedding procession?
You bloody...
Hold him.
Saheb, blood.
You threw that garbage dump on me.
This is just tomato sauce.
Let's clean this up.
You bloody...
I feel ashamed.
I don't want my soldiers
to be afraid like these.
I want fighters.
But this attack?
I don't know.
These people live and breed here.
But praise outsiders
like China and Russia.
We'll have to get rid
of these baboons permanently.
Puma. Come here.
5 minutes.
Where's that sack?
Where is he?
In his office.
Are there people around?
No, not much.
Puma, call him outside.
- Desai sir?
- Inside.
I've called for a
meeting at Gate no. 4.
I want everyone there at 8,
I'll be coming there.
Desai sir. We need to talk in private,
it's urgent.
- Prakash, see what he wants.
- Sir.
No, sir, I must talk only to you.
Go take a look.
I want everyone there by 8.
All of you...
Desai sir didn't come.
We want to meet Krishna Desai.
Please call him.
He said I should talk to you.
I will tell him whatever it is.
Close it down.
What the...
- Tambe, bring me a torch.
- Right away.
- What?
- That's him.
- Who are they, Prakash?
- Some people from Jai Bharat.
Jai Bharat. Some people
to see you from Jai Bharat.
- Jai Bharat?
- Yes.
- What Jai Bharat.
- Don't know.
- I am from Lalbaug.
- Lalbaug?
From Jai Bharat.
Leave him. Let him go.
Come on. Get up.
Wait, you...
Where do you think you're going?
Trying to be over-smart?
Come on.
We'll show you. Come on.
- I'll show you.
- Come on.
- On whose orders did you kill him?
- I don't know.
- On whose orders did you kill him?
- I don't know.
- Who sent you?
- I don't know!
After the final countdown
of votes for Parel Constituency...
Sarojini Krishna
Desai is at 27, 788 votes
and Vaman Mahadik is at 29, 287 votes.
Digu speaking.
Hello, Mr. Journalist. What's up?
It's been a while
since you last called.
Well, you know that my journalism
is incomplete without you.
- Is sir in?
- Let me check.
Hello, sir.
Sarojini Krishna Desai
is at 29, 913 votes
and Vaman Mahadi is at 31, 592 votes.
Congratulation, sir.
Since your candidate has won.
My candidate?
Well, I'll have to call
him your candidate now.
The Vasant Sena after all.
You're playing fine politics.
Instead of expanding
your own Congress Party...
you're encouraging others instead.
I hope this doesn't come around
to bite you in the future.
We'll deal with it as it comes.
Shiv sena candidate.
Vaman Mahadik wins by 1679 votes.
Saheb, the first candidate has won.
- Can I come in?
- Come in, Dada Kondke. Come in.
So Dada.
I heard that "Songadiya"
is breaking all records.
Speak freely, they are all like family.
Saheb, Songadiya was doing
tremendous business at Kohinoor.
What do you mean?
I requested the theatre authorities to
let it run for a couple of more weeks.
- And?
- They downright refused me.
They don't want to
show Marathi films anymore.
They want to run a Hindi film.
I went to Ministers, and everyone else.
But I didn't get help from anyone.
When Hindi film heroines strip their
clothes, everyone jumps up on their seats.
But they stripped down a Marathi film,
and no one came forward.
They stripped down my Marathi film.
If Marathi films don't
play in Maharashtra,
then will they play
South Indian films instead?
Now you please do something.
We are with you.
Waman Mahadik, go ahead.
We are with you.
Waman Mahadik, go ahead.
We are with you.
Welcome, Mr. MLA.
Waman Mahadik, go ahead.
We are with you.
I need your blessings, sir.
Saheb, I owe all this to you.
Now, enough with the felicitations.
And let's go to Kohinoor theatre.
Kohinoor? Which show?
Today we're the star of this show.
The Film Industry was started
in this country by a Maharashtrian.
And today our Maharashtrian films
don't get a slot in the theatres.
- Long live...
- Shiv Sena!
- Long live...
- Shiv Sena!
My home, my bed, and your dreams, huh?
This can't go on here now.
The Marathi people
have the first right here.
Then come, your dreams.
First come, my dreams.
- Marathi workers deserve jobs first...
- They do... They do...
- Marathi workers deserve jobs first...
- They do... They do...
- First right to the sons of this soil.
- Then the Outsiders!
- First right to the sons of this soil.
- Then the Outsiders!
- The sons of these soils must get a job first.
- They do...
- The sons of these soils must get a job first.
- They do...
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray.
- Marathi workers deserve jobs first...
- They do... They do...
- Long live...
- Shiv Sena!
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray.
- Long live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray.
Mr. Nanda, the Marathi youngsters
have a right to these jobs first.
Yes, Mr. Thackeray.
But that is not our Central Policy.
Then... change your policy, Mr. Nanda.
But I must follow the rules.
Mr. Nanda, maybe the skies where your
airplanes soar, belong to you...
but the streets you use
to get to your home, belong to me.
Are you threatening me?
This is not possible.
- How are you, Babban?
- Hail Maharashtra.
So you got bail.
- Happy Diwali.
- Same to you.
You made one phone call
and I got bail immediately.
Happy Diwali, Maa.
Don't leave without
eating something first.
- Is your mother keeping well?
- Yes, she is.
- Don't pick them up.
- What are you doing?
Take these.
Why did you have to
keep it in your pocket?
Babban, how are you'?
- Happy Diwali.
- Yes, Happy Diwali.
Come on.
Father, even I want firecrackers.
Yes, we will.
No, I want them no.
- Let's first get out of here.
- No, I want them now.
Now, father.
You and your Sena.
When you were rotting behind bars...
did anyone come
forward to bail you out?
Not a morsel to eat at home...
and he's always out
listening to Saheb's speeches.
Always yelling Hail Maharashtra.
Hail Maharashtra, grandma.
Shut up!
Like father like son.
If I ever hear "Hail Maharashtra"
in this house again...
then you've had it.
- Hail Maharashtra.
- Who is that?
Hello, aunty.
Mr. Navalkar, please come in.
Pardon me.
Please sit.
Is Babban at home?
Of course.
He doesn't exactly go to work.
He's in the house.
- Navalkar sir...
- No need for this.
I'll make some tea.
Let it be.
And take this.
What is this for?
This is from Balasaheb.
- But sir...
- Keep it.
Money... But...
It's okay.
I'll get you some water.
So aunty...
Sir, why are you giving him your money?
Balasaheb gave him those. Not me.
Can you do one thing for me?
Tell him to stay away from Balasaheb.
In fact, you should do the same.
Find a nice line of work.
These frequent trips
to jail is not a good thing.
Aunty, did Babban get
arrested for stealing?
Our agitation was to ensure
that our boys get work first.
Your grandson will become
a successful man some day.
Just wait and watch.
Will that really happen?
Of course, it will.
Just have faith in Balasaheb.
- Water.
- Let it be.
I'll take your leave now.
Come meet me at the
Branch office tomorrow.
Go see him out.
I don't want to be anyone's God.
I just want to work for my people.
Our country got
Independence 25 years ago.
But the battle is still on.
And the reason is just one.
Our youngsters don't have any work.
We must do something.
If the Government doesn't do anything,
then we will.
Open shops on the streets.
Or just start a 'Vada-Pav'
(Fritter) joints.
This Vada-Pav will ensure
income for the youngsters...
as well as provide a
meal for the poor population.
It will become Mumbai's identity.
Politics is a dirty business.
Our organization will
only dwell 20% in Politics...
and the rest 80% we will deicate only
To social cause.
There are huge hospitals for the rich.
But the poor dies on
his way to the hospital.
Start free ambulance service.
We'll set an example for all
the Political par-ties in the country.
Don't just yell and scream
that there are no jobs.
If we want to take those jobs, then
we'll need talented candidates for it.
Hone their skills.
Only then will our struggle
bear fruit in the future.
Prepare our boys for
the competitive exams.
And give them technical education.
The owners will survive when
the companies function smoothly.
And when the owners survive,
so will the workers.
If workers survive,
the country will thrive.
A strike will just be a clog in
the wheel and do more harm to workers.
Start a union in all
the big companies here.
The other parties have forced
our youngsters to the street.
Ruined their lives.
But our party will lend them a hand in
support and give them a new lease on life.
If our boys don't get jobs,
at the right time...
then soon it is sure that 'anarchy'
Will spread throughout our country.
Ladies and Gentlemen, For the security
of our country...
the President has declared
an Emergency in the country.
There is no need to panic.
In Exercise of the powers,
confirmed by Clause 1 of Article.
Hello, Gurwinder.
Tell your men to burn all our posters.
352 of the Constitution...
Inform all the party workers
to reach Nagpur.
Hail Almighty.
I, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the
President of India.
By the procl amation declared.
That a great emergency exists whereby.
Security of India is threatened
by internal disturbance.
Listen, Malda office is raided.
Police have raided.
Hide all the important
documents you have.
What is this, Balasaheb?
You're getting your teeth cleaned...
whereas that Rajni is preparing
to wipe out your Organisation.
One can't clean with dirty hands.
What kind of an Emergency' is this?
Mr. Desai, this is clearly
a conspiracy to suppress our voice.
Mr. Outta...
Only Dr. Shroff can shut my mouth.
I am the man who sticks
his hand in the tiger's mouth.
But even I can't suppress his voice.
Otherwise, my clinic will close down.
Balasaheb, don't take it lightly.
This is their final warning.
Shiv Sena must merge with Congress.
And the formalities
have already been completed.
Someone from Rajni's office will
come to you with all the documents.
If you don't sign,
then they will ban Shiv Sena.
All the related documents have
already reached Indiraji at South Block.
Tell Rajni I won't
sign on the merger papers.
The day they put a ban on my
organization, that day will be his last.
Hello. This is All
India Radio, Mumbai.
And now for News in Hindi.
Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi will
arrive at Bombay Airport at 10:20 am.
At 11:00 am in Tilak Bhavan Garden...
why did you turn it off?
What's wrong?
Does Indiraji read Marmik as well?
I mean... he's made a lot
of caricatures about her.
By the way, why do you
think Indiraji wants to meet him?
Maybe she's never seen a real
tiger before and wants to see one.
Oh, God. You're his brother after all.
Will our organization close down?
It wasn't easy to
recognize Bal Thackeray.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir. Hail Maharashtra, Mr Desai.
- CM sir.
- Hello, Bala Saheb.
How are you'?
- Good.
- All good?
Just a minute.
Hello, Bala Saheb.
I had a word with Vasant Rao.
And Vasant Rao, with madam.
You arrived at the right time.
the Committee meeting would've begun.
Madam has reserved complete 5
minutes for you.
Bala Saheb, Rajni Patel.
Hello, Mr. Desai.
Be seated.
It will take a couple of more hours.
Mr. Thackeray,
madam has called you inside.
Don't be angry.
I've heard that you preach that
Maharashtra is only for Maharashtrians.
I believe in the unity
and diversity of this country.
Then why do people fear you?
It's just propaganda by the media.
I, only talk about the
right and honor of my people.
Right? What right
are you talking about?
I didn't create different
states and language.
The Constitution did.
And if that is the
foundation of this state...
then our people have
the right to live respectfully.
But... that never happened.
Then I...
Don't send anyone in
until this meeting isn't over.
Yes, madam.
So you were saying...
I never made any speeches
against the nation.
If you find any of my speech,
writing, or cartoons...
me promoting that Maharashtra
is only for Maharashtrian...
then I will personally
close down my Organisation.
Those who have been living
for many years in Maharashtra...
are Maharashtrians for me.
Like those living
in Punjab are Punjabis.
And Bengalis in Bengal.
If that is his place of birth,
then he should get first preference
to a job or education in his state.
That's all.
Whenever I say Jai Hind,
Jai Maharashtra.
I always say Jai Hind first.
And then Jai Maharashtra.
Because my country is my
first priority, and then my state.
- Wait here.
- Okay.
Just a little later.
What do you think about the Emergency?
If Emergency brings discipline in the
country, then I am not against it at all.
My people were completely
misinformed about you.
That's why we also had
some misunderstandings too.
Well, anyway... do think
about my proposal.
My state, my people. They need me.
But still, I thank you.
Jai Hind.
Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.
Yes, madam.
Bring that file from Mr. Rajni.
Yes, here you go.
Out of all the organizations we've banned,
I am removing Shiv Sena from the list.
Prepare a new list.
- Long Live...
- Shiv Sena!
- Long Live...
- Shiv Sena!
Everyone will get it.
Everyone will get one.
Here you go.
- Long Live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray.
- Long Live...
- Bala Saheb Thackeray.
Today is rightfully a
new beginning for our people.
People from every caste and creed will
always be welcome in this structure.
I'll be always here for your help.
Which reminds of a few lines
by our National Poet Ramdhari Singh.
"Raging storms and
cyclones as well..."
"when the people are
enraged and raise an eyebrow."
"The paths led by
the chariot of time..."
"hear the sound."
"Vacate the throne,
because the people are coming."
"Vacate the throne,
because the people are coming."
This is a revolution, my friends.
A complete revolution.
Balasaheb, Janta Party won with majority
votes only because of the Emergency.
But the Congress...
Congress Party will
never cease to exist.
It's easy to stay in the
opposition and give speeches.
But coming in power...
Enough, sister-in-law. Enough.
- This is Mumbai's mutton...
- Have some more.
And not from Baramati.
Some more...
But coming to power and running the government
And the country is a different ball game.
- Get some water.
- Witing 5 years the people...
will start saying
that Congress was better.
we should do something together.
Shared, we failed in
everything we did together.
We started a weekly magazine,
which failed.
I never got to publish
the second edition.
I think we're better off as friends,
and not partnership.
That's how you befriended Vasant Rao.
No, no, not at all.
We don't pull each other's legs,
and only share a cigar.
That's why we are friends.
You must take rice.
Enough, sister-in-law. I am full.
Serve some more to the Minister.
Need to cook a political mix daily now!
I've always dreamed
of some Maharashtrian leader...
of someday becoming
the leader of this country.
But the problem with our people is that
they don't think beyond Maharashtra.
Balasaheb, Maharashtrian leaders...
Come, sit.
Come Maa, sit down.
There's another interesting
fact about Maharashtrian leaders.
They sit on each other's
seats to go to Delhi.
To acquire each other's seat.
Mr. Sharad, you think
about politics 24/7.
- Do you watch dramas or films?
- Sometimes.
Did you watch the cricket
match two days ago?
I am not too keen about
watching cricket, Bala Saheb.
But he is very interested in cricket.
If there's a match in progress,
and he has the time...
then he will sit with
the transistor's For the entire day.
He must be interested as well.
When Sharad says he's
not interested in something...
that means he's very interested.
Like he's interested in me.
It's 5 o'clock.
Let's hear the radio.
Let's hear what Morarji
has to say in today's meeting.
For the first time the
population of this country...
have quit being slaves of the
Congress and built their own government.
- Long Live...
- Morarji sir...
When the entire country
was against Emergency...
a few of the local parties
were supported the Emergency.
The time has come when we drag these
parties out of this country forever.
Isn't this the Shiv Sena Bhavan?
Yes, they are the ones
who supported Emergency.
Bloody traitors.
Who are you calling traitors?
You are traitors.
Come down...
Wait. Stop.
"I am not scared of
such baseless attacks."
"My father gave me a mantra."
("Get up C) Maratha, wake up now."
"Normally a Maratha
doesn't get up easily."
"But once he does,
he never steps back."
"Even if we lose a few bonds,
the house won't come crashing down."
"My intentions,
my thoughts, won't end so easily."
"The war is far from over,
this is just the beginning."
"And, it won't end until every Maharashtrian
gets the respect he deserves."
"I am not scared of the encroaching
darkness of today's setting sun."
"Tomorrow the dawn will
paint the horizon red again."
Saheb, Mayor Gupte is here to see you.
Shall I send him in?
Send him in.
Jai Maharashtra, Saheb.
Speak up, Mayor.
Sir that...
I said speak freely. Speak.
The populace has clearly decided...
The country and even the
state have chosen the 'Santa Party.
And so?
Well, Shiv Sena's time is over.
I mean... it can't be forgotten
that we did fight our battle.
But in this election, people
have distanced themselves from you...
I mean from us.
And so, a lot of us believe...
that if we think about
it from the political point of view...
then we should merge
with the Janta Party.
And anyway, the number
of violent people are increasing.
And how can anyone expect
any political sense from them'?
My organization was always for such
fearless people, and always will be.
Doctors like you who sell
colored water in bottles...
are mayor of this city because of them.
And don't you forget that.
You're a doctor.
Even you have knives.
But you use to earn
a living for yourself...
and they use it to ensure
that others get a square meal.
There is a difference.
And one more thing.
Those who want to quit
Shiv Sena can happily do so.
Even I'm left alone...
I'm still blessed with enough strength
to bring thousands of people together.
And these violent
people you object about...
I will take this organization to new
heights with the help of these people.
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
Ya Hussein!
What is your problem
in saying Jai Maharashtra?
Let's forget about caste
and creed and do something good.
I am not against any
religion or community.
I believe in a man's deeds,
and not his religion.
But what is this?
Whenever India loses a match, some people
distribute sweets and burst crackers.
They celebrate.
Put a stop this.
If we stay together...
then those who pit us against
each other in the name of religion...
will soon have to quit this country.
Go ahead and celebrate Eid,
and we'll join you with enthusiasm.
But you must also celebrate Shiv Jayanti
with the same enthusiasm and joy.
- Jai Bhavani.
- Jai Shivaji.
- Jai Bhavani.
- Jai Shivaji.
- Jai Bhavani.
- Jai Shivaji.
- Jai Bhawani...
- Jai Shivaji!
- Jai Bhawani...
- Jai Shivaji!
Upstairs. Let's go upstairs.
Kill him. Kill him.
Whenever we tried to embrace them,
they tried to stab us in the back.
They are beyond help.
No more Muslim Leagues.
If the Muslims of this country want to
vote on the basis of religion, then...
We'll stay steadfast
on our ideology of Hindu religion.
Don't live like an as
Even dying is better.
Such helplessness for votes.
They think about Muslims
when they need votes.
From now on, those who talk about
Hindus will get to rule in India.
I said to Pramod Mahajan.
If a Maharashtrian can
cast his vote in Maharashtra...
then why can't Hindus do the same.
But today,
by making Ramesh Prabhu win...
you've shown the power
of Hindus to the entire country.
Even the court cannot stop
us from promoting the Hindu ideology.
No matter what the
decision of the court...
Shiv Sena will contest the elections
on the basis of Hindu ideology.
- Say it with pride...
- We're Hindus.
- Say it with pride...
- We're Hindus.
- Say it with pride...
- We're Hindus.
You provoked the
people with your speech.
And on your orders, your
people demolished the Babri Mosque.
Mosque? Which Mosque?
There was a Ram Temple, over there.
Lord Sri Ram's birthplace.
How do you know that
Lord Ram was born there'?
Was he born in Pakistan instead?
Maybe in Karachi or Lahore.
Silence, please.
There were no birth
certificates back in those days...
which I could show you saying,
"Sir, this is the date of birth,
Sir, this is the place of birth".
The people of India told me.
Their faith told me.
They believe that Lord
Ram was born in that place.
Mr. Lawyer, can you answer a question?
Do you know where Babur was born?
I don't know.
You don't, do you? I knew it.
Let me tell you.
Babur was born in what
is known as Uzbekistan now.
So is Uzbekistan in Ayodhya?
Look, I don't want to get into this.
But a few people's emotions
were attached to the structure...
which your people demolished.
No, we didn't demolish it.
We simply cleared it.
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Shri Ram!
You mean you didn't do anything
wrong by demolishing the structure.
I wasn't even present there.
And the accusations you are levelling,
are against my people.
How is it possible that I will
stay quiet while you accuse my people'?
I live for my people.
I can't even leave them.
We were not involved
in whatever went down there.
In fact, we broke what was
an onslaught by a cruel power.
We only corrected,
what they had wronged.
Hail Shri Ram!
Hail Almighty!
- Throw that aside.
- Yes, sir.
Check on that side. Check.
You check on the right.
Bhalerao, you check on that side.
Yes sir.
- Anybody there?
- Checking, sir.
Shinde, anybody there?
No one, sir.
Okay, okay, let's go.
"Better than the entire world.."
"is our India."
"We are its nightingales."
"And this is our garden."
Amina, stay back.
Stay back.
We've been waiting since morning, sir.
Just two minutes, sir.
Stay back. Let the car pass.
Yes, sir.
I've been waiting here for three hours.
Just give me a few minutes.
Send them in.
Where do you stay?
Behram pada, sir.
My name is Amina.
He's my husband, Taahir.
And these are my children.
They burnt down our house.
And we've nowhere to go.
Please save us... Only
you can save us now.
Why do you keep looking at the watch?
Sir, it's time for... Prayers (Namaaz)
It's time for my prayers ( Namaaz).
- You can pray here.
- No, sir.
I have no enmity against your religion.
My enmity is against those
infidels who resort to...
in the name of religion.
Do you have a mat for praying?
No, sir. We've nothing left.
Everything was burned down.
- Ravi.
- Yes, sir.
- Give them a mat.
- Yes.
- What's your name, dear?
- My name is Asiya.
And not just the demolition
of the mosque, but even in Bombay...
That's Mumbai.
Yes, Bombay.
You had a hand in the
riots that broke out in Mumbai, too.
No, I had a foot.
I personally went to
every riot-affected area.
Even after committing numerous murders,
people were freely roaming the streets.
At such a time, there was a strong
need to bring them under control.
But that's a job for the Police.
It is a job for the Police.
But the Police are government servants.
They can't take action until they
don't get orders from the top.
And the people on the top simply sit in
their air-conditioned office doing nothing.
Because their politics
thrive on such riots.
If the Police are given
a free hand to do their job...
it will take them less
than half an hour to stop these riots.
Even you play such
politics based on riots.
No, I don't need to play politics.
But when my country is concerned,
I don't play political games.
You even do politics in games.
Sir. Sir,
please tell us what you talked about?
Sir, please tell us...
Sir, please...
Tell us, sir.
Move. Move.
We want to know, please...
Please inform that Dilip Vengsarkar
and Javed Miandad have come.
We have taken an appointment.
Dilip Vengsarkar and
Javed Miandad are here?
Dilip Vengsarkar and
Javed Miandad are here?
What do we do?
Wait. Let me ask.
Send them in.
Sir, Javed was in the
city for a TV program.
And he had a strong desire
to see you and meet you.
Give it.
- So I brought him along.
- Thanks.
Try these fritters.
You will never taste anything
like this back in your home.
Sir, I've heard praises about
your passion and knowledge of cricket.
I had a wish...
I mean I had a request...
If we could resume playing
cricket with India again...
What's this Colonel?
What is he saying?
Yes, sir... without
your permission, they...
Yes, Saheb. If both countries
start playing cricket matches again...
then the condition can get much better.
Would you like a beer?
Beer... Sir.
No, thank you.
I still remember your shot, the sixer.
Excellent shot!
Thank you sir.
You played really well.
What was on your mind during that shot?
Nothing, in particular, Sir.
It was just a do and die situation,
so I just took that shot.
But honestly speaking sir,
that was the only bad ball
in the entire match by Chetan Sharma.
Otherwise, if you see his bowling
analysis, he played pretty well.
But after they lost, everyone
just pounced on him, unfortunately.
That's how it is.
We want to win every
battle against Pakistan.
Cricket is the only medium that can bring
harmony between both the countries.
What do you think?
No, sir...
I was thinking that you
shouldn't put a stop cricket.
Please let both the countries play.
By Grace of Allah,
it will be better for us.
You think about the game and I...
think about my country
that plays cricket.
One more thing...
Your batting wasn't good
enough to make me forget...
the pain of those families
that lost a member at the border.
Drink your tea.
By the way, sir, even the government
wants to talk to you on this issue.
In order to play one needs
a ground and not the government.
Saheb, we took four men
in custody some days ago.
We even questioned them.
According to the
information they gave us...
Speak up.
It was a conspiracy
to murder you, Saheb.
We were lucky to know in advance...
but we acted immediately
as we got the information.
Who were they?
Miyan, the chicken is simply delicious.
Now serve me kebabs.
No, sir...
No, sir...
No, sir...
No, sir...
No, sir...
Sir. Sir.
Remember anything.
Last year... we planned
to kill Thackeray...
Thackeray Saheb.
We had planned to kill
Bal Thackeray in Bhawan.
But it failed.
So, this time we planned to
kill him during the rally on Dussera.
I live in Bar-tare.
Sir, take this.
I met uncle Naeem over there.
He introduced us to the master mind.
And then we started with the training.
They explained us the
entire map of this area.
And the master mind said that.
You will attain salvation..
If you do this.
- Has this case gone on record yet?
- No.
After today, make sure no one should
ever know about this ever.
Every trivial issue
is used to spark riots here.
And it's our own people
that die in these riots.
But Saheb, you must be careful.
I mean if you can avoid going out
for a few days, then it'll be better.
And definitely not out of Mumbai.
Why? Scared of these as?
Elections are around the corner.
I'll have to make a tour of Maharastra
for promotions and meetings.
And my Sainiks are
capable of protecting me.
Why take a risk, sir?
The color of bullet
that touches my body...
That colour will be wiped from the
face of this country, Officer.
All my Hindu brothers,
sisters, and my Mothers!
I don't believe in democracy.
Democracy never existed
in this country.
They question me whether
I am Mumbai's Hitler?
Not just Mumbai,
I am the Hitler of entire Maharashtra.
And someday I'll become
this country's Hitler too.
If you can't maintain Law and Order...
then I'll have to give
guns to all my Sainiks.
I don't mind if my Shiv Sainiks are
called goons, but I don't want cowards.
Shiv Sena Bhawan was attacked,
There was an attack attempted on me...
and you want my Shiv
Sainiks to stay quiet?
I don't need to give orders.
The Hindus were enraged... and
riots broke out.
What Aurangabad?
Why remember that tyrant Aurangzeb?
If you want to remember someone,
then remember Sambhaji Maharaj.
No more Aurangabad.
From today we'll call
this land as Sambhaji Nagar.
The Shiv Sena President
doesn't need to give orders.
It's my Sainik's responsibility that no one
dares to raise even an eyebrow on women.
Police are attacked.
If the Police are insecure,
then what about the public.
My message to those
Police officers are...
that this is the
land of Shivaji Maharaj.
Who are you scared of?
Why are you scared?
If someone dares to raise
a hand on you, then take him down.
You have my support.
Don't mistake these for waves,
because this is an ocean.
And it will stay this way.
The orange flag of Shivaji's reign will
flutter in the skies of Maharashtra...
and I will make sure it does.
This is my promise to you.
The Shiv Sena BJP alliance
has opened doors for Shiv
Sena to the CM's post.
For the first time in history, on 14th
March 1995, in Shivaji Park Dadar...
Mr.Manohar Joshi from Shiv Sena
will swear in as the Prime Minister...
I, Manohar Gajanan Joshi.
Swear in the name of god...
that I will bear true faith and
allegiance to the Constitution of India.
That I will uphold the sovereignty
and integrity of India...
that I will faithfully and
conscientiously discharge my duties...
as a Chief Minister
for the state of Maharashtra...
and that I will do right to all
manner of people in accordance
with the Constitution...
and the law, without fear or favor,
affection or ill-will.
I, Manohar Gajanan Joshi.
Swear in the name of God
I will not directly
or indirectly communicate
or reveal to any person or persons...
any matter which shall
be brought under my consideration...
or shall become known
to me as a Minister...
for the state of Maharashtra
except as may be required...
for the due discharge
of my duties as such Minister.
Do you plead guilty or not guilty?
I plead guilty.
If loving this country is a crime,
then I am a criminal.
If caring for my people is a crime,
then I am a criminal.
People are not for the Law,
the Law is for the people.
The country has always
made me stand in this witness box...
but the people of this country will
decide whether I am right or wrong.
Because I only believe in one court,
and that's the people's court.
I gave courage to those whose spines
were shattered by this Capitalism.
Is that my crime?
This system which gagged
the society for many years...
I became the society's voice
and challenged this system.
Is that my crime?
And if that is a crime,
then I'm prepared to do it again.
In this system, it becomes necessary to
resort to violence after a point of time.
I was an artist.
First I used my brush as my weapon.
But, when it was incapable
of giving justice to the people...
just like our judicial system,
then I believed it was necessary...
to resort to every kind
of violence for justice.
It was justified.
And our history is
full of such examples.
Yes, I plead guilty.
And, even if you hang me
for this crime, I still accept.
Every crime I committed shall run through
the blood of my people as an ideology...
and this Bal Keshav Thackeray shall
thrive in every drop of that blood!
"Heart filled With light."
"And a body that glows like amber."
"Courage... like none other."
"The leader... of the people."
"The leader..."
"You are their protector."
"Those without any help or support..."
"you became their backbone."
"You are Saheb, you are the government."
"You are the great leader."
"You are Saheb, you are the government."
"You are the great leader."
"You chose the path of
truth and honesty."
"You dwelled in every heart,
and heard their plea."
"You showered everyone
with your generosity."
"You welcomed everyone.
"And became one with them."
"You defeated every evil."
"You took on all the pain,
while spreading happiness."
"You fought for everyone's happiness..."
"till your last breath
you thought only for the country."
"The one who had nowhere to go..."
"you became their backbone."
"You are Saheb, you are the government."
"You are the great leader.
"You are Saheb, you are the government."
"You are the great leader"