Thalaivaa (2013) Movie Script

He's Ramadurai.
From Thirunaveli.
He came to Bombay for work.
He's working at the harbor.
He was with Vethaya
while he was alive.
So we follow him
after this.
No, Ramadurai.
l have nothing after he left.
- Please think before you decide...
l have decided.
My wife left me after
knowing l'm in this work.
l'm not ready to loose
my son too.
l will leave everything
behind and head to Madras,
from there l will
leave to overseas.
Please forgive me.
lf Tamilians need to survive
in Bombay against Bahtra..
You need to take over
Vethaya Bhai's place.
For our sake.
For our safety..
Don't do it.
We'll just leave to Madras.
- Are you scared of our son's safety?
Not just that.
lf anything happens to you...
- Don't confuse yourself.
l will take care.
Wait a minute.
They have killed my wife.
l have killed Bahtra.
Once we took the cleaver,
lt will either to guard us,
or to destroy us.
But we can't let it go.
My son is my
only person l have.
He's future shouldn't
destroy because of my actions.
Please bring him with you.
At least let his future be better.
Let this world thinks
he died too.
Follow me.
He have you to take care.
But those people...
Can you call any of her children.
He doesn't have anyone.
l'm his brother,
and my son is here.
Lawyer Radhakrishnan
is here to see you.
Yesterday a case in my court.
Accused is a cinema hero.
Pity a young girl who
worked in his house.
Around 16 years old.
He raped her.
She tried so much seeking
justice in the court..
With his political influence,
he manage to get free.
They have no choice and
reluctantly released him.
As usual, you need to
uphold the justice.
Your expression isn't enough.
l'll show you.
Do like this.
Where did you find him?
- He's a big romantic star.
Yes, they're only
doing romance scene so real.
They are brother's people.
He is the producer of the film.
-You have shoot the film for 10 days.
Here we have the sum
you have spend.
You didn't do wrong.
lt's your hero.
Have it.
- He doesn't like to burden the innocents.
Pooranam Builder's owner is here.
He's Pooranam's owner.
A big businessman.
l know with government's order,
l can't do anything here.
That is why l came seeking you.
This is the project for that place.
We'll builder high class apartment for
people who is currently living at the land.
We planned to build private
apartment in this place.
We will give a sum for you.
The plan is good, but where will
stay till you finish the apartment?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Who else involves with you?
l know everything.
The sum you're giving me is
for this project or the port?!
Things you have in mind,
won't happen while l'm alive.
Yes dad.
l was waiting for your calls.
-Today is your mother's memorial service.
l know, dad.
What happened to
your dance selection?
We believe will be selected.
We must see success once
we take up any task.
You are my son.
Call me once you succeed.
You forget everything
once your dad calls!
What are you all doing outside?!
They chased us out coz
didn't do anything inside.
They disqualified us after
all the hard work we put.
All wasted.
Let's go back.
We must get selected however.
Or father will be sad.
Will he be sad coz we're not
selected because of his own action?!
What is this?!
When will our orders will delivered?
My bro Viswa,
asked me to come to a place urgently.
lt must be a big quantity orders,
will come to your place after settling here.
What are you talking!
l want water soon!
- lf you want water sooner,
You peel 1 kg of onion,
you will have the water from your eyes.
Why did you guys ask me
to come here urgently?
You know l doesn't like dance right.
-Why is that?!
Coz l can't dance.
Where is Viswa and rest?
My truck!
l need to deliver!
lt's getting late!
My truck key! My glass!
What do you want?
-What are you'll doing?!
Why are you keep on searching for lndian
girl just because you promised your dad?!
Why don't you just get
married with a foreign girl.
lt won't happen.
Here they have boyfriends
in the age of 10.
l can't go down as that...
So you're saying
foreign girls are waste?
lt's not like that.
lt is good as a girlfriend.
But as a wife, lndian girls is better.
What are you trying to say?
Our girls will open the door for
their drunken husband.
But we as husband have to open the
door for drunken wife, its foreign girls.
That is why l'm searching
for lndians.
None responded for my calls.
And no delivery is done!
Who is barking over there?!
-What should l answer my customer?!
Our customer!
Came to make complaint on us.
Where is your owner?!
Where is Log?
What happened to you bro?!
What are you doing?!
You never deliver even they
called you so many times!
ls this a company or else?!
lf this is how things goes...
We just need to shut off this company!
l'm very strict!
What are you staring at?!
- Staring at you.
Enough of staring at me!
Go and deliver goods on time.
Can't believe it right?
l will check him by myself.
You have all the capabilities
to become a politician.
Everyone is talking
about Tamil Passanga.
You did one step,
it was awesome.
l just saw it on YouTube
this morning.
YouTube and our village
old ladies are same.
lf get one news,
will spread everywhere!
Let's go.
We have been selected for
the dance competition.
Why are they driving like this?
l've convince everyone to
take you in for this competition.
You got in because
of your talent.
There is only 1 month
period for the event.
Practice well.
Send me the list of
your dancers.
Where is lndian spices?
Have checked all your stock?
Check whether is
this the address?
Why are you following
my daughter?!
He's not the one!
l'm the one who called them
to supply water for our restaurant.
She's my daughter Meera.
She lost her mother.
l pampered her from small.
That is why l got tensed when
she said someone disturbed her.
So is it ok if she was disturbed
while her mother still around?
He's our cook.
Have it.
He's a good cook.
We found him in Australia itself.
Only now we're testing
his cooking.
Try it.
Once l started to cook,
everyone's mouth will be watery.
For what?
So can spit on you?
How many stock you need?
You supply 100 bottles first.
Then we'll order as the demand.
Please eat.
Why you names Gangga mineral water?
- My mother's name.
Couldn't bring water to Tamilnadu,
but you manage to bring to Australia.
Ok, sir.
We'll move first.
Sit.. sit..
How can you just leave like that?
Money? - Not the money,
tell me about the taste.
lts superb.
lt's true.
Black coffee was superb.
What happened?
- lt wasn't coffee, its lndian soup.
Thank you for coming in
my dreams all these days.
Why are you tearing it?
- l'm fixed.
lt is called love right, when a girl sees
my live is more important than hers.
l couldn't see
anything like that.
You didn't saw what happened.
You were busy talking with her father.
At that time she was staring at me.
Don't you confused yourself, bro.
Her staring isn't enough as thinking.
Did she said that she loves you?
- Soon!
l'm going to see my lover,
why all of you following me?
Your lover?!
Do Meera loves you?
Only now l'm going to proposed
her by giving this rose.
Where are you all heading
to with these roses?
ls there any of your friend
passed away?
We're also going to propose her.
Don't you have a heart?!
lf you get in a bus, sure kids will give
you their seats coz of your old looks.
And you need love in this age?!
We were waiting many days for an
lndian girl come here so can marry her.
And where you came
from in sudden?!
Curse you. lt's not many days,
its many years you have waited.
First of all, you're not from here.You
turn will come after she rejects all of us.
Go and queue up.
Need to reject all of you?!
Don't all you know your status?!
What is it bro?
We're practicing an important move.
Why are you disturbing us?
-What kind of movements?!
ln the name of dance, all of you keep
on sweeping the floor again and again!
Teach me to develop my love before
you teach them the movements.
We shouldn't chase these girls.
We should make girls chase us.
lf that it so, l need to
snatch their handbag and run.
Look here, if she likes you.
Sure she will come looking for you.
You told us it's a factory,
but it looks like a dance studio.
Factory is our profession,
and dance is our passion.
So you perform in shows?
Yes, we're quite popular here.
You should heard about Tamil Passanga.
l didn't anything about it.
Why did you came so far to see me,
l have come there if you just told me...
l didn't come to see you.
l came to see him.
We're equal now.
Tell me, what is it about?
We're opening our restaurant tomorrow,
so dad ask me to invite all our suppliers.
Please come.
Don't eat anything before come.
Are you going to test our blood?
- Not that, we giving breakfast there.
You too.
She didn't came to see you.
She came to invite you so can see me.
Yes, that is true.
She came to invite you.
So you go there by yourself tomorrow.
Careful, they gave a great food that day.
Whatever it is,
l will eat bricks for my love.
You eat it.
Why must l?
You should eat it too.
Because you're my bro!
ls everything ready?
Come and taste it.
Try tell me what is this?
- 'Tairu sattam'.
lts 'Uppuma'.
What is this nonsense?
- lts 'Kurma'.
lt's so wrong.
How you can open a restaurant
when you doesn't know anything.
l don't understand.- lt's not
wrong l want to run this business.
To hire you is my biggest mistake.
Put more here.
Superb dishes.
Come this side for a while.
Last spoon, anyone wants this?
He wants it.
ls there any hospital nearby?
lts near...
Put it then.
All the dishes finished.
- Don't just smell, taste it.
Don't worry.
Come tomorrow, l will do more.
Tomorrow too?
-We will come tomorrow too.
We will come tomorrow too.
You don't know how
to value a preciousness.
You have tie my hand by
not allowing me to cook more!
Actually he shout chop off your
hand to cook like this.
-Why didn't you ate anything?
You doesn't like the food?
- No, l only take coffee for breakfast.
Did you friends like the food?
Meera asking about the food.
-Tell her it was superb.
He said it was superb
and will come daily.
When did l said that?
-You told me earlier.
lt was then..
-Yes, you..
- Our..
Can l join in your dance team?
What is that?
- lt seems Meera likes dance..
She would like to join
in our dance team.
You doesn't like dance right.
- lt's not l don't like, l can't dance.
All the same.
Let it go.
What are doing?
You didn't go for delivery?
l have send a week stock for
whole Australia last night.
Didn't you go see Meera
at her restaurant?
Don't call it a restaurant.
lt's a agencies to send people to hell.
Then where will you meet her?
- At our dance class.
How could that be?
You and the dance are so in distance right.
Tell me how far is that?
l'll take cab and come there.
Please teach me dance.
lt isn't easy to learn dance.
What so great about dance?!
People have become popular
by shaking head like this, right.
Who was that?
Low self-esteem?
Look here.
MJ steps 2 spoons, 1 1 /2 spoon of
Prabhudeva and 1 /2 spoon of your step.
Mix it all and get ready for me a
new step to impress Meera.
l will go and do stretches
and be back.
Why did you let all
these old people in?!
When did l accept them?
Please let us join.
You're guru for us after this.
Dance is our life.
They have aged long time ago.
Do they need dance now?!
l will chase them
out now itself.
Sure there will be
competitions for love.
lf you dance better than the rest,
sure she will impressed.
They dancing like old aged people.
Do you know how a movement should be?
lt should be manly.
Do you want to see it?
Show a movement.
lt have been so long
since l danced.
Why is shaking like lamb
which have been beheaded.
Why are you alone?
Where is your troop?
They're not my troop.
l was at the place where they were.
Why must they follow me?
Look behind.
You told them something,
and they left in upset.
What happened?
- l told them the truth.
What was that?
What all of you want?
-We're bachelors in this town.
We were waiting for an lndian girl
come here, and get married with her.
We will try in a group. lf the girl like
any one of us, the rest will walkway.
That is our gentlemen agreement
among us.
l have heard 'l love you'.
This is 1st time hearing 'We love you'.
He must agree if l want to
love or marry one of you.
lt's your father right?
l will take care.
Not my father, but my husband.
-You're married?!
You're married?!
What do you want to eat?
lt's ok.
l just drop by to check stock.
lt's still the same.
Check it.
Where is Meera?
Dad not around?
- He went out.
Do you want anything to eat?
Please sit.
You might not wearing tradition
things showing you're married.
ls there people don't even
hang his photos?
Whose photo?
Your husband photo.
You want to see my husband?
ls it him?
He's a big star in Tamilnadu.
He dance in this song
reminding of me.
Who is he?! He looks like
Poorstar, brother of Powerstar.
They're like a sleeper cells.
We couldn't know where they are.
They suddenly pop up some
where and destroy our life.
lt seems he's a big
star in Tamilnadu.
He actually dance like
this thinking of Meera.
ls this a dance movements?
Then why did torture us
with all the stunt steps?!
Look at him, shaking his hand
like spinning a key chain.
Shaking plants, like a wet bird
and manage to get Meera.
Your dance should go to drain!
This is the payment for last stock.
l need 300 bottles this time.
Check the amount.
l could come and receive
the payment from you.
What is in this. l thought of
seeing your office, so l came.
l prefer everything in a class too.
But one let down.
ln the cook matter l failed.
- lt's not only the cook.
What else?
-You're living in a quality life..
But why did you get a lousy
groom for your daughter...
Groom for my daughter?!
My daughter haven't get married yet.
l was thinking to seek
groom this year.
Where is everyone?
Everyone is busy at factory.
We have rehearsal right?
How could both of you doing
while he's there and you're here?
What to do?
l'm asking him to come here.
He's tight with
shooting schedule.
Won't he even calls you?
He will call once a
while when he is free.
But if he calls,
he won't hang.
He keep on telling..
l even call him this morning.
But he didn't answer.
He must be busy.
That is why l'm upset.
l'm Sam here.
-Which Sam?
Your husband.
Why did you hang?
Talk to him.
l won't talk.
l'm upset right!
Why must l talk to him?!
- He's calling from lndia..
What is wrong between
husband and wife?!
Talk to him!
Why did you hang?
l love you.
He's talking exactly as you said.
Talk to him.
Talk to me.
l call you to hear your voice right.
Dear, l'm busy now.
l will call you later.
She's not busy..
What is the matter?
l couldn't be without seeing you.
So l'm here.
He is here?!
Ask him where is he?
Where are you?
Which part?
-That a surprise.
Look behind.
You told me he did this song for
you, why are you running away?!
Catch him.
- Don't run.
He have traveled so
far to see you.
What l'm doing between
husband and wife's problem.
l'm not married.
l doesn't know him.
Catch him.
For coming to Australia for us. - l manage
to come coz l have shooting in Australia.
lf l was shooting in lndia
l might have not come.
He's trying for a land
that is booked.
A girl in your team?
Try to understand, it is wrong to
make lSD call from friend's lphone.
Don't do it. lt is wrong to do
prayers for someone's vehicle.
You might don't
believe in love.
But about your future wife...
For me everything is my dad.
l never seen my mom as l remembered.
l never got a chance
to feel her love.
My future wife should be more than a wife,
l would like her to be a mother for me.
lt is wrong to do pickles using
mangoes that belongs to someone else.
Why are we here?
Today we rehearse
in auditorium.
Shall we go?
-You go ahead, l have things to do.
l thought you're a
decent person.
What happened?
How the girls fall for you
and your responds to them.
That is the problem.
What is it on me?
You can talk to anyone...
lt's a small injury.
lt will be fine in 2 days.
When can she discharge...
ln 2 days.
l can't change finalist dancers.
lf you want to take part, she must dance.
Let it go.
We'll see next time.
Don't!They're one kind.
Nothing can be solved
with fighting.
Your victory is not by beating them.
lts winning in the competition that counts.
She's bored in the room.
That is why...
Shall we go?
- She's not discharged yet.Where?
Can l be the mother
of your life?
Meera told me everything.
Shall we meet your parents?
Dad doing business at Mumbai.
He only comes once a year to see me.
l need to talk to him about this.
Can you ask him to come?
lt isn't fair saying he's busy, asking you
to get married and later he will visit you.
A son's life is important right.
Not that, it must be very important.
-Why if he's busy, we go to him.
l have asked him many times,
he doesn't like me to go back there.
Why must we tell him,
we give him a surprise.
Will he be upset?
l will be back in 1 0 days.
Why are you in dull?
lf you told me earlier that you love her,
sure l will let her go for you.
But you lied to me saying
she's married.
l suppose to marry her,
but now sending her off.
l respect our friendship.
lt's time to go.
Shall we go.
What is the house address
at Mumbai?
lt's a famous place at Mumbai.
ls famous,
Beside there.
Uncle, Viswa here.
Where is our house at Mumbai?
- l'll be in lndia tomorrow morning.
What are you talking?
- Don't tell dad.
Please send car to pick me.
Situation now is not right...
l will call you.
Shall we go.
- And you are?
Uncle send me.
l thought my dad is busy,
but my uncle is busy too.
But at least he have sent
a aircond vehicle.
-They asked me to bring you here.
Come Viswa.
- Police didn't sees you?
- Get the gun from the driver.
What is happening here?
Who are they?
Sure you have thousands questions.
Dad will answer you.
-Where is he?
lt is not that easy to see
him in this situation.
No one knows where he is.
Sure he knows that you're here.
He will call you.
What is this all about? You told me
your father is a big businessman.
Who is your father?
What is he doing?!
He told me he is
running business.
What a Tamilian running
a business here?
ls a businessman will
hide from policeman?
Your father doing
wrong work.
Dad. - Look here Meera,
it's not wrong to love.
lt is important to know the
background of your partner.
l doesn't know anything.
l only know after coming here...
Dad asked to bring you in.
-You alone.
Go in.
- No.
Please sit.
Shall we go.
Let's go.
- He's upstairs. Go ahead.
l was thinking that
all this is a mistake.
But l have saw you.
l saw your true color.
You avoid me from
here because of this..
Who are you?
What wrong you're doing?
For whom you're living by
scarifying me and my mother?
Answer me, dad.
For them.
l wanted to be a good leader
and a father.
My decision...
Not to spoil your future..
l stayed away from
you all these years...
Then why do you
need to hide?
l'm not a Gandhi
nor Buddha.
All this while,
l do whatever l feel is right.
l never think is it right
or wrong.
And one thing that
l did is...
Have grew bigger and
stabbing me.
You are?
-Your friend.
Enemy of your enemy
is your friend.
Go and get Anna!
Selling drugs in the hospital!
- Do you know whose hospital is this?!
Where is Anna?!
Where are you hiding Anna?!
People are protesting
not to arrest Anna.
l never scared for death.
l should died with your mother.
But he's not just want
to destroy me alone.
This place...
Life of these people.
That is why l'm hiding
from police.
Follow me back.
Where do you
want me to go?
This is an
one way road.
Only life will go
away from here.
Once we took the cleaver,
lt will either to guard us,
or to destroy us.
We can't let it go.
the things you saw...
Forget all.
Go back.
l was believing that
you're happy here..
That is why l was
living there..
l'm not going back.
You don't need life like this.
Let it go with me.
You need to go..
Get married with the girl you love..
Live happily.
My wish as a father.
The father and his daughter
got scared seeing us.
They are leaving tonight.
They never listen to us.
And they went to stay at a hotel.
Which hotel?
- Don't.
Situation is not good outside.
And the police department...
lt will be troublesome
if all of you follow.
l'll go alone.
lt's my son's life.
Dad, she's Meera.
l'm not here as Anna.
l came as his Viswa's father.
lt's getting late,
you go in.
Taxi will be here soon.
Pack up soon.
You go back...
Bring back my son too.
You saw my life.
He is not involve in it.
For my sake,
His life...
Dad, you don't need
to do this for me...
No, this must happen.
For my mistakes,
don't spoil my son's..
Sun news. Because of the death
of Anna while under police custody.
There is a clash between
police and public.
The clash grew big.
On this Delhi have ordered Emergency,
by this people's life effected.
lt's a say that police did the murder
of Anna.What is your answer?
What do you want me to do?
Who murdered Anna?
Who are the people involved?
Give me order to investigate
on this case.
You are young.
With a young blood.
This is a system.
We're not alone in this system.
Politicians in it,
and so criminals.
Police and the system is here
to keep law and order.
lf we ourselves do wrong?!
Then what the need
law and order?
Even l was like you when
l became a policeman.
Will question everything,
and fight for law.
Nothing changes here.
The one that changed is me.
l can't change myself such, sir.
lf l felt l'm changing as you say,
l will quit.
lt's my 25 years of determination.
You have fulfill my father's dream.
People like Anna will now realize what will
happen when they oppose a politician.
You're in charge in everything
here after this.
He have the whole
place in his control.
We can't live opposing Bheema.
We were in safe hand
when Anna was around.
But now we have no one...
l'm here.
You are new here.You're talking
without knowing Bheema's capabilities.
He killed Anna.
We're nothing.
How can we oppose knowing you are
backing us up... -What are you talking?!
He's saying that he
will back us up right?!
Keep on talking nonsense.
lf we scared today,
it will prolong for life.
Bro, l'm believing in you.
Let the non believer leave.
Don't you come
inside this life.
This world totally different.
What should happen,
it happened.
None can change that.
Don't confused yourself...
- Must bring people who involved to justice.
Even the justice is
in their control, right.
That is how they killed Anna...
We know how to get revenge
on Anna's death.
This is the ticket for
you to go back.
Please leave this place.
We don't want to lose you too.
This wasn't my decision,
its Anna's decision.
ls there any other
way to go airport?
No, it will turn to green soon.
We'll move.
Listen to me!
Don't go!
Your death will be
a lesson for others.
lf anyone try to oppose
Bheema in this Mumbai...
Viswa, listen to me.
Let's go from here.
They have cut in 8 parts.
lt is critical.
lt is not enough saying
we will back up.
Look now, because of your word,
the whole family will destroy.
Don't we know, answer me!
What should be done?!
We're keeping quiet
not because we scared.
Waiting for our time.
l thought if you stay here,
you'll be in trouble.
Now the others get into
problem because of you.
lt must said others
lived because of us.
Shouldn't die because of us.
Go back.
lt seems he won't go back.
We thought he's a kid.
- Not just a kid, Anna's kid.
So will we get trouble in
tomorrow function?
lt won't.
lf he still alive right.
This is the last warning!
All of you in 5 minutes must...
Must pack up everything
and leave from here!
This is a murder case.
We can't give bail.
We need to see him.
You can't see him.
What will you do? Get out.
lf anything happen to
Viswa as happened to Anna...
Let's go.
We see him in court.
What case?
lt's a murder case.
He killed Bheema's men.
The accused is Anna's son.
lt seems Anna raised
him oversea.
Where is he?
Mahim station.
ln police custody.
Then it's hard to get bail.
Small kid.You're doing things
not knowing who we are.
l thought of letting you go..
l seen you.
l was searching for you.
And l saw you.
l shouldn't kill someone
else thinking you, right.
You will kill me?
l will kill you as
you kill my dad!
You need to be
alive for that, right.
What are you doing?!
This is police station.
l will get into problem.
l will let him alive.
You take his life outside.
Before that, see whether you
can get to see the sun rise or not.
Our duty is to present the accused
to court once arrested.
Not to tie and
beat them up.
Button up!
Don't involve unnecessary.
This is politics.
l'm not a politician,
and not working for them.
Sir, Ranji here.
lt is the station responsibility whoever
they arrested to produce to the court.
Leave that place now.
Go back home.
- Sir, l'm doing night shift.
l will take care.
You leave.
Come here.
Go and buy chicken
bryani and mutton kurma.
Just come after 2 hours.
How long need to
wait for you?!
Viswa, it's us.
Bring him silently.
Don't just go.
Beat me.
Hit me!
Where is Viswa?
Your men who
came and took him.
He was in your custody right?!
Need to produce him to the court.
Who is going to take responsibility?
- l will bring him in.
Or give me order to
encounter him, l will..
Police should protect civilians,
because of officer like
him civilians protecting us.
None came to witness your
murder not because of fear...
Because of respect.
The word 'leader' is
not a word we go for.
lt should come to us.
They are calling you.
Calling you as their leader.
This money isn't for you.
lt's for us.
For our safety.
Please take it.
All of you are employees
at Anna's trust.
You will receive salary monthly.
And this is the atm card.
He is Kumar.
He having a video shop.
At his opposite shop
there is a internet cafe.
What is the problem?
-They are doing bad things in the cafe.
This is your wife's video.
Try to complaint this.
We only have reasons to kill them,
but you have the rights.
We are not the wrong doers.
We are the one who against them.
What are you doing here?
Everyone have work to do right.
l'm the one useless here.
That van doesn't have clutch,
you can drive it.
Now onwards you're like god
Krishna for everyone of us.
This is the house.
Who are you?
- Shall we go?
Who am l?
ls the flight delayed?
He is our brother Ratna's son.
- Saw him when he was small.
How are you?
Your father was
everything for us.
He gave us Anna and left us.
ls it only Anna he gave,
or he gave money to pass it to me?
Answer me.
Where is Viswa?
- He's in meeting.
He's in meeting?!
You told me he's in a meeting?
But he is talking to that kind of people.
They not ordinary people.
They are rowdies and gangsters.
What is the meeting about?
- Don't do all these, repent.
We will give money
monthly for you.
What is all this?
You look totally different.
l know you can't come after dad's lost.
l didn't aspect you will
stay permanently here.
We don't need all this.
Let's go back.
Where do you want me to go?
This is one way road.
Only life goes from here.
Once we took the cleaver,
lt will either to guard us,
or to destroy us.
But we can't let it go.
Come Bheema,
tell me.
lt won't take long time to do
as l did to make you a minister.
What happened? -Viswa getting
stronger, and you didn't do anything!
What do you want me to do?
A big group of people backing him up.
lf we let him,
he'll be the next Anna.
We can't destroy him with anger.
But with smartness.
With political smartness.
Why did you ask
me to come here?
Look there.They are protesting to
chase out non Maharishians from Mumbai.
So what?
What are trying to say now?
This is Mathunga area.
Maharisian population very less here.
Bihari and Tamilian
are more in this area.
Today there will be a big clash
between Maharisian and rest.
And for sure Viswa will
come to settle the clash.
At that time we will kill him.
How will he be here?
- Sure he will come.
For the sake of these people.
What should l do here?
- Don't do anything.
You just avoid police to
interfere till we kill Viswa.
Ok, what is your plan?
All of them our men.
After you leave from here.
They will split to 2 groups,
one group will join as the protester.
Another group will
be with civilians.
Once they at positions, the ones with the
civilian will throw stones at the protester.
Once someone get injured,
protester will run off.
But our men inside protester's group
will throw petrol bomb to civilians.
And the rest will join them.
And a big clash will start.
He recorded everything,
catch him.
l'm videographer Kumar here.
-Yes, Kumar.
ln Mathunga area...
- Uncle.
A big clash going on at Mathunga,
go and check it up.
Turn the van.
A big clash happened, and none
of the policemen came to the scene!
We did call them.
-Then why weren't they came?!
What is the problem there?
-They asking non Maharisian to send off.
lf not they warned that they
will burn down this hospital.
Don't you involve in this.
We save and brought them
from the incident.
l don't know who is Bihari,
Tamil, nor Maharisian among them.
lf you can figure it out.
Go ahead.
Get them and kill them.
Come here!
Look at him. Can you figure
it out by seeing at his blood?
Whether is he Maharisian or else?!
lf can, kill him!
Can you see anything from
that innocent girl?
lf you can see,
kill her!
Do you know anyone
among them?
Are any of them is your enemy?
No, right?! Then why must
these innocent people die?!
For the sake of who?!
They created cast, language
and rest to live.
You beat and chasing off because
they areTamilian, Bihar and rest...
Tomorrow in their land, they will
do the same to your brothers.
lt will prolong forever.
You and him not
from other country!
All belongs to the
same country, lndia!
Everyone have rights
to stay anywhere.
lf you still feel to kill them,
go and kill them!
Get up, slowly.
- Don't.
Give us some poison.
We'll die drinking it.
They will send all of us
out from here.
Better we'll die rather than end up on
the street begging without home.
Not everyone gets a family,
few like me doesn't have parents.
Some of you doesn't
have brothers or sisters.
That is why god send them to us.
We don't know what we have to give them.
But we will give
what we have.
Can l bring her back home?
Come to my house.
You did better than Anna.
Cause of the clash that happened
recently have been found.
Dinakaran news reporter who went
to get news about the protester,
He have captured photo of
the people who started the clash.
Mumbai police are searching who
are they and what is their motive.
lf you stayed here too, who will take
care of your business in Australia?
lt's not so important.
l was living without
knowing my blood history.
lt seems Anna will
scared of my father.
And l was born to him,
l felt humiliated supplying water.
So what are you
going to do here?
Pity Viswa,
he lost his dad right?
So l thought of being
godfather for him.
Greetings, police sister!
ls it new jeep?
You came for a round?
Sis, l doesn't know
who is Viswa.
He just met in facebook.
You look like disco Shanti
in this attire.
lts Vijayshanti.
And without knowing this,
l tried to love you..
Did you see how l escaped?
You should ran off from here.
Where should l go?
This is one way road.
Only life goes from here.
We don't need to
scared of anyone.
Because we're in a temple.
Our god will look
after us if anything.
Why are the police here?
Whoever it is,
law will punish the guilty.
He is safe right?
Tell him not to come
to Mumbai till l say so.
What are you talking
about vegetables with her?
They already cooked right.
She wants to see Viswa.
-Why won't she tells us the matter?!
Tell me.
Whatever it is.
l'm bigger than Viswa.
She lost something,
Viswa should find it for her.
They will lost things everywhere,
and she want only Viswa to find it?!
She didn't lost it.
Someone stole it.
Who is that?!
All come here!
Who stole it from her?!
ls he?!
Or him?!
Why are you standing in group
wearing old clothes?!
Go back!
All of you doesn't
know me well.
l'm greater than Viswa.
You're saying someone stole
from her.What did she lost?
l will tell you.
Who took her 'dil' (heart)?
Who stole her 'dil' (heart)?!
Logu, 'dil' means heart!
Someone stole her heart.
And you have...
Who stole your heart?
Your Viswa is the one stole her
heart. Do you courage to ask him?
l don't have courage,
but have alcohol.
Shall we go and ask him
together after drank it?!
Get lost!
We will take care of that tape.
Don't hide him.
Finish him off.
We'll be in mess if he
get caught by police.
ln politics not everything
that happens side us.
We must take advantage for
every things that happens.
lf a girl came to our place
saying she loves Viswa,
l feel she must be ClD, CBl, or DSP.
Why are you saying she's a police.
She doesn't look such.
She won't look such, but she will
well planned and get us arrested.
She shouldn't get near Viswa.
She shouldn't come into this house.
We must guarded well..
- Greetings.
She's greet us so
can lock us in!
l have saved Viswa from her.
He's in bar?!
Since when he started to drink?
lt means outside.
- Outside?!
Open the door!
Then who is bathing inside?
- My dad.
lt's already late.
Come and eat.
lf we still be calm,
things will get worst.
We must take action.
Usually in this situation, someone will
open the door and make us the comedian.
That is for comedian,
but l'm the hero.
Things happened
as he says.
Sun news.
At Mumbai Mahim station,
A photographer named Kumar
was murdered mysteriously.
And made a big news among people.
Kumar is the one took video
on her wedding day.
How did he died...
He called me before l
head to the clash site.
As Gowri says,
Kumar was at the place.
But how he ended up at Mahim?
The person involved in the
clash have surrender to police.
What is in that?
He gave statement that Viswa
who ordered him to do it.
Police will come any minute
to arrest Viswa.
lt's not a problem is
we didn't get the tape.
But for sure Viswa will get
all the information thru Arjun.
We chased him thinking
the tape is with him.
But it wasn't with him.
l came here thinking he might pass
it to someone to send it here at his shop.
He didn't pass it to anyone.
lf he gave to someone sure the things
he recorded have published by now.
The tape was with him
when he get in the train.
lf when he doesn't
have when he get down..
ln that train..
Why didn't a pick
pocket stole it?
lt's a big network in Mumbai.
- There is 1000 more people involved.
Sure there will be 1
leader for all of them.
That's belongs to
Cembor Ravi's area.
Sure people who escaped have informed
that we're searching for that tape too.
Before he gets the tape,
we must get it.
Why you came this far?
Two days ago, Viswa's friend thing
got missing at Mahim station.
ls it with you?
Or whom can we seek for it?
ls your friend a big shot?
Just now Bheema came
asking the same thing.
Who took it?
That area belongs to Bendra Raju.
- Do you have his phone number?
Bheema is going on our track.
But he is heading us.
What happened?
Didn't get his number?
He's somewhere in a bar.
How many bars in Bhendra?
There is 6 to 7 bars.
What song is this?
Where is the most Bhojpuri
people located?
He's not in this bar.
Go and check the other bar.
As l thought, Viswa have found
the place where the tape is.
He's on the way to
Bhanderas to get Nandu.
lf he get him before we did,
we will get caught.
l will take care.
- Bhanderas, who is Nandu?
l need his number fast!
Do you have Bhanderas Nandu's
phone number? - l don't have.
Do you have pick pocket
Nandu's number? - No.
l will give.
We got the number.
l will talk to you later.
Keep on talking to him,
don't stop.
Pick up!
Don't let him put down.
- Ask him where is the company?
You go ahead.
You wasted a vada.
Where is the cassette you
stole at the Mahim station?!
You won't get all that.
But we have vada bread.
Do you want?
A new evidence about the recent
clash have been exposed.
A video tape have been presented
as an important evidence to this case.
People who involved in this
case is Bheema a gangster,
and Sub lnspector RanjiVarma
has been seen in that video.
And in the video shows that Minister
Krishna and Bheema have started this clash.
Who is Bheema? What is the link
between a rowdy and me?!
This is a drama planned by my
opponents to drag me down.
You have showed your
dirty politic face!
Your death is in my hand!
Wait and see.
How is your place?
You used to this place right.
l was here for 1 7 years.
To kill your father.
But now l'm in to kill you.
You will kill me?
- l will!
But you need to be alive right.
My father is a good man.
He let you live.
But l...
He shouldn't see the
sunrise tomorrow.
What happened?
He's death.
Minister must be
very angry with us.
How will he help us?
Only he can help us to
escape from this case.
We have vada bread,
do you want?
Call for you.
What is happening there Bheema?
l couldn't do as l said.
But l'm doing as
what you said.
You're a great person.
You have killed Minister
as you said.
l would like to learn
all this from you.
But you won't
be alive longer.
How to kill you
just like that.
l planned your
escape from jail.
lt won't miss this time.
lt's a murder case.
Very strong.
Now the power is
in our hand.
No politicians above us,
so do criminals.
You can take as many
force you want.
Bheema and his men
shouldn't be alive!
lf we didn't destroy Viswa,
lt's us who going to destroy!
Today is 'Maha Siva Rathiri'.
Everyone will be celebrating tonight.
At this time he must be murdered.
Uncle, why bringing me here?
-You're helping everyone when hard times.
Won't you join them
when happy times?! Sit.
No, thanks.
lt's not milk,
it's called 'Bhongu'.
Need to drink on 'Sivarathiri'.
lt's the custom.
lt's not milk,
it's called 'Bhongu'.
Need to drink on 'Sivarathiri'.
lt's the custom.
lt's not milk,
it's called 'Bhongu'.
Need to drink on 'Sivarathiri'.
lt's the custom.
A dance?
Who is there?
One bhongu for my bro.
She's asking about your mother!
She's from police department!
See what have they done?
We got scared that they
did something to you too.
l didn't know.
We didn't know what happened.
We saw their bodies in the morning.
We got so scared thinking they
have done something to you too.
Everyone who
was here for you left you.
They even didn't leave
the girl who loved you.
l mistakenly doubt her..
Where is uncle?
- l have searched for him everywhere.
We're scared he might
be killed too.
Call for you.
Many of you people
died for you.
Don't sacrifice one more life.
lf you want back your uncle...
You must come alone.
You stay here.
You only need me right?
Let him go...
You told me,
using him we can get Anna.
lt happened.
And told me,
using you to get Viswa.
And it happened too.
You destroyed his
whole empire in one night.
You such a great person.
Murali, where are you?
l'm here.
Where are you?
Who are you all?!
Only left is Viswa.
Why are you referring
as a great person.
l was doing everything
you asked. l will continue doing.
Ask the builders company
to chase people from Mahim.
And take the land.
After this no one will oppose you.
Whatever it is,
he is my brother's son.
He's still alive.
Don't take time.
Finish him off.
l'll make a move.
Get in.
Let's go.
Brother is not coming?
- Get in.
Dad, where is he?
Give me the phone.
Bheema have murdered Viswa.
You can arrest Bheema
if you go there now.
What are you talking?!
What happened to him?!
l have killed him.
Pass me the cash as you said,
and get the Mahim port.
What is going on?
What are you doing?!
He never listen me that we can live
wealthy after all we went thru.
He never live wealthy
and didn't let me too.
That is why l bring
Viswa back here and get him.
But l didn't think Viswa will
take over his dad's place.
l was working for my brother,
and now need to work for his son?!
After this there won't
Bheema nor Viswa.
After this l'm the leader,
you're my assistant.
We received information that
Bheema have murdered Viswa.
Bheema and his men
at the murder spot.
What are you saying.
-You can arrest them if you go now.
What happened?
- Bheema and rest tried to escape.
That is why..
l thought the thing l loved
most is my profession,
But l get to know that
l love Viswa more than this.
Where are you heading
to without telling anyone?
No one can oppose Viswa
in Mumbai after this.
That is why l'm getting
out from here.
Few months later...
Lawyer Radhakrishnan
is here to see you.
Yesterday had a case,
l only could fight in court..
but didn't get justice.