Thalassa, Thalassa (1994) Movie Script

Wait for me!
Not so fast!
Wait for me!
You are late!
Watch what you're doing,
you kids! Little pests!
Hey, Mortu!
- What is it, can I come?
- OK. Come on.
- Mortu, get the bags, hurry up.
- OK.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
Where's Mortu? Coming?
Hey, Mortu.
Run, Mortu, run!
- What's going on?
- Just wait, you'll see.
- It is far away?
- Wait!
- How far is it?
- Damn! Where are we going?
- Hey, what did you do?
- Hey, you dick!
Come on!
- Wait for me!
- Hurry up!
Wait for me!
Wait, I want to come too...
We're not going anywhere.
How much farther?
Stop. Leave the bikes here.
- Here?
- Sure.
Come on.
Where are you going?
Where? Hey!
Is this what you're bringing us to?
Where does the only way?
Hey, wait.
Stop right there, don't move.
- What's he doing?
- No idea.
He's made us run around
just to look at this rustheap?
I don't know. Maybe he's
just left us all standing here.
Yeah, to stare at this pile of junk.
I think he's having us on.
You're kidding! This is crazy!
Look at the headlights.
And the wheels!
Whose is it?
Is it yours?
Where did you find it, Fane?
Look here.
This is really cool.
Fane, can I get in?
Look out!
- Wait, stop shoving.
- What is these button for?
- For the heated seats.
- Really?
- Ah?
- Hands off!
- Let's see what is it for.
- Look out!
Hey, guys, look at that!
Come, let's see the engine.
Open up already!
Hey look, I've pulled the
antenna out, how cool!
What are you doing over there?
Wait, you guys!
- Look!
- The car is totally in good shape!
Looks so great. The pure madness.
Damn powerful machine.
"Jaguar". What's that mean?
- Hey, guys! I'm coming!
- So many wires?
- What's this?
- I'll tell you the same.
- And that one?
- To check the oil level.
Leave it alone.
Hey, look who's here.
What are you doing here?
I told you to stay at bikes!
- Why? I want to come.
- You're crazy well.
- Go on, watch the bikes.
- Get out!
Go to the bikes.
You deaf or something?
- What's that?
- Beware, beware.
Let's go for a ride.
- You stay here.
- Why, Fane?
- I have to start off first.
- Come on, Fane!
Fane, please, let's go too!
- We want to, too...
- It's really not fair.
- What's that?
- What'd we stop for?
What a jerk, that was fun.
We stopped just when
it was getting good.
Pasa, is it far to the sea?
Is it far to the sea?
The sea? No, not much.
At least, approximately 42 km away.
You ever been to the sea?
Yeah. When I was little, with my dad.
He had some business there.
And where is...
- What?
- The sea.
Oh, the sea? Over there.
I've never been to the sea...
- Me neither. Have you, Rosu?
- Uh uh.
What about you, Jan?
What would've I been doing there?
What about you, Fane? Have you been?
Why do not we go there?
Let's go to the sea.
Come on, to the sea!
Going to the the sea. Yeah! The sea!
Well, now what, which way do we go?
Don't worry, I know.
Mortu, get my bag.
- And so? Where are we on the map?
- What?
I can't see our village.
is not even plotted.
We're not too far from the sea.
- How do you know?
- I know, but if you don't believe me...
I believe you.
- Hey. Jan.
- Did you hear something then?
- Back there.
- Nothing.
Yeah, it's coming from the back...
I'm sure...
Watch out, it could be a trap.
Come on. Open it slow.
It's Sisi.
- Sisi, you little scab.
- Come out, you little asshole!
What are you doing, idiot?
Didn't I tell you not to
come with us? Didn't I?
You been jerking off in there?
Look at this little brat!
Little jerk!
- What are we going to do with him?
- We have to take him with us.
Come on, let's go. Get in, stinkbug.
Hey, I found some water.
You just sit quiet, Sisi.
OK, Pasa, now what?
- How long?
- That way, east.
Phew! Stink!
- Hey, Mortu.
- What?
- Have a drink.
- No, I don't drink!
It says here Cough Medicine.
Not it's not, never.
Do not act like that.
You a man, or what the hell?
- What is it, water?
- Sure.
- Shit, what is that?
- Come on, have some.
Here, Sisi.
Stinks even more than you.
.ti tuoba yrrow t'noD
You and your bloody drink.
What about you, Pasa? Want
a sip? Have a drink, go on.
Give it to me, man.
What kind of stuff is this?
Hey, Pasa. I don't see any sea.
Leave him alone, you're
always arguing with him.
If you want oranges from me, don't
be surprised if I don't give you one.
What are you talking about,
Yes, oranges. Tell him, Pasa.
The sea is orange.
- What?
- That the sea is orange...
Yeah, of course it is.
Pasa, what is the sea?
What is it? It's... blue.
The sea is blue. Oh, God.
Pasa knows everything.
And I believe it. The sea's blue.
Hey, give me as well.
- I feel sick.
- Me too.
- What are you doing? Not so fast.
- Slow down.
- Are you insane?
- What are you doing, Fane?
Stop. Are you crazy?
Watch out! The rocks!
I told you so!
- Up here, guys.
- Yeah, this is cool.
Wait for me.
I am much faster!
Come on, Mortu.
What are you waiting for?
- Hey, Jan.
- What?
- Look, your brother smokes.
- What's he going to smoke?
He just smokes. A cigarette.
What is he smoking?
Man, he smokes a cigarette.
- Hey, how'd you get the cigarette?
- I found it.
- Where?
- In the car.
- Where in the car?
- Where I was hiding.
- Was that the only one?
- I don't know.
It was dark.
And look what else I found...
- Where'd you get those?
- In the back.
- And that's all there was?
- Sisi, can I have the glasses?
- Fane...
- Sisi, aren't I your best friend?
- Sisi, give me.
- Fane, stop for a minute.
- Me, me, Sisi, just for a little bit.
- He gives to me, because he is my brother.
- Stop it, already.
- Stop it at last!
Nobody touches it, it's mine.
Hey, Pasa, wait.
That's mine, it's all mine.
Get off.
- Where did you find the glasses?
- Look, what's this?
Put it down, it's mine.
- Show me what you got there.
- This belongs to me.
What do you want?
Leave me alone.
Hey, it belongs to me.
You do not get.
- Give it to me. It's mine.
- Fuck off!
Everything belongs to me.
Give it to me!
Let me too.
- Sisi! Where are you going?
- Sisi, give it to me.
Sisi. Give me the gun, Sisi.
Come on. Hurry up.
He can't see us here.
- Can you see anything?
- Yeah, he's just sitting there.
There he is.
Come on, let's go up to him.
Sisi, can I have a turn?
Swap these, what do you think?
Come on, Sisi, if you give me the gun,
I'll do a photo of yourself.
What do you think?
If you give me the gun,
I'll give you a suitcase.
Hey, Sisi, if you give me the gun,
I'll shoot you.
No, look what I've got.
Give it to me.
And here, Sisi, do you like it?
Look, look what I have.
You get two photos... two photos!
Ah, it's you.
- How'd you do that?
- That's bubblegum.
Where'd you get it?
Do you have more?
Wait, I'll give you the gun.
Please, please, give me one.
I'll make a photo of you!
- Look what I give you for it.
- No, keep your stuff.
- I do not need nothing.
- Then give us chewing gum anyway.
- I do not need nothing of your stuff.
- Okay, then...
No, not my cap! Give it back.
No, it's mine, give it back.
- Take it, then.
- Come here!
My cap! It's mine. Give it to me.
Give it back.
Hey guys, look what I found.
Madness, they're all clean.
And so many.
- Let me see.
- This has to be for me.
What a great haul.
Do you want it? Exchange, we do.
I also want shoes.
Hey, wait!
Put it out, it's too close
to her hair.
Tell him to stop that rocking.
Hey, Fane.
Come on, Fane... Forget about it.
- Is that better, darling?
- Yeah.
- Mortu, want a smoke?
- Yeah!
All right, already, Mortu. Okay.
Now what do we do?
Quick! Get down.
It comes! Caution!
- He sees us.
- Be quiet!
- Look, if you see something.
- What should we do now?
What are you waiting for? Go!
Oh, what the hell.
Do you want to help change
the wheel?
Do I look like a flat tire?
A hole in the tire.
- Indeed?
- Yes.
Jan. Go on.
Who do you think you are?
You old bag of shit.
Do it yourself, loudmouth.
Mortu. Go on.
What are you waiting for?
Get moving.
Why? Why me again?
It's always me,
what about the others?
Why only me? This is unfair.
Just total mess!
- Why only me?
- Come on, help me.
We get out.
Here, for you. I hope
do you like them.
Oh yes. They are really wonderful.
- Tomorrow I'll bring you some more.
- Yes, thank you.
I know a place, there's all the flowers
you can imagine.
Yes, a huge area with lots of flowers
and colorful butterflies.
- Can you show me that?
- Of course, if it's interesting for you.
We have to wait until
the tires've been changed.
- Fane, are you tired?
- A little bit.
Let Pasha go to drive.
He says he can.
Well, if he wants...
Hey, Pasha, have you heard?
You can drive it!
- Why are you staring at me? Will you not?
- No. Fane is to drive.
I still remember exactly how you said
your father let you use his car.
Now, really. Show me.
Show that you can drive.
Exactly. You said to me too.
Show that you can drive.
Show that you can drive.
Darling, you're in the best hands.
Show us what you can...
Now, get out the way and see.
- You're giving it too much gas.
- Stalled.
Don't hit a tree!
Caution, there's a big tree over there!
Don't drive so fast. Look at the
speedometer! He has no clue about.
- This is perhaps stupid idiot.
- Pasha, stupid idiot...
Pasha, stupid idiot...
Watch out for people.
There's a tree, look out.
We have enough now, buddy.
Thank you for the ride.
Go on, Fane, we're
just wasting time.
Come on, Pasa. Come back here.
- You okay there, darling?
- Yeah, fine.
- I'll put some music on for you.
- Cool!
Well, where do we go now?
I'm going to run out of petrol
as well.
To the east.
So... in this direction.
Wow, right through the hole.
Okay, Fane, we can go now.
Wait a minute, folks.
Stop, Fane, don't depart.
What does he want?
Did you see what kind he
threw in? Did you?
It's a real big one.
Always hits the target.
- I also want to.
- Yes, me too.
Give me a rag or something.
How about this?
Damn, get me a thicker one.
Hurry up!
Oh, no. Are you completely daft?
What the hell are you doing?
What are you looking at me
like that for?
You said you need thicker.
Where should we fetch it?
I'm hungry.
Me too, I'm starving.
- Get my bag as well.
- Get it yourself.
Don't go off, we need water
in the radiator.
There hasn't been any rain here
since Noah.
Give me a cigarette, Sisi.
Jan, you can have my pear.
I don't need that small thing,
give it to him.
Hey, guys. There's a building
over there.
Someone has to go and get water.
I've seen it there.
I'm not going. Draw straws.
Okay, we'll draw.
Two people can get the water.
The rest of us stay here.
Jane, give me a match.
Two short ones out of seven.
Whoever pulls them,
go get the water.
But it should be out of six,
not seven.
You should leave her out.
Why? She's not pregnant
or anything.
Are you crazy?
To go miles for water?
Now, quiet! Give me the matches.
Give them to me.
Done. Here we go.
Who goes first? You, Fane.
Long one. Bravo.
Well, now it's your turn.
- The short one, bad luck.
- Well. Who's going with me?
Ah, Pasha.
- Jan didn't do it, why is it my turn?
- You draw now, understand?
- Long.
- Have you had luck once again, you moron?
Also long.
So, and now you two.
You first, Sisi.
You have to take a match!
Well, come on, Sisi.
Let's go, friends. To work.
What are you looking for? It's mine.
Stay away from my stuff.
Can I have your glasses
until you get back?
Well. But only until 'm back!
No looking.
Do you know how to do...
What do you call it, Fane?
What do you mean?
When your shoulder's tight?
Yes, massage.
Do you want to give me one?
Come here if you want.
Yeah, I want one too, me too.
Come on, Anuta, come on.
Why always me? Always me.
Man, that's a feeling.
Always me. Why not?
Yes. Here also.
This is wonderful.
Get all the stuff, quick.
Where is Sisi?
- Don't drink it.
- First the car.
- Where is Sisi?
- We must get out of here. They haunt us.
Now we do not even have drinking water.
Pack your stuff.
Tell me now, where my brother is!
We have to get out of here.
Do you understand? They haunt us.
Come, Rosu, sit down here.
To my place, come on. Get in the car.
People, hurry up.
Move it, Rosu. Can't you hear?
Go now, Fane. What's happening?
Hey, what about Sisi?
Mortu, go see
if there is anyone there.
Go on, go on.
Hey, folks, it begins to rain.
Get the roof up, Fane.
Now help me!
Anuta. Do you want to sit here
for a minute? My leg is asleep.
Hey, Pasha...
Better for fifth, right?
What do you think, Fane?
- I'm over here.
- What do you want?
Anuta, come here.
What do you want?
- I want to show you something.
- What?
- Come... Here!
- What is it?
- Water.
- Water?
- But why?
- The others don't need to know.
Can I have some?
- It is for you, Anuta.
- For me?
Have a drink too. It's good.
Your chin is all wet.
- Come here, I found water.
- Hide the water. See you soon.
- Why should I give you?
- Because I found it.
- I found it. You liar.
- Just calm down!
Hands off my bottle.
The bottle belongs to him!
He has found it.
- So it's all yours, right?
- Leave me alone.
You, shut up!
What the hell did you do?
If you've given me,
I would've shared it.
How much?
Done, forget it.
You can not do anything.
You dropped it.
It happened because
he did not left.
- And what you want now?
- That was my bottle.
That's it, I'm tired of this,
see you tomorrow.
Jan. What if someone finds us here?
The car is outside.
Don't worry, someone can
watch for it.
Wait a minute.
Well, draw.
Leave him. He should sleep.
He needs to drive.
Knock it off, stop play-acting.
Stop it, Mortu. It's not
going to work, so draw.
Good night.
Now you, Rosu.
I wish you all good night!
Now we expect from you now,
Good night everyone. Come, Anuta.
- What is it, Rosu, can't sleep?
- No.
If you're tired, Pasha,
I can keep watching for you.
Since when you are so helpful?
Well, I thought... for you.
Turned out okay for that rat Jan.
- He's supposed to be here instead of you.
- What?
Yeah, there were two short
matches when you took it.
It's here, look, he broke the match
in his hand before your turn.
- I'll smash his face in!
- No, wait.
I can not wait!
Want to make a fool of myself?
Wait, here's something else
you can do. Steal the car.
Think how they'll look
tomorrow morning.
- But how?
- Don't worry, I can drive.
You can drive?
Do you think I have
slept throughout the journey?
- I watched clutch, all that stuff.
- But what about Fane?
Fane? He's with the rest of
them, don't you know that? Come on.
- Man, can you really drive?
- Sure I can.
- Now, come on. It begins to rain.
- Okay, just drive carefully.
Lord, you said you can drive.
Hey, stop!
Stop, wait!
Wait, wait ya!
What has happened?
- Jan, what's the matter?
- No idea.
He's gone.
Stop! Wait!
What's up, now tell me!
Where are the others, Fane?
What has happened?
- The car is stolen.
- What have you done?
And what about you? Huh?
You know, I was sleeping.
It's not my fault.
I did not watch for.
I ever fall asleep for a minute.
A minute. Shut my eyes
for only a minute.
Are you daft?
I have not kept guarding.
Stop it. Get lost.
Go and cough somewhere else
That's enough. Stop it. All
day you're pushing him around.
Leave him alone!
Come on, Mortu. Let's go.
Leave me alone.
I don't need anyone.
I'll do what I want.
I cough whenever I want.
Come on, Mortu.
We go on, yeah?
Stop crying.
Come on, honey...
People, wake up quickly.
Come over here!
Come on! Quick!
I believe that is the jaguar.
- What's the noise?
- It sounds like the Jaguar.
Face down.
There they are.
- Stop!
- Thief!
- Wait.
- Stop, damn it!
- Stop it!
- You thief!
Leave me alone!
Fane, wait!
Faster, Fane, drive faster!
Come on out!