Thambi (2019) Movie Script

That's 50 liters for Coimbatore,
and 50 liters for Mettupalayam.
Leave at midnight.
-The check post will be unmanned.
I asked for two sacks,
but you're giving me just one?
We go through a lot of trouble
to get this past the check posts.
Just take whatever we give you.
What's that noise?
It's that boy with the long hair.
Tell him to get going.
We'll be in trouble if the cops get here.
Shoo him away.
Turn off that music, boy.
Turn it off and get down.
Give me your phone.
I said, get down.
Your friend is fighting out there.
Take him away.
That guy!
Saravanan, don't hit him.
Let's get out of here.
What's that?
The cops are here.
Start the vehicle!
span style="style.center1"-Saravanan, please listen to me./span
span style="style.center1"-Let me go, Mom./span
span style="style.center1"-You should have given it to me./span
span style="style.center1"-Stop, Saravanan./span
span style="style.center1"-Hello?/span
span style="style.center1"-Tell me, Padma./span
span style="style.center1"Dear, it's Saravanan./span
span style="style.center1"He got angry and/span
span style="style.center1"ran away from home./span
span style="style.center1"-He hasn't returned./span
span style="style.center1"-Don't worry, Padma./span
span style="style.center1"I'll go look for him./span
span style="style.center1"Inspector, it's me, Gnanamoorthy./span
span style="style.center1"My son had a fight at home/span
span style="style.center1"and then, he ran away./span
span style="style.center1"Can you help me find him?/span
span style="style.center1"Sister!/span
span style="style.center1"Sister!/span
We may lose this case
in the next hearing.
Why do you think
it will turn in their favor?
They've fabricated the evidence.
They've bribed a lot of people.
How could you say such things?
If you displace people who depend on the
forests to build resorts and cottages,
where will they go?
Sir, they may have lived in
these forests for generations.
But they don't have land deeds.
To hell with the deeds!
They don't ask the wild animals
for deeds, do they?
Sir, don't get angry.
It's an interesting argument,
but won't work in a court of law.
Sir, they are also supported by
the opposition leader Manimaran.
So, the chances of us winning this case
are very slim.
Since the first tree grew on these hills,
since the first flower blossomed here
we've lived right here.
Suddenly someone asks us to leave.
Where would we go?
No one needs to go anywhere.
No one has the authority.
Trust me, you are all
going to stay right here.
We are going to win this case.
Don't be afraid.
-Thanks a lot, sir.
-See you later, sir.
Greetings, ma'am.
What happened, boss?
It's Saravanan's birthday.
Exactly fifteen years since
he left this house.
Your little brother will come back.
He definitely will.
Out of my way.
You know the court case
is still ongoing.
Why the hell did you--
Why did you start work already?
The verdict is going to be in our favor.
We need to start the construction now, to
complete it in time for the next season.
I'll thrash you!
Leave with your vehicles.
Don't create any trouble.
Or what?
You think you're the only one
backed by people.
I've got backing.
See for yourself.
What's all this?
Forgive me, sir.
I'm living in the constant fear
of our homes getting demolished.
We'd rather just take
whatever handouts they give us.
Azhagu, what's the hurry?
The boss and I are trying to resolve
your issues, all day, all night.
We won't just give up.
Please trust me.
I'm responsible for getting your lands
back to you.
-Your drama won't work here--
Keep talking and I'll slaughter you.
I should have killed you
for what you did to my son.
Why are you here?
Who gave you the permission
to be here?
-Sir, one moment--
Manimaran, you are an educated man.
You know the case is still in courts.
Why have you all gathered here?
If you cause trouble,
we'll have to charge you.
Uncle, I'll take care of this.
You heard me, get going!
Boss, he'll handle it.
You don't get worked up.
Let's leave.
If something were to happen
to my people
I won't remain quiet.
Do you think you're
like a father to them?
I'm their father
leader, and more.
I have a question for you.
You raised a bad son. What makes you
think you can be a father to these people?
Hear me out.
Where is his son?
He ran away!
He has a daughter who is
of a marriageable age.
Did he get her married?
He didn't.
Why not?
What did you say?
Take your hands off me.
Fix your home first.
Then you can fix the country!
You ruined my son's life.
Now, you want to ruin
these people's lives.
I won't let that happen.
Uncle, I told you I'll handle this.
You can leave.
-It's beneath us to talk to these people.
-Let's go.
You're trying to chase us
out of our homes?
-What shall we study today?
-Tell us a story.
Fine, I'll tell you one.
Sit down. Don't make noise.
Which story?
-About the man and the beehive.
-The man and the beehive.
Which one?
-The beehive!
-Okay, sit down.
A man was walking along
the forest path.
A dog that came his way,
started staring at him!
When he picked up a stone to hit it,
the dog fled the place.
He continued walking.
After walking a long distance
he felt hungry.
At that time, he saw
a honeycomb.
He threw a stone at the beehive.
All the honeybees from the hive
started chasing him.
He started running.
Listen up.
A honeybee is smaller than a dog.
It's this tiny!
But why did he run away
from the honeybee?
Because, all the honeybees were united.
What's the moral of this story?
He was a real moron.
Why would anyone throw
a stone at the beehive?
He should have just
smoked the bees out.
I mean, what he did was wrong.
There is a certain way to do everything.
Get a chalk piece from there.
-Hold this.
Nobody likes to hear the right thing.
In any given situation,
unity is strength.
If we stay united
we can face any danger.
Will you tell this
to your parents?
We will!
My parents will ask you
to set the beehive on fire.
Go, now!
Sir, goodbye!
-Give me your hand.
Saravanan, no!
-Hello, sir.
Let's go.
I got in touch with you
after seeing the details you sent
on your son's birthday every year.
It must be about seven years
since we last met.
When we went for another inquiry,
I got a lead about your son.
You said it's been 15 years
since he went missing.
Where is he now?
I'll tell you.
But before I get to that,
you need to know a lot about him.
A tour guide?
Not just a guide.
So many frauds here.
-Give us the money.
-Don't hit us!
Out with the money.
-Give me the money.
-One minute.
We didn't manage to
sell anything.
-Let go of me, brother. It hurts.
-Give me the money.
Let go of them!
Who are you?
You are beating up little boys!
Don't you dare touch me.
-I won't spare you.
-Buzz off.
Let me see how you live in Goa.
I'll kill you if I see you
around here.
I will slaughter you!
I will be around,
do what you can.
Come on.
-Where are the others?
Come in, don't be scared.
So? What are you kids up to?
This will be your home from now on.
You can live here.
-Thank you.
-What's your name?
-Can we play with you?
-Give it to us, man.
-These are US dollars!
-Yes, give it to us.
I'll whack you!
You overacted anyway.
Get out!
Vicky, you've crossed swords with me.
You will regret it.
Piglets speaking punchlines now!
You scam the kids as well?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Why did you rip my shirt?
It was brand new.
All this for a cheap t-shirt?
Buzz off.
I've told you several times
hit me softly,
and I will run away.
Why did you punch my stomach?
Dude, when you play a character
you have to transform into the character.
They are foreigners.
They aren't easy to fool.
Performance is very important.
What now?
Leftover booze and fish gravy, right?
span style="style.center1"Hello, sir! I'll take you for a ride/span
span style="style.center1"I'll steal every last dime/span
span style="style.center1"Oh, damn you and your mores/span
span style="style.center1"It's the code of cadavers/span
span style="style.center1"Sorry, sir! I'm gonna live blindfolded/span
span style="style.center1"Bend over, and you'll get hoodwinked/span
span style="style.center1"Emotions are illusions/span
span style="style.center1"What's a flower in a monkey's hand?/span
span style="style.center1"In this life,/span
span style="style.center1"Money is our greatest need/span
span style="style.center1"I want the rupees, rupees, rupees!/span
span style="style.center1"Eat your kill to absolve the sin/span
span style="style.center1"Every cell in my body is a beast/span
span style="style.center1"To live this life, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"To die, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"After I'm dead and gone/span
span style="style.center1"You'll find my ashes in an auction/span
span style="style.center1"To come along, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"To go away, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"My tears will reach out/span
span style="style.center1"And ask for a cash payment/span
span style="style.center1"No matter who falls/span
span style="style.center1"I don't care/span
span style="style.center1"I must live and thrive/span
span style="style.center1"That's my prerogative/span
span style="style.center1"No matter who suffers/span
span style="style.center1"I don't care/span
span style="style.center1"I must laugh and rejoice/span
span style="style.center1"That's my choice/span
span style="style.center1"The pleasure of plundering is all I seek/span
span style="style.center1"Your treasure chest/span
span style="style.center1"Will make history speak/span
span style="style.center1"I'm not a fool to preach benediction/span
span style="style.center1"I only want self-gratification/span
span style="style.center1"In this life,/span
span style="style.center1"Money is our greatest need/span
span style="style.center1"I want the rupees, rupees, rupees!/span
span style="style.center1"Eat your kill to absolve the sin/span
span style="style.center1"Every cell in my body is a beast/span
span style="style.center1"To live this life, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"To die, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"After I'm dead and gone/span
span style="style.center1"You'll find my ashes in an auction/span
span style="style.center1"To come along, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"To go away, I need money/span
span style="style.center1"My tears will reach out/span
span style="style.center1"And ask for a cash payment/span
span style="style.center1"Who's that? My girl?/span
span style="style.center1"See you./span
Mr. Conscience?
I was wondering
why you hadn't turned up yet.
I've told you several times
do not get emotionally attached
to a client.
Bro, this isn't my client.
She is my fan!
Well, listen.
Don't trust women.
Something like this will get you caught.
Zip your mouth.
Don't jinx it!
She is peacefully asleep.
What could she do?
You are just jealous!
You are incorrigible.
-You're definitely getting the cuffs.
-Shut up.
Cut that negative talk.
I've got plenty of work to do.
Go away.
You go away!
Go away!
span style="style.center1"Beauty from the hills of Oory/span
span style="style.center1"What's your name, girl?/span
span style="style.center1"Yeah, hit that, man/span
span style="style.center1"My name is Fathima!/span
-Yes, sir.
-Hey, who is it?
-Someone has barged in!
-Get lost.
Thought you could
take the police for a ride?
Oh, no!
Because of the head injury,
he has regained his old memories.
Is he speaking the truth?
Or, is this just another plan?
We don't know.
That's why I asked you
to come here.
What did you say his name was?
A new name for every new case.
Vicky. Guru.
Arjun. Michael.
And several more!
Is he...
such a big criminal?
This is our Saravanan!
Sorry, Dad.
I made a mistake.
Wait a minute, sir.
Boss, please don't misunderstand me.
Let's not act in haste.
I think this might be another scam.
Yes, sir.
He is very dangerous.
He is a big fraud.
Let's do a DNA test to make sure--
Sir, run any test you want.
A father can recognize his son.
I know he is my son, Saravanan.
I'll take him with me.
Proceed with all the
formalities required, please.
Padma, Saravanan is here.
Welcome, sir.
-Oh, he is all grown up!
-It's been so many years.
Bless his kind soul!
Saravanan, come on!
His face hasn't changed one bit.
He's here now.
Let's get on with the ritual.
Welcome home.
Come in.
Come in, everyone.
Karan, why are you standing outside?
Come in.
-Karan is here.
-How are you?
Dude, don't you recognize me?
It's been so many years...
He was your classmate.
He is the police inspector
at Mettupalayam.
Everyone is here
but your sister is missing.
You know Parvathy.
She is still sulking about the fact
that he ran away from home as a child.
Things will be better
when she sees you.
Uncle, the SP is calling me.
-I'll be back.
-Saravanan, I'll see you.
-All of you must eat.
He is the leader.
Where are you going?
-We need to meet your teacher.
-You can't.
A class is going on.
I can't allow anyone in.
Wait until I ring the bell
for a leak break.
When will you ring the bell?
When I want to take a leak!
Go and tell your teacher
that her brother is here.
Is he her brother?
She has specifically instructed me not to
allow anyone who claims to be her brother!
Buzz off.
You talk a lot. Step aside!
Please wait.
You know our daughter.
Time will fix everything.
Do you remember your room?
Look at your music system.
You really fought for it!
The sister has kept the room clean
in her brother's absence.
Don't mind her.
Why are you yapping away?
Take a shower and get some rest.
I'll call you when the food is ready.
-I've left a fresh towel.
-You should stop yapping!
See you.
What's going on?
How was my performance?
I convinced everyone
within an hour.
I should be acting in Mani Ratnam's films!
My foot!
-Did you notice the sister?
She didn't pay any heed to you!
She is the big shot
in this house.
She needs to believe you.
This is the first time you've
said something useful.
I agree.
You always share a special bond
with the policemen.
There is one here as well.
He will dig really deep.
Bro, say something encouraging!
Don't create havoc.
All you have is a tiny bit of news.
How long can you manage
with that?
He disappeared 15 years ago!
What can I know about him now?
Fool, you are in his room.
Start looking.
That's right!
Small size.
The boy wasn't like me.
He was thin.
He is a Michael Jackson fan.
A dancer, just like me.
Let's see what he's got.
Rich boy's love letter.
He had a lover.
The guy who ran away had a lover!
But I don't.
He did because he could.
Get to work.
His marks are in single digits.
He was weak at studies.
That's all we've got.
I can't find anything more.
Is this all you've got?
What are you going to do now?
I don't have to work too hard.
I need to let the others talk.
They've been separated for many years.
So, they will talk a lot.
For them, it's emotion.
For us, it's information.
I just need to act
according to the information.
For how long?
I can't stick around for too long, bro.
I need to loot a big amount
and be on my way.
Easier said than done.
You've got two problems here.
A rough cop out there.
A tough sister in here.
You need to convince both of them.
If it were that easy,
anybody could do it.
I'm going to make them admit
that I am Saravanan.
Trust me!
You are not Saravanan!
Buzz off.
Why is she staring at me?
Did she overhear everything?
Mother-in-law, here you are.
What's with that look?
She is your grandmother.
Grandma is still alive!
Where does she live?
Mother-in-law, do you recognize him?
Your grandson, Saravanan.
What happened to her?
She got paralyzed.
-She can't speak.
-She can't hear, either.
How did this happen?
Let's talk about it later.
Take a shower and freshen up.
Let's eat.
Hurry up.
For a second there
I got really scared.
-That's enough, Mom.
-Eat some more.
It's been so many years
since I've pampered my son with food.
Where is my sister?
She is still angry.
She is really grumpy.
I'll go and get her.
No way!
She isn't going anywhere.
She will have a change of mind
and come to you.
Yes, son.
You should just--
Mother wants some water.
Grandma never asked for water.
She can't talk anymore.
But she makes sure we understand
what's on her mind.
Can she understand what we're speaking?
She can't hear.
But she can read our lips
and know exactly what we're saying.
span style="style.center1"I need to be wary of this one./span
Did I scare you?
I was just curious
to see what you were up to.
Show it to me.
Come on, show it to me.
Oh, you're learning to write!
E isn't the first letter in the alphabet.
A comes first.
Then comes B and C.
E comes after D!
Do you want some water?
You don't?
Okay, I'm going to sleep.
I'm very tired!
The old lady doesn't suspect anything.
Stop it!
Is this a nightclub?
We need to sleep.
I didn't say anything because
everyone is happy about your arrival.
Is she his sister?
Tough one!
Dear God!
Your son has returned.
Only good things will happen henceforth!
What are you gawking at?
Don't you recognize me?
It's me.
-Sanjana, yes!
You've changed.
You've grown so tall.
I was at the camp in Hyderabad.
When I heard you came back,
I rushed here to see you.
I heard you got hurt.
I've got memory problems.
That's not a problem.
I'm here now.
I'm a doctor.
When did you get here, doctor?
This morning.
Did he recognize you?
No, Uncle.
He forgot me.
You said you were coming
by tonight.
I managed to catch the
morning flight, Dad.
Let's go.
Stop! Where are you going?
We have lots to talk about.
Let's go out.
-Coming, Dad.
See you this evening. Bye!
I thought I only had two problems.
But now, a third problem has arrived.
Oh, it's you.
Who else would hug you
like that?
It's been so long since I saw you!
So long since I hit you,
-pinched you, and played with you!
I have no memory of the past.
I'm remembering things slowly.
I can understand how difficult
this must be for you.
But I am very happy to see you,
I don't know what to do.
When you spend time
with people you like
you will slowly remember the past.
I'll come to see you every day.
Let's talk a lot.
-I'll take you out.
Everything will be fine, okay?
You don't remember the past.
But you are still my Saravanan.
And I'm your Sanjana.
That won't change.
I need to check Uncle's BP.
I'll be back.
We don't have permission
to build over three floors.
So, we've designed it to have
two floors under the ground.
Sir, I understand everything.
This isn't something we just started.
It isn't the best idea
to discuss this now.
It's very difficult to
get this project through,
as long as Gnanamoorthy
is around.
The people obey him.
Sir, the case is dragging on and on
at the Supreme Court.
The local people are
also complicating things
by going into the forests to
harvest honey and collect firewood.
If they enforce some
tribal right to the land,
and the court verdict is in their favor,
what do we do then?
That's why we must be patient.
We are going to win
the upcoming elections.
After the elections,
I'll get this done for you.
Gnanamoorthy's son, Saravanan,
has returned.
Yes, boss.
He's alive?
You fraud!
What are you doing out there?
Come in.
Pass me the sugar.
Is this why you called me?
You weren't doing anything!
Pass it to me.
That's a bottle of salt.
Each family member has a preference
when it comes to tea.
Uncle likes it with less sugar.
Auntie likes black tea.
My father likes light tea.
Your sister?
She likes it double strong.
She is double strong
at everything.
Pride, anger.
Why is she so angry?
What do you expect?
You just ran away from home.
After you were born, your mother
was in the hospital for a year.
Your father was busy with the people
and his politics.
Your sister raised you.
Imagine how she must have felt.
If I were in her place,
I'd have killed you.
Oh, no.
The salt has spilled.
They will say that it's a bad omen.
If my father comes to know,
he will not spare me.
-He always yells at me.
-Shall I serve the tea?
Sure, go ahead.
I'll clean up this mess.
No idea how it spilled!
God, hope nothing goes wrong today.
Less sugar for Dad.
Black tea for Mom.
Light tea for Uncle.
Saravanan, the tea is fantastic.
I make really good tea.
I worked at a tea shop for a year.
Don't you get an important post
and make us learn an alien language.
That will never work in Tamil Nadu!
Double strong tea.
Where is my sister?
Miss, can I say something?
I don't like the sight of your brother.
The guy looks like a
thief who steals goats.
That wasn't respectful.
That gentleman looks like
a thief who steals goats.
Yeah, you tell me.
That look on his face,
like he stole a few goats,
and came here to hide from the police.
You talk a lot!
-Go in. I'll join you.
Sister, have a seat.
Yes, Uncle?
Your little brother has made tea for you.
Drink it.
Take it.
You spoke a lot about him
in his absence.
Now, you won't say
"hello" to your brother.
What do you want me to say?
He ran away from home
15 years ago, and
suddenly he turns up from nowhere
and claims to be my brother.
Should I coddle him?
Her anger is justified, Uncle.
After I was born,
Mom was in the hospital for a year.
It was my sister
who took care of me.
And I just disappeared without a word.
Of course, she's angry.
The tea is terrible.
Why did you come here?
I heard that Saravanan is back.
You can't see him.
Go away.
I just want to see him.
Manimaran, don't create trouble.
Just leave.
-I didn't create any trouble.
-You heard him. Just go.
Mom, who is this?
I hate the sight of his face.
Makes me want to
beat him to death.
He was the one
who ruined your life.
Mom, step aside.
You said I was the one
who ruined him.
-Let me find out from him myself.
-I said, leave this place.
Why did you come here?
-Get out of here!
-Saravanan, what's wrong with you?
You destroyed my life,
what more do you want?
-Get out!
-Listen to me.
I was away from my parents
because of you.
-Come on, Saravanan!
-Just get out.
You are the reason my sister
refuses to talk to me.
-Get out.
-I am your friend.
No, you are a traitor.
A traitor who ruined my life.
Get out of here!
You hit me.
I'll sort you out.
Start the car!
Get going.
Don't come back!
Did I go overboard?
Everyone is staring at me.
I'll handle it.
You are rushing out
like the school bell just rang.
I've never seen a more sincere student.
Do you hold onto that slate
when you go to sleep?
Show me.
"He is not..."
What is this?
Are you trying to say something?
You're struggling to speak your mind,
and I'm struggling to read your mind!
You asked me where your
sister goes every morning.
This is the place.
Now you've seen it.
Let's leave.
Wait, my sister rides the horse so well.
Let's watch.
Sister, superb!
She isn't the same person, right?
She has changed a lot.
All this won't mollify her.
Do you remember me?
Your beard has turned all white.
You look almost--
-Uncle Marimuthu!
-Uncle Marimuthu?
-Yes, it's me.
-Uncle Marimuthu!
-Welcome back.
-How are you?
Are you doing well?
You remember me!
How could I ever forget?
You taught me horseback riding.
You grabbed my shirt and roughed me up
because I touched your horse once!
-I meant that!
I hated it when
someone touched my horse.
How are you, buddy?
I missed you sorely.
Son, your horse died.
It died?
It was the same color,
so I got confused.
That was a white horse.
I forgot everything.
Son, let's go for a ride.
-No, Uncle. I'm heading out.
-Come on!
You wanted to go out?
It's just a ride.
I can wait!
She doesn't mind. Come on.
-She wanted to go somewhere urgently.
-Come on!
-Come on, just one ride.
-Some other day, Uncle.
-No, Uncle.
-Mount it.
Now you look like a king.
-It isn't moving.
-Give it a good tap. It will move.
The horse doesn't like me.
-I should get off.
-Cut the act, son.
I'm horseback riding!
Uncle Marimuthu!
-He rides in style!
-Uncle Marimuthu, help me!
Uncle Marimuthu!
Uncle, save me.
Uncle Marimuthu!
It's very fast.
Please save me!
Oh, no.
span style="style.center1"It's a cruel world.../span
That was some torture!
How do you feel now?
Exactly the same.
No one cares about me.
Do you get it now?
Only I will always be there for you.
I saw the x-rays.
It's not a fracture.
Just some swelling.
I'll get some hot water.
A gentleman has been injured.
How dare you laugh at him?
Don't you want to know
what happened?
What happened?
-I can't tell you.
-Then why did you call me?
-You deserve this.
Didn't she teach you
how to respect elders?
Didn't your teacher teach you that?
I'm in terrible pain. Just walk away.
Does it hurt here?
Oh, God!
Little devil!
The eight-year-old boy and the
80-year-old granny, both are dangerous.
Where have your parents gone?
No idea.
Don't shout.
Hot water will make it all better.
Here you are!
What happened to you?
I fell off while I was horseback riding.
But you are the king of horseback riding!
I've lost touch.
I would have managed a horse,
but that was a donkey!
-Hi, Karan.
-You're busy these days.
-Oh, yes.
I couldn't visit Saravanan.
So, I took the day off.
Let's go out.
No way. He is hurt.
But I'll be with him.
We'll be traveling in the jeep.
-My leg hurts.
-You heard him.
Stepping out will increase the swelling,
and he won't be able to walk for a week.
Come here.
Stay here. I'll be back.
Okay, let's go.
I can carry you!
I can manage.
Why are you laughing?
There's no reason.
You were thinking about something.
I was thinking about
our childhood days.
Like what?
Like what?
When we played games
you were the thief
and I was the cop.
And now, you are the cop
and I am--
You are?
I'm still the same old Saravanan!
span style="style.center1"Don't go inviting trouble./span
-Get down.
Do you remember this place?
I do.
Looks like a forest.
We used to come here every day
after school.
I can't believe it.
It's totally changed.
Things do change in 15 years!
Remember, we came here all sad
after our 8th grade exams?
Were we sad?
Were we sad because we
didn't do well in the exams?
I cried because I thought I'd fail.
You were such a cry baby,
you cried over everything!
Was it the science exam,
or the math exam?
We were terrible at math!
Do you remember our math teacher?
span style="style.center1"He's relentless./span
He was dark-skinned,
wore glasses...
That guy with a belly?
That's Navaseelan.
Our Math teacher was Ms. Jothi.
She hit us hard!
Oh, yes, Jothi!
I remember her now.
She used to whack us.
You feared the exam results and said that
you'd board a train and leave for Mumbai.
Then, I stopped you.
As a child, I've always wanted
to go to Mumbai by train.
It must have been futile to stop me.
I ended up going to Mumbai.
Don't keep thinking about the past.
Let it go.
Who are you?
It's me.
Why did you slap me?
He never called me Karan.
He called me by my nickname "Bonda."
Bonda, it's me.
-Trust me.
-I never came here with him.
He is terrified of train sounds.
It made him faint.
Tell me, who are you?
Stop putting up an act.
Get up!
Give me that.
I saw his old reports.
Sir, don't pressurize an amnesia patient
asking him if he remembers things.
He was terrified of train sounds.
as a child.
Maybe he forgot about it now.
Why did you trigger his memory?
-Doctor, how do you--
Come outside.
Take it to B12.
-Karan, what's your problem?
-I know--
He doesn't like me spending
quality time with Saravanan.
Sanjana, that's not the reason.
I'd be very happy
if he were the real Saravanan.
He is a fraud.
I understand you care about our family.
You are suspicious about him.
But Mom and Dad have been happy and
at peace ever since he came home.
-Don't ruin that.
Won't you ask me anything?
Why haven't you married yet?
Actually, I got a lot of proposals.
But I've been waiting for an idiot.
Did you ever think about me
in all these years?
So, this estate
belongs to my father?
How many acres approximately?
Around 1,000 acres.
Oh, wow!
What's the price of an acre here?
Do I look like a real-estate broker
to you?
I was just curious.
Stop the car.
Pull over!
-I said, stop!
-Karan was right.
Sanjana, stop.
Why are you so angry?
What did Karan say?
He said you are not Saravanan.
Do you believe that?
I do! Saravanan wouldn't have
stood so far away from me.
He would have hugged me
before he started talking.
For 15 years,
I yearned to see you again,
to talk to you...
I've cried, longing to be
hugged by you.
Tell me now.
Am I Saravanan, or not?
span style="style.center1"My heart sings a sweet lullaby!/span
span style="style.center1"My modesty sleeps/span
span style="style.center1"Like a gentle flower/span
span style="style.center1"A strange sensation/span
span style="style.center1"Fills my chest/span
span style="style.center1"A great expectation/span
span style="style.center1"Soars skyward/span
span style="style.center1"Hey, you! What's that you're doing to me?/span
span style="style.center1"Hey, you!/span
span style="style.center1"You're serenading me/span
span style="style.center1"Teasing me with your shadows/span
span style="style.center1"You spread a lovely fragrance/span
span style="style.center1"My dreams are finally/span
span style="style.center1"Coming to life/span
span style="style.center1"Though you went away/span
span style="style.center1"Our love will/span
span style="style.center1"Blossom forever/span
span style="style.center1"Wrong words/span
span style="style.center1"Have been uttered/span
span style="style.center1"The silence/span
span style="style.center1"Endured/span
span style="style.center1"How I pined/span
span style="style.center1"When you left with no goodbye!/span
span style="style.center1"How I lived my life teary-eyed!/span
span style="style.center1"Time has flown, it's been ages/span
span style="style.center1"My soul was in a hot pursuit of yours/span
span style="style.center1"You're the needle/span
span style="style.center1"On the compass in my hand/span
span style="style.center1"You're the eternal voice in my head/span
I agree with you.
I had my doubts.
But a DNA test between them
resulted in a positive match.
Do you need any other evidence?
span style="style.center1"Coca Cola is brown in color/span
span style="style.center1"The same as my lover/span
What's up, Dad?
The usual teenage problems.
Knee pain is common
among college students!
The old lady is trying
to hide something.
What is it, Granny?
Are you cold?
What's that?
Show it to me.
span style="style.center1"This is not Saravanan./span
Is this what you were trying to write
all these days?
You think you're some big whistle-blower?
Do you want to expose the truth?
You must have struggled
to write this down
Keep scribbling stuff like
a school kid doing homework
and that wheelchair is
going to get lonely.
Get it?
span style="style.center1"Oh, how she looked at me.../span
Greetings, sir.
How are you?
Why did you want
to meet me urgently?
I had come to Ooty.
Thought I'd stop by to see you.
Come on.
You're Saravanan now.
Sit up on the chair.
Old habits die hard!
Dad got it for me.
Looks like the old man
is pampering his son.
Yeah, right!
The food is so different here.
I don't drink!
Go ahead.
-No, thanks.
-Out of respect?
I've been calling you
for two weeks now.
Were you too busy
to answer my calls?
You know my situation!
I need to put up an act
in front of everyone.
They've started believing me.
Don't get impatient.
Putting on an act isn't new to you.
Sir, forget it.
You said you'd take my name off
all the case records.
The boys told me you haven't done it yet.
You only care about your work!
What about mine?
Everything is going well.
Everyone believes me.
If we go for it now, we can only
make about three to five million.
That's hardly anything these days.
Gnanamoorthy has only one daughter.
They will find a groom for her,
and get her married soon.
When she gets married,
I will inherit all his wealth.
Let's split that.
I can't trust you.
You're a fraud!
Why can't you arrange for
one of your guys as the groom?
It will get done faster,
and you will inherit all the wealth.
Why should I wait?
Sir, I need to go with Dad
to the party office.
Don't worry, sir.
Just be a little patient,
everything will work out fine.
See you.
I don't want Plan B or Plan C.
The inspector at Mettupalayam
is curious.
I have your complete history here.
If I show this to him,
he'll go for the kill.
Let's eat, Dad.
I don't feel good.
Where are you going?
I'm calling Dad for dinner.
Dad is upset.
He said he isn't coming.
He will come if I call him.
I couldn't convince him.
How could you, with this tone?
Leave. I'll bring him.
-Dad, let's eat.
-I'm not hungry.
Come on, Dad.
When something is troubling you,
share it with someone.
You will feel better.
What's troubling you?
Tell me.
It's nothing...
A son can read his father's face.
You're worried about something.
I'm your son. Tell me.
It's our people.
They live in the hills.
But their lives are down under.
If the court verdict is not in our favor,
and if they handout a pittance
in the name of compensation,
like throwing scraps to a dog
asking these people
to go and make a living elsewhere,
they won't know how to survive.
It will be like asking a fish
to live outside water.
They are counting on me
to save them.
If things were to go wrong...
-I won't be able to live with the regret.
-Don't utter such words.
We shouldn't allow them to
build the resort in our town
and we must reclaim those lands
for the people, right?
I'll take care of it.
I've seen a lot of criminals in Goa.
-Forget it, let's have dinner.
Go ahead.
Dad, I bragged to sister
that I'll get you to eat.
She doesn't think much of me!
If you don't come to eat now,
she might spit at my face!
Let's go, Dad. Please!
Okay, let's go!
Didn't someone say that
Dad won't come to eat?
Dad is ready.
Is the food ready?
Dad, why don't you get a tattoo like me?
I'll whack you!
Tattoos, at this age?
They say it hurts a lot.
If you have some liquor,
you'd hardly feel it.
This boy spoils his father!
Hey, boy. Come here.
You've got no classes today.
Where are you going?
To give this slate to Grandma.
So, you are the weapons supplier!
Give it to me!
What's in that bag?
Give it to me.
I told my teacher
that you're a fraud.
She didn't believe me.
What's this?
Wild tamarind.
My teacher loves it.
It's a gift.
Why are you gifting it to her?
I'll tell you something
if you can keep it to yourself.
Come here.
span style="style.center1"Now happiness is within our reach/span
span style="style.center1"A floral scent wafts in the breeze/span
span style="style.center1"We paint our love in/span
span style="style.center1"This colorful canvas!/span
span style="style.center1"To grace our lives/span
span style="style.center1"A flying fish fell from the skies/span
span style="style.center1"We celebrate this glorious day!/span
span style="style.center1"No matter what sorrow may befall you/span
span style="style.center1"I will stand by you, defend you/span
span style="style.center1"So you can flourish!/span
span style="style.center1"All I pray to the Gods every day/span
span style="style.center1"Is for your laughter, and your joy/span
span style="style.center1"May you live a prosperous life!/span
span style="style.center1"It's the date of birth/span
span style="style.center1"The glorious day of your birth!/span
span style="style.center1"The skies drip honey/span
span style="style.center1"The clouds dance in glee/span
span style="style.center1"It's the day you came to Earth/span
span style="style.center1"The day of your birth!/span
What happened was--
span style="style.center1"The life we live/span
span style="style.center1"Is a loan from God/span
span style="style.center1"To pay off those dues/span
span style="style.center1"We put a smile on others' faces/span
span style="style.center1"Life shows us the way/span
span style="style.center1"To true happiness/span
span style="style.center1"The rest is meaningless pretense/span
span style="style.center1"Joys and sorrows, your endless pursuits/span
span style="style.center1"Through it all, lean on my shoulder/span
span style="style.center1"It's the date of birth/span
span style="style.center1"The glorious day of your birth!/span
span style="style.center1"The skies drip honey/span
span style="style.center1"The clouds dance in glee/span
span style="style.center1"It's the day you came to Earth/span
span style="style.center1"The day of your birth!/span
Sir, why did you come here?
Is it your sister's wedding?
It's my sister's birthday.
Are you drunk?
Can you smell it?
-Just a small one--
-Welcome, inspector.
-Hello, sir.
-I came to see you.
I'll take it from here.
-Come with me.
I've come on an auspicious day.
Music, dance, and celebrations!
All of you look so happy.
Oh, yes, we are very happy.
Are you doing well?
Not so well, sir.
Being a policeman,
how could you say that?
Being a policeman is the problem.
If I were a criminal,
I'd have made loads of money.
I don't understand.
I have a financial problem.
Can you help me?
I paid you for all the expenses
you incurred.
You are a gentleman.
You did pay me well.
You asked for a man
to pose as your son.
I arranged for it immediately.
But to turn Vicky into Saravanan
I had to tamper with the DNA test results,
and it cost me a lot of money.
The inspector at Mettupalayam, Karan
asked for a lot of proof.
I had to arrange for
the original documents.
It was a little expensive.
I trust you won't come
back for more money.
If you act petty again...
You better not.
I've been meaning to ask you.
What will you do
if your missing son comes back?
He would have come home
if he wanted to.
He is not going to come back
after 15 years.
How did you pull this off?
He trusts you completely.
Remember what I said?
I'll see you.
Oh, no.
I'll come to see you.
Get going.
What's this place, right
in the middle of the forest?
This is the village.
That's the disputed property.
Hello, ma'am.
How is your father?
-He is doing well.
-I heard he fell sick.
-He is better now.
-Tell him I asked about him.
I will.
-I'm her brother.
-I know, sir.
Do you know them by name?
I've been with them for 14 years.
I stayed indoors for a year
after you left.
Dad brought me here.
When I saw their problems
I felt like mine were nothing
in comparison.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
Why don't you come here anymore?
Work has kept me busy.
-Where is that brat?
-He was right here.
Come here, boy.
So, is this your town?
Yeah, man.
He never respects anyone.
He roams around the forest,
and doesn't return until dawn!
I'm at peace
only when he attends school.
You are the only person he listens to.
Come with me.
You can leave,
and send the car at 5:00 p.m.
No, I'll come to get you.
Does your husband still drink?
He hasn't touched that wretched thing
since you spoke to him.
Did you notice the
truck's license number?
No, I didn't.
Something written on the lorry?
I didn't have the time to do so.
Were you really hit by a lorry?
Or are you trying to play
the sympathy card on me?
Why do you say such things, Bonda?
Call me Bonda again,
and I'll thrash you!
Let me tell you what happened.
You ran your vehicle into something
and now you're telling me that
someone tried to kill you.
You thought that would
change my mind about you
and I'd get worried
about my friend's safety.
I know why
you came to this place.
You are running out of time.
You'll get caught.
Get out.
They are capable of bumping off anyone
to get their work done.
We should be one step
ahead of them.
-One moment.
Are you okay?
-I got scared.
-I'm okay, Mom.
Just a minor injury.
The resort builders are getting bold.
All these days,
he troubled our townspeople,
now he is targeting
our family.
-Forget him, he can't do much.
-No, Saravanan!
He has harmed Gnanamoorthy's son.
If we spare him
the people will lose trust in us.
Do as you wish.
-Kill him--
Did you just say that?
Don't get Saravanan
involved in your politics.
These things happen in politics.
Sister, I'm sure Dad's seen worse.
We can't be scared of him.
I said no!
We are doing it all
for our family's welfare.
-Dad, you don't--
-Don't get worked up.
Shut up!
You won't get it.
Don't talk to Saravanan
about politics ever again.
His life shouldn't be in danger
because of you or your politics.
Go in.
I said, go in!
I'm Manimaran.
I need to talk to you.
span style="style.center1"You told me I can never see you again./span
span style="style.center1"But I have decided to meet you now./span
How did you get here?
I don't see your car.
Yes, I know.
You always take short-cuts.
-Want a drink?
-What do you want?
Straight to the point.
Your daughter couldn't get over her
lost brother, and refused to get married.
So, you asked for someone
to pose as your son.
I arranged for it.
You said that after her wedding
we'll tell everyone that
the son stole the money and jewels
and fled.
I trusted your word.
I met the opposition leader, Manimaran,
a couple of days ago.
Nothing to worry about!
I didn't tell him anything.
But he explained a lot of things to me.
That's when I realized
this wasn't just about
your daughter's wedding.
Fifteen years ago, people sympathized
with a father who had lost his son
and voted you to victory.
You used that sympathy over
and over again...
and won a hat trick
of elections.
But now...
the people have become discontent,
wondering how a man, who couldn't
save his son will save them.
This has spoiled your image
and you started to fear that you
might lose the elections this time.
So, you came up with a master plan.
If your lost son
comes back home
you will have a political heir,
and the people will happily vote for you.
You can win the elections,
and get your daughter married.
That's quite a good plan.
-I've done so much for you.
-How much do you want?
Whenever I need money
I have to come to you.
I know it's quite less,
but we are friends, after all!
I can pay you two lakhs.
Take it and disappear.
Is this your final decision?
Fine, you can leave.
I've asked Manimaran to come here.
If we agree upon something,
I'd just have to say "goodbye" to him.
We have something to discuss now.
No one is going to believe
anything you say.
The people really trust me.
Vicky's original documents, and
our telephone conversations...
I've got all the records.
Manimaran is here.
You can leave.
I know how politicians are.
I'm not a fool
to come empty-handed.
Did any car pass by this road?
No, sir.
This is a reserved forest area.
No one can go in there.
Open the trunk.
You know who I am!
There are CCTV cameras.
We need to check everyone.
-Please cooperate with us.
-All right!
Sir, what is this?
What's the issue?
What is this?
I have no idea.
Who is he?
I swear, I don't know.
I have no clue how
he got into this car.
-I'm speaking the truth.
-Call the station.
What are you saying?
I can't believe it.
I spoke to him this morning.
He said he is going back to Goa
and invited our family
to visit him sometime soon.
Uncle, when did you last
see him?
I mean, just a while ago.
On Parvathy's birthday.
How is he related to Manimaran?
-Why should Manimaran kill him?
-I don't know.
Someone else could have killed him.
Well, Manimaran is a weird guy
but I don't think he is capable of murder.
When was the last time you saw him?
Same as Dad.
On my sister's birthday.
So, he never contacted you
after he came back to town?
He did.
He called me two days ago
over some issue in Goa.
Do you know about his activities
or where he stayed when he was in town?
Yes, Kathir?
Manimaran just admitted
that he knew Jeevanand.
He went and visited him this morning
at his place of stay.
span style="style.center1"-Pristine Valley./span
-Pristine Valley?
span style="style.center1"The inspector at Mettupalayam/span
span style="style.center1"is curious./span
I have your complete history here.
If I show this to him,
he'll go for the kill.
I'll be there.
Uncle, we know where Jeevanand lived.
I'm going there.
-I'll see you.
He was a good man.
Anything can happen to anyone
these days.
Life is very unpredictable.
-How do I get to Pristine Valley?
-Go that way.
Hi, dude.
Why did you come here?
You said you didn't know
where Jeevanand lived.
You mentioned Pristine Valley
on the phone.
What's your business here?
I knew Jeevanand for several years.
He has done a lot for me.
It was him who brought me
back home.
I know him much better than you.
I thought my presence
would be helpful.
Is that all?
Or, did you come here to
get something you forgot?
Are you trying to pin this murder on me?
I was at home all day.
You can check with Mom.
How did you know that
Jeevanand died today?
You're a policeman.
This is basic.
Dad said
that Jeevanand called him
this morning.
If you don't like me being here,
I'll get going.
You went through a lot of trouble
to get here.
Let's go in.
Check thoroughly.
-Make sure you don't miss anything.
-Okay, sir.
That's the job of policemen.
We'll take care of it.
Do you believe Manimaran killed him?
How would I know?
But I can see that
you don't believe it.
But I can't do much.
All the evidence we have, is against him.
When I interrogated Manimaran
he said that Jeevanand asked him to come
here to discuss something important.
But when he got here,
the place was empty.
He just saw blood
on the floor.
He saw a Grey car on the road outside.
But the car number and model...
He said he missed it.
So, someone was here
before he came.
you have a Grey car at home, don't you?
Yeah, I committed this murder.
You really believe his story?
Then why did he tell the police
he didn't know Jeevanand?
People react differently
when they are scared.
Maybe he said that out of fear
when he saw the dead body.
What is it?
Where are the gloves?
-It's in the car.
-Go, get it.
span style="style.center1"Where is that file?/span
-What is it, Singaram?
-Is your father home?
We tried calling him.
Mom and Dad
are on their way to Madurai.
They must be in the flight.
-What's the problem?
-Ma'am, it is...
What happened? Tell me.
Oh, no!
My only son has been killed.
-Look at my son.
-What a tragic sight.
My little one.
Look, your teacher is here.
It's them!
We shouldn't spare them.
Come on!
Block the car.
Don't spare them.
Don't shout.
Calm down, everybody.
Calm down.
-You killed our boy.
-What happened?
Your electric fence has resulted
in the death of a little boy.
Don't talk nonsense.
This fencing has very low voltage.
The current is not powerful enough
to kill a human or any animal.
The electricity hit him
when he touched the fence
and the little boy
died right before my eyes.
For how long are you going to
continue cheating these people?
Don't accuse us.
We are not lying.
-Tell them, sir.
-You can try touching it.
Or one of my men can do so.
I know the disgusting things
you are capable of,
to chase these people
away from their homes.
What's wrong with me fencing my property?
Just because you bribed some people ten
years ago, this becomes your property now?
When the court order is out,
you will see that this is my property.
Wait for it.
Go to any court you like.
You can't get these people
to vacate this place.
They shall remain here.
Don't try to instigate these people.
Otherwise, things will get ugly.
What will get ugly?
What will you do?
Don't you dare touch my sister!
Sister, get out of here.
Ma'am, let's leave.
Let's go, ma'am.
Your family is causing trouble.
Chase them away.
Why are you just watching?
Let's chase them out.
-Sir, let's get out of here.
-Don't spare them.
Hit him!
Chase them out.
Who is it?
Were you sleeping?
Come in, sister.
What is it?
I can't get him out of my head.
I just met him,
and it's so hard on me.
I can only imagine how
hard it must be for you.
I had only one source of happiness
and solace in this place.
It was him.
He was always around me.
The things I liked,
the things I hated...
He knew everything.
Please don't cry.
Why did you beat them up so badly?
That man was about to hit you.
I got angry.
I couldn't control it.
You still have the same temper.
But when it comes
to everything else,
you are a different person.
I've never seen this sort of affection
from the old Saravanan.
He never cared about anyone.
He was rude.
But now...
you work so hard to put a smile
on other people's faces.
You are very matured.
Did you have a tough life in Goa?
I knew no one there.
I lived as an orphan.
I don't know the difference
between happiness and sadness.
I'd feel hungry at night.
But I had no money.
I longed for my parents.
Just knowing the fact that...
there are people at home
who care about you...
that is so important.
I can cope with hunger.
But coping with loneliness
is much harder.
I thought money would fix everything.
I would do anything for money,
I would cheat anybody.
I never worried about
right or wrong.
But what I witnessed here...
You are a bunch of good people.
I'm not good.
I am ashamed of myself.
Don't be.
It was due to the circumstances.
Love changes everything.
It has changed you.
It has changed me.
A sacred thread from the Murugan temple.
Show me your hand.
I collected these for 15 years.
And now you're here...
to get it tied on your hand.
Go to sleep.
Okay, sister.
What? Are you feeling bad?
They trust me.
What are you going to do?
span style="style.center1"Sister./span
span style="style.center1"Please forgive me./span
span style="style.center1"I'm not your brother./span
span style="style.center1"I'm just a thief/span
span style="style.center1"pretending to be Saravanan./span
span style="style.center1"I'm completely undeserving of the/span
span style="style.center1"love you have showered over me./span
span style="style.center1"I can't continue pretending anymore./span
span style="style.center1"I am leaving this house./span
span style="style.center1"Vicky./span
You wanted to tell everyone
that I am not your grandson.
Now, I wish to tell everyone, but...
I don't have the courage.
I don't know how to respect
and treat the elders.
Please forgive me
if I treated you badly.
That way!
Come on!
Go that way!
Come on! Go!
-What is it, dear?
-Go in.
-Dad, get inside.
-Oh, no.
Stay inside.
Close the door.
What is happening, dear?
Hello, Karan?
Sister, go inside.
Don't come here.
-Just go inside!
-What is happening?
-Who are these people?
-First, go inside!
Go inside!
Saravanan, wait.
Who are they?
Open the door! Saravanan!
Mom, Dad!
Where are you?
Open the door!
What happened? Who were they?
-Three men went that way.
-Get them!
Who were those men?
No idea.
Where is Saravanan?
Where is he?
Oh, no! Saravanan!
Mom, it's nothing.
-Who were they?
-Thieves, I think.
-Are you okay?
-Three men came here.
Nothing to worry.
Go to your rooms
and check if anything is missing.
-Karan is here, we will handle it.
-Go and check thoroughly, Mom.
-Go on. He is here now.
Uncle, just file a complaint.
I'll take it from there.
Who would dare to
break into this house?
How did they get in?
I suddenly heard some noise.
Must be someone from outside the town.
-This has never happened before.
-What happened, Uncle?
-Grandma, what happened?
-Is she okay?
-Lift her up.
-Lift her up slowly.
Mom, be careful.
Come on.
Lift her up, Karan.
Get up slowly.
Be gentle.
Don't strain her hip.
You're okay?
Are you fine, Mom?
It's nothing.
Be brave.
Come on.
I'm sure they didn't come to steal.
They came to kill.
Manimaran is behind bars.
No, boss. Manimaran got out
on bail yesterday.
He is angry with you
for ending up in prison.
He is capable of anything.
If we let this pass,
he'd be a danger to everyone.
I need to speak to you in private.
-How are you?
-You heard me!
Take the child inside.
Why did you send men to kill my father?
Don't come close.
Go away.
Go in, dear.
Take the child inside.
You still haven't lost the habit
of hitting people before talking to them.
Am I a murderer?
I tried to kill your family.
I killed the cop from Goa.
The entire town
thought that I killed you.
You think I'd kill your family?
Saravanan, you think I'd kill you?
You believe it?
Do you believe that?
Go on, hit me.
Hit me!
I'll take it.
But tell me this.
Did I force you to drink?
Did I get you drugs?
Who stopped you when you
went behind those men for drugs?
Your friend.
You'd get drunk
and pass out on the roads.
Who took you back home?
Your friend.
You came on your bike that night,
and asked me to come along.
span style="style.center1"I begged you several times/span
span style="style.center1"not to do it./span
span style="style.center1"My only mistake was/span
span style="style.center1"hitting you that night./span
I left you in the lorry.
I got scared when I saw the cops.
That was my only mistake.
I didn't do anything else!
When I heard you came back
I rushed here with joy
to see you
and you hit me.
All these years,
do you know what they said about me?
And now I am
a murderer.
You saw my son.
Do you know what the world
would call my son?
Son of a murderer.
I lost in politics.
I lost in life.
I lost everything.
I'm not losing as a friend.
Not as a friend.
I haven't.
To be fair, you don't
deserve my friendship!
-Manimaran, don't--
I'm not worried about myself.
But no harm must come to that family.
I must remain here.
Think about it.
Is it the family that's in danger,
or is it Saravanan?
Someone doesn't like Saravanan's return.
There is some connection between
Saravanan's disappearance 15 years ago
and the attempted murder on
Saravanan's life after he returned.
What really happened to Saravanan?
Mom, what happened on the day
I went missing?
Why do you ask now?
I don't remember anything, sister.
Tell me, Mom.
You were still young.
You never obeyed us.
It was your birthday.
span style="style.center1"You asked me for money/span
span style="style.center1"to take your friends for a party./span
Let me go!
span style="style.center1"-I refused./span
-Give it to me!
span style="style.center1"-You broke the cupboard./span
-Stop it!
span style="style.center1"-And left with all the valuables./span
-Get out of my way!
Let go, Mom.
don't get into these bad habits.
Your father would be very upset.
Get out of my way!
span style="style.center1"She fell down and got injured that day./span
span style="style.center1"Yes, son. You fought with your parents/span
span style="style.center1"and left with Manimaran./span
Was Manimaran here?
Not at that time.
Then how did you know?
Duraipandi told us he saw
Manimaran and you on a bike.
Why do you ask about it?
No reason.
-Where can I find Duraipandi?
-I saw you on Gudalur Road.
Manimaran was on the bike with you.
Were we going to Gudalur,
or coming back from there?
I was transporting a load
back from Gudalur.
You were on your way to Gudalur.
The elections were around the corner.
I was very busy.
I only heard about it through Sanjana.
She had gone to your house
to see you on your birthday.
Yes, it was your birthday.
I had bought a gift,
and wanted to wish you at midnight.
But you never came.
I came back the next morning
to fight with you.
But you weren't there.
I only saw Uncle and Pazhani.
Hasn't Saravanan returned yet?
He hasn't come since last night.
Parvathy and Padma are
in the hospital with my mother.
What happened to Grandma?
She was careless.
She fell down.
I'm going to look for Saravanan.
span style="style.center1"Uncle was really stressed,/span
span style="style.center1"and left in a car to look for you./span
span style="style.center1"-Uncle./span
On the day I went missing
I heard that Dad was driving
all over town, searching for me.
-You didn't go with him?
That was the same day
Grandma got injured.
Your father sent me
to the hospital.
Boss, I'll drive the car.
Parvathy and Padma are
in the hospital with my mother.
-Go and help them. I'll handle this.
Okay, boss.
Your father was searching for you
all by himself.
-You were at the hospital.
How do you know that
he was searching for me?
I returned home at night.
span style="style.center1"It must have been around midnight./span
span style="style.center1"I stepped out to use the toilet./span
span style="style.center1"I saw your father drive this way,/span
span style="style.center1"still searching for you./span
span style="style.center1"Why should someone try to kill Saravanan/span
span style="style.center1"who has returned 15 years later?/span
span style="style.center1"Who would benefit from his death?/span
Sir, can I see the CCTV footage
from the 25th of last month?
The date is right,
go forward.
Sir, stop.
Come back a little.
Zoom in.
Yes, sir?
Kumaraswamy told me that
the truck is being serviced.
Do you want to buy it?
Where is the driver?
He must be here.
Yes, brother?
Someone's here to check your lorry out.
Hold this.
Sir, are you here to--
Brother, that's the guy.
Oh, the one who caused the accident?
Let's get him today.
Tell me the truth.
Who asked you to kill me?
Out with it.
Who hired you?
Tell me.
-Tell me.
-Don't hit me.
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
Saravanan, what happened?
I told you I'd find out
who the troublemaker is.
It's him.
-What rubbish!
-Karan, you know nothing.
-Saravanan, what's happening?
-Get in, Sanjana.
Did I try to kill you?
You tried to kill your entire family
for money!
Shut up!
First, you tried to kill me.
And now you want to kill my father
and pin it on me.
What is this nonsense?
You're calling me a murderer
to cover up the fact that you're a fraud!
You remember the lorry driver, Arivu?
Who is Arivu?
-What about Marimuthu?
-He is a fraud. Take him away.
-Stop it!
He is the lorry driver.
He broke into our home
that night.
Uncle, do you know these men?
I don't.
Tell them.
Sir, he beat us up
and made us say that
this man hired us to kill him.
-I don't know who Sudhakar is.
-Save me, sir.
Karan, he's lying!
-Are you staging an act?
-He is lying!
-They are lying!
-Shut up!
Get out.
Get out!
He said he doesn't know Sudhakar.
Do you want to know who the culprit is?
Tell him to show us his phone.
Is he speaking the truth?
Why did you do it, Dad?
Answer me, Dad.
After the boss...
I thought it would be me.
he came from nowhere.
An heir.
Being the second best all my life.
It is a curse.
You won't get it.
You believe me now?
Let's go to the police station.
I didn't expect things
to turn out this way.
I should be the one saying sorry.
You shouldn't be alone here.
Come to my house.
I need some solitude.
Do you remember this?
Your key chain.
The last gift I gave you.
span style="style.center1"I came to your house on your birthday,/span
span style="style.center1"I was angry because you weren't there./span
span style="style.center1"I thought you'd come to see me/span
span style="style.center1"if I take this with me./span
But you never came.
The moment I took back
the gift I gave you...
you left me.
I feel like...
as long as I have this with me,
I can never have you.
Take this back.
You are all I have.
I need you.
Saravanan, what happened?
I'm not Saravanan.
I'm Vicky.
Saravanan is long gone.
By "gone,"
I don't mean "disappeared."
I meant "dead."
Don't you know what happened?
I'll tell you.
Saravanan's father, Gnanamoorthy,
is a very busy politician.
He was very busy
addicted to politics, he didn't notice
that his son had become a drug addict.
On Saravanan's birthday
he fought at home
and left with money and jewels
to buy drugs.
He left the town that night,
and never returned for 15 years.
That's what the family
and the whole town believes.
But that's not the truth.
No way.
He came back the same night.
And only his father knew that.
He stood before his father, drugged.
span style="style.center1"Enraged with his son for pushing/span
span style="style.center1"his aged mother down/span
span style="style.center1"and with himself for not/span
span style="style.center1"paying more attention to his son/span
span style="style.center1"a fight broke out/span
span style="style.center1"between the father and son./span
span style="style.center1"In that fight/span
span style="style.center1"either accidentally/span
span style="style.center1"or intentionally/span
span style="style.center1"his father killed him./span
It was election time.
He feared the consequences
of the matter going public.
Hungry for power.
That's when the politician
turned into a criminal.
span style="style.center1"He stashed his son's body/span
span style="style.center1"in the car trunk,/span
span style="style.center1"pretended to look for his son/span
span style="style.center1"by driving across the entire town/span
span style="style.center1"looked for a suitable place/span
span style="style.center1"to bury him/span
span style="style.center1"and eventually buried/span
span style="style.center1"his body in the forest./span
span style="style.center1"With no guilt about killing his son/span
he came up with a story
about how the son went missing.
The family believed him.
He won the elections
by garnering sympathy votes.
Everything was going just fine.
One fine day,
some guy came into the picture
to build a resort at the spot
where the son was buried.
span style="style.center1"If they dig up the place,/span
span style="style.center1"they'd find the son's body./span
span style="style.center1"He could get caught!/span
span style="style.center1"To solve that problem/span
span style="style.center1"he used the pretext/span
span style="style.center1"of people's rights,/span
span style="style.center1"filed a court case,/span
span style="style.center1"and halted the resort construction./span
span style="style.center1"The moment he realized/span
span style="style.center1"the verdict might be in their favor/span
he arranged for an orphan
from Goa called Vicky
to pose as his son.
Even if they find the body now
he can say that his son is still alive.
With your political wisdom
you deserve to be in
national politics, chief!
Your poor fate, you're stuck in
a tiny dump like Mettupalayam.
You were aware the man posing as your son
is a criminal, just like you.
You knew he can't
be around for long.
So, you treated him like
he were your own son
and made him your political heir
thereby turning all your enemies
into his enemies.
You made him fight
against the resort owners
hoping that it would work in your favor
irrespective of who killed whom.
The only thing that went wrong
in your master strategy
was this.
So, you know everything.
The only thing
that exists between us now
is a business deal.
The money I owe you.
And all your personal details.
Everything is in there.
As long as you don't pose any danger
to me, I won't be of any danger to you.
Are you threatening me?
You killed your son for political mileage.
You're capable of anything.
I'd go to jail,
to save this family from you.
I'll make sure you go behind bars.
What is this?
Forgive me, Mom.
I am not Saravanan.
Saravanan isn't alive.
Your husband killed him.
You knew it?
I thought I was the one
cheating all of you.
But the husband and wife, together,
have been cheating me!
-What is going on here?
-Oh, no!
Take your hands off him.
Get up, boy.
You dare to push your Grandma!
-Why are you so spoilt?
-What do I do with you?
Don't hit him, dad!
-Please don't hit him.
Get lost.
Dad, it's okay.
Dad, please don't cry.
Dad, please.
Nothing has happened.
Dad, it's okay.
I raised you both the same way.
But I don't know why
he turned out like this.
The school principal
spoke to me just yesterday.
He hit a girl at school.
I don't know how this will end.
It will be fine, Dad.
How dare you hit Dad?
He hit me first.
So, you'd hit him back?
Such arrogance!
-Grandma is very critical now!
-Stop it.
What did you do to that girl?
I'm ashamed to call you my brother.
-What is this?
-Give it to me.
-This is the cause of all the problems.
-Give it to me.
-I won't.
-I said, give it to me.
I won't give it to you!
Do you have any idea what I went
through to get that? Do you?
Will you and your father never get it?
I'll be at peace only when you die.
Die! Die!
Oh, no! We need to go
to the hospital.
Dad, let's take him
to the hospital.
Dad, I killed him.
-I killed him.
Dad, it was a mistake.
He tried to choke me.
-I didn't meant to.
I don't know how it happened.
Oh, no! I killed him.
-I killed my own brother.
-No, listen to me.
I killed him.
Don't shout!
Don't shout!
-Parvathy, listen to me.
Dad, call the police.
-I'll go to jail.
-No, let's not call the police.
-I killed my own brother.
-Not the police...
-Not the police.
-I'll surrender, Dad.
-Dad, let me go to the police.
-You didn't kill Saravanan.
Saravanan is not dead.
He is not dead.
Saravanan ran away.
He ran away
and never returned.
No one should know about this.
He was a drug addict.
And had a weakness for women.
If word gets out
people will come up with their own stories
and blow this thing up.
Your future.
Your marriage.
Our family's honor.
We will lose everything.
Be brave.
Your dad is here for you.
I'll take you to the hospital.
-Help Mom and take care of your grandma.
-No, Dad.
Saravanan never returned home.
Saravanan ran away.
Saravanan never came back.
Saravanan ran away.
Saravanan ran away from home.
I didn't want anyone outside
the family to discover this secret.
So, I committed all those crimes.
You are a good man.
But my daughter's life
is more important to me.
Don't, Dad.
I can't lose my brother again.
To hide one crime
we've committed several others.
Enough, Dad.
My daughter committed a crime
by accident
and she's been suffering for 15 years.
But I committed
all those crimes intentionally.
I'll take the blame for everything.
-Sir, thank you very much.
-We are very happy.
-Thank you, sir!
-Thank you!
-You have saved all our people, sir.
-Bless you!
-You should live long, sir.
Sir, we won this case.
This land belongs to our people now.
No one can build a hotel
or a resort there.
Thank you so much.
-May you live long!
-May your family prosper!
Your son has brought us luck.
Where is he?
-We want to see him.
Ask him to come out.
Long live, Gnanamoorthy.
Long live, Gnanamoorthy.
Long live, Gnanamoorthy.
Long live, Gnanamoorthy.
Where are you going?
I don't have a family.
I just go wherever the train takes me.
We don't have the right
to ask you to stay here.
You've only seen trouble
ever since you came here.
You would be happy
if you go back.
That was no life at all, sister.
I don't know where I was born.
I didn't know what "family" meant.
Mother, father,
and a sibling's love,
I learnt about it only here.
I don't deserve that.
We are no better.
We committed such a big crime
but we pretend to live like good people.
Don't say that, sister.
I came here to pose as your brother.
But when I was hurt,
you cared for me.
He was a bad son.
And it was an accident.
Unable to speak about it,
I can understand the trauma and guilt
your family must have gone through.
So many sacrifices go into
the well-being of a family.
Having an older sister
is the equivalent of two mothers.
A younger brother knows that very well.
He wasn't lucky.
Just because he was born
to my parents...
doesn't make him my brother.
Whether it was the truth or a lie,
Mom and Dad have been happy
only after you came.
Don't leave us.
Crying over a lost brother...
is not new to me.
Be happy.
You're not leaving?
I don't have money
for the tickets.
I can give you the money.
-Speak that way, and I'll really go!
-Shut up.
Take a shower once we get home.
You stink.
Look, my first condition is,
don't ask me to shower every day.
I can't.
It's not like you shower every day now.
Second condition.
I will drink at least once a week.
Oh? I'll have a word with Mom.
No, no. I'll handle that.
Third condition.
You must get married soon.
-I can do my thing then.
-Won't you get married if I don't?
I can't live like Abdul Kalam.
No way! Let me go.
I'll go away.