Thammar Boyfriend (2016) Movie Script

What is it?
Sorry. Leave it.
I have..
Where were we? Yes.
We'll look into it so
that everyone is benefited..
Come quickly.
Oh, God!
Why are you
standing like that?
You said that the saris
were cheap.
It's wasn't about the sari.
Call a taxi.
- Won't we go home?
Oh! I thought you wanted to show
these saris to the taxi driver.
Shut up! Call a taxi!
Shut up! Call a taxi!
Would you go to Chourasta, mister?
There's no garage over there.
What did he say? - He's saying
that there is no garage over there.
Ask him where his garage is,
we'll go that way.
Okay. Where is your garage..
- Darn it!
Why would we go to his garage?
- What a fool!
Hold this..
Are you messaging the taxi driver?
- Yes..
Wow! You've shopped
from Shopper's Stop.
I love Shopper's Stop.
- Hey..
Mom, is it done?
What? You get up late
and keep on ordering me.
I'm making tea. After that, I'll
get your coffee.
Oh, no! - Listen. Don't let
anyone take the newspaper.
This is impossible.
It's crazy.
- Yes. You're right.
It's crazy.
- Yes. You're right.
Even me..
- You?
Your whole family has this
disease. Everybody is crazy.
See, every human being makes
mistakes.. - Mistake, is it?
It's not a mistake.
This is being insensible.
You're right.
Are you listening?
- Oh!
Even in the washroom..
Do I have a choice?
What are you doing
for so long? - I sleep in here!
What? - Do you want
to use the washroom?
- I knew it.
I feel like crying.
- What? What happened?
My mom has sent a letter.
- Oh, no!
My mom has sent a letter.
- Oh, no!
Call her up and tell her
we can't go there.
It's an invitation.
- For what?
A wedding.
A wedding? Whose is it?
It's my mom's.
- Mother-in-law's?
"Grandma's boyfriend.."
Everything is in vain. My
daughter's marriage. Our future.
Social prestige. Everything.
What are you looking at?
- No..
The car next to us
overtook us. - Yes..
The car next to us
overtook us. - Yes..
We have been
overtaken long before.
Listen. I will talk there.
You think it's a joke?
She going mad at this age.
- It's right.
Shut up! 'It's right..'
- It's meaningless.
You're taking me there
for no reason.
I had to miss Rita's party.
It's up to you whether you want
to keep the alliance intact or not!
What should I do?
I don't like it at all.
Mom, can I be the pageboy
at grandma's wedding?
Oh, God! Would you
just shut up?
It's the same thing. A guy
married a girl from Bangalore
and robbed everything after that
after killing her.
I am really tensed. Mom has
a lot of property. - Is it?
I wasn't aware of that!
He wouldn't do anything
after the wedding, right?
He would definitely do.
- What?
Are you talking about a murder?
- I am so tensed.
Are you talking about a murder?
- I am so tensed.
That's why I've asked my brother
to come as soon as possible.
Your brother?
Mr. Singh, drive faster. Otherwise
everything will be gone.
I'm sure you've
a lot of things there.
Yes, of course.
- Okay.
It's my wife's
mother's property.
Dad, I'll come soon.
- Where are you going?
I'm going to that side.
You carry on. I'll be back.
- Have this.
- Have this.
She has gone to the temple.
- What does it mean?
You don't understand
what a temple is? - I do.
Has she gone there
for the wedding?
Don't irritate me anymore.
Just tell strictly that this
won't happen. Listen..
You remember what I told
you about the property? - No.
Yes, I do remember it.
Come on..
- Aunt.
- How are you, dear?
I'm great. - How are you?
- I am great.
How are you?
- I'm good.
It's good that your brother is
already here. - Yes.
Mother-in-law.. - Calm down.
Grandma is not at home.
She has gone to the temple. - Why?
Has the wedding already started?
Even I think so.
She has gone there with
your would-be father. - Ratna..
It's a good thing. She's trying
to fill her void.
What is it?
- She needed a husband.
I'm here worrying for my mother
and you people..
No, Sister. Mom is very wise.
Just stop it!
I can already see it.
We won't be able
to face the society.
There they are..
All of my children are here.
Let it be.. These are
my little fairies.
Let it be.. These are
my little fairies.
"Heart stood still.
When we first met."
He's so cool.
Partho. Meet my family.
- Hello.
Yes. - It's good I've
met you people.
I have heard a lot about you.
- My.. It's okay.
B-But we've never
heard about you.
It's my darling's
responsibility, right?
You know, darling.
They're so busy. They're so busy
that they cannot even meet me.
They have no time at all.
The moment I wrote them
that I'm going to marry,
all of them are here.
that I'm going to marry,
all of them are here.
That's so sweet of them.
- You are even sweeter.
My baby..
- I'm going inside.
Why are you getting
angry? Listen to me..
Go. Get freshen up. I have many
other things to say to you.
Go.. Get freshen up.
- Yes.. - Come inside, Rini.
Even I'm going inside.
Even you want to freshen up?
- Bye. - Okay, go..
Go after her.
Darling, let's go inside.
- Yes..
"Grandma's boyfriend.."
What happened?
- What? - Come on.
Your mother has changed a lot.
Fancy dress.
Fancy hair. It's like
a fancy dress party.
Please don't make me cry again.
- Yes..
Did you hit me?
Mom.. Have you decided on a date
for your wedding?
Yes. That's the reason
I've called all of you.
I've to know about the day offs
of the children.
Pat and I,
don't believe in birth charts.
We would just have a registered
marriage, a party and good food.
That's all.
- Who's Pat?
I call Partho by that name.
- What a boy you've got!
But you called him
'Lyancha' before.
It's not 'Lyancha',
it's 'Sandesh'.
It's not 'Lyancha',
it's 'Sandesh'.
Their relationship is as
sweet as 'Sandesh'. - Okay.
Actually I'm a diabetic patient.
All the sweets are same for me.
We are getting diverted
from the main point.
Exactly. I hope
you have queries
regarding my marriage.
- Yes..
Mom, this Pat is..
- Father.
I'm getting married to him
after a few days.
So, you better address him
as father.
Don't give it much thought.
Keep practising.
If you start practising, you'll
surely get it right.
Oh, Father-in-law! - Father-in-law
will be enough. - Okay.
Dad.. I mean Pat..
I mean dad.. You want to..
Mom, what will people say
about it? Why did you do this?
Why? I am active enough.
Full of energy.
I stay alone.. - That's not
right. Puti stays with you.
I stay alone.. - That's not
right. Puti stays with you.
She looks after you.
- Okay.
Shubho, do you take care
of your wife properly?
Or do you have maids
to take care of her?
sense of humour..
How did you meet Mr. Pat?
He came from Bangalore.
'Old lady killed in Bangalore..
A young man suspected.'
Why are you coughing?
Have some water..
He's the chief executive
of Allied Mines.
One day, I was
returning from market.
Oh, God!
It was something.
After that,
love happened in no time.
Both of us walking, together..
Walking back and forth, together.
So many conversations..
It was love. Let it be.
Listen to me.
You discuss among yourselves
and fix a date.
Then I'll arrange for the party.
- I mean.. - Arrangement?
Don't worry about it.
Pat himself is enough.
Or else, I will be there.
I will handle my expenses.
By the way, I missed something.
A few days before,
I really felt like
showing him everything.
I meant my safe.
I have shown him
all my jewellery
and my property papers.
I'll look after it till I'm alive.
But after my death
your dad will
distribute it amongst you.
"Let me have
the taste of your love."
Mr. Singh, have your food.
- Hey, Puti, my darling.
Don't call me Mr. Singh.
My name is Balbinder.
People lovingly call me Ballu.
Love, my foot.
- What did you just say?
If ma'am can get married
at this age then why can't we?
Oh, God! Look at your guts.
Why'd I marry you when I already
have a lot of boys in my village?
Hey, what did you just say?
Listen to me.. Puti..
"Let me have
the taste of your love."
She was taunting us.
That we wouldn't have come here
had it not been her marriage.
Yes, that's the only reason.
Otherwise you would have
freaked out.
The entire property will
belong to that crook. - Crook?
The entire property will
belong to that crook. - Crook?
Didn't you hear?
Your brother-in-law said so.
He is a crook from
Bangalore. I've told you.
Look at your face. Your face
wouldn't make any difference.
Actually, the chicken
was a bit spicy today.
You cannot spice up
your bank balance.
So, you better
spice up your chicken.
But legally speaking
that crook will be our father.
How should I stop it?
- You have to.
As long as I'm alive, I cannot
let her marry.
I mean, I cannot
let her ruin her life. Never.
This is the first time I came to
know that you love her so much.
Even Rini deserves something
from this family.
Will that man take
away everything?
Then you'll have brothers
and sisters. - How?
Impossible! - It's always
possible. Even that is possible.
They can adopt one. Everything
would belong to that child.
Your baby brother.
at this age this kind
of incident is quite common.
I'm sure he is that
killer from Bangalore.
Your mother is no less. As
if they were made for each other.
Don't talk rubbish.
Aren't you ashamed of talking like
this about your mother-in-law?
It's human instinct.
Old people get urges for one
last time before they die.
So, you think that mother's
end is near?
Of course. Otherwise
why would she marry?
Did the same thing happen to you
when you got married to me?
Look at you..
Don't talk like a fool.
I got you at a very early age.
I mean I married you.
It's very natural at that age.
So, it's not the same
now, right? Oh, God!
Here I am thinking
about ways to save my mother
and there you are talking
about feelings at old age.
How can I address that boy
as my dad?
"I'm beautiful and adorable."
"My restless heart looks
for a place to hide."
"I have been dreaming"
"about having
a happy family with you."
"We will have a happy family.
A happy family."
"We will have a happy family."
"My mind is playing hide and seek
with your love."
"They are experiencing
the storm of love."
"They are experiencing
the storm of love."
"I want to run away with you"
"and get lost in the ocean
of love. A happy family."
"We will have a happy
family. A happy family."
"We will have a happy family."
"I have been dreaming"
"about having
a happy family with you."
"We will have a happy family.
A happy family."
"We will have a happy family.
A happy family."
"We will have a happy family."
Brother-in-law, it's not for free.
You have to pay something.
"Grandma's boyfriend."
Son-in-law. Did you
have a good sleep?
Yes. Good morning..
Is it red or blue?
- What? I'm in green.
I am not talking about you.
I am asking you
should I wear a red sari
or a blue sari?
Think about it, okay?
- Yes..
"The moon is shining
in the night sky.."
Take it. - God knows
what he's always thinking.
What does that mean?
What are you reading?
What happened?
Police is suspecting that the
killer has come to Kolkata.
Do you know the name?
- Is it Partho?
It's Arjun. But it's
the same, right?
It's Arjun. But it's
the same, right?
What would you do?
She was actually asking me
about which sari to wear.
Partho? - No, not Partho.
It was your mother.
What would you do?
- Police?
No, he will be more careful. Don't
tell anything to mother-in-law.
All this.. Did you know
all this was happening?
We couldn't come here.
During the holidays
Ratna always wants to go
to Bangkok or Singapore.
It's the same for us.
We just talked over the phone.
And this boy took the chance.
- Do you know
where this boy is?
Good morning.
- Oh.
It's morning for sure. But I'm not
sure whether it's good or bad.
Do you want it?
- What? - A bike ride.
Do you want it?
- What? - A bike ride.
No, thank you. This is
must in my morning list?
List? You already
have a good figure.
What would you do with a list?
Don't follow me,
otherwise I'll shout.
What did I do?
I just wanted to help you.
You are not willing to take it.
Why are you after me?
Do this with someone else.
Shame on you!
My figure is good, isn't it?
I'll tell mother-in-law
all about this.
Nothing will happen. She will
just kiss me day and night.
What? - Oh, God! Did you
see that?
What happened?
Where did you get hurt? Come on.
What happened?
Where did you get hurt? Come on.
- You are impossible.
I know, you're hurt. You
can't walk. Take my help.
N-No. I have a family.
And I have a bike. You cannot
get back home in this condition.
Better, let me help you..
Be careful..
I'll help you.
Hold on.. Get on it.
Be careful. Did you sit? Good.
Let me see.
Perry Ellis 360 degree.
- What?
The fragrance that you sniffed
just now. - I didn't do that!
Be careful. Hold tight.
You won't get this chance again.
What chance?
- Bike ride. Are you ready?
What chance?
- Bike ride. Are you ready?
The guy is really alluring.
- Are you talking about Rishi?
He's still a kid.
- Idiot.
I'm talking
about grandma's boyfriend.
He's at least six feet
and two inches tall. - Mr. Partho?
Maybe.. - What?
He may be a mister to you.
Mr. Partho!
- I cannot call him grandfather.
Tell me one thing.
Be honest to me. - Yes.
Do I make a better pair with Partho
or is it grandma?
What are you saying?
- She used to call me, you know?
When grandma broke her leg..
- Yes.
When grandma broke her leg..
- Yes.
We had gone to Singapore.
Why didn't we come here
during the summer holidays!
It would've been better.
I could have met Partho. - Yes.
We both could have been together.
Hey.. - What happened?
- I am here for you.
What happened.. - What happened?
- Careful..
Crook! She's mine.
- Of course.
Here, take her.
H-How did you get a sprain?
Don't even talk about it.
I was in a haste.
Thank God, he was there.. - He?
- Here..
He was there. - It's me. It's
nothing. It was just a slip.
I managed.
And I let her ride..
On his bike.
- What?
I didn't touch him.
I was holding the bike.
Always at your service.
Let me know when you need help.
See, this is my will.
I want to give all these
jewellery, property and my house
to them who I love.
They are very disappointed,
you know?
Because I'm marrying you.
But it's very natural.
But they are not understanding
that if I don't marry you
I won't get you.
Everything will be done
according to your wish.
My dear boy.
I believe
whatever I'm doing is right.
Why is that?
The newspaper
reported an incident.
They are saying that in
Bangalore.. - Leave it, Noni.
Everything will be fine.
I am here for you.
"Hail the Goddess.."
Oh God!
What a character!
It's something
that can be put in a museum.
He was so adamant.
And he was talking rubbish.
That is why I fell down.
He came to help me.
I told him I'll slap him.
Then I got on the bike.
Mom, he is the one
who brought you back.
It's like a social service.
Just stop it.
Social service!
Social service!
It's not social service, it's
taking up a golden chance.
Did you understand that?
Something fishy
is going on in that room.
She's giving away
everything to him.
Dad, you don't have any chance.
I'm sure there's a six pack
beneath all this fat!
It'll surely come out one day.
Sister-in-law is something.
She has already
cast a spell on that guy.
So that she can have a
share of her property from him.
This is called game plan.
There's a saying that
it's all in the game.
Just like everything is fair
in love and war.
Yes. It's true for love.
But here, your mother is getting
nothing out of it.
When sister-in-law's family
went to Singapore
your mother was alone here.
You could've brought her here.
Oh my.. I told you I wanted
to go and bring her.
But you said that
there was no need of that.
But you said that
there was no need of that.
Now you're just worried
about the property.
I'm not worried.
I'm exercising.
I don't care.
That killer from Bangalore!
The day he decides
to get rid of her forever
she'll understand.
Even Rini is with Mr. Partho.
What is she doing?
Listen to me.
Listen to me carefully.
If this the boy from Bangalore
then it's our duty to save
grandma from him.
Let's kill him.
If I can trap him using
my beauty.. - Good!
How many traps do you need?
It's not a real trap.
If I can trap him
using my beauty
then he will get diverted.
Did you understand that?
Then we can expose him
in front of grandma.
In fact we can get him arrested.
If you're not enough even I can
help you in that with my trap.
So many traps?
Is it a trap house?
No, you don't get involved
in this. That stupid..
Dad, don't call him that!
His name is Partho.
But I don't like
this plan at all.
What if he traps you in his..
How exciting!
- What?
Listen to me.
- It's nothing.
Don't ruin this plan. - Yes.
- Don't spread the plan.
I knew that they would
have a plan like this.
If they entrap that boy either he
would get rid of mother-in-law
or they would
share the property.
And we would have nothing left.
What should we do now?
I think they have already started
executing it. - Just wait..
Let me understand the case.
Then accordingly I'll have an idea
about what they are trying to do.
Then accordingly I'll have an idea
about what they are trying to do.
And later on..
We'll enter the scene
when the time is right.
Where does he work?
Allied Mines.
- Any problem?
No.. Not at all.
It'll get started with a kick.
So please get me on it.
On your bike.
On my bike..
No, it's not possible. I
need to take Noni for a ride.
Where are you going?
- To a movie.
Which movie is it?
- 'Dilwale!' Rerun.
A love story going on
for a long period of time.
A love story going on
for a long period of time.
Just like our story.
Really? - Yes.
So we should go to the movie
together. Right?
By our story I meant
of me and Noni.
Why do you always keep
on saying Noni darling?
She is much elder to you.
There is no relation between
love and age.
- Hey you.. - See..
It seems like
you are having a good time.
Yes. We were talking about it.
Not at all.
You were saying that
Noni is much elder to me.. - No..
Am I old?
You just speak
nonsense sometimes.
I have a feeling that
I'm just sweet 16.
And do you know the reason
behind it?
It's because of Pat.
He has totally changed my life.
why are you wasting time?
Yes.. - I really don't want to
miss the first scene.
Yes.. - I really don't want to
miss the first scene.
Come on.
- Come on.
Excuse me. Please move a bit.
- Move a bit.
One more thing.
Don't talk much with young girls.
- Okay baby, come. - Come on.
Even that boy could
ride a bike very well.
It's written here.
What do you think?
Is it right?
Grandma is doing
whatever she likes.
We cannot do anything.
Even we have a wish.
That's the reason we're here.
Do you want to ruin
the marriage? - No..
Even we have the responsibility
to talk her out of it.
I didn't see any of you
put any effort for that.
It's only my mother.
- It's not the right way.
First you need to
assess the situation
then only you can do the rest.
You need to do the right thing
at the right time.
One minute.
One minute.
Even you're trying, right?
Why me?
I'm not doing anything.
I'm like a kid.
As if it's true.
You are not a kid.
You're something more.
Do you think
you did the right thing?
Just shut up.
You can't do anything properly,
so at least let us do it.
- What is it, Rini?
Partho and grandma are going
to watch the movie, 'Dilwale'.
Thank God!
What do you mean?
Had he taken her,
I would've been worried..
It would've been fine.
A little worry is much better
than losing dignity.
People are watching them
doing all these things.
It would've been no problem
had he taken me.
Just to save my mother you'll
end up giving me a heart attack.
No one dies out of diabetes.
It will be under control
with insulin.
But Mom, we are unable to control
Grandma has gone
to see 'Dilwale'?
Grandma has gone
to see 'Dilwale'?
Mom has always been a romantic.
She really is.
I know that!
Your mother is just like you!
Listen to me.
You've to be much
more aggressive.
You have be closer to him.
A bit more romance.
A bit more..
- Oh God!
What are you trying to
teach her? - Just stop it.
Would you sing and dance if
property goes out of your hand?
We have to expose him
in front of mother-in-law.
No.. - Shut up..
Nothing can be done
with your father.
Let's talk in a separate room.
Oh God..
I'm getting such a sweet smell
from this dish!
Will you stop blabbering?
Mom is not home yet.
Everybody is tensed.
She has gone for the noon show.
Being late is not unnatural.
May be she has got kidnapped.
- What!
When mother-in-law was having
pneumonia, why didn't you come?
Why did Mita not come?
Jhimli had go-as-you-like
programme at her school.
Then you have no choice
other than crying now.
I'm not liking this at all.
Oh God! That's is the reason
I was trying to distract you.
May be Partho is very hungry now.
"Let me get lost in your colour
of love.. - Of love.."
Please, sing that for me again.
"Let me get lost in your colour
of love.." - Superb..
It was a fantastic movie..
You and me with hand in hand.
- What are you doing?
Children are here. And you are..
- No, I won't...
Okay, I won't tell this..
It's between us..
Hey! What happened to all of you?
Hey! What happened to all of you?
What happened?
You should have told us earlier
that you will be late. - Strange.
It's new to me. Since when did
you start bothering about me?
Even I don't bother about
anyone. I am independent now.
"Let me get lost in the.."
- Colour of love..
"Colour of love.."
- Let me clear out one thing.
Whatever we are doing
is for your good. - Yes.
I needed her and she needed me.
And we are adults now.
So please don't worry about us.
- Yes, don't do it.
You people have your food.
We've already had it.
After the movie Pat had taken me
for lunch.
Although the food was
according to his choice.
It was Biryani and
'Chicken Chap'. My greedy boy.
So let's have food.
- Yes, have it..
Come and have your seat!
What are you staring at?
- Come on, start. Lift your plate.
- Come on, start. Lift your plate.
Partho - Yes.
- Won't you have food with us?
Me? No, I had enough food.
It'll take time to digest it.
Then at least give us company.
Listen darling, now you're
the head of this family.
Their dad, Rini and Jhimli's
What happened?
- Eat slowly..
What happened, Son-in-law?
- The.. Food..
Got stuck..
- Have water..
See you in the evening.
Don't run away.
- No I won't.
Noni, my sweet honey.
"My heart is burning with desire.."
"My heart is burning with desire.."
Take it.
- So..
What did you people do
the whole day?
Are you getting bored?
- No.. Not at all.
Will you be here in the evening?
Will you be happy
if I stay? - Yes..
Gradually we'll come to know
everything about everyone.
- Oh my God!
What happened?
My leg hurts.
- Oh, right..
See, we've let you go to the movie.
Now you've to listen to
what we say.
It was going good.
- What's good?
It was going good.
- What's good?
T-This relationship
was going good..
Yes, be here. As long as
we are here, be here.
Then you can come to Kolkata
with us.
You'll fit-in well!
Then it will be easier for you
to know us better.
That was not a bad idea
from your uncle. - No..
Dad wouldn't be his uncle.
He will be his son-in-law.
Just shut up.
It's so confusing out here.
Just have your food.
You prefer skirts, right?
You prefer skirts, right?
Oh no.. Water.
Yes, tell me.
Who came asking?
At office?
Did he come to know everything?
I explained everything to you,
still you couldn't handle it.
I explained everything to you,
still you couldn't handle it.
If the police..
I'll see to it.
You didn't understand anything,
it's about a huge property.
What are you doing?
I'll call you later.
It's nothing. I'll go home now.
Where do you live?
It's not a home, it's a quarter.
It's on that side of the river.
Okay.. I have
never seen a river.
I mean I've seen no other river
other than Ganga.
I see. I was disappointed
to hear that.
What's so disappointing about it?
Even you disappoint me.
- What is it?
What did you find in grandma
that you started liking her?
Don't you think she is very old?
No, I mean you and grandma..
- It's like the river.
She has a small and lovely
stream inside her.
She has a small and lovely
stream inside her.
You have little experience
about rivers.
You won't understand it.
A dead river can never find its way
to a sea.
They can during the monsoon.
Then the water overflows its bank
and makes its way towards the sea.
You have seen the
sea, I guess. - Yes.
But I have never been in the sea.
I know nothing about you.
I know nothing about your
personality, your likes, dislikes..
You've a lot hidden within
you.. I have no idea about it.
Do you want to know it?
But I know many things about you.
How is that?
Noni told me.
- Okay.
But I don't meet her often.
But I don't meet her often.
I feel sorry about it.
Your grandma knows
everything about you guys.
Like you have completed your
graduation from St. Xavier's
and now you are working.
You didn't like much studies.
But you were a basketball champion.
That can be easily made out
from your figure.
You like it?
Thank you.
- Welcome.
I think everyone should be
more serious about their fitness.
I am very particular about it.
And when a girl is physically fit
I like it.
What else do you know about me?
Many other things
which even you don't know.
Or you've forgotten.
- What is it?
In your childhood
when you were two years old
when you were two years old
you were very critical
due to cough.
You were put in hospital for IV.
It was a scary night.
Your parents were very tensed.
Only your grandma
was beside them.
She handled the entire situation.
You love pizza, right?
- Yes.
But in your childhood when anyone
asked you about your favourite dish
you used to say potato and pointed
gourd curry. - Pointed gourd curry.
You loved your grandma
very much.
And she never liked
staying away from you.
Actually your childhood reminded me
of my own childhood.
I had lost my parents
at a very early age.
So, I have no idea about
the care and affection
a family has for their people.
I was brought up
in an orphanage.
So when I see your parents
being concerned about you
I think I'll be deprived
of all this forever.
And this lady. My
Noni darling.
She loves you like anything. She's
very protective about you.
But you people
must be very busy.
So you don't get a chance to
come here. She misses you a lot.
She had called you a lot
of times. You didn't even..
What happened?
Are you crazy?
Oh my God! He
is a playboy!
He wants the grandma
and the granddaughter.. Shame..
I knew this. I knew
this would happen.
Dad, don't talk! You just
waste your time in planning.
You shouldn't hurry
in such cases.
It's because of me that
you've come to know this.
You keep on planning.
You keep on planning.
I'll talk to mom. - Shut up!
It would be of no use.
I'll talk to mom. - Shut up!
It would be of no use.
Don't you understand
she loves him very much?
She's totally into him. He
has to be caught red-handed.
I have engaged my
men. In Allied Mines.
This is going out of control.
- We'll take control before that.
That boy didn't understand my
girl. - Me with that loafer?
Although, today he seemed to be
a gentleman.
Jhimli. - Yes, he's your
would-be brother-in-law.
It's really confusing.
Brother-in-law, grandfather or..
Here is your tea.
- Hey..
Did everybody have
tea? - Yes, ma'am.
What are my
granddaughters doing?
Rini ma'am has gone somewhere
with Mr. Partho.
And Jhimli ma'am called for the car
from Mr. Singh and went somewhere.
And Jhimli ma'am called for the car
from Mr. Singh and went somewhere.
Okay, you can go.
- All right.
Come. - Mom
do you read the newspaper
Yes, of course.
Why, what happened?
Have you read about
the Bangalore news?
It's about an old
woman.. - Oh God!
Why do you say the same
thing every day? I don't like it.
Red will suit me more
or blue? - Mom, I'm
having sleepless nights.
A young boy like Partho wants
to marry you. Do you know why?
Because he loves me. There
is no doubt about it.
Once I've fallen in love with him
he'll be the one to be responsible.
He can keep or kill me.
- Why is that? Are we dead?
Can't we take care of
you? - Yes, of course.
Can't we take care of
you? - Yes, of course.
See, in this age
someone is really required.
And if that is not taken care of
by the children
then we ourselves have to do it.
And by taking care, you mean
calling once in a week.
That too for the last three months
you didn't even call me once.
Look at this.
I had pneumonia. I was in a
nursing home for three days.
And you didn't tell
us about it. - I did.
I called up Shubho. Ratna
said gurgling will cure it.
You should remember
I had called you too.
You should remember
I had called you too.
You said there was a party
going on at your place.
You told me to call
you the next day.
I couldn't wait for that.
I know..
You are very worried
about my property.
You are very worried..
Had you guys been so
worried about me
I would have been very happy.
It would've been really good.
Anyway, don't worry
about it. Don't worry at all.
I won't deprive you of your
rights. Never would I do that.
I don't like this at all.
She went out with an unknown boy
and you are encouraging her.
Yes, I've done it.
Had your mother done this you
wouldn't have been like this.
Why don't to wear Perry Ellis,
360 degree?
What's that?
Look at mother-in-law, she's
so romantic. - That's tragic.
Mother is full of romance and
son is just the opposite.
Just like mashed potatoes.
- Mashed potatoes?
Is that today's menu?
- No.. It's me..
You want to have it? Rice,
dal and mashed potatoes..
With mustard oil and onions..
- Oh my God!
Don't even talk
about it. - It's true.
It's really hard to
understand people around.
It's really hard to make it out.
True, you are. I saw Jhimli
go out in the afternoon.
Even I have seen many things.
That doesn't mean
I will enquire about it.
She has gone somewhere nearby
to buy some things.
I asked her to go in Partho's
I asked her to go in Partho's
bike as she was going nearby.
That's thoughtful.. His
bike is really helpful.
Movies, market and sometimes
it works as an ambulance too.
By the way, is your leg all right?
Yes, it's better now. - That's
good. We have to go a long way.
What does that mean?
No, I mean we have to control
the entire situation, right?
Which situation?
- Look at you..
Did you even forget
why you've come here?
Or is there a change
in the plan? - Plan?
We didn't plan for anything.
Oh no.. I didn't say
anything like that.
What happened? - He's really
insensible in the morning.
I was.. - Shut up.
He talks rubbish.
Where's Mita? - What?
Mita. - Where is
Mita? There she is.
I was in mom's room.
- What did she say?
She has a lot of complaints
about us. She had pneumonia.
She has a lot of complaints
about us. She had pneumonia.
Did you ask her to gurgle?
- That's it. She's already started.
She's already started
complaining against me. - Hey..
She had pneumonia,
why would you ask her to gurgle?
Why didn't you ask her in detail?
Don't you have any
responsibility? - Don't you?
Or is it just me? Here
is her son. Ask him.
Being a daughter-in-law you have
certain responsibilities for her.
And when is that?
Answer me..
Only when they treat us like
their own daughters. Ask Subroto.
What all did he get
being a son-in-law?
What? That's
true.. I'll check.
Brother, won't you say anything?
My sandals..
- Brother.. - Where is it..
I'll check it.
- It's of no use.
A person had pneumonia
and she was asked to gurgle.
Rubbish! - Hey, just shut up!
- You shut up!
Rubbish! - Hey, just shut up!
- You shut up!
- One minute..
There's no need of this.
There's only one way of getting
this boy out of this house.
And that's police.
- That's not possible.
Mom wouldn't let that
happen. That's quite clear.
And this marriage will
definitely happen. - Oh no..
I'll go. Brother-in-law..
Just finish your tea, Mr. Singh!
Don't stare at me like that!
It's not Mr. Singh.
Call me Ballu.
Don't be cheesy. You're
going crazy, silly man.
What did you
say? I understood.
You said something
sweet, didn't you?
Yes. I cursed you.
Yes. I cursed you.
But with love..
- Even the profanities by you
are music to my ears. Ms. Puti..
Mr. Singh, I am warning you for
the last time. - My darling..
It is the rainy season.
Everyone is getting wet.
We too, should enjoy the rains.
Just where do you see
the clouds and the rains?
It is so hot in here. I
really cannot understand you.
You know Mr. Partho, right?
He himself is the rain God.
He is getting the rains
I had heard that he is
grandma's boyfriend
but today morning, I saw Ms.
Ratna riding on his bike.
And then he took out
her girl for a ride.
Mr. Singh, you speak nonsense.
Did you not see the way
she had gripped him?
She will fall if she doesn't. But
you took out Ms. Jhimli, right?
Where did she go?
So listen to this..
They did not go to any shop.
They directly entered a park. And
Ms. Jhimli too, followed them.
They directly entered a park. And
Ms. Jhimli too, followed them.
And then..
And then she asked me to go home.
I came back. To be with you.
- They went to a park? - Yes.
But why?
Just come with me to the park,
once. I'll teach you.
I would rather die.
Why did Ms. Jhimli follow them?
She must have gone there to
learn something. - What exactly?
"Do you know,
what happened?"
"I never thought
it would happen."
"Where did my heart get lost,
"Let us go
and pick some dreams."
"Wherever our feet take us."
"Let us go and sleep there."
"Today, the time has come
to get lost."
"Today, the time has come
to get lost."
"Today, the time is urging
me to fly."
"Let the two of us
fly away, suddenly."
"What if we don't get this time,
"I don't know what will we get
and what we will not."
"Give it a thought."
"Did you ever think? Did
you ever believe?"
"That you and I
would be together?"
"I don't know why I feel so good."
"I don't know what will become
of me. Please give it a thought."
"Today, the time has come
to get lost."
"Today, the time is urging
me to fly."
"Let the two of us
fly away, suddenly."
"What if we don't get this time,
"I don't know what will we get
and what we will not."
"Give it a thought."
"Let the two of us
fly away, suddenly."
"What if we don't get this time,
"I don't know what will we get
and what we will not."
"Give it a thought."
Oh, okay.
Welcome back! What
did you shop for?
Nothing happened. Your
granddaughter is a confused soul.
At some moment,
she wants to go travelling.
And the other moment,
she is bidding me 'bye-bye'.
What do you.. - I'll listen
to all of that later.
Will you
have tea?
Or did you already have your
meal with your baby? Tell me.
It means, she has already
impressed the guy.
Who is impressing whom? And
who is leaving whom?
I am not able to figure that out.
- Hey! Hey! - What do you mean?
What else could that mean?
She just wanted me to go for a spin.
Hence, I took her for a ride.
She just wanted me to go for a spin.
Hence, I took her for a ride.
And as you said,
she doesn't wants to shop
anywhere else except '4,
Hindustan park'. Hence, I just..
It means, there
is no gift. What?
She is my granddaughter,
after all.
And how are you
related to me?
- Yes..
Sometimes, you just happen
to forget this name.
But my granddaughter
never forgets it.
Did you like the name,
I suggested?
It is good, right?
- Yes.
It is only my granddaughter
who understands me completely.
Are the others not trying to
understand you? - Forget them.
I don't care whether those fools
understand me or not.
Who will stop us?
If we are not able to stop them,
things will be bad.
That guy is something!
He is not only fooling
the grandma but
also the granddaughter.
Did you not hear
as to what Jhimli said?
It is unclear as to who
is fooling whom. - Oh, my!
My niece had to fall
for such a guy.
But I did not find him that bad.
- You should keep quiet. - What?
You will not eye him
at any cost.
But she should have done it,
earlier. As if he is an angel.
But she should have done it,
earlier. As if he is an angel.
He has brought a change
in this house.
I would have never accepted a
guy like that as my son-in-law.
So accept him as your father.
Where did
Ms. Sherlock Holmes go?
Just who is Ms. Sherlock Holmes?
- There is someone.
You know nothing about that person.
But I keep a check on everything.
I am the mother
of all detectives.
Did you understand,
dearest granddaughter?
Grandma, all you do sit at home
and read suspense thrillers
the whole day.
Hence, you are like this.
What other options do I have?
If only, you guys came
and sat with me for some time.
Maybe, passing time
would have been easy.
Grandma, you have spoken
to Partho about me, right?
No matter,
how far you people are
you all are always
on my mind.
I see all your faces
all the time.
I feel like holding all of you
all the time.
I feel like holding all of you
all the time.
Whether my parents come
or not, I'll surely visit you.
I promise. Granddaughter,
will you come for sure?
Are you giving me your word?
You will not forget me, right?
I don't like to stay away
from all of you.
That's a deal, Grandma. Partho
has said everything to me.
He told me that you miss us a lot.
- Partho is a nice guy, after all.
Grandma, do you.. - Get it.
Get it. Everything is set.
I requested her
and Ms. Puti has arrived
with her famous samosas.
Mr. Partho, you are flattering
me. This is no big deal.
Ms. Puti, you don't know
that you are unbelievable.
He was saying the same.
- Mr. Singh. Who else?
If we don't bring him
to our side
we won't be able
to execute our plan completely.
Mr. Singh, are you telling me
the truth?
The guy passes
through this route, every day?
The guy passes
through this route, every day?
Yes, sir. I see
it every morning.
He passes from this route
on his bike.
Oh, my! That is the scoundrel,
right? On his blessed bike!
Follow him. Make it fast!
Don't get close to him. Maintain
some distance and follow.
If he sees us,
our plan won't get executed.
Should I?
- Yes.
Let's go. Let's go.
Sir, be careful.
Hey, you!
Look in front.
Sir, I am feeling very scared.
- Shut up!
You don't get it.
Over here! Over here! Come here!
Come over here! - Please hide
or else he will see you.
Oh, darn it!
I will hit you really bad.
Oh, my! Hide! Hide! Hide!
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Tell me the matter. It is
such a beautiful morning.
The park is so vibrant. And
you want to exercise alone?
The park is so vibrant. And
you want to exercise alone?
I woke you up early morning
and asked you
to come to the park.
I hope you are not mad at me.
Oh, my!
Is this a time to romance?
Sir, it is now or never.
- Just how will it not..
Just by saying that
it will not happen
will it really not happen?
After all, he took the pains
to come here.
No problem, at all.
Sir, there is a problem.
- What is it?
If you try to kidnap the boy..
- Yes..
The girl will come to know.
- What?
This is exactly
what I am thinking. - All right.
Let us kidnap the two of them,
What are you saying, sir!
I have brought chloroform
only for a single person.
Just for one person, right?
- Yes.
Arrange for a stick.
I will get hold of the girl
using the chloroform
and I will hit the boy
using the stick.
When I had seen you
for the first time
while you were riding
your bike
I envied grandma, a lot.
All I could think of..
No, let it be.
Hey, listen to me.
- Did you give it a thought?
About what?
- About us.
Noni darling will think about it
after our marriage.
Will you really marry grandma?
- Well..
Partho, what is the point
in meeting me then?
Mr. Singh,
we have to make it soon.
If we goof up the timing,
everything will be ruined.
Sir, I had already told you.
- What?
I am not getting involved
in a murder.
And I also attend
prayers every Sunday.
But now, you have to do
some bad deeds.
There are always some
last minute changes in the plan.
Isn't it?
And it is not a sin.
Isn't it?
And it is not a sin.
Unforeseen circumstances
are subjected to market risk.
What is that?
- You are a fool!
Why do you always ask me
so many questions?
First of all,
arrange for a stick.
Sir, I cannot find one.
- What?
I am getting one.
What happened?
I really don't know
as to why I am meeting you.
What do you mean
by that?
You are hanging
around with me.
You are also continuing
your relationship with grandma.
Partho, what is going on?
- I..
I did not knew that
I would meet you like this.
Did you guess that something
like this would happen?
Rini, it is all about destiny.
What will become of us, now?
Will you answer me
a question, honestly? - Yes.
Whom do you love?
Both of you.
I will give you a tight slap.
- Hey!
I will give you a tight slap.
- Hey!
Listen to me.
Don't scare me
by threatening to hit me.
Are you sure that you love me?
Shall I tell you something,
What is it?
At first, I had thought,
I could take you away
from grandma if I befriend you.
And after that I myself..
You got trapped
in your own plan?
- Oh..
The hunter became the hunted.
Well you can put it that way.
- Dangerous.
By the way..
- What happened, now?
What do you mean by you love
the two of us, together?
Is this some kind of a joke
to you? - No.
Is this some kind of a joke
to you? - Calm down.
Calm down. Don't get violent.
Wait up. Wait up.
Listen to me.
I can explain you the situation
in a detailed manner.
It is not possible, over here.
We need to go
to an isolated place.
What do you mean?
I mean, it will be
just you and me.
I mean, it will be
just you and me.
Just the two of us.
Will you come?
Why are you making it sound
so mysterious? Tell me.
I can't help it.
Wherever I go,
the mysterious aura tags along.
Oh, my!
Shut up! Shut up..
- No.. - Shut up..
She left very early
in the morning to exercise.
Her phone is switched off, too.
Pat's phone is
switched off, as well.
Are the two of them, together?
What are you trying to imply?
No. I was just pointing out
the co-incidence.
That is it.
- I had warned earlier itself.
Don't encourage her
to hang out with that guy.
Don't speak like a fool.
There is a limit
to act like a fool.
The thing is,
he is an unknown father..
I mean, he is an unknown guy.
And the generation
is not trust worthy.
Why would you call him
He is one of our own.
Just stop saying,
'he is one of our own'.
Just stop saying,
'he is one of our own'.
It's been a while
we are noticing all this.
No one could say this
and that is why
I am daring to say so.
You are acting weird
because you have aged!
All of this does not suit you.
- Shut up!
I have to visit the loo.
- Shut up and sit down.
You cannot just run
to the loo every time!
Answer me this.. Do all of you
have the same opinion?
Am I acting weird?
- No.
The thing is, sister-in-law
did not really mean it.
One hardly notices
anything good, these days.
We don't know
the guy's real motive
for befriending you.
Finalise the wedding
after thinking it through!
That's it.
When I gave away my daughter
to you
I did not think of all this.
- What?
Mother, what are you saying?
Why would a young man
want to be a lover
of an aged lady like you?
It is only possible
if he has ulterior motives.
One cannot determine motives
just by looking at the age.
One cannot determine motives
just by looking at the age.
What will the people say?
Will the society accept it?
Daughter-in-law, now that
you have brought up the topic
I'll definitely answer you.
When your father's office
was raided
I never cared about
how the society
would react to it.
And how I will react when
others will question
the integrity of your father.
It is my problem.
I will solve it.
Today, if the matter
would have only concerned me
you guys would not have come.
None of you would have come.
But it concerns money and property.
Hence, you guys are trapped.
You guys were obligated to come.
Mother, what are you saying?
The truth is always hard
to digest.
When you people
received the letter
the thought that
crossed all of your minds
the thought that
crossed all of your minds
was I have so much money,
jewellery and properties.
So what would be the fate
of all these things.
Isn't it?
This is my fate.
Or you can also call it
as my misfortune.
Is Mr. Khasrabish, there?
Rini! Rini!
Rini, get up!
Rini, get up!
Get up! Get up!
Get up.
- What is this?
Where are we?
Tell me.
I cannot figure it out.
- How did we reach here?
What is the time, now?
- It is way too, late.
My folks must have
gone berserk by now.
Your folks will definitely
report to the police.
That is obvious.
I don't wish to involve
the police in all of this.
What are you saying!
- I am right.
The involvement of the police
will create complications.
What do you mean by that?
- What else could that mean?
Nowadays, no one can be trusted.
Do you get me?
There was an incident
where a servant
who was working
for several years
fled with jewellery
after killing the owner.
What was his name, again?
Partho, is it?
It could be Arjun, as well.
- That is one and the same
Partho Sen.
Partho Sen, is it? All right?
Who amongst all of you
saw Rini leaving?
Who amongst all of you
saw Rini leaving?
Just who all saw it?
- I saw her. I.
Ms. Puti has prepared tea.
- Puti
Just who is Ms. Puti? - You..
Is it you? - No.
I am not her.
She is our maid servant.
- I am sorry. I am sorry.
These days, the nicknames
happen to be so weird.
I am sorry.
But where is Ms. Puti?
Just where?
- Please wait for a while.
I'll get her.
What were you guys
doing in the morning?
Your daughter,
Mita was sleeping.
And your granddaughter..
For her,
mornings are like midnights.
And what were you doing?
- I?
What was I doing?
This is awesome.
You yourself, don't remember
as to what you were doing.
This is a miracle.
Oh, yes!
I do remember it now.
She is Puti.
- Right!
She is Puti.
- Right!
At what time,
did you give Ms. Rini her tea?
Around 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 a.m..
- Did you wake her up from sleep
or did she woke up, all by
herself.? - No. No. I had woken up.
Ballu had requested
for a cup of tea, today morning.
Bear? Is there a bear
in this house? - No. No.
She is not talking about a bear
but Ballu. That means, Mr. Singh.
Our driver. - Oh, okay.
You should mention that.
Sit down.
Ms. Puti, do you give him tea
at the same time, every day?
Or today, he.. - On other days,
he never wakes up before 7 a.m.
He drives the whole
day, after all.
The poor guy works really
hard. - All right..
I'll talk about Ballu,
later. - Yes, later.
Oh, yes!
Now, I remember!
I had asked Ballu
to get up early
such that whenever Bhola prepares
kachoris he can bring them.
Here? - Ballu? - No.
I mean, kachoris.
No. That was finished in
the morning, itself. - Darn!
Really? Will you guys
be stuck on kachoris?
Tell me, what happened next?
Nothing. I just left with
the car. - Awesome.
You just went out with the car
in this scorching heat.
Do you want me to believe
this? - Oh, yes! It is hot.
But there is an air-conditioner
inside the car. - So what?
There is an air-conditioner in
the house as well. Isn't it?
You keep using it day and
night. Have you forgotten that?
Just why are you
questioning me like cops?
Because it is required. - It is
a part of the investigation.
By the way, Ms.. - No.
Address me as ma'am.
Oh, okay. I am sorry. I am
sorry for the slip of tongue.
Ma'am, you seem to be
a fan of Agatha Christie.
The case from Bangalore
you were mentioning
when long back was it?
- I don't know.
They came to know
from somewhere else.
Does Mr. Partho have any
bad intention? - Yes, he does.
No! Partho is a really
nice guy. - Fine. All right.
But it is entirely possible that
Mr. Partho has kidnapped
But it is entirely possible that
Mr. Partho has kidnapped
Ms. Rini and is asking
for a ransom.
I mean, an amount to
release her. - Oh, my God!
Well.. Were all of you
at home at that time?
I was sleeping. - I had woken
up early in the morning.
Around 6:30 a.m. And then
I went to take a bath.
It means, Ms. Rini, you
and your driver Sojan
were the only ones
outside the house.
Yes, but his name is Ballu!
Ballu or Balaram, whatever his
name is call him over here.
His name is not
Balaram. His name is Balbinder.
Whatever! Just
call him here. - Yes!
The guy and the girl
both are nowhere to be found.
Both the things are connected.
Oh no!
Will you just sit down for a while?
Why are you stressing so much?
Will you just sit down for a while?
Why are you stressing so much?
Yes, I am getting tensed. Why don't
you wish to inform the police?
Partho, why do you not want
grandma to know about us?
What exactly is your problem?
They have locked it
in a such manner
that there is absolutely
no way to open it.
Answer me.
I am asking you a question.
Rini, you will get all the
answers to your questions
at the right time. Everything was
just fine. But all of a sudden..
Is anybody there?
Hello! Is anybody there?
It seems, no one is close by.
What if we cannot make it out
from here? What will happen next?
Have you gone
crazy? Do one thing.
Have you gone
crazy? Do one thing.
Tell them, I have absconded.
- Oh, dear Lord!
They are only going to ask you
some questions!
He will misunderstand
my every word.
I am not going
to meet the police.
You will only speak the
truth. Just come with me.
Hey! Crazy girl, you are
not getting it. I won't go.
What? - Sir, what mess
did you drag me in!
You have a well-built body. Yet
you are afraid of the police!
Just come with me! - You
aren't able to understand!
I don't want to understand.
What will happen to you
if I get jailed?
You family has doubted me
from the very first day, itself.
Especially about the murder
in Bangalore.
I have never..
- Wait a minute.
This whole thing can be a trap
by one of your family members.
What are you saying?
- It is possible.
You and your folks
doubt me, a lot.
This whole thing could be
a plan of your folks.
Darn! It's of no use!
This door is not going to open.
There is no network
in the phone, too.
We have to stay in this room
After a while, everyone will
start looking for us. Oh, my!
We will get released only if
they start searching for us.
You don't have to be so
scared. I am there, after all.
And keep this in mind,
no one might come
to search for me but your folks
will definitely come
to search for you. Just watch
as to what your grandma does.
After all, all of you love your
grandma and take care of her.
No, Partho. We never
tried to search for grandma.
When I went there,
I started thinking
as to how an old lady
can stay there for ages
only with the help
of a maid servant.
It was similar to staying
enclosed in a house, like this.
We have never done
anything for grandma.
How can we expect her
to do something for us?
I feel bad for her.
I really feel bad.
I am beginning to consider
myself inhuman.
I am feeling ashamed.
Only this was needed.
Don't cry.
Partho, I am missing grandma.
Partho, I am missing grandma.
How could you miss
it? Are you blind?
No, the thing is, I need to poop
after drinking tea.. - Fine! Fine!
I don't wish to listen
to all of that in detail.
Hey, you! Come here. - Okay.
- Not over there. Come here.
At what time did you
take my son-in-law, out?
It must be around
6:40 a.m. or 6:45 a.m.
Yet you did not get the
kachoris?- Kachoris?
Did you not go
to Mr. Bhola's shop?
Who.. Who is
Mr. Bhola?
Is Mr. Partho addressed as Bhola
in his house?
Hey! Just why did you
mention Mr. Partho?
Just why? - Was he there
buying kachoris, too?
Oh, my! He has no idea about
kachoris, lentils or rice.
He just went along with me.
- Yes. Yes.
He just went along with me.
- Yes. Yes.
I was not involved in the matter
of kachoris. - You weren't?
No. - But your master said
that you went to a shop that
sells Kachoris. - Can
I visit the restroom?
All right. Mr. Subroto, think
twice before answering this.
Did he leave while you
were purchasing - Okay!
kachoris from the shop?
A few moments before
you said that
kachoris were no longer
in stock. - Please don't mind
but you are just stressing
on the kachori
in the entire case.
There must be a missing link
in between the two.
That's why the matter
seems so fishy.
I will fix the problem
for sure. - Sir!
I am not even thinking
about escaping.
All I am thinking of is the
motive behind trapping us here.
Ransom! By kidnapping us,
the person will ask for money
from grandma to
release us.
But who could it be?
Whoever has kidnapped me, I feel
the person is my well-wisher.
What! - Yes.
I wanted to spend some time
with you, alone.
I think, that person also
wants the same.
The two of us, together in
an enclosed room. All alone.
Like this? - Yes. - Are
you not scared?
No. I have seen
it in the movies.
Generally, the girls get scared in
such situations and guys enjoy.
Give it a thought.
What if I got you kidnapped
and not anybody else?
And after acquiring a huge ransom
from your grandma
I will elope with you. - It is
not your brainchild, right?
If it would have been my idea,
I would have got you hit
with the stick and got myself
unconscious with the chloroform.
My head is still aching!
Is this how much you love me?
Is this how much you love me?
You haven't seen my
love yet, darling!
Just wait and watch!
This case is very
complicated. - Oh!
Nothing seems
to be clear. - Right!
Do you know what
I feel? - What, sir?
I think that their family members
might be involved in it.
Is that really so?
- Of course.
Okay.. - Besides, don't waste
anymore time.
Look at that! - What?
- It's already drizzling. - Right!
Take off whatever you're
wearing. - Okay, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Not here!
Where do I change, sir?
- Do it outside the house.
Okay! - Go there and keep
vigil in plain clothes. - Right!
I think there's
something fishy
in Mr. Subroto and his
driver's statement.
Okay, sir!
- Hey, okay is it?
In fact, you should do one thing!
Change your look completely.
You can dress like a beggar
or a mad guy.
Shame.. What mess
did you get us in? - I..
Shame.. What mess
did you get us in? - I..
I'd warned you repeatedly
against doing such things.
Your mother is like
Sherlock Holmes.
She kept on asking questions
one after the other.
I did all this so that you guys
could benefit from it.
Everything will be over
if they are found.
The cops will find out everything
about you before that.
What a shame..
You kidnapped your
brother-in-law's daughter!
No one has eaten
anything since morning.
Oh no!
- What now?
I forgot to give them
anything to eat.
- Hey..
Oh Lord, forgive me..
I made a mistake.
A big mistake..
- Hey.. - What?
Are you out of your mind?
- Sir, I made a blunder.
Why are you talking nonsense?
Get in the car right now.
Sir, keep me out of this mess!
- Nonsense!
Sir, keep me out of this mess!
- Nonsense!
You dimwit!
Start the car now.
Why don't you
understand me? - Shut up!
He is made and he'll drive
me crazy in no time.
Let's go.
Hey.. Run..
Stop the car!
Sir! - Yes. - A mad milkman
is following us, sir!
A milkman!
- Yes.
So what!
He must have come to know
that we'll serve them breakfast.
He might be thinking that we'd
need milk if we give them cereals.
How will the milkman know
about all this, sir? - Dear..
You're right!
He's chasing us
like a mad dog!
Sir! - Yes. - Let's do
one thing. - Yes.
Let's turn the car
around and go behind him.
Let's turn the car
around and go behind him.
Then we'll follow him.
- Rubbish!
You're full of crap!
- Crap, is it?
If he keeps
following us.. - Yes.
He'll reach where the both
of them are kept.
Stop the car! - What?
- Do as I say! Stop the car!
Sir! They are pelting me
with stones.. - You.. Hit him..
Mad milkman!
A mad man..
With glasses..
I always knew that acting
was never your strong suit.
Did you ever see a mad man run
for being thrown stones at?
You didn't, did you? - No!
- What'd a mad man do?
He would've attacked
them instead!
Just like a mad bull would!
- Am I a bull?
I'm sure that you're not.
Forget it.. You've spoiled
everything already!
Now we should keep an eye
on the both of them.
That fatso of a son-in-law
and his under-sized driver.
That fatso of a son-in-law
and his under-sized driver.
They know everything!
Sir, what shall I do now?
- Let me think. - Okay.
You keep scratching until then.
Stop it!
Sir! - Yes. - I'm
very scared, sir!
You dumb fool!
- Are we going to..
Someone is coming this way!
Wrap this over your face
like the other day.
This is our last chance.
- For what?
To escape! - Hey..
- What? - Listen!
If the man attacks us.. - Yes.
- One of us must.. - Okay!
Catch the girl and then
the man will let us go.
Let's go.. - What're
you saying, sir?
Sir, you do all the catching
and all that!
How can I..
How can I..
How can I..
You don't mind hugging Puti!
I know everything!
Whoever gets the chance
will have to catch her.
Enough, now get in!
- Okay..
Open it..
Where did they go, sir?
- Oh no! Where are they?
Sir! - What? - Did they use
the window..
How'd that be possible?
Sir, was there a duplicate key?
- Shut up, dumbbell!
How will they get a duplicate
key? Even if they did..
How'd they open the
lock from outside?
You're right!
- Quiet.. Who is it?
Hey! Open the door!
- Hey!
Hey! - Hey, open
the door!
Who was it?
- Hey, we're inside..
Who was it?
- Hey, we're inside..
And we don't have the keys..
- Listen..
Didn't their voices sound familiar?
- I also felt the same!
Let's leave, now!
- Right!
What's wrong?
What is it?
What shall we do now, sir?
What else?
Let's everything get burnt
down to the ground.
Your ma'am was right!
I'm going to get in trouble
with everyone else!
Not just that!
I might get hanged too!
- Yes.
- What?
The cops will beat us to pulp!
- Yes.. That's true.
The cops will beat us to pulp!
- Yes.. That's true.
I might become disabled
because of you.
Puti will not marry me
if that happens.
Shut up, dingbat!
We're about to die here and he's
worried about his wedding! Dingbat!
What did you say?
- I was talking about death. Yours.
How strange! First,
it was Pat and Rini..
Then Subroto and his Sikh driver..
How can everyone's
phone be switched off?
Do you know anything
about where your husband is?
No.. He didn't tell me anything.
- Okay.
God knows what secret the both
of you are keeping from us!
I know what everyone is up to!
I know it all!
The kachoris were sold out.
The kachoris were
sold out so fast!
Mita, you aren't saying
anything clearly.
Mita, you aren't saying
anything clearly.
No one of us will like it
if Partho and Rini
get in trouble.
There's no use in thinking all
this. Let's get out of here.
Partho, why did uncle do this..
Kidnapping you wasn't his plan.
I was his target.
- What do you mean?
It's very simple. There's
one problem with me.
I'm your grandma's boyfriend.
That doesn't mean..
- Okay.. This is the reason.
He must've thought that I agreed
to get married out of greed.
And that I'd get you guys
to give me all the property.
Besides, if someone's old mother
gets married again..
He might not have the face
to stand up to anyone.
There can be hundreds
of such insecurities, Rini.
What's the matter, Rini?
My parents also have
similar issues. - I know.
And neither is your
grandma ignorant.
You know what Rini!
We're all humans.
Such mistakes are common.
You shouldn't remember
such things for long.
- Yes.
Just keep one thing in mind.
I can never cheat anyone.
If I've ever loved you, I'll tell
everything to your grandma.
Are you serious?
- Yes.
What if grandma
misunderstands you
and doesn't include
you in the will..
What shall we do?
Don't worry.
I'll take her
most precious asset.
Are you happy?
- Yes.
There's still one problem left!
- What is it?
Your uncle kidnapping us..
If everyone comes
to know about it.
He will lose his face.
What do we do?
As you all aren't going
to say anything
I'll have to call the DSP!
Why, Mom? I get
nervous when I see cops!
Two people went missing
and you want us to sit back
and wait.
There.. I think they are here.
Didn't I say that you'd
feel great? - Yes. Very nice.
Hello! - Hello!
- Hey!
What's wrong?
All of you like this..
Did you all just see a ghost?
Are you joking, Partho?
Are you joking, Partho?
We're all so worried here and
you're.. - Why worry, Noni?
What do you mean by that?
Your phones were switched
off! You all didn't inform us.
What were you up to?
- Subroto was right, Mom.
That guy is the root of all evil.
After coming from
Bangalore.. - Shut up..
You don't need to speak
over everything!
You should know the
entire thing first.
I was working out in the
park and I met Pat!
While chatting he said there was
a lovely palace outside the town.
So we went to see it.
Didn't you even think
about informing us?
Why were your phones
switched off?
It's simple.
There was no network there.
- What! - What..
Look at you guys!
It's a simple thing.
And we all were
going nuts!
Not just that!
He has to answer why he took Rini
to that place. Do you want to know?
We don't need answers.
I know Pat. He is very nice and I
don't want to hear a word.
Ask Puti to serve food.
Ask Puti to serve food.
My husband isn't back.
Aunt! - Yes. - I've to tell
you something.
Listen, he left early..
- He'll come back..
How do you know that..
- Come with me.
I'm starving, you know.
- Please don't go!
I didn't get the chance to get
to know you guys.
Who tried to find out
about Allied Mines?
Was it you?
Su.. - Mr. Subroto,
was it? - Yes.
Eat up, Mr. Singh..
Eat all you want
because you won't get
such good food in jail.
Have you ever been in a jail?
- You, dumbbell!
Have you ever been in a jail?
- You, dumbbell!
Do I look like a born criminal?
Asking me if I've..
You don't look like it.
But no one can tell
what's inside?
It's open.
Keep the keys.
We'd to lock uncle so
that we could escape.
Partho will take you there.
And.. I didn't say anything
in front of them..
They'd have misunderstood
him, if they knew.
- Yes.
Rini, your uncle didn't have
any bad intention.
He did this to save..
- I know it, Aunt.
He did this to save..
- I know it, Aunt.
In fact the situation
was such that..
None of us could handle it.
Do you know?
Partho was telling me
that our family isn't tight.
And that we don't have
a connection with each other.
And that's why we can't
trust the other person.
Do you remember..
I used to love the 'Chanar Payesh'
that you'd make.
You'd always call me.
But you don't call
me anymore..
I think you don't make
it nowadays, isn't it?
Yes, I do make them.
In fact I always think that you
guys are busy and..
Brother also never calls me.
You could've visited us, Aunt.
Mother, always says that it
isn't just her responsibility.
And that your parents
should also come.
Someone has to start.
Someone has to start.
Call me next time.
I'll leave
everything and come to you.
Just like old times.
And don't you worry.
No one will come to know
about what uncle did.
Grandma misses
us a lot, you know.
A lot.
But we never think about her.
In our busy lives..
Amidst all this chaos..
By leaving a helpless old
widow to herself..
We're just enjoying our lives.
We never think how
lonely grandma is!
We've become so selfish!
We've become so selfish, Aunt.
Now you guys tell me,
did you guys decide anything?
When shall we fix the wedding?
Do whatever you think is best.
We can't promise if we'll come.
The wedding is fixed, doesn't
matter if you guys come or not.
Rini, you're coming right?
Grandma, what do you want?
We'll discuss that right now.
- There's nothing to discuss.
I thought
Partho had told you everything.
- Partho? - Yes.
No.. How can I talk about my
wedding in front of elders..
I feel ashamed.
- Are you kidding me?
You two-timer!
Why are you
cheating grandma?
Why are you
cheating grandma?
What.. - Why are you silent?
- Why're you hitting me..
Tell her about the wedding.. - It
hurts.. - Don't be silent..
Noni.. - Tell her.. - Hey..
What're you doing? - Slowly..
Why are you hitting him?
- I love him, Grandma.
Even he does. But he's
acting shy now.
And says that he'll marry you.
And that's why he isn't
telling you anything.
What can I do, Grandma?
You like him. I love him.
Both of you love
each other, do you?
No one wants me
to live in peace.
No one thinks about me. - Noni,
please.. - Don't say my name.
You're just like them.
You knew that I was down
with pneumonia
and that I was alone
in the house.
There wasn't a person
to check my temperature.
to check my temperature.
Imagine this..
Had anyone of you
been in my shoes..
Would I've left you alone?
No, I could never have
done that.
It's because I'm a mother.
A mother has to take care
of the wellbeing of her child.
We love you, Grandma.
We came here because we
were worried about you.
You're making me laugh!
When was the last time you
were by my side?
Why are you worried now?
Humans are bound
to err, Grandma.
Forgive us, please.
- Grandmothers can't get upset
so how will I forgive you?
I feel bereft
most of the time.
And that's how I'll feel
for the rest of my life.
And after I die..
I'll.. - No.. Grandma!
And after I die..
I'll.. - No.. Grandma!
You're not going anywhere.
You'll stay with us, Grandma.
And this man..
Ask him if he loves me!
If he says for once that he doesn't
love me I'll get out of here.
Partho? - Yes.
- Do you love her?
Oh God!
I already told you Noni.
The first day you showed
me Rini's picture.
I told you then that
I liked her and now..
I can't take it anymore.
This can't continue, Noni.
Please tell them the truth.
I can't stop my laughter..
Just look at their faces.
"Grandma's boyfriend.."
N-No.. What's the matter..
I don't get it.
I-I mean don't know
what you're talking about.
It was all his idea.
All of it.
I'd gone to the market one day.
He took my bag from me
and helped me.
I thought that he
was a gentleman.
Later, he used to check on me
and help me when needed.
One day, I told him
about my sorrows.
He told me not to
worry on hearing it.
And that you all would
return, he challenged.
He assured me that
you all would come.
And soon he hatched this plan.
And later, on seeing
her picture
he liked her.
- Mita!
Your mother is a great actress.
She fooled all of us.
Your mother is a great actress.
She fooled all of us.
I was almost..
Stupid man!
- What? Everyone is watching..
what about the wedding
and all the shopping..
- There..
It's for her.
Do you know
every grandma's happiness lies
in their grandchild's happiness.
My father-in-law had given me
a lot of jewellery
from Senco Gold.
I chose some from those
and kept it for her.
And I also got Partho
to bring some
new jewellery from there too.
Do you think he is a bad guy?
But he doesn't work
in Allied Mines.
I just got the news.
It's all fake.
Correct. I really don't work
in Allied Mines.
It's because I've a business.
Computer software..
I had to fake that
because of you all.
I knew that you guys
would find out about me.
And you guys wouldn't have
been caught had I not faked it.
You're right.
But who'd catch us?
Your own selves.
- Yes..
Noni, told me everything.
You guys last came
here four years ago.
Please don't mind me saying this..
Are you guys really that busy?
So busy that you can't
even meet your mother.
Sorry, Mom.
This will never happen again.
Either brother or me..
We'll keep visiting you.
We'll come too.
I promise you.
So.. Everything is done now.
Now if you all allow, our wedding
date has.. - What.. - What?
No there's no confusion.
Come here.
Let's fix Rini and my
wedding date.
I've seen the ornaments she's
getting for the wedding. - Yes.
Don't keep dreaming
about it. - Okay. And..
And both the families have been
given an equal share in the will.
Are you happy now?
- Father-in-law.. - Who?
It's me.
It's my duty as your son-in-law
and so I got my lawyer friend
to do everything. Okay? - Wow!
Hey! You relieved us!
- Yes. Sister-in-law?
Please don't say a word.
Just bless the both of them.
And I will decide the menu.
Sir! - Yes.
- Oh no!
Sir! - Yes.
- Oh no!
What do you want?
I had something to say. - What?
- You guys are all happy
Both of us.. Puti, where are you?
Come here.
If you could also
get us married..
Then it will be a happy ending.
"Grandma's boyfriend."
"She is super cool, you know."
"So let's gear it up."
"It's evolution, modification..
Modern grandma's contribution."
"This is fine. I don't mind.
Old age but vintage."
"How do mishaps happen?"
"They all come in groups.."
"They all come in groups.."
"That's why I'm saying,
listen carefully."
"Grandma has a boyfriend now."
"No one knows that every one
is down with the same virus."
"He hatched a plan to teach
them all a lesson."
"No one knows that every one
is down with the same virus."
"He hatched a plan to teach
them all a lesson."
"Come on.."
"How do mishaps happen?"
"They all come in groups.."
"How do mishaps happen?"
"They all come in groups.."
"That's why I'm saying,
listen carefully."
"Grandma has a boyfriend now."
She is super-cool.."
She is super-cool.."
"Age for her is not a factor. She
at this age can drive a tractor."
"If you get old follow her, don't
worry you'll not be in trouble."
"Lost everything..
God knows how all this happened?"
"Everything is in a mess.
I can't show my face."
"Lost everything..
God knows how all this happened?"
"Everything is in a mess.
I can't show my face."