Thanimai (2019) Movie Script

Passengers your kind attention please...
Air India flight AI402 coming from KL
via Sinagapore has reached Madurai.
Passengers going to Delhi
by Air India fight AI402
are requested to proceed security check
Passengers your kind attention please...
Air India flight AI402 coming from KL
via Sinagapore has reached Madurai.
Passengers going to Delhi
by Air India fight AI402
are requested to proceed security check
Passengers arrived from Mumbai
are requested to..
I need to go to Rameswaram
Wait a second madam;
let me give you the slip.
Thank you, madam.
The car is over that side right?
Yeah, it is over there.
Hi aunty!
What's your name?
My name is...
What are you doing here?
Hafeez, what are you doing here?
Come, let's go.
Oh! Your name is Hafeez!
Oye beardo (beard guy), it's your ride.
Madam needs to go to Rameswaram.
What are you looking at, madam?
Give that here to me.
Come on, get inside, madam.
Sit down.
He's our stand driver madam..
He might look like a joker,
but he's a very good guy.
That's enough of praising me,
I'll see to it from now.
Go and come back safely.
Madam, it says that Rameswaram
is a one way route from here.
If you want I can stay
with you the whole day...
and then drop you off at the
Madurai airport, what say?
Maybe she does not know Tamil
I need a SIM card.
Yeah, we can check it out at the shop.
You go buy it and come.
I'll wait over here.
Can I get an Airtel SIM card?
Yeah, sure ma'am!
Can I have your ID proof?
Is it Malaysian?
Name: Yazhini
Place Of Birth: Sri Lanka
Sorry ma'am
Do you have an Indian ID proof?
No! (Nods her head)
Our owner has specifically
told us to provide...
SIM cards only to people who
have an Indian ID proof.
Sorry ma'am!
Since I'm a Malaysian citizen,
they declined to offer me a SIM card.
You come here, I'll get you one.
Give me your passport
Dear, she's a Tamil Nadu citizen too.
Sir, we can only provide a SIM
card with an Indian ID proof.
Oh okay! Give that here.
Here you keep this with you.
For this one you'd give us one, right?
Then give it.
How much is it?
100 Rupees
Which place are you from?
Why are you spoiling
your place's reputation?
I'm from a similar place too.
Okay, I'll take your leave now.
Come on madam, let's go.
Come on, get inside.
Brother, thanks a lot for trusting
me and giving your ID proof.
When I leave India, I will
deactivate the SIM card.
It's not a big deal, madam.
You can keep it even
when you're going abroad.
Do you have some commitment to God?
It's nothing like that madam
It's just because of some debt issues,
that's why I'm growing my beard
So that no one can find or recognize me.
How many debts do you owe?
Even if they'd give that much to me,
I still won't be able
to sort out my debts
Because there's so much of it.
Oh come on madam,
you came to Rameswaram
for something good
Why do you want to spoil your mood
by listening to my sob stories?
You sit and relax now.
'Ganja Karuppu'
"The fingerprint has become the eyes."
"The waves are flowing in search of you."
"The peacock has become the vision."
"Life is going to come back."
"When you caress the flower,"
"the fingers are filled
with its fragrance."
"When I caress you my heart blooms."
"The life that will continue from
now shall be filled with sweetness."
"Here ends loneliness"
"My loneliness..."
"My loneliness, loneliness"
"The fingerprint has become the eyes."
"The waves are flowing in search of you."
'Rameswaram, May15 - 2009'
Mandapam camp'
"Heard your voice when
my fingers played the veena."
"When the finger plays the flute
I am able to feel the breath of yours."
"I can feel your touch
between the thousands fingers."
"Seek the blessings to hold
your finger in thousands of birth."
"The life that will continue from
now shall be filled with sweetness."
"From now onwards,
here ends loneliness, loneliness."
"My loneliness, loneliness"
"My loneliness, loneliness"
Stop there
Don't do anything
You don't take this decision
Why are you going to die
after escaping from our native?
Come, you have to live for your child
Listen to me
"By swiping the hand phone
I will bring your image."
"To wipe the tears I expect your finger"
"Because of the breeze
fingers and the tree swings."
"I attain the satisfaction of my life
on hearing the voice guy finger"
"The life that will continue from
now shall be filled with sweetness."
"From now onwards,
here ends loneliness, loneliness."
"My loneliness, loneliness"
"My loneliness, loneliness"
- I'm Yazhini!
- Yes, madam!
I already made a booking online.
Yeah! One second, madam.
Here you go.
Thank you!
- Here, take it.
- Thank you so much, madam.
Can you send the luggage to my room?
Yeah! Okay, madam.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Good morning, ma'am!
Wake up call.
Thank you.
I need to go to the Mandapam.
Can you book a cab for me?
Ma'am, the cab you came
from is still here.
Oh! Is it? Okay, I will come.
Okay, ma'am.
If you find some customers travelling
to Madurai airport for me
Yeah sir! Somebody will come
I will share some tips in return.
We don't need any tips sir.
Good morning madam.
Please do see and do something for me.
Brother, why didn't you
go back to Madurai?
No dear
I didn't get any ride.
I can't go just like that.
That's why I was asking them for some help.
Have you come to go
sightseeing at Rameswaram?
Rameswaram is like my own home.
I'll take you wherever you want to go.
Don't worry about the money.
I'll accept whatever you give.
Give me your bag dear, I'll carry it.
No, it's okay.
Okay, come dear.
(Phone ring tone)
Yes, brother, tell me.
You're missing from the airport,
where have you gone?
I came to Rameswaram...
I have a foreign ride, brother.
You've spoilt my business and
now you're earning is it?
Brother, please don't talk to me like that,
I'm a cameraman.
I'm doing this job to pay your debts.
I'm with the foreigner.
Please, don't talk like that brother
If I don't put the money
in your account in 2 days,
you can hit me with your slipper.
You're in the Madurai airport
and you're lying to me is it?
Brother, I'll give the phone to the
customer; you can ask her if you want.
Madam, tell him that
we're in Rameswaram.
Are y'all in Rameswaram?
The car is in Rameswaram.
What's your problem?
He broke my new camera madam
He hasn't paid for it yet.
Ask about the rest of the story to him.
Here's your phone.
Are you a cameraman?
Why did you break the camera?
Why will I break the camera, madam?
That's my God that provides my food.
I am a wedding videographer
These days they make you take
those pre-wedding duet videos right?
All my problems started from there.
All started from there.
Hello sir,
Sir, I've chosen a hit song.
Oh! Is it?
Play the song.
Oh my God!
- It's the latest movie, man.
- Yes sir
We want to dance to this song.
When is the wedding?
It's in the coming auspicious time.
At the age of dying, you
want to get married is it?
Sir, what are you
thinking about?
No, I was thinking of
which angle to shoot the video
I'll play the song, you dance to the beat.
(Song from 'Kolamaavu Kokila')
What are you doing?
I told you to dance
to the beat and...
you're moving like you're
kicking the cow dung.
Come here, dear.
Darling don't fear, go.
He's a great cameraman
Come on this side, dear.
Stand this side
Move your body like this.
You shouldn't worry when dancing together.
What are you looking at, man?
As if you've seen some ghost.
I'm only showing her the dance movements.
Here, hold this.
When I tell you,
you should play the song, okay?
Like this,
What is your name, dear?
You're just as graceful as your name.
Teach me the steps too, sir.
Hey! Get water for me you idiot!
You look so beautiful
like Kolamavu Kokila!
How do you fall in love
with these monkeys?
Do you not notice good guys like me?
Sir, here's your water.
Don't you have any manners?
I'm talking to a girl and
you're coming and giving me water.
Move away!
Looks like a monkey who ate ginger.
See, what I mean to say is that...
Please come
Please, come.
Here, hold this.
The camera of mine and
the hard work of yours,
combined together will
bring us great success.
Is it, sir?
Then I should first
take a video of yours.
Sir, what is it?
You look exactly like the jewellery
shop owner in Ranganathan street.
Sir, let me tell you one thing,
your son will rule everybody.
I'm very happy!
Sir, come soon before the
auspicious time ends.
The day they got engaged is the
day the auspicious time had ended.
I'll be coming.
Yes, move along well
Dance like that
Yes, like this
Hold her nice and tightly
Dear, You're gracefully
dancing like SNEHA
He's moving like he's
kicking the cow dung.
He won't set for you,
For biriyani you look at him.
Run away, dear.
Do you know to make biriyani?
I know to make Ambur biriyani.
You'll do man, you'll do.
- Give that to me sir.
- Why?
I want to take a video of you.
Oh, okay.
For generations we are using turban
on head and preparing biriyani
You are trying to
cook biryani in our vessel?
Oh my god!
Oh my God! My camera's gone.
If you don't pay me back
in 1 week, you're gone.
I feel so happy that after so many days,
today is the first time saw you laughing.
What is this place dear?
It looks new to me.
This is the camp I told you about.
This one is it?
You know about the
places that even I don't.
Officer will be here
Come on, let's go and have a look inside.
This is the A O office.
Please come inside and take a seat.
Please sit.
What made you come over here?
In 2009, May Month...
I became unconscious during
the time of my delivery.
Looking at my critical condition,
a lady doctor...
had taken me by airlift to Malaysia.
I recently got to know that the baby
had survived during the delivery.
That's why I've come in search of it.
You've come back after 9 years.
That's not a baby
He's a boy who's now going to school.
Sir, it doesn't matter
whether it's boy or a baby.
The mother who gave birth
to her child has come in search of it.
Please just tell us where the child is,
we'll go and find it by ourselves.
According to the government rules,
information regarding the
people inhabited here,
can only be provided to the
police and revenue department.
We can't share that with someone else.
You can write to the police
and find out through them,
only then we can share
the details about your child.
I'll go to the police
station like you said
But can I see my child just for now?
Okay, I understand your curiosity.
I myself have only been here for 6 months.
Many people were
shifted to Chennai...
and Trichy after the storm
that came in 2012.
Like you said there
aren't any children here,
but only a few people and
that too only old people.
Anyway, it's better for you to give
a complaint to the police station.
Brother, let's go to the police station.
Okay, thank you.
If you find any details about the child,
then please do call and inform us about it.
Okay, will surely do.
Thank you.
Even after 9 years,
there's no big change to this place.
The camp is just the same.
It's about how this place was built,
that's why there are no
major changes to it.
Whatever, if you get your child back,
that's enough
Come on dear, let's go
You do know where the
police station is right?
Hello, I'm asking you only!
When I look at your problems,
my problems are nothing, dear.
But, whenever you speak
I can't figure it out.
I can never be like you, dear.
I want to learn to be like that.
You want to go to the police station right?
I'll take you there.
Come, let's go.
Come, let's go.
'Mandapam, police station'
Sir, we need to give a complaint.
Please sit.
So tell me,
what's the complaint about?
Flashback is being narrated...
Okay, please do write and
give us a written complaint.
Brother, do you have a pen?
Sir, do you have a pen?
Dear, you don't have
to be in a hurry.
The current inspector
has been transferred...
and it will take 3 days for
the new inspector to come
He is take investigate about the issue.
What's the case about?
It's nothing much, sir.
It's about a child missing.
Madam, you please leave now
and come back after 3 days.
Come dear.
Due to the compulsion of
the hospital management,
I forced people with normal
deliveries to do a caesarean.
Repenting for my sins I came
to Kasi and Rameswaram.
When I saw you in that situation,
I saved you and got rid of my sins.
When you were unconscious...
the government too helped
in airlifting you.
You survived and so did your child.
That guy, Thangadurai who
came along with you was the...
one who told me not to inform
Yazhini about the child
Or else she'd go back
to Sri Lanka to fight.
That's why I didn't
tell you about your son
Please forgive me.
Here dear, take some Pori.
I'm giving her the Pori to eat and
she's throwing it for the fishes to eat
Maybe foreigners are like that.
Dear, the Pori vendor told me
That for all my problems to solve,
I should go in the morning and
take a bath in the ocean,
followed by a bath in the
temple with 21 pots of water.
I thought I'd do that
and go home tomorrow.
Only when the new inspector gets back,
I will get the information from the camp.
Can you give me some company till then?
I'll pay for the overall charges.
That's okay dear, I will be with you.
If you want shall I book a room for you
too in the hotel that I'm staying in?
There's no need of that dear.
Why do I need a room?
I'll sleep in my car.
Dear, if too you take a bath
in the ocean in the morning,
then you will get back
your long-lost son.
I'll come in the morning.
Is it?
You'll come right?
Can we keep the bag here?
Give it here, dear.
What are you just keeping it
and going like that?
Sir, we're just going to
take a bath in the ocean
Please take care of this
bag for a little while.
Okay, go and come back soon.
- Okay sir, come dear.
- Let me remove my slippers.
Oh! Yes, please remove it, dear.
Oh! So we must bath here and
also take a bath in the temple is it?
Yes, dear!
They'll pour 21 pots of water.
Oh! So after this we must take
a bath in the temple as well.
Dip yourself three times
nicely in the water;
let all your problems go.
All my problem comes to end.
You people came to the police station
yesterday to give a complaint right?
Who are you?
He's the inspector we saw
yesterday at the police station.
I couldn't even recognize him.
He said that the child was missing.
From when was the child missing?
She gave birth to her baby in 2009...
when she was unconscious and then
left the child and went to Malaysia,
So she's come here to get her child back.
Yeah, who are you though?
I am a taxi driver.
I've brought from Madurai.
Who told you to give a complaint?
I only told... (Interrupted)
I went to Mandamp camp;
they insisted me to give a complaint.
When each of you go like that,
they'll tell you to follow the procedure.
What to do, sir?
They make us wander about like this.
You people go to the temple,
finish your prayers and get
back to the police quarters
I'll go to the camp and have a check.
You won't be coming to the temple is it?
I only go to the Perumal temple.
And also maintain some
distance with such drivers.
He's not the way you think.
He's a very nice person.
After you worship the God
go to the quarters to have break fast
I guess that the temple
will be very crowded today.
I'll do one thing,
I'll send my constable along with
you and he'll take care of you.
Here, sir.
Come on let's go, dear.
Constable, call me
after you're done.
Okay sir, I'll take care.
It's only been 2 months
since sir came here.
When he came he was normal.
Don't know what the
priest told him...
that he start growing a ponytail
and became very holy.
The superintendent of police didn't like
that and transferred him to Chennai.
What did he tell you, dear?
He told me that you've come here alone,
so be careful.
Policemen always see
everything in suspicious way.
He didn't say anything like that
Come let's worship God.
Sir's wife is a sub-inspector in Chennai.
Oh! So he's been living alone
in the police quarters.
That's why sir eats at the mess.
Hey driver, go have something to eat in
the nearby hotel and come and wait here.
Come in!
Greetings sir!
Did you people finish the worship?
I showed them everything in the temple,
just like you said.
Can I take your leave, sir?
- You may leave now
- Okay sir.
You please come inside.
Please sit.
Thank you!
What would you like to eat?
Anything's fine.
Why did you leave your
child and go in 2009?
Where's your husband?
Don't feel so much.
You don't have to say if it's personal
They shot him in front of my eyes
They brought me in the boat to Rameswaram,
while I was pregnant.
Yes sir?
You get relieved today.
Okay, sir.
I'll tell Kumaresan to take charge.
Okay sir!
Thank you, sir.
I've been relieved today.
You go to the camp.
I'll talk to you on the phone.
It'll be helpful if you come.
I'll be at the camp
in 20 minutes...
after completing all the
formalities in the station,
The inspector looks like a good guy.
He'll surely find your child.
Have you been waiting for long?
Let's go see and find out the details.
You stay here
You please come.
I just said that he's nice and by then...
he cut me off like that.
Come in
Come in sir.
Please sit.
It seems that she had left
her child here in 2009.
She came here yesterday
And after that I searched for the records,
But only the records after 2014
are available here.
Then what about the records before 2014?
They were sent to the Chennai
office to computerise them.
Where's the person who dealt
with the records of 2009?
He's now a deputy director in Chennai.
I spoke to him yesterday on the phone.
What did he say?
Because of madam's
complication in her pregnancy,
she became unconscious...
and was later admitted in
a hospital in Madurai.
Due to her critical condition, a Malaysian
lady doctor had taken her to Malaysia.
Then what about my child?
It seems that the premature baby
was very serious at first,
But it later got recovered after few days.
How do we gather information
regarding the boy?
You can find out the details about
the boy in the Chennai office...
or the Sri Lankan high commission office.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
I'll join you after I change my clothes.
We'll leave to Chennai in this car.
Get inside!
I'll be back after half an hour.
Thanks you so much for waiting for me.
Once we reach Chennai,
I'll do my best to help you out.
Madam, here's your tea.
Madam, please don't get angry with me.
I haven't slept well since 2 days.
Sir told me that he'd like to drive now.
Can you please sit on the front seat?
So that I can sleep behind?
- Okay
- Get down carefully.
Don't spill your tea.
Okay, let's leave.
There are hardly only few days
left for my life to end.
Don't tell like that
You will be alright
I'm a doctor
Don't I know.
I have faith, you don't tell negatively
Listen to what I say
Go to India,
find your son and live with him.
A girl cannot live alone like that.
What happened?
I was thinking about my life.
I wanted to give birth to my child,
when my husband was
beside me in Sri Lanka.
It's not in our hands;
it's only in Lord Perumal's hands.
Greetings sir!
- She's the one I told you about.
- Okay, sir.
- Please do provide a room for her.
- Okay, sir.
- My jeep will be here soon.
- Okay!
I'll take your leave now.
I will call you once I reach.
Please come, madam.
- Brother?
- What is it dear?
How much is the car's rental fee?
You already settled the
payment for your trip...
...from Madurai to Rameswaram
at the airport.
The trip from Rameswaram to Chennai
costs 10,500 rupees.
Here, take it.
There's 20,000 rupees, dear.
Take this on my behalf for
taking good care of me,
and for also sorting out your debts
behalf of taking this.
Thank you very much, madam.
Let me get my son back
and then I'll sort out
all your debts myself.
Go safely.
For your kind heart, you'll
surely get your son back.
I'll pray to my deity for
you to get him back.
I'll take your leave now, dear.
Did you see Munnusamy?
I did see it, sir.
He is accepted to give money
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay, sir
Yes, sir!
Good morning, sir!
It made me very happy
when I heard your voice,
while you were
sending the jeep away.
Sir, do you remember Kolathur station?
When you were the sub-inspector,
I was a constable.
Since then I've always liked you very much.
You did a great job
with the Leelavati case.
Except you, this style of yours
won't suit anyone from our department.
He started again.
If he keeps going on like this,
it looks like this inspector
won't even last here a month.
- Go, see to your work.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, would you like to have
some tea or coffee?
I'll let you know when I want it.
Okay, sir.
Sir, the assistant commissioner
wants to speak with you.
Okay, I will speak to him.
Okay, sir.
Why is it so dirty here?
I totally forgot.
Tell the driver to come here.
I'll pay for the cab.
I settled the payment.
How much did it cost?
I paid him 20,000 rupees.
That's too expensive.
But, he's having some debt issues
He's a good guy, that's why I
gave him some extra money.
So you're feeling pity for the driver.
Dr. Muthumeena saved my life
and accepted me as her heir,
that's why I have this
much of money.
I'm very happy to be friends with
such a rich person.
Is the hostel comfortable?
It's very dirty,
Too much of dusts.
I'm feeling very uncomfortable.
Okay leave it,
I'll check for some other alternative.
Oh shit!
Yeah, tell me.
Why did you directly go to the station,
instead of coming home?
I came to take charge of the station,
but how did you know that I was here?
My constable said that
she saw you,
-while she was going towards the
ladies hostel gate.
It seems that you've shaved your head.
I'll come home and tell you
the entire story. Keep the phone.
Which guy were you looking
at standing at your college entrance?
Tell me who that guy is?
- Who's that guy?
- Stop hitting me
- Tell me.
- It's hurting me.
Tell me, who is it?
It's hurting me.
Stop hitting me
Tell me who that guy is?
That's Malar right?
Let's go have a look.
- I am not a fool
- What is he hitting her like that for?
- Hey, leave her man.
- Tell me, who is it?
You're Malar right?
What dear, you've become like a
flower that has lost its colour.
Cameraman sir, you told me that time
that I shouldn't marry this guy,
I didn't listen to you
and I'm suffering now.
- Who's suffering?
- Don't hit her man.
That day I broke your camera and
today I'll break your car.
You leave better
Hey! Don't do it man,
if you break the car I'll be damned.
Oh God!
- Come here,
- Yes, sir I'll come
I made a girl I know stay in a hostel
But she says that the
hostel isn't good.
If you know a good one, then let me know.
Sir, after you've told me this, will
I be without finding one for you?
I'll look out for one immediately.
Okay, go
They've started having
secret conversations now;
don't know what's going
to happen from now.
Hi little one!
Hi daddy!
Mom, look at dad.
He's shaved his head and
is having a little pony.
Who are you trying to
cheat with this disguise?
You'll never change,
be just like that.
In Rameswaram, a priest
saw my horoscope...
and told me that if you need peace,
Dad, it looks so funny.
My friends in school will make fun of me.
Somebody told him this and he followed it.
You have done all the atrocities and are
now portraying yourself as a saint.
Girl, from now onwards you won't
get any non-vegetarian food,
you'll only get curd rice.
A man will find peace just by
keeping his wife and children happy.
Tell your father to get out of
his disguise and get to work.
I'm going to Kancheepuram
for 3 days to work.
I'll come and see to it.
Say, "Hare Rama, Hare Krishna,"
your memory power will get better.
There's some work in court madam,
but sir told me that,
I should bring you here.
That's why I brought you here.
Please come, madam.
Did you meet the officer?
Sir, he said that he'll
speak to you on the phone.
- He had told madam that.
- Oh! She spoke to him is it?
- Is it inspector Ragavachari sir?
- Yes, tell me.
You made an enquiry right?
It seems that the family that was
in the Mandapam camp is now in Nanganallur.
I've sent you the address through SMS.
You enquire there, you'll get
the details from them.
Sir, thank you so much
for helping us find the boy.
It's okay, sir.
Sir, I'll require your
help to solve this issue.
Sure, sir.
- Certainly.
- Thank you!
They've identified a family
that lived there.
You'll surely get details about your son.
Hey! Take her and go show her the place.
Okay, sir.
Yeah. please come.
- Okay sir.
- Okay.
According to our inspector,
if you give him some work
he'll somehow finish it and give.
That's his character.
You'll surely get your child back, madam.
He will find him.
This is the hall, madam.
It's fully furnished.
He's kept everything ready for you.
You don't have to newly buy anything.
This is the prayer room.
All the Gods are inside, pray nicely,
you'll surely get your son back.
the owner is so good hearted that
he's installed an air conditioner in the hall
Okay madam?
Come let's have a look at
the kitchen and bedroom.
This is the bedroom
This is the bathroom.
Have a look, madam.
It's for lease for 10 lakhs, madam.
If you have any doubt,
then you can talk to sir about it.
They won't give it for rent is it?
They won't give it for rent, madam.
It's only for lease.
We can ask them to
reduce the amount.
Okay madam?
Come let's leave.
Sir, is this the Nanganallur inspector?
Yes, sir.
Sir, I'm Vadapalani inspector
Ragavachari speaking.
Sir, it's you.
Your hairstyle is the talk of the town.
Leave that.
Sir, I'll send you the address of a
Sri Lankan family through SMS.
Okay, sir.
Can you gather their details
and inform me about it?
What's the matter sir?
Is anything serious?
Sir, I need to find out
about a missing child.
Okay, sir.
I shall gather all the details
and get back to you.
Thank you, sir.
Do you like the house?
Yeah, I like it.
I'll send her and come back.
Sir, she liked the house very much.
If we get 10 lakhs from her, then
we can make a lease agreement.
Hey, we don't even know for long
she's going to stay then why do
we need 10 lakhs?
Sir, the owner has a debt of 8 lakhs.
Ask her to give at least that amount.
Hey, is this for you or the other person?
Sir, if we earn somehow like
this, only then can we survive.
It is foreign currency,
let her give it.
Is this person trustworthy?
They will give the money back
while shifting right?
Sure, sir.
Sir, I'll take the
responsibility for it.
You go with her.
I'll leave
Okay, sir.
Only if we give all the details to HSBC bank,
we can transfer the money by today.
Sir, told us to go to MGR Nagar
Indian bank right?
Okay sir.
I'll check it out.
Sure, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- I'll keep the phone.
Yeah, tell me?
Inspector Ragavachari had sent us
Please, be seated.
- To open an account for her.
- Sir, please sit down.
The inspector told me to open
an NRI account for you.
There's no problem, we can get it done.
Please give me your details, so that we can
have a check and proceed further with it.
Okay, everything's correct, madam.
Please fill your details in this.
Here give this at the cash counter
and collect your cash.
Thank you, sir.
Welcome sir,
Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome
You don't have to count.
It must be correct.
Nice bank.
Thank you!
You're welcome, madam.
Why so late?
You're getting signatures
for 8 lakhs right?
Please give me one and a half lakh.
Now, you come and talk to me.
My son is asking for an auto rickshaw.
If you buy your son
an auto rickshaw,
he will drive it by being high on booze.
You're showing me your true colours
once the money came.
You know this place only because of me.
Listen, I've got this money from
the inspector and I have to give it back.
If you want I can give you 50,000 rupees.
Yeah, when did you ever
give what I wanted?
Always keep doing the free praises.
Okay, the inspector must be waiting.
Come, let's go.
Greetings, madam!
Are you doing fine?
Hey, there are calls coming
from the assistant commissioner of police.
Without you, nothing will move, sir.
- Please sit down.
- Please be seated.
The house is in your name right?
Yes, sir.
Take out that document.
Sir, there are 2 copies of it.
There's one copy for that madam
and another one for this madam.
Read carefully, dear.
You'll only give it for lease is it?
You won't give it for rent?
these days in Madras they
don't give houses for rent,
they only give it for lease.
Please put your signature
before the auspicious time gets over.
You put your signature after she does.
Let madam put it first.
Okay, madam.
Madam now you can put your signature.
You can keep this copy with you.
Madam, keep this safely with you.
There's totally 8 lakhs in this.
I know, madam.
I came with you to the bank
It will be perfect.
Careful madam, please
keep it safely with you.
I'm continuously getting calls.
I will come in the evening.
Yeah, let's go sir.
Okay madam.
Whose house is this?
Sir, this madam...
It's the same house right?
Yes, sir.
I know sir since the time
he was a sub-inspector,
but he didn't have a ponytail at that time.
Sir, the owner of this house
got a loan and ran away to...
...another city, because he
couldn't pay the money back.
He gave the key to her,
before he left.
That's why we thought of doing
some rotation of money till then.
Hey, what if some problem comes?
Sir, that lady likes this house a
lot, so there won't be any problem.
That person won't come back again.
Yesterday, while madam was bringing
the money outside the bank,
the manager himself came
outside to help her out.
She must've deposited
a lot of money.
Sir, I need to tell you
another important thing,
She have a lot of respect for you.
Hey, keep quiet man.
Sir for all the help that you're doing,
this isn't a big deal.
Okay, bring 2 lakhs and give
it to me at the station.
I have a lot of expenses.
You're very popular.
There won't be anybody else
asking for a share right?
You'll only get 5,000 rupees.
Greetings sir!
Yeah, I got information
that a Sri Lankan
family has come from Rameswaram.
Do you know where they are?
There was a family
but they have gone back to Sri Lanka
It has been many days
since they have gone.
Are you doing fine?
I came to your house
to meet you,
but you weren't there.
Is your phone
number the same?
I had asked you to have a
check on Munusamy's matter, did you?
Yes, sir
Stop whiling away the time.
Go now!
Okay, sir.
You don't see any fair person.
You seem to be worse than
my 3rd husband who ran away.
You made me come up
to the police station.
Will 50,000 come
from the air?
You got to work hard
for it, got it?
Look here...
That guy is trying to make
a 2 lakhs out of us,
so we have to foil
his plans now.
I last saw you while
receiving the money.
Sir, I have the
money intact.
- What is she saying, man?
- Sir
I was about to
tell you that
she's scared that if she
gives you the 2 lakhs now,
then with the 6
lakhs that was received,
she had to sign for
receiving the 8 lakhs.
For what should you
be scared for?
Shall I give you
an idea, sir?
If you change the house agreement to
your name, then even if that lady vacates,
you will still be able
to maintain that house sir.
Then what should we do with
the old agreement?
We can tear that off, sir.
If you wish anything can happen.
I'll get it signed from, sir.
Take it out soon.
Sir, keep this
2 lakhs with you.
Give that agreement
to me, dear.
Let's get it signed from sir,
before the auspicious time ends.
Sir, please put your
signature here.
Dear, you too put
your signature.
Here, sign it.
Okay sir, you keep the
copy of what she signed.
Here you keep this
with you, dear.
Sir, keep it safely at home.
You go, dear.
Sir, I will send her
off and come.
Here, drink milk.
No, I don't want
it, you drink it.
I finished drinking,
I got this for you.
I'll drink it later.
Didn't your astrologer tell
anything about your tattoo?
turn off the lights and
come sleep on the bed.
No no,
I'll sleep here itself.
You think that your purity
will go away by sleeping on the bed?
Now, what do you want?
I want everything,
whatever I have been
giving over these years,
I want all of that.
The child is sleeping
outside, please talk softly.
Only now you realise that
she is sleeping outside?
So many days in her presence,
you've done so many things?
Hey Raji,
come here!
Are you trying to
cause problems?
What is it mom?
What happened?
Nothing sweetheart,
you go sleep.
Your dad thinks that his purity
will go away by sleeping on the bed.
He seems to say that I'm a different
caste and he is a different caste.
Now, when did I tell
you all that?
Why are you lying to her?
Hey fraud,
if I give you milk you
aren't drinking it,
you're not eating at home.
What are you pretending?
Whatever it is, let's talk
in the morning. Go sleep.
What do you think of yourself?
Get out, man!
You're hitting me is it?
Eating my food and living
in the house that my father bought,
you're hitting me?
Get out, man!
If you stay here even for a
minute in this house,
I'll stab myself with this knife.
Get out, man!
Mom, please don't do it!
Dad, please go outside.
Get out!
Go outside!
You said that it's your
father's house right?
Next time if I come here you can say, dog,
why did you come here?
Eating my food and living
in the house that my father bought,
you're hitting me?
Get out, man!
Get out, man!
It's fine if he did his atrocities
when he had his hair on,
I thought he'd change now after his head
shaved by keeping a ponytail and looking holy,
but he's turned out to be
even worse than before.
He brought a fair lady and even got a home,
and that too he caught an NRI person.
He will never change.
Searching for him has
become my duty now.
Has he been sloshed
inside the car?
Where has he gone?
Has he committed suicide
or something?
He's not one that
does these things.
He'll only do that to others.
Will the 2 lakhs be
on my head now?
I had to search for
you everywhere.
Everyone's searching for you,
you've also kept your
phone switched off.
Yazhini madam is also
in search of you.
You told that you'll be taking
her to the Sri Lankan consulate,
regarding her son.
Sir, please come.
It must surely be Yazhini
madam who's calling me.
Hello, I'm Yazhini speaking.
Yes, tell me madam?
Where are you?
Sir is sleeping on the steps
by the pond of the Kothandaramar temple.
Oh you've come is it?
Please wait, I'll come there.
Please come, madam.
See where he's sleeping.
What happened?
Why is he sleeping over here?
Sir's wife is a sub-inspector.
That lady chased him
out of the house.
For what?
Sir's a Brahmin
that lady is of a
different caste.
She kept quiet when he wasn't
much into the religion.
One day,
when he suddenly came
home with a ponytail,
she got very pissed and
cut his ponytail off.
I'll stay here, you
bring him and come.
Okay, madam.
Sir, Yazhini madam has come.
She's calling you home.
Please come,
Sir, this happens in every house.
Now, please come.
Madam, look how badly she's cut his
ponytail off by causing a wound.
Oh my, what kind of
a woman is she?
Sir, please wear your slippers.
Come sir, let's go.
Sir, you take madam
and go home.
I'll take the jeep and
leave it at the police
station and will come
back and take my bike.
Okay, sir?
Please, come.
The blood's coming out.
One second, please
don't move.
I'll be back.
Relax relax.
Thank you
I'll get you
something to eat.
No, thank you.
Please, wait.
"What did you do?"
"What did you do to me?"
"What did you actually do?"
"What did you do?"
"What did you actually do?"
"I don't have the heart
to let you go."
"You've tied me up to you."
"I don't have the heart
to let you go."
"You've tied me up to you."
"What did you do?"
"What did you do to me?"
"What did you actually do?"
"I was astonished
to see me in your heart"
"I was spellbound
for the love you've for me"
"Will lean on your shoulder
when I am worried"
"That will be enough for me
to live my life happily"
"Will become your pet
shower affection on you"
"Will do secret service
to bestow you a baby"
"May you lead a new happy life"
"Will be with you forever and ever"
"What did you do?"
"What did you do to me?"
Women are the weaker sex,
but they are not
weak in sex.
I only see you
as my friend.
I've come in
search of my son.
Except seeing my son,
nothing will give me happiness.
He's going to wake up.
You morons,
you'll have
stolen my car!
I started driving the car,
because the video camera was broken
these thieves have even
taken the car away from me.
How will I sort
out my debts?
If my owner gets to know about this,
he'd chase and hit me all the way.
I couldn't pay back
my old debt,
that's why I started
driving the car.
Greetings, madam!
What is it?
It seems that there's a file
inside the TV cupboard.
Sir, told me to bring it and
give it to the writer.
Where is he?
He's gone to Andhra for work.
It's a 3:30 train, madam.
She's taken it and
is grilling me.
Mom, move!
Keep watching TV
all the time.
He's made a lease agreement
without me knowing about it.
Why has he taken this house?
Tell him to come and
see it himself.
Okay, madam!
It's always like this.
I'm stuck here like a little calf.
I chose to join this profession.
Hey! Turn off the
TV and leave.
Who are you?
Mom, those are dad's clothes!
I'm going on saying and
you're just going inside.
He's a 420 guy, You're living
together with him is it?
- I will attack you
- Is it?
Don't beat me
Raji, get that towel.
Did you hit police?
You thought I'll
be scared of you?
I'm a police!
Come on!
- Go!
- Please leave me.
Where are you taking me?
What you're doing isn't right.
Leave me!
Just because you found a man, you'll
start a family with him is it?
Come on!
You can't treat
me like this!
Leave me!
Come, I'll book you under
a prostitution case.
They've filed an FIR (First
Information Report) against... for prostitution and
for also hitting a cop.
You've been remanded
in prison for 15 days.
Poor girl! Sister,
looks like they've beat her up nicely.
Yeah, don't know what crime
she must've committed.
She looks so innocent.
Don't judge anybody by their face.
Who knows?
She's looks like she's from
a rich background.
Hey Sumathi!
That Yazhini lady has been
lying down without eating for 2 days.
The doctor has asked to bring her there.
You take her and go.
Hey dear, wake up!
The warden has asked me
to take you to the doctor.
Doctor, there were a lot of wounds
in her body on the day she was remanded.
She's not eating properly,
she's not cooperating properly and
there are no visitors coming to see her.
Somebody complained to
the Human Rights Commission.
Take her back to the cell
once the trips are done.
Yazhini, we must go to court.
Come, get inside the van.
"Fear is but foolishness."
"Courage is a trait of the Dravidians."
"Whether your death is at 6 or 100,"
"it is your duty to protect
your motherland."
"it is your duty to protect
your motherland."
Tell me, dear?
There's a person I know
that has been arrested.
They aren't giving us a bail.
Only you can somehow help us
in getting a bail from the high court.
Please help us, sir.
It's nothing, don't worry.
they won't be able to pay
much for the fees.
That's alright!
Thank you, sir.
Hey, don't act too much.
Yeah, where did you go in
the morning at 3 o'clock?
- I went to Koyambedu, sir.
- Koyambedu?
Yes sir,
there's a client come to
our city from Andhra.
Hey, give that man.
What is this man?
These are old 1000 and 500 rupee
notes that are new.
His father had been in a coma for 3 years
and had recently passed away last week.
When he opened his father's suitcase
he found old notes comprising of 5 lakhs.
Sir, he's begging you to somehow
change these notes for him.
Shall I keep this coat aside
and join your profession?
Brother, you brought your money and
came here listening to this guy.
We can't get it changed.
If you want you can get it
change from Reserve Bank. Go.
Hey! Give that man.
I trusted you and came for this.
Please sit down, Ramarajan.
Your leg isn't doing well.
Should I say this every day?
From now onwards you don't
have to stand up every time.
Please understand.
Okay, sir.
Mohan, Venkatesan
Case #1075, Aruna Ranganathan, Deepa
Petty case R7 Selva!
Selva! (Calls out name thrice)
Did you put up a tender coconut juice shop
and started doing business on the pavement?
Yes, madam.
You guys bring in people that
sell tender coconut juice on the-
-pavement or beggars begging on
the main road as petition cases,
but tend to ignore people that
do burglary, rape and murder.
Okay, okay, pay a fine
of rupees 150 and leave.
Okay, sir.
Who's next?
Rajendran! (Calls out name thrice)
Did you drive the bike
without wearing a helmet?
Yes, madam.
Why man?
To protect your own
life the high court-
-has given an order to
compulsorily wear a helmet.
How can you not follow that?
My parents have been
scolding at me,
because my hair has been falling
due to wearing the helmet.
Man, your hair isn't important,
only your life is important.
Don't you want to protect your family?
Case #10183, Manikyam, Kaarthikesan
Okay, pay a fine of rupees 250 and leave.
Okay, madam.
Remand case, Yazhini!
Yazhini! (Calls out name thrice)
Lady, does your family know
that you've been arrested?
They've made an enquiry with
the State Human Rights Commission.
That's this case, sir.
Do you have a lawyer
to handle your case?
- PP
- Sir?
Can we refer this case to
the legal aid department?
We can refer it, sir.
Hey, Velayudham!
Yes, sir?
Is your senior there or has
he gone to the 12 O'clock show?
He's there, sir.
Tell him to come here.
You don't worry about anything.
You're from my hometown as well.
Yes sir.
I'll talk to the Superintendent of Police
and get you a transfer.
- Okay, sir.
- Brother?
Yes, sir?
- Take good care of your mother.
- Yeah, okay sir.
Sir is calling you.
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
Please come in, Mr. Govindhan.
You must assist the court, Mr. Govindhan.
As you please your honour!
Give him the case file, dear.
Sir, along with the FIR,
all the papers are inside the file.
I feel like there's something
wrong with this case.
That's why I called Govindhan and
gave it to him to make it right.
Okay, what's the next case?
- Lady, who are you?
- I'm a police constable.
She won't runaway anywhere,
please stand in the corner.
Why have you not applied for a bail?
He smells bad.
I think he's a drunkard.
Sorry, it's because of
yesterday's hangover.
You don't have a relative in Chennai?
Hello, answer me!
The court wants to help you.
I don't have anyone here.
Oh! You're Tamil is it?
I was born in Sri Lanka...
Okay, come.
They've put a false case on this lady.
Mahendran will be there in the
chamber, go send a bail petition.
Okay brother, I'll get it ready.
Mahendran sir! Sir has
asked you to get a bail...
...petition for this FIR and
a surety bond ready.
This is the bail application.
I'll give her a surety myself.
Sir, the bail application and
the surety bond are all there.
She doesn't have any relative in India.
How was it?
She should put her signature for 10 days.
Condition bail is granted.
I'm obliged your honour!
- Mr. Govindhan!
- Your honour?
You've got this under your personal surety,
- So be careful.
- Yes, your honour!
- Velayudham!
- Yes, sir?
You too must be careful.
Okay, sir.
Or else we'll throw you in jail.
Please, come.
Actually this is a very peculiar case.
Since a cop has given
a complaint against you,
I had to give you a surety myself,
as you don't even have any relation here.
Sir, they've asked her
to put a signature daily.
- How many days should she do it?
- It's only for 10 days.
You do remember the
house you were living in right?
Kaatha lingam, Murali
What man?
You please sit behind.
Hey, you sit in front.
Velayudham, you saw the house right?
I want all the details tomorrow in the
morning, only then we can proceed further.
This is my house!
Until we find your documents,
you've got to adjust yourself here.
This is my office,
There's a small room right next to it.
You can stay there.
You please go inside.
Hey, Velayudham
Take her and go with you.
And also give her something to eat.
Please come, madam.
This is his house
This door will always be closed,
so you won't have a problem.
Yeah, tell me.
Yes, I read the case file.
No problem.
Yeah, that's not a big deal,
we can get it solved.
It's just a small case.
No problem
They are increasing the
sugar value in Ration shop
I know the person from the other
side, so we can get it done.
No problem, don't worry,
our people will be there.
You don't have to worry about anything.
We can file a petition.
No problem
Done sir
Thank you
Thank you so much.
Please come and be seated.
Hey man!
What is it?
Advocate Jothi sir, sent us here.
We want to file a writ petition.
They aren't letting us write our exams
due to the lack of our attendance.
Where did you go, bunking college?
Sir, we didn't bunk college.
We weren't well, that's why.
Why didn't you give them
a medical certificate?
We gave it to them sir, but
they aren't taking it.
I'll talk to Jothi whether
we should file a writ or not.
Okay, sir.
- You may leave
- Okay sir.
- We'll take your leave sir.
- Okay.
Hey, did you buy the drinks?
- What man?
- Sir
I have to give a party in
the evening, that's why.
Come here,
Come closer man
Very good!
Go close the screen.
Okay, sir.
Come, let's go on upstairs.
Everything's ready,
we must only start now.
Did you go to your native place
to meet your mom and dad?
Did you go to your native place
to meet your mom and dad?
Yes sir, I met them.
Give, give, give!
You went to meet your parents,
then why did you go to my house?
Wait, wait, wait!
You, come here.
You went to meet your parents,
then why did you go to my house?
- Hey!
- Brother
- Don't drink too much.
- I'm drinking too much is it?
I'm drinking too much is it?
What did you say?
I told you not to drink too much.
You know how my mom scolded me right?
You know it right?
Then why did you go there knowing that?
This is your last chance.
If you go there again then go stay there.
- Okay, brother.
- Take it.
Now, take all this and go
Here, give him some water.
What happened to you?
- Brother, drink some water.
- Slowly!
He drank raw alcohol.
Drink some water.
Why are you guys drinking like this?
(Song from 'Vasantha Maligai')
You hold him.
We'll make him sleep straight.
Brother, why are you thinking of
your mother and drinking like this?
I'm trying so hard to
make you understand,
but you aren't listening to me.
You go sleep.
(Song from 'Aval Oru Thodar Kathai')
Did you give it to him?
Yeah, I gave it to him, madam.
Do you guys usually have a bath
in the roadside bathroom?
No madam,
we usually have a bath
in our house bathroom,
but since you're staying here,
we're using the public bathroom.
Hey! We must be in
court at 10:30.
- Lock it soon.
- Okay brother.
You please sit.
There's going to be a big
party in the evening.
If you see and do something
then it'll be nice.
Madam's coming.
Will you go by auto?
Yeah, I'll catch an auto
and come straight there.
- Do you have change?
- Yes I do.
Hey! Lift her up!
Lift her!
Case #1466 Father Venkatesan
Take that vehicle.
Get in!
Who are you man?
You're talking on the
phone like a woman.
If you have the guts,
come meet me directly.
Hey, what man?
Just because she's fair,
you brought with you is it?
She also isn't wearing
anything on her neck.
Hey! If you talk anything
bad about that woman,
I'll cut you to pieces.
Which area are you from, man?
Where are you?
Who is it, brother?
Hey! Go man.
Who must that be?
What happened?
Who is he fighting with?
Someone on the phone has spoken
something bad about you.
That's why brother seems so tensed.
Hey, Velayudham!
- Come here, man!
- Yeah, I'm coming brother.
What are you doing
here without sleeping?
I'm not feeling good.
I feel very confused.
I'm filled with the thoughts of my son.
You came to brother for help.
He'll take care of everything from now.
You don't have to worry about anything.
Brother gave an earful to the guy
who spoke badly about you
Today in the afternoon that he called
in the evening and apologized for it.
You be brave.
Oh I totally forgot!
Brother had asked me to give this to you.
Why do I need all this?
Please don't get me wrong.
If he's giving you the chain that
he had bought for his mother,
it means that he has so
much respect for you.
Don't leave your neck bare
Wear it on.
Wear it on!
(Song from 'En Annan')
Sister, please wear it on,
Else, he will scold me
Hey! What are you
talking stories?
- Did you give it to her?
- Yes brother, I gave it to her.
Here Velayudham,
give him water if he starts vomiting.
Hey! Am I vomiting daily?
Yeah, he's only daily cursing his mother.
(Song from 'Karnan')
- Sir, I'm advocate Govindhan.
- Yes.
Please be seated.
Sit down.
What can I do for you?
Do you know her?
Yes, I do know her.
She was referred by
inspector Ragavachari,
so she came here to open an account.
Do you remember the one
who came here with her?
It was constable that came with her.
Sir, if you don't mind,
can I get the CCTV
footage of that date?
Oh sure!
I'll arrange it and call you.
Thank you, sir.
Welcome, sir.
Please wait, I'll be back soon.
Madam, who do you need to see?
I need to see the manager.
Please wait a minute.
My name is Yazhini.
Sir, there's a lady named
Yazhini, who's come to see you.
Send her inside.
Okay, sir.
- You can go inside, madam.
- Thank you!
- Hello sir!
- Hello!
- You remember me?
- Yes, yes,
You're a Malaysian return,
I know.
I've transferred 8 lakhs to your account.
I remember you.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
Please come
What man?
Just give us a minute.
He's our client.
What man?
Sir, they're calling me
to the police station.
Then go.
I'm scared that they'd
imprison me if I go.
You should have thought about it
yesterday at night,
before you drank and hit a cop.
Sir, when I was drunk
he wasn't wearing his uniform
That's why I did that.
If you want I'll ask him to
wear his uniform and come,
do you want to hit him again?
Go man!
Hey, I need to file at
4 O'clock in court.
Don't irritate me,
- Just go away.
- Okay, brother.
Take him and go.
Hey! Come here, man.
- Do something, brother.
- Go man.
I don't know what to do, man.
I'm going to get beaten wherever I go.
Yeah, Point,
your senior never drinks is it?
He won't drink now.
- Then?
- Only in the evening,
come after 6 with a
full bottle of alcohol.
Oh, okay then.
I'll come in the evening with
a full bottle of alcohol.
- Do something, man.
- Okay.
I only have my trust in you.
Call her.
Brother is calling you.
- Please, sit.
- Greetings sister!
Hey, take out the
high court document.
Please put your signature in this.
We must take a print out,
check if the shop is opened.
Okay, brother.
You've got yourself trapped
by signing like this.
You want ask why should you sign this?
I've filed a cause petition stating
that the FIR filed against you is wrong,
so this is the document for
me to appear in court.
Yeah, where were you
staying in Rameswaram?
SS residency!
SS residency
Do you have the hotel's number?
Yes! Got it!
- Hello!
- Tell me?
- Is this SS residency?
- Yes!
Last month there was a person named
Yazhini who stayed over there,
I need her details.
Who are you?
Sir, I'm advocate Govindhan.
I'm practicing in high court.
Why do you need our customer details?
Sir, Yazhini is with me now.
She has misplaced her passport.
While staying at your hotel,
she must've given a Xerox copy
of her passport for ID proof.
Can you send me that
Xerox copy on WhatsApp?
Okay sir, I'll do it.
Thank you, sir.
Brother, the shop is opened.
Take this pen-drive and get a print out.
You please leave.
Brother, I set the section.
Sister's case will surely
be listed tomorrow.
It's come on top of the list.
Keep this.
The matter has reached.
In case the judge asks you anything,
speak boldly.
Item number 112 quash petition,
criminal OP of 6742 of 2018,
Govindhan public prosecutor.
- May I please my lord?
- Yes!
A petition to quash the FIR.
You know I don't entertain
quash petitions in my court.
Mr. Govindhan?
What do you find so wrong with this FIR?
My lord!
The petitioner has come from Malaysia.
I'll study the papers.
You say that you have evidence to show
that she landed in the Madurai airport.
Where is it?
My lord! It is at page
number 10 of the typeset.
PP, what's happening
in our state?
I seriously want to know.
You people just arrest anybody you want,
file an FIR and put them in prison is it?
What's all this?
My lord!
The petitioner has abused and
hurt a lady sub-inspector...
and is also involved in prostitution.
They've cheated her with 8 lakhs.
All the documentation is clear,
that she landed in Madurai and that
she's come from Malaysia.
What more do you need?
I didn't get instructions.
Don't try those stories with me.
Come on take down
First the department
should conduct an enquiry...
against the concerned
police officers,
take suitable action and
report the same to me.
There's a Tamil woman who's come
in search of her child from Malaysia
These police officers have
been cheating on her.
I want immediate action.
Matter posted next week 250.
Call the next item.
You argued very well,
Thanks a lot.
More than me arguing,
it was because the judge himself knew
that it's a genuine case,
why he gave the order.
- Is this advocate Govindhan sir?
- Yes, tell me?
I'm Thangadurai speaking,
Yazhini's husband's friend.
I was also in search of Yazhini's son
and later withdrew from it.
Brother, do you know any
details about the child?
Where are you now?
Sir, I already told you.
Please give the phone to Yazhini.
Wait for 10 minutes
Yazhini will speak with you.
- What happened?
- It's getting cut.
I don't know why he's cutting the call.
- Hello!
- I'm Thangadurai speaking,
Give the phone to Yazhini.
One minute, here speak to him.
I'm Yazhini speaking.
Thangadurai, how are you?
And where are you?
Where's my son?
I've come to Sri Lanka
Your son is here.
I need to speak to my son right now,
give the phone to him.
You can't talk to him like
that whenever you want.
Is he fine?
He's fine.
What's the name of my son?
I can't say all that now.
The child isn't next to me right now.
I'll call you later.
Don't get tensed.
Now you got to know
where your son is right.
Yeah, you know that
Thangadurai right?
Then he'll surely call you back.
Hey, come fast.
The guy who called in
the morning is on Skype.
Thangadurai is it?
Is this he?
Thangadurai, where is my son?
Tell me Thangadurai?
Why did you tell Dr. Meenakshi
to lie to me about my son?
For the state that you were in,
I didn't want you to worry about your son.
That's why I told the doctor not
to tell you about your son.
He's Fine.
It wouldn't have been nice.
What's the name of my son?
Ask him to speak to me.
I will tell him to speak to you.
Mother, are you fine?
I can only hear your voice,
but I'm not able to see you.
Mother, you look beautiful.
But I'm unable to see how you look.
What are you studying now?
I'm learning about social war
Everybody keeps praising me
in the NGO for my social services.
Balasingam, I've always
lived in loneliness.
At least from now onwards
I wish to be with you.
Why do you need to do such
social services at this age?
There are children younger to me
who are eager as well.
I won't leave you alone, mother.
It seems that we have a nation for
ourselves with Tamil as our mother tongue.
You come take me and go with you.
I wish to see how you look just for once.
Everybody says that I will look like this.
I thought that only I am a big activist,
but your son is really great.
Born to prove!
I'll post the matter for mediation.
First ask them to give the money back
Then I'll ask them to
withdraw the complaint...
and will then quash the FIR.
What Mr. Govindhan, do you
accept this agreement?
Do you accept this Compromise?
Sister, advocate sir has asked me to
take you to advocate Sujatha's office.
Be ready
I'll be there now.
Okay, sister.
- She'll agree to it.
- Yeah, let's see.
Yeah, come in madam.
Madam has come.
Hello ma'am!
I'm Yazhini.
Hi! I'm advocate Sujatha.
She too had just come in now.
Please be seated.
You please wait outside.
Please forgive me,
I made a mistake.
Don't get excited about anything.
We'll talk and sort it out.
Arresting you straight away
without thinking was my fault.
Forgive me.
It's okay.
I've applied for a divorce in court.
Living with him for so many
years is a big deal.
He'll do anything for money.
I feel so bad that
they've suspended us
But he isn't even bothered about it.
You both fell in love and
then got married right?
He's a Brahmin
I'm a Non-Brahmin.
His house is right next to mine.
I've been cheated.
I've learnt a good lesson.
In these 8 years there's not a
fraudulent work he hasn't done.
I only kept bearing up with
him for my daughter.
When I met him in Rameswaram,
I thought that he's a very good man.
He keeps cheating all the
girls with that look.
Govindhan is my classmate.
He will take care of you properly.
If you say that
you've excused them,
then they will remove
the suspension.
What for that?
I'll ask the advocate
to make a compromise.
Please return all of her things,
including the DD and passport.
Your other things are
outside in the bag.
You can go and collect them.
This is your things
Thank you!
Excuse me,
- You please wait outside.
- Okay madam.
I need to speak personally with her.
Okay, bye.
Yes brother!
Yes,I brought madam here.
She's inside advocate
Sujatha madam's office.
Yes she's come and the sub-inspector
madam too has come.
They've given her bag to me,
I only have it.
Yeah they're talking inside.
I'll bring her once it's done.
Okay, brother.
Govindhan told me
that you've come in search of your son.
For your good heart,
soon you will find him.
You take Govindhan to Sri Lanka.
He'll be very helpful for you.
He's not like any other person.
- Thank you.
- You're in safe hands.
Thank you.
- Velayudham!
- Yes, sister?
Every time after drinking,
he keeps thinking and
crying about his mother.
Is there some fight going on
with him and his mother?
It's nothing like that, sister.
He loves his mother a lot.
When he became a lawyer,
we kept a celebration for
him in his hometown.
'R.Thiyagarajan B.A. BL.,
Come, lawyer sir
Please remove your shoes and come.
Yeah, okay sir.
Is it the new age generation?
Greetings, sir!
Please come.
- Greetings!
- Greetings, sir!
Hello Mr. Govindhan!
It looks like you've been
enrolled as an advocate.
Oh sorry!
Sir, it looks like you've been enrolled.
What Boss?
He's the boy who grew up seeing you
You're newly giving him so much respect.
The respect is not for your son,
but for his education.
I'm happy in one way.
I don't have to run to
the court in a hurry.
You'll take care of everything right?
What are you thinking about, son?
You're not going to join our office is it?
Sir, I want to practice in High court.
Very good!
If you want I'll ask my friends
to recommend for you.
No sir, all my friends and
I are planning to practice individually.
Your son is intelligent.
He's fearlessly taken a decision...
that I should I have taken
when I was younger.
You'll even take care of
my high court cases right?
Okay, sir.
Sir, the people of this
town are wanting to keep...
a celebration for my son
for becoming a lawyer.
You should surely come and
take part with your family.
I'll surely come with my family.
- I'll take your leave.
- Thank you so much, sir.
What Akhila?
You told that you'll finish
your work soon and go home.
My son has come.
I must also cook.
They've gone on top to call sir.
- Oh! Is it?
- Yeah.
Okay, okay.
Greetings, madam!
- How are you?
- I'm doing well.
I've invited sir for the
celebration of our Govindhan,
hosted by his friends
for becoming a lawyer.
You too must surely come.
Yeah, I will come.
It seems that your daughter
has come from Chennai?
Yeah, Gayathri!
Greetings, little madam!
- Greetings!
- How are you?
I'm doing well
Bring her along with you for
the celebration tomorrow in the evening.
What man, will all of them come?
- Yeah, I told them brother.
- Okay, okay.
Mother, what dress is this?
If I want to buy you a
new dress you say no to it.
That's okay, dear.
First you start earning well,
that's enough for me.
Mother, once I earn well,
I will get you a gold chain.
You can wear that and show off
by roaming the whole town.
I'm very happy.
Okay dear, if lawyer
sir says that he'll come,
then he'll
correctly come on time.
Let's all go.
Okay, father.
Greetings to everyone!
My evening greetings to
everyone who has come here.
My friend Govindhan,
has become a lawyer
so we have kept a celebration for him,
Everybody please give him an applause.
If any problem comes in the area,
we will surely praise him.
All are support goes to Govindhan.
That's enough of talking.
Go put the garland on him.
Go man, go.
Give him an applause.
This garland will be better suitable
on the father who had brought him up.
Next advocate R. Thyagarajan
will speak on the stage.
See how well he has
brought up his son.
Even if I ask him to sit down,
he isn't sitting.
Tomorrow when he
becomes a big judge,
I'd have to argue by
standing in front of him.
I congratulate him to gently
grow and see many victories.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
So many days brother Govindhan
who used to dance with us,
has become a lawyer by
completing his B.A., B.L., degree.
I don't know if he'd
dance with us anymore
So finally please come
and dance with us brother.
What say guys?
"We are very smart cookies
Applaud and scream aloud"
"Move aside
Quit staring at us"
"Not tens or hundreds..."
"We have millions of followers"
"Open your eyes wide"
"Give a wink again"
"Don't be like a fool
Let's go"
"Don't blabber
Is it so?"
"Don't dare"
"And get thrashed unnecessarily"
"Let us move on teasing each other"
"Go on"
"We are very smart cookies
Applaud and scream aloud"
"Move aside
Quit staring at us"
"Not tens or hundreds..."
"We have millions of followers"
"Listen carefully
what we are telling to you"
"We are local guys, you bet"
"We mix-up and come with a hit song"
"Always you get fans applause for sure"
"The path you travelled
was very difficult"
"But it was filled with fun and joy"
"We are level different
when if friends are disturbed"
"Completed our enrolment"
"Tie the banner
standing on the wood"
"Put the garland with sandalwood"
"Cut the cake at the eve party"
"We ask to play the drums
Will rock with dance and sing"
"All of our friends greets wishes
and spends money lavishly"
"For a social cause to defend
we turn to be a lawyer, you know"
"Superb, dude"
"Youth together will raise our voice
and fight for our rights"
"Well said"
"You politicians, don't dare
to give trouble to us, you bet"
"We'll follow the law and order
and pounce on you, mind it"
"No limits for tussles
But dare not confront us"
"Let us live our lives
majestically and peacefully"
"Open your eyes wide"
"Give a wink again"
"Don't be like a fool
Let's go"
"Don't blabber
Is it so?"
"Be always happy and enjoy the fun"
"Kick and smash whoever cross your path"
"Tally your life perfectly"
"Give a call if you face the trouble"
"Be always happy and enjoy the fun
Smash whoever cross your path"
"Tally your life perfectly
Give a call if you face the trouble"
"Let's go"
You didn't bring her up properly.
What to say?
Mom, why did you scream at me without
any decency in front of everybody?
You told that I was dancing without wearing
a dress in front of my friends.
What will my friends think of me?
Why are you sitting like a statue?
Look at what she's saying.
Now what did I do so wrong
that you're screaming at me for?
Every time you keep proving
that you're uneducated.
Yes lady, I'm uneducated.
That's why I married a man who's 15
years older to me and running a family.
Now, what are you trying to say?
You were talking for so long,
why aren't you saying
anything when she's here?
She's brought disgrace to the family.
Before she runs away with anybody,
stop her studies and get her married,
because she needs the company of a man.
She's an educated girl
And her friends are with her.
Why did you have to speak like that?
I only spoke about what you said.
You said that I didn't
bring her up properly.
Okay, but for that you'll
speak like this is it?
Okay, okay, you go console
her and call her to eat.
What is this?
Where are you all going?
What is happening here?
I didn't think
that our son would do like this
Givindhan showed your ancestry attitude
I felt ashamed in front of the lawyer
What man, the function went well right?
It was great, brother.
Yeah, why did the two of you
come back without eating?
Even though your father's a cobbler,
he had his own respect.
Now, what happened?
Your father's heart is very broken.
I've never see him like this.
Why did you do like this?
Mom, now what has happened that
you're speaking like this?
Nothing happened
When you were carrying
advocate sir's daughter...
and dancing with her without
knowing your status,
I couldn't see their faces.
You've disgraced us nicely.
Mother, you're talking like
I willfully danced like that.
That girl came by herself and
started dancing with me.
And what is that status?
It's nothing, son.
Just know about one thing, mother.
In this world everybody's equal.
I told you right?
Ever since he started studying law,
his behaviour has been changed.
He says that everyone's equal.
If that lawyer sir wasn't there for
us, we won't be having anything,
Including this house.
Father, if you keeping
talking like this,
there's going to be no meaning
for me to stay in this house.
If you really do care about your son,
then come to the place
where I'm going to be in.
The cop's daughter is feeling better now
Sister, since then he's
always been like this.
He keeps drinking and
blabbering all the time.
Can you promise me one thing?
Tell me sister,
I'll do it.
I feel so bad to see him
blabbering at night.
You must somehow join
him back with his mother,
only you can do that.
I'll surely do it sister
They'll surely reconcile together.
Only I know the pain of a mother
and son being apart from each other.
Tell him that I told you to
take him to the village, okay?
Yeah, I'll surely take him and go.
You started drinking is it?
Hey, hold this.
I need to speak with you.
Yeah tell me, what is it?
You should come with me
to Sri Lanka to find my son.
Sri Lanka is it?
Only you can help me out.
Okay, we'll talk in the morning.
You please leave now.
You must do me another favour.
What is it?
You must go and meet your mother.
Your mother must be feeling the same way,
the way I'm dying to meet my son.
Whatever it is,
we'll talk in the morning. Please go.
We'll talk in the morning, go!
You take Govindhan to Sri Lanka.
He'll be very helpful for you.
He's not like any other person.
He will take care of you properly.
Sister, tomorrow morning
you go to my travel agent
I will come there along with him
after he meets his mother
You can go to Sri Lanka
after he gets the passport
Give this to your parents.
Why all this?
Give this chain to your mother and
ask her to wear it on.
You never wore it till the end.
Whether you're going to wear it or not,
let this be with you.
I'll take your leave.
Hey, the car isn't getting started.
Get down, we'll see to it tomorrow.
Why brother?
No, no, you sit inside.
I'll push the car from behind.
Velayudham, you too come.
Yeah, coming sister.
Push it.
Start the car.
I told you right.
The car isn't getting started.
The car itself doesn't like
me going to the village.
We'll see to it another day.
No, no, you must go meet
your mother and come back.
But the car isn't getting started.
Brother! Come brother,
let's go in our vehicle.
I'll go and come back.
Come buddy!
What buddy?
Where are you going?
I'm going to meet my mother.
Hey, today is my birthday man.
Congratulations, buddy.
Come, let's have a drink and go.
No buddy, I'm going to meet my mother.
We'll see to it another day.
Hey, come man.
No, we can't do that.
Hey, no one called you.
Shut and go man.
You come buddy. Come.
Why is he speaking
so disrespectfully to a big man like that?
He'll speak like that
only, you shut and come.
- Come, buddy.
- This not good
Buddy! I'll only
take a small peg.
Take a light drink and go.
- Okay buddy, let's go.
- Come, buddy.
Hey, come man.
(Song from 'Pallandu Vazhga')
Sister called you
when we are in wine shop
Brother, lorry!
- Excuse me?
- Yes!
Can I just make a phone call?
Yes, you can.
Thank you.
Tell me
Who's this speaking?
I'm the ambulance attendant speaking.
Who are you?
Who's this speaking?
Where is Govindhan?
The person who had this
phone and the person...
who was along with him have
gotten into a bike accident.
Yes, madam.
The accident took place near Poonamallee.
Drunk and drive.
Please wait.
Now we're going in a 108 ambulance
to a hospital nearby.
You do one thing,
give us your cell phone number.
Once we reach the hospital,
I'll ask them to inform you.
The cell battery is also getting low.
Excuse me? Please,
I don't have a mobile phone.
Can you please call and
inform me on this landline?
Okay, tell me the number?
Please! Please do inform.
Okay, madam.
Please, thank you.
Greetings! This is the control room.
Control room?
Yes! Tell me, madam?
Today, there was an
accident in Poonamallee.
I wanted to know the details about
where they are and in which hospital?
Please stay on the line.
I'll enquire and let you know about it.
Tell us some details about
the person who was in the accident.
He's an advocate.
I'm calling from his office.
Okay, you're asking
about the accident...
that happened to advocate Govindhan
and his clerk right?
It even came out in
today's evening newspaper.
You please contact and ask the
Thiruvallur government hospital.
Oh, okay.
Can you please give me that
hospital's phone number?
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hello, is this the Thiruvallur
government hospital?
Yes, tell me
Sir, today morning there was
an accident in Poonamallee.
I was told that they're admitted here.
What's the patient's name?
Mr. Govindhan and Velayudham.
Velayudham had died on the spot.
Post-mortem is going on.
You'll only get the body in the morning.
And what about Mr. Govindhan?
He has had a head injury.
He's unconscious in the ICU.
You must contact an ICU doctor.
Oh! Please transfer me to the emergency.
I'll transform you.
Please stay on the line.
Dr. Mohan speaking.
- Doctor?
- Yes!
Mr. Govindhan is in the emergency ward,
so can you tell me some
details about him?
How is he?
He's in a critical stage.
Severe skull injury.
We're trying our best.
Anything can happen.
Who are you?
Doctor, can you do me a favour, please?
Tell me
Can you just note down my number?
I don't have a mobile phone.
Can you just keep me posted
on that number, about his health?
Tell me?
Thank you, doctor.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
Hello madam, you enquired us
about Mr. Govindhan right?
We couldn't save him.
He had passed away.
His relatives are saying that
they want to take his body and go.
Can I permit them?
My son...
My son...
Whether you're going to wear it or not,
let this be with you.
I'll take your leave.
I won't leave you alone, mother.
It seems that we have a nation for
ourselves with Tamil as our mother tongue.
You come take me and go with you.