Thank You (2011) Movie Script

we aren't happy...
it seems as if we are
living a compromise.
The spark is gone.
Our marriage isn't working out.
Alright, Raj.
I won't hold you back.
You are free.
I don't mean to say it's your mistake.
It's my mistake.
When you love someone...
you shouldn't marry that person.
The love vanishes, right?
Probably... but I
should've married Kiran.
She had the hots for me.
She was hot.
She was mind-blowing!
She could suck the
daylights out of me!
You're so stupid, Raj!
You can't even fake a fight.
But I don't know how a couple fight.
Stop it.
Are you crying?
Who was Kiran?
The mind-blowing one,
whom you wanted to marry.
Oh boy!
Fake fight, fake girl !
If another girl
walks into your life...
I'll kill myself.
Sanjana, don't say that.
It's always been you,
and always will be.
Cheer up.
I love you. Come here.
- Bye... - Bye, love.
- No, I don't want to take care of...
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Not Jogi, this is Yogi.
Y-O-G-I, Yogi.
Forget it.
Laughing at my misery?
Cool it, dude.
Don't take it out on me.
I was venting it on the Chinese guy.
I'm taking a loss because of you.
Yes, the yacht deal.
Vikram said it was
cancelled because of you.
Are you trying to
bring down the company?
Why... what have I done?
Were you showing the yacht to the
girl or were you seranading her?
Take a look!
''Your eyes are intoxicating.''
''You hair is silky.''
Raj, move it.
''God has sent you for me.''
''O Kiran, you are mine.''
Oh my God!
You wrote this for me?
He knows only one song.
All he does is change the girl's name.
Can I see some more?
You know, I deal in yachts...
but you've inspired the poet in me.
You're so amazing. I think
I'm falling in love with you.
Now, you'll feel the
melody in my heart.
You remembered to draw the curtains
but you forgot to switch off the CCTV!
And then the girl's mother showed up.
Hello... you don't know who I am.
Why do you hire such people?
Wait and watch.
I'm going to give
this CD to the police.
Raj, you're finished.
Why are you laughing?
The girl's mother showed up.
Forget the police, the boss would've
made sure she didn't go anywhere.
So, boss, what happened?
Nobody understands women like I do.
A woman's greatest weakness is that...
she never wants to age.
I struck at that chord.
You are her mother?
In soap operas the mother
looks younger than the daughter.
Maybe her sister but...
you are kidding, aren't you?
Well, thanks for the compliment.
But it's true. She is my daughter.
When I was sure she had stepped
into the trap, I went for the kill.
Women love flattery.
What a pretty face you have!
Your beautiful eyes,
your luscious lips...
May I look into your eyes for a bit?
May I?
- Then? - Well...
she had come to cancel the deal but...
went back with two yachts!
That's amazing, boss!
Sometimes I envy you guys.
- But why?
You guys flirt
blatantly yet don't get caught.
I was so discreet
but still got caught.
I still don't know who
my wife's best friend is.
Her friend who told her everything
about me and ruined my life.
Oh... you're home early.
Where are you going?
Back to office.
Next time I will call you,
ask for your permission...
and come home only if you want me to.
I was happy to see you.
Well, you don't look happy.
I'm filled with happiness.
Alright, I'll install an x-ray machine
in my eyes so I can look inside you.
Get me some tea.
Where is the saucer?
Sorry, I'll get it.
And I'm supposed to
hold this until then?
It's a tea cup, not the World cup.
Let me take it.
Tell me something...
You will take the cup to the kitchen,
then place it on the saucer...
then walk all the way back,
won't the tea become cold?
I'll heat it.
Trying to be funny?
Don't you know that heating
tea again makes it poisonous?
Why don't you just give me poison?
I'll make it afresh.
You think I have tea plantations,
sugar mills, dairy farms?
If you make more tea, I'll go broke.
Are you crying?
No, I'm not.
Is that water flowing from your eyes?
Now what did I say?
As your husband, can I
not tell you something?
I told you, I'm not crying.
You aren't?
Then why don't you laugh?
If you aren't crying, laugh.
Good. Much better.
Okay, bye.
Sanjana... hi.
Hi Maya.
Yogi, isn't that a lot to carry?
Listen, why don't you
get us some coffee. Quick.
So, how is Raj?
Baby, why are you
keeping these bags here?
Who will watch them?
Oh and get my sandals from that store.
Thank you.
So, how is Raj?
Maya, what's this?
Is he your husband or a servant?
I know you caught Yogi with a girl...
but this is not the way to treat him.
Sanjana, I shall
never forget what he did.
Why don't you divorce him?
I had thought of that,
but my best friend...
said that it's better to train
an old dog than buy a new one.
Who knows how the new one will be!
Maya, dogs are...
Sanjana, all men are dogs.
But the one quality that
dogs possess, loyalty...
that's what men lack!
Thank God! Raj isn't like that.
You also bought this necklace?
You have a similar one...
There was a 'buy one, get one
free' offer and I bought one.
'Buy one, get one free'?
Yes. Didn't Raj give
you the other one?
that means he gave it to someone else.
Sanjana, you are stupid.
You are too naive.
You are worried about
the other necklace...
whereas you should think
about whom he gave it to.
- That... - Right.
You're at a party, cheer up.
I'm smiling, aren't I?
- Hi...
- Hi Simran... - Hi Sanjana...
- How are you? - Looking good.
Where is Shivani?
You're right.
I think Raj is having an affair.
No, it's not possible.
Then why didn't he tell
you about the other necklace?
Perhaps he forgot to tell.
When a man gets a toothbrush free
with the toothpaste, he shows it off.
'Darling, the toothbrush is free.'
And he forgot about the necklace?
Shivani, it's good I
didn't let her talk to Raj.
Or he would've spun a story
and she would've believed him.
No way! I'm his wife
and he only loves me!
If a man has a car, he
drives around in it, doesn't he?
But he always keeps a spare tyre.
All men do!
Yogi had parked his car at home.
He'd go around with the spare!
I can see this wildfire
approaching my home.
First Yogi and now Raj.
Vikram could be next.
They are friends.
When two apples are rotten, the
third can't remain spotless for long.
Shivani ! Solve my problem!
Only Kishan can solve your problems.
Who is Kishan?
He is my best friend!
Private detective, the one who
ran the sting operation on Yogi.
What are you waiting for,
let's meet him.
He will find out whose
neck has caught Raj's fancy.
Where can we find Kishan?
Hi darling!
Hi Angel !
Oh, you're superb, Kishan.
Hope everything went on okay.
- I found that Indian, sir.
Is my wife with him?
- Yes, sir.
Kill the b.
- I have a little something for you.
Will you marry me?
Will you still marry me?
What the...
It's my bag.
Move out of my way!
Get out... go away!
There he is!
Alright. I'll be there.
- Sorry. - Loser!
Hey Maya !
That's one ridiculous outfit!
This saree was a blessing.
At least my dignity is under wraps.
I was practically naked out there.
What about your friend...
whose husband I had
to keep a watch on?
There she is.
How many years have you been married?
A couple?
Maya, she is perfect.
Tall, athletic...
vivacious, gorgeous.
When does the most beautiful girl in
the world feel like a burden to a man?
When she is his wife.
Your husband has cataract!
A diamond at home and
he prefers ice cubes.
You're in safe hands.
Maya, I'll get dressed and
see both of you in the garden.
I'll set everything right.
He is weird. He's insane.
Cool it, Sanjana.
I'm sure he has some dirt on Raj.
A lot of people have
defects in their eyes.
And so does Raj.
The defect is he can only see women.
Shift a little bit...
Come on, I need to explain something.
But Raj isn't the problem.
The problem is the weather.
It's summer.
Wait... one second.
What's summer got to
do with the affair?
A lot.
History has taught us...
88% divorces and break
ups happen in summer.
In winter both wives and
other girls look alike.
They are covered from head to toe.
The problem unfolds in summer
when girls wear really tiny clothes.
What do you expect men to do?
Their eyes begin to wander...
and the necklace gets a new home.
It's man's nature.
Kids their own but wives of others.
Raj isn't like other men.
It's just a hunch...
Experience counts.
I've solved 113 cases.
And in a 111 of them, the
wife's intuition was bang on.
That means nothing to me.
I want proof.
Fine, why don't you sit?
Here is the proof.
But tell me something...
why don't women ever check
their husbands' mobile bills?
This is like a
timeline of what they've done.
Numbers highlighted in
red are his girlfriends.
One call after another.
This is..
What should I see?
This is what you
should see. Look carefully.
Your husband calls this
girl every hour, on the hour.
She is his new girlfriend.
- Girlfriend? - Yes!
Raj has introduced the girl to me and
he said she is like a sister to him.
- Sister? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
You husband is a son-of-a...
Hey mister!
He's a son of a gun.
I may be a stranger,
but if you trust me...
Why should I?
I don't want to!
I know you have a corrupt mind.
- You mean dirty? - Yes.
- Bad? - Yes.
- Filthy? - Yes.
- Dishonest? - Yes!
Maya, it was a mistake to come here.
Sanjana, just listen to me.
I don't want you to solve my case.
She's in a hurry to leave.
Now what?
Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve party.
- I'll catch the son-of-a... - Kishan!
I'll catch him with his pants down.
All his so-called
'sisters' will be present.
That's the only way
Raj can be cornered.
Happy new year!
''I lost my heart when I saw you.''
''Darling, meet me at
least once in 365 days.''
''I lost my heart when I saw you.''
''Darling, meet me at
least once in 365 days.''
''Yesterday I saw them and
smiled at them by mistake.''
''Yesterday I saw them and
smiled at them by mistake.''
''Lord, please save me.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''Lord, please save her.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''She is rosy in color,
she is a beautiful poetry.''
''Come, let's read her.''
''Even if you sacrifice your life for
me still it's a good deal for you.''
''They couldn't get
rid of the poison yet.''
''That's how devastating my bite is.''
''Lord, please save me.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''Lord, please save her.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''We won't let her sleep.
We won't leave her for anyone else.''
''We will disgrace her.''
''They won't let me sigh. They won't
let me wince. Whom shall I complain?''
''It's difficult for me to escape.
I am in trouble today.''
''Lord, please save me.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''Lord, please save her.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
''Lord, please save her.. Razia
is trapped amongst the goons.''
Your girlfriend is on the terrace.
You love me but have
affairs with those girls?
No, you're the only one I love.
No, you're a liar.
Hey... hello...
Look carefully and you'll
find Raj on the terrace.
With the girl who got the necklace.
If you love me, then kiss me.
Kiss me, kiss me!
Sa... Sa... Sanjana !
It's not what you think.
She fainted.
I was just giving her oxygen.
Kiss me... darling...
She called you darling,
wants a kiss...
No, not kiss... K...
she said Kiss-na.
Her boyfriend's name is Kiss-na.
You can ask her.
Hear that?
- I heard and I saw.
Isn't this necklace from the
'buy one, get one free' offer?
Well... it is the free one.
Since both were of the same design...
I gave the other...
- To your girlfriend?
So she is Radha and you, her Kiss-na.
I'm Kiss-na, I'm Kiss-na...
I'm here, darling.
Then who is Vikram?
I am Vikram to the world.
But to her I am...
Kiss-na !
Here I am.
Oh Lord!
They're ruining my hard work.
Now where is Mrs. Vikram...
you probably think I am rotten and...
that though I have Shivani,
I have affairs.
But this isn't an
affair nor is it a sin...
it's love.
- She is my true love.
Please don't fall.
- Boss...
Let me say it, Raj.
Let me tell the truth.
Nobody understands women like I do.
And she wants the truth.
The truth is, I couldn't
marry the one I loved.
And even today I feel no
love for the woman I married.
Then what is it?
Compromise. Adjustment.
Hold on.
Actually, it's fate. It happens.
I had to let go of
my childhood love...
Yes, we were kids enacting
scenes from the Ramayana.
She was Radha and I her Kiss-na.
Which version of the Ramayana was it?
Instead of Ram and Sita,
you had Radha and Kiss-na?
Who said that?
Now what do you have to say?
You are so naive, Sanjana.
And my wife is so intelligent
that she sniffed out my lie.
It's out in the open that I'm lying.
Time to tell the truth.
- The truth. - Truth?
Can't say it?
Fine, let's ask the person himself.
Come here!
Come on, out here.
That's a personal matter out there.
Where do you think you're going?
Why drag me into this?
Here's your Radha.
- Kiss-na !
Your Kiss-na is here.
So you tell girls you're Kiss-na?
If Maya finds out about this...
Of course, she will.
The truth will come out.
This necklace was meant for
Maya and you gave it to this girl?
Spare me, I've two kids.
We lied for their sake.
Do you want us to
break up with our wives?
They already suspect us.
Maya is at the kids' hostel,
before she can get back...
I'll think of an idea to wriggle out.
No way!
That's a nice way to treat a friend.
I was having a good
time and you called.
'Kiss-na, hold your Radha.'
If Maya finds out about this, Kiss-na
will never play his flute again!
If you're covering up for a friend,
you should stick by it.
But you spilt out the beans!
Your wives wouldn't think
of you as characterless men.
And even if they do,
they would never leave you.
In general, wives are
used to a couple of affairs.
Women know men are dogs.
I mean, they know us very well.
This here is my 11th affair!
Maya will find out.
But do you think she'll forgive me?
I've had enough. We
are no longer friends.
That's it. Enough is enough.
You aren't even worth their enmity!
Let's go.
You rascals!
You are going straight to hell.
These three have
ganged up against poor me.
I'm going to ruin
your lives, one by one.
Kiss-na !
Look at that!
He's married yet
he's going for the kill.
Someone is definitely giving his
wife details about his flings.
I found my phone bill
in Sanjana's handbag.
All his girlfriends
turning up at the party...
can't be a coincidence.
Why is Bozo barking?
Silence him.
- Okay.
What do you want me to do?
You are an
Intelligence Service officer.
Do something, we are in a mess.
Are you crazy... I mean...
Shut the dog up!
Forget the juice.
Out... out you go.
- I said leave.
- What are you doing?
When your department wants to
have fun, you want our help.
Hello friends, where are you?
We need a yacht. We're
going out with some girls.
And you can't be a friend in need?
If you can't stop the dog from
barking, set him free, Deewani.
Shivani !
I meant this is peanuts.
If it were something big,
I would help.
A private detective will do the job.
- Bozo...
Why is he running around?
You told me to set him free.
I didn't mean to let him loose.
Well, you said set him free.
- The dog bit you? - A little bit.
No big deal. He gets
the shots regularly.
You'll be fine.
He didn't get the shot this month.
Why didn't you do it?
You didn't tell me.
I don't take any medication
unless you tell me... can I give the dog a shot?
K.D. you better take a shot.
I hope Bozo doesn't die.
Bozo doesn't die?
Humans can be very poisonous.
What are you trying to say?
A few days ago, didn't a
snake bite you? - Yes.
I was worried and I
tried calling the doctor.
But the snake died instead.
If you are poisonous, I'm
sure your friends are too.
- Pay attention. - Okay.
Now I'm ordering you...
go and bring the dog back.
Drag him, if you have to.
Before I bite you.
- Bozo!
I'll leave now, guess
your good times are over.
Anyone who tries to help
you gets bit by a dog!
- Bloody Bozo! - He didn't help but...
I like his idea of
hiring a private detective.
So do I.
Stop crying, just stop crying.
Here, your sugar level is falling,
have a banana, okay?
Come on, open it.
Please have a seat.
Come on, don't cry.
Good girl.
Eat your banana and go straight home.
You were at the club last night.
Yes, dancing with the girls.
Girls are here too.
I have a lot of sympathy for girls.
I can't bear to see them cry.
My hand just reaches out to them.
I'm sure you understand...
- We do...
He is one of us. You saw that?
Okay, tell me.
My wife...
Oh, she's having an affair?
No, the affairs are all mine.
Then, why are you
showing me her picture?
Well, someone is telling
her about his affairs.
Is that so...
He was saved by the
skin of his teeth, twice.
There won't be a third time.
Why not?
Luck doesn't last very long.
That's why we are here.
Don't worry, you're
at the right place.
Maya is returning today and I
know you will tell her everything.
Why don't you change for the better?
If you hear what I've been
through you'll cry your eyes out.
I may not be as loyal
as Raj and Vikram but...
I'm not as bad as you think.
I envy them. I get
caught all the time.
While they wriggle their way out.
They were involved with
that girl but they trapped me.
And I didn't want to be a snitch.
Very good, amazing!
You've turned the
hero into the bad guy.
Very good!
Now to make his friends his foes.
I envy them.
They have numerous
affairs but never get caught.
I want them to suffer my fate.
Suffer big time!
It's that rascal.
Be cool, be cool.
Tell him to come here,
we'll use these clubs on him.
Switch on the loudspeaker.
Hello Yogi...
Where are you, Yogi?
I'm going to meet Sweety.
- My Swiss girlfriend.
- The really cute one. - Okay.
She called.
She's getting married next month.
Don't know if we'll ever meet again.
Where are you?
- On my way to the hotel.
The usual Royal York.
Now pay attention...
I'm going ahead with
this because of you.
If Maya calls, please
cover up for me.
Of course!
- Absolutely!
Love you!
Now he's dead!
Where's the ice?
What's the hurry, sweetheart?
Look at that...
a storm's approaching.
The storm's already here!
Hey gorgeous!
That must be the ice.
Come fast, darling.
Is that the ice?
You bastard!
Maya, it's not fair, it's not fair.
And your affair is fair?
I mean, I have a
mobile and it's always on.
You could've at least informed me.
What for?
So I could wear some clothes.
Come in, Maya.
The girl is inside, I'm not lying.
I've nothing to hide.
This way, come in.
Maya, please forgive me.
Oh hi...
- My husband!
My wife... Sweety...
- Hi.
Maya... please!
What are you doing?
Give me my clothes, Maya please!
What are you doing, Maya?
We were merely practicing...
I mean, participating...
You were practicing your honeymoon?
Maya, please!
- Leave me!
Maya, don't do this.
The hotel will take
the bathrobe back.
Maya please.
Maya, my clothes...
Or at least forgive me.
Maya !
I'm ruined... again!
- Congratulations.
For what?
Because we ruined you.
But why?
- Look at that!
Look at the rascal trying to
act innocent. - Rascal? Innocent?
Show him the film.
Sanjana, you think Raj is
innocent and simple but...
he is a womanizer.
He has numerous affairs.
And Vikram, his boss
is worse than Raj.
What did I just say... that voice...
The voice isn't yours, is it?
That's mine, but the words aren't.
The words got recorded automatically?
I was there but I didn't say that.
You trust a pirated
video but not your friend?
We are no longer friends.
Vikram, say something.
What's left to say?
You think I'm your enemy?
The Lord above is my witness.
You will suffer, if you ruin me.
Yogi... watch it!
King... this car attacked yours.
An attack on King's car?
Is this your car?
Our... car... this... no.
We ride bicycles.
Find out who owns this car.
- What?
Our car is registered in Yogi's name.
You are no longer his friends
and King is already his enemy.
But your car is gone.
What next... golf?
You and boss can play.
All I like is music.
''Your eyes are intoxicating.''
''You hair is silky.''
''God has sent you for me.''
''O Suman, you are mine.''
Oh my God! My husband.
- Husband? - Now what?
Last week he caught
me with another guy.
Last week?
And he just shot the guy.
- Shot?
Why isn't she opening the door?
You can hide out here.
Have you lost it?
Open the door before I break it down.
Please baby...
- Quick!
Hello dear...
Shut up! Why didn't you
open the door?
I didn't hear you.
I was playing music.
Or was someone else playing with you?
There's no one here.
I know you were with someone.
Is he behind the window? Door?
Come out in the open!
Today you'll feel the pain.
Come out! I will kill you!
Jesus! O my..
My God! What's he doing?!
Is he crazy?
Hope he doesn't jump.
Oh my God!
The phone's ringing.
Well done!
You are an amazing
couple and wonderful actors.
Okay... bye.
- What?
- Yes, suicide. - Suicide!
Guys, he is committing suicide.
This idiot is going to jump.
No jumping!
No. - Don't do that.
Don't jump. - Don't do that.
I've already informed the police.
Media, fire brigade,
internet... everybody is coming.
Right, over.
This is Sue Newman
reporting live from CBC news.
Up on this building we
have a man hanging on.
Guys! Do you see the guy there?
He is my enemy.
Today, he is done. He is finished!
This man here is Raj Malhotra.
A characterless man, a scoundrel.
He's had numerous affairs.
That's Raj!
I thought it was Shahrukh Khan.
That's definitely Raj.
I thought he was a nice guy.
He is nice but the
channel is doing this.
They wanted a yacht for peanuts.
Now the channel is
trying to grab the TRPs.
That's just bad.
- Sanjana, it's Kishan.
Oh God! I told you never to call me.
I wanted to apologize. I was wrong.
You husband really is a nice guy.
And the news channel
is broadcasting it live.
You are watching Amni
News and I'm Preeti Sahota.
Zoom it on him.
How will his wife recognize him?
This man on your screen
is Raj, a married man.
And he has been
caught with another woman.
Imagine what his wife
must be going through.
She must be shocked by these visuals.
Hello... Raj.
I've been running naked all day
and you've switched off your phone?
You're scolding me?
I can't go home and face Sanjana.
Boss, what do I do now?
News crew with cameras!
I'll see you at
Marina Bay tomorrow, bye!
Who was that?
You were asleep.
I heard your voice and...
You were disturbed by my voice?
What do I do?
I'll wind up my business.
I'll tell the clients not to call me
at night, whatever the matter may be.
Her sleep is disturbed.
I didn't say that.
Were you pretending to sleep?
I was sleeping, trust me.
Trust you that you
were asleep or awake?
I don't get it.
We need to talk, this is serious.
I'd like some tea.
Can't I have tea now?
I'll be in the living room.
We need to talk.
Make it quick.
Making tea at three in the morning!
Here's your tea, nice and warm.
And the cup is on the saucer.
Is he asleep or pretending to be?
He is asleep.
You look so sweet when you're asleep.
Not one sign of anger.
No unnecessary screaming.
I wish you'd sleep all day.
Because I can rest
only when you're asleep.
I'll enjoy it.
I was awake all night and
Shivani kept making tea for me.
And then it clicked.
Yogi is responsible.
Such an old friend, but a new enemy.
You should've been careful.
You were 'Breaking News'.
Boss, now what?
Sanjana will be proud of you.
Proud of me?
She will worship you.
- Yes.
- Hello ma'am... how are you?
Who is this?
I'm your well wisher, Kishan.
Don't ever call me. Idiot!
Idiot? What's with her?
Here. - Thanks.
Hi... hi...
Stop stalking me!
Okay, I will. But tell me,
didn't you watch the Live TV show?
Yes, I did. But you didn't
see what happened after that.
- I can't tell you that.
But if you stalk me again,
you will go to prison.
You don't know who my husband is.
Who is your husband?
- Yes?
- What?
He is a great man!
How can he be great?
He was caught with only a
bathrobe on the ledge of a building.
Here you go.
How did I get myself into this?
This case is as tough
as ten put together.
There is something fishy.
But I will get to the bottom of this.
Friends have become strangers...
but I feel I can count on you.
Your friends are brilliant.
You were caught with a
girl and your life crumbled.
Raj gets caught and he becomes great.
It's Vikram.
They played a game along with K.D.
He is an officer with the Canadian
Security Intelligence Service.
He's my friend and
he told me everything.
He helped them and then they
took Sanjana to the headquarters.
- Yes, we've reached. - Yes, coming.
There should not be any leak.
- Why are we here?
Once we are inside you will know.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir. - Morning.
Raj, your wife is here.
You have to accept my resignation.
I'm sorry, officer.
That's not possible.
The world thinks I'm a
scoundrel but it doesn't matter.
But I can't live when even
my wife thinks the same.
When she saw me on the TV I
am sure she thought that...
I'm a womanizer.
Sir, why did you bring Sanjana here?
I had to.
You are a brave
officer and a loyal husband.
Your loyalty forced me
to break some protocols.
Raj... what's this...
Is this after marriage?
No, much before.
Oh my God! I never realized it.
What about the yacht business?
It's a front.
Government sponsored.
- Yes?
Ever since he was on the news... friends have been talking
behind my back.
They laugh at me.
Now I'll tell them about Raj.
He is not just an ordinary cop.
He is an undercover agent.
Don't ever do that.
If you do, you'll lose me.
Yes, Sanjana.
We have a thousand enemies.
Raj in fact has a million.
His hands are always full.
Who put an end to crime in this city?
He did.
Who shot King's brother?
He did.
And King is
frantically looking for him.
If King gets to him, then...
Yes, Sanjana.
You are first and only wife who knows
that her husband is an undercover cop.
Shivani doesn't know about this.
Don't tell anyone about this.
Forget that you ever came here.
I heard nothing, saw nothing.
I never came here.
I love you, Raj.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you.
I love you too!
That means now they can
have affairs without any fear.
Now they have no limits.
They will cavort with girls.
And if their wives
find out, they will say...
we are on duty, on a mission.
''When lights go off..''
''Give love, take love.''
''When the restless
heart becomes a lecher..''
''Give love, take love.''
''When lights go off
give love, take love.''
''When the restless heart becomes
a lecher give love, take love.''
''Salt-less, tasteless..''
''Like insipid pulses..''
''Salt-less, tasteless,
like insipid pulses..''
''..if your chicken
(wife) becomes so..''
''..give love, take love.''
''Give love, take love.''
''Give love..''
''Take love..''
''Heart is amorous by nature.''
''This matter is pretty serious.''
''There's beauty all around.
And there's chance as well.''
''What should we do?
It's all very confusing.''
''In spring if your heart
goes out of control..''
''..give love, take love.''
''If you are alone and
bored give love, take love.''
''Breaking all the
boundaries if restlessness..''
''Breaking all the boundaries if
restlessness becomes unbearable..''
''..give love, take love.''
''..give love, take love.''
''Give love..''
''Take love..''
''Make sure your
youth doesn't go waste.''
''When you are ecstatic, when you cross
the line, don't be afraid of anyone.''
''Don't let your desires
rot inside your heart.''
''Don't just let your
eyes feast on beauties.''
''Do something more than that.''
''When lights go off..''
''..give love, take love.''
''When the restless heart becomes
a lecher give love, take love.''
''Salt-less, tasteless..''
''Like insipid pulses..''
''Salt-less, tasteless,
like insipid pulses...''
''...if your chicken
(wife) becomes so..''
''..give love, take love.''
''..give love, take love.''
''Give love..''
''Take love..''
''Give love..''
You're very hot.
Boss, I think
someone is shooting at us.
But why?
What have we done?
Why would someone shoot us?
Let's hide here.
Phone... it's ringing...
Then answer it.
Fine, give it to me.
Take it. - No.
It isn't your luck that
you're alive, it's King's style.
King, the one with the limp.
I make my enemies run until they can't
stand anymore, then I shoot them.
We have nothing against you...
or anyone else.
We are nice, harmless people.
We aren't your enemies.
Whose number have you dialed?
Perhaps you've dialed a wrong number.
You thought I'd never find
out about the CSIS officers?
The ones who ruined me,
confiscated my drugs...
you tortured my
brother and killed him.
Step out, I will kill you.
Mr. King, please don't cry.
It's probably a misunderstanding.
Yes, a misunderstanding.
We aren't who you think we are.
I may have a limp,
but I'm not an idiot.
Your end is near.
Run for your life.
How can we run away from you?
It's a small world.
Please allow us to
prove our innocence.
Mr. King... we have a suggestion.
Don't shoot us, kidnap us instead.
King doesn't kidnap anyone,
people automatically come to him.
Great, we will also come to you.
What's your address,
we will come over.
Okay, I'll send a text.
Okay, we'll wait for the text.
What's the plan now, baby?
The plan is slightly changed.
After the text message.
They've blindfolded us.
He doesn't know that
we have seen King.
But our girlfriends
aren't blindfolded.
They can see King.
I think King is a flirt too.
If he is a flirt, we can exploit him.
That was a long walk.
Hello Mr. King...
Who are these girls?
They are our girlfriends.
All of them?
He is a flirt.
Not just these, there are a lot more.
They heard your name
and developed cold feet.
We had to lie to
these so they would come.
So who goes out with whom?
He's hooked.
The ones below 25 are his...
the others are mine.
You can take your pick.
What's ours is yours.
What? - I mean, they're nice.
Practically family.
They are here to vouch for us.
They will confirm that
apart from work and home...
...we spend the rest of
our time with hem.
None of the agent business.
That's a lie.
If you lie, you will die.
My goons saw you at
the CSIS headquarters.
Of course.
We had to prove to my wife
that we were undercover agents.
I was in a soup and I was on TV.
My wife is somewhat crazy.
That's a nice way to fool your wives.
What's there to fool?
Once my wife came home
and caught me with a girl.
I told her the girl was my
sister and my wife believed me.
And on New Year's Eve...
all his girlfriends
came for the party.
One girl was about to commit
suicide and our wives saw her.
But we managed the whole thing.
You seem like experts on women.
Well sir...
We don't like to blow
our own trumpets but...
there have been a lot
of women in our lives.
We don't even remember them.
We're even forgotten how they look.
It's their smile and their style that
reminds us that we've been together.
Sir, even you seem to be
well versed with women.
Why don't you tell us something?
Can we take off the blindfold?
Don't be a fool.
Silence usually means yes.
Mr. King...
Mr. King...
What's the meaning of this, Shivani?
Where is King?
Did you imitate King's voice?
This was a joke.
Now don't faint... Shivani?!
Shivani... over here?
- Don't faint, please!
Boss is ruined!
- Come on, wake up!
She fainted.
I was just giving her oxygen.
When she saw me on the TV I was sure
she thought that... I'm a womanizer.
Raj has introduced the girl to me and
he said she is like a sister to him.
I told her the girl was my
sister and my wife believed me.
It's always been you,
and always will be.
Lord, I know that it's a
sin to commit suicide.
But I have no other option.
I'm coming to you.
Kishan... what are you doing?
But, why you?
- Why not?
You were so happy with your husband.
I unveiled the truth and
brought you to this stage.
If you die, I won't be
able to forgive myself.
Don't stop me, Sanjana.
No, Kishan.
Kishan, you aren't responsible.
I'm killing myself because of Raj.
I didn't know he was a scoundrel.
He betrayed me.
He betrayed you, lied to you,
had those affairs...
and you're committing suicide?
He's the one who should kill himself.
Why are you doing this? Tell me, why?
You won't understand
because you aren't a woman.
But I can try to understand, tell me.
Come on...
By killing myself I
want to punish Raj.
He will realize his loss.
If you die, how will you
know what he will realize?
What you consider punishment,
could mean freedom for him.
To carry on with his affairs.
If you want to punish him,
you have to live.
So you can see the result.
You're committing suicide
because Raj isn't what he used to be.
But he will mend his
ways and I will make him.
Really? Is that possible?
Why not? Of course.
For once place your
trust in me and watch me.
And if you fail?
Well, these falls will
always be here.
You can jump anytime.
Kishan, I can't live without Raj.
I really love him.
Please help me.
That's so beautiful.
I can't seem to get enough of it.
So beautiful yet sad...
I play this because you
like it and you feel sad?
Sanjana, have some custard.
I don't want it.
Raj didn't send this.
I made it, come on.
Heard that?
All he did was stir it
and he says he made it!
Did someone say idiot?
No, sir.
I guess it's my imagination.
Not at all.
- Back to work.
Yes, sir. Come on.
Hand me the phone, please.
Mom, it's him.
- Mr. Kishan... - Yes?
You don't allow Sanjana to
meet Raj nor talk to him.
I don't get it. What's the point?
You are too naive to get it.
You see, Raj made a mistake,
so he has to be punished.
We want Raj and
Sanjana to get back together.
That's why we have to punish him hard.
Now who is it?
- It's him again.
Your son-in-law is going berserk.
I'll teach him a lesson. Hello...
I want to talk to Sanjana.
Ma'am isn't at home.
Shut up!
I know she is at home.
All the servants kicked you out,
and you still don't get it?
You are so shameless to
call every few minutes!
Why don't you go and
play with your girlfriends?
Mom, I don't like this guy.
He broke Sanjana's home
and is always over here.
It feels as if we are
guests in his house.
Look at that.
Even the servants are tired of him.
Mom, he has cast a spell on you.
What I do know is that
he saved Sanjana's life.
He is an angel.
And I know he will bring
Raj and Sanjana together.
He seems to be doing
everything to keep them apart!
We'll wait at the gate!
The servants are hanging up on you.
Sanjana hasn't spoken to you.
And they've shut the door on you.
Yet you want to meet her!
If I ever got upset,
she'd call a thousand times.
And now, it has been days
since I heard her voice.
Come on, buddy..
This time it is my mistake.
Clear this area.
But men always commit
such minor mistakes.
What she has done is worse.
What has she done?
She used King's name to fool us.
That day King was out of town.
A mastermind has helped her expose us.
And another, even
more serious mistake.
A woman arrives home on her
wedding and departs with her death.
She left in a cab.
Is it not a mistake?
She loves you, she will come back.
There are two ways to call her back.
One is to beg forgiveness, like Yogi.
And the other... just watch.
Yes? - Prepare some
tea while you're jogging.
And run fast on this patch.
That's my way.
Do you want to be like Yogi or me?
Boss, didn't Shivani also leave home?
How did she come back?
She had to!
That's what I'm trying to explain.
Who is it?
- It's... my brother.
I'll get the tea.
- What's going on?
He's advising Raj.
Trying to teach the
poor guy his tricks.
What about the bomb?
You'll get it in a day or two.
Make it quick.
Can't wait to break it on him.
It'll feel so good.
Of course!
Raj is miserable.
Please let him meet Sanjana.
I think the time is right.
Alright, I'll set it up.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
Yes Boss...
- Very good!
I advised you not to call
and you went to meet her?!
We're trying to come up
with a good plan and you...
Boss, it's alright.
My mood is off anyway
and she hasn't come yet.
So you've been waiting
for her since two hours?
If you had gone earlier you could've
helped the staff clean the place.
Anyway, now pay attention.
Try to control yourself.
When she gets there, she
will scream, fight and cry.
When she begins to cry,
give her a hug.
Everything will be fine.
Boss... she is here.
Remember... no screaming,
fighting or crying.
You're happy... smile.
What will you have?
- Coffee.
You've had a lot.
The coffee here is good.
Excuse me...
- Yes, ma'am. - Two coffees,
please. - Sure.
You look beautiful.
Haven't you seen me before?
No, you always look beautiful.
Today even more.
Why did you want to meet?
I know you're upset.
You're angry and want to fight.
Say what you want to.
It doesn't matter anymore.
What's the time?
It's four o'clock, you need to leave?
Yes, I need to go for a movie.
When do you plan to come home?
I'm not staying at a hotel.
I meant our home.
I haven't thought about it.
I'll be right back.
That's great.
You didn't let your
true feelings show.
And for that you get...
What's that?
- Oscar.
You don't know what I'm going through.
But I know he is going crazy.
Listen, you will pay for the coffee.
Why should I?
You ask one question too many.
And you don't give answers.
You aren't here to meet him...
but to pay the bill.
Do as I say, okay?
She paid the bill?
What's the big deal?
Big deal?
Do women ever pay the bill?
Wives, in particular?
Listen, have you ever paid the bill?
- With you around? - See that?
Did Sanjana ever reach
into her purse before this?
- No! - There.
She was making a point that
she doesn't need you anymore.
She is independent! This is a game.
- Sister, what's going on?
Same old... advices.
He's the same.
- Who is it?
It's... my brother.
You brother calls an
awful lot these days.
He's become a Tarot Card reader.
He's looking into your future.
Hello... brother...
- You got the bomb?
Got it. And I will get
him to sign these papers.
Be careful.
If he reads through the papers,
he might kill you.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure he
doesn't read the papers.
Boss, don't you want
Sanjana to return?
I don't care.
No falling at that woman's feet again.
She is my wife. What's got into you?
Anyway, it's my personal matter.
Personal? Not anymore.
It's a matter of
every man's self respect.
I won't let men go down.
What is it?
I'm opening a new account.
I need your signatures.
Raj, if you lose, it will
be a victory for all women.
Okay... my spectacles?
You are sitting on them.
Couldn't you warn me?
Even before I could, you sat on them.
So now I need to ask your permission?
Let me read it to you.
What do you know about bank papers?
I know what the papers say
just by looking at them.
What was I saying...
You won't let men go down.
- Right.
If women achieve victory,
everything is over.
Then we'll be doing the dishes,
looking after kids...
while the women will
enjoy the cricket world cup!
And another thing...
I also need two witnesses to sign.
- What?
Two witnesses.
It's just the two of us. Should
I go to the market for a witness?
If Raj signs as the first witness,
my brother can be the second one.
Ask him. - I'll do it.
Where do I need to sign?
Thank you.
What was I saying?
You won't let men go down.
- That was before...
Women will watch the
cricket world cup.
Wrong, I was saying that I think...
- Another signature over here.
I think...
- And another here...
As much as I know women...
a woman isn't capable of this.
He is the same guy who
pretended to be King.
The mastermind.
- He is right.
Are you done?
Now we need to figure out who he is.
The mastermind!
What are you looking at?
I'm not trying to be romantic.
This is a trick to bring Raj back.
Kishan, I can't do this.
Raj can go around
with real girlfriends...
but you can't have a fake boyfriend?
Men think they can have the
right to numerous affairs but...
when a woman has an affair,
men are left speechless.
He gave you a hard time, made you cry.
Now we will make him cry.
Good idea but why do you
have to be the fake boy friend?
I may be a stranger but trust me.
I don't want to do this.
But Sanjana said that the boyfriend
should be smart and handsome...
otherwise Raj won't buy it.
I didn't know where to find one,
so I thought I'd do it.
No harm, right?
- You can do no harm.
Bless me...
- Bless you, my dear.
But how will Raj know
about this fake affair?
He will be very happy to
learn about Raj's misery.
Raj... Vikram...
What's up with him?
- My dear foes!
When someone's wife
leaves him, it hurts.
But it becomes unbearable when
she falls in love with another guy.
Maya and another guy?
I don't believe it.
Why not? It came
from the horse's mouth.
I think he has been running
amok after hearing about it.
Of course not, but he sure will.
Sanjana is in love with someone.
Love, love!
What rubbish!
I saw her.
I overheard her.
She was whispering into his ears.
A soft giggle, a hearty laugh...
She also had her arms around him.
Shut up!
Laughing, talking,
hugging... what's the big deal.
Probably an old friend.
I know how friends hug each other.
Like this, there's always a gap.
But even air couldn't pass
through them, they were 'air-tight' !
Yogi, you better not say another word.
Just a second.
It's possible my
suspicions are correct.
It could be the mastermind.
- Boss... what are you saying?
Just listen to me... - I think
this is serious, I'll find out.
Who was this guy?
I couldn't see his
face but he was handsome.
You didn't see his face?
- So?
But he has a great personality.
Height, body, wearing a black hat.
He put his hand around Sanjana
and they went in a black Mercedes.
Yogi, if what you said
turns out to be a lie...
You can kill me!
Come along with me
and see for yourself.
I know where Sanjana is meeting him.
''Dear, your love
pulls me towards you.''
''It's very powerful.''
''My heart screams your name.''
''My love, your love
pulls me towards you.''
''It's very powerful.''
''My heart screams your name.''
''Love is always in full volume. No
one can slow it down. Full volume.''
''Love is always in full volume.''
''No one can slow it down.
Full volume.''
''It's difficult to stay quiet. Come,
let's scream in.. - Full volume.''
''Come, let's love.. - Full volume.''
''Come, let's scream..
- in full volume.''
''Come, let's love.. - Full volume.''
''Dear, your love
pulls me towards you.''
''It's very powerful.''
''My heart screams your name.''
''Day and night I talk about you.
I can't keep you out of my mind.''
''I would only walk the
path that leads to you.''
''My eyes open. I come back to
my senses. I will after you.''
''I lose my peace when you are not
there. I don't want life without you.''
''Let's rock it.. - Full volume.''
''Let's beat it.. - Full volume.''
''Let's go at.. - Full volume.''
''Come, let's love.. - Full volume.
Come, let's scream.. - in full volume.''
''Come, let's love.. - Full volume.''
''Dear, your love
pulls me towards you.''
''It's very powerful.''
''My heart screams your name.''
Vikram... - the boat is
slowing down. - What's happening?
No diesel.
- They'll get away.
Get that girl. Tell him it's Dolly.
Raj, let's go, come on!
Dolly is calling.
She is calling you.
Let's have some fun.
Dolly is here.
- Hey... watch out!
- I'm really sorry.
- Sorry. - That's fine.
You black hat...
You black hat, I will kill you.
- You flirt with other men's wives.
Dance with them?
You black hat people...
I will kill you all.
I will kill you all.
Sorry. Sorry guys, come on.
- I'll kill you all.
Give it a try. Come on, be serious.
These notes aren't for me.
The tune is the same
that I play on the flute.
- I can't do this. - You can.
Of course you can.
Just give it a try.
It's music... you don't just
play it with your hands...
you feel it in your heart. Feel it.
Come on. Give it one try...
your heart.
I can't put my heart
to anything these days.
I keep getting these
weird thoughts and feelings.
I'm trying hard not to
think about Raj but...
At least you're trying.
It's a good start.
Well you could try not thinking
about Raj but think about me.
Just an idea.
It's your wish. Take it if
you want to... just an idea.
It will help you if
you do, if you don't...
Then what?
How will you learn music?
That's better.
It feels so good when you smile.
I'm not saying you don't
look good when you're sad.
But a smile is so much better.
Forget about Raj.
I mean, Raj isn't the problem.
The problem is Vikram.
He is the main culprit.
He wants to be an adviser.
Now he'll be going
around seeking advice!
You with the black hat...
who are you?
Now you're...
You're back?
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm absolutely fine.
Did the dog bite her?
Have you lost it?
I have some good news for you.
Good news?
- Your new reading glasses are here.
That's the good news?
You will be happy when you wear them.
but I'm not happy.
You will be... when you read this.
Everything belongs to me.
You have signed and
so has Raj as witness.
Is that anger?
Well if broken spectacles
can bring about misfortune...
I'm sure it will bring anger too.
Uncle... Brother...
Jenny... Mom...
Lawyer uncle.
What is he doing?
He is tightening his trouser belt.
No... belt... tight...
- I...
I can't hear you.
Nice shock, isn't it?
Yes, brother.
The bomb has exploded.
Thank you, brother.
Your brother is here...
then who was that?
Oh! Who was that?
He is my brother who helped
me bring you down to size.
Why is your head shaking like that?
You have a spring in your neck?
Now it's stuck.
Get out!
Get out!
Where do you go... is
that what you're asking?
- You can go to your girlfriends.
You've paid for their lifestyle,
I'm sure they'll take you in.
Don't look around. Get out.
Just checking...
My spectacles were broken but...
at least you could've
checked before signing.
Boss, I had a lot of tension.
Why are you blaming yourself?
It's his fault.
You claim to know
everything about women.
But you couldn't
figure out your own wife!
You're right.
Now, I get it why it's said that...
even the wise men and sages of
yore couldn't understand women.
But we have to figure out these men.
My wife's brother.
Sanjana's boyfriend.
Your wife's friend.
We have to find out.
Hello brother...
- Yes...
Thank you.
You may be a stranger but
what you've done for me...
nobody would be so selfless.
Oh come on, sister.
We had to bring him to his senses.
He was being an obstacle...
Hello... brother?
I'll call back.
Only you can help us now.
We closed the door so
that word doesn't spread.
We're finished.
All three?
I was ruined long ago but
these two are fairly recent.
Actually... my...
Actually his wife is
having an affair.
Earlier it was you,
now it's your wife.
Your family seems to be into affairs.
How does he look?
If we knew, we'd tear his face apart!
He goes around in a black Mercedes.
A lot of people own a black Mercedes.
Even I have one.
He wears a hat.
Like this?
Yes, but he...
wears it like this.
Just a minute. Hold on.
Turn around.
This way?
No, that way. - That way? Okay.
He resembles you from behind.
First class. We've
cracked half the case.
Half? - Yes.
He resembles me from behind,
all that's left is the front.
Anyway, there's another guy.
Your wife as well?
Listen to what I have to say.
My wife has a brother
who brought me down.
Because of him I am homeless.
No big deal, we'll find him too.
Then, let's find out who my wife's
best friend is who has ruined me.
It's possible that you
have a common enemy.
That's ridiculous!
- Think about it.
Each of you is a philandering fool...
a scoundrel.
I'm not calling you names.
I'm just putting the pieces together.
And your respective wives
have cut short your joyride.
Think about it.
Three men or one, find him.
We'll break his bones.
We'll beat him to a pulp.
Yes, nice and soft.
And we'll wrap him around a...
what's it called...
A skewer?
- We'll roast him... medium rare!
At least let me find him.
We know you will.
Let's go.
Sanjana's boyfriend
also plays a flute.
- Take care... okay.
Come on, jump! Jump!
Come on...
Take the ball... come on...
They've hired you to find you?
Now they can never reach you.
I pray to God they never find me.
Because they have
strange plans for me.
They will break my bones
and roast me on a skewer.
I don't know what they'll plan next.
- Yes, mom...
Here you are risking your
life to bring Raj around and...
she is doing just the opposite.
She's observing the Karva Chauth fast.
Why are you messing
with my well laid plans?
He will find out that we
were pretending to be a couple.
You are still his wife.
I don't care what he thinks.
It's a tradition and I
have always observed it.
Oh no, no problem in
observing the fast.
The problem comes when
you want to break it.
You have to look at his face
through that net-like-thing.
It's a sieve!
Oh right, you see through a sieve.
How do you intend doing that?
If you perform the ceremony,
your efforts will be wasted.
Fine, I won't break the fast.
Sanjana !
She is very stubborn.
If she doesn't see Raj she
will die but not eat nor drink.
This grass smells like lemon grass...
Now you will be squeezed like a lemon.
So, what next?
I'll think of something.
Something that will help
Sanjana and save me too.
We took Kishan's advice and came here.
- I hope it was a good decision.
- Who knows...
I'm telling you this
because we're friends.
I can't think straight these days.
I'm still in shock.
But I'm not looney yet.
- Of course not. - Sure?
If you become looney,
who will advise me?
I will, but I don't know
if it will be good advice.
Never mind that, just take the advice.
I suggest we should fall at
their feet and beg for forgiveness.
They might kick us.
Instead let's just apologize.
Oh look...
How beautiful !
I can't see my wife.
Maya isn't here.
Vikram... Sanjana isn't looking
at Raj through the sieve but...
at the guy with the hat.
- Behind... to your right.
Turn around...
Oh my God!
Take the other route.
- Okay.
- What happened to you?
We're chasing him and
here you are wasting time.
I won't spare him.
- Vikram...
Oh no...
- Vikram, let me free.
I almost had him.
Come on, let's go.
Get aside.
We're the police!
He can't escape.
There he is.
Very good, Kishan.
Their timing couldn't be worse
to follow that black Mercedes.
When they figure out who
is Sanjana's boyfriend...
well, God help them.
That's King!
So, he's been taking us for a ride.
The mastermind we're
looking for is King.
What did he do?
Didn't you tell him?
Your wife could've had an
affair with a regular Joe.
Now what do we do?
What are you doing?
- Raj...
Leave me!
- He will die and get us killed too.
Vikram, do something.
- The time isn't right now.
Trust me. We will teach him a lesson.
But let's plan this carefully.
Now let's leave this place.
If his bodyguards find
out we'll get killed.
You guys are great.
You hired me but
found him on your own.
He was there, we couldn't let him go.
He ran and we ran after him.
But why would King run?
Because he is wrong.
King or Emperor, when
you're wrong, you run!
It's good you only got his coat.
What if you had caught King instead?
We'd let him go, what else can we do?
Raj, your wife is beautiful,
how did she and King...?
When Vikram and I were
pretending to be undercover cops...
he had attacked us.
He wanted to expose us...
to help Sanjana.
Oh, so they're having
an affair since then.
No way!
Back then Sanjana
merely went to ask for help.
The affair began much later.
Okay, King has an affair.
But why did he expose you?
He is your wife's...?
King is what the people call him.
But my wife calls
him brother. Brother!
The one we're looking for.
Oh! - Yes.
That means he is my wife's friend.
I can understand their predicament...
but what about you?
Put the puzzle together, Kishan.
Our wives are best friends.
He is close to Sanjana and Shivani,
so Maya's friend is obvious.
Yogi, the puzzle is
falling into place.
Your suspicion was right.
It's one man.
How I wish they were three!
He alone is as good as 300!
I will kill him.
I won't spare him.
- Spare me!
I'm going. - How can you
leave this case unsolved?
Help us, please.
No way.
I may be a stranger but if
you trust me, I have an idea.
King's wife suspects
that he is having an affair.
The shock left her a little kooky.
She came to me for help.
I told her I couldn't
accept her case.
I mean, I like my life.
Why don't all of you go to her?
You have proof as well.
You could become witnesses.
King will fall off his throne!
You know very well
what happens when...
a wife learns about
her husband's affair.
Should I fix a meeting?
Yes, do it. There's no other way.
My husband is having
an affair with his wife.
The excuses he would come up with.
CSIS shot his brother.
The drugs were confiscated.
And now...
now he is trapped.
I will maim, blind,
cripple my limping husband.
Cool down baby.
Listen boys... what if this is a lie?
Your gun, our head.
Six bullets, two for each one of us.
Let's go to King.
Where are you going?
What if he shoots us?
He won't utter a word in my presence.
There are many dons like King...
but just one kingmaker.
Where's Baby's drink?
- King!
TT is here.
He is here? You need to hide.
Come on.
Welcome daddy, welcome.
Oh my lovely wife, Maddy.
Daddy, this is unexpected.
Do you know who these
fine people are?
No, who are they?
The woman you're having an
affair with is his wife.
But Baby said she is single.
What are you whispering?
Daddy, I don't know anyone's wife.
Oh really?
Without even knowing her,
you're playing the flute with her?
Flute? I can't even whistle,
let alone play the flute.
So who was singing?
Not just singing, he
was dancing with joy.
I can barely walk properly.
You think I can dance?
Daddy, it's all a lie.
So these nice boys
over here are lying?
Bring out the proof.
What's this?
- Coat.
But the question is,
whose coat is it?
Maddy, how should I know?
- It's yours.
Daddy, look at this.
This coat is not my size.
These guys will beat you to size.
So, King was my wife's best friend?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Sir, this hurts.
Like they say, love hurts.
Even Romeo had to suffer for love.
But Juliet was single and sincere.
Let's find out about our...
- Our? - Your Baby.
If she is lying, I'll kill her.
Juliet, I mean, Baby...
He calls Sanjana Baby.
Well Sanjana is younger than him.
Coming, darling.
Darling, what happened?
Who is this? Your husband?
No, darling. I'm still single.
Thank God.
To be honest, she isn't his wife.
Daddy... Maddy...
they beat me up for no reason.
You suspected me?
I told you... I'm not having
an affair with someone's wife.
Okay, not with his wife.
But certainly with this girl.
So who is Baby?
Your sister?
Because of him, you were exposed.
It was a huge mistake.
Don't say mistake. It was a mix-up.
Your mix-up blew my fuse.
You are dead!
I will kill all of you!
You can kill them
only if I let you live.
- Daddy!
Don't be stupid.
- Give me the gun.
Time to run.
- I will kill you.
Let's go.
- I will kill you.
Daddy... move!
- Daddy... - I'll kill you.
Maddy, stop it.
- Stop her. - I will kill him.
- Stop it.
- I'll kill you. - Maddy, stop it.
Maddy, stop it.
Because of you King
was shot. What next?
If he dies, we can live.
If he lives, we're dead.
This way...
Boss is on the way.
Play that again.
From today I will go after your wife.
The guy resembles you from behind.
He is my brother who helped
me bring you down to size.
I was there but I didn't say that.
He also plays the flute.
- He wears a hat. - Like this?
He wears it like this.
It's possible that you
have a common enemy.
I may be a stranger,
but if you trust me...
Leave my leg.
Get out.
Vikram, the case is solved.
The puzzle is complete.
He resembled the guy from
behind and now we know for sure.
You made our lives miserable.
You were double-crossing us?
On your advice we
took this coat to King.
We brought him out into the open,
now he won't spare us.
You think we will spare him?
No way!
Do you remember what we had said?
You had said that when
you find him...
Who is him?
- Who?
Him, I mean me...
- Yes, you.
What will we do?
Break my bones... beat me to pulp...
Wrap it around a skewer and roast.
Don't remember that?
Let's refresh your memory.
No, no!
There's three of you and he is alone.
It's not fair.
Both of you sit down.
Yogi, come on.
Vikram, you too.
Come on. Sit down.
Now it's fine.
Come on.
- You think he will defeat me?
We'll know about that
once the duel is over.
She is pitting her
husband against her boyfriend.
As much as I know women...
We'll see. Let it go.
Vikram, he knows karate.
He will defeat Raj.
Stop it!
- Boss!
Move it!
- Raj... please!
Raj... hold on, just a minute.
Sanjana, why do you
want them to fight?
Tell us whom you want to win.
What's there to think about?
Did you forget that
he is your husband?
No, Yogi, I know he is my husband.
My husband who always lied to me.
He betrayed me, hurt me...
He doesn't know that...
when I learnt the truth about him,
I wanted to commit suicide.
But he saved me.
He consoled me,
brought back my laughter...
And you fell in love with him.
It's not what you think.
- Shut up!
You've been going around with him.
You want me to fight him.
And you're saying it's nothing.
It doesn't hurt that you
thought my love isn't true.
What hurts is that you think
I'm characterless like you.
I can't bear to see you cry.
- No!
What? I'm just wiping away her tears.
You like wiping the tears
of other's wives, don't you?
Now you've had it.
Raj, don't you dare touch him.
You were just lecturing me.
Where's your character now?
I had a little bit of self-respect.
I had those affairs behind your back.
But you have no shame,
being open about your affair.
Am I still wrong about you?
No, you are right.
What you've thought of is right.
Tell me what you want.
I will divorce you.
''In love one heart wins..''
''..and the other one loses.''
''Every heart is a pawn in love.''
''In love one heart is arrogant..''
''..and the other one
is suffering in pain.''
''Every heart is a pawn in love.''
''At times it's an ailment.
At times it's the cure.''
''At times it's a cruse.
At times it's a blessing.''
''Both its faces are
completely different.''
''What's so great about love?''
''It gives heart strength.''
''It gives heart joy.''
''And sometimes it
gives pain and grief.''
''It gives someone both the worlds.''
''And it gives someone only heartburn.''
''Why is it wings for someone..''
''..and why does it
drown someone else?''
''In love one heart wins..''
''..and the other one loses.''
''Every heart is a pawn in love.''
''For someone it's fragrant breeze.''
''For someone it's a storm.''
''Both its faces are
completely different.''
''Love is great.''
Here's the card.
- Card?
You are also invited along with Raj.
Oh and a card for Yogi too, my friend.
Yeah, why not!
Yogi.. Here it is. - Friend?
Give him one too but don't
address it to Mrs. and Mr...
Only Mr. Vikram... brother.
What's this card?
Sanjana's wedding invitation.
Ever since her
divorce she's been crying.
It took a lot to console her but
finally she agreed to get married.
Before the wedding, I'll have
a memorial for him. - Congrats!
Raj, you're drunk.
You're talking nonsense.
When the postman brings a telegram
informing about someone's death...
people don't kill him.
I've just brought
the wedding invitation.
But before that I'll
give you a farewell.
Yes, let's kill him.
- No!
I knew you would take
the law into your hands...
that's why I have
brought the police along.
Call them, I'm not afraid of them.
Get him, kill him.
Raj, don't do it.
- Raj, what are you doing?
- Stop this.
Don't fool around with the bottle.
What is this?
I called for chicken,
not cottage cheese.
Have you lost it? Note it down.
Chicken instead of cottage cheese.
Don't fool around with the bottle.
- I'm not fooling, I'm serious.
Don't let him get away.
I never missed my aim.
- Be careful. - Put the bottle down.
Wasn't that good?
Well, it did hit someone!
Mike, arrest them.
Don't know when we'll be set free.
Would've been better if we
had gone for the wedding.
- We were invited.
We could've gone for the wedding.
I mean, to stop the wedding.
But you've got to admit, he is smart.
He got us arrested.
He knew that we'd try
and stop the wedding.
Sanjana wasn't like that.
I meant everything to her.
Her world revolved around me.
She never as much as
looked at another guy.
And now...
It's my fault.
I blindfolded her and
feasted on the world myself.
I betrayed her, hurt her and...
finally divorced her.
What did I do...
I buried the happiness of my family.
Your bail has been approved.
Who posted our bail?
Don't look at me, I
can't think anymore.
We'll know when we step out.
Vikram, it's King.
Excuse me.
Greetings Mr. King.
You don't have a clue what
happened after you escaped.
No, of course not.
My wife shot me.
One bullet is still
lodged in his brain.
When the bullet knocked
at my brain...
I realized she loves me a lot.
In fact so much that
she can even kill me.
There's a rod in my back
otherwise I'd fall at your feet.
Don't worry about that. Here you are.
Thank you.
Raj, where are you going?
To kill the scoundrel.
And to tell Sanjana that
she means the world to me.
Will you kill him
with your bare hands?
Give him my gun.
Raj, don't be a fool.
If you kill him, you'll be dead too.
Stop right there.
King, don't advise him to
prove his love by killing someone.
99% of the husbands in the
world will die as a result.
Not everyone is as lucky as you.
The bullet is lodged in your brain,
that's why you are still here.
The others will be shot
through the heart and they'll depart.
I'll talk to Raj...
Raj? Where is he?
He left.
- After him. - Stop him.
''There is happiness everywhere.''
''No one should be idle.''
''Sing, dance and spread love.''
''It won't cost you a penny.''
''Have a blast.''
''With some good music.''
''With a beautiful girl.''
''Oh, drummer.''
''Flirt around.''
''With a lot of topsy-turvyness.''
''Dance to your heart's content.''
''Oh, my buddies.''
''Dance to your heart's content.
My buddies.''
''Have a blast.''
''With some good music.''
''With a beautiful girl.''
''Oh, drummer.''
''Flirt around.''
''With a lot of topsy-turvyness.''
''Dance to your heart's content.''
''Oh, my buddies.''
''We will all rock the dance floor.
This is the wedding night.''
''Yes, this is the wedding night.
Great, this is the wedding night.''
''We will all rock the dance floor.
This is the wedding night.''
''Yes, this is the wedding night.
Great, this is the wedding night.''
''Yes, this is the wedding night.''
- Brother... - Kishan...
- Brother...
What did you do?
Why did you kill him?
He was marrying you, so
this is my gift to him.
Shut up!
You are blinded by your anger.
You should've looked
before shooting...
to know what's
actually happening here.
Look over there.
Saw that?
This poor soul was
trying to bring us together.
He wanted us to get married again.
And you know something...
I will have my way.
Gh... gh... ghost!
What's the matter, Raj?
The gun is real...
but the bullets weren't.
That's true.
It was Kishan who sent
us to post your bail.
He said, 'What's a
marriage without a groom?'
Thank you, Kishan.
Through Raj and Sanjana,
Maddy and I are back together.
Thank you.
I wanted to see this love,
this passion for you in Raj.
I gave you my word that I'd
bring back the Raj you'd married.
And I kept my word.
Raj, when I met her the first time...
she was overcome
with an unusual anxiety.
And when she cried on my shoulder...
I figured that I can solve
this case only with laughter.
Otherwise, she'd cry herself to death.
Brother, no professional
helps at such a personal level.
There is something that
you've never shared with us.
Of course not.
I always felt that behind this
happy facade lay a profound sadness.
What is it, son?
We may be strangers, but
if you can trust us...
tell us, Kishan.
My wife adored me.
''Every second, every moment,
anywhere I see I find you.''
''I would even give my
life if you ask for it.''
''Every second, every moment,
anywhere I see I find you.''
''I would even give my
life if you ask for it.''
''I won't me.''
''You won't you.''
''We would merge together..''
''..and become one.''
''Every second, every moment,
anywhere I see I find you.''
''I would even give my
life if you ask for it.''
She killed herself.
She died but I had to suffer the loss.
After losing her I
realized that I only loved her.
I couldn't save my wife.
But I made a vow if I
could save someone like her...
even if it were just one woman...
perhaps my wife would forgive me.
And I took on this mission.
I saw that every
family went through this.
Men have a blast while
their wives suffer back home.
Some commit suicide.
While others prefer
to suffer in silence.
The person we love the most...
also happens to suffer
the most for our sins.
A woman leaves everything
behind for her husband...
even her last name.
Yet men prefer not to change.
A woman's day begins and
ends with her husband...
while men want to begin the day
with one woman and end with another.
We remember that women need men...
but we forget that we
need them a lot more.
Maya, one last chance...
Maya, never again.
Raj and Sanjana are set.
Even Yogi is back with Maya.
It would be nice if I could also...
I mean, I'll go and do something.
With those fake tears?
Can you tell?
I could never cry.
Well, whatever you say, be sincere.
My mind doesn't seem to be working.
I'm confused.
If she comes back, will
the property be mine again?
Can't you keep the
property out of this?
Fine, now will she come back?
Yes, she will.
Once she does, will the
property be mine again?
You are hopeless.
Listen, its better you forget her.
No, that's not possible.
Why not?
- Because...
Kishan ever since she
walked into my life...
my destiny took a turn for the better.
I prospered, I became wealthy.
She is my good luck charm.
She transformed my life.
She is the only person with
whom I want to spend my life.
Nobody else will put up with you.
It's true.
But I'm afraid that if she doesn't
forgive me, I won't be able to live.
She will.
Come a little closer.
Oh no.
Try it once.
- No way. - Just once.
As much as I know women...
- Do you really?
You don't understand women at all.
You are right, I don't.
Now go.
There's something I need to tell you.
Out with it!
I swear!
Trust me.
Mom, have you seen Kishan?
He's gone.
Where to?
To help another damsel in distress.