Thank You for Your Service (2017) Movie Script

I was a good soldier.
I had purpose,
and I loved it.
I rode shotgun
in a lead Humvee,
and I looked for bombs.
You don't see the bomb
unless they want you to.
You sense it.
You just know.
I avoided the bomb that day...
But led us right
into an ambush.
- That's how Emory happened.
- Clear.
Man down!
Hang on, Emory. I got you.
Hang on, Emory.
Hang on.
I got you.
Hang on, buddy. Hang on.
Uh, 1-4-1-3-1-7.
Roger that. Waiting on 1-1.
Oh, my god.
Why are fat people so funny?
I swear, the funniest fuckers
that ever lived,
they're always...
They're always
fat motherfuckers, you know?
What, is that why
you're getting out?
You're gonna get fat?
Yeah. Yeah.
- I'm getting fat.
- Chappelle isn't fat.
- Then you got Chris rock...
- Nah, nah, you're doing...
- You're doing a black thing.
- What?
- No... doing a black thing?
- You're doing a black thing.
No, I'm not, man. I'm doing...
Doing a funny thing.
- What, black don't count?
- Yeah, nice try, samo.
You're barely black.
I've seen you naked.
Ooh. I've seen your weak shit,
too, boy.
One and done,
and didn't see shit.
Yeah, you've been one and done
your whole life.
This my second deployment,
dumb fuck.
Yeah, if you had
any fucking brains up there,
it'd be your fucking last.
Fuck that.
Army saved my life.
Yeah. Okay.
So, when's the bachelor party,
Oh, man, I can't have
a bachelor party.
You've seen me drunk.
- Yeah, you'd fuck a blister.
- So what?
Nah, nah.
My girl's not into it, and...
You know, I just don't want
to fuck this up, all right?
- So much for balls, man.
- Hey, look.
The bachelor party's none
of her business, all right?
That's our thing.
Look, i-i want you guys to come
meet her before
the wedding, though.
Shit, th-this guy,
that's all he talked about
for the past 11 months.
I feel like I'm married to her.
Dude, in that fucking video,
when you're going
like that and...
- Oh! Ooh!
- Fuck you, man.
- You serious?
- Yeah.
If she found out
you saw that, seriously...
- I just didn't know you're
left-handed. That's... -Dude...
Guys, don't fuck with me, man.
Seriously, don't fuck with me.
Hey, nobody saw shit,
all right?
- That stays here.
- It's a fucking joke.
Okay? Opsec.
It was
a pretty great video, dude.
Hey, stay off the streets,
all right?
I'm back in the sand
in three months.
That's not what I said.
Private Morgan.
- Pfc waller.
- All right.
Specialist Watkins.
Thank you.
Sergeant schumann.
Welcome home,
sergeant schumann.
Private mcgarrett.
Specialist aieti.
Sergeant schumann.
I'm Amanda doster.
I need you to tell me
how my husband died.
Sergeant doster.
James doster.
Were you there when he died?
- No.
- Did he suffer?
What did he say?
I need to know.
Tell me how my husband died.
Nom, nom, nom, nom,
nom, nom, nom.
Can we get a pie?
Of course we can.
Eat your dinner first.
You girls look so pretty.
What about jaxy?
And jaxy, yeah.
That's a sweet little
jumper there, buddy.
I can't believe Amanda
did that.
She ruined everything.
Doesn't matter.
We wanted to make it nice
for you.
It is nice.
That was supposed
to be perfect.
We wanted it to be perfect.
It is perfect.
I'm here.
I got all my limbs.
I got all my pieces,
with my favorite girls.
And Jax.
It's perfect, baby.
I want to have a baby, sol.
You can't wait till we're home?
You are getting out, right?
They'd probably come after me
to reenlist, but...
I'm just saying.
You back from Iraq?
Yes, sir.
11 months and 19 days.
You kick some ass over there?
Yeah, man.
Where are you going?
I want to swing
by the old house.
Are you trying
to make yourself crazy?
How are the renters?
I'd like 'em a whole lot more
if they didn't live
in our fucking house.
They're not watering my lawn.
We'd probably still live here
if you hadn't bought that pool.
Our kids are gonna learn
to swim in that pool.
Oh, yeah?
Are they gonna learn
how to swim
when they're teenagers?
Where did that come from?
We're getting back
in this house.
This is Tracey.
Please leave a message,
and I'll get back to you
when I can.
Tracey, where are you?
Where's our furniture?
I'm trying not to freak out,
but I just got back, and...
The electricity's off.
My debit card isn't working.
Can you call me?
I love you. Just...
Just call me, all right?
This is Tracey.
Please leave a message,
- and I'll get back to you
when I can. -
Tracey, where the fuck are you?
How much we save
by living here?
Not enough.
Am I getting laid or what?
Oh, yeah, you're getting laid.
In fact, I might lay an egg
up in here.
No more eggs or seeds
or any of that.
Come on, you don't want
another one?
Let's see how you feel after
a weekend alone with them.
And where do you think
you're going?
- Hmm.
- Hmm?
You left three times.
Now it's my turn.
Well, I'm not leaving again.
I'm home for good.
Do you remember who we were
before all this?
Couple dumb, horny kids.
Pretty much.
Still dumb and horny.
With a couple kids.
How long you been up?
It's already 4:00 P. M.
in Baghdad.
You guys ready
for some hotcakes?
Are you chewing gum?
When did you become
a gum chewer?
Tell me you didn't miss
my pancakes.
Smells good.
I need you to watch
the kids today.
Can you handle them
for a couple hours?
Sure can.
All right.
I got some bacon here.
It's you and me today, zo.
And Jax.
And the Jax-man. Got it.
I was thinking...
My mom could babysit tonight,
and we could go
to the speedway.
You know I like that.
I'm gonna stop
by the golf course later,
see if they need any greensmen.
It's a kid's job.
Same job I had before.
You were just in charge
of a dozen men,
and now you're gonna mow grass?
Hey, could you
turn that off, zo?
All right.
Got one chocolate chip
smiley face pancake for you.
I hate chocolate.
You do?
- Yes, silly bum-bum.
- Hey.
She doesn't like chocolate.
I guess I missed that part.
What else?
Anything else that I missed?
Here you go, specialist.
What are you taking
the somex for?
It was to sleep over there.
And what about the Propranolol?
Yeah, don't think
i was taking that.
Are you bothered
by racing thoughts?
No, sir.
Reliving past events?
Not really.
Any lapse in memory?
Well, I lose stuff sometimes.
You mean you misplace things?
Yeah, or things
i was gonna do or...
Trying to remember if I did.
How about mood swings?
When you were hit with the ied,
did you experience discharge
from the ears?
I just want to get back
to my unit.
The company physician
at rustamiyah documented
complaints consistent
with traumatic brain injury.
I feel good.
I'm ready to go back.
Do you want a blow job?
Right here?
If it'll make you feel better.
Don't underestimate me.
I'm tougher than you are,
so you don't have
to spare me the details
'cause you think
i can't take it.
I can take anything you can.
Anything but quiet.
It was just different
this time.
Different how?
This one felt a lot longer.
Towards the end, things took
a turn and got really bad.
Were you with doster
when he died?
No. I wasn't there.
Sometimes they go a little
crazy when we're gone, right?
You just got to give her
a minute.
It's not like
she packed a bag, dude.
She cleaned me out.
I got to figure this out,
you know?
Well, can we see
that nudie video, then?
Such a dog.
What, you got a video, shoe?
She's hot, man.
- I will fuck you up.
- You promise?
I swear, it's like, the whole
time you're out there,
all you want to do
is come home.
Come home, and home
is just fucked, you know?
Hey, you had a rough landing,
Yeah, fucking crash landing.
I got to make some money.
That video, bro.
You serious?
I'll give you 20 bucks for it.
- You, too, shoe? Yeah?
- Yeah... 20 bucks.
Hey, maybe I'll just redeploy
with you, solo,
stack checks for nine months,
you know?
Hey, I tell you what,
i fucking love you, man. Okay?
But you're a bomb magnet.
You got blown up seven times.
Hey, you can come stay with me
until we square your shit up.
We should get a house.
Just us.
Man love Thursdays every day.
That's supposed to make me
feel better?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, fagging out
with your cocoa ass?
Oh, my "cocoa ass," huh?
Shots fired.
Do you ever think about Emory?
Emory's alive, man.
He's, uh... he's back home
in Arkansas.
Maybe we should go visit him.
Yeah, you should drive
down there.
Do you ever think about doster?
Let it go.
They teach us that in basic.
All right.
Yeah, will.
It's your song, boy.
- What the...?
- Shh.
...Oh, no.
Oh, shit.
Hey, man.
I got kids, man.
Sorry, man.
All right, get your ass
on the couch.
Hey, I'm not...
I'm not staying here, bro.
- What?
- It's a fucking dump, man.
What do you mean, man?
My house is beautiful.
Come on. There you go.
That's all you.
- Oh, this is me?
- That's you right there.
- Get...
- Fuck you.
...Such an asshole, man.
Hey, man, seriously,
I'm about to kick your ass.
Hey, take your shoes off.
They're muddy as shit.
Sorry, bro.
You're not gonna
come snuggle, shoe?
Nah, you're not my type.
I don't like redheaded,
ugly-looking dudes.
Here you go, Princess.
All right, you cool, man?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Hey, this couch is yours
for as long as you need it.
All right?
You're a good man, sergeant.
You know that.
All right.
See you tomorrow, man.
- Will.
- Why are you doing this?
- Don't.
- Don't what?
Please don't. Not here.
- What?
- It's over.
I am sorry, but it's over.
We were gonna get married.
Cleaned me out.
Took my daughter.
She is my daughter, not yours.
How can you say that?
Now, I... I've been there
since she was born.
You were gone forever.
That was 'cause of us.
I enlisted for us.
I- i can't do this with you.
Do... do what?
Do what? I...
Don't make me call security.
You've got to go.
Where do I go?
Told him to stay.
Why wouldn't he just stay
on the fucking couch?
He got blown up seven times.
He was fucked up. Normal people
don't get blown up.
Normal people don't get
robbed blind
by their fucking fiance, man.
They don't get blown up, bro.
If he was so fucked up,
why didn't he say anything?
Army won't let me redeploy.
They're trying to discharge me.
For what?
What do you think?
My shit's scrambled.
I don't belong here.
My boy...
Was hurt.
He was injured.
You couldn't see it, but, uh...
But he was.
I could hear it in his voice.
In the way he talked to me
on the phone.
But there was only so much
he would let me do.
If you're hurt like he was...
Talk to someone.
Please don't do this.
Fire party, atten-hut!
Port arms.
Fire party,
prepare for three volleys.
Half-right face.
Ready. Aim.
Adam schumann?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry. I was gonna come
and introduce myself earlier.
I just wanted to say thank you
for looking after my son
over there.
He was my brother.
We looked after each other.
He'd been struggling
for months over there.
We planned ahead.
We found a treatment facility
in California.
The guy who runs this place,
uh, he was a soldier.
He's been doing it
for 30 years.
So, if you know anybody
who needs...
Thank you.
I'm really glad you're here.
When did she become friends
with doster's wife?
When he took over our platoon.
Well, does she know that he
took your place on the rig?
Let's go, bro.
Can we go?
Thought you were on klonopin.
It... doesn't work.
None of it works.
Will liked to hunt,
so we're going hunting.
Be careful.
I'm captain careful.
...Let's go shoot something.
Nobody knows you fought
unless you got
your fucking arm blown off.
I'd take it.
I'd rather be a hero
with my ass blown off
than this shit.
Don't even feel
like me anymore.
Guess you don't know
what I mean.
You don't got stress.
You're good, right?
I don't think that guy lost
his arm picking flowers, man.
What the fuck does that mean?
Means we don't know shit
about him.
Would you rather lose your leg
than this?
What, below the knee?
Nah, above the knee.
Fuck it... I'll take it.
How about your ear?
Well, can I still hear?
But you can still
finger-fuck it.
And you can hear
out of your other ear.
But I won't look
like no war hero.
Just-just some freak
with no ear.
Hey, what was that...
You remember that bravo
got his lips blown off?
Who? Pussy face?
- Yeah, pussy face.
- -Oh, fuck.
That's what you want?
Hell no.
You remember what you said
to me the day doster died?
When we were dragging him
I remember his skin
was so burnt,
it was falling off.
The smell.
You don't remember
what you said?
No, bro.
I don't remember shit.
My memory's shot.
What did I say?
You said that none of it
would have happened
if I'd have been there.
That's a fucked thing
to say, man.
All right. I'm gonna
scare 'em towards the water.
You push up from that bend.
Hey. You trying to get
fucking shot?
- What? -What the fuck
are you doing out there?
I wasn't out there.
Yeah, you were.
I saw you out there.
I didn't even make it
out there.
It's too dark.
I forgot my goggles.
I saw you.
No, you didn't.
It wasn't me.
You all right?
No, man, I'm not all right.
I still... taste his blood.
I carried him
down those stairs.
I can still taste his blood.
What do we do?
We get some help.
Are you coming to bed?
Think I'm gonna try
and find a job early tomorrow.
You all right?
I'm good.
You got mud everywhere, so...
Clean up. Come to bed.
Alea's pregnant.
Nice, man. That's great.
Hell yeah.
You're gonna do great.
Kids change everything.
I'm gonna name him after me
so I don't forget his name.
Can I have your va card, sir?
My va card?
What, am I supposed
to have one of those?
Well, if you don't have one,
you need to go
to the second floor.
Okay? You understand?
Special forces guy was telling
me ecstasy cures all this shit.
What the hell
are we doing here?
Sergeant schumann.
Yes, sir.
At ease.
I didn't recognize you
in civvies.
I don't recognize myself
sometimes, either, sir.
Got out a few months back.
Why'd you go and do that?
The wife.
I was downrange three times
with two kids.
Roger that.
What's this line you're in?
We're applying
for a service connection, sir.
Shoe, you were
my hammer out there.
Don't let these young guys
see you fold like this.
It's bad for morale.
Bad for big army.
That shiny-medal motherfucker.
He didn't do our war.
He wasn't fucking
kicking in doors.
He fought his war
at a fucking computer.
Anybody home?
Fuck 'em.
no chocolate chips.
Come on, jaxy.
Just sing it.
Hurry up, zo.
We got to get to school.
Will's mom gave me the number
to this treatment facility
out west.
Out west?
This shit could give me PTSD.
This is our care package.
Fill it out,
and on review,
you will be directed
to a primary care physician
and psychiatrist.
- How long does that take?
- Usually 12 weeks,
but we're in arrears, so...
- Arrears?
- Yeah, we're backed up.
It could be six to nine months.
Are you kidding?
You think these guys
can wait that long?
Excuse me?
I said, how many of these guys
in this room do you think
- will make it six to nine months?
- All right...
- If you're finished...
- No, I'm not finished, man.
Look... we need
to see somebody, okay?
You're feeding me this fucking
"arrears" bullshit.
My boy here fought his ass off.
- Yeah.
- All right? He did his job.
Now do yours.
I'll see him.
Okay? I-I've got 20 minutes
left on my lunch.
Just have him come
around the side.
Okay. Thank you.
All right, look alive.
You're up.
What about you?
Nah, you go first.
I'll get the next one.
It says here you're
having trouble remembering.
Can you tell me the date?
It's-it's may.
How about day and date?
Today is Wednesday, may 7.
Are you having
any suicidal ideation?
I- i just want to get back
to my unit.
It must be hard to be separated
from your brothers like that.
We're having a baby.
That's great.
So you'll have a new unit.
Do you remember the date?
Um... yeah, you said, uh...
Thursday, may.
So we're having
a little trouble with that.
Let's try word association.
To me, the word "Wednesday"
sounds like "wedding day."
I always wanted a big wedding.
Did you have a wedding?
Yes, ma'am.
So, when I ask you
what day it is,
I want you to think
of your wedding.
Are you still
having nightmares?
Sometimes I see doster.
He's on fire.
But mostly I'm awake.
You see him when you're awake?
And the smell.
Do you remember what day it is?
Wednesday, wedding day.
Good job.
You see, that's great.
And we can use that
to remember anything.
So you could help me
fill this out?
Oh, god.
I'm sorry. I'm...
I'm booked with patients
during my lunch all week.
Can your wife help us?
I- i haven't told her.
You got to share this with her.
"Have you used drugs
other than those required
for medical reasons?"
"Are you always able to stop
using drugs when you want?"
They're drugs.
It's a stupid question.
"Have drugs ever
created a problem
between you and your spouse?"
You were arrested
for possession four times.
That wasn't a problem?
Well, we weren't married.
Okay, the next section is
"exposure to combat scale."
"Were you ever
under enemy fire?"
I feel like I am right now.
Hey. Baby, you're doing good.
"Were you ever pinned down?"
"How often did you fire rounds
at the enemy?"
Uh, I'm supposed to count?
Options are: "Never,"
"one to two times,"
"three to 12 times,"
"13 to 50 times," "over 50."
Over 50.
"How often did you see
someone get hit
by incoming
or outgoing rounds?"
"Never," "one to two times,"
"three to 12 times,"
"13 to 50,"
"over 50."
Oh, it's nice in here.
I know.
Look at you.
Where'd that come from?
Don't worry about it.
Get off!
What happened?
What'd I do?
I don't understand.
Tell me what to do.
I need you to talk to me, Adam.
It's time.
I've given you months.
I thought we were broke.
You're buying fucking lingerie.
I thought you were fine.
You're lying to me.
I found your va questionnaire.
- Everything's a lie.
- I'm not lying.
You're fucked up.
You're not looking for a job.
You're sick,
and I can't do anything
if you don't fucking
talk to me, Adam.
I have to be sick,
or I can't get my benefits.
So, you don't want to die?
It was multiple choice,
and you said you wanted to die.
Was that a lie?
I don't know.
I want to go to the va
with you next time.
All right.
Adam talked about a
treatment place in California.
- Could I go there?
- Look, the problem is,
is the army doesn't have record
of you participating
in this incident
that caused your tbi,
and so I can't get you
- What, there's no record?
- You didn't report an injury
at the time of the incident.
Doster was dead.
I dragged him out.
They're denying benefits
until we prove that you
were in the Humvee.
We need to go back to your cos
and get written testimony.
What, they didn't believe
i was there?
We just need to go back
and get proof.
Come on, specialist. Sit down.
Do you know why this
is the greatest country...
On the planet?
Well, I'll tell you.
It's because,
with a click of a finger,
I can order 20 pounds of beef
and have it
delivered to my door
in 24 hours.
The terrorists cannot do that,
and that is why
they will never win.
Sounds like you got
some bad paper.
Yes, sir.
I'm glad that you're
seeking treatment,
because we got 22 veterans
a day killing themselves.
And I don't get it.
Warriors get stressed.
We know this.
But this obsession
to end your own life?
I can't wrap my head around it.
We don't want you to be
a statistic, though, do we?
No, sir.
You signed up during wartime.
You got yourself a war.
But they don't believe
that I was there, sir.
They're as wrong as two boys
fucking in church.
Give me that file.
Let me see what you got.
I just need a statement saying
that I was driving the rig
when doster was hit, sir.
American Samoa?
Where is that?
South pacific, sir.
It's a territory.
So, does that make you a...
A citizen or...?
How's that work?
I was able to apply
for citizenship
after basic training, sir.
I'm going for the new Yorks.
Fuck it, you know?
Yeah. Boom, boom, boom.
Why are you braking? Why?!
You'd have done great
in Iraq, babe.
We never slowed down.
We just ran 'em over.
Did you drive?
I rode shotgun
and looked for the ieds.
They'd hide 'em
in trash like that, or...
Once they got smarter,
they just started
cementing 'em in curbs.
So, when you see trash
on the road here...?
I look.
That's the first real thing
you've told me about the war.
I feel so much better now.
Hey, don't be an asshole.
Two army commendation medals.
An army achievement medal.
You never told me about those.
Is there a specific incident
that troubles you?
Maybe a name?
What happened with Emory?
I dropped him.
I was carrying him.
I dropped him.
And they had to cut
two inches of his brain out.
And then doster happened.
What happened to doster?
Why don't you tell us
our options?
There is no cure for trauma,
but we can learn to manage it.
Long-term care
has the best results,
but every facility
is different.
Some are four weeks.
Some are nine months.
What works for one person
may not work for another.
But all these places are
equally difficult to get into,
so the smartest thing to do
would be to apply everywhere
and cross our fingers.
Cross our fingers?
There are hundreds of thousands
of men and women seeking help.
But he's a veteran.
That's what I mean.
There are hundreds of thousands
of veterans seeking help.
Will we get priority
to places closest to us?
I'm afraid not.
What do we do in the meantime?
What if I had a job?
- I think a job would help.
- A job is good.
Your benefits
won't be kicking in
for another couple
of months, so...
Another couple months?
Wow. I mean, what the fuck
is going on around here?
I have a position
at a heavy-ordnance range.
Okay, he wants to kill himself,
and you want him to work
at a gun range?
It's a tank range.
You think I could kill myself
with a tank?
Well, it would take
some serious planning.
Well, you're pretty
fucking resourceful.
I used to be good at that.
At what?
Making you laugh.
Was I laughing?
You should have told me
i was married to a hero.
I'm not a hero.
Hero enough.
I just want to get back
in our house.
Me, too.
We're not that far off.
Oh, yeah? You win the powerball
and not tell me?
Amanda loaned us some money.
Amanda doster?
We were at will's funeral,
and she offered.
What the fuck are you doing?
I told her we were trying
to get back into our house.
Do you not fucking get
that she has that money
because her husband's dead?
And that her husband is dead
because of me?
What the fuck, saskia?
Fucking Christ.
What's up, homey?
What you want?
I got nickels, dimes,
two finger sacks.
What about some ecstasy?
Some ecstasy? Man, I don't
sell that around here.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Come on, man.
Roll it up.
Who I got to see?
Fuck does that mean?
Fuck, is you 12?
Show me some bread, dawg.
- I got some pills.
- I don't fucking take pills.
I look like a fucking pawnshop
or something to you, nigga?
Well, you look like your
fucking balls ain't dropped.
Huh? How about this,
What up, big army?
You all out of pocket here.
How'd you know I was military?
Yeah, I stormed that desert
myself back in '91.
24th infantry.
All right.
Did you get in on waivers?
You got that look.
Army saved my life.
What they doing for you now?
Got to make your own way now.
Ah, yeah!
Oh, shit!
You know where I can score
some ecstasy?
Man, does this
look like a goddamn rave?
It's not for a rave.
It's for an injury.
Shit, if you're injured, man,
doctors up there at fort Riley
giving out that oxy
like it's candy.
It's not that kind of injury.
You was all in it, wasn't you?
Did you lose some guys?
Or you one of them
murdering motherfuckers?
Hey, buddy. It's okay.
It's all right.
I got you.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
- I got you. -Adam: Was this
dog fight downtown?
You're gonna make it. You're
gonna be all right, buddy.
Can't be going
down there, man.
- You got a kid coming.
- I got you.
Hey, stop moving, man.
You're vibrating
the whole damn table.
Do you remember the dogs
in rustamiyah?
That runt that went on raids?
Little Caesar.
He was Emory's dog, wasn't he?
You ever talk to him?
Do you think he's like us?
I just told you, man, I haven't
fucking talked to him.
Do you remember what
that Iraqi cop did to Caesar?
Wanted to kill
that motherfucker.
Two guys in bravo
got back at him.
- You hear about that?
- No. What'd they do?
Same shit he did to Caesar.
Held him down and snipped
his fucking achilles
with a bolt cutter.
Fuck yeah.
We're gonna be all right, man.
We're gonna get in
a treatment facility somewhere.
And then what?
Huh? Just...
Just goes away?
What is that?
It's a dog.
I can see that.
Why is it here
and not at a vet?
I- it's a fighting dog.
They won't let
dogs like this in.
Were you outside of Amanda's
earlier tonight?
She said you were.
She saw your truck.
Well, if you weren't
sucking money off her,
you probably wouldn't
fucking care.
I care about you, not her.
The dog has to go.
It's a pit bull.
We have kids.
We're not allowed dogs
in our apartment.
Well, shit.
I guess I got a dog.
Something's burning.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
Mom, call the police!
It's okay.
- Oh, my god, the baby!
- I'm so sorry.
Jaxy, come here, baby.
It's okay.
Mommy's got you.
What happened?
- Did you drop him?
- I don't know.
Get away from us, Adam.
It's okay, jaxy.
Mommy's here.
Mommy's here. I'm right here.
I know. I know.
I'm sorry.
Fell asleep.
It's okay, Jaxson.
Mommy's here.
I'm right here. I know.
You need help.
You have to go away.
I'm sorry.
You've got to go.
I can't help you, sol.
I can't help you.
What up, big army?
You still looking for Molly?
I got your medicine.
Get your ass in the car.
Are you some kind
of island nigga?
Damn, samo,
you looking raggedy, man.
I got your shit.
But here's what I need
from you.
I give you a car
and an address.
You park the goods
and walk away.
- That's it?
- That's it.
Why don't these guys do it?
'Cause these are my guys.
And you're just some grunt
nobody recognizes.
And if shit gets hairy,
oh, you can Rambo
your way out of it.
I need shoes.
Hey, Jay, man,
stop by the big 5.
Let's get this big motherfucker
a pair of shoes.
Is Jax okay?
He's fine.
Where are you?
I'm in Arkansas.
Arkansas? Why?
I need to find Emory.
Babe, I can't live like this.
I'm gonna get this job,
and we're gonna move back
into our house.
We can move in right away.
It'll be like
we're starting over.
Does that sound good?
That sounds great.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Hey, Emory, it's shoe.
Come on in.
What's up, man?
Where you at?
Right here.
There's my man.
You got skinny.
Really? Did I?
Hell yeah.
Skinnier than you were.
You got kind of fat.
Got fat, did I?
- Yeah.
- Well, fuck.
You just fucking show up, huh?
Yeah, what do you
want me to do?
- You ain't got no phone.
- Fuck you talking...?
I got a phone right there.
I got Internet.
What the fuck you think?
You think I'm just
living out here
eating fucking squirrels?
Yeah, maybe.
Dude, come on.
Give me a hand with this.
- I got to get this shit on.
- Need some help?
Hell yeah.
I've been trying to get this
- fucking thing on all morning.
- Yeah, man, let's go.
It is physically impossible
to put that on by yourself.
All right. God, man.
- Just tell me what to do.
- Yeah.
Yeah, there it is.
Yeah. Nice and snug.
All right, come on.
Get up in there.
Put some fucking muscle
in it, shoe.
- You good? Yeah, more?
All right, man. -
- there it is.
- Shit, how do you usually
- get this thing on?
- Fucking roll around
on the floor,
wait for my nurse.
Right over there.
- All right. There?
- Yep.
There it is.
Now, pull that around there.
- Come on.
- All right.
All right. Yeah.
- Something like that?
Tighten you up. -Yeah.
You're gonna break a rib, man.
All right.
Piece of cake.
So I heard will shot himself.
He didn't say shit,
either, man,
so we had no idea, you know?
So you come down here
to save me?
No, man.
Came down to see you.
See how my boy's doing.
Yeah, boy! Yeah, boy! Yeah!
...You know,
you drive like my wife, man.
Watch this.
I scared mine off.
- Yeah? I bet.
- Yeah.
One night, I woke up,
I had my hands around her neck.
I said I was gonna
kill her, dude.
I swear to god.
She didn't like that?
Fuck no, she didn't
like that, dude.
They don't like that.
It's good to see you, dude.
Good to see you, too, man.
This is how I get
my tits off, dude.
Get 'em off, dude.
I fucking love it, dude.
Hey, let me ask you...
what's with all this trash?
Oh, you still looking
for the bomb, huh?
Why didn't you look me up
sooner, dude?
I should have.
I dropped my kid last night.
My baby boy, man... I...
Was supposed to hold him.
Saskia gave him to me.
I fell asleep like a shitbag.
Fell right off.
So, you know, I dropped him,
started thinking about you.
He's gonna be all right,
you know, but...
I dropped you, and...
What, and I'm not all right?
Why don't you help me piss?
That fall took out
my left side.
Know that, dude?
Wasn't the sniper round
they took out of my head or...
That two inches
they cut out of my brain.
It was you fucking dropping me.
Is that what you think, dude?
That the shit
you told yourself?
You didn't drop me
off a fucking building, dude.
Well, you were alive,
and then you weren't.
I'm alive now, motherfucker.
Hey, you need another one,
Hell yeah, I need another one.
Fuck you think?
You don't think
i need another one?
I got you.
All right.
They're fucked up, dude.
Hey, you see
where the shot came from?
Someone did.
Solo? Solo did.
Yeah, you couldn't get
the bastards?
No, I was
carrying you down, man.
You were.
Fuck, I should have
went after him.
Me and you were the tallest
ones on that rooftop, dude.
They go for the tall ones.
You know, I think about that.
What if I was short?
I wonder if I'd still
be like this.
I think about that, dude.
Yeah, but you'd be short.
You'd have to live
the rest of your life
as a short guy, man.
Dude, I'm tall as fuck, dude.
I can't stand up on my own,
but I'm tall as fuck.
The girls, they love that.
You saved my life.
I dropped you.
I'm alive because of you.
I know this don't look
like much of a life,
but every morning I get up,
I'm grateful.
I'm grateful I'm alive.
There he is.
How you feel?
I feel good.
Man, I came back
to the same shit.
No job, no help, nothing.
We're out there
fighting their wars
for shit that we ain't even
got over here.
But we're fighters.
We make do.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You ready to go again?
You straight?
Yeah, I'm good.
You better be.
'Cause this is real right here.
You don't be fucking this up.
These boys are waiting.
You got an hour.
- Hello.
- Hi, Adam.
This is Fred gusman from
pathway home in California.
I've got your dd 214 here.
In your message,
you said you're looking
to get into a facility
as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
Good. Well, then let's
get you out here.
We can get you
on a bus tomorrow.
You ready to commit to this?
Is this tausolo aieti?
Who is this?
I'm a nurse calling
from geary community.
Your wife is in labor.
She arrived by ambulance,
and there are
some complications,
so we're having to rush her
into surgery.
The-the baby, the...
Is the baby okay?
She just asked you to get here
right away, sir.
That's geary
community hospital.
Where is it?
We're just off horne street.
Horne street.
H- h-horne street.
Like a... like a car horn?
That's right, sir.
Alea aieti.
You all right?
Come meet your boy.
- I-i thought you were...
- It's okay.
Come here.
Talofa, little man.
Did you tell Emory
you dropped him?
Is he like us?
He's tough as hell, man.
Wish you could've seen him.
I got a bed at that
treatment center in California.
So you're leaving.
Leave tonight.
They're gonna ask you
about doster.
You gonna tell them how fucked
it was you weren't there?
Do you want to know fucked?
The Humvee was burning.
And I got all the guys out.
We were huddled in a ditch.
But I forgot doster.
I forgot he was with us.
Only for a second,
but by the time I got back... was too late.
How come you never
told me that?
'Cause you never asked.
None of this would have
happened if you were there.
You would have seen the bomb.
You don't forget.
Why aren't you answering that?
Look how perfect he is.
Can't name him after me.
He's too perfect.
You fucked up, samo.
You think we don't know
where you're at?
There's a liquor store
on pinkerton.
Park behind the liquor store
and leave the keys.
I'm gonna drop this,
then we're done.
You cost me 30 grand, samo.
Hell yeah, we're done.
Liquor store on pinkerton.
Liquor store on pinkerton.
Liquor store on pinkerton.
Pink, liquor,
pink, liquor, pink...
Liquor store on pinkerton.
I love you, zo.
Daddy's gonna be home soon,
all right?
What if she gets scared?
Your doll?
You just tell her
that everything's
gonna be all right.
That doesn't work, dad.
This time, it will.
Hey, man. Everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right, bro.
I just, uh...
Just got into some shit.
What kind of shit?
Uh, some guys.
I got something
that belongs to them.
If I get out of this, shoe,
I should probably
leave here a while.
Where you at?
I'm under that bridge.
Wait there for me, okay?
I'm on my way.
Okay, zo, I need you
to be good for mommy, okay?
Okay, daddy.
Is everything all right?
I love you.
I'll call you from the bus.
Pink, liquor, pink, liquor.
Park behind pink liquor.
Come on,
answer your fucking phone.
Get the fuck out and check.
Fuck! Cops coming!
Fall back! Let's go!
Hey, what the fuck's going on?
I fucked up.
What do you mean?
Are you hurt?
Are you all right?
I- i don't know
what I'm doing, shoe.
I'm... I'm-I'm fucked.
All right,
I'm getting you out of here.
You're gonna take my place
at the treatment facility.
We're swapping spots.
That's all this is.
And what about you?
Don't worry about me.
First bed opens up,
I'm gonna get out there.
But my wife and my boy, bro.
I got 'em.
You trust me?
I'm gonna take care of 'em.
I can't leave you.
You're getting on this bus.
Maybe you're just
too afraid to go.
Can't leave you behind, shoe.
We're not downrange, man.
It's not how it works.
All right?
You take what comes.
So I go and get better
while you sit here, broken.
I'll figure it out.
- Don't worry about me.
- Yeah...
Get your ass in this bus.
We had some bad days, bro.
Maybe that's all they were.
Just bad days.
We had some good days, too.
Hey, Fred, it's Adam.
I, uh... sent somebody
in my place.
Can you give him my bed?
Uh... okay.
Well, we'll get him
squared away,
but where's that leave you?
I don't know what you mean.
Well, you were finally
gonna get some help,
and you gave it away.
How does that feel?
I, uh... I feel alone, man.
Yeah, they're gone, you know?
Everyone's gone;
I'm still here.
Look, talking about this
isn't gonna cure you,
but it can buy you some relief.
You got to open this up.
You got to share it.
Don't come out too far,
'cause it's chilly, okay?
Everything okay?
I don't know how much James
talked about the guys
in our platoon,
but I can't tell you
how your husband died
unless I tell you about Emory.
Stop the truck.
What you got?
Hey, 1-1,
what's the holdup up there?
I don't see nothing, man.
Shoe don't see it.
He feels it.
This is 1-1.
Alternate route.
We're gonna hang a left here
on dead girl road.
- Copy that.
- Who named that street?
We did.
You don't remember her?
All right, let's go.
Rpg! Everybody get out!
Let's go! Engine's down!
All right, building 20,
rooftop! Move!
Anybody have eyes on it?
Where did that come from?
Where'd it come from?
Stairway to heaven.
Go, go. Move, move.
Stick with me.
Where'd they go?
What's your status, 1-1?
I need a status.
We got a hajji fire escape.
- Where the hell?
- A rep, 1-1. Now.
This is 1-1.
We are clear on building 20.
Building 20 is green.
Set security
and take overwatch.
Qrf's still five minutes out.
This is some fucking
Charlie foxtrot bullshit, man.
Oh, I gotta get juicy.
That's why you don't
eat Indian food in...
...Man down!
Hang on, Emory. I got you.
I put us on that roof.
Those were my orders.
I got you, bud. Come on!
He took a bullet for it.
Then I dropped him.
I choked on his blood.
I fucking dropped him.
I can't stop looking at it.
How you boys holding up?
Any update on Emory?
Emory has a tough road ahead.
But, uh, I think
there's a real good chance
they get him home
with a heartbeat.
Then what happens?
Give us a minute, solo.
Happy birthday, dude!
Knock it off.
Listen, as leaders,
we make decisions.
I made the wrong call.
You changed the route.
It was another engagement.
You have to trust
your instincts.
My instincts were wrong.
Listen, I'm signed up
for a video linkup
tomorrow morning with my wife,
but I want you to take my call,
and I'm gonna take your place
on patrol.
- Can't let you do that.
- Sure, you can.
Nah, those are my guys.
I should be out there.
Take the day off.
- Sergeant, that's my patrol.
- Schumann.
You're sitting this one out.
Medic! Medic!
- What happened? What happened?
- Medic! -Medic!
- Medic! -We got hit!
- Who is it?
- Who is it?
- It's doster.
- He was in your seat.
- Medic!
Fuck! Get him! Get him!
Get him! Let's go!
- Go, go!
- Where were you, man?
None of this
would have happened
if you were there, shoe.
None of this would have
happened if you were there.
Private waller.
Here, first sergeant.
Sergeant white.
Here, first sergeant.
Specialist aieti.
- Here, first sergeant.
- Sergeant schumann.
Here, first sergeant.
Sergeant doster.
Sergeant James doster.
Sergeant first class
James d. Doster.
Present arms.
God, Adam.
Amanda, he took my seat.
That was supposed to be me.
But it wasn't you.
You're still here.
James wouldn't want this
for you.
He would want you to live.
You live.
That's how you honor him.
Jaxy, sing it.
I'm home.
Daddy's home!
Hey, sweetheart.