Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) Movie Script

[Wind Gusting Strongly]
We're to make camp here.
The storm be over soon.
We better go on, huh?
Do as you're told.
We'll reach Peiping soon enough.
Something must've frightened him.
Glad he didn't hurt you.
Get unpacked.
[Wind Gusting Strongly]
[Fabric Tearing]
- Who sent you?
- Let me go!
- I'll tell!
- Well?
- [Chattering]
- [Animals Grunting]
[Loud Chatter]
- Why we wait so long, huh?
- Special inspection of some kind.
Open up your coats.
What have you got
in that pouch?
Oh, a few belongings.
All mine.
- How long have you been with this caravan?
- Oh, long. Very long time, sir.
He join us atJiangpei.
Wasn't it near the place
where Ming, the Mongolian, disappeared?
- Huh?
- Yes, sir.
Take this one into the guard room.
- Come on.
- Why me?
Nothing concealed on him, sir.
Sorry to cause you all this trouble.
That's all right, Mr. Schneider.
We are more anxious to stop the smuggling
of the art treasure than you are.
- [Indistinct]
- Wait.
Let me see that.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
- [Gunshots]
- [Yelling]
[Shouting In Foreign Language]
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Foreign Language]
What do you want?
[Foreign Language]
Mr. Moto not here.
You go away!
[Speaks Foreign Language]
- Did a man come up here?
- I don't know what it was...
- but it went in there.
- [Foreign Language]
- Where did he go?
- He go in that room! Jump out of window, maybe.
- [Shouts Below, Indistinct]
- [Foreign Language]
He jumped out!
[Foreign Language]
- Come back-
- Wing! Quiet, please.
- Mr. Moto!
- Draw my bath, please, Wing.
I fear that I need it.
[Water Running]
- Plenty letter come for you, sir.
- So I see.
- [Meowing]
- Did you miss me, Chunqina?
Very lonely for us while you're away.
Wing, how long has it been
since you have seen your family?
- Over three years.
- Oh, so?
Suppose you had two weeks
leave of absence...
a railroad ticket on a train tonight...
and a little money to buy presents
for your honorable parents?
- Would you go?
- Oh, Mr. Moto!
Here, please. And the ticket
will be in your name at the station.
- Thank you, Mr. Moto! Thank you.
- You are quite welcome, Mr. Wing.
- Thank you, Mr. Moto! Thank you.
- You are quite welcome, Mr. Wing.
But when you return,
I shall expect you to be more alert.
- Where are my clothes?
- Oh. I so happy, I forget everything.
Happy I'm back, Chunqina?
- Did you miss me?
- [Meowing]
Oh! My presence is requested
at a garden party tonight.
Garden parties are seldom given in Peiping
without a purpose, Chunqina.
I wonder what
Colonel Tchernov's purpose is.
## [Waltz]
And this is Cavalieri Cacciatora
of the Italian delegation.
- This is a pleasure.
- Stefan Koerger.
- Delighted.
- And Monsieur DuPont, the French counselor.
[Speaking French]
[Speaking French]
I believe I'm next in line,
Colonel Tchernov.
My dear, I should like to present
a countryman of yours.
Mr. Thomas Nelson
of the American delegation.
- [Clicks Heels]
- I am so glad with pleasure.
I've been wanting to meet you, ever since
I made an interesting discovery about you.
- What?
- Well, you see, I'm psychic.
I've been in this country long enough
to soak up some Oriental mysticism.
Now, last night, for instance,
I went into a trance-
Uh, shall we dance
and I'll tell you all about it.
Ivan, has Mr. Moto arrived yet?
- No, sir.
- Perhaps something has happened to delay him.
Now, while you were in this trance,
just what did you find out about me?
Well, that your father is Norton Joyce,
the famous importer.
- How interesting. Go on.
- You're 5'4". You weigh 114 pounds.
- And your age-
- Be careful!
You have lovely soft, brown eyes.
Your complexion is fair.
- And you have a mole on your-
- Isn't a mole, it's a freckle.
Your passport definitely says it's a mole.
You don't want to make a liar
out of your passport.
So, that's your Oriental magic?
You've got my passport?
Yes, madame. That's why
you had to leave it at the embassy...
so that I could return it
to you in person.
One look at your passport photo,
and I was cast in a spell.
- The girl of my dreams!
- Oh, give me that.
You see that hook on the end of your name?
That means stubbornness.
- Give me that passport.
- I think we'd better go sit down.
What I have to tell you about your handwriting
is going to take quite a while.
Moto's here.
- Good evening, Mr. Tom.
- Hello.
- Who's that man?
- His name's Moto-
Adventurer, explorer,
soldier of fortune.
One of the Orient's mysteries.
Nobody knows very much about him...
except that whenever he shows up,
something usually happens.
- Sounds fascinating. I want to meet him.
- Most people do.
- Good evening, madame.
- Good evening.
I'm so glad you could come, Mr. Moto.
- It was thoughtful of you to invite me.
- Not at all.
[Speaking German]
Colonel Tchernov, will you introduce
Mr. Moto to the guest of honor?
Of course.
Miss Joyce, may I present Mr. Moto.
- [Speaking Japanese]
- [Speaking Japanese]
I'm sorry. That's all I know.
I picked that up my one day in Yokohama.
- Your accent is superb.
- You'll excuse us, won't you?
It isn't often I have a chance...
- to dance with my husband.
- Pardon.
I have the honor
to have met your father, Miss Joyce.
He indeed is a true connoisseur
of Oriental art.
Miss Joyce was telling me she's here
to pick up some antiques herself.
- She's writing a book on Chinese art.
- Oh, so?
It is impressive to find
one so young and attractive...
with an appreciation for fine carvings,
porcelains and, uh, scroll paintings.
- My father taught me what appreciation I have.
- It is wise to be cautious.
- Why do you say that?
- Deception is a fine art...
with dealers in Oriental antiques.
That's right. I bought a jade Buddha once,
and it turned out to be soapstone.
My father gave me a pretty good
detective course- but thanks for the advice.
- Quite welcome.
- May I have the honor of this dance?
Why yes.
I've enjoyed meeting you, Mr. Moto.
- It was my pleasure, Miss Joyce.
- Pardon?
The next girl that wants to meet you
can write you a letter.
I have noticed that you are troubled
with shyness, Mr. Tom.
Suppose you try cutting in?
One meets every nationality in Peking-
even Chinese.
- [Laughing]
- For instance...
there is Prince Chung and his mother-
Chinese nobility.
She reminds me of pictures
of the old empress dowager.
She was lady-in-waiting to the empress.
Madame Chung disapproves of modern China...
and of foreigners.
Thank you.
Now tomorrow we'll go shopping,
then after dinner, we'll go to the Chenguang.
- What's that?
- Movie theater.
- I came her to write a book, remember.
- Make it a trilogy...
- something that'll take us years to finish.
- [Both Laugh]
I trust you are enjoying yourself,
Madame Chung.
- I am being amused.
- My honorable mother seldom
attends these functions.
Perhaps I could offer you
something to eat.
Thank you. I have never learned
to enjoy foreign dishes.
When you find it convenient, will you come
in the library for a few moments?
I should like to confer with your son
on a matter of importance.
- If you wish.
- Thank you. Madame.
I knew there was a purpose
behind this affair.
He wants something of you, my son.
Never fear, Mother.
He will not get it.
I will return soon.
- ##[Ends]
- [Applause]
- Cocktail, sir?
- No, thank you...
but you may bring me
a glass of milk, please.
Please excuse me for mentioning
such a delicate subject...
but I should like to help you.
You and your mother
were once quite wealthy-
A considerable contrast
to your present position.
It will perhaps save you time
if I tell you at once...
that I have no intention of selling any
of the treasures of the House of Chung.
I am interested only
in a few minor pieces.
- For example?
- Oh, well...
I might be able to offer a substantial sum
for your set of scroll paintings.
Those "minor pieces" are authentic paintings
of the time of Kubla Khan.
In that case,
I could probably pay much more.
You wish these
for your own collection?
No, I am buying them
for a friend of mine.
There are few enough treasures
left in my country.
Surely you understand.
These scrolls have been handed down
through 12 generations of my family.
- I could not part with them.
- The restoration of your fortune...
would mean a great deal
to your mother.
It must be hard for her to accustom herself
to, forgive me, poverty.
You are too proud!
I respect your beliefs,
but you are refusing a helping hand.
I am sorry. I cannot sell.
I will pay you enough to make it worth
your while, if that's what's worrying you.
Among our people...
social gatherings are not arranged for
the purpose of transacting business deals.
See here!
I've got to have those scrolls.
See here!
I've got to have those scrolls.
Either you will sell them to me,
or I'll find other ways of getting them.
You will never obtain them,
Colonel Tchernov.
The honor of my ancestors
depends upon it.
You are always talking about
honor and ancestors...
and still you sell anything
if you get your price.
That is a lie!
I am certain
you will regret these insults.
- Good evening.
- Wait!
You are not leaving here-
Not until you change your mind.
I decided to see another corner of the world,
so I managed to get sent here as a code clerk.
Can you decode
what I'm thinking about now?
- Something romantic, I hope.
- Wrong again.
I was thinking I haven't been so chilly
since I left California.
- I'll get you a wrap. Where do you keep them?
- You'd never find it.
- I'll be right back.
- I'll be right here.
Colonel Tchernov.
Colonel Tchernov,
what's the matter?
He's quite dead, I assure you.
Most regrettable.
- What happened?
- Please understand
that we must be discreet about this-
Extremely discreet.
What do you mean?
There are representatives
of a dozen nations outside in the garden.
One injudicious word
from either of us...
might provoke
a very serious international incident.
But Colonel Tchernov has been killed.
We must tell someone, call the police-
do something.
Certainly, Miss Joyce.
Certainly. In due time.
There's very little
the police can do about, uh-
- Suicide?
- Well, but it can't be suicide.
The gun was in his hand.
It is suicide, Miss Joyce.
We call it hara-kiri.
He stabbed himself,
as you can see.
You know it's not suicide.
It's murder!
Of course it is murder, dear lady...
but it would be difficult to prove it.
Would it not?
You honor my poor house
by your presence, Mr. Moto.
I regret that I was unable to thank you
last night for saving my unworthy life.
I'm extremely sorry that I was forced
to employ such, uh, severe measures.
If I had entered the library a moment earlier,
I might have disarmed him...
but unfortunately for Colonel Tchernov,
he was about to shoot you.
Well, perhaps it was better that way.
I wish that I could express my gratitude
in more tangible form...
- than words.
- You can, Your Highness.
- I am delighted.
- I should very much like to see the...
scrolls that Colonel Tchernov
was so anxious to obtain.
You honor me by your interest
in my humble possessions.
Please excuse me.
One of my illustrious ancestors
painted these scrolls centuries ago.
It is said that originally
there were seven scrolls in the set...
but as far as our family records go,
there were only six.
There is a legend
that the seventh scroll...
is hidden in a lamasery
in the Gobi Desert.
I believe it is more
than a legend. Oh.
What harmony ofline and color.
This is truly a voiceless poem.
I do not wonder that Colonel Tchernov
wanted them so ardently.
The colonel's interest was prompted
by something beyond the love of art.
- Oh, so?
- My honorable father told me that these scrolls...
placed in order
form a picture map...
indicating the location
of a great treasure...
hidden in the tomb of Genghis Khan.
Oh, but the tomb of Genghis Khan
has never been discovered.
The ancient chronicles
say that he is buried...
in a forest near the edge
of the Gobi Desert.
These paintings are supposed
to indicate the location...
of the burial place
and the lost treasure.
I am so very happy to hear
this corroboration from your own lips.
You have also heard the legend?
Well, that's why I'm in Peiping.
I was sent here to learn
whether such a treasure exists...
and if it does,
to take the necessary steps to recover it.
Your family, of course,
would benefit greatly should I succeed.
This is a great surprise to me,
Mr. Moto.
My family has no desire
to desecrate the tomb of the great Khan.
Oh, I am so sorry, Your Highness,
but my mission has been clearly defined.
Oh. This bridge on the first scroll
seems familiar.
It is still in existence.
The Marco Polo Bridge.
Only a short distance from here.
Oh, of course.
And the second, showing the sampan
sailing into the setting sun...
undoubtedly means that
the first stage of the journey...
is westward from Peiping,
up the Hung Ho River.
That is the traditional explanation.
I leave blank this space
where the third of the series should be.
Its principal decoration
was a peculiarly shaped pagoda with a-
- Son!
- Respectful greetings, honorable mother.
- Your Highness.
- I'm showing Mr. Moto our poor treasures.
Have you forgotten they are not
to be looked upon by strangers?
- Mr. Moto is hardly a stranger.
- That may be...
but as long as they remain in our vault,
their secret is safe.
- Return the scrolls to the vault.
- My worthy mother does not...
understand the service
you have done me.
Your honorable mother is quite right.
I should never have presumed
upon your friendship.
Please, Your Highness,
forgive my ill-bred eagerness.
On our ancestral tablets
is engraved the oath of our family:
"Honor above wealth,
tradition above self."
If you have come to buy the Chung Yang scrolls,
you have failed.
I would not offend you
by offering to buy them.
For over 600 years, men have been seeking
the tomb of Genghis Khan...
to despoil it.
That is why so many people
want our scrolls and that is why...
we will never part with them.
I regret that I have to appear
impolite with you...
but already we have lost
one of the set.
I understand, Your Highness.
May I ask what happened
to the missing scroll?
A short time ago,
the museum requested the loan of one...
as an example of the Yang Dynasty art.
Against my better judgment,
I consented.
The second day of the exhibition,
it disappeared.
You made attempts to recover it, however.
We offered as large a reward
as our circumstances permitted-
- But to no avail.
- Our only response was from a foreign barbarian...
a dealer in doubtful antiques
who pretended he had made a mistake...
as soon as he discovered
we were the rightful owners.
It would appear that my task
is slightly more complicated...
than I thought.
- Ivan.
- Miss Joyce is in the library, sir.
Not only is this genuine
Kuan Yin ofTang Dynasty...
- but it is very authentic.
- Hello. About ready?
- Oh, come on in, Tom.
- Madame Tchernov feeling any better?
Yes, thanks. I was just looking at some antiques
this gentleman brought to show me.
I sell only genuine objects of art, senhor.
Observe these objects.
Genuine Buddha of Wei Dynasty.
Ah, I see you appreciate fine work, senhorita.
This is very old scroll painting.
Exceedingly rare.
Look, Tom. Isn't it lovely?
Very nice. It-
What's it represent?
Who can say, senhor?
Artist long time dead.
Observe the colors, senhorita.
As fresh as if they were painted yesterday.
Yet it is many hundred years old.
- How much are you asking for this?
- To you, I make reasonable price.
$2,000 gold.
- That's ridiculous.
- $2,000 gold?
I'll show someone else.
Maybe other people buy.
- You'll never get that price for it.
- Perhaps not.
Two weeks ago, I sold Chinese painting
for $10,000.
I do not lie. You like this?
Well, I'm more interested in the scroll.
I'll give you $500 next for it.
I would lose money, senhorita.
I go now.
Maybe I come back.
You must come to my shop sometime.
I have very large collection.
How do you manage to get ahold
of those things?
That I cannot tell, senhor. I am honest man.
You ask anyone about Pereira.
I am foremost antiquarian in Peking.
Good day.
Remember my address...
if you want genuine objects of art.
I'd like to have had that scroll,
but he wanted too much money for it.
You can probably get it
for a lot less.
He was just trying to find out
how much you wanted it.
Funny part of it is, Father especially asked me
to buy early Chinese scrolls.
Well, let's get started. I know where
there's a whole street full of curio shops.
[Singing In Foreign Language]
- Tommy, I want to see those three acrobats.
- Stop here!
This is where we're going anyway.
They get the crowd interested, and then
they won't do their best trick until they're paid.
Money? No got enough money,
no "catchy" no show.
Here. Wait a minute!
- [Gasps]
- [Laughs]
[Tom] You gave 'em enough for 40 tricks.
They'll break their necks.
[Girl Speaking Foreign Language]
[Foreign Language]
- [Chattering]
- [Man Singing]
You know, I bought my soapstone jade Buddha
in a place like this.
Oh, it's your friend Pereira's shop.
I think I'll go in
and look at that scroll again.
That's no way to shop in this country.
Let him come to you.
You'd better always
go shopping with me.
That's one of my honorable intentions.
- Let's try across the street.
- Okay.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello, Mr. Moto.
Were you able to find any bargains?
We're trying to decide
what place to get gypped in.
Oh, certainly no one
with Miss Joyce's training...
would purchase
any soapstone jade Buddhas.
Please don't let me detain you.
I, too, have shopping to do.
- Sayonara.
- So long.
Nice day.
Come inside, look?
- Mr. Pereira?
- Sim, senhor. Can I help you?
I've heard that you possess
some very unusual objects of art.
My stock is quite large.
I'm especially interested
in a scroll painting of the Yuan Dynasty.
Such scrolls are rare...
and very expensive.
Oh, I am prepared to pay well
should I find a certain one.
It matches a rather famous set.
I have a Chinese scroll,
13th century.
Very fine. I show you.
Excuse me one minute.
Mr. Moto just went in Pereira's shop.
## [Plucking]
## [Continues]
You play well, senhor.
There's nothing like the music of a samisen
to make one recall cherry blossoms.
Sim, senhor. Observe this excellent example
early Chinese art.
You like it?
I make good price.
- $2,000 gold.
- This isn't 13th century.
Perhaps not,
but it is very ancient.
Yes, as ancient as, uh...
a month or so.
The silk, though cleverly aged,
is new...
and the paint
is of inferior modern grade.
But, senhor, that is impossible.
- You certainly did not intend to defraud me.
- Oh! No, no, no, no.
I am honest man.
Ask anybody about Pereira.
I buy from coolie
who swear he steal from temple.
Many missing art treasures
have been traced to your shop...
Mr. Pereira...
- but this isn't one of them.
- Do not be angry, senhor.
- I make mistake.
- You made a mistake
when you stole a real scroll.
- No!
- From the museum.
- No, no, no!
- Who paid you to steal it, Mr. Pereira?
I cannot say.
They will kill me.
And I'll kill you right now
if you don't tell me.
I explain everything, senhor.
I did obtain such scroll as you describe.
I was well paid.
- By whom, Mr. Pereira?
- By-
- Answer quickly.
- By a man known as-
Your premonition was correct,
Mr. Pereira.
- You "likey" buy?
- Somebody shot the front out of Pereira's store.
- This number one jade Buddha. Very fine.
- No, thank you. Don't want it.
I wonder if anybody's hurt.
Bring very good luck. Small price.
You buy it for miss, you know.
- No. Go away.
- Miss, you buy for gentleman.
- Number one jade. First class.
- Please, we don't want it.
- They've killed him.
- [Eleanor]
We were talking to him not half an hour ago.
- They've killed him.
- [Eleanor]
We were talking to him not half an hour ago.
Price too big maybe?
You make your offer.
Look, I told you I didn't want it.
Will you please go away?
Very A-1 quality. Feel jade.
You see? Cold like icebox.
Pardon, please.
Did you witness shooting?
No. We were across the street
at his shop.
Oh, yeah. Gentleman and miss come buy
number one jade Buddha. Price $15, max.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
- $15 too much? You pay $11.
- [Foreign Language]
- You are American, sir?
- That's right. I'm with the delegation.
- $10?
- Thank you. You will please excuse me.
I must question others.
You pay $3, max,
and number one jade Buddha belong to you.
Oh, all right.
- [Coins Rattle]
- There.
Gentleman "catchy" number one bargain.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
[Shouting In Foreign Language]
Drink your coffee
and we'll go see a movie.
Would you mind if I just asked you
to take me home instead?
Well, there's nothing like a murder
to ruin a perfectly good evening.
I'm sorry to be such a killjoy...
but, after all, that's the second death I've seen
since I've been here.
I wonder why
that antique dealer was killed.
They haven't found any motive yet.
By the way, where was Mr. Moto
when that shooting occurred?
He went across the street to Pereira's shop
right after he left us, didn't he?
Yes. That's what I've been wondering.
Tom, there's something
I've got to tell you.
- Colonel Tchernov didn't kill himself.
- What?
I mean,
it's a little difficult to believe he did.
The circumstances were so strange.
Darling, you're just upset.
It couldn't have been anything but suicide.
His hand was grasping the knife
when you found him.
- Wasn't it?
- Good evening.
- Hello, Mr. Moto.
- Please sit down.
I was so happy to hear
that an official verdict of suicide...
has been returned
in the death of Colonel Tchernov.
It would have spoiled
Miss Joyce's visit...
if she had been subjected
to much unnecessary questioning.
- I'm sure I could have answered satisfactorily.
- One can never predict...
what the police
will consider satisfactory.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have some work to do.
Good evening, Miss Joyce.
So long, Mr. Tom.
- So long, Mr. Moto.
- Good night.
You know, he's right at that. They could've
bothered you with a lot of questioning.
Please, Tom, take me home.
Well, sure. Check, please.
May I have my key, please?
- Here you are, Mr. Moto.
- Thank you very much.
- [Meowing]
- Shh!
## [Humming]
##[Moto Humming]
May I speak with the manager, please?
Hello. This is Mr. Moto
speaking in Room 303.
I recently discharged
my number one boy...
and he has repaid me
by trying to rob me.
No, nothing serious...
but I have
a very valuable art treasure here...
that I should like to leave in your safe
from now on.
Yes, I shall be down with it directly.
Thank you very much.
- Stay where you are.
- Who are you?
Never mind who I am. Hand me that scroll
and keep your mouth shut.
Now get over there.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
- You wait here. Savvy?
- Me savvy.
[Foreign Language]
Good night
and thanks for everything.
Don't go yet.
There's something on your mind, Eleanor.
I know it's got something to do
with those scrolls. What is it?
Oh, nothing really, Tom. I guess I'm just nervous
over Colonel Tchernov's suicide.
Well, let me come in for awhile.
I don't like to leave you alone like this.
Oh, I shan't be alone. Madame Tchernov
is here and there are servants.
Well, all right,
but I'm still worried about you.
Good night.
I'll phone you when I get in
to make sure you're all right.
- Good night.
- Good night.
[Foreign Language]
Madame Tchernov
retired rather early.
She's still suffering
from the shock.
May I get you something,
Oh, no, thank you, Ivan. I'll find a book
and read myself to sleep.
[Safe Door Opens]
[Lock Clicks]
Get me 2-4-5-2-1, please.
Hello? Yes, darling. I have it.
Schneider's waiting outside.
We'll meet you there
in 10 minutes.
[Door Closes]
- [Car Door Closes]
- [Engine Starts]
[Car Departs]
Good evening, Miss Joyce.
Please don't be alarmed.
I'm only attempting to break into the safe.
If you're trying to steal that scroll,
you needn't bother.
- Madame Tchernov took it away.
- Oh, so?
That's most unfortunate
for me and for you too.
- Why include me?
- Because you, like myself, are interested in scrolls.
But I wouldn't commit murder to get one.
That's the reason
you killed Colonel Tchernov!
Of course.
I thought it was a very good reason.
My dear Miss Joyce...
I find your confidence in the police
both flattering and disturbing.
I should advise you to postpone your call
until I'm ready for them.
- But I don't understand why-
- This perhaps might eliminate
any further confusion.
Oh, I wish I'd known before
that you were a detective.
Only as a hobby.
It's extremely diverting...
and sometimes,
as in the present case...
I find it possible to combine it
with my profession, which is that of an importer.
So my interest
in the Chung Yang scrolls...
- is quite easy to understand, isn't it?
- Yes, I see now.
Where did Madame Tchernov
take the scroll?
I don't know. But she telephoned someone
whom she called "darling."
Her lamentation for her husband
seemed to have been of short duration.
Did you hear the telephone number?
I think it was 2-4-5-2-1.
Would you please connect me with Mr. Fang
of the telephone company?
I may have misunderstood that number.
Mr. Fang?
This is Mr. Moto speaking.
Thank you. Very well.
Could you please tell me...
whose telephone bears the number
I'll wait.
Very obliging gentleman, Mr. Fang...
but submerged in
an uninteresting occupation.
Mr. Fang? Yes?
Oh, so?
Thank you very much.
I'm quite sure your hearing was not at fault.
2-3-7-2-9, if you please.
This might be rather urgent.
May I speak to Prince Chung,
if you please?
[Speaking Foreign Language]
[Foreign Language]
This is Prince Chung speaking.
Ah. Good evening, Mr. Moto.
Please excuse me
for calling at this hour...
but I've reason to believe that an attempt
will be made to steal your scrolls tonight.
I shall take every precaution.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
You're quite welcome, Your Highness.
[Foreign Language]
[Foreign Language]
- You'll forgive my rather sudden departure?
- Where are you going?
To the home of my friend,
where I may be of some assistance.
- He's in danger.
- But you just spoke to him.
Oh, no. I spoke to someone
who pretended to be the prince...
but whose knowledge
of the Chinese language could be improved.
- [Phone Rings]
- Answer it, please?
Hello? Oh, hello, Tom.
Well, darling, I'm home.
Just checking up on you.
It might be wise
to ask Mr. Tom to come over.
Oh, Tom.
Madame Tchernov has gone out.
Maybe you better drop back here for a while.
I'm a little nervous.
Uh-huh. What did I tell you?
I'll be right over.
Au revoir.
Do not neglect to lock the door securely
after I go.
Don't try to call for help.
Keep an eye on him.
Those scrolls must be hidden someplace else.
We have searched every room.
They're here somewhere.
Moto phoned Chung to warn him, didn't he?
And it couldn't have been Moto
you talked to. He's dead.
I had to shoot him to get that scroll
he brought back from the Gobi Desert.
You thought you killed him before
in Pereira's shop. I tell you, he tricked you.
Now how could he?
He was standing as close as you are now.
I killed him with his own gun.
Which he very conveniently left
for you to use, you stupid fool.
- I warned you not to underestimate Moto.
- [Clattering]
If he's as clever as you think, perhaps your
impersonation of Prince Chung didn't deceive him.
- Suppose he should send for the police?
- I'll handle this.
I'm through wasting time.
Now then,
where are those scrolls?
Where are they?
[Engine Shuts Off]
Mr. Moto! Mr. Moto!
Where's Eleanor?
- Now, will you tell me?
- No.
You'd better talk.
Where are they?
You'll never find them.
- What's happened? Where's Eleanor?
- Is she-
- Isn't she here?
- No. The front door was open
when I came in, and-
What are you doing here, anyway?
- Do you have a car?
- Yes. Why?
Please take me
to the house of Prince Chung at once.
Prince Chung?
What's that got to do with Eleanor?
I suspect we will find her there.
You'll never find out that way!
Chinese are stubborn swine.
You could kill them before they will talk.
- I'll give you one more chance.
- No.
Untie his mother. Bring her in.
Perhaps she'll change your mind.
[Doorbell Rings]
- I told you to wait at the house.
- I brought Miss Joyce.
She's out in the car, tied up.
- You what?
- I had to do it.
Moto came there and told her everything.
- Moto? Where is he now?
- He won't bother us.
After he telephoned Prince Chung, he realized
something was wrong and started over here.
- I stopped him.
- Good work.
Put the girl in my car.
We'll be leaving soon.
- Who was that?
- Ivan. You'd better wait outside with him.
- What's happened?
- Never mind. He'll explain.
Oh, my son.
I am proud of you.
He refuses
to tell where your scrolls are.
Did you expect him to bring dishonor
upon his family?
Well, perhaps he'll talk
to protect you.
No! Stop!
- Have no fear for me.
- Please!
- No! Stop!
- [Blow Lands]
Don't! Please!
- [Sobbing]
- He will never tell you.
- No! No!
- I warn you.
- Wait! I'll tell.
- Do not speak.
- Well, where are they?
- I'll tell!
- Well?
- Do not bring disgrace upon your ancestors.
They... are in the vault,
behind the shrine.
My son.
You knew she was after the scrolls.
She's been dangerous since she came
to the house, yet you bring her here.
We can't take her along.!
It'll only cause more trouble.
Koerger doesn't seem to think so.
- Are they all there?
- We'll see.
Now our scroll shows a certain pagoda.
It fits in here somewhere.
Wait. There's the Marco Polo Bridge.
That's a start.
And that must be the second one, the river.
Now we follow the river
till we come to the pagoda on our scroll.
Now the inscription on our scroll
is a poem...
describing the view
from the top terrace of the pagoda.
It must be... this mountain pass
or that section of the Great Wall.
That's Nankow Pass.! I can recognize it.
- Let me have the scroll
you took from Moto's room.
- Here it is.
That makes seven!
That's the complete set. Let's get started.
- [Schneider] Look out.!
- [Gunshot]
[Foreign Language]
Wait outside.
The car's ready.
[Bell Dings]
Turn right at the next corner, please.
Marco Polo Bridge.
Go by way of the Xiaohongmen Gate.
[Engine Starts]
[Engine Shuts Off]
[Foreign Language]
Who did it?
We were too late.
I'm sorry.
Where is Eleanor?
Do you know?
They've gone to the Marco Polo Bridge.
They have all the scrolls.
It's not too late to stop them.
- [Tapping Phone Cradle]
- Hello, operator?
They'll have to leave by one of the city gates.
- Operator?
- [Tapping Phone Cradle]
I'm afraid Herr Koerger has denied us
the use of this instrument.
Let's go after them.
- [Grunts]
- No! No!
[Knife Clatters]
- I'll get a doctor.
- He has no need for a doctor.
I... have brought dishonor...
on the name of Chung.
I have betrayed...
the secret of the tomb of Genghis Khan.
The foreigners
will rob it of its treasure.
They will not find it,
Your Highness.
Who is there to stop them?
They have all the scrolls.
Even the seventh one.
You did not tell me you possessed it.
My very good friend,
remember the words...
"Birth is not a beginning.
Death is not an end."
I... cannot...
face my ancestors.
The hand of a friend
may take up the fallen burden.
Your worthy mother will be avenged.
I swear it.
And the tomb?
Before the gods of your house...
I promise that no one
shall ever desecrate it.
## [Singing Softly In Foreign Language]
There's... nothing more
we can do for him now.
Only a prayer.
[Foreign Language]
- [Gong Rings]
- Let's go.
[No Audible Dialogue]
- Your papers, please.
- [Koerger] Right.
We're driving out toJitaizu
for the weekend.
Yes, sir.
[Foreign Language]
[Horn Honks]
- I'm Mr. Moto, International Police.
- Yes, sir.
- Did a black limousine go through here recently?
- Just a few minutes ago.
Call Li Ching Wei, the marshal of Peiping,
and tell him that I've gone after that car.
They'll probably hire a boat
at the Marco Polo Bridge.
- Notify the river police at Lintou
to be on the lookout.
- Yes, sir, Mr. Moto.
- [Foreign Language]
- If we only knew what kind of pagoda
was on Tchernov's scroll.
If we don't stop them before they leave the river,
we'll never find Miss Joyce.
We were too late once.
[Tires Screeching]
- You aim your car quite well.
- Not mine. I borrowed it from my boss.
[Tires Screeching]
[No Audible Dialogue]
I've chartered that junk over there.
Take the girl inside the cabin
and keep her out of sight, understand?
You go boat side,
come back for me chop-chop. Savvy?
Me savvy.
- Shall I go now?
- Yes. Drive across the bridge
and double back on another road.
When you're sure you're not being followed,
join me at Lintou.
- [ Vehicle Approaches]
- There's a car coming now.
Slow down, Mr. Tom.
The bridge is just ahead.
- If that's Moto or the police, stop them.
- [Gun Cocks]
[Gunshots Continue]
You got him!
Where's the other one?
No, wait! Not yet.
He may be useful to us.
Boat side. Come on in here with me.
Never mind the car.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you going to do with them?
Stop worrying, will you?
Ivan, tell the captain to keep midstream.
- Don't permit anyone to board us. Understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Nelson's come out of it.
- Oh, hello, Nelson.
You're lucky you're not at the bottom of the river
with your friend Moto.
You can't get away with this. Moto left word
at the gate for the police to follow you.
I don't think they'll find us. The route we're taking
hasn't been discovered over 600 years.
You see, the artist who designed
this picture map...
made certain that all the scrolls were needed
to follow its instructions.
- We have the complete set.
- Mr. Koerger.!
- Yes?
- The captain is having some trouble
with his deckhands.
- What kind of trouble?
- They're frightened of something...
think the boat is haunted
by some evil spirits.
- Keep 'em quiet.
We don't want the river police after us.
- Yes, sir.
- [Chattering In Foreign Language]
- [Yells In Foreign Language]
Tell 'em to shut up!
No can do! Him see ghost.
Make plenty noise.
- Frighten bad spirit away.
- You're crazy.
There's no such thing as ghosts!
- There! Now I see ghost!
- Where? [Screams]
- [Water Splashing]
- [Chattering Continues]
What's going on up there anyway?
Oh, it's nothing.
You heard Ivan say they were superstitious.
[Shouting In Foreign Language]
[Water Splashing]
- [Shouting Stops]
- I'll go.
Good evening, everybody.
Oh, I should advise you
not to shoot me, Mr. Koerger.
You see, I have something
that you desire very badly.
The only thing I ever wanted from you
was that scroll...
you brought from the Gobi Desert,
and I've got that.
I'm so sorry to disillusion you,
but, uh, the scroll...
that I permitted, uh, poor Mr. Schneider
to take from my room...
was only an imitation...
done by a modern
and not too expert artist.
You're lying.
This is one time you won't talk your way out.
If you shoot me,
we shall both regret it. I assure you.
Since the decision lies
entirely with you...
at least do both of us the favor...
of, uh, examining this scroll here...
through a magnifying glass?
Don't believe him.
This is just another one of his tricks.
If it is, it'll be his last.
Even an untrained eye would detect
these, uh, artificially frayed edges.
Not to mention the fact that the original scroll
has an entirely different design...
which shows the exact location
of the tomb itself.
Where is the real scroll?
Oh, do you think
I'm so foolish as to tell you?
The Mongolian you sent
to kill me in the desert...
was sufficient warning
that my scroll was in danger.
I managed to deposit it
in a place of, uh, comparative safety.
It wouldn't have been of much use to you
if I'd pulled this trigger when you entered here.
Now exactly what do you want?
I would have hardly have gone
to such trouble to reach you...
if I had believed you'd reward me
with a bullet.
You understand,
my scroll is useless without yours...
but likewise, your set has no value
without mine.
I should imagine the treasure of Genghis Khan
is sufficient for all of us.
Why should we share with you?
You haven't even got the scroll with you.
But... I possess
a most remarkable memory.
May I borrow
this, uh, chart for a moment?
I can reproduce the drawing
exactly as it appears on the original scroll.
- What if we don't agree?
- I'm afraid you must agree.
You see, your scrolls direct you
only as far as the edge of the Gobi Desert.
Oh, and the Gobi Desert is so vast...
one could so easily
wander around endlessly...
without finding a trace of the tomb.
Unless, uh, one knew the exact direction.
Oh, you are disappointed?
I was only amusing myself a little.
However, I shall be happy
to make a copy of the scroll...
should we reach an understanding.
Can't you see what he's doing?
He's stalling for time.
Nelson told you he'd notified the police.
You're a fool to trust him!
But my dear Madame Tchernov,
it is always unwise to trust anyone.
Even a lady of your suspicious nature
can sometimes be deceived.
- What do you mean?
- I have no interest, of course...
in Mr. Koerger's, uh, sentimental attachments,
but is it not strange...
that he should insist on encumbering
your journey with, uh, Miss Joyce?
Eric? Aren't you going to deny it?
I brought her because
she might prove useful if we're followed.
- You should know that.
- I realize, Herr Koerger...
that you did not wish
to disillusion Madame Tchernov...
until you had gained possession of the scroll
her husband bought from Pereira.
- Eric! Is this true?
- Of course it's true. I'm sorry, darling.
I tried to go through with my part,
but Mr. Moto spoiled everything.
- You see?
- What are you talking about? You're crazy!
- You might as well untie me now.
- Say, what is all this?
Couldn't you see through it, Tom,
the way I was using you to fool Madame Tchernov?
So it's true! You didn't want me.
It was only the scroll you were after.
- [Koerger] Keep quiet.!
- You lied to me, making me believe you loved me!
- Stop it, will you?
- You can't shut me up.
You've made a fool of me long enough.!
[No Audible Dialogue]
- [Bottle Shatters]
- Oh!
[Body Thuds]
My dear Madame Tchernov, I'm so grateful
for your suspicious nature.
It is not the first time
a woman's jealousy...
has been fatal to the man she loved.
I do not think it will be necessary
to bind Madame Tchernov.
The police will meet us at Lintou...
and until then,
escape would be impossible.
You almost believed me, didn't you?
Oh, no. Of course l-
Yes, I did.
Oh, well. Everything's all right now.
Mr. Moto, stop!
Don't burn them!
It is with extreme regret...
that I destroy these rare objects of art.
But already these scrolls
have caused trouble enough.
But they're priceless.
My father will pay you well for them
for his collection.
He doesn't know anything
about the treasure.
No one will ever know
their real significance.
I do not doubt your sincerity,
Miss Joyce...
but as long as these scrolls remain...
they'll be a constant temptation
to unscrupulous persons.
I must keep a promise I made.
Well, there goes ten million dollars
up in smoke.
He's right, Tom.
[Foreign Language]
Now my friend can face his ancestors
without shame.