Thappu Thanda (2017) Movie Script

All three of them
must know my pain.
Make sure all three of them are...
Tell me dear father-in-law?
I am on my way there.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Ok. I shall hang up now.
None of them should be alive
to see the sunrise tomorrow.
Finish of these three.
Excuse me. Which is Ravi's room?
The third room.
On the radio: Election
approaching soon.
Welcome. How are you?
Well, I'm ok.
So you got the address right.
Well, it was not a big deal.
How's everyone back in native?
Everyone's fine.
Then why are you here?
Didn't I mention in the call?
It's all about my job.
Oh yeah. I forgot.
When's the interview?
I'm yet to start the job hunt.
Yet to start?
Today's horoscope did
hint a bad time for me.
Well, here I'm in the soup!
get me a job under the MLA.
I can handle any work.
I can also take pride
in working for him.
It's impossible right now.
He is quite busy with the
preparations for the election.
Let's wait till the
election gets over.
Buddy! Chennai might appear to be
a bright city from the outside.
Only after stepping in,
you realize that...
everyone is actually burned out
That might hold true for others.
work for the MLA!
Why would you be burned out?
I could boast about
being MLA's driver
Reality is that it's been 2 months since
I got any salary. Some how I'm managing!
What do you mean?
Look, It's him calling. The MLA!
Hand me the money for the food.
Tell me chief.
Is everything done?
Yes, I'm done with all the
tasks you assigned me.
Hope the plan is on course.
Go meet the district head.
Sure. I'll go meet
him today evening.
Ok. Another important thing.
Looks like 500 and 1000 currency
notes are banned from tomorrow.
Replace the old currencies
we've got with the new ones.
We will need it
for the election.
Ok chief. That can be arranged.
Fine. Hang up now.
How much for the food?
200 bucks.
there is 50 bucks
extra in the change.
Bhai will never make a mistake.
Believe me buddy! Just count it.
- See I told you.
- Sorry Bai. Didn't notice.
You fool!
Even I knew that there was extra
50 bucks in it but never mind it!
That Bai earns a lot.
- 50 bucks ain't gonna make a difference.
- Well, buddy...
Listen dear! You will never succeed
in life if you stay so innocent.
If you ever wanna succeed in life...
then you must follow 3 rules.
Rule #1: Don't trust anyone.
Even if it's your own brother.
- Even if it's your?
- Own brother.
Good boy.
Rule #2: You must
learn to lie a lot.
Rule #3: Never lend or donate
money to anyone because...
if anyone makes it big
in life from your help...
they will never be thankful to you.
And remember that above all, if you
set your sights on achieving a goal...
then make sure you don't care for
anyone and achieve your goal.
Even if it's me.
These habits will never occur naturally.
We must gradually make it a habit.
If you want to master these
habits then I know a person.
The only popular person in Chennai,
especially in this particular domain.
He is...
( Mischievious Fraud)
Sir, I'm waiting at the
entrance of 'Art of Theft'.
Awesome darling.
Do you see a pair of
slippers at the entrance?
Yes. I see the slippers.
Do you see a clay vessel
right next to it?
Yes. I see that too.
Do you see a fresh
plant next to it?
Fresh plant? I see
a crushed plant!
Now, uproot it.
Is that what I'm supposed to do?
Now do it!
Notice the key?
Yes. I got the key.
Now, back to the door
at the entrance.
Sir, but the lock is sealed.
Really? Just lift it.
Now open and get in.
I'm inside.
Turn left and follow
the arrow marks.
Guru 'EYE'MAX?
Whoa! There is a
theater in here!
Now hang up!
Don't you have any other
work than making calls?
Look at the crappy tattoo
on his bald head!
Sir, I'm Vetri.
- So do you...
- Greetings.
- Do you have any prior...
- Greetings.
- Any experience...
- Greetings.
Can't you see I'm
talking to you?!
I am asking if you've got any prior experience
but you seemed to be keen on greeting!
Beware or I'll rip you apart!
Boss! Cool! Cool.
So, as I was asking...
Do you have any prior
experience in this field?
Yes! When I was in the 10th grade...
I flicked Kokila's....
I'm not asking that!
Yes. It's indeed that.
I said I 'flicked' her geometry kit!
Geometry kit?
Mr. High, where
did you find him?
Boss, our friend Ravi
recommended him.
Is it? Our friend Ravi?
Yes boss.
Why didn't you mention earlier,
that you are Ravi's friend?
It's ok dear, that you
don't have any experience.
It's not like I am born thief.
Our society and our plight is
what pushed us to become so.
You are selected.
Thank you chief.
Thank you chief.
Your father-in-law
is furious with you.
For what?
have you started?
Don't waste your lunch.
Eat it fully.
I've kept some money
by mom's photo.
Take it.
Come back home early.
Take care.
I shall hang up now.
Well, the election date is approaching...
and he is furious that you haven't
kick started any preparation.
Come on now...
he just won't listen to me.
He is adamant that I obey him.
I am not at all interested
in bribing people for votes.
All the parties do the same thing.
I wanna do something new.
Leave it.
I'll convince him in person.
- Mr. High!
- Yes chief...
Who ever arrives first
in the class tomorrow...
- will be allowed to do practicals..
- Ok boss
Who is he?
He looks like a typhoid
affected Will Smith.
Hi. I am Mr. Wild Cat.
I had forwarded my resume...
and you had shortlisted me.
- I just came by.
- Listen brother.
Do you have any recommendation?
Then you do one thing,
join the next batch.
There is no vacancy in this batch.
Come on, ours is the only profession
where you don't need a recommendation.
Has things changed here too?
I understand you
excitement and eagerness.
I quit all my job just
to join under you.
Just give me a chance chief.
I'll definitely impress you.
Under technical skills,
you have mentioned "Variety"
Can you explain me the variety
of theft you have done?
In Malaysia...
a flight went missing.
Who do you think abducted it?
It was my gang.
Then, Facebook owner,
what's his name?
Yeah, Sugarboy!
Small boy!
Who do you think
hacked his password?
It's me!
Stop showing faces!
Tell me Kumar.
In Switzerland?
Ok. Let's get it done.
Chief, see even now
Kumar is calling me.
To rob the swiss bank.
Hope now you realize,
how busy I am?
I got white on my hands! Oh!
I got white on my hands!
Why not select him boss?
He is over qualified.
Allow him and he'll gobble us up!
You are rejected.
It's ok.
But the loss...
is yours.
A true talent...
seldom gets recognized.
Keep it down.
You will need it.
I got white on my
hands, oh baby!
Welcome to, Kirtilal
Jewelers presents....
"Let's speak the truth out loud"
Of late, women have been
facing many problems.
Many women are being
molested and harassed.
What's your opinion on this mam?
Not of late! For a long time now, women
have been facing many problems.
But now, it's coming to
light more frequently.
Men must learn to respect women.
That said, I am not
blaming all the men.
Most of the men see
women as a drug...
and an object of pleasure.
What is your opinion sir?
She is right...
but where does the
real problem lie?
It's in the way the women
dress and carry themselves.
It is said that dress is the
second skin for humans.
But girls today wear clothes
that are too exposing.
Sir, in that case
I have a question.
A 3-year-old baby was raped.
Also, an 80-year-old
woman was raped.
Did these two provoke men
by exposing too much skin?
During recent times...
in Chennai..
a girl in her teens
was brutally murdered.
The central government had
allotted the railway department...
millions of bucks to
install CCTV cameras.
But the station where
she was murdered...
didn't even have one
CCTV camera installed.
This is something
we must regret.
Well, on one hand the
government is like this...
and on the other hand, even the
people are ignorant and selfish.
To discuss more on this, we
have our central minister...
Mr. Ekambaram on the line.
Cue mam.
- Greetings.
- Greetings sir.
Please tell us about the
brutalities faced by the women.
Our government has started to take serious actions
against the brutalities faced by women.
The government has been working
on many schemes for this cause.
This cannot be put to
an end right away.
We must join hands to
bring this to an end.
Thank you.
What's up with your looks? It's scary!
Since today is the
first day of class...
I had been to my deity's temple
to receive her blessings.
Yeah but instead of receiving
your deity's blessing...
why have you appeared all dressed
up like the deity herself?
Now come on!
Get lost!
His religiousness would
have put an end to my life!
- Listen Mr. Smoke!
- Yes boss..
Now go and snatch a chain from
someone in that bus stop.
Boss, the bus stop
looks quite crowded.
I said go! Go!
Now! Go!
Look at her! She looks like
a dressed up elephant!
Why is the bus so late?
I'm running late to work.
The dressed up deity has laid
his hands on big fat momma.
Oh my god!
Even my husband doesn't
lay a finger on me.
How dare you? Who
do you think I am?
- I'll squash you!
- He is dead!
He is alive.
Wake him up and thrash him!
Wake him up!
Stop acting like you
had a hangover!
Vetri! Now switch
off that mobile!
Sounds sleazy! Bad timing!
Mr. Smoky head, the first thing
to learn in our business is...
our looks!
Your look is so bad that even a
dog will hate it and chase you!
Don't be too eager in
the beginning stage!
There was a slim and weak lady standing
in the corner of the bus stop. Isn't it?
You could have snatched
her chain and escaped!
Even if you were caught
snatching her chain...
she couldn't have damaged you like
what that chubby woman did to you!
Mr. Smoky head!
Now learn from your own mistakes.
Look there!
Here comes the mischievous robbers!
Make way! Here comes the
mischievous robbers!
Try snatching the chain
on the mannequin.
You fool! Thief! Hands off me!
Chief! Stop mocking me always. Why
don't you show how it is done?
Hands off me you doofus! You dinkus!
Here comes the mischievous robbers!
They are the
mischievous robbers!
Come, let's play the game
we have never played.
Come, let's take this ride
and see where we end up.
Come, let's make some easy
fortune and find some luxury.
So come on!
And if the cops catch us, then we
know what to do! Make a move!
The film's name is...
The Great St. Louis
Bank Robbery 1959.
It is directed by...
You! Stop it now!
Just play the movie!
The movie is over boss.
Whose turn is it
next to play movie?
- Chief, shall I?
- Which one?
Tamil movie, Rudra.
I'm disguised as a joker.
We work hard and party harder.
- Give me the mask.
- Mask?
That's supposed to be used inside.
Look at him! Remove that!
Here comes the
mischievous robbers!
- Guru!
- Shut up!
You are a bad teacher!
Do I look like a slave? Don't make
me furious! When do I get to steal?
Oh! Oh! He just woke 'em up!
Save me boss! Save me!
We steal, we earn and we share.
We snatch, we sell
and we show off!
We break the locks and
rob everyone around.
Stop giving orders!
Isn't this the
practical session?
So come on. Show
us how to do it!
We are the mischievous robbers;
so don't mess with us!
Mess with us and we'll
thrash you and bash you!
Here to raise hell; we are
the mischievous robbers!
Look there Vetri.
Over here if you flick
someone's handbag...
No one will catch
or confront you.
This is where the boys stay lost.
Look over there!
Look at that birdie with a red
color handbag in her shoulder.
The girl wearing the belt a
bit high and with coolers on.
Beautiful. Right?
She looks awesome chief!
I'll punch you right
on your face!
Are you here to ogle?
- No chief.
- You are here to steal!
You must be sharp.
Focus your mind.
Now go!
Now go!
Oh! Oh!
- Chief, she has fainted. Let's take her to the hospital.
- What?
Just throw her away!
I said start the vehicle!
I'm your chief.
Please chief. Everyone's watching.
- Let's go.
- Fine, put her in.
Asked him to flick the bag and he flicked
the bombshell! Wonder when it'll explode!
Here is the bill.
Bill? She is not yet
treated for her injuries!
That's how it works here.
Pay up first and then get treated.
So you better pay
the bill first!
Get lost!
You get lost!
- What?
- Give me 2000 bucks.
- For what?
- To pay the bill.
- Here look at the bill.
- Show me.
I asked to flick the bag but instead
why are you making me spend?
Poor girl.
Check in her bag.
- Chief!
- What is it?
She works for CN TV Channel.
Well I was wondering!
She looked very familiar.
Isn't she the host of "
Speak the truth loudly"
No. Its "Let's speak
the truth out loud."
Oh yeah! Right. That's her.
Greeting chief.
Greeting dear father-in-law.
So Karna?
The election is nearing...
and it doesn't look
like you are prepared.
Bribing the people for votes...
is something I'm
not interested in.
No matter how much we bribe them,
they vote for our opponents.
If you bribe less, how
will they vote for you?
Find out how much the
opponent party is bribing.
Pay them more than that.
Then, they will vote for you.
Look here.
This is your last chance.
If you lose this election...
then you will have to go
back to being a henchman.
Dear father-in-law...
The reason why I succeeded so far...
is you and your daughter.
I won't miss it
this time for sure!
Mam, order please.
2 coffee...
- and a veg roll.
- Ok mam.
My dad is upset that you didn't
come to visit me at the hospital.
He doubts if you will take
care of me after marriage.
Was it indeed your
dad who doubted it?
Or is it...
your doubt?
Excuse me mam.
If I had doubted you, I would
have dumped you long back.
I wouldn't have kept persuading.
Usually it's guys
who stalk girls.
But in our case,
it's the opposite.
Don't speak without
understanding the situation.
Then explain the situation to me.
Tell me. Let me understand.
The producer who
approved my story...
has now dropped the movie.
What do you mean?
The discussion went well.
Isn't it?
You said he'll definitely
produce your movie.
Didn't you even get
an advance cheque.
He fears that the story
isn't commercial.
Movies with glamorous song,
cheap comedy and punch dialogues.
Well, it's after all a glamorous song.
Why don't you fit
it in the story?
A great folk theater artist,
the legend Kannapa Thambiram.
How can I fit in a glamorous song and punch
dialogues in such a legend's story?
It's your first movie!
Can't you compromise?
If it becomes a box office hit
then going forward you can demand.
It is because of compromising...
good Tamizh movies are extinct.
You won't compromise at all for
anything, then why should I?
No one is asking
you to compromise.
Look here.
Married life won't suit me.
So you better get married
to someone who suits you.
Well, don't you know my taste?
Why don't you find a guy for me?
How about that grey shirt?
That black shirt look better than him.
For the final time, what does
the producer have to say?
He wants me to return
the advance payment.
You can have it.
I've asked my friends for help.
Nothing is permanent.
You are the epitome of beauty.
Oh dear.
An angel that has
landed on earth.
You make my nights....
bright and colorful.
It appears like all the deities
have appeared in front of me.
You turn my woes into pleasure.
I am losing myself on you; you are my
shining star, shining so bright in the sky.
You are the epitome of beauty.
Oh dear.
An angel that has
landed on earth.
It appears like all the deities
have appeared in front of me.
You turn my woes into pleasure.
I am losing myself on you; you are my shining
star, shining so bright in the sky.
I can hear our hearts speak;
it whispers love in my ears.
I can hear our hearts speak.
I can hear our hearts speak.
I can hear our hearts speak;
it whispers love in my ears.
Our hearts can hear each
other beyond obstacles.
As the breeze brings in
the lost happiness...
it finds us and is
here to stay with us.
I could rest on you and listen
to your stories forever.
A small ray of light in the dark
is all I need to recognize you.
I wanna spend this life knowing
a new thing about you everyday.
I love you till
infinity and beyond.
So, if you notice, of late...
the art of street
folklore has diminished.
You say it really well but
then here and there...
you could improvise a bit more.
Hope it will work out.
It will work out! You
are really good.
I am very proud of you.
Shall I mix some water?
Have you ever seen
her mix water?
- Leave it. I'll take care of it.
- Give it.
Listen dear. I've
inquired thoroughly.
The opponent party has bribed
1000 bucks per house.
2000 bucks per house.
We will win!
Chief, now a days objects are
more valuable than hard cash.
Tell me where do we have the
most turnover per day?
The liquor shop.
Play that as your trump card
and you'll get more votes.
Shall I give an idea?
What is the idea? Tell me.
Every currency has
a serial number. Isn't it?
One lucky winner with the
serial number we mention...
gets 10 bottles of
liquor for free.
What do you say?
Brainy fellow!
The most important thing.
Women's vote.
Let's claim to bear the marriage expenses of
girls from the poor family in the village.
That will divert all the
women to vote for us.
Now look at that!
A double large brings
out the best ideas out
Awesome dear.
So yeah, start the work.
Ok dear.
What is it Ravi?
Quiet. Get inside.
Fine. Had your food?
Shut the door!
Stop staring. Sit down.
What is it?
This is election ground work.
My chief is a candidate
in Thindivanam district.
He is spending 50 million on
that particular region alone.
I will be exchanging the money.
Shall I join you?
No. I thought I'll
take you along...
but then another fellow,
Mani is accompanying me.
Place chief's card inside
the envelope and ...
write the names on it
using this voters' list.
There are many lists. So make it fast.
The money will be distributed only
after reaching the concerned region.
That money...
will be robbed by us.
Bad timing!
You fool!
- I'm in a meeting.
- Hang the call now!
Ok. Ok boss.
Your batch is very lucky.
Within 15 days of your admission...
you are into a huge project.
A big one!
Chief, its going
to be very tough.
Ravi is accompanied by a guy named Mani.
Let him come.
We will use him
to our advantage.
Now listen, is there any
problem between Ravi and MLA?
Stop talking like a doofus!
Now where did that come from?
Sorry chief. That
came out in a flow.
If there is a problem between them, then how
would the MLA trust him with the money?
But the MLA doesn't
pay him properly.
He keeps pondering to me.
Gotcha, you beast!
So what's up Ravi?
You tell me Guru.
You look very happy?
Your face tells me that you are
going to achieve something big.
Come on. Nothing like that Guru.
Come on. Just tell me!
Seriously Guru. Nothing.
Look at that now! You even
started keeping secrets from me.
Fine. I'll tell you.
Back home, my mom has
selected a bride for me.
Look here all of you.
We are now going to
play a brand new game.
This game is called...
"Come, let's get drunk"
I swear on my mother that...
this isn't copied from
any hollywood movie.
It's my very own creativity.
What's so special
about this game?
For example...
I've never flicked
wallets in my whole life.
- Boss!
- Boss!
I will say so.
But the person who has flicked wallets
must gulp down a shot of the liquor.
- Got it?
- Chief...
what if I haven't
flicked wallets?
Just shut the heck
up and keep quiet!
But you are the master
of flicking wallets.
Ravi, didn't I tell you
it was an example?
This is how you break and find
the hidden secrets of others!
Mr. Smoke...
- you start the game.
- Ok boss.
I've never been thrashed
by a woman in my life.
You too Guru?
Just once.
I have never wooed another
man's wife in my life.
Well, I was wondering!
I've got a company in you.
You are a genuine fellow!
what if I had wooed many men's wife?
Still I get to do only
one shot of liquor?
Yes! Only one shot!
Chief, I've never stolen a motor
pump and made money out of it.
Motor pump?
Listen you dummy face!
Stealing a motor pump
ain't that swag matter!
It's an insult to us to do
shots for such petty issues!
Ok now he is thinking.
That won't work out!
Get to the point.
Chief, I've never been...
involved in money laundering.
Mr. High!
What do you mean?
When did you indulge
in money laundering?
Don't you know?
During the councilor's election in my
locality, we bribed 500 bucks per house...
I was the one who handled it.
I was handling 0.5 million!
What's with the mocking
laughter Ravi?
Look at him show off for laundering
a mere 0.5 million.
How much should I show off
for laundering 50 million?
What do you mean Ravi?
Then why didn't you
gulp down a shot?
I'm yet to launder the money.
Give me some more details.
MLA has asked me to smuggle 50 million to the
region where he is competing as a candidate.
What's your share?
Nothing but after he wins he
will definitely take care of me.
Come on Ravi! Shut up now.
He won't even turn up to
save you, if you get caught.
Why are you such an
innocent doofus?
No! You are quite intelligent.
How did you agree to that?
Do not agree!
It's too risky.
Is that what you have to say?
How about...
we deal this ourselves?
What do you say?
Do you recollect?
It was you, who told
me the other day...
that your mom was sick and...
you borrowed money from the MLA.
Doesnt he have enough wealth?
Can't he just let it go by?
Why does he keep reimbursing
it from you salary?
Look here Ravi...
you can even trust the god...
but you must never trust
particular politicians.
That son of a gun must
not be let off so easy!
What's the plan Guru?
all the planning must
be done in the day.
Only thing required
while boozing...
is acceptance.
Do you understand?
Ok chief. It will be done.
Guys, it was our chief on the call.
- The work must be done by evening.
- Ok sir.
Look Karna, you might
be the ex- MLA.
Your uncle might be a minister.
But that doesn't mean you guys can run your dispute
settlement deals, rowdyism and smuggling everywhere.
Do you understand?
You keep taking over control
in other areas and...
finally you are here,
in my locality?
Look here! You better stop here.
This is the last warning.
Or else...
I'll stab you so hard that...
your intestine
will be lying out.
Being loyal is it?
The same will be your plight!
Your intestine too
will be lying out!
Hey guys! Watch him and
learn what loyalty means.
The got stabbed....Karna!
I didn't stab him!
He stabbed...himself! Look!
He stabbed himself!
Oh my god! He stabbed himself!
What is it Panjacharam?
Got scared?
Hey! Now tie your
wound up with this.
Check the dictionary for
the meaning of 'Loyal'...
and you will see the name
of my bodyguard, Kalia!
Do you think I've changed
after changing to whites?
Born and brought up in...
You! Come on.
how will you be
taking the money?
In the local bus Guru.
Only then no one will
suspect it seems.
A guy named Mani will
be accompanying me.
What's his weakness?
He has no weakness.
You can't deceive him with
liquor; like you did to me.
That's why MLA is sending
him along with me.
Think again Ravi.
He must have some weakness.
What about women?
Is he a womanizer?
He won't even bat
an eye at girls.
You are talking
about normal woman.
I know a lady.
She is called...
Gumang Ganga.
One look at Gumang Ganga and...
even a calf will turn
into a lustful bull!
So imagine about a bull.
Mr. Smoke!
Now this is the first time your
phone rang at the right time!
Thank you boss.
I'm busy. I'll call you later.
Guru, let's come to the point.
Awesome detailing Guru!
Everything sounds good.
But until the money
comes to our hand...
there is nothing right now
for personal expenses.
Why do you worry about it?
Don't worry. I am here.
- Mr. Smoke.
- Yes boss.
- Here, this for the jeep rent.
- Ok boss.
start the party.
Hey listen to me now, you stooge!
Sit back and enjoy!
Here comes my darling
to amaze everybody.
Hey you dopey little fella,
shut up and make way.
Here I come to rob all
your wealth away!
Audi car? Luxurious apartment?
Well, that ain't
giving me the kick.
Clubbing and pubbing?
Living together?
Tell me what's the deal?
Here we are running behind money but there are still who
are bothered about likes for their pictures on Facebook.
And there are some who just want
to wander around with lover.
We must do something about them.
Indeed, we gotta make them pay!
We must bash them up.
Indeed, we gotta bust them up.
We live in Tamizh Nadu yet the pure
Tamizh language has gone missing.
To add on to the woes , people
keep talking in English.
In the name of fashion ,
people expose too much...
they walk on the road like
they are out for a sun bath!
10 bucks is all
that we can afford.
10 bucks is all
that we can afford.
So enjoy the movie and celebrate!
Do love the number then
ask for 'once more.'
The target here is
to celebrate life.
Hey listen to me now, you stooge!
Sit back and enjoy!
Here comes my darling
to amaze everybody.
Hey you dopey little fella,
shut up and make way.
Here I come to rob all your wealth away!
We must do something about them.
Indeed, we gotta make them pay!
We must bash them up.
Indeed, we gotta bust them up.
At Tindivanam highway?
Ok. I'll take care.
Where is he?
On his way. Here he is.
- Where were you?
- I went to buy food.
Food is all you think about! All
you do is eat and beef up!
- No sir, nothing like that.
- Get lost. Get in the jeep!
Ok sir.
It seems like money will be laundered at
Tindivanam highway. Quick. Let's go.
We will be taking the money in
the last bus to Tindivanam.
Place the money below the
left side middle seat.
Ravi, you sit on the
right side, back seat.
Seat Mani right behind you
but on the left side.
As the bus starts from Koyambedu...
- Where to?
-2 tickets to Tindivanam.
call me.
Guru, we have crossed Koyambedu.
You can come now.
We both will get in the
bus from the next stop.
Mr. Smoke will sit
in the front seat.
I'll sit in the middle seat.
Mani shouldn't doubt us.
Mr. Sting and Vetri will
follow us in the jeep.
Through Maraimara Nagar the bus will
cross Chengalpatu and reach Madhrandhagam.
That's where...
Gumang Ganga will get in.
She will take care of Mani.
The bus will go past Melmarvathur
to reach Tindivanam.
I will call you.
Mr. Sting...
Mani is right now in heaven.
Come soon and we can
replace the money.
Ok chief. We will
be right there.
Start the vehicle.
The moment you come
closer to the bus...
I'll replace the bag.
Awesome detailing Guru!
Open your bag.
- Show me your bag.
- Here.
I am asking. Stop wondering!
Leave me! Damn it.
Whose bag is this?
Oh my god!
Oh no! I don't know.
Why are you asking me? Ask
the person who left it here.
You balloon head!
Are you mocking me?
Balloon head? You are the one
who looks like a ball head!
Once punch and...!
I repeat again. Question the
person who left it here.
Is there any other
bag over there?
Nothing over there. I checked.
Fine. Take this bag.
Take it.
Take it to the jeep.
Come on.
Come on! Come on.
- How much is there in it?
- 50 million.
50 million sir.
50 million?
Do one thing.
Separate 20 million from it.
We will account only
for 30 million.
- Am I clear?
- Ok sir.
You! Call them up and
ask them to come down.
When we investigated the
Chennai to Tinidvanam bus...
we found a bag.
We found that...
it contained 30 million bucks.
We will hand it over to the
election commission immediately.
We have no clue about which
party this money belongs to.
we will find it out soon.
Hello. Chief, this is Ravi.
Tell me.
The police got their
hands on the money.
Oh my god!
Listen dear...
looks like the police got
their hands on the money.
But how?
Make sure the party's name
is not dragged into this.
Ask both of them to
escape from the police.
Listen. Both of you escape
from there at once.
What's the inspector's name?
Watch out!
Start the jeep.
I said start the jeep!
As you get closer to the bus...
I will replace the bag.
Ok chief.
The money will be distributed only
after reaching the concerned region.
If you set your sights
on achieving a goal...
then make sure you don't care for
anyone and achieve your goal.
Sir, order has been passed to track
him using his jeep number.
He wouldn't have
crossed Tindivanam.
All check posts have been informed.
- Make it fast.
- Ok sir.
I need to check your pressure.
can you please wait outside.
I need couple of minutes with him.
No way. The doctor
will get upset!
I said get out! Get lost!
Go! Leave!
I think I heard some barking noise.
Yeah! It's a bald
dog barking inside!
The 20 million is safe right?
What happened?
Why is your nose punctured?
You can't call it
a nose anymore.
He stung me, he is
the real Mr. Sting!
Shut up and be quiet!
Listen you dummy face!
I said start the vehicle!
Chief, who is he?
He cheated us just like that!
who is he?
He is just a friend.
Just a friend?
Then why did you recommend
him like he were your bestie!
He is from my native.
He helped me to launder money in
the last election at our native.
After that we lost touch. Then he
came back now, in search of a job.
It's very confusing Guru.
If you set your sights
on achieving a goal...
then make sure you don't care for
anyone and achieve your goal.
Even if it's me.
Oh come on now! What in the
seven heavens did you do?!
NEWS ON TV: The millions of bucks that was laundered to
illegally bribe the people for the upcoming elections...
NEWS ON TV: was caught at Tindivanam
highway by Inspector Miller.
NEWS ON TV: However, when he and his team were on their
way to hand over the money to the election commission...
NEWS ON TV: his jeep was rammed on
the highway and toppled over.
NEWS ON TV: It was done by a mystery
man who robbed all the money.
NEWS ON TV: Thus spreading
panic in the state.
NEWS ON TV: On investigating the
jeep used by the mystery man...
NEWS ON TV: it was noticed that the jeep was
hired in the name of Mr. Guru.
NEWS ON TV: The police have informed that
they have approached the CBI to nab Guru.
NEWS ON TV: It is doubted that Guru
might have links with IS terrorists...
NEWS ON TV: and if not arrested then he
could pose a threat to the whole world.
Mr. Smoke...
why did you tag me into this?
- Mr. Smoke.
- Yes boss?
- Here, this for the jeep rent.
- Ok boss.
you gave your ring hence it was the right
thing to give your name at the hire station.
Hence, I hired the jeep in your name.
Don't talk as if I
donated you the ring!
Yes, he is here.
it's Gumang Ganga.
- What does she want?
- She asking about her pay.
What pay is she talking about?
Ask her to collect it later.
Excuse me...
- can you collect it later?
- Collect it later?
Stop talking like a bank. You fool. You doofus!
If I meet you again I'll rip you apart.
Sounds ridiculous!
Listen, all of you
go hide somewhere.
The police will be here anytime.
- Vetri! I'll...
- Tell me chief...
- where did I keep it?
- Tell me!
There is no way out to earn
money for bread and butter...
and you wanna show off?
Get lost!
Where is Ravi?
I don't know. I am new here.
I inquired in the mansion...
he isn't there.
When I inquired at the liquor shop...
I got the news that he
joined a group of thieves.
I already had a doubt on him.
He was talking to a few in the bus.
Even after knowing it, what
in the hell were you doing?
He was wandering jobless and...
I made him my driver.
He didn't just go away with my money.
He also took away my power!
How about some more rice cakes?
Can't you see what's
going on here?!
And you ask me if I want
some rice cakes? Get lost!
Excuse me.
Give me 3 pieces.
find him out!
- Dear brother-in-law.
- How are you dear?
I am better now.
Who is he?
I don't know.
It was totally unexpected.
Obvious isn't it?
You must have been blinded by
happiness after getting the money.
We'll nab him soon
dear brother-in-law.
Forget that...
what about that 20 million.
I hope it's safe.
Hope that 20 million is safe.
In order to keep that
20 million safe...
I kept it back along
with the 30 million.
Where is the chicken 65 I ordered?
Will be ready in 5 minutes.
- What?!
- Right away sir.
Make it fast! Go!
Wonder from where such people turn up!
- What is it sir?
- To the police station! Now!
I said move! I'm
taking you in custody!
- What did I do sir?
- I said move! Now get up!
Sir everyone's watching.
Please mind your behavior.
You bust me up...
and take off with the money?
Myself? Bust you up?
Sir, you have mistaken
me for someone else.
Please ask her about me.
If you shave your beard...
and wear a pair of spectacles...
does that make you another person?
Sir, he isn't such a person.
Shut up!
Another word and I'll kill you.
Now move!
- Sir, please leave me.
- Say whatever you got to say at the police station.
How many members in your gang?
Who is the head?
I'll get done with my work and call you.
Now hang up.
Wake up Guru!
Why are you lying down here?
Well nothing.
It was quite stuffy
at the institute.
So I thought I'll sleep
out in the cold breeze.
But what brings you
to the roadside?
Well, I guess I can
tell you the truth.
My mom fell sick.
As an offering if I sleep
on the roadside...
then it will cure her,
said an astrologer.
Hence, I was lying down by the...
for my mom to get cured.
what are you doing here?
Well, I came to the ATM.
To withdraw money?
No chief.
You pony tail. Only your
face seems to be expressing!
Careful! Handle it carefully.
- Recognize him?
- Who is he?
He is my mentor.
He is the inspiration behind
my stealing profession.
Bless me Guru.
Get his blessings.
Bless me chief Guru.
You are my lord.
He is the one who committed
the murder at Korukkupeta.
It was my chief indeed.
When did I ever murder anyone?
That too in North Madras?
I removed the knife that was
already stabbed in his stomach!
And that is how I get myself in trouble!
With unwanted useless publicity!
Bye Guru. Bye bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Please sir.
- I said move!
Get down.
I said move!
- Can't you hear me! Move!
- Sir please.
Sir, why have you brought me to the
police station? Please no sir.
- Now move!
- Sir, I plead you. Please.
- Sir, please. Please sir.
- Move! Get inside.
I know how to bring out the
truth from you. Get in!
- Now confess!
- No it wasn't me.
- What case?
- Sir
He is refusing to
accept his crime.
How will he accept
if you be so polite?!
Now that's how it is done.
Now you ask.
Sir, there is some
You have mistaken me
for someone else.
Aren't you the one who took
away the money from the jeep?
Jeep? What jeep are
you talking about?
What jeep am I talking about?
Mahindra Jeep!
Sir please.
Wait. I forgot something.
After taking the money, you gave
a weird look at me. Isn't it?
Do you think you are a hero?
Wait I'll show you!
Sir please. Allow me to talk for 2 mins.
Just 2 mins.
Tell me.
Sir, I haven't robbed you
of any money, as you claim.
Sir, I am an employee
in a BPO company.
I work in the night shift. Even
now I was on my way to work.
It was then you caught
me and brought me here.
You keep lying over and again. Isn't it?
- Do I appear a fool to you?
- Sir, please.
- Now answer me! I said answer me!
- Sir, please.
Sir, please. Please, no.
Listen. Come here.
Clean up all his wounds.
Then get him in the jeep.
Ok sir.
We shall produce him to the magistrate
and then take him into our custody.
Ok sir.
Then invite the press and media.
Inform them that we have caught
the thief who took all the money.
- Especially to that CN TV channel.
- Yes sir.
The channel that kept repeating
again and again about our failure.
The CN channel. Invite
them and inform them too!
Now go!
Chief. Please chief. Please.
Please forgive me. I swear,
I didn't steal your money.
I was just part of the
plan to steal the money.
But the plan never worked out.
I would have believed you
if you had surrendered.
But then my men found you
and brought you here.
How do I believe you?
I guessed you would be angry and waiting
to kill me. That is why absconded.
Tell me this.
I gave you 50 million right?
Why does the news say 30 million?
It was 50 million indeed. Ask Mani.
What do you say?
50 million was in tact.
So you say that the inspector and
that thief had planned it all?
What the hell? How many
are involved in this?
Who is the guy who
robbed the money?
He is a friend of mine.
We all worked out
the plan together.
But he betrayed us all and escaped
away alone with the money.
We have no idea where
he is right now?
If I find out that you
have been lying...
Finish me off chief!
Look here Ravi.
If you betray someone's trust...
then someone else will...
definitely betray your trust!
take him along and
find his friend.
If he screws up anything...
finish him off right there.
NEWS ON TV: Greetings. The headlines.
news in Tamil Nadu.
NEWS ON TV: The guy who escaped with
millions after deceiving the police...
NEWS ON TV: was arrested
by Inspector Miller.
NEWS ON TV: The investigation is on.
NEWS ON TV: The police have promised to
reveal more details on that individual soon.
So Miller?
- Yes chief.
- How's work?
It's going good.
Obviously, it will be
going good for you.
You could have asked me
if you needed money.
Instead you snatch it
away from my juniors?
Aren't you ashamed?
No chief. I didn't know
it was your money.
If I had known, I wouldn't
have taken any action.
- I've planned to make a movie.
- Ok sir.
Would you love to portray
the antagonist in that?
You act really nice.
Excuse me...
- Miller.
- Yes chief.
There was 50 million in it.
But you said there was only
30 million to the press.
Indeed there was only
30 million chief.
Seriously chief.
We both know there was
50 million in it.
You have time till I
return from my campaign.
If I don't get my money back by then...
I'll have to Encounter a police itself.
What do you say?
Indeed dear.
We got the guy who
stole the money.
You will get back
your money soon.
Halt the car by the road side.
You may get down.
Can't you keep the
station clean?
The workers will be here soon.
They will be here.
Long back I told you
to get it painted!
I've arranged it.
It'll be done today.
Now what the heck?
Fine. Order a tea.
Ok sir.
- Listen.
- Sir?
Also, get me a cigarette.
I'll arrange for it sir.
Greetings sir.
Who are you?
I am Dr. Pattabiraman.
Dr. Pattabiraman, founder
of PR Plastic Surgery.
I need to discuss
something with you.
Sit down.
Tell me.
that boy whom you had arrested,
whose photo was shown in the TV...
What about it?
Sir, I wish to share some
information about that boy.
Go ahead.
Must be some 3 months ago.
Thanks a lot for your wishes sir.
Thank you. Thank you.
Have a look.
Can I get my face redone like
this guy in the photo?
How much will it cost?
We don't do it here.
Why? Don't you
know how to do it?
Then why are you
running this hospital?
Mind your words. It's
not that I don't know.
This is illegal.
Hence I won't do it.
To hell with your law!
I will pay you more
than you ask for.
Make it fast.
Make it fast? This ain't
like shaving your beard!
Hang up. I'll call you back.
By the way, who is
this guy in the photo?
Why do you want
your face redone?
Why do you need all
that information?
Answer me if you
will do it or not?
It's a fraud and...
over that you want straight
cut throat answers? Get lost!
I'll call the police.
Don't you dare call me a fraud!
Hey! What are you doing?
Sit down!
Sit down or I'll put
marks on your face!
Are you done?
You may leave.
Sir. Come on now. Why
are you being mean?
Bringing a twist in the story?
- What's your share?
- Share?
I just came down to
help an innocent boy.
And you are being rude to me.
Listen you oldie. You leave!
Do one thing.
Go back to your home...
have a nice meal and...
have a sound sleep.
Sir, you are way
out of your line.
At least have some
respect for my age.
Your age is the reason I've
been talking to you so far.
Get out! Get out!
Bloody savior!
Get lost!
- How many times have I warned you?
- Sir, please leave him.
Sir, he is weak. Please
don't thrash him.
- Please listen to me sir.
- Thrash him!
Sir, can you tell us
what happened inside?
Sure, I'll tell you.
Hey guys. Come here.
Tell us sir.
I came to the station in order
to save an innocent boy.
I spoke to the inspector.
But the inspector
disrespected me and...
he insulted me.
He also maligned my
religious beliefs!
His age would be my experience.
I ain't going to let
this off so easy!
You have built yourself well
enough to bear the thrashings!
Give me that.
Now watch how the truth comes out.
Answer me! Where have
you hid the money?
Answer me!
- Hey Abhi...
- Hello.
it's me Bala.
Tell me.
Just as you expected, we did
get a very interesting topic.
Check your email. I've
mailed the content.
Excuse me mam.
Yeah come in.
Mam, we have got an interesting
topic for our next episode.
Sit down.
Recollect the news about a youngster who
robbed the money caught in vote for cash act?
- He has been arrested.
- Is it?
The interesting matter in this is...
that another person had redone his
face like him using plastic surgery.
- Really?
- If we take up this case and do our show...
then the TRP rating of our channel
will rocket compared to others.
And I'm very confident about it.
What do you say?
Where is the 50 million?
Sir, he isn't such a person.
I just came down to
help an innocent boy.
Sir, I haven't robbed you
of any money, as you claim.
this phone was given to
him from his office.
If you look at the
call details in it...
there are no strange or doubtful
calls made to that number.
Sir, I'm not his girlfriend.
I'm not his girlfriend.
We both work in the same team.
The other day there was too much work
stress and we had been to the restaurant.
But something else happened.
Step forward. Rolling.
I've been working with
Vetri for 1.5 years now.
There has been no single black
mark on his conduct till now.
totally there are 8 employees
working in my company.
Being assigned to the international
project, Vetri works in the night shift.
How long has he
been working here?
Must be around 1 - 1.5 years.
How did he join here?
Through newspaper ads.
Just a minute.
Here sir.
Sir, we don't take any employee in without
doing their complete background check.
Else it would turn risky for us.
Have you installed CCTV
cameras in your office?
Of course, we have installed.
Play me the footage for the
dates 15th to 17th.
This is the footage of the
dates you asked for. Please.
He was working right here
during the said date and time.
Sir, have a look.
This is his permanent address.
And this is his
temporary address.
We have got a team to
verify these details.
All the houses in this
street belongs to me.
He has been staying here
for the past 1.5 years.
He sleeps at day.
And hence we too
are not disturbed.
He silently comes and leaves. He pays the
rent on the 1st of every month; on time.
Does anyone stay with him?
He stays alone.
His uncle and aunt visit
him once in a while.
They stay maximum for
a day and then leave.
Can I check his room once?
Please go ahead.
Come on.
Open it.
Check thoroughly.
- Sir?
- Check his computer.
Hit him.
I said hit him!
Stop it! Stop!
What are you doing?
Get out!
Why are you a pain in my
head at the age of retiring?
What have you done properly in all
these days of your career here?
To top it, you wanna
become the S.S.I?
Get out of my sight. Get lost!
Out! Get out!
Calls himself a police!
Now! Answer me!
Hit him!
Hey! Answer me!
Speak up the truth now!
Vetri was born and raised here.
He also studied here.
We are his foster parents.
He is an orphan.
He got a job now,
after two years.
Our debts are cleared.
Well now here is this problem.
With all these evidences...
Vetri and the individual who robbed
the money from the police...
seem to be unrelated.
It is also doubted that someone has
redone his face like Vetri's face.
Doctor, please explain it to us.
We cannot confirm it but...
there is a high chance that a person would
have redone his face like this fellow.
Because some surgeons in the
city, in greed for money...
are illegally doing plastic surgery.
He came to my clinic and
inquired like he inquired him.
But I refused.
I wonder how many surgeons
he would have inquired?
Doctor, it is said that a person can
redo his face like another person...
is it indeed possible?
Yes, of course.
If the jaw structure and the face
of two people are similar...
then it can be easily redone.
It's called extensive
plastic surgery.
But it's illegal.
If a person's face
loses its shape...
then redoing it is legal.
Like in acid attacks...
or fire accidents etc.
It is called cosmetic
plastic surgery.
People illegally do plastic
surgery because...
in order to escape
from a crime...
or in order to apply for proxy
passports it is misused.
There is a famous and interesting case.
Oh is it?
Please share it with us.
A couple had a child.
The husband was upset that the
child looked like none of them.
He in fact applied for divorce.
Later, on inquiry...
it was found that his wife had
undergone plastic surgery and...
the child born resembled the woman's
face before plastic surgery.
I am completely against illegal
plastic surgery which is why...
I felt pity for an
innocent guy and...
I approached the police.
Simple, the inspector must have
not got the real criminal.
He must have arrested the
guy to show accountability.
One more thing doctor.
Is it possible to identify if one
has undergone plastic surgery?
Chances are there.
Post surgery...
the scars will remain in the face.
It'll take months for it to fade away.
Welcome back to
Kirtilal's presents...
"Come, let's speak
the truth out loud!"
In the next segment a famous personality
is going to interact with us.
He is Police Commissioner, Karthikeyan sir.
Greetings sir.
Sir, please explain
this case.
It ain't that easy to give
a result in this case.
The investigations are on.
At the same time, one of the senior most plastic
surgeons in Chennai, Mr. Pattabiraman sir...
has involved himself in
the case and that puts...
us in further spot of botheration.
Anyway, soon the truth
will be exposed.
- Thank you so much sir.
- Thank you.
My dear voters...
here is your candidate
at your doorsteps...
your very own Mr. Karna.
Karna is one amongst you.
Karna is the one for you.
Please do vote for
our dear Karna.
Thank you dear.
- Vote for chief Karna.
- Vote for chief Karna.
- Have a good look at him.
- Do vote for me sister.
Vote for our candidate and if he wins then we shall
bear the expenses of your daughters marriages.
May I come in sir.
Thank you sir.
Forget it!
What the hell is going on?
Don't you blow up you
personal vengeance!
Sir, its not personal.
He busted me up and ran
away with the money.
I am sure that it's him.
Why do you say so?
What's the proof?
First find that.
The judgment is due in 3 days.
The case is weak on your side.
Try getting a stay order first.
why did you inform media
about his arrest?
Well sir...
they kept insulting the police over
and again for missing the money.
Hence I did so.
Can't you hold your horses?
That's what they will say!
That's his selling point.
Is it the same for you?
You already have a black mark on
you for attacking a media person.
Do you recollect?
Stop nodding your
head like a goat!
To top it, you torture that
guy in your station...
and one of your men sends
me the video in WhatsApp.
Is that how you work?
You don't possess the
quality of a policeman!
How did you become
a police officer?
- Sir..
- Out!
Get out!
- Stay here.
- Ok sir.
Ill go check.
- May I come in sir.
- Yes, come in.
Greetings sir.
Sorry for behaving rude without
knowing who you are.
It's quite usual for us.
It's ok. Have a seat.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Tell me. Why are you here?
I need some details and that
is why I'm here to meet you.
You said an individual had come to
you to get his face redone.
Can you tell me when did that happen?
Definitely sir.
Dec 15th. Around 7:00 in the evening.
I remember because it
was my wedding day.
Me and my wife had planned for an outing
that evening and that's when this happened.
Can you tell how he looked?
Sir, this clinic has
two CCTV cameras.
None in doctor's room.
He is focused on his
mobile while coming in.
Hence his face is
not registered.
The other camera will
be on his back side.
So when he steps out and returns,
his face will surely be registered.
So please go to that footage and zoom in.
Ok sir.
Send this frame to all the
police stations around.
His game is over!
- Move!
- Sir please!
these two were struggling to steal
money and were getting thrashed.
When I inquired them...
they boasted about themselves claiming
to be Guru's students.
What's your name?
Mr. Sting Gopal.
And you?
Mr. Smoke.
Mr. Smoke.
Mr. Smoke?
Now what kind of a name is that?
Both of you step forward.
Move! Now!
Come here!
Listen carefully to
what I have got to say.
I have one of your man in my custody.
he claims to be someone else...
and claims that he has nothing
to do with the robbery.
If you guys prove that is indeed him...
then I shall free you both.
Easy task in a cask!
I'll prove it.
Hey! Come here.
Repeat what you just said.
Easy task in a cask!
I'll prove it.
Is it?
Ok sir.
All the best.
Thank you sir.
Hey Vetri!
Who are you?
Don't you recognize me?
It's me Mr. Sting.
You stung me and...
now you act as if you
don't recognize me?
I am already pissed off!
Please don't add on to it.
You are an awesome actor.
Try your luck in movies and...
you will become a star.
You are swag!
You deceived all of us and ran away
with the money all by yourself!
Can't you hear? I am not him!
Please cut some slack for me.
I am struggling.
I have even started
stealing from the beggars.
How many times do I say?
I am not him.
I know. You are not him.
You are a stranger. You
have been mistaken.
Isn't that what you wanna say?
Man you are too awesome.
These guys are good for
nothing fellows.
They will never find out.
Especially that half
boiled bald head fellow...
he has been doing such
blunders for long now.
He keeps persuading the wrong person
to agree for someone else's mistake.
You keep rocking. See you.
He is someone else. Everything
is different including his voice.
I told you sir. Police
all are good boys.
Please accept him sir.
He is telling; he is
not the same sir.
Please believe me.
- Thank you sir.
- Come here.
Come here.
Hey! Come here.
Repeat what you said.
Switch on the spy mic.
Ok sir.
These guys are good for
nothing fellows.
They will never find out.
Especially that half
boiled bald head fellow...
he has been doing such
blunders for long now.
He keeps persuading the wrong person
to agree for someone else's mistake.
You keep rocking. See you.
How does it sound? Good?
Good recording.
Very good voice clarity.
Thank you.
How dare you?! How dare you?!
Don't use that old lady.
The opponent party has used
the same old lady in his ad.
Find out some other
weak-looking old lady.
Only then our ad will
look more appealing.
Only then people will trust us.
What do you say?
Fine. Ok.
Shall I hang up now?
So tell me advocate.
What's the status on our case?
There are no witnesses
against him Karna.
That police officer seems to have
arrested him just to show accountability.
They will definitely release that boy.
Kalia, finish off that
inspector and that guy.
Karna, it's election. Be careful.
How about this?
Kalia, get both of them to our warehouse
and finish them off over there.
Well I didn't get my
money back at least...
let me have the pleasure
of finishing them off.
Awesome plan dear.
Tell me dear brother-in-law.
Karna has ordered you and...
that guy to be murdered.
So don't be there.
You better escape.
Because if you get caught...
I'll also get caught.
So abscond for few days.
I'll talk to you after
everything settles down.
Don't call me in between.
go to Akbar Hotel...
and buy 2 chicken biriyani.
With leg piece.
- ok sir.
- Ok. Go buy.
Wow! Free food? These guys are
having a ball of a time.
That is why he has grown
out of proportion.
Does it hurt?
I'm sorry dear.
Look dear...
please dont mind me
ill-treating you.
You are the reason for everything.
Please confess and accept it.
I will ensure that you
don't face any problem.
Sounds good?
Even if you get released you won't
be able to survive for long.
The MLA has planned to finish you off.
The money that you
toiled hard to rob...
won't be yours at all then.
Look dear...
Your words are...
what decides the
fate of my life.
Accept the blame.
Please accept the blame dear.
Please accept the blame.
I plead you.
Please dear, accept the blame.
Please accept the blame!
Please! Please accept the blame!
Chief, he has been released.
Is it so?
- Bring him to our place.
- Ok chief.
So Miller?
Didn't I already warn you?
You didn't pay heed.
Because I wasn't in power then.
Do you think I won't come to power forever?
I don't know if it's you or this
boy, who is playing a game here...
Or if you both are together in this.
I don't have time to investigate it.
Which is why I ordered Kalia
to finish off both of you.
What do you say?
Why do you keep looking at him?
Tell me. Are you too
involved in this?
Stop lookig at me!
I'll punch you down!
Well, I was wondering! You
are after all innocent.
Why would you involve in this?
By the way, give me
thy phone please.
- For what dear?
- Just give it.
tell me inspector's number.
Oh! So you guys are
Well! Well! I was wondering.
Even if it's the grapes or...
if it's the crow...
there must be a cunning
fox in the story.
There you are!
it was all for my daughter.
I realize it is a mistake.
Please forgive me.
Now, why would you do that?
Kalia, tie him up too.
Please no dear.
Listen to me.
Your age is what is
saving you here.
- If you wanted, you could've asked me!
- I did it by mistake.
It was all for my daughter.
Please forgive me dear.
Listen dear!
Please dear.
No please don't do this.
Listen to me. No.
All three of them
must know my pain.
Make sure all three
of them are...
Tell me dear father-in-law?
I am on my way there.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Ok. I shall hang up now.
None of them should be alive
to see the sunrise tomorrow.
Finish off these three.
Listen you wuss!
You are lucky that
I am all tied up!
If you are a man for real...
then show me some valor!
No Kalia!
No Kalia. Please let me go.
It is my daughter calling.
Please let me attend it.
Kalia, if I die then there is no
one to take care of my daughter.
Please no!
Please no!
Listen to me now! I dare to
challenge the universe!
I am the king of all wits; all I need
is a spark and I'll take over the world.
The sky is the limit for
everyone here on earth.
But sky is where I begin.
My calculations never go wrong.
I am the deer that
hunted the tiger.
I am the one who owned everyone
who calls them the invincible.
A blink of an eye and
I'll rob you away!
If the jaw structure and the face
of two people are similar...
then it can be easily redone.
Night is my day; I am
the devil in the dark.
I'll go past the boundaries
and achieve my goal.
I love to play with the fire;
I'm myself a fire ball...
I will rise like the phoenix and
keep coming back again and again.
I am the eagle who rules and
flies above the clouds.
I am the one who is going to
show you your destination.
The company is at loss.
Of late, we have acquired
no new projects.
If this continues, the I'll
have to shut the company down.
Sir, I'm giving you an offer.
I'll help you clear
the company's debts.
You don't have to repay
me but instead...
do me a favor.
I am going to rob a ransom and...
I shall get caught on purpose.
You must help me and
prove me innocent.
Me? How can I do that?
I don't get it.
Me and few dummies along with me
have planned to rob a ransom.
I am going to deceive them...
and run away with everything.
Then I'll myself get caught
by the police, on purpose.
Your media should prove that
I am not the same person...
and instead someone else has redone his face to look
like me. Everyone should be made to believe this.
- I must be proven innocent.
- Wait, wait!
That's fine but why
should I help you?
How do I get benefited?
See, I must be
equally benefited.
I mean...
All I need is to make
one good movie...
and then I am even
ready to leave cinema.
My boyfriend is finding it tough
to find a producer for his script.
I am ready to take
such a risk for you.
So tell me you will give
me a lump share and...
then we can discuss further.
And with this deal...
I can myself produce his movie.
How much are you expecting?
5 million is all I need.
10 million.
If not for this ransom...
then this whole world
and this life...
- will be peaceful.
- What do you mean?
There is a huge family
which is dependent on me.
This money...
is going to benefit many orphans.
why are you ready
to take this risk?
For your boyfriend.
For him to become a director.
for the orphans who are dependent on me,
have no one else
to care for them.
I am constructing a building in
Muttukkadu for them to live.
The construction will be complete
only if I get that money.
I am not stealing anyone's
hard-earned money.
I am stealing it from a thief who wants
to bribe that money in exchange of votes.
Now, tell me.
I never expected such a genuine
and big cause behind this.
All my boyfriend requires
to make his movie is...
5 million is enough.
Remaining 5 million...
consider it as my donation for your cause.
Why aren't you escaping
after stealing?
Why get arrested voluntarily?
You think it's that
easy to escape?
Don't take that MLA lightly.
He will finish me off in a jiffy.
I must prove that I didnt
steal the money legally.
It is only then, no one
can do anything to me.
Good idea.
Media can even prove
that a cat is a tiger!
Believe me. I have got
nothing to do with this.
Please. I am an employee
working in an ordinary BPO.
I'll pay you 0.2 million.
I'll pay you 0.5 million.
I shall pay you 1 million.
Spot payment!
Check the dictionary for
the synonym of 'Loyal'...
and you can find it to be Kalia!
Listen to me now! I dare to
challenge the universe!
So tell me.
You said he is constructing a
building here for the orphans.
Nothing of that sort
is to be seen around.
I have no idea.
See that person?
Let's ask him.
Excuse me!
- Any orphanage nearby?
- Orphanage?
Well, there is a cemetery nearby.
Based on the story
he told you...
it reminds me of an old Tamizh
movie upside down.
I could see honesty in his eyes.
I dont trust anyone so quickly.
No one can cheat
me just like that!
He has just narrated you the story
of 'Gentleman' upside down.
Oh my god!
Only revenge seeking
requires a flashback.
All you need to steal
money is A PLAN!