Thar (2022) Movie Script

As the Winds of Change alter
the shape of entire deserts,
in 1947, they swept
through India and changed its history.
India was split up, its spirit broken.
Some people ran
from their homes to survive
and others started living
in the abandoned villages.
On the border of Rajasthan,
Munabao is one such village.
I was posted here
as a police inspector.
Many years passed by
and my hair turned grey.
Crime was often just minor brawls,
and life was quite peaceful.
Then a whirlwind
swept through this village
and things started changing again.
It was the year 1985.
I found myself in the eye of that storm.
Missed me so much, huh?
That bulge tells me you missed me too.
Come on! Let's do it quickly.
We'll be killed if we get caught.
I may as well be dead
seeing you getting married and leaving.
- Where's Babita?
- She's gone to the temple. She'll be back.
- What was that?
- That's me, darling.
Here! Come on.
Hey! Bastards!
Stupid cunt.
Thought she could take on men.
Tell me the whole thing again.
I'd gone to the Goddess's temple
to light lamps.
When I came back,
I found their bodies lying here.
You went to the temple alone?
My life is ruined...
- When's your wedding?
- It was going to happen tomorrow!
Everything's gone. Money,
the dowry items! They spared nothing.
When you came back, did you see anyone?
Did they threaten anyone in your family?
Girl, give us some details at least!
Look, we know that you know who they were.
Let's go.
- Sir, she knows nothing.
- She's lying.
She's going to get married soon.
Why would she lie?
It's a matter of family honor.
She'd do her best to hide the truth.
This house was a drug storeroom.
The dacoits played us.
Stole the dowry as a cover for the drugs.
You're great, sir.
Isn't he really great?
That's my move. It's your turn now.
What do you want?
There's work in the city.
I need literate men.
There's money to be made.
Our man, Panna, has worked in the city.
And he's literate too.
But he's not here right now.
That's his house.
Wanted to meet Panna.
When will he be back?
There's a job in the city.
He'll get good money.
He should be back in five or six days.
He must bring in the harvest too.
What's your name?
Good Lord!
Should we send the body for postmortem?
First, find out who he is.
do you come here every day?
Have you seen anyone else around?
Do you know him?
looks like the work of the same dacoits.
They're not dacoits, they're smugglers.
Bloody monsters!
They tortured him to death.
A different breed of vultures
is circling over Munabao.
Sir, we've found this on him.
The killer left the opium
but took his ear.
There's a photo here. Is there a name too?
This murder looks more like a warning.
What type?
Like a publicity poster
for an upcoming film.
"Coming soon in the Thar.
For the first time on the big screen.
Full of blood, drugs, and violence.
A storm!"
Put our informants to work.
We'll get some bloody leads at least!
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
- All good?
- Two cups of tea, please.
- Yes, sir. Right away.
- And some snacks for the boys.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, never seen this fellow before.
Find out who he is.
Do you have a light?
That's a fancy lighter!
Can I borrow a cigarette?
You don't seem to be a local.
Sir, here's your tea.
Sir, he looks like a Hollywood star.
He's a businessman.
He deals in antiques.
I'm sure he has a name.
His name!
I've heard him say just four words.
"Tea. Snacks. How much?"
He comes and reads his papers
in his regular corner.
Do you know him?
He's Suva.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Don't try to be a supercop.
- Meaning?
- Meaning!
Just ask questions,
get your answers only using words.
Not your gun.
Don't overdo things.
- Hmm.
- "Hmm"? That's it?
You were staring
at the ceiling the whole night.
Come back safe, okay?
I've been hearing this for 25 years now.
"Come back safe!"
And playing it safe is probably why
I've never got promoted.
A promotion that
gets you dead is of no use.
- It's pointless talking to you.
- Then don't.
Do what I say. It's good for us.
- What are you doing?
- Studying.
Don't study too hard. You'll pass.
So? I'll become an IPS officer.
And then, I'll come here
as your boss and give you orders.
Yeah! That's all that I need.
Even you ordering me around.
Be it dacoity,
drug mafia, or something else.
I want this entire area to be cleaned up.
The SP is hounding me.
You need to handle this.
Yes, sir.
When we were kids, dacoits were
rebels from so-called lower castes.
Devotees of Goddess Bhavani.
They were principled, unlike these people.
Whatever they are, find them.
I'm a Rajput, not a Nawab.
Can't bend over
for the SP or the minister.
Give me some time, sir.
The investigation is on.
You're just an inspector.
And you'd retire as one in a few months.
You couldn't care less.
But I want to become the DG.
So whether they're dacoits or smugglers,
kill everyone and close this case.
Good boy, Tiger!
You should go get the dacoits!
Grab them and bring them in.
Just like that. Ain't that right, Tiger?
Come on!
Calling you "Tiger" doesn't make you one.
You're still just a dog!
He's not back yet.
He'll be back in a day or two.
Hold on, if possible.
He can do this job of yours.
I was preparing butter today to make ghee.
Got a fresh batch of buttermilk.
Try some. It'll cool you down.
Has that tramp lost her mind?
Leave it be.
Who'll argue with that childless woman?
She'll yell at us instead.
Let Panna come. He'll set her straight.
Have you ever sat on an "EAGLE WAGON"?
What's that?
The one that flies in the air.
Didn't you get scared?
He sent a telegram saying
he'll come by the morning bus today.
But he isn't here yet.
If he could, he'd never return.
When newly married,
they wouldn't let us out of the bed.
And now, they hardly come home.
Sorry! I was unaware you had a guest. I...
Wait! What was your name again?
Right, Mr. Siddharth.
I'd told you about him.
I see.
This is Gauri. Dhanna's wife.
I'll get going now.
Listen. Please don't hire anybody else.
He has sent a telegram today.
He'll surely be back in a day or two.
He's got such deep eyes.
He's a good man.
Here we are...
- Should we stop for some tea?
- Stop the bus!
Come, hurry up.
Panna, grab this.
- What...
- Get me my bag.
- That's mine.
- Very heavy!
- Oh, boy!
- Come on.
Hey, Panna, Kanwar!
- Take this.
- How are you doing?
Long time, buddy!
- What's up, Makhan?
- You're a rich man these days!
Hey, Makhan, my man!
I heard you made a fortune in Kolkata.
- Feeling jealous or what?
- Oh, come on! Come, sit.
- Where's Dhanna?
- He's waiting for his salary in Kolkata.
Hey, you! Take your goat outside.
You've grown up quick.
- I've got a sealed bottle of whiskey.
- Really?
Some shit went down three days ago.
Your friend was killed and hanged.
- Which friend?
- Suva.
The motherfuckers
chopped both his ears and tongue.
Hacked open his chest
with an ax and hung him from the tree.
What... Who did this? Dacoits?
No idea. The inspector
wants to meet you three.
He asked me to inform you.
- I told him Suva was your friend.
- Motherfucker!
Why the fuck did you say that?
- We've been in Kolkata for eight months.
- Yes.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
- He looks like a kid.
- Sir, we know that's Suva.
But we can't say it for sure.
I had my photograph taken ten years ago
for my passport.
The passport wasn't made,
but take a look at this photo.
No one can really tell that it's me.
But that's me, for sure.
Scorched under the sun,
we age 20 years in just two, sir.
Not everyone has
movie-star good looks, after all.
When did you last meet Suva?
- Around...
- No! It's been quite some time, sir.
It's been several months.
Mrs. Indira Gandhi was alive
when we last met him. Right?
She was here for the election campaign.
We've not been in Rajasthan
for the last eight months.
Yes. It's been eight months, sir.
Haven't seen our wives or had
home-cooked food for eight months now.
Haven't been close to her.
Haven't got any action.
- Does he look like Suva?
- Oh, god!
Such brutality!
He was butchered.
They tortured him to death.
Did Suva have any enemies?
He was a loner.
How could he have had any enemies, sir?
Did he make opium or deal in it?
Opium, cocaine, drugs.
It's the first time I'm hearing
that Suva used to peddle drugs.
No one advertises their drug business.
Drugs enter Munabao
through the border. You know that, right?
We never knew that, sir.
Now you do.
This is how the drug smugglers
butcher those who betray them.
It's not just Suva's murder,
it's a warning for his three partners.
- Three... What do you mean?
- Dhanna.
You keep quiet.
Where's Dhanna?
He's in Kolkata, sir.
He'll come after four days.
Okay, you may leave.
- Inform us before you leave the town.
- Sure.
Don't tell anyone about Suva.
Sir, I feel like they know
nothing about this.
Hello there!
A man's reputation is tarnished
when a stranger meets his wife on the sly.
You've posed a threat to it twice.
Come upstairs. Get us some tea.
So tell me, bro.
What was so urgent
that you couldn't wait until I got back?
There's work in the city.
I need trained men.
What kind of work?
I have some old doors,
window frames, and idols to take there.
How many men do you need?
Five to six.
How much will you pay us?
Two thousand rupees for you,
and a thousand each for them.
Motherfucker! Who will serve
us the tea? Your father?
That's quite meager an amount!
Cover up!
Cover up!
You sell these ancient artifacts
and earn millions.
But you want to pay us peanuts!
Not all villagers are dumb.
Some are like Panna Ram.
By the way, you don't need
so many people to do your job.
The three of us are enough.
Pay 1,500 each for my friends,
and 5,000 rupees to me.
Three thousand for my work
and 2,000 for toying with my reputation.
Half as advance, now.
Find someone else if you can't.
Hope the antiques
aren't stuffed with opium.
It's all right if they are,
it'll just cost you more.
We have to leave tomorrow.
Just the two of us now.
Dhanna will come after two days.
But if you wish, we can leave tomorrow.
Better still, today!
Plowing the fields around here is futile.
These lands are as barren as my bed.
Must wet our whistles elsewhere!
These new-generation IPS officers!
Can't find their way out of a paper bag
and he wants to teach me my job!
Sleep now.
Five minutes.
You've been saying that
for half an hour now.
Do you ever feel bad that
I just remained an inspector?
Couldn't become SP or DSP.
No. Good that you didn't become one.
Politics at the upper levels
isn't your cup of tea.
This is better.
You command respect here.
I get milk and vegetables for free.
Today, the plumber fixed the tap
and didn't charge me a penny.
So I'm happy.
The ceiling won't collapse. Sleep off.
Let him go to hell!
There's no big deal!
Keep an eye on my wife!
See you in a week.
We'll sit at the back
and play cards. Come on.
Give me a hand.
Let's go, sir.
Hold tight.
Keep this bag flat.
Place the cards here.
- What?
- Where's the pack of cards?
Look carefully.
His name is Suva.
Did he come to rob your house?
Sir, I was at the temple...
To light lamps, right?
You keep saying that!
Idiot! You lit so many lamps
that his pants are still on fire.
Jeeva! Bring him.
What's his name?
Come on, squat. Do it!
You can get intimate with girls
but can't squat, huh?
Come on, sit. Keep your head down!
Tell me.
Did you go
to light your lamps or douse his fire?
Sir, my in-laws will call off the wedding.
So shall I call it off?
I'll kill myself then.
It takes a lot of effort
to commit suicide alone.
Do it together. It would be easier,
and it'll make a good story too.
Look, Babita.
What you do
in your personal life is up to you.
Just tell me who attacked your family.
- Sir, this...
- Give it here.
This was stuck to the door.
"If you say anything to anyone,
you and your brothers
will be killed like Babulal.
- Keep mum."
- This scared you!
You should've burned it
in your father's pyre.
Let's go, Bhure!
She's a coward.
She'll die too!
There were six of them.
They took everything.
All our things, even the trunk...
What trunk?
My father's trunk.
He was to sell it for the wedding.
What was in the trunk?
What powder?
The kind that's consumed.
Do you know any of them?
One of them
is from his neighboring village.
Bring out the cards.
How much this time?
I've got enough.
This is the trump.
Hey, I won!
Again... deal?
- Distribute them.
- Have we arrived?
Where are we?
Sir, what now?
Some of my stuff is up there.
We need to take those too.
You, come with me.
May I sit for a while?
Yes, sure.
I got tired of honking.
Couldn't you hear it?
I've often seen this fort from the road
but never came up here.
No one comes here, actually.
Where's Kanwar?
He's resting inside.
That lazy fuck gets tired
just by walking. Ah! Thank you!
Usually, Dhanna and I
do all the heavy lifting.
Your Highness, are you asleep?
Bastard... You...
What are you doing?
Stop! Stop, motherfucker!
Why are you beating me?
If your information turns out
to be wrong, I'll teach you a lesson.
I know him from childhood, sir.
He was my teacher. Sisram Ahir.
Look there, sir! Those are his two jeeps!
Sir, there's a whole gang.
And backup? Oh!
Who needs it? We can deal with it.
Stay alert! Motherfuckers!
Stay low.
Sir, they vanished.
Sir, they're behind us!
Come, hop on!
That rifle is not there
to scratch your ears!
Yes, sir.
Take over the steering wheel.
Get the horses.
Someone threw this in the front yard.
Read it.
you've caused me huge losses.
I'll burn you to death.
Your death will repay the capital.
Your son's, the interest.
Whoever I lay my hands on first
will settle the debt."
Who is that?
Pack your bags.
You two leave for Ghanerao.
Go to my sister's house.
RJD 326. That's the number plate.
Panna said the room
on the terrace is vacant.
I can stay there till Dhanna returns.
He fixed the rent at 200 rupees.
He asked me to give it to you.
He'd never let me have so much money.
Give it to him when he comes back.
He's taking the truck to Delhi.
He'll return in a while.
I don't want to stay here for free.
I'd feel awkward.
If you're uncomfortable, I'll go away.
No. He said you can stay here, right?
So you can.
Have some tea. I'll set up the room.
The motorcycle guy is ready to talk.
Go on, cry more!
The more you cry the less you will pee!
Fucker! Tell him what you told me.
- Is your name Nathu?
- Yes, sir.
- How many camels?
- Four.
- All the four are with the gang?
- Yes.
Who killed Babulal?
Speak up!
- Who killed Babulal?
- Hanif Khan killed him, sir.
He also told me
to throw the chit in your house.
Which village is Hanif Khan from?
Speak up now!
He's from Pakistan, sir.
- Pakistan?
- He was in the Pakistani army.
He gets all his weapons from there.
Hanif Khan sold opium
from Pakistan earlier.
Babulal worked as his agent.
But he betrayed Hanif Khan,
and started selling the drugs himself.
Hanif Khan got a whiff of this,
and he killed Babulal.
But I'm innocent, sir...
You scoundrel!
Where's Hanif Khan? Where's he now?
He's hiding in the desert
waiting to kill you.
What are you going to do?
Help! He's killing me!
What did I do to you, sir?
Please let me go.
Whose picture is this?
He's not Hanif Khan's man?
Why was he killed?
- I don't know...
- Motherfucker! Don't lie!
Don't lie!
We didn't kill him.
No one from our gang killed him.
Only a monster can kill like this.
Kill me! Motherfucker! Just kill me!
Kill me in one go, you motherfucker!
Don't torture me like this.
Listen, sir...
Please, sir.
Please spare us. Let us go.
Take as much money as you want.
I'll give you all our money.
Just leave us, please. I beg of you.
Why don't you quit this police job?
You cook delicious meat dishes.
Open an eatery.
You'll lead a happier life
and earn more money too.
All Makhan sells
is tea and snacks, but his house...
It's twice as big as ours.
He's from an upper caste, sir.
No one will come to eat
meat dishes made by a lower caste man.
At least my caste
gets hidden by this uniform.
You know what I'm feeling?
After ages, I'm finally enjoying this.
Opium, dacoits, Hanif Khan's threat...
For the first time, we are
not just handling security for ministers
but are doing the job of real cops.
You're right.
I too am enjoying this.
I thrashed that rogue so hard,
my hands turned numb.
This is called investigation!
But I can't figure out one thing.
Suva, who was hung from the tree...
Who killed him and why?
Sir, you told me yourself.
That it was a poster of an upcoming movie.
You also said
that it's Panna and Kanwar
who can tell us the real story
of that movie.
But somehow, I have a feeling
that this film
is not about the main villain.
Who is it about then?
Maybe the good guy is behind all this.
Or maybe it's one of the supporting cast.
Or who knows?
It could be the heroine.
Dal baati for you today.
Shall I add butter?
I hope you like it.
Good evening.
Is Panna Ram home?
He has gone to Delhi for some work.
I had told him
not to leave without informing us.
I don't know. He left all of a sudden.
Are you his wife?
May we come in?
When did he go to Delhi?
It's been two days.
When will he return?
In a week's time.
I've sent Panna Ram to Delhi
to handle some work for me.
He's renting the room upstairs.
I will wash those...
No, let me.
Guests don't do chores.
Do you have a cigarette?
Smokers care two hoots about caste.
Come over.
What are you doing around here?
Sometimes Munabao, sometimes Rohiri.
You are seen everywhere.
I deal in antiques.
I buy from ancient villages
and sell in Delhi.
Today, I'm in your district.
Next month, somewhere else.
There is a bigger business.
Ever tried that?
What's that?
Opium trade.
Smuggled from Pakistan.
Can be easily hidden in the antiques.
Do you know Hanif Khan?
Have you seen him?
- He's Suva.
- No.
What happened to your face?
I accidentally walked into a wall.
Will Panna Ram certainly return in a week?
Is there a phone number?
If he was in one location, perhaps.
Let me see.
Do try.
Let's go.
And... Didn't catch your name.
What's your name?
Let's go, Makhan.
He ran off to Delhi
while we were busy with the meat dish.
Don't insult the food.
It is loved even by the Gods.
Come on. Stop.
Hey, Dhanna, hurry up.
Come on.
Get on... hurry up!
Please have a bite before you leave.
Don't worry about the food.
Keep an eye on Siddharth.
- Get off me!
- Why'd you kick me off?
You are screwing me
but thinking of Panna and Kanwar.
Are you insane?
Why would I think of them
when I am with you?
I lose my mind when I'm around you!
- Really?
- Yes!
But you think of them
immediately after fucking me.
What? Missing Panna already?
Should I spread my legs again?
I can't match your appetite for sex
and Panna's for treachery. It's not right.
They left without me.
And you're still
thinking about them! Fuck off!
My land...
Take my land! Take it all.
You can sell it.
You can sell it for about half a million.
Take the whole thing.
Take it.
Get the papers ready.
I will sign them.
I will sign it. Please let me go.
No! Do not! No!
Let me go! I will kill you!
I will be forever grateful to you.
Let me go. Take my land...
I will be forever grateful to you.
Forgive me, brother!
Oh, Dhanna!
This is for you.
He's Dhanna. He's Gauri's husband.
Dhanna, he's Mr. Siddharth.
- He hired Panna, sent him to Delhi.
- I see.
Why is he staying here?
Panna rented out the terrace room to him.
- Panna did?
- Yes.
Sir. Wait.
Wait up.
When are Panna and Kanwar coming back?
They are waiting for you.
They said the job was
for six people, but you three were enough.
So tell me when and I'll go there.
The truck left.
No problem, I can go by bus.
I'm heading that way.
Need to send more stuff. Come with me?
How much rent is Panna
charging you for the room?
Five hundred rupees.
So much! He screwed you over.
I would've charged you only 400.
The highway is that way.
You're going the wrong way. Turn around.
That's where we need
to pick up the stuff from.
But that way is the border.
Turn around. Trust me, I am a local.
Where are you going? Stop!
I haven't informed my family.
Slow down!
Are you a Pakistani? Stop!
Stop, you motherfucker!
Coming from the border
or beyond it?
Century-old artifacts
lie buried in the desert.
I excavate them.
Are you allowed to?
I have permission
from the Archaeological Survey of India.
Driving license?
"Siddharth Kumar."
- Is he back?
- Who?
Panna Ram.
You were going to get us
to talk on the phone.
It's difficult making
long-distance calls from here.
Him leaving this place
without informing us is illegal.
And you too.
Inform the police
when going towards the border.
This area is dangerous.
Anything can happen.
- Should I hold him?
- No. It's fine.
Keep him.
He'd pee the moment he's done fucking.
He wanted to pee. I went to clean up.
Dhanna vanished.
Didn't even bid me bye!
Am I a whore?
Are you a fool?
He's gone to do Siddharth's work.
He will be back soon.
He has given money to you.
Why did he hand it to you?
Why didn't he give it to me?
As if you'd let him go?
What do I do with the money?
Keep it safe.
Buy some jewelry and clothes.
And it's good he's gone to work. Right?
Come on! Let's dance.
Please stand up for a bit.
I'll dust the bed.
Don't do this. I have kids.
I am innocent.
Please don't do this to me.
Help me, Lord! Don't do this!
Don't do this!
Don't do this! Fear the lord.
I'm infertile.
Any leads?
- Found the kid's turban on the way.
- I see.
A wild animal could've taken him.
No! A wild animal would've
taken the sheep, not the kid.
This is the same kid
who found Suva hanging, right?
The villagers are angry.
They say the cops are sitting idle.
Go on. I need a break.
I'll end up getting retired
six months earlier because of this idiot.
Did you find anything?
Sir, that fort...
Come on, drive!
I'm leaving tomorrow.
My work here is done.
Where to?
Going back.
I'll come with you.
What happened?
Those motherfuckers killed him.
They killed Bhure.
The DSP has called, sir.
Tell him to fuck off.
Sir, I'm very worried. Something is wrong.
He didn't take any clothes or his wallet.
- Dhanna has never done this before.
- You know Suva, right?
Panna told me he is
Dhanna's and Kanwar's friend.
I can see it in your face.
You are hiding something.
Your husband might meet the same fate.
Just like this.
Tell me everything you know about Suva
or I won't be able to save your husband.
Dhanna and Suva
bought some land some ten months ago.
They grew opium
but didn't tell Panna and Kanwar.
I asked him not to.
The fuckers didn't listen to me!
This is the house.
It's not my fault, sir.
I just wanted to steal some things.
Dhanna, Panna, and Kanwar forced me.
Open the door, you motherfucker!
Here he is!
You took so long, motherfucker!
Keep your voices down, come on. Upstairs.
- Where do we go?
- Upstairs.
What upstairs idiot?
Hope no one's home?
- Hey, tell me.
- No one will be home for five hours.
- Come on. Slowly.
- Take it easy! Hey!
Keep it down.
Open it!
- Grab her!
- Don't let her go, motherfuckers!
Get her! Come on!
Hold her! You bitch! Pin her down.
- Suva, stop staring! Get some rope.
- Get some rope.
- You bitch!
- Let go!
Shut up or I will thrash you!
Sir, they both have left
taking their belongings an hour ago.
The inspector is going towards the border.
Which route are you taking?
This will take us to the border.
Whose photos are these?
Why don't you ask yourself?
Come on!
Oh, god!
Are you all right? Get up.
What did you do, you monster?
Tell her where you got this from.
Tell her!
Tell her where you got it.
Speak up!
You bitch!
You bitch! Shut up!
Take this.
Take this!
You whore! Take this!
Take all this!
You wanted to fight me? You bitch.
Forgive me.
We had opium before going.
Things got out of hand.
All that your family suffered...
I know about it.
The path of revenge
is fraught with peril.
It won't let you live,
but it won't let you die either.
It's a double-edged sword.
It's never a solution.
There's no respite.
Always punishing.
Revenge neither offers justice
nor ends the hate.
The avenger always digs two graves.
One for the enemy, other for the self.
It continues
until he inevitably falls to his death.
Hop on! I will drop you all home.