That Cold Day in the Park (1969) Movie Script

It has warmed up?
No, it's very cold.
Quickly give it to Mrs.
Parnell. It took me forever.
That's poultry.
All the same!
I expected earlier.
The lawyers were not ripe.
I made soup.
Dr. like that.
Mrs. Ebury will probably
without his mother
but keep a partridge in case.
You could eat tomorrow with potatoes.
I hate that.
Dr. Stevenson.
- Parnell.
You will never find a
taxi with the deluge!
Come on, Mom.
So keep your coat.
Even at table?
You're not quite dressed.
I'm not cold!
You changed your hair?
Or rather barber.
You saw these reflections?
It is covered. It will
snow before this weekend.
It would not surprise me.
Frances, you're beautiful.
So, doctor, how's business?
And you, your arm?
I will be quickly recovered.
It's stuck.
I'll help you, Mom.
How you're connected?
We took the elevator.
A panel reported he was down.
There was not.
David never read the signs.
It has nothing to do, let's see...
David, that's enough.
I take the cuts.
Young pigeons.
Probably frozen.
Do not you, Frances?
These are partridges.
I love the partridge.
This is delicious.
When you serve me, Frances,
you give me the skin at
the bottom of the dish.
This wine is delicious.
You should use on the other side.
Yes, of course!
Be careful, will you?
For heaven's sake, the carpet!
Parnell, take the cup.
What Massacre!
- It's stops!
It must come from this room.
Pollen allergy?
Not at this time of year.
It's raining.
Obviously. As is often
the last two months.
He is allergic to rain?
I read that the cold
is R microbes not in fact be wet.
Bullshit! I am a cold when I'm wet.
That's right, Doctor?
Frances is right.
There is a kid out there.
What an idea! It will catch your death.
This is not as simple.
He also moisture are
present in the lungs.
We could invite.
What a ridiculous idea!
Lmagine slightly what would your mother.
He has no coat.
Nobody forced him.
If it is, he likes it.
It may not be nowhere to go.
You'd swear you never read newspapers.
David, we must start
If you want to take a
nap before the bridge.
I call a taxi?
- Yes, that would be nice.
Dr. drop us.
I stay to chat with Frances.
Come, they will never find a taxi.
This will be for another time.
- I wanted to talk to you.
We'll see Friday for boules competition.
With this time? Not.
We will to your practice.
Frances did not look
good. I find plichonne.
Fatigue, probably.
It should take the royal jelly.
From the frozen?
- The bees produce.
Or they eat it?
We're leaving.
I put the soup See you
warm. Think about the stop.
It's up to you what I mean.
Yes, you.
I saw you in the rain from my window.
You want to ride you dry for a moment?
The time it will stop.
I found out THANK YOU
and we're going home.
The rain will stop and
I scherai your clothes.
Here, follow me.
Are you a student?
You go to school?
Are you a student?
Can you hear me?
You understand me?
You must remove your shoes.
Here it is.
I give you a bath?
A warm bath.
Come on.
Come, come.
Take off your shirt.
Want something else?
You still hungry?
I know.
It was better before Mrs. Parnell
not change attitude.
She insists See you put the leftovers
in another plate in
order to do the dishes.
It was me who did it.
I prepared yesterday.
Of pineapple and cream, with a sponge.
It's very good.
I would like to know your name.
Your name.
My name is Frances.
Frances Austin.
I must have looked See
you in a mill lyrics
but I'm having trouble silence like you.
You know how to play?
Like the music?
I have some discs.
You may want to be listen to one or two.
Are you coming?
Come with me.
My mother had a lot of records
but they are in the guest room.
Mine are here. Something maybe you like.
There's one that you probably love.
I took a course in musicology
and I try to spend half an hour per day
See you listen to things I like.
Want to hear it?
I put it on the plate?
Hello? Hello again, my uncle.
A large envelope?
Wait, do not leave.
I'll watch. Tell me,
where were you sitting?
She was able to slip
into the couch, I'll see.
No, I do not see anything.
Course. I will search the room tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow. Good evening.
You sleep?
I prepared the guest room.
You can stay if you want.
I do not know if you have a home
away from home. I hope, anyway.
I do not throw you out.
Your clothes will be dry tomorrow.
Here it is hot and there is a bed.
What's more...
It's raining again.
Good night.
For a change some eggs,
I prepared something else.
I made coffee but if you want tea,
I can do.
I have to go do some shopping.
You know where the bathroom
is. Or kitchen if you're hungry.
I should go in an hour.
I bought you the odds.
You have found the jacket Parnell.
This is for you.
Try the pants.
See you there is very fashionable.
I took in a shop for young people.
How's that fine.
I do not really know
what color to choose.
Try the shoes.
I wanted to take the leather but
it would have taken them a try.
If it is...
it is worn without socks.
Stand up.
I look at you.
That's very good, these
colors will go well.
Consider these clothes as a gift.
You can keep leaving.
I take care of lunch.
Like the cold chicken?
In general, I...
I myself kitchen
but I have not had time with racing.
You say nothing.
It has a hard time know what you like.
I have a friend who is a doctor.
His name is Charles, is therapist.
He managed...
See you convince a woman
convinced that she could not walk
I remember
one morning,
with a friend... My best friend actually
it was decided skipping classes.
We went See you bike
even before school
before turning back.
We pedaled for kilometers
and we ended up
just before school that arrived
while the English teacher.
We had come full circle
to return to the starting point.
She was very masculine,
our English teacher
but pretty nice
and she liked to a lot of girls.
In general, I turn soon enough.
Like that, it's hot when I go to bed.
I bought it for me.
My mom did not want, she was afraid
to be electrocuted in his sleep.
She died very old
and a little senile, I'm afraid.
You did not get cold tonight?
It would be nice if I
had another one for you.
Would you like that?
I can find one if you want.
I ask to Mrs. Parnell.
It will not mind. It comes tomorrow.
Mrs. Parnell. Do you understand?
It comes tomorrow Thursday.
It comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
No need to explain your presence here.
I'm home, I do not have
an account See you make.
It was already the service of my mother.
Good night.
I'll bring you breakfast See
you the same time tomorrow.
I spent a lovely day.
I am delighted to have you.
Good evening.
Make yourself useful, carry it.
Come to bed! That is good.
Everyone in bed.
Where's your pajamas?
Past where you were?
You owe me $ 5.
I know.
You can not help your mother?
You will make her Pink Dress Nina.
This is the kid.
Get out of here!
You can not hit?
You can enter.
Come on.
Close the door.
You're not going to put it, itch.
A minute.
This is good.
Where were you?
In the park. I expected you two days.
You have my dress?
- Say thank you See you Sue.
You're going to burn them.
I forgot.
And if I prefer smoking?
It bothers me.
You have leaves?
- On the shelf.
It's ready...
I think so.
Give me that. My eyelashes are there.
Did you see Mom?
- Yes.
It's okay?
- It's okay.
It was I who almost drowned.
Sorry but left to provide in Seattle.
We went to stop.
Take a cookie, man.
You'd rather not a
cookie instead of smoking?
I can not stand the smell, you know.
Are you where there?
- I'm cold.
I could die of cold yours wait.
You put a lot of grass?
- Move!
I'm picking up the park.
You did what?
Did you bring food?
Bread and cheese. Not
by the cops, by a woman.
I tell you? She gave me a bath.
A real bath?
A bubble bath.
She gave you what?
How so?
You know, for your services.
Everyone knows
it has a price, the
strokes of a young man.
This is true.
Kind if your sister was corn,
she would pay me.
You've been a long time in this old?
Until tonight and she was not old.
I did not say it was.
She must be hot.
It was really better than
staying here or at home.
I had my own room.
Why then you're gone?
I do not know. I was
tired to say anything.
She does not speak to you?
She did it! It was me who said nothing.
You done your number? Your thing, here?
Your little number?
What thing?
Always the same.
It is that since he is a kid.
He said no more.
For days.
Why are you out then?
- He told you.
He said what?
Nothing, he just told you.
He not speak to him.
It is very strange.
I've never seen anyone speaking much.
What a beautiful day!
It's sad to stay locked.
You scared me.
It is 9:30. As usual.
Want some coffee? I did not make tea.
No, thank you, I'll start right away.
I start?
The bed in the guest room.
The bed? Expected someone?
No, I slept.
You do not have lunch?
No, I was not hungry.
Go back to bed, while I discarded.
No, I'll take a bath.
You tell me for lunch.
I'm not hungry.
Even a cup of broth?
It will do you good, it goes alone.
I want nothing, Ms. Parnell. Eat only.
Scram! It does not interest us.
Come in, see.
Hopefully, he's a friend.
Come in, please.
Welcome back.
This is for me?
With a pastry or homemade?
You made them?
Take off your coat.
I finished the household?
No, go for it today.
If you have errands to run, go ahead.
Or rather go to lunch.
Are you hungry?
I bring you to lunch?
Let therefore, do not worry about us.
I put it on a tray and eat here.
You go without eating?
Hopefully, I will not bother you.
Do not be silly. Take at least a coffee.
Where's the corkscrew?
This bottle one?
It is very good. It
is him whom the doctor.
Yes, I want good wine.
What could I take another? Fruit, maybe.
Here, the open end.
These cookies do not inspire me.
He has made himself.
- They burned.
They were scratched.
Nobody forces you R eat.
I hope so!
I do not want to be
unkind but I'm very busy!
We'll be there for your party bridge.
No, I think it has changed.
The location or date home
or at home, I do not know.
My God...
I'm not dressed.
Excuse me, I have to get
dressed if you let it.
I scare you?
I scared you.
You know what I did?
I played Dr. Colin...
Blind Man's Bluff. You know to play it?
I played at school. You know what it is?
I found.
You have three chances.
No, that's not it at all.
It comes from my high school.
My tie.
You see...
Red symbolizes fire...
in my heart.
Put it. That's very nice of you.
I also found my harmonica in a drawer.
I'll show you.
We must stand before a mirror.
The board must be in the loop.
Yes, like that. That's
very good, thank you.
Do you like it?
Come on.
Come on, get up.
Here it is.
I gotta get out.
I should have for the
day. I have an appointment.
Can I have a boules competition.
It is organized by my club
but I have to be.
If you're hungry, there is chicken, use.
I'll be home for 20 hours.
Not later than 20h, I promise.
You go?
Not arriving. They told me to wait here.
But there are so many people.
It does not stop!
Make yourselves comfortable.
Relax, you are nervous.
I'm already coming.
After 2 hours, we have sent me home.
This is a very busy
man, see what it offers.
Frances Austin. I have an appointment.
Fill out this form.
At the next stop, we
will give you a map.
What contraceptive will you ask him?
Rather the pill.
I've heard stories the
thing that you put into it.
Yes, the IUD.
It is said that some women
give birth to a beautiful baby
after wearing one but I
will not take any risks.
The pill that makes you fat.
It's true, I took five pounds.
What will you ask?
I am hoping to do the pill.
You listen to the heart
and it takes your blood?
It examines you entirely.
It's nothing. This is your first time?
That's why I was hoping...
Me, it does distress me at all.
I am even more nervous the second time.
Me, it's been I'm not doing more.
But how do you have children?
I would not be nervous if I had,
but I'm not married.
I see. No, it's fine.
If women were all here
before making nonsense,
it would be so much simpler.
I really know nothing about it.
My mother never spoke.
I tried several things.
The diaphragm does not work.
As condom...
The men forget in the excitement.
I had two children, despite that.
Anyway, I am here for the pill.
It seems that in each
box, there is a hole.
This is sadism!
You are married for a long time?
I first started with the IUD
but my husband felt.
Some men... are better equipped?
We will say that.
I thought that's pretty
much it was the same.
No, they are all different, like us.
Note, is asked if a diaphragm
he must either R the right size.
The diaphragm is used
See you instead of the pill.
I'd rather the pill.
Your umbrella.
The Pill it is probably easier.
Yes, but sometimes larger.
You ready r Act 5 pounds?
Miss Austin.
Miss Austin.
It's down the hall.
The diaphragm it spoils the fun.
It has to go do his business
while the man waits.
Your card, please.
Thank you.
Let's see. Miss Austin, right?
Yes, I'm getting married.
Perfect. Have you ever been pregnant?
It simplifies things.
Dr. McKenzie will examine
you. It is very good.
Come with me.
It was not really bad.
Look, here it is.
Take off your clothes and put on this.
The doctor arrives immediately.
What the hell are you doing here?
Where is she?
- What are you doing here?
Let me enter.
It is where the veteran?
Nicky is at work. This is your peeps?
Not bad.
Nina, you'll make me have problems.
What is this?
Put it down, will you? She'll be back.
Frances, you're late. I called.
I'm sorry.
Nobody answered.
- I was out.
It is very humid.
There you are!
- I'll be right there.
Good evening!
You made us worry.
Frances, you're late.
I know.
You do not play, my uncle?
- My arm hurts.
Do not you go take a bath?
Do not do it, it will not delay.
I'll take a bath, let me go.
But she will soon return!
You've taken one.
- She asked me.
I take one too.
You'll be in trouble.
- I'm sure she'll say anything.
I'm your sister, right?
- Stop, that's enough.
It is not as if I took a bath every day.
I have no bath.
There is one for parents.
You can talk.
I'm there more often than you.
At least she has it all.
Not touch, she will notice it.
She'll say it's you.
Hurry up, will ya?
She has great stuff.
I do not know when she comes. Hurry up.
I'll take my time. Relax.
I have told you, I do
not take a bath every day.
Brat who would deprive
his sister a bath.
Give me...
Give me a towel, quick!
Behind you.
I use it, Give me another one, quick!
My mascara runs.
Help me. My lashes are the trunk.
I have my pants. It will not, right?
Okay, enough, you win!
This is Nicky who should
be here. You'll see!
We need stops, she will notice it.
Remember my plastic boat?
It was a duck.
The duck was yours. Me,
it was a boat, a submarine.
It is well done!
What tone!
This is not your day.
It's too cold.
It will warm you.
It's gonna rain.
- I do not think so.
Will it last long?
Another hour.
I would like Nicky is here.
He's not here.
Anyone but you.
Except my brother.
Damage. Now get dressed.
Imagine if I was not your sister.
What does that mean?
I turn you on?
If you went with the parents?
It's been a while, right?
Come on.
For what?
I am a little stiff neck.
Nina, you're completely barge.
I get excited because
you're afraid of me.
But this is not true!
Where it hurts?
You have a poop eye.
It was not worth it.
- Forget it.
I feel woozy. I probably
caught cold tonight.
I'll give you something.
This is probably fatigue.
I try to have a discussion with you.
I would, but it's late.
It is 21:30.
You brandy?
Yes, use.
Thank you.
Lying to me.
No, it's okay.
I do not have a migraine.
It will if you do not you relax.
I'm tired.
We know long.
Can I afford a comment some deem moved?
I never mentioned your privacy.
Our friendship
and I considre as sincere,
Blows has made the surface.
What I mean is that...
It is not a whim
but a deliberate thing.
I'm sure sometimes you need to be loved.
Bend your knees and get a little.
Now put your feet in stirrups.
down a little more.
Everything okay?
Are you sure?
Yes, I had an exhausting day.
Frances, people trust See
you often their doctor.
They forget one thing.
A doctor also has its problems.
Loneliness is.
I am alone, like many others.
I need someone.
Charles, I think that's enough.
Sorry, I...
- I'm sorry.
You told me maybe misunderstood.
When I spoke of love...
I did not mean...
I wanted to talk...
tenderness, understanding, but no...
You do not believe me so presumptuous.
I do not want to offend you.
Maybe with time...
Charles will.
This must be my fault.
I withdraw.
Can I call you tomorrow?
Sleep well.
You sleep?
I do not.
I had a tough day.
I'm too tired to sleep.
But most importantly,
it makes me feel weird to have you home.
I used to be alone.
I wonder...
You must think I'm all alone...
I am, it is true, but
I do not think about it.
My mother was always saying
she was lonely after
the death of my father.
She kept repeating.
As if I was not for her no company.
But it was old and senile...
I do not think about it.
Old people disgust me
with their feelings.
You think I'm old? I was wondering...
You know...
I have a friend.
He is a doctor.
And he wants all the
time make love to me.
All the time.
It does not please me at all.
But he still wants me.
I hate him to touch me.
Looks like an old man. He feels old.
I've known...
ten years.
That has never changed.
It is always the same.
It is always impeccable.
His shirts, shoes.
I remember your shoes
the day of your arrival.
You wear them without laces.
Without socks either.
I had never seen someone without socks.
It gave me something.
His shoes are classy about him.
Rather small.
When he sits, we see her garters.
Always he pulls his pants
at the knees.
You know what I mean?
I think he needs me
but I've never felt for him.
I'm to be alone, it disgusts me.
I would like to know
if you really sleep.
You're very strong if you pretend.
Do you mind if I lie?
I stay on the covers. I lie, that's all.
There like that.
I also wanted to tell you...
If you want to love me,
I'm fine.
I want you to make love to me.
"This product is intended
lovers of pleasure.
"Syrupy and sensual,
"It penetrates the skin
during the massage..."
It makes you laugh to read that?
- "In a 100 ml bottle."
What it meant,
"It's not like you?" Wait...
What? Be more specific.
See you later, you said
"It is not like you."
What does that mean?
Okay, it's different.
But at that hand?
Its about sex is very strange.
It actually a big deal.
I should go see and spend time with her.
Instead of squatting here?
Squatter? Thanks to me, you r comic eye.
He still has not eaten.
- What's the difference?
There will be entitled
like everyone else.
We're not at war.
- You're disgusting.
You're disgusting.
Apologize auprs Nicky.
He even lost his tongue.
Where are you going?
You have not even eaten.
Leave him alone.
Come on, let him.
It is always the same.
I'm tired of your bickering.
You slept late.
I run a bath.
I can leave here whenever I want.
Even if you remember me,
I do not sleep with you.
If I want a girl, I
can get out to find one.
And I will not.
I'm sorry.
I do not want you to be angry.
I want you to stay here.
I want nothing changes.
Can you understand that?
I will not let you leave.
Not now.
It's cute, it.
She looks like my sister.
Your sister?
- I swear.
You have a sister, do you?
I'm serious.
That's it.
They chope where this time?
It was behind the Plaza.
80 stitches.
The last time,
she stayed three weeks.
It's like that.
Believe me, this time it is finished.
No job, she'll do what?
Danny cares.
80 stitches...
It is ruined.
Sorry, you have the time?
No, I do not have my watch.
It must be eleven.
You have the blush?
The blush, the eye See you cheeks.
No, sorry, I do not have.
Are you alone? You do not expect anyone?
No, why?
I have a friend, a young man...
He can not leave my
and I was wondering...
He feels very alone.
If you come with me...
You will pay me?
Sure, I'll pay you.
You are inflated do.
Really swollen.
You followed me?
You know, I may be the hustler
but I do not girls.
Leave me alone.
Find yourself someone and let me go.
You know what?
There is a girl out there, an inverted.
An inverted?
One would almost mistake.
She offered you the money?
It must be your sister.
I would not care less price.
Have a drink.
You should have said yes.
Forget it, everyone cares.
Try the Pink Swan. This
is perfect for lesbians!
She needs help.
You're going where?
Where is he?
What idiot!
I can help you.
I think not, thank you.
You want some company?
- No, thank you.
I know the neighborhood, I can help you.
You need to find strange I ask that.
To me, nothing is weird.
I have a friend, a boy, who lives in me.
He can not leave him
even then he sent me.
What is the budget?
I do not know, we have not spoken.
What you propose, I think so.
It is a bit difficult.
To be quiet, count 30 r 35 dollars.
It suits him perfectly I am sure.
I know some addresses let's go.
You're not going to yell at me?
And why not?
You've been out all night,
See you back you're 5h.
You expect?
Stay here, I'll take care of everything.
I'm Murph.
- What's this for?
He would need someone.
Your sister has the phone?
So why have not you called
me? That's all I ask.
What's your thing?
- Excuse me?
It must be nice.
You pay how much?
The man said
30 or 35 dollars.
$ 50, no less.
We want to see first.
Frank, get Sylvia.
Al gives a cafe See you little lady.
There will be no better.
You say that for 3 years.
Madam, can I offer you
the word of the Lord?
Read this.
You, sir.
Read His word and qu'll bless you.
Ladies, can I offer you this brochure?
The word of the Lord is revealed.
You can find salvation if you read this!
Go and fuck yourself.
You do not send Fuck the Lord.
Shut up and fuck!
God bless you and forgive you.
That's ma'am.
It is not for me.
- At her home.
You have to pay now.
Say, ma'am.
You have not set the coffee. 15 cents.
I can choose where we're going?
We're going home?
Come, follow me.
I have your name?
Here is the guy I was talking about.
She locked us?
Yes, it is a mania with her.
I'm here for her or for you?
She paid you?
$ 20.
She is generous.
I say that to me.
So she likes to watch?
It will look the keyhole?
You watch us?
No, it's...
It's just a little hit.
I do not like too much stuff crossed.
But you have me look good.
Go slowly, okay?
Take off your sweater.
Wait a minute.
Wait I'll close the bathroom.
Wait just a second.
You're sure she will not pay earlier?
What's wrong?
If everything goes well.
Stop thinking.
You're not focused.
You are obliged to speak?
It's that woman? She upset you.
What are you doing here with her?
For starters, she was locked up.
She holds you by force?
If you want to discuss,
so get dressed, right?
She will not like it, Sylvia?
Do not worry,
as soon as I get out of
here, you come with me.
You want to go with Sylvia?
You wanna come with me?
I do not know.
We'll see, right?
Wait just a second.
You do not want...
Let me...
She will not like it, Sylvia?
Here, lets make Sylvia.
It goes like this?
What are you doing?
I want out!
Are you scared?
There is nothing to fear.
I'm sorry.
You have nothing to fear.
I told him to go away.
To take his things and go.
You have nothing to fear.
I told her she does not like you
and she had to leave.
I told her
"You do not please her
"And you should leave."
Fear not, I beg you.
You'll stay with me, Do not be afraid.
You'll stay with me, Do not be afraid.
You're staying with me.
I want you make love to me.
I beg you.
Stay with me.
Make love to me.