That Girl in Pinafore (2013) Movie Script

Who farted? It stinks!
Wow, intense!
Sorry, it was me.
Caogen! You again?
Hey, it's only human to fart.
But I'll stay away if I did!
Gosh it stinks!
Hey take it easy man!
Hey Jiaming is here.
Yay supper is here!
What are the goodies?
We've been waiting the whole day.
I almost missed the last bus.
Why is your bag so at"!
Aren't you planning to study?
I'm just here to hang out.
I'll leave the rest to destiny.
Bro, you've repeated 2 years of studies.
One extra year of elementary
school and high school.
You're like an uncle to us.
Do I look that old?
Older than me.
Since I suck at studying, I
might as well start working.
Anyway, my family's business needs help.
Speaking of which, didn't
you guys offer to help?
Honestly, your parents' music
lounge is pretty embarrassing.
I don't care, if you guys are my bros
You guys will learn these songs.
And, these pamphlets.
Man, you should pay us for this!
Will we be paid commission?
Haoban, why are you so calculative?
You still owe us our
share for the last time.
That was quite a big sum.
When have I ever missed a payment?
I just forgot to bring the cash today.
I think we should quit when we
graduate to JC (Junior College).
Our business is now at its peak.
We're pushing our luck.
Actually, business will
be even better in JC.
There are tons of rich kids.
We raise our prices and
aim for their wallets.
And we should do our version of 'Playgirl'
And get Xiaopang to be the coverboy.
Shut up!
Those two girls are bitchy!
I think they want our attention.
Hey they are from Saint
Nicholas, my favourite!
Hey Haoban, you always talk big.
Why don't you get their numbers?
You don't think I got the balls for it?
You've got the balls, but
have you got the skills?
Ok! If I can get their numbers
We'll take your pay for next month.
It's a deal!
Lend me your discman.
What are you up to"!
Just hand it over.
It's a birthday present from my mom.
My discman!
Are you alright?
How can you trash your drinks like that"!
Oh please!
You are the one who is blind.
Don't blame us.
My discman!
The player is broken!
What are you going to do about it"!
We can say 'sorry'.
My poor mother worked so hard
So she can buy this
discman for my birthday.
We've apologized. What more do you want?
I need you to compensate me.
300 bucks? You're insane!
Do we look rich to you?
Give me your address and telephone number
I'll collect the money
after you've saved up.
'Small white face' (gigolo),
don't take us as idiots.
What are you going to do
with our address? Stalk us?
You think I'm that free?
Forget the address then.
Just give me your telephone number.
Where do I write it"!
What are your names?
My name is Hay-
Our last name is Zhang.
I am younger, people call me
Zhang Qing Fang (90s Singer).
I am the elder sister, Zhang Man
Yu (HK actress Maggie Cheung).
Zhang Qing Fang, Zhang Man Yu.
I'll call you when I'm free.
Please call us late at night.
After midnight, the later the better.
Stop it! Stop it!
What are you doing?! Group orgy??
Which school are you from?
I'm sorry.
Come back! I'm going to report you!
We are from Maris Stella!
You can only see things
clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Hello... Jiaming, help me!
Xiaopang? What's up?
I don't feel well.
Not well? Did you eat something wrong?
Exams tomorrow.
I've had too much chicken
essence & Red bull.
I've overdosed.
Hey hang on, I've got an incoming call.
But I need your help.
Jiaming! Save me!
Haoban? What's happened?
I can't concentrate at all.
Did you drink Redbull?
Not just Redbull
I've also mixed in tons of chicken essence
Can't focus!
Worst part is, I am wide awake now!
These things are potent! What should I do"!
Remember what the teacher suggested?
Change subjects every 30 minutes.
You will focus better.
Xiaopang? Are you alright?
I think I'm high... I need help.
Hey sorry. Another incoming call.
Why's everyone calling at this hour"!
Hey Jiaming! It's me, Caogen!
Quick, turn on the radio!
I'm on the dedication program. Quick!
Hello? it's me again!
So who do you want to
dedicate the next song to"!
I want to dedicate the
next song to my friends.
They are having exams tomorrow.
So I want to wish them good luck!
Anything else?
I feel like singing the song myself.
Ok, as long as it is not vulgar.
Oh it isn't! It's a patriotic song!
Ok go ahead then.
We live here in Singapore
My father used to live in Hoi Shan Street
(Upper Cross Street)
A Japanese bomber ew over here in 1941
A bomb was dropped right
here on this street
We live here in Singapore
My mother gave birth to me at Tekka
There were plenty of illegal cabs here
So she took a scooter to work
We live here in Singapore
I grew up in Queenstown
Behind the tiny apartment at
ls a tiny little forest
Where I used to play when I was a kid
We live here in Singapore
We used to have nothing
Though what we have here is not much
But we treasure them more than anybody else
We live here in Singapore
My cousin has just returned
from San Francisco
Like a little sparrow carrying a branch
Always returning home where it belongs
A little sparrow carrying a branch
Perched on a branch, peering at Auntie
Auntie is getting married
and ties a buttery knot
Her beautiful hair is lined
with owers on both sides
We live here in Singapore
My elementary school used
to be at Middle Road
And when I didn't work hard in school
I would go to the temple
nearby before the exams
and pray hard at the Buddha's feet
We live here in Singapore
My cousin has just returned
from San Francisco
Like a little sparrow carrying a branch
Always returning home where it belongs
Like a sparrow carrying a branch
Always returning home where it belongs
Though I suck at studying
But like every other student
I still hoped for good results.
So my parents won't be disappointed.
But due to my lousy English
All other subjects suffered as well.
Hubby, we lost money this month again.
Don't worry. We shall prevail!
My parents love music.
My father wanted to be in a band.
My mother wanted to become a singer.
Few months ago,
they dumped all their savings
into 'Meng Chuan' (Dream Boat).
Business was ok for a while.
But as it turns out
People rather listen to themselves sing
Than listen to others.
So the business went from bad to worse.
Ma, Pa, I'm heading to school.
Good luck!
I am a young patriotic soldier!
I am filled with enthusiasm and passion!
I have an abundance of energy!
Put your trust in me, Singapore!
Son. Stay calm.
I think...
he's still doomed
Jiajun, what are you laughing about?
I don't understand what I am watching.
Hey, aren't you going to wish me good luck?
Score an 'A'.
Elder brother, good luck!
Hope you return with a 'D'!
'D'? You cursing me?
No, 'D' for 'Damn Good'!
Do you smell something?
It's you again!
C'mon guys! I'm stressed.
Hey look! The girls from the airport.
I think the bitchy one
is cute, how about you?
They both look the same to me.
Son, take it easy.
You're our son.
We won't look down on you for being stupid.
It's not like we need you
to take care of us anyway.
And you will inherit
'Meng Chuan' eventually.
We have a vision for tomorrow...
just believe, just believe
We have a goal for Singapore...
We can achieve
- What can we achieve with results like this?
You and me, we'll do our part
3 months later
Hello everyone!
This is a Singapore folk song
that I wrote!
Let my heart break completely!
Wow, this singer is a new low.
Even my parents won't want to be seen here.
I'm going deaf.
My eyes are bleeding.
You are behind on payments
for a few months already!
I'm so sorry. I'll pay you in a few days.
Once my business picks up I will repay you!
How can your business improve?
Your singer sounds like a cat in heat!
I'll give you 3 more days.
This joint really is the dumps.
Why don't we restart our business
in JC (Junior College) now?
Didn't we call it quits?
What happens if we are caught?
We've already done it for 4 years.
What are you afraid of?
It's extra pocket money for us, why not"!
I'll go pick up new stock tonight.
There's Loletta Lee.
Loletta Lee? Really?
Quiet down! I'm trying to sing!
Long time no see.
Any new stock?
See you later.
What do you want to eat later?
I feel like having... fried rice!
Then I will have... chicken rice!
Fat boy!
Have you fixed your discman? - Not yet.
Ask your fair boy friend to call us!
Just my luck
To end up in the same college
with these two crazy girls.
Chatting up the girls eh?
I still have their number. You want it?
When will you compensate
me for the discman?
I'll pay you once I get the cash.
Break it off guys.
Xiaopang, where are the goods?
Hand one over.
It's really Loletta Lee!
I'll never tire of her.
This place is too crowded. Read later.
Read it later, I said!
Listen up.
Jiaming used to keep the time.
Now it's my turn.
Xiaopang, handle the good s.
Caogen, you'll handle the cash.
When the science classes
breaks, we'll get ready.
Ready, Steady... Prosper!
Hey boss... look.
Listen up, everyone.
7 minutes... no more, no less.
What if I can't come in 7 minutes?
That's your problem, not mine!
Ok time's up! Get out!
Not so loud. And don't go publicizing this.
Playboy, Penthouse, and Loletta Lee?
$7. $7, $10.
Free tissue!
So how's business today?
Business today was so damn good!
See for yourself!
This is quite a pile!
If onlyJiaming was here.
Is it safe to leave the
magazines in the locker?
What do you guys think?
It's better to bring it home.
Yea h, okay.
You'd better be careful with those!
I better be off to class.
Me too. Bye!
Fat boy, why are you avoiding us"!
Why would I? You guys are so nice to me.
I'm going for class. Bye!
I know you've been avoiding us.
And I also know that you and your buddies
Are engaged in some improper
business in the toilet.
How do you know about our porn business?
Porn business?
So, how much do you make every month?
I don't do the accounts. I don't know.
Tell us everything... or we'll
announce this to the world!
They'll kill me.
They'll kill you?
But I'll make your life a living hell.
Unless... you pay me $1000?
We don't make that much!
If that's the case
I'll just take half of all the takings.
I won't betray my friends.
What did you say?
I will not betray my friends!
Porno! Porno!
Return them to me!
What are you boys doing?
Cl... Cleaning the oor!
Cleaning the oor?
That's my job!
Helping you, Auntie.
What are you sitting on?
Stand up.
Not very convenient, Mrs Ang
Some other time?
Stand up right now!
Speak to me properly!
To stand or not to stand...
Either way we're dead meat.
Stand up... let's get up.
Look what you brats are reading!
I'll split your backsides
if you were my children!
All three of you!
My office, right now!
What's there to look? Disperse!
God help us
What are you looking at?
I think that book belongs to me.
There's no name on it.
What makes you think it's yours?
Remember that day?
At the airport...
Hey, you there!
Hitting on my chick?
I'm not your chick.
Mind your words.
May... May.
She's just shy.
Who are you?
Why are you in our school
trying to hit on my chick?
Hey, where are you going?
My boss is talking to you!
What is your name?
I am speaking to you, asshole!
Hey! Hey! I am talking to you!
Boss, are you alright?
You have disgraced the school!
What the hell is this"!
Porn magazines.
How dare you!
How will you explain this to your parents"!
Mrs Ang, please don't tell my parents!
You'll explain it to them yourselves!
Suspension for 2 weeks!
2 weeks?!
What the f-
What did you say again?
Who farted?
How dare you!
You're all suspended for 1 month!
What took you guys so long?
We are so screwed.
So screwed.
Porn magazine?
Loletta Lee?
How long is the suspension?
One month?
One full month?
One month!?
But we made a lot of money...
You made money?
How much did you make?
It's your fault for not
bringing him up right.
Hey you're responsible too!
With a record like this
forget about becoming a MP
(Minister of Parliament).
I never said I wanted to be a MP.
Do you think there's a future
in Opposition politics?
You will stay in the shop
to help out, everyday!
You dare fart?
You know I'm allergic to owers.
You'll fry noodles here with me everyday.
No way, Dad!
I don't want my face to end up like yours!
What's wrong with my face?
People used to call me Tom Jones!
What's so funny?
All these.
Why are you so late?
Hi Uncle Chew.
We've been waiting for you to eat dinner.
How are you, May?
Your mom said that
you're looking forward to
studying in the States.
I'm looking forward to going to the States.
Can't wait to go to medical school.
I'm going to love it.
What's that?
Jayley and Hayley loaned them to me.
If you want to listen to music
I wish you'd listen to Western music.
They don't listen to Chinese
music in the States.
And I want you to practice your English
Uncle Chew is returning
to the States tomorrow.
He is preparing a room for you
for when you go over later this year.
The best thing is
he's found a doctor
who can help you with your heart condition.
Thanks, Uncle Chew.
You're still young.
There are lots of opportunities over there.
I've been in America for 20 years.
Everything is better
than here in Singapore.
And you'll make new friends.
An intelligent person like you.
You'll get into any Ivy League any day.
'Columbia University, New York'
'93 Xinyao Singing Competition'
Just take it as a one month holiday.
I'm partly responsible for your suspension.
Why don't you guys come
and perform at my joint?
At least we can make some money.
Brother! How much can
we make at your place?
Hey guys, check this out.
What a coincidence!
We've jammed all night.
Can we choose a song yet?
Honestly, these songs are not very hip.
People are listening to
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana
and Guns N' Roses now.
If Guns N' Roses
and Nirvana played 'Xinyao'
(Singapore folk songs)
How do you think it will sound?
'Xinyao', Guns N' Roses style...
Jiaming, how about this?
Add this beat!
Sounds good!
Hurry, we're late!
Hey boss.
That's the guy who poked your eyes.
It's really crowded!
Let's register first.
Good morning, judges.
I'm Sam, from Malaysia.
I'll be singing "Lian Zhi
Qi" (Refuge of Love).
What tenderness does it take
to heal your wounds?
How long must I wait
before you will accept me?
Please encourage me
with the confidence in your eyes
So I may see the future
with better clarity
We live here in Singapore
A Japanese bomber own past here in 1941
My voice is very seductive.
Please restrain yourself.
Stand up for Singapore!
Do the best you can!
- Unintelligible-
Stand up! Stand up for Singapore!
That's enough!
Get off the stage!
Next group!
Are you contestant number 65?
What will you be singing?
We're singing ""Beneath the Starry Night"
Do you guys have a group name?
Stars ...The SHINING Stars?
What kind of a stupid name is that"!
Let's begin.
Beneath the starry night!
There is a faint glowing light
Just make sure I get into the finals.
A shooting star shoots across the sky
It stopped playing!
Let's change our song.
But we've practiced this for so long!
This is too last minute!
A beautiful tomorrow requires our hard work
Good job. Now scram!
Next group!
You're May, right?
How do you know my name?
Well, your boyfriend did yell
it out many times that day.
He's not my boyfriend.
You're auditioning too?
Duh! Why else are we here"!
But what's the point?
Our cassette is broken.
What song were you going to sing?
'A Youthful Heart'.
'A Youthful Heart'?
Maybe we can help.
Hi, my name is Jiaming.
I am Xiaopang.
Hi, I am Caogen.
I am Haoban.
Of course I remember the pasty boy.
And I remember you.
You broke my discman.
The Zhang sisters.
It's Zhang Huimei (Asian singer)!
Zhang Shaohan (Asian singer)!
Can you guys really play?
Hello judges. We are contestant number 69.
We'll be singing 'A Youthful Heart'.
Hope you'll enjoy it
Didn't the boys just perform?
We're not singing.
Just providing accompaniment.
Let's not waste time.
You may begin.
Please encourage me
with the confidence in your eyes
So I may see tomorrow
with better clarity
Imbue me courage
with your love
Transform happiness and sadness
into melodies
And celebrate the emotions of every season
We can create miracles in ordinary lives
If only you would
follow in my footsteps
Raise your voices to lift your hopes
And y towards your dreams
Don't let the rain dampen your mood
Remove the unhappiness from your frown
March on forward
Hide your tears
Let the rainbow form a bridge
all the way to your dreams
To your dreams
We can create miracles in ordinary lives
If only you would
follow in my footsteps
Raise your voices to lift your hopes
And y towards your dreams
Don't let the rain dampen your mood
Remove the unhappiness from your frown
March on forward
Hide your tears
Let the rainbow form a bridge
all the way to your dreams
To your dreams
There are often heartaches in life
But I am determined to be strong
The windows to my heart are always open
to welcome new inspirations every day
We can create miracles in ordinary lives
If only you would
follow in my footsteps
Raise your voices to lift your hopes
And y towards your dreams
Don't let the rain dampen your mood
Remove the unhappiness from your frown
March on forward
Hide your tears
Let the rainbow form a bridge
all the way to your dreams
To your dreams
Not too bad.
Hey guys.
Thanks for your help.
We owe you one.
We can treat you all to a meal.
Just one meal?
We've saved your asses back there!
You think playing drums is easy?
It's difficult!
You owe us two meals.
So what do you expect?
Sacrificial offerings? Holy matrimony?
Oh that would be nice!
I knew you boys habor bad intentions!
All men are the same!
Hey don't make us out to be devils.
How about this"!
'Meng Chuan' is run by my family.
Perform there once
and we'll call it even.
It's your family business?
I don't trust that 'small white face'.
I heard that!
Okay, let me think about it.
We'll think about it!
- That's right!
So that's it?
Uncle Ezzam.
Thanks for coming.
Sorry I paged you at such short notice.
No problem at all.
Who's this"!
Sorry, I had to fetch my
daughter at the last minute too.
Please don't tell your
parents.Just this time.
No problem.
Good boy!
Handsome boy!
(In Chinese) When there's a
pretty girl, no problem at all.
(In Malay) Daddy, the fat
boy called me pretty.
Like father, like daughter.
What did you tell him?
(In Chinese) I told my dad
you called me 'pretty'
My daughter takes Chinese
as an 'A' level subject.
She speaks good Chinese eh?
(In Malay) This fatso's mother said that
not only is he fat
he's dumb too.
And he's even failing his Chinese subject.
Maybe you can tutor him?
For a price.
Stop it, Dad.
My dad says that your Chinese sucks.
If you need tuition, I can help you.
And I'll give you special pricing.
You give chinese tuition?
Dear folks and friends.
Please stick around.
There'll be more exciting performances!
Xiaopang really sucks at this.
Hey guys.
This is my tutor, Liyana.
Hi everyone!
(In Chinese) She's Malay.
(In Chinese) Wow, Xiaopang
When did you start learning Malay?
She's pretty!
Thanks. I tutor him Chinese.
They're here.
There's nobody here.
Yea h, except for 3 old men.
Thanks for coming!
It's a bit empty today.
Let me show you to your seats!
You guys don't need introductions.
This is our Malay friend, Liyana.
It's her first time here.
Hi everyone, I speak Chinese.
You can speak Chinese?
That's so cool!
I am May. Nice to meet you.
Hi, I'm Jayley Woo
her younger sister.
And I am Hayley Woo
her elder sister.
Hang on...
Isn't your last name 'Zhang'?
So you'd like us to perform here?
That's rig ht.
Any issues?
I've lost my patience with you two!
Expect a letter from my lawyers!
How long has this place been open?
About a year.
Is business always like this?
Sometimes it's not bad!
Yes, not bad at all!
Do you hang out here all day?
Yeah, I'm not schooling anymore.
We're not attending school this month too!
So we're really free.
Enough talk.
Let's sing!
Come with me.
You know this song too.
I walk alone at dusk on this mountain trek
The glow in the skies
revealed my loneliness
I whispered a melancholic tune
With a tinge of sadness in my voice
The tune oats into my beating heart
I walk alone at dusk on this mountain trek
Our paths crossed and my eyes met yours
The whole event is like a dream
Like those love stories
that we used to hear
Could this moment be as such?
I gazed upon the skies and prayed deeply
May this moment last till eternity.
Like father, like son.
The performance was not bad eh?
Since business is so bad
we should do something to
make this place more hip.
So what if you guys are good at your music?
Nobody knows about this place.
You boys should really repackage yourself.
What's wrong with this package?
No one performs with ip ops on stage!
I love ip ops!
Very comfortable!
Let's make a bet.
If you girls can improve
business at 'Meng Chuan'
we'll do whatever you want!
Do anything?
No problem!
We'll start by changing your clothes!
Your shoes!
Your image!
When I was a carefree kid,
everything was interesting
I wait at home for my brother
to return from school daily
I ask my dad, when will it be my
turn to ride in the school bus
My daddy smiled and replied
One step at a time
After I started school, I realised
it wasn't too interesting.
Staring at my watch in classes,
wondering about the holidays
This is the place. Price is negotiable.
Please support!
Please come!
The sun will set, and rise the next morning
Don't watch VHS overnight
Withered owers will bloom again next year
But there may not be a 2nd
chance at examinations.
When I was 18 years old, I started dating.
Wrote many love letters and
waited at many bus stops
Do you want more drinks?
Yes, yes! More, more!
Her mother told me to take things
One step at a time
Upon graduation, I realised that
worklife is even more interesting
Countless of interviews,
before I was successful
I was too embarrased about my pay
Look! They both look close.
After I got married, I got into more debt.
I got myself a wife, but no money for kids.
You must come to support us!
Or we'll be very disappointed.
How adorable!
They're using sex appeal.
Not everyone's a genius, and
it is fine being ordinary
Just like lining up for a bus
We gotta take things one step at a time
We gotta take things one step at a time
The sun will set, and rise the next morning
I'm rushing my life through
like the MRT (subway)
Withered owers will bloom again next year
In life we should take
things one step at a time.
In life we should take
things one step at a time.
Full house.
What now"!
Full house! Change your clothes!
What kind of a stupid bet is this?
Xiaopang, you look radiant.
Xiaopang, you look radiant.
This is embarassing.
It's so crowded.
Haoban, help me with this.
Let me pee first.
Please feel free.
What the fuck!
What the fuck!
It's done.
Haoban, help me out here.
Let's go.
Sorry, sorry.
I need to take a dump.
Say something.
Hurry, hurry.
Dear folks and fellow countrymen.
Thank you all for the support.
We have a special performance today.
That's why we're so dressed up.
That's why we're so dressed up.
I believe you will all love it.
But please bear with us a little longer
as our band member is
currently taking a dump.
They need to learn some
Public Relations skills.
Toilet's taken.
Drag him out!
Beat him up!
Hit him harder!
Hit on my boss's chick!
I didn't!
I don't even know who your boss is!
Don't you know our boss is James?
Don't you know our boss is James?
Why did you say my name?
Beat him till he forgets my name!
Hey! A drag show?
Hey! A drag show?
Any stripteases?
What're they doing here?
Hey trannies!
Hey, handsome
I'll get you some seats.
No need, we won't stay long.
What do you think you're doing?
Get Jiaming!
There'll be no show tonight.
You can all go home now!
You can all go home now!
What do you want?
You alright?
Wife, are you alright?
I think I hurt my foot.
You should go home.
Or I'll tell your mom
that you are hanging out
with these bad kids.
Who's that?
Who's that?
I don't know!
Who beat you up?
It was James.
What bad kids"!
You should leave!
James is causing trouble back there.
You'd better come quick!
They want us to scram.
Let's scramble!
Let's scramble!
Let's rock and roll!
You shut up!
Please don't go.
The show has yet to begin.
Please don't leave.
Please don't leave.
Please take a seat.
Please take a seat.
Enjoy the performance.
Beneath the starry night! There
is a faint glowing light.
Beneath the starry night! There
is a faint glowing light.
Reminded me of the busy times.
A shooting star shoots across the sky.
It suddenly heightened my awareness.
I will grasp the ocean in my hands.
I will grasp the ocean in my hands.
And I will stomp the skies under my feet.
I will throw away all the
unhappiness of the past.
Leave the dreams of yesterday behind.
Learn from the experiences of the past.
Learn from the experiences of the past.
A beautiful tomorrow requires
our hard work today.
Beneath the starry night! There
is a faint glowing light.
Caogen you rock!
Caogen you rock!
He's better looking than than Eric Moo!
A shooting star shoots across the sky
It suddenly heightened my awareness.
I will grasp the ocean in my hands.
And I will stomp the skies under my feet.
And I will stomp the skies under my feet.
I will throw away all the
unhappiness of the past.
Leave the dreams of yesterday behind.
Learn from the experiences of the past.
A beautiful tomorrow requires
our hard work today.
Leave the dreams of yesterday behind.
Leave the dreams of yesterday behind.
Learn from the experiences of the past.
Quick, hail a cab!
Where's May?
The doctor will bring her out soon.
What happened?
She fainted...
at a concert!
What kind of concert?
Hi Auntie, my name is Jiaming.
Can you speak English?
(In Singlish) Can, can! I am Jiaming.
May performed at my father's pub.
Maybe she's too tired.
So no need to worry.
May's performing in a pub?
She sings really well!
And she dances well too! -Yeah!
And she dances well too! -Yeah!
Did you know that May
has a heart condition?
She was born with a weak heart.
She can't over exert herself
or have too much physical stress!
Her heart cannot take it.
And you are making her sing and dance?
What kind of school do you all go to"!
You boys look like a waste of time!
Waste of time?
We're Singapore talents, you know?
Even though we were suspended from school
we are still performing,
singing and dancing.
We could have been rotting at home.
You should stay at home and rot!
Excuse me.
May. are you okay?
She's okay but needs more rest.
Thanks doctor.
Come, let's go. We're going home.
May, I want to speak to you.
Why were you singing and dancing in a pub?
Why were you singing and dancing in a pub?
I'm just helping some friends.
It's not what you think.
Those are your friends?
Can't you tell they are bad?
Mommy, you don't even know them.
I have more life experience than you do.
Boys at this age
are only after one thing.
But not all guys are the same.
May, I know bad boys when I see them.
I'm really tired.
Can I go to sleep?
Okay, go rest.
Good night.
Good night.
You can only see things
clearly with your heart
You can only see things
clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
07734 (hello)
4660029 (Jiaming's number)
It is late.
I have to whisper.
How are you? - 15135591?
How are you?
How are you?
You first.
Actually I want to apologize.
We didn't know about your condition.
This shouldn't have happened.
Actually it is not your fault.
I kept it a secret
I kept it a secret
because I didn't want you guys to worry.
My mom is rather fierce.
No worries.
We all understand.
All parents are the same.
They want the best for their kids.
Let me share a piece of good news with you.
Let me share a piece of good news with you.
You remember that competition we entered?
We got into the finals!
We are in the finals too.
Oh, really?
Us boys were wondering
if you girls would like to collaborate.
I'm not sure if I can...
I'm not sure if I can...
I was hoping you were free this weekend.
This weekend?
My mom's not in Singapore.
Please be Liyana.
Hi, may I speak to Liyana please?
Hi, may I speak to Liyana please?
Who is this?
I'm Xiaopang.
Oh, Xiaopang!
How are you?
I'm fine, Uncle.
How are you?
Good, good!
What do you think of my daughter's Chinese?
5 "Per right"!
You Chinese can't even
You Chinese can't even
speak your own language properly.
It is such a shame.
Pa! Hush!
(In Malay) You want to lose your job?
Hey Xiaopang.
Hello? ls Jayley in?
This is Hayley, who is this?
Iva us!
and Caogen.
Ask your sis over,
and let's conference.
Why did you call so late?
'Small white face' and Caogen.
Do you know what time it is"!
Of course!
It is 12:30am.
I thought we have to call
after your dad is asleep?
Are you an idiot or just plain dumb?
Real obedient, aren't you?
Real obedient, aren't you?
Crazy girls, what time is it?
Go to sleep!
What the hell do you guys want?
Spit it out.
We just wanted to inform you
we got into the finals.
So if you girls need any help...
you can look for me
For us... You may look for us.
Big deal!
Anything else? We're going to sleep.
Wait a minute...
Actually we thought...
if you don't mind, that is...
Are you trying to date us"!
Yeah, stop beating around the bush.
Are you free this weekend?
Xiaopang, huff)! "P!
At Tanjong Katong
the water is blue
That is where you'll find
all the pretty damsels
Though from the same village
I long for you
What more
if you are far from sight
Beautiful Pandan Isle is
in the middle of the sea
Lovely Mount Daik has 3 peaks
Even when you return to the earth
Your good deeds
will forever be remembered
At Tanjong Katong
the water is blue
That is where you'll find
all the pretty damsels
Though from the same village
I long for you
What more
if you are far from sight
If there's a broken needle
do not keep it in the box
if there's any wrongdoing
Please do not
keep it in your heart
At Tanjong Katong
the water is blue
That is where you'll find
all the pretty damsels
Though from the same village
I long for you
What more
if you are far from sight
Hurry. hurry!
Hurry. hurry!
How sudden! - Let's go up there.
Wow, what a down pour!
How's business at 'Meng Chuan' recently?
Very good!
Ever since James caused trouble
business actually improved!
You should be grateful to us!
But really, when will
you be back to perform?
I guess it depends on your mom.
My mom can be quite difficult.
She wants me to be independent like her
so I won't get easily cheated by men.
Especially Singaporean men.
Singaporean men?
What's wrong with Singaporean men"!
Where can you find a man as handsome as me?
Let me tell you a story.
My mom used to be in a band.
She can sing really well.
She fell in love with a guitarist.
After she got pregnant
that guy left her.
That's why she wants to leave this place
and for me to study abroad.
Study abroad?
But do you want to leave?
I don't know.
I don't know if I want to study abroad.
But I do know
I'll miss everything here.
Of course!
I'm sure you'll miss me.
Who says so?
Don't atter yourself.
I'll not fall for a boy like you.
Luckily, you're not my type either.
What's wrong with a girl like me"!
High maintenance.
You are not up to it.
I think it is tough to maintain
a long distance relationship.
If you set your mind to it
nothing's impossible.
The seagulls circle your slender figure
The sun rises and sets for you
Whether the sea waves caresses your feet
Or if strong winds howls at you
You still stand strong
and withstand the changes
You have watched over numerous
faint lights over the seas
You've looked over the multiple
returning sails
The seas offer beautiful words
they come and go ceaselessly
Yet you stand strong
and would never lament
You trying to charm me with this song?
But I was singing about coconut trees.
My home.
I'll be... heading in.
Good night.
Good night.
Madam's on the phone.
I don't understand why you
are still going to school.
You're already going to the States soon.
Do you love Uncle Chew?
I think I will be happy with him.
Are you using him to get a Green Card?
Well, with a Green Card
you're going to get a better life, rig ht"!
I don't think I can be
with someone I don't love.
I don't want to argue with you today.
It's your birthday!
Tonight we will have a nice
birthday dinner with Uncle Chew.
I can't do dinner tonight.
I don't know when my ECA (Extra
Curriculum Activities) will end.
Happy birthday!
My 'Shen Nu' (Goddess
- Old chinese term for prostitute).
Do you know what 'shen nu' means?
Don't know.
Why are you still doing this?
Because I love you.
Why won't you give up?
Why do you keep rejecting me?
Because I don't fancy you.
Not even as a friend.
We can develop our feelings over time.
Are you in love with someone else?
Is it that Lee Jiaming?
So what if it is?
We can't be together.
You're not my type.
Why do you girls always say that"!
May. May.
Quick, go get changed!
But I just got to school.
Isn't it your birthday today?
We have a surprise for you.
Where are we going?
Four, please.
Happy Birthday!
Kiss her!
That boy fucks your daughter.
You know you have a heart condition right?
Those kids are going to ruin your future.
They have no discipline whatsoever.
They are not bad kids.
I know what's rig ht or wrong.
I'm not a kid anymore.
You've been skipping
school and lying to me.
You have no idea what's right or wrong?
Do you want to end up like that?
What's wrong with that"!
This is not what I have
planned for your future!
These are your plans.
Not mine.
You're the one who wants
to go to the States.
Not me.
Wake up, May.
Music has got no future in Singapore.
I want you to stop hanging out with
that bunch of idiots!
Don't insult my friends.
You mean your boyfriend?
Did you sleep with him?
Don't lie to me.
Answer me!
So what if I did?
Are you alright?
I'm annoyed...
Why do they treat me like this?
Why is my mom like an asshole?
Why is James like an as$7
You never told me the bus
numbers to your home?
I got lost
Hey crazy bitch. Stop screaming.
I want to sleep. It's late.
You'd like to vent your anger?
I'll take you to a place.
What the fuck!
No one will care.
What the F%$!
Go to hell!
Where have you been? I've
been paging you all night!
Give me your bag.
- What are you trying to do"!
Give it to me!
You can't do this to me! - Stop it!
I've had enough of your nonsense!
You can't do this to me.
What are you trying to do? Mommy!
Mommy, you can't lock me up!
Open the door! Open the door now!
You are going to the US next week.
You're not leaving this house before that.
Mommy please.
Mommy, please let me out.
I'm so sorry.
Let me out, Mommy.
I was wrong. I am so sorry.
Ever since the tea dance
we haven't seen May at all.
We can't reach her at all.
Why are you always on
the phone these nights?
You've chalked up the
telephone bills you know?
Study harder, so it's easier to get a job.
All those musicians, they come
to eat my Fried Kuay Tiao too!
Liang Wen Fu, Eric Moo
(Singapore musicians)
Stop bullshitting, I've
never seen them come.
Son, come over here.
Your dad at your age, is just the same.
Caogen listen up.
Hormones off the charts. Very horny.
Why are you holding a chewing gum?
Where can you find chewing
gum in Singapore?
You better learn how to use this!
You'd better not get sick from outside!
I'll kick you out of the house!
No STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)!
I've never even seen this before.
Don't forget to use it!
Is your Chinese tuition
teacher a Malay girl?
Yup. Her Chinese is very good!
Why did you ask"!
Is she our driver's daughter?
She's smart, isn't she?
A Malay, who can speak Chinese.
And I heard she is pretty too.
You think so too?
She's very smart.
Pa, you'll like her.
Are you going out with her?
No... Yes...
We've just gone out a few times.
Kids your age
think it is cool to have a girlfriend.
But why this girl?
What's wrong with her?
Your background...
her background.
It's not so straightforward, son.
Is it because
her father is our driver?
And they are Malay"!
Things are not so simple!
You a re just racist.
Hey! Watch your words!
Let me ask you!
Can you speak Malay?
What do you know about her religion?
If you go all the way and marry her
you'll need to be circumcised?
Mommy has bought your
favorite roast pork rice.
I'm vegetarian today!
May wanted me to come and see you.
She wants me to tell you
to stop calling her.
She wants you to forget about her.
Because she doesn't believe in
long distance relationships.
I don't believe you.
But can I ask you a question?
You know she is going to the
States for her studies.
And she's going to have
a very bright future.
Can you promise her that sort of a future?
If you really really love my daughter
You will let her go.
I don't want to sell Char Kuay Tiao!
I don't want to sell owers!
I want to have a choice!
I don't want to be looked down upon!
I'll shoot you all!
Who's calling?
Hi, my name is Jiaming.
Jiaming, it is so late now.
Staying up to study?
I'm not in school anymore.
Just can't sleep.
Who would you like to
dedicate the next song to"!
To my girlfriend.
And her name is"!
Do you have any messages?
No matter where she goes...
I wish for her to be happy always.
So your girlfriend's leaving?
She's going overseas for studies.
She can still come back, right?
How do I put this?
I think we've broken up.
You think?
Don't you know if you have?
She got her mom to speak to me
and told me to stop looking for her.
Sounds odd, but that's how it happened.
She should have the courage
to tell you in person.
At least a final good bye.
Maybe it is harder to do it in person.
Maybe it'd be too awkward.
The next song is going out
to Jiaming and May...
and I wish all couples in
the world happy forever
I don't want to go.
'I will see you at the airport'
Going overseas for studies is good for you.
But I will wait for you to return.
What time is the ight?
Flight's at 8. But I have
to be at the airport at 6.
Then we don't have much time.
Hello? Xiaopang?
Come, let's go!
Nobody will care.
Where are we going?
I don't know!
Where do you want to go"!
I don't know either!
It's beautiful!
Please watch the road.
I'm sorry.
Jiaming, I'll help you with that.
Remember to write.
Uncle Chew will wait for
you at the airport.
I'll join you as soon as I can.
Take care of yourself.
This is the last time
I'll ever listen to you.
Go find her.
Promise me.
Go back to school, and study hard.
Don't let anyone look down on you.
You can do it.
I can do it!
After I returned to Singapore
we kept in touch mostly by writing.
Phone calls were expensive.
So I am very happy whenever
I get to hear her voice.
Coming back to Singapore? When?
In a couple of months
Why so sudden?
I've a surprise for you.
What surprise?
If I told you, it wouldn't
be a surprise anymore.
I never knew that'd be the last time
I'd ever hear her voice.
Life is just like the movies
Many things are often unpredictable
There are good people and nasty ones
And not everything is always fair.
Losers! This is my place now.
It's time for you guys to get lost!
What is this crappy place? Cost me a bomb!
Nothing lasts forever.
All good things must also come to an end.
Even the old man who used
to drink at our place
stopped coming one day.
As time goes by,
we got together less.
Maybe we all got busy with our own lives
Maybe we all matured
Or maybe it is just the price
you pay for growing up.
Who's that sissy?
Who's that crazy bitch?
COE is crazy expensive now.
Who buys new cars these days?
Used cars are the best!
This is my business card.
Buffet catering.
Pet grooming.
And I went back to school.
And got a degree in English Literature.
Today I teach at a prestigious college.
You can only see things
clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Like I said, life is like the movies
Many things are often unpredictable.
May is awake.
Dear, go back to sleep.
I'll take care of it.
Hello dear...
Come, Daddy will carry you.
Auntie. - Hey, Jiaming how are you?
Auntie. - Hey, Jiaming how are you?
I am good. How about you?
Not bad, not bad.
How about Caogen?
I haven't seen him in a while.
He's doing fine.
I'm buying the same thing.
You buy the same thing every year.
I just don't understand.
May died 18 years ago.
I was told that mom had a weak heart.
She died while giving birth to me.
Grand ma gave me away after that.
Are you alright?
I'm okay.
There's just too many fond memories.
How are you?
Are you happy?
I love my foster parents a lot.
But for the most part
I've always wondered
what my dad looks like.
I always knew that my mom is a Singaporean.
Uncle Jiaming...
Could you tell me a little
bit more about my mom?
We were very close friends.
I was always happy
whenever we were together.
I remember the days we were in a band.
I remember the songs that we sang.
And the dancing too.
We were really happy.
If her friends knew that she had a daughter
They would be so happy
and surprised.
I would love to meet them.
Look, how about this"!
I will be performing at
Clarke Quay tomorrow night.
And I would love it if
you and mom's old friends could come.
We will be there.
I won't be lonely
With my one and only
'Cause I can see forever
Feeling her in my arms...
Hi Uncle Jiaming!
I'm so glad you are here!
I have something for you.
I've kept it for a long time.
Some of these things belonged to your mom.
I thought you should have it.
Wow, I'm really grateful for this.
Thank you.
My performance is up next so...
stick around and I'll come find you?
See you!
Thank you, thank you very much.
That's the end of my set for tonight.
Next up, we have some
friends from the States.
So please stay tuned.
Xiaopang, where are you?
Right behind you.
Long time no see!
Caogen! - Long time no see!
Sit, sit.
Wow the kids are big now!
Greet Uncle Jiaming.
Uncle Jiaming. - Good boys!
Jiaming how have you been?
- Good!
Caogen, what are you selling these days?
There's nothing I don't sell!
This is Singapore.
Tough making money.
You asked us here to watch a gig?
Yes. I think they are starting soon.
Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for coming down here.
Thank you so much for the opportunity
to perform here tonight.
I am absolutely grateful.
I would like to start the
set off with a local oldie
and it is dedicated to a
group of people over there
who were once my mom's best friends.
Guess what?
My mom's actually Singaporean.
This song is called
'Everlasting Friendship'.
I hope you guys like it.
When we were young.
We all had dreams.
There was once you revealed your wishes.
And when your birthday came
I gave you a harmonica
I'll never forget
The smile on your face
Friendship is like a river
that strings our hearts together
I used to cheer for you
at the basketball court
and pick you up when you fall.
And when I see the shooting
star across the night sky
The night breezes hear
our every aspirations
When we were young.
We had our sorrows
Only you could understand my indignation
Whenever I am feeling down
You'd play that familiar tune
The sound of the instrument eases my pain
Friendship is like a river that parts
The time will come when
we go our separate ways
I'll put a pat on your back
don't get too melancholic
The world may be precarious
But we'll be steadfast in our direction
Regardless of the outcome,
we'll not forget our times together.
Yea rs later
We'll meet again
smiling with our wrinkled faces
I will ask again my friend
Will you play the harmonica again?
Just like the old times.
Just like the old times.
Friendship is like a river that parts
The time will come when
we go our separate ways
I'll put a pat on your back
don't get too melancholic
The world may be precarious
But we'll be steadfast in our direction
Regardless of outcome, we'll
not forget our times together
Yea rs later
We'll meet again
smiling with our wrinkled faces
I will ask again my friend
Will you play the harmonica again?
Just like the old times.
Just like the old times.
We have countless encounters in our lives
only true friendship will lasts
We shall all hope
for everlasting friendship
Just like the old times.