That Night in Rio (1941) Movie Script

My friends, I extend felicitations
To our South American relations
May we never leave behind us
All the common ties that bind us
130 million people send regards to you
And before I return
There's one thing you can do
Come on and sing
The chica-chica-boom-chic
That crazy thing
the chica-chica-boom-chic
Chic, chic, boom
Chic, chic, chica-boom
Brazilians found the chica-chica-boom
They like the sound
of the chica-chica-boom-chic
Boom, chica-boom
Chica-boom, chica-boom
It came down the Amazon
From the jungle
Where the natives greet
everyone they meet
Beatin' on a tom-tom
Boom, chica-boom
Boom, boom, boom, boom-boom
- It don't make sense
the chica-chica-boom-chic
But it's immense
the chica-chica-boom
Chica, chica, chica-boom
That's all you've got to say
To chase the jinx away
- Chica, chica-boom
- Chica, chica-boom
Chica, chica-boom, chic
- What woman at what front table?
Besides, I never saw her before.
That wasn't a "hotel lobby" smile I was
giving her. My smile belongs to my public.
She's a customer, and she's entitled to it
like every other pretty girl...
I mean every other customer.
I was not with her or anybody else
last night. I was home in bed by 12:30.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah. I gotta get a new mattress.
Senhoras e senhores...
for an americano to be received like this
here in Rio is most gratifying.
I thank you.
Immediately after the next number...
I'd like to impersonate for you that celebrated
figure of Rio, that cavalier of the boulevards...
the one and only
Baron Manuel Duarte.
Senhorita Carmen...
She just finish her solo.
- That's good. She still mad?
- She's always mad.
- How's she coming up the stairs?
- Three at a time.
She's mad, sweet girl.
That's a good shot. Someday you're
gonna miss my head and hit that mirror.
Then think of all the bad luck you'll have.
Listen, listen, listen. I've been tryin'
to teach you English for six months.
You'll never learn unless you speak it.
And you can't speak it when you get excited.
English isn't that kind of a language.
So don't get excited!
Yeah, there. That's it.
Now, say what you're gonna say in English.
- Okay. You is a low-down, no-good ham.
- Are a low-down, no-good ham.
You are a low-down,
no-good ham.
That's fine.
That's fine.
You are a low-down,
no-good ham.
Perfect, perfect.
That's perfect.
Senhor, senhor.
The package
is for Senhor Martin.
Uh, just a little cod-liver oil.
I'm a little run-down from all this night work.
- Night work, eh?
- You want me I should hit her on the head?
Ouch! Ooh, ouch!
You grass in the snake.
Now look what you done, you little jaguar.
You ripped me to shreds.
Get me some iodine, Alfonso,
before fever sets in.
Oh, Larry, why you don't tell me,
Larry? So beautiful.
What a woman. What a woman. You know,
little turtle, that was supposed to be a surprise.
Oh, Larry.
- I am so sorry, Larry.
- Yeah, naturally.
- Beat me. Kill me.
- Later. Remind me, will you?
Oh, my terrible temper.
I should not lose him.
You haven't lost him, baby.
He's still there. All he wants is a break.
- Oh, I am bad, bad, bad.
- Yeah, bad and beautiful.
And after all, maybe it, uh...
- Maybe it was a little bit my fault.
- What you mean?
- Well, maybe I did smile at that girl a little.
- Oh, so you admit her?
No, no, no. I haven't
admitted her yet. I said "maybe. "
You know who just came in?
Baron Duarte.
Baron Duarte?
- Good evening, Baroness. Good evening, Baron.
- Good evening.
This way, please.
This is a great honor, Baron.
I hope this table is satisfactory.
If there is anything you desire,
please do not hesitate...
Everything is quite satisfactory.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Hello?
- No.
- Yes?
- Oh.
We must see
the baron immediately
We've waited and waited
How long will he be
- Hello?
- Oh.
- Yes.
- No.
The baron is in conference
and he cannot be seen today
- You mean
- We mean, we certainly mean he cannot be seen today
I came all the way from Uruguay
on matters very vital
- I'm a man of high repute
- And I'm a man of title
But the baron is in conference
and he cannot be seen today
- Is he busy
- Busy, is he
- Busy, is he
- Is he busy
All appointments have been canceled
Every one must be postponed
He said he's not to be disturbed
Not even if Winchell phoned
This may cause a crash
and quite an international mess
And tell him he's aggravated
the Associated Press
We offer our apologies
but again we have to say
We know
The baron is
In conference
And he can't be seen today
Come tomorrow
He can't
Be seen
He can't be seen today
He's busy
He's busy
This meeting is called to order
To discuss the business of the day
Old business
New business
- And you, my dear
- Unfinished business
Of course
How forgetful of me
We'll examine the facts and figures
You balance your budgets very fine
- Shee!
- So, stockholders of my affection
As your chairman
I never will resign
Long "love" the president
Our romantic enterprise
quite successfully has fared
All your wishes will be granted
and a dividend declared
Dividendo, dividendo
Bravo, bravo, hooray
My moment with you is over
We're through with
the business of the day
And now, my lovely senhoritas
Please permit me to say
Boa noite, night is done
So good night
My lovely one
Soon every star will be an ember
And this, another kiss
That we'll remember
Boa noite, lady fair
Soon I'll dream and you'll be there
Where I can hold you
in my arms again
So boa noite until then
Boa noite, night is through
- Soon I'll dream and when I do
- And when I do
I'll dream my way
into your arms again
So boa noite until
This is such a wonderful delight
The baron is in conference
And he can't be seen
Why, it's incredible.
You have very articulate eyes,
Like your conscience, Manuel?
You must make some allowance
for the exaggerations of an artist.
- How much allowance?
- I leave that to your generous North American heart.
Oh, you're quite modest, Manuel.
As a matter of fact, I thought
the impersonation quite remarkable.
Hmm, I'm afraid
I should not have come.
I shall never get used
to thinking of myself as a Lothario.
If I hadn't seen it,
I wouldn't have believed it.
Pierre, perhaps a little game
of baccarat in the gaming room?
- Delighted, my dear Cecilia! You will excuse us, Baron?
- Of course, of course.
Baron Duarte, I trust Senhor Martin's
act did not offend you.
Oh, no, no, no. Not at all.
On the contrary, I enjoyed it immensely.
I should like to have the honor
of meeting the gentleman sometime.
Perhaps I could give him
a few suggestions.
Or perhaps he could give me some.
- Would you like to come backstage now?
- Why not?
If you'll excuse me,
I shall be back presently.
My dear Inez, how charming
to see you again after all these months.
- Baron Duarte?
- At your service.
- I didn't think you would remember me.
- Oh, remember you?
How could I forget?
Your... Your esprit, your joie de vivre.
The auburn waves of your hair.
But I was a brunette then.
Well, it must have been the moonlight
in your hair which deceived me.
We dined together on the terrace,
you remember, in Pernambuco.
- Oh, I recall every moment of it vividly. We had dinner.
- Yes?
If I seemed a little, eh,
shall we say, distraught...
it was because
I realized the futility...
of trying to express my feelings
for you in mere words.
- I must go now. Why don't you...
- Why, perhaps sometime you might do me the honor...
of making Rio as exciting
as Pernambuco, eh?
Pernambuco, eh?
- So you go there to fish, huh?
- But I...
Well, I think you-you...
Oh, Baron Duarte.
Pardon me.
L... I do not know what to say.
Please say that you forgive me.
- Forgive you? For what?
- For having upset you.
I thought you was Larry...
Senhor Martin.
Oh, how I envy Senhor Martin.
I wish I could arouse such violent
emotions in so beautiful a woman.
Mmm, I have heard about you, Baron.
You do not do so bad yourself, huh?
What a charming smile.
It makes me want to do better.
Perhaps you... you might do me
the honor to have supper with me.
- You are making love to me?
- Oh, what a charming notion.
- Ah.
- I must say it appeals to me too. Will you?
- No.
- I am very sorry.
- Tomorrow perhaps?
- I am very sorry.
We are...
We are both very sorry.
Perhaps we could discuss our regrets
together over a bottle of champagne.
- Oh, no, no, no. No champagne.
- All right. You will choose the wine.
Tomorrow night,
I am having a reception for...
for a distinguished foreign
diplomat, an ambassador.
Perhaps you will sing for us?
Later on, we might find a moment or two...
- for an exchange of ideas, eh?
- No, no, Baron.
No champagne and no ideas.
- You are afraid of the ambassador?
- Oh, no, not the ambassador.
- But won't you come?
- I would like to.
Thank you, thank you.
- L-I...
- But I won't.
But, Cecilia,
you saw for yourself.
Manuel escapades
are public knowledge.
Cecilia, isn't it time
for you to retaliate?
- Oh, I'm afraid I'm not that vengeful.
- But you have a right to...
When I find somebody as charming
as my husband, I'll think of my rights.
Stop preening, Pierre.
After all, you really don't think
Manuel could take you seriously?
Cecilia, you're not very flattering.
Many husbands have been
furiously jealous of me.
Well, then, why don't you
rest on your laurels?
Get yourself a wife, Pierre,
and leave me alone, hmm?
Cecilia, if I cannot be happy
with another man's wife...
how can I be happy
with one of my own?
This song oflove begins
The night they met down in Rio
In a caf by the bay
They romanced to
A midnight serenade
She told him to forget
The night they met down in Rio
And there were tears
in her eyes as they danced to
A midnight serenade
He whispered
You must be mine forevermore
And then she showed him
someone else's picture
In the tiny little locket she wore
And so he rode away
But left his heart down in Rio
All that remains of their love
are the strains of
A midnight serenade
All that remains of their love
are the strains of
A midnight
And to think you can sing
like that too, Baroness.
Thank you.
Then you know who I am.
Whenever I see a beautiful flower,
I always learn its name.
I wanted to compliment you
on your performance this evening.
- Oh, thanks.
- Oh, pardon me.
- This is Monsieur Pierre Dufond.
- How do you do, monsieur?
- Won't you sit down?
- Hello.
Uh, yeah.
Thanks, thanks.
- I, uh, hope the baron didn't mind.
- No, he enjoyed it immensely.
- Were you nervous?
- What for?
Well, I... I saw you watching the baron.
- Well, maybe you misjudged my gaze.
- Did I?
Yes, you did, Baroness. I tried very hard to look
at the baron, but I couldn't control my eyes.
What could they possibly
have seen from that distance?
Well, they saw a very beautiful woman watching
my performance like scores of others...
daring me to show her something.
Is that right?
Well, we were talking
about what you saw.
- And then...
- Cecilia, it's getting very late. Manuel will be waiting.
I doubt it.
- And then?
- The longer I looked, the better I felt.
- Would you do something for me?
- It's done.
Would you impersonate the baron? I'd like to
hear you speak as he does when you're yourself.
Oh, well, without the makeup
and the monocle, I...
I've got it.
There is nothing
south of the Caribbean...
or north of it for that matter,
or east or west of it...
that is as lovely
as you are, Cecilia.
Then you know my name?
Oh, you forget
that I am your husband.
And that gives me the right
to hold your lovely hands...
and to kiss your tempting lips.
Oh, you're...
You're very naughty.
Oh, well, I'm sorry, Baroness.
I always get carried away in my roles.
This is a particularly good part.
Cecilia. Cecilia,
we really must go.
- Yes, I think we'd better go.
- Oh.
I hope I've given you some new ideas
to use as the baron.
You've given me some
new ideas to use as Martin.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You, uh, dropped
your purse, darling.
So I did, my love.
Manuel, your secretary just
brought this to the table.
Very important.
But... But you were positive
they were going to renew.
So positive that
I bought 510/0 of the stock.
Fifty-one percent?
You invested all of your money?
Oh, no, no, no. I used the bank's money.
I did not have enough of my own.
For the first time in my life,
I have speculated and lost.
As a matter of fact,
I did not regard this as a speculation.
I was as certain as anybody
could be of anything...
in this uncertain world
that Consolidated would renew.
I still cannot understand
why they won't.
Salles, Salles, hey,
control yourself, huh?
I'm sorry. I can't help it.
It's enough to make anybody twitch.
- What will the bank depositors do?
- Let's not think that far...
- Where are you going?
- We need 20 million. I'm sure I cannot get it here.
This information will not
be made public for 48 hours.
If we can replace the money in the bank
before that time, we're safe.
If not, I will do my best
to exonerate you of all blame.
- Thank heaven, it's only 510/0.
- What a happy thought, Salles.
- We'll see you at the stock exchange in the morning.
- If this doesn't leak out.
Otherwise, there will be no need
to bother about the stock exchange.
Prison will be much safer.
- Why don't you see a doctor about that lip?
- I did.
- Well?
- He told me to relax and not to worry.
Twenty-four and a half.
- Where is the baron this morning?
- Good morning, Machado.
The baron?
He's a little late.
- Well, that is very strange.
- Strange? What's strange about that?
As his business competitor, I have known
the baron for a great many years.
He is never late,
especially at the exchange.
Well, there has to be a first time.
- Here. Weren't you ever late yourself?
- Never.
It couldn't be, Penna,
that the baron...
maybe has heard some bad news
about the airmail contract...
- and is trying to pull a few wires, could it?
- You are crazy.
The trouble with you, Machado,
is that you suspect... suspect everybody.
I do. That is why I am
an investment banker.
If I didn't,
I would be just an investor.
- I'd like to know what's going on.
- Shh. Don't whisper.
L... What's the matter?
Don't whisper, I told you,
and don't twitch.
I think Machado
suspects something.
If he gets the idea
that anything is wrong...
he will start selling
his airline stock short.
And the bank will discover our shortage
before the morning is over.
Then we can take our 510/0 and light
our cigars with it... if we have any cigars.
Now, smile.
Turn around, you fool!
Now, what were you going to say?
- Manuel is not at the bank.
- That's fine.
Just when we need him,
he disappears.
- He's probably still at home.
- Mm-hmm.
We've got to get him.
We will just ease out of the place...
as if we hadn't a care in the world.
We've got to get Manuel over here...
or that scoundrel Machado
will start asking more questions.
What if he isn't home either?
Don't blow up your bridges
till you come to them.
You fool.
- Where is he?
- Offhand, I should say he's not here, senhor.
Where-Where's the baroness?
Maybe she will know.
The baroness is out riding, senhor.
- Arthur.
- What?
He... He left a letter for you.
No, no, no.
That will be all, Pedro.
"My dear Arthur,
I failed last night...
"to get any help from the men
on whom I had counted.
"I've only one hope left... the City Bank of
Buenos Aires. I am leaving at once by plane...
and if I... don't succeed,
you will not see me again. "
He... He's going to kill himself.
"Don't worry.
I am not going to kill myself.
"But I won't return until I can pay back
every penny to our depositors.
"Remember, until this is settled
one way or the other, no one must know.
"Now, courage and don't worry.
Yours as always"...
As always...
I can't read it.
"Manuel. Manuel. "
What are we going to do now?
We've got to keep people from
becoming suspicious, especially Machado.
That's the only thing we can do
until we hear from Manuel.
Shee! I'd forgotten all...
all about the reception.
- What reception?
- For the ambassador.
And Manuel is in Buenos Aires.
We are finished.
We've got to get him back. If he's not here
tonight, everybody will suspect.
And he tells us not to worry.
The baroness
is not at home, senhor.
Oh, that's too bad. Uh, you're not
giving me the runaround, are you?
- You're sure she's not in?
- The baroness is horseback riding, senhor.
Is there something you want?
Yeah, yeah, I...
wanted to give her this.
She left it
at the Samba last night.
Well, here it is.
Say good morning to the baroness
for me, will you? Thanks.
Who shall I say called, senhor?
- My name is Larry Martin.
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- But what if we get caught?
- A few more years in jail won't make any difference.
Senhor Martin.
Come in.
Then at the reception,
you just act charming and gracious.
- My natural self, huh?
- Now, there are a few things you must learn.
- Your wife's name is Cecilia.
- Yeah, beautiful name, isn't it?
That's beside the point. Your valet
is Pedro, and the chauffeur is Oswaldo.
- Beautiful.
- If you think Pedro is beautiful, that's your affair.
- The chef is "Austregesilo. "
- Austregsilo.
- "Gsilo. "
- The maid is Luiza.
- She's very pretty and a trifle forward.
- How far forward?
Sometimes you joke with her, and
sometimes you pinch her on the cheek.
- Oh, it depends on my mood, huh?
- Your name is Manuel.
- Can you remember all that?
- It's my business. I'm an actor.
My na...
My name is Manuel.
My wife's name is Cecilia.
You two are Felicio and Arthur.
My valet is Pedro.
The chef, Austregsilo.
The chauffeur, Oswaldo.
The maid, Luiza.
Sometimes I joke with her.
Sometimes I pinch her on the... cheek.
Now I want half my money
before I start the job.
I closed my eyes.
It's perfect.
- I couldn't tell the difference.
- Wait till you hear it when I get my money.
- Please. Here you are. Nine, 10.
- Yeah.
Now, the first thing we must do
is tell the baroness.
- No... Oh, no. You tell her, and it's no go.
- Well, but listen...
No, no, no, no, no. Don't you see?
I'd get stage fright.
- I'd give a bad performance.
- All right, all right. We won't tell the baroness.
- Come, come. This door leads to your bedroom.
- Yeah?
- And this is your wardrobe. That leads to the bath.
- Yeah?
And that, of course,
is the hall door.
- Where does this door lead to?
- Eh, that leads to the baroness's room.
That's another thing. Listen, you are
on very formal terms with your wife...
always polite and courteous.
- But it ends there.
- We're not bad friends, are we?
Oh, no. You and the baroness
have a perfect understanding.
You each go your own way.
It's a simple, modern marriage.
Is that all we do here,
just, uh, stand around and grin?
That's all,
and that's hard enough.
You buy nothing.
You sell nothing.
- Same thing happens every day?
- Yes, that's the way they do business on the exchange.
There's Machado,
staring at us.
- Machado who?
- Laughing, laughing.
You know, boys. This kind of fascinates me.
Confidentially, how does it work out?
We are losing our mood.
Smile, smile.
You're wanted at the bank
at once, senhor.
- The bank?
- Yes, senhor.
Boys, boys,
you're out of character.
- I'd better wait here.
- No, no, no, no.
- You will come along. You are
in this as much as I. - Uh-huh.
You stay here, senhor. You must keep up
an appearance at all costs.
Uh, look, what do I do
while you're gone, huh?
Nothing, nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
You buy nothing.
You sell nothing. You say nothing.
Not a word to anybody.
- Understand?
- Oh, perfectly.
Look, Machado is selling
his airline stock.
He must have heard something about
the airmail contract. That's what it is.
Look, the baron
just bought 10,000 shares.
- What a relief.
- Just think of sending for us about a trifling matter...
the manager could have
attended to himself.
He has no initiative,
that fellow.
Say, uh, who's that
fella down there?
Him? One of the traders.
- Am I supposed to know him?
- You have probably seen him around.
I was just wondering.
He kept waving at me. Friendly fella.
- And what did you do?
- Why, I waved back at him naturally.
I'm taking no chances
with any of these birds around here.
Baron, your purchase.
Thank you, Baron.
- You waved back? You...
- Shh.
You waved back?
You just bought 50,000 shares of stock...
which by tomorrow
probably will be worthless.
That's what you did.
Don't forget, gentlemen, smile.
- How do I look, Pedro?
- Like yourself, senhor. What else?
It's best to be sure.
Please, Cecilia.
Please let him think you don't know.
Our futures,
our lives depend upon it.
No. No, I won't do it.
If you don't, it's the end
of everything for Manuel.
Good evening, Cecilia.
Good evening... Manuel.
- And how are you gentlemen this evening?
- Splendid.
Oh, it's... it's a glorious night.
Happy anniversary, my dear.
Why, what's the matter, darling?
Oh, I'm so surprised
that you remembered.
Our anniversary?
How could I forget?
Perhaps the same way you forgot
last year and the year before.
Last year?
Oh, well, I-I have not been
myself for the past two years.
Are you quite
yourself now, Manuel?
Oh, yes. Quite, quite.
I'm sure you've been overworked.
My poor Manuel.
Oh. Oh, it's exquisite.
How did you know
about the anniversary?
Pedro told me. I thought the necklace
was the least I could do.
- Well, uh, you don't expect us to reimburse you for it, huh?
- I don't.
- That's fine.
- I charged it to the baron already.
- It looks very expensive.
- It must've cost 10,000.
- No, mon dieu. Twenty.
- Shee.
How does it look, Manuel?
- I think it's the most
beautiful thing I've ever seen.
It is not the most beautiful
thing I have ever seen.
You know, Cecilia,
this is my anniversary too.
Isn't it?
I think I'd better go see
if everything's ready in the garden.
Excu... Excuse me.
- We expect you to behave like a gentleman.
- Definitely.
Whatever you say, gentlemen.
I was giving an inspired performance.
But if you want a run-of-the-mill,
it's okay by me.
You finished now?
- And he's still not here.
- He can't be here tonight.
- He called the manager. He got laryngitis.
- Laryngitis... What means that?
- That means he's out with another woman.
- That's a lie!
Sure, he is.
- Where lives Baron Duarte?
- Why?
- Where?
- In the white house near the praa. Why?
You're not going to see the baron?
They will throw you out.
- You think so, huh?
- What else?
Well, you see that? He invite me to come.
See? He beg me on his knees.
No, no. No, you don't go.
You love your Larry too much.
You wouldn't even look at another man.
You think so?
I show you.
- You're really going?
- Tonight, I get for myself some laryngitis.
- Welcome, Your Excellency.
- I'm delighted to see you, my dear Baron.
This is indeed a great honor,
Your Excellency.
The greatest honor that has
ever been bestowed upon me.
To think that a man of your position
would deign to set foot in my humble house.
Why, Manuel, one would think
His Excellency had never visited us before.
Ah. It seems that each time...
I- I am overwhelmed
all over again.
It is just like seeing
a great actor...
always different,
yet always the same.
You're much too kind, my dear Baron.
I'm afraid you would sound
much more convincing...
if you didn't have so lovely
a wife to console you while I'm away.
Baron, well, at last
I've caught up with you.
I've been trying to talk with you all day,
but you have acted so strange that...
Hello, Machado.
How are you?
- Fancy seeing you here, of all people.
- Yes, yes. Thank you, Salles.
Salles, please. L...
I'm trying... to talk
to the baron, please.
I know you, you old devil.
You've got as keen an eye for the girls...
as any blade in Rio.
- Come, come. I'll show you a beautiful girl.
- No, no. I want no girl.
Oh, so that's the fellow
I'm not supposed to talk to, huh?
Not one word. And whatever you do,
don't let him get you alone.
Don't worry. I'm gonna devote the rest
of the evening exclusively to my wife.
Excuse me, senhor.
May I speak to you alone?
There's a young lady to see you, senhor.
I showed her into the library.
Oh, no. I don't want to see
any young ladies. Send her away.
But that's easier said than done, senhor.
She's quite persistent.
And she might make a most unpleasant scene.
If I might suggest, senhor...
- you are so adept in such matters...
- How do you know?
Oh, I am.
Yes, of course. I am.
I have never been in the service
of any gentleman who could...
handle them so easily,
coming or going.
Oh, I'm quite a fellow, huh?
All right, I will see her.
I suppose that's part of the job.
Oh, hardly a job, senhor.
A pleasure.
- The young lady is most... engaging.
- Oh.
- Carmen!
- You are surprised I am here, Baron?
Oh, yes. Surprised
and delighted, senhorita.
As a matter of fact,
my dear Carmen...
I did not expect to see you again under...
under such delightful circumstances.
I thought you were too much in love
with this charming American fellow, Martin.
And I cannot say that I blame you.
Oh, he is so handsome, so gifted...
- so...
- So big ugly pig.
Oh, really?
Well, when a woman talks so...
so viciously about a man...
it can be for one reason:
She loves him.
Well, I am here, no?
Ah, I was right. You are still thinking
about your Larry, eh?
Bah! That ham.
Oh, yes. Yes, you are.
I felt it when I kissed you. I actually felt
Martin in your arms when I held you in mine.
No, no, no, no. Do not worry.
I am not offended.
On the contrary, I like to see
a woman in love with one man.
Oh, it is so rare, so exciting.
Love him?
I hate him.
I do not come here
to talk about him.
I come here to talk...
about you.
Oh, you make me very happy
when you say that, Carmen.
Mmm, you are wonderful, Carmen.
I love you. Never have I known
anybody like you. Never, Carmen.
You are right.
That Martin is a ham...
a cheap, common, vulgar,
nightclub clown.
Oh, what a terrible life
he must have led you.
But why do you talk about him
when we are here together?
- Well, does that mean...
- It means, kiss me. And kiss me, kiss me, Baron.
Close your eyes, and I will kiss you...
like you have never been kissed before.
You're lying. You thought I was the baron.
All right, all right.
So you knew who I was.
- But what did you come here
for in the first place?
That's a fine question.
You know what I'm doing here.
I'm impersonating the baron.
That's what I'm doing.
What for, his wife?
Oh, well, now,
that's a nice question, isn't it?
And about a charming lady like that.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
That's the thanks I get. Here I am,
breaking my back in this makeup...
trying to make a little extra dough
to buy you a fur rag, and you...
For me? Oh, Larry,
I am so sorry.
- What? Again?
- You forgive me?
Well, after this, don't go around
thinking things that make even me blush.
Oh, I will be so good.
Yeah, I bet you will.
- All right, I forgive you.
But this is the last time.
Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What if somebody should come in here
and see you in the baron's arms?
Ah, let them worry about that.
But, Cecilia, you've refused to dance
with me at least 10 times this evening.
I insist upon knowing why.
Does the obvious ever become
obvious to you, Pierre?
After all, 10 times
should be convincing.
Besides, I'm having
this dance with my husband.
You run along, baby, and I'll duck
out of here just as soon as I ca...
- You are Senhorita Carmen from the casino?
- Yes, Baronesa.
L- I invited her
to come here and sing.
Oh, splendid.
But don't forget, Manuel.
We have the next dance together.
Oh, how could I forget it, Cecilia?
Oh, of course.
Of course, yes.
Well, come along then.
Look. When you dance
with her, dance like this.
And no like this.
- Nothing could be clearer.
- Yeah.
Baron, uh, may we have a talk now?
Right after this dance.
I think she's beginning to enjoy it.
He's certainly holding her close.
Mm-hmm. It is hard to tell
where he leaves off and she begins.
Why, Manuel.
- I, yi, yi
- I, yi, yi
- I, yi, yi
- I, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I like you very much
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I think you're grand
Why, why, why is it that
when I feel your touch
My heart starts to beat
to beat the band
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I like you to hold me tight
You are too, too
too, too, too divine
If you want to be
in someone's arms tonight
Just be sure the arms
you're in are mine
Oh, I like your lips
and I like your eyes
You do like my hips
to "hips-notize" you, whee
See, see, see, see, see, see
See the moon above
Way, way, way
way up in the blue
Sim, sim, sim, senhor
I think I fall in love
And when I fall
I think I fall for you
I, yi, yi, yi
Sim, sim, sim, sim
I, yi, yi, yi
Then sim, sim, sim
- That's you for me
- I, yi, yi, yi yi, yi, yi
- Yi, yi, yi, yi
- I like you very much
- I, yi, yi, yi
- I think you're grand
Why, why, why is it that
when I feel your touch
My heart starts to beat
to beat the band
I, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
I, yi, yi, like you
to hold me tight
You are too, too
too, too, too divine
And if you want to be
in someone's arms tonight
Just be sure the arms
you're in are mine
Oh, I like your lips and I like your eyes
You do like my hips
to "hips-notize" you, whee
See, see, see, see, see, see
See the moon above
Way, way, way
way up in the blue
Sim, sim, sim, senhor
I think I fall in love
And when I fall
I think I fall for you
- I, yi, yi, yi
- I, yi
- Sim, sim, sim, sim
- Sim, sim
I, yi, yi, yi
Then sim, sim, sim
- Sim, sim, sim, sim
- That's you for me
- Everything is going fine?
- Sure.
- Better than I expected.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good evening, Arthur.
- Good evening.
I tell you, nobody suspects.
He's amazing.
If we hadn't told Cecilia,
she wouldn't have known.
I dare say.
Cecilia has been splendid about it.
Yes, I see.
She's giving full cooperation.
- You are not jealous?
- Oh, of course not, my dear Arthur.
Well, if what you say is true,
I think we're out of danger... financially.
- You got the loan?
- Practically. I will know definitely in the morning.
What a relief.
I've been worried to death.
I hope your worries are over
on this score.
The loan comes through
in the morning...
and then that pest Machado can cross-examine
the whole town if he wants to.
Yes. But if he should see
two barons here tonight...
he will start
this cross-examination at once.
We've got to get rid
of Senhor Martin right away.
Leave it to Salles.
He will settle that.
Get out.
The baron is back.
- Excuse me, please?
- Okay.
Hello, Baron.
I had to duck in here, but don't worry.
I'll make it this time.
- Get out. Get out.
- Wait a minute. Let me see if the coast is clear.
Ah! There you are, my dear Machado.
I hope you are enjoying
the party, huh?
Let me in.
- Let me in.
- Uh...
As you have probably
gathered by now, Baron...
I should like
to talk to you... alone.
Certainly, Machado.
Are you sure we cannot
be overheard here?
Well, uh...
No... No one can be sure.
On... On the contrary,
with people running in and out of here...
perhaps I'd better see you
tomorrow in my office, say, at 2:00.
No, no. Impossible.
It must be settled tonight.
And inasmuch as it involves
a discussion of your airline holdings...
- it is imperative no one should
hear what I have to say to you.
- What was that?
- Uh, what-what...
- What was what, Machado?
- L... I thought I heard a small pop.
Oh, nonsense. There could not be
any popping here, huh?
All right.
Let's get down to business.
- Perhaps we'd better have a little brandy first.
- Thank you.
Here you are, Machado.
I know my eyes are bad, but
I would swear I saw that screen move.
No, no, no, no.
No, no. That...
That black panther was painted
so that it seems to be moving forward, eh?
I guess maybe it is my eyes.
I'm sorry, Baron.
Excuse me, Baron. To your health.
Mmm, to yours, Machado.
As time is so valuable,
I will come directly to the point.
I have been watching with keen interest
your handling of your airline.
I know you have made
large investments...
for the modernization
of airports, planes and so forth.
- Whoo-whoo!
- Whoo!
- No-Now, what was that?
- Whoo! Oh! Oh!
- That brandy is strong, hmm?
- No. It came from over there.
- There is someone behind that screen.
- No. N-No, no!
L... I said it. I said...
Uh... Uh, there.
There, you see?
Oh. Well, I am
terribly sorry, Baron...
but I... I don't seem
to be myself tonight.
- Ah.
- Well, let us continue.
L... I cannot understand it.
L... I did not think
my ears were bad too.
Well, as I was saying, Baron,
I am thoroughly familiar...
with every detail of your investment
in your airline.
You can be sure I did not acquaint
myself with these facts...
- simply to... to pass away the time.
- Of course. Of course.
Now, although your
considerable expenditures...
will undoubtedly improve
the air transportation...
I nevertheless feel that... Uh.
There was someone listening!
Don't worry. The baron knows
how to handle him.
Yes. But the question is,
does Martin know how to handle him?
Baron, is-is this house haunted?
Come to think of it,
there was a story about...
No, never mind. Please.
As a precaution against ghosts...
I think maybe we'd better continue
this conversation in French.
Oh. B-But my French is very bad.
Oh, nonsense.
Your French is as good as mine.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Uh, oui, oui.
Mmm, mmm-mmm?
Uh, oui, oui. Oui.
Oh, oui, oui.
- Good night, Baron.
- Good night, Machado.
3:00 tomorrow, Baron.
And then he gave her a necklace
and charged it to you.
A very enterprising fellow.
Pierre. You are leaving so early?
- And why not?
- You seem to be annoyed.
- You're a fine one to ask.
- I?
Precisely. For years, you and Cecilia
have scarcely looked at each other.
But tonight, in front of my very eyes...
as if to taunt me...
you all but fell
into each other's arms.
Oh. Did we?
I saw you.
I watched you every moment.
Her voice was soft and alluring...
her smiles enticing,
her lips inviting.
For me?
No! For you!
And you presume to ask me
why I am leaving.
Good night.
He's jealous.
Mmm, and apparently
with good cause. Poor fellow.
If you ask me,
he hasn't got a chance.
Cecilia does not know
I'm back, does she?
You are still in Buenos Aires
as far as she's concerned.
Good. I'm still in Buenos Aires
as far as you're concerned too.
I think I will be Senhor Martin
for just a little longer.
- What do you mean by coming in here?
- No.
May I remind you again
that this is our anniversary?
The time of the most
charming memories.
Why, a little while ago,
you were so tender, so... so gracious.
You can stop pretending now.
Just remember one thing.
Downstairs, you're my husband.
Upstairs, you're Senhor Martin.
Oh, so you knew all the time, huh?
- Why, of course.
- Since you knew who I was, then I must assume...
those unmistakable signs of affection
you gave me downstairs...
were for me and not your husband.
- It was all a pretense. Good night.
- No, no. No.
Be honest with yourself, Cecilia,
as well as with me.
You haven't thought
of your husband once this evening.
I felt it when I kissed you...
and when I held you
close to me in the dance.
The light in your eyes
was not for him, Cecilia.
It was for me.
For me only.
We may have started out
to deceive others...
but let's not end by trying
to deceive ourselves, hmm?
Why, it's amazing.
Just then, you sounded
exactly like Manuel.
You seem to have acquired his...
his manner, his heart,
his mind, his...
Well, I... I have made
a study of the baron.
I do not believe that I could imitate
anybody else half so well.
I love this best of all your songs.
Please sing it for me.
Mmm. "Boa Noite. "
"Good Night. "
No. No, I...
I cannot sing it. I cannot say it.
L... I do not feel it.
Then I'll say it for you.
Good night.
If you insist.
You were right, my dear.
- We shouldn't deceive ourselves.
- What?
I can't fight against you
any longer, Larry.
- I'm not strong enough.
- But you must.
Uh... I mean, uh, sure.
You... You must be very,
very sure of yourself.
I've never been more sure of anything
in my life than that I love you.
Hold me tight.
Moments like these come so seldom.
Larry, we mustn't lose them.
Hold me tight. Kiss me.
Oh. Tell me that you love me.
Tell me.
I do.
Say it again.
Good night, Larry darling.
Good night.
Boa noite
Moonlit sky
Say good night
But not good-bye
Soon every star
Will be an ember
And this, another kiss
That we'll remember
Boa noite
Night is through
Soon I'll dream
And when I do
I'll dream my way
Into your arms again
So boa noite
Good morning, Man...
Don't tell me they've refused the loan?
Oh, I wish it were only that.
- Something far more tragic has happened.
- Good heavens!
My wife... has betrayed me.
- Shee! Impossible.
- How do you know?
Last night, my Cecilia celebrated
our anniversary with another man.
- But who was the man?
- I was the man.
You-You feel all right, Manuel?
How do you expect me to feel
after a thing like that?
I feel miserable!
It was like a beautiful,
horrible dream...
at the same time delightful
and agonizing.
I went into her room.
I took her in my arms.
I kissed her.
She kissed me.
I was hoping against hope.
- I gambled, and I lost.
- But what did you lose?
- What's wrong with a wife kissing her own husband?
- But don't you see?
I was posing as Martin.
She thought she was kissing him.
Ah! But-But...
But she was kissing you.
As I see it, it was she
who was fooled.
I don't believe it.
She must have known.
- She didn't.
- No.
With him...
that is, with me...
she was a different woman
than she ever was with me.
What an idiot I have been.
How wonderful she is,
now that it is too late.
She's in love with this actor.
There is nothing I can do about it.
I cannot ask satisfaction of him
because that actor is me.
- That would be suicide.
- I bet she knew it was you all the time.
I've got it.
I've got it.
She just wanted to teach you
a lesson, and she did.
- You think so?
- No doubt about it.
Come to think of it,
at first she was furious.
And then, very suddenly,
she changed.
- That was the moment she discovered it was you.
- Definitely.
And right now, she's
splitting her sides over it.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Maybe so.
There is no reason why...
why I should do all the worrying.
A few gray hairs will be
very becoming to my wife.
Get me the airport
and then the baroness.
Come in.
- Good morning, Baroness.
- Good morning, Pedro.
- Lovely day, isn't it?
- Yes, Baroness.
The baron would like
to speak with you.
- Well, why doesn't he come in?
- He's on the telephone.
Oh, the telephone.
Please take this, Pedro.
Good morning, Manuel.
Why didn't you say good-bye to me
before you left for the office?
Oh, I am sorry, my dear.
I came here straight from the airport.
You... You mean you weren't
home last night?
I mean, you...
you just arrived?
Oh, yes, about a half hour ago.
What's... What's the matter, my dear?
You seem a little upset.
Upset? No.
Why should I be upset?
Well, you sound a bit upset.
Didn't you sleep well?
Would you get me
the airport? Quickly.
Hello. Hello, may I speak
to the manager, please?
Hello. This is
the Baroness Duarte speaking.
Would you please tell me what time
the baron's plane landed in Rio?
Just a moment, please.
It's the baroness.
She's checking up on him.
The plane arrived
at 11:20 this morning.
This morning? No.
No. It must have arrived last night.
It... It's very important.
Bad weather forced him down
400 miles from here.
Last night was
a very bad night, Baroness.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Come in.
- Oh, Pedro, did you see the baron this morning?
- Yes, Baroness.
Was there anything...
anything unusual about him?
I mean, did he act as usual?
He acted very strangely,
senhora. Very strangely.
- How? In what way?
- In many ways.
One: He does not take his shower.
Two: He does not eat his breakfast.
Three: He does not shave.
Four: He does something
he has never done before.
He shouts at me!
He shouts at me.
If you ask me...
and you did...
I should say the baron
was not himself this morning.
He... He was another man.
- A-Another man?
- Another man.
Call the baron's pilot
and have him come here at once.
- He is already here, senhora.
- Here?
Yes. He just brought
the baron's bags.
- Show him in.
- Yes, Baroness.
- Good morning, Baroness.
- Good morning, Eca.
Eca, when did the baron
return to Rio?
We landed at about, uh...
about 20 minutes past 11:00.
- Last night?
- No, Baroness. This morning.
Oh. This morning.
Isn't it strange? I had a funny feeling
the baron returned last night.
I suppose the wish
was father to the thought.
Perhaps the baroness dreamed it.
Oh, no, Eca.
No, it wasn't a dream.
Thank you.
Fifteen minutes since I telephoned.
She's just had time
to interview Eca and...
Ah! See?
Baron Duarte speaking.
Oh, yes.
Buenos Aires.
Ye-Yes. Yes.
Yes, I understand.
Thank you.
Don't bother.
I can tell by your face.
- Shee.
- They were very polite, but final. No loan.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
Well, we're in a fine fix now.
Senhor Machado to see Baron Duarte.
Send him in.
- But he wasn't supposed to come before 3:00!
- What difference does it make?
- It gives us two hours and a half more to raise the money!
- Where?
Where? You-You ask...
Don't start
with the mouth. You...
Don't start with...
with the...
Shee! Don't start. Please.
Before we admit anything,
we must consult a good criminal lawyer.
Ah! Good morning, gentlemen.
Lucky to find you all three together.
Oh, now, that is no way to feel
on an occasion like this, is it?
Maybe expects us to do a samba.
- I will save you the trouble of examining the books.
- Oh, I will pick them up later.
I know more about them than you think.
I just happened to be passing. As I had
the check, I thought I would bring it up.
- Check?
- Check?
- Yes. Haven't you told them?
- Told them?
Certainly... about
our conversation last night.
Uh, no. L... I...
I see.
When I said it was to be
strictly confidential...
I meant only until
the deal was completed.
Now everything is all right. You can
tell your business partners. Go ahead.
- Well?
- Well, uh...
Uh... Uh...
Oh, you see...
Uh, last night... Uh, you...
You tell them, Machado.
Coming from you, it will be much,
much more impressive.
- Yes, you tell us.
- You-You tell me.
There is really very little to tell.
As I told the baron last night,
for a long time, I have been after his airline.
So, in short,
I bought you out.
Why, you seem surprised, Baron.
Yes. Yes, I... I am surprised
at-at their surprise.
Look. They are still surprised.
Well, now that everything is over,
I think I might tell you something too.
It was I who engineered
the cancellation of your contract...
with Consolidated Airlines.
I thought it would
push your price down...
but I underestimated
the baron's keen business sense.
Oh, yeah, you certainly did. Yes.
And it was pretty nervy of you
to buy up the other 490/0 yesterday.
What made you guess that
I was after your airline, huh?
Ah, that is your secret, huh?
Well, I... I must be going.
And, uh, here, uh...
Oh, yes.
Here is your check, Baron.
And congratulations.
Only a great business mind
could have put over a deal like this.
Well, good day, gentlemen.
- Good day. Good day.
- Good day.
- Thirty-two millions.
- Shee!
- God bless Senhor Martin.
- Amen.
- What about the 490/0?
- Martin bought it.
He made a mistake
while our backs were turned.
He waved himself into it.
Eh, remember, gentlemen.
Only a great business mind
could have put over a deal like this.
Oh, come in.
The baron has just come in, senhora.
The baron?
Thank you, Luiza.
Good afternoon, Manuel.
- Good morning, Baroness.
- Oh. Oh, it's you.
Yeah. Yeah, this makeup
is my passkey.
I had to see ya. I was afraid Pedro
wouldn't let me in as Martin.
- I don't think he appreciates me.
- But the baron himself might have been here.
I checked on it first.
He's still at the office.
Well, what do you want?
I want to ask you a favor, senhora.
But first, I suppose you know now
it was me last night, not your husband.
Yes, but what do you want?
If it's not too much trouble,
I'd like a letter of recommendation.
Re... Recommendation?
After last night?
Well, what's the matter
with last night?
- Weren't you pleased with my performance?
- You're simply impossible.
I'd like to see you get somebody else
to do a better job.
- Why, you vulgar, conceited...
- Sure, I'm conceited.
Why shouldn't I be?
I'm the best actor in the business.
I don't know why you should suddenly change
your mind. You thought well of me last night.
I wish you'd leave.
If you weren't satisfied,
why didn't you say so before?
Because your performance
was too good.
Well, I don't mind saying you gave
a darn good performance yourself.
Oh! Will you get out of here?
All right. But if the baron should happen
to be out of town again sometime...
I'd be glad to oblige at half the price.
Oh! Oh, how horrible of you!
You're nothing but a...
a cheap, common...
- Baroness, I'm a workin' man. I gotta make a living.
- Get out!
All right. What about that letter?
Only take you a minute.
My girlfriend's kinda
burnt up about last night.
- I should think she would be.
- She thinks I was here all night.
All I want you to do is write
a little note tellin' her the truth...
that I left here last night
before midnight.
Comin' from you, why, it'd be
kind of a letter of recommendation.
- She'd know it was the truth.
- You mean, you left here before midnight?
Sure. Soon as the baron came in,
I sneaked out through the garden gate.
Oh, of course.
How stupid of me
not to have known.
You're really so different
from the baron when you're yourself.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it makes
my performance all the better.
- Now, what about that letter?
- Nothing would give me greater pleasure.
Oh, well, that's fine. Just, uh,
send it over to the Samba, will you?
- Uh-huh.
- Well, uh, good-bye.
Good-bye. Oh, wait. Uh...
You said something about
a return engagement at half price.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Well, you're engaged... right now and at full price.
I want to talk to you.
How do you know he'll come in here?
- He always comes in here first to read his mail.
- Oh.
Now, look.
There's where I'll stand.
The moment the door opens,
you take me in your arms.
All right, all right. Uh, how do you think
the baron's gonna take this?
- Oh, he'll be furious.
- Oh. That's not so good for me.
Anyhow, if you love him,
what do you want to do this to him for?
Well, I... I want to make him jealous,
for very good reasons.
That's fine. Ajealous husband
might do anything.
Uh, the baron is
quite a shot, isn't he?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Mmm! I just remembered.
I left my hat and gloves out in the hall.
I gotta get 'em. If he sees them,
it'll tip the whole thing off.
Yes, but hurry, because I expect him
any minute. You'll hurry, won't you?
Well, Senhor Martin.
- This is a surprise.
- Yeah, yeah.
- How are you?
- Very well.
Now that I have the pleasure
of finding you here...
I want to thank you
for what you have done for me.
There is a check in the mail which will express
my gratitude much more adequately.
Well, thanks, Baron.
I can always use one.
By the way, senhor,
what are you doing here?
Well, uh... Um...
- She's crazy about you.
- Uh, who?
Uh, the baroness.
Your wife.
I'm gonna tell you the truth, Baron, not
because I wanna give the baroness away...
but because I'm afraid
you might muff the whole thing.
This has gone far enough. You were supposed
to come in and find me makin' love to her.
Oh, really?
Yeah. She found out about your
little gag and wants to get even.
Oh. Very interesting.
She wants to start all over and live
happily ever after like they do in the movies.
- So do I.
- On the level?
Yes, on the level.
You, uh... You know what this is?
Yeah. I used to have one, too,
till I met Carmen.
It's funny how a man becomes
a walkin' telephone directory...
as soon as he gets out of knee pants.
I could auction it off at the club.
It would bring a fortune.
- But I'm going to burn it.
- Attaboy.
- Good-bye, senhor.
- Good-bye, Baron.
Uh, you won't give me away
in there, will you?
Oh, no, no.
I won't.
Oh, hurry. Hurry.
I just saw his car in the driveway.
Now get ready.
I expect him to come in any minute.
- He didn't see you, did he?
- Oh, no, no.
A little closer, huh?
No, no.
Maybe you'd better take me
in your arms. Oh, I'll show him.
I'll give him the most unhappy
moment of his life. I will.
No. Not now and not so violently.
Wait until he comes in the room.
Oh! You can't do this to me! Stop!
Put me down! Oh!
My husband will kill you for this.
Manuel! Oh! Manuel!
Stop! Leave me alone.
Put me down!
Manuel! Manuel! Oh!
Boom, chica-boom, boom
boom-boom, boom, boom
It don't make sense
the chica-chica-boom-chic
Chica-boom, chica, chica-boom
- But it's immense, the chica-chica-boom-chic
- Ah, a-chica-boom
That's all you've got to say
To chase the jinx away
Chica, chica-boom, chica, chica-boom
Chica, chica-boom, chic
La, la, la, la
And so he rode away
But left his heart down in Rio
All that remains of their love
Are the strains of
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I like you very much
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I think you're grand
Why, why, why is it that
when I feel your touch
My heart starts to beat
to beat the band
I, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi
I, yi, yi, yi, yi
I like you to hold me tight
You are too, too
too, too, too divine
Chica, chica-boom, chic.
Boa noite
Moonlit sky
Say good night
But not good-bye
Soon every star
Will be an ember
And this, another kiss
That we'll remember
Boa noite
Night is through
See, see, see, see, see, see
See the moon above
Soon I'll dream
And when I do
Way, way, way
way up in the blue
I'll dream my way
Into your arms again
So boa noite
Boa noite