That's a Wrap (2023) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
(phone beeps)
(ominous music)
- You wouldn't stand
me up, would you?
See you at the premiere.
(suspenseful music)
(insects chirping)
(keys jingling)
(car ignition beeping)
(footsteps clomping)
(suspenseful music)
(phone ringing)
(Alexis gasps)
- Hey, why are
you at the studio?
- How do you know where I am?
- I have an app that tracks you.
- [Alexis] Well, that's creepy.
- No, no, darling,
it's not creepy.
I'm your manager,
it's my job to look out for you.
- No, it's your
job to get me gigs.
- Is that what this is?
Is this a gig?
Did you book a gig
without telling me?
I still get my 10%,
you know, right?
- I came to visit a
friend from the movie.
- [Manager] Well, the wrap
party is tomorrow night,
it couldn't wait till then?
- I'm not going
to the wrap party.
- Why not?
- Because I'm only in
the opening of the movie.
Okay, look, I'm, I'm tired.
I, I just, I wanna go home.
- Long day on set, right?
- Goodbye.
(Alexis sighs)
(finger tapping)
(Alexis sighs)
- No, I'm sorry.
Apology for startling you.
I'm Wyatt, the new overnight
security here on the premises.
What brings you on
the property, miss?
- Hi, I, I, I'm Alexis.
Um, I'm just, I'm visiting
a friend from the studio.
- The movie studio, really?
I haven't met anyone from there.
So, uh, so you're an
actress or something?
- Um, yes.
- Wow.
So what have you been in?
Been in anything
I might've seen?
- No, probably not. (chuckles)
- Test me, I'm a bit of a
film aficionado you know.
- Have you seen "Amityville"--
- Yeah, Ryan Reynolds.
Dude's a beast in that.
That was a great movie.
- I was in "Amityville
- Oh, I haven't seen that one.
Any good?
- Should have been aborted.
- (laughs) I like your humor.
All right, well, I'm gonna
make the rest of my rounds.
I just was checking
if you were okay.
- Appreciate it.
- I'll be back.
Take care.
- Thank you.
(ominous music)
(car door bangs)
(electronic music)
Hard to forget where we are
when we're not where we want
And it's took
long enough by now
Hard to forget what we
wanted in the first place
Who's there?
I'm starting to get
I'm ready to stop and say
(music distorting and fading)
(suspenseful music)
(Alexis chuckles)
Very funny.
I thought you couldn't make it.
I'm not scared.
I welcome a rematch.
Maybe this time I'll
come out on top. (laughs)
Okay, you got me.
Ha, ha.
(tense suspenseful music)
(Alexis screams)
(ominous music)
(Alexis gasps)
(tense ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(Alexis screaming)
(doorknob rattling)
(doorknob rattling)
(doorknob rattling)
(ominous music)
(door creaking)
(thunder rumbling)
(ominous piano music)
(thunder rumbling)
(thunder rumbling)
(chair rattling)
(thunder rumbling)
(Alexis gasping)
(thunder rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
(thunder rumbling)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(suspenseful music)
Please don't.
(knife slashes)
(Alexis screams)
(Alexis groans)
(knife slashing)
(Alexis groaning)
(knife slashing)
(Alexis groaning)
(knife slashing)
(Alexis groaning)
(knife slashes)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
- [Harper] You fucking
heard of mistress?
(suspenseful music)
- [Jamie] So many people have
died there over the years.
(knife slashes)
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
(dramatic music stops)
Fucking beautiful.
- You did a great job, honey.
- It's a masterpiece.
- I think everyone's
gonna be so surprised
that you got something
cut together already.
- Something?
This is everything I
wanna say as a filmmaker.
- Of course.
How do I look?
- Uh, you look nice.
(ominous music)
Hold on.
What do you think
of this turtleneck?
- You look handsome.
- Yeah, that's what I figured.
Listen, I'm gonna watch
this one more time
before I finish getting ready.
- The photographer's
gonna be there in an hour.
- Yeah, can you shut the
door on your way out?
(ominous music)
(footsteps receding)
Mason fucking Maestro.
Maybe I should be
a bit more ashamed
I'm not gonna play pretend
(camera clicks)
I need a dose
of toxic, toxic
(camera clicks)
I'm so fucking
lovesick, lovesick
(camera clicking)
Now your hands on my neck
Cheap whiskey on your tongue
(camera clicking)
Caesar doesn't love me,
I just make him feel young
He says breathing's
a disease
So I'm coughing up my lungs
In the beats, I'm on my
knees, your good little sub
You're underneath my skin,
crawling from within
Babe, I've got an
itch for your love
I need another hit
Need another binge
Need another
lick of your love
Oh, oh
I need a dose
of toxic, toxic
I'm so fucking
lovesick, lovesick
I wanted
Something good, just
anything but you
You push me away
You lost again, I'm through
(group chattering)
I wish of you again
- Is that it?
- Yes, I'm afraid so.
- Oh, well, it's still
the full rate. (chuckles)
- Of course.
Aiming to please you
I wish of you again
It's all there.
- So it is.
I'll send you the pics tomorrow.
A week at the latest.
- Oh, no.
We get the card tonight.
- Oh, really?
What you don't trust me?
Jesus, people are all the same.
- Thank you.
Now I have to get
back to the soiree.
I'll walk you out.
- You know, I hustled
to get here on time.
- You were late.
- You know, I was hoping to
stay for a bit, you know,
maybe have some drinks and
hors d'oeuvres. (laughs)
- I'm so sorry, it
is a private event.
- Yeah, unbelievable.
Oh, one more thing.
- Yes.
- If you ever need an actor
for something, let me know.
I'm SAG eligible now.
- Noted.
- Now...
I'll walk you out.
(fast tempo music)
I'm not gonna play pretend
I need a dose
of toxic, toxic
(glass clanging)
- Could I get everyone's
attention please?
Thank you.
First, wanna thank
you for all coming.
You may have noticed that
there's no crew members here.
Well, other than me, the
writer and the director.
But you know that.
And let's be honest,
it's the two most important
crew positions anyway.
Am I right?
(ominous music)
(chuckles) I'm just kidding.
(chuckles) Tough crowd.
Anyway, the crew was fantastic.
Under my direction they did
everything I asked them to do,
and that's what
a good crew does.
They support the vision
completely, and they did.
So much so, that they're
all currently working
on a film in
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Thanks to my lovely wife.
- They're all amazing
and do deserve equal credit
for bringing your
vision to life, dear.
- Absolutely.
I wish they could all be here,
but I'm glad that
you're all here.
I'm sorry I couldn't allow
you to bring anyone with you.
You'll know the reason soon.
It's the same reason why
I had to take your phones
when you arrived.
No leaks allowed.
But before that, let me
share something with you.
Filmmaking is...
not an easy undertaking,
especially on the
independent level.
It's been my dream since
I was young to make film,
to be able to stand here now
and know that I've succeeded
is mind blowing.
I, I really
appreciate all of you.
And I especially
want to thank Harper
for all of her hard work.
It was a physically
demanding role
and she put everything
she had into it.
And then last but not least,
I want to give a special
shout out to Alexis,
who couldn't be here tonight.
She may only have been in
the opening of the film,
but those scenes set the tone.
She's the Janet
Leigh, Drew Barrymore,
and Amanda Wyss of this film.
Her death was the catalyst
to my dreams coming true.
And now I'm gonna make
your dreams come true.
Ladies and gentlemen, I
give you our teaser trailer.
(group clapping)
(Lily sighs)
(ominous music)
- [Harper] You fucking
heard of mistress?
(suspenseful music)
- [Jamie] So many people have
died there over the years.
(knife slashes)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(group clapping)
(suspenseful music)
(group screaming)
(slasher grunts)
(knife slashing)
(Mason laughing)
- Just kidding.
Come on, celebrate my movie.
(group clapping)
(fast tempo electronic music)
- Well, here's to us.
- To us.
(glasses clang)
- I think you are going
to be very famous.
- I don't care
about any of that.
I just want to do good work.
I'm happy about this one.
- Yeah.
- Your husband wrote
a great script.
- That he did.
You got something to show,
'cause tonight--
- And you gave a
great performance.
- Thank you.
All right
Let's get in motion
Move your hips to the beat
- Your husband, he, uh-
- Yeah.
I, I should go congratulate him.
Please, excuse me.
On a romantic video night
Let's roll the camera,
action and light
On a romantic video night
- Here's do you, Mistress.
Come see our midnight
passion ignite
On a video night
So what'd you think?
- You said you were going
make an artistic drama.
- It is.
- [Producer] It's
horror bullshit.
- You gotta see
it in its entirety
in order to get the layers.
- [Producer] You are going
to talk to my lawyers.
Your ass will be destroyed.
(ominous music)
- So, what did he think?
- How honest do
you want me to be?
- Well, you know,
honesty matters to me.
I'm your director with
the power supply
- He fucking loved it.
I got the message
from the look in your eye
- Well, well.
- (scoffs) I keep
reaching for my phone.
- I'm actually glad
I don't have mine.
We're free.
Like a ship to the shore
- Well, I feel naked without it.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Of course.
- You got naked in
the movie, right?
- Yeah.
- Like all the way naked?
- Full frontal.
- How are you able to do that?
On a romantic video night
- Well, first I take my
clothes off. (laughs)
- No way, that's what I do too.
(Molly laughs)
- No, no, no, no.
I mean, like, how are you able
to do it in front of people?
- I don't know.
I've just always been
comfortable in my own body.
I believe in exploring every
inch of it whenever possible.
On a romantic video night
Shit, I might just rub one
out in the shower later.
Squirt everywhere. (laughs)
- Girl, I think Carter's
thirsty for you.
- No, we're just friends.
- He was your
friend in the movie.
He can be more in real life.
- I'm not that type of girl.
- Uh-huh.
I bet by the end of the night
you'll be getting
nailed on a side stage.
(Molly laughing)
- Ew.
- What do you think of Lana?
- Stoney, I think our
boy Carter has a crush.
- (scoffs) Nevermind.
- No, no, no.
We filmed together
for three weeks
and this is the first time I
hear you talking about a girl.
- You never talk about girls.
- Duh.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- [Troy] Really?
Oh, um, let me properly
explain this to you.
am gay.
- Oh.
- And in case you didn't
know, I am a stoner.
- That I picked up on.
- Okay, okay, cool.
As long as you knew something.
- That, that was pretty clear.
(fast tempo dance music)
- What was your first clue?
- The smell of weed.
- [Stoney] Oh.
- This party's lame as fuck.
- What do you mean?
- Well, look around.
There's hardly anyone here.
- It's a wrap party,
not a fucking disco.
This is people celebrating
the end of the experience, man.
One that lives forever.
It's us saying, wow, we did it.
- Still lame.
(knife clangs)
- Better look out, Richter.
Someone's trying
to steal your job.
- We'll see about that.
Ebbs and flows
- [Molly] Get 'em.
All, all, all around me
like an echo, echo, echo
- Hey, look, she's alone.
Now's your chance.
- [Carter] (sighs) Okay.
- You got it, you
got it, got it.
It's outta my hands
- Hey, you look like you
could use some company.
Can't fight it anymore
- Hi.
- Hi.
'Cause you pull the
strings and I move in time
- [Harper] Hey.
I can't control
- Hey, I just wanted to
say how wonderful it was
to work with you.
- Thank you.
I had fun with our scenes.
To you...
- Any advice for a
struggling actor?
- We are all struggling.
Don't be fooled into
thinking it's any other way.
Never be afraid to say no.
And it's totally okay to
tell people to fuck off
if they deserve it.
Don't let
- [Lana] Wait, so you
bought a line in the movie?
Go by
- Yeah, best thousand
bucks I ever spent.
- Mm, that's cool.
I'm glad you had the opportunity
to experience life on set.
Was it always a dream of yours?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
So, what do you do for a living?
- I'm an actor.
- Oh.
Oh, sorry.
So you've been on set before?
- No, this is my first project,
but it's gonna
lead to many more.
I'll buy a few more roles and
then I'll be off and running.
I'll do anything to be a star.
- [Lana] Oh, okay.
(footsteps approaching)
- So, why don't you work
on some no budget films
or take some acting classes,
gain some experience?
- Fuck that.
I'm not gonna work on some
"Shot on Shitteo" thing.
That stuff is way beneath me.
- I did a ton of shitty
movies in the beginning.
It's all part of the process.
You learn what to do and more
importantly what not to do.
- Oh, I know what
you actresses do.
This is pure insanity
- You do, huh?
Please, enlighten me.
- You fuck for parts.
That's the power women have.
You open your legs and then
you get to open the scripts.
- That's fucking bullshit.
- Oh, you're saying
it doesn't happen?
- Of course it happens,
but it shouldn't.
The men who require
that are pieces of shit.
- Oh, so it's the man's fault.
What about the women that do it?
- They're just as bad.
Some women don't care
what precedent it sets.
It sets an expectation.
The women who fuck for roles
are just as bad as
the men who expect it.
And I have no love for either.
This chance, go by
So kindly fuck off.
Just open up
- She must be on her period.
Your mind
Remind me, what role
is she in the film?
- Gretchen, she's
the final girl.
- Interesting.
- Okay, bye then.
Like an echo
- Um, what was that all about?
- He thinks all women
F-U-C-K for parts.
- Gross.
- I know.
You guys haven't
done that, have you?
- Hell no.
But I've sucked a few cocks.
(Molly laughs)
- (gasps) I borrowed this.
- Oh my god, oh my God,
oh, my God, oh my God.
- It's ruined!
- [Lana] No, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to.
That was totally an accident.
That C-O-C-K made me choke.
- Best ones do.
Don't let this chance go by
(tongue clicks)
(liquid pouring)
Just open
- A lot of these women here
could take this whole thing,
if you know what I mean.
And I'll be your echo
- I don't appreciate
the vulgarity.
I think it's time
for you to leave.
- Now?
- Yes.
- Fine.
Party sucks anyway.
(Lily scoffs)
I'm your echo
(suspenseful music)
Hey, Blondie.
Fuck you.
You shouldn't even be here.
You weren't even in the movie.
Ooh, I'm so scared.
(knife whooshes)
[Jamie] There's no way I'm
dying off camera.
(knife slashes)
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
- Can't believe this.
(Molly exhales)
(Molly exhales)
Really, really?
(necklace clanging)
(Molly sighs)
(Molly sighs)
Soap, soap, soap, soap, soap?
Should work.
(tense ominous music)
(Molly sighs)
(water splashing)
(knocking on door)
(Molly groans)
(pounding on door)
(suspenseful music)
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
(curtains rustling)
(skeleton thuds)
(Molly screams)
(Molly gasps)
(Molly chuckles)
Even in death.
(suspenseful music)
(Molly sighing)
(water splashing)
(gentle music)
(Molly moaning)
(Molly panting)
(Molly moaning)
(ominous music)
(Molly panting)
(Molly moans)
Much better.
(Molly chuckling)
(suspenseful music)
(Molly screaming)
(knife slashing)
(Molly screaming)
(Molly groaning)
(knife slashing)
(Molly groaning)
(flesh tearing)
(water splashing)
(dramatic music)
- [Lana] She's been
gone a long time.
Should I go check on her?
- She probably left.
- Oh, you think so?
I feel horrible.
- [Amber] Shit
happens, it's fine.
- Ladies.
So tell me, how impressed
were you by the teaser?
- I thought it was great.
- I think it's amazing.
You put it together so quick.
- Well, I knew
exactly what I wanted.
It's a product of having
such a clear vision.
Now I call it a teaser,
but let's be honest,
it could be the final trailer.
It's that goddamn good.
I cut it on a--
- You know, Molly's
been gone for a while,
so I'm just gonna
go check on her.
(footsteps receding)
- What do you know
about editing software?
- Not much.
- (chuckles) Well,
you're in luck.
It's all about
proper transitions.
When to cut out of a scene.
(dramatic music)
(footsteps approaching)
(ominous music)
(fast tempo electronic music)
- [Lily] Have you seen Mason?
- Yeah, he was just, he
was just talking to Lana.
- Oh, thank you.
(ominous music)
- I can see you standing
there like a creeper.
(chuckles) I'll give you
this, you are committed.
What did they get you
from Central Casting?
(scoffs) If you think
you're gonna get a show,
you are sorely mistaken.
Is this what you want?
Well, here you go.
Now you can exit the scene.
(keys clicking)
- [Follower] Hey Amber,
just wanted to say good morning.
I hope you have a
really good day.
Really excited for
tonight's live stream
and just can't wait, just
can't wait to see your face.
(phone swipes)
Hey Amber Bear,
um, quick question.
Uh, this is gonna sound weird,
but I sent you that video of
the red panda with the flowers.
It was like super cute and I
thought it would make your day.
Um, and then whoever
Scott Barnes 75 is
sent you literally the same
one but 22 minutes later.
And I just, I noticed
you liked that one,
but you didn't even
acknowledge mine.
(Amber scoffs)
(phone swipes)
Um, hey Amber, I just have a,
like a really quick question,
but it's something that I
need to like, like have a,
like a more of like a private
conversation with you.
Um, so if you could DM me back
a phone number, like I won't,
I won't share it with the group.
I would never, you know,
I would never do that.
(phone swipes)
Hey Amber Bear, just
saying goodnight
and I hope tomorrow
is a better day.
And um--
(phone swipes)
Why are you still ignoring me?
(Amber scoffs)
You're gonna regret it.
- [Lily] He sounds nice.
- Oh, he's just one
of my followers.
- Followers?
You have a cult?
- Internet followers,
social media.
- I'm just kidding.
I'm not that old, I do
understand social media.
I just don't have as
many followers as you do.
What's your secret?
- I pay for them.
Lots of people do.
It helps the brand.
- Brand, huh?
I remember when it was
just about the acting.
- Yeah, well if it was
just about the acting,
I wouldn't get any work.
- Don't say that, dear.
You were really very
good in this film.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry about the phone.
- How'd you get him back anyway?
I know you turned them in.
- Oh, phones are like vibrators,
you should always have
a backup. (chuckles)
But I, I'll totally
turn it in if you want.
It's just that I
really do need it.
My brand dies if I can't
talk to my followers.
(Lily chuckles)
- Just don't worry
about it, dear.
Just don't let Mason
catch you with it.
There's no telling what
he might do to you.
- Yeah. (giggles)
- Speaking of Mason, have
you seen him anywhere?
I can't find him.
- Um, no.
But if I see him, I will
tell him that you're looking.
- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
(footsteps receding)
(ominous music)
- [Troy] Dude, it
is now or never.
Timing's everything
- What if it doesn't go my way?
I, I would be crushed.
- Oh, stop being a little
bitch, go talk to her.
- Little bitch?
We put it on the line
and I know
- Come on.
We're gonna work this vibe
and I know
(ominous music)
[Harper] Here's your mark.
You've landed.
This feeling
- [Carter] Hi.
- [Lana] Hi.
- Jesus Christ, now
I'm the damn AD.
Than I've ever been
Don't you rush this,
timing's everything
- Um, I need to Ten One.
We've got nothin' to lose
- I like her.
- Me too.
So let's ride this groove
'cause I know
- Where are you going?
- Oh, I really do have
to use the bathroom.
And I know, I know
- You should use the one at
the end of the red hallway.
They got a bidet and
it's hella groovy.
- Oh, okay.
Uh, uh, uh, uh
I'm a nice girl who
likes nice things
Keep me happy
Keep me icy
Give me what I want
- Oh, you again?
Want to see ya
I need the uh, uh
I need it now
Why the fuck are there
rave lights in here?
And why the fuck did no
one tell me? (giggles)
Give me what I want
(ominous music)
I'm not gonna stop
until you explode
Nuh uh, nuh uh, uh, nuh uh
I guess that's okay.
But no funny business,
shoulders only.
And of course the tatas
are absolutely off limits.
(suspenseful music)
(chuckles) Don't tell
me to do hair too.
(Amber screaming)
(Amber screaming)
Nuh uh, nuh uh
(Amber gagging)
(Amber groaning)
Nuh uh, uh, nuh uh
Nuh uh, nuh uh, uh, uh
(Amber gagging)
Send a check on wire
And I'll take you higher
So give me, give
me what I want
So good at getting
what I want
I need the uh,
uh, I need it now
I got the uh, uh
Nuh uh, uh, nuh uh
- [Stoney] Hey man.
- What are you doing?
- Just chilling.
- Cool, cool, cool.
'Cause I'm hot,
I'm fire
I'm gonna head
back to the party.
On fire
- Well come chill
with me for a second.
So give me,
give me what I want
I won't bite.
I'm good at getting
what I want
I need the uh, uh,
I need it now
I got the uh, uh
Going down
What you got, boy
It's not enough
Wouldn't it be cool though?
- Hmm?
- If I were a vampire and
I actually did bite you.
I want the load
- Um.
Serve myself on top
I'm gonna stop until
they explode
Can they handle it
Nuh uh, nuh uh
So, I guess I'm a vampire now.
- Yeah.
Well but you'd actually have to,
you know, drink
my blood but yeah.
- Right, right, right.
- Well, when you're ready to
suck though, just let me know.
- All right.
Nuh uh, nuh uh
All right.
(both laughing)
All right.
(brooding music)
(Lily inhaling deeply)
(Lily exhaling)
- What are you
doing in here alone?
- Uh, reflecting.
- On the good or the bad?
- Both.
- I'll drink to that.
You want one?
- No thanks.
I need to stay straight.
- [Stoney] So when did you know?
- Know what?
- That you were gay?
- Oh, character development.
(sighs) Um...
Ever since I could remember.
Drag me down to
hell and chain me
- How old were you
when you came out?
- 20.
- And your parents,
how'd they take it?
- They already knew.
- Did you get caught wearing
a dress or something?
Buy what you give
is not enough
- Contrary to what
people believe,
gay men are just
like straight men.
We like sports.
- I hate sports.
- Didn't grow up
playing with dolls.
- I played with dolls.
Well, action figures.
But who we kidding. (laughs)
Toxic tendencies
Do-mi-nating me
(Troy clicks tongue)
- Coming out, was one of the
most freeing days of my life.
I was so nervous and it
seemed like such a big deal.
It's amazing how
normal it is to be gay.
What you give is not enough
- And a pothead.
- Hmm.
- I mean, we live in LA, right?
- Yeah.
- It's like the land
of stoners and gays.
It's like heaven for us.
- Yeah.
- When it's my turn, to
ascend to the upper room,
Here we are now
we're circling
I'm gonna go high.
- I can't believe I'm just
pouring my heart out to you.
Why the sudden interest?
I deserve this
Are you gay?
- Nah, nah.
I have earned this
Is this love
Or codependency
I want you
- Are you sure?
You want the ownership of me
- Nah.
I'm so done
I've had enough
But then it stays the same
'Cause change that
shit's tough
- [Lily] I just realized, I
don't know anything about you.
- What do you wanna know?
- Oh, um, you got
a man in your life?
- No, I'm focused on my career.
- There is room for both, dear.
- I've tried.
Most men can't handle it.
They don't understand
when it comes to a
sex scene in a movie,
there's nothing
sexy on set at all.
It's awkward.
And there's more
laughter than anything.
(Lily laughs)
It isn't real.
- You know, there was a
minute where I thought
that I should have a
sex scene in this film.
You know, it seemed,
right for my character,
for the story, for the
insanity of it all.
I mentioned it to Mason, oh,
he was having no part of it.
So jealous.
He knew I did a bunch of those
scenes earlier in my career.
- Yep.
You and I both.
- Instead, he wrote
me a dance scene.
Can you believe that?
- I can.
You know sometimes, men suck.
The rough of it,
rough of it
Diamond in the
rough of it
Rough of it, rough
Here we are now we're
circling the drain
Got me locked up
in these chains
Tell me am I so insane
(suspenseful music)
To think that
I've earned this
Is this love or codependency
I want you to worship me
You want the ownership of me
I'm so done
I've had enough
But then it stays the same
'Cause change that
shit's tough
- (exhales) Yeah, I
think you might be gay.
- I don't know if I'm
ready to do that to you.
- That's fine.
You don't have to
do anything for me.
- I want to.
- Have you had sex with a woman?
- Plenty.
What you've given me is
still not enough
I'm a
- Meet me in stage
three in 15 minutes.
- Okay.
- Ah, I'm a bottom so.
- Cool.
What's a bottom?
(gentle music)
- I'm really glad we got to
spend this time together.
- Yeah.
Me too.
- Believe it or not,
I have not been looking
forward to tonight.
And you know, usually
I enjoy these things,
I've had a lot of
personal stuff going on.
- Mason?
- You're a bright girl.
You can figure it out.
Planning this has been
really difficult for me.
So many things can go wrong.
(suspenseful music)
(tongue clicking)
- Oh, you're early.
(tense ominous music)
Sorry, I thought you
were someone else.
Wow, you're actually better
than the guy we had on the film.
Hey, that's a prop, right?
(knife slashes)
(dramatic music)
(opera singing in
foreign language)
- [Lily] And speaking of
things going wrong,
I should go make sure that
everything is running smoothly.
You gonna stay here?
- Yeah.
I think I'll reflect for a bit.
(footsteps receding)
(ominous music)
- (chuckles) Oh, this
is one far out set.
Looks like a virgin's
pussy exploded in here.
(tense ominous music)
This is what Stoney needs.
Now it's time for
greener pastures.
(lighter clicks)
(ominous music)
(tense ominous music)
What the fuck?
(Stoney chuckles)
What the fuck is this?
Where's this shit coming from?
Yo, there's a fucking
rat smoking in here.
Yo, Jerry.
Yo, share the cheese,
my guy. (laughing)
Shit, don't make me call
fucking Tom. (laughs)
(knife clangs)
(ominous music)
This looks like blood.
(Stoney sniffing)
Smell like it too.
Tastes like it.
(Stoney chuckles)
(Stoney chuckles)
Yo, this shit is like lube.
(pants unzipping)
(Stoney chuckles)
Yo, Troy, where you at?
(suspenseful music)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(knife slashes)
(dramatic music)
(slow tempo western music)
(footsteps approaching)
(ominous piano music)
(suspenseful music)
(door clicking)
(Mason screams)
- Jesus Christ, you almost
gave me a heart attack.
- What are you doing in here?
- Was checking the
security footage.
- [Lily] What did you see?
- Nothing, the system's down.
Probably an outage somewhere.
- What's the deal with the wig?
- Oh, this.
I found it on the floor.
I thought maybe it'd
make me look cool.
(Lily sighs)
No, huh?
Because I'm already cool.
- Yes.
- That's why I married you.
Let's get a drink.
- [Lily] Please.
(footsteps receding)
(suspenseful music)
In this state
- [Lana] Oh my goodness.
- Yeah, it was so embarrassing.
- (Lana laughing)
- I came in mid conversation,
so I had no idea what
they were laughing about
so I just joined in.
Ah, yeah.
So how about you, did you have
any favorite scenes to shoot?
- I really loved
the asylum stuff.
- Oh, I heard that
was pretty cool.
- Yeah.
- I never even got
to see the set.
- Really?
You never even
wandered over there?
- No, I didn't wanna
get in trouble.
(Lana giggles)
- Do you wanna go now?
- Do you think that'd be okay?
- I mean, I don't see why not.
I feel like everyone's
wandered off.
- Okay, lead the way.
City lights are shining,
all the stars aligning
- [Lily] Oh, young love,
how I miss it.
Now there's no more hiding
- You wanna go watch 'em?
No more tears for crying
- You're kidding, right?
- Of course I am.
Cross my heart and
hope to die
'Cause I feel so lonely
Where the fuck is everybody?
- I have no idea.
- Maybe I should go look.
I lose my grip, oh no
- You just never change do you?
- What?
- I'll go.
(dramatic music)
- [Mason] Everybody
having a good time?
- [Lana] This brings
back memories.
Come on.
Welcome to Vooleach Asylum.
- This is pretty awesome.
- Right?
You should have seen it
when it had all its
set dressings up.
- Oh, I bet.
Was it this dark and
ominous when you shot?
(ominous music)
(distant clang)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(Lana screams)
(Lana laughs)
- [Lana] Gotcha. (laughs)
- I'll give you that one.
- So what do you think
about the set now?
- Creepy red lights.
- Hmm, yeah.
Mason wanted it to be
vibrant like giallo.
- Oh, red jello, makes me think
of being in the hospital.
- Not jello, giallo.
- Oh yeah, giallo.
- Do you know what
that is? (chuckles)
- Would you think less
of me if I said no?
- Of course not.
- Well then, no.
(Lana giggles)
- It's a stylish horror film.
Super gory.
(ominous music)
- Oh, kind of like
what we just made.
- Yeah.
I'm surprised Mason
didn't tell you about it.
He literally spent 20 minutes
telling me about
it in the audition.
- I didn't audition.
- What?
- AA.
- Affirmative action?
- No.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
- (chuckles) Oh.
- Yeah.
I had some issues as a teenager.
Got into an accident,
ended up in the hospital.
- Hence the red jello.
- Yep.
Luckily I was the
only one who was hurt.
AA really helped.
- And you met Mason there?
- No.
- Then who?
- I can't say.
(Lana chuckles)
It's supposed to be anonymous.
I've already said too much.
(Lana chuckles)
- Let me guess, now
you have to kill me.
- Oh, that's usually how
the scripted dialogue goes.
- Spoiler alert.
In case you didn't
read the whole thing,
this is where I die.
- I know, I read the script.
- You know I never
understood people
that only read their parts.
- Hmm, some people just wanna
be surprised by what happens.
- So let's surprise them.
- How?
- Let's, let's F-U-C-K
all over this set.
- Okay.
(Lana laughs)
- A-Y.
- Get your, D-O-N-G hard.
- Prepare your T-W-A-T.
(Lana giggles)
- It's already marinating.
You make me feel alive again
- [Mason] Vroom, vroom.
Feels like I'm
dreaming, dreaming
Take me to places
I've never been
All of the feelin', feelin'
(woman vocalizing)
Vroom. Vroom.
Love is so, us
(ominous music)
(Mason sighs)
Fuck this.
Coulda let down my guard
Didn't wanna fall hard
I'll tell you
- [Lana] Yes, yes.
- (Carter panting)
(both moaning)
(ominous music)
(both moaning)
- [Lana] Oh, my gosh!
(both moaning)
F-U-C-K me.
F-U-C-K me!
(both moaning)
Harder, harder.
- I can't.
- Please try.
- I like--
- Oh, please, please try.
- Okay.
- [Lana] Oh my gosh, yes!
F-U-C-K me. (moaning)
Harder, harder.
- I can.
- Oh, my gosh,
S-E-X is so fun.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh.
(both moaning)
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
(Lana and Carter moaning)
(nail gun fires)
(Carter moaning)
(Carter moaning)
- Oh, oh.
Oh, you're amazing.
Oh, oh, oh, that was unexpected.
(Carter panting)
Any other surprises?
(suspenseful music)
(tense ominous music)
Who the--
(nail gun bangs)
(Carter groaning)
(body thuds)
(Carter groaning)
No. (groaning)
(Carter groaning)
(hammer thudding)
(dramatic music)
(door opening)
(door closing)
(suspenseful music)
- Awesome.
(footsteps approaching)
(door clicks)
(Lily gasps)
(suspenseful music)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(door bangs)
(Lily gasps)
(ominous music)
(plastic rustling)
(tense ominous music)
(chuckles) I see where
you've been hanging out at.
Very funny.
Ha, ha, joke's on me.
(suspenseful music)
(Harper screaming)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(Harper panting)
(Harper grunting)
(Harper grunting)
(ominous music)
(Harper groaning)
(Harper groans)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(Harper panting)
(doorknob rattling)
Come on, motherfucker.
Let's party.
(Harper grunts)
(glass shattering)
(Harper grunting)
(loud thud)
(ominous music)
(Harper groaning)
(chair creaking)
Lily, Lily, wake up.
- [Lily] Uh, what's going on?
- Some fuck is killing people.
- I, I don't understand.
- Whomever you hired
to dress as a slasher
is some kind of psycho.
- (groans) No, that can't be.
- How do you explain this?
- I was trying to find you.
I went looking for you.
You did this.
(suspenseful music)
- That's not possible.
I'm tied up just like you.
(fast tempo ominous music)
- I'm, not tied up.
How's that for a twist?
(dramatic music)
Welcome to the final act.
- Why are you doing this?
- Ooh, look at you.
No begging, no pleading,
just going right to motive.
- And I'm guessing you
have a monologue prepared.
This is your big moment.
Let's hear it.
- You do not get the
honor of directing me.
- [Harper] Directing means
you got the part.
Bitch, you're auditioning.
- I don't audition.
- And that's why you only get
roles in your husband's films.
- I've been in over
200 films in my career.
- Yeah.
And only three of them are good,
including the one we're
here celebrating tonight.
You know, the one I starred in?
- Oh, aren't you the cocky cunt?
- I'm confident, brutally
honest, and I know my value,
which generally means
people think I'm a bitch.
- So now you're going for
little sisterly bonds,
woman power shit.
- We should be working together
and supporting one another
but that doesn't happen.
Women are the first to talk
shit and play catty games.
Well, I don't play games.
I'm blunt and I'm honest.
Yet, that gets looked down upon.
While you pretend to be nice,
your best acting
performance by the way,
you're the real bitch
behind the scenes.
I mean, how many people
have you killed tonight?
- Oh, I didn't
kill anyone, dear.
It was the slasher.
I'm a victim just like you.
But between us girls, I'm
totally aroused. (chuckles)
- So where is he?
- Darling, it's
your time to shine.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, hi Mason.
(Harper scoffs)
(gentle ominous music)
Now that you've finished
whatever the fuck that was,
why don't you take off your mask
and face me like
a man, you pussy?
(suspenseful music)
(door clicks)
Oh, god.
(Lily laughing)
(knife slashes)
(Harper groaning)
(Harper coughing)
(ominous music)
- Now you're trying to
figure out who it could be.
You've seen a lot of bodies.
Who's left?
Time for the big reveal.
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
- Surprised? (laughing)
I told you I'd do
anything to be a star.
I'm finally going to
be a famous actor.
I'm gonna be on the
cover of, of magazines.
I'm gonna be on
all the talk shows.
You wanna know why?
Because Lily and I are
gonna be the only ones
that survive tonight.
This movie's gonna
get so much press.
I'm gonna become
internationally known.
I'm gonna have paparazzi
coming after me from everywhere
and I'm gonna have
my pick of women.
Yeah, but I only fuck models.
Maybe some actresses that
wanna be in my movie but...
Oh, maybe I'll, I'll fuck
them in my private jet.
I've never been
in a private jet.
This is so exciting.
I've earned this.
I deserve this.
I worked my ass off.
Such a shame you
won't be around to see it.
So, Miss Stuck Up Bitch,
what do you have
to say about that?
(Harper laughs)
- At a thousand dollars a line,
I'd say you owe the
production like...
15 grand.
- Make all the jokes you want.
This plan is foolproof.
Once you're dead, I'm
gonna put this costume
back on the extra
that we hired tonight
and all the murders and the
evidence are right on here.
Told you...
- You must not be a
fan of forensic TV.
- I hate that shit.
- [Harper] And that's why it
didn't dawn on you
that they'd be able to tell
that the first one killed,
was your supposed killer.
(tense dramatic music)
- Is that true?
(scissors thud)
(Jamie screaming)
(body thuds)
- I decided to cut him out.
- Yeah, he sucked.
- Ruined the fucking trailer.
(ominous music)
- You never did answer me.
Why are you doing this?
(flesh tearing)
- I've been in so many
terrible productions
and I never complained.
You know, I, I put my head down.
I did the work.
I paid my dues.
I've earned a break.
It's my time now.
I deserve to be
an A-list actress.
(Harper laughing)
- [Harper] That's it?
(Harper groans)
That big speech.
- The tears in the rain speech
in "Blade Runner"
was only 42 words.
- Yeah, but each
word was perfect.
And you aren't Rutger Hauer.
- Okay.
How's this?
You're right.
The roles have dried up for me.
Throughout my career,
I spent so many nights
alone and crying.
(suspenseful music)
(flesh tearing)
(Lily groaning)
(ominous music)
Some of the pain is physical.
You think you have it hard now,
try being an actress
in my generation.
The things we had to endure.
The leers, the groping.
so much worse.
(Lily groaning)
(flesh tearing)
This industry...
takes a piece of your heart,
with every rejection.
But you handle it.
It's part of the life.
You find a way to keep going.
Sometimes it's like
taking your rapist out
for breakfast in the morning.
(tense ominous music)
(flesh tearing)
(Lily groaning)
You endure.
But you never heal.
It's wounds, always there,
festering reminders
of all the times
that you weren't good enough.
(Lily chuckles)
And I'm one of the blessed ones.
I have a husband,
who's a director
and he owns his own studio.
That's not why I married him.
(Lily groaning)
(Lily groaning)
(flesh tearing)
I married him
because I loved him
and he loved me.
At least he did.
And then he started sleeping
with all the other actresses.
Just became another one of
the people that I loathed.
Was no better than all the
others who mistreated me.
(suspenseful music)
(Lily groaning)
(flesh tearing)
Oh, what could I do?
Divorce him?
(ominous music)
(Lily scoffs)
I'd have nothing then.
I, I'd be right
back where I started
and I will not allow
that to happen.
I've given up too
much of my life.
Too much for this industry.
the roles have dried up,
(Lily scoffs)
but so have the tears.
(Lily groaning)
(flesh tearing)
So now I spill blood.
(Lily sighs)
(scissors clanging)
And why not?
Those in power have enough
blood on their hands.
(dramatic music)
It's my time now.
(dramatic music)
It's my time.
(brooding music)
(rain pattering)
- [Harper] Hey!
(suspenseful music)
(rope rustling)
I work in the same
industry as you.
(Harper groaning)
I'm used to getting
stabbed in the back.
(gun bangs)
(Harper groans)
(dramatic music)
(body thuds)
(Harper coughing)
(Harper gasping)
- You okay?
- She...
- I am now.
(melancholic music)
(ominous music)
(Lily sniffles)
(Lily exhales)
(suspenseful music)
That's a wrap.
(dramatic music)
(electronic music)
Hard to forget where we are
When we're not where we want
And it's took
long enough by now
Hard to forget what we
wanted in the first place
I'm starting to
get frustrated
I'm ready to stop and say
I'm not holding
back this time
I'm ready to stop and say
But we're running
out of time
(woman vocalizing)
(woman vocalizing)
Lying here, you
can have my body
When you're through
you can take my soul
Never felt such a
warmth surround me
And I don't want to go home
Lying here, you
can have my body
When you're through
you can take my soul
Never felt such a
warmth surround me
And I don't want to go home
Blacked out, I feel nothing
Soft lips, falling into sin
Your hips
I feel something
Grab them, pull them
in, and it begins
Blacked out, I feel nothing
Soft lips, falling into sin
Your hips
I feel something
Grab them, pull them
in, and it begins
Lying here, you
can have my body
When you're through
you can take my soul
Never felt such a
warmth surround me
And I don't want to go home
Lying here, you
can have my body
When you're through
you can take my soul
Never felt such a
warmth surround me
And I don't want to go home
I feel you in my bones,
just like the last time
I know it hurts to hear,
but I just I need some time
To figure out just
what I'm trying to say
I know sometimes my
heart deceives me
And it leads me astray
I feel you in my bones,
but it's the last time
I know it hurts to hear,
but we're just out of time
Can't figure out just
what I'm trying to say
I know sometimes my
heart deceives me
But my brain is
yelling run away
(ominous music)