That's Not Me (2017) Movie Script

(upbeat electro
pop music)
(audience applause)
Wow, I feel so
incredibly special.
I don't even know where
to start, if you told me
five years ago I'd be standing
up here, winning an Oscar?
I mean, this is
I genuinely didn't
expect this and I haven't
even prepared anything.
There are so many incredible,
inspiring people that
have contributed to this.
I wanna say a huge thank you
to my parents, Mom and Dad,
you encouraged something
in me that I might not
have discovered
(exhales) Oh, I really
didn't wanna be one of those
people, and I'm sure they're
gonna start playing that
music any second now, so, I
wanna thank the entire cast
and crew, this belongs to
you as much as it does me,
but I'm gonna take
it home. (laughs)
Meryl, you're the
reason I started acting
in the first place.
Cate, our Cate,
what can I say?
But I wanna dedicate this
award to my twin sister, Amy,
who's actually
also an actor.
Ames, I know this industry
can be tough, trust me.
But if you keep at it,
if you keep at it,
aw, fuck.
Excuse me, do you stock that
organic brand of tampons?
I think the packing
is green, or purple...
Yeah, yeah,
we should do.
I'm sorry, but aren't you that
girl from the KFC commercial?
No, sorry.
Yes you are, what
the KFC, dude? (laughs)
That's not the line,
no, it's actually
my twin sister, Amy.
Your twin sister?
Yeah, it's funny, I'm actually
an actor too, but I don't
really do commercials.
I've actually got a callback for
this HBO show with Jared Leto.
I'm kind of running late for
a meeting with my agent.
These ones?
Super, thank you.
You know, you don't have
to pretend that you've
got a twin sister.
I wasn't gonna ask you for
your autograph, or anything.
No seriously,
that's my sister, Amy.
It's just a KFC commercial,
most people wouldn't
even recognize you.
(Scoffs) I'm
not making it up.
I can call her right now.
Okay, go on.
Thanks for your help.
Good news, Polly darling,
your dry spell is over.
Summer Street want you
for a six-week guestie.
You're kidding?
I didn't even
do an audition.
They specifically
asked for you.
Far out.
Did they see me
in The Crucible?
Oh, aren't
you gorgeous?
No, they more or less cast
you from your head shot.
My head shot?
Yeah, so your character is
somewhat albino, you'll be
wearing red contact lenses,
maybe go a bit blonder,
stay out of the sun, is...
I'm sorry, albino?
Albee-no, albino, yes.
It's actually
quite a meaty role.
Don't you think
it's a bit offensive?
To actual
albino people.
How so?
Well, I'm sure there's actual
albino actors out there,
and I'd be taking
work away from them.
You're joking, right?
It's like blacking up.
Blacking up?
Would you rather albinos weren't
represented on TV at all?
You'd be giving
them a voice.
Look, I just don't wanna
be known as that albino
actor when I'm
not an albino.
Don't you think that's a
bit offensive to albinos?
Look, I'm just not comfortable
with it, and Cate Blanchett
never had to white up for
Summer Street, so why should I?
No, she was too busy doing
Tim Tam commercials.
Honestly Polly, I don't
know why I bother with you
sometimes, your sister is
nowhere near this difficult
to deal with.
Well, give it
to her then.
I don't really wanna
do soap operas anyway.
I wanna save myself for that
HBO thing with Jared Leto,
have you heard
about the callback?
I haven't, but I'll
let you know when I do.
I do want the
work, Trish.
I just wanna make sure I'm
making the right choices.
(Hmm) Is this how you're
going to auditions?
What do you mean?
Your hair's all ratty, you're
not wearing any makeup,
and you're dressed
like a grandma.
I am wearing makeup.
You and your Fitzroy friends
might think this vintage
crap is really cool, Polly,
but casting directors
aren't 20-something
Some of them are.
Clean and commercial, Polly,
that's what they want.
Off you pop.
[Woman] Excuse me?
(Hmm) Hello?
You gave us tickets to the
wrong film, we were supposed
to be seeing Fading Spring,
and we were in another film.
Can I see your tickets?
They do say The Fading
Spring in Cinema 2.
But you sent us
in the wrong cinema.
I'm pretty
sure I didn't
At first I thought it was
a trailer, but then it
went on for a
very long time.
Well, what would you like
me to do to fix things?
Well, actually I
quite enjoyed the film.
Me too.
(laughs) I guess we'll just
have to come back and see
A Fading Spring
next week.
You'll get us
back again. (laughs)
Well, how about next
week's on me, ladies?
Oh, thank you.
That's so nice,
thank you, young lady.
You're welcome,
have a nice day.
Did you just give those
two old ducks comps?
They, I sent them
into the wrong cinema.
Jeez, Polly.
[Polly] Sorry.
Comps don't grow
on trees, you know.
They kinda do,
they're made of paper.
Did you clean cinema 2?
Yeah, hey,
can I go now?
You still got
three minutes left.
You serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
Also, I would like to
have a chat to you before
you knock off.
You've been working
here a while, now.
And I thought you
might benefit
from some additional
What kind of
Assistant manager,
full-time, yeah.
Um, yeah, I don't know.
It's a good opportunity,
it's more money.
Who knows, one day you
might even have my job.
(Laughs) God no.
I mean, no, thank you so
much for thinking of me,
but I really shouldn't.
I need to focus all my energy
on my acting career right now.
I really appreciate
the offer, though.
Seriously, I totally
get that this is your job
and this is what you wanna
do, but I just don't see
myself doing this kinda work
for the rest of my life.
And you think I did?
You think this is
my dream come true?
When I was a kid, I wanted to
work with animals, be a vet.
But we don't always get
what we want, Polly.
Life can be
Can I go now?
Can I have a Choc-top?
Jesus Christ.
(upbeat '80s music)
I play to win, I wanna
have it all, I play to win.
I'm gonna reach the stars,
I play to win, I play to win
I play to win...
Fucking hell, Ariel.
Ariel, why do you always
have to be oddjob?
It's the most annoying,
obnoxious thing that you could
do, you know that?
[Ariel] Well,
suck shit Simon.
Hey, hey, hey, what
are you doing tomorrow?
I think I have to work,
why, what's happening?
Well, I was thinking about
going to the station
and choosing a train
at random and...
[Simon] Don't
listen to her, Polly!
And going all the way
to the end of the line,
you wanna come?
I don't know, don't you
wanna go on an adventure?
To Frankston?
Don't you also
have a job?
It's baker's
delight, man.
Who gives a shit?
Baker's delight
probably give a shit.
Oh, come on.
(Humming loudly)
(rolling R's)
(vocal warm ups)
Pa, ka, da, you know you need,
unique, New York, but does
unique, New
York, need you.
Hey Papa.
[Dad] Oh hi sweetie,
did you get the money?
I did, thank you, I'll
pay you back next week
when I get paid.
Oh, only if you
can, there's no rush.
No, I want to, I swear.
How's Mom?
She's good, she
made the short list
for Who Wants to
Be a Millionaire.
But she'll tell you
about that in a minute.
[Polly] That's great.
And, how are you?
[Polly] I'm fine.
Have you spoken
to your sister?
Did she tell you
about Summer Street?
Yeah, I knew
about that.
[Dad] Isn't
it fantastic?
Yeah, I suppose.
[Dad] My daughter, on Summer
Street, with John Davidson
and Dr. Tim.
[Polly] It's just a
guest spot, and she has
to play an albino.
Don't worry, sweetie.
You'll get your turn too.
I'm not worried, Dad.
I wouldn't have taken the
role if they offered it
to me anyway.
[Dad] Don't be silly,
of course you would have.
No, I wouldn't.
I've got that callback for the
HBO show with Jared Leto.
Oh yeah, I've
forgotten about that.
[Mom] What?
I'm just talking to Polly
about her big audition
with Jared Leto.
Well, I doubt
he's gonna be there.
Now, this Summer Street
thing, it's a big deal
for Amy, so you need
to be happy for her.
She's worked so hard.
I work hard too, and
I am happy for her.
(sighs) And anyway,
it's not a competition.
[Dad] I know, sweetie,
I wasn't saying that.
And I know it must be hard,
with her getting big roles.
I've actually gotta go
dad, I've got an important
industry networking
function to get to.
[Dad] Okay, bye.
(upbeat electro
rock music)
Ah, that's my beer.
Um, hello.
Yeah sorry,
that's my beer.
(Speaks German)
Oh, sorry, I
didn't realize.
Where are you from?
I have always
wanted to go there.
Nah, I'm just
fuckin' with you.
Oh, asshole.
[Oliver] Smoke?
Yeah, sure.
So what would I
have seen you in?
Last year I did
two features.
Did you see Diggers,
or The Shearer?
With Russell
Crowe, wow.
No, I don't really
watch Australian films,
but that's amazing,
It's not a big deal.
To be honest, I'd
really like to focus
more on directing
I'm opening a play
next month, actually.
I don't know, if I wanted
to really go for it,
acting-wise, I'd go straight
to LA for pilot season.
Yeah, I know a lot of
actors who've done that.
I've actually been thinking
about doing it, myself.
I mean, I'm sure my agent
could fix up some meetings
for me, and I could
stay with a girlfriend
who lives over there.
Do you know Zoe Cooper?
The chick from that
David Lynch film?
She's a babe.
How do you know her?
Oh, we did some acting
classes together, years ago,
but we stayed in touch, and I'm
sure it'd be fine to crash
with her for a bit.
I fuckin' love Blue
Velvet, it's probably one
of my favorite
films, ever.
What's your all-time
favorite film?
It's gonna sound
really cheesy. (laughs)
Tell me.
It's a Wonderful Life, you
know, with Jimmy Stewart?
Frank Capra, no, that's adorable,
it's a beautiful film.
You have such
beautiful fair skin.
You look really
familiar, too.
Are you sure I wouldn't
have seen you in something?
My twin sister's an actor
too, you might have seen
her in some ads
or something.
Yeah, um...
As in identical?
(Laughs) Yeah.
I mean, when you get to know
us, like our family and
friends can tell the
difference, but yes,
we're identical.
And you're both actors?
So are you guys like, the
Olsen twins, or something?
It's not really
like that.
Although, I did meet John Stamos
in a shopping center once.
(laughs) But yeah, we don't
really hang out that much.
Who, you and
John Stamos?
No, me and Amy.
Oh, right, why?
Just twin stuff.
Hey, did you know
that Scarlett Johansson
has a twin brother?
Yep, Vin Diesel too,
and Kiefer Sutherland.
Yeah, Donald.
Danny DeVito, Arnold
I think that
was just a movie.
Yeah, but it was
based on a true story.
Actually, I have an
amazing twin story.
So, there was this girl I met
in New York, her and her
twin sister were both
ballerinas, and hot
like, hot ballerinas.
So, they both auditioned
for Julliard or some shit,
and get this, out of the
hundreds of applicants,
they both make it
down to the final two.
So their mom tells them not
to do the final audition,
you know, it'll
ruin them.
They both insist they'll be
happy for whoever gets in,
so they do it, and they do all
the routines like tests and
shit, but they
can't separate them.
So finally, it comes down to
them laying flat against the
ground, with their legs
spread out, and checking who
has the least amount of
room between their thighs
and the floor.
And the adjudicator can fit
one pinky finger underneath
one of the twin's thighs,
so they choose
her sister.
One finger,
and she's out.
So the good one goes on to
Julliard and becomes like,
a famous ballerina, and her
sister puts on 25 kilos
and ends up working
as a nurse.
How fucking sad is that?
Yeah, I mean maybe she's
happy though, right?
It'd be a lot of pressure,
being a ballerina.
Yeah, I don't know.
I just thought it was kind
of sad that she got fat.
Everyone has
a twin story.
I didn't mean that's
what'll happen to you and
your sister, like that
she'll get fat, or whatever.
I just think, wait, so you
think I'd be the ballerina?
Sure, why not?
(breathing loudly)
Oh, shit.
I can't, I'm at that
time of the month.
Oh, I see.
No, I really am.
I totally would,
but I can't.
Oh, right.
Do you think,
maybe you could?
Oh, right.
This one's an interview
I did for Film Press,
and here's where I was
on the set of Gatsby,
I did an attachment, Leo
was such a genuine guy.
Oh my God, you met him?
[Oliver] Nah,
not really.
So is this your place?
My mom's, she's out
of town till tomorrow.
Actually, she's coming
home quite early, though,
so it might be kind of best
if you don't stay over.
Yeah, sure.
Just because I recently
broke up with someone,
and hadn't told her, and I
just don't want to get into
that whole explanation
thing, and then have
to introduce you.
It's not a
problem, seriously.
I mean, it's almost
morning, anyway.
Yeah, totally.
Cool party, though.
You got my
number, right?
It's a nice top.
[Man] So, hot
date, John, yeah?
I don't know, I don't think
I'm ready to date again.
You know, Pippa's only
been dead three months.
[Ariel] I have to
say, I do kind of find
John Davidson attractive.
For an old dude.
[Simon] Fuck off.
The man's got charisma,
there's no denying it.
Shut up.
In the meantime, no problem
seeing other people.
Speaking of, oh
gentlemen, look out.
I don't know, Len,
his wife just died.
I don't think he needs another
ghost in his life right now.
Are you waiting
on someone?
Yeah, yeah, just
waiting on a friend.
How do we?
Chantelle, you don't recognize
me from my profile photo?
Oh wow, yeah, yeah, I
didn't realize you're uh.
An albino.
No, no, I just, your
photo's black and white,
so I think I wasn't
quite expecting
An albino.
No, no, I didn't
even notice.
I just.
It's fine, I'm sorry.
(sighs) I shouldn't
have done this.
You just seemed
really nice online.
I should go.
No, no, please, please.
Can I get you a drink?
(cheesy music)
Spread your wings and fly
away to a place we call home
Wow, that was,
that much better than I
thought it was gonna be.
Are you serious?
You would have done
it better, yeah, but,
she was really
pretty good.
Yeah, she wasn't
bad at all,
and I fuckin' hate
Summer Street.
[Simon] You watch
this show all the time.
[Ariel] Um, no
I don't, Simon.
I watch Home and Away.
[Simon] 'Cause there's such
a huge difference between
those two shows.
I'm sorry, you guys
actually thought that
was good television?
I don't know, I mean, I like
that she was willing to
get a bit down and
dirty with her image.
Down and dirty?
Because she
was an albino?
Seriously, how often
do you see albinos on TV?
And a hot one at that, you
know, she wasn't a freak show
or anything like that, that
was really respectful.
You know, Summer Street
have been giving voices to
a lot of minority
groups lately.
Good for them,
good for her.
No, I mean it,
good on her.
I've got a callback for that
HBO show filming in Sydney,
so, it's all
about choices.
Ah, with Jared Leto?
Mhmm. (smack)
My friend has one
too, I think, Dakota.
You remember her,
the Billabong model
with the gigantic
rack, yes.
I didn't know
she was an actor.
[Ariel] She isn't.
[Simon] Well,
neither is Polly.
Oh, fuck off.
The point is, it's just Summer
Street, it doesn't mean shit.
HBO want Amy.
I told you to do
Summer Street, Polly.
These things always
lead to bigger things.
What about my callback?
They didn't do any.
They just saw Amy in
Summer Street and got her
in for a meeting.
I can see why, she has
such an unusual look.
It's difficult to articulate,
but they just said
there's something
about her.
She's just got "it".
That's me.
Regardless, I think
this could open doors
for you too, Polly.
Worked for the
Hemsworth boys.
They're not identical twins,
they're not even twins.
And anyway, I wanna get
there on my own merits,
not ride her coattails.
Well, you should be
thanking her, it's already
working in your favor.
Some feature film in
Adelaide asked to see you.
It's a good script,
it's a leading role.
Oh, okay.
Wow, that is something.
Just remember what
we discussed about
the hair, and this.
Well, thanks for coming
in, in such short notice,
and we'll just get
straight into it, I guess.
This is Corrie, our
This is Evan, our
casting director.
And I'm Nick, I'm
producing this film.
Really lovely
to meet you.
I love the script, it's
beautifully written.
Oh, wow, that's
so lovely.
Thank you.
Great, well, why don't
you start by telling us
a little bit
about yourself?
Yeah, well, I'm 27,
I'm an actor, obviously,
I trained in Sydney, and
I moved back to Melbourne
a couple of years ago.
I've been doing a lot
of independent theater,
short films, workshops.
I'm going to LA for pilot
season, later this year.
Oh, great.
Yeah, that's great.
Yeah, we've been
hearing great things.
Wow, thank you.
[Corrie] So, have you got any
questions about the scene?
No, it seems pretty
[Corrie] Okay.
[Nick] Oh, tell us a little
bit about that HBO show,
can you talk about it?
[Corrie] Oh, yeah, it
must be amazing working
with Jared Leto.
Ah, no, that's
my sister, Amy.
My twin sister, Amy she's
the one filming the HBO
show, I'm Polly,
Polly Cuthbert.
Oh, she has a twin.
I had no idea,
I'm so sorry,
it's completely my fault.
Just a bit of bad
luck, I mean what's?
[Corrie] Well, who's
this one, then?
[Evan] I don't
know who this is.
I can still
start, if you like?
No, that's okay, I mean,
we don't want to waste
your time, so...
Thanks so much for
coming in, Amy's sister.
I'd love to show
you what I can do.
No, no, look it's fine,
see, we're only interested
in your sister at
this stage, so.
I'm a better actor.
She actually failed year 11
drama, I topped the class.
Okay, look, Amy.
Polly, I'm so sorry.
We just don't think that
you're the right actor
for the role.
But we look
exactly the same.
And like I said, I'm
the better actor.
[Nick] Penny,...
Penny, please don't
take this the wrong way,
it's just that
Amy has a profile.
She, a star on the rise.
Yeah, and we really do have a
lot of people to see today.
Although, one less
than we thought we would.
[Evan] I'm so
sorry, Corrie.
[Corrie] That's fine.
Could I just read?
I know I'm perfect
for the role.
Just let her read.
[Nick] Okay.
Thank you, thank
you so much.
You won't regret this.
Are we filming this one?
Ah, sure.
Why don't you, yeah.
And, rolling.
When you're ready.
(blowing raspberry)
(slow rock music riff)
A jug of the
sangria, thanks.
And a nachos.
Steven, I just don't think
you should be getting
the nachos, when you had
those chips before we came.
You can't come to Mexican
restaurant and not have nachos.
Besides, I'm a grown man; if
I want to order the nachos,
I'll order the
damn nachos.
We'll just have the
sangria for now, thanks.
And a cerveza.
Molto bene.
She started it.
Fine, but don't ask me again
if I think you're getting fat.
Guys, seriously.
Where's Amy?
Fashionably late.
Don't you start.
Start what?
You know exactly
what I'm talking about.
Tonight's about Amy and us
celebrating as a family.
I'm very happy for her.
She said she tried to
ring you several times
this week, Pol.
I've just been
really busy.
Anyway, she's just
calling to gloat.
Don't sulk, Polly.
I'm not sulking.
She really looks up to you,
and your support would
really mean a lot to her.
Shouldn't we be
getting bubbles?
Uh, there's actually
Sprite in the sangria.
Does it really matter?
Big occasion?
Yes, our daughter's has been
cast in a television program.
Oh, congratulations.
No, our other daughter.
Yeah, not this one.
We're luck enough to have
two talented actresses
in our family.
Dad, please.
[Waiter] Are you
ready to order?
Ah, we'll need a bit
more time with the menus,
and we're just
waiting on one more.
Slow down on the
sangria, please?
I had one sip.
So, I have some
news too, actually.
I'm going to LA,
for pilot season.
Are you sure
that's a good idea?
I mean, financially.
You know, we're happy to help
you while you're finding
your feet here, Pol, but we
can't afford to bankroll
a trip to LA.
Well, I've got a credit
card, and some savings.
And you're just going to
blow it all on a trip to LA?
It's not just a trip, it's
an investment, for work.
Anyway, it wouldn't even
cost that much, I could
stay with Zoe.
Zoe Cooper, you
know, my actor friend.
She was in that David Lynch
film you didn't understand.
Oh yeah, I didn't
like that film.
Well, anyway, she lives over
there now, so she could
help me get some
meetings and...
Excuse me, we're gonna
need one more setting.
Is she bringing Jared?
Excuse me?
Now sweetie.
I'm sorry, Jared Leto?
They've really
hit it off.
(Laughs) Hit it off?
As in, hit it off,
are you serious?
really nice guy.
When did you meet him?
Yesterday, they came
over for afternoon tea.
He had a play on my guitar,
he's an amazing musician.
You never let me
play on your guitar.
Polly, it's Jared Leto?
He's like an
Oscar winner.
Couldn't really
well say no.
Oh, oh Polly.
Don't do this.
You have a chance to
the bigger person, here.
You're gonna have to
start preparing yourself,
'cause Amy's on the brink
of something big, here.
Yeah, she's 30
seconds to who cares.
Forget it, I can't stay
anyway, I just remembered
I have a date.
No, you don't.
I do actually, with a hot
up-and-coming director.
[Oliver Voice Mail]
Hey, it's Ollie.
If it's about the Dumbwaiter,
shoot me an email.
Otherwise, leave me a
message after the (beep).
(somber music)
Holy fuck, it's the albino
from Summer Street.
[Guy] Oh my god,
she's so white.
Maybe she's
a real albino.
What, albino,
no, it's albee-no.
[Girl] No, it's albino,
it's the same thing anyway.
(soft acoustic music)
[Polly] Vanilla, chocolate,
honeycomb, blueberry,
mint and banana.
[Woman] Sorry, I wasn't
listening, what flavors
have you got?
[Man] Actually, I'll just
have a bottle of water.
Yeah, me too.
Actually, I'll just
have a sip of his.
Four dollars,
ninety, thanks.
Four dollars ninety
for a bottle of water?
Bargain, isn't it?
Next, please.
Oliver, hello.
Or should I say, hallo.
I forgot you
worked here.
Yeah, I'll bet.
What film you seeing?
Just two tickets
to Seven Sundays.
How are ya?
Yeah, good, do you have any
loyalty or concession cards?
Jeez, I mean this
kinda feels like fate.
Is halfway back
on the aisle okay?
Yeah, great.
Actually, I prefer something
more in the center.
I've got three rows from
the front, if you want
to sit in the center.
Is that really close?
It's three rows
from the front.
Oh, okay.
No, I'll go with the
first one you suggested.
It's actually really
great to see you.
It's been ages.
Yeah, months.
Well, look, I'd love to
take you out for a drink
sometime, or
coffee, whatever.
Yeah, maybe.
I'll call you.
Well, what
about tonight?
I knock off around about
when your film gets out.
Um, yeah, I'm kinda
here with someone.
Oh, okay.
I get it.
No, no, my mom.
No, no, my mom.
She's over there.
She's over there.
Oh, right.
Look, yeah, why not?
I'll wait for you
after the film.
Okay, I'll
see you soon.
Hello, can I get
a ticket, please?
What film are you seeing?
Um, the Ryan
Gosling film.
Seven Sundays.
(cheerful rock music)
Well, you really
love your carbs.
So yeah, anyway,
critically-speaking, it was
really well-received.
The Dumbwaiter has just opened
up so many doors for me.
I mean, I have set designers
coming up to me now,
I don't have to beg
them to work for free.
It's great that
you can pay people.
No, they still work for
free, I just don't have to
feel guilty about it.
Oh, that's great
too, I think.
You should have come.
I've actually been going
through a bit of a tough time.
But yeah, actors too, I
have a stack of head shots
actors gave me, on
opening night.
People actually
do that?
I feel like I have
free reign to do whatever
I really want now.
I've been reading a lot of
old obscure French plays,
I'm thinking about translating
them into English,
but putting them into
a modern context.
I really wanna shake things up
and do something different.
I forgot how
pale you are.
Yeah, like I said in the
cinema, it just feels like
fate, running into you.
Yeah, you kinda dropped off
the face of the planet.
Yeah, I was going through
a strange state of flux.
You know, I had just broken
up with my ex, and then we
ended up getting
back together.
Oh, and now?
Nah, we broke up again.
You coulda just
let me know.
Yeah, I just didn't
wanna get into that ugly
And to be honest, I mean,
if you'd gone quiet on me,
I would've got
the message.
So you work at
the cinema?
Do you get free tickets?
Yep, and
half-price popcorn.
Hey, what's your
all-time favorite movie?
Frank Capra's It's
a Wonderful Life.
Oh, that's a bit corny.
I thought you said...
So I hear your sister's
doing really well.
Yep, that seems to be
the general consensus.
I read about Amy being
cast in that HBO series,
and I thought, what a
coincidence, reading about her,
and seeing you now.
It's funny because I'm directing
this film later in the
year, and I have this
script that I'd really love
her to read.
And I was kinda wondering
if maybe I might be able to
grab her email
address off you.
I mean, I can always go
through her agent, I just
thought this might be
a bit more personal.
It must be kinda weird for
you, now that she's famous.
Not really, it's fine.
I'm happy for her.
It reminds me of these
twins I met in New York,
so they were both ballerinas,
and like, hot, like
hot ballerinas.
Yeah, you told me this
story, one ends up a famous
ballerina, and the other
one ends up a fat nurse.
Oh yeah, it's
kind of sad, eh?
That she's fat, or
that she's a nurse?
Well, she might
be really happy.
You don't know.
It's more than
you're doing.
Excuse me?
She's a nurse,
she's saving lives.
What are you doing
that's so great?
I'm adapting Camus
for the arts festival,
what the fuck
are you doing?
[Patricia] Polly darling, I'm
gonna have to let you go. (puffs)
I'm sorry, dear,
you're confusing people.
But I'm the good one.
Oh, there is no good
one, but if there was,
it would be Amy.
She's the one
getting all the work.
Frankly, there's no point having
both of you on the books,
you can't offer me
anything different.
I could dye my hair,
I'll do commercials.
I have to look out for
Amy's brand now, dear.
That audition was embarrassing
for everyone concerned.
They wanted Amy, and instead
they got "the other one".
That's what they actually
called you in the feedback,
"the other one".
But I read really well.
And I thought you said the
sibling thing could work to
my advantage, like for
the Hemsworth brothers.
Not when you're identical,
the only angle would be to
market you as twins.
Like the Olsens.
I don't wanna be just
one-half of something.
Well, I'm sorry, dear, I'm
not sure you're even that.
(somber music)
But keep in touch.
Hey Ariel, it's me.
Wanna go to Frankston?
(indiscernable chatting)
(upbeat electro
rock music)
So Patricia dropped me.
I didn't know you
were seeing someone.
Dude, she's my agent.
Oh yeah, that's right.
I'm not even gay.
I know, I knew that.
What the fuck does
Trish know, anyway?
The most she ever did was
model for Target catalogues.
Yeah, fuck Trish.
You think I'm
talented, don't you?
Um, I don't think I've actually
ever seen you in anything.
Yeah you have, surely.
Well what was the
last thing you did?
I did The Crucible last year,
in that condemned warehouse.
Ah, I was in
New Zealand.
I did a couple of student
films the year before.
How would I
have seen them?
Oh, what about my one-woman
show of 12 Angry Men?
It was at Fringe in 2011?
I was nominated
for best newcomer.
Dude, we didn't even know
each other back then.
Is that all
you've done?
Next please.
What film are you seeing?
The girl with the
tatface, obviously.
There's more than one
film screening, sir.
Hey, aren't you that
chick from Summer Street
who's dating Jared Leto?
Yes, I work casual shifts in
a cinema to stay grounded.
[Woman] Really?
There's no sound
in cinema three.
Okay, I'll let
projection know.
You can go back to the
cinema, it'll be fixed
in just one moment.
Aspect ratio's
wrong too.
Um, what the fuck?
Show me that.
No, hey don't
fuckin' touch me.
Is everything
okay here?
She's trying to
steal my phone.
[Rude Woman] She's
a total psycho.
Polly, what's going on?
This guy's
being a cunt.
There's no sound
in cinema three.
[Guy] Aspect ratio.
And the aspect ratio's
apparently wrong.
Thanks Pete.
I'll take over.
Thank you.
So, um, two
tickets, was it?
Tatface, yes.
I'm sorry, Pol.
You can't speak to
customers like that,
I've got no choice.
It was an invasion
of my privacy.
What am I
supposed to do?
You didn't have
to give them comps.
Can't you just
give me a warning?
Look, there's no way
that cunt isn't gonna go
and complain to
head office.
If I don't fire you now,
it's my ass on the line too.
I'm sorry.
Take a Choc-top.
Are you
fucking serious?
Like that's gonna
make things better.
I don't know, it might.
Alright, take three.
See ya, Pol.
Doesn't it freak you out
when you look at the moon?
I mean, to think of it
as something spherical,
it's there, you know, it's
actually there, it's not
something that's
on a 2-D sky.
Apparently, it's
more lemon-shaped.
You know what I mean.
I don't even have
a fucking job now.
Better than working
at Baker's Delight.
Hey, I live off
that free bread.
Yeah, and it does
make for good kindling.
I should just
go, to LA.
I should just
fucking do it.
Totally, I'll
come with you.
[Polly] Really?
No, but you
should totally go.
Well, maybe I will.
Yeah, fuck it.
Yeah, I'm gonna do it.
Aw, but I'll miss you guys,
and I don't wanna leave
you in the lurch
with the house.
Babe, no, fuck it,
you should totally go.
Okay, we can
fill your room.
[Ariel] Easy.
Is anyone else feeling
like this is totally
the right decision
right now?
Oh my god, we should just
book your tickets right
now, so you
can't back out.
Yeah, fuck it.
Let's do it.
I'm going to Hollywood.
[Polly] Where's my
credit card?
(rock music loudens)
[Ariel] Yes!
Yeah! (laughs loudly)
(music stops abruptly)
You seriously did that?
You told me to.
Polly, I had taken a
lot of MDMA last night.
Thanks for sharing, man.
I was in a
really open place.
You should have not have
been taking advice from me.
Oh my God, what
the fuck have I done?
Calm down.
When do you leave?
That's really soon.
You'll have fun.
(cheerful instrumental
rock music)
The sun's in my mind, and
I'm falling out of si...
(music stops abruptly)
So, you're an actor
here on business?
I'm here for
pilot season?
This does not
look promising.
Oh my God, oh my God,
please don't send me home.
Do you have any paid work
here in the United States?
No, none.
Any auditions?
Any meetings?
Casting directors,
producers, directors?
Do you have representation
here in the United States?
Do you have an agent
or manager in Australia?
Not at the moment.
Do you have any idea
what you're doing?
No, not really.
Pilot season
was months ago.
This is a tough town.
And there are many people
out there, looking to take
advantage of someone
like yourself.
Trust me, I used
to be an actor.
Were you in an episode
of Sex and the City?
You can stay in the United
States up to 90 days.
I can?
Yeah, you're not an
actor, you're a tourist.
(cheerful soft
rock music)
Zoe, hey.
[Zoe] Hi.
I'm so sorry I was late, I
got held up at customs,
for like, an hour.
Oh, what happened?
Nothing, just a mix-up.
Oh, that's not good.
Yeah, come in.
(excited gasp)
Oh, hey, you must
be exhausted.
And that way.
Great place.
Yeah, it's my
little haven,
away from all
the madness.
That you so much for having
me stay at such short notice.
Yeah, it's no problem.
It's really good to see
you, it's been like, years.
Hey, how's your dad?
He's good.
That's really great, 'cause
I remember you missed
a few of classes 'cause
he was really sick.
No, that was Stephanie, remember
the musical theater girl?
oh, right.
Yeah, actually,
I think he died.
Jesus, that's awful.
Is my bag okay here, or?
Yeah, yeah, make
yourself at home.
I thought you
could sleep here.
Help yourself to
anything in the kitchen,
although I think I've
run out of a few things.
Maybe you could pick them
up for me from the shops,
it's just I've got this studio
meeting I've gotta go to
in a minute.
Yeah, of course.
Thanks, these ones are
specialty items, so I'll mark
the stores you
need to go to.
You might have to catch
a cab for this one,
or I could drop you there
on the way to my meeting.
Actually, you
should come.
To your meeting?
Yeah, why not?
It'd be good for you to
see you know, like what
happens behind the
scenes in Hollywood.
Are you interested
in that?
Fuck yeah!
I mean, um, fuck,
Terrific, let's go.
You can carry my bag.
Yep, sure.
Let's go.
Stay close,
follow my lead.
[Receptionist] Hi.
I've got a
message to pass on.
[Receptionist] Okay.
What the fuck!
You can tell the studio,
if it's guts they want,
Zoe Cooper has all
the chum you need.
Remember this face.
Come on, Polly.
Okay, listen.
So they're doing an all-female
remake of Jaws, right?
So I asked my agent to hook
me up with an audition
for the part of Brody,
but apparently the studio
didn't think I
was gritty enough.
So, I just gave them
a deskful of gritty.
People in Hollywood
love this shit.
Man, it's a great story.
Like the other day, I was
reading about how Sean Young
got the role of Catwoman,
just by showing up at the
studio, dressed
as Catwoman.
I don't think Sean Young
ever played Catwoman?
I don't think so.
(Hmm) Well, let's just
see how this plays out.
Anyway, I gotta
go see my agent.
You should probably go
do my shopping, ey?
Yeah, cool.
I'll drop you off.
(cheerful electro
pop music)
Do you want a top up?
No, thanks, I'm
still on my first.
So my agent wasn't too
happy about the whole
fish guts thing.
She's pretty angry.
I was doing some reading, on
the whole Sean Young thing,
that did not turn
out well for her.
I just want one
good role, you know?
I'm sick of playing
fucking pretty girl.
But dude,
you've made it.
Let me tell you about "making
it", Polly, the best
role I've been offered in the
past year was as a hooker
on True Detective, and they
gave it to a porn star instead.
Yeah, but like, you were
like, dating that guy
from OC, and you've been on
like, the cover of Cosmo
and shit, that's
pretty cool.
That's what you
care about?
Well, no.
But like, why do
you do it, then?
Because I love acting.
I want good roles.
I wanna work.
Yeah, totally.
(inspirational music)
Why do you do it?
Well, for me, it's just,
it's all I've ever wanted
to be, since I was a kid.
Who cares?
That's not a reason,
give me a better one.
You're an adult
now, Polly,
not a fuckin' child.
Every kid wants to be a movie
star, because every kid
gets told by their parents,
they can do whatever they want.
So, why do you now
wanna be an actor?
I mean, do you
even enjoy acting?
[Polly] I'm so sorry,
this is so embarrassing.
Oh no, shh, just
get it all out.
[Polly] The customs
guy from Sex and the City
was right. (cries)
I'm a fraud.
No wonder Amy's
beating me.
Everybody just loves Amy.
You like me, don't you?
Hey look, maybe you just
need to go home for a bit,
you know, do you your
homework, get a bit of a,
bit of a profile?
Maybe do Summer Street
or something, they love
that shit here.
[Mom on Phone] Hello?
[Mom on Phone] Polly, oh,
it's very late to be calling.
Oh, I forgot
about the time.
[Mom on Phone]
Is everything okay?
I kind of need some
money to get home?
[Mom on Phone] Home?
Where are you?
At Zoe's?
[Mom On Phone]
Where's that?
We can come and
pick you up.
In Los Angeles?
[Mom On Phone] Los Angeles,
what are you doing there?
I thought we
discussed this.
I don't know.
[Mom on Phone] Well, I think
you should come home.
Yeah, me too.
[Mom on Phone] Alright, well
stay there, I'll call you
back, oh dear, I have to wake
your father, he's not going
to be happy about that.
But I think we should
be able to transfer
some money, alright?
Thanks Mom.
[Mom on Phone]
Bye darl'.
(soft alternative music)
No sweeter word's been
sung, and I'll see you there
At one by the river,
at the bend
Something sparkles
in your eye,
There's something in
your smile, when yousay
We're just friends
And I know I'm here
too early,
I know there are all those
girly things we've got to do
The sky's bright and clear,
the bank is getting busy
I'll wait here for you
Someone else's
friends are on the bank
Someone else's friends
have met in the right spot
Maybe the right spot
was somewhere else, but
So, how was LA?
Um, productive.
I had a really interesting
meeting at a big studio, yeah.
It's just good to get seen by
the right people, I suppose.
Wow, you weren't even
gone for that long.
Yeah, well my agent, ah,
potential agent over there,
thinks that I need to be coming
off the back of something,
she said it'd be easier if
I had more of a profile.
So, I'm just back for a bit
to land a couple of a gigs,
and then I'll go back.
[Ariel] (Laughs) Wow,
that's so good, Polly.
Yeah, but I'm
wrecked, can we go home?
Oh, we, we
filled your room.
Sorry, we just thought?
I was gone for
less than a week?
All my stuff is
still there.
Well, it's in
the garage, now.
Actually, I need to
talk to you about that.
You need to come and get
your stuff, because I think
the roof is leaking, so you
know, the sooner the better.
Can't you just crash
with your parents?
Yeah, totally.
I mean, I won't even be back
for that long, I guess.
[Ariel] Yeah.
Excuse me?
Can I grab the bill?
Do you have any money?
I only have
American money.
[Cafe Manager]
It's on the house.
For you Amy, anything.
Now look, what would be really
good, if you don't mind,
could you maybe like,
check-in here, or maybe tweet
something about the
place, if that's okay?
I'm not actually...
Oh, she will,
Oh, thank you so much.
I don't really tweet.
Can I grab an
eclair as well?
I don't even
have an account.
(laughs) Stop being
so goddamn funny, Amy.
She has tens of
thousands of followers.
So cool, Amy, sure
you don't want anything?
Another flat white,
I guess, to go?
[Cafe Manager] Yep.
And a lamington.
Absolutely, it's
my pleasure, big fan.
Oh, me too.
(funky pop music)
I think it's perfect, it's
definitely formal enough
for an awards ceremony.
Not many women could pull
this off, but with your
complexion, Amy, you
just look stunning.
Suppose I could see
Cate Blanchett wearing
something like this.
What do you think, Amy?
This was how much?
Oh no, Amy, just make sure you
credit us on the red carpet.
Tonight, we go out, we get
a shit-ton of free drinks.
'Scuse me, can I
have your autograph?
Oh, I'm actually not...
Um, of course you can.
Do you want a photo too?
Come on, you want a
photo, don't ya?
Let's go for it.
Say cheese!
She's gonna be a famous
actor, just like you, Amy.
You've really
made her day.
Ooh, dancin', dancin'
Ooh, dancin', dancin'
[Mom] Oh,
you're all fancy.
Big night planned?
What time'll
you be home?
I don't know.
Just a rough time?
You don't have
to wait up, dad.
I know, I know, but it's
good to have an estimate
and then we won't worry.
Not a hotel, you know.
I'm not a child.
Do you need
money for a taxi?
Yes please.
(cocktail shaker)
[Bartender] Fries.
Brilliant, thank you.
[Bartender] With the wine,
that comes to $21.50.
Right, I can just
check-in, if you like?
[Bartender] Sorry?
You know, I can tweet
to my tens of thousands
of followers
that I'm here?
I'm from Summer
Street, on TV.
I don't care if you're
Angelina fucking Jolie.
You need to pay for
your chips and wine.
Of course, of
course, I know.
I wasn't, I was just, you can't
blame me for trying, right?
[Ariel on Phone] Yeah.
Dude, where the
fuck are you?
[Ariel on Phone] What?
I'm at the bar,
where are you?
[Ariel on Phone] Uh,
I'm at a staff meeting.
I play to win.
No you're not, you're at
home, playing video games.
[Simon on Phone]
Oh, is that Polly?
Ask her what
she's wearing.
Simon says, what
are you wearing?
I'm wearing the free
dress, you fuckhead.
I thought that was
the whole plan.
I get free clothes, and we
dress up and go out drinking.
[Ariel on Phone] Oh yeah,
I forgot, I'm sorry.
[Simon on Phone] Tell her
that she's gotta come get
the rest of her stuff.
Um yeah, you gotta come pick
up the rest of your shit.
There's like this
huge poster of cutouts
from TV Week
or something.
Fuck, my vision board.
Your what?
Nothing, it's private.
Did you just
say vision board?
(laughs) Vision board.
Tell her I'm
gonna burn it.
Simon says, (laughs)
Simon says, Simon says,
burn your vision board.
[Simon on Phone] Simon says,
pull your pants down.
[Ariel on
Phone] Simon...
Look, Amy, I don't wanna be a
fuckin' stalker, but would
it kill you to answer
one of my phone calls?
I'm not actually...
Save it...
Hey, can we get
a photo with you?
Yeah, of course.
Hey, how are ya?
Thanks so much, Jack.
That schoolies movie is
like my favorite, ever.
That scene where you
take your shirt off?
Oh, well it's always nice to
meet fans, cheers, thanks,
thank you, cheers.
I don't get you, I mean one
minute we're hanging out,
we're going to the movies,
we're playing Scrabble until
three in the morning,
the next thing I know,
you're fucking Jared Leto.
I mean, come on.
I'm not actually...
Bullshit, it's
fuckin' everywhere.
I just can't stop
thinking about you.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't (mumbles).
(loud breathing)
Oh, Amy, oh, Amy.
Oh wow, Amy.
Amy. (groans)
Can I ask you something?
Can I ask
you something?
It's gonna sound weird,
but why do you wanna
be an actor?
It's easy, it's all I ever
wanted to do, since I was
a little boy.
Who cares?
Excuse me?
I mean, really?
Well no, actually.
I wanted to work
in Milk Bar.
Yeah, I wanted to live
where I worked, I put it
on a school project, but Mom
made me change it to actor,
because I'd just been a
tree in a school play.
Me too, except I wanted
to be a checkout chick.
I thought you got to keep
the money in the till.
Man, our parents have
a lot to answer for.
What do you mean?
Follow your dreams, you
can be anything you want.
Oh yeah, what
a bunch of dicks.
Hey, I'm just not so sure
it's such a good thing.
Well, they only wanted
us to be happy, dude.
Yeah, but it only sets
us up for disappointment.
I mean, not everyone
can be a Oscar-winner.
Well, maybe not but...
I mean, if you even think about
like, changing directions,
or trying something else,
it's like you failed.
I don't know, I guess
that's why we have to be so
thankful for getting to
do what it is that we do.
What, unemployment?
It's okay to be proud
of your success, Amy.
(somber music)
Yeah, I was um, I was thinking
about my older sister.
She just had to move home with
my parents, she lost her job.
That's no good. I didn't
know you had a sister.
Yeah, you never really
talked about your family.
I didn't?
It's a difficult
I forgot how
pretty you are.
I've really missed you.
I missed you too.
So what about
Jared Leto?
Fuck Jared Leto.
(upbeat rock music)
You okay?
This place is really cool,
I never get hassled.
But I suppose you're in
a different league, now.
Not really.
[Oliver] Jack!
Ollie, hey,
how are you?
Yeah, good.
Oliver, this is...
No, Amy.
Yes, Amy.
Nice to meet you.
Amy, this is Oliver
Brook, he's an actor too.
More of a director
now, really.
Oh, yeah, right, sorry.
Oliver's getting a lot of
theater work as a director.
Film, I'm transitioning
to film now.
Right, cool.
Have you guys
met before?
No, absolutely not.
No, I haven't met Amy, but I
did meet your sister, Polly.
Maybe she mentioned me.
We were seeing each
other there, for a while.
No, didn't mention it.
I wanted to cast you in
something, did she mention that?
Is this your
older sister?
Twin sister, actually.
Her and I once had a long
conversation about twins.
I think Polly's a little
bit jealous of you.
No she's not.
I had no idea
you had a twin.
We don't really
talk much.
We kind of fell out.
I heard.
Actually, I have a very funny
story about your sister.
It must be quite difficult
for her, being your twin.
It is, I think...
So this story, right...
That's alright, I don't
really wanna hear it.
Nah, I think you
do, it's a good one.
Bit PG-rated.
No really, it's fine.
No, go on.
Okay, so get this,
your sister actually gave
me her first blow job.
[Jack] Whoa.
No she didn't.
Dude, come on.
She totally
did, is that bad?
Yes, it's disgusting
you would talk about
someone like that.
Hey, I just thought
you'd find it funny.
Yeah, well, I lied.
She did mention you.
She said you're a
narcissistic cunt who saves
his own press clippings.
Hey, my mom does
that, not me.
So does mine, actually.
You don't like, show them
to your dates, though.
Well, that is a
little bit weird.
Yeah, well,
she was frigid.
She said your
dick stinks.
Your sister's a bitch.
And so are you.
I think you should
go now, Ollie.
[Oliver] What?
Seriously, fuck off.
(crockery clinking)
This is bullshit!
(Laughs) Your
sister's right, Amy.
The dude is a fuckwit,
everybody knows it.
I've never liked him.
I wouldn't
worry about it.
I'm so sorry, I
just feel awful.
I mean, you're
such a nice guy.
Hey, hey, it's
okay, it's all good.
So, a twin sister, huh?
She sounds pretty funny.
I'd really love to
meet her, sometime.
I don't think she
wants to talk to me.
Well, maybe you should reach
out, be the bigger person.
It's just.
Are you calling me?
Hello, Amy.
Can I call you back?
I can explain.
Morning, Polly.
Why did you buy this?
Oh, we save all
of your clippings.
Your father has a little scrapbook
he keeps for each of you.
Yes, he's been doing
it since you were kids.
Polly, what did you
think would happen?
I thought we'd get
married and have babies.
What do you
reckon, Mom?
Well, I think you probably
weren't thinking at all.
So, who's scrapbook
does this go into?
Well, ooh, well
that's a good point.
I don't know.
I might have to get your
father a second copy.
instrumental music)
[Dad] Hey Polly.
Hey Dad.
It's okay, Dad.
I don't need to
play your guitar.
Huh, oh no, Amy and
Jared are coming over.
(doorbell ringing)
That's them now.
Language. Come on,
you've got to apologize
to your sister.
Like this?
She won't care
what you're wearing.
What about Jared Leto?
Well, you can
apologize to him too.
Come on, chop chop.
(slam of photo album)
Shame Jared
couldn't make it.
Looking forward
to another jam.
You think he'll be back in
Australia anytime soon?
I think I've finally worked
out how to play Layla.
He's gone, Dad.
Can I please
be excused?
No, we haven't
finished yet, Pol.
[Amy] Can I
talk to you?
I guess.
Look, Amy, I know what you're
gonna say, and I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean to...
Polly, it's
not about Jack.
I actually really
need your help.
I know this is gonna sound
crazy, but I don't wanna
do this anymore.
I don't wanna
be an actor.
I'm just kind of over it,
I mean, this thing with
Jared was kind of
the final straw.
I'm really not dealing with
all of this attention.
Oh my God, Amy, I'm
so sorry, I really am,
but please don't give
up just because of me.
I mean, you're Amy Cuthbert,
you're a huge star now.
what if you were
Amy Cuthbert instead?
No, listen.
I've just been cast in this
huge Sofia Coppola film
shooting in LA, and I'm
absolutely terrified.
I'm in way out
of my depth.
But you could do it,
you love Sofia Coppola.
I know you could do it, you've
always been the talented one.
Amy, this is nuts.
Just think about it.
But if we did do it, I
think we'd have to do it
soon, before
anyone finds out.
I mean, we could swap
clothes, right now.
Seriously, we could
leave this room,
and be completely
different people.
(peaceful electro music)
You could do the acting
thing, and I could just
have some time out.
Even Mom and Dad
wouldn't have to know.
Think about it.
This time next week, you'd be
on set, with Sofia Coppola.
Oh, I just can't do it,
please Polly, please help me.
I don't know, I
don't know, alright.
Just let me think.
Maybe we could
just try it?
Just for a bit.
Oh, yes,
you're the best.
Thank you.
Let's just do it now.
Let's just swap
clothes now.
I can't fucking
believe it.
Really, Polly?
Ah, dude.
I just wanted to make
you suffer for a bit
for fucking things
up with Jared.
Did you seriously
think this would work?
That Mom and Dad
can't tell us apart?
I don't know, I thought
we could just try it out,
just for a bit,
see if it worked.
I was worried I was maybe
taking things too far,
but the fact that you
were willing to go there,
that is really fucked up.
It was coming from a place
of love, I was trying
to help you.
You're horrible.
So are you.
Right, so all of
this was bullshit?
[Amy] Yep.
Wow, you're a
really good actor.
Well, except the stuff about
the Sofia Coppola film,
that's true.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
[Amy] What?
I'm the Sofia
Coppola fan,
I showed you
Lost in Translation.
Thanks for
your support.
No, I just
meant that like...
Look, Polly, you can
take this, or leave it,
but you haven't been there
for me for a long time.
My whole world has changed
this year, and you missed
all of it.
And it's not like you're not
kicking goals, Mom and Dad
told me you're
moving to LA.
When were you gonna
shove that in my face?
I'm not moving to LA.
They said you were.
I'm not.
I spent like, two days
there, and I made a huge
dick of myself.
I had no idea
what I was doing.
I almost got deported,
and then I threw up all
over Zoe Cooper's floor.
And now everywhere I go,
people think I'm you.
I don't have an
agent, or a job.
I'm the nurse.
[Amy] What?
I'm the fat nurse.
Look, I don't know what
that means, but don't
be so hard on yourself.
I mean, you're
really talented.
And anyway, what
would you do instead?
I don't know.
Well, if you ever do wanna
pretend to be me in future,
just ask me first, okay?
There are tons of events and
things I hate going to.
You're welcome to them,
and the free shit that
comes with it.
It's fine, it wasn't
that much fun anyway.
So, how are you?
(cries) It's been
a really hard year.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Dad, can I
have this photo?
Haven't seen
that for a while.
You'd have to take
extra-special care of it.
I will, God.
[Dad] What do
you want it for?
I don't know,
I just like it.
I mean, it's nice.
People had such different
priorities back then.
Look, our house and our car, and
Pop thought he'd "made it".
Well, he had made it,
that's what it was all
about back then.
You know, he died probably
about five years after
that was taken.
That's sad.
[Dad] It was.
Hope I can make
it before I die.
Well, keep at it,
maybe one day you'll
be a famous movie star.
No, I mean I hope I
can make it like Pop.
With family, a
house and a car.
You know, and just
be happy with that.
Hmm, well the real-estate
market's pretty tough nowadays,
Polly, so just
be realistic.
Especially with your
financial situation.
So you're fine with
me wanting to be famous,
but heaven forbid I think
about buying property?
No, I just don't want
you to be disappointed.
Thanks Dad.
That's okay, kiddo.
(upbeat electro
rock music)
Hey Ariel, it's me.
You know we're
coming for the kingdom
Walkin' on a
razor's edge
Buyin' up all promises,
cause the fires are comin'
And there's a light
in the distance baby
There are the
winds of change
There are a billion voices
burning up on broken wings
I play to win, I
wanna have it all,
I play to win, I
wanna reach the stars
I play to win,
I play to win
I play to win, oh, oh,
(saxophone solo)
Can't be caught
in the kingdom
We are not meant
for this, they say
We reach up and
we stare at the sky
And think, one day
it's all gonna be mine
Are we all, all forgotten,
are we all, somebody else's
Are we all, all embers,
unto the world's longing fire
I play to win, I
wanna have it all
I play to win, I
wanna reach the stars
I play to win, I play
to win, I play to win,
Oh, oh, oh
So we're caught
in the kingdom,
Running on the
razor's edge
Burnin' up
these promises
'Cause the
fires are comin'
I play to win, I
wanna have it all,
I play to win, I
wanna reach the stars,
I play to win, I play to win,
I play to win, oh, oh, oh,
I play to win, I
wanna have it all,
I play to win, I
wanna reach the stars,
I play to win, I play to
win, I play to win, oh, oh, oh
(cheerful electro
pop music)