The 12th Man (2017) Movie Script

This is London.
On days like these,
many in Norway may wonder
what the mood must be like
in England.
Are our nerves holding up,
or are we becoming discouraged?
Allow me to reply
with full conviction:
Our nerves are fine!
Our morale is far from weakened.
It is becoming stronger
with every passing day.
Sigurd, come here!
On your knees!
Get down on your knees!
They haven't seen you yet.
Make sure this wasn't all in vain.
I'll only ask you once,
and I advise you to answer:
What is your mission?
What is that?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
Hey, there's a man over there!
He's getting away!
After him! Hurry!
Come on!
Over there.
He's gone.
Over there!
The water can't be more
than zero degrees.
He won't last long.
It's actually colder
than zero degrees, Colonel.
How so?
Because it's saltwater.
Can you... help me?
I'm not dangerous.
I just need to get warm.
Then I'll leave.
If they come here,
tell them I forced you.
That I threatened to kill you.
They're looking for someone
on Rebbenesy.
But the girls picked you up
on Vrya.
So you swam
from Rebbenesy to Vrya?
What happened to you?
I got shot.
It's okay.
I hardly feel anything.
Because you're frozen stiff.
Let me get you
some dry clothes and boots.
And wool underwear.
And socks.
No, he's my son!
What's the quickest way
to Troms?
He's Norwegian.
It's getting hard
to keep our spirits up.
Come here!
We have this gentleman
to thank.
What's your name?
- Srensen.
- Srensen?
This is good.
Situation descriptions.
But part of it appears illegible.
"Festung Norwegen."
Not much "Norwegen" left.
- Eleven?
- Yes.
There are supposed to be twelve.
Where is the twelfth man?
The twelfth man?
We chased him into the fjord.
He never resurfaced.
I see.
And where is his body?
Like I said,
he never resurfaced.
How long did you wait?
The water was below freezing.
And the ocean there,
you know...
It is deep and wide.
And he was injured.
He was bleeding.
And still you failed to catch him?
Why are you here,
What are your ambitions?
Have you seen this?
Ambition is rewarded.
In my entire career
I have never lost anyone.
Search every house in the area.
Focus on people
with medical knowledge.
Herr Sturmbannfhrer.
I cannot emphasize it enough.
The man is dead.
And I'm telling you,
until we find his body,
he's alive.
No one's ever swum that strait,
even in summertime.
- Troms is swarming with Germans.
- I still have to go there.
You trying to save the others?
The ones you came with?
Yes. And some
who haven't been caught yet.
Are we close?
We're almost there.
What will happen to us?
- They'll only send us to a camp, right?
- Don't worry about it.
It's impossible
not to worry about...
Shut up!
That doesn't help.
It's okay to be afraid.
And now
it's your turn.
No! He hasn't done anything!
Leave the boy alone!
Right over there.
Thank you.
All for Norway.
All for Norway.
You startled me!
- I heard your husband could...
- No, he isn't here now.
Wait, let me look
at that foot of yours.
That's the best I can do.
You need a doctor.
I have more urgent matters.
If you get gangrene,
nothing is more urgent.
If you see it turning red here,
get to a hospital.
Or you won't have many days left.
Where are you headed?
I have to get to Troms.
I thought I'd cross over here.
No, don't go that way.
Go to the Hansens at Karanes.
I delivered Margareth, their daughter.
They're good people.
She's a midwife.
We're looking for a runaway soldier.
Have you seen him?
I've seen nothing.
Our apologies, ma'am.
Let's continue northward.
Thank you for your help.
- The briefcase?
- It's been helpful.
Operation Martin Red
was to strike
the control tower and seaplanes.
- Any news on the twelfth man?
- No.
But we found the names
of two local contacts here in Troms.
Bring them in.
- Any news?
- Be patient.
I'm trying something new here.
You're supposed to feel the pain.
What a waste of time!
But nobody's asking me,
of course.
Tell me where he is.
Do I really need to remind you
that Heinrich Himmler,
Reichsfhrer of the SS,
is expecting a report from us?
Herr Wenders, a man can easily survive
twenty minutes in ice water.
He may experience hypothermia.
But his heart will be beating.
He will be able to move.
His brain will still function.
And that means
the twelfth man is not dead.
Security Police!
Open up!
Come with me.
Don't try to resist.
Come on!
He's too frail.
Get me another.
Get in!
Keep going.
Keep going!
I need someone stronger.
Damn it!
Who the hell are you?
Margareth, go inside.
- Don't shoot.
- Who are you?
Is this Karanes?
The Germans claimed victory.
Said they caught all twelve.
- There were twelve of you, right?
- Yes.
I'm not stupid.
I heard the rumors.
Something didn't make sense.
So I asked them:
If you caught all of them,
why are you still searching?
Now I know why.
- Did they mention the others?
- No.
I just heard they were caught.
Most were imprisoned.
A few are in the hospital.
Ragnhild helps out there sometimes.
She knows some of the nurses.
I'll fill you in later.
Are you a soldier?
No, not really.
I'm an instrument maker.
Do you make pianos?
No, I make instruments
that you can use to draw maps.
So I draw maps.
And once I rode my bike
from Sweden to Norway.
To draw a map of an airport.
But when I returned to Sweden,
a policeman said I was
no longer allowed to draw maps.
So I had to leave Sweden.
Then I went to Russia,
the Ukraine, Turkey,
India, Kenya,
and South Africa.
And then...
...I took a boat over to Brazil.
And went up to Trinidad,
the United States,
and Canada.
And then I took another boat.
To England.
And finally I came to Shetland.
Where I met my friends.
And then I came here.
Why didn't you go to Australia?
You sure know your geography.
A bookworm.
She loves geography.
Farm work, not so much.
Are you ready to go?
Tell me what you know.
All I know is what I heard
at the hospital.
Which is?
There have been mass arrests.
The Germans
found your secret documents.
And the men I came over with?
I heard about one man
called Sigurd.
They say he was tortured
to death.
But another one, Erik Reichelt,
is still alive.
He's in the hospital.
And the others?
They're being executed.
Here you go.
This is my entire life.
I'm going to take good care of this.
What are you looking at?
Have the Germans stolen
our northern lights?
No, that's not possible.
My mother used to say
if you can see the northern lights,
you're never far from home.
If you like the northern lights,
you can hide here with us.
We have lots of northern lights
and lots of good hiding places.
My God!
What have they done to you?
I didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything!
No, I believe you.
I believe you.
They haven't found him.
The man who was with you.
They haven't found him.
He's still alive.
He's alive.
I have a wife.
And a daughter.
Give them my best.
I need to go.
How can I help save our country
if I'm in hiding?
Are you going to Troms?
It's too late.
I'm going to Sweden.
Because Sweden is what we call
a neutral country.
I'll be safe there.
That's good.
Since you're so good with maps,
maybe you can show me
where Sweden is?
We are there.
And there... is Sweden.
That's a long way.
All the prisoners out!
You disappoint me.
None of them talked.
One was promising,
but he died on me.
Well, well.
What can you do?
Maybe they didn't talk
because there's nothing to say.
Because your man is dead.
I was contacted
by the Reich Main Security Office.
They are waiting for a report.
Not until I am sure.
Keep moving!
Know what I think?
I think you are chasing a ghost.
There is no trace of him.
We have searched
every farm and house.
We have spoken with every person
who could have known anything.
God bless our dear fatherland
And let it like a garden bloom
Call down your peace
from mountains...
Delays are not appreciated
in Berlin.
Want to go to the Eastern Front?
Himmler will read that report.
And what Himmler reads,
Hitler reads.
You don't want to lie to Hitler,
do you?
As faithful...
I've been told I can trust you.
We've been expecting you.
Jan Baalsrud.
We're almost there.
- Good.
- Here. Size 42.
How did you know?
A tiny fellow like you?
They were the smallest I could find.
Thank you.
Here, take this backpack.
Some food and extra clothes
for your trip.
You need to hide your uniform
when you get to Lyngseidet.
- And here are my skis.
- I can't take your skis.
I can't keep them.
I'd never forgive myself.
Let's go over the plan again.
- I'm going to Sweden.
- Right.
Then to England.
Then change socks.
And come right back here.
Look at this.
Here is Lyngseidet.
It's an important hub.
Full of Germans.
But you can't get around it.
The mountains are too steep
on both sides.
They're mostly searching
along the coast.
They won't expect to see you
in Lyngseidet.
That is Kurt Stage.
He heads the Gestapo up here.
We think he knows you're alive.
They say no one
has escaped him before.
So for him, this is personal.
He'll never let a saboteur
like you get away.
If you make it over to Sweden,
it will be a crushing defeat for him.
Type this up and send it
to Berlin immediately.
Yes, sir.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
This is as close as we can get.
I can wade ashore.
You'd never get dry again.
You'd die.
Give me those skis.
Now you.
Come on.
Wait. There.
Now you look like
a real Northerner.
There's a boat waiting
on the other side.
Just leave it adrift.
So no one knows
where you go ashore.
Once you cross the mountain
you'll reach the border.
If the weather holds up,
it should take two or three days.
At least you have skis now.
So you stand a chance.
Good luck.
To the commander in chief
of the SS and police in Norway.
Provisional report
on the sabotage cutter Brattholm.
On March 29, 1943,
units from the Navy and Abwehr
detained a fishing boat
with Norwegian saboteurs
who had been trained
in Great Britain.
There were twelve saboteurs
on board.
Ten were arrested and interrogated.
And according to the Fhrer's orders
of October 18,
they were promptly executed.
One saboteur was killed on site.
The final man was last observed
swimming in a Norwegian fjord.
I have personally
made it a priority
to thoroughly investigate
and establish with certainty...
that he could not have survived
in these Arctic waters.
Hey, you!
I thought Norwegians
knew how to ski.
Thank you.
I followed his tracks
straight into the avalanche.
I lost him... here.
Are you sure?
Wenders here thinks he's a ghost.
If he survived, there are three ways
down from the mountain.
Here, here and here.
I am quite sure it was him.
And that he may be alive.
Don't just stand here.
Get out!
- Did you send that report?
- Of course. Immediately, sir.
I just wanted to be sure.
Broken skis.
What is that?
A backpack.
Can you hear me?
Race you to those rocks?
I'm not up for that... right now.
- Please leave.
- Feeling sorry for yourself?
Come on!
Be quiet.
I am quiet.
You're the one talking.
Come on.
Ready... set ... go!
Marius Grnvoll?
Marius Grnvoll?
Seen anything suspicious lately?
No suspicious people?
- Good.
- I was wondering...
I was wondering...
How do you become
a Nazi sympathizer?
They don't admit just anyone.
No, that's true.
You must have
real faith in your cause?
That patch
on your arm.
Are you proud of it?
How you get one of those,
do you just put your name on a list,
or do you actually
have to accomplish something?
We have checked everywhere.
The man we are looking for
is around 1.75 meters.
Dark hair.
Most likely wearing
a Norwegian uniform.
And he walks with a limp.
To help, hide,
or in any way assist
an enemy of the Third Reich
is punishable by death.
- Is that understood?
- Yes.
Right. Good.
We're done here.
Let's go.
We need to keep looking.
On to the next farm.
Yes, one more bite.
Ottar, get out!
If anyone comes,
anyone at all, let us know.
Come. Here.
- We have to get these off.
- We have to get his circulation going.
Do you know who this is?
Get all our bandages,
woolen underwear, and blankets.
Hey... you'll be fine.
Everything will be okay.
You're safe here.
I followed his tracks all the way up
to the avalanche.
- The avalanche?
-The one from three days ago?
There are posters everywhere.
We can be shot on sight.
We know that.
They'll burn our house
to the ground.
Like in Telavg.
They torched everything.
His feet.
You saw them.
He needs a doctor.
- And Ottar...
- We can't call a doctor now.
It's too dangerous.
Why risk our lives
for a man dying of gangrene?
- He could die at any moment.
- We won't let him.
We'll help him.
Use mother's ointments.
Do everything we can.
What if it was me?
If that was me in there?
This is how we prove who we are
and what we believe in.
- Where are you going?
- Outside.
Ottar has kept guard for six hours.
I'll relieve him.
He won't be walking anytime soon.
We found something.
Come here.
Sorry to interrupt,
but you need to see this.
We found it in the avalanche.
Above Grnvoll farm.
Give me that.
We found this hat
in the same area.
Easy, easy. Careful. Here.
Take this.
Lie back down.
I told you I'd be here
when you woke up.
I've changed your clothes.
And bathed you.
You got Marius' underwear.
Is he your husband?
He's my brother.
Who are you?
- What was that?
- Just the animals.
I never used to be this jumpy.
Me neither.
- Where is my uniform?
- I have washed it.
Did you find a map,
or a drawing?
How are your eyes?
Much better.
And your name is Jan.
Jan Baalsrud.
You were talking in your sleep.
Did I say anything else?
Yes, you said a lot.
I have vital information
the Germans must never get.
It would be better
if you didn't know anything.
In India?
Have you been there?
You talked about the elephants.
And birds.
And you talked about...
About dancing in London.
And you called out.
For someone named Per.
And a lot for Gabriel.
There's a reason
you've survived, Jan.
There's a reason for all this.
- Who is that?
- Don't move.
Where is my gun?
- I've ruined everything for you.
- Not a sound!
Everyone out!
We have been here twice before.
We found nothing.
What's your name, son?
No-- No German.
I am... not so
good at Norwegian.
Have you seen the soldier?
- Thank you.
- Candy.
We have three more farms
to search before dark.
Before dark?
You're funny.
Let's get you out of here.
- Watch his foot.
- Careful!
There's a cabin on the other side
of the fjord.
You'll be safe there until we find
a way to get you to Sweden.
Come on!
You'll be fine.
- Halt!
- What?
Come back here!
I know someone in there.
Here's something to keep you warm.
And here's my knife.
Don't lose it.
This is better than the Savoy Hotel.
The best hotel in London.
But it can't compare to this.
Marius, we have to head back before
someone notices we're gone.
It encourages people
that the Germans haven't found you.
- I'll be back on my feet soon.
- Take your time.
You won't get kicked out
of the Savoy Hotel.
Your feet?
Give me a couple of days, and I'll find
a way to get you across the border.
Savoy Hotel...
One Esquire, please.
Nothing here.
Let's check the cellar.
There are tracks in the snow.
Here he is!
We have him!
Here he is!
It's me.
It's Marius.
I've found a way to get you
to Sweden.
That's good news.
What happened here?
It was eating its way up.
I had to stop it.
How does it feel now?
It feels better.
Put him down here.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Here, it's cold.
Put this on.
And now this.
No, around there.
Move your hand.
And pull!
The other one.
Give him that.
Eat some of this.
Thank you.
I think we got everything
out of there.
Except the smell.
You'll get plenty of fresh air
up in the mountains.
Someone from Manndalen
will meet us.
They'll get you across the border.
Does this sled stop in Sweden?
We'll see.
Wait, wait.
Hold it there!
Can you turn the sled around?
Stop. Let's switch ropes.
Hold there.
- Okay, I've got him.
- Pull!
Come on.
He's passed out.
Turn him back around.
I told them to meet us by the big rock.
We'll have to leave you here.
We need to hurry back home.
If they find me,
they'll find you too.
It's okay.
This new sleeping bag
is dry and warm. I'll be fine.
The Manndalen boys
will be here soon.
They'll use the code word
"Hello, gentleman."
We felt that suited you best.
Focus on Sweden.
Isn't it fascinating?
Why don't they like us,
these Norwegians?
And our fugitive...
He has turned
Operation Martin Red
into a complete success!
See that?
Did you see that?
The monogram?
Their king.
Him they love.
They're getting bolder by the day.
The last thing we need now
is for them to find a new symbol.
Where do you think he is now?
I hope he's in Sweden
surrounded by cute, Swedish nurses.
So do I.
Do you?
Marius Grnvoll?
That's me.
- Where can we speak in private?
- Right here.
- Who are you?
- Better if you don't know.
Our gentleman
hasn't been found.
We've searched
both day and night.
But... it's been four days.
Why didn't you come sooner?
Just mark that stone
in Olmmaijarvi better and we'll find him.
- Where?
- Olmmaijarvi.
It wasn't Olmmaijarvi.
It was Olmmaivaggi.
I'll go mark the stone.
I'm coming with you.
- What about Hanna and Ottar?
- They'll be asleep.
- And the animals?
- I've fed them.
- What if the Germans come?
- Then you should be here.
- Ottar can talk to them.
- He's ten years old.
Hanna can talk to them.
I'm going.
You're too fond of him, Gudrun.
We don't know what to expect.
- If he's dead...
- He's not dead!
If you lose it up there,
I don't know what I'll do.
He isn't dead!
I'm bringing Agnete.
She has nursing experience.
Hello, gentleman?
Hey... it isn't your fault.
Marius... Marius!
What are you doing here?
Someone else was supposed to come.
There was a misunderstanding.
It won't happen again.
- I promise. Can you take over?
- Yes.
I'll go mark the spot.
Warm soup.
Hope you like peas.
Marius is a good man.
- When did you run out of food?
- I'm not out of food.
Here. One lick for breakfast.
Dinner, one lick.
And a little extra for the weekend.
Let me tell you something.
You're this close.
This close.
You've brought us hope.
Give my best to Gudrun.
He's alive.
And he says hi.
He's here.
Hello... gentleman?
- Marius?
- No. I'm Nigo.
Me and these boys
are bringing you to Sweden.
You must be lousy skiers,
since you took so long.
Had I known you were this skinny,
I would have come alone
and carried you myself.
- We can't make it!
- Yes, we can!
We have to keep going!
Are we in Sweden?
We hit a blizzard
and had to turn back.
- Turn back?
- Yes.
- You turned back?
- Just a few kilometers.
- Have we backtracked?
- We're in Manndalen.
- You promised to take me to Sweden!
- And I will.
- You said you'd get me across the border.
- Listen!
- Why did you turn back?
-There was a blizzard!
I continued to the border
to scout our route.
And it was good we turned back.
There are Germans everywhere.
There are so many guard posts,
each is within sight of the next.
- Then there's no hope.
- Yes, there is!
Look at me, Nigo.
I'm skin and bones.
It will be a miracle if I survive.
Do you understand that?
That's why I'm going to help you.
Because we need a miracle.
Are you taking my gun?
Yes, I think that's best.
But I need to protect myself.
Promise not to use it on yourself?
Get moving!
All hands on deck!
The briefcase!
Hold the fuse.
It wouldn't light!
Who are you?
I'm Aslak Fossvoll.
Eat your soup while it's warm.
I brought you a fresh pair of socks.
You sure need them.
See anything?
Don't tell me the Germans have stolen
our northern lights as well.
Binoculars, Jan.
Kill the engine.
I found it.
We are... here.
- They are everywhere.
- Do we have a local contact?
Our mission
was to destroy strategic targets.
There were twelve of us.
We had eight tons
of explosives on board.
But we couldn't land
where we first planned.
So we had to find a new contact.
What's the contact's name?
Anaton Pedersen.
Anaton Pedersen?
He's dead.
And you are?
Hkon Srensen.
The information we had
was outdated.
And the person we talked to
couldn't be trusted.
Get me the police.
Start the engine!
Start the engine!
When we returned,
we had no time
before we were discovered.
Then everything fell apart.
We had a briefcase
full of information.
Get going!
We tried to destroy the evidence.
I was the last man overboard.
They took everyone.
I was the only one who got away.
Make sure this wasn't all in vain.
Everyone who helps me...
is risking their life.
I don't know if anyone
has been killed because of me.
The worst part is not knowing.
These men have battled
in the trenches for months.
And they continue fighting
to defeat the enemy.
Giving everything
for the fatherland.
The bloodthirsty Soviets
have met their match.
In Norway,
a successful operation
led by Lieutenant Colonel
Kurt Stage,
intercepted a fishing vessel.
Stage reports that twelve saboteurs
were captured.
And that the operation
was a complete German success.
Damn it!
What is this?
This is London, transmitting
on a 1,500-meter long wave,
one wave at 19 meters,
two at 31 meters,
and one at 41 meters.
I sit by this microphone
not to report accidents,
but to bring greetings
to all compatriots listening.
I make myself the spokesman
for everything we achieve together.
And I hope every listener
at this moment
feels how strong every man's heart
is beating along with his own.
Someone was just here.
No one's been here for two days.
We still can't move him.
This doesn't look good.
Have you lost the map?
I know you'll find your way.
Make sure this wasn't all in vain.
- Congratulations!
- Today is a special day.
Happy Constitution Day.
Hooray for Norway.
May 17.
And no aquavit?
The eggs are from Olaf.
And the syrup is from Ludvig.
The cream is from Peder.
Even though the Germans
have raided his place four times lately.
And Signe baked it.
Their eight-year old
made the flag for you.
Happy 17th of May, Jan.
God bless our dear fatherland.
- Is the snow melting?
- Yes.
Then how will you pull me
across on a sled?
We aren't sure
you're strong enough, Jan.
I'm sure.
This isn't about me anymore.
These Northerners are useless.
But the Sami are even worse.
May I ask what
you were talking about?
Yes, you may.
What were you talking about?
He asked when the snow
normally melts on the plateau.
And you told him?
I told him the truth.
Which is?
Only the gods know.
But I'd move him pretty soon
if I were you.
I know for a fact this snow
isn't going to last.
The Baal brothers
are moving their herd
across the border
in a few days.
My name is Aslak Baal.
Jan Baalsrud.
There's still one bullet left.
Sorry I lost my temper.
Good to see you're human too.
You need to go.
Marius, you know that kerchief
mother gave me?
I gave it to Jan.
Did you check that nothing
was left behind?
Did you check?
I was focused on Jan.
I don't know if anything was left.
- Why is that so important?
- It has my initials on it!
How do you intend to hide
a fugitive like me in broad daylight?
We have a plan.
Once near the border,
I'll go ahead and steer the herd
in the right direction.
We'll give you our strongest animal.
One that knows the route well.
It won't give up
until you're across.
If things go wrong
and they capture me,
I'd rather die
by a Norwegian bullet.
Guard change!
He seems to have spent weeks
in this cabin.
We found leftover food.
Fuel and candles.
We have long suspected this.
We think he stayed here a while.
Ready? The border is coming up.
Not far to go now!
Is this yours?
Answer the question!
Is that your toe?
I want to know where he is!
He may be armed.
This is Guard Tower 6.
Yes, what is it?
There's a reason for this.
There's a reason
you've survived, Jan.
It's over now.
You can let go, Jan.
It's over now.
You're safe.
You can let go.
Don't be afraid.
We'll put an end
to this madness.