The 15:17 to Paris (2018) Movie Script

My name is Anthony Sadler.
You're probably wondering
why a brother like me
is hanging out
with these two crackers.
But trust me,
they're my two closest friends.
Let me introduce you.
This is Alek Skarlatos,
the robot.
He's a strong guy.
He'll always have your back
whenever you're in trouble.
And this is Spencer Stone.
You don't have to worry about
him having your back
in trouble because I'm sure
he'll find it first.
Seems like the three of us
have been
gettin' each other in trouble
ever since middle school.
But let me take you back and
show you how it all began...
- Oh. Hi!
Ms. Eskel?
Yeah, hi.
I'm Spencer Stone's mother.
This is Heidi,
Alek Skarlatos' mom.
Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't think
we were meeting until 3:15.
Yes. Well, um,
we had some similar concerns.
Thought we'd join forces.
Um, well, I...
We're concerned, I guess,
with the boys
starting junior high.
- Rightfully so.
- JOYCE: Yeah.
Uh, we've noticed
some bullying
with the classmates,
and we were worried
it might be
affecting their school work.
Ms. Eskel. Ms. Skarlatos.
May I be quite frank?
Spencer is behind
on his reading.
Very behind.
And Alek is
too easily distracted.
Has anyone ever discussed
ADD with you two?
In my opinion,
both Spencer and Alek suffer
from something called
Attention Deficit Disorder,
Do you think that
you might be jumping
to this conclusion
too quickly?
It's not a quick jump,
Ms. Eskel.
As I previously mentioned,
Spencer cannot concentrate
on his reading.
JOYCE: Well,
that might be my fault.
Now that I know
he's falling behind, I can...
And Alek spends most of his
day staring out the window.
I'm sorry. Did you say that
Alek "looks out the window"?
Just so I'm clear,
do the other kids
not look out the window?
There are things you can do
to help them focus.
There are myriad medications
out there
that will significantly...
- Joyce, it's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
I'm sorry. I'm just trying
to pinpoint you.
So, you're telling me that
I need to drug my child
to make your job easier.
These medications
will help them focus,
and it would be easier
for the boys...
If you don't
medicate them now,
they'll just
self-medicate later.
Do you think
this is a good solution?
Throwing pills at a problem?
Then let's go.
You know, boys of single moms,
it's just statistics.
But statistically,
they are more likely
to develop problems.
My God is bigger
than your statistics,
so I don't really care
what you have to say anymore.
I am happy to say that
we will not have to have
another lice check tomorrow.
And the results are in
for our class election.
Our new school president is...
This is it, campaign manager.
The moment of truth.
- Marie Hodge.
- BOY: Yes!
Congratulations to everybody
who ran,
and congrats to our new
school president.
Hey, maybe it was a mistake.
- It's cool.
Way to go, loser.
Come on, Spencer, you're not
always going to win.
It just doesn't work that way.
You don't get it.
No one gets it.
I tried to fit in here.
I tried.
They wouldn't let me.
You fit in with me.
I get you.
My mom thought it'd be better
switching me
to a Christian school.
it's like church, class,
same people everywhere.
All the time.
I just hate it.
Boys, the bell rang,
you should be in class.
A grunt of acknowledgment
would be helpful.
All right,
you're late for class.
Where's your hall pass?
Hall pass.
Here's my hall pass.
Let's go. Principal's office.
Let's go.
Move it.
And like I said, sir,
it'll never happen again.
Tell that wife of yours
I said hello.
What are you guys in for?
(SIGHS) Expired hall pass.
Up. Get up.
Hey, word of advice?
Stay away from that kid.
He is a charmer but he
will get you into trouble
in a heartbeat.
Of course if you're here,
you are already in trouble.
Ah. Why are we dressed
like the A-Team, hmm?
COACH MURRAY: All right,
let's go. Good morning.
Ooh, that's loud.
Bring it in, come on.
All right, if you haven't
already guessed,
today's activity
is basketball.
Hopefully, you've heard of it.
I'm gonna divide you guys up
into two teams today.
Okay? You listening?
Two teams.
All right,
if your last name
begins with A through M,
you're gonna be team one.
You're gonna be over there.
If it begins with N through Z,
you're here. All right?
If you have any questions,
don't ask me.
I promise I'm not gonna
have the answer.
All right, go.
BOY 1: Come on, guys.
Over here.
BOY 2: Yeah, let's go!
Right here.
Hey, isn't that the kid
from the principal's office?
Yeah. Yeah, that's him.
Hey, what's up? I'm Stone.
First name Spencer.
I'm Skarlatos.
First name Alek.
You always introduce
yourselves like that?
No. Just wanted to show you
we we're on the same team.
We're the kids from
Principal Akers' office.
Oh, that's right.
Sorry, I spend
a lot of time there.
Did you ever get
that new hall pass?
Well, I'm Sadler.
First name Anthony.
And if you ever
do need a hall pass,
I can hook you up.
- Oops!
ANTHONY: What the hell?
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, man!
You know that kind of language
isn't allowed in here.
What are you doing?
You're on a warning,
all right?
Are you shitting me?
- Okay. All right, walk.
You're going
to the principal's office.
Now. Walk.
Sadler out.
COACH MURRAY: You guys think
that's funny?
You guys wanna walk, too?
Yeah, why not? Why not?
What a fun day.
Hey, who else?
Who else wants to go?
Please, I'm in a mood.
I can do this all day.
All right, let's go.
Oh! Are you guys for real?
I had no idea
you guys could be that cool.
What? We're cool.
- Yeah. We're so cool.
- Huh.
I think your appearance
might imply otherwise.
Now, hold on. Camo's cool.
Wait. Isn't camo cool?
- In a word? No.
My office. Right now.
Don't roll your eyes at me.
Didn't I warn you two
about this guy?
Move, move, move, move.
Double time. Double time.
Move, move, move your feet.
Now, you said what?
This is a Christian school!
SPENCER: Anthony!
Stone, my boy.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Oh, wow. That's fun.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
Ms. Eskel.
You too. Aren't you sweet?
You guys have fun.
Anthony, come on.
I wanna show you my room.
Alek and I are gonna play
Airsoft outside.
You wanna pick a gun?
- Whoa.
- M16.
This here's the paintball gun.
- A couple pistols.
Now, if you think that's cool,
this is the big gun.
It's for hunting.
You ever seen a real gun?
No. Not a for real one.
You've never been hunting?
No. I mean, black people
don't really hunt.
It's not like a thing we do
in our leisure time.
SPENCER: Come on, let's go
find Alek and play war.
You know what? I've got
an even better idea for war.
Hi, Alice, how...
Oh, well, it was probably just
some neighborhood kids.
Do you want me to send
Spencer over to help you...
You've gotta be kidding me.
Jeez, Mom,
have you heard of knocking?
This is my house.
I don't need
your permission to enter.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I just hung up the phone
with Alice,
and she told me
that a skinny black kid
and a pasty white kid
just decorated her house
with toilet paper.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think
she could see us.
So that makes it okay?
You can do what you want as
long as you don't get caught?
No, Mom.
I didn't mean it that way.
I am mortified, Spencer.
What am I gonna tell
Anthony's father?
I don't think
you should tell...
No, you don't think.
The constant calls
from the principal, all the
trouble you've been causing,
it's too much.
It's too much, Spencer.
Mom, I'm sorry.
And it is getting harder
and harder to come in here,
because every time I do,
I just leave disappointed.
- Mom...
- Go to bed.
make me an instrument
of Your peace.
Where there is hatred,
let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is darkness,
And where there is sadness,
For it is in giving
that we receive.
It is in pardoning
that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we
are born into eternal life.
ANTHONY: Spencer, go!
A man who did the right things
at the right times
to defuse dangerous situations
at extremely critical moments.
So if something were to happen
right now...
Would you know what to do?
Would you know how to act?
Would you act?
All right. Don't forget.
Test tomorrow.
And read the book.
Do not say I didn't warn you.
I'm talking to you, you
and especially you.
ANTHONY: Thanks, teach.
- Glad you boys enjoyed.
- We always do.
Were you ever able to find any
battle plans
from World War II?
Ah, you know what?
Printed these out last night.
That should hold you over
until tomorrow.
Oh, my gosh.
Dude, check that out!
- SPENCER: Oh, yeah.
- This is awesome.
- Thank you so much.
- Dude, thank you.
Those boys.
- Attack! Attack! Attack!
- Oh, crap.
There's something
about war, man.
The brotherhood, the history.
In the trenches helping out.
Like your grandpa, I guess.
I wanna go to the prom.
You mean, like, with us?
No, man.
I mean, just in general.
We don't have it
at our school.
There's no prom here,
or homecoming.
I don't know.
No public school stuff.
So, are you gonna leave?
I mean, you guys are great,
but I need a girlfriend.
Well, we'll miss you, man.
Hey, I'll keep in touch.
I mean, someone's gotta
let you guys know
what it's like
to have a girlfriend.
Maybe Anthony's right.
We should leave, too.
It sucks without him.
ALEK: We don't have a choice.
We were lucky
to leave our last school.
Look, it sucks. But if we keep
our heads down, we'll be fine.
- You've got to be kidding me.
We gotta go,
we're gonna be late.
We can't just spend
our lives in fear.
Guys, class. Now.
Class is right there.
We're on time.
We're talking back today?
But you're not in class,
are you, huh?
And I suppose either of you
don't have hall passes.
The two of you
need an escort? Move!
JOYCE: No, they're not
problem children.
I don't understand
where this is coming from.
Did anyone get hurt?
No. No, Ms. Eskel,
no one has gotten hurt.
Yet. But I wouldn't
put it past them.
Is this a joke? You think our
boys would hurt someone?
(SIGHS) Ms. Skarlatos,
we know this is difficult,
but we think it would be
in your son's best interests
if he stayed with his father.
How dare you!
After all I do
for this school!
Coaching and volunteering.
You have no business.
No business!
We have consulted
with the Lord.
You have no right.
No right butting in our lives!
The absurdity of it all.
Jesus. (SIGHS)
Come on, sweetie. Come on.
JOYCE: Come on, Spencer.
- Okay.
- SPENCER: Wait!
ALEK: This isn't goodbye.
Just a see you later.
HEIDI: It's okay.
Let's go.
I know this is gonna
be hard on you,
but it's a really
short flight to Oregon,
and you can go visit him
whenever you want.
I promise.
JOYCE: Okay.
ISABELLE: What do you keep
looking at?
That guy's been in there
for, like, 10 minutes.
Ten minutes. Really?
Yeah. Yeah. I saw him go
in there with a suitcase.
A suitcase?
I don't know what he's doing.
Maybe he's changing
his clothes.
Maybe so.
I'm gonna go check it out.
- All right?
- Okay.
(SIGHS) Man, that guy's
been in there for a while.
Yeah, I noticed.
Get out of here, it's serious.
MARK: I've got the gun.
So data analysis is really
where it all begins.
It's the basis for
any job you might have.
Even if you wanted
to work in, say,
middle management at Nike,
you'd have to have
some semblance
of knowledge of numbers
in order to gauge sales.
Mr. Skarlatos.
What about you?
What kind of work
are you interested in?
I've always wanted
to join the military.
Okay, now, see,
even as it pertains to the
military, you'll need numbers.
Statistics, analysis,
troop movements,
supply chain logistics.
Any kind of real-world job
that any of you
might wanna have
is going to include numbers.
You're gonna need...
Hey, Stone, who are we
throwing daggers at?
Not throwing daggers.
Just thinking.
(SCOFFS) Don't hurt yourself.
Hey, that recruitment center
over there, uh,
what's all that about?
CAROLYN: It's where people go
and sign up for the service.
What part of the service?
All of them. I think.
I don't think
they discriminate.
SPENCER: Hey, sir.
How are you doing?
Welcome to Jamba Juice.
What can I get for ya?
Uh, you know,
can I just get a smoothie
with strawberry and banana,
please? Nothing else.
- Yeah, no problem. One second.
- Thanks.
So if you don't
mind me asking,
what part of the service
are you with?
Oh, this here is
a Marine's uniform.
Oh, yeah, right.
Just double-checking.
So, if you could
do it all over again,
which would you choose?
- Which what?
- Which branch?
I mean, would you still go
with the Marines?
Or was there something else?
Oh, I can't say I ever thought
about that before.
So, you'd still go
with the Marines, then?
Well, that's hard to say, too.
I love what I do,
but I always wanted
to be part of
the Air Force Pararescue.
And their sole purpose
is saving people's lives.
- Pretty badass.
Yeah. Yeah, that is badass.
Can you imagine
putting your hands
on a man in his most
frightening moment?
And drawing him back to life?
Yeah. Yeah, I can.
Well, here you go.
Thanks. How much?
On the house.
Thanks for your service.
MARINE: Happy to do it.
Thank you.
Appreciate that. You have
a good rest of your day.
You too.
Wow. With that tip he left you,
you're just about
able to cover
the smoothie
you now get to pay for.
Totally worth it.
- PROFESSOR: They're analyzing
statistics of populations,
they're analyzing
intelligence scores.
There's all kinds
of applications
for data analysis.
This is a big first down.
They need this right here.
I know. They better
give it to Marshawn, man.
He's like their best player.
He's been having
a monster game, too.
- I know. He's a beast, man.
Chambers was saying
we play a lot of players.
- ANTHONY: Come on, baby.
- There you go.
ANTHONY: Break that.
There you go.
Keep going, keep going.
- There you go.
- ANTHONY: Oh! Run!
- Boom. There you go, baby.
- And he ran them over.
- That was a good play.
COMMENTATOR 2: And he's got
a first down for California.
- At the 31.
Only a full day later.
What happened?
Alek, man.
I texted him some big news,
like, eight hours ago,
and he's just
getting back to me
with this lukewarm response.
What was the big news?
Oh, I'm gonna try out
for the Air Force Pararescue.
Oh. Man, that's, uh...
That's great. For real?
You're gonna join
the Air Force now, huh?
So what's that about?
What's what about?
How come no one's hearing this
as life-changing information?
I don't know, man. Maybe...
Maybe 'cause it's you.
What does that even mean?
I mean, not to say anything
against you or anything,
but you kind of
got to be in shape
to be in the military,
you know?
Come on. So I gotta lose
some weight. So what?
I mean, it's not just that.
What about your motivation?
You quit football
to play basketball.
Then you quit basketball
because you weren't getting
enough playing time.
Okay. So you don't think
I can do it, then?
Spencer, man,
no one thinks you can't do it.
We just don't think you will.
Guess we'll see about that.
Forsett was a yard short
of 1,000 yards...
MAN 1: Once you begin
to discover who you are,
then you really realize
how you have been given
authority over your life.
But you can only do that
through the struggle of life.
And most people
avoid the struggle.
Most people go through life
avoiding pain.
When you're working
on a dream,
at some point in time
a transition takes place.
Something in you
that you never activated
lies dormant in there.
- You learn how to leap higher.
You start challenging yourself
to dig deeper.
You don't need anybody
to approve your dream.
Do what you know is right.
Don't try and take
any shortcuts.
Pay your dues.
We've been chosen
for this great work.
MAN 2: Let's go!
Is that all you got? Let's go!
RECRUITER: Nine minutes,
14 seconds.
Damn, Stone...
I didn't know a big guy
like you could run that fast.
- Thank you, sir.
You did it.
You passed. Congratulations.
Thank you, sir. Appreciate it.
All right, that's very good.
All right, now,
just step over here.
Head against the bar.
And which circle is different?
Uh, let me see.
Is this a trick question?
Number three is different.
MAN: Stone.
Here is a list
of specialty codes
that you have qualified for.
Please review the list
and choose your top three.
- Turner?
- TURNER: Sir.
Hey, sir, sorry.
The, uh, the job I wanted
is not on here.
I don't see Pararescue.
Looks like you didn't qualify.
What do you mean,
I didn't qualify?
I passed the stamina test,
I got a good ASVAB score.
The doctors didn't say
anything was wrong with me.
Looks like
you were disqualified
for lack of depth perception.
You don't have
depth perception.
You can't be a PJ without it.
Are you serious?
Choose three jobs from the
list in order of preference.
Pick quickly or you might
not get anything.
We're only open
for another 30 minutes.
Here's a list of jobs
that you have qualified for.
Please review the list
and choose your top three.
SPENCER: A year I punish
myself and for what?
Because of depth perception?
You gotta be kidding me.
Okay. Is there something
that you can do?
Someone we can appeal to?
Maybe we can write a letter.
No. It's not something
you can appeal.
Okay, okay.
Honey, here, sit down.
Honey, it's gonna be okay.
It'll be okay.
No, it's not gonna be okay.
That's the thing.
Why did I even work so hard
in the first place?
Baby, listen, it's you, okay?
When you were a kid,
if you heard the word
"war" on the television,
you would practically jump
inside the TV screen
to get involved.
I just wanted to help.
I don't get why they won't
just let me go do it.
You know, I haven't really
accomplished much with my life.
At least before I could say
it's because
I hadn't really tried.
Now I can't even say that.
I tried and I failed.
This is worse.
He still finishes!
Saw that one coming.
That's the second alley-oop
he's converted on.
Hey, what's going on, man?
- What's up, man?
- Glad you made it.
- How you doing?
- Good. Just watching the game.
Come on in.
Man, I hope San Jose State
upsets Kansas, too.
We need this.
Oh, yep, yep, yep. (SIGHS)
Saw this guy
dunk on this fool earlier.
Reminded me when I dunked
on your ass.
Ah, you ain't never
dunked on me.
You want a beer?
Actually, yeah.
I had to come see you before you
dipped out of here, you know.
You must be nervous, right?
Ah, it's all good. I'm just
going to Texas for basic.
Yeah, but not a lot of people
make it this far
in the process, you know.
That's a commitment.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So you're about to get up
out of here, man.
You excited or what?
Yeah, but... (SIGHS)
I don't know, man.
Remember when I brought
this up a long time ago?
How could I forget?
You were about
30 pounds heavier
and nobody thought
you would get here.
Yeah, man.
Well, it ended up being that
you were right.
Right about what?
Well, I went to MEPS
and I got disqualified
for depth perception,
so I can't even go be a PJ.
You know,
I don't really know, like,
the ins and outs
of the military stuff.
What do you mean?
Basically, I had to end up
signing up for SERE instead.
What's that?
It stands for Survival,
Evasion, Resistance and Escape.
It's not really
the same thing at all.
Well, I mean, even if
it's not the same thing,
I'm sure it'll still be
meaningful, you know.
Yeah. But I'm just not
passionate about it, you know?
I just wanted to go to war
and I wanted to save lives.
Well, I'm sure whatever job
they put you in,
you'll still be able
to help others.
It's who you've always been.
Yeah, yeah, I guess so, man.
- What's going on?
- Hey, man, what's happening?
What the hell is that?
A sewing project?
Great! So I guess we have
that to look forward to.
What function
does that even serve?
Survival. If you eject
from an aircraft,
all you'll have is a parachute,
few other tools, you know,
anything else
you can scrounge up to make
a hammock, tent, trip wires,
weapons to hunt with.
Cool. So I guess
home ec will help us survive.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Pretty much.
Spencer, man, take a break.
I can't, man. I'm already
pretty behind
on all my assignments.
I'm about to fail out.
Well, here, look.
Let me show you something.
Check this out.
- Ta-da!
- What is that?
It's for sewing.
So you can pound
needles through
without your hands going raw.
(CHUCKLES) Okay. All right.
I see what you're doing.
Now your hands
will stay baby soft.
Dude, this is literally
the only way
I'm gonna even finish in time.
Oh, don't worry,
with baby soft hands,
you'll always finish fast.
You guys
are something else, man.
Left face! In line.
- Who are we?
- CADETS: Air Force!
Oh, shit!
No! No! No!
We are the Air Force!
- Mighty, mighty Air Force
- Mighty, mighty Air Force
- Better than the Army
- Better than the Army
- Ground-pounding Army
- Ground-pounding Army
- Better than the Navy
- Better than the Navy
INSTRUCTOR: Airman Stone,
how nice of you to join us.
Drop. On the podium.
Airman Stone,
why are you doing push-ups?
SPENCER: I'm late, Sergeant.
Yes, you were late.
Why are you late?
I overslept, Sergeant.
He overslept.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let this be an example
to you of what not to do.
Carry on.
INSTRUCTOR: Well done.
Airman Stone, do you look
like everyone else?
No, Sergeant.
No, you do not. Drop.
Airman Stone,
you're doing push-ups
because you cannot follow
simple directions.
- Carry on.
Airman Stone, your stitches
are not tight enough.
I'll do them over again,
Airman Stone, I have no
choice. This is not a game.
This is survival.
There are no do-overs.
Do you understand me?
Yes, Sergeant.
Report to the MTLs
and you'll be served
your elimination papers.
HEIDI: Okay.
Here we go.
All right.
I knew
you shouldn't have driven
all the way here
just to say goodbye.
Well, I was worried
about you, Alek.
I've had this
profound sense of fear
about you going to war.
Well, you're a mom.
You're supposed
to worry about your kids.
But listen, sweetie.
I prayed about it.
And God spoke to me
and He told me that
something very exciting
is going to happen.
I can't wait to see
what He has in store for you.
I'm gonna be fine.
- Love you, Mom.
What's going on? Somebody please!
What's happening?
There's a guy with a gun.
Just run.
Come on, Dad, we gotta go.
No, you go, my darling.
You go.
I'll follow. I'll follow.
Oh, cool. We're gonna be
glorified cattle.
That's what we get
for not cutting it at Lackland.
Daycare for adults.
What does that mean?
Just what I heard.
Instead of teaching fighting
they teach you how to
"mitigate the room
by, like, running and hiding.
Thought we were
in the military?
That's hard.
OFFICER: They've come
to get the wounded...
PLATOON: They've come
to get the wounded...
They've come
to get the dead...
They've come
to get the dead...
All right,
so once you've inflated
the bladder
to the desired pressure,
in this case,
140 mmHg or higher,
you're gonna listen
to make sure
you cannot hear the pulse
below the bladder.
That's critical.
Are there any questions
on this section?
Okay, let's move on.
Let's go to the next chapter.
WOMAN: (ON PA) There is
an active shooter on base.
Shelter in place until you
receive further instructions.
This is not a drill.
Okay, there is
an active shooter on base.
You guys, move this desk
over to the door.
Make sure it can't open.
Everybody else,
get under your desks.
This is not a drill! Move!
This is not an exercise!
Get under your desks now.
Okay, remember the protocol.
If you escape,
you do not engage.
Protect yourselves.
- All right.
- We're so screwed.
It's all I got, man.
Stone, get under
your desk, now.
God damn it. Stone!
What the hell are you doing?
None of you move.
Francis, get back
under your desk!
Stone, what the hell
are you doing?
Get under your desk.
We're clear!
- Okay, that's the all-clear.
Stone, you wanna move
this desk back for me?
Somebody help him, please.
- God damn it!
Guys, this was a false alarm.
Just wanted to let you know
that everything
is completely fine,
- and that we're all safe.
- FRANCIS: What happened?
BROWN: An active shooter alert
went out over our PA system,
but the actual location
wasn't attached.
It was nearby,
but not our base.
Carry on.
TEACHER: Everybody settle.
Jesus Christ...
Stone, what the hell
were you going to do
with a ball point pen
anyways, huh?
I don't know, ma'am.
I just didn't want
my family to find out
that I'd died
hiding underneath a desk.
Show of hands.
Who thinks Stone's an asshole?
SPENCER: Come on, man.
Yeah, me too.
That's gonna be on the test.
No beggars on our tail.
Guess they're not
following today.
Check the DAGR
and confirm our coordinates.
ALEK: Roger.
BEN: Skarlatos, come on, man.
ALEK: Shit!
I can't find my rucksack.
Did you have it
at the last stop?
ALEK: Yeah.
Security halt.
Better be back there.
SOLDIER: We have
a security halt.
ALEK: Shit! It's not here.
I had two mags of 50 cal
and the DAGR in it.
Everybody mount up!
We're going back
to the village.
I guess we figured out why
the villagers
didn't follow us.
TEACHER: Congratulations,
Airman Stone,
you just gave this man
permanent brain damage.
SPENCER: But I thought
I needed to get
an airway in.
He needs to breathe, right?
You do. But did you notice
that our friend here
has clear fluid in his ears?
What might that clear
fluid be, Mr. Stone?
SPENCER: Oh, shit.
Not quite. Guess again.
Spinal fluid, ma'am.
Correct. Spinal fluid.
And if your friend has
spinal fluid in his ears,
what does that tell us?
He could have damage
to his skull.
Okay. So, to recap.
You just walked up
to a guy who was
already having a pretty
bad day to begin with
and you shove a piece of
silicone into his brain.
You just lobotomized him.
Well, I figured I'd get that
in first so he could breathe
and then I'd move on to his
other stuff.
Okay, but sometimes you need
to deal with
the bleeding first.
SPENCER: So, I'd put
a tourniquet on it, then?
Not always.
What if the wound
was on the neck, say?
A tourniquet on the neck
is better known as a noose.
What do I do, then?
In that case,
you say a prayer.
And you hope something
creative occurs to you.
That's some sound advice.
BEN: Let's make this quick.
- Put out security.
- MAN: (ON RADIO) Roger that.
Skarlatos, stay here.
MAN: Don't move. Don't move!
BEN: Let's go.
- What'd they want?
- BEN: A knife.
Some shell casings.
Our shiny trash.
ALEK: Yeah,
it's all here except...
Except what?
My hat. With my name on it.
Well, looks like
some unfortunate soul
just got
the nickname Skarlatos.
Let's go. Mount up!
MAN 1: Mount up!
MAN 2: Mount up! Let's move.
We in?
Hit it.
MAN 1: Lock those hands up!
MAN 2: Get in there, Spence!
Spence, go for the legs.
Okay, now when you have
someone in a hold like this,
use your free hand
to clamp down
on the carotid artery.
MAN: There you go!
Spence, get it in.
You think your opponent's
just gonna let you
do that to him, huh?
Spence, you don't got it.
Line his chin up
with the elbow.
SPENCER: I'm trying.
Spence, get your hooks in,
go for the legs.
Not just the arms.
Go for the legs.
Don't give him any clues.
Spence, get your hooks in.
MAN: Come on, man!
- Deeper.
- MAN: Spence, lock it up!
MAN: All right,
you got him now!
Alek, what up?
Spencer, hey, what's up?
I'm fine.
Getting good at this.
Good at what?
Like, checking rashes?
No, I've been doing jiu-jitsu.
I'm starting to finally
figure this shit out.
Not getting my ass beat
every match, at least.
Well, that's good.
There's, like,
nothing to do over here.
But you're in Afghanistan.
Yeah, well, nobody cares about
Afghanistan anymore.
Now the real bad guys
are ISIS.
Not many of those over there?
No, I'm like a security guard.
Basically just a mall cop.
Well, adventure starts soon.
Did Strasser ever decide
if he's coming
with us
on the Great European Tour?
Yeah, no, he can't go.
I'm thinking about
asking Solon,
but I don't think he's going
to have enough money.
Okay. Well,
just let me know, man.
I'm getting excited.
Yeah, you have no idea.
I'm desperate
to get out of here.
I still think we need
to park it in Germany
for a while, though.
Yeah, it's just that,
there's so much I wanna see,
you know?
And chances are
this will probably be
one of the last times I'll get
to do something like this.
Look, I know you have
that girl there.
What was she?
An exchange student?
Yeah, in Oregon.
We just keep in touch.
And she invited you to stay
with her in Germany?
Yeah, but it's not just that.
I just kind of wanna
soak it in a little bit.
I don't wanna be moving around
every day.
I mean, we don't get to go
on leave that often.
Yeah, well, if you just wanna
stay in Germany, man,
that's cool. Just do that.
Yeah, well, I mean,
my family history is there.
And they're the reason
I wanted
to join the military
in the first place.
Well, we don't have
to decide right now.
Hey, whatever happened
to that sniper training?
I'll tell you
about that later.
Uh, basically,
I'm just really bored.
That sucks. I'm over here
having a freakin' blast!
Drinking beers, hanging on
the beach, doing jiu-jitsu.
Portugal is paradise.
You're a piece of shit.
What's that?
You must be breaking up.
Sounded like
you called me a piece of shit!
All right, well,
it's like midnight here.
I gotta go to bed.
All right, hang in there,
brother. Later.
All right.
Stone. First name Spencer.
What's up, my guy?
Chilling, man.
What are you doing?
You know,
just the morning routine.
Chilling. Any action
over there yet?
Nah, this is
a pretty cake assignment.
But, listen,
I got an idea for you.
Me and Alek
were just talking about
doing a backpacking trip
all over Europe.
You should, man.
You could be posted
anywhere after this one,
Yeah, but I'm trying to say
you should come with us.
Wait, wait.
You mean, meet you in Europe?
Yeah, son. It'll be crazy.
You have the summer off,
don't you?
Man, come on, you know I don't
got money like that.
Just take out a credit card.
You'll pay it back.
Ah, I see them headphones.
You must be working
for a credit card
company now, huh?
Just see what you qualify for.
That's crazy
you say that though.
I was just talking
to my coworker
about getting a credit card
with frequent
flyer miles, too.
Anthony, it's meant to be,
dawg. Come on.
All right, man, screw it.
I'm in.
Hey! What's up, man.
You made it.
What's up, bro?
Hold on, let me grab
my bag real quick.
All right.
Come on, let's go check in.
Isn't this crazy?
We made it to Europe, though.
I know, man. Look around.
Hold on, hold on. We gotta get
a shot of this real quick.
There it is.
Come on, man. I've been
waiting out here forever.
All right, all right.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Hello. Welcome to Roma.
- SPENCER: Thanks.
- Last name?
- Uh, Stone.
- Stone.
Perfect. Well,
I have your room for two.
Would you like two keys, then?
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
And is this your first time
staying with us?
Uh, it's actually
our first time in Italy.
Oh, welcome.
Well, in that case,
if you don't have
any plans for tonight,
we have a party bus
leaving from our bar.
And they call it
the Perversion Excursion,
if that translates.
Oh, yeah,
I think it translates.
Would you like me
to sign you up?
Yes, please.
I think we're gonna have
a good time in Italy.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, I hope
you're seeing all the sights
before your excursion.
Oh, yeah. We plan
on seeing all the sights.
ANTHONY: We made it
to the Coliseum, baby.
SPENCER: It's crazy that
they built this back then.
ANTHONY: Can you believe
how big it is?
And can you believe people
used to kill each other
in there?
ANTHONY: 'Cause imagine
watching that now,
somebody fight a lion.
Are you not entertained?
ANTHONY: Do you give him
a thumbs up
or a thumbs down?
SPENCER: Thumbs down.
ANTHONY: Kill him.
SPENCER: Lot of old shit here.
That's for sure.
ANTHONY: You trying to throw
some coins in or something?
Just throw it backwards.
- Throw it backwards?
- Yeah, if you want to.
Did it make it? (LAUGHS)
I don't know. We'll see
if we ever come back.
Let's go down there, yeah.
Then we'll know we made it.
- And again, one, two, three.
Oh, yeah, that's good.
What you think?
Hold on, what you think?
Oh, yeah, you got the shot.
You got it, you got it.
We gotta post that for sure.
This is it, baby.
The Trevi Fountain.
SPENCER: Don't fall over.
Let's take a selfie
or something real quick.
You know, we gotta capture
this moment. You feel me?
- Race you up the stairs.
SPENCER: Ah, you slow.
ANTHONY: That must be where
the pope lives, you know?
- I don't even know.
Is that the Vatican?
What is that?
SPENCER: If you're standing
right here,
you're directly in the center
of all these columns.
Hold on, I gotta take
a picture of that.
- SPENCER: That's crazy.
Trying to head back?
Yeah. Let's go back
to the hostel.
It was a good day.
Yeah, let's get ready
for that excursion.
LEA: Alek? Hi!
- ALEK: Hey, what's up?
- Jump in.
- So good to see you.
- Hi!
Welcome to Germany.
Thank you.
Let's go.
this shit is unreal.
SPENCER: I'm saying.
It's why they call it
backpacking, bro.
Can we just please
get to the hostel, man,
before I throw this damn bag
in the canal?
Or I throw your ass in first.
Hey, you're the one who almost
cost us the trip
on the first night.
Yeah, now I'm the guy
traveling in Europe
on a broken ankle.
ANTHONY: Whatever, man.
We need to catch one of these
taxis or whatever.
These boats or something.
Is this where we get on,
right here?
SPENCER: Yeah, I think so.
ANTHONY: Are you sure?
Do you even know?
SPENCER: I don't
even know, man.
Let's just go figure it out.
- Hello.
- WAITRESS: Hello.
ALEK: Did you see
those pretzels?
Oh, my God. They look so good.
LEA: Yeah.
So is it everything
you dreamed?
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
This is amazing.
LEA: Do you know
which table was his?
Ah, I'm not sure
if he had a table per se,
but if I know
my Grandpa Nick...
- Yeah.
- Probably would have
- sat right there. Yeah.
- Okay.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
It's nice.
ALEK: What did you get us?
- Two beers.
- Oh, awesome. Great.
So, you're not going
to tell me the story?
Ah, well, it's not really
much of a story.
LEA: Silly.
My father says
everyone has a story
and it's our duty to tell it.
Well, all I know for sure
is that about
sixty-two years ago,
my grandpa sat right here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
My grandpa sat right here
and celebrated
getting his stripes.
- Becoming a sergeant?
- Yeah.
In the German forces?
No. No. Uh, American.
He, uh...
He was raised in New York,
and he was stationed here
during World War II.
Okay, so, here you are.
Following in his footsteps.
Yeah. I guess so, in a way.
I'm so happy that you're here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Wow, look at that view.
Man, I haven't been able
to get a good picture
this entire time
we've been here.
Bro, just use my selfie stick.
You'll get
all the background in it too.
Why don't you just take
a picture of me?
Hell no.
I'm tired from this heat,
and those eight thousand miles
you made us walk today.
Well, bro, I'm not about
to use a selfie stick,
and stick out even more
than we already are.
Right. 'Cause that'll make us
stick out any more.
Hey, excuse me.
Do you speak English?
Yeah, I do.
Do you think you could
take a picture of me?
Don't ask.
He's grumpy right now.
- He doesn't wanna do it.
- (CHUCKLES) Okay. Yeah. Sure.
Cool. Thank you.
- One, two, three.
Oh. It's kind of dark.
You wanna check it?
I'm sure you got it.
Let me see.
Yeah, that looks good.
Thank you.
- I appreciate it.
- Yeah, of course.
I'm Spencer.
- Lisa.
- Nice to meet you, Lisa.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Anthony.
He tragically can't stand up
right now.
- How you doing?
- Nice to meet you.
SPENCER: So what
are you up to?
First day in the city.
Just taking a trip around.
SPENCER: Nice. Us too.
We're going over
to the San Marco Square.
- You wanna go with us?
- Yeah. Sure.
Yeah. All right, come on.
Take a seat.
- So where are you from?
- Uh, LA.
Oh, nice. Yeah,
- we're from Sacramento.
- Oh, nice.
Three California kids in Italy?
What are the chances?
- Small world.
- Yeah, I know.
Guys, say what you want,
but we can't waste
this opportunity.
- Look, we gotta take a selfie.
- It is pretty stunning.
- It is, yeah.
- All right.
Let's all get in it.
ANTHONY: Let's check it out.
LISA: That's pretty good.
SPENCER: I gotta
give it to you, man.
The selfie stick
is where it's at.
ANTHONY: I told you.
See. Look.
That's Instagram-worthy.
ANTHONY: We gotta
get some gelato.
Ah, this looks amazing.
- MAN: Buongiorno!
LISA: Oh, I love
a good mint chip.
SPENCER: Oh, my gosh.
I need this right now.
Can I try the wild fruit,
- Wild fruit?
- ANTHONY: Yeah.
SPENCER: What are you getting?
Can I get the mint
chocolate chip, please?
Mint chocolate for you?
- Yes, please.
- That looks good, too.
LISA: Which one
are you gonna get?
SPENCER: Think I might get
the hazelnut right there.
ANTHONY: Grazie.
SPENCER: And then can I get
the hazelnut?
And hazelnut for you.
My treat, guys. My treat.
It's amazing, guys.
LISA: Oh, my God.
SPENCER: It's good?
LISA: Mmm-hmm.
MAN: Has to be good.
It's the best in town.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
Thank you.
LISA: Ooh, this place
is so dark.
Oh, and I'm pretty sure
you're not allowed
to take photos in here,
SPENCER: Yeah, now you can
finally put that stick away.
ANTHONY: Whoa, guys.
Hold your horses.
SPENCER: Wow. Really, bro?
LISA: I thought it was
pretty funny. (LAUGHS)
SPENCER: Man, you don't see
stuff like this back home.
- ANTHONY: That's for sure.
This would actually look cool
in front of the capitol,
LISA: So, you guys wanna
go get some food now?
SPENCER: Yeah, I'm starving.
ANTHONY: Are you as hungry
as a horse maybe?
- (CHUCKLES) Looks good.
SPENCER: So what do you think
of our plans so far?
You think we're gonna
see enough?
You're the world
traveler here.
Yeah. I think
it all sounds pretty good.
Except for Paris.
How come? You didn't have,
like, the best time there?
Ah, Paris was okay for me.
But I don't know.
Maybe you guys will have
a different experience.
That's actually funny
you said that.
We were, like, debating
should we even
fit it into our trip or not.
- Yeah.
- What do you think?
I mean, I wanna see it.
I think we should, you know?
Just go experience it
for ourselves.
Might as well.
While we're here, you know.
But for today, we have Venice.
- That is true.
- That is true.
ALL: Salute!
- It's good, too.
- Yeah.
SPENCER: What are you guys
gonna get?
- ANTHONY: Pizza! Pizza!
- Pizza.
ANTHONY: Craving it all today.
- I know.
- I know. For real.
Wow, this view is amazing.
Yeah, it's nice.
No, I'm good.
It's crazy. You can see
the whole city from up here.
SPENCER: Yeah, man.
I feel like all we've been
doing is traveling.
We might need to like, slow it
down a little bit, you know?
Anthony, my man, you slow...
...down, you die. I know.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe this is just, like,
a little different, though.
Yeah, I don't know, man.
You ever just feel like
life is just
catapulting you
towards something?
Some greater purpose?
You sure
that's just a cigarette?
If not,
I might need to hit that.
No, man, I'm serious. Like...
Sometimes, I don't even feel
like I have a choice, you know.
Like life is just pushing us
towards something.
Maybe it's, like,
life is meant to
slow us down sometimes,
too, you know.
SPENCER: Yeah, well,
not today, my friend.
We gotta get up early
for Berlin tomorrow.
Rescue Alek
from that exchange student.
Ugh. You're right.
On to the next, I guess it is.
- I'm pretty tired myself.
It's been a long day.
TOUR GUIDE: Almost there.
This way.
All together this way.
And now you see
this is a very important site.
This is the Fuhrerbunker.
This is one of the more
important sites
in our history,
and it is one of the, perhaps,
lesser studied sites.
This is where Hitler
killed himself,
as Russian forces
were closing in.
Wait, for real?
ANTHONY: But I thought
Hitler killed himself
in the Eagle's Nest,
with the American forces
closing in.
TOUR GUIDE: No, your American
textbooks are wrong
by about 700 kilometers.
The Kehlsteinhaus
is down in the south
and Hitler was here
with his wife, Eva,
and it was the Russians
who were closing in.
You Americans
can't take credit
every time
evil is defeated. Ja?
Off we go.
This way.
Springtime for Hitler
And Germany
Hey, I'm about to go check
my emails or something.
Text my dad.
All right. I'm just gonna go
grab a drink.
I'll be back in, like,
a little bit.
All right, sounds good.
- Hi, how you doing?
- Hallo.
Can I just get a pint, please?
- Stein. Beer.
- Ja.
- Thank you.
So what do you think
about France?
Do you think it's worth going?
- Uh...
- Um...
Where are you from?
Oh, uh, California.
Awesome. California.
A beer for me, please.
Where are you headed next?
Uh, we're gonna go to France,
and then I think we're gonna
finish our trip off in Spain.
And Amsterdam?
Ah, we thought about it.
I don't think we're gonna
have enough time.
Oh, make time for Amsterdam.
I just got back from there
with my band.
Excuse me.
And I tell you,
one of my favorite things
to do when we're up there.
What's that?
- I got some truffles.
Head out to the countryside.
And you know what I do then?
What? What's that?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
I do nothing.
I just look at the nature,
birds, songs.
They sing everything.
That doesn't sound
too bad to me.
- Making friends?
- Yeah, man. This is Anthony.
Oh, hello. How are you?
How you doing?
Nice to meet you.
He's been telling me
about Amsterdam.
- Oh, for real?
- Oh, Amsterdam.
- ANTHONY: Good things?
- Very good things.
If you don't take
all the drug I do,
Amsterdam is fantastic.
The most nice people
in the world.
That's what
we've been hearing.
And beautiful women, too.
- That's what we are after.
- We might have to go see that.
We just might have to.
And history.
Don't forget the history.
Of course, the history.
All history
is necessary for life.
- To Amsterdam.
- To Amsterdam.
- It's settled.
- He persuaded us.
It's done. Just like that.
Can I get two Red Bull
and vodkas and one beer?
Alek, here, hand one to him.
- Hey, it's different, huh?
- ALEK: What is?
This. Different from what
you've been doing.
Man, it's the same damn thing
we've been doing.
Remember the Perversion
Excursion, baby?
SPENCER: Hey, come on, now.
You know
I don't remember that.
ALEK: Is this really
what you guys have been
doing this whole time
without me?
Yeah, man.
Aren't you glad you came?
I really am.
- Yeah!
- Bought you drinks.
- Cheers! Cheers!
- Hey, let me get in that.
SPENCER: Hey! I'm about
to make it rain!
Not as easy as it looks.
Guys, we need to get up.
It's almost noon.
SPENCER: I feel miserable.
ANTHONY: Last night.
Man, last night.
I still can't believe
I got on that stripper pole.
So hungover.
Let's go get some food
or something.
- No, no.
- No, no.
No, thank you. Just water.
- More water please.
- Okay.
Man, last night was crazy.
This morning, though.
- Painful.
- That's the word.
- Shit. Even words are...
- Painful.
There it is.
Guys, we need to talk
about Paris, though.
I mean, like, at this point,
why even leave Amsterdam?
That was our best night yet.
Don't you think?
Yeah. Weren't you guys
saying that
everyone you ran into
was anti-Paris?
I mean, I guess.
They didn't have anything good
to say about it,
that's for sure.
Thank you. Or grazie,
or danke. Whatever.
- Just thank you, thank you.
- You're welcome.
So you guys
just wanna skip Paris?
Or at least delay it
a little bit.
(SIGHS) I'm starving.
Maybe it's like
you were saying,
life's kind of catapulting you
towards something.
Right now it's catapulting me
towards some hangover food.
Wait, what did you say?
I don't know, man.
It was something
I said in Venice.
I was caught up
in that European high.
- I'm not gonna lie.
- ANTHONY: No, no.
You should have
heard this guy.
He was talking
about how life is
catapulting him
towards something,
like some greater purpose
or something like that.
- Spencer said that?
- I know. Deep shit, right?
Do you still think that?
I mean, I guess.
But nothing's actually
stopping us.
If we weren't meant
to be on the train tomorrow,
something would
physically stop us.
An object in motion
stays in motion,
unless acted upon
by a greater force.
Okay, Isaac Newton.
I'm telling you, man,
he's been deep as hell
on this trip.
I can't even deal with it.
I mean, people are telling us
that the French
are the king of the rude.
I wouldn't exactly call that
a greater force.
Plus, we already bought
our train tickets, so...
So, you guys just wanna stick
to the original plan?
Might as well.
I just need my selfie with the
Eiffel Tower and we're good.
Hey, can you, like,
take a candid photo of me
and the train station?
All right.
You realize it's not candid
if you ask me
to take it though, right?
Just get me from the side
or something like that.
All right.
All right, there you go.
You only took one photo.
Yeah, so?
I think it looks good.
I need multiples, man.
'Cause I mean,
I know I look good.
But I need options.
Guys, come on.
- That's us?
- SPENCER: Yeah, let's go.
ALEK: All right.
- You ready?
- SPENCER: Let's do this.
Look, there's some guys here.
Excuse me. Terribly sorry.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Would you mind helping my dad
on board the train?
- Oh, of course. Yeah, sure.
- With his suitcases.
Thank you so much.
That's so lovely.
Give that to Spencer.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry to accept
but it does help.
- ALEK: No problem.
- Thank you. That's so kind.
If it doesn't go, you can
carry me all the way to Paris,
- can't you?
- Uh, I'll give it a shot.
MAN: Yeah, God bless you.
ALEK: Excuse me. Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Watch your step here.
MAN: That'll be fine. Yes.
Yeah. God bless you.
Thank you very much.
Yes. Thank you so much.
Our seats are those.
Yes, they are.
We're here.
Thank you so much.
- ALEK: Okay.
- God bless you guys.
- No problem.
- Yes. Ah!
- Thank you so much. Wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Have a good trip.
- You too.
You guys have a great trip.
Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you.
- No problem, sir.
- WOMAN: Bye-bye.
- You guys just wanna sit here?
ALEK: Yeah. Looks good.
ALEK: Bye, Amsterdam.
I'm kind of sad to leave it.
It was fun.
- I know, really.
- Me too.
It was a blast.
All right. I'm tired of this.
And I'm bored.
I'm gonna go check
the Wi-Fi in first class.
- I'll be back.
- ALEK: All right.
We should have
brought some snacks.
- You know he gets cranky.
Even I could go for a snack.
Probably the perks
of first class.
Maybe we should go
find those seats.
Right now,
I just need some Wi-Fi
so I can upload
these pictures.
SPENCER: Found it.
First class is up there
and the Wi-Fi
is way better. Let's go up.
ALEK: Sweet.
ANTHONY: Perfect.
It was nice meeting you.
Safe travels.
WOMAN: Thanks so much.
ALEK: This is way nicer.
I told ya.
I'm gonna get
that window seat.
Sure, man. Whatever.
Thanks. (LAUGHS)
I'm gonna take the solo.
Snacks coming in,
twelve o'clock.
may I offer you
some snacks or a drink?
- Yeah. Could I get a Coke?
- Sure.
Thank you.
There you go.
Can I get some red wine,
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- For you, sir?
Can I actually have a red wine
as well, please?
- A red wine?
- Yeah, please.
Thank you.
Please let me know
if you need anything else.
ANTHONY: Oh, we will.
Hurry up and drink this shit
so we can ask her
to come back again.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, my God. Look at
the baby soda, Spencer!
Alek, shut the heck up.
ALEK: So cute.
I'm about to go to sleep.
Uh, I guess nap time it is.
Can't hang.
Get out of here, it's serious.
- MARK: I've got the gun.
ALEK: Spencer, go!
SPENCER: Get the gun!
- ALEK: Holy shit!
SPENCER: (SCREAMS) He's got a knife.
Get him off me!
SPENCER: I got his arm,
I got his arm!
ALEK: Stop resisting!
- Stop resisting.
- SPENCER: Hold him down!
I got him!
SPENCER: I can't hold his arm.
Move! Move!
- Grab his arms!
- Get it, get it!
There you go!
that's it, that's it!
ALEK: You got it! You got it!
Guys! Guys!
This guy's been shot.
This guy's bleeding,
he needs help!
- Hold him down.
- ALEK: Go, I got him.
ANTHONY: Move, move, move!
Mark! Mark!
- Mark! Mark!
- Shit.
ISABELLE: Help him please.
Could you help him, please?
I got it, I got it.
ISABELLE: Please, help him.
Can you help him?
ALEK: We need something
to tie him up with.
No, just take him.
Hold him down.
ALEK: Okay.
He's got another one there.
Look, he's bleeding here, too.
SPENCER: I got it, I got it.
You're gonna be
all right, man.
ISABELLE: He's bleeding
from here, too. Look.
SPENCER: You're good.
I'm here, man, I'm here.
Don't worry.
Hey, try not to move, okay?
ALEK: You guys got him?
I'm gonna go
clear the other cars.
SPENCER: Listen to me,
all right?
Listen to your wife.
It's okay. See,
when you move like that,
we can't do that, all right?
- All right.
- SPENCER: Okay?
ISABELLE: Don't move, Mark,
please. Stay with me.
If I lose it,
you're gonna die, okay?
- Okay.
- I know you're hurting,
but don't move, okay?
Listen to me. Listen to me.
I love you.
MARK: I love you, too, baby.
ISABELLE: You stay
with me, okay?
- SPENCER: Hey, Mark? Mark?
- Yeah.
Hey man,
do you wanna say a prayer?
- No, thanks.
He's not ready to go.
- SPENCER: Okay.
- He's just not ready to go, okay?
No, no. It's okay.
Anybody got a towel?
Anything! Anything!
It's okay. It's okay.
WOMAN: No, no, it's okay.
He's a good guy.
He's helping us.
Is anybody else hurt?
No. It's okay. It's okay.
Tell everybody
just to stay back here.
Just take the tie. Go on.
Get it around under his arm.
Under his arms.
SPENCER: Ma'am. Ma'am!
Okay, I need you
to talk to him.
Help me keep him awake.
Hey! Hey!
- What's your name?
- Mark, you're gonna be okay.
Mark. Hey, I'm Spencer, man.
Hey, it's gonna be all right.
We got it. Okay?
I'm cut up a little bit, too.
ISABELLE: You're gonna
be okay.
SPENCER: It's gonna be
all good. All right?
We stopped the bleeding.
Where are you from?
Virginia. Hey!
I'm from California, man.
We're both Americans.
I love you, okay? Don't go.
SPENCER: You're gonna be
all right, all right?
We're gonna get some beers
after this.
It's gonna be all good.
- Look at how lucky we got.
- ALEK: Shit.
It's, like, one in a million.
Spencer, Spencer.
Here. I got a sweater
so we can stop the bleeding.
Can you use this sweater?
Yeah, that's okay. I got it.
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay?
- SPENCER: Anthony. Anthony.
- Yeah, what do you need?
I need a med kit or something
to cut his clothes off with.
Okay. I'll try
and find something.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
SPENCER: They have
to have one.
ANTHONY: Yeah. I got you.
I got you.
ISABELLE: It's gonna be okay.
SPENCER: Hey, man, I need you
to stay awake, okay?
Keep your eyes open.
Focus on your wife.
ISABELLE: Stay with me.
SPENCER: Come on, man. Hey.
We're gonna get
to the train station.
We're gonna get you some help,
okay? You're good.
Stay with me, please.
Stay with me.
MARK: Okay.
- Okay? Just stay with me.
- MARK: Okay, okay.
ISABELLE: Still bleeding
in the back.
SPENCER: It's okay. I can't
deal with that right now.
Hey. That's the guy you want,
right there. He's out.
ISABELLE: Can you hear me?
Did you stop the bleeding?
MAN: Is he the gun shot?
you're in pain.
Don't move, okay?
Just don't move.
MAN: There's a guy back there
got shot. He's bleeding.
You're almost there, man.
The paramedics are coming.
You're gonna make it.
They're coming, just hold it.
Here they come right now.
Just hold it, man.
You made it, man. Come on.
ISABELLE: They're coming, Mark.
They're coming, okay?
They're gonna
take you to a hospital.
They're gonna
take care of you, okay?
MARK: Okay.
They'll take care of you.
You made it this long.
ANTHONY: They're
right here, Spencer.
SPENCER: No, no. Stop, stop.
Okay, look. Come here.
You see? Okay.
One, two, three.
Go, go, go.
- Hey.
- It's okay?
- Yeah.
- Feels okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Where are we going?
What are we doing here?
Walk this way? Okay.
SPENCER: Lord, make me
an instrument of Your peace.
Where there is hatred,
let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness,
And where there is sadness,
For it is in giving
that we receive.
It is in pardoning
that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that
we are born to eternal life.
Good afternoon.
Thank you.
Hey, hon.
WOMAN: Whoo!