The 16th Episode (2019) Movie Script

And as such this episode of
"Permanent Residents" comes to an end.
We hope you've enjoyed it and can now
make your own mental picture of Brazil.
As you all know by now we don't
just visit countries: we live there,
immersing ourselves
deep into the culture
and making bonds with people
who are sometimes indefectible.
Our next trip will take us to
the mythical city of Casablanca,
home of the legendary
Rick's Caf.
Helen, are you okay?
Wait, wait here.
This is fucking awesome!
This little fucker is fast.
I hate that I have to be so rough with
you, baby, I really do.
But there's nothing else
I can do.
Give me the phone.
What are you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Put down the knife and give me the phone.
Jesus! Calm down!
Do you speak English?
Dude, stop it.
Do you speak English? English?
Calm down and give me the phone.
Is this your-- is this your son?
He stole my partner's phone.
Can I get the phone back,
That's just the camera guy.
Don't worry about him.
My present.
- What?
- My present.
I think he wants the camera.
- Give it to him.
- He's not getting my camera.
- This guy's not kidding, man.
- Neither am I.
- I'm not giving him my camera.
- Give him the fucking camera.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey!
Don't fuck with me right now.
I'll break your fucking legs.
Give him the camera!
Give him the fucking camera.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey!
- You guys get out of here.
- Just be careful.
- Just get the fuck out of here.
- Careful with it.
Get out what here?
Okay, look.
I just need to get
that memory card back.
I need the SD card back.
It has all my work on it.
It's how I make a living.
Me and the other two guys.
- You okay?
- Not really.
Why what's up?
The numbers are down.
What are we at?
- 1.2 million views.
- That's pretty good.
What? Viral is a million.
That's twenty-six percent lower
than our South African episode.
Don't worry. Morocco is gonna be
good. It's gonna be kick-ass.
- The audience just wants more.
- More what?
We almost died
three times in Brazil.
Maybe they want to see us die.
I can't stand it
when you think like that, Einar.
I think the audience just wants
to root for us more.
I think they want to be able to
see through us more, you know.
Maybe we just haven't shown them
who we really are.
Like Einar jerking off
in the middle of the night?
Or you filming yourself taking a
piss, realizing you have no dick?
Exactly, guys.
Oh fuck you, buddy.
- Oh, fuck you!
- No, fuck you.
- Wait! Do you have a problem?
- Yes, I have a problem.
How could you run off
filming that take
- when Helen was on the ground?
- I checked. She was fine.
- She was on the ground, hurt.
- I know.
- You checked?
- I checked. She was fine.
- I checked.
- Yes, then I ran.
- Selfish motherfucker.
- Wait, what? What did you say?
Motherfucker. Do you want
me to spell it out for you?
- I would love it if you did.
- Helen, please.
Can you keep this guy
away from me?
Turn around
and mind your business.
- ...E-R.
- Can you just keep away from me?
- Can you?
- What are you doing?
- Einar?
- What am I doing?
I'm confiscating
your penis extension.
- Uh, that's...
- Hey, driver.
- Could you open the window?
- Gentlemen.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? I got it.
- Einar.
- Okay, just give it back.
Is this the-- is this the place?
I'm so hungry.
You guys starving?
I would kill
for a cup of coffee.
Kill for a cup of coffee?
Do you mean like literally
murder somebody?
I'd murder you
for a cup of coffee.
That's very rude.
I expect an apology
like right now.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
When was the first time
you did crack?
"Permanent Residents," Helen.
- Mrs. Frangier.
- Come in, dear.
- Come in, all of you.
- Thank you.
- Hello, hello.
- Hi.
This is awesome.
How many cats
are around here?
Helen, you look
exactly like in your program.
- You watch our show?
- Of course.
That episode in Guatemala,
where you got abducted by these drug lords
- was so uplifting.
- Thank you.
- Did you rate us?
- Sorry?
Did you write a good comment?
- Oh yes, always.
- Awesome.
Come in, dear.
Come in all of you.
- Welcome.
- Wow!
- This place is awesome, Mrs. Frangier.
- Thank you.
- Your Airbnb didn't lie.
- Why would it?
Sometimes people like to make their
houses look better than in real life.
Oh, I love the banister.
I love the pendant you're wearing.
Where did you get it?
- A cabbalist gave it to me on a trip to Chile.
- What's inside?
Writings to protect
from evil spirits.
- You believe in spirits?
- So, why so cheap?
Ah, Daniel liked the house
being filled with life.
- Who's Daniel?
- My son.
Oh, yeah,
this is my room.
Definitely, a panic room.
The poor woman went
cuckoo after her husband passed away.
Don't be alarmed if she pops in
once in a while.
She is totally harmless.
What did you say her name was?
Her name is Mancherbruuk.
You can't miss her.
Her hell is contagious.
Oh what is this?
What is that broken frame?
All right.
Oh, ooh! I look so good,
don't you think?
You look awesome.
What is this? A little foursome?
That's fun.
New room, new stuff.
Why are flies here?
One, two, three.
Come on, head,
pop up to me, will you?
Don't be afraid to be clich.
Come on,
jump scares always work.
What the hell is that thing?
I got a miniature plant.
Oh, this is so cool.
Danger sign.
Something I can help you with,
young man?
Um... What's in there?
Ah, the motor room.
I had a little problem
with the electricity company.
Oh, I see.
You remind me of him a little.
You remind me of my son, Daniel.
You must have
a very beautiful soul.
I don't know. All I really
checked was my bladder.
You're so cute.
You're cute, too.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Well, boys. I leave you here.
I wish you a beautiful stay.
Anything you need
my number is on the fridge.
Thank you.
I am very happy
to have all of you here.
I really am.
Uh, I can't stand the sound
of that motor.
Have you ever made out
with a sixty-year-old before?
- No.
- 'Cause I almost did
and I have a feeling it would
have been awesome. So...
- Okay.
- Maybe we should put you in there.
What's? What? So rude.
You want a reaction shot
of me like closing this?
- Mm-hm.
- Okay. All right.
Here we are standing outside
of the old slaughterhouse.
Another example of the strong
heritage left behind
by the French
colonization period.
You can also notice
the architecture
is reminiscent
of the Art Deco movement
with vertical lines, abstract
shapes, and high moldings.
If you take a look around,
you can also see the place is a ghost town
and that's because of the
mysterious superstitious beliefs
held by the people
of Casablanca.
We're gonna take you inside and find
out what people are so afraid of.
So follow me
and let's go take a look.
- Hey, what?
- Sir, we have...
Oh, and here's
another police truck.
God, it seems like everywhere
we go, they--
these people are always present
for some obscure reason.
I know.
Just very, very reassuring.
Very reassuring.
What's up? You, okay?
I have a bad feeling
about this city.
We were shooting without a permit.
It could have happened anywhere.
- No, it's not
the slaughter house incident. -What then?
Just getting bad vibes.
Bad omen.
- Hello.
- It's real.
Oh, wow.
What do you got there?
- I like the purple.
- A very nice color.
- Can I see this?
- Yes. Yes.
Awesome. Thank you.
Wow. I like this. How much?
- Three hundred.
- Uh, three hundred?
Uh, how about two hundred?
- Two?
- Two hundred.
- It's okay.
- All right.
I can do that.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Wait. How much?
- Two hundred dirhams.
He said three hundred but he
gave it to me for two hundred.
- It's like twenty dollars.
- I don't remember the conversion.
It's like ten dollars is--
No ten dirhams
is one dollar, so...
He said @@
is what you should pay.
You better read up.
Get a guide next time you shop.
Fifteen dirhams?
Oh my God! Thank you.
- I knew it.
- We should thank him.
We just got invited
to a wedding.
- Awesome.
- You got invited to a wedding.
No. You, Mark and I.
That's ridiculous.
You didn't even know the guy.
he just saved me 200 dirhams.
- Seems like a nice guy.
- Well, 150.
That's like the beginning
of a horror movie or something.
is all there is right now.
The moonlight barely touches
the clay walls in here.
Helen is upstairs
making herself look pretty.
And Einar
is masturbating insatiably.
So, where does that leave me?
You want a little back-story
on Mark Dole.
I am Mark Dole.
Am I meant to do this permanent
resident stuff for the rest of my life
or am I meant to be
an actual filmmaker?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm meant to lose.
You know in the end,
everyone loses.
- Mark.
- Oh, hey. In here.
- You ready?
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- We better get going.
- Wow! You look--
You look really beautiful.
- You like?
- Yeah, just stunning.
- Thank you.
- Wow!
- I wore this just for you.
- Did you?
- I did.
- Really? No way.
Well, how do you know
I love purple?
- Man, tattoos.
- Well, I took a wild guess.
- You like that?
- The tattoos? I do.
Right on.
- Ready to have some fun tonight?
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Like that?
- Oh, boob shot.
- You got a zoom shot?
- Oh perfect.
- Zooming in the zone.
- Here one more.
- Oh, here we go.
- Get that close up.
- I know you want it.
- I do.
- There we go.
- Well, if you come out,
we can dance
may be naked tonight.
- Oh! Okay.
- Hey!
I'll be outside.
- Come on, Mark, let's go.
- Oh... Okay. Oh...
Wow! That is officially weird.
Finally a night out.
- That's gonna be awesome.
- Yeah.
Yeah. It's nice to actually
get to see the city, you know.
Yeah, just do something
fun rather than, you know...
- Sit around and jerk off whole day?
- Yeah. Wait.
Some of us
actually try to work.
Yeah, this is a beautiful city.
- So sweet.
- Thank you so much.
It's nothing.
It's really my pleasure.
So how long
have you been a guide?
Thirty-one years.
I started
when I was nine years old.
Yeah, as a kid my parents
could not afford school.
So I had to work.
I would walk to the main square,
walk up to people,
offer to take them places.
I really started enjoying it.
You know,
the exchange with people,
the encounters, it became my life.
How about you?
How did you all become vloggers?
- That's a really long story.
- Oh yeah!
It's actually only temporary
or I mean for me at least.
- Oh really? How's that?
- I'm gonna make movies.
- Movies? As in Hollywood movies?
- I'm in Nahor.
I'm gonna make the ultimate
found-footage horror flick.
- It's gonna be awesome.
- What's found-footage?
It means the filmmakers die and the footage
is found. It's really an overused genre.
Okay, you're jealous because I
actually have a passion and you don't.
I don't need a passion, okay?
I need money.
And so do you in case you forgot
your eviction notice.
Can we not do this right now?
Never mind them.
They're in love.
They just don't know it yet.
- So, how far is this wedding?
- We will be there soon.
- Soon as in how soon?
- About fifteen minutes.
- You said that 15 minutes ago.
- Sorry?
I said, you said 15 minutes
15 minutes ago.
We've been on the road
for like half an hour.
As you can see there's
a lot of traffic today.
- Stop the fucking car.
- Why are you doing this?
Ha, ha, ha,
you think this is a joke?
- Stop. What are you doing?
- Get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car, now. Come
on stop being so naive. This is a setup.
- What's wrong with you my friend?
- Get the fuck back in the car.
- Who are the organs for, huh?
- Einar, calm down!
- You trust this guy?
- Dude, just calm down.
- Do you have a gun?
- Why are you acting like an asshole? Calm down.
I have no guns. Let me show you.
Let me show you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Just my guide card.
Let me show you
my guide card, okay?
- Say again?
- You can see it's real.
- You're really a fucking guide?
- Yeah, I told you before.
- Okay, my friend.
- Einar, calm down, man.
You need to calm
the fuck down, all right?
Oh me, I'm okay.
Is he okay, your friend?
- I don't know.
- I don't hear you.
- Apologize to him.
- Okay. It's no problem. No problem.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- Okay. It's okay.
- You need to see a doctor.
- What else do you want me to do? Suck his dick?
No, I want you to get
some fucking help. You're sick.
Please get in the car. We're gonna
be late for my niece's wedding.
Okay, it's no problem.
Okay. It's okay.
- Still nothing?
- No. Still dark.
Fuck! How is that possible?
You tell me. You're the one
handling the camera.
I already told you the image
distorted, the LEDs went crazy.
Oh and it burned my hand.
Do you think that's bad?
Bad, no. I think it's great. I mean, we
don't have a picture but that's just fine.
At least we have sound. We can use that on the--
you know air that on the radio or something.
Dude, you're acting like
it's my fault it even happened.
I told you I dropped it
because the camera got hot.
Well just try it again.
I tried twelve times already.
Oh that's nice.
Are you fucking watching
porn right now?
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Wait! Dude.
- It's working.
- What? Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- I told you. Told you...
Fucked up.
What was that?
It's Helen. I think she's sick.
Are you okay?
What's going on Einar?
You're not as jovial
as you usually are.
Mark, I checked
the Office of Tourism.
There is no Tareek Kaleem
listed as a tour guide.
Oh, okay. So just because he's
not listed as an official tour guide
doesn't mean
he's not a tour guide.
I mean it's freelance work.
It's kind of like what we do.
Kind of do our own thing.
And what's the problem?
I'm ready, guys.
Here we are standing outside the second
largest mosque in the world, Hassan II.
This is the large-- this is-- All right,
guys, you rolling? Let's do this for real.
- Are you ready?
- Here we are standing outside
the second largest mosque
in the world,
Hassan II.
This is a major day of worship
on Fridays
for the predominantly new--
Cut let's do that again.
Here we are standing out--
Oh, no.
She's on the phone
with her mom.
I sent you money before I left.
She is not happy.
Yeah, mom.
Are you drinking again?
I would have given you a little
more back-story on Einar but it's--
it's pretty blue, pretty sad.
Hey, man! What's up? You okay?
What the fuck?
Crazy fucking bitch!
What's going on?
Talk to me, man.
It's-- it's just a nosebleed.
That's it.
It could be the climate change.
The jet lag. I don't know.
Fuck you, Mom!
You fucking bitch.
You stupid fucking whore.
You're the fucking whore, Mom.
Me, I just like fucking pussy.
Helen, where's your necklace?
I must have dropped it.
Could you stop filming
for one second?
No, no,
this anger is like perfect.
You need to listen to this.
- What is this?
- I got it translated.
What is that?
That Arabic she's speaking.
That's not just plain Arabic.
That's an ancient dialect
spoken by mythological figures
during the Arabic crusade
against the Christian invasion.
So, what are you saying?
I'm saying,
the language she's speaking,
it's the language
of the Jinn.
Oh, what is the Jinn?
It's the Arab word for demon.
Okay. So you're saying that woman
we hear speaking in the background
is actually invoking demons?
Not just any demon; the demon.
Oh! That was good.
That was good.
Okay, can we step back and do
it again, I think we could...
- Do you think it's a joke?
- No.
I think you should take a shower
and drink some milk.
Find all the milk you can
and just drink it
because this hashish you're on
right now, it's a lot.
You're a little much.
It's gonna work great.
It's gonna work great
with this but um, I'm gonna go.
I'm telling you,
don't go up there.
Good morning, sweetheart.
How'd you sleep?
I slept fine.
Thanks for asking. And you?
Slept good. Slept good.
What is this?
"Not able to get Tareek on
phone. This is freaking me out.
Going to town.
Be back soon. Einar."
Okay, looks like Einar went
on another paranoia spree.
That was to be expected.
What is this?
Oh my god! Oh my god!
What the fuck? Mark.
Mark, are you okay?
- Wake up. Are you okay?
- What?
- What happened?
- I don't know.
You're lying in blood.
Get up.
- Whose fucking blood is this?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
- I don't know!
I just woke up! I don't know!
- Helen!
- Oh my god.
- Helen!
- What the fuck are you doing?
Where are you going?
Oh my god. I don't-- oh fuck!
- Where is Helen?
- I don't know.
What the fuck
did you do to Helen?
Oh god! You're an asshole.
- I'm the asshole?
- Shit!
Oh my god! Is that like a--
did you punch me?
- Oh! Was that a slap? God! Oh!
- Fuck!
The battery is dead.
We got to recharge it.
- Son of a bitch, Einar. Fuck!
- Fuck!
What the fuck is going on?
What the fuck?
Oh shit! Um...
Hey, Einar,
can I get my camera back?
We've got some blood up here,
I'd like to film. Come on.
Ah! Einar,
do you have my camera?
- She's still in the house.
- Really?
- We'll talk to her.
- No, no. Wait. Just wait.
What are you doing? No. she's
bathing in her own period blood.
- We gotta clean her up.
- No. It's not her period.
No, it is.
I'm going to go clean--
- Can you sit down for one moment?
- Okay, fine.
- I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
- What?
- Remember that case I told you about?
About the mass hysteria
that happened in our school
- that me and Helen went to?
- Yeah.
That wasn't a case
of mass hysteria.
That was a case
of mass demonic possession.
It was the first ever recorded mass
demonic possession involving children.
- What are you talking about?
- There was this guy, Michael Winkler.
He was a para-psychologist
who was investigating the case.
He found out that kids
were playing this game
that invoked demonic spirits.
Twenty children ended up
in the hospital, Mark.
Only eight of them got affected
but Helen was one
of those eight children.
So now you're keeping
secrets from me?
I couldn't.
I couldn't tell you before.
There was this intense pressure
from the church,
from everybody involved.
We all swore to secrecy, okay.
We promised
that we wouldn't talk about it.
I promised. I promised Helen.
- Really?
- Yes.
- And why are you telling me now?
- I'm telling you now because...
Helen is possessed, Mark.
That's not a wedding.
That's satanic ritual.
- Bullshit!
- This is not something you want to see.
- Shut the fuck up.
- This...
Right there, stop. Rewind.
Go back a few frames.
Wait, zoom in.
There, right there.
Oh shit!
Mark, I know you're there @@.
Marky, boy. I know
you wanna fuck me. Come on.
Run, run!
We need to fucking hide.
We need to hide. Come on.
What the hell?
Okay. I think she's gone.
You know how in those
found-footage movies
they always get the camera and face
it to the actors for no reason?
Yeah why?
I just did that.
What do you think?
Found-footage is dead, okay.
I already told you.
We got a real problem here.
- Okay.
- Helen is possessed.
We just need to figure out
what to do.
This is bad. This is bad.
This is a bad demon.
This is not good.
This is a bad demon.
How did we get into this?
You know I'm starting to think
that guy wasn't
that crazy after all.
- What are you talking about?
- I didn't tell you?
- No.
- While I was out there looking for Tareek,
this guy was on the street,
dancing like a lunatic,
singing this eerie song.
I didn't understand it but then
this lady translated it.
It was saying things
about this place, Booyah.
He was saying it's like
a prison with no bars--
like people
don't want to escape.
Like there are not gates
but no one ever escapes.
He was saying the possessed are
everywhere roaming the streets at night
and the government will
find you and will grab you
and throw you into Booyah
if you get possessed I mean.
Wait a second. You're saying
that this Booyah place is real?
Is a real place?
You know, like Area 51?
I'm not saying that. I'm just saying
what this guy was singing about.
Look, we got this. Okay.
Look at me. We got this.
- We got this. You got this.
- We got this.
- Dude, I told you, don't go in.
- I'm gonna be fine.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
I don't know. She must
have jumped out of the window.
This can't be.
Mark, step out of the bathroom
really, really slowly.
Come on, man!
- Ah!
- Are you okay?
Come on. Come on, come on.
Don't die on me. Please don't die on me.
Please. Please, don't die on me.
Oh, come on.
- Fuck!
- What?
I'm trying to bring her
back to life.
My camera.
I'm nothing without my camera.
- Mark, look at me.
- No.
- Look at me.
- No.
- Look at me.
- No.
I'm not looking at you.
Mark, Helen is possessed.
Look at me. Possession
as in horror movies. Understand?
We're gonna wake up
from this soon, right?
This is just one nightmare,
I'm gonna wake up.
You're, she and the camera
are going to wake up
and everything's gonna be fine.
We need to call Frangier,
the embassy.
- We need to call people.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
We can't call anybody.
The minute we call somebody,
they'll come here, grab Helen
and throw her into Booyah
for the rest of her life.
Booyah doesn't exist, man.
You bet your life on it. Huh?
The government has night
brigades patrolling the streets,
looking for possessed people.
They're going to come here.
They're going to find Helen
and they're going to throw her
in that godforsaken place
for the rest of her fucking
life. Is that what you want?
Huh? Is that what you want?
What? What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
I don't know. Just let me think.
Let me think.
Okay. Okay, I got it.
You've seen every single
possession movie there is, right?
- Why? Why this...
- Just answer my question.
I don't know. I think I missed
some of the Serbian ones.
I don't know. Why?
No. Einar we are not doing that.
Shit. Shit.
- What do you think?
- I think it'll work.
- What else?
- Um, boiling water.
- Got it.
- Salt?
- Yes, salt.
- Cool. I think that's it.
What about a spell?
Oh, yeah, just say like,
"The power of Christ compels
you a couple of times."
About 99 times would be fine.
I love staring
at empty refrigerators.
When I was a kid, I'd imagine
they were full of ice cream.
I could almost smell them,
strawberry, vanilla.
And then I would lick them
one by one.
And then I would wipe
the cream off my face.
Why did you leave
me on the side of the road, daddy?
It was so cold
and my little body shivering.
And you, mommy?
I saw you watching, mommy.
You just stared at the long road,
disappearing in the foggy night.
They got time, daddy.
Stop! What the fuck?
Cheesy dialogue from a cheesy
TV show I used to watch.
There was a lot of dead animals.
The bird. The pink bird.
The cow.
The goat.
- What?
- What the fuck?
Okay, we gotta go.
We gotta follow her.
Yeah, yeah.
- Wait. You forgot something.
- What did...
Your camera, bro.
- Do you mean it?
- Yeah.
- I love you so much right now.
- Don't push it.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Wait, it's not going to work.
- What? Why?
It's a Muslim demon. It's not
gonna give a shit about Christ.
- How do you it's a Muslim?
- It was speaking Arabic.
You're being so racist
right now. Let's go.
- You ready?
- Oh god!
The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.
The power of Christ compels you.
- What are you laughing at?
- Guys, what are you doing?
We're exorcising you, Helen.
It's for your own good.
- With that?
- What's wrong with it?
- Want to dance, Marky boy?
- What?
My little fuck boy.
Run, Mark.
Run, run, run, run, run.
No. Not like this.
You want to play hide and seek?
Fuck! Shit!
Ring-a-round the rosies.
A pocket full of posies. Ashes!
Fuck! Shit.
What did you say her name was?
You can't miss her.
Her hell is contagious.
Hello. Oh!
Scary, yeah!
Oh nice!
Blood seems to be real.
Mmm... Yeah, a little over real.
I know.
You know what I think? I think that Mrs.
Frangier's dark little secret
is about to be revealed.
I have been watching movies.
Lot of movies.
In "Rosemary's Baby"
there is a secret passage
connecting Rosemary's apartment
to Mrs. Castevet's.
it would not surprise me
if there was a similar passage
to Daniel's room.
If you don't mind young lady,
I am going to take a look
and try to find
the secret passage.
What's going on in here?
- Einar, where are you?
- Mark?
Come on. Oh my god.
There you are. Hey.
- Hey. Untie me. Untie me.
- What happened to you?
Nothing. Don't worry about it.
Untie me.
- What's that shit on you?
- Nothing. Untie me.
Jeez, you jerk off
with your hands tied?
Yeah, I jerked off
with my hands tied.
It's really fucking easy.
Come on. Untie me.
- Where is she?
- I don't know where she is.
I don't know.
Where the fuck have you been?
- Oh!
- Helen!
She's gone, man.
You want to help
with my feet at least? Oh!
- Helen!
- Einar.
Dude. Wait up. Shit!
Dame it, dude.
- I can't find her anywhere.
- Dude, I'm so sorry.
We could-- we could um,
we could call the police,
- tell them everything we know.
- That's a genius. Just genius.
You want to end up in a Moroccan
prison for the rest of your life?
Shit, you're right. You're right.
You're right. Fuck, we're fucked.
That's exactly what we are,
fucked. It's all your fault!
- My fault?
- You got it.
My fault?
You're the one who knew
Helen was prone to possession.
You're the one who knew
that she was possessed as a kid.
You knew Casablanca
was gonna be a bad place for her
but you know, you came.
It's your fucking fault.
- You kept the fucking secret.
- You're the one who let her go.
I told you, she knocked me out.
I was passed out.
I'm sure you love that shit.
You just love being knocked out.
How do I love being knocked out?
Figure it out.
Figure it out, Mr. Storyteller.
You're so caught up
in your imaginary tales,
you don't respect reality.
You don't know what reality is.
- My story is not--
- Like you're in a fucking movie.
My stories are not imaginary.
They're real.
- Oh they're real?
- Yeah.
Where can I see
one of your real,
real tales? Huh?
On Netflix? Hulu?
No, not even on YouTube.
You're a failure, man.
You know what your problem is?
You have one foot in the past,
one foot in the future
and you piss on the present.
Whatever you went through,
when you were a kid,
you should have
just dealt with it.
Because now you're spilling
that shit on me and Helen.
That's what cowards do.
That's exactly what you are.
You're a big fat coward.
Oh, that felt good.
God, I am so glad you feel good,
'cause that feels good now.
That felt good.
I'm surprised.
What the fuck--?
- Shit!
- Who the fuck is that?
That's-- that's Mancherbruuk.
- Is she dead? -I don't know.
I didn't touch her.
The motor.
It stopped.
And there's electricity.
- Shit, it's open.
- Yeah, I can see that.
What do we do? What do we do?
Mark? Mark?
What the fuck was that? Oh shit!
What the fuck is this?
- What the fuck is that?
- I don't know.
Oh shit!
Mark, is that a fucking lamb?
- Is that a real human being?
- Oh shit.
- Yeah, yeah. Okay. We got to go.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- What do you mean no?
- No, we've gone too far.
Fucking shut up!
Okay. Okay.
Oh. What is--
what is this? Oh my God.
What are you doing?
Why are you touching it?
- Why are you touching it?
- What the fuck is that?
Oh, God, no!
Oh, shit!
There's got to be
something, a way out.
Where are you going?
Wait. The motor is meant
to cover their screams.
Shit, you think so?
- I see lights.
- Where are they coming from?
I don't know. I've never
been here before. Shut up!
Okay. What's that smell?
That's smell?
I don't know. It smells bad.
- A bit like Sulfur.
- I don't know.
- Okay, okay.
- What are you doing?
- I don't know--
- Don't go in there.
- Sh...
- You stupid prick.
- I hate you. I fucking hate you.
- What the fuck is...
Oh! It's a bunch
of kid shit.
It's a bunch of kid shit.
- And um, it's posters.
- This is Daniel's room.
- This is Daniel's room.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe.
Tareek. Mrs. Frangier.
What's going on?
Oh fuck, it's locked.
Not even try.
Tareek, put the gun down.
- Yes, he was 11 years when it happened.
- What? Who?
- We tried everything.
- Daniel?
Every possible exorcism
you can imagine.
Until I came to understand
that the demon inside of my son
- is what keeps him alive.
- Oh shit!
- Is that Daniel?
- If the demon dies, my son dies.
Son of a bitch!
- What?
- Stay back.
Please. Go! Get back!
The only way to keep
my son alive
is to feed the demon a soul,
every six years.
Not any soul.
A soul tortured enough,
a soul dark enough,
so he can feed off of it
and live for another six years.
A soul like
the one of your friend, Helen.
What? You fucking--
Twenty years with a demon,
you learn a few tricks.
Tareek, take care
of our guest as usual.
Yes, master.
you don't have to do this.
Tareek, please.
You don't have to do this.
Please, Mark.
Don't resist. Just walk.
Tareek, you don't have to do
this. Please don't do this.
You can't just leave him here.
We gotta get him a doctor.
You can't just leave him
here, please.
Okay. Einar,
I'm coming back for you.
I'm coming back for you, buddy.
I'm coming back, buddy.
Tareek, please tell me.
How do I look?
You look perfect, master.
Not the Hollywood reaction,
I want the truth.
I think there's a little
too much lipstick.
Extravagance is a privilege only
very few can carry with elegance.
Tell me I'm elegant.
You are very elegant, master.
The very is not necessary,
but do you have always
to embellish things?
I am sorry, master.
And don't say, "I'm sorry."
It drains the little bit
of dignity you have left.
What is this?
It's the boys, Master.
Didn't you bury them yet?
Not yet, Master.
I know you want me to continue
filming, Master,
but it's been their story
from the beginning.
Their point of view
and if suddenly
the point of view shifts,
it will be in steep rupture
with basic film drama.
So I'm just suggesting
not to kill them
till they finish their film.
Since when, are you passionate
about cinema?
I've always been very passionate
about cinema, Master.
I just never mentioned it.
You are not to be passionate
about anything.
The only thing you are to be
passionate about is me.
Do you understand that?
Yes, Master.
And you will bury them tonight.
Yes, Master.
Somebody, please help!
Help! Help!
Mark, how many times
do I have to tell you
you're shouting through
a cemented window?
They were waiting for us,
in Daniel's room.
They even shut off the motor
to lure us in.
We fell right
into their trap. Get it?
- Don't talk like that--
- They've thought of everything.
It's over.
It's over.
It's okay.
We had a good run.
I guess, I'll never
get to make my movie.
You really think your little stupid found-footage
horror film would have changed something?
Huh? Changed the world?
Do you know how you Marks
there are out there, right now,
trying to do exactly the same
thing you were trying to do?
How's your film any more special
than theirs?
Everyone dies
in a found-footage movie.
I would have lived.
Oh! Wouldn't that be a twist?
And how would that work exactly?
Can you share?
Because maybe we can
get the fuck out of here.
You know, these are
our last moments together,
a little character
transformation wouldn't hurt.
Fuck you!
How's that for character
I'm sorry, guys.
It's time to go.
Hurry up please,
they don't have much time.
What's the rush?
The transfer of the soul
needs to be done
before midnight.
Helen's gone.
You're not gonna
get her.
She will be found trust me.
By who? The government?
Booyah is real, isn't it?
Tareek... is Booyah real?
Booyah is just
an old legend, Einar.
That tale grandmothers
tell their children
so that they don't go out
playing in the street at night.
You're lying.
You're lying.
I need to take a piss.
Can I take a piss before I die?
Can you please give me that?
You're not holding it right.
The camera-- your--
it's just there's better--
there's better ways to hold it.
So, you can hold like this
and you can pan it around.
It's as simple as that. And we
can get the screen like this.
That way you can view it without
actually having to lose your shot.
You can also hold it like this.
Are you in low light mode?
- Low light mode?
- Um you get better dynamic range in low light mode.
A better latitude.
- Latitude?
- Latitude, yeah.
- Put it down.
- Do it.
Einar, just do it.
He can't shoot both of us,
trust me.
- Shut up, Mark.
- Please...
calm down, Einar.
Please just take him out.
Just take him out.
Come on! Do it.
Do you want me to...
What the fuck?
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
You've been very silent, Tareek.
Are you sad?
Yes, Master. A little bit.
You shouldn't be.
You saved one life.
You give him a rubber hose
so he could breathe
and a torchlight,
so he could light
during the night.
But tell me,
which one was it?
The cute one or the other one?
The other one or the cute one?
Come on.
Tell me.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Uh! Mark. Uh, Mark!
You're shaking
as if I was going
to reprimand you.
Sorry, Master. I'm very sorry.
I respect your feelings, Tareek.
Look, it's a full moon tonight.
I like full moons.
They're filled
with so much meaning,
all these legends
about full moons,
all these creepy tales
of darkness.
There is this legend
about an old woman
who kills people with an ax.
Have you ever heard of it?
It is called
The legend of the woman
with big grey eyes.
So this woman,
she's driving in her car alone,
her eyes fixed on the road.
The moon is staring at her
but she never looks at the moon.
So the moon becomes dense
and begins to darken.
Her blue tones slowly fade
and a greyish veil
begins to envelope her.
The old woman feels so sick
like a strange tingling
sensation on her neck.
She looks up, and there...
The moon's eyes close
and her blue dress
slowly envelopes her.
And she disappears
into the darkness.
Are you down there!
Fuck! Fuck!
Mark! Come on,
talk to me, buddy.
Mark. Mark.
Come on.
Come on, buddy.
No! No!
How are you, sweetie?
Stay quiet.
If you stay quiet,
everything will be just fine.
Do you understand?
Oh, fuck.
You got to stay calm.
Excuse me. Booyah?
Do you know where Booyah is?
- Do you know where Booyah is?
- What?
Excuse me, Booyah?
Do you know where Booyah is?
Do you know where Booyah is?
Help. Help me.
Help! Help! Help. I need help.
Do you know where Booyah is?
Can you take me?
Can you take me to Bo-- Fuck!
Please, stop. Stop!
Can you take me to Booyah?
You can?
Sir, please.
Yes? You can?
Are you an angel?
Lord of darkness.
You are the king of universe.
It is filled with your darkness
and your darkness alone.
Command this soul into my son
for you have done
him into your kingdom.
This is Booyah?
The old slaughterhouse?
Oh, God!
Oh, God.
I just want my friend, Helen.
Helen, I know you're in here.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry
for everything that happened.
Please, Helen.
You just have to come out.
Just come out, Helen,
and we can go home.
you just have to come out, okay.
Let's go home.
Helen, wait!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
We gotta go. We gotta go.
Who are you?
Sit down. Sit.
Helen... listen.
I need to go back.
I need to go get Mark's camera.
You stay here. Okay?
If I'm not back
in fifteen minutes,
go find the American Embassy.
Tell them everything
that happened here.
They won't believe you,
but at least
you'll be safe. Okay?
Hey, hey!
Look at me.
You'll get so many views.
Millions, millions of viewers.
More reviews
that you could ever dream of.
I love you.
Okay. Okay.
- Momma.
- What?
Momma. Momma.
Your mom is dead, Daniel.
This one's for you, Mark!