The 27 Club (2019) Movie Script

Early this morning,
you came knocking
on my door.
"Hello, Satan," I said.
"I believe it's time
to go."
The two of us,
walking side-by-side.
You gonna bury my body
down by the highway-side.
So my old evil spirit
can catch a Greyhound bus...
and ride.
Happy 27, Quinn.
You're a legend.
Don't think I didn't see you
snag my coke, Brenda.
[SOFTLY] Fuck...
This music is the siren call
of the devil himself.
Polluting our children.
Offering base gratification
in exchange for
their eternal souls.
It gives hope
to the devil to know
that so many people are
willing to hand over their shot
at eternal life
with Jesus Christ...
in exchange for being the idols
these other lost souls worship.
There is a special
place in hell
for those who take
what is meant for the Lord.
One, two, three, four!
Oh, now you're up.
As soon as I want some privacy,
you pricks spring
right into action.
Go home, assholes.
I said get the fuck...
Quinn Scott, your debt is due.
I'll kill her. I'll kill her,
I swear I'll do it.
Your time has passed.
Quinn, what are you doing?
Fuckhead, wake...
Lily. Lily, hey, hey.
We got to go. We got to go.
We got to go right now.
Get up. We got to go.
Get up. We got to go.
ZANE: I can hear your phone
buzzing through the door.
Or it could have been
your vibrator buzzing.
Who's to say?
I got in late
after the show last night.
And then I put in
a full night of editing.
I need you to come with me
over to Jenny's place.
For the last time, man,
I'm not gonna have a threesome
with you and your girlfriend.
But Jenny and your mom,
that's still on the table.
You are way too old
for my mom, man.
Jenny's way too old for you.
Hey, fuck you, man.
She's hot.
Her sister's over there
being dramatic.
If you show up with me,
they'll just...
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Cut it short.
- Fine.
- Buy you a coffee?
- Thanks.
- A latte.
- Oh, fuck you.
REPORTER: Local music fans have
gathered today to pay tribute
to rock 'n' roll
star Quinn Scott.
The charismatic frontman
of the band Saturn's Return
who died last night
in the building behind me
after celebrating achieving
platinum record status
on what was his
27th birthday.
An autopsy is
currently being conducted.
And while it may take
several weeks for authorities
to determine
the actual cause of death,
focus has already been brought
to the notorious 27 Club
into which Quinn Scott
is tragically...
- Hey.
- ...the most recent inductee.
- What's going on over there?
- Quinn Scott died.
I just saw him
perform last night.
We really got to go.
JASON: Oh, this would be
perfect for my doc.
ZANE: Wow, that's your reaction?
JASON: Come on, man. You got to admit.
The timing's super nuts.
He was just joking about the
curse at his show last night.
This makes Quinn Scott the
newest member of the 27 Club.
So? Robert Johnson,
Amy Winehouse,
Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin,
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison.
And now Quinn Scott?
There's got to be a connection.
Yeah, they're all the same age.
No, it goes
way deeper than that.
Quinn Scott is just
the most recent to be taken.
Jimi Hendrix, OD'd on pills
and one of his roadies claims his
manager confessed to murdering him.
Janis Joplin, OD's on heroin
right before releasing
her biggest hit song.
Jim Morrison dies
of heart failure.
His corpse was wrapped in
plastic and packed in dry ice
for three days
before being reported.
Kurt Cobain dies from
a shotgun blast to the head.
Murder allegations
have been documented,
but never
properly investigated.
Amy Winehouse died
of alcohol poisoning.
Her family and management burns
through her $10 million estate
in under two years.
Robert Johnson, the original.
He suffered for three days straight
before dying of strychnine poisoning
from a bottle of whiskey.
Any one of their deaths could
have easily been a murder.
Yeah, yeah. Murder, suicide.
Maybe they were
dragged to hell!
- Anything's possible.
- All right, let's go.
We got to get going to Jenny's,
I really wanna get
this thing over with.
You can come back later.
- Come on.
- Okay, all right.
JENNY: You can't keep
scaring me like this
and expect me
to forget about it.
Would you dial back
the shrill mom tone
just a little bit?
If you keep getting
blackout drunk,
you're gonna get
really hurt one day.
[SCOFFS] I was with Caleb.
That shithead. He left you
passed out in front of my door.
I'm in one piece.
Hey, guys.
Lily, what happened this time?
She's fine.
You guys know
I have a show tonight?
Cool. Where is it?
At the Panic Room.
It'd be great
if you guys could come.
We got to play to
a full house, right?
I thought you said
those guys don't like you.
Caleb likes me,
and he owns all their gear.
He said I could sing tonight.
Is he your boyfriend?
When required.
Can you give me
a ride to my place?
We're going to brunch
in the opposite direction.
We're already pretty late, too.
I can walk you home.
It's on my way.
Hey, Professor Crawford.
How's the project going?
Um, Quinn Scott
died last night.
He just turned 27.
That's helpful for you,
I suppose.
This could be the thing that really
pushed this project over the edge.
I hope so.
Do you think these
connections are real?
More and more,
as I keep researching.
Uh, the only thing I haven't done
is communicate with the dead.
Interesting. That might
be worth a try.
But that would be
entirely your decision.
I wouldn't even
know where to start.
Anything else
before I go?
Um, yeah. Maybe one question.
Do you believe in the curse?
I believe in you, Jason.
You've got the opportunity to
do something really great here.
Keep up the good work.
Hey, can you hear me?
Something? Anything?
Ah, forget it.
CALEB: All right,
are you guys ready to rock?
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I introduce Vile Descent!
And for the first time
on vocals...
Lily Glance!
Are you fuckers
ready to get crazy?
Lily! Yeah!
[CHUCKLES] Asshole.
I know you can do
better than that.
Show us your tits.
I bet you wanna hear "Free Bird,"
too, you fucking douchebag.
No, I just wanted
to see your tits.
- He's wasted.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Hey, can we just start the show?
Let's start the show!
All right, everybody.
Thanks for coming out.
My name is Lily Glance.
And these are
my lady singers!
She has the attitude.
If only she had the talent.
- I cannot watch this.
- What?
I cannot watch this.
We're going.
Let's go.
Thanks, fuckers.
I actually wanted a whiskey.
You know what? We're done.
And you're done.
Everyone, Lily's first
and last performance.
- You're out. Go.
- MAN: Yeah!
Get out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
Yeah, sorry about that,
everybody. Fuck them.
Is there, uh... Do we got a
bass player in the house, man?
Just take this pussy
out of here.
We need one bass player.
All right, well, "The show must
go on," as they say, right?
We are Vile Descent.
First song is called
"We Are Slaves."
- Let's get crazy.
We are slaves
We are slaves
We are slaves
We are slaves
We are slaves
LILY: Caleb, get back here.
Come on.
Every time, man. Every time.
- Come on.
- What? What?
Hey, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said.
All right?
I'll do whatever it takes.
Those guys are never gonna
let me live this down, ever.
Do you understand?
You don't need those guys.
You're so much
better than them.
Turn off your dick, dude.
You guys should
make your own band.
Maybe one day you guys
could open for us.
Yeah, fuck you!
Keep dreaming, bitch.
It's not working out,
all right?
You made me look stupid,
do you understand?
There's nothing... There's nothing
you can do to make it up to me.
All right? You're done.
Look, doesn't mean we're done.
You mean we can, like,
keep hooking up or whatever?
Yeah. Whatever you want.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- BAND MEMBER: Fuck her!
You're such an asshole.
- Later, bitches.
- Hey, that's my stuff. That's my shit.
Hey! Fuck!
are you okay?
Those guys are jerks.
Zane and Jenny split?
Can't blame 'em.
You weren't that bad.
Thanks, I guess.
You were right.
They were playing too slow.
I mean, I may have
been a little off.
But they sucked tonight.
And the best part is
I have it all recorded
so you can analyze it later.
- No!
No, you were not
filming that shit show.
Yeah, yeah, I was
filming that shit show.
For my documentary.
About shitty local bands?
The 27 Club. You know it?
Yeah. That's cool.
Who's your favorite member?
Is it Amy Winehouse?
You have some of the same
tattoos that she does.
Good eye.
My favorite is Robert Johnson.
He's the first rock 'n' roller
to ever be inducted
into the club.
They say he made
a deal with the devil.
Pretty crazy, right?
I've tried that
a couple times.
As witnessed tonight,
it did not work.
Do you think
it's all coincidence?
I mean, there's plenty
of people who've made it big
that didn't die at 27.
Yeah, but the musicians
who died at 27
seem to represent their
generation in a significant way.
They perpetuate this
"live fast, die young" fantasy
that most people are
too afraid to go after.
I'd gladly call it
life at 27
if it meant I had
half the success Amy had.
You don't think that sounds
like a selfish thing to say?
I mean, we're all
gonna go sometime.
I want a life
that people remember.
She gave herself
to us completely.
And now we have
her music forever.
It's not a selfish dream,
it's a generous one.
That was great.
Would you mind if you said that
again and I put it on tape?
Right now?
- Yeah.
- Not a good time.
I still want to
interview you, though.
I think it'd make
a great addition to the film.
I do need
a musician's perspective.
Look, I know you're
into me or whatever,
but... [SIGHS]
I'm no Amy.
Well, maybe not yet.
But neither was she.
Until she was.
Clock's ticking on that.
I'm already 26.
Can I buy you
a drink somewhere?
- How about three?
- Okay.
If there was a better way
to wash off a bad night,
I haven't found it yet.
Why are you, uh...
Why are you making
a documentary on the 27 Club?
I've always loved music.
You know, it's the closest thing
you can get to real magic on earth.
Like, when you hear,
like, a really great song
and it does something to you
that you never would
have felt without it.
So why don't you pick up
the guitar or something?
I tried. I was awful.
Yeah, my only hope would've been
making a deal with the devil, too.
But, uh, yeah.
So I'm just taking it
for this, uh,
independent study program
over the summer.
Just figured I would
channel my energy
into something that
I'm actually passionate about.
All right, Mr. Passion.
Give me 40 bucks.
Is this for the interview that
you're gonna give me later?
It's a start.
Excuse you.
Is everything okay?
Fine. How's your relationship
with your drug dealer?
You know, I think
I've seen him before.
Really? You know Derek?
I wouldn't say I know him.
Lucky you.
[SIGHS] That's better.
Your turn.
[GROANS] Oh, my God.
I feel like dancing.
I don't dance.
You do now.
Do they know that girl?
There was a girl.
A girl?
Yeah. They were leaving.
You can't leave yet.
Let's keep dancing.
Let me put this down.
Here. Put this on.
Okay. Okay.
- Hurry up.
- I'll be right back.
I make love to thousands
of people every night.
And then I go home alone.
Now, that doesn't sound fair
to me, does it?
You know, nobody who
ever saw me perform
had to go home alone.
They each...
took a piece of me with them.
Whether they knew it or not.
One day, I'll have
nothing left to lose.
No more love to give.
And then I'll be free.
They might move on
to the next one,
but they'll never forget me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Did we, uh...
- I don't know.
I hope we didn't.
Oh, yeah. Me, too.
I know you probably think
that it doesn't make sense
for us to be together.
But I think we
can still try.
Please, just leave.
I don't think I want
to be in your movie.
You saw the show.
No one wants to hear
what I have to say.
And this feels weird.
I didn't think it was that bad.
I think you're amazing.
Just think about it.
The interview, I mean.
- What's that?
- What?
The notebook.
That's just, um,
something that I'm using for my project,
but you're no longer
interested in it anymore,
so can I have it
back, please?
Um, yeah. Sure.
Okay, um...
I'm just gonna
get dressed outside.
Hey, dude.
Show me the video of Lily getting
booed offstage last night.
Jenny made us leave
before it was over.
That shit was hilarious.
Not now, man.
I'm trying to get some work done.
Come on, I wanna see it.
Dude, it wasn't
even that funny.
Are you defending her?
She's a good person.
How well do you know her?
Better than you think.
Wait a minute,
did you hook up with her?
Why would you even say that?
I knocked on
your door this morning,
you weren't here.
You never stay out.
What happened?
I mean, I stayed at her place,
but it's nothing like that.
Oh, my God, you did!
you've joined the club
of the 27 other guys
she's currently banging.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's just a pretty easy score,
no offense.
How would you know?
What is that?
Oh, shit.
That's what I'm researching.
I think it's instructions
for summoning a demon.
Do you speak Mexican?
Mexican isn't a language,
it's Spanish.
But even that's wrong
because you're looking at Latin.
I see Mexico, senor.
- Where?
- Speak it. Let's summon this demon.
Let's hope it's not Lily.
- Ugh.
- Summon this shit.
Hey, man.
Are you the manager?
No. Sorry, dude.
Just the checkout person.
Why, you got to complain
or something?
Actually, I was just wondering
if you guys had this
on CD.
The Very Best of Everclear.
Deep shit, huh?
First of all, fantastic choice.
Vinyl's awesome, obviously,
but I was thinking
it might be cool
to, like, listen to these
tracks in my friend's car.
Maybe download it?
And lose that vintage sound
of the original?
Yeah, well, we only
have it on vinyl here,
so maybe check at
Goodwill or something.
I think they stock CDs.
I know a little bit about vinyl.
Mind if I have a look?
Uh, sure, man.
What's your name?
Sleeve's in good shape.
Let's check the vinyl.
There's something wrong
with this one.
The vinyl is broken.
Dude, this guy's hardcore.
Here, Bladen.
Stooges, Damned...
Quinn Scott.
Much better than the Everclear.
Oh, and by the way.
This, too. None of that's
any good without it.
Now go poke some holes
in your face.
Shoo. Scat.
Say hi to your mom for me.
I like to do what I can
to educate the youth.
LILY: I can see that.
Oh, no.
Is that a friend
of yours, Lily?
No, just some guy
I was hoping
I wouldn't have
to see for a while.
Would you like me
to educate him a little?
Why don't you see if he'll give
me that necklace he's wearing?
We dated for five weeks,
and he never gave me anything.
What a jerk.
So, uh, you here
to apologize or something?
Yeah, some...
Something kinda like that.
You know, you can't go
over there empty-handed.
You got to be bearing
some gifts, as they say.
What do you got on you?
Why, you're looking for
some drugs or something, man?
I don't got anything like that.
Do I look like
I need to score drugs
from some wuss
in a record store?
No. I mean, nice things.
Things for girls.
Yeah, well, I'm fresh out
of nice things for girls, okay?
What about this?
I got this from
a close friend, okay?
I'm not dating her
or anything like that.
She's not my girlfriend.
And she never will be,
unless you learn
to make a sacrifice.
All right.
If you think it'll work.
It'll work.
This means a lot.
You wanna hang out
when you get off your shift?
That thing says we need
a drop of blood.
Come on, bro.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Candles and an offering.
Something specific to the person
that you're trying to contact.
Why is your computer
in the center?
[SIGHS] Because I need
a flat, black mirrored surface
for visualizing the evocation,
but I don't have
a polished black obelisk,
so I'm using
my laptop screen instead.
So you're like
FaceTiming a demon?
Yeah, I guess so.
So you got
a screen name in here?
Just gonna give him a call?
Come on. Let's do it.
Oh, oh.
Okay, I'm out.
What? What? Hey, man,
what if something crazy happens?
Crazy is already
happening in here.
You're about to worship
your computer by candlelight.
If anything else happens,
you got your cameras here
to capture it.
So, I'm out.
Fine. Just turn off
the lights before you go.
"Spirits of the past,
move among us.
"Be guided by the light
of this world,
"and visit your soul upon us.
"We... I bestow upon you
"gifts from life into death.
"Visit your soul upon us."
That was something.
The spirit of Quinn Scott,
I offer you my body
as a vessel
to once again merge
with the living.
Oh. Hey, Professor.
What did you just say?
Nevermind. I was
just clearing my voice.
Interesting lighting.
Did the power go out?
No. Just trying out some stuff
I found in this crazy notebook.
I'm pretty sure nothing's
going to happen.
This part of the documentary
will probably just make me
look like an idiot.
Get some answers before
you go diving in.
Thanks, Professor. Talk soon.
Goodbye, Jason.
My camera's out of memory.
Here. Put this on.
Okay. Okay.
- Hurry up.
- I'll be right back.
Yeah, uh...
This isn't gonna work,
like, right now.
Oh, my God,
you're such a loser.
Oh, hey.
I've been thinking
about it, and, uh...
I think I'm down
to do your interview.
What made you change your mind?
I don't know,
I was just, um...
Just thinking it might be
a good opportunity.
You know, even if nothing's
really going on
with my career right now,
it might be good.
I mean, for the future,
see what I'm like now.
I totally agree.
Maybe tomorrow?
You should head over
before I change my mind.
JASON: Okay.
Then everything's
cool between us?
Yeah, of course.
Oh, can you bring that
notebook from earlier?
I want to look at it.
Yeah, I wanted to talk
to you about it, too.
I'll be over soon.
Extend your hands
beyond the clouds to the stars.
Eyes gazing beyond your reach.
Let yourself glide
across the edge of the cliff,
and soar with broken wings.
Drink the view
until you're quenched.
Forget your raffish trade.
An offering of innocence
will plow you to the stage.
The ride is short
and fast, my friend.
Your soul drowns while you wait.
There's hell below.
Enjoy the show.
For you, it has been made.
So, when did you first
start singing?
I've always been singing.
It's who I am.
Then I guess, uh,
when did you first start performing?
Can I be honest
to you about something?
Yeah, sure.
These questions
are really boring.
What kind of interview
did you want this to be?
Uh, okay, let me think.
Since you asked me
to bring it over,
how about we talk
about the notebook?
Let me see it.
Oh, my God.
I knew this looked familiar.
This is Derek's book.
I saw it at his place.
We actually tried
using it one time
to talk to dead rockstars.
He said that Quinn used
this book to become famous.
I could take you to his place
and you could ask him yourself.
Yeah, yeah, let's do that.
I think it's through here,
but it's been a while.
DEREK: [YELLING] I got rid
of it because it's useless!
I'm done with it.
Let someone else ruin
their life with that shit.
KYLE: You need to get it back!
You're the only one
that's seen it work before.
DEREK: Not like I hid
it in a safe place.
I wanted to be done with it!
It's gone.
KYLE: Finally, I have
something good enough to offer,
and now it's fucking wasted.
Are you down here?
Stop it!
Derek, you need
to get over here.
Leave him alone.
You shouldn't be here.
DEREK: Did she get out?
Now, what do we have here?
Tell him to let go of Jason.
I caught these fucks
sneaking around.
Kyle, cool off.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Tell him to let him go.
He's harmless.
We just came by to talk to you.
And what do you want
to talk to me about, huh?
Let him up before he pisses
all over my floor.
LILY: We came by
to talk to you...
About this.
It's no big deal.
We can get out of here if you want.
I think you guys should
stay for a bit.
Follow me.
- That thing rolling?
- JASON: Yep.
Maybe we can start by you telling
me where you first saw the book.
It's Quinn's book.
He gave it to me just before
he started really taking off,
said he didn't need it anymore.
The more I watched
Quinn's success,
the more I was convinced it had
everything to do with this book.
But something
was always missing.
- What was it?
- This page here.
It's a reproduction
of a contract
like Robert Johnson
signed with the devil.
If you noticed,
the signature's missing.
But this page
always seemed special.
JASON: Then how did Quinn
get it to work for him?
You ever notice
he always wore a necklace
with a little metal
cylinder on it?
Whatever's in that thing
is key to this page,
and without it, the book wouldn't
give me what I begged it for.
But my time's passed.
And I'm cursed
to live out my life
knowing that I have done
ten times what I need to
to secure my place in hell.
Have you ever thought
about just destroying it?
We've got a furnace
in that room over there
that'll completely
destroy anything.
And, yeah,
I've considered throwing this
in there a few times.
When I heard Quinn died,
I figured it was time
to give some other sucker a chance
of putting the two together.
I guess it's not finished
with me after all.
I was at Quinn's
the night he died.
I have this.
I want to try it first.
I wanna talk to Amy.
You can open up the door,
but you don't get
to pick what comes out.
The scroll found me.
What the hell is that?
Shit. Is that a heart?
KYLE: It's Quinn Scott's heart.
I killed for it.
Good enough?
We should get out of here.
DEREK: Spirits of the past,
move among us
guided by the light
of this world
and visit upon us.
Our door is open to you.
The spirit of Quinn Scott,
we call to you.
We call to you with that
which made you human.
There is one in our presence
who has touched darkness.
Give us a sign.
Show us you are here.
Let me be your vessel.
Take my body and do
your will again on Earth.
- That's not a spirit. He's having a heart...
- Jason, stop.
- He's gonna die.
- Let him!
Let him be your vessel.
I am your vessel.
LILY: I feel your presence.
You bitch.
You're fucking ruining it!
- I will be your servant.
- KYLE: Stop!
You're fucking ruining it!
Oh, you're gonna make
such a good offering.
JASON: Stop it!
There ain't no kind
of way out here
I've chosen a wild ride
into the woods, yeah
Learned my lesson
Nothing touched my royal ears
And righteous failure
Taking me just the same
I will be watched until I die
Beat the devil
At his own game
Death is not a grand finale
With the cold waking me
JASON: What? One clip?
There should be way
more than this.
I wrote a song for this man.
Quinn, you'll be missed.
When I die
Burn me with
the white flower
Underneath the root line
In a field
With the smell
With the smell
of a bonfire
Burning wood...
In the sun
In the sun
We will rise
When I die
Burn me somewhere near
So I could hear
Your prayers here
With the heart
With the heart
Of a lover
Oh, my God.
Even simple disclosure
Of the word
That's me.
I can't believe that's me.
What's up, bro-seph?
Don't you ever knock?
Not when you stay out two
nights in a row, my friend.
What the fuck is this?
It's Derek.
Why the fuck do you
have pictures of him?
JASON: I don't know.
He let me go over to his place
and interview him last night.
Yeah, about what, being a fucking
drug-dealing creep asshole?
That guy used to stalk
Jenny and Lily.
They said he would try to get 'em
high when they were, like, 16.
I didn't know that, you know.
He didn't seem that bad
at the time.
Maybe he's mellowed out
or something.
Whatever that means.
Just don't let Jenny find out if you wanna
keep your head attached to your body.
JASON: Thanks for the advice.
ZANE: Wash my shirt
before you give it back, please.
Where the fuck did you
find that anyway?
I thought I lost it months ago.
Don't steal my shit.
- Hey.
- LILY: I love you.
I'm sorry. What?
Why didn't you tell me you
were gonna upload the video?
- Oh...
- People love me.
Yeah, yeah. Well,
you were amazing.
A friend watched it and wants me to
perform at her coffee shop later.
I would love for you
to film it.
Thanks for believing in me.
None of this would be
happening without you.
Well, I knew you'd be
a big help to my project, so...
I'll see you later tonight.
See you soon.
In the sun
In the sun
We will rise
In the sun
In the sun
We will shine
We will shine
We will shine
We will shine
We will shine
Thank you.
You killed it.
Did you guys love it?
Oh, my God.
You were amazing, Lily.
Finding my voice has been
a really cool thing.
I'm just really glad
you guys could make it.
That was amazing, Lily.
Thanks, Zane.
Excuse me. Lily?
I loved your performance.
You have an amazing voice.
My name is Mick.
I'm a record producer.
I wanted to know if you'll
come by my studio tomorrow
to record vocals
for one of my songs.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, that would be great.
- Thank you.
- No...
Thank you.
Here's my card.
Give my studio a call tomorrow,
and they'll get you all set up.
You guys have
a great night, all right?
Ready to go, Jason?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
It's good seeing you guys.
No. Maybe this.
How's it going over there?
What? Oh, um...
Sorry, I just...
You know what?
I'm gonna take off
and give you some
space to practice.
Yup. Yup, okay.
Gonna use the bathroom
before I go.
Oh, uh, no.
No, it's not... Sorry.
It's broken.
Totally useless in there.
Nothing works.
- Hey.
- Jesus!
- Calm down, dude.
- Okay.
I just... [CHUCKLES]
I wanted to see if you would film
the recording session tomorrow?
Yeah, fine.
Uh, okay.
I'll see you then.
But I got to practice, so...
I'm the reason that
you've been chosen.
What do you want?
Revenge for killing
that piece of shit?
No, I want your power.
You don't know its strength.
Until you kill someone pure.
It'll never end.
You'll keep killing.
I devoted my life to this.
And you stole it from me!
Do you wanna fuck me?
[MOANING] Cum all over me.
- Be right there.
Hi, Zane.
What are you doing here?
Don't be cute.
I told you last time.
That it was a mistake
and we should stop.
I see the way
you look at me.
Wanting more.
Aren't you gonna
invite me in?
God, you're a mess.
A fucking hot mess, though.
All right.
This is truly the last time.
Simply being a part
of the generation
isn't good enough
for most of you.
So desperate to know
this secret.
Yeah, it's a big
fucking secret
that everybody who seems
to know won't tell.
How can I make people want me?
It's bullshit.
You know, fame isn't
a reflection of...
Of skill or talent.
It's all just...
It's all just...
It's wasted on people who want it.
They just can't make it last.
Maybe the answer is...
do nothing.
That's the fucking trick.
It's just you wanting
people to want you back.
Nothing pushes people away
like feeling wanted.
So you fucked it up
before you even got started.
There are just some people
who want nothing to do with you.
And those are the ones
who you give all your love to.
I see you're all settled in.
I hope you don't mind,
I told Jason
I'd let him film
for his little project.
MICK: Of course not.
You've got a great eye
for talent, Jason.
I see this girl
doing big things.
If she's willing to work hard
and make sacrifices.
Whatever it takes. Right?
- Yeah.
So, feel good?
You ready
to make some magic?
Jason, let's give her the booth.
You can film
from the control room.
Got it.
All right, here we go.
Should I stay
Should I go
I will keep my distance
You know
'Cause you keep me
falling all night
So you really think
she's got something, huh?
She's got a sexy look, too.
Yeah, definitely.
You guys a thing?
- No, not really.
- That's good.
She's not gonna want some
boyfriend slowing her down
when the wheels
really start to turn.
Small secrets
Keep me awake
Small secrets
Keep me awake
So you keep me falling
all night
Yeah, you keep me falling
all night
Yeah, you keep me falling
all night
You just keep me falling
all night
Lily, that was fantastic.
Right, Jason?
Yeah, amazing as always.
I'm gonna send the track
to the label.
Have them give it a listen.
That's great.
All right, I wanna
thank you guys right now.
I'll be in touch.
- Check in with my secretary on the way out.
Nice job. [CHUCKLES]
- What's wrong?
- It's Jenny.
She's been calling
and texting this whole time.
Ugh. Weird.
We should probably
call her back.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
I'll call her back.
I'm just so excited!
And you haven't heard
from him all day?
I got this weird text
from him this morning,
saying he wanted some space.
Sorry. I'm sure he's fine.
Well, we're headed
to Jason's room right now.
I mean, we're headed
to his place.
Right, Jason?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'll give you a call
whenever we get there
and let you know
that he's okay.
- Okay?
- JENNY: Thank you, Jason.
by the way, Lily.
I know today
was a big deal for you.
- We'll talk later, okay?
- Okay.
Is that Zane?
Mmm. Unknown number.
They loved it.
They want you to release it as a
single before the movie comes out.
We'll need you
this weekend.
We'll be staying
at my beach house.
Holy shit.
I mean, yes.
They loved the track.
- MICK: Lily, are you there?
- Yeah.
They want you to shoot
a video when you get there.
So I'm gonna need you
to sign a few more papers,
you know, before you head out.
Here's the deal.
Now, this is the age
of the Internet,
so I got to ask...
Do you have any damning videos?
You know, sex tapes
or otherwise.
No, of course not.
All my sex happens
Yeah, that's what I figured,
but I had to ask.
- Of course.
- All right.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
What were you talking about?
Oh, it's nothing.
He was just making a joke.
He's making sex jokes already?
It's nothing. Chill.
So, I would love to see
a cut of the documentary.
Can we watch?
Um, yeah.
Yeah, I actually
have an early cut.
I'll show it to you
when we get to my place.
I have a key to Zane's room
in my drawer.
I'm just gonna grab it
really fast.
Today has been way too good
to let Jenny and Zane's
shit bring me down.
Don't be scared.
I know you want me.
What happens when you leave?
You don't want some boyfriend
weighing you down.
Oh, hey.
Wait, I need to get that.
I got to take this.
Jason, just wanted
to check in.
I know you've been real busy.
Yes, thank you. Very busy.
Not too busy to have
a little fun, though.
Yeah, that's...
That's true.
Hello, dear. Everything's fine.
I'm Jason's professor.
Is there anything specific
you wanted to ask me about?
I've got an opportunity for you
to screen your
documentary next week.
Apparently, some producers
are coming to the school
and want to check out
some student projects.
Wow. Uh, yeah.
I mean, it'll take
a lot of editing,
but I think I have everything
I need to get it done.
Wonderful. Enjoy the rest
of your night.
You, too, dear.
Thank you. Bye.
LILY: Where are you going?
Zane still hasn't
gotten back in touch with me,
so I'm gonna go
check on him.
- Oh, wait.
- What?
What is it? What's the matter?
I'm just gonna open up
his door and take a look around.
- Okay.
- Okay.
JASON: Zane?
What's going on, man?
Oh, my God.
Lily, you've got
to come see this.
I've never seen his bed made.
Must be really going
through some shit.
What the fuck?
I don't know where he is.
Your psycho sister stole all
of my shit and then bolted.
I'm on my way now.
Meet me there.
Open up! Lily!
- Jason!
- Lily!
- Where is she?
- Do you have a key?
She stole everything.
She stole my whole documentary.
My camera, my phone,
my computer.
I am so sorry
that you're getting dragged
into her problems.
I actually thought you'd be
a good influence on her.
JENNY: Where are all
the beer cans and bongs
and things she usually
has piled up everywhere?
Yeah, this is strange.
I've got to check something.
JENNY: I'm so sorry, Jason.
As soon as we find out
where she went,
I'll make sure you
get all your things back.
I think I know where to go.
I think she's down here.
Oh, my God. Lily!
Dude, you burned all my stuff?
We need to get her
out of here.
Lily, what is wrong with you?
Come on, Lily.
I'm sorry for what I did.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
We'll get you out of here.
You'll be okay.
I'm so sorry.
Stay right here.
I'll be right back.
I'm coming in.
Wait for Jason to come back.
Listen to me,
you selfish bitch!
Let me out of here.
Lily, they've got
somebody locked in here.
Lily, call for help.
Lily, what's wrong with you?
- What's happened to you?
- Jason!
We need to get out of here.
We can't. We can't leave her.
Try these.
Hey, hey!
It's okay, it's okay.
Don't be scared.
Listen, okay?
It's just Jenny.
She's here to help, okay?
Look, special people don't
have control over their lives.
They only believe
in the present moment.
You can let go and give in.
You could be your true self.
I take the moment and I turn
it into something beautiful.
And if I can't,
I destroy it.
Look, fear of losing your life
prevents you
from even living it.
Special people are
ignorant of the rules,
scarier than their fears,
and more important than
their limited time on Earth.
REPORTER: All right, Lily,
don't worry. Don't be nervous.
No tough questions tonight
'cause it's all about
promotion for your concert.
Thank you so much. [CHUCKLES]
- How are you feeling? Good?
- I'm feeling good.
- All right, how are we looking, Cliff?
- Looking good, doll.
All right, count me off.
Here we are
in three, two...
So, Lily, how does it feel
being at the tail end
of your very first
sold-out tour?
It's great.
It's been amazing
meeting with fans
and feeling so much support
through this tough time.
This last year was the hardest
thing I've ever had to go through.
Speaking of the last year,
are you at all concerned that you
haven't given yourself enough time
to process everything
that's happened to you,
that you got back to work
too soon after the tragedy?
I think performing has
helped me process
losing all my friends
and, you know, my sister
being in a coma.
She's such a survivor.
And that helps me not to feel
like, you know, a victim myself.
And of course,
my producer, Mick,
has been with me
through all of this.
You never know when
it's gonna be your time,
so you just...
You have to pursue your dream
while you still have the chance.
You know, live for today.
Five minutes, guys.
Very inspiring, Lily.
Words to live by.
- Thank you so much.
- Yes, thank you.
I hope you enjoy the show.
Oh, we certainly will, Lily.
We certainly will.
Let's go.
What an amazing story.
Lily Glance, survivor
of a crazed serial killer,
turning tragedy into triumph.
It's been one year
since the fateful night
when Lily Glance lost
several of her closest friends
and nearly lost her sister
at the hands of Jason Reed,
a fame-obsessed filmmaker
who murdered five young people
and placed Lily's
sister in a coma.
Lily just celebrated her 27th
birthday a few months ago.
We wish her all
the success in the world.
But by the sounds of
the audience out there tonight,
- I think she's already got that covered.
We got a new driver tonight.
He's got directions
to the party.
Are you sure you can't come?
I can't.
I'm gonna hang out with a few
people from the label tonight.
Too bad.
DRIVER: Must be great.
Excuse me?
Thousands of adoring fans,
the money,
getting driven around
in a nice car like this.
Yup, sure is.
It wasn't always like this.
Yeah, I know.
You weren't Lily Glance
until you were. Right?
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
You know, you just reminded me of someone I
haven't thought about in a really long time.
Yeah, I have that effect
on people.
They say I'm one
of those faces.
Know what I mean?
Hey, mind driving
a little safer?
I like that necklace.
Where did you get it?
An old ex-boyfriend
gave it to me.
That's strange.
Wearing a gift from an ex.
I usually dump everything
with the body.
That's just a joke.
I don't usually dump
the evidence.
I incinerate it.
Much harder to trace that way.
That's how I did it
for you, Lily.
What the fuck did you just say?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't distract the
driver while the vehicle is in motion.
You sure were sloppy.
Singers, though.
Don't wanna get their hands
dirty, am I right?
Fuck you!
- Easy, easy.
I have a much better chance of
surviving this crash than you.
You bitch!
Come back here!
No, no, no.
Hello, Lily.
It's me.
Lily Glance.
Your debt is due.
SCARLET: And this is Scarlet Capra
with an Action News 7 exclusive report.
We are live on the scene
of a fatal car crash
here on the side
of Mulholland Drive,
where it appears
that the limo driver
who was transporting
Lily Glance
from tonight's concert
lost control of the vehicle,
causing it to plummet
into the ravine behind me.
The driver, whose body
was thrown from the vehicle,
has not yet been recovered,
but authorities
have just confirmed
Lily Glance was
killed on impact.
Folks, if you are
just joining us,
tragic news tonight.
It is hard to believe
rockstar Lily Glance,
dead at 27.