The 27th Day (1957) Movie Script

How do you like it, Eve?
What is it?
My impression of
the coastland of Cornwall.
Oh, Harry darling, you painted
the entire coastline of England.
I've yet to see anything
that looks like a wave.
Never mind. Keep on trying.
I'm going for a walk.
You have certain no appreciation
for modern art.
Miss Wingate
Come with me, please.
- Three sugars?
- Three.
I like your style, Pete.
Some day, You'll be the boss of
the Los Angeles "Record Telegram".
Thanks for the compliment.
That's 20 cents.
My mistake,
some day you'll be the treasurer.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
Mr. Clark
Who's that?
My name is of no importance,
Mr. Clark
But I must ask you to come with me.
Su Tan
Come with me, Su Tan.
Well, I'm ready.
At least I remember to take
my notes with me to America.
Coblenz has been honored by your
invitation to the conference.
Ah,the honor will be
to witness the launching of the satellite.
They mark the beginning
of a new phase in the progress of mankind.
Perhaps the greatest single step
toward achieving communication
between the planets.
Your plane to America. 3 o'clock.
It will be difficult to get
there without it. Huh?
Well, professor,
have a nice trip.
And we'll hear from you soon,uh?
- Thank you, Dr. Schimidt .Goodbye
- Good bye.
Professor Bechner.
Did someone call me?
Professor, I'm afraid
you'll have to interrupt
your departure for America.
But why?
I'm afraid it's not quite that simple.
- Ivan.
- Who goes there?
You are in no danger, Ivan Godofsky.
Halt, or I'll fire.
Your gun will not help.
Excuse me. aren't you
Professor Klaus Bechner?
But what are we doing here?
Where are we?
I don't know. I was
writing a column
in the office of a Los
Angeles Record Telegram
Somebody spoke to me,
now next thing I know I woke up here.
Los Angeles?
I was in England.
And I, my dear, was in Coblenz.
But how?
The how I suspect
we may never understand.
What interests me now is why.
It's pretty obvious
where you're from, my dear.
Are you a soldier?
People of Earth.
Permit me to explain
your presence here.
Each of you is hearing
my words in his
or her native tongue.
Who are you?
Since I'm a stranger
to each of you, perhaps it
would be simplest to
call me 'The Alien'.
Where are you from?
The name of the planet I come from
is unknown to you.
One of many worlds in a
nearby universe.
- Where are we now?
- In space.
I don't believe it.
If you please...
It's the Earth.
Don't be frightened.
You'll be sent back to Earth
absolutely unharmed.
Furthermore, no measurable
time by earthly standards
will pass while you're here
Is such a thing possible?
You're travelling at almost exactly
the speed of light.
At such a speed,
time as you know it, does not exist.
Theoretically, but in actuality...
Why have we been brought here?
If you'll kindly be seated
I'll try to explain.
You five, are here
in effect as representatives.
Not of your particular countries
but as representatives of the human race.
Then, you have come to Earth
to establish contact?
No, professor
We are here to help you
save your beautiful planet.
You talk as if the earth
were about to be destroyed.
That danger exists.
Your entire history
is one of self-destruction.
You have now what you believe
to be the ultimate weapon.
The H bomb.
If you destroy yourselves,
You'll also destroy the Earth.
And that we can not permit,
for it is needed.
The universe in which my world
exists is dying.
Soon, our sun will
be going into nova and explode.
Therefore your people
will need a new world.
Within 35 days.
Then you're going to invade us.
Oh,no, No, our moral code
does not permit us to invade,
nor to destroy any form
of intelligent life.
We are prepared to lend you a weapon.
A weapon which will permit you
to destroy yourselves.
Without harming your planet.
This weapon affects only human life.
Nothing else will be harmed.
It will belong to you, for
27 of the 35 days remaining to us.
If at the end of that time,
Midnight of the 27th day, Greenwich time,
you've not used it
The weapon will automatically
become harmless.
You are under no
compulsion to make use of the weapon.
Yet you think we will?
We cannot hope for disaster,
we merely expect it.
Say your wrong.
Say that 27 days go by
and we don't use the weapons.
What happens then?
Your race will live. Mine will die.
Who are you gonna give the weapons to?
The weapons one apiece
will be given to each of you.
You may of course turn
them over to your governments.
But the decision is yours.
The weapons are yours
to do with as you wish
Not yet, professor
I can understand your curiosity.
But they're protected
by a force field.
Each of the boxes is tuned
to the electrical impulse of its owner.
Now, professor
The one to your left is yours.
Ivan Godofsky,
the next is yours.
Eve Wingate, the next is yours.
Su Tan, you,too.
The last is yours, Jonathan Clark.
Each of you holds in your hands
the power of life and death.
Each box contains 3 capsules.
They are the weapon.
They surpass by many times the power
of anything your race is yet created.
Each of the capsules
has a diameter of lethal radiation.
Which is exactly 3000 miles.
There is then, in the combined capsules,
more than enough power to wipe out
all human life on your planet.
To use the capsules,
you remove the spindle.
Place the capsule down
speak loudly and clearly
the latitude and longitude
in the center of the target area.
The energy thus launched
takes only human life.
Damages nothing else.
It cannot be opened by
ordinary means, professor
Only your own thought waves
will activate the release mechanism.
No other force on your earth
is capable of opening the box.
But once it has been opened,
Anyone can pull the spindle.
And any voice can
launch them to their targets.
What if we die?
If any one of you is called by death
The capsules will
become ineffective immediately.
One more question, please.
Do we have your solemn word
that if we succeed in
keeping the peace for 27 days,
earth will be free of invasion?
You have my word, professor.
27 days...
You ask us to learn in 27 days
What has escaped the world
for thousand of years?
You ask us to practice
peace or die.
The choice is not new, professor.
Only the weapons.
Now, if you'll forgive me, time is short.
Will you be glad enough
to return to your
seats and you'll be
sent back to earth.
Jonathan, I forgot your last name.
Where do you live?
Clark. Los Angeles, California.
Professor.We have to hurry
to catch the plane.
Yes, of course.
You fired that shot?
Yes, sir..
What happened?
I thought I saw something.
You saw something?
I guess I was mistaken.
City room Clark
Mr. Jonathan Clark?
Just a moment, Mr.
Clark I have a paid
call for you from
Cornwall, England.
Cornwall, England?
All right. I'll take the call.
Your party is on the line.
Go ahead, please.
Mr. Clark?
Mr.Jonathan Clark?
That's right.
This is Eve Wingate.
Do you remember me?
Why, yes. Of course I do.
How did you know where to find me?
Well, I remembered you
said you were working,
so I took a chance
of telephoning you.
Look, I'm going to come to California.
Now, be sensible, Miss Wingate,
stay where you are.
No, I can't. I made reservations
on the midnight plane to London...And
And... I'm coming anyway.
I'm leaving tonight.
- Now, wait a minute.
- I can't go back.
Afternoon, Mr. Clark.
Hi, Joe.
- What will you have today?
- I'll have a steak sandwich.
Medium rare.
Yes, sir.
Hey Joe, fix the television. Will you?
Uh...Nothing but trouble.
This is an announcement
of the most vital importance.
Sure it is!
All television, radio, and
telephone communications
throughout the world
Have been interrupted so that
this transmission could be made
People of Earth, I am an alien
from outer space.
What's he selling,
flying saucers?
36 hours ago,
five members of human
race were transported from Earth
to the space vessel
from which I'm speaking.
Each of them has since
been returned to Earth
bearing with them information
of concern to
every human being on your planet.
These five people are:
Evelyn Wingate,
of Cornwall, England;
Professor Klaus Bechner,
of Germany;
Su Tan of the province
of Kunming, China;
Jonathan Clark
of Los Angeles, California;
and Private Ivan Godofsky, a soldier
from behind the Iron Curtain.
Going somewhere,
Private Godofsky?
Good evening, this is Ward Mason.
Word just in confirms that the strange
broadcast that has startled the world,
Has been heard throughout the
Iron Curtain and the satellite countries.
As to the question: was it real?
The answer must now be held to be: Yes!
In so far as can now be
determined the alien
Whoever or whatever he is
Effectively managed to blanket
every facet of the Earth's
communication facilities
For the ten minutes
in which he had his say.
This has been confirmed by the FCC.
The FCC's officials privately admit
they are now convinced
that the alien spoke from
a point
Somewhere beyond an outside
of the earth's atmosphere.
One thing is uppermost in the
minds of the millions
of people who saw and heard the alien.
Where are the five people whose
names he kept repeating?
Who do they know?
What do they know?
Meanwhile here in this
country the search for
Jonathan Clark has
been intensified.
Clark the newspaper
man disappeared
from a downtown Los
Angeles restaurant
And is assumed be in hiding.
Extra! Read all about it!
Martians at Earth!
Read all about it!
Police search are
targeted for Jonathan Clark!
Boy, paper!
Martians press Earth.
Police looking for Jonathan Clark
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Don't say anything.
I thought you'd never make it.
Neither did I. How'd you find me?
I didn't dare wire you.
I kept watching
the planes all morning.
Come on, let's go.
- Where to, mack?
- Hollywood
- Does this thing work?
- Yes
What in heaven's name is that?
- Rock'n'roll.
- Rock'n'roll?
Music, almost.
- What's the matter?
- You look different.
Of course. I'm disguised.
Oh, you shaved off your mustache.
The best I can do under the circumstances.
What are we going to do?
I wish I knew. Since one
o'clock this afternoon
I've been public
enemy number one.
- Are you sure we're right in running?
- Until I have time to think, yes.
Where do we run to?
Where do we hide?
We couldn't get out of
Los Angeles even if we tried.
3 minutes after my disappearance
They had this whole town locked up.
Where to,then?
I think I know a place.
It is crazy.
But it might work.
We're going to have to stop
and buy somethings first.
- Isn't that risky?
- It's a chance we'll have to take.
There is no real danger, Mr. Ingram.
There's a slight concussion but he'll
be able to talk for a few days
That long?
I'd have to inform the president.
Excuse me, Professor Karl
Neuhaus to see you.
- Thank you. Excuse me.
- Uh, nurse...
How are you,Carl? Sorry to drag
you away from your project.
- How is the Professor?
- Recovering.
I'm able to talk to him?
Not yet.
Look, we found this on the professor.
That's why we called you
and we very much like
to know what it is.
Is it anything you've seen before?
Can you open it?
I don't know.
If we're gonna believe this
fantastic story of a spaceship,
We must assume there are
four more of those,
including one behind
the iron curtain.
Godofsky is here.
Send him in.
Come forward, Private Godofsky.
You have been honored,
Private Godofsky.
The first member of our country
to visit space.
I understand you were a little confused
when Colonel Gregor found you.
He had the peculiar impression
that you were running away.
The broadcast said
that you were taken aboard the spaceship
36 hours ago.
Yes, sir.
How is it that you did
not come to us at once?
I was afraid no one
would believe me, sir.
I understand that these people from space
gave you some very
important information.
Yes, sir.
I'm waiting.
They just gave me that box.
That's very interesting.
What are the capsules for?
I..I don't know, sir.
You don't know?
Not exactly, sir.
We were given these boxes.
All of you?
The alien gave you this
without telling you what it was for?
He said just they
contain the secret of great power.
Did he tell you how to use
this great power?
No, sir.
I see.
I suppose you were not told how to, uh...
open the box.
No, sir.
Were you told anything?
Just if I were to die,
what was in the box would be of no value.
That's fascinating.
Your story must be recorded
for everybody to know about.
You will be happy to
repeat it at later length, will you not?
Yes, sir.
You're dismissed.
- You heard?
- Yes, sir.
- You know what to do.
- Yes, sir
A racetrack! It's
the last place I
know they'd ever
thought of coming to.
That's the general idea.
Are you sure no one
do where we about?
Well, not even the horses are here
out of season.
Are you ok?
Come on, let's go.
How many of those?
Just two. They have regular rounds.
But we can avoid them.
You're awfully well informed, aren't you?
I used to cover the track
for my paper.
I spent a lot of airtime and money here.
Come on, let's go.
I hope this works.
Welcome to Changri-La
Our home for the next 25 days.
Crazy, isn't it?
I just can't believe it.
You're lucky the horses
aren't here.
Blankets! The human kind.
Which one would madam prefer?
The upstairs or downstairs?
Look, before we were already settled down
I think we'd rather
start by rearranging
the furniture, don't you?
One duplex, coming up.
- Cocktails, anyone?
- You forced me.
- Cheers.
- Good luck.
Say, that's
good.Where'd you learn
to fix such a good Martini?
It was easy.
You forgot the Vermouth.
Are you ready for dinner?
Peanut butter and what?
No thanks. I'm not hungry.
I'm going to bed.
Yeah, me, too.
Why don't you take your drink
and go look at the moonlight?
Oh, Jonathan!
Why don't you just call me John?
Alright, John.
I trust you're a sound sleeper?
I don't walk in my sleep
if that's what you mean.
That exactly what I meant.
He goes around every hour on the hour.
I'd almost forgotten
we were hiding.
I know what you mean.
Miss Wingate was seen
hurling a small object into the sea.
Her gentleman friend, Harry
bellows, who witnessed
the incident
Reported that the girl
appeared highly distraught.
The populations of
Rockhurst Cove and
other coastal communities
are being evacuated on
the assumption that
the object might very
well have been a mine.
There has been much speculation on
on both sides of the English Channel
" Quai d'Orsay "announced that there are no
reasons for worry
In Normandy and British regions.
Late reports from England
confirmed that there has sporadic rioting.
British government sources indicate
they believe the Wingate girl
might have been acting under the alien's
Miss Wingate is believed
to be hiding with
Jonathan Clark, who has
been missing several days.
The British have assumed
that the object in
question was a weapon.
And the London press is
actively speculating
That all 5 of the aliens' visitors
may be acting under orders
to place the alleged weapons
in strategic positions.
All we have to do is get
rid of our capsules, huh?
Why such a panic?
What do you expect?
Reason, discipline, restraint?
Those people out there,
I feel sorry for them.
What do I do?
They're bound with fear. They're
frightened, every one of them.
Ever since the alien came
into their lives, they
have been waiting.Waiting
for they don't know what.
Those characters you're
feeling sorry for are so full of hate
they'd lynch us if they
get their hands on us.
I know.
I've forgotten how easy hate comes about.
People hate because
fear, and they
fear anything they
can't understand.
Which is almost everything.
You're not terribly fond
of people, are you?
Right now, I could
take 'em or leave 'em.
I'm still listening.
I wish there was some
way we could find
out what's happening
with the others.
Are you starting that again?
Just wish we knew.
But we don't..
We can't.
Let's hope we won't.
We who are supposed to have the
finest scientific
minds in the world
cannot open one small box.
Sir, it resists every test
known to modern science.
You've heard the news from our
English friends?
They believe it is a weapon
There's no indication that...
I am indicating the
danger of other nations
discovering the
answer before we do.
I trust this danger is obvious.
We shall continue our efforts.
Thank you, gentlemen.
- Well?
- Nothing, sir.
You think he's lying?
He's not clever enough
to have thought
out a story as
incredible as the one he tells.
There's something
he's not telling me.
But we've been over the
story a hundred times.
It's taken tremendous courage
for him to go on like this.
Even torture cannot break him.
He must be broken
He insists that the
contents of the box
will be useless if he dies.
He's right.
The Chinese girl.
The capsules disintegrated
with her death.
You must find a way
to make Godofsky talk.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and Gregor
Yes, sir?
How difficult do you think
it will be to get to Bechner?
I'll find out, sir.
You liar.
You filthy, traitorous liar.
It was a weapon.
And you pretended that you didn't know.
America reveals
space box weapon.
American warmongers
are screaming
that knowledge of
the alien weapon
makes them
undisputed rulers of the world.
Ivan Godofsky
who refused his country
information which might
have protected it against
the American threats,
will go down as the greatest
traitor this country has ever known.
You must tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth, Ivan!
What is it?
You've pushed him too far.
- How long?
- There's no way of telling.
Professor, I wonder if
you fully understand
the concern that has
ripped the world?
It is because of that concern
that they must withhold my information.
The White House feels
that you should
give us some idea of
the alien's mission.
Don't you see that
by remaining silent,
you create even
more apprehension?
I see it, Mr. Ingram.
But unfortunately, there is nothing
I can do about it.
I have no choice but to trust
your judgment, Professor.
However, there are a few
questions I must ask.
I hope you'll at least
try to answer them.
I will if I can.
Does the alien in any way
constitute a menace
to our society?
I have already said that their
ethic does not permit them to
harm any
form of intelligent life.
Is this box or its contents
dangerous to our security?
The box and the contents
cannot in themselves
be harmful to anyone
You must realize, Professor
that there is at least one
and probably two of these boxes
behind the iron Curtain.
Yes. Yes.
Doctor Neuhaus.
We've given the box
every test you
can think of.Without success.
It can't even be snatched,
let alone opened.
We keep on trying, but
my personal opinion is you get nowhere.
What is your opinion, professor?
I'm sure that if the
world's foremost
atomic scientists has
been unsuccessful,
There is no physical
force which will be more
effective than those
already been tried.
- However...
- Yes?
Mr. Ingram, the capsules are
a mystery to me, too.
But I have a feeling about them.
Something that the aliens said.
And that I can't quite isolate
If you'd only permit me to examine them.
Under the circumstances,
that's out of the question.
I'm sure you understand.
Thank you, professor
Goodbye, Karl
Professor, I do hope when all this is over
We will have an opportunity to talk.
I will be most grateful for your
views on several ideas of mine.
And I, Dr,would like to have your views
on almost everything.
Thank you.
You did say, didn't you? That
there was no physical force
capable of opening the box?
I did. But mind you, doctor,
it's only an old man's opinion.
Goodbye, professor.
Time for your medicine,
Ah, chocolate!
What time is it?
A quarter to eleven.
Planning on going somewhere?
I just wondered if we
couldn't get some news.
We haven't heard anything about
Professor Bechner for two days.
If he'd have told them
anything, we'd have heard.
How long are going to stay here
just hiding like hunted animals?
Look, I'm no Boy Scout
doing this for kicks.
You don't think I like hiding, do you?
Funny thing, here I am, a newspaper man
sitting on the best
story of my life
and I can't do
anything about it.
Then why do we stay here?
Maybe for the first time
in my life I think enough
about the next guy to do
the right thing by it.
Maybe you're wrong.
Why don't you just
keep doing what
you're doing and don't
try to judge me.
- I'm not interested in your opinion.
- Well, I have a right to them!
I don't think you do.
As far as I'm concerned,
you lost your
rights when you threw
those capsules away.
I'm sorry.
Men commit a variety
of crimes, and they
always seem to have
the same excuse.
We've been here ten
days and we manage
to disagree on
ever one of them..
It's normal
Take two strangers
and put them in closed quarters
have them clean, cook, talk...
actually we had all the
disadvantages of a
marriage without any
of the advantages.
- Jonathan Clark!
- But it's true..
It's time I went to bed.
Sleep well.
Were you in the last war?
Were you a determined soldier?
What do you mean?
I mean if you had an objective to take
Were you always successful?
That's nice.
What'd you say?
I said 'good night'.
- Good evening
- Good evening.
I'm Dr.Stephen Maiser.
O Dr.Hawkins and I
have been asked to examine
professor Bechner
Sorry, doctor. We got orders no
one is to see Professor Beckman
I think this will supersede
any previous orders.
This is Kelly. Give me a check
on a license in New York.
5- F-9836
I guess I can't argue with
this. Go ahead, Doctor.
Thank you.
- Who was that just went in?
- Dr.Stephen Maiser.
Maisner? Maisner is home is bed, Come on!
I do not have it, I tell you
they took it away from me.
Looking for the box, professor?
I don't know where the box is.
You must believe me.
- You two alright?
- Yes, but who are they?
I think we can both make
a pretty good guess.
Bechner was unharmed and
is now resting comfortably.
The official bulletin
said merely that two
unidentified men were shot
and killed last night.
In an attempt on Professor Bechner's life.
But it is widely assumed that
the two would-be assassins.
Were foreign agents attempting
to recover the mysterious box.
Believed to be given Bechner
while on the alien spaceship.
The search for Jonathan Clark
still goes on, without success.
The federal authorities are
repeating their warnings.
People are not to take
the law into their own hands.
In the past 48 hours,
One man answering the description of
Jonathan Clark
has already been killed.
Remember, Clark is
only in condemn
for refusal to obey
a congressional
summons to surrender
to the authorities.
You're no more to blame
for the panic in
the world than any
of the rest of us..
We all avoided our
by running away from it.
Do you think maybe a man could
be so pigheaded wrong he can't
see the truth even when it's
spelled out for him?
I wouldn't have much
respect for a man who
wasn't pigheaded.When he
was sure he was right.
- A man like that could be dangerous.
- Maybe.
When the alien first
gave us these capsules,
I thought the whole
thing was preposterous.
It seemed pretty obvious
that all we had to do
was keep them hidden till
the 27 days were up.
Even the Chinese girl and Ivan, devem
would have seen that.
It was all too easy.
It would have been alright if the alien
hadn't made the broadcast.
Yeah. But he did.
And now we're being hunted like animals.
They tried to kill Professor Bechner and
I hate to think what
may be happening
to Ivan and the Chinese girl.
Do you think if Ivan talked
his government would use the weapon?
They might.
They've been racing
to see who could
discover the most
powerful weapon of war.
Compared to this,
the Hydrogen Bomb is a toy.
Now both nations
have the ultimate weapon.
I try to stay out of it by hiding.
Are you thinking of giving yourself up?
I don't know what to think anymore.
If I come in on my own accord, I might
be able to stop some of the panic.
I thought you told me that the
world was built on self preservation.
And the most important thing in life
was to look out for number one.
A lot of my convictions
are beginning
to wear pretty thin
the last few days.
For instance, I had a very
strong conviction that there
was no woman alive that
could make me fall in love.
What did you say?
It's a miserable way
to find out, isn't it?
It's a miserable way to say it.
Maybe someday
I can say it better.
You're sure it isn't just all this?
I'm sure.
There's so little time.
Only a few days.
Maybe even less.
I know.
You know, it's not going to be
so easy to give ourselves in.
You just can't walk in the town and say:
" Here we are."
What about the guard?
When we give ourselves up,
I want a lot of authority around.
Come on.
Good morning.
I'm Jonathan Clark.
- His mind will clear?
- For a time.
To administer pentathol
after only five days...
you can question him, sir.
But you understand his condition.
Ivan, there is no need to be frightened.
I know now you wanted only to protect
us from the horrors of war.
Is that not so?
Yet you have failed.
The imperialist nations have
pooled the alien's weapons.
We find ourselves defenseless, unless...
You can help us, Ivan
You and you alone can save your people.
From destruction.
Your father gave his life in the defense
of his country.
I have here a letter
from your mother.
She wants you to ensure
that your father's life
was not given in vain.
Help us, Ivan.
If you should have a relapse,
we will be at the mercy
of our enemies.
I'll tell you everything.
But we can't just
sit here and do nothing.
Now that we know that
Ivan has put the
weapon in the hands
of his government
are you proposing that we use ours?
That would be the first step in
fulfilling the alien's plan.
All this nonsense about
their high morality!
Let's double talk!
They give us a
weapon and they
expect us to use it.
And yet they give the impression
that they hope we won't!
Like they're so full of
morals and loving kindness?
How come they just had
happen to have 15 nice,
shiny human exterminators
lying around?
I don't think you're
being fair to the aliens.
They could have simply
used their capsules and taken our planet.
imagine what we must
look like in their eyes.
Since the first men hit
one another with clubs
the human race has spent
more time destroying itself
than in any other endeavor.
But the aliens are
not trying to judge us.
They have merely intensified
our choice.
A choice that has faced us
since the first atomic bomb.
With them it's not so much a
choice, is it? It
is an ultimatum.
I think we are all
missing a significant point.
What's that, professor?
If we were a stable and mature
people, this would be almost nothing,
The alien would have
presented us with the capsules
And we, upon returning to earth
would have promptly tossed
them into the nearest sewer
or the nearest ocean.
Instead, we returned to earth terrified.
Why? because we knew that the human race
could not be trusted to handle these bombs,
anymore than an
undisciplined child would
be trusted with the
high powered rifle.
That still doesn't help us to know
what to do.
If only they'd let me
work on the capsules.
But they are even afraid of me.
Do you have an idea?
I do not intend to know
how the capsules operate,
but if only I could get my hands on
one of them, then perhaps...
Perhaps what?
It's just a feeling
that I may know something.
Or I ought to know it.
Would you come with me, please.
We're wanted at the Pentagon.
Our government is seriously
That other powers have succeeded
where we have failed.
We were hoping now that there seems to be
no further need for concealment,
that one of you might enlighten us.
- Amazing
- You said it couldn't open.
No physical force on earth
could have opened this particular box.
Only my mental projection.
By the same token, no one
but Ivan Godofsky
could have opened his box.
They are keyed to the electrical
impulses of their possessors.
- Then the story is true.
- It is true.
Agreed. but what about their claim?
That their capsules have destructive powers
within a radius of 1,500 miles
Three capsules, then,
would be able to destroy
every vestige of human life
From the North American continent,
from Panama to Hudson Bay.
Can you believe that?
Believe that such energy is
contained in a cylinder?
Smaller than a cap of my fountain pen?
A cylinder that will understand
instructions like a robot?
I cannot.
Then why should the alien give
it to us in the first place?
What better way to start
a war here in the earth
then to place these boxes in our hands
and let us believe they will do
everything the alien
says they do?
If you are right,
Doctor Neuhaus,
it's almost too clever.
The only way we can check
the truth of the alien's words,
Is to test one of the bombs.
And of course that is out of the question.
I'm not so sure.
There is an are of
more than 3,000 miles
diameter off the east
coast of South America.
The test could be conducted at sea.
You forget, Admiral, this test
requires a human life?
We cannot put a human
being within the area
when we have every
reason to believe that
that his life might be the
price of our mistake.
Gentlemen, much of our
concern may be unnecessary.
Remember, there are still
12 days.
If I could have the capsules long enough
to examine them, study them thoroughly
perhaps there's another way.
That decision I cannot make.
However, I suggest we
adjourn for the present.
You will be notified of a future meeting.
Gentlemen, I am prepared
to destroy all life on the
North American continent.
If the Americans do not
withdraw from Europe and Asia.
And confine themselves to the
continental United States.
Sir, this will mean a war
that would finish us as well as them.
There will be no war, Marshall.
If I launch these three capsules
they will not have one single
person left alive
to give orders.
And not to carry them out.
Where is your war then, Marshall?
But if they strike first?
The lessons of history have
been wasted on you, Marshall?
Democracies are appeasers.
And the Americans in particular
cannot be provoked into a war.
They must be bombed into it.
They will do something, sir.
Of course. They will threaten and
bluster-and make angry speeches.
And they will end doing just as we ask.
I shall read to you the ultimatum.
Which is already been delivered
to the United States.
" Demand is hereby made
for the immediate
withdrawal of all American
forces and civilians
on land, sea and air.
To within the limits
of continental United States.
...on pain of total war.
Such withdrawal is to begin within 48 hours
of the moment this
document is placed in the
hands of the government
of the United States.
This is not their people speaking,
it is one man.
We can't accept it.
If we pull everything back
home we pile our potential
where he can destroy
us with a single blow.
If we can start the evacuation
within the time limit,
Seeming to be complying
with their demands
They might not use the weapons
until it was too late.
But what about my suggestion?
If the boxes do not
actually contain weapons,
We're giving up the
world for nothing.
If you would only permit me to
examine the capsules/
- I have an idea that...
- I'm sorry, professor.
Approval has been given to your
suggestion, Admiral,
and the test site.
Most of the equipment is readily available.
If we flew out of here tonight,
We could start the test by the
day after tomorrow.
We still have the problem
of a test subject.
So as not to alarm the public,
the test must be conducted
in absolute secrecy.
For this reason
and even more compelling moral ones,
we cannot use
condemned criminals.
Or even ask for volunteers.
I must admit to be...
Gentlemen, I'm your test subject.
As soon as I heard of the ultimatum,
I subjected myself to a
fatal overdose of Gama radiation.
You can check my statement
with the radiation counter, if you wish.
But Dr. Neuhaus!
I realized that you would not
accept me if I volunteered.
So I decided to place you
in a position where you could not refuse.
You see, although I was born in Germany.
I reside in Missouri
I have to be shown.
Karl, we forfeit you the life
such as yours.
I was never totally sure if
this would be successful. but if it is,
then what is one life against millions?
- Stop all engines.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- All engine stopped, sir.
- Aye.
- Ship's on station, Admiral.
- Thank you, captain.
This is the limit of the radiation radius.
Dr. Neuhaus is here, just within the limit.
Our position is here, one
mile outside the radius.
Sir, he's coming through.
Professor, it's time.
Don't open.
I know what it is, Jonathan.
I don't really want the box to open.
Radiation poisoning
is a terrible way to die.
I can't.
I can't do it.
Latitude: 71 degrees,
25 minutes,
13 seconds south.
150 degrees-
14 minutes
18 seconds
At midnight tonight
the 27 days will be over.
- We've almost won.
- No, thank you.
Or we are on the verge of annihilation.
If you were to launch the bombs
against someone when
would you do it?
At the last possible moment, so that your
enemies have no chance of striking back.
It is my firm conviction that
unless something happens to prevent it,
The weapons behind the iron Curtain
will be launched.
It is a question of life or death.
Not life or death
life and death.
What do you mean?
I think I have the answer.
- What is it, Klaus?
- Jonathan, I must have your capsules
- What for?
- I need a complete set.
There's some message on them,
it's in a mathematical code.
Jonathan, you simply must
let me have yours.
Klaus, I don't think I can do that.
But you must.
Don't you understand?
The alien has put some kind of
message on them.
I think I know what it may be
but I cannot be sure without the third.
Please, have the box brought here,
and then decide.
Admiral, will you please
have the capsules sent here?
You see.
The etchings
I transferred them to clay.
I made release from the two that were left.
But the message is incomplete.
And these hieroglyphics
really mean something?
They are mathematical symbols.
Some of which I had never
encountered before.
But in mathematics,,
there is always a solution.
Eventually I am sure I will
be able to decipher them.
Jonathan, there are only five hours left.
And now I must be left alone.
Clark, I hope you know
what you're doing.
Yeah, I hope so, too.
I just can't get over the feeling
that this whole thing is unreal.
Kind of hideous joke.
Dr. Neuhaus' death,
the spaceship,the alien.
Two weeks of housekeeping
an attack room.
I know.
And now this aimless cruising
around in the middle of nowhere.
And the world goes to pieces.
- All seems so hopeless.
- It's supposed to have a purpose.
If Ivan were to launch these capsules
and we're all in Washington
There would be no way of striking back.
Maybe it is kind of weird
justice in all of this.
How do you mean?
Maybe the heavens have
had enough of us maybe
Maybe they have decided we don't
deserve what we got.
Maybe people really aren't
worth saving.
I don't know,there are a lot of nice ones
These are our targets.
Two minutes.
Everything is prepared.
Our troops will move the moment
the third capsule is released.
Soon, the world will be ours.
29 degrees
45 minutes, 26 seconds, north
95 degrees
21 minutes-
You fools, don't shoot!
If he dies, the capsules are
useless. Look after him.
Latitude: 45 degrees, 4 minutes,
23 seconds, north.
12 minutes, 12 seconds, east.
Professor Bechner!
- Latched from the inside.
- Professor Bechner!
Latitude: 65 degrees, 45 minutes,
18 seconds, north.
Longitude: 37 degrees, 37 minutes,
14 seconds, east.
Professor, halt! Stop!
Professor Bechner!
Professor, halt, stop!
Professor Bechner!
Where are the capsules?
Actually, Klaus, where are they?
I've launched them.
And blanketed the world.
Then the capsules didn't work.
Of course, if they had
we'd all be dead by now.
I think they worked.
I think they worked very well.
Ladies and gentlemen, here it is:
the bulletin we've been waiting for.
Scientists believes
we have been bombarded
by invisible rays
from outer space.
Reports pouring in from
all over the globe
confirm sudden and
unexplainable deaths.
All the cases have
shown the same symptoms.
All heard a high pitched
almost supersonic noise.
Accompanied by acute agony,
and severe shock,
and followed by death.
I know it's unbelievable, fantastic.
But the rays appeared to have killed
every person throughout the world.
Known to have been a confirmed
enemy of human freedom
Yes, the entire world
is now united in a spiritual unity.
Unparallelled in its history.
There are those who might
say it can't last.
But let us pray it does.
Thank God.
Unlike you, Jonathan,
I never believed that the alien
was acting in bad faith.
What gave you the idea
the capsules could be altered?
Yesterday morning in my excitement,
I used the phrase life or death
We both thought you've gone a little crazy.
Aboard the spaceship, the alien said:
You hold in your hands
the power of life and death.
He might have meant that the capsules
could bring us life, as well as death.
And on evidence like that
you launched the capsule?
You see, almost every form of energy
fire, electricity, nuclear fusion
has two diametrically
opposed uses.
As an asset for peace or a weapon of war.
For good or for evil.
The capsules follow the pattern.
They had to.
The alien was incapable
of giving us a weapon only for destruction.
I suppose we should be happy.
But I can't help
thinking what victory
for us means in
terms of the alien.
Yes, I cannot imagine a greater tragedy.
Not only for them but for us.
Why for us?
We made contact with the stars.
How many years may pass by
before this can happen again?
Think of all the knowledge
they could give us.
But must we lose it? We have vast
uninhabited areas.
Jungles, deserts, polar caps.
- We can't use them but maybe they can.
- But there's no time.
There are still 8 days.
Klaus, as long as this
feeling lasts on Earth
There are no boundaries
between nations.
No fear, no suspicion.
Perhaps yes, perhaps it could be done.
- Admiral
- Excuse me
Thank you, Captain.
The captain has orders to
rendezvous with the carrier.
You: Miss Wingate,
Mr.Clark, will
be flown to Washington
Ladies and gentlemen.
I need not remind any of you
that for the past 24 hours
we have been broadcasting
our invitation to the alien.
Over all available wavelengths.
In hope that every human being
within reach of a radio receiver
may hear his reply.
If we succeed in contacting him
we have asked that he answer our
invitation at midnight.
As of five minutes ago,
Every radio and television
broadcasts has went off the air
to ensure clear reception.
Since Professor Klaus Bechner
has been almost the sole instrument
I bringing us together here
in complete harmony
for the first time in history,
it is only just that he should
extend the final invitation.
Professor Klaus Bechner.
Go ahead, professor.
People from space, this is Earth
The people of Earth calling.
We offer you our
hospitality and our sanctuary
for as long as you may need it.
We offer you trust and
hope now and in the future.
This invitation comes from every nation.
And every race on the planet Earth.
If you hear us,
We ask you to reply
in fifteen seconds.
People of Earth
we accept your invitation.
We come in gratitude and love.
We bring you greetings from
30.000 intelligent worlds
to tell you they're waiting to greet you
among the stars.