The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960) Movie Script

Morning, Miss Elizabeth.
Captain Pritchard! Captain!
Good morning, Miss Whitley.
Sober up, you drunken hunks,
and get aboard!
Beautiful morning, isn't it?
I told you to stay away from my fianc.
But he's wasting his life here in Wapping,
and I need a good ship's surgeon.
Stop filling his head
with childish schemes
about sailing away to make a fortune.
Now, don't flap your sails.
A man of Dr. Gulliver's knowledge
could become rich
bringing back dyes and rare chemicals
to be sold in London.
Or be boiled in a pot by savages.
There are no cannibals
in the East Indies, ma'am,
and I'll take good care of him.
He's going to stay here
and take good care of me!
- Oh, good morning, Dr. Gulliver.
- Good morning.
There's a bit of a haggle
going on outside.
Well, how are your insides
this morning, Mrs. Drewsbury?
Oh, well, thanks to you,
my liver's gurgling with health.
That's why I've come to pay.
Here. Now then.
Oh, I'm sorry it's not
cash money, Doctor, but-
- You promised to meet me!
- Close the door or my fee will escape!
Well, lovely afternoon to you both.
No, no, no!
drive him toward the corner!
Mr. Grinch is waiting at the cottage.
No wonder I love you.
You're always sweeping me off my feet.
- A fine life chasing chickens.
- I'll chase them for you.
You take care of the sick.
I'll take care of the doctor.
My fees for the week.
I'd do better to close my practice
and open a vegetable stall.
Not today.
We're going to see
old Grinch about that cottage.
You promised!
Well, for a man of no promise,
I make a lot of promises.
If we get two shillings
for this lovely chicken,
we'll have ten pounds even
to give Mr. Grinch.
- Mr. Grinch.
- There.
I haven't forgotten, Doctor. I'll pay you
back as soon as I come back from the war.
- But the war with Spain is over.
- I'm off to the war against France.
Come back alive, Henry,
and you don't owe me a thing.
Now, please don't judge it
from the outside.
We can get Travers the carpenter to fix
the eaves and the shutters.
He still owes you
for that bunion treatment.
Travers is in debtors' prison.
Oh. Oh, how terrible.
Oh, well, we'll manage somehow.
As well as Travers anyway.
I'd carry you across
the threshold if it were safe.
- Good morning, Mr. Grinch.
- Morning.
It took you
long enough to get here.
- Where's the ten pounds?
- You're such a sentimentalist, Grinch.
- I have it right here.
- You'll fix that door, of course.
It was fine until you banged it. The price
is set just as it is: ten pounds down.
I'll hold the mortgage for the rest.
You'd be surprised what brushes
and a little soap will do for this place.
- Are-Are you all right?
- Yes, I-I think so.
- You're three shillings short.
- To the devil with you and your shillings!
She's not going to live in
this dirty, miserable hovel!
- I'll take the money you have.
- Not if it were free!
I'm not going to let you spend your days
grubbing in this patchwork
of an existence.
- Now, come on. Be careful.
- But it's only for now.
If I stay here, I'll still be in the same
grinding rut tomorrow,
the next day and always.
- Without money, nothing changes.
- Money- is that all you can think of?
- Can't you be content with what we have?
- We don't have anything!
Why are we quarreling-
jealousy that you looked at another man
or I looked at another woman?
No, it's money-
the watchword of Wapping.
- It isn't important to me!
- It is to me.
I am a doctor,
and I want to help the sick
without being sick myself
with worry and debts.
You don't have to be rich
to be a good doctor.
You have to be rich and important
to be anything in this world.
You just want to go
with Captain Pritchard.
Then go. Go!
But it's over between us.
It's over forever!
If this storming continues
I'll starve to death.
Well, we don't usually hit
a ripper like this so soon.
Cheer up, Doctor. An early storm
means a successful journey.
- Elizabeth!
- Let go of me!
- We found her hiding in the hold, Skipper.
- A bit cheeky she was too.
- That'll be all.
- Are you all right?
- Fine, thank you. A bit hungry.
- But this is insane.
- You can't come on a journey like this.
- You'll be boiled by savages!
Then we'll cook together.
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth.
That's exactly where we're going,
but you're not. How can we get her home?
We can drop her off at the Canary Islands.
There are ships going back to England.
- I'm not getting off!
- Now, Elizabeth-
It's wet out here!
You're still getting off
at the Canary Islands!
- I am not!
- You are.
Nothing's going to make me
change my plan- absolutely nothing!
Please stop crying.
I'll think of something.
It's no use.
I'm not a Lilliputian anymore.
My father and I have been banished.
We have to leave.
You can't escape to Blefuscu.
You'll be caught.
- The emperor has spies everywhere.
- We have to try.
But you shouldn't risk your life too.
Except that I love you.
We'll never be together.
We'll never marry.
It's this war- this stupid war!
Isn't there somewhere where we can go?
Just here-
here and now.
Oh, please stay, Gwendolyn.
I've been waiting an hour at the cove.
This is no time for love,
and my daughter has no time
for a man who serves that tyrant emperor.
My loyalties are not to him
but to the land of Lilliput!
Help me.
Ah, Reldresal, I've finally caught you
with that traitor Lord Bermogg!
Guards, take them!
This time I'll prove your guilt
by taking your head to the emperor!
Go before they come back.
Stay at the cave until I get there.
What shall we do, Lord Flimnap?
I'll go and get the army...
and the navy...
and our fearless emperor.
Stay there.
Watch the giant. Have courage!
Since I am minister of finance, and I am
bound to be the next prime minister,
I should go first.
Archers, spear-carriers, stand ready.
If the giant eats me,
the nation goes bankrupt.
Proceed at your own risk.
Uh, yes. Hmm.
Since you are minister of the interior,
and the body does lie in our interior,
you proceed.
- Hello.
- He's alive! He's alive!
Archers! Spear- Shoot! Shoot!
As minister of attack and defense,
I say shoot!
I say halt, and I mean halt!
He'll pay for this insolence...
when I become prime minister.
- If you become prime minister.
- Are you for me or against me?
I'm above politics.
My loyalties lie with the strongest side.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Dr. Lemuel Gulliver. Where am I?
- In the land of Lilliput.
I won't hurt you. Why am I tied down?
We couldn't be sure.
You happened so suddenly.
He didn't happen.
Our enemy sent him to kill us.
He's their secret weapon.
No, a wave washed me off a ship, and-
Oh, Elizabeth-
I must find her. Now, let me up.
He'll break his bonds!
Kill him!
No, please, I won't harm anyone.
I'm a civilized man- a doctor-
from England.
England? What is England?
- The place I come from.
- There is only one place- Lilliput.
- And the land of Blefuscu.
- It's disloyal to mention Blefuscu.
- I've never even heard of it.
- Is that loyal enough for you, Flimnap?
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Greetings, mighty emperor of Lilliput-
delight and terror of all the universe,
monarch of all monarchs,
pleasant as the spring,
comfortable as the summer.
True, true. That's because I plan ahead.
I have a plan.
Fruitful as the autumn,
dreadful as winter,
whose head
presses against the sky,
at whose nod the princes of the earth
shake their knees.
I cannot dispute it. I cannot.
An emperor with a plan is
a powerful emperor.
Present him to me.
Your Majesty,
I wish to present-
I wish to present Dr. Gulliver,
from a place he calls England.
Your Majesty,
I mean no harm to you or anyone.
I want only to return to my own country.
A boat is all I need.
A boat? To join the enemy armada.
A boat to sink our navy.
- Oh, he's our enemy.
- I am not an enemy. I'm only... different.
That's the same thing, Gulliver.
As different from your people
as you are different, sire.
You are unique, and I am unique.
Since you are unique, and I am unique-
We are the same,
which makes you a giant.
You see- as cunning as our enemies!
He'll blight our lives.
A dark omen in the skies.
You may be right about him, Flimnap.
He's not. I'll prove my word.
Stop it! Oh, stop it. Stop it!
A maker of miracles!
Just as I suspected. Fits my plan.
- A miracle-maker!
- So are you, sire.
Oh, yes, so am I.
Gulliver and I are the same!
- We are.
- Since we're the same, Your Majesty,
and you have the freedom
to move about and eat what you like,
isn't it a terrible reflection on your
equal to have him tied down and starving?
It isn't safe to release this...
Nonsense! We have our archers ready
with their poisoned arrows, don't we?
- Oh, thousands.
- I trust the giant man's word.
And so do I. I trust
and have abiding faith...
in the integrity and reliability
of any man that I can kill.
Galbet, release his bonds.
Prepare to feed him.
Release the giant!
We must get on with my plan.
Wait, Your Majesty, please.
What about my boat?
Oh, we can discuss that later.
I wouldn't bother him
about a boat right now.
But I must find Elizabeth.
Oh. I know how you feel.
I have someone I love too.
I'll try to help you.
Thank you. I'm very fond of beef.
Look at the monster!
Since he's started working on his boat,
his appetite has doubled.
He inhales our food!
Six beef animals, 30 sheep, ten loaves of
bread at a meal- they're nothing to him.
- I can earn my way. I'll work for my food.
- You'll starve us to death!
Sire, our mathematicians have determined
that he is equal in size...
to 1,728 of our own people,
and he eats as much as 1,728.
I say poison him.
No! Your Majesty,
he can do the work of 1,728.
The more he works, the more he eats!
We haven't enough land
to grow the food for him.
I'll clear more land for you-
right there.
There's a forest
you should be growing crops in.
I told you he was mad. Whoever heard of
growing crops in the forest?
Look! The giant man has
enormous strength!
I'll leave a fringe of trees
around the edge for a windbreak,
and also some in the south quarter
for a watershed.
Make way for the emperor!
All hail the emperor!
All hail the emperor!
All hail the emperor!
I'll clear the rocks away,
and you'll have more farmland
per person than we have in England.
Amazing! Astounding!
He is our invincible weapon.
We're the same, you know.
As I clear the land, I will till it.
I'll turn the earth,
and I'll dig the furrows.
- Hail, Gulliver!
- Hooray for the giant man!
- The strongest man alive!
- Thank you, gentlemen.
I'll do more for your country,
anything you could think of.
He can stop floods and droughts-
grow enough for everybody.
He can also starve us to death.
He is a curse disguised as a blessing.
He will eat us out of meat,
and Your Majesty likes a rare slice of ox.
I do, that's true.
Your Majesty also likes fish even more.
- But there are not enough fisherman.
- Fish?
But the ocean is there
to give us all we want.
None of you will ever be hungry again.
No man will ever steal or be jealous
of what another has.
No more jails.
A land without greed or envy.
A land of love
where no man has an enemy.
The giant doesn't seem to have
the knack of hating anyone.
Quiet! I know what I'm doing.
Now, I must finish my boat
at once and find Elizabeth.
You mean to say you'd
leave us for some woman?
We will both return, sire,
and make Lilliput a heaven on earth.
He can't.
He's not even a citizen.
Administer the oath of loyalty, Flimnap.
Make him a citizen of Lilliput.
As prescribed by law,
take your right foot in your left hand,
then place the middle finger of your right
hand on the crown of your head-
No, no, no, Gulliver,
not the left hand, the right hand!
Do pay attention. That's better.
Then put your right thumb
in your right ear and repeat:
Lumos Kelim Peso Desmar Lon Emposo.
Lumos Kelim Peso Desmar...
Lon Empo-oh-oh-
Look out! He's falling!
Look out below!
You are now a citizen of Lilliput.
You may finish your boat,
and we will help you.
Then you may find your Elizabeth...
and return to this land of milk and honey.
The perfect land.
- Better than any other place on earth?
- By far the best.
Then make ready to destroy
the hated Blefuscu.
- You mean that place I never heard of?
- It's only across that channel.
Crush and annihilate 'em.
Make tidal waves, drown them!
No, I'm a doctor-
dedicated to saving lives.
Either you kill them,
or you never finish your boat,
or you never find your Elizabeth,
or live in this land of milk and honey.
Tomorrow morning we pick
our prime minister,
and when we've picked him we march,
and you march with us
against the Blefuscu,
or we march against you.
Dr. Gulliver!
- Dr. Gulliver, I'm sorry this happened.
- So am I.
I only needed a few more days
to finish my boat,
and I can't murder innocent people.
But they're just little people like us.
- Then there's nothing to be afraid of.
- Except they have a big fleet-
a fleet 20 times bigger than ours.
I'm bigger than any fleet, and I don't
even need a boat to get over there.
When they see me, they'll be so
frightened, they wouldn't dare attack.
No, they wouldn't!
Then I'd bring their king back here
and show him I've made this
a paradise on earth.
He'll want the same thing for his country,
but he'd need my friendship for that.
That's the end of the war.
Then you marry the woman you love,
and I marry Elizabeth.
No, not if Flimnap wins the contest
for prime minister tomorrow.
He won't rest until there's bloodshed.
Is he that powerful?
- If he wins, he is.
- Then you have to defeat him.
No, he'll have spies and helpers there
to make me lose.
Not as long as I'm around.
Oh, yes. You and I together-
we can win the war for Gwendolyn, and-
for Gwendolyn, if-
if she hasn't left with her father.
I've got to stop them!
Be off with you!
It's your fault
we missed the boat to Blefuscu.
But I've made us a raft. Farewell,
vile land of misery and indignation!
But I'm going to restore
your title and possessions.
I won't give an inch!
You don't have to. I'm going to compete
against Flimnap for prime minister.
If I win, Gulliver and I will make
Lilliput a paradise for everyone!
Gulliver? Who's that?
I told you-
that's the name of the giant man.
I don't trust giants. The bigger they are,
the more room for treachery.
You must give Reldresal this chance.
If he fails, we'll both go with you.
I won't fail. I just need a little time.
Please, Father.
I'll give you till noon tomorrow.
I'm going to the raft to mend the sail.
Hear ye, hear ye! Citizen Gulliver the
man-mountain is approaching the castle!
Hear ye, hear ye! Citizen Gulliver the
man-mountain is approaching the castle!
The man-mountain approaches, sire!
Clear the grounds!
Clear the grounds!
Forgive my abrupt entrance, sire.
Next time, wait till the guards
open the gate.
This castle's impregnable.
Oh, yes, yes, my dear.
Gulliver, this is your empress,
my wife.
A lovely lady for a lovely land.
He has nice manners for such a big man.
And so charming!
Sit here, beside us.
Yes, yes.
You've never broken eggs
with us, Gulliver.
Oh, thank you, Your Majesty,
but I've had breakfast.
This isn't breakfast, this is war.
Give him one.
We found an ostrich egg for you.
No, no, no!
You must hold the small end up.
The little end.
That's more than an egg
that you hold in your hand.
It's a matter of life or death!
It certainly is to the chickens
and roosters... and the ostriches.
It's life or death for us!
As a citizen of Lilliput,
you must always open your egg
from the small end.
- If it pleases you, I will.
- It pleases me.
We were happy opening our eggs
from the little end...
until that insane king
of that insane country, Blefuscu,
massed a tremendous army
and navy to force us...
to open our eggs from
the stupid, idiotic big end.
And that's what this war is about?
Anybody with any sense knows that you
should open your eggs from the little end.
Let the contest for
the prime minister begin!
Hurry! We must do this quickly.
We need a prime minister to go to war.
Do you mean you're going to
appoint a prime minister...
on the basis of how well
he can walk a tightrope?
But of course!
A man in high political office must always
maintain his balance in a crisis.
This is the final test.
It used to be a mudslinging contest.
Opponents were buried alive.
It was nasty. This at least is colorful.
Now, be quiet, my dear.
The first test:
How many problems
can you handle at one time?
They're juggling the problems of the army,
the navy and the budget,
also agriculture and high prices.
Distract me! Distract me!
I can see all the problems!
Excellent! Superb!
I can't tell where any
of the problems are anymore.
Excellent! Your point, Reldresal.
Next, individual performances.
Flimnap, take your position.
Now then, as spokesman for the emperor,
you will be asked
many embarrassing questions...
about taxes and things.
You will have to answer directly, but...
not commit your emperor
to any impossible conditions.
You will have to take action-
action that pleases the people,
but doesn't upset me.
Brilliant, Flimnap! Brilliant!
Reldresal, take position.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
- Superb, Reldresal.
- I can match that, Your Highness.
Match this, Flimnap.
Well done, Reldresal!
Magnificent footwork!
Reldresal, you'll be the best
prime minister that Lilliput ever had.
And the most handsome.
Well done, Reldresal!
I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
I'm afraid I was carried away.
Sire, Reldresal cannot hold office.
You're not being very sporting
about losing, Flimnap.
Not when my country will have
a prime minister
who conspires
with Gwendolyn Bermogg!
- But the Bermogg family was banished!
- He has been protecting them!
- Renounce her- now and forever!
- She's a dangerous woman.
She and her father refuse
to open their eggs at the small end!
Please, Your Majesty.
Reldresal is not disloyal to you.
He simply happens to be
in love with this woman.
Don't meddle in our internal affairs!
You are under arrest
unless you renounce her.
- Take him to the tower!
- Guards!
Treason under my very nose.
Galbet, double the guards,
search everywhere.
Seize Lord Bermogg and his daughter.
Yes, sire.
But, Your Majesty,
you don't need soldiers, wars and prisons.
Compromise a little. Everyone can open
their eggs in the middle.
The middle?
The middle.
Oh, it's-it's impossible! Barbaric!
You don't need Reldresal or me
to fight a war.
Of course I don't need
a prime minister to fight a war,
but I need one to blame
in case we lose it.
- But that's not fair, sire.
- Of course it isn't- it's war!
And you're not going anywhere
in that boat of yours until we win it!
- And I thought you were a man of justice.
- I hate justice, but I love law.
Reldresal will be executed in the morning,
unless you both see
the light of triumph...
of the right might over the wrong right.
- Gulliver!
- You'll have to escape.
No, it's no use. I'll never convince
Gwendolyn to stay here now.
But Galbet and his men
are out looking for them.
But he'll kill them.
Get me out! Get me out!
Hurry, before the guards come!
- Gulliver, this is Gwendolyn.
- She is beautiful.
- No wonder you risked your life for her.
- We must go to Blefuscu now.
You can't be safe in a country
that started a war against you.
Did the emperor tell you that?
What difference does it make
who started the war?
He's right, Gwendolyn.
It's ridiculous to kill over
which end of an egg to open!
I know.
Some of the people of Blefuscu
are even related to us.
The king is
the emperor's cousin.
If only they hadn't had breakfast.
The emperor hasn't
his full senses in the morning.
He's stupid all day long,
but you still serve him.
Now, please, don't start arguing
and hurting each other.
We wouldn't argue at all
if he didn't want to be so important.
I won't go to Blefuscu and be a nobody!
It's better than being
a dead somebody here in Lilliput.
Please, stay here with him.
I'll move heaven and earth to help you.
Nobody could stop this war.
Why do you go on fighting for something
you don't believe in?
That'll teach you to attack an old man!
Respect age and position!
Respect and honor them!
Don't kill each other over eggs!
There are a thousand ways to eat eggs
without scooping them out of the shell.
You can scramble them or coddle them.
You can devil them or shirr them.
You can bake them or boil them
or Benedict them or poach them.
In frying, you flip them.
In omelettes, you fluff them. But if you
fight over eggs, you only smash them!
Ouch! Stop that! Stop that fighting!
All the traitors at once! Kill them!
Silence! Silence, all of you!
I've lost my patience!
I'm going to put an end
to this abominable war!
Halt, everybody!
I'll end the war if you forgive
Gwendolyn and her father
and restore Reldresal to office
and finish my boat before I get back.
Anything, as long as you defeat Blefuscu,
which is what I planned for you to do
in the first place.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Onto Blefuscu.
Forward! Death to Blefuscu!
His Imperial Blefuscuian
Highness approaches!
His Imperial Highness, King of Blefuscu...
and of all lesser lands and peoples,
a benevolent protector.
Well, well, they're certainly
deadly-looking ships.
Now we can sail against Lilliput!
The mightiest armada
ever assembled, Your Majesty.
If it beats those barbaric
Lilliputians to their knees...
and forces them to open their eggs
at the big end,
it'll be worth the expense.
- A giant!
- Hes huge!
Hey, a giant! A giant man
is stealing our fleet! Stop him!
He's stealing our ships!
Kill him! Stop him!
Don't let him get away!
He's stealing our navy!
- Catapults!
- Fire! Kill him!
That's the end of our navy.
- We're defeated.
- We're bankrupt.
A wonderful, wonderful
wonderful fellow is Gulliver
The most powerful, powerful
man in all the world
On Gulliver we depend
He certainly is a friend
He ended the war
He settled the score
So yea, yea, yea
He's brave and defiant
A loveable giant is Gulliver
As tall as a mountain
but gentle as can be
So give three cheers for Gulliver
for everyone will agree
A wonderful, wonderful
wonderful fellow is he
He's brave and defiant
a loveable giant is Gulliver
As tall as a mountain
but gentle as can be
So give three cheers
for Gulliver
For everyone will agree
We owe our freedom
to Gulliver, Your Lordship.
He still hasn't settled the egg problem
with that stupid emperor.
Now, Father, please don't
get us in trouble again.
Greetings, Reldresal. You were always
my choice for prime minister.
Glorious victory over
the wrong-end-of-the-egg scum.
The way you won the war was
simply enchanting, Gulliver!
Thank you, My Empress.
I am now going to give you
the hero's medal for heroism-
the Lilliputian Order-
the highest military award in the world.
I pronounce you Nardac!
Ready below? Bring up the medal.
- Hurry up! I'm waiting!
- Hurry!
Our imperial emperor, whose head is
higher than the clouds, is waiting!
There, Gulliver.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Tonight we celebrate with
dancing and feasting and wine.
And right after breakfast tomorrow,
I'll provision my boat.
And between breakfast
and the time you provision your boat,
I want you to kill everyone on Blefuscu.
We have nothing to fear now.
Lilliput is safe.
- I said kill them!
- We've won. Isn't that enough?
Then force them to stand before me
and open their eggs at the little end.
No. I will not degrade any human being.
We do not need vengeance.
But I need it!
Onto the banquet.
How dare that man disobey
Your Majesty's orders?
He didn't disobey his orders.
His Majesty just did not insist.
But I've never had to insist before.
It's unheard of.
- Disgraceful.
- It's humiliating.
I'm never humiliated.
But it was disgraceful.
But he won without casualties.
Brought undying shame
to the army and navy.
Whoever heard of a war without anyone
getting killed? Where's the sacrifice...
above and beyond the call of duty,
the heroism?
I move the prime minister
suggest a way to dispose of this freak.
Well, Reldresal?
If we kill him, there would be
danger of starting an epidemic.
The navy could float him out to sea.
Too big. Cost too much.
I have it!
We could send him to Blefuscu
and order them to kill him.
Superb idea, Your Majesty!
That way, he's their problem.
May not be nice, but it's legal.
But what if they decide
to use him against us?
- Hmm. Oh.
- Shame! Shame!
Shame! How can you plot against Gulliver?
Now, now, now, dear. Don't get excited.
Nobody's plotting.
You can't fool me.
Criers are going through the square now
proclaiming your kindness,
and that means that somebody's
going to be executed soon.
Gulliver would not do my bidding!
That's no excuse for killing him!
- Listen!
- That far-off star
Won't seem so far
Such a sweet, gentle song...
- When love is in your heart
for such a big, powerful man.
But I sing... and much better.
Be quiet.
Makes you strong
and wise and tall
- Gentle love
- Ooh-ooh-ooh
- The greatest gift of all
- If he'd made a fool of you, madam,
you wouldn't be swaying
like a young maiden.
You'd be spitting nails at him!
Such vanity! Such vanity!
- Nothing he does can offend me.
- It's wrong to even start
For you have more
Than gold, my friend
When love is in your heart.
Fire! Fire!
Put out the fire!
Stay where you are. I'll put it out.
The uncouth, vile, filthy, evil,
dirty, spitting and spewing animal!
As I said, madam, as I said.
Destroy him! He's ruined my dress.
- Destroy him!
- Precisely the way we all feel, madam.
- Execute him.
- Brilliant!
You're a man of action, Flimnap.
Gulliver, you've been accused of treason.
- Flee for your life!
- The emperor's gone mad.
- The executioners are on their way.
- Treason?
But I saved Lilliput.
- I was even decorated for it.
- Winning the war made Galbet jealous,
and the admiral hates you for scuttling
the fleet and putting him out of a job.
The empress is furious.
You ruined her dignity and her new dress.
I stop wars, put out fires, feed people,
give them hope and peace and prosperity.
- How can I be a traitor?
- Treason, man- treason.
Put that in your big skull.
The emperor hates you
because you're more important than he is.
Petty ambition, selfish people-
Go to your freedom and
the eggs the way you want them.
- I never eat eggs!
- Neither do I. I hate eggs.
- It's the principle of the thing.
- You caused all this trouble,
endangered your daughter's life
just to win a silly point?
But you promised the giant
would solve all our problems.
And he will.
Gulliver, you're the biggest
and the strongest.
You make everyone open their eggs
from the end you choose.
No one is big or strong enough to stop you
Lilliputians from your bickering.
It poisons everything
you think and say and do.
Then make everyone think the way you do.
That'll stop the bickering...
and the war.
No, Reldresal. Don't you see?
Then I'd become just like the emperor,
and so would you-
Make way for the emperor!
Using my strength to oppress others.
False pride and vanity destroy
everything for lovers.
Oh, Elizabeth was right. The only safety
is in being obscure, in being nothing.
- Down with force and power!
- Kill him! Call the guards!
Please. I-I need your help.
I must show this to the king.
Well, see the king's chamberlain.
Welcome to the kingdom
of Brobdingnag, Gulliver.
Don't be frightened,
darling. You're safe.
Is that his name- Gulliver?
Yes, my dear. He belongs to Elizabeth.
- She's told us all about him.
- Oh.
Another of the prized
possessions of your king.
One of his greatest treasures.
Sire, I know how highly you value
these little people,
but I must warn you:
Little people are shrunken people,
and shrunken people
are dangerous people.
Makovan, shrunken people
are little people,
and little people are toy people,
and no one in the entire
land of Brobdingnag has them, except me.
Elizabeth, take your Gulliver inside.
He needs food and rest.
And the court tailor
will make him new clothes.
You're going to be very rich, my girl.
Very rich.
- What did you say your name was, dear?
- Glumdalclitch.
- Huh?
- There you are, pretty one.
That ought to keep you and your parents
happy for many years to come.
But I don't want to sell him.
I only brought him because your law says,
Anyone who finds little people...
should bring them to the palace at once.
That's quite right, dear.
Only the king can own little people.
But he's mine! I found him!
Now, my dear child, I've got a surprise
for you. Come along with me.
What do you think of these, hmm?
Your king's collection
of the tiniest animals in the world.
They're very nice.
Nice? Why, they're the most
unusual collection ever gathered.
Come and see my favorite.
See this tiny crocodile?
He's the fiercest
fighting flesh of his size in captivity.
See how he snaps at it?
That's why we keep him alone.
He'd kill any of the others in an instant.
Now, as a reward, I'm going to give you...
any one of these little animals
you choose, except my crocodile.
I don't want any of them.
I want my Gulliver.
Come now, girl. Don't be stubborn.
Your king knows best.
He's a grown-up king for grown-ups.
Children don't have a king
to protect them.
I'm everybody's king!
You take things away from children,
like all grown-ups.
They never ask. They just take.
Why don't we let her stay here?
She's make an excellent guardian
for them.
All right,
then I'll decree that your parents
allow you to live here for a while.
See? I'm your king too.
Thank you.
I'll protect them with my life.
Come with me, dear.
I'll show you your room,
and I'm going to get you
a lovely, new dress.
Pages, bring the castle.
You never saw anything
of Captain Pritchard or the crew again?
After the Antelope sank,
I was washed ashore here.
Let's hope that they were saved too.
Darling, I never stopped
believing you were alive,
not for a moment.
When I think of what those horrible
little people might have done to you-
They were vain and selfish.
You're so right, Elizabeth.
Wanting to be important
and powerful is meaningless.
Our being together
is all the importance we ever needed.
Are you all right?
It's Glumdalclitch,
the little girl who found you.
Oh. How do you do?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm going to sleep now.
But if you want anything,
just call.
Good night, dear.
Isn't this a beautiful place?
And no mortgage either.
It's a paradise compared to Wapping.
I don't care where we are,
as long as we're together and safe.
You certainly got your strength back fast.
Giant food agrees with me.
No, don't. We're not married yet.
Elizabeth, open the door. Elizabeth!
Glumdalclitch! Wake up!
Glumdalclitch! Glumdalclitch!
Wake the king! We want to get married!
Married? Now? But everyone's asleep.
Fetch the king! Please!
Oh, all right. Stop shouting.
Grown-ups are silly,
and little grown-ups
are sillier than anybody.
Wake up in there! Wake up!
Why are you arousing the whole castle?
They only want a simple ceremony.
Well, if I have to be up in the middle of
the night, so does everybody else.
You've forgotten your slippers!
Oh, never mind the slippers! I just want
to get this over with and get some sleep!
Don't be so grumpy, dear.
Remember when you
carried me off by moonlight?
How impetuous you were!
How the fires
of passion stirred you.
Well, I wish they'd stir now.
It's cold as a barn in these halls.
- Please, Your Majesty.
- Yes, all right.
- Where's the bride and groom?
- There they are, King Brob.
Oh. Pages, get that fire going!
These stones are cold on my feet!
They'll make such a delightful couple.
Aren't they charming?
Forgive me for disturbing you
at this hour, Your Majesty.
Quite all right.
You sure you know what you're doing?
Now, none of your foolish jokes.
- You're making them nervous.
- They're supposed to be nervous.
Where's the license?
Where'd they go, the little lovers?
For shame! Shame on all of you!
Stop this nonsense. Marry them at once.
You're right, dear.
I'd better marry them at once.
I pronounce you man and wife...
by the authority vested in me... by me.
Live happily, long life,
lots of children, all that sort of thing.
- Hmm?
- He should kiss the bride.
He is, dear.
And now can we go back to bed?
Wake up. Wake up, sleepy-heads.
It's morning.
Oh, dear! No!
Gulliver! Elizabeth!
Darling, if we're gone too long,
Glumdalclitch might get into trouble.
Glumdalclitch is a big girl-
a very big girl.
She can take care of herself.
No more cares. No more worries.
Not a one.
All I have to do is keep you happy,
and I'm going to work very hard to do it.
Work? What for?
To get money to buy food.
But we get all our food free.
Well, then to pay taxes, at least.
But there are no taxes on us.
Well, then to save money for our family.
The king will give us
all the money we ever need.
Yes, but-
Well, I guess so.
I suppose I don't have a thing
to worry about for the rest of my life.
Gulliver? Elizabeth? Where are you?
Answer me!
Elizabeth! Here I am!
Down here!
Glumdalclitch, hurry! Over here!
- Glumdalclitch!
- Oh! There you are!
- Where's Gulliver?
- Here I am!
Down here.
Glumdalclitch! Down here!
Don't ever run away again.
Thank you for saving me.
- But why did you run away?
- We didn't run away.
Someday when you're grown up-
I-I mean, when you become an adult,
you'll understand.
You could have been killed.
Dear Glumdalclitch, we're sorry.
We won't do it again.
I love you both so much,
but you must do what I say.
You must behave or the king won't let me
stay with you in the castle.
I have to take you back right now.
The queen is terribly worried.
You upset the queen very much.
I must forbid you ever to leave again
without permission.
- Where did you go?
- On our honeymoon.
Oh, your countryside is as beautiful
and green as England in the spring.
But we won't go walking along again.
Very sensible, tiny one.
Glumdalclitch is here to take care of you.
I can take care of Elizabeth.
Good! Good!
I like little men with spunk.
There, Makovan.
Let's see the court alchemist...
figure himself a magic formula
to get himself out of that.
A clever move, sire.
No, no, no, Makovan.
He'll take your rook if you move there.
- I beg your pardon!
- I'm sorry. I shouldn't have interfered.
You play chess in your tiny country?
- Quite often, sire.
- He's very good.
Well, let's see how good he really is.
Take over Makovan's game.
- May I study the board?
- Of course.
I'm ready, Your Majesty.
That's a strange move.
Very. I'd like to know more about him.
Tell me, what were you
in your little country, Gulliver?
Oh, I was a doctor.
Ah! A witchery doctor.
No, Makovan. A bodily doctor.
I don't believe that baying at the moon...
or waving a dead cat over your head
will cure a bladder ailment.
Stop that jabbering. It's my move.
Impossible. But-
Now, I- I can take your-
No, no. Then you can take my-
- Oh, this is an idiotic game!
- You'd better let him win.
You win!
Gulliver can't help it
if he's a bright little man.
And it isn't like you to be a bad loser.
His Majesty didn't lose.
He was tricked into
making false moves by a witch.
A witch, you say?
Oh, but I couldn't have been
beaten by such a tiny witch.
Perhaps he wasn't always that small.
A witch can make himself
any size he wants.
Have you seen the way he kisses
that little woman of his?
Witches aren't interested in...
that sort of thing.
Do married people kiss so happily?
Always? All the time?
You have a point there, Makovan.
My stomach!
Oh, it hurts!
Makovan, get me some herbs
quickly! I- Ohh!
They're angry with us.
It's past teatime,
and they always invited me to tea.
Is that the price for this paradise,
giving up our dignity?
You could've lost the chess game.
That isn't losing your dignity.
It's pretending to be stupid.
And if that isn't losing your dignity-
At least you could try to humor them.
I could do more. I could educate them.
They are so backward,
they're living in the Middle Ages.
Now, don't try to change them.
That'd spoil everything. We're happy here.
We can't be happy
as long as we're nobodies.
You try to be their equal,
they'll hate us.
And if I don't, they'll laugh at us.
If they laugh at us long enough,
they'll get bored with us.
And if they get bored,
they'll stop laughing.
And since that's all we're here for,
they'll get rid of us.
Shh. The queen is ill.
When? We just left her.
I saw them carry her
down the hall to her quarters.
- Who's taking care of her?
- Makovan.
- That quack. She needs a doctor.
- No, Lemuel, please.
She's healthy.
She just eats too much.
Please! Wait!
Glumdalclitch, take me
to Makovan's laboratory.
Oh, I can't do that.
The king won't allow it. It's forbidden.
Do as I say, Glumdalclitch!
But it's an evil place,
filled with Makovan's magic.
But I'm going to
turn his magic into medicine.
Gulliver, no! You'll be killed!
Don't worry. This is our best chance
to live happily ever after,
forever and ever.
Glumdalclitch, take me there.
- Ohh!
- This will soothe you.
My special formula
made of spirits of theriac.
It's too hot, you fool!
It must be hot, Your Majesty!
It's not helping her, Makovan.
Try another formula.
King Brob? Please, King Brob,
let Dr. Gulliver help her.
What are you doing here? Go away, child.
- Gulliver.
- Just relax, Your Majesty.
I'm a physician, a doctor,
and I'm going to help you.
- I'm dying.
- You are not dying, dear woman.
You merely have an upset stomach.
But it aches so.
I have prepared a simple solution
of laudanum, a paregoric.
Drink it,
and you'll feel better immediately.
Are you sure, Doctor?
I know it will cure you.
I'm staking my life on it.
As a physician, I wish I could
take madam's hand and soothe her.
Yes, Doctor.
Now, the medicine is
on the table beside the bed.
- You'll drink it down like a good girl.
- Yes, Dr. Gulliver.
She's calling for the little man.
She's losing her mind!
No, King Brob.
He's going to help her. He's a doctor.
Help her?
That little witch? Where is he?
- Put it down! No, no!
- Go away, Makovan.
- All of it, madam. All of it!
- Yes, Doctor.
It's witch's brew.
- He's poisoned her!
- Nonsense, Makovan!
She needed help on the inside,
not the outside.
There he is.
Catch him!
Stop it, Makovan!
Ah. I feel much better already.
- Are you sure, dear?
- The pain is completely gone.
You gave me the scare of my life, dear.
All of you, leave.
I wish to consult with Gulliver.
You may leave too, dear.
Gulliver will be safe here with me.
I said I'd like a few minutes alone
with my physician.
- Your what?
- My doctor. Dr. Gulliver.
Well, I- I can take care of you.
Get that man off your bed.
You didn't save my life.
He did.
But I'm your husband.
I want my doctor.
All right, then! I'll take my doctor!
Dr. Makovan, come with me.
I told you he was a witch, sire.
Shall I burn him?
It's not fair to burn a witch
without proving he's a witch.
Well, do you want me to burn him first,
then prove him a witch?
Or shall I prove him a witch,
then burn him?
But I don't want the queen upset.
That's what I want.
Then I shall prove him first
and then burn him later.
Is that what you wish, sire?
Must I always tell you what to do,
what not to do?
Show a little initiative.
Can I watch when you make him a witch?
I'm not making him a witch, sweetness.
He is a witch,
and Daddy's just proving it.
Can I watch? Are you going to burn him
afterwards? Can I?
Witches are always burned at midnight,
Shryke, my darling,
after your bedtime.
I-I was told to bring Dr. Gulliver here.
Yes, of course, my dear.
Just put him down on the table.
Not with that cat here.
I'd better keep him in my basket.
The thing's a doll!
You sent for me, Makovan?
Can I be of some service?
Perhaps. Oh, this is my daughter Shryke.
Darling, this is Glumdalclitch,
guardian of this little, uh-
He's not a doll. He's my little man.
I may not be big enough to be your father,
but I am old enough.
He's silly-looking,
and he squeaks like a mouse.
You're just jealous
because you don't have one.
Now, now, girls,
both of you go outside and play.
King Brob told me never to leave Gulliver
when he's away from his castle.
Out, I said.
There will be honey cakes and milk
for both of you later.
It's all right, Glumdalclitch.
We have grown-up,
scientific matters to discuss.
What substance is that?
Air, water, fire and earth.
Plus the four spirits of ancient alchemy:
mercury, sulfur, arsenic
and sal ammoniac?
You know about them?
Any chemist knows the debt
we owe to the sorcerers and magicians.
Then you know magic.
They called it magic
when they tried to use...
chemical compounds
to change iron into gold,
but we call it chemistry now.
You have the secret of
making gold out of iron?
I think it would be easier
to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
You can do that too?
Stop that! Girls!
Stop it! Stop that, I said!
Easy, now. Daddy loves his little baby.
There, there.
Dr. Gulliver, Makovan
is going to put you into those tanks.
You'll turn blue,
and that'll prove to him you're a witch.
And then he'll kill you.
Don't be alarmed, Glumdalclitch.
I can handle Makovan.
But everyone he says is a witch-
they turn blue in those magic waters.
What did you do?
You're not a witch, are you?
No, Glumdalclitch.
There, there, my sweet.
There! Now, you leave her alone,
you little bully.
Now sit here, my sweet,
and watch me turn the little man blue.
Can I stay up late tonight
and see the fire?
Turn blue? Me? An innocent man?
Anyone with a shriveled brain
who can beat the king at chess,
who can cure a queasy queen,
who can make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear, must turn blue.
Climb down into that pan.
That's enough. Get into the next one.
- Climb out, Gulliver.
- Yes, sir.
He didn't turn blue! He didn't turn blue!
Merely the law of predictable
chemical reaction.
The first beaker contains lichen,
which feeds on algae rocks.
Anyone stepping into lichen
and then into a beaker
containing any alkaline compound...
must turn blue.
But you're red.
Of course. I changed
the alkaline solution to acid.
Acid will then turn anything red.
Amazing witchery. It's still colorless.
It's the same principle
as your experiment,
but it will still turn you red.
Gulliver, the cat!
My cat!
You've turned her red!
- Oh, no!
- There, there, my sweet!
Daddy didn't do it. The witch did it.
Now your hair will turn red, Makovan,
sure as science is science,
and I'm not a witch!
It's turning! It's turning!
It is, Daddy. It's red. Your hair!
Little witch, you'll make
a short but colorful flame!
Where does he get such power...
to turn my hair red, to cure the queen?
I say destroy the witch, sire,
before he destroys us!
But it wasn't magic!
He's not a witch!
Invisible spirits. Evil spirits!
Makovan couldn't have
turned his own head red, but you did.
Only because
I know science and chemistry.
There is no such thing.
If there was, I should know it.
No one can know everything.
What my sorcerer
doesn't know doesn't exist.
Brobdingnagians are the wisest
and strongest people in the world,
and I'm their king, do you understand?
Now, admit you never beat me at chess.
By fair means, I mean.
If I deny that I know what I know...
and see what I see and hear what I hear,
then I deny all knowledge, sire.
What happens if the queen
gets a stomachache again?
That has nothing to do with this.
Do you understand?
Get that through your little thick head!
Deny anything they want!
Say anything they want, but save yourself!
I can't live without you.
Open the cage.
I'm ready to confess everything.
Confess then.
I confess that the sun
goes round the Earth.
I confess that the world is flat.
I confess that there is
no such thing as medicine...
or science.
And admit that it would take a witch
to beat me at chess.
It would take a witch.
Now he's more guilty than ever.
He admits there was no medicine,
so he cured the queen with nothing.
Only a witch could do that.
We must burn him at once.
I'm afraid we must. I'm sorry.
You promised that I would be spared.
You lied!
You wear the terror
and the fear of the ignorant.
What you don't understand
you want to destroy!
Burn him.
- No!
I have a better way to destroy a witch.
Remarkable idea, sire.
There won't even be an ash remaining.
Go back to bed, child.
Now, go back to bed.
Elizabeth must be spared.
She's done nothing.
- They're both alike, sire.
- On with it! On with it!
Leave her there for now.
Open the door of the cage.
Dr. Gulliver, take this.
Come on! Come on now!
Hold him! Kill him!
Hit him again! Hit him!
See what powers he has, sire?
The strength of a dozen his size.
Burn him!
Gulliver! Elizabeth!
After them! Stop her!
Don't let them get away!
They're coming. Where shall I hide you?
You can't stay alone here.
The animals will eat you.
You can't do anymore, Glumdalclitch.
Save yourself.
They're not here! Where are they?
- Where did you hide the witches?
- I don't know! I don't know!
Oh, leave that silly child alone!
They're somewhere down here. Find them!
They must be somewhere here.
We can't let them escape!
Set light to the brush. Burn them!
We're going to die here.
Oh, if only I'd listened to you.
If only I hadn't tried
to make you live my way.
No. If only I hadn't left Wapping
and wanted everything my way.
There they are! At the stream!
Hurry! Into the basket!
Where are we?
I don't know.
Was it a dream?
As real as anything we think.
But the giants?
What if the giants come back?
They're always with us-
giants and the Lilliputians-
inside us.
Their terrible world
waiting to take our lives,
waiting for us to make a mistake,
to be selfish again.
How can we bear it?
How can we live with such fear?
With love, the way Glumdalclitch did.
Glumdalclitch. What happened to her?
She's waiting to be born.
We're back in our world!
Pardon me, sir. We're lost.
Perhaps you've heard of our country
from a wandering soldier of fortune...
or a sailor who travels the seas.
We come from a far-off country
called England.
And a town called Wapping, by the sea.
Are you barmy, guv'nor? This is England!
And Wapping's just
the other side of that wood.
Thank you. Thank you, sir.