The 4th Floor (1999) Movie Script

For the past 10 years,
New Yorkers have known who to turn to
for the most accurate weather.
He's the man who has brought
them events as they were happening,
before they happened.
In fact it's almost unnatural how accurate
this man has been about the weather.
It's made us wonder.
Starting this winter,
he'll be giving his heart and soul
to do it for the rest of us,
all across the country.
This man is your new
Hello, USA weatherman.
This man is Greg Harrison,
and he's willing to do
whatever it takes.
Well, let's cut to it. I'm getting the sense
you didn't like the commercial.
Now, what makes you think that?
Because you haven't said a word
about it, which is not like you.
Come on, out with it.
I can take it. I can take the truth.
Tell me what
the younger generation thinks.
I thought it made you
look a little evil.
The message is
that I'm ruthless,
that I'll do whatever it takes
to bring the people the weather.
They like that.
But you're not ruthless, Greg.
Jane, you have to be pretty ruthless
to get to be a national weatherman.
Or a good kiss-ass.
Have you smelled this?
Smell it.
I br--
how ruthless I am?
My parents' Brownstone was
just like this one.
Robe Street was
just around the corner.
I used to walk home from school
down this street all the time.
Not very friendly.
It's nice, isn't it?
Yeah, it's all right.
I mean, s-sorry,
it's not exactly my style...
Oh, as if you had a style, Greg.
That's why
I've hooked up with you, dear.
So your aunt fell
down all those stairs?
That's a lot of stairs...
for an old lady.
That is a lot
of stairs for anybody.
Somebody should have told her
to move somewhere else.
She wouldn't have listened.
My aunt depended on no one.
I would come here
to visit her when I was little.
I remember...
I used to lie awake at night
and fantasize about having
my own apartment,
just like this one.
And now, it's mine.
She snuck my name on the lease,
so I pay what she paid:
$400 a month.
$400? The Landlord can't be
too happy about that.
You're going to be able to sublet
this place, three, $4,000, easy.
I'm not going
to sublet it, Greg.
I'm keeping it.
Keeping it?
I don't understand.
We just got a place together.
I just want a little space.
Is that a crime?
My office is so small,
and Cheryl shares that with me.
I just...
This place is so cheap.
And you? This is your
graceful way of telling me?
I was--
I was waiting for the--
- That's why--
- Hey!
You're Greg Harrison,
Rise and Shine, New York, right?
Let me shake your hand.
You're great.
Well, thanks a lot,
you know.
- I appreciate that, really.
- Okay.
- Thanks. You have a good night. Yeah.
- See ya. Okay.
That's why you kept
pushing back the moving date?
This is your graceful
way out of it?
You want me to live
in the Westchester house by myself?
I'm in the middle of the most
important career move of my life!
I need you now!
Why couldn't you tell me sooner?
I didn't know sooner.
Jane, you think you can
just throw other people's lives
into turmoil
and it doesn't matter?
It does.
It has serious repercussions.
Can we talk about this?
If you'd calm down, Greg...
What about dinner?
Look, you'll have
to forgive me.
I'm really not
in the mood to go out anymore.
I'm going to go open up.
Oh, you've got keys.
How'd you get the keys?
I'm moving into the apartment
on the 5th floor.
- My name's Jane Emelin.
- I've seen you here before, haven't I?
I used to visit my aunt Cecile.
Did you know Cecile?
Well, of course I did.
Hello Jane. My name's Martha Stewart.
Not the famous one, though.
All right.
Oh, you know,
I'm the one who found her.
It was just awful.
Her head,
smashed to potatoes.
Poor dear.
Do you need any help
carrying your things in?
No, I'm fine. I have movers coming.
I have a lot of stuff.
Oh. Good. Good.
Good karma.
That's what this building has.
Can't be bought, can't be sold.
Have you met
anyone else yet?
In the building, you mean?
No, not yet.
Oh, well, we're all
a very friendly group here.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant live
on the 2nd floor,
Mr. Collins lives
on the 3rd floor.
He's a dashing man.
You should probably
leave him alone, though.
He likes his privacy.
What about the person right
beneath me with all those trash bags?
- The 4th floor?
- Yeah.
Oh, dear Alice.
Poor thing.
She was hit really hard
by your aunt's death.
It was just about more
than she could stomach.
You won't have
to see much of her.
She's a hermit--
- an eccentric widow.
- Yeah?
Oh, what's this?
So you like older men,
do you?
No, not necessarily.
He looks a lot
like that weatherman...
you know,
the Rise and Shine guy?
Yeah, that's him.
Where'd you meet?
- I helped him with his office.
- Secretary?
Not quite.
I help him with acquisitions.
I'm an interior designer.
What's going on here?
You just come here
and no one says anything to me?
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
You will be.
You just can't move in here
without talking to me.
Give me your keys.
- Give me your keys.
- Now, Jerry...
Jerry, calm down.
Calm down, dear.
You know
you're not allowed keys.
It's all right. It's all right.
What was that about?
He's the super.
Well, he's actually
the landlord's nephew.
He probably just thought
he'd be moving into the apartment.
He has to live in the basement
with all the storage, you see.
He's got a disability.
- Oh.
- Hmm.
Oh, shit.
Who is it?
Delivery for Jane Emelin?
He said it has to be set up
in your bedroom, and...
we have to program it for you.
He said you wouldn't
know how to.
Yeah, I don't know how
because I hate television.
I'm-I'm sorry ma'am.
I'm just trying to do my job.
Well, I have to get ready.
Yeah, we'll just set this up,
then we'll get out of your way.
Yeah, okay.
Did you have something...?
I know you meant it
as a nice gesture, Greg,
but the thing takes up
half my bedroom.
I don't know.
Get somebody to come and get rid of it.
What surprise?
Cheryl, you want
to come bring those in?
Oh, okay.
Uh, I gotta go.
All right,
I'll talk to you later.
Everything okay with you?
Yeah, everything's fine.
I don't know.
You seem a little tense.
That's because the lady downstairs
left me this crabby note,
and I want to move my furniture
around before it gets too late.
I'm going to have to bring in
those tear sheets tomorrow.
I know. I know.
You know, I have a good idea
of what you're going for.
I could start it for you,
and then you could unpack.
Yeah, that would be great.
Would you do that for me?
So, call me at home
if you have any questions.
I've got it
all under control.
I'm just trying to figure it out,
what I could have done differently.
It's not about you.
It's about me.
It's about this place.
When you asked me
to move in with you...
I really wanted for it to be right.
I really did.
And I tried to convince myself.
Look, Greg, I've never even lived
on my own, yet.
I'd hate to have us move
all the way out there, and...
find out that we didn't really know
what we're getting ourselves into.
I just know that this isn't going
to turn out the way you want.
Can't we just keep it
the way it is for now?
And then we'll see?
Well, I don't see
that I have much choice.
Hey, wait!
I thought
you were Mrs. Stewart.
Mrs. Stewart?
Yes, thank God.
That woman pursues me
every time I walk into this place.
It's getting me in shape,
I'll tell you that.
How do you do? I'm Mr.Collins.
You must be Ms. Emelin, the new tenant.
We, none of us, knew that, um...
that Mrs. Lewis had anyone.
Such a tragedy,
what happened.
I'm sorry I haven't
come up to introduce myself.
- It's bad form.
- No, not at all.
I should have
introduced myself.
Actually I've--
I'm kind of off to a rocky start
with half
the building already.
I've always been amazed
at your profession...
to go into other people's houses
and decide how they should live.
It's true, but I find that people
don't know what they really want,
and most of the time,
I have a better idea
than they do.
The job is
to try and get
inside their heads
and figure it out.
Sometimes that's tough.
Oh, the million dollar question:
What goes on
inside others' heads?
We only know
what they show us.
It's true.
Quite a collection
you have here.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Collins.
It's kind of all over
the place right now.
That carving,
is that, uh, South American?
Actually that's
a Cambodian protective spirit,
and you hang it above the doorway
and it protects you.
I haven't figured out
just how to hang it yet.
I'm a collector, myself,
you know, Mideast, mostly.
I'm terrible. I keep on getting
more and more things.
And I don't have
the space for it.
I could really chat all night,
but you've obviously got
some work ahead of you.
It's good to get a better
sense of you, Ms. Emelin.
what's your emergency?
Hi. I'm not sure if this is
an emergency or not, but...
- Name and address?
- Jane Emelin, 146, 11th Street.
I just saw something in the window
right across the way from mine, and...
I'm not sure,
but the address is...
I just know it's right--
Can you hold on
for one second, please?
Sorry to bother you so late.
Hope you don't
still have company.
On the phone
with your boyfriend?
I'm just wondering if I could
borrow a little sugar, dear.
Ah. Thank you.
Good morning! Rise and shine,
and get out of bed, New York City!
Wipe that sleep
out of your eyes!
Come on, everybody,
don't be a plain Jane.
Rise and shine
and give out your glory, glory
Rise and shine and give out
your glory, glory
Rise and shine
and give out your glory, glory
And I got a letter
from Todd Jacobs, age five...
asking how to become
a weatherman.
Well, Ted,
there's a lot you can do
to learn more
about the environment around you.
This week is
a good week to start.
As you can see
from the satellite loop,
where we've got some
beautifully unstable weather.
Dust off and whip out
those umbrellas.
We should be
getting a dousing.
- Clouds are already moving...
- Oh, gross.
...thunderstorms are already coming up
from south-central New Hampshire
and Worcester, Massachusetts.
Oh, boy.
You've been warned.
Take it seriously.
"Sorry about the noise!
Jane Emelin (Cecile's niece)"
You need any help
back there, young lady?
Oh, no. I'm just looking
for the right size nails.
Let me in!
Come on!
For the last time,
I'm telling you!
Open up!
Come on!
It's Mrs. Bryant.
Her husband accidentally
locked her out again.
They're both deaf.
- Blind as bats, too.
- Let me in!
Oh, and don't touch her.
They scare very easily.
So, I gather you met
Mr. Collins last night.
- Yeah, he's very nice.
- Well, I'm glad you've met.
But it's best
not to bother him again.
Well, I didn't think
I was bothering him.
Well, I understand, dear.
But it's really best
that you leave him alone.
- Come on! Open the door!
- Okay.
Oh, open the door!
Just open this door!
Damn it!
Apartment 5?
You just moved in, Jane?
I saw your note
on the door downstairs.
Oh, yeah,
I haven't met her yet.
You stick something in here
trying to open the door?
Well, there's something
jamming this up.
You're gonna need a new lock.
Okay, I think
this should cover it.
We saw each other last night...
didn't we?
I'm sorry?
I live right over there...
across the way.
You were looking
in my apartment.
No, I--
Well, I wasn't--
Don't you know
about people and, uh...
their privacy?
Just kidding.
Don't worry about it.
Hope you didn't call the cops
on me or anything.
No, of course not.
Uh, I just happened
to notice you and your wife.
She's not my wife.
She's just helping me
with something.
Here's your new set.
Thank you very much.
It's a great apartment.
It's one of my
favorite buildings.
It's impossible
to get into this building.
Is that key
to my place, also?
I keep a master to every lock
I work on in this building.
The super isn't allowed
to keep keys here.
He's a little strange.
You know...
you have a really
interesting face.
Aw, come on!
This is absurd!
I gotta move in, Granny!
Oh, man.
Here, listen to this:
You must lay large area rugs
or buffers down
to reduce everday
aural disturbances.
You are forbidden
to wear shoes after dark.
You may keep them outside your door,
as is customary in Japan.
- Japan?
- And there's more.
After 10 p.m.,
no guests are allowed.
Any romantic liaisons
may be carried out
with common regard
for aural disturbance...
- She keeps saying that.
- Aural disturbance?
If objects are
to be moved around,
you may do so
between 1:00 and 1:15.
This includes provisions.
I mean,
is she fucking kidding me?
How many?
pages upon pages of this stuff.
And then the last sentence says:
You have now been warned,
so there will be no forgiveness.
You know, you should
ask around about this lady.
She sounds a little kooky.
Yeah, she does, doesn't she?
I mean, do you think a little
old woman could have written that?
You got one, uh...
Hey, you got to close
your windows, or something.
You got
a fly problem in here.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm probably
overreacting, but it...
it just seems so vicious,
and weird.
Like I have to walk on eggshells
in my own apartment.
I understand
You're loving this,
aren't you?
Don't say
I didn't warn you.
These people are
very unpredictable.
You had this romantic idea
of a friend--
Are we...
a little nervous?
I saw this
at an auction today.
I thought you would like it.
Consider it a housewarming gift.
Wow, that's very nice.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't realize that...
No, that's okay.
That's Greg Harrison...
the weatherman.
You know, I watch you
every morning that you're on.
Well, that's very kind.
thank you.
We actually went to the--
the same high school, P.S. 4.
My name is Albert Collins.
You used to live
down this area, didn't you?
Did we know each other?
No, no, no.
You wouldn't have known me.
But I thought that since
you're such a famous alumnus,
I had to mention it.
Anyway, I didn't mean
to intrude. I'm--
Not at all.
Not at all.
Excuse me.
I have to take this.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Have a seat.
- Oh.
- Yes, I'm listening.
Thank you.
So you decided to...
- to stay down here, huh?
- Oh, yeah, right.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Don't worry about a thing.
Have a seat.
So they still...
talk about me at P.S. 4?
Yes, I understand.
Of course, it's very hard.
I'm on your side, though,
Mrs. Adamson.
I know. I know.
I'll speak to you first thing
tomorrow morning, okay?
All right.
Okay, bye-bye.
Sorry about that.
She keeps threatening
to get another...
Hello? Greg?
You scared me.
Are you sure this alone space is
good for your health?
Where did you go?
I was out in the hallway.
I was just saying
goodbye to Collins.
He's a nice guy.
Let's eat!
I'm famished.
You have to wipe those completely.
Otherwise, they spot.
I am.
No, look. This one's
starting to streak already.
Well, this is the way
I wipe plates.
What's with you
all of a sudden?
Don't get offended because I want
my plates a certain way.
Your plates?
You have to have everything
a certain way.
What is that supposed to mean?
Forget it.
- What does that mean?
- Please, I'm trying to concentrate.
Stop it!
You know, nothing is
compromise with you.
It's either your way or bust.
You're really going to throw a fit
because of the way I want my plates?
Come on Jane, you're smarter than that.
This isn't about your goddamned dishes!
What is the difference?
What is the difference
if I move out there with you
or if I just stay out there
with you?
Come on, Greg. I thought
we had a great night together.
We ate together,
we're washing dishes together...
But it's your place.
It's not our place
You know what your problem is, Greg?
You are so hung up on terms.
I really-- I don't think
it would make a bit of difference.
- I really don't.
- Jane...
I love you.
I love spending time with you.
But Jane, what do you think
we're doing here?
We're playing house.
I'm tired...
of playing.
I'm not taking shit
from you tonight.
I was just standing
right there,
and then, all of a sudden,
the tiles just started exploding.
- I mean, look at my floor.
- Yeah.
Any answer?
That's because she supposedly
never answers the door.
You know, the lady from the 1st floor said
an 80-year-old woman lives downstairs.
Yeah, that's her.
That's Alice.
Well, um,
they blew up in the line.
I'd say it was
your, uh, heating pipes.
It happens
in these old buildings.
You weren't there.
It was explosive! It was violent!
- It's not heating pipes.
- Officer Kazelli, please come in.
Excuse me.
Ah, Chriselium.
Jane Emelin, a special location.
- Jane Emelin?
- Yes.
You called a few nights ago
and started to report
something else about this neighbor?
No, no, no.
That was another...
person across the way
in the building next to mine.
All right.
Now listen, you can fill out
a report if you want to.
But if you ask me,
you should call your landlord
and check your pipes.
My pipes?
Yeah, okay. Thank you
I thought it might be you.
What was all the hubbub
earlier with the police?
Don't worry about it, Martha.
I'm taking care of the problem.
We don't like
the police coming here.
You mess with me,
I mess with you.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?!
I overslept.
The power, somehow, just went off
in my apartment.
I'm leaving right now.
Is there anything we can do,
legally... anything at all?
I'm just trying
to think impartially, here.
I don't think
anyone's going to believe
an old lady is
capable of doing all this.
Has anyone else complained?
No, but I don't think
it's-it's just a coincidence.
It's been happening
since I moved in.
Everything you have is circumstantial.
Listen, Jane, I'll do
whatever you want me to...
but, between you and me,
if you're having this many problems,
maybe it would be easier
just to move out.
Moving out is not
an option for me, Ashley.
This apartment's just a fluke.
You and Greg were going
to move in together.
Are you on Greg's payroll?
Did you bring in the mock-ups
for the Baron meeting today?
No, I forgot about that.
Um, I think one of the movers
moved them into the basement...
I'll look for them.
We need them.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I'll get them to you.
It'll just be a little later.
You know, Jane,
you're a little spun out these days.
Maybe you should just let me
go to the meeting...
just until you calm down
and settle this stuff at home.
Cheryl, I'd appreciate if you keep
the personal shit to yourself
and, uh, just focus
on the office right now.
I'll be fine.
All right.
What are you doing
down here without the lights on?
Mr. Collins,
the light switch didn't work.
I just came down here
to get something from a box.
You scared me to death.
You know, I-- I almost knocked
on your door, earlier.
Are you all right, Ms. Emelin?
I hear the police were here last night.
What on earth could have warranted
calling the police?
Well, I called them
because I had to.
I'm being attacked
by the woman downstairs.
I'm afraid Alice didn't like
your aunt Cecile very much.
She must be
taking it out on you.
Martha told me
that they were friends.
Not at all.
No, the truth is Alice doesn't
get along with anyone, really.
I'm sorry this has been
so difficult for you, but,
you know, sometimes it just takes time
to find your groove.
Of course, sometimes,
people just never do find it.
It's like oil and water.
Buildings like this are
just about compromise,
so, maybe this is a sign
that it was smart of you
to move to Westchester after all.
You mean, Greg's house?
It sounds
like a lovely home, and he...
he's such a nice man.
Yes, he is.
No, I'm not moving there.
I'll fit in just fine here...
thank you very much.
I didn't mean
to insult you, Ms. Emelin.
I'm just trying
to look after you
No, I appreciate
your concern, Mr. Collins,
but I'll be fine.
Not to worry. Okay?
Will you let me in,
Betty, please?
- Betty? Betty!
- Good evening.
- Betty, will you let me in, please?
- Oh, be well, thank you.
I'm just trying
to find the groove, here.
Betty, come on!
Betty, will you let me in, please?
Darn it. Betty!
You just move in, Jane?
Oh, my God.
Oh, you got an army in there!
How long's this been going on?
Just this morning.
I mean, don't you think
that's a little strange?
You, uh, clean up
after yourself and everything?
Gonna be a while
Okay, so what do you think?
I come back later this afternoon,
is that good?
Yeah, I may need
Fine, do whatever
you have to do.
Yeah, give her hell!
Get back there!
I'll be right over, Mrs. Adamson,
and then we'll work it out.
I've just been having some problems,
and these, at home, lately, and...
Can I get you to deliver this
to my place at around 5:00?
No problem.
What's your address?
146 11th Street...
Apartment 5.
Of course, we'll-- You'll be
comfortable with everything.
It's not a problem.
Okay, I'll see you soon
Say hello
to Ms. Cooper for me.
Ms. Cooper?
You know her?
We've been bringing her groceries
for 15 years.
Then two months ago, there was a note
saying she doesn't want deliveries anymore.
You tell her
we're asking about her.
Okay, I'll tell her
- Thank you very much.
- Come back soon.
We know your address.
I wanted to talk to you
about Alice, Martha.
I was down at the Korean grocery,
and he told me
that she, all of a sudden,
just stopped ordering groceries from them.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
why are you asking
the Koreans about Alice?
I didn't ask him.
He just told me that.
What is it with you?
First the police,
then the Koreans...
Don't you have any respect
for people's privacy?
What do you think
you are, a spy?
No, I'm not a spy.
And what about what I told you
about Mr.Collins?
I asked you to leave
the poor man alone.
He told me that you've been
knocking on his door,
asking about this and that
and this and that.
There are rules here.
But you have to be a rebel,
don't you?
You're just like your aunt.
Why are you attacking me
all of a sudden, Martha?
I'm not attacking you.
I'm warning you.
You are walking
on very thin ice down here.
You're putting the thermometer
on the radiator.
Some of us are
trying to live here!
We got to talk.
You been noticing a lot more flies
in your apartment these days?
Yeah, a few,
now that you mention it.
They been coming up
through the drain in your tub.
Them white things
in your tub are maggots.
Something must have died
in those pipes.
They, uh, like
to nest in soft tissue.
Something died?
Well, don't worry,
I sprayed pretty good,
but, uh, I'd keep a plug
in that drain for a few days.
- Okay.
- Now, about the mice...
I was cleaning up
when I found this.
Now, take a close look.
You see the white mouse?
That's an albino mouse.
That ain't natural.
That's a laboratory mouse.
People use them
to feed their pet snakes.
I don't understand.
At first, I didn't, either.
Come here.
I covered this up for you.
That's the mouse hole there?
Take a look at that hole.
That ain't no mouse hole.
Somebody drilled that.
You don't have
a mouse problem, lady.
You got a neighbor problem.
Greg, are you there?
Will you pick up, please?
Okay, there are some very
bad things happening now.
I think something
really strange is going on
with the neighbor
down below me.
I really need you
to call me back.
Okay, please?
Can you hear me?
Are you there?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my gosh.
Hi. I have a delivery
for your neighbor upstairs.
Could I leave it with you?
I'll be right down
I'm trying to tell you
that somebody hit me.
Look at my forehead.
You passed out
from the gas, Jane.
You hit your head on the floor.
You're my lawyer, okay?
Now help me out here.
I'm telling you that somebody hit me.
- Did you see him?
- I don't remember.
They said her memory was
going to be a little... shaky.
I remember everything.
I remember everything
that happened to me.
I remembered...
He sent me a picture
of Cecile's dead body, Greg,
like he was behind it.
And I was
taking these pictures.
I was going to show you.
I had all the proof.
He stole everything
that I had.
What pictures?
This fucking maniac, he diagrammed
my apartment on his ceiling.
I saw it.
He knew exactly
where everything was,
and he had it all mapped out.
I saw it.
Who is he?
There is
no old woman downstairs.
An old woman couldn't
have done what I saw.
He did something to her.
Did any of your neighbors
see anything?
They don't think
anything's going on.
we have to go to the police.
With what?
Can we show the police anything?
My floor...
He drilled a hole in my floor.
Um, there's no hole.
You sure it was here?
Yes, I'm positive
it was here.
I don't--
I don't understand.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine... fine.
We have a reoccurring 10-90
with Jane Emelin.
It just doesn't make any sense
You called a few times before,
haven't you, Ms. Emelin?
A few times?
Yes, I tried to get help.
Copy that.
All right, I'll go down
and check the hall downstairs, and...
see if I can see anything.
I don't understand.
So how come you didn't tell me
about calling the police those other times?
They keep a list.
You know,
they'll think we're both crazy
I saw the plans
in the 4th-floor apartment,
and whoever this guy is,
he wants to take
the building back.
How 'bout all people
on the other three floors?
Why hasn't anything
happened to them?
Nobody knows what
you're talking about, Jane.
We could go back there...
tomorrow, when I feel
a little bit better, and then
I'll show you exactly
what I'm talking about.
- I could find the exterminator.
- No.
Oh, this has got to stop.
Nobody believes you, Jane.
Listen, you never even have
to go back in that building.
The phone gets
turned off tonight.
I'll get the movers
to pack you up tomorrow.
You are safe.
We've got a great house
up in the country.
Things got out of hand...
it happened badly, but...
it's a good thing...
that we're moving in together.
And I will give you
what you need.
I promise.
Knock, knock, knock!
You think
you can get rid of me?
Come on,
you son of a bitch!
Face me, now!
Come on out and face me,
you motherficker!
I'm not afraid of you!
Come out, you fucking coward!
You'd better come downstairs.
He wants to take my place...
take it over,
that fucking coward!
I know you think I'm crazy,
but I'm not! I'm not crazy!
No, not at all.
'Cause I know what I know.
I know he did
something to that woman.
And I know he did
something to my aunt.
I know it now.
I believe you.
You do?
There is something
really evil going on.
You think so?
I saw it...
I did. I saw it upstairs.
It's not something that
I'm just going to walk away from
I'm trying to own what's mine,
and I have rights.
And I won't have somebody
just try to take that from me.
I understand.
I have a right to be here,
just like anybody else!
And he-- you see, he wants
to take that away from me, my right!
You were saying?
I tried to look after you,
to give you the clues.
To make you see that this was
not where you belonged.
Unlike the others,
I gave you the chance to leave.
But you wanted to know the answer
to the million-dollar question.
Do you know it now?
You're here.
Welcome to my design.
Welcome to the inside
of my mind
Ever been caught in a portcullis before?
A chamber to insulate
the pharaohs in their tombs.
This is my version.
Help! Help!
Silence is the most
beautiful noise in the world
You don't understand that!
Building... is an organic
creature, you know?
As the organism of this building,
what I need is not a lot to ask for!
But you have to have
your own rules!
Cecile didn't understand!
Alice didn't understand!
You, all of you, are infections!
And infections have to be
cleared, or cut out!
It's very sad, Ms. Emelin!
We see the world
in much the same way!
I think territory is
very important to us!
Unfortunately, your
territory infringes on mine!
I think this is the only way out
What are you doing?
Give it.
Rise and shine, New York City.
even though we've had
a very feisty fall,
we've unfortunately got an even
more active winter on the way
This is also unfortunately
my last show as your local forecaster
No no no,I'll be with you still
on every morning on "Hello, USA"
But first, let me give you that one
last look of the weather in your area
- Showers--
- Did you get everything we wanted today?
Yeah, the Adamsons are
back on track.
Of course, I made a few suggestions
I think you'd approve.
Well, I'm sure I would.
I have total faith in you, Cheryl.
Hey, I'm just trying to do my job.
Oh, yeah, that locksmith guy called.
Uh, left his address,
said he needs to see you.
Has something to show you.
Oh, good. I never got
a chance to thank him.
For the past 10 years New Yorkers
have known who to turn to
for the most accurate weather.
He's the man who has brought
the events as they are happening
before they happen.
In fact, it's almost unnatural how accurate
this man has been about weather.
It's made us wonder.
Starting this winter,
he'll be giving his heart and soul
to do it for the rest of us
all across the country.
This man is your new
"Hello USA" weatherman.
This man is Greg Harrison,
and he's willing to do whatever it takes.