The 7 Adventures of Sinbad (2010) Movie Script

The Indian Ocean
640 km east of Madagascar.
Hold highest knot! Steady settings!
All head to the deck!
All head to the deck!
Throw hook to the pole!
Set it through!
Ladies and gentlemen,
As we know the world simply can't wait
finding new sources of energy!
This is why Kamaran is proud to be moving
in the pulled direction!
Kamaran is a shipping company.
Isn't oil is expecting to be out of the will house?
- For 12 generations of my family
are distinguished itself as a shipping lane..
As my father compass's mine!
At this time I'd like to introduce to you
a new CEO, Mr. Magnus.
You're sinking money in energy extraction.
But what about spill prevention?
Clean up bio-remediation?
Kamaran has invested heavily... clean up technology, including bio-remediation.
I think your time and our company's records...
...speak for itself!
I think your time and our company's records...
...speak for itself!
- Mr Sinbad, is it true the old dating
super model Samantha Farris?
...speak for itself!
- Mr Sinbad, is it true the old dating
super model Samantha Farris?
Finally something in mine will help!
If you will, ladies and gentlemen,
I'll give you the Pythias.
A prototype geological survey craft...
It operates in the depth of about 2 miles,
and helps to sum the new design
in sub-surface mineral deposit sands.
A much better is one on one.
Not piece of hear!
Indian Ocean,
400 miles east of Madagascar.
the signal went out 10 hours ago!
Anyone who can tell me...
how we lost the world largest oil tanker...
wins this price?!
What's the matter?
Our best information puts this
somewhere in the Tramalin ellipse
It's ... abnormality!
It's ... the sailor's nightmare alike!
- The Bermuda triangle?
Disappearance ships navigation area
shrink with the light condition.
Basically every unexplainable
nautical phenomenon out there!
You lost me an explicable!
Mr. Sinbad,
the pirate just admitted 10 millions dollars.
That's not all, Sir!
They have a bomb!
They have a bomb?
You tell Captain Atash
not engage with them.
We're going to handle this one diplomatically.
- What do you have in mind?
- My ship's on it, Simon.
Can't rule the sea
if you're afraid of water!
Look, Adrian! I understand that
you might take it personally.
But you can't decide
what your rationality is!
You're absolutely right!
Thank you, Pat.
You too, Linc.
I'll see both on the air field.
This is 1-3-5!
Running to the occupied in 30 minutes.
Tell whatever you got, Pat!
Ship finds in state of nominal.
Every drop in our control!
Just like the icy of buck cut! Dng nh mi th vn yn,
just fine in every matter!
So what's your plan?
And if that doesn't work?
Move him!
Go unlock the guys in system!
Where are they?
Move him in, ops!
Sir, Madagascar coast guard issued a very storm warning.
Recommend returned a rout!
How far?
20 miles, over flying!
Right on the trace of the vehicle.
Stay in course!
Sir, I am sorry!
We have to abort.
Move him!
Ship's belonged me.
Put that down!
Put that down!
Put it down!
Put that thing down immediately!
Mayday! Mayday!
Hell was it up!
Helicopter 426!...
We're going to sink!
Hold on!
- Adrian!
- Crab!
- Big crab!
- Gemma.
- Adrian!
Did you see that?
- I have some water to take!
- No, a crab that stole my money!
Adrian, you have hallucinated.
Come on, let's take some water.
We've been here for a few hours.
What do you mean "we"?
I'm to kill you! playing with our lives!.
You're responsible.
- Here!
- Here?
We found a few by the crashed helicopter.
We don't want to die soon!
Rescue three of us!.
What about my ship?
It's unclear!.
Do we mine enough of the Diter hearing package,
But no one goes from the tanker!
Do we know where we are?
The GPS is currently to tracking our coordinate,
but ...
there's nothing!
The middle of the Indian Ocean.
It doesn't seem that this island's here!
Let him go!
- He killed my crewmen,
and attacked my ship.
- The ship with that Captain?
Search plan should be on right now!
We should move to higher ground.
Better chance to signaling one.
Here are up, they don't know where to look!
In the chart of this water, ...
there's no island.
Maybe he knows something.
- Water!
- Not a plenty chance!
This is the curse.
This island is evil.
We will die here.
All of us.
Can't be right!
Seems no survivor!
Mr. Magnus informs the press
accordingly to West oil spilling history.
The good news is: The blocks of our
bunches of rims are OK.
It's still in holding on to 90% of the cargo.
That's a 130 millions of crude...
... that we can not afford to loose!
We're going to have to save them.
It's too deep for conventional equipment.
I want every one of our ships
and every available hands
on that spot!
Mr. Magnus, you don't understand.
That simply isn't the time.
Powers are once lost forever!
But the bullheads will erupt out.
- 130 millions gallons! |
The ocean will never be the same again!
How much time do we have?
48 hours max!
Now it seems even stress holders in course of OK.
That's not a sign of function.
The tank's convincible!
I just need to get to it in time.
In time?
Adrian, Acaby is a lost course.
We have to get rid worry about that!
We're getting out of this island.
I'll not allow my
family thing be destroyed!
Soundly nice!
- Such a real concern?
- That's my real concern!
In 48 hours, we have a lot to worry about!
What is it?
Ghost of the tree.
Where ... you from?
We crashed!...
the helicopter.
I am Loa.
What is this?
- Unlok eshu.
End of what?
Unless ...
The Seventh.
He ..
The one who save us.
- Look! I am not ... you think I am.
You must believe.
As I've said,
I am unable to comment
on the accuracy of those you see.
Sea ...
Sea rising!
These are is sinking!
Get back!
Geologists are trying to make sense
bizarre sign makes the phenomenon today...
as dozen of earthquakes occur simultaneously
around the globe.
The tremon was much below
the coastal areas...
of the most severed along
Indian Ocean sea ports.
Mr. Degraves, check the assessment!
Not good!
- This is a blessed!
- I say it again.
The seas are cursed!
Low land for a thousand kilometers.
- Shark! ...
- We move the jerk gallop!
Now, do you believe?
The paintings in the cave ...
Where do they come from?
They have always been.
Nor being captive!
Seventh prophercy has begun.
In the name of God, everyone!
Stay against the wall!
Stay down!
Stay down!
He's turning back!
Go! Go!
Com on! Let's go.
It's not working!
It's too deep.
For the last data package reported ...
my position can't get full.
It's starting to fail.
Failure is not an option!
Come on, everybody!
Let's keep moving.
- Here!
Thank you ...
... for your kindness.
Your English ... comes better
Come back slowly.
When you're a child?
- Many years ago, so I ...
- Say "rusty"!
Yes ... Rusty!
In the cave,
you mentioned Unlok eshu.
What does it mean?
Unlok eshu ...
no word ...
Like a god,
God of the Sea.
You people ...
poison the ocean ...
poison the world.
It's complicated.
A terrible anger is coming.
It's there in the prophecy
And you are a center.
- It's like judgment stays out there!
- Unbelievable!
By an extra scan of the sea bottom
finely finished win-ward, look!
It's an impact crater.
Big one.
From 10 thousand years ago,
by milky like.
And Akaba, is at the bottom of it.
No! No! ... No!
This is not hapening.
Mr Degraves, grasp your things!
We'll leave.
The Akaba, ... no longer
our responsibility.
What are you taling about?
- At 4:00 PM this afternoon,
with my attorney's help,
I have taken this company order.
You won't pull the talking up.
When Mrs, Sinbad find out ...
Current rescue mission had been terminated.
Now, ... you coming or not?
I've heard something.
What are you doing?
Hey, come back here!
Let's go!
Signal none again!
Papaya, where did you find it?
We need to keep moving.
These stones are where to keep seeing them.
They're everywhere!
The pellet text type!
Large rocks,
created by meteoroid impacts,...
They turnable to calcium.
They're usually black, like ascidia.
But these ...
Let's go.
That is not a papaya.
What is it?
Death fruit.
Now, if anyone can get us
out of this island, then you?
I am still here.
- We need to build a draft.
- There is no escape by sea.
These islands are not in fare well.
How did you get here?
I came with my father...
...when I was a child.
He was a very known oceanographer.
Believed there was a Utopia.
We went away in a ballon, find it.
But we fell into the sea.
And I never saw him again.
- Your father was brave.
- My father was mad.
It's not my destiny to die in this island.
We've been chosen.
For what?
and death.
- No, when I am still breathing.
- Don't, not looking into the demon's eyes
We wait for darkness.
Take a rest!
I am sorry for your friend.
She'd better not on the helicopter.
Destiny is not written by mankind.
She dependent on me.
And I let her down.
The nature is dependence.
Everything is on everything.
Every soul for the earth.
You not see your place in the pattern?
Go to the village!
What village?
Be ready for assistance.
- Sea craft survivors.
- No women or children.
can't see things to arrive!
Ready the Utopia.
We just are in solidarity,
on theirs or Father,
to know his concourse.
And today,
we find those alive,...
The progressive from instrusion by outsiders.
We must know the glory of this concert.
and what wills for them!
who dare threaten our hearty.
upon this un-stoppering soil.
Take the prisoners away.
Their sentences awaits to dawn!
- He's my father.
- What?
He's my father.
Who are these people?
- After we come ... dealt in the fired,... lank!
The stones...
It's me, Adrian.
- Mr. Sinbad?
- Yes.
Have ever heard a way off the island?
Oh, yes! It's the way on.
I heard the guards saying:
Demon in the fire,...
The stones...
The stones ...
Why wouldn't you believe me?
I believe you.
Dozen of major earthquakes...
...from all of nations today
are gone through.
Middle East, Africa, Central Asia
and America,
All reported bad damages and casualties...
It was religion supporting
the beginning of the apocalypse.
While the scientific community
has refused such claim,
they remain unable to saving lives in....
The elevator are broken,
Stairway is blocked.
Brother decree, now the prisoners
be ready for the contest.
Only one can be warranted
the privilege of joining us...
as brother.
And so, these three...
... will engage in all fenced combat.
to their death.
Bring forth the pirate!
Who wants challenge him?
Don't do it, Captain!
I never saw such a highly challenge.
You pick, toward!
The challenge we hold up for!
Finish him!
Kill! Kill! ...
I apology!
You did fight like a gentleman!
You fight like a pregnant dog.
Get ready for this work after all!
If there was a radio, would you go?
Or stay here in your Utopia?
Fight or die!
I don't think you realize settle man
just snaps anything fits his interested mind by his own.
Otherwise he wouldn't kill the chief prisoner
who could get you off this island.
I have the stones.
Demon in fire?
- Don't listen to him.
- I have the stones.
You're all to see!
and following a false prophet.
Join me!
And I make you one promise...
... to lead you off this island.
Brothers, you forget yourself.
And is start doing
forsake your father.
- I have the stones!
- Let me lead you!
- Enough!
No, no, no!
- I will bring you back there.
- My work is done.
I will die with honor.
- I thought you're gone.
- I am here, Daddy!
I've been very ill.
I would never take you with me.
- Loa.
- Stones ...
Stones from the vacano ...
They're not of the earth.
They're the only way off this island.
The faithful rise again.
- Go, go!.
- No! ...
Gemma's math has taken down
to this couple of hours.
- I'm sure open to believe your father!
- My father tells the truth.
I know him!
So the whole village.
- He came back to me.
I saw it!
- He's sick, Loa!
Then blow dynamite!
- No!
- And don't argue!
- Don't make me kill you!
- Don't tell me what to do!
- OK?
- OK!
Need anything else?
Loa! Loa!
Pull me up!
Loa, blow it!
- How did you?
- Fire escape.
My daughter.
Stones ...
- Sphinx ...
- I'm getting you with me.
Loa, forgive me!
I forgive, father.
The win's taking us sea,
over the Indian Ocean.
If we're lucky,
we'll cross shipping lanes.
If not?
Loa, a ship!
It's a ship!
The sky will spread by an off order.
The evidence are open, and cycling around the globe.
Everywhere on this earth
the signs are huge!
The signs of the coming of the end,
...the earth ...
- Loa.
The non believers will be punished.
- Where is she?
- There's no one here!
Where is she?
Woudn't it matter?
We're going to die anyway!
- Where is she?
Hey! Hey!
Loa! Loa!
The evil will be punished.
The end is polar.
It is the total destruction!
The believers will be honored ...
How many on over....
There's someone in the water.
I think I've lost you.
It's all my fault.
What can I do?
- What can I do?
The paintings are about the earth.
- There'd been six.
- It's the tanker.
You know, Alex,
you're good people, loyal.
We get out of this,
I am personally going to make sure
that you'll be well taken care.
Here, have a drink!
For a while!
I leave for 5 years to live at this place!
We're calling it the Tromlin's crater.
It is 4 miles deep. The Akaba power
can't be more than 5 to 6%.
When the first bullhead erupts out,
the rest will go down like domino.
What do these lines explain?
These are fields of mineral depostis
picked up by multi-beam ultrasound.
100 meters beneath the sea bottom.
Geomorphology suggests they
came as the meteoritic from the crater;
but ...
the signature ...
I've never seen anything like that.
I drive C-130 dive down deep,
empty a place for cargo.
What craft, though?
The Pytheas.
I'm raising the tanker.
How remove of some floatings on line?
How's it even been tested at the kind of depth?
- I'm aware of the risk.
But don't you respect, Sir.
You're not even trained in that operation?
That's why you're going to
talk to me to it up here.
Our com. network is decimated.
- Improvise.
Even if I could, the tanker
is nearly milion tons of deadth weight!
How can you come to the expect to
lift it through 4 miles of water, Sir?
It's a suicide mission!
Not I'm asking for any volunteer!
But you'll need one.
Because the Pytheas requires two operators.
Our brakes on line.
Our trans submission nominal.
Our tearing cross is checked!
Escalate the hydrolic propeller allowed.
Take a lay in arm, go!
Vital screen in costa board.
Stand by first swimming lesson!
- Where's Simon, Is he there?
- I am here.
I know what you did, Simon.
Under any circumstance,
you'll be fired!
You're lucky!
I need you right now.
Better know expensive clean up! I don't care if
you can or can't or let me know! Do you Understand?
- Degraves, you're ready?
- Controls - ready, Sir.
Activating automated navigation!
Decoupling setters - 3, 2, 1!
- The craft is in your hand, Captain!
- Captain,
You have a seat to his left.
Depth 1000 feet.
Power cells are at 92%.
Not bad, Captain!
- Seem a natural!
Detecting an oil leak
on turbine transfer comes to seal No 7.
Eliminating what you buttoned
to have on your hold, hold now!
I you see, Loa!
Only a mile down and already quick!
Sir, I want you to keep an eye on depth at all times.
A seal record cracked at 20 thousand feet.
Stay not!
Stay not! ... I repeat,
Stay not any deeper!
Twelve thousands.
5 kilometers
Can't see them here, Captain!
Can't see them up here, Loa!
- We'll try to stablize it.
- I can't. We stay out of control!
- So try the turbines.
- What the hell is that?
- I don't think I want to know.
- Take it easy, we'll try the full contact!
The power is down to 61%. It's running too hot. .
I'm going to see if
I can abbreviate the vital supporting.
- Control the Pytheas.
- Degraves.
- Degraves.
- Where is my plug-in server?
What did I miss?
Com. link just pukes.
Tecko data was down.
Too deep for radio.
Meaning what?
We'll do it on our own!
Oh, God!
[Auxiliary power: 0%]
[Bulkhead failure!]
- 15 thousand feet.
- 400 thousands gallons loosed.
- 1250.
This is just start!
Unlok eshu.
The first bullhead!
Beweging sensor!
It can't be right!
Failed fucking piece,
several miles to go!
Hang on!
Now, the arms!
Why didn't he kill us?
He's mysterious!
Switch our seats.
- Sindbad, No! ...
- Wait!
Weather forecast a giant historic...
The storm's being stormed and
is heading toward coastlines....
... and continuing inland.
The coast guard as well is
reporting announce resemble phenomena.
and urge people stand on.
This is my ship.
- Sinbad!
- I know, I start to drill.
As matter of fact, recent efforts
have been roundly failed!
Highways and mass transit systems
are at full scale!
All around, we people are
fleeing for their lives.
And truly in total chaos!
- 4%.
- OK!
I'm to use all the power
to drill.
...Destroys everything in its path.
- 2%.
- 1%.
- Come on!
Positive, it'll take our real cars.
- The tanker?
- Secretly, they're taken back into the sea.
They're going back as nothing short as a miracle.
Small valves stabilizing for a sense.
He did it!
It's coming up!
You're ready?