The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards (2024) Movie Script


[ Applause ]
Hello, friends.
Welcome to our emmys
neighborhood on a beautiful mlk
You know...
[ Applause ]
love television and
tonight we celebrate 75 years of
We're going to commemorate the
greatest shows of today while
paying tribute to some of the
iconic series that mean so much
to us.
Simply put, television has
shaped the world and more
importantly, it shaped me.
Now, I have learned a great deal
about life from my mother.
She taught me everything I know,
but I also learned a lot from
the television shows that I
watched growing up.
'd watch in my living room.
t was just me, my TV, my piano
and a small local diverse and
inclusive choir from Compton.
You're probably wondering why I
have the white dude in the
Fun fact, Kevin costner is from
wonder if he was a crip or a
Who knows...
Anyway, from this great
series created by Norman lear
and Eric monte, I learned about
the importance of family, a
dynamite catchphrase and spinoff
No good times, no grownish.
None of that ish.
Choir, hit it!
Keepin' your head above
water making a wave when
you can
lay offs good times easy
credit rip offs good times
and surviving good times
hanging out and
jiving good times
ain't we lucky we got em
good times

[ Applause ]
All right!
All right.
see you.
Hey, Fletcher, you always
invited to the cookout.
Now, TV gave me my first crush.
was watching "facts of life"
when a beautiful girl with
pigtails skated across my TV and
stole my heart.
love you tootie!
But then I realized that tootie
wouldn't really understand me.
needed someone grown and more
And there she was.
Mrs. Garrett.
Now, she could teach me the
facts of life.
[ Laughter ]
You take the good you take
the bad you take them both
and there you have
the facts of life the
facts of life
there's a time you got to go
and show you're growing
now you know about the
facts of life
the facts of life
when the
world never seems to be
living up to your dreams
then suddenly you're
finding out
the facts of life are
all about
you you
[ Applause ]
Now, mama said if I wanted a
grown, mature woman, I needed to
get cool.
didn't know what she meant
until Miami vice taught me all I
needed was a tan, white friend
and a cool white jacket.
t's crazy to think that Phillip
Michael Thomas coined the phrase
Dammit, he ain't got one!

I can feel it coming in the
air tonight
oh lord
I been waiting for this moment
for all my life
oh lord
oh lord
Give it up for Travis barker!
Hey, Travis, you can play at my
wedding, man.
You missed the first one.
The second one.
All right.
Let's get into it, everybody.
Tonight, is a celebration.
We're honoring the best of best
from actors, writers, directors,
and the shows that kept us glued
to the tube.
Tonight we're giving out 27
That means 27 acceptance
So I'd like to ask you all to
keep those speeches tight.
Now, normally on awards shows we
do what's called "playoff music"
which everyone tends to ignore.
But this year I've got something
that nobody can ignore.
My momma.
Now, tonight, my momma --
[ applause ]
Tonight, my momma, she is
going to be the emmys "playoff
When you see my momma coming,
just thank Jesus and your family
and wrap it up.
Alright now, that's enough.
don't want nobody to get
disrespectful with my momma,
because my momma is from the
West Side of Chicago and she can
throw hands.
Shut up!
want to go to the
Okay, momma.
All right.
You're supposed to be yelling at
the other people, not at me, not
in the middle of the monologue.
Time's up, baby.
Cut to the chase!
See what I mean?
My momma don't play.
You've all been warned.
Our first presenter made her
television debut at the age of
Think about it, while I grew up
watching TV, she grew up on TV.
She's an Emmy winner and a
nominee again tonight.
t is my honor to introduce
Christina applegate.

[ Applause ]
[ Love & marriage ]

love & marriage
love & marriage
go together like a horse and
you can't have one without the
love & marriage
[ applause ]
Thank you so much.
Oh my god, you're totally
shaming me with disability by
standing up.
t's fine.
[ Laughter ]
Body not by ozempic.
Okay, let's go.
Some of you may know me as Kelly
Bundy from "married, with
children," or Samantha from
"Samantha who?," or Jen Harding
from "dead to me."
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you.
Very few of you probably know me
from that debut -- I'm going to
cry, more than I've been crying.
Baby Burt grizell on "days of
our lives."
t was my breakout role.
And for all these years, it's
look at that.
Been an honor to play funny,
flawed, complex characters like
the women nominated for
supporting actress in a comedy

Announcer: Alex borstein,
"the marvelous Mrs. Maisel."
Janelle James, "abbott
Sheryl Lee Ralph, "abbott
Juno temple, "Ted lasso."
Hannah waddingham, "Ted lasso."
Jessica Williams, "shrinking."
And the Emmy goes to.
Ayo edebiri, get your ass up
[ Applause ]

[ Applause ]
have 43 seconds.
'm so incredibly grateful for
this for so many reasons.
But the main one, this is a show
about family and found family
and real family.
My parents are here tonight.
'm making them sit kind of far
away from me, because I'm a bad
But I love you guys so much.
Thank you so much for loving me
and letting me feel beautiful
and black and proud of all of
just love you so much.
t's a dream to emigrate to this
country and have your child be
like, "I want to do improv."
Thank you so much.
This means the world.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]

actually don't need him
He's just really cute.
[ Laughter ]
This is a big one for me.
have only had one picture
framed in my home and it's of
this person and myself.
mean, all of you are very
famous, but she's more important
to me than any of you.
'm so sorry.
You're really cool.
Anyway, Carol Burnett.
Carol Burnett forever changed
variety television.
Before Carol, variety was an all
male dominion.
The Jack bennys and red skeltons
and Andy Williams on television
were great but it was Carol who
broke new ground for all the
shows that followed, with
sketches that have withstood the
test of time.
And now please welcome the
legend who blazed a trail for me
and for every woman on
television, 7-time Emmy winner
who brought home her latest Emmy
a week ago for outstanding
variety special.
Here is the legendary Carol
[ Carol's theme ]

[ Cheers and applause ]
was lucky enough to be the
first female host of a comedy
variety show from 1967 to 1978.
11 years!
That was a long time ago, and
I just want to say that a lot
has changed in the last 46 years
for the better.
Progress has been made.
t truly warms my heart to see
how well men are doing in comedy
[ Laughter ]
And now, here are the nominees
for a lead actress in a comedy
Announcer: Christina
applegate, "dead to me."
Rachel brosnahan, "the marvelous
Mrs. Maisel."
Winter, "abbott elementary."
Natasha lyonne, "poker face."
Jenna Ortega, "Wednesday."
And the Emmy goes to quinta
brunson, "abbott elementary"!

Thank you so much.
don't even know.
'm so emotional.
Like the Carol Burnett of it
[ Laughter ]
Thank you so much.
love making "abbott
elementary" so much.
And I am so happy to be able to
live my dream and act out
say that every time.
just love comedy so much.
'm so happy to be able to get
didn't prepare anything,
because I just didn't think --
oh god.
love my mom, my dad, my
sisters, my brothers, my entire
family so much.
love my husband.
'm so happy.
love my cast.
love "abbott elementary."
Thank you so much.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Coming up on the emmys, some
of your favorite stars from
"Martin," "cheers," "grey's
anatomy," "ally mcbeal," "the
sopranos," and more.
Here on fox.

got yourself a gun
got yourself a gun

Why here?
Why pay tribute to the sopranos
in this therapist's office?
Because from the moment
Tony soprano walked into this
setting, doing the unthinkable,
sharing his feelings with
Dr. Melfi, television history
was about to be made.
By the end of its six seasons
this series was acclaimed time
and time again as one of the
greatest dramas of all time,
nominated for over 100 Emmy
nominations, winning 21 Emmy
[ Knock on door ]

Here are four-time Emmy nominee
Lorraine bracco and Emmy winner,
Michael imperioli.
[ Cheers and applause ]

2024 marks the 25th
anniversary of this series that
Lorraine and I were so fortunate
to be part of.
And speaking for Michael,
myself and the entire cast and
crew, it was an honor working
with "sopranos" creator David
chase and, of course, the great
James gandolfini.
And now, here are the
nominees for supporting actress
in a drama series.
Announcer: Jennifer coolidge,
"the white lotus."
Elizabeth debicki, "the crown."
Meghann fahy, "the white
Sabrina, "the white lotus"
Aubrey Plaza, "the white lotus."
"Better call Saul."
James Cameron, "succession."
And the Emmy goes to.
Jennifer coolidge, "the white
[ Cheers and applause ]

thank you.
You know, I just want to say --
I have to put this down.
still don't have the strength.
[ Laughter ]
got the hook last year, this
giant hook comes out and takes
you away.
'm going to be so fast.
Mike white, thank you for this.
Mike white.
Thank you for giving me this
opportunity to play this
incredible character.
He says I'm definitely dead, so
I'm going along with it.
[ Laughter ]
t's running out.
just want to thank all the
evil gays.
[ Applause ]
Yes, paolo, francesco and Bruno,
thank you.
Wrap it up.
love you, baby, but time,
Guess what?
One more thing.
love you too.
just want to say one last
had a little dream in my
little town and everyone said it
was impractical and far-fetched.
t did happen after all.
So don't give up on your dream.
Announcer: He's nominated for
three emmys this year, please
welcome Pedro Pascal.
[ Applause ]

Before we get into the
nominees for best supporting
actor in a drama series, i'd
like to take just a second and
make this about me.
[ Laughter ]
A lot of people have been asking
about my arm, actually my
think tonight is a perfect
time to tell everyone that
Kieran culkin --
[ laughter ]
Here are the nominees for
supporting actor in a drama
[ Applause ]
announcer: James "the white
lotus," Matthew McFadden,
Bill sharp, "the white lotus,"
Alexander skarsg rd,
And the Emmy goes to, Matthew
McFadden for "succession."
[ Applause ]

Thank you so much to the
television academy and to the
entire "succession" family,
directors, whiters, producers,
cast and crew, our peerless
crew, every department often
unsung, always brilliant.
must make special mention of
my onscreen wife Sarah snook and
my other onscreen wife Nicholas
Acting with you has been one of
the most wonderful things in my
Thank you, Nick.
Thank you, Sarah.
t's been a joy.
Thank you to my actual wife
Thank you very much.
t's a great honor.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
Announcer: Outstanding
supporting and lead actor in a
comedy series are next.
Plus, the cast of "cheers" and
"Martin" reunite.
Keep watching the emmys
on fox.
[ "Two and a half men" theme
song ]
Announcer: Please welcome
Emmy winners, Jon cryer and
Holland Taylor.
[ Applause ]
Like a good bra, a supporting
actor makes things look
effortless while secretly
holding up the whole show.
[ Laughter ]
You know, I actually won this
award, so you could say I'm a
good bra.
Darling, I don't think I
would ever say that.
certainly hope none of our
nominees for supporting actor in
a comedy series do either.
Announcer: Anthony carrigan,
"Ted lasso."
James marsden, "jury duty."
Tyler James Williams, "abbott
Henry winkler, "Barry."
And the Emmy goes to.
Evan moss-bachrach.

Thank you very much, Emmy
academy, television academy.
don't know.
This job is such a gift
preponderate it's such a
privilege to work with these
wonderful actors.
We have the best crew.
We have this incredible Chicago
crew, led by our amazing --
thank you for trusting me with
this part.
Thank you Jeannie backrack for
making this beautiful group that
I get to play with all the time.
Thank you Stephanie ritz.
Thank you Brian noskoff.
Thank you.
love you so much.
Thank you Sasha.
All right.
See you guys.

Announcer: From the hit TV
series "Martin,"
here are tisha Campbell,
Carl Anthony Payne,
tichina Arnold, and
Martin Lawrence.
[ "Martin" theme song ]

Can you believe this?
This is a real moment.
We finally about to --
We getting our Emmy tonight.
[ Laughter ]
Matter of fact, I got my
speech on deck too.
They better not send momma d
out to play me off.
Carl, we're not winning an
Emmy, hun.
We're presenting an Emmy, not
being presented with one,
But Carl isn't wrong, guys.
We should've had a couple of
emmys during our run, but we
were never even nominated,
despite 132 episodes, huge
ratings, and being in
syndication so much that it's a
little hard to seeing the '90s
spank-less version of myself.
[ Laughter ]
still look good.
Hey, hey, hey, hold on.
want to thank you guys for
your contribution to television.
Thank you.
Unlike me, for the last 11
times you're not going to get an
What do you mean?
That kind of sucks.
He's tricking us.
Keep going.
t's all good.
You know, I'm just excited to be
here on the emmys stage with
this tremendous cast of the
Martin show.
That's right.
Yeah, yeah.
To present the next award,
nominees for a lead actor in a
comedy series.
Announcer: Bill hader,
Jason segel, "shrinking."
Martin short, "only murders in
the building."
Jason sudeikis, "Ted lasso."
Jeremy Allen white,.
And the Emmy goes to Jeremy
Allen white.
"The bear."

[ Applause ]

Thank you, thank you.
'm so proud.
'm so full of gratitude to be
standing in front of you all.
love the show so much.
t filled me up.
t gave me a passion, set a fire
in me to match the beautiful
love you guys.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The beautiful cast and beautiful
crew I get to share a space and
stage with.
My parents.
love you, thank you for your
support, dad.
love you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you to all those who have
stayed close to me, especially
in this past year.
You know who you are.
love you, I love you.
Thank you for believing in me
when I had trouble believing in
love you.
And delores, I love you so much.
This is for you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you, guys.
[ Applause ]
Announcer: When we return, an
Emmy edition of snl's "weekend

Welcome back to the
75 primetime Emmy awards.
Please welcome Taylor tomlinson
and ten-time Emmy winner
Stephen colbert.
[ Applause ]
Taylor, your show "after
midnight" premiers right after
any show.
This is your first emmys.
How are you feeling?
love that gen z is absolutely
destroying me online right now.
No, they're not.
You're young and cool.
'm 30, Stephen.
'm basically mummy dust.
What am I?
A pyramid.
Because a lot of people died to
build you.
told you not to read the
You're not my dad!
Here are the nominees for
outstanding scripted variety
Announcer: "A black lady
sketch show."
Last week tonight with John
And the Emmy goes to --
"last week tonight with John

Announcer: "Last week tonight
with John Oliver" has received
four nominations this year and a
total of 61, production design,
Accepting the Emmy is John
Thank you so much.
Thanks so much to my staff.
Many of them are here tonight.
Tim is not here.
He's back in New York with some
of our other staff burning down
a bar somewhere there.
Thank you.
They all work so hard.
Thank you to hbo and our
lawyers, who are angry with us
all the time.
Thank you to my wife Kate, who
is here tonight.
love you very much.
Our kids are not here.
They are so mad that I left this
promised them pokemon cards.
don't know where to get
pokemon cards in L.A.
f anyone knows where to get
pokemon cards between here and
lax, it's a significant problem
I've worked myself into.
[ Laughter ]
'm not leaving without getting
played off by Anthony Anderson's
mom, so I'm going to start
reading off the names of the
football team.
n goal, Allison Becker,
Alexander Arnold, Virgil Van
dyke, obviously.
Oh, she's not here?
can get through the whole team
'd like to thank Jesus and
my family.
[ Applause ]
Movin' on up
please welcome quinta brunson
joined by five-time Emmy nominee
Marla Gibbs.
[ Applause ]
Fish don't fry in the kitchen,
beans don't burn on the grill
took a whole lot of tryin'
just to get up that hill
[ Applause ]
am so honored to be
presented this award with the
incomparable Marla Gibbs.
Your career has literally
spanned decades.
You got your first job in 1973,
and you are still working.
What's the secret?
That's easy, baby.
The wage gap.
got to work 20 more years
before I can retire.
But if you great writers write
something for me, I'll just keep
on working and cut into that
wage gap.
t's never too late.
Let's look at the nom finees
for supporting actress.
Annaleigh ashford, "welcome
to chippendales."
Claire Danes.
"Fleishman is in trouble."
Juliette Lewis, "welcome to
Camilla morrone, "Daisy Jones &
the six."
Niecy Nash-betts, "dahmer -
monster: The Jeffrey dahmer
Merit Weaver, "tiny beautiful
And the Emmy goes to niecy
Nash-betts, "dahmer - monster:
The Jeffrey dahmer story."
[ Applause ]

'm a winner, baby!
Thank you to the most high for
this divine moment.
Thank you, Ryan fmurphy for
seeing me.
Evan Peters, I love you.
Every single person who voted
for me.
Thank you.
My better half, who picked me up
when I was gutted from this
Thank you.
want to thank me.
[ Cheers and applause ]
For believing in me and doing
what they said I could not do.
want to say to myself in front
of all you beautiful people, go,
girl, with you bad self.
You did that.
Finally, I accept this award on
behalf of every black and brown
woman who have gone unheard, yet
overpoliced, like glenda
Cleveland, like Sandra bland,
like brieeonna Taylor.
'm going to do it until the day
I die.
Momma, I won!
[ Applause ]
Announcer: Coming up later,
the awards for outstanding lead
actor and actress in a drama
And up next the cast of "cheers"
t's the emmys on fox.
[ "Curb your enthusiasm" theme ]
There have been a lot of
brilliant sitcoms in the
75 years of the emmys -- some
set in the workplace, others in
the home, some in restaurants.
But one of the greatest sitcoms
of all time, winner of 28 emmys,
was set here, in the most iconic
bar in television history --
[ Applause ]
You want to be where you can
see troubles are all the same
you want to be where everybody
knows your name
Anthony, thank you for
getting us all here.
This feels nice to be here.
Thank you.
Just think of it as a long
overdue class reunion.
Being together brings back
some great memories of a show we
are all so proud of.
And if someone has the
envelope we can present the
All: George!
Georgie porgie.
We're honored to present the
Emmy for outstanding directing
in a comedy series.
Here are the nominees.
Announcer: Bill hader,
Christopher, "the bear."
Amy sherman paladino, "the
marvelous Mrs. Maisel."
"Ted lasso."
Tim Burton, "Wednesday."
And the Emmy goes to
Christopher storer.
Christopher is unable to be here
tonight, so we accept this award
on his behalf.
[ Applause ]
And now, here are the
nominees for writing for a
comedy series, an award won by
two of cheers creators, les and
Glen Charles.
Announcer: Bill hader,
Christopher storer, "the bear."
"Jury duty."
John Hoffman, "only murders in
the building".
"Ted lasso."
And the Emmy goes to.
Christopher storer "the bear."
[ Applause ]
Well, Christopher is unable
to be here tonight.
We accept this award on his

Announcer: Coming up,
Joel mchale and Ken jeong.
An Emmy edition of "snl's"
weekend update with Tina fey and
Amy poehler, arsenio hall, and
the cast of "it's always sunny
in Philadelphia."
Plus, a "Grey's Anatomy"
Our next presenters are two
of the most overexposed people
in television and movies, give
it up for Joel mchale and
Ken jeong!
[ Applause ]

[ Applause ]
You're one to talk,
Anthony Anderson.
Call us on your t-mobile phone.
We're here to honor the
outstanding reality competition
We know a thing or two about
reality competition shows.
Because Ken is finally over
the height requirement to
participate in the profit
Way to go.
Seriously, live TV.
Reality is the most noble of
Even more than medicine.
Here we go.
You were thrown out of medicine.
He killed a guy.
You can't say that.
t's not in the prompter.
You cannot say that.
You can't say that!
The instrument that almost
killed that dude were the ones
the nurses left in, okay?
The ones that saved his life, I
left in.
Give me a break.
And that is the end of our
comedy bit.
t never started!
[ Laughter ]
Here are the nominees for
outstanding reality competition
Announcer: "The amazing
"Rupaul's drag race."
"Talk show."
"The voice."
And the Emmy goes to --
"rupaul's drag race"!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Announcer: "Rupaul's drag
race" has earned a total of 63
Emmy nominations.
This is the show's fifth win in
this category.
Accepting the Emmy on behalf of
the team is rupaul.
This marks the eighth
consecutive win for rupaul as
host of the show.
Rupaul is the most awarded host
in emmys history.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much, you lovely,
lovely people.
We are so honored to have this
Listen, you guys are just pure
lovely for honoring our show and
recognizing all these queens.
We have released into the wild
hundreds of drag queens.
[ Cheers and applause ]
And they're beautiful.
On behalf of all of them, we
thank you.
Listen, if a drag queen wants to
read you a story at a library,
listen to her, because knowledge
is power.
f someone tries to restrict
your access to power, they are
trying to scare you.
So listen to a drag queen!
We love you.
Thank you!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you.
Thank you.
From the peacock theater in
the hearth of downtown los
Angeles, it's arsenio hall!

[ The arsenio hall show theme ]

Thank you.
Thank you.
As a kid, I idolized Johnny
When most kids in Cleveland
wanted to be football stars like
Jim brown, I wanted to be an old
white man with a talk show.
[ Laughter ]
was a weird 10-year old.
even was a magician like
Check this out.
Yes, there I amount in a black
suit and tie doing magic in the
ghetto of Cleveland.
Yes, and I'm still alive.
By but I got my [ Bleep ] beat a
loved Johnny so much I did
"the tonight show" in my
basement with my friends as
Eventually I became a standup
got my big break on "late
night with David letterman."
On January 3rd, 1989, I debuted
the arsenio hall show.
was host.
[ Applause ]
was host of that show that I
used to do in my basement.
got to go head to head with
the king, Johnny Carson, and his
heirs to the throne Dave and
t was an honor to face off
against the talented trio, but
to be honest, I wish they had
But they didn't.
And here are some other folks
who absolutely do not suck, the
nominated teams for out sstandi
writer in a variety series.
"The last of us," "the late show
with Stephen colbert".
And the Emmy goes to -- i'm
as nervous as John Oliver will
The team from "last week tonight
with John Oliver."
Announcer: This is the eighth
consecutive Emmy win in this
category for "last week tonight
with John Oliver" which has a
total of 51 nominations overall.
The series debuted --

[ Applause ]
Thank you.
Thank you to our executive
producers, Tim carvel and Liz
Stanton, thank you to John
Oliver and cat Owens.
Thank you to every department at
"last week tonight."
They are all incredible at what
they do.
They make the whole thing
especially want to thank
everyone at the show and John,
Tim and Liz for how much they
backed us up during the writers
[ Applause ]
They wholeheartedly supported
all of us even though a third of
us are annoying.
t was wonderful.
We also warrant to thank our
union, the wga, and all the
unions that backed with so much
The strike felt long.
t did not feel lonely.
So thank you so much.
[ Applause ]

[ t's always sunny in
Philadelphia theme song ]
Announcer: From "always sunny
in Philadelphia," a series that
earned three Emmy nominations,
here are Rob mcelhenmey,
Glenn howerton and Charlie day.

All right.
Thank you.
What an honor it is to be
here at the 75th Emmy awards.
75 years?
We've been on the air since
've never even been here.
Hang on.
Have you guys been doing this
every single year without us?
They do.
16 seasons we've never presented
feel like we're getting the
full Martin treatment oever her.
Danny, surely the emmys must
have given you an award.
Yeah, they did.
They did?
Yeah, I got one.
For sunny.
For taxi.
[ Applause ]
How long was taxi on the air?
Five years.
Only five years and it got
Yeah, with 34 nominations and
18 wins.
That's why I got one.
Thank you.
34 nominations in five years
versus zero nominations in 16
That math is bad.
The math is bad.
Rhea won four for "cheers".
Don't rub it in.
Maybe they have trophies
backstage they forgot to give
went backstage and I looked
for the Martin ones and the
sunny ones and they didn't have
'm still going to poke
around back there.
So speaking of guys with far
too many nominations, here are
the nominees for outstanding
talk series.
Announcer: "The daily show
with Trevor Noah" with Trevor
"Jimmy kimmel live!."
Late night with Seth meyers.
The late show with Steven
"The problem with Jon Stewart."
And the Emmy goes to "the
daily show with Trevor Noah."
How about that.

Announcer: D"the daily show
with Trevor Noah" received three
nominations this year.
Accepting the Emmy is Trevor
told you we would beat John
Oliver and he wasn't in our
We did it!
We got rid of John Oliver.
'm so glad everybody is coming
up here.
Can I just say this story has
been so long and so crazy and so
start by thanking the crazy
africans who followed me to this
Thank you so much.
And the writers and the team.
Jordan's flight got cancelled.
The showrunner, this woman rode
with me through the trenches.
Thank you so much to the team.
The person I always thank
because he's a crazy genius.
Jon Stewart, thank you for
calling me up.
Thank you for asking me to join
you on this crazy journey.
Thank you to these people.
We did it, baby.
We did it.
[ Applause ]
Announcer: Coming up,
Brett Goldstein and juno temple,
cast reunions from "grey's
anatomy" and "ally mcbeal," and
tracee Ellis Ross and
Natasha lyonne's "I love Lucy"
[ "Ted lasso" theme song ]
Announcer: Welcome back to
the Emmy awards.
She's a nominee tonight.
He's a two-time Emmy winner.
Please welcome juno temple and
Brett Goldstein.
[ Applause ]
Being a director requires a
diverse skill set that goes well
beyond the camera.
Perhaps the hardest task a
director has is walking up to an
actor after a take and saying,
"that was dog [ Bleep ].
Like, really, really bad."
Which is why brilliant
directors find other ways to say
it, things like, "that was
But let's get another one for
Or "let's try one where you
just throw it away.
Just throw it away.
Don't act.
Please don't act."
And my personal favorite
"let's go again exactly the
same, but different."
Here are the nominees for
outstanding directing for a
limited anthology series or
Announcer: "Beef."
Carl Franklin, "dahmer -
monster: The Jeffrey dahmer
Paris barclay, "dahmer -
monster: The Jeffrey dahmer
Valerie faris and Jonathan
Dayton, "fleishman is in
Dan trachtenberg.
And the Emmy goes to --
Lee sung Jin for "beef."
[ Applause ]

Thank you to the academy.
You know, when I first moved to
L.A., my bank account went to
the negative by 63 cents.
So I had to deposit a dollar
bill into my account to avoid
the overdraft fee.
The atm screen said, are you
sure you want to deposit one
And I was like no.
wasn't sure of anything back
certainly wasn't sure of
holding something like this.
t's really a testament to the
amazing people that I've been so
blessed to be around.
Thank you to Steve and Ali,
Joseph Maria, the amazing cast,
our incredible crew and everyone
at Netflix.
My mom, my dad, my sister.
Katie, I love you so much.
This really means a lot.
Thank you so much.
[ Applause ]
Now, I'm a fan of police
procedurals, law and order svu
is celebrating 25 years on air.
My momma watched so many medical
shows that she tried to remove
my appendix with a butter knife.
At one point, we could be a
whole family sitting here
watching a show and everybody's
doing fine.
Then the next it's 30 cc's of
My mother is yelling at the TV
"code blue"!
Not my baby!
The series that has been part of
our lives since 2005 and earned
its rightful place in television
history is none other than
gray's anatomy.
With 39 Emmy nominations and
multiple wins.
From the series please welcome
Ellen pompeo, Justin chambers,
James pickens Jr., five-time
Emmy nominee chandra Wilson and
Emmy winner Katherine heigl.

When the first episode of
"Grey's Anatomy" aired in march
of 2005, I'm not sure if
shonda rhimes knew that she had
created a show that would have a
lasting imprint on television
and create lifelong friendships.
Over 400 episodes and
counting, a tribute to everyone
who has been a part of our
And yes, there have been
changes over the years, but the
one constant is the amazing
You stayed with us through
plane crashes, superstorms,
earthquakes and a global
pandemic, and as we start our
20th season, we are officially
the longest-running prime time
medical drama in TV history.
[ Applause ]
And that would not be
possible without all of you, so
to all our fans, and to all of
you, thank you.
[ Applause ]
Now what?
Oh right.
And now here are the nominees
for supporting actor in a
limited or anthology series or
Announcer: Murray bartlett,
"welcome to chippendales."
Paul Walter hauser.
Richard Jenkins "dahmer -
monster: The Jeffrey dahmer
Joseph Lee.
Ray liotta, "black bird."
Jesse plemons, "love & death."
And the Emmy goes to, Paul
Walter hauser, "black bird."
[ Applause ]

Announcer: This is the first
Emmy win and nomination for Paul
Walter hauser.

Oh man.
My wife loves your show.
[ Laughter ]
She loves it.
To my fellow nominees, that's a
talent pool if I ever saw one.
Richard Jenkins.
Have you guys seen "the
Thank you to the voters and the
TV academy.
Thank you mom and dad.
Dennis and taron edgerton.
Your talent could move boulders.
'm here to give you a facelift
in thomasville, Georgia, you
gave me my greatest gift.
To ray liotta, we're down here
wearing fossils.
Caa, dealing with my day to day.
Thank you, god for this life.
Thank you for helping me find
the straight and the fwnarrow.
To my wife Amy, you make my
heart strong and knees weak.
Jonah Maverick.
Can't wait to spend the rest of
my life with that wolf back
casting out demons.
That's a one up to Jesus.
He's the sole owner.
Do things a little bit
Brian walshe, get the tables.
[ Applause ]

Announcer: We will return
with Jon hamm, Jenna Ortega,
sheryl Lee Ralph, and
Peter dinklage.
And a stirring performance from
war & treaty.
And, we find out who wins for
outstanding drama and comedy
t's the emmys on fox.
[ "The x-files" theme song ]
We're back at the 75th
Emmy awards.
Now we just saw some
They were good.
'm sure they were created by
some really good ad agencies.
But to me, the greatest ad firm
of them all was the one
on my hit TV show "blackish."
Another great add firm was the
Don draper worked at,
sterling Cooper.
Please welcome, Don draper
himself, Emmy winner, Jon hamm.
[ Applause ]

During its amazing seven
season run, "mad men" received
116 Emmy nominations and won 16,
meaning I was responsible for an
incredible one-sixteenth of our
f that doesn't get me the
governors award one day, nothing
Three of those emmys were in the
category I'm presenting,
outstanding writing for a drama
Announcer: "Andor."
"The bear."
"Better call Saul."
Peter gould, "better call Saul."
Craig mazean, "the last of us."
Mike white, "the white lotus."
And the Emmy for best writing
ever for dramas last year goes
to Jesse Armstrong,

[ Applause ]
Announcer: This is the sixth
Emmy win and eighth nomination
for Jesse Armstrong, who was
also nominated for producing.
With this win, he has logged
four emmys for writing
My goodness, thank you so
These are such great writers to
be bracketed with.
want to say thank you to hbo.
want to say thank you to my
extraordinary writers room, who
I work with.
want to say thank you to the
whole cast and crew of
"succession," who I love.
They're wonderful.
And I want to say thank you to
the wider sort of creative
community in the U.S.
come from the u.K.
Our show is about some things
that are close to the center of
American life and politics, and
we've always been met with
generosity and good faith, and
that's part of america's
tradition of being very
welcoming to outsiders.
t's very nice.
For some reason, the name of
Australian-born media mogul
Rupert Murdoch comes to mind.
can't speak for him but i'm
grateful for the generosity I've
been shown working in this
t was a great sadness to leave
the show, but it was a great
pleasure to do it.
Thank you very much.
Please welcome ke huy quan
and two-time Emmy nominee,
Tom Hiddleston.
Good evening, everyone.
t's wonderful to be here.
You all look lovely.
Hello, everyone.
Tom Hiddleston wants all of you
to know that he loves me very
Right, Tom?
Now, whether you're playing
the god of mischief or a mere
mortal just trying to make it
through the day, we don't get to
play these parts without the
writers who dream these worlds
into being.
Each journey begins with a
script that grabs you and won't
let go.
Tonight, we honor a talented
collection of writers who've
created hilarious, terrifying,
absorbing new worlds for us to
Here are the nominees for
outstanding writing for a
limited or anthology series or
Announcer: Lee sung Jin,
Kim brucer "fire & fury."
"Fleishman is in trouble."
Dan track htenberg.
The weird al yankovic story.
And the Emmy goes to.
Lee sung Jin!
Announcer: This is the second
Emmy win tonight and third
nomination for Lee sung Jin,
also nominated this year for
directing and producing "beef."

First and foremost, thank you
to the writers.
We wrote this over zoom, which
is the healthiest way to
Thank you for powering through
want to say thank you to our
other directors.
Jake has been one of my closest
friends for years.
He's literally taught me
everything I know about film
Larkin and grace are the DNA of
the show and they really should
have been nominated.
'm biased.
Thank you to all our hods,
Helen, Dana, Nicole and so many
've got to do the thanking my
reps thing.
Honestly, they've been the best,
Tom Ryan, Ben, Ken, thank you
very much.
This is so crazy.
Thank you.

Announcer: Coming up,
Jason Bateman, Taraji p. Henson,
and dame Joan Collins.
Plus, Tina fey and Amy poehler's
Emmy edition of "snl's" weekend
update, and we visit the
"American horror story" murder

Yeah, baby.
How you doing tonight, momma?
'm wonderful.
You meeting some good stars
Oh yeah.
Who did you meet?
Henry Ford right here.
Who is that?
He gone!
was like, momma, that's not
Harrison Ford.
His wife did.
All right.
Everybody having fun at the
chocolate emmys tonight?
[ Applause ]
We are killing it tonight.
Tyler, we are killing it
You see that?
This is like mlk day and
juneteenth all rolled into one.
f I was nominated this year,
hell, I definitely would have
All right.
He starred in "arrested
development" and then starred on
a show where his [ Bleep ]
Should have been arrested.
Give it up for Emmy-winning
actor Jason Bateman.

My first acting role was in
"little house on the prairie."
was 11.
Compared to Christina applegate
I was a late bloomer.
That's me without hair
extensions and lip fillers.
My character was an orphan who
suffered numerous hardships
including getting caught in a
bear trap and being shot in a
bank robbery.
Without direction from the great
Michael Landon, there's no way I
could've pulled off such a
realistic and heartrending
portrayal of a young,
thin-lipped orphan with a Bob.
So, all my respect for the
following nominees for directing
for a drama series.
Announcer: Ben ja minute
Karen, "andor."
"The last of us."
Andrij parekh, "succession"."
Mike white, "the white lotus."
And the Emmy goes to Mark
maylad, "succession."
Announcer: This is the third
Emmy win and eighth nomination
for Mark.
His first emmys came from the
producing of "succession."
The show "succession" has three
wins tonight so far.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.
What an incredible honor.
thank you.
take this on behalf of all my
fellow directors and nominees.
Thank hbo, to Casey, to frannie,
to Nora.
Thank you to Zach and my lovely
agent, thank you.
To my wife and inspiration,
thank you.
To all the cast and crew of
"succession" for the total joy
of working with them for four
seasons, an absolute life
highlight, career highlight.
don't know if it will ever
happen again, but I'm so
grateful or all of them and the
absolute stimulation every time
I walked onto set for them.
Finally, Jesse Armstrong, thank
you so much.
[ Applause ]
Announcer: And now a special
Emmy edition of "weekend update"
with Tina fey and Amy poehler.
[ Cheers and applause ]
'm Amy poehler.
'm Tina fey.
We've reached the stage in life
where we'll only present awards
sitting down.
Here are tonight's nominees for
outstanding live variety
The only show that's longer
than when they aired "Titanic"
with commercials on tbs, the
"Chris rock: Selective
Chris could be here tonight, but
if he wins, we'll accept on his
behalf because we miss getting
Elton John live.
The concert so good it got us
all pregnant, the super bowl
halftime show starring Rihanna.
Celebrating the best in
musicals based on movies which
will probably be movies again --
there's nothing wrong with
The 75th annual Tony awards.
And the Emmy goes to --
and the Emmy goes to "Elton
John live, farewell from dodger

Announcer: Elton John live
farewell from dodger stadium
received three nominations this
The concert event tooked place
November 20th, 2022, in dodger
stadium where in 1975 John
performed two soldout concerts
that cemented his legacy.
He took the stage in his final
north American show as part of
his final farewell yellowbrick
am not Elton John.
Sadly, he's absolutely fine, but
he wanted to send his love and
thanks to the television
want to thank David furnish,
who had the creative vision for
this show.
want to thank Luke Lloyd Davis
and all the team at rocket
want to thank the team at
Disney plus, Charlie, Nicole,
Mark, Dana, Craig.
want to thank the director of
this special.
want to thank Sally and the
team, Lou, Meredith, Lauren and
We knew this show would be
historic because it was going to
be Elton's last ever show in
North America on tour.
We knew it would be historic
because it was Disney's
first-ever live global stream.
We didn't know it was going to
be historic because it was going
to win a man who created the
soundtrack to all of our lives.
We didn't know it was going to
win him an egot.
Thank you so much.
We are so grateful.
Thank you.

[ Applause ]
Announcer: Just ahead,
Dylan mcdermott.
Then later, dame Joan Collins
and Taraji p. Henson, an "I love
Lucy" tribute, Peter dinklage
takes the stage.
And the "ally mcbeal" cast
[ "The twilight zone"
theme song ]
Rod zerling's "twilight
zone" paved way for an
ever-evolving generation of work
that continues to push us into a
new dimension on a journey into
a house that is no average
One that may appear structurally
sound, but folds under the
weight of secrets of a dark
A house possessed by residents
past with a sinister agenda for
its current occupants.
A dangerous house.
A murder house.
[ "American horror story" theme
song ]
Announcer: Please welcome
multiple Emmy nominee Dylan

We would not have American
horror story, a winner of 16
emmys, without the series
creators, Ryan Murphy and
Brad falchuk.
[ Applause ]
s it me or does this place
seem haunted?
t's almost like somebody is
watching us.
Oh no, not this dude again.
Maybe if I ignore him, he'll
just go away.
Let's take a look at the
nominees for lead actor in a
limited series or movie.
Announcer: Taron edgerton,
"black bird."
Kumail nanjiani, "welcome to
Evan Peters, "dahmer - monster:
The Jeffrey dahmer story."
Daniel -- Michael Shannon,
"George & Tammy."
Steven young.
Do you have the envelope?
Where are you?
[ Laughter ]
t's hard to breathe in these
darn things.
don't know how that dude did
it in Pulp Fiction.
Am I sweating back there?
Oh yeah.
Don't do that.
'm naked.
Dude, I thought my butt was big
until I put on this thing.
And the Emmy goes to Steven
young, "beef."
[ Applause ]

Well, thank you for this.
Thank you for this immense honor
and blessing.
Man, I have a lot of people to
thank, a lot of people that
looked out for me on my way to
even get to be in this business.
want to thank sunny, Ali,
Jake, our incredible cast and
Thank you to a-24, Netflix.
Thank you to Mike and Peter.
want to thank Andrew Cooper
for talking to me one night.
Our incredible onset
photographer, a legend.
There were days when it was
difficult to live in Danny's
Sometimes I wanted to judge him.
Sometimes I wanted to make fun
of him.
He pulled me aside and he's
like, never bail on Danny.
want to say thank you to Danny
for teaching me that judgment
and shame is a lonely place, but
compassion and grace is where we
can all meet.
[ Applause ]
'm grateful to my wife Jo.
Thank you always.
Jude, Ruth, mom, dad, Brian,
family, I love you.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]

Please welcome Emmy nominee
Jenna Ortega and Emmy winner
sheryl Lee Ralph.
Doing it our way
happy mlk day, Jenna.
Happy mlk day to you too.
Thank you.
The divine Jessica lange, the
inspiring Regina king, the v
vivacious Helen mirren and meryl
The list of esteemed
actresses whose inspired and
unforgettable performances have
earned them this award is second
to none.
Tonight, another exceptional
talent joins those impressive
Here are the nominees for
outstanding lead actress in a
limited or anthology series or
Announcer: Lizzy cap Lane,
kaplan "fleishman is in
Jessica chastain, "George &
Dominique fishback, "swarm."
Riley keogh, "Daisy Jones & the
Ali wong, "beef."
love this part.
And the Emmy goes to -- Ali
wong, "beef."

[ Applause ]

have to, of course, thank
Sonny and Steven and Jake,
Maria, Joe, young, the rest of
the incredible talented cast and
crew of "beef."
wouldn't be standing here
without my amazing parents, my
mother and my father, who I so
wish was alive to share this
moment with me, my hilarious
father who loved me
unconditionally and taught me
the value of failure.
To my beautiful daughters mari
and Nikki, you are my
Thank you for inspiring me.
This is for you.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
You know, apparently it's
kind of hard to peel yourself
out of a latex rubber suit
'm real moist up in here right
got to take a shower.
got sweat dripping down the
crack -- you know where it goes.
Yes, momma.
What, momma?
You weren't even supposed to say
nothing right now, momma.
Let me do my show.
'm the host.
You're just sitting in the
You're ruin everything.
Let me introduce these next two
presenters so I can take a
'm a little musty.
Nominated for their work on
"dynasty" and "empire," here are
dame Joan Collins and
Taraji p. Henson.

Throughout the night we have
been revisiting some of the
greatest sets in television
history, but on "dynasty,"
created by Aaron spelling, it
wasn't about the sets, it was
about the drama and the fashion.
Created by Nolan Miller.
"Dynasty" looks just blew me
The cinched waists, the
shoulders out to here, the
jewelry, the gowns.
We left no designer unworn.
And on Lee Daniels' "empire,"
we took up that mantle.
Our style and fashion sense
helped me bring cookie to life.
Let's take a look at this year's
nominees for outstanding limited
or anthology series.
Announcer: "Beef."
don't want anything to do
with you.
You're sick.
You're diseased.
You think you're better than
me now, huh?
"Dahmer - monster: The
Jeffrey dahmer story."
The guys were just one thing
in my life that I could control.
"Daisy Jones & the six."

"Fleishman is in trouble."
still can't feel my legs.
t's not safe.
"Obi-Wan Kenobi."
'm sorry for all of it.
And the Emmy goes to, "beef."
[ Applause ]

Announcer: "Beef" received 13
nominations this year, winning
five tonight.
The show featured beloved songs
from the '90s and early 2000s.
Accepting on behalf of the team
is Lee sung Jin.

Wow, thank you.
You know, a lot of the suicidal
ideation in this show was based
on stuff that I and some of the
folks up here have struggled
with over the years.
So I'm really grateful and
humbled by everyone who watched
the show and reached out about
their own personal struggles.
t's very life affirming.
So thank you.
feel like we live in a world
designed to kind of keep us
Even here, some of us go home
with trophies, other people
think for some of us when we
live in a world like this, you
begin to think there's no way
anyone can ever understand you
or like you or much less no
potential at being loved.
So the greatest joy of working
on "beef" has truly been working
with the folks up here who loved
so unconditionally.
Thank you to them.
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
To anyone out there who directly
or indirectly was involved with
the show, thank you so much.
Lastly, everything I do is for
my three dogs.
The federal drug administration,
if you please fast track that
canine anti-aging pill that
would be so lovely.
Thank you so much
announcer: When the emmys
return, glaad receives the
academy's governor's award, and
we pay tribute to the stars
we've lost with a performance by
war & treaty.
[ "The price is right" theme ]
Welcome back to the emmys.
Here are alona mccluney,
Jade Davis, and Suzanne dejong,
representing ey, the official
accounting firm of the emmys.
And now please welcome the chair
of the television academy,
frank scherma.
[ "Get smart" theme ]
[ Applause ]
am thrilled to celebrate an
astronomical milestone for any
institution -- 75.
[ Applause ]
Tonight's Emmy awards Mark
75 years of excellence in a
dynamic medium that is a
constant source of both
entertainment and information
vital to our world.
And yet, TV goes beyond
entertaining and informing, with
the power to enact great social
As part of our celebration of
75 years of emmys, the
television academy has selected
75 of the most impactful moments
from television's rich history.
We all laughed watching the bold
scripted series of the legendary
Norman lear.
[ Applause ]
We all mourned, together, as we
watched the towers fall on 9/11.
We were all in awe as we watched
Neil Armstrong take his first
step on the moon, in real time.
Here is just a small sampling of
these 75 incredible touchstones.
Frankie, this is it.
'm gay.

Can we keep him, dad, please?

tell me I'm doing the right
thing not having the baby.
have a dream.
One giant leap for mankind.
A plane has crashed into the
world trade center.

[ Applause ]
am your host, liberace.
They're both Emmy winners and
she's a nominee tonight, please
welcome colman domingo and
Hannah waddingham.

You're welcome.
Good evening, everybody.
Coleman and I are so very
honored to have been asked to
present the 2023 governor's
award to glaad.
Tonight, I am so proud
standing here as an advocate for
racial equity and the lgbtq
understand the importance of
glaad's mission and its
commitment to representation,
when we represent the
diversity of our society, we
help change the narratives about
a community.
'm proud that this past season
of "Ted lasso" included
storylines that celebrated lgbtq
[ Applause ]
And, unfortunately, with
anti-lgbtq freedoms being
debated both here and abroad,
the complex characters that we
see and compelling stories that
we tell are an incredibly
important piece of showing the
humanity of who we actually are,
dispelling tropes and offering a
rich, vibrant rainbow of the
human experience.
When we view entertainment as
a form of advocacy, we
understand that we have the
power to create real change.
Over the past four decades,
glaad has consulted on nearly
every TV series and TV movie
making sure the realities we
face off screen are reflected on

One of the world's most
effective advocates for the
lgbtq community, glaad was
originally founded in 1985 by
vito Russo and activists.
Since then, it has grown into a
global organization.
This now iconic organization is
dedicated to teaming up with
creators to ensure accurate
descriptions of characters,
correcting false and harmful
narratives and working
with the Hollywood community to
increase lgbtq presence on us TV
to its current record high.
For its ongoing work to secure
fair, accurate and diverse
representation of the lgbtq
community in the media and
entertainment industries, the
television academy honors glaad
with the 2023 governors award.

[ Applause ]
Accepting the award on behalf
of glaad is president and ceo of
glaad, Sarah Kate Ellis.
[ "Pose" main theme ]

Thank you.
Thank you so much.
This is actually a historic
moment, and so many people have
worked tirelessly to get lgbtq
representation here, where it is
For all of us at glaad, this
work is personal.
For me, it's about my wife and
our kids, because what the world
sees on TV influences how we
treat each other and the
decisions that we make in our
living rooms, schools, at work
and at the ballot box.
[ Cheers and applause ]
The world urgently needs
culture-changing stories about
transgender people.
[ Applause ]
More people say they have seen a
ghost than know a transgender
When you don't know people, it's
easy to demonize them.
Visibility creates
understanding, and it opens
t's life saving.
Our community has achieved so
much, and yet we are still being
victimized and villainized with
cruel and harmful lies.
Sharing stories is the antidote,
and now is the time to take
action to support everyone in
the lgbtq community, because
this story is still being told,
and we all can be the heros.
Thank you to the television
academy and the board of
[ Applause ]

Announcer: Please welcome
Rob reiner and Sally struthers.
["Those were the days" from "all
in the family" ]

Sally and I were part of a
unique television family, not
-- yes.
Thank you.
We were part of a unique family,
not just the bunkers, but Norman
lear's extended family.
Over the decades Norman brought
us together to create
groundbreaking television.
Shows that depicted real people
that made us laugh, made us
think, made us people.
There is a yiddish word that
describes Norman's genius, it's
kochleffel, a ladle that stirs
the pot.
And when Norman the kochleffel
stirred the pot, he wound up
changing American culture.
[ Applause ]
Tonight as we remember all
the legends of our industry we
lost this past year, we
celebrate their lives and
legacy, and all the joy they
brought to us.
And to all the members of all
our television families who have
passed on --
those were the days
[ applause ]
Joining us in our tribute are
the war and treaty and
Charlie puth.

it's been a long day
without you my friend
and I'll tell you
all about it
when I see you again
we've come a long way
from where we began
oh I'll tell you
all about it
when I see you again
when I see you again

so let the light
guide your way
hold every memory
as you go
and every road you take
will always lead you
home home
it's been a long day
without you my friend
and I'll tell you
all about it
when I see you again
we've come a long way
from where we began
oh I'll tell you
all about it
when I see you again
when I see you again

it's like
you're always stuck
in second gear
when it hasn't been
your day your week your month
or even your year but
I'll be there for you
when the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for you like
I've been there before
I'll be there for you
'cause you're there for me
'Cause you're there for me

[ Applause ]
[ "Searchin' my soul" from
"ally mcbeal" ]

Girl, you look good.

Calista, give out the damn

you're the first, you're the
last, my everything

[ Applause ]
Oh boy.
loved working with Peter Gil
and Greg, and I still do.
The entire "ally mcbeal" cast
was so talented.
t was groundbreaking,
revolutionary, introducing us to
a dancing baby and unisex
Now I am proud to announce the
nominees for a lead actor in a
drama series.
Announcer: Jeff bridge bridge
"the old man."
Brian Cox "succession."
Kieran culkin, "succession."
Bob odenkirk, "better call
Pedro Pascal, "the last of us."
Jeremy strong, "succession."
And the Emmy goes to --
Kieran culkin, "succession."

Don't pick it up.
couldn't do the button.
wasted all my time hugging
love you all so much,
especially everyone in the cast,
every single one.
Thank you so much.
love you.
'm not going to have any time.
don't want to get yelled at.
Got to thank Jesse Armstrong for
being a brilliant writer,
showrunner and gentleman.
Thank you for "succession."
Thank you for everything.
have to switch to the personal
really fast.
have to thank my mom for
giving me life and my childhood,
which was great.
So thank you for that.
[ Applause ]
have to thank my manager who
I've been with for about 29
Sorry, Emily, you probably
didn't want me to say the
just have to thank you for
keeping my name in the
conversation when nobody was
talking about me so as far as
I'm concerned, this is yours.
Of course my beautiful wife
jazz, thank you for sharing your
life with me and giving me two
amazing kids.
love you so many and so much.
And jazz, I want more.
[ Laughter ]
You said maybe if I win.
love you so much.
Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ "Best friend" theme from "the
courtship of Eddie's father ]

let me tell you about my best
want to say congratulations
to "beef."
You guys are killing it tonight.
And how great was that ally
mcbeal dance?
How about all of these reunions
"Cheers," gray's 's anatomy."
All in the family just to name a
Congrats to Kieran culkin for
winning lead actor in a drama
[ Applause ]
We have three more big awards
tonight, lead actress in a drama
Then the awards for outstanding
comedy series and outstanding
drama series.
Somebody peaked a little too
soon tonight.
[ Laughter ]
Momma, the way you're going
tonight, you might win for
outstanding playoff momma at the
Damn right.
Please welcome the amazing,
remarkable Jodi foster.
Let me tell you about my best
people let me tell you about
my best friend
One of my first TV
appearances was on "the
courtship of Eddie's father."
nteresting complicated women on
TV were few and far between,
even for a 6-year-old.
Today television provides the
canvas for talented actresses to
go deep, baring their souls,
blowing our minds and breaking
our hearts.
n a golden age, here are the
nominees for lead actress in a
drama series.
Sharon horgan, Melanie Lynn
Elisabeth moss.
Bella Ramsey, "the last of us."
Keri Russell, "the diplomat."
Sarah snook, "succession."
And the Emmy goes to Sarah
snook, "succession."

[ Applause ]

Thanks to everyone who voted and
for loving the show as much as
we did as a cast making it and
as a crew making it.
We put our all into it and the
bar was set so high.
think that's what spurred us
on from every department we all
gave it our best, led by Jesse
and Mark and my cast who I love
so much and I'm going to miss.
To my family, to my mom and dad,
I love you.
Thank you for having a dress-up
box when I was a kid.
This is where it gets you.
Also the biggest thank you is to
someone who won't understand
anything I'm saying at the
moment, but I carried her with
me in this last season and
really it was her who carried
t's very easy to act when
you're pregnant, because you
have hormones raging.
t was the proximity of her life
growing inside me that gave me
the strength to do this and this
love you so much and it's all
for you from here on out.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]

Announcer: Up next,
tracee Ellis Ross and
Natasha lyonne give the award
for outstanding comedy series,
plus, Peter dinklage gives the
award for outstanding drama
When the emmys return, on fox.

[ Applause ]
Oh, I see you went all in.
always do, Natasha lyonne.
'm so sorry, Lucille.
My bad.
Thank you.
Anything for you, tracee.
Lucy will do.
Copy you, miss ball.
[ Applause ]
Alright, listen carefully.
This is the next to last award
and I need you two to wrap these
The chocolate will come down the
conveyer belt and your job is to
take each piece and wrap --
we've all seen the episode,
Give us our moment.
Thank you, Anthony.
Let her roll.
Let her roll!
You ready?
Absolutely not.
Let's do this.

No papers.
That's all right.
Just go --
All right.
Don't worry about it.

'm a big fan of your work.
What the hell is this?
Hey, hey, hey.
What are the awards?
What's the category we're
supposed to be doing right now?
[ Muffled speaking ]
The category is comedy
Announcer: "Abbott
never should have taken
that acting class.
f I hadn't tried to understand
myself, we wouldn't be here.
Announcer: "The bear."
t looks like a carrot.
t's clearly a carrot.
Do you not know what a carrot
looks like?
Announcer: "Jury duty."
A dehydrated mango.
Announcer: "The marvelous
Mrs. Maisel."
Want to thank Bergdorf good
man from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you and good night.
Announcer: "Only murders in
the building."
Have we reached that point in
our friendship where we can just
show up at our apartments in our
night clothes?
Announcer: "Wednesday."
How would that have looked on
your record?
know I failed to get the job
Chocolates coming down.
You got a little chocolate on
the envelope, a little something
extra for the winner.
Everybody loves a little
'm going to give them a
And the Emmy goes to -- "the

Announcer: For its first
eligible year, "the bear" has
received 13 nominations.
Tonight they have won six emmys.

What's good?
Yeah, I just want to thank
restaurants as a whole,
hospitality as a whole.
[ Applause ]
love you Evan.
just love restaurants so much,
the good, the bad.
t's rough.
We're all broken inside and
every single day we've got to
show up and cook and make people
feel good by eating something
and sitting at a table.
t's beautiful.
All of us here get to make a
show together and get to make
people feel good or filled with
anxiety or triggers.
This is amazing.
t's beautiful.
The cast and crew, there are so
many people that make this show
happen every single day.
t's beautiful.
t's hard work.
t's early hours.
We don't see the sun for three
We shoot on a soundstage.
t's really cool.
've never acted before.
love all these people so much.
love my family!
want to thank fx!
Fx is tight.
Thank you so much.
want to give a special
shoutout to John soleberg.
Let's go!
Thank you.
Red Sox forever!
[ Applause ]

What's more desired, an Emmy
or this throne?
t might be a tie.
And I might take the throne.
[ "Game of thrones" theme ]
Game of thrones ended up with an
amazing 159 nominations and 59
And now, please welcome the
actor who won four of those
emmys, Peter dinklage.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you.
Hello, you room full of hotties.
t's been a second.
Happy birthday, Dr. King.
[ Applause ]
And now I'm going to read
There's nothing more powerful
than a good story.
Nothing can stop it.
No enemy can defeat it.
And who has told stories better
than these eight nominees for
outstanding drama series?
Announcer: "Andor."
'd rather die trying to take
them down.
Announcer: "Better call
Better call Saul, right?
Reporter: "The crown".
Announcer: "House of the
The iron throne.
Announcer: "The last of us."
So time heals all wounds, I
Announcer: "Succession."
[ Applause ]
'm the eldest boy!
Announcer: "The white lotus."
When I stay at white lotus.
Announcer: "Yellowjackets."
And the Emmy goes to

Announcer: "Succession"
received 27 nominations this
year and a total overall of 75.
The show holds this year's top
spot with the most Emmy
Accepting the Emmy on behalf of
the team is Jesse Armstrong.
"Succession" has won six emmys
Thank you very much indeed.
We want to thank hbo.
This wasn't necessarily an easy
show to commission right at the
very beginning.
Thank you to Katie and Francesca
and Nora Skinner and Richard.
We want to say hello to Jeremy
strong, who's making a movie and
Lucy who's made a baby.
We send our love to both of
just want to say thank you to
Brian Cox, who the show revolved
around whether he was in it or
[ Applause ]
This is a show about family,
but it's also about when
partisan politics and news
coverage gets intertwined with
divisive right-wing politics.
After four seasons of satire,
that's a problem I understand we
have now fixed.
We are so honored.
We've loved making the show.
Thank you very much indeed.
[ Applause ]
n addition to celebrating
the very best of the past year,
this is also a day to honor
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
[ Applause ]
By bringing you
a moment from his
most famous speech, voted by the
television academy one of the
most impactful moments in
television history.
Congratulations to all of the
winners and nominees.
Good night.
[ Applause ]
When we allow freedom ring,
when we let it ring from every
Hamlet and every state and every
city, we will be able to speed
up that day when all of god's
children, dark men and white
men, Jews and gentiles,
protestants and catholics will
be able to join hands and sing
"free at last, free at last,
thank got almighty, we are free
at last."
[ Applause ]