The 7th Day (2004) Movie Script

My mother and I left the village
and never went back.
Meanwhile my father stayed,
probably for good.
He'll die and be buried there... his village.
We have a view of the sea now.
I have a decent-paying job.
We're not rich,
but we're getting by.
They say time cures all...
That I don't know.
Yes, it's true.
The names and faces fade away...
...and you see things differently... if they'd happened
to someone else.
Strange as it may seem... all began as a love story.
My uncle, "Gorgeous" Amadeo,
had caught the eye of...
Luciana Fuentes,
from the Fuentes family.
He was Luciana's first love
and she was head over heels.
They say Amadeo seduced her
and later jilted her...
...that Luciana never married
and was scarred for life...
...that her blood dried up
and she went mad.
I hope you die,
you son of a bitch!
Amadeo Jimenez!
They say she put Jeronimo up to it.
And later her brothers.
No one knows the truth.
Villages are full of rumors...
...and things people
keep silent.
Jeronimo Fuentes did kill... uncle Amadeo, and later fled.
For what?
A scrap of land on a property line,
long fought over by two families...
...his family and ours.
They say he ran for two days
and two nights.
They caught him
at the edge of the province.
He was tried and convicted
for first degree murder.
He got thirty years.
A lifetime.
The house is on fire!
The house is on fire!
Emilio! Emilio!
Get out!
Get out!
Luciana! The pigs!
Out! Out!
Go on! Out!
Go on, get out!
Mother's burning!
Mother's burning!
Mother's burning!
I can't believe
we're just leaving.
Have you no sense of pride?
They torch our mother
and run us out of town!
They're not running us out.
We're leaving.
We're not wanted here.
Let's go.
Come on, we'll be back.
They left the village...
...but didn't go very far.
And they never forgot.
For years they held a grudge,
fostering their hatred... they waited... a predator waiting
for the right moment to strike.
A patio in Seville
strewn with flowers...
...a fountain in the middle
with a spout.
Roses and carnations
of all colors...
...prettier than any painter
could dream.
Behind the iron bars
on the window...
...sits a young girl
with bronze skin.
At her side,
a dark and handsome...
...young man speaks longingly.
The warm, silvery moon...
...bathed the patio
with its light.
And softly in her ear...
...the young Andalusian whispered:
"Rocio, oh my Rocio...
A bunch of carnations...
A bud in full bloom...
Just thinking of your love...
I'm losing my mind.
Because I love you,
my darling... no one ever has.
Rocio, oh my Rocio...
- You like the dress, Antonia?
- Yes, very much.
You look beautiful.
Hold still, I need to hem it.
How pretty.
Have a kiss.
Did you know Jeronimo
got out of prison?
Looking back,
everything seems like a sign.
Even the smallest things
take on meaning...
...and become part of the tragedy.
- The Body of Christ.
- Amen.
The Body of Christ.
As soon as he got out,
Jeronimo Fuentes...
...went looking for my father.
Jose Jimenez!
This is for my mother,
you bastards!
Mom thought he would die.
We all did, but he survived.
The doctor said he had tough skin
and he'd been lucky.
I don't see anything lucky
about it.
I didn't expect you back.
At least not so soon.
You lasted less than two months.
So now what?
You don't want to talk?
...that's all right.
I can wait.
But that was the past,
things were different.
Mom always said
tragedy is like a bad dream.
You just wake up
and dream something nicer.
I was young enough
to believe her.
Try and catch me, Lucia!
Encarna, stop!
Let her go.
Where can she go?
That's true. This town's so
small nobody could get lost.
I wish I could go to Madrid.
Madrid? What for?
To see famous people. Soccer
players and singers, like on TV.
My cousin in Madrid's
never seen a singer.
She must not be looking.
That must be it.
- Who are those girls?
- The Jimenez girls, silly.
My God, how they've grown!
And they're so pretty.
I can't believe how time flies.
Good grief.
That boy is sick in the head.
Very sick in the head.
Do it like this, you see?
It's easy enough.
Though I'm in pretty bad shape.
Meat that arrives
before the 15th goes there...
...meat that arrives
after the 15th goes in back.
- You got it?
- Yes, Mr. Jimenez.
Stop saying "Yes, Mr. Jimenez,
no, Mr. Jimenez."
Just say yes or no.
- No, you stay here.
- Yes, Mr. Jimenez.
Son of a...
What is it, Daddy?
That boy's dumber than a dead mule,
that's all.
We can check the books now.
How's that going?
I need the papers ready
for the buyer on Thursday.
What buyer?
Are you going to sell?
That's no concern of yours.
Just handle the books.
I'm finished.
Except for the Romero bill.
Fine, you can go.
You're in my sun.
Isabel, what are your plans
this summer?
Are you going anywhere?
Maybe to the beach.
Yeah, right.
To Marbella with the rich folks!
So you're staying here?
What do you care?
Of course I care.
Oh, yeah?
Hey, was I talking to you?
Then keep quiet.
Go play somewhere.
What did he say?
That he has a motorcycle.
- Everyone knows that.
- Sure.
You've been here five years...
...and you've made no progress.
If anything you've gotten worse.
You have to interact with people.
Do you understand me?
Calm down.
Antonio, Pablo!
Brigadier General, sir!
Retired, Chino.
I'm retired.
Hi, Chino, baby.
What's up, darling?
How's it going?
I'm dying here.
Got anything for me?
Is the coast clear?
Here, for you.
Thank God.
I had nothing left.
- Wait here.
- Take your time.
- I tripped.
- No need to rush.
Now that's a pretty sight.
Son of a...
- How are you?
- Fine. Did you get it?
- I sure did.
- Come on.
Slow down.
Don't make me beg for it, baby.
I knew I could count on you.
Chino, go for a walk
or something.
Don't be jealous now.
Chino... Chino!
- Okay, I'm off.
- Leaving already?
- Yeah. See you.
- Take care.
You, too. Bye.
- Has he called?
- Yes.
He's coming on Thursday.
I don't know.
I'm not sure yet.
Let's see how much he offers.
We've already decided.
Even if he offers a bit less.
Where will we go?
To Seville... Alejandro.
Or to Madrid.
We're fine right here.
No, we aren't, Jose.
We're not fine here.
He'll kill himself some day.
He'll kill me first.
- Do you like him?
- Yes, I do.
He's handsome.
Yes, he is.
And he has a motorcycle.
What if he kisses you?
Then I'll kiss him back.
What if he touches you?
I'll touch him back.
What if he loves you?
I'll love him back.
I know what you all think.
My own mother,
rest her soul...
...said it before our wedding:
"Son, she's too much woman for you."
I don't know, Raul.
Yes, you do, Jose.
But you're a good friend,
so you don't tell me.
Thanks, Clara.
She'll be the end of me,
I swear it.
And then what?
Serve me another.
- Beer or tickles?
- Stop it, Carlitos. Not now.
- Beer or tickles?
- Get the hell away from me.
Beer or tick...
Does it still hurt?
Serve him one.
- When's your debut?
- Autumn at the latest.
Did you hear on the radio?
Jeronimo Fuentes
died in jail yesterday.
That son of a bitch
lived too long!
- Have you heard?
- Heard what?
Jeronimo died in jail yesterday.
He went mad.
That's what I heard.
It's over.
Not yet, Jose.
Not yet.
With Jeronimo dead...
I wish.
But the others are alive,
and they're just as bad.
The same rotten blood
runs through their veins.
They'll always remember
their mother.
They can all go straight to hell.
They had their trial!
They could care less about justice,
the law or God himself.
They think we're guilty.
Those bastards killed my brother.
They should all burn in hell.
- Jose, the girls...
- The girls are asleep.
Small villages never forget.
Cities do...
...because the old is replaced
with the new.
But here...
...everything stays the same.
Things never grow easily,
and they never really die.
Leave me alone,
I need to pee!
Are you two ready?
You always have to go first.
You're such a pain!
He's with you now, Mother.
Poor man.
So much bad blood
in this damn village!
It'll kill us all.
Not much selection.
We're out of season.
No one knits in summer.
This one's okay.
Isa, do you like red?
- Yes.
- Let's see.
It suits you.
I can't believe they had the nerve
to bury him here.
What a situation, Carmen.
Winter sweaters
are made in summer.
Look, all that matters... that he's in hell
with his crazy mother.
And he's not coming back.
- From where?
- None of your business.
Be more careful what you say.
They're here.
They are early.
That Paco Fernandez...
...was a total bum,
and now look at him.
Showing off.
I wouldn't want to know
where his money came from.
What are you going to do?
Keep it.
Jeronimo won't be needing it.
You can have mine.
Throw out that piece of junk
of yours.
Just like back in the army.
We've been promoted.
All because of a female...
I'm going insane.
I can't live with her...
...but I can't live without her.
And if I'm still heartbroken...
...on the day I die...
...don't send me flowers...
This rumba tells you why:
I tried to cut the freshest rose
from the bush...
...thinking love wouldn't prick me...
...and getting pricked
taught me one thing:
That a rose is a rose is a rose.
When I opened my hand
and let her fall...
...from the cuts in my skin
rushed blood.
With her petals...
...she healed my wound.
A rose is a rose is a rose.
But as my wound healed...
...a burning grew inside.
Because love and bitterness...
...go hand in hand.
A lie and a creed...
...for each thorn indeed...
...pushing deeper inside
your finger.
A rose is a rosary.
I tried to cut the freshest rose
from the bush...
...thinking love wouldn't prick me...
...and getting pricked
taught me one thing:
That a rose is a rose is a rose.
When I opened my hand
and let her fall...
...from the cuts in my skin
rushed blood...
This place means different things
to the two of us.
To you, this place is...
My whole life.
Why would I want your life?
I'll be frank with you.
It'll be worthless
within a year.
Shopping malls will swallow up...
...the entire region.
The property might someday
be worth something...
...but not what you're asking.
It's a fair price.
A fair price leaves
a small margin to work with.
I'm a businessman.
I invest to make money,
simple as that.
This is my offer.
The first and last.
- This is way too little.
- Probably.
Anyway, you have my phone number.
Call me if you accept.
Otherwise we'll just part ways
and save ourselves the trouble.
This is what
you wanted to see?
I don't know.
He killed my uncle
and almost killed my father.
Maybe just to make sure
he's dead.
Dead and buried.
Who did that?
Nobody ever does
anything here.
Just like nobody torched...
- The old lady...
- That was an accident.
- There was a trial.
- Right.
I'm not taking their side.
I'm only saying that
this town has its secrets.
What do you know?
Me? Nothing.
Don't drag me into this.
You saw the grave.
Now let's go.
- You're angry.
- I don't like being toyed with.
I thought we came
for another reason.
- I didn't want to come alone.
- Right.
Besides, there was...
...another reason.
But not here.
It freaks me out.
What's wrong?
We're not going to Madrid,
Why not?
Or to Seville.
I was born here and I'm staying.
Rocio, oh my Rocio...
A bunch of carnations...
A bud in full bloom...
Just thinking of your love,
I'm losing my mind.
Because I love you,
my darling... no one ever has.
Kill it.
I said kill it.
Kill it, damnit!
- Kill it!
- Let me.
What do you see?
What do you see?
That's what you are? Nothing?
One of these damn things...
...almost cost you an eye.
If you can't kill those
that harm you...
...then you're worthless.
It isn't that, sister.
It isn't that.
Come with me.
Right now I'm headed to Vitoria.
After that we'll see.
You're crazy.
What's here for you?
That guy and his shitty bar.
Come with me.
He's my husband
and the father of my children.
You have no children.
We're trying for one.
You gazed at me
like a puppy dog...
...when I said I'd pick you up
in my Seat 600.
You glared at me
like a panther...
...when you saw how small
a car it was.
You know I'm a country boy...
...and I only got one convertible.
When next Sunday comes around...
I'll bring it over
to impress you
I've got a yellow tractor...'s the latest trend.
I've got a yellow tractor...'s the latest fad.
"Get yourself a tractor," mother said to me.
"It's the cheapest way... have a convertible."
I've got a yellow tractor...'s the latest fad.
"Get yourself a tractor," mother said to me.
"It's the cheapest way... have a convertible."
Chino, will you love me forever?
Forever's a long time.
Forever is now.
The idiot?
He's not as dumb as you think.
He was there
the day of the fire.
- He saw everything.
- What did he see?
- You really want to know?
- Of course.
I can take you to see him.
- You think he'll talk to me?
- Yes.
He will if I ask him to.
Carlitos is a hash fiend.
- So it's true you deal?
- Just to pay for my degree.
Degree in what?
I don't know, in whatever.
Listen, Isabel.
Why are you so obsessed with this?
Why dig up all this old crap?
That's my business.
No, now it's mine as well.
I don't like secrets.
What does she want?
I told you.
Tell her about the fire.
No, no.
Not the fire.
What for?
I want to know what happened.
You don't want to know.
Come on, a deal's a deal.
- She won't like it.
- I told her that already.
Tell me, girl.
You know my parents are... father and his sister.
That means you know my mother
is also my aunt.
And that means
I only have one grandmother.
You're probably thinking:
"What the hell can the idiot know?"
That's normal.
But I saw everything.
The whole town saw it,
but they all went mute at the trial.
"Signs of criminal behavior,"
said the judge.
They found a can of gasoline
inside the house!
But they couldn't prove anything
without witnesses.
Mother's burning!
Mother's burning!
I saw what I saw.
They were all in on it.
The only way to make a man talk... to wire a car battery
to his balls.
But when a whole town
goes silent...
Did I mention my mother
is my aunt?
What a fucking drag.
But it's a fact.
I've got to live with it.
Come on,
get to the point.
The night before the fire...
When it was getting late...
I saw your father
at the gas station...
...filling a can with gas.
What do you mean, "so"?
I might be the village idiot,
but I ain't stupid.
Is that all?
My father has a generator
at the store.
The lights are always going out.
He fills those cans
once a week.
What else?
Did you see him go in the house?
I told you
you wouldn't like it.
Maybe it was your father,
maybe it wasn't.
Yes, but no.
No, but yes.
Maybe it was you.
I told you she wouldn't like it.
Shit, Carlitos.
Come on, relax.
Crazy lady!
Crazy lady!
Crazy lady, crazy lady!
What do you want?
I've finished.
Mom said to help her
when I finished.
Fine, go ahead.
What the hell is it?
Barley. How much?
800 kilos...
700 kilos of oats...
- 1,500 of sunflower...
- Is that all?
- Yeah, that's all we had.
- Who'd you sell to?
Agustino from the co-op.
250 of corn...
- And 600 of lupins.
- How much?
Six hundred.
Here it comes...
- What's coming?
- The noise, Angela.
The noise.
They're driving us mad!
It has to stop.
- It'll stop.
- Stop?
This is never going to stop!
- Antonio, do something.
- What?
- Antonio!
- What?
- This noise is going to kill us!
- What should I do?
Mother's burning!
Don't like wearing a helmet, eh?
- No, I've got a helmet.
- Sure you do.
- Where's that?
- At home.
Touch me again.
Go ahead, try it.
Now it's my turn.
You think we're fucking idiots?
Is that it?
No, sir.
We've been watching you
since last year, Chino.
We know your kind.
You're heading for trouble.
- I don't know what you mean.
- You don't?
- No idea?
- None.
So the hash getting smoked
in town...
...must have walked in here
by itself.
Chino, I'm telling you this
for your own good.
You're going down.
You're in for some real shit.
We're nice people.
But we get real pissed off.
- Right.
- You got that?
- Yes, sir.
- Got it?
Yes, sir.
Go on, beat it.
Handsome little fella!
I've seen how they look at you.
If only the moon...
...were a balcony
I could stand upon.
I'd take the sky in my hands...
...and count the stars
one by one.
You've seen the days, Antonio.
And the nights.
Always the same.
What do you want from me,
Show that you have guts.
Get us out of here.
There's no way out.
Yes, there is.
But you have to use your head.
Give your head a rest.
I have a perfect plan.
A couple good shotguns
will do the trick.
What about Emilio?
Emilio's with me...
...everywhere I go.
- How much is that one?
- That's gold.
I know it's gold.
I asked how much.
35 thousand pesetas.
- I have some other stuff...
- No.
I want that one.
What's going on?
I'm leaving.
What do you mean?
I don't know. Anywhere.
- When?
- Right now.
Because this town fucking sucks.
What happened?
Stick around and tell me about it.
No, I can't stick around.
When it's time to leave,
you just go. There's no other way.
When will you be back?
I'm never coming back.
What about me?
I don't know.
You have your family.
- You'll be fine.
- But I love you.
I don't want anyone's love.
I'm better off on my own.
Take me with you.
No, I can't.
Why can't you?
I only have one helmet.
- What's this?
- It's for you.
For good luck.
This is how loved ones leave,
taking a piece of you with them...
...leaving you broken inside.
- Why don't you go out?
- I don't feel like it.
Chino had left
and the summer was over.
Everything was over...
before it had even begun.
Something's wrong.
Like what?
Come on, Isa.
I was once a doe too, you know.
Mother, please.
People don't use
that word any more.
Then however you say it.
It doesn't matter.
The first time
I saw your father...
I got a lump right here
in my throat...
...and during his military service... whole chest caved in.
But he came back.
This one isn't coming back.
How do you know?
Why would he?
There's nothing here.
Come on, Isa.
Cheer up.
Things change, you know.
You'll see.
- Shall I heat some milk?
- No, I'll do it.
And straight to bed.
Stop, stop.
Hold still, Irene.
If you don't hold still
I can't do this.
Mom, you're hurting me!
Then comb it at night
next time.
Are we leaving now?
Put on your other shoes.
They don't fit.
Don't fit?
We just bought them.
They really don't fit.
- She'll grow into them.
- No way!
I'm sick of wearing her old stuff.
I want new shoes.
. Crybaby.
- I want new shoes!
- Fine, just shut up.
When can I start
wearing lipstick?
Don't worry about it.
You've plenty of time
for that.
What's wrong with her?
Cut it out!
She's lovesick, Daddy.
Girls, hold on!
- Wait a moment.
- What is it?
We'll be late for mass.
Just a second.
Why always so many photos?
Stand there. To remember.
You don't need so many for that.
Just in case.
They say some old people
forget even their own name.
- Alzheimer's.
- What?
Alzheimer's disease.
I saw it on TV.
Right. Alzheimer's.
Carmen, come here.
Now just the girls.
Isabel in the middle.
- Wait.
- Carmen, please.
I may forget my name...
...but I wouldn't want
to forget any of you.
Come on, let's go.
Not black.
Black is for funerals.
Now what?
If only...
...the moon...
...were a balcony
I could stand upon.
I'd take the sky in my hands...
...and count the stars
one by one.
Angelito, handsome.
Serve me a drink!
Everyone knows each other
in a small town.
The policeman, the priest...
Raul from the bar,
Clara, his wife...
...the mayor,
Encarna and her kids...
Araceli and Dolores...
...even the local hookers.
In a small town
we may all be different...
...but we're all the same.
I didn't think you were coming.
- Here I am.
- You're late.
- I thought...
- That's coming along nicely.
Three sodas, please.
I don't want one.
Turn up the music.
They're coming!
They're coming!
The wolves!
The wolves are coming!
Calm down, Carlitos.
I want to dance, too.
They say God created the world
in six days...
...and he rested on the seventh.
That's why sometimes the most
horrible things happen on Sunday... God sleeps.
What's that noise?
Let's go.
The square.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Oh, God!
Take them away.
Come quick,
they'll kill us all.
Encarna, honey.
For God's sake...
Raul, look at me, please.
Not that one!
Jose Jimenez!
Jose, the girls...
The girls...
The girls...
They didn't even try to flee.
The Fuentes brothers
spent the night on the hill.
They offered no resistance
when arrested.
They say Luciana and Angela Fuentes
also went quietly.
And that if was Luciana's hate
that had incited her brothers.
A bunch of...
Nine were killed,
twelve injured.
Some were able to walk again,
...others never recovered.
Antonio and Emilio Fuentes...
...were sentenced
to 345 years in prison.
Their psychiatric exams showed... signs of madness.
My father got arrested outside
the courthouse with a knife.
He had no idea
what he was doing.
He was released
a few days later.
The Fuentes sisters were placed
in an asylum, where they remain.
My mother and I left the village
and never went back.
Meanwhile my father stayed,
probably for good.
He'll die and be buried
there, in his village.
We have a view of the sea now.
I have a decent-paying job.
We're not rich,
but we're getting by.
They say time cures all...
That I don't know.
Yes, it's true. The names
and faces fade away...
...and you see things
differently, if they'd happened
to someone else.
- Bye.
- Bye.
This film is based on true events.
The characters are fictitious.
The crimes, unfortunately, were real.
We thank the inhabitants of
Vegas de Matute, Zarzuela de los Montes
and Otero de los Herreros
for their cooperation
in the realization of this film.