The 9th Precinct (2019) Movie Script

My name is Chen Chia-hao.
I can see what people can't
since I was little.
Do you want to come in?
It's already late. Why is it so crowded?
Chen Chia-hao sees ghosts!
How scary!
The fortune-teller said that I'm fated
to serve the gods and the supernatural.
I can't be a cop.
I just don't believe it.
Don't work so hard, okay?
Relax! You won't see any cars around here.
I used to work very hard like you.
But in recent years,
I've thought things through.
I'm done with it.
Sir, done with what?
You still don't get it?
Just lead a quiet life.
Don't get into trouble.
I was hoping I could relax
in this job until I retire.
But I met a troublemaker like you
who lunges towards the air for no reason.
-I'll tell you what.
If I had talent like yours,
I wouldn't be a cop.
I'd work as a medium or an oracle.
You would earn more than a cop. Right?
Why be a cop?
I need to pee.
Is that a good idea?
What? Can't I pee?
Driver's license, please.
Do you know you went over the speed limit?
I'm sorry, I...
I work in another city
during the weekdays.
I can only come home to my wife and kids
during the weekends.
All for a tiny paycheck
to feed the family.
I'm sorry.
Sign here.
When did I miss paying the parking fee?
Thank you, young man. Thanks!
What now?
Your taillights are off.
What are you doing?
You assaulted the police?
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
Hao, are you okay?
Put it down and turn around!
Turn around!
Don't move.
What a busybody.
This wouldn't have happened
if you just let me go.
Only now did I realize
that fate
cannot be changed indeed.
Chen Chia-hao.
You caught Hei Gou,
the most wanted suspect.
A traffic cop actually solved a huge case.
You deserve praise.
But during the shootout,
you said a female ghost saved you.
She did save me.
You have no respect for your job
and your partner died as a result!
A ghost saved you?
How could a ghost save a person?
Are you going to revise your report?
How did you graduate
from the police academy?
Scram if you refuse to revise it!
Sir, thank you for your guidance.
Where did you come from?
Chen Chia-hao, born in 1988.
Entered the police academy in 2011.
Highest score in shooting.
Highest score in hand-to-hand combat.
Exam score is adequate.
Opened fire in the streets for no reason
and lunged at invisible suspects
on several occasions.
-Excuse me...
-Do you still want to be a cop?
-Call me Chang.
Do you regret pushing the old woman
away from the car?
That crazy guy threw himself
at a speeding car!
-I've got a job for you.
On the condition
that you won't be scared off.
Sir, which department am I
being transferred to?
Why would I be scared off?
Sir, the elevator hasn't been fixed
for a long time.
I don't think it's working.
The commissioner asked you
to revise your report.
Why did you refuse?
She really did save me.
I can't pretend that never happened.
I did the right thing, didn't I?
In your life,
there are two most important days.
The day when you were born
and the day you learn
the true meaning of your life.
Today could be the beginning
of the latter.
Take it or leave it, it's up to you.
Which department am I
being transferred to?
Among the cases reported
to the police annually,
do you know how many are ghost-related?
Welcome to the 9th Precinct.
THE 9TH PRECINC -Give me Chen Chia-hao's file. Thank you.
-All right.
Love means endless tolerance.
It conceals all mistakes.
Like in the living world,
order has to be kept in the netherworld.
Since the olden days,
the 9th Precinct has been handling
the mysterious cases
that the police could not
on the condition
that we don't cross the line
between reincarnation and karma.
When one dies,
they feel confused at first.
Like a newborn baby,
they can't get used to the environment,
so they panic.
Like a baby's cry, it's a call for help.
The more they make a fuss,
the more they need our help.
What's your name?
Some naughty ones
still have to be restrained.
Why burn incense on every desk?
The incense?
Though the worlds
of the living and the dead
are only divided by a thin line,
their frequencies are different.
The incense is the medium through
which we communicate our thoughts,
so that both sides can hear it clearly.
Then why can't I hear them?
Just because you can see them,
it doesn't mean you can hear them.
You've never heard them?
I don't know why you can't hear them
or when you'll be able to hear them.
All I can tell you is
it'll happen when it happens.
If I can't hear them,
how can I help them?
You'll have to empathize
with them more with your heart.
What can I do for him?
Humans and ghosts have different paths.
See what his last wish is.
As long as it's within my power,
I'll do it.
I'll burn a sexy paper doll for you.
I'm sorry.
I was too late--
It's about time.
Please come this way.
He lived a simple life
and he was a decent man.
He should be reincarnated soon.
It's you
who has to let go
so that he can leave without worries.
His last wish is so simple.
Just burn a paper guitar for him.
Or is it a cello?
This is my protg and your senior, Hsueh.
She's possessed by Master at the moment.
Why do you smell like a woman?
-She's gay?
-A demon? Where?
No. I'm sorry.
He's new. Please forgive him.
It's fine!
He's pure enough!
Offer him a toast.
-Sir, we have a mission.
If you're still around when I'm back,
I'll drink with you.
-Let's go.
Peachwood umbrella.
The incantations on it
keep bad spirits away.
It shields light to protect the ghosts.
When burning incense while praying,
our wishes are conveyed
to the other world.
So it's like a phone?
You can say that.
Sacred water pistol.
It dispels evil spirits.
It's an air gun, right?
It's not a virgin's pee, is it?
It's sacred water.
Use it only when you're dealing
with unsalvageable ghosts.
We don't need real guns.
Forget about the rules in the manual.
This is the badge of the 9th Precinct.
Our amulet.
What about mine?
We'll see if you can survive
the first day.
Remember. Your task is to catch ghosts.
Take your uniform off.
That's it?
How difficult do you think a ghost can be?
I'm tired.
It takes up so much energy
to be possessed by spirits each time.
Let's talk next time.
Your wig.
I'll charge you more next time.
Who is the client?
The psychic said
they have unfinished business.
I need to know who is trying to kill them
or I won't be able to settle it.
I told you countless times
that there are no ghosts in this world.
I'm here.
Then I woke up.
She's probably just too tired.
I'm sorry you had to come
all the way here.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Please don't look directly at her.
Direct all questions to me.
I serve as the window.
Please leave the scene
so we can gather evidence
and see if there are any clues.
No problem.
Thank you.
You're still looking at them?
-She signed in the wrong place.
-As long as it's signed.
Give me a candy.
You're so young, yet you're troubled?
It must be hard being on your own.
The kid died young.
His parents didn't have
the ritual done properly.
His soul is trapped in here,
longing for his mother's return.
Why did he scare her?
What do kids love doing the most?
People often assume that hauntings happen,
but the chances are actually low.
This little boy is just longing...
For his mother's warmth.
Hey, kid.
Someone will take you
to your mother later.
We'll take care of you, okay?
The umbrella.
That's it?
What did you expect?
Ghosts linger in the living world
because they miss their loved ones.
If humans have feelings,
don't they have feelings too?
Wasn't it...
Wasn't it caught...
It's broken!
Damn it.
Ask them to get a new one.
Pack up the incense burner.
"Many spend their lifetime
pursuing fame and fortune,
but men cannot live forever.
What's the use of fame and fortune?
Hello, everyone.
I'm Sun Yu-shu.
God cannot grant you eternal life.
But if you believe in me,
you'll be able..."
Councilor Lin had an accident.
Give mine to him.
What about you?
With someone like Councilor Lin,
we should keep a close
yet distant relationship.
If you hire someone
like Hei Gou again, you'll...
Everyone, welcome to today's event...
Didn't you have enough
when you were possessed by Master?
Is Master gone?
Master said that you smell like a woman.
A spirit is following you,
but she refuses to reveal herself.
He said that fate brought her to you.
Is it the female ghost who saved me?
Does Master want me to find her killer?
Master wants you
to mind your own business.
Because the CID is in charge.
They've got the evidence.
Fate decides if they can
catch the killer or not.
We're the police.
You're asking me to do nothing?
This is the 9th Precinct.
We police the ghosts.
We can't get involved
with cases regarding humans.
Listen carefully and remember this.
Humans and ghosts have different paths.
Thank you for saving me.
Your name is...
"Huang Ya-hui."
Do you need help?
I'll help you.
So what is
the next step?
Flickering lights...
What are you trying to say?
Officer Chen.
-You broke into someone's home.
Who on earth are you?
Let me warn you.
You assaulted a police officer.
-You broke the law.
-Which law?
I opened the door with the key.
But you broke into someone's home.
If it's self-defense,
it's not an assault on police.
She saved me.
You don't believe me?
Open that shoebox.
The pink one.
How did you know about this?
If I say I can see her,
would you believe me?
My name is Chang Ju-hsin.
I'm a journalist.
Huang Ya-hui is a friend of mine.
She has been missing for over a month.
I don't know what happened to her.
But I know she wouldn't behave like this.
You'll help me, won't you?
He doesn't realize that he is dead?
I told you before.
One gets confused when one has just died.
An old man with no family.
He lives with those who moved in recently.
He thinks there are problems at home.
But actually...
He himself is the cause of the problem.
Do you know
you nearly dispelled his spirit?
Are you sure he's suitable for the job?
You'll understand.
Don't be so impulsive.
Otherwise, how can you
empathize with them?
As long as we find his daughter,
we can grant his last wish.
No descendants.
Deep grief.
Parents' love...
I know where she is.
The ghost you saw earlier was the one
who appeared in the shootout
at the checkpoint, Huang Ya-hui?
Her body has been found.
Hsueh performed the ritual for her soul.
It's none of our business now.
What do you mean
it's none of our business?
We're the police. How can we ignore them?
So many bodies were found.
They didn't die of natural causes.
You want me to empathize with them.
I can tell you right now
that they want to find the killer!
Calm down.
They were all wearing the same robe.
You know better than me
that it's not a coincidence.
There was a cop like you once.
He felt sorry for a female ghost
and helped her.
The cop had a serious car accident.
His wife died as a result,
and he left his daughter on her own.
Knowing that he shouldn't cross the line,
he still stubbornly did it.
He hurt not only himself,
but his loved ones too.
Do you think he didn't regret it?
-So we won't do anything?
-That's right.
We have our rules in the 9th Precinct.
We're the police.
-We should enforce justice.
-Fate has its own plans.
Plan your ass!
Take a look. Is this fate's plan?
You have a very strong sense of justice.
You remember Chieh?
Let the incense burn longer.
You'll see things more clearly.
Are you okay?
You're concerned about me?
This is the file.
You think this will work?
If you can't find another one,
I'll use you!
What happened with Hei Gou...
It's a good thing you resolved it for us.
Dear councilor, my baby, don't you worry.
When you wake up,
you'll feel as if you've been reborn.
Go away!
Please leave me alone!
The police have not made
any statements yet.
But our exclusive source reveals
that all 13 bodies discovered were female.
It seems connected to
the missing woman reports before.
After an investigation,
the police deduces
that it was the work of a serial killer.
Whether it's connected
to the Wanjiao Tunnel incident or not,
we'll keep you updated.
I saw the list of the victims' names.
Are you okay?
Ya-hui came to me before.
She told me
she was going through some things.
I didn't know until I read the diary
that she was pregnant.
Whose baby is it?
Councilor Lin.
The guy who had a car accident?
I read in Ya-hui's diary
that Sun Yu-shu
would examine her in person.
Then she disappeared.
I found that all the victims
had been in Sun General Hospital
before they disappeared.
All the female ghosts
wore the same gown.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
A journalist and a cop want to see you.
They want to know about the bodies
found in Hei Gou's land.
Show them in.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
It's about the news this morning.
We've found out that all the victims
had come to this hospital.
I'm sorry.
I don't handle trivial things like these.
If there is anything else I can do,
I'll definitely help you.
Have you heard of the name Huang Ya-hui?
Huang Ya-hui?
You don't remember her?
These are her medical records.
You should remember this.
My friend said that she was honored
to meet you in person.
I have a lot of patients.
Sorry for being frank.
If they're not very important,
I don't remember them.
If I get the impression right,
the officer next to you seems to think
that I'm hiding something.
You should know your place.
-My place--
-I'm sorry for wasting your precious time.
Right, Ms. Chang, I suddenly remember her.
She seemed to be my friend, Lin's...
I was just doing him a favor.
I didn't expect to get
into such big trouble.
Sorry for bothering you.
That was ridiculous!
I don't understand how you could bear it.
She did that intentionally.
Are you okay?
I bet she's involved in this.
What are you thinking?
You gave the guard so much money.
-I got it from your car.
You know how to do this too?
It's nothing.
Councilor Lin?
Didn't he have a car accident?
How could he recover so quickly?
She had an appointment at 4:30 p.m.
the day she went missing.
Ya-hui never left the hospital.
Hei Gou?
He killed my partner.
Let's go.
Ma'am, what a coincidence.
The time of Ms. Chang's birth
fits our criteria perfectly.
She showed up here herself.
What a pity.
You can consider your sacrifice
on my behalf as an honor.
Congratulations, Ms. Chang.
Find her.
You investigate cases
and hack into computers.
What a waste you're not 007.
Why did you refuse to revise your report?
How did you know?
There are no doubts
about my ability now, right?
Why didn't you revise it?
She saved me.
I don't know how to explain it.
It's the baggage from my childhood,
I guess.
You must think I'm crazy.
I think you're cool.
In my case,
I don't like secrets.
I only like the truth.
Like you said, baggage from my childhood.
How did you learn all your skills?
Let me use the bathroom.
It's on your right.
It's okay.
I will love you.
Why are you here?
-What's that noise?
Why are you here?
How do you know each other?
-Earlier, we--
-You say you'd respect my privacy.
Why are you here?
How do you know my daughter?
-It's like this--
-It's none of your business.
How do you know my dad?
You're colleagues?
Yes. There was a--
The point is, why are you here?
I just want to--
We're investigating
the missing girls' case.
Missing girls?
-Didn't I ask you not to--
-For years,
we never bothered each other.
Now you've come to my place suddenly.
Are you concerned about me?
Why are you walking around
my daughter's place in your underpants?
What were you trying to do?
-I really don't--
-Did he do anything to you?
Are you done?
What harm could he possibly do?
Nothing could be worse than when you left.
Forget it.
I don't know what you're busy with
and I don't want to know either.
So can you please get out
of my place now? Thanks.
Especially you.
Did you feel something weird just now?
Chen Chia-hao.
It's really not what you think it is.
I think you've misunderstood us.
I really didn't mean to--
You've got five seconds.
-You could kill someone with it.
Four, three, two, one.
Have you lost your mind?
Damn it!
Sir, I've already apologized,
but you still opened fire.
I'm also an officer, okay?
I finally got the courage
to see my daughter.
You ruined it!
You fucking disobeyed my order.
You got your partner killed.
Now you're dragging my daughter
into the mess.
I told you there's nothing between us!
Didn't I ask you to stop investigating?
Who gave you the right
to claim justice for them?
I've done all I can to keep
the netherworld from bothering us.
Why did you go to Sun General Hospital?
You even dragged my daughter with you.
I'm so blind!
I really don't know
what the 9th Precinct is for.
We call ourselves the police,
but we don't enforce justice?
Eight years ago,
-someone made the same mistake.
-I know. Chang told me about it.
It was Chang.
Every decision you make has consequences.
The punishment is decided by the heavens.
All we can do is maintain law and order.
He made a big mistake
by crossing the line.
It even cost him his wife.
Now he's only hoping
to fix his relationship with his daughter.
Detectives have their rules.
We've got rules of our own too.
You know that.
You're just not willing to grow up.
Ju-hsin, it's Dad!
My work has nothing to do with you.
You can't afford to offend that woman!
Don't get into trouble
for some news report.
Please listen to me for once.
I've never interfered with your work.
Since you left me alone after Mom died,
you've lost the right
-But I--
-to tell me what to do.
I'm tired.
That's all.
Who are you?
Who's there?
Ju-hsin, who's there?
Come in.
You've come to the hospital at this hour.
Are you not feeling well?
Is it an emergency?
These are...
Evidence. And also a present.
Where is my daughter?
Evidence? Hardly.
You can't afford the things I like.
Tell me. What are your conditions?
Mr. Chang.
As a doctor,
I just want to save people's lives.
I've brought you all the evidence.
Chang Ju-hsin has nothing to do with this.
Release her and I promise
that she'll stop investigating you.
It's not that easy.
There are so many innocent victims.
Don't you have a guilty conscience?
Mr. Chang.
Shall we weigh both of
our conscience on a scale?
I save those who are important.
My skills bring them new lives.
With cheap lives like yours,
I can save a precious life
that benefits society.
It's worth it.
I just want the world
to be a better place.
Chang Ju-hsin's sacrifice is a necessity!
All lives are equal.
You'll get karma from your deeds.
I won't be punished until I'm dead.
Stop playing tricks!
You should have a pleasant visit
at my hospital.
Why lose your temper?
Mr. Chang.
You've prepared yourself
the moment you walked in, right?
Has anyone ever told you
that you look really ugly?
Do you think the news of a cop
jumping off the roof of the hospital
after being diagnosed with cancer
will make the headlines?
Don't disturb me!
We have the right to report this!
Wait! We have the right to report!
Don't block me!
-Who is he?
-Must we go too?
Why are you pushing me?
Breaking news.
The middle-aged man
who jumped to his death
is known to be a senior detective.
The police have not revealed
any details yet.
The preliminary cause of death
is the impact of the fall.
Some sources indicate that Detective Chang
had been undergoing long-term treatments
in Sun General Hospital
for mental problems.
Due to the non-disclosure agreement,
the hospital cannot reveal more.
I thought you quit already.
There was always a voice
telling me to drink less.
But I don't hear it anymore.
I'm not used to it.
I'm sorry.
I had two fathers.
One was a sailor who drowned at sea
when I was three,
the other one adopted me.
Every day after he gets drunk,
he'd beat me.
Where are you going?
One day, I ran away.
I didn't know where I could go.
I don't know how long I ran.
I was brought to a temple.
Master Ji Gong kindly took me in.
I stayed there until I was 18
and met Mr. Chang.
I didn't know until much later
that it was him
who brought me to the temple.
I lost two fathers.
But God
gave me two other fathers.
Ever since I was little,
no one was nice to me,
apart from him.
What about you?
I had two mothers.
A fortune-teller said my dad
would have two wives.
So he married my ghost mother
to fulfill the prophecy.
I was the only one who could see her.
This boy of yours is susceptible
to spirits around him.
You have to keep him away
from metal, knives, and guns.
It's okay.
Do whatever you want to do.
I'll always be with you.
Ever since I could remember,
we were inseparable from each other.
I remember I got seriously ill
when I was little.
But I wasn't afraid
because I knew that my ghost mother
was always there with me.
-Don't run!
Don't talk to him
or his ghost mother will follow you!
Chen Chia-hao sees ghosts!
How scary!
-Run or his ghost mother
-My classmates laughed at me
-will follow you!
-because I had a ghost mother.
I couldn't bear being bullied anymore.
-I began ignoring her.
Are you okay?
-Go away, I hate you!
I hoped she would stay away from me.
Since that day,
I could no longer hear her voice.
I can't see her either.
I thought it was because I grew up.
Later on, I came to understand
how childish I was.
I really miss her.
Humans and ghosts have different paths.
Have you forgotten?
No, I haven't.
But if we ignore those who need help,
how can we call ourselves humans?
You love meddling in others' business.
Let's go.
How much longer?
I've worked out the time.
Three in the morning.
Go get ready.
No mistakes this time.
If you confess, we'll be lenient.
If you resist, we'll be rough.
Do you know what you're doing?
Let me ask you one last time.
Where is Chang Ju-hsin?
You'd better look after yourself first.
Where is the camera?
We're the bad cop and mad cop.
You must have heard of Russian roulette.
One in six chances.
Tell me.
One in five.
One in four.
What the heck! You really loaded the gun?
Of course I did.
If not, how is it Russian roulette?
What if I killed him?
-It really hurts!
-Just bury him.
You're as crazy as Sun Yu-shu.
I'm already under
so much pressure at work.
She even sexually harasses me!
I'll talk.
The police have identified
all the victims.
All of them were born
in the year, the month and the day of yin.
It is easier for people
who were born at these times
to link to the spirits.
In order to prolong her own life,
Sun Yu-shu is stealing these girls' lives.
Looks like Sun Yu-shu has been
practicing this for a long time.
How can we stop her?
It varies according to religion.
But the principles are the same.
You need to perform a ritual
and a sacrifice.
The most important thing is the medium.
We don't know what the medium is yet.
The medium?
We're running out of time.
After sunrise,
Sun Yu-shu will take Ju-hsin's life.
Then what are we waiting for?
You really loaded the gun.
I'm sorry.
Hey, wait.
What are you doing here?
Well done!
God's favorite angel.
Archangel Michael sent you to Hell.
Angels are superior to humans.
The weak should be devoured by the strong.
Why can't you understand it?
What's the matter?
Ashamed to show your face?
You think bullets can hurt me?
What sort of monster are you?
When people like you try to fight me,
you're bound to die.
The knight in shining armor
rescuing the damsel in distress?
You think you're making a movie?
Stop moving!
You're surrendering?
I had such high expectations of you.
You ran out of tricks?
You're doing the right thing.
Lowlives like you
should bow to your fates.
Stay still!
My prolonged life can benefit
thousands of others,
saving countless people.
How much is your life worth?
Do you think
the news of a cop killing himself
for feeling guilty
about his partner's death
will make the headlines?
The most important thing is the medium.
The medium?
Let the incense burn longer.
You'll see things more clearly.
Sacred water.
Use it only when you're dealing
with unsalvageable ghosts.
It will never heal.
Didn't I tell you?
You're truly ugly.
Mr. Chang, you should have
shown up earlier!
Didn't I already take the bullet for you?
It's made of paper.
Congratulations. You can hear ghosts now.
You're right.
It's about time.
It's Dad.
Come back.
Come back.
Come back.
Please listen to your dad for once.
Please come back!
Where is my dad?
English class.
-Is it fun?
What's your favorite class?
Cooking class.
I told you there are
two important days in one's life.
Now I know
that there are two important days
for ghosts too.
The day we die
and the day we can truly die peacefully.
I told you to stop running!
I just ate.
It's so tiring to run!
What are you looking at?
Yes, I mean you!
Idol dramas are getting better.
There are even aliens.
I repeat.
No evidence of the supernatural
was found at the scene.
The case has nothing to do with ghosts.
There are no ghosts in this world.
-Sun Yu-shu remains a mystery...
-Still slacking off?
The hospital spokesman says
there is nothing to tell.
According to the rumors among the staff,
Sun was involved in an evil cult,
and had recruited
a large number of followers.
I'm your reporter, Yeh Ju-fen.
We'll keep you updated.
Now, back to the Channel 9 studio.
The end has come.