The ABCs of Death 2 (2014) Movie Script

Come on.
Hey, boys, look at this.
Put the cards down, you cunts.
That's it, touch her hair.
Go on. Go on.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Two fuckin' beautiful faces.
Kiss her.
Yeah. That's it.
Yeah. Fuckin' tits.
Don't fuckin' care.
What is that fucking smell?
Would it kill you to smile?
Fuckin' $6,000 a month to rent
this place and it stinks like shit.
Hi, I'm Peter Toland,
welcome to "Toland's World".
This week we're in Elderberry Vale
in Nottinghamshire, -
a thriving stretch
of classic English countryside, -
home to literally thousands
of indigenous plants and animals, -
including a 400-year-old
badger sett, -
which has crisscrossed this hill
for untold generations.
But in the last two years, the
badgers have disappeared because -
a shadow has fallen across this hill,
a shadow in the form of this...
Are you gonna pan off me?
Are you going to pan
to the power station? Or...
Yeah OK, cut!
Sorry, Peter we gotta cut there.
No-no, don't cut.
Do not cut.
What's happening?
Sorry, we lost focus
a few times earlier so...
Yeah? We lost focus or you,
you lost focus?
I... I could... I could do
with another crack at that, Peter.
- Sorry, yes.
- Could you? Another crack.
Well, what's going on?
You lost focus.
That's the whole point.
That's your job, isn't it, Brian?
We just didn't realize -
you were going to move around
so much so...
Of course I move around,
that's my style.
There were some
quite large movements.
We could whack down a sausage
for you, Peter, if that's...
I don't want a sausage.
Shove it up your ass!
No... Look, all I meant was,
maybe there's...
No, look, Don, let me explain
how this works, OK?
It's John.
Whatever your name is.
I move around, you follow me.
That's the way it works on
Toland's World, it's like a dance.
- OK?
- Yeah I get it.
So should we cut now
and go again, or...
No... no, I say cut,
that's how it works on the show.
OK? I call cut and
until then we keep filming.
You got that?
Right, that's how we roll.
- Alright? Good.
- OK, yeah.
Look, honestly,
don't worry about it.
It's just a little
alpha male display -
and it'll all blow over,
I swear to you.
Look, he knows you worked
with Attenborough, right?
So he just feels,
he just feels a bit threatened.
Oh, right, it's all about
the Silver Leopard Awards.
Yeah, he's a bit raw.
Well done though.
Good work. Really good work.
- Yeah, cheers.
- What, so does he think he should -
have won them or...?
- He's been nominated three times, -
and now he thinks
Attenborough's rigging it.
I know, I know.
What was that?
Hang on, let me listen,
let me listen, hang on.
Greedy little buggers.
You still...
You getting this, Brian?
Yeah... the badgers.
Having fun are we? Big fun.
Fun times. Clue me in.
Let's have a laugh.
- Peter, the badgers are still here.
- The badgers are still...
No, the badgers are dead because of
the toxins from the power station.
That's what the episode is about.
- Look, we put the...
- Put what?
I don't think we should
carry on filming.
Listen, you. Who are you anyway? You
waltz in here at the last minute, -
calling the shots.
- I didn't waltz in anywhere. You...
I don't want to hear
any more from you, OK?
But listen, Peter.
Can you hear me?
I mean is this for real?
Of course it's real,
and it's gonna get more real, -
because someone's gonna
get punched in a minute.
Look, please.
Listen Peter,
I'm just trying to help.
I do not wanna hear
one more word from you.
Shall I text you? Or...?
Oh. Ow.
Well don't just stand there.
Give me a hand.
Peter! Peter!
Pete, oh, God!
Oh, Jesus.
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
People, settle. Settle.
Justice will be done but not here.
Fletcher Powell,
this court finds you guilty -
of the murder of Lucy Wilson.
I didn't kill her!
I did not kill her!
You need to let me go!
- You need to call the police.
- Fuck law!
You need to deal with this
the right way! The only way.
All local matters
are dealt with internally.
- You know that.
- This is a matter of law!
Your authorities do not stretch
to those boundaries!
If you confess now, we shall
call the proper authorities.
Deny, and you will
be executed this afternoon.
- Don't stop!
- Take him to the fucking woods!
Very well. I killed Lucy.
I dumped her body in the
River Kennet beyond Eddington.
There you go. There's my
confession, -
now call the Police!
- You fucking shit!
Call the Police.
You said! You promised!
You all heard him!
You all bore witness!
You shall be taken from this court
to the place of execution, -
with no further delay.
The main
headlines this lunchtime...
Lucy Wilson, missing for
over a month and presumed dead, -
has been found alive and well
in East Yorkshire.
The fourteen year old had run away
with her 26 year-old boyfriend, -
who has been arrested
by local authorities.
Hey guys, she's alive. Lucy's alive!
It's all over the news!
Come on, faster!
So this it? You're just gonna
shoot me down like some dumb animal?
Oh Jesus Christ, no, please!
Don't do this!
Father, don't let them do this...
Dearly beloved,
it hath pleased Almighty God -
in His justice,
to bring you under sentence -
and condemnation of the law...
Hold him down.
You can't...
please, you can't kill me!
Father, please stop!
You are to suffer death
in such a manner -
that others,
warned by your example -
may be the more afraid to offend.
Oh, fuck!
What the fuck Tobias,
you didn't hit him hard enough!
I'll hit him a-fucking-gain then,
won't I!
Oh fucking hell,
you nearly took my fingers off!
Well fucking move back then!
Decorum, boys!
Give this man his dignity!
Father, shut the fuck up!
For the love of God, finish this!
Finish him off.
And we pray, God,
that you may make such use -
of your punishments in this world
that your soul may be saved -
in the world to come.
- You're blooded now.
Lucy Wilson missing for over
a month and presumed dead...
I did not kill her!
Welcome back.
Looking good.
Life is yours.
Now you must pay me.
You pay for life.
You pay for life.
You pay for life.
You pay for life.
Please don't...
Shut your ugly face.
Go ahead and alert them, go ahead.
It's exactly what I'm about to do
if you just stop interrupting.
I thought you'd like
all the "tehila" to yourself.
What do you mean by "tehila?"
So say glory.
What do you mean?
If you'll shoot the rifle, -
your friends will come running -
and take all the credit for
capturing the "Israeli bitch".
What's your name?
No names!
Ok, so I'll make one up, -
Very original.
Instead of calling your gang, -
you can climb the tree, -
cut the cables,
and take me to the village yourself.
Or maybe you're afraid of heights?
I'm not afraid of
anything, you slut!
Then prove it.
I jumped from an airplane, -
Let's see you climb a tree.
If that's how you
jump off an airplane
perhaps you should stay
in the kitchen.
Look at her,
I'll show her who's afraid...
I don't get why you are so happy.
It's not like you're getting free.
I just really need to pee.
Women, -
you never know how to hold it in.
Don't pee in your pants...
Are you sure this is Cognac?
Tastes more like supermarket
cooking brandy.
Trust me, it's the good stuff.
Yeah, I don't know, Granddad.
I've done wee-wees
tastier than this.
It's... the... good... stuff.
You could've got a TV in here.
I've told you, I don't like telly.
Well, just get a small one then.
It's like being in the
1950s in here.
Oh, have you heard something rotten
about the 1950s?
Look at you,
my lovely little grandson.
Not so little these days.
Hello, this is embarrassing.
I'm fucking off to bed.
Oh? This necklace?
Yeah, it is real gold.
Would look even better
hanging off your tit, love.
And I am absolutely loving it.
"My lovely little grandson".
What a twat!
You're the twat, mate.
Who called me a twat?
Ahh, twat.
Ahh, shit!
Ahh, shit, twat.
What are you doing in there?
Oh, I'm here every night -
and you keep me awake all night.
With your wanking and your farting.
Are you trying to look like me?
Yes, is that alright?
- What have you got on your finger?
- I got this in Chad.
It's for opening mollusks -
and I'm absolutely loving it.
Hey, that's my catch phrase.
What is your fucking problem,
You are my fucking problem.
You've been staying with me
for a whole year now -
and you're cramping my style.
I heard you, on the phone
calling me a wanker.
Me, a wanker.
You don't know how that hurts.
Look, can you see anything
that I could wank with?
Can you? Can you? Can you?
Can you?
Ma! Die!
We're fucking old!
Give us our money!
Die, bitch!
Aw, fuck!
You want your inheritance?
Eat this!
Go on! Take it!
Let's end this goddamn thing!
- Why me? She should take it!
- No way!
The eldest should take it!
Want me to get as
old as that wrinkly bitch?
Let me rest now.
I'm one hundred and
twenty years old.
Take it, please!
Fucking old cunt!
We don't want your stone!
Take it with you to hell!
I should get this house.
Chita, you get the beach house.
Brother, I also want
the beach house.
Get cash instead.
My share should be in cash.
Who wants my stamp collection?
Inheritance my ass!
Die already! Please!
I'll pick the casket.
Somebody call the lawyer.
You can have the beach house.
Chita, you're getting cash instead.
You deceitful demon!
Come forth, deceitful demon!
Manifest yourself!
Come out!
In the name of Jesus!
Be gone, demon!
Be gone!
Be gone, Satan!
In the name of Jesus!
Be gone, demon!
Out you come, fiend!
Out Seven Darknesses!
Out Tranca Rua!
Out Ze Pilintra!
Transform, Lord,
this Sodom into a New Jerusalem!
There's disease inside of you.
And we brought you here to cure it.
Do not resist the love of God, boy!
The Evil One set down
a dwelling in you.
But we cast out
his spirit of depravity!
Accept this! Accept this!
Don't turn your face to Jesus!
He sees all your filth!
Yours and that other faggot's.
Only that one's already gone down.
He's burning in hell now.
This is Satan mocking us!
That's a trick, Reverend.
This here is war, Reverend!
No! No! No! N...
I'd be scared to get one of those.
Hurts too much.
Fuck the pain!
God of Mercy...
I brand this lamb...
with your holy cross -
so that he remembers your love...
But also your wrath!
You are not to tell the King
what the Diviner has said.
I, Esagho, will tell him that his
son has to be sacrificed.
For the women in this harem
to have more male children.
My Queen!
Untie him.
Odionmwan, are you no longer
going to carry out the king's order?
Now do it.
Do it as he bade you do.
This lot is hers, my lord.
She schemes to be the mother -
of the next king of Ubiniland.
Release him.
As this beast gnashes in pain, -
so shall it be for Ubini.
What is this that is happening?
My brother, I do not know.
We have never seen anything
like this before.
A great wrong has been committed -
against an innocent priest.
Here we are, -
consumed by his venom.
Ogiso Owodo.
It is a Prince Venom.
Fuck yeah, I'll do some bath salts.
Hey, I liked your movie.
Did you like mine?
Oh, I liked yours.
Huh? Oh, I was taking a nap.
I am ready.
Yeah, I am dressed.
I'm not going to be late,
Oh, my God...
Excuse me, is this
the fastest route?
It's a busy night, lady.
George is there, so yeah,
I know, -
they haven't seen each other
since the divorce.
Right? Ah, man I want
to be there for that.
I'd like to get there in
one piece, if you don't mind.
Yeah, okay, I should
be there in ten minutes.
Hey, shouldn't we be avoiding
downtown with the parade and all?
I'll be honest. It would be better
if you took a walk.
Hey, I can't hear you.
I'm on the bike.
I'll be there any second.
One, two, three, four, five.
- Frankie!
- Hey, what's up guys?
- Yo Frankie, you're famous!
- Thank you, thank you.
It's impossible to get across town.
I don't think my cab driver
knows what he's doing.
Hey there, -
can I take a picture of you,
scary guy?
You can take mine.
I like your costume.
We have to go meet your mom.
Oh, wait, wait.
Thank you.
Just get us through the light,
and pull over.
Whatever you want, lady.
Forgive me! Stop! Wait a minute!
I'm a human being!
You're all zombies!
Let me go! I didn't have a choice!
Forgive me!
Next case!
Defendant, Kana Miyazaki, -
during the recent outbreak of
the "Apparent Death Syndrome" -
is accused of multiple acts of
aggravated homicide...
Wait... Wait a minute...
...and in 2018,
while she was affected -
by "Apparent Death Syndrome".
You did shoot to death your
daughter Mai.
And that these murders
were committed -
despite the new
wonder drug "Z-cu", -
which restored life
to those affected.
But that drug hadn't been
developed yet.
Prosecution requests the
death penalty.
But they were trying to kill me.
It was self-defense!
So you are registering a
guilty plea?
No... I'm not.
I'm your court-appointed
From this point on,
it's best to keep quiet...
The "Z-cu" vaccine.
Mr. Tanaka,
who is it that killed you?
Wha... What happened...?
As your honors can plainly see, -
beyond a reasonable doubt...
the accused is guilty of murder.
But I've never seen
that head before!
Oh, no...
The murders you people
The same thing happened
to all of us here.
But I didn't kill any of you!
Do you think that makes
any difference?
We remember everything
you people did to us!
Let me go...
You're alive?
Oh, thank God, thank God.
Your honor, I would like to call
the second witness.
Do you support
the accused's claim -
that the murders she committed
were in self-defense?
most of the time...
she enjoyed killing them.
Mai... what are you saying?
No objections!
Wait a minute.
Mai! Mai!
Mommy, why didn't you bury me?
Mai! Mai! Mai!
Goddamn zombies...
We should have killed you all!
You should have died! Die! Die!
I'll kill all of you!
Kill you all! Kill you all!
Mai... Mai! Mai!
Does anyone have matches?
Yeah, I got some.
D- d-d-did anyone grab
a m-m-map before we left?
Sh-sh-sh-shucks K-K-K-Kirby,
I f-f-f-forgot.
D- did you f-f-f-f-f-forget too,
P- Poppy?
Yeah, Poppy forgot too.
Boy that candle sure st-st-smells
G- Good, what kind is it, P-P-P-Poppy?
It's Poppy's favorite,
it's P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-
P- grapes.
wha-wha-what's that?
Only one way to
fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-find out!
K- K-K-K-Kirby,
I don't like it out here.
Can't see a thing.
Oh, oh, ah, ah, oooh.
Hey look, it's a beautiful muscular
man with a teeny-tiny baby.
we wa-wa-wa-wa-wake him up?
Hey, hello.
Do you have any more m-m-matches?
just wait a minute here.
Say, what gives?
Hello? Hello?
Is anybody out there? Anybody?
Where did everybody go? Oh!
Huh? P-P-Poppy? B-B-Bart?
Seven days of the week.
12 "S" of the -
12 Signs of the Zodiac.
In the United States,
can you marry your widow's sister?
Oh, I've heard this before.
No, because you're dead.
What relationship is your nephew's
brother to your brother?
That's his nephew.
Great. What is the missing letter
in the 3rd three-letter sequence?
A, B, C. B, B, D.
A, E, Blank?
A, B, C. B, B, D.
A, E, F.
Sorry. Can we wrap this up
pretty soon? I need to...
Actually, you're doing very well.
I think it's worth your while
to stick around.
OK, cause I kind of
feel like I'm locked in now.
Like, I'm in a good head space.
The day before the day
before yesterday -
is three days after Saturday.
What day is it today?
Uh... Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday...
Now I'm going to show you two
You tell me if the images
are the same or different.
Different. Noticed that one quick.
One more question.
True or false. A roller-coaster
has a minimum rider -
height of four feet tall.
Johnny is
three feet six inches tall -
and Jimmy is
four feet six inches tall.
Jackie is taller than Johnny
and shorter than Jimmy.
Jackie can ride the roller-coaster.
True or false.
Jackie can ride the roller-coaster.
She's taller than Jimmy?
Shorter than Jimmy.
Taller than Johnny.
OK, so all these
have to be true-false, right?
This question
reads, "true-false".
Can I say, "unanswerable", -
or "trick question",
or something like that?
Under what reasoning?
Well, you don't know
how much taller.
Like it could be, y'know, an inch.
It could be two feet.
I'm like looking at your face
for clues.
That's alright.
So yeah, -
my final answer is
the question is unanswerable.
Excellent, that is correct.
that was a perfect score.
If you can come
with me right now, -
I'd love to talk to you some
about career opportunities.
Great, I love opportunities.
Great, let's go.
That's not how it works.
Like I told you before, -
press it on at a right angle,
very firmly.
Otherwise you might survive.
Who cares?
The chamber was empty anyway.
I am sorry.
Do you want her lying on the table
with a head wound?
Then show us how it's done.
It's your turn. And no cheating.
The clip stays where it is.
If the gun already made
a "click" twice, -
what are the chances of
Michael dying?
One in four.
The chances are one in four.
One in three.
Remember, -
press it on firmly,
at a right angle.
Not a bad chance, is it?
I love you.
That was the door to the cellar!
They've heard the shot!
Maybe it isn't so bad.
We are about to find out.
Hey baby.
Hey, sorry, did I wake you?
No, no, it's fine.
How are you? How's the hotel?
It's fine, yeah it's alright,
it's quite plush.
Urm... look, I'm sorry
I didn't call last night, -
I just got stuck
with these people...
- It was...
- It's OK. So how was the meeting?
Good, no it was really good,
not everything is nailed down, -
but pretty much I think
we've got a done deal, so...
That's great, congratulations.
So are you coming home today?
I miss you.
Not sure, there's another
meeting this morning but...
If that goes well then
I should be on the night flight.
Is that the doorbell?
Were you expecting anyone?
Who is this?
Who is it?
Hello, sir... Who is it?
I don't know...
What do you want?
Who is it? What do they want?
Please go away
or I'm calling the police.
- What's going on, Miriam?
- Don't know...
Don't know what...
What was that?
Oh my god, he's got a hammer.
He's breaking the door.
- Oh, he's breaking in. He's...
- What?
He's opening the door.
- Hello?
- Give me the police.
The English police.
Come on... Come on...
999, which service?
How can I help you?
You need to send somebody
to my home, -
an intruder's broken in.
What's your name and address?
Robert Walters,
35 Queen Mary Road, London.
Are you at the property now, Sir?
No, I'm in fucking France.
I'm on the phone to my wife,
now please send someone.
The police are on their way,
are you OK?
I'm in the bathroom,
just... just don't speak, OK?
Miriam? Talk to me!
Miriam, are you OK?
Talk to me please.
Why? Why are you doing this?
I love you.
Whoever you are...
please, I'm asking you...
Don't do this.
don't hurt my baby.
Please, there's a small baby
in the room, please don't...
Leave my baby alone please.
What have you done to my family?
Let me talk to him.
Let me talk to my husband.
It's... It's your wife...
Basically why we're shooting
your audition today -
is to show the producers
what you're comfortable doing, -
what you're able to do,
what you're willing to do...
It's really like an attitude thing.
if I told you to suck my dick...
...would you do as you're told?
Or would there be
some sort of an issue?
Open your mouth for me please.
You a little whore?
Say it.
You know...
...a lot of girls
would kill for this opportunity.
So you gotta stand
above the competition.
Wow! Phew,
those are some eyes!
Are you blind?
We're gonna have to get some,
ah, sunglasses for her -
on the day of the shoot.
We are gonna need to
see your body.
Unfortunately, producers are kind
of picky about that kind of thing.
So if you could just take off that
retarded dress that you're wearing...
Faster, please.
We do not have all day, do we?
Yeah... those're okay.
I give 'em a "C-Minus"...
Wait! What,
what the fuck is that?
- Oh, that's a dick...
- Gross!
A dick? Come on, you guys!
How many fucking times
is this gonna happen before -
somebody starts fucking
screening the girls?!
Not a dick.
I like dicks.
What the fuck was that?
Holy shit!
Ooooh, yes...! Yes!
Hi, honey!
Hey, sweetie!
Is this... is this working?
Yeah, I can't believe
your phone works there!
Hold on, hold on,
look at this, look at this.
Are you seeing that?
Oh wow, that is so beautiful.
Tell me that's
not gorgeous, right?
It is so good to see your face.
I miss you!
I miss you more.
Where's Dylan?
I think he's still sleeping.
Yeah? Is he glad
I'm not there?
I bet he's been talking shit
about me.
What? No! No, not at all...
Come on...
Dylan loves you, okay?
What'd you guys do last night?
We literally took a walk...
...uh, in the sand,
and we just had a couple beers.
Uh-huh, on your boys' trip?
It's okay, you can tell me...
Okay! Three beers.
But really, that was it.
Um, honestly, you know, -
it's just... We're just keeping
it super low-key.
Oh, is that Dylan?
Look, he's right there.
Yeah, he's here.
Hold on, dude, I'm on the phone.
Give me one second, okay?
I'm sorry...
Hi, Dylan...
Hi, Amber!
Dude, I told you I'm on the phone,
man... One second, one second...
Where are you guys staying?
Show me your room!
Ah, honestly, it's a mess right now,
you wouldn't... want to see it...
You want to see our room?
Yeah, give me the tour!
What are you...
what are you doing?
Baby, I'm going to call you back...
Let's give her a tour, man!
Yo, what the fuck!
Give me the phone! Dude!
Give me my phone, give...
give me... fuck!
- Baby, hang up...
- Hey baby, how you doin'?
Dylan, what are you doing?
- Baby!
- Hey, shhh, don't worry!
Hang up!
Just want to show you our place...
Baby, hang up!
Ohhh, look at that, what's that?
- What is that?
- What's that?
Are those hard drugs?
Yeaaaah... Introduce you
to some of our new friends... this sweet little peach.
- Who is she?
- Take a look at that...
- Yeah, you like that?
- Who is she?
Look at those itty-bitty titties!
Remember when your titties
used to look like that? I do!
Fuck you, Dylan.
Let me show you what Curt got.
No, no!
Look away! Look away!
Did you know your boyfriend
likes smelly old pussy?
Did you know that?
Wow! That's strong!
But, funny story... know you get
a discount here -
if you do both mother
and daughter?
Yeah, it's sick!
Hold on...
Put Curt back on the phone!
You're disgusting!
Wait, is that a screwdriver?
Smelly mommy did a smelly trick
with this last night...
- Ugh!
- Let me show ya.
Don't listen to him!
Baby, don't listen to him!
Hang up the phone right now!
- No, man, come on!
- Give me the phone!
Hang out with us!
C'mere! Here, here, here.
Do a show for Amber, okay?
- Yeah!
- Amber!
- Suck him off.
- Fuck again is extra...
- No problem...
- Stop it! Amber!
- Yeah, I got you! - This is
not me, and you know that, ok?
- Seriously, stop it.
- I don't know anything right now!
- I have no idea who you are!
- It's all Dylan, I swear, alright?
I said stop it, you fucking whore!
Amber? Baby?
- Damn, dude!
- Honey?
Are you still there? Amber!
You have lost it!
- No no no, wait, just listen to me!
- You are fucking psycho right now!
Just stop! Just listen to me!
No, I'm hanging up! I'm done!
I am hanging up right now!
No no no, look,
I should have told you!
It was Dylan, alright?
I should have told you, okay?
- But it was all Dylan, alright!
- You are so full of shit.
Tell her it was all you!
Fucking tell her!
Dude, tell her you fucking brought the
girls back! I didn't do anything!
Stop fucking around, man,
this is serious shit!
Wait a second...
Bro, turn around! Dude! Fuck!
Screwdriver, dude!
Turn around! Dude! Dude!
Oh, fuck!
Oh! Oh my... fuck!
This fucking door won't open!
Stop! Stop!
No! Fuck!
Fucking door won't open!
Oh, I'm going to fuck you up,
I'm gonna fuckin' stab
that screwdriver -
right in your fucking cunt,
you fucking...
Tell me he's okay...
Do you speak English?
Champions of Zorb.
Harmonia is under attack.
Has the heroic Prince Casio
finally met his match?
Oh no!
Who dares challenge
the evil Mindlord Zorb?
Don't worry,
Fantasy Man will save you.
Terrify your opponents
with the mighty Fantasy Man.
- I wish we could help Prince Casio.
- Yeah!
Now you can explore
the world of Zorb.
Where are we?
Prince Casio!
We're dead! We're all fucking dead!
Help me!
No! No!
No. No!
Don't be scared, Princess.
It's me...
...Fantasy Man.
Sleep, Fungor.
My old friend.
Quickly, Princess, into the sack.
There's no time!
Quickly, into the sack!
Where are we going?
Almost there, Princess...
We're almost there.
No, no, no!
I mean Mr. Takeda.
Remember my Taro?
The dog I loved so much?
Had you looked after him better, -
he would have been fine now.
Just one week of responsibility.
How come you couldn't
take care of him?
Taro was our family
even before you came along.
You said you were too busy for it -
but for God's sake,
you work at home!
By the time we came home, -
Tara's leg was covered by worms.
All my flowers were dead too.
Since then I couldn't count
on you at all, -
and hated everything about you.
Your smell...
and everything.
So gross, -
don't even brush your teeth.
Better lose them all then.
Not good at playing at all...
so you became a teacher
instead of a guitarist... Pathetic!
Didn't you say you were
going somewhere?
Go get my make-up remover
on the way.
Remember the school's
concerned about -
our meals at home?
No veggies because
you don't like them.
You don't cook so all the
groceries you buy -
end up going bad.
My lunch was always
full of junk food.
So clumsy.
The house is never clean and tidy.
Always horny.
Mr. Takeda's lack of interest in
sex has made you so horny.
Knock it off!
Taking out your
horny frustration on me, -
you knock it off!
The thing I still resent
the most is when...
You didn't care about my rash.
I scratched it so hard, -
and now I have this scar.
You couldn't even remember
I was allergic to eggs.
Don't have a kid -
you couldn't raise!
I bet you have no
idea how I've felt, -
being caught in the middle.
would you get me cigarettes?
Are you going?
Or what?
Be nice.
You want your stuff, right?
Then you could get it for me, -
but too busy with your guitar,
aren't you?
I'm not going.
Don't leave me...
Don't leave me, Ti, please.
The midwife said
chewing on Portlock root -
will slow down the baby
until I can get her from town.
Just take small bites.
Oh Ti, please don't leave.
I don't want to be alone, please.
You'll be fine, -
there's years enough root
in that jar, -
and she's not even half a day out.
Come back Ti, I don't wanna
be alone again. Please, Ti!
Is it him, Mama?
No, it's not sweetie.
What did we catch, Mama?
A mean old bunny rabbit.
Mom, why don't you go out
and catch the rabbit -
instead of waiting
for it to get trapped?
I can't be running around looking
for rabbit with you inside of me.
You should let
me come out then.
Why do you want to come out?
Don't you like spending time
with your mom?
No, it's not that...
Well, it sounds to me like
you wanna leave your mom -
in this place all by herself.
That's not what I meant.
Don't know what I'd do if you
left me here all alone.
I'm sorry Mama, -
I'm just sick of eating the same
things all the time is all.
Well, you can come out
when your dad gets back.
And if you're a boy, he can
take you out when he goes hunting.
I hope I'm a boy.
Well, he'll be back any day now.
We'll find out then.
But for now you're just
a little baby.
You alright, Mama?
Where is it?
There was a piece left,
I know there was some left.
Where's what?
Mama's medicine.
Calm down Mama,
you gotta let me come out now.
You promised,
you said you won't leave.
But I'm too big,
and it's hurting me.
Don't you leave me!
I won't leave you, Mama.
It's OK, Mama, I'm here,
just calm down.
You can't leave.
Don't worry Mama,
I'm not leaving.
I don't wanna be alone again.
I won't leave you, Mama.
I just need the room, OK?
Don't worry, I can fix this Mama,
just stay calm.
See, Mama?
Now there's room for both of us.
Ti, is that you?
Do I really look that different?
Where have you been?
Don't start.
I waited as long as I could,
but it didn't sit right.
I had to cut it out myself.
Then we'll just have to try again.
I don't know if I can.
Of course you can.
I mean, how the fuck am I
meant to wank to that?