The Accidental Prime Minister (2019) Movie Script

Who should be our leader?
Soniaji and no other.
- Long live...
- Sonia Gandhi.
- Long live...
- Sonia Gandhi.
No more questions.
You will all come to know tomorrow.
Ma'am, just one question! Please!
The BJP has lost this election.
But maybe they are
not ready to admit.
They are strongly opposing
Sonia Gandhi's ascend
to the Prime Minister's post
and constantly demonstrating
against her.
Sir, what is your opinion?
These are baseless arguments.
Sonia ma'am has won the election.
So she will be the PM.
There is no scope
for debate in this, Rahul.
It's pretty simple and clear.
We have won this election
under the leadership of Ma'am.
And she shall be PM.
This is a land where great sages,
ascetics, saints,
and learned men want to be born.
But Sonia Gandhi refused to accept this
country as her homeland for 16 years.
The ordeal that my...
and father had to go through
can you guarantee my mother
won't face the same consequences.
This is our family matter.
I admit you're perfectly
right in your own way.
But you must understand,
every party worker
wants to see
Sonia ma'am as the PM.
This is more than
a family matter now.
A person who had to accept
citizenship of this country
due to constitutional compulsion
and not because she wanted to.
Are they unable to find a leader,
born in this country, to lead us.
We don't want a foreigner
as our Prime Minister.
And, I won't let it happen.
With all due respect, Mr Kapil,
please don't teach me politics.
For the last 6 years,
one thing has been pretty clear
in my mind.
And I've often mentioned
that my goal is not
the Prime Minister's Post.
And now my conscience
is telling me
that I should politely refuse
to accept this post.
- Calm down!
- No-no-no...
What is your opinion
on Sonia Gandhi's decision?
Look, Sonia ma'am is my mother.
And she's made this decision
after much reconsideration
and assessing her conscience.
And if her conscience is telling
her, then this decision is right.
Well, this is her decision,
a decision made from her heart.
There's nothing we can say.
It's not an easy decision to make.
Sonia is my mother.
And I am proud of her.
All I can say is that
there's no other person
in this country
who can make a similar decision.
I know I could've never taken such
a decision in the same situation.
Long Live Sonia Gandhi!
How should be our leader?
Soniaji and no other.
Soniaji and no other.
Sonia Gandhi's refusal to
the PM's post has created a stir.
Who is going to be the Prime Minister
of the world's largest democracy
is still a mystery.
Seniority is the
most important issue.
We need a leader
who is respected by all.
Seniority and respect are fine.
But, we'll have to think
about our alliance as well.
After all,
this is a Allied Government.
We need someone who
can appease all the groups.
This is a very big challenge for me.
I want all of you
to support my decision.
And this wasn't an easy
decision for me to make.
I thought about many people.
About the future of this party.
About the country.
And, after carefully
reviewing every aspect.
I believe that
only one man fits
the bill perfectly.
For the Prime Minister's post...
I've chosen Dr. Manmohan Singh.
No power in this world can stop the
the conception
for which the time has come.
India's time has arrived.
I would like to tell this assembly,
that our country shall emerge
as an Economic super power
and no power in
the world can stop it.
I, Manmohan Singh, swear on God
that I shall discharge my duties
as the Prime Minister
with utmost dedication
and sincerity.
And never make public any knowledge
that I obtain as the Prime Minister
intentionally or unintentionally!
Master Stroke.
The tea served in the
Secretariat is pretty sweet.
It's how I've made
many bitter enemies.
These handful people run a country
with a population of 1 billion people.
They decide the fate of this
country, and I write their story.
That's my job.
Hi. I am Sanjaya Baru.
Editor, Financial Express.
So, Mr Sanjaya,
are you looking for your headlines?
You're the headlines these days,
Mr Chauhan.
So, which Ministry
are they giving you?
Finance... Minister of State.
That's a big post.
Who will be your Cabinet Minister?
The Prime Minister will
keep the Finance Ministry.
Is it true?
The Prime Minister
told me personally.
You don't need to think twice
before making this your headlines.
Excuse me.
Welcome back in
the Government, Anna.
Thank you, Baru, thank you.
- What's new?
- You tell me.
Which Ministry are they giving you?
Finance. What else?
I see... But I heard that the
PM's keeping the Finance Ministry.
Baru, if the PM looks after
Finance, then what will I do?
Baru. Your editorial came true.
The party finally
called in the doctor.
Years later we have a PM who
has no connection to real estate.
But... Politics is not Economics.
Will he survive?
Narsimha Rao ran his government
for 5 years despite being in minority.
I am sure the Doctor has
learnt something from his mentor.
Mr Baru you will have
to change your headline.
Chidambaram will be
the new Finance Minister.
But the PM told you personally,
didn't he?
Maybe he did so in excitement
without asking the high command.
Is this even possible?
'Child's name.
Name's Manmohan Singh.'
'And his date of birth.
Who cares about the date of birth.'
'It's not like he's going
to be the Prime Minister.'
'I mean write whatever you like.'
Manmohan Singh didn't
win this election.
The people chose madam.
And madam chose Manmohan Singh.
And this fact should
reflect at every level.
Mr Patel,
it's easier said than done.
It has to be constitutionally
and legally fitted in.
He is right, Patel sir.
The PMO has unprecedented
control over the policies.
This won't be easy.
We'll decide the Polices.
A National Advisory
Committee shall be formed.
And madam shall be the chairperson.
And they will work towards the
development of the underprivileged.
And this will keep
the 'Left Front' happy.
We'll have to appoint a loyal bureaucrat
in the Prime Minister's office.
Do you have anyone in mind?
Pulok Chatterjee.
Who else?
That's good advice.
Sir, here's a list of your
people approved by 10 Janpath.
The list has become pretty small.
'Pulok Chatterjee.'
'Gandhi family's close...'
'He's getting the PM's list of
people approved by Sonia Gandhi.'
What will be your job, Pulok?
Sir my job will be to maintain
communiqu between the NAC and the PMO.
Sir, that will be unconstitutional.
What will be your brief?
Sir, my brief is to brief madam.
If she has knowledge of your decisions,
then it will only make her job easier.
So the Prime Minister's
job will be decided by the NAC.
No, no, no, sir.
That will be unconstitutional.
NAC will advise you about matters
that are in the interest of the nation.
So I can decide
whether I should work
for National Interest, or not?
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
'Finally, the PM thought about me.'
'And I received a call.'
Back in those days, he
was the Chairman of the UGC.
I did a detailed interview
about him in our first meeting.
I received a call from Dr Singh's office
once the interview was published.
People often called me
to praise me for my article.
'I am a perfectionist.'
Please sit.
Sir, that's a really
nice tie you're wearing.
Your tape recorder wasn't working.
Yes, sir.
Did you get it fixed?
No, sir. I bought a new one.
Please give it to Mr Kadhu.
Did you read the interview
that you did on me?
You are a journalist,
you should be aware of
the conditions prevalent in the country.
It is a big problem.
And that's why I intentionally
mentioned South Korea.
We need reforms like
them in our country.
Your job was to convey this to the people.
But you failed in doing so.
Sir, I published
your entire interview.
Maybe there was some
error at the News Desk.
I will get it checked.
What's the point now?
And blame someone else.
Mr Baru, your subordinate's
mistake is your mistake.
Sanjaya, will you
be my Press Secretary?
Of course, sir.
But I have two conditions.
I want to be your media advisor.
In the age of the Internet,
Press Secretary sounds so outdated.
I am okay about that.
And your second condition.
I will report only to you.
Ma'am, you don't have
to take the trouble.
Spare me the lecture on protocol.
I've been making tea in my house
for the last 30 years.
There's no protocol amongst family.
Thank you.
Other than managing the media
what else do you expect of me.
As the PM it often gets difficult
to stay connected to the ground.
All you can see are files,
Ministers, and Bureaucrats around you.
I want every piece of news.
I want to hear the truth from you,
without any fear, or expectation.
Politics is just like Mahabharata.
Sanjaya, you have
to be my eyes and ears.
You can be his eyes and ears,
but what about his voice?
Ma'am, this is not my turf.
You may not understand this turf,
but bureaucracy is a turf war.
Everyone has their
eyes on everyone.
If you give them some space
then the third person
will seize the opportunity.
And you must keep reminding him
that over and over again.
'Sir's prediction
came true pretty soon.'
'And it started with Mani.'
Mani sir has sent this.
Just a second, baby.
In any PMO,
connections are very important.
My connection with Doctor did
not go down well with three people.
Original name; JN Dixit.
National Security Advisor.
An expert in foreign Policies.
And my good friend.
Since he was an expert,
He knew everyone's job
better than them.
And that's why defeating
me in a turf war is difficult.
Mike, Original name M K Narayanan.
By profession a spy,
former Intelligence Bureau Chief.
Madam's close confidante.
He knew which Minister
has invested his money where.
Whether he was angry or in a jolly mood,
he always said one thing to everyone.
I have a file on you.
Compared to Mike and Mani,
Dr. Singh's Principal Secretary
TKA Nair
didn't have much say.
But I will get the corner office.
And finally, Subu.
The PM's Personal Secretary.
Subu had only one passion.
But the PM has no interest
in astrology.
You must look at this.
For some of the briefings, we shall need
NAC's approval so what is wrong with it.
Sir, just like Mani
is your advisor. So am I.
And sir, I requested you
that I will report only to you.
Calm down. Sit.
I am the only person on your entire team
who is not a bureaucrat.
The 24-hour media doesn't wait
for notes, files, or approvals.
If we don't reply against
a lie within 24 hours,
then it's accepted as the truth, sir.
Fine, I will talk to Mani.
Such temper over
a routine circular.
That too with friends.
Come on. Let's have some nice coffee.
Guess who spoke to me this morning?
Natwar Singh.
Ohh... what was he saying?
He sounded concerned.
Was saying that you're
still clearing his files.
You know what, Baru,
even the Foreign Secretary of America
is scared of its
National Security Advisor.
Let him tell the PM.
I will handle it.
Anyway, stop worrying. Have...
a cigar.
Smoking in the PMO.
Isn't it restricted?
There are no rules for us.
We're the PMO.
We're the PMO.
Even on the 10th day, the Prime
Minister wasn't allowed to speak.
I will give you
a chance after this.
Sources have confirmed
that the Prime Minister speech
will be tabled without reading.
Maybe this will be
the first time in history.
Even the 'Left Party' are pretty
angry with the Prime Minister.
The Government
is appointing people from private
companies in the Planning Commission.
People from
Multinational Companies.
Lending our support doesn't
mean we turn a blind eye.
Tomorrow if you appoint Coca Cola
on the Planning Commission,
do you think we'll take it lying down?
'Everyone was taking advantage
of the Prime Minister's weakness.'
'I had a bad habit.'
'Which minister leaks news against the
Prime Minister and on whose beckon'
'I would find that out
in under an hour.'
How did the media learn about the
letter that Sonia ma'am wrote to me?
Does this suit an intelligent
minister like you?
Somebody is misleading you, sir.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Don't insult my intelligence.
This should not be repeated again.
Am I clear?
Am I clear?
Yes, PM sir.
Sir, Jairam looked pretty upset.
After a certain age, one's capacity
to face the music keeps decreasing.
He will behave in the future.
No, sir. Frankly, this will never stop.
Something else
will leak out tomorrow.
They have unwavering loyalty.
Don't pass judgment.
So... what should we do now?
They leaked Sonia madam's letter.
Now I will leak
your reply to Sonia ma'am.
That will be a very bold step.
I'm taking it, sir.
Everyone will get the message.
PMO means business.
No-no-no, sir.
That Dr. Singh means business.
My fellow countrymen.
While h... hu... humbly
addressing you...
In accordance with the
duties conferred on me by you.
This addressal reminds me
of a quote by Gandhiji.
He used to say that he wants
to wipe tears from every eye.
He used to say that before
performing any task, you must know
what is your contribution to the lives
of those who are poorer than the poor?
Was that okay?
Now how do I answer that?
Okay, let me try.
No-no-no-no-no, sir.
If you speak like this,
I will definitely lose my job.
The Prime Minister's addressal
should reflect faith.
Speak as I showed you.
Take a pause at the commas.
Stress more on the words
that are marked in bold.
- Shall we try again, sir?
- Okay.
Sanjaya, how much
work does it still need?
About 99%, sir.
Oh no...
My fellow countrymen.
I am... I am humbly
addressing you...
Sir, things went terribly wrong today.
You must manage the media, sir.
Will you tell me what happened?
Sir, a delegation came to suggest
changes in the finance bill.
Manmohan, we want some
changes in the finance bill.
The PM wasn't on his seat.
He was standing.
So even the delegation
had to stand.
They handed over the
file to the PM while standing.
And since the table wasn't high enough,
he dropped the file in a hurry.
Maybe there was no time for tea.
Everyone was standing.
And now media is putting allegations
against him that he threw the file.
Did he keep the file
down or did he throw it down?
He kept it down, sir.
And, what if he threw it?
This is no time
to take a step back, Subu.
Tell me exactly how it happened.
The PM is not some rubber stamp
or a paper tiger.
I am on my way.
the Opposition plays an important
role in Parliamentary Democracy.
And if this is how you will
treat the Opposition leaders
then it will be held
in contempt of the Parliament.
Everyone was noticing the
change in Dr Singh's attitude.
The Opposition, Congress.
Everyone was surprised.
Come, Mr. Navin. Sit.
Even Orrisa deserves
a special package like Bihar.
Money doesn't grow on trees, Navin.
But sir...
Social Economic.
Come in, Mr. Nair.
Tea/coffee for you, Mr. Navin?
Thank you.
This addressal reminds
me of a quote by Gandhiji.
He used to say that he wants
to wipe tears from every eye.
The TV speech was a fantastic idea.
It had a commendable impact.
You very well know
who wrote the speech.
Right, Baru.
Well done.
Thank you.
He's been getting applauses.
What else are you
scouring the magazine for?
According to Sonia,
Dr Singh should be a political PM.
Can you believe it?
Well, he's getting the branding.
No, Mike.
For this to come true,
the country should hear it
from Dr. Singh and not Sonia ma'am.
The government will complete
100 days in power, right?
We should call
for a press conference.
But, even a single mistake
won't go down well with the media.
I know.
PM sir is so soft-spoken.
And very shy.
He won't be able to handle it.
All your efforts will be in vain.
Nothing will be in vain.
This is our opportunity, boys.
Anyone can ask anything
they want to the PM.
He's not afraid to
answer any question.
Sir, if there's a question on Pakistan,
please speak limited about Musharraf.
Mani, I am not some
kindergarten child.
Just tell me the facts.
And let me decide
what I want to say.
PM sir, I'll take your leave.
Sir, I'm leaving for
the press conference
and, I think you
should freshen up too.
Sanjaya, do tigers
ever brush their teeth?
Please welcome our honourable
Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh.
Let's start with the questions.
- Sir!
- Sir!
It's believed that Sonia Gandhi
is the super Prime Minister.
What is your opinion?
Sonia is the Congress Party President
and the Chairperson of UPA.
But that doesn't mean
there are two power centres.
Mr Prime Minister,
it's believed that
if you're ever asked to do
something that you feel isn't right
then you will resign.
Well, madam,
your information is wrong.
No one can coerce me
to tender my resignation.
The Government
will fulfil its term.
Sir US is opposing
our Nuclear Programme.
You are scheduled
to meet President Bush.
What will you say to him?
I will say, Mr Bush,
Nuclear Power can be
used to manufacture bombs
as well as electricity.
It's just cosmetics.
If public relations could get you power,
then even you could've become a minister.
Don't underestimate Dr. Singh,
Mr. Patel.
The Doctor has only one legacy,
economic reform.
He shouldn't expect anything more,
nor will anything else happen.
Do you think the 'Left Front'
will agree with the Doctor?
It's the 21st century,
anything is possible.
Mr Thakur,
Politics is the game for
those who win the elections.
Those who don't fight
elections never win.
Why so serious, Mani?
Why does Natwar Singh
want to go inside with the PM?
PM sir should meet
with Bush all alone.
So that they can set
in the new agenda properly.
I have an idea.
- Now...
- Mr Natwar Singh.
Sir, we won't get
this opportunity again.
If America declares us
a nuclear state
then it will clear our path for
the United Nations Security Council.
It's important to end
nuclear isolation, Mani.
May I come in, sir?
Yes, Sanjaya, come in.
Mani, can I speak with
the PM alone for a minute?
I'll be outside, sir, if you need me.
Pardon me, sir,
but I am afraid I've some bad news.
Ex-Prime Minister Rao
passed away a while ago.
He was a great personality.
Indeed he was, sir.
I have an important job for you.
It's a sensitive issue.
Tell me.
Your father used to write
Mr Rao's speeches.
You're close to their family.
Please request them to perform
the final rites at Hyderabad.
Is there an issue with Delhi?
Hyderabad is his birthplace.
Isn't Delhi his place of action?
Don't get into all this.
Just talk to his family.
That's not my job.
Such a treatment
with the former PM.
A man who dedicated his life
to the service of the country.
And as per my knowledge,
he has no family in Hyderabad.
I will talk to Sonia ma'am.
Sir, Ahmed Patel
is Sonia madam's voice.
I guess there's not enough space
left on Raj Ghat for his tomb.
Will the party decide the legacy
of a great leader like Rao sir?
Not the party, sir.
'Raj Ghat'
I've often seen Politics
stoop pretty low.
never this much.
It was another blow for Doctor Sir.
When Mani died due to a cardiac arrest.
Mike was now the
National Security Advisor.
'Even after two severe blows, '
'Dr. Singh kept moving
towards his target.'
'Nuclear Deal.'
'No one ever imagined that
President Bush and Dr Singh would'
'become such thick friends.'
'After Dr Singh's return, there was
a huge stir over the Nuclear dear.'
With America.
We're not making any secret deals.
This is affecting our nation's...
'The Doctor was being
attacked on three fronts.'
Left, and his own party.'
The deal you're stressing on
is beyond anyone's comprehension.
But it will definitely
cripple our government.
The underprivileged people
of our country
have nothing to do with Nuclear energy.
This is the right moment.
We need nuclear energy for
the development of our country.
Think of the future.
We can think of the future if our
government still stays in power.
Once you sign the deal,
the Left Party will stop supporting us.
Our time will be over.
That won't happen.
President Bush has assured
to help me in every way.
Oh, Doctor.
And you believed a Politician.
We'll talk another time. Goodbye.
Bush arrived in Delhi.
Both the Ministers
shook hands announcing
their nuclear deal to the world.
And that I included my remarks,
thank you.
I have a pretty simple question.
How will this deal
affect our nuclear weapons?
Sir, this will not
affect our nuclear weapons.
And we made that pretty
clear in the beginning.
We can make anything we want.
Can this deal guarantee that
the price of Uranium will
decrease, and supply will increase?
These debates will never end.
But gentlemen,
the entire country is proud of you.
You're taking an important
and crucial step.
Mr Vajpayee,
would you like to add something?
Vajpayee sir was an expert in
speaking volumes with his silence.
He spoke volumes with just a smile.
The BJP was now on our side.
Indian Politics
is a strange battle.
The opposition became our allies.
Our allies turned into Opposition.
PM belonged to the party, but the
party didn't seem to support the PM.
Do you understand?
Because, even after 20 years,
I still didn't.
Fantastic headlines,
man, fantastic headlines.
Baru, there is a problem.
N. Ram.
The Hindu Newspaper's
Leftist Publisher and Editor.
And a close friend
of the Left leaders.
N. Ram's green light meant
Left leaders green light.
Left won't support this deal.
This... is a political decision.
What will I tell the PM?
To put the deal on hold.
Otherwise, the Left
will withdraw their support.
If they want to withdraw
their support, then they can do so.
Sir, is this
your official statement?
These are the same people
who opposed Mr Nehru and
Indira Ma'am independent policy.
They even opposed
Mr Narsimha Rao and me.
Whereas we were improving
the country's economy.
Prakash Karat states
that the government is
compromising the nuclear
sovereignty of the country.
I will sell out my country?
How can they even
say such a thing for me?
Sir, what will be your next step,
if they withdraw?
We will put up a fight
because the country comes first for me.
'Anguished PM To Left: If You Want
To Withdraw, So Be It.'
'Dr. Singh didn't give up.'
'But, even the Left wasn't
ready to give up easily.'
'People came out on the streets'
'and the Left walked
out of the Parliament.'
Madam, the Prime Minister made a
strong statement against the Left party.
Do you want an election before time?
We don't want personal conflicts.
These are not the
morals of an Alliance.
But madam, do you think that
the Left is being unreasonable.
I don't think so.
The Left Party has certain
ideologies and issues.
They are simply putting
forward their opinion.
And you're happy with this?
Of course.
Yes, I'll escort you down.
Welcome, Doctor.
Your statement was
a little out of character.
Do you feel you've
crossed the line?
Is it working?
Absolutely, loud and clear.
I was giving a reply to the Left.
And, I don't think
I crossed any line.
I know
what I should say or shouldn't.
Sir, is the nuclear deal off?
And if that's true,
then what about your government.
we're not a one-issue government.
One has to live with
their disappoints.
If this deal does not go through,
then life won't come to an end.
After this Doctor Sir observed silence.
The entire country had
only one question on their mind.
Deal or no deal?
Yes, sir. Right away.
Yes, sir.
I didn't expect this from you,
What did I do?
What did you tell
the US Ambassador?
About what, sir?
About the Nuclear deal.
What did you tell him?
Ted, how are things at the Embassy?
The Ambassador wants
to know what the PM meant.
What's there to add?
Whatever he said is out there.
What do I think the PM meant?
Probably this, Ted.
Que Sera Sera.
What is the meaning
of Que Sera Sera?
Sir, I was not talking
in code language.
Your spies gave
you wrong information.
It's a song from one
of Hitchcock's films.
Man Who Knew Too Much.
Sung by Doris Day.
But what does it mean?
Que Sera Sera means
what will be will be.
This is my standard answer to any
question about the nuclear deal.
I want to resign.
Madam, my position
has become pretty awkward.
But must you give me this?
Must you resign?
Madam, the Left wants to see
our government's secret documents.
They want to embarrass
us in the IAEA.
If we compromise with the Left,
then I'll no other
option but to resign.
But you do know that your
resignation will create a stir.
Madam, either we can ignore the
Left and go ahead with the deal
or compromise with the Left
and stop the deal right here.
If UPA chooses the second option,
then you'll have to find
yourself a new Prime Minister.
Mr. Prime Minister,
such decisions are not made in haste.
Think about it.
There was nothing
to think actually.
This Nuclear deal was bigger
than the battle of Panipat for us.
And the biggest
blow came last night.
At 10 Janpath.
By the way, I should finish
my coffee before Pulock arrives.
Could be my last one at the PMO.
May I come in, sir?
Please come in.
How are you, sir?
Did Sonia ma'am send you here?
Yes, sir.
Sir, please take your
resignation back. Sir, please.
I've put my view
in front of Sonia ma'am.
There's no scope for reconsideration.
Thank you.
Sir, Sonia ma'am
won't let you resign.
You must stick to your statement.
We'll see whatever
happens to the Left.
We'll see.
Que Sera Sera.
We sent a letter to the
President today and withdrew
our support from
the UPA government.
We've sent another letter
where we've requested the President
to direct the Prime Minister
to bring the Confidence
Motion in the Parliament
and prove his
government's majority.
Sir, can I talk to you alone.
Sir, Mr Amar Singh wants
to talk to you.
He's in the US.
I think the deal
will now go through, sir.
No one knows about Science
and Technology more than you.
I want you to guide us.
We want to take the right
decision for the country.
Is this deal right?
Of course, it is.
Your duty is to support the deal.
It's in the interest
of the country.
That's all I wanted
to hear from you.
Now I can explain to my people.
This is Politics.
The entire country is praying for.
Dr. Singh's good health
and quick recovery.
Will Dr Singh contest the elections
from the Lok Sabha in such conditions?
That's the question
on everyone's mind.
'Dr. Singh had become
a hero for the entire country.'
'But like every hero,
even he had a weakness.'
'His own party.'
'And the party's biggest
obstacle was me.'
'This happened
in the earlier days.'
How does it feel at the PMO?
It's a challenging job,
but I am enjoying it.
But what went down with
Mr Chandrashekhar?
He seemed upset with you.
After his meeting with the PM,
he announced to Telugu media
that they discussed over Telangana.
Whereas no such
thing ever happened.
He never said a word
to the PM about Telangana.
Things are often misheard
or said which leads to confusion.
And, when you keep giving
clarification for every trivial issue,
it just adds to the confusion.
There is no confusion.
I know my job, and
that's what I'm doing.
Yes... some people will get angry.
But what to do, Mr Patel.
That's my job.
But, we can't upset
the party allies.
Will you take my advice?
Apologies to him.
Or you might have
to resign from your job.
You don't have to worry
about my job, Mr Patel.
I work for the PM,
and not the party.
But the PM works
for the party, Baru.
I'll resign the day he tells me to.
Dr. Singh hardly says anything.
During the Nuclear deal,
a new PM candidate was
being announced every day.
This battle was now PM vs. Party.
We were prepared.
It is when I make
sparrows fight hawks
that I am called Gobind Singh.
Sanjaya, I cannot work like this.
The media announces
a new PM every day.
This news is very depressing, and
the party doesn't deny them either.
I was going to bring this
up first thing tomorrow morning.
Because I have a strategy.
You cannot stop this news.
But you can.
Press Conference
sounds very defensive.
I was thinking of
a political solution,
These stories are being planted.
There's nothing we can do about it.
But maybe they've forgotten
that you're not the PM of Congress.
You're the PM of the entire
UPA and their 11 Allies.
And those Allies
firmly believe in you.
Neither you nor I am
required to do or say anything.
Sir, sir, sir...
Sir, is the PM resigning.
Is Rahul Gandhi the
next PM of our country.
What is Sonia Gandhi's next step?
Tell us about your opinion.
Please tell us, sir.
It's all rumors.
Manmohan Singh is the PM of UPA.
And he enjoys
the confidence of every party.
Replacing him is
out of the question.
All the Allies are
very happy with his work.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, sir. Thank you.
Sir, Rahul Gandhi is coming to meet you
with the Youth Delegation.
Did he take an appointment? No.
Doesn't matter.
Happy birthday, sir.
Many many happy returns of the day.
Happy birthday, sir.
Please release this to the media.
Rahul has requested the PM
to increase the rates of 'MNREGA'.
And the PM is pretty happy with it.
What do you mean by 'PM is happy'?
The PM supports
the party's suggestion.
Do you have a problem with it?
The problem is...
That sir has already made a public
announcement about this on 15th August.
And reporters hear all, write all,
and they bloody well remember too.
You're a wise man.
I am sure you know that.
Let me know if you
need me for anything else.
please keep this.
Morning, Sir.
Sanjaya, how can you
do such a thing to me?
MNREGA is my birthday
present to the Country.
You sent such a text,
to the reporters.
And to the Express.
Was I wrong, Sir?
Sir, how can they take credit?
You're the PM of this country.
What about the work done by
ministers like Raghuvansh Prasad?
I don't want any credit.
I'm only concerned about my job.
And your image.
There's no need to
keep my image straight.
It is, sir.
The world is watching you.
If people can take credit for your work,
then what else is safe in this country?
Sanjaya, please don't
be overly dramatic.
Let them take all the credit.
I am doing my job. You do yours.
Write my speeches.
Don't waste time over public
positioning and public image.
Thank you.
Sorry, Sir.
One more thing.
Please come.
Do you read the newspaper?
Sorry, Sir.
Stop worrying about the PMO's post,
and worry about yours.
It's in the newspaper again.
Punjab Kesari.
You're being fired from the PMO.
That's 3-month-old news, sir.
I think you should meet Madam once.
Why Madam?
You must tell her that
wrong articles are being planted
against you in the newspaper.
And I will personally
fix your appointment.
I will think about it, Sir.
Baru. Not now, Nair. I am busy.
Just a minute.
The MPs called,
they were complaining about you.
Did you give a quote
to the newspaper?
Do MPs call you as well?
Yes, this is the PMO.
Anyone can call here.
You should meet Madam once.
I'll fix an appointment.
Sort out everything.
You got to be a little
flexible in politics.
Blessings are important.
I am not a politician,
but a bloody journalist.
And they rate you for your
stubbornness, not sycophancy.
By the way, Nair,
you were going down.
I was going up.
You should reconsider
this once, Sanjaya.
I can no longer play
these political games.
I want to resign.
- Are you sure?
- I am.
Sir, the party won't let me do the job
for which you have appointed me.
And pardon me, but,
you're least interested
in your image as well.
I will be known for my work,
What is the official reason you
have mentioned in your resignation?
Sir, Tanvi has been granted admission
to the University of Singapore.
And, I was thinking
- I will take a job at the...
- Don't go, Sanjaya.
According to me,
it is a foolish decision.
I learnt it from you, Sir.
Sometimes it is wise to be foolish.
Will you write my speeches
from Singapore?
I'll do anything for you.
One more thing...
Give me a hug before
you leave, boy.
Take care.
You're awake. How about some water?
Can you pass my glasses?
How are you, Sanjaya? How is Rama?
They are all fine.
What about your health?
I didn't suffer a heart attack.
It was just a preventive surgery.
All my three arteries are fine.
I am fighting fit.
Sir, the elections
are in three months.
Your victory is guaranteed.
And this time you'll contest
the elections from the Lok Sabha.
What is the party's opinion?
Everyone knows the truth, Sir.
This election is way
out of Rahul Gandhi's league.
The party is playing very safe.
If you lose,
it'll be your loss alone.
But if you win, they all win.
How is Singapore?
Don't avoid the conversation.
The entire country is a fan of you.
If you contest from
the Rajya Sabha again
then your authority
will be undermined.
We'll do as the party says.
You should focus on your health.
Rahul will lead
the election campaign.
I cannot be just a spectator
in this election.
Sir, the party thinks that it could be
risky if you lead the election campaign.
We don't want to see you disappointed
like Atalji after the elections.
The party thinks
I am going to lose this election.
They don't have faith in me.
Let's not worry about that now.
Get some sleep.
I won't give up.
Wait and watch.
The country has seen
considerable development
and surges in employment
in the last five years
and now we must take
that program further.
All we want is an opportunity in the
Central government or the State government
so that our party can set examples before
the country about good governance.
The effects of MNREGA can be
clearly seen throughout the country.
Due to our Economic planning,
we were not affected
by the Global Economic crisis.
Thanks to Nuclear Deal
India is now future ready.
Our dreams of progress
and change have come true.
"Singh is King! Singh is King!
Singh is King!"
"The world knows about it.
Singh is King! Singh is King!"
"We are the king of the world!
Singh is King Singh is King."
This is Mr Manmohan Singh's victory.
The slogan of Singh is King is
resonating throughout the country.
Congress party had
no hopes of winning.
Let alone winning by a landslide of 206
votes is on a completely different level.
This is a huge opportunity for you.
What is your opinion
about the party's victory?
Listen here.
Rahul Gandhi won 22 seats in UP
and revived the Congress Party.
This is a win for Rahul Gandhi.
Get me Baru on the line, please.
It's time for him to return.
Welcome back.
Nice to see you.
I would like to promote you,
Would you like to be
a Secretary in the PMO?
Sir, it's an important
position, but
then I'll have to report
to the Principal Secretary...
And you want to
report directly to me.
I am meeting the
Prime Minister of Pakistan in Egypt.
I will clear your file
when I come back.
Do you have any idea about Pakistan?
Sir, my advice is you shouldn't
start your second term with Pakistan.
The party will interfere.
It's what happened
during Musharraf's term?
I think you should concentrate
on the Global Economic crisis.
India is not deeply affected
by the Economic crisis, Sanjaya.
I want to find a solution
for Kashmir.
And, maybe I don't have much time.
What do you mean by
you don't have much time?
What could poor Dr Singh say?
There was only one news doing
rounds in the corridors of Delhi
when will Dr. Singh step down
and when will Rahul be coronated
as the new PM.
- Mr. Gilani.
- Yes.
Moments erred and
years got punished.
The people of India can
never forget the 26/11 incident.
President Zardari
clearly said that
the ISI chief will cooperate
with us in the investigation.
But he never came.
Dr Singh, let's give a statement on
terrorism and joint investigation.
we have a small request just
to make our army happy as well.
Please go ahead.
But there's nothing in Baluchistan.
We'll do it if you say so?
The Opposition will
raise a commotion.
But it will be
acceptable to the party.
This is not acceptable
to the party.
Madam Chairperson,
Baluchistan is not an issue at all.
But you just made it an issue.
And an international one at that.
All the senior ministers are of the
opinion that it was a big mistake.
But we can still change the
wordings of the agreement, madam.
Maybe you didn't understand
my words properly.
If you...
Yeah... how are things?
Yes, the PM did call me,
and we even talked.
But who told you that I would look
after the UPA programs in the PMO?
If Chauhan said this, then he must
have done so with the PM's consent.
But I cannot confirm or deny this.
Your decision.
Wars are never won
with wooden swords, Baru.
You are unable to tackle the handle of
a cycle, how will you manage the media?
Did you see today's
Business Standard?
Stop lecturing me.
You've been appointed
to do your job, and not talk.
Don't repeat this mistake.
Now hang up.
Sir, it was you who called me back.
Things have gone awfully wrong after
this news was leaked in the media.
But the news was
leaked from this office.
There's no point
arguing over it now.
Sir, this is your opportunity
to show your authority.
This is your victory.
The PMO is your turf!
- How can you...
- Sanjaya!
Politics has taught me one thing,
and you should know too.
There's only one power centre.
And that centre is
the Party President.
What do you expect me to do now?
Join the Planning Commission
I'll call you back
when things cool down again.
Sir, I had no interest
in a government job.
I only wanted to work for you.
I have an offer from Business Standard
as their Editor.
That's even better than
the Planning Commission.
Journalism suits you better.
Nair, come in.
Thank you, sir.
What a weak man.
A scandal that rocked
the whole nation.
Tape Scandal.
Conversations of Politicians,
and Power Brokers
was out in the open.
How do they appoint the ministers?
Everyone could hear
who the reporters actually served.
Almost everyone was exposed.
After the Nira Radia tapes,
the country has lent their support
with the Anna Hazare's campaign
against the 2G, 3G,
and Coalgate scams.
And the Anna Campaign has
become the voice of the country.
UPA Government may sound dismissive
about the Anna Panels Lokpal Bill.
But team Anna is warning
the government that it will
have to confront the Electorate.
If the PM is found involved in such
corruption, then that's very shameful.
The people always see how our
leader functions, how he behaves.
Be seated.
Would you like some tea?
No, thank you.
So Dr. Singh, tell me.
I cannot continue in this way.
But Dr. Singh,
with the steep rise in inflation,
and the number of
corruption scams being exposed
the media is
completely against us.
How can Rahul take over
in a situation like this?
But Madam, you must find a way.
This is not the time for a change.
But I have to own up
to mistakes committed by others.
How will I explain
this to the people?
That's not your job.
The party has many competent people to
explain the people in the right away.
But Madam, I think...
Are you sure
you don't want a cup of tea?
Look, there are two kinds of loss.
Actual and Notional.
The actual loss is a real loss.
And a notional loss
is just notional.
CAG's estimate in the 2G spectrum
scam is just a notional loss.
Sir, sir, sir...
- Sir, sir...
- One question, sir!
Sir, please!
You mean to say, Sir, that the
Controller Auditor General is wrong.
All I am saying is that
there have been no losses.
Unbelievable, Mr. you just turned
around the entire mathematics.
You turned a loss
of 17.6 billion to Zero.
- Sir...
- Yes.
What does your mathematics
say about the coal scam?
Well... what loss?
When there has been no digging,
and no coal retrieved
then how can there be losses?
Sir. Sir...
Sir. Sir...
Sir, this time you turned
18.6 billion into Zero.
Things got worse in a year.
Dr. Singh was being openly mocked.
Jokes about him were
posted over the internet.
2G, CWG and Rahulji... were
more than a match for Dr Singh.
And he was completely
silent about it.
And during those days weird
things started happening with me.
Excuse me, Mr. Baru.
Advisor to the Prime Minister.
Former Advisor.
What is going on, sir?
Why doesn't Mr Manmohan Singh
do something? Or say something?
- Excuse me, Mr. Baru.
- Yes.
My daughter's a journalist too.
Big fan.
By the way, I have a question.
Why did you quit the PMO?
Come on, tell us.
I won't tell anyone.
I find Dr Singh is like Bhism.
With no evil.
But a victim of family drama.
there were two families in Mahabharata,
but there's only one in India.
Sir, sir, sir...
Just a second. Just a second.
Let me go there.
There's been a lot of
debate over this ordinance.
About what should be done about
this order from Supreme Court?
I can't speak for others,
but what I feel
should be done
with this ordinance.
This is what needs to be done.
Tear it up.
This ordinance is nonsense.
The UPA government was badly cornered
for trying to save the ordinance.
The Opposition parties were
first opposing this ordinance,
and now even Rahul Gandhi
has taken a stand against it.
Rahul first gave a strong statement
and then called this ordinance
utter nonsense
and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister
asking for a reconsideration.
'After Rahul's statement, the PM
talked about it to Sonia Gandhi.'
We're talking to ex-media
advisor of PM, Mr Sanjaya Baru.
Sir, what is your opinion
on Rahul's action.
'The PM wants to resign,
says Baru.'
Look, if his own party
people can't respect him
then I believe that Dr Singh
should tender his resignation.
Mr. Baru is right.
What is the point now?
How much more is the
Party going to humiliate you.
Why don't you say something?
Sir, there's something
I wanted to tell you.
It's time to jot
down whatever I saw,
heard, and understood
during my term in the PMO.
Will you write about me too?
Sir, writing the truth is very
crucial for the course of history.
You're a genius,
And it really pains me
when people laugh at you.
I will write what I saw.
About me too?
I will do it sincerely.
Even the bitter truth?
That too.
Maybe just that one.
Sir, I don't know all
the aspects of the truth.
In fact, I don't know
how many aspects are there.
Except for yours and mine.
I'll write our truth.
Will you write about
this meeting as well.
I miss you, Sanjaya.
I have a job for you,
which only you can do.
Tell me, sir.
My last press conference
is on the 3rd of January.
What should I say to the nation?
What about your speechwriters, sir?
I wouldn't tell you
if it was their cup of tea.
You must be my voice
for one last time.
PM sir, you must be very aggressive.
Elections are around the corner, and
the press would want to corner you.
You must deflect all
the attacks on Rahul.
That I cannot do.
I am there, sir.
I'll write your speech.
You will understand everything.
The party wants to make
Dr Singh a liability.
And, I will never let that happen.
I don't want a third term.
In a few months time,
after the general elections.
I will hand over this
post to the new Prime Minister.
I hope he will be
a Pm chosen by the UPA
and our party will keep
working in that direction.
I firmly believe,
that our new generation leader
will take this country ahead.
Sir, is this a goodbye?
Sir, you never said anything
against any corruption scandal.
Would you like to comment on it?
What is your opinion?
Will Rahul Gandhi
be the next PM candidate?
Have you been made
a sacrificial lamb?
I am sure that history
won't look at me from
the media's point of view.
India doesn't need one
watchman to stand guard.
India needs millions of guards.
A few days ago Prince Charming
was here.
These days he keeps thinking
about me, day and night.
The elections are for India, and he's
holding me accountable for Gujarat.
You people did nothing, but I will.
I will give you power.
I will give you knowledge.
'Long live...'
The government run by
Mom Son duo is virtually out.
Even the jailbirds
can't save Congress.
I request you to stay
for 10 more minutes.
Please hear what Rahul has to say.
Can you take back this election,
or you have already lost it
before it begun.
Because most of the
survey are saying...
Congress will be reduced
to its lowest ever tally.
What have you written?
- Did you read it?
- Not yet.
Dr Singh has been reading
every single line since morning.
What did you write?
Did he say anything? Is he happy?
Seems like it.
Come and meet him.
I am boarding my flight now.
I'll call as soon as I land.
'Just like Bheeshm, Dr Singh
too committed the same mistake.'
'He too put the family first'
'He took a step back so
that Rahul could move ahead.'
'The family was more important
to him than the party.'
'Maybe that was his biggest mistake.'
Does Dr Singh know
that I want to talk to him...
That Sanjaya Baru
wants to talk to him?
Boss, are you sure, because...
PMO will give its reply tomorrow.
Baru, bad news.
The book sales are down.
I thought if we release it during the
elections, it will attract good sales.
But I think my plan
doesn't seem to be working.
Hello. What's wrong?
Where are you lost?
It's been three days, and
Dr Singh hasn't called back yet.
Sanjaya Baru's book,
The Accidental Prime Minister
was written for personal interest.
We completely deny all its facts.
It harms the respect
of a responsible post.
Sanjaya Baru has betrayed
the PMO by writing this book.
Congrats, Mr Baru.
The PMO has done your job for you.
Book sales are an all-time high.
Now start writing
your next book pretty soon.
So what if I get a bad name,
at least I'll get a name... Mr Patel.
Dr. Singh.
Dr. Singh.
We never met again.
I still wonder how accurate
he found my truth to be.
Maybe I will get my answer.
Maybe not.
But I will never regain
what I lost in Dr Singh.
"The word 'Aum' is nothing
but a misconception."
"The word 'Aum' is nothing
but a misconception."
"The word 'Aum'..."
"'Aum' defines a sacred sound,
an entity and a posture."
"'Aum' is a statement, an
exclamation and an announcement."
"'Aum' is a lecture and a speech."
"'Aum' is a roar and a reprimand."
"'Aum' is a comfort and a gossip."
"'Aum' is a cry, a scream
and a shriek."
"'Aum' is a gesture and a signal."
"'Aum' is a slogan."
"'Aum' is a slogan."
"'Aum' is a slogan."
"'Aum' is a slogan."
"'Aum' is everything."
"'Aum' is nothing."
"'Aum' defines a sacred
sound, an entity"
"and a posture."
"It defines happiness."
"It defines the ruination
of our enemies."
"It's like a wallop."
"The heads of the opposition will
be the beads of your necklace."
"They will help you
chant the sacred word."
"We will put up an act
and deceive people."
"We are as sharp as
a lion's teeth and a bear's claws."
"My grandson shall
always rule this country."
"'Aum' is the sound
of flowing air."
"It's the sound of banging
the iron on the enemy's chest."
"It's the sound of banging
the iron on the enemy's chest."
"'Aum' is the sound
of flowing air."
"It's the sound of banging
the iron on the enemy's chest."
"'Aum' defines the wrath."
"It defines the might."
"It defines the trigger."
"It defines the pistol's end."
"It is a dollar,
and so is it a ruble."
"It's a pound."
"It's a sound."
"It's a sound."
"It's a sound."
"It's a sound."
"It is the hearth"
"where different bricks are made."
"It's cherished by the wise
as well as the fools."
"It's Goddess Durga!"
"It's a star!"
"It's Goddess Durga!"
"It's a star!"
"It's a stomach
that stores the ocean."
"It's a stomach
that stores the ocean."
'Cut! Superb!'