The Accidental Spy (2017) Movie Script

Stay down! Drop the briefcase.
Nice try.
Nice outfit.
You're going straight to the station,
sweet cakes!
Up, on your feet.
Take him away, boys.
Even in this era
of change, your service is so poor
and you bloody people provide
the worst customer service in the world.
You make me pay for calling you
and then you keep me waiting.
And to make the wait even more hellish,
you make me listen
- to your boring adverts...
...even when I specifically chose
the option of not listening.
Now you tell me there is nothing
you can do at this time.
Do you know how much dollar I pay
to have the best Internet service?
I pay top dollar
to have the best Internet service
and all I can get from you is total crap!
Madam, please, I am sorry.
Can I please call again tomorrow?
What, am I the biggest fool or what?
What is this?
Please don't call me a fool.
I don't blame you.
Your entire generation,
they are all fools.
Useless company. No customer service!
In short, I want my money back!
In fact, I'm packing up
this useless router!
If I was not a sane person,
I would've just smashed it to pieces!
You are useless and you should be fired
for your stupidity.
Okay, Madam. You know what,
just do me a favor.
Just press CTRL, SHIFT and ALT.
Press it two times and push ENTER
and the problem will be resolved.
Thank you.
How many times?
Did you just say to hit ENTER?
This idiot has crashed my system.
Hello? You just crashed my computer!
Vanessa! Vanessa!
Vanessa, what's going on?
What's happening?
What does it look like? I'm leaving you!
What's this? I can't believe this.
Come on now. Huh?
I've been working my ass off
trying to get a good income,
very, very good, to take care of you.
And you're leaving, just like that?
It's over, Manny.
Why? Over?
I can't believe this! Come on.
Look, we talked about this, didn't we?
We talked about marriage.
We talked about kids.
We talked about a good life
after a wedding and all that, didn't we?
And I've packed my clothes.
I'll come for the rest tomorrow.
Excuse me.
Vanessa, Vanessa...
You told me you loved me!
Is this what you call love?
Manny, please.
I just want to be left alone.
No, no, I'm not going to leave you alone
until you give me a real explanation, yes.
- I'm seeing someone!
- Yes, you're seeing...
- What?
- Is that what you wanted to hear? So?
Oh, my God. No, no, no.
I must be hearing things.
You're lying, right?
This is a lie. This is some kind of like
twisted pre-Christmas gift
kind of thing, yeah?
Who is he?
Seriously, Vanessa, who is he? Who? Who?
- Not that it's any of your business...
- No, it's my business.
It's very important. It's my business.
- It's Williams.
- Williams, yes, Williams...
Which... What Williams?
- Which Williams?
- Williams Okechukwu.
God of blood!
Williams Okechukwu?
My boss is your boo?
God of blood!
I really can't believe this.
This is unbelievable. My boss is...
No wonder the man has been nasty to me
all this while. I can...
It's because of you
they demoted me to customer service.
Because of you, Vanessa!
Manny, please, I'm...
Hey, no, no! Take your hands off me.
Don't touch me, please.
- Manny, I'm sorry.
- No! Just go, please.
Williams Okechukwu.
Agent Walker speaking.
on Ahmad's apprehension today.
Thank you, sir.
The entire department deserves the credit.
The entire team is pleased
with your work, Agent. Kudos to you.
I expect your closeout report on my desk
first thing Monday morning.
No problem, Chief. Thanks for the call.
Guy, see, you... you... need to...
to forget about this girl.
See, if a man... steals your... your...
your girlfriend, there's no better
revenge than just... just...
let him keep her.
I was going to marry that girl, you know.
I was going to marry her.
You know, there is this theory...
about marriage that was written
by an old British novelist.
You see, when a woman marries a man,
the woman says,
"Maybe he will change in the long run."
And when a man marries a woman,
he thinks in the long run,
the woman will never change.
But if you diversify your investments,
you're not bound to lose.
Well, I don't
totally agree with you.
I mean...
...take a look at Mary.
Mary is a great lady.
Yes, but, I mean...
...lately she has been
acting kind of cold.
You know that Mary
is one of the best girls in the world.
- You see?
- Yes.
Your job wouldn't permit you
to stay in one place.
You don't look at your girls.
It won't be nice if she has to look
for a blanket at night.
Anyway, this Vanessa...
she is wicked, she's very wicked.
I'm very wicked, too.
- Last night, I hacked into her email.
- No way.
And I found out how long
she's been having an affair with that guy.
Guy! Do... Do...
Do you want to hurt yourself?
Just let it go.
I let it go.
Yes, I did.
I planted a very special virus
in her email.
- No way.
- Yes, I let it go to both their contacts.
I'm sure by now, Williams will be having
a lot of explanation to give.
Since you have
let it out of your system,
don't you think it's wise
to just take a break?
To where?
But I agree. I agree.
Try to clean yourself up and travel.
You need to go and heal!
- Why are you guys talking like this?
- You need to heal now.
How could I go?
Will you give me the money?
Isn't what the bird sees to eat,
it will use in flying?
We will help you out.
You guys are suspicious.
Let's just enjoy the suya.
What is it?
- I've made money!
- How?
Wait! I played Western Lotto.
I'm rich.
Five million!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
What is Western Lotto?
Lotto. Lotto. Lotto.
Five million! I swear,
I'm going for that holiday.
Who said money can't buy happiness?
Look at the sad guy. He's now happy.
See what getting money can cause.
Cheers, guys. I'll be right back.
Nice one. I'll be right back.
Take a look at this idiot.
The energy system in Nigeria
has failed its citizens for far too long.
But today, you will witness the birth
of a green-based energy system
that promises to give its citizens
cheap electricity.
Has anyone got a question for me?
- Dr. Adu...
- Okay, you go first.
How does this "green" energy system work?
And besides being affordable,
how is it beneficial to citizens?
Well, not only is the Green Light Source
safe and renewable,
it cannot be depleted in a million years.
It is from a compound element
that I invented.
There is no risk in pollution,
and there's no high prices in electricity.
And there's definitely no threat
in the public health.
- In fact, it is virtually free...
- This is not good.
This is not good at all.
- Can we see an example?
- Oh, I thought...
Just a minute. Just a minute.
This is bad for business.
I thought we'd contained this.
Boss, she says she's a patriot.
- What?
- She refused the offer we made to her.
She can't refuse the offer!
This will kill all the investment that...
- Excuse me, sir.
- Oh, yes, please. Thank you.
She says Nigerians are supposed to enjoy
stable and affordable energy.
- How? In Nigeria?
- She's making me...
If this woman makes it into this country
with this thing, I'm finished.
- What do you suggest we do?
- Kill her!
That's what we'll do.
Kill her, take her out.
Because if she...
Thank you. Thank you.
Do you know how much
we have spent in the energy sector
to keep it this way so that we benefit?
Boss, we can do it tonight.
John is in London and he's idle.
James, your nephew...
He can do the mission.
No, no, no.
This is too sensitive for them.
You know I just keep them around
because they're my nephews.
It's family ties.
For this kind of job,
you need a professional
who will deal with it and finish with it,
so it's not traced back to us.
But who do you suggest now? Because...
Viper. That's how we'll sort it.
Quite wild. Boss, you're too much.
- I love you, boss.
- That's what we'll do.
- And see to it. See to it.
- I will, boss. I will.
Mmm... Mmm! Yeah.
Hey, madam, we need to talk.
Yeah, man.
Ah! Well...
This cold in this town is unmatched.
Welcome to London, boys.
- You guys like your apartment?
- Sure, sure.
Anything you guys need,
girls... skinny, big...
Bro, I'm here for you.
I have a lot of them.
Forget all that. You London boys
just like to prove you have everything.
- Brother, I...
- Trust me. Trust me. I'm sorted.
- Oh, really?
- Trust me.
- You sure?
- He's my guy, believe him.
Anything you guys need,
I'm just one phone call away.
Brother, just ring me.
I've got this town on lock.
You guys know I'm a hustler.
I have to run.
- No problem, Mike.
- You sure?
Mic boy.
- I trust you guys.
- Easy, man.
- Easy, easy.
- You're cool. You're cool.
- These boys are hustling in this town.
- Street boy.
From the point they picked us up from
the airport, I just knew he was a hustler.
He said he's a street boy.
He turned himself into Olamide.
- It's crazy.
- Man.
- What happened?
- I'm unpacking my things.
You're doing that here?
Won't you get in the room first?
What's the concern for you?
Wasn't it the same flight
that brought both of us?
- Man.
- You brought Peak milk with you?
This is the time for me
to reach my own peak, you know?
With my Peak, I always reach the peak.
So I don't know about you.
I don't want to come here
and drink the milk of a mad cow.
- I don't want problems.
- I'm tired of you.
Anyway, I can have some too, right?
Can I? Can I have a look at the Peak?
Did I forget my laptop?
Come in.
You wanted to see me, sir?
Ah, Agent Walker.
Please, come in. Take a seat.
What do you know of
this Green Light energy project?
Just what's in the news, sir.
A young Nigerian who has invented
an energy source
light years beyond what we have.
It will provide energy
to every Nigerian for next to nothing.
Good for them.
But in here it says some people
are very unhappy about it.
Exactly. We've had intelligence
that some of the power cartel
have tried to bribe the young lady.
When that failed,
they've taken out a hit on her.
Now, what do you know about the Viper?
A very dangerous assassin, sir,
with a zero fail rate.
I've been on his trail
since the Helsinki murders of 2014.
Your knowledge of the Viper will be
important in the success of this mission.
You must protect Dr. Adu from all harm
and ensure the successful unveiling
of this project.
We're doing a favor for the Nigerians.
- When do I start, sir?
- Tomorrow.
- And Agent Walker...
- Yes, sir.
Do everything in your power
to ensure she stays alive.
Kof Kof,
my brother from another mama.
How are you? What's happening?
We're fine just the way you left us.
How are you? How's your holiday?
It's not easy.
The cold here is too much.
It's making me miss Vanessa.
I don't know what kind of magic
that girl gave to me, I swear. I miss her.
It seems like
ordinary Phensic can not cure this one.
What you need is a stronger prescription.
Do you know where?
What is your fantasy?
Real danger? Real scenarios?
If you've got a sense of living free,
you can be a reality star for a week!
You don't even have to learn your lines!
With the help of your fellow actors,
you improvise as you go.
Our job is to make you a star
and proud of yourself.
If you would like to become
a contestant on the show,
please contact us
Come and live the life you've always
dreamed by living your fantasy!
You won't regret it!
Wait, what's all this
I'm hearing about fantasy on the phone?
It kind of sounds X-rated.
Are you sure
you're not watching pornography?
You're not well. It's an online advert
were they are talking about, uh...
It says you can live your fantasy
for a week or something like that.
Please, forget it. How's Nigeria?
Nigeria is hot as usual,
but we're still balling.
Ball... Ballin'.
Anyway, Vivianne is coming over
and it's a quickie. You know how it goes.
Because Annette's coming later
and that's all night.
You never cease to amaze me.
When will you ever change your nature,
your bad nature?
Don't mind this idiot.
I have told...
told him that if he brings militant
to this house,
he should not come and knock at my door.
Bro, that's diversification.
Don't try to say that word.
Look, why don't you
sign up for this thing?
I mean, if everything works out,
you'll get to experience
a very fantastic holiday, hmm?
I've wanted to be a spy for a long time.
But it can't be this.
They might be fraudsters
and I won't fall for it.
But there's no harm in trying.
Good thinking.
For once.
Me, for once? You're crazy, right?
Bro, just go
and try to make inquiries.
At least if it's legit,
it will be fun for you.
If not, you'll spend the rest
of your 10 days moping like here.
Like... a dummy...
A dummy.
I hear you. Thank you. No problem.
We'll talk later.
I need to get some things done.
All right, man, we'll talk later.
Nice one, man.
All right, we'll talk...
Hello, Sarah?
It's all very simple.
Once you make payment,
you'll receive a message
containing details about your mission.
Our cameras will be trailing you
from the minute your mission starts.
You'll make a choice amongst a variety
of profiles we have,
and we create a one-week show with you
as the lead of your very own movie.
Kind of like a million bucks, huh?
Hey, watch that, huh?
Don't be smart.
And you too.
Viper ready for action.
I got you. have reached
is not in service at this time
and there is no new number.
Please leave...
- Joseph.
- Yeah. Hello, Joseph?
What the heck took you so long?
The mission has been green-lighted.
You can contact Viper. But please,
remember that he doesn't like to be seen,
so be very, very careful.
He does not like to be seen,
so how are we to contact him?
How do we give him the instructions?
Just get it done.
Don't bungle it up.
The boss will not be happy.
I think he's sent his number. Oh, boy.
There's Viper's number, a special number.
Let's call the number.
Oh, boy. Listen to this caller tune.
State your business.
Um... Hello, Mr. Viper.
My name is James...
No names, you idiot. State your business.
If I don't tell him my name,
how will he know who sent me?
Or does he think it's my job?
Okay, Mr. No Name.
An SUV is parked
around the Russell parking lot
on University Way, yes.
Inside is the mission statement
and your payment.
In a briefcase.
I'll call you when it's done.
For the first time in my life,
I believe Johnson.
I'm not gonna like meeting this guy
in real life, face to face.
Well, why didn't you just tell him
it's in a Range Rover?
Can't he use his common sense?
SUV. What's the difference?
Hey, God, I've moved up.
Hey! Yes, oh!
The mission is right here!
Blood of God! Jesus...
What kind of money is this?
So much money...
Wow. My God.
Your mission,
should you choose to accept it
will be to assassinate Dr. Michelle Adu,
the Nigerian scholar and creator
of the Green Light Source.
All communication will be done
via mobile phone provided
and nothing else.
This is uh...
This is...
My phone.
Wait. First you need to...
You know...
Uh. So uh... you say...
Just get in the part
of being a spy, you know.
Talk authoritatively like a spy!
Um, Director, there has to be
some kind of mistake here, you see...
Sir, there's been
some kind of mistake here.
I asked for a secret agent package, not...
No, no, not like that now.
Not an assassin.
That's not good, that's not good.
You see,
the mission is not what I expected.
There's been a mistake with the mission.
Like some good confidence.
You need to exude...
Like the way 007 would do it.
Sir, there's been some kind of mistake
with the...
God! Manny, you're so useless.
Just call him.
Let's see how this plays out.
I trust everything is satisfactory.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Everything is... perfect.
Um, just... I think there's been a little
mistake with the mission, Director.
There's a slight change in plans.
That is why we had to double the deposit.
We want it look like an accident.
Oh, okay. Well...
So there's been a change in the mission,
that's fine by me. It's quite understood.
I don't have a problem with that.
I just... I just think...
Why the money? 'Cause that's not what
I was expecting, if you know what I mean.
Use the money to prepare for the mission.
We don't want any mistakes at all.
A lot of people are interested
in the success of this mission.
But of course, sir, I understand
there's a whole lot of people, but...
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
He hung up on me.
Okay... Okay...
I've never seen
this kind of money before. Ah! Okay.
Just take confidence, man.
Get into the mood.
Get into the character of...
It's not real. It's not real,
just get into the character of being 007.
007. Where are my spy glasses?
Oh, this gun... Wow.
Come on, now.
Some good music.
What the hell?
- Man, guess what?
- What happened?
There's a lady I've been talking to
before I got into this town, man.
- Bad guy.
- I slide into the babe's DMs.
- I believe you.
- She's hot!
- She's...
- Bad, I trust you.
She's a power broker.
You know what I'm saying, man?
Bro, it's all about sliding into the DM.
- I believe you.
- It goes down in the DM.
- How many of them are there?
- How many what?
I gave her our address.
She's on her way here. Trust me.
- How many of them are there?
- Them?
Who's talking about "them"?
I'm talking about the singular.
What's going to happen to me?
Hi, John, how are you?
I'm Sandra.
Nice to see you.
Where's the babe?
Sorry, who are you looking for?
- I'm looking for John.
- You're looking for John? This is John.
You're welcome.
Nice to meet you.
- John, see your date?
- Hello, John.
- It goes down in the DM!
- So nice to see you at last.
Who's calling me now? Oh, it's Viper.
You're dead. You hear me? You're dead.
Ah, what happened?
What happened is you set me up,
and now you're gonna feel the fangs
from the venom of the Viper.
Set you up how?
All I was told to do was put the envelope
containing the instructions and the money,
and that is exactly what I did.
You freaking moron!
You said SUV.
I got in an SUV.
Couldn't you have looked around properly
to know the right SUV?
Shut up.
I need to talk to your boss immediately,
while I figure out how
I'm going to kill you.
Hello? Hello?
What happened?
Major problem.
Look at the trouble you got us into.
I told you to specify the exact kind
of SUV so he'd know the real one.
You put money in the wrong car.
It was a Range Rover, bro.
My brother, when I asked you,
was this what you said?
My brother, I think you are a little...
Who's there? Come in.
- Don't be scared, I'm not gonna bite.
- Attend to your babe.
- Hey!
- Hey! What's up?
Why are you greeting them?
How are you guys?
Thank you very much.
And did you receive any calls
when this all went off?
- Nobody called me.
- Nobody called, okay.
Hello, Chief?
I think we need to get
Special Operations involved.
It looks like it could be the Viper.
So, as I was saying,
as much as I have pressured this woman,
Dr. Adu still remains reluctant.
She's a recalcitrant woman
and is adamant on tearing everybody apart.
You see? I even have sources
from the government agencies
that said she is now submitting
a proposal...
to the presidency.
As you know, this news of a cheap
energy source is just bad for business.
What will happen to the generators
I just ordered? What will happen to them?
My sister, this is really bad.
I have already ordered my own stock
that'll last me for the next three years.
This will ruin me for sure.
I have a multi-billion-naira deal
to set up a generator manufacturing plant
in Ogbomosho.
It's at 50-percent completion.
We cannot allow this to continue.
Controlling the energy sector
is our concession to control.
Chief, what is the status quo?
Well, I have actually become proactive
in dealing with this issue,
so that it doesn't affect all of us.
And we've come to the conclusion
that it's best to assassinate her.
And so what would happen
is we'll get the research materials
and keep them in our custody,
so no one can use it against us again.
Good news. Good news.
And the other thing now
is how we can all amass our money together
so we can all contribute towards
paying the hit man, or the clean-up man.
And make it tidy so that it never...
I hope the delivery was smooth.
He entered the wrong what?
And nobody can trace it to us,
as long as our businesses are okay.
And that is exactly what we're doing now.
We're getting a clean-up man to...
Boss, uh, there's a problem.
What problem?
He entered the wrong car.
What... What wrong car?
James and your nephew goofed.
The Viper entered the wrong car,
and he blames you for it.
He thinks we betrayed him.
He thinks you betrayed him, boss.
I should have gotten someone else
to do the damn job!
These two nitwits
have messed up the whole plan.
What kind... Just a simple delivery.
Simple delivery.
Oh, God! Get them on the phone for me.
Get them...
Here, boss.
They're partying.
They are partying!
It's John.
Bloody idiots!
You, after messing up the whole thing
that we've been running around for,
you have the audacity to be partying!
Why were you not at the scene
to even monitor the delivery?
We are sorry, sir.
The way Viper talks scares us.
We think if we go there, he can kill us.
That's why we don't want to go.
If you were here now,
I would choke you to death by myself,
forgetting about
whether you are a relative or not!
- We are sorry, sir!
- Chairman, we are sorry, sir.
We are sorry, sir.
Sorry for yourself!
And look, you have a new mission.
Go there and complete it quickly,
and get back to me.
And if you fail this time,
if you fail this time...
just go ahead and bury yourselves.
Did you hear me?
- We will not fail you, sir!
- You better not.
We'll not fail you, sir.
Get the car!
Were there any witnesses?
The lady who called in the crime
claimed to be a girlfriend to one of them.
She was very distraught.
She had to be sedated and go to hospital.
What about her statement?
She admitted that the company
was running a scam.
They produced fake reality TV shows
for their clients,
then they pocketed the money
from the credit cards that they stole.
In this particular case,
he's gone by the name Emmanuel Prince,
otherwise known as the Viper,
unfortunate buggers.
Anderson, I need you to start
an interagency wide search
for an Emmanuel Prince.
He is a person of interest.
Call the Viper.
Let him take over this business.
Not those imbeciles and scallywags
and nincompoops
that are messing up my business.
Okay, boss. Uh, boss.
Should we call the number we left
in the car so they can return the car?
No, no, no.
Because he might be a secret operative,
And he already knows too much. No!
Okay, boss.
And tell the Viper to do everything.
Money is not a problem.
Just go ahead and do it.
Right away.
Well, look what the cat drug in.
Two world-record idiots.
Look, Mr. Viper, yes,
we know you are a hotshot killer,
but don't think
we don't have our uses too.
After all, what happened
was just an honest mistake.
And we are already trying to look
for the car and whoever stole it.
You idiots are very lucky
the chairman likes you.
Or you'd both be dog meat.
Huh? Is this guy from Calabar?
Now I want you to listen very carefully.
'Cause I'm gonna try
to say this very, very slowly
so you idiots will understand.
My way.
But I get shit done.
Now, today's failure has interrupted
the entire operation.
And now I've got to go in
and clean up what you two fucks created.
Mr. Viper...
Where I come from, respect is not fear.
But with all due respect to you,
I know we messed up.
Yeah, we messed up.
But just give us the opportunity
to tidy things up.
After all, I believe in
the God of second chances.
Listen to me. I want you two...
to call me the moment you locate the car.
- I don't like your tone of voice.
- Tell him. Tell him.
You're only a Viper. You're not a vampire.
You know what the problem is?
You idiots think you're special.
But I got news for you, you ain't shit!
And I'm not here for you
to like the sound of my tone.
I'm the only thing that matters.
If you claim you're all that matters,
go and tidy the matter up by yourself.
After all, matter is an agent
that has width and occupies space.
Occupy your space.
Get out of here.
Who is he?
Get out of here!
State your business.
Viper, the thief has been found.
Locate the car, retrieve the package,
and kill him.
Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- Hey. Put it on my tab.
Why thank you, kind sir.
Is this your first time
in a Nigerian restaurant?
You look it.
Emmanuel, Emmanuel Prince.
But you can call me Manny.
My friends call me Manny.
And tonight looks like my lucky night.
- Lucky? Lucky night?
- Yeah.
I've been having a pretty strange day,
with things not going according to plan,
but honestly, meeting you right now
has made up for all of it.
Why's that?
Well, I was playing a game
and the rules were changed.
I hope you're winning.
I always win.
It's nice to know there are still some men
out there with such confidence.
Well, that's the only pride I have left.
Oh, I'm sure you have lots of talent
behind those eyes.
Oh, boy.
This guy has taken everything.
No cash, no nothing.
The money's not there.
Even the tablet's not there.
- That means he's a dead man.
- Confirmed dead man.
So, if I may ask, where are you from?
I'm traveling from the Philippines
on business. Yourself?
- I'm Nigerian. Here on R and R.
- Hmm.
And what is that you're drinking?
Oh, that's a lovely cocktail
that the barman always gives to me.
It's really nice. You should try it.
Oh, no. You enjoy that for the both of us.
I beg of you, please.
Kindly indulge the gentleman.
Wow. That is quite the drink.
- Indeed it is.
- Hmm...
Viper, we searched the car. It's clean.
Clean how?
Viper, he swept so clean, it's like LAWMA
when the governor wants to pass by.
Well, I hope I'm not keeping you
from your date.
There is no date.
Should I get you another glass?
Or you don't mind sharing mine?
You sweep me off my feet.
Here we are.
Thank you for such a lovely night.
I haven't laughed so much
in such a long time.
- Did you see the way he dodged the bullet?
- Shoot him before he leaves.
How could you miss that opportunity?
- Did you see how he dodged those bullets?
- He could see you.
Or did you load it with blanks?
Just leave the tray on the table.
So what you need to ask yourself is...
Do I feel lucky?
Now tell me... Do you?
What gave you the balls
to come into my suite?
You thought you could steal from me
and get away with it?
What you ought to have known is
that no one steals from Agent Viper...
and gets away with it.
Now get on your knees!
And lay down your guns.
I have no reason to keep you alive.
The others will learn to fear me
from your death.
This guy uses magic.
Wow. More guns?
Jeez... I guess they want me
to be overly prepared.
Real guns, too.
How do you use real guns
for a reality show?
These people have problems.
This is unbelievable.
They should've told me.
I would've prepared properly.
Sarah, it's okay. It's Agent Walker.
Sarah, I need to ask you a few questions.
Out of all my 39 boyfriends,
Dwayne was the only one I really loved.
He must have been
a very lucky man.
I used to call him Big Daddy.
I wanted to have his kids.
How are you?
What do you expect?
My boyfriend's just died.
Now I have to update my Facebook status
back to single again.
I'm still thinking
I might see him walking in.
That's his phone ringing.
I don't even want to answer it.
I completely understand.
And I'm very sorry for your loss.
But in order to bring
Dwayne's death to justice,
I need to ask you a few questions.
Can you do that?
Yes. I understand.
I need to ask you a few questions
about Emmanuel Prince.
Do you think that he did this?
To be honest,
he didn't sound like the type.
Even his credit background
came back cleaner than my underwear.
I really don't think he did this.
Do you have any inclination
on who could have done this?
Like I said, I don't know.
The meeting was just to intimidate him
into transferring the funds to us.
And now look at what happened.
You think you know people, and you don't.
I feel so stupid.
Well, if that's all
the information that you have,
thank you for your help, Sarah.
What is going to happen to me now?
If you choose to testify,
then all charges will be dropped.
Then we will take you
under protective custody.
You're not safe on your own, Sarah.
Welcome to the Nigerian High Commission.
How may I direct your call?
Yes, this is Agent Beverly Walker.
I am a special agent
with the ASC criminal unit.
I need to speak to your consular attach,
Mr. Taiwo Olugbenga.
Please stay on the line.
Agent Walker, its been too long.
How are you?
Hello, Taiwo.
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch.
I've been caught up.
Not a problem. I completely understand.
Taiwo, I need your help.
I'm working a double murder case,
and I think a Nigerian national
is at the center of it.
Ah! Okay. What do you need?
Well, based on the information
I have to hand,
I think that he's involved
in something sinister.
I need background information
to be able to clear him.
Send me a certified email
with the details you have.
I will get you the information
as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Agent Walker, I've read through your file.
What's your take on this?
Well, sir, based on my investigation,
Emmanuel Prince is simply a tourist
who was unfortunately scammed
by some small-time criminals.
Their demise was due to a mix-up
with the directions sent to the subject.
And what do you have on the Viper?
I believe Emmanuel has information
regarding the Viper's next mission.
Sarah's statement on Dwayne before he died
mentioned a briefing and the name "James."
What is your recommendation?
Sir, I suggest we come clean with him
and offer him protection
for his cooperation.
I don't think that's a good idea.
We're gonna need him
to fish out the Viper.
I like the sound of that.
We keep him under surveillance and wait
for the Viper to come out of his hole.
So we use him as a bait?
With all due respect, sir,
I don't think that's a good idea.
He could get seriously hurt
and possibly killed.
And that's where you come in, Agent.
It's up to you to keep him alive.
And more importantly,
find out what he knows.
we've been after the Viper a long time.
We may not ever get a better opportunity.
So its settled. Agent Walker,
you have your orders.
I trust you to get this right.
Catching the Viper is the priority.
All the resources of the service
are available to you.
- But, sir, I simply can't...
- Good luck, Agent Walker.
Thank you, sir.
Man, guy, I just got
another message from Viper.
What is it?
He says he has created another window
for us to attack this Manny boy.
- Manny?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
- You guys talking about the same guy?
The guy you guys tried to shoot
that dodged the bullet?
This dangerous guy? Eh?
Man, we are here on a mission.
Let's forget about English.
If you don't know a man,
haven't you at least heard of him?
Do you just feel like dying?
You shot someone and he disappeared,
this dangerous guy,
and you still want to meet him.
Go and die then.
We'll meet at the feet of Jesus.
What are you saying?
Aren't you a street boy?
Street? This is my 10th year
on the streets trying to get my papers.
Somebody that dodged bullets.
You tried to kill somebody.
A dead person, and you want to...
Do you feel like dying?
What is it? What's new about it?
Just because you want to spend some money.
I said you should forget
about all the rubbish and...
Anyone who wants to die
should go ahead and die.
We'll meet at the feet of Jesus.
Myself and my family.
I'm out of this.
I'm not doing this anymore, bro.
- I'm not gonna do this.
- I thought you were tougher than this.
At what!
You're the one who said
you were a street boy.
Street at the feet of Jesus
after we die, yeah?
What will my enemy not do to me?
Start this car, start this car.
This guy's crazy.
Go and die.
Hello, my Nigerian prince.
Hello, my princess.
I hope your day was not so stressful.
My day was hectic.
My bosses gave me
a rather bittersweet assignment.
Want to share?
I was given the task to crack a case
that I have been working on for months.
Oh, that's good news.
I can't see what is bitter about that.
Well, the bitter part is...
I may have to hurt someone
I'm starting to care about in the process.
Now, that's tough. I know I just met you,
but I already trust your judgment.
You will make the right choice.
I believe so.
I hope so.
I'm attracted to you, and I'm not
in the business of denying myself
the simple pleasure of saying the truth.
I really don't know
how to respond to that.
Just say you've heard me
and that you're not busy tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Are you asking me out?
Well, what do you have planned?
It's a surprise,
so dress ready for anything.
Can I pick you up at 10:00?
Uh, all right. 10:00 it is.
Can I have your address?
Would have just showed up,
but the FBI says your file is top secret.
Right, no, I'll send you my location.
How are you?
You look amazing.
You look... smart.
Thank you.
So are you going to tell me
where we're going or do I need to guess?
No. No, not at all.
- Just strap on your seat belt.
- Right here?
And let me take you
on a magic carpet ride.
Thank you.
So this is me.
Yeah. Good night.
Good night.
If you move, I move you.
Oh, my... Jeez! You guys!
I've been expecting you,
like, forever, man!
This whole reality thing
has become like a picnic to me.
What's going on? I've been so bored.
No, bro! That's not the way we see it.
You've been taking us for a ride!
Ah, no, no, no. Come on, guys.
You know what's at stake.
You guys can afford it. Yeah.
Hey! You!
You think we don't know who you are?
My friend, you go in there now
and get us the briefcase, or else!
- Or else what?
- Don't!
Come on, guys. You should've told me
that we've started already.
You know, get me into character.
Okay, fine, fine. Let's do this.
What did you say?
You said you wanted...
How was that? Easy, huh?
Drop your gun!
Drop your gun or I shoot you now!
Give him the gun!
Sorry. Here. Let's do it again.
I'm just getting out of character.
I'm really messing something up.
All right...
Guy! Guy!
Look, we're not joking here!
Put the gun down now!
- Hold your head still.
- James!
Hold your head still.
I hope where you're looking
isn't where you want to shoot.
I told you to bring a machete.
I don't know to use a gun.
James, come on!
Is that part of the script?
Move your head.
Bro, please, move your head.
Okay, okay. This joke is over.
Let me tell you something.
Hand me the gun
or I swear I will shoot him.
I will shoot him. Hand me that gun.
Give me the gun. Hand it over. Now!
- Why'd you give him the gun?
- You'd prefer to die?
- Die?
- Didn't I just save your life?
Hands up, both of you, right now!
This is fun. I'm sorry, okay.
Let me get into character.
All right! Hands up, the two of you.
Hands there, good. Two steps forward.
I want to talk to you now.
Two steps. One more step.
Hands up?
Now, where were we?
- Bro!
- Yeah.
If you are a real man,
drop your gun and let us fight.
- I should drop the gun?
- Tell him.
- I should drop the gun?
- Yes, drop the gun.
Okay. Sure, why not?
- He dropped it! He dropped the gun!
- He dropped the gun!
Where are you guys going?
Look, I hope the director
got all the right angles.
It's very, very important
that he sees me from every angle.
I didn't even show my skills.
Oh, my God, I missed that one... out.
- No, go this way!
- Don't shout at me.
How would I have known?
Did you tell me earlier?
Please, I...
Yes, boss?
Possibility of mission
in progression, yes.
Target in view.
Full dimension, full focus.
I did not say "fuck us."
I said "focus."
Use the bomb already,
but you're over here speaking English.
Use the bomb! Ah!
Wasn't that how we got here?
What are you driving?
Must you open the door?
Are you not used to right-hand drive?
Do you know the effect
opening the door has?
Let's get out of here now!
- I won't reply to you anymore.
- What's wrong with you?
It's not your fault.
That's what happens
when an idiot like you is employed.
It's not your fault.
- Are you sure this guy's still coming?
- Yes, he'll come.
- There he is.
- Excellent, that's him over there.
Your father!
This fine boy is about to rest in RIP.
- Put the code, put the code.
- In pieces.
- Enter code.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What's the code again? 0-0-7, right?
You're asking me?
Don't you have a four-figure table?
Wait, I know.
0-0-7 is James bond.
It's 0-6-1-2. June 12.
Now that I have the code,
he'll explode soon.
It'll explode soon!
Bad guy.
You must think highly of yourself.
In another one hour, he is dead.
- Huh.
- Mmm.
- Let me get you something to drink, hmm?
- Okay.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
Let me add my booster.
- Hmm! Never heard of that.
- Ah. Hey, now.
Never knew that milk and malt
was an aphrodisiac.
- Really?
- No.
Today is going to be back to back,
with every round being a hit.
Sold out shows! Sold out shows!
- Tell me about it.
- Ooh!
You haven't seen anything yet.
- You see this drink right here?
- Mm-hmm.
You see.
- Come here, baby.
- Baby, hmm?
Peak gives you more.
And if I need more,
I add some bitters, baby.
Ah! Bitters is the new sexy, baby.
- Yes.
- Give it to me.
You know my name is K, right?
You know what the K stands for?
Tell me.
Damn, you bad!
- So baby, lemme tell you the truth.
- Kofi...
Who is this... bitch?
- Excuse you?
- Hmm?
Did you just call me a bitch?
Oh, my God.
You fake Brazilian wearing whore
are calling me a bitch?
I'm his fiance.
And who are you?
Snap out of it, baby.
You're in the wrong house.
Yeah! I'm his fiance!
Ah! Hello, Director.
Look, I just want to say this to you guys.
I am totally, totally blown away
by how much your team
actually put eyes to details.
That's amazing.
Wow, that tablet bomb in the car?
That was way over the top.
I'm truly intrigued by all of this.
You know what, you guys must be making
a fortune out of this whole thing.
Kudos to you. Kudos to you.
Big kudos to you, man. Big kudos!
- Manny...
- Yeah?
Can I... Can I ask you something?
Yeah, sure. Anything.
Are you into something dangerous?
Shady business?
No, no, not at all. It's just a game.
Right. Well, that's the third time
you've mentioned something
about being in a game.
What do you mean by that?
All right,
maybe I should let you in on this now.
Yes, please do.
When I came to London, okay,
my friend from Nigeria, Kofi,
he realized that I had no friends
here in London
and thought, "Okay, I've got this thing
on the Internet about a reality show."
And he felt like I should get on it
instead of being idle, sitting idle.
And so I got on it. And I actually paid
to be cast as a spy, you know?
Agent Viper.
But then, instead, the producer made
a mistake and cast me as an assassin.
Right? And, well, there's been a couple
of action scenes, you know, behind,
but the producers
just stay away from the radar.
- No need to embarrass yourself, okay?
- Oh, really?
Just take your things and get out.
Baby, I'm home!
Who's this?
And... who are these ladies?
K, darling, they're your sisters, I guess?
Sisters? Oh, my God. Shoot me.
Hello. I'm his fiance. Who are you?
Please. I am his fiance.
- Hey, shut up.
- Who are you?
What's going on here, baby?
I'll say it in English.
Get out of this house now!
What you guys need to do
is pack your things and get out.
Everybody shut up!
If you don't leave this house...
Shut up! I said shut up.
Yes, baby. Tell them.
And how do you say "hello"?
How are you?
How are you?
What's happening? Are you good?
Something like that.
Is that right?
Where have you been?
- I don't like this...
- No, I'm so sorry.
Why don't you just marry me right now?
- Marry me.
- Kofi?
That's the wrong hair.
No. Baby, it's you!
- Where have you been? Marry me today.
- Kofi...
Wait, where's the ring?
Ah! My one and only darling, look at you!
Oh, let's get married. Wait!
If we want to get married now,
we need a bishop. Here, wait.
- We need a bishop in this place.
- Kofi.
No, you stay. Marry him.
No, you marry him. Marry him!
Will you take Kofi as your husband?
Will you take Kofi...
Let me try some of that.
Ko... Ko... Ko... Ko...
- What?
Hope there's no issue
with your diversification plan, bro?
Shut up!
- Ko-ko.
- What's wrong with you?
I'm gonna kill you!
- So... so...
- I will stab you.
Am I playing with you? Are you crazy?
Well, I think this calls
for an empty toast.
To Kofi.
I don't think we'd be having this picnic
if it weren't for him.
Ah, yeah.
- I wonder what he's up to right now?
- An empty toast to Kofi.
Briefcase in progression
for collection without any commotion.
Tell him.
What's my name, sir?
Shut your mouth and shut up!
That stupid boy is still alive.
Even the simplest thing I tell you to do,
you can't do it.
Even gave him the audacity to call me...
He was telling me that the bomb
you planted for him... It's crap!
I want you to make sure
you go to that hotel room
and take care of it.
Take care of it permanently.
What happened?
The guy called the chairman.
The same guy we just blew up?
This guy uses magic.
I think we need to pull Manny
out of this mission.
He's in way over his head.
I take it you are beginning
to have feelings for this young man.
Your mission remains the same.
But, sir.
A bomb was planted in his car today.
After defusing,
he called the Viper's client to gloat.
He thinks it's some reality show.
Is that so? Maybe I will offer him a job
if he survives this.
Move it.
Stop it! Stop touching him!
- Beverly?
- Manny, they got you too.
What are you doing here?
How... How did you get here?
Manny, listen to me. Just keep calm.
You'll be all right.
We'll get you out of here.
- Romeo and Juliet.
- Stop touching him!
Come on, guys.
So this is the impostor.
You blasted crook.
First you steal my contract,
then you try to steal my money?
Oh, guys... You guys
are taking this too far. Come on.
This reality thing is...
I guess it's coming to an end, yeah?
Actually, yes, you are.
But first, where is the iPad?
Huh? Oh, yeah.
Who are you?
My name is...
Emmanuel. Emmanuel Prince.
What do you do, Emmanuel Prince?
What do I do? Okay.
I am an IT specialist. Okay?
An IT specialist, you see?
But right now, I'm on vacation,
so I'm not available.
If you have an emergency,
you call the office directly, okay?
These guys are well trained.
He's not even going to say anything.
What do we do with him?
We torture him
until he tells us the truth.
And after that, we kill him!
- We kill them both.
- I smile in the face of torture.
You know what? I like this guy.
Make sure you hurt him.
Agent Walker, I hope you enjoy
your last few seconds of existence.
Please, he doesn't know anything!
Just let him go. Let me speak to him.
Be my guest.
Speak all you want. I hope you do.
And I hope you get the answers
that I want,
because I'd sure hate your death
to be really messy.
I'm going to prepare the bomb.
Keep an eye them.
Guys. Guys, please.
- Why are you getting up? What happened?
- Wait.
I'm very thirsty. I swear.
Give me something to drink, please.
He want's to drink.
What do you want to give him?
Do you want to give him alcohol?
- He should join us in drinking.
- With this drug we gave to him?
If he drinks alcohol, he'll die.
He'll die.
- He'll die.
- What do you think?
Quick, untie me.
Why did they call you Agent Walker?
Manny, untie me now.
There's no time.
I'll explain everything later!
Please, just untie me.
We have to go.
Why did they call you Agent Walker?
I'll explain later, Manny.
I am a special agent with the NIS.
I've been trailing the most dangerous
assassins for the past three years.
You went into the car
of the greatest assassin
and starred in the most dangerous
reality show of your life.
And now we have to go.
So you knew all about this...
and you didn't tell me?
So I was supposed to help
further your career, right?
You guys are freaking useless.
State your business.
Yes, the bomb is prepped and ready.
As soon as I receive the coordinates,
I will eliminate the threat
and retrieve your documents.
Sir, yes, your nitwits are here.
The world doesn't need these two fools
making it worse.
I'll be glad to kill them for free.
As you wish, I'll refrain myself
from killing them.
Get up. Get up! Get out of here.
I see you let them go.
Let's go! Let's go! Move! Move!
Help me rub it.
Help me rub it. Help me check.
I am so sorry, my prince.
Please let me explain. It's honestly...
Where are you?
Leave right now. It's too dangerous.
Meet me back at my apartment.
All systems are set.
Let me get this clear.
You want to use yourself as bait
to capture the Viper and the others?
May I ask why?
Well, for too long,
my people have suffered
in the hands of a very few greedy men,
who feel owning fat foreign bank accounts
is better than the welfare of the people
and the development of the country.
And because of this,
I signed up to be a spy,
to protect my country from these threats.
But you are not a real spy.
It is true that I am not a real spy, sir.
But I am a real Nigerian.
Can we proceed?
Anderson, I'd like you
to lead this operation.
Yes, hello.
I guess I have not told you
that I am a complete street boy.
My friends call me Ugiagbe.
You know why?
Because I am a survivor. I never die.
Now, where's the money?
Or do you want me
to contact the authorities?
No. Your money is ready.
What happened was just unfortunate.
I never gave them that order.
I never did.
This time it's gonna be on my turf.
Okay. Where and when?
Good. Let's meet at the same warehouse
where we were held captive in one hour.
And... just myself and your boys.
I got a lock on his location.
Send it to the Nigerian High Commission.
Can I ask you something?
We just have an hour to go.
- Hands out and away from you.
- Stay there.
Bring the iPad.
Bring the iPad!
- You think we don't know you?
- Are you blind?
Bring the iPad, now!
Acting like Bruce Lee's cousin.
- Don't leave that place.
- Stay there.
- Stretch your arms.
- Stretch it.
- Cover it. Cover your face.
- Cover your face.
- Cover your face.
- Cover your face!
I'll stone you with my shoe.
I don't have a gun. Are you crazy?
Move it, move it...
- I'll push you.
- Walk with your leg.
You know,
I have been planning to get you.
Thank you so much for your attention.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
I am very happy and very proud
to have you all with me
as we unveil the Green Light project
to the world.
What happened?
Walk out.
You have been blabbing your mouth.
This is you now.
- You're laughing.
- Who's laughing with you?
Okay. I need water to drink
or something else to to drink
while we wait.
See this guy?
You know what, I am really surprised
that you would be so stupid.
Maybe I gave you too much credit.
But then again, anybody is smarter
than these two cretins.
Look, I want to use this medium
to tell you that...
whatever it is you guys are planning
is going to, like,
destroy millions of lives.
Use your human side,
if you have any left, call it off.
You know, my heart bleeds.
But... I always complete my mission.
It's a reputation thing.
This is what you came for, right? Hmm?
For so many years,
foreign media has put my country,
or will I say, reported my country
in a negative light.
And this has put me
in a very compromising situation,
because I have to go
and tell my friends and colleagues
that that's not the way it is.
But today, I stand proud.
Proud because the news pulsating
in the media is a positive one indeed.
That one Nigerian, one young Nigerian,
has developed an invention
that will change the world for the better.
- Wow!
- That's great.
Where's my money?
Because I always complete my mission too.
Are you delusional?
Are you delusional?
We've got the tablet, we've got you.
You're gonna die.
Okay, well, ladies and gentlemen,
with no further ado...
Thank you so much.
Here you go. Thank you so much.
Ladies and gentlemen,
with no further ado...
Can you put it up?
'Cause this is a very, very proud moment.
I present to you,
unlimited power supply.
That's odd.
You fell right into my trap,
and I came to collect.
Some trap.
You're getting your ass whupped.
It's a hell of a trap.
You know what, it don't really matter,
'cause you're gonna be dead
in a few minutes anyway.
So... you're not so smart after all.
Why do you look like
you ain't worried about it?
Doesn't it just bother you
in the least bit...
- Hmm?
- What am I bothered about?
You're not curious?
I ain't curious about shit.
What could I be curious about?
What is there to be curious about?
How I'm gonna kill you?
That's the only thing
I'm curious about, right?
You're not curious to know
who the real Viper is?
You're not even a Viper!
I'm the real Viper!
This guy!
- Why don't we find out?
- Don't you want to know?
Don't you want to know?
Let's find out.
You're gonna die a painful death, boy.
Stand him up.
What a wiper of Viper.
Holy Matthias! Oh!
Who kicked me?
He kicked you. Him.
- Damn. How many legs you got?
- What?
Goddamn, you hit high.
Maybe you are Viper.
But you're a dead viper.
We only got room for one, baby.
- Mother of God!
- Huh?
You're out of date.
Hands up! Hands up! Hands up!
Step back. Step back!
This ain't over.
You can believe that!
Who snitched?
I'm dead. This is how I end up.
- What did we do?
- Come on!
You're too fresh for all this.
Who snitched?
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I have to go defuse the bomb.
Manny. Manny! Where are you going? Manny!
Something is going wrong.
That's... odd.
- Stop! There's a bomb in there! Wait!
- Stop!
Everybody get down, there's a bomb!
Check under the laptop.
There's a bomb there.
- There's a bomb under the laptop.
- Stop! Let him go.
- Are you all right?
- Oh, yeah.
It's what I was trying... to tell you.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
But I can accept the apologies
the other way.
Good work, Agents.
I'll be sending a letter of recommendation
to the Nigerian High Commission.
You are a national hero.
Thank you very much, sir.
The Nigerian cartel have been rounded up
based on the evidence you provided.
The Viper will be tried and hopefully
will never see the light of day again.
That's very good news to my ears, sir.
I must admit, but...
Do you mind?
Carry on.
In a statement to the press,
the president's special assistant on media
said Emmanuel Prince Okoye
is a true Nigerian hero
and deserves to be honored.
And in sports, NFL has actually courted
all players to see how they can make...