The Actor (2024) Movie Script

- No way.
Come on.
I know where you're goin'.
- Gimme the money.
- Money? What money?
- Don't make me
kill you.
- I don't
know what you're talking about.
- Don't play
games with me.
Give it over, now.
- I can't
give you what I don't have.
- Hey, please don't lie.
I really hate it when
people lie to me.
I'm gonna keep this real simple.
You have what belongs to me.
You know the amount.
I want every dollar,
every last one.
I'm sure it's in this room,
so you can show me right now
where it is,
and I'm outta here.
I'm gone.
Or I can land this hatchet
in your skull
and I'll find it myself.
Both ways get me what
I'm here for.
You have three seconds.
- Johnny, listen, man-
- One-
- Come on.
Stop, please.
I'm telling you, it's not here.
- Two.
- No, okay, no.
Listen man, listen,
just relax, okay?
I'm not lying to you.
It's not here, but I
promise I know where it is.
- All of a sudden you seem
to know
what I'm talking about.
- Yeah.
Yeah, man.
It's just not here is all.
- Three.
- Johnny, wait.
- Bullseye, I guess.
- Great job, Hunter.
Always so well prepared.
Thank you.
- Sorry, I had to throw
a hatchet at you.
- You did throw it at me,
didn't you?
- It's really fun for an actor
just being a little kid,
running around and playing
and then growing up and being
an adult and still getting
to do it.
It's really awesome, so-
- Yes, it is.
As prepared as you are,
you seem to have missed quite
a few important words here
in the scene.
- Oh.
Oh no, which part?
- Oh, let's see.
"Give me the fucking money,"
then "Johnny, listen man,"
then, "Don't make me
fucking kill you."
Did you miss some of the fucks
in there?
- Yeah, well, I thought
it's usually overused and
it often shows
a lack of intelligence
in the writing.
And this guy, Johnny, I mean,
he really sets the whole
story in motion here.
So, I read the whole script
and I chose to keep him really
intelligent, very sharp.
So, I thought maybe the scene
might be more powerful without
just so many constant
F-bombs in there.
- I see.
Okay, so your choices
were intentional then?
- Oh, yes, Ma'am.
- Okay.
All right.
Let's see.
I'd like to try something,
and this time I want you
to do the scene again,
and I want you to leave
the fucks in.
I mean,
you are totally free here.
I want you to really just
let me have it, okay?
I wanna see that you would
really kill
someone over this money.
I mean, he tried to kill
you earlier in the script.
He stole from you, okay?
This is page 107.
You are desperate in this
act, okay?
Say the words.
You mean business.
You're not fucking around.
It's all in the writing.
I mean, we have to trust
that the writer wrote
every word intentionally
as well, don't we? I mean,
you're throwing a hatchet
into someone's head here.
So, can you do that, hm?
- Okay.
Okay, yeah.
Let's try it.
Thank you, thank you.
- Okay.
Whenever you're ready.
- Okay.
- Give me the effin' money.
- Money? What money.
- Don't make me effing kill you.
I'll do it.
- Okay, is the language
offensive to you?
You seem to be holding back.
I don't want you to have
to do anything that you're
not comfortable with.
- No.
No, it's not that it's
I just,
it just seems too sort of-
- I mean, you do swear in
everyday life, don't you?
I mean, we all do.
We're just people.
We all say fuck, right?
It's a natural thing.
- Yeah.
I have,
but I do try not to out of
just respect for others.
I do try not to talk like that.
- I see.
Are you religious?
- Am I religious?
- Oh, you are
a sweetheart, Hunter,
and I wish, I wish there were
more men out there like you,
but I think maybe this might
not be the right role for you.
I mean, this character, Johnny,
he's really got some kind
of edge to him,
you know what I mean?
I think that might be a
little outside of your box,
but thank you so much for coming
in today,
and the director will look
at your tape.
- Okay.
Well, I mean, maybe I can
do something different.
I could go darker with him.
- No, I think what we got
what we need.
Thank you.
- Okay, okay, well, thank you.
Yeah, it's a great script
and I would love to
work with this director.
It's really fun.
- Good.
I'm glad.
Acting is fun.
Thanks so much.
- Okay, thanks.
- This guy.
Hey, how'd it go in there?
They have you do both scenes?
- Cal?
- Oh, that's me.
Good luck, brother.
- Same to you.
- Hey, Cal.
- Hey.
Whenever you're ready.
- Okay.
Gimme the fucking money!
- Money?
What money?
- Don't make me
fucking kill you!
- I don't
know what you're talking about.
- Don't you play
games with me!
You give it over, now!
- Man, worst
squat form I ever seen.
- Oh, man, you are
always gettin' that, huh?
- Nissan boy.
- Oh my gosh,
is that thing electric, man?
- Ah, I can't quite
afford the upgrade yet.
- Well, bro,
why don't you drop that thing
and lease somethin' nice, man?
No gas, no fumes, clean.
- Ah, I kinda like burnin'
- Ah, you gotta have like
a CD player
or 8-track player or
somethin', man.
- CD.
- Hey, what up?
You here till close?
- Oh, you know it.
Gotta resign tonight. Need it.
- Well, your six called in.
Catherine, I think?
- No, are you serious?
- Hey, don't blame me.
So she won't be here,
but your five is here
early warming up.
That's Joanne, right?
Over there.
- That's Joanne.
- Have fun.
- Yeah.
All right, here we go.
- Yeah, oh yeah, right there.
Oh yeah, yeah, right there.
Really push hard.
You can't hurt these glutes.
They're a couple pancakes now.
Real double stack, you know?
And this area right here,
it's really just mesh lining,
so I can't feel a thing,
so really get in there.
Really good.
Use your whole body.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh, that's so good.
Good stretch.
- Okay.
Yeah ,
I think that's good.
- Other side?
- No, I think you're
good for tonight, Joanne.
Cliffhanger me.
- Woo!
All right, I need to
get one of you at home.
- You did really great
today, Joanne.
It was a great workout.
- Aw, thanks.
You did great too, Hunter.
You're a great trainer.
Best I ever had.
And so cute, too.
I mean,
look at that little face.
- Well, I'll thank my
parents for ya.
- You're funny,
that's funny.
You ought to be on TV.
Someone's gotta scoop you up.
- I'm tryin'.
- Aw.
- And just gentle reminder,
this does bring us to
our last paid session
so if you didn't mind
ringing up today
for the next round,
that'd be great.
- Oh, I forgot to tell you,
I'm leaving for a cruise
for two weeks tomorrow,
but I'll be fine.
We'll just do when I get back.
It'll be fine.
But I will probably need
a couple days
afterwards for recovery.
It's gonna be one of
those cruises I think,
if you know what I mean.
And I think you do.
So, it'll probably be more like
three weeks instead of two,
but they do have a gym on board,
so I promise I will get
my cardio in
and those walkout
pushups you love so much.
But if you wanna text me
some workouts you can,
but I'll be fine.
Really, I'll be just fine.
- Okay, well you'll definitely
be missed.
- Aw.
- And have a great time.
I'll be waiting for you when
you get back.
- I know you will.
Okay, bye hun.
You know, you really ought
to think about growing your
hair out long.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Get outta here already.
- Nice view.
- It's pretty crazy.
- She bangin', huh?
- What?
- Elliptical machine,
third one in.
She just booked a big pilot,
I got dibs.
- Maybe she doesn't need
a trainer.
- I'm making a
declaration here, okay?
This is yours.
- No, I'm at the gym.
Yeah, no really.
I just had the greatest-
- And mine you leave alone.
- All right, no problem.
- Yo, y'all good?
- Yeah, man.
Yeah, I'm all good.
- What?
- I didn't say anything.
- Did you see anyone
outside walking around?
- Did I see anyone outside
walking around
or just some other humans?
- You know what I mean, Hunter.
Anything out of sorts?
Did you see anyone downstairs?
- You know, there's no
smoking inside the building.
- Nobody cares.
- Everything okay?
- No, it's not.
Now, did you see anyone
snooping around downstairs?
- No, no, not that I noticed.
- What's that bag?
- It's my work bag,
I'm a trainer.
- I thought you were an actor?
- I am.
- Would you be willing to
hold onto something for me?
- What do you mean?
- Clothing items that my
husband might be looking for.
Just some sentimental jewelry
and dresses and shoes.
Things that mean a great
deal to me.
- Oh, I thought you were
- Well, not officially.
Real greedy bastard.
You know, he's trying to say
that I had a separate
bank account
while we were married
and that...
I just wanna have a few
of my personal items away
in case he shows up
without my attorney present
and just wants to take
everything because they would.
They would cease everything
and that will crush me.
- I don't know.
You know, Regina, maybe I
just shouldn't get involved.
- Don't worry about it, darling.
- Uh...
- It's nothing.
You know, you were just always
a nice guy and I just
thought you'd be willing
to store some of my stuff,
you know?
While I'm trying to prove
that it's mine,
straighten things out
the right way.
Just trying to get my
life on track, you know?
- Fine.
- Really?
- It's fine, it's fine,
it's fine, it's fine.
Go grab whatever you need.
Do you need some help?
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
I've got it packed up nicely.
You just, you are my savior.
You are my personal
Jesus Christ.
- Oh, don't think so.
There's only one of him.
- Mm!
Look at this face!
I am gonna make some phone
calls for you.
You belong on screen.
- Hm.
Now, I need you to keep
this in a safe space.
I have a meeting with my
attorney in the morning.
I'm gonna need some
some clothes and jewelry
from that
so I can prove that it's mine.
So, perhaps you could
just keep it right there
on the inside of the door
and that way it'd be
easier for me
to pick up if you're not here.
That's great.
Thank you.
You're a doll.
- Uh, nice talking to you.
- What's up?
Dude, I'm just playing with you.
Hey, you want in on this?
Oh no, you didn't you
little bastard.
- Crossing.
- Well,
hello, movie star.
What you doin'?
- Oh, just havin' dinner.
- How did
your audition go today?
Did you get it?
- I wouldn't know right
away, Mom, you know that.
- I know, I know.
I could never do what
you do, but it went good.
Of course it did.
You are so good.
Don't these Hollywood
people just know
how lucky they'd be to have you?
- I don't think so.
- Well,
you did your "CSI."
Didn't they see that?
You were good, Hunter.
They are missing out.
- Well,
I agree with you.
Thanks, Mom.
- Too bad you
can't just write 'em a letter,
let 'em know how hard
you've worked.
- Write who a letter?
- Well, you know,
the people that control the
shows, the camera people.
- That's not how it works.
I audition, I go into the room,
I leave,
the next guy goes in, that's it.
If I get it, I get it.
- So you
just forget the lines
that you've worked so hard
to memorize for these people?
That's not fair.
They should pay you to
audition for them.
- Mom, I love you.
I gotta go.
- Okay.
Well, is Tom there?
How's he doing?
Did he audition today, too?
- He's doing really great,
He's got his YouTube channel,
so no, he's really killing it.
- That's great.
Maybe he can help you do
something with your acting.
Sounds like he's got
something figured
out with that YouTube.
- Yeah, well, I'll ask him.
- You're
a great actor, Hunter.
You could play any part.
You just keep showing
'em how good you are.
You keep doing the right thing.
That's what's most important.
- I will, I know.
I love you, Mom.
Tell Dad I miss him
and love him too, okay?
- Okay, honey.
We love you.
- All right, bye Mom.
- Dude, dude,
check this shit out.
These guys are paying me $13,000
to post videos of me playing
- What?
- Sick, right?
Dude, dude, it's hilarious.
Either you're a crew member
and you're trying to enjoy
your little bean life,
or you're an imposter and
you're trying
to run around and kill
all the little bean people
before they can figure out
you're not who you're
saying you are.
Dude, it is rad!
- So wait, this is a video
game like "Call of Duty?"
- Dude, no, no.
It's nothing like that.
It's not so much like shooting,
you know,
it's more undercover and
you're running
around slicing off their heads,
so it's watered down for
kids, like little kids.
- Wow,
so how many videos?
- Three a week, 15 minutes each.
But I can post whenever I want,
so I will be posting next
Oh, and there's a tournament
this weekend.
Top prize is like a
million bucks or some shit.
- What?
- I know.
I am going to get paid!
you should come with me.
No, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just come right up to
the tournament with me
and you can sit and
watch me play.
Hey, and you might even
meet some hot chicks
who are into gaming.
- Hot chicks into gaming?
- Dude, there's nothing
better than that.
Oh, gimme your phone.
I am going to put that
Find My Phone shit on here
so you can just come
to the arena
and find wherever they
stage me.
Yeah, there'll be like
a sea of people there
so you can just find
my location.
Dude, it'll be rad.
Like, if I win a million
that's rent forever.
- Right.
- And there you go, all set.
Hey, you good?
- Yeah.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
how'd your audition go?
That was today, right?
- I mean-
- Did you rock it?
- Well, it went well.
I don't know, man, I don't know.
How do you ever know?
I don't know.
- Oh dude, you rocked it.
Hell yeah, you did.
You kicked that audition's
Dude, I know you.
You're like the best
actor I know,
crushing rooms and shit.
Like, here's Jack Black
and then here's you,
like right underneath him.
- That's great.
Thanks, man.
I appreciate that.
- Of course,
and I'm gonna take your
pudding too,
if you don't mind.
- Okay.
Very healthy.
Gimme the fucking money.
Gimme the fucking money.
Gimme the fuckin' money,
you bastard,
or I'll fuckin', I'll kill ya.
Are you kidding me, Regina?
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey, wake up.
- 911, please hold.
- Hello, this is an emergency.
- This is 911.
Please state your emergency.
- I need, I need help.
I need an ambulance.
I found somebody dead.
I need somebody right away.
- What's
your name, Sir?
- Hunter.
It's Hunter.
- Are you
yourself in any danger, Hunter?
- No.
No, I don't know.
- Are you
related to the victim?
- No, no, she's my neighbor.
She, I heard some loud music.
I heard some, I heard noises
I went over to check out
and I just found her,
I found her.
I just, I found her.
I think she's dead, all right?
I don't know what happened.
- Okay,
stay calm, Hunter.
Are you sure the victim is dead?
- Yes.
I have your address
as 12100 Valley Spring
Lane in Studio City.
Is that correct, Hunter?
- Yes.
- Do you
have a unit number for me?
- It's 210.
It's 212, apartment,
it's apartment 212.
- Sir,
when was the last time
you saw Regina Mayweather?
- Regina Mayweather?
- That's her name, Tom.
She's our neighbor.
- Oh, shit.
I always just called her 212.
- Mm.
- Her last name was
Mayweather, huh?
Oh, well, I never see her.
Oh, I did see her at Christmas
one time.
- I saw her a little earlier
tonight around nine p.m.
- Her place is pretty torn
up in there.
Somebody was after something.
Either of you know anything
about that?
- No clue.
- No, Sir.
- What were you doing when
you saw Ms. Mayweather?
- Just comin' home from work.
- And what was she doin'?
- Just, I don't know,
she was smoking.
She was worried about something.
Worried about her
husband coming.
- Her husband?
According to our records,
Ms. Mayweather's been widowed
for the past 15 years.
Matter of fact,
I believe her husband died
in a head on collision.
Doesn't look like she
ever remarried either.
Are you sure she mentioned
her husband?
- Yeah, yes.
She said she was worried
about her husband
and his lawyer coming over
and she wanted to give me, uh...
- Well, thanks for calling.
We'll be in touch if we need
to talk to either
of you further.
How about you guys go back
inside, get some rest.
Make sure you stay in LA.
We'll come get you if
we need anything else.
- I'm goin' in, man.
- Yeah, me too.
- Damn, dude.
This is crazy.
Like, real murder or somethin'.
- Well, I just talked
to her, man.
I just saw her.
She gave me some clothes
and some jewelry to hang onto.
- That's some nice luggage, bro.
She gave you jewelry?
- Well, yeah, just to hang onto.
I mean, she was afraid
of her husband claiming it
or something.
- Did you open the suitcase?
- Nah.
- What?
Dude, come on, let's open it.
Who knows what's in there?
- No, dude, I was just gonna
give it to the cops, man.
I mean, it's not really-
- Bro, would you stop?
It's yours.
She's dead.
Whatever is in that bag is yours
and I'm going to open it.
- No, don't open...
Bro, I'm serious, don't.
- Shit, this is heavy.
- Hey, Tom, I'm serious.
Dude, no.
Let's just give it to
the cops, okay?
That's the right thing.
They'll know what to do with it.
Bro, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Bro, let's just give it
to the cops, all right?
They'll know what to do with it.
- No way!
They'll just take whatever's
in here and sell it or
I mean, it's not gonna
bring 212 back to life.
The only people that
know about her
are you and me.
This is yours.
It is in your possession.
The right thing for you to do
would be for you to keep it.
I mean, she gave this to you
for a reason
and you're the one that
always says,
"Everything happens
for a reason."
- Okay, let's open it.
- Yes!
It's locked.
She give you a key?
- Really?
No, no, no key.
We just need to leave it, man.
There's no way we're
gonna be able to get...
Whoa, dude.
Hey, hey, would you stop it?
That's crazy loud.
Oh my God.
- You open it, bro.
- This is ridiculous, man.
See, it's just clothes.
- I told you.
I told you, I told you,
I told you!
Holy shit.
- No way.
- Yes way, bro, yes
way, bro, yes way, bro!
- Shh, would you quiet down?
- Yes way, bro!
- Dude, this is what
they were looking for.
- Who?
- Dear Lord, Tom, the killers.
Whoever killed Regina
and tore apart her place
was looking for this,
they had to be.
- Well, obviously they
didn't find it,
so why would they kill her?
- I don't know, maybe
'cause they didn't find it.
- Dude, this is crazy.
This is like a movie.
I mean, this is destiny, bro.
This doesn't happen to
real people.
- Listen, we can't
freaking keep this, Tom.
- You're right, we can't.
But you can and you should.
You deserve it.
Listen, I know you're having
a hard time,
but 212 gave this to you.
She wanted you to have it,
and now it's yours,
fair and square,
but I am keeping this one.
- Jeez.
Dude, we're not gonna
keep it, okay?
Let's just, let's just not
do anything, all right?
I just, I need to think.
- Dude, screw that.
- No, let's chill, okay?
- Just take it and get
in your car and drive.
I mean, you can go
anywhere you want to go.
Do anything you want to do.
I mean, bro,
I think you need this.
It's time for a change.
- It was past five a.m., man.
I have to be at work at
six today.
- You just found a suitcase
full of cash.
You don't have to go
anywhere at six a.m. ever
again if you don't want to.
- Let's just not do anything
different, all right?
Let's just wait.
I'm just gonna train my
sessions, okay?
And then I'm gonna
figure it out.
And I still think we should
turn it in.
- "Still think we should
turn it in."
- Hey, don't wear that.
Don't be stupid's what
I'm sayin'.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
Say, I think we got the wrong
We're not from the area and
we're supposed
to be picking up a friend
at 1200 Valley Spring Lane.
- This is 12 100
Valley Spring Lane.
Wrong address.
- See, I told you.
Hey, thanks buddy.
Hey, say,
what's with the police tape?
Somethin' happen here?
- Yeah, there was a
murder here last night.
- A murder, right here?
- Yeah.
So you guys goin' on a trip
or somethin'?
- Oh yeah ,
ski trip, ski trip.
Pickin' up a friend.
- Hm.
- You headin' out?
- Yeah, yeah, you know,
gotta work.
- Yeah, gotta pay the bills.
- Hm.
- We'll head out with ya.
- Great.
- After you.
A murder?
That's gotta be frightening.
- So, is that a ski mask?
I didn't know you could
ski this time of year.
- Oh yeah, yeah, all year round.
Great supplemental
snow makers up
in the mountains,
in Mammoth too.
It's beautiful up there.
They do,
really do a fantastic job.
We're trying to get an
early start.
Want to get up there with
some day left.
- Huh, I'll have to check it
out sometime.
- Yeah, yeah, you should.
You definitely should.
Hey, what'd you say your
name was again?
- It's Hunter.
- Hunter.
I'm glad we met someone
so helpful
this early in the morning.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no problem.
You guys have a nice trip.
- You had to wear
the mask, spook some rando.
- Now he's
seen your face.
- Let's get back in there
before anyone else does.
Let's go.
- Yo, that's it.
That's it, grab it!
I like that little extra
push there, bro.
Makin' me lock out before
takin' the bar, that's hardcore.
- You're lookin' really
great, man.
- Yeah, I gotta drop
water weight.
I just booked this role,
total badass.
- Yeah?
- We start shootin' next week.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I got a couple scenes
with my shirt off and shit,
so I gotta go Wolverine mode.
- Wow, dude, that's rad.
What's the role?
- He's this debt collector
dude named Johnny.
Super edgy character,
but he doesn't like use a gun
or anything.
He straight up just
uses whatever
he can find to threaten people.
Like there's this one scene
where he kills some woman
with an iron.
- Huh.
- This other one this crazy one,
throws a hatchet at some
dude straight into his face.
Yeah, it's really good writing.
- Wow.
That's great, man.
I'm really proud of ya.
- Yeah.
And it pays a shit ton, dude.
Like I'm only shootin' 10
days and I'm makin' bank.
- Hm.
- I'm probably gonna buy a
house with my girlfriend.
I'll for sure be able to keep
goin' for some more sessions.
Yeah, I'm gonna need
you to keep me in shape.
I'm bookin' everything
the rest of the year.
I got a good feelin'.
- Ken, I'll be right back.
I gotta use the restroom
real quick.
- Oh dude, you left me hangin'.
- Hey bro,
you mind grabbin' me a towel?
Yo, my guy, can you hear me?
- Yeah, no problem.
- Hunter?
Dude, what are you doing?
- Wait, where are you goin'?
Are you comin' back?
- Tom?
- It's not here.
You know, you're freakin'
me out with that thing on.
- If it's
not here, then where?
- He's got it.
Guy next door.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on there, Predator.
Lemme call it in first.
Get your gear ready.
Yeah, I might have a new
reservation for dinner tonight.
I'm gonna talk to the manager
right now.
That's right.
There might be a short wait,
but we'll have to
check in first.
Let's say five.
Okay, you know the address.
- You all set
here, hun?
- Yeah, I am.
Thank you.
- Are you an actor?
- What?
- Yeah, you are.
I knew it.
I saw you on "CSI" last night.
You were really good.
- That's great.
Oh, I'm glad you saw it.
Yeah, I mean,
it was a great opportunity.
I got to work-
- Well,
I didn't get to see
the whole thing.
I was at a "Masked Singer"
viewin' party.
It was so fun.
But I saw a preview for like
crime shows
and you were definitely on that.
- Huh.
Well, you know, I was actually
on "The Masked Singer"
last night too.
- Oh my God, you were?
No you weren't.
Which one?
Were you the rooster guy
with the cape and
the twirlin' pizzas?
That is so awesome
they didn't guess you.
- Nope, I fooled 'em.
- This is so cool.
I'm an actress too, so we
have the same profession.
You got any tips?
I'm meetin' with this
manager guy today.
He wants to send me out
on auditions.
- That's cool.
Is he with an agency?
- I'm not sure, but he's
repped some big people
and he's done a lot
of commercial work,
so he knows the business
really well.
Mm hm.
- Huh.
Where are you meetin' him?
- He gave me his home address,
but I guess he works from home
so his office is like
there, too.
Is that a little weird?
- Hm, the you meetin'
him at his home part is.
- It is?
- Yeah.
Don't do it.
- But I wanna start working.
I need to go out for stuff.
- Well, if he's legit, he'll
meet you in a public place
and he'll respect you for
asking him to do that.
If not, move on.
Oh, hey, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to say-
- No, no, you're right.
I'm so stupid.
Maybe I just can't do
this anymore.
- What, acting?
- I'm not acting.
I'm pretending to be a
waitress at a Hollywood diner.
It's the best performance
in my life.
I miss my home.
I miss my parents.
I thought I could be the next
Meryl Streep or Viola Davis.
Really good, real, you know?
- Yeah, yeah I do know.
And look, I mean, this
seems pretty real right now.
Where's home?
- Texas.
My dad has horses there,
lots of land.
I always felt so peaceful there.
It's really nice.
And it rains there.
I miss the rain.
Seems so silly, I can't even
afford to pay my rent here.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to bother you.
- Oh, you are not bothering me.
I understand.
- Miss?
- Oh, thanks.
I have to go.
Thank you for listening.
Good luck on
"The Masked Singer."
I hope you win.
- Okay.
- Good morning.
I didn't wake you, did I?
- No, no, man, I'm good.
What's up?
- I'm a friend of Hunter's.
Does he live here?
- No.
No, I'm sorry man.
I don't know a Hunter.
- Really?
I could have swore he said
apartment 210.
He told me about the
murder across the hall.
That's some really
scary stuff.
I just wanted to stop by
and make sure he was okay.
- I'm sorry, man,
wrong apartment.
- What's your name, son?
- What are you doing?
I told you you're at
the wrong place.
- Okay.
Let's try this again.
- Well, hey-
- What's your name, son?
- What the hell are
you doing?
It's Tom.
- Good, Tom, easy one.
Let's have you take a seat, Tom.
Go ahead.
Good boy, Tom.
Go ahead and set up.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't need to do this, guys.
This is crazy.
- Now, as you can see, Tom,
we're looking for somethin'.
Did you or Hunter happen
to find anything next door?
Anyone give you guys
anything to hold onto?
- I don't know what
you're talking about, man.
This is bullshit!
- "Tom, I'm taking your advice
and not starting work
at six a.m. ever again.
Moving on.
Thanks for everything.
I'll call ya.
What a nice roommate you
have, Tom.
Had you seen this yet?
Had you seen this yet, Tom?
I'm asking you a question.
What are ya, a fuckin' new liar?
Look at this kid.
He's cryin'.
- Hey, found this, empty.
No cash.
Also found these.
- Whoa.
Now that,
that is one good looking guy.
He does look better in person,
There's definitely better
headshot photographers
in LA isn't there?
Is this yours?
No passcode on this thing?
Tom, you gotta get a passcode.
Smile for the camera.
Well, it's been fun
hangin' out with you, Tom.
ultimately disappointing.
We have to follow the money.
You see, there's some very
upset people lookin' for it
and quite frankly,
they're just not as nice
as me and my friends.
So you see,
my actions are more outta
my necessity for survival.
You can understand that.
- No, I, yeah, I get it.
I'm sorry, man.
I wish I could help you.
- Hm.
- You wouldn't happen to know
where Hunter's headed,
would you?
- I didn't know about
the money, man!
He didn't tell me where
he was going!
He didn't tell me anything!
- Well, a minute ago you didn't
even know who Hunter was.
And I get it.
I mean , you're
lookin' out for your friend.
Good on you, Tom.
one lie is a liar you make.
Wrap him.
He's a screamer.
- No, no, no, no, please stop!
No, no, no, no, no!
Stop, stop, please.
- Stand still.
- No, please, please.
- Hold still.
- No!
- How are you?
All right, brilliant.
Oh, my apologies.
Hope you weren't waitin' long.
God, hey!
Look, just take it easy
okay, please?
I don't have much, you can
have anything you want!
- Take off your clothes.
- Look, this isn't necessary.
I'm a man of God and what I know
is he wants more for you,
you don't have to do this.
- This is for you.
I need your clothes
and your car.
You can have mine.
Wherever you're going,
take my car,
turn around and go the other
way and the money's yours.
Here's the keys.
- That's a lot of...
How much is it?
- Are you gonna do it
or do I have
to take it from you?
- Yes, okay, okay, okay.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Oh, hey there, gents.
Long morning on the road, eh?
Feels good to freshen up a bit.
Well, good seeing you then.
- Come on.
- Wait, here take it.
No, please, no please, stop, no!
No, I didn't do anything,
Okay, okay, okay.
Somebody help me, please.
- You don't wanna do that.
- God, please!
Look, this isn't my car.
Oh, God, I've been robbed.
- Where's the rest
of the money?
- What money?
I gave you the money.
There was a man, a young man.
He shoved me into the
bathroom and he took my keys,
he took my car, he robbed me.
I'm just as upset as you
are, please.
- Where's
the fucking money?
- I don't have any money,
- Wait a minute.
It's not him.
- Texas.
- Welcome.
Thank you for joining is
this Saturday afternoon
for a very special
worship service
and what I know will
be a very warm welcome
for our anointed special guest
who made his way all the
way here from England
to be a part of our
church family.
Now, some of you may be familiar
with Pastor William's Podcast
in the UK.
He'll be out here to greet you,
and he'll have a very
special message next week,
Sunday morning.
So please, please,
everyone take a few minutes
to greet one another
in the name of Jesus.
- I think I see him.
Yeah, yep, yep, that's him.
Well, of course I'm sure.
Yeah, I'll bring him right down.
Well, the Lord is never
in a hurry,
but He is always right on time.
I was beginning to worry
about you, Mr. Turpin.
But here ya are,
right on schedule.
Are you excited for your
big greetin'?
- Yes, I am, thank you.
I really appreciate it.
I see from your name tag
your name is Cynthia.
It's nice to meet you.
- Pastor, you're in Texas now.
This here is a huggin' church.
Come here, come here.
- Oh , okay.
- Oh, and you can call me Cindy.
- Oh.
- Ah.
Oh, the Rolands are gonna
love havin' you.
Have you gotten a chance
to meet them in person yet?
- The Rolands?
No I haven't.
- You know,
you're an awful lot bigger
than you look on TV.
Pastors, they just look so tiny
up there on that big screen.
And I didn't know that you
wore glasses.
I think it's a good look.
And what happened to
your accent?
- Oh, I was just trying
a nice southern draw,
you know,
to try to fit in and alas,
it's just not me.
- Oh, there it is.
I just love that accent.
And it sure will be
a different thing
for the people here at
First Christian.
Well, come on now, we've
gotta get you back there
for your big introduction.
Don't wanna waste any time.
Oh, here,
let me take your bag for ya.
- No!
- My goodness, I'm sorry.
- I mean, no, thank you.
In London,
we handle our own luggage.
I've got it.
Thank you.
- Oh, I understand.
You're in a different place.
You must have the whole
world in that bag, huh?
Well, come on.
We gotta get you back there.
Pastor Rob is waitin' for ya.
Just right through that door.
Are you sure you don't
wanna set that bag down?
I can take care of it for ya.
- No, thank you, I've got it.
- All right, well there you go.
- That door there?
- Oh yeah, people are waitin'
for ya just beyond the door.
- Onto a stage?
- Onto a stage.
Oh, they ain't gonna bite
- Oh , are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm positive.
- Let's give a First
Christian Church welcome
to Pastor William Turpin.
- Oh, okay.
All right.
Well, hello there, all the
way from across the pond.
Hope I got that expression
I just wanna say I'm
honored to be here
and thank you so much, Pastor,
for lettin' me be here.
- It is our privilege.
Please let me give you a
hand with that bag there.
- Oh, no!
I mean, no,
it's part of my greeting.
It's heavy.
It's heavy, isn't it?
That weight that's just
weighing you down,
sittin' on your shoulders.
The luggage that you've
been totin' around,
totin' about to and fro.
That phone call that you
haven't made,
that maybe you just should have.
So, I wanna ask you today,
what is it that you're
carrying around
that you're not meant to be?
'Cause that's the good news,
isn't it?
You're not meant to carry it,
because you know there's
one greater, isn't there?
His name's Jesus Christ
and he died at a cross
for your sins
and you are meant to lay
your sins down
and he will carry your
burdens, right?
- Amen.
- You see,
when we hold onto our past sin,
when we can't forgive that
person who wronged us,
even sometimes when we
can't forgive ourselves,
it just becomes like a bag
slung over our shoulder
and we just keep adding to it
and it just keeps
getting heavier
and it just keeps weighing
us down, isn't that right?
So, I just wanna ask you,
church, today,
in fact, right now, we're
gonna put our burdens down,
we're gonna set them down
and everybody,
everybody up on your feet,
we're gonna get in groups
of five a six,
just right there in the aisles.
Yes, crowd the aisles and we're
gonna pray for one another
and just confess your sins.
Go ahead, confess.
Yep, that's right.
And we're gonna lay your burdens
down at the feet of Jesus.
- Thank you for this
exercise, Pastor.
Is there more to your
message tonight?
- Well, that was a bit more,
I'm just, I'm afraid I'm
feeling a bit jet lagged is all.
- You didn't just fly in,
You've been pastoring out
in Arizona
this past few weeks
before transferrin' here?
- Yes, but not jet lag.
I didn't just fly.
I wasn't on a plane or anything.
No, I was just feeling
a better run down is it.
- Yeah, you do look a bit
Tell you what, why don't
you come down here with me.
I'll introduce you to your
host family.
You've only spoken to them
on the telephone thus far,
- Yes.
That's right, just the telly.
- All right, come on.
- Okay.
- Hello, Pastor.
- How you doin', Edward?
This is Pastor William.
Pastor William,
this is Ed Roland.
You'll be staying with him
and his family
for the next few weeks till
you get settled in here
in Texas.
- Sure is nice to meet
you in person, finally.
Glad you decided on Texas.
- Oh, thank you.
It's time to meet you as well.
- And do
you know this is right here?
- This is the-
- My family.
- Oh.
- My wife Holly.
- Holly!
Yes, of course, the family.
- That's our boy, Dean.
- Oh, oh, Dean.
- And our daughter Donna.
- Hi, Donna.
- It's a pleasure.
- And that's our son, Johnny.
- Hi, Johnny.
- It's so nice to have
you here in Texas, Pastor,
and it's such an honor to
have you come stay with us.
- Yeah, I'm sure the honor
is all mine.
Oh, and who's this guy here?
- My man.
- That's your man?
Oh, oh, you got me!
- Unfortunately Pastor Turpin
is feeling a bit run down.
I was thinking you could
take him back to the house,
get him set up there so
he can rest.
I can close up the service here
and he can be refreshed for
his sermon next Sunday morning.
How's that sound, Pastor?
- Sounds good, Pastor.
- I'm sorry to hear
you're not feeling great.
Let's go and get you home.
I'm parked around back
in the passenger entrance.
Did you wanna pull your
car around and follow us?
- Oh, I didn't drive here,
I was dropped off.
- I thought you
said you just drove in?
- From Arizona?
- Yes, I did actually ended
up giving my car away.
Yes, to a family in need.
They were really struggling
and I thought it was
the right for me to do,
and I was still blessed
to get stay with you.
You know, God provides.
- That is so generous
of you, Pastor.
What a blessing you are to
that family.
- It shouldn't be a problem.
You can just ride with us.
- Okay, it's just out
this way, yes?
- Let's go.
Over here, Pastor.
- Oh.
- Why don't you ride with
me, Pastor?
There'll be more room.
- Okay, thanks.
It sounds great.
- You like the new pastor?
Okay, make sure you're all
buckled in.
You can throw your bag
in the back there.
Here we go.
Texas heat gettin' to ya?
- What?
- Well, I've never seen
someone sweat so much.
You must not be used to
the humidity.
- Oh, well, I mean, I've
heard about it of course,
but this is-
- Sure,
it must be different up
in merry old London.
Here, you can ride up
front with me.
- Okay.
- We'll see you at home, Pastor.
- Can't wait.
- See you at home, Dad.
- All right, baby.
- That was him.
This is the car.
He's got the money on him.
So where's he?
- He ditched it, man.
And all his shit.
- This isn't his shit.
This isn't his car.
This guy's playin' with us.
He's on the move again.
Wait a minute.
"First Christian Church
is honored to welcome
Pastor William Turpin
as a new associate pastor all
the way from London, England.
We're excited to have him
be a part of our church."
- So, what?
This guy's a priest or
- He's no priest.
He's an actor.
- I think it's good that
you're here.
I'm glad.
- Oh , thanks.
I'm glad, too.
- My parents are good people.
You wouldn't guess it,
but they've been through
a lot of hard times.
They've had a lot of money
They feel like having someone
like you here will help
bring some purpose.
Something good.
What is it?
- There's something I have
to tell you.
- Hey, stop that.
What are you doing?
- I got poop sometime, you know?
- Oh my God.
- Let's not do that in here,
you know, right?
Come on bud, let's get out.
- Let's get outta here.
- Go for it, go.
- Johnny, wait!
Oh my God.
For you.
Johnny, wait!
Here, I'll get the door for you.
- What do you think?
- Oh, it's a nice house.
It's beautiful here.
Big clouds.
- No clouds in London?
- I'm sure there are, but I
mean, yeah, of course there-
- Come on inside.
- It rains a lot, you know, so.
- Yeah.
- It's like one big cloud
all the time, really.
- Johnny, wait.
This child of mine!
- Here ya are, welcome.
- Can I get you anything to
drink, Pastor?
- Just maybe some water
would be great.
- Dean, can you take
Pastor Turpin's bag
and show him to the room
upstairs, please?
- That's okay, I've got it.
- No problem.
Come on up.
And my dad and I built the
upstairs addition on the house.
We run a renovations company,
North Texas Renovations.
What do you think?
- Wow, it looks great.
It looks fun.
- It is.
We work hard, play hard,
you know?
Bathroom's right here,
and your room is this far one.
You'll be across from Donna.
Don't mind the toys.
It's Johnny's room usually,
but it's yours for now.
Dresser's right there.
Are you cool with the bed?
- Yeah.
No, it's great. Thank you.
I just, I appreciate it.
- Cool.
- Hey bud, we're gonna
let our new friend borrow
your room for a couple
weeks, okay?
Come on.
You gotta go play
in mommy's room.
- Okay, come on Johnny.
We're gonna get you changed
outta your church clothes
and we're gonna go play
in the pool, okay?
Won't it be fun, buddy?
- Oh.
Who's this guy?
- Safety first.
- Oh, that is so nice, Johnny.
- Thanks, Johnny.
- So, his army guys sleep
with him
and they guard us to keep us
safe, so you'll be protected.
- Well, as long as he takes
the top bunk,
I'm all right.
- All right, well get
settled in.
Feel free to come downstairs
We'll be hanging out tomorrow.
Throw on some barbecue.
- That sounds great.
Thank you.
- All right.
- Here you go, Pastor.
- Oh.
- Do you like the room?
- Yes, it's perfect.
Thank you so much.
I'm just, I appreciate it.
- Well, get unpacked and
get some rest
and just let us know if
you need anything at all.
- Yes, I will.
I just, that's exactly right.
I just need to rest a bit.
- Well, that's what
you're here for.
We'll see you tomorrow.
- That's my monster!
- Okay, here you go.
Good job.
- Isn't that the same
thing then?
Right, she would've.
She did, but she's gone now
so what are you gonna do?
I just don't know why
you wouldn't
get the tickets when they
were on sale, that's all.
Nevermind the other people.
What are they gonna do, huh?
It's my ass on this one,
you hear me?
My ass!
I'm comin' down there.
Don't go in the house.
Just watch him.
Shoot him a message.
Let him know we can't
wait to see him again,
but we need to wait
till he's out.
No, no, no, you stay put.
Keep your eyes open.
We're all in on this one,
We're all big,
big fans and well,
we should get tickets together.
- That's from the
Battle of the Alamo.
- Oh.
Oh, you scared me.
I didn't hear you come in.
- It's an original Kentucky
long rifle.
Davy Crockett himself may have
fired that for all we know.
- Wow.
Does it still fire?
- Not sure.
I had it refurbished and
It's loaded with a single
so the hammer won't cock
But I can't fire it.
It ruined the rifle and
the casing.
It's just too old.
- Huh.
- Can't keep it inside,
so out here she rests.
Part of my gun collection.
- Oh, gun collection?
Well, where's the rest?
- Well, she's my first one.
- Oh , wow.
That's a real piece of history.
- That's a real piece of Texas.
- Huh.
- What are you doin' up so
late, Pastor?
Anything I can get for ya?
- Oh no, I just,
I couldn't sleep is all
and I walked around and I
sort of wondered in here
and I'm really sorry
about the rifle.
It just caught my eye.
- Nah, no worries.
Not a problem at all.
Hey, you want a beer?
- No, that's all right, thanks.
- You sure?
I won't tell.
- Well, in that case, I'll
have a few.
No really, I shouldn't though.
- All right, well you get
some sleep, Pastor, all right?
- Because they
rotate, they rotate out.
So it's only when they're
working that they get it right.
It's not like they're
doing it every single day.
But when they do do it...
Yeah, Michael Buffet.
Michael Buffet.
Oh, MMA, yeah, yeah, I saw that.
- What happened
to our season tickets?
You were supposed to
get us season tickets.
- I was gonna get us
season tickets
but I thought I'd better
surprise Dean here
by putting money on.
- Oh, Daddy!
- I'm with it, I'm with it.
I'm with dean, yes.
- You can say that
your son makes movies.
- Hey now, listen you.
- I sure can.
- You sure can.
- Good morning.
- Good morning Pastor, Will.
We didn't wake you, did we?
- Oh, no, not at all.
This is great out here.
- Yeah, we call it
the Bison Court Resort.
It's our own little piece
of paradise.
Gotta be able to relax, right?
- Definitely.
I love it.
- How'd you sleep?
Everything okay?
- Oh yeah, it was perfect.
I feel so much better,
thank you.
- You follow American Sports?
Ranger's are on.
- No, I'm afraid not actually.
- Well, here you go.
Join us.
- Oh, wow.
Thank you so much.
You guys are all just so nice.
Wow, what's that?
- For the bugs, big ones here.
They pretty much stay away
when that sucker's on.
- Wow.
- Do they have mosquitoes
and stuff in London?
- Yes, of course.
Little ones.
I've never quite seen a
bugs ever that big, though.
- Oh, it's true what they
say, Pastor,
everything's bigger in Texas.
- Definitely
seems like it.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Oh yes, I'd love some.
- Do you drink coffee in London?
Like the UK, I always
thought they drank tea there.
- Yes, tea.
Well, there's lots of tea.
Yes, there's lots of tea.
They have coffee as well.
There's not a Starbucks at
every go like there is here
but they actually did just
put a Starbucks
right across from me
where I live.
So, it seems to have
made the leap.
- Good.
- That makes sense,
there's Starbucks's everywhere.
Do you like any American
movies or anything?
- Mm, Dean loves movies
and music.
He wants to be an influencer.
- I do not wanna be
an influencer.
I wanna make influential films.
I wanna be a filmmaker.
- Oh.
- As long as you're working
on Monday morning, Son.
- There you go, Pastor.
I dropped in a bit of Stevia.
I hope that works.
- Oh, that's brilliant.
Thank you so much.
- So do you know any
American movies?
- Actually, yes.
I know quite a bit.
I used to do an impersonations
and such from my congregation,
you know,
just to get them laughing
and loosen up a bit.
Like what?
- Do something.
- Yes, show us.
"Hey-o, Adrian, I like this car.
Black's become my
favorite color.
What do you think,
should we get it?"
"I don't know, Rocky,
can you drive?"
"Can I drive?
I'll drive you crazy,
you let me.
Come on."
- That's good, that's funny.
What else?
- Yeah, "People are always
that they don't have enough
hours in the day to work out.
But as they know, you don't
need eight or nine hours.
You need six hours of sleep.
You just have to sleep
a little faster."
- You definitely know your
action movies.
- Oh!
"Doc, Doc, Doc, the
bruise on your forehead,
I know how you got that.
You were standing on
the ledge of your sink
and you slipped and you
fell and you hit your head.
And when you came to,
that's when you had the idea
for the flux capacitor,
which is what makes time
travel possible."
"A skeleton walks into a bar.
He owed us a beer and a mop.
Hoo ya!"
- Nice.
- "You know,
I just really love Elvis.
Elvis really, he's really
had an effect on our culture
to the entire thing."
- That's Jack Nicholson.
- Actually I was Christian
Slater from "True Romance."
- Oo!
- Okay.
- Those are better ones.
Oh, you guys wanna hear
a really good one?
Do you guys know Smeagol
"Lord of the Rings" films?
- Oh, no way.
- Silly stupid fat hobiteses.
Give me something sweet to eat.
Smeagol knows the way.
- I don't like that one.
You shouldn't do that.
- That's freaky dude, yikes.
It's too much.
- You're a good actor.
Maybe Dean here will put
you in his first movie.
- That'd be great.
Oh, it's possible.
- I'm headed to the store
to grab some things
for the grill tonight.
You wanna join me?
- Yes, that'd be lovely.
- Are those the same
clothes from yesterday?
- Yes.
- Well,
I'm gonna go upstairs
and change and we can
meet out front.
Dean, could you grab a fresh
shirt for our guest here?
- Yeah.
- And don't forget to
grab extra barbecue sauce.
We're out in there.
- I'll remember.
- Well, when you come on
back, Pastor,
we'll have ourselves some
Texas Barbecue.
You can see what it's all about.
- I can't wait.
- He's in there.
- Look at these people.
Living paycheck to paycheck.
Paying their taxes.
And for what?
So they can go to the superstore
and buy potato chips on Sunday?
No Sir, not for me.
- Hey, would you stop that?
- What? I'm hungry.
- He's inside now.
So what's the move?
We should wait for him to
get back to the church,
get him in the back somewhere.
- He's not going back there.
He's on the run.
He'll have to steal
another car at some point.
- Why wouldn't he go
with the cops?
- He could.
- He's too far in it now.
Why risk losing the money
and us catchin' up to him?
I think he's too greedy.
Maybe a little jaded.
I've seen it before.
He wants more.
- He's moving toward us.
Let's grab him.
This is bullshit!
- Hey,
I didn't say move yet, did I?
What are you gonna do,
run him over right here
in the parking lot?
- Hey, when you brought me on,
you said we're in this together.
I'm through taking orders.
- There he is.
Nice glasses.
Clearly doesn't have
the money on him.
- Who cares?
Let's grab him.
- Okay, here you go,
- Hunter?
Hey, Hunter,
I thought that was you.
How's it goin', buddy?
Booked any movies lately?
- Who's that?
- I don't know, let's go.
- Hey Hunter,
I like your new girlfriend.
Very pretty.
- Come on.
- Well, who are those guys?
Are they following you?
Who's Hunter?
- Did you see that?
Did you see the way he
looked at me?
Follow him!
- Okay, what was that?
What was happening back there?
- I'm not really sure.
I just...
Some weird guys just trying
to make for us.
- Well, are they?
- Nope.
Looks like we're all right.
- What are you doing?
- Oh.
Oh, I just need some air is
- Look, it's 100 degrees
I'll just turn on the A/C.
You can roll up the window.
- Can I see the water?
- There you go, sweetie.
- What's that?
- It's an island
in the Caribbean.
I keep it here and every
once in awhile I look at it.
We look at it.
It's where I wanna go one day.
Johnny loves it.
He likes to look at the water.
- Huh, can I see?
Oh, thanks bud.
Oh, it's pretty spectacular.
Have you ever been there before?
- No, no,
it's just a dream for now.
My daddy wouldn't mind
going too,
but I mean ,
we love Texas,
but it'd be nice to just start
fresh in a totally new place.
Don't have the money to
make the move,
but it helps to see it.
Johnny likes to see it when
he's upset.
- Oh, is he upset?
- Oh, I think that weird
guy yelling
at us might have scared him
a little bit,
but he's okay, aren't you buddy?
That man was a stranger, huh?
But everybody's safe.
- Everybody's safe. Here.
- Oh, what's this for buddy?
- He can guard so we
can be safe in the car.
- Ah, yeah.
He'll guard And keep us safe
so that there's no
more strangers
and no accidents when
we go for a ride, right?
- Yeah.
- Well, I feel better.
- Me too.
- It's in there.
I want my cut.
- Lemme make some
calls first.
- Hm.
So much great music's
come from the UK, man.
Stones, Beatles.
Elton John, just legends.
You listen to much music
being a pastor?
- Oh yeah, of course.
I know everybody that you
just said and it's great.
Oh, who's this playing now?
These guys are my favorite, man.
They're a generation before me.
They're influenced by all
the best classic rock,
back when music still had
guitars in it.
They can do it all.
Plus, Donna likes 'em too.
Oh, really?
- Don't distract me.
- Oh.
- No, please do distract her.
- See?
- That's match, kid.
- I have fresh dessert
ready if anybody wants in!
- Next match, Pastor?
- That sounds good.
- All right.
I'm gonna grab some dessert.
- You want some?
- Yeah, that sounds good.
I'll be right down.
Your family is really great.
I feel so fortunate.
- Oh, we're the fortunate ones.
- Is that
the same band?
- You dance in London?
- Dance?
- Come here.
I'll show ya.
Mm hm.
- Okay.
- Just sway back and forth
and I'll move with you.
- Oh, is that all there is to
- Mm hm, that's really
all it is.
I told you it would be good
for my family that you're here.
My parents, they're loving it
and we haven't had a family
day altogether
like this for a long time.
And Dean,
he really looks up to you.
I know he's listened to
a lot of your sermons.
He's so excited that
you're here.
- How 'bout you?
- Of course.
I have listened to every
one of your sermons.
You've got me through a
lot the past few years.
It's been a tough time,
and now you're right here.
What is it?
- Hello?
That didn't take long.
What's goin' on up here?
- There's something I have
to tell you.
There's something I have
to show you all, right now.
- Pastor Will,
I grabbed you a slice.
Whoa, what'd I miss?
- What's going on, Pastor?
- What's in the bag, Will?
- Let's take it inside.
First of all, I'm so sorry.
My name is not William Turpin.
I'm not a pastor.
I made a mistake.
I'm just an actor.
I'm nothing.
I drove here from Hollywood.
A lady in my building,
she was murdered.
Before it happened she gave
this to me.
When I found out that she
was killed,
well, I didn't even
know about it.
The guys that did it, they
saw me and I saw them.
So, I just left.
I thought I just have to leave.
- What are you talkin' about?
Who saw you?
- You're not a pastor?
- No, I'm so sorry.
I've never even been to London.
These men, they saw me and
they killed my roommate.
So, I just had to keep moving.
I thought I just needed
to hide or something.
- You're a liar.
- Yes.
I'm sorry, and you've
all been just so great
that I just, I couldn't-
- Where's the real
Pastor Will Turpin?
And who are you?
- Well, my name is
Hunter Durbin.
I just, I paid the real pastor
some money to switch
places with me.
I ran into him on the road,
that's it.
- Oh my God, did you kill him?
- What? No!
No, no, I didn't kill him.
I just paid him not to
come here.
I've just been acting
the whole time.
- Lying, you've been lying.
- Yes, yes, I've been lying.
But listen, these men,
they saw me.
They saw us today.
- What?
- Yeah.
Today at the Roy Pope
grocery place.
Those guys that we ran
into, that was them.
They know I'm here.
They'll be coming here for this.
I know it.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- What the hell
did you bring into my house?
- I'm sorry!
- Dad, Dad, stop!
- Daddy, enough!
- Listen-
- What is this?
- Listen, I can just...
Listen, I'll give it back, okay?
Look, I'll-
- "Give it back."
- Yeah, that's what I
can do, okay?
I can just...
Yes, I'm just gonna walk...
I'm gonna walk right outside
and I'll give 'em back
the money, all right?
And then when they're gone,
I'll go to the police.
I'll tell them the truth.
I'll turn myself in.
- How do they know you're here?
- I can't be sure.
I think they might have
followed me here today.
I know they recognized me.
They called my name.
- Hunter.
- Yes.
- They'll kill you.
- What, for the money?
- Because of the money.
You know about it and
you've seen them.
If this is real,
they'll kill you anyway.
Now we know about it, and you.
Even if we call the police,
they might know the house
I have my children, my
grandchild, and my wife here.
You see what you've done?
You killed us all for money.
For money.
- How many are there?
- What?
- Guys, bad guys. How many?
- There's at least two.
I saw more at the church,
They were looking for me.
There could be four or five.
- Oh my God!
Jesus, help.
This is not happening!
- Now, why don't we just
wait for them?
This is our house.
If they come on our property,
threaten us, whatever,
we can control
the situation, right?
What are you saying, Dean?
Fight them off?
- That's right, fight back.
- This is our house.
They wouldn't expect that.
They're criminals.
This isn't their money either.
- This is crazy.
This isn't right.
I'm calling 911.
- Wait, honey, wait, wait, wait.
What made you take
the money, son?
You a criminal, too?
- No.
No, no.
I was, I am struggling.
And I thought just finally,
finally a chance to take
something for myself.
But it was wrong.
As soon as I did it,
I just kept moving.
I didn't plan on being here.
It all just happened.
- They have guns?
- I don't know, probably.
I think they tortured my
roommate in LA.
- Oh my God, no,
no this isn't happening!
Not my family!
No, no!
- How much money is here?
- I don't know.
I never really bothered
to count it.
I guess I was just
waiting until-
- Waiting to what?
- To hurt more people.
- It'll be dark soon.
If they actually plan
on paying us a visit,
they're gonna wait
until it's night, right?
Plus, we've got him,
he can help us protect
the house.
So what are we doing here?
- I've got a few ideas.
you up for it?
- So, what do we do,
just sit here?
I'm so tired.
We should just call the police
for help.
- I'll only be able to
listen to this story
and protect us for one night.
And what about tomorrow and
the next day?
- Yeah, and the cops will
probably keep the money too.
- Maybe nothing's even
gonna happen.
I don't think anybody
followed us today.
- Well, yesterday now.
- Yesterday
- Hey yo, Boss, this the house?
- This is it.
Mask up.
He's still here.
We're keepin' this quick.
I never went inside, find
the money and we're out.
- Shh.
Stay here, this is it.
Do it, now.
- Holy shit, oh shit!
- What the hell?
- Don't touch me.
What the fuck?
- You go around that side.
You two,
come straight through with me.
It's over now, you hear me?
This ends now!
Kick it down.
That little thief.
This is mine.
Go get him, he's right there.
Oh, shit!
Go get him.
- It's the window.
Someone's coming in.
- No, stay.
- Such a waste.
Say goodnight, sweetheart.
- Goodnight.
- It worked!
Did you see that?
- Great job, dude.
Let's get the girls.
- Move.
- Hey, please don't.
- Don't what, Hunter?
- Don't burn 'em with acid?
Don't put an ax through
their skull?
Don't what?
I told you this was the end.
Now, I want all of you
to get in that water.
- No way.
What are you gonna do?
What, are you gonna kill me?
What, are you gonna kill her?
You gonna kill him, huh?
The money's right there,
all right?
Take the money.
This is enough.
Take the money and get
outta here.
- Oh, you're such a tough
guy right now, aren't you?
It's cute.
You know what's funny?
I don't even want the money
All I want is your dead body.
You cost me more trouble
than you're worth,
and for that ,
for that, it's all of you.
Now, get in the water.
- No way.
- Okay.
I'll baptize Mommy first.
- No!
- No, no!
- Hunter!
- Don't wanna get wet?
Then a bullet it is.
Gimme my money.
- Get outta my house.
- Oh, Daddy.
- Hello?
No way.
I know where you're goin'.