The Admirer (2023) Movie Script

So you're
sure I can't get you
to break the night before rule?
No, and don't even try it.
Worth a shot.
Are you not nervous?
Not in the slightest.
Are you?
I mean, it's just a wedding.
I'm freaking out.
The makeup, the hair,
the tables, the flowers,
the thing it's just--
Nancy, Nancy, honey, it's
all going to be perfect.
And even if it isn't,
we'll still both be
married at the end of it.
All right.
Let me show you the suite.
Looks awesome.
It's everything we wanted.
It has a great bed.
The honeymoon suite's going
to have a lot to live up to.
And look at this view.
It's beautiful.
Wish you were here right now.
I love you.
Who's that?
What the--
Oh my God!
Rest in peace.
Sleep like a bear.
Rest assured.
Sleep with me?
I know.
I know.
These are just--
Oh, I totally agree, Gina.
Nancy, I mean, you
did your best, but--
New ideas.
Fresh, clever, cutting-edge.
Customers aren't going
to want to buy a pillow
that equates rest with death.
OK, team meeting,
my office, 30 minutes.
Thank you for
your help, Sarah.
Hey, have you spoken to Doug?
No, but he's been
blowing up my phone.
Is he in the IT office?
Gina fired him.
Wait, what?
Ask him yourself.
He's waiting for
you at the barista.
Ugh, great.
Rest in peace.
So what happened?
Accounting noticed some
irregular bank transfers,
embezzlement they think.
Corporate's blaming it on
insufficient IT security.
So now I'm Doug, the
sacrificial IT guy.
Did you do it?
Of course not.
What are you trying to say?
Would you tell me
the truth if you had?
Nance, what the hell
is wrong with you?
What's my cup size, Doug?
Come on.
We've been together
a few months now.
You must know.
You're a-- size B?
That is correct,
and yet I found
a D in the back of your car.
I have no idea whose that is.
We're clearly over.
So I'm just not Ross, right?
Oh, don't bring
his name into this.
Wait, Nancy.
Get off of me.
I've changed the
passcodes in my house.
You're not coming back.
It is over.
Nancy, this is crazy.
I did not cheat on you, I swear!
Sorry to interrupt.
Do you need some help?
- It's fine.
I've got this.
Thank you.
Hey, mind your own
business, coffee boy.
Yea, she's obviously
trying to get away from you,
and there's at
least 12 witnesses
who just saw you assault me.
What are you talking about?
I didn't touch you.
Why don't you just
walk away and focus
on the owner of the bra?
This isn't over.
I-- I am so sorry.
No, it's all right.
It's not your fault. It's OK.
I'm sorry.
Hi, sorry.
Good Nancy.
You OK?
Yeah, hi.
Good, good.
So what's this
about a sound chip?
The sound chip--
Sound chip is the
actual gimmick.
So it is a special-form
pillow with bluetooth speakers
inside that can be
programmed to play seascapes.
Or forest ambiance.
Or news, or sports, whatever
it is that helps you
relax before falling asleep.
And the great thing about
it is it's all integrated
into the smartphone app.
I love this.
Where are we with
the presentation?
Well, we're not there yet,
but we will be ready to impress.
Guys, this is a big one.
I want Nancy to be my
point on Puffer Pal Pillow,
and Sarah will assist.
Pull this off and that promotion
we've been talking about
will no longer be
just pillow talk.
Thank you, Gina.
Perfect timing.
I want to introduce you
all to our new IT guy--
Martin Richards.
Who clearly loves coffee.
He will be protecting
all of our servers
and our computers from
potential hackers.
Would not want anyone
to steal this concept.
Hi, everyone.
OK, team.
That's it for now.
Wouldn't mind getting a
look at his hardware, right?
OK, Sarah, I need
you to concentrate.
And Nancy--
Oh, sorry.
You need to get a
good night's rest.
Shame about the old guy.
I always liked him.
Did Nancy even know?
I did, yeah.
Don't worry about it, Sarah.
I'm sorry I didn't
tell you first.
No, it's fine, Gina.
Thank you.
These will help you
forget about Doug.
Cheers to that.
So you definitely don't
think I was too hard on him?
Do not get sentimental.
He cheated on you.
Right, yeah.
So tell me what
happened at work.
Let's just say Doug isn't
the guy you thought he was.
Well, I feel like I've lost
all ability to judge people
since Ross died.
I mean, I want to.
Want to open up and trust
people, but I feel guilty.
But yes, I do know that Ross
would want me to move on.
You haven't talked
about Ross in a while.
No, because I
can't get closure.
I was so busy trying
to prove to the cops
that there was somebody
else there that night
and that I'm not just
imagining things.
Babe, I believe you.
Thank you.
You need to take time to heal.
When the right guy comes along,
trust me, you will know it.
When's he coming?
That I don't know.
That IT guy is adorable.
He is kind of cute.
I actually met him in
the coffee shop today.
I think he's too chivalrous.
That's not a bad thing.
These days, I can't even get
a guy to pay my Uber home.
I've got this tab.
I'm going to go home,
get my beauty rest,
and I will see
you both tomorrow.
See ya.
Thanks again, Gina.
Oh, she's all over him.
She just met him.
She is now my partner
on the Pillow Pal project.
Apparently her uncle or
her cousin or something
is somebody to do
with the account.
God, she's so trying
to get your job.
You'll make me paranoid.
But remember, just
because you're paranoid
doesn't mean they're
not out to get you.
Nancy's home.
When I wake,
baby, I think about all
the things I should've said.
With this time apart, it
helps to clear up a mess.
Heaven know, yes or no,
breaking down on our dreams
because of love, baby--
Delete Doug's favorite music.
Play Nancy's favorite music.
Funny world
for your secrets.
That's not the only
thing that bleeds.
Old man says it's courage
needed when you're wading
way up, way up to the knees.
I'll go sit with you
on your back porch.
I'll give you a little
shoulder to lean.
I'll wipe the little bit on the
ground to sleep if you need me.
Before you and I were official,
I was talking to this guy
Don't get jealous.
It was nothing serious,
and then I ghosted him.
And then I didn't
think about it again
because we deleted the app.
But then this morning,
when he sent that,
the roses weren't mine.
So he was in your house?
It could be fake, right?
I mean, he could
have Photoshopped.
That's impossible.
There's too much detail
and the quality's--
I'm going to take care of this.
Trust me.
Hold that.
I wasn't sure you saw me.
You know, I bet we
could program anything
into that pillow sound chip.
Like what?
What if we added human sounds?
Could be useful, especially
when you're alone.
Oh, that's a
different way to go.
It's something I'll think about.
Thanks, Sarah.
It's a little outside the box,
I know, but you don't get ahead
by playing it safe, right?
No one could ever accuse
you of playing it safe, Sarah.
Whatever you need,
Nancy, I'm here for you.
I know what's at stake.
- Great.
Walk with me, lady.
Better today?
Yeah, I'm hanging in there.
Well, this might cheer you up.
The convention is
next week in Chicago,
and I want you to
represent us there?
What about the pillow?
Use it in Chicago, program
it to Sarah's sex mode.
OK, and we are done with
your laptop, Ms Baker.
And you're sure it's secure?
I really can't deal
with any more IT issues.
Yeah, absolutely.
I just need to
add some firewalls
to the rest of the thing.
Are you OK with Martin
plugging his hard drive
into your personal terminal?
Thanks, Gina.
I got to say, Ms Baker is
pretty serious about security.
I don't-- I don't usually
go all out like this.
Did you do all of this today?
He uses facial recognition.
Even Big Brother can't get in.
Are you doing this to
everyone's computer or?
Just all the
ones Ms Baker asks.
Apparently, the previous Itech was a little erratic.
I am sorry about that.
Hope he didn't
hurt you too badly.
No, come on.
I'm tougher than I look.
Did you guys patch it up?
Absolutely not.
It's back to single life for me.
What do you want
me to put some
dating apps in here for you?
No, I had a really
bad online experience.
Oh, yeah?
What happened, if you
don't mind me asking?
Oh, it's a really long story.
We have a little time.
So I met a guy online,
and we were flirting.
It was playful, you know?
We didn't even meet up.
And the creepy stalker
ruined my life.
Did they ever find
out who it was or?
Well, you know, when I'm
done, nobody is getting
through this encryption.
Thank you.
Wow, it's like "The Matrix."
So are you Morpheus or Neo?
No, come on.
I'm just adding some password
encryption to your files.
So you will need an
extra long secure
password, something memorable,
but not too memorable.
Obvious, but not too guessable.
Piece of cake.
I probably shouldn't
actually tell you this,
but I usually just use something
that I can see every day.
So when I was living in the
middle of nowhere in Nebraska,
I used wheat and
my street number.
And I used wheat because--
What else is
there in Nebraska?
What were you
doing in Nebraska?
I was getting over a breakup.
I'm sorry.
No, come on, it's all good.
You know, um, if you ever
wanted to maybe swap experiences
sometime over dinner--
Oh, I'm--
I'm really flattered.
I am.
I just think I'm not ready
yet to date another coworker.
Yeah, I understand.
All right, we're all done.
Look, if you hit any snags,
just find me on Friendagram
and I will always accept
your just friend request.
Thank you.
My computer is in need
of some attention, too.
Duty calls.
OK, thank you.
Bye, Sarah.
Here you go.
All right.
just scan my things.
Yeah, yeah.
Go for it.
Doug, what are you doing here?
We need to talk.
Are you drunk?
So what if I am?
I hope you end up like Ross.
What are you talking about?
Leave now or I am
calling the cops.
You have to give me
a chance to explain.
No, I don't have
to do anything.
Besides, there is
no explanation.
Don't even try and
come in here, Doug.
I did not cheat on you!
Whatever, this
is going nowhere.
You're the one
who pushed me out.
What, so you're saying
that I made you cheat on me?
That's not what I--
What then?
You never gave me a chance.
Nobody could ever live
up to your precious Ross.
Do you know what the
really sad thing is, Doug?
I wanted you to.
And I did give you a chance.
And this is what
you've done with it.
It is over.
Doors close.
104, you're supposed
to stay at 104.
Are you doing this on purpose?
seriously threatened your life?
Well, he was acting
really desperate.
And weird stuff
has been going on
with my home security system.
If I were you,
I would get a restraining order.
Anyway, let's not talk
about Doug any more tonight.
The real question of
the evening is, do I
send Martin a friend request?
Did you
reactivate your account?
Yeah, well, I haven't
gone live with it yet,
but I am tempted.
Just do it.
Do it for yourself,
though, not for Martin.
Friendships should be
earned, not requested.
Wow, super deep, Simon.
OK, well, I'm going to go
to sleep, think about it.
Hey, thank you for
always being a friend.
I really appreciate it.
Of course.
At least he has
good taste in music.
I like that.
Good ideas.
Thank you.
Any time.
Thank you.
Hi, Gina.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I guess that pillow
worked a little too well.
My alarm didn't go off,
and my phone didn't charge.
My whole house is on the fritz.
And when I call
customer services,
they said they can't send
somebody out for two weeks.
Two weeks, can you believe that?
Can I get a coffee, please?
Look, I'd offer for the new
IT guy to come and help you,
but I really need him
to focus on our servers.
Of course.
We need to figure out what the
hell is going on with the bank
account irregularities.
I understand.
About the convention, are
you sure you're up for it?
Because if not, I can
always send Sarah.
No, no, no.
I want to go, believe me.
It's what I need, two days away.
Trust me.
Can I get a little milk?
Hey, I know, I know.
I finally got your messages.
My phone didn't charge.
And my alarm didn't
go off this morning,
but I did speak with Gina.
Was she mad?
She wasn't happy.
So any news you got
for me, make it good.
Your wish is my command.
They better be
from you, Simon.
Looks like you got
a secret admirer.
Read the card.
When I met you,
flowers started growing
in the darkest part of my mind.
I love a good dark
romantic mystery.
Well, thank you
all, and see you next week.
Thanks, Clark.
Ms Williams' office.
Clark Bailey
calling on line one.
He called earlier, too.
I think we found
your secret admirer.
Clark Bailey, as I
live and breathe.
It's that time,
the convention.
Are you going to finally let
me show you a good time or not?
You never give up, do you?
Nope, not when it comes to
a woman as smart and gorgeous
as you.
Come on, just
dinner, you and me.
What do you say?
We can talk about
truth in advertising.
No, that would be a short
conversation, wouldn't it?
leaving us plenty of time
for other things.
I'll see you in
Chicago, Clark.
Nancy, are you OK?
Yeah, I'm good.
I just overslept, that's all.
Fear not.
I covered for you at
the morning meeting.
I know.
Thank you, Sarah.
My pleasure.
So I hear someone
has a secret admirer.
Obviously, not so
secret anymore, huh?
Good for you.
Adios Doug, right?
Oh, let's talk about
you for a change, mm?
What's going on in your life?
I spent the evening with
Martin, that new IT guy.
Turns out we have
a lot in common.
That's nice.
Yeah, he totally knows
what buttons to push.
We should do this more often.
See you upstairs.
fun in Chicago.
Thank you.
Wow, that was informative.
Wasn't it?
I picked up a lot of good tips.
Like, did you know
that sex sells?
Yeah, a real game-changer.
And don't forget to put
a cat or a dog in your ad
no matter what the product
is because people love pets.
I think we need a drink.
Hey, did I mention
that this place
has the best Martinis in town?
You did, actually.
I can't wait to try them.
Let's do that.
Everything OK?
I don't think I feel
like a Martini anymore.
I've waited years for this.
Well, I don't feel
very comfortable here so.
- All right.
All right.
Well, cheers to
Doug not having my room key.
You OK?
Yeah, I have a neck thing.
So I have this
campaign, puffer pal,
and I'm using their product.
And ironically, it is not
agreeing with my body.
Wait, puffer pillow pal?
That's your product?
Well, that's really good.
Thank you.
Let me help you
with your neck.
Come on, I took a free
online massage course.
A free one?
I'm an expert.
Lay down.
All right, let me show
you exactly it's just in--
I'll find it.
I got it.
Oh, that's actually really good.
Oh, yeah, that's--
yeah, that's the spot.
Oh, that's perfect.
Oh, wow.
Oh, by the way, thanks
for those flowers.
What flowers?
The ones you set to my office.
I haven't sent
any flowers, but I
can buy you a whole florist in
the morning if you want me to.
Oh, I wonder who it was
then, Doug or Simon or Martin?
Oh, let me get it.
Hold on.
Who's the lucky guy?
And now you're going to
play with your phone.
Oh, my god.
Amber alert.
Is that your wife and kids?
Who sent you that?
Who cares who sent it to me.
You're married.
You said you were single.
You shouldn't be massaging me.
You thought I was single.
Where is your
wedding ring, Clark?
Listen, this is not--
it's not what it looks like.
Great explanation.
Get out of my room.
Technically, it's my room.
Right, excuse me.
I shouldn't have been
here in the first place--
Please, let me--
--with a man who
has a wife kids.
Save it.
I can't trust anyone.
Want anything else?
Yes, an answer.
Why am I so stupid?
It's on me.
Oh, thank you.
You know
that old saying,
when you fall off a bike?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Get right back on again.
Yeah, I know.
No, no, no.
You find out what made you fall
and you ride far, far away.
Nancy Williams, hi.
What are you doing here?
Gina sent me to get an
overview of your industry.
Oh, I didn't see you inside.
Yeah, you know, I
didn't want to interrupt
you and your friend.
Oh, he's not my friend.
He's more of a
cheating acquaintance.
And I'm oversharing.
So I'm just going
to stop talking.
Well, I don't mind.
I hear that this bar
does the best Martinis.
They do.
Pull up a chair, have one.
Can I get one, too?
- Coming right up.
So how did your date go
with Sarah the other night?
So you heard about that?
I did hear about that.
Yeah, well, just for the
record, she asked me out.
She demanded, in fact.
I believe it.
I also believe that she
would eat you alive.
Yeah, you know, I kind of
got that feeling, actually.
I-- I bolted after dinner.
So no dessert?
Um, I kind of thought
that I might be on the menu.
And there was me
thinking there were no guys
like you left in the world.
Well, what can I say?
I'm just an
old-fashioned romantic.
Did you send me a gift?
No, no.
OK, don't worry about it.
You know, if I gift someone, I
don't tend to keep it a secret.
Yeah, right.
Is there something
you want to talk about?
Yeah, maybe you can
help me with something.
OK, so I had a fiance,
and he was murdered.
And the cops never found
anyone because there
wasn't enough evidence.
But they did try
to trace his phone
because the killer
kept sending me texts
from my fiance's phone, yeah.
Um, so recently weird things
have started happening again.
And what I wanted to know is
if you would be able to trace
an unknown number?
Because I got this
weird text earlier.
Yeah, of course I can.
Wow, sorry.
I might be able to pinpoint
the exact upload location.
Just give me a sec.
Yeah, so there you go.
It's sent from
118-55 Main Street.
That's work.
How-- how weird.
If you hit any
more technical stuff,
you know, just let me know.
I can always help you out.
Yeah, and thanks for that.
It's just strange.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Hey, Gina.
Hey, I didn't expect you back.
I flew in this morning.
Love your work ethic.
Well, thank you.
So how was the conference?
Well, you know,
usual boring trends.
But I will have that
presentation ready for you
for tomorrow.
- Good.
I wanted to ask
you something else.
I received a text last
night with photos attached.
Did you send me that?
No, I didn't send you anything.
Hold on.
You're receiving
flowers and now pictures
from someone you don't know.
What were the pictures of?
It's not important.
You think it's Doug?
I mean, I don't know.
It could be.
You don't think this
is another situation
like your old stalker?
Oh, god.
Don't even say that word.
I'm handling it, promise.
Go climb.
Don't worry about it.
You know that you are my
eyes and ears when I'm
away from the office, right?
Hi to you, too.
OK, seriously, how late
did you stay last night?
A little later than usual.
Sarah recruited me to help
her with her presentation.
Oh, she did, did she?
And did you notice if she was
on her phone more than usual,
like, sending texts?
Everyone's on their
phones all the time.
Yeah, right.
OK, forget it.
Remember those roses I got sent?
Yeah, from Clark?
Clark definitely
did not send them.
And I received a text
with pictures attached.
Did you send me that?
Is everything OK?
Hmm, it will be.
OK, thank you.
I'll see you later.
See you.
For me.
But we walk.
Refuse the warm.
Not hear the call.
Daughters born and sons
with futures in our hand.
In order.
It's too late to
fetch water when
your house is burning down.
When your house is burning down.
Music off.
Music off.
So hot.
Stupid thing.
Yes, somebody's just
broken into my house.
Please send the police.
Be advised.
Multiple broken windows.
No sign of forced entry.
Is there a reason we
can't do this inside?
My house is trying to kill me.
And does your
house have a name?
Listen, I was stalked before.
He killed my fiance.
I saw it happen.
And now, he's back, and he
has control of my house.
What was your fiance's name?
Ross Smith.
That was you?
That was me.
Ross reported my stalker to the
police before he was killed,
but that wasn't enough to go on.
Have you received any
threatening messages?
No, nothing.
Just some weird messages
from an unknown number.
I actually, you know, I did--
I did get a threat.
I just didn't think it was
anything serious at the time.
Who threatened you?
This guy that I was seeing.
He said that I would
end up dead like Ross.
Does he have
access to your house?
He's an IT expert.
What's his name?
Douglas Davidson.
OK, I'm going to go have
a talk with Mr. Davidson.
It's probably just a
system malfunction.
You're going to be OK.
I'll make sure of it.
So I went
to the flower shop.
They gave me a description of
the guy who bought the roses,
but it's weird because he
used a woman's credit card.
I told the cops everything.
It's all going to be OK.
You're screwing Clark Bailey.
Doug, what the hell
are you doing in my car?
You're having fun,
aren't you, watching
everything get taken from me?
OK, Doug, listen
to me, I don't
know what game you're playing.
But whatever it is, it
has to stop now, OK?
I'm warning you, if you
don't get me my life back,
I will spend every day
making yours miserable.
How does he know about Clark?
the presentation was moved.
It starts in 20 minutes.
And did you see
your Friendagram?
No, I didn't.
Wait, why was the
presentation moved?
I don't know,
but it's changed.
Are you OK?
I'm not, actually.
Oh, no.
Tell Gina I'm
on my way in now.
And get me Clark
Bailey's number, OK?
Sending now.
OK, thanks, Simon.
Hi, I'd like to
speak with Clark.
Who is this?
My name is Nancy Williams.
We both work--
I know who you are.
Thanks to you, the whole world
has seen your heinous pictures.
Oh, wait.
No, nothing happened.
Actually, that's
why I'm calling.
Clark told
me what you did, got him drunk,
forced your way into his room.
We have children.
Never call this number again.
Listen, I'm really sorry.
But actually-- What the hell?
What the hell?
Cutting it a little
close, don't you think?
Yeah, I know, I know.
I'm here.
OK, Nancy, please tell me
you have something to present.
I do.
We can't lose this account.
$4,000,000 and a
partner role for you.
Simon, come, come, come.
Can you pick up my car?
No, it's in the
middle of the street.
Yeah, it really is.
And also, be careful
with it because there's
something going on with it,
and it's really playing up.
And do me another favor,
call my smart system company
and find out when they
are sending somebody out.
Here she is.
This is Nancy Williams.
She is an advertising
genius and my point
person for your campaign.
Sarah here has been
throwing out some great ideas.
Oh, she has, has she?
Just assisting when I can.
OK, floor's all yours, Nancy.
Thanks, Gina.
I will just plug this laptop in.
OK, so as we all
know in this room,
everyone deserves a good
night's sleep, right?
And we all believe in making
that more interesting.
Now, I have actually
had the pleasure
of sleeping with your
pillow for this last week.
And I have to say, it has been
like sleeping with a friend,
a pal, if you will.
But we still want to make
it a unique experience.
So our new slogan, when sleep
is sound happiness abound.
Mm-hmm, because sound
is key to puffer pal.
So come, follow me.
Let's go into a world of dreams.
Oh, that is good.
Oh, that's good.
A little bit harder.
Oh, yeah, that actually
feels really good.
Gina, is this a joke?
Oh, god, yeah.
Is that Clark?
NANCY WILLIAMS : That is good.
That feels so good.
Oh, we getting there.
Jim, it's a technical error.
Nancy, we appreciate
your late night
research with our pillow,
but we need G-rated.
G-rated, Gina.
Let's just forget about that.
Um, let's just start again.
I believe what
Nancy was getting
at is the gateway to relaxation
differs with each person.
We intend to focus on
a G-rated experience.
Please allow me to show you
the ocean tides of Bora Bora
and what our focus
group thought of it.
please continue.
Jim, sorry.
Nancy, with me, please.
I'm sorry.
This better be Bora Bora.
What the hell was that?
First, those pictures.
Now, a sex tape
with an employee.
Come on, Gina.
That was hardly a sex tape.
I just made a
mistake, that's all.
That's a damn understatement.
Do you have any idea
what a scandal like this
would do to the company?
Sarah was messing
with my computer.
So I'm pretty sure that it
was something to do with--
Sarah's been putting
in extra hours
to help your presentation.
She's in there saving
our asses right now.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
You know what, you know
what, Nancy, take a break.
Go home.
Oh, god.
Hey, can I come in?
Yeah, sure.
Uh, what do you know
about home smart systems?
Uh, pretty much everything.
Yeah, I mean, they're just as
smart as the programmer, right?
OK, great.
Can you come over
to my place later?
I need your help.
Come on in.
Take a seat over there.
So I really appreciate
you doing this.
Thank you so much.
Hey, whatever I could
do to help, right?
You know, I--
I saw the pictures
that got leaked.
I just-- I can't believe
anybody would do that to you.
Yeah, exactly.
So no more playing nice.
So I finally got into
my home admin portal.
I was checking the security
logs, but they keep crashing.
Admin portal, security logs.
Wow, I'm impressed.
Yeah, but the only
passcode that's been
used in the last week is mine.
So we're right
back to square one.
Yeah, well, that's--
that's where I come in.
Do you mind if I
access the router?
No, access whatever you need.
Just get my home back for me.
I'm on it.
So have you always been
interested in computers?
Um, you know, I--
I used to be really
into video games,
but then I grew up and became
interested in the opposite sex.
Probably should have just
stayed with the video games.
Wow, that ex really
did a number on you, huh?
Oh, yeah.
So what happened?
I loved her more than she
loved me, I guess, you know?
Things got complicated.
How so?
Come on, spill.
Oh, man.
Um, she found someone else.
I'm sorry.
I know how that feels.
But you know, luckily for
me, I found a useful new skill,
and here we are.
Yeah, here we are.
I mean, where is that exactly?
Who is doing this to me?
I can't be sure just yet.
But the good news is I
can't find any hidden
surveillance devices.
What about my car?
Well, it's an
integrated system.
So if somebody could
get in, then, you
know, they can get in your
cell, your laptop, your car,
your house.
But not anymore because I just
deactivated the old firewall
and installed you a new one.
So you are now free.
Wow, awesome.
That was so quick.
Yeah, just like that.
Thank you.
I still want to
find out who it is.
Oh, yeah.
No, of course.
I'm running some
tracking programs.
I mean, whoever did this
was-- was pretty smart,
and they've covered
their tracks.
But I'm just going
to keep digging.
Yeah, OK.
Bye, bye, bye, bye.
Oh, hey, can I get a refill?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.
Do you want something stronger?
Sure, yeah.
I have a really good
red here somewhere.
There it is.
How about a nice Italian
blend and some pasta?
OK, only as long
as I can help cook.
Oh, you can
definitely help cook.
And then they all
heard the pillow moaning.
Oh, my god.
That is brutal.
It is brutal.
She is brutal.
I'm starting to wonder
just how far she'll go.
I don't know, you know?
It seems more like--
like Doug.
Yeah, I mean,
it could be Doug.
I just don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
I am going to call Simon
and see if he can help me.
Ms William's office.
Hey, Simon.
Yeah, it's me.
Listen, can you do me a favor?
Can you go into Sarah's
office and see if you
can see anything suspicious?
you want me to snoop?
Yeah, snoop away,
just don't get caught.
Activating stealth mode now.
Thanks, bye.
OK, Bye.
So I have another request.
Oh, yeah?
Do you think you can fix it?
Do I think I can fix what?
Finish dinner first, though.
OK, all right.
That should do it.
Try it out.
- Now?
Yeah, now.
Try it out.
I'm going to lay on it.
I'm not into dating coworkers.
I just want them
to cook me dinner.
I'm sorry, I know
it's inappropriate.
I'm sorry.
So you can date coworkers?
And married men and cheaters.
For you, I'll make an exception.
Good evening, Ms Blake.
Hey, Nick.
Whoever hurt you
made a huge mistake.
Whoever's doing this to you is
going to get what they deserve.
What the hell?
That's Doug's car.
Wait, is he here?
Oh, god.
Are you serious?
What the hell is he doing here?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, my god.
It's OK, it's OK.
What's going on?
victim, multiple gunshots.
Looks like a 187.
The EMT is going to be called.
TOD, approximately 4:00 PM.
Suspect still at large.
We're going to do a canvas.
Who would have killed Doug?
I don't know.
But whoever it, he's
still out there.
OK, thank you.
And the two of
you work together?
Yeah, look, this
person is still
out there they sent me this.
This is from Ross' phone.
So whoever killed Doug,
it's the same person.
May I take a photo of this?
And to finish the
statement, may I
take a picture of your ID?
Sorry, are you
going to do anything
tonight besides take pictures?
You really need to leave
the questioning to me.
Sure, sorry.
This is an active crime scene.
Do you have somewhere
to stay this evening?
She can stay with me.
Good night, Ms
Williams, Mr. Richards.
I'll go upstairs and
put stuff in my bag.
Nancy, we have
a serious problem.
Someone's created a
backdoor into our servers.
They're hacking into
our bank accounts.
And the breach came
from your terminal.
NANCY WILLIAMS : I'm with Martin.
You're with him?
I've been calling you
for the past 20 minutes.
Look, you both need
to get down here now.
Look, Gina, some
things have happened.
I don't think we can
get to the office.
Nancy, if this gets out,
we'll lose the company.
Just please, I
need you both here.
Simon, Doug is dead.
Oh, my god.
Someone shot him in
his car outside my house.
And I was wrong, he wasn't
the one stalking me.
both knew who it was.
I found the proof right
there in her office.
She has your passwords.
She's the one hacking you.
You have to go to
the cops with this.
Just ask for
Detective Burton, OK?
I'm on it.
OK, come on.
I'll go.
I can take care of this.
You stay.
No, I have to go.
Remember those pictures I
got of Clark and his family
when I was in Chicago?
You told me they
came from the office.
The killer was there.
So we have to go.
Oh, Simon's got my car.
I'll drive.
What the--
I need the name of
your security company
and the company
that installed it.
You must be Simon.
What's so urgent?
I think I solved Nancy's case.
I have proof that our coworker
is the one harassing Nancy.
I'm listening.
Well, I found Nancy's
password in Sarah's office.
That's the password
for her house, too.
This proves she did it all.
Great start, but it doesn't
actually explain everything.
Well, I can go through more of
her personal files if you want.
OK, how about we start
with Sarah's last name?
Blake, Sarah Blake.
Listen, Simon, thank you so
much for coming down to see me.
I will be in contact with you.
This is what we
have, detective.
Great, thanks.
OK, I'm going to need all of
the security footage of the day
the system was installed.
I mean, I guess she's
the most likely one to have
sent those pictures of Clark.
But I-- what are you doing?
I'm trying to hack
into Doug's cell.
Found it by your front door.
He must have dropped it
when he was stalking around.
Why don't you give
it to the police?
That's evidence.
The police?
Come on.
They'll take forever
to access the phone.
Look, your stalker probably
lured Doug to the house, right?
So this has the answers we need.
You told me the
system was secure.
Sarah says it's not.
Why is this happening?
Ms Baker, I assure you the
system is state of the art.
Whoever is hacking you is using
extremely sophisticated means.
In fact, it almost has
to be an inside job.
The hack into the
server originated
from Nancy's account.
Just her and Simon had access.
Are you accusing us
of something, Sarah?
Well, if I may, Gina is
the only one with the ability
to initiate a transfer.
And Sarah, you sure seem
to know what you're doing.
We don't have time for this.
Martin, eyes front.
Lock down our system, lock
down our bank accounts.
No, I can't.
The banks use different
protocols, 256-bit encryption.
I don't want to
hear all your crap.
I hired you to
protect this company.
Let me tell you, you're
doing a real bang-up job.
Fix this now.
Nancy, can I speak
to you for a moment?
I found something
you need to see.
I know you were
the one embezzling.
Meet me at my house, 3:00 PM.
$500,000, or I take you down.
Doug was blackmailing Gina.
She's the one stealing
from the company.
Gina had a motive to kill Doug.
Look, give me 10
minutes with her.
OK, perfect.
You stall.
I'll trace this breach
and try to prove it's her.
Gina, I need to speak with you.
What is it now?
Go help Martin.
I need to show you something.
That's Doug's phone.
Nancy, you have to believe me.
I would never do this.
Doug is insane.
I would never steal
money from the company.
Yeah, I know.
Somebody is trying to frame you.
They must have gotten
into Doug's phone.
They sent you these texts,
just like they sent Doug.
They lured you to my house,
just like they lured him.
Wait, so-- so
Doug is innocent?
Doug is innocent.
But there's something else.
Doug is dead.
He was murdered.
No way.
You saw the text.
I went to meet him this
afternoon at your house.
Did you actually
see him, though?
I saw his car.
Somebody is
trying to frame you,
Gina, somebody who
has been three steps
ahead of us this whole time.
Sorry, Simon.
Things got real complicated.
I just
met with Detective Burton.
OK, what did she say?
The lady is a brick wall.
But she did seem
interested in Sarah.
You ask me, she's still
our prime suspect.
Wait, does Burton think that?
I'm not sure,
but there's something else.
She's focused on
digging up old security
footage from the hotel,
the hotel where Ross died.
Oh, god.
Look, I'm
on my way to the office.
No, no, Simon.
Don't come here.
no way it's just her.
Simon, are you still there?
Simon, answer!
Your brakes--
Hit the pedal!
Oh, god.
All the phones are down.
All the doors are locked.
The elevators in the
lobby are stalled.
We're trapped up here.
Why would he
have Doug's phone?
I can't believe he did this.
He's just some IT geek.
No, you didn't see him, Gina.
It's like he knew, like he
knew what was on that phone.
The phone.
No service.
Is that Martin's bag?
What is that?
Ross' phone.
Oh, god.
So it was Martin all along.
No, he and Sarah
knew each other.
Martin Richards.
What the--
What the hell are you doing?
That's my money.
I'm sending the money back.
You don't deserve it.
You shouldn't have
tried to hurt her.
I'm following the plan.
We were just supposed
to scare her.
I wasn't the one who went
rogue and killed someone.
We get the money, and you
live out your creepy fantasy
with Nancy, which you'll never
have because you're a psycho.
You know, you really shouldn't
have uploaded those photos.
You made it look cheap.
They've cut the lights.
Even if you're
insane theory was true,
why would they be
doing all this?
I don't know, but
we have to find them.
Here, take that.
Great, I must have
some mail around here.
Just stay here.
I'm not staying here.
You scared the crap out of me.
It uses facial recognition.
Even Big Brother can't get in.
So it'll just scan my face?
Relax, Gina.
Sit down.
Nancy went looking for you.
Where's Sarah?
I promise I won't tell
anybody what you did.
No, no, Gina.
It was you.
I made sure of it.
You went to Nancy's
house and you killed Doug
to cover up your embezzlement.
I have video of you stalking
around Doug's car today.
And besides, your fingerprints
are all over the gun.
What gun?
This gun.
Gina, no.
Please, no.
No, no, no!
Nancy, sweetheart,
you don't understand.
You're ruining the plan.
I took care of Doug for you.
Now, somebody has to
go down with a murder.
So we placed Gina at
the scene of the crime.
She has the motive.
It's perfect.
You're psychotic.
No, I'm not.
Because then, Nancy,
then we can be together,
just like we're supposed to be.
I've known it since the very
first message you ever sent me.
You're the only one, the only
one who knows the real me.
Can't you see?
This is all for you, Nancy.
I would never hurt you.
OK, you did this all for me.
You killed Ross, you killed Doug
for me so we could be together.
I get it, I get it.
You've been watching me all this
time, and you still don't see.
You picked the wrong girl.
Your confession to Gina,
I sent it to the police.
Gina, Gina.
Gina, please come on.
Get up.
Gina, please get up.
Please, quickly, quickly.
We'll do it the hard way.
So here is the plan.
Just so we're on the same
page, Gina killed Doug.
And we'll say she killed
Sarah, too, when she found
out Gina's incriminating files.
And Simon.
Simon, he just didn't
know how to drive.
Simple motives.
It's easy to file.
Now the question, Nancy,
is what do I do with you?
Oh, now that is sexy.
Do you even know how to
turn on a computer, honey?
Because I can show you.
Stay here.
Oh, now I'm really turned on.
You see, Nancy, you
can't hide from me.
I'm not into dating coworkers.
I just want them--
Rest in peace.
Simon, good to see you.
I guess I outsmarted your car.
I guess you did.
Oh, my god.
It's OK, I'll be fine.
And Sarah?
Oh, god.
I just--
I can't believe I
let this happen.
Gina, are you kidding me?
This is not your fault.
Make sure you check
the next of kin.
Any cameras outside?
Hey, I'm glad I got you
around to watch my back.
You still want
that partnership?
Um, yeah, if we
can outsource IT.
Don't complain.
I'll wash your mouth
out with this champagne.
Don't bring his name in here.
Make it disappear.
I won't ask again.
Same old thing.
Just understand now
the rules have changed.
The chase is half the fun.
Icarus' son fly
straight to his fling.
After all that's said
and done, perhaps
I'll be the one you hate.
After all that's said
and done, perhaps
we'll never speak again.
Oh look into my eyes.
I promise you'll regret
tonight endlessly.
Darling, please make
a big mistake of me.
Don't miss.
I'm not scared.
You're overwhelmed and I'm un--
I'm over prepared.
The devil in a light can
help you make your mind,
do things you never did.
After all that's said
and done, perhaps
I'll be the one you hate.
But after all that's
said and done,
perhaps will never speak again.
Look into my eyes.
I promise you'll regret
tonight endlessly.
Darling, please make
a big mistake of me.
look into my eyes.
I promise you'll regret
tonight endlessly.
Darling, please make
a big mistake with me.
Darling, please make
a big mistake of me.