The Adventurers (2017) Movie Script

Breaking news.
A robbery took place at
the Louvre museum today.
One high value artifact has been stolen.
Police say a suspect led
police on a high speed chase.
For approximately 18 km
before the man was caught.
A museum official states that the stolen
artifact known as the "eye of the forest".
Which, together with the "wings of
destiny" and the "rope of life".
Forms a three-piece precious
necklace known as "Gaia".
This 17th century necklace was made as a
gift from Spain to the Chinese emperor.
It was later divided up and
smuggled out of the country.
Looks like you managed to keep in shape.
Thank you!
Need a ride?
I'll walk.
Of course.
After five years in the pen
I imagine you needed some fresh air.
It's good to be free.
Just because you're out of prison
doesn't mean you're really free.
I could say the same to you.
Tail him.
Impressive work.
Didn't even bother with the alarm.
Probably just tapped right
into the wireless system.
And disabled the security cameras remotely.
Any fingerprints?
No, sir.
Very impressive indeed.
Must be how you earned this
I'm hoping we can help each other.
Where is he headed?
Screw you, cop.
You know I didn't do this.
You got no evidence on me.
Thank you.
Now I have your fingerprints
at the crime scene.
Pretty damning evidence for a jury.
Where is he?
Comm check.
Crystal clear, comm secure.
Head to the lighthouse.
You'll find everything you need there
"watch list."
Want me to Photoshop your picture?
Make sure it looks natural.
Congratulations! You just
turned over a new leaf.
Stop animal cruelty!
Stop animal cruelty!
I'm in
I'm almost in position.
How's our new partner doing?
She should be here any minute.
Drinks on me!
Hello there. Anybody home?
Good morning.
Allow me to introduce you.
The most beautiful thief of the year.
Red ye.
I barely know you.
And you're addressing me by my full name.
Since we still have some time.
Why don't we have a chat?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Are we here for work.
Or is this match-making?
I'm starting to have serious
doubts about this guy's work ethic.
Oh, please.
You don't even know me.
Po Chen.
Born 1989 at yuan general
hospital in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Your father worked at a newsstand.
He died when you were 12 years old.
You dropped out of school at 16.
Wandered the streets
until you met Dan Zhang.
And you became his protg.
Rumor has it, you're a
virgin who's a Virgo.
Judging from the way you
just tried to hit on me.
That's no surprise at all.
You think I wouldn't do my homework
before joining a new crew?
Well, if you had done your homework.
You'd also know that I'm the
best hacker in the game.
Only insecure people need to brag.
Actions speak louder than words.
Got it?
I'm impressed.
Pretty thorough investigation.
You're up.
Show time!
Stop animal cruelty!
Stop animal cruelty!
Alright, stand by.
Aw higher?
Last chance.
Going once...
Going twice...
Sold for Eur 200,000.
Thank you, Mr. Jameson.
Now for the highlight of the evening.
Please welcome Ms. Tingting.
And her one of a kind.
The "wings of destiny".
Thank you
I hope by auctioning this treasure of mine.
To help build the largest
wildlife zoo in Europe.
Many endangered animals can
be lifted out of misery
"target locked"
3.1 million
3.2 million.
Po, check it out
We know him well, he's a French cop.
He specializes in international theft.
He's here for you.
My old friend
4.5 million.
Do you guys have a plan B?
Your call.
Let's stick to the plan.
Lam the one he is trying to hunt.
Demon, come join us.
6 million going once.
Going twice...
There, zoom in.
Heho, Zhang.
Is that the suspect you're
talking about, inspector?
Should we have him escorted out?
Not yet.
You're up next.
Fur is for beautiful animals.
Not ugly people!
Tingting loves to wear fur!
Stop animal cruelty!
Storm the auction house!
What are you up to?
Transport the auction
pieces back to the vault.
Bring the guests to the VIP room.
Po, the "wings of destiny" is on you.
Stop killing animals!
There's a robbery in progress.
Open up.
We've been here the whole time.
No one has attempted to...
Call your captain.
Found it.
How much longer do we have to wait here?
Red, your location
I'm on the way, are you still inside?
I'm still there.
Yes - Open the vault.
Someone is stealing the "wings of destiny".
That's impossible.
Listen to me.
This whole protest is a ruse.
Open it!
Perhaps if you'd be kind enough
to share some of your information.
You're wasting time.
Open the vault!
I want everyone on high alert.
Open the vault.
Come on.
Oh my god.
Lock down all exits to the hotel.
Parking lots, everything!
I have the package, let's regroup.
Be patient.
Since Pierre is here.
Let's up the ante.
Your turn, demon.
Excuse me
- watch!
- Oh, sorry...
It's okay, guys.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
May I sit here?
It's alright.
Cannes is full of fanatics.
As a matter of fact, I'm
a huge fan of yours.
Of course
I've seen all your movies.
What is the name of the movie...
Come on...
Stop that car!
Your necklace.
His driving is pretty damn good.
Out of my way.
Think of something.
Now I know what your plan B is.
That's good.
Now you can slow down.
All the security footage at
the hotel have been deleted.
Good job.
You're still not retiring?
I still need "Gaia" to
find out who set me up.
Seems like you already
have an answer in mind.
Beware "Gaia" may be a cursed artifact.
Still going back to Kong?
He's been waiting a long time for my return
Dan Zhang.
What an honor to meet
the legendary Dan Zhang.
You're so handsome.
Can I have your autograph?
Do you want my autograph, or money?
I was told you play fair
I've been looking for a new partner.
Let me join you guys.
She was pretty good this time.
Didn't Kong tell you
before he sent you here?
That was my last job
I'll find you if I come out of retirement.
Your welcome gift is like a rocket.
You should give it a try
I'll try it for you.
It is in this very tunnel,
the Cantaron's tunnel.
A car crash between vehicles took place.
Stemming from a car chase.
Involving two alleged thieves.
And a police officer, acting on his own.
As you can see behind me, rescue
team arrived on the scene.
Details are still unclear at this time.
Damn it, Pierre. This is
your idea of "observing"?
You know why I'm the one
with this office right now.
And not you?
You're a better ass-kisser than me.
But I'm not your partner anymore
I'm your superior.
From now on, you'll share
your Intel and collaborate.
Is that clear?
What the hell are those?
Chinese stress balls.
Helps me to relax.
You should give them a try.
I want to bring on help.
Good, take anyone you want.
Not a cop.
An expert.
Someone who can lead me right to Zhang.
Who said anything about outside, I...
You wanted me to collaborate.
With cops!
If you lose him again, I won't
be able to save your ass.
These cracks were not caused by hand.
Seems pretty straight forward to me.
This painting is from the 19th century.
Its canvas is coated with a
protective rabbit skin gesso.
Which is highly sensitive to humidity.
As you can now see for yourself.
Is it covered by our policy?
I'm sorry. But...
Failure to maintain proper
humidity levels in the gallery.
Is considered human error
I'm sorry, but it's not
covered by our policy.
If you'd like us to investigate further.
Please let us know
Amber Li?
Inspector Pierre Bissette.
What can I do for you?
You have knowledge about a particular case.
That I believe could be useful to me.
I was assigned to the case
of Tingting's necklace.
Somehow I don't think that's
what you are here for.
Do you know this man?
You already know the
answer to that question.
Did he steal it?
I think you already know the
answer to that question.
Has he tried to contact you?
Am I a suspect?
I haven't had any contact with
him since he went to jail
I didn't even know he got out.
I know how it feels to be betrayed.
Nice try inspector. Don't
play mind games with me.
You don't know the first thing about me
I know that Zhang targeted you.
Then used your inside information
to steal the "eye of the forest".
So you want to use me as bait.
You know him better than anyone.
With your help...
I don't know him any
better than I know you.
Good luck, inspector.
Call me, if you change your mind.
Thank you.
How have you been?
I'm doing okay.
I'll help you on one condition.
When this is all over.
You make sure Zhang gets
locked up for good.
Now tell me.
Where is the "rope of life"?
Are you willing to travel?
Good to see you back
Kong is waiting for you.
Uncle Kong
I've been waiting for you.
I know
I can always count on you.
Well done.
A new hobby you picked up?
Not a bad way to kill time.
You should consider it after you retire
Taiwan boy.
You two are still working together?
Uncle Kong.
Good work.
Before your incident.
I knew you wanted to retire.
But I couldn't count on
anyone else to get this done.
This cheque
I should've given it to you years ago.
Don't worry. It's safe.
It know it's less than you expect.
I took some out.
For this.
After you got caught.
I put the word out to track down the guy.
Who stole the "eye of the forest" from you.
It took a while.
It was this bastard.
Is that a tongue?
So the rumour is true. You did it.
There's a honor code amongst thieves
I can't kill.
But I can pay others to get it done.
Money well spent.
You're like a son to me.
Did you ever find out who
tipped off the cops?
Don't try to guess if you
have absolutely no idea.
You're better off not knowing.
I want to know.
It was your fiance
I suppose I deserved it.
Is there a chance for one more job, so
I can score a big one before I retire?
Of course!
If you combine these three artifacts, it'd take
you lifetimes to spend what "Gaia" is worth.
All we need now is the "rope of life".
You have to be sure about this.
There can't be anymore missteps.
You know what's fascinating.
About nesting dolls?
You begin by making the smallest one.
The shape and size of this core figure.
Determines the fate.
Of the rest of the dolls that follow.
It's interesting, isn't it.
That's destiny.
Let's hear the plan.
Now that you've taken the cheque.
Why not get out of the
game while you still can?
What can I say
I'm greedy and I like money.
A fortune is worthless to a dead man.
Do you really believe that
Amber betrayed you that day?
You wanted to retire because of her
Amber is a good person, and I'm a thief.
But I can't fool her forever.
We're being tailed, don't look back.
Let's split up.
Okay. See you later.
Give it to me.
Give you what?
The "eye of forest", the "wings
of destiny", Tingting's necklace.
You're so sure that I'm responsible.
Why would they lock you up if you weren't?
You never gave me a chance to explain.
You've never visited me
once in the past five years
I'm not gonna listen to
your so-called explanations.
Then what are you doing here?
I'm helping the police
with their investigation.
So they will lock you up for good.
If they have any evidence that I did it.
They can come and arrest me.
Stop following me.
It's complete.
Try this one.
Look in the most recent folder.
That's him.
The guy who owns the "rope of life".
You know him?
I've met him briefly.
That's pretty high tech.
Should we tell Kong that we're backing out?
The operation is compromised.
Scrap the original plan.
We're going for plan B.
Plan B?
Nature calls.
You don't need to go?
I'll hold it in.
They say holding it in is bad for you.
I knew this would happen.
What is this?
A female urination device
for the wilderness.
Now you can pee standing up.
What do you think?
Now we can pee together standing up.
Are you insane?
What's that?
A female urination device.
Is it useful?
You're sick.
Come on.
That's him?
Whatever you do.
Find out as much as you
can about the castle.
And where he keeps the "rope of life".
Piece of cake.
What was that?
That was your plan?
To not talk to him?
How are we gonna be able
to get the "rope of life"?
Let's go.
You'll never understand
what women are thinking!
Mr. Law, please, a word?
Are you still the owner
of the "rope of life"?
I believe you've been targeted
by a group of thieves.
These are no ordinary thieves.
They have already stolen the two
other components that make up "Gaia".
I see.
Now all they need is yours.
If they can get pass the state of the art.
Security systems I installed.
Let them have it.
Excuse's moi.
Have we met before?
Is that the best pick up
line you can come up with?
What's wrong?
Is it the wine?
It's not the wine. It's the venue.
What's wrong with the venue?
People need to be in a certain
mood to enjoy fine wine.
The place is nice enough.
But it's lacking two key elements.
And what might those be?
Music and...
Not only do you know wine.
You know how to enjoy life.
Let me introduce myself
Charlie law
I own this winery
I've heard all about you.
I work for a wine magazine
I'm a wine critic.
I assume I won't be getting
a good review from you.
- It was nice meeting you, I should go.
- Wait.
Now that we have music.
All you need is a companion.
Care to be my friend?
I already have plenty of friends.
How about.
We do an interview?
Would you be interested?
Call me.
Why isn't he calling?
He will soon.
How do you know he'll call?
How do you know he won't?
"It's me Charlie. I'll call you now."
Hi, rose. It's Charlie.
Hey, what's up?
I'd like to schedule the interview.
I'm busy.
The day after tomorrow?
Would you like to come to my office?
Text me the address.
My driver can pick you up.
Why'd you hang up?
He didn't even finish.
You're so annoying.
Wait! Where are you going?
Checking whether the facial
mask worked its magic.
He's calling back!
You answer it.
She was just...
Could you please stop doing that?
Sorry, stress relief.
Doctor's orders.
Does it work?
Not really.
You seem really obsessed with him. Why?
I'm not obsessed. He's a thief, I'm a cop.
My duty is to catch him.
That's it
I'm just curious.
If I made you uncomfortable.
You know when Zhang stole
the "eye of the forest"
I chased him through the streets of Paris.
Almost had him.
When a car crashed into me
I was trapped in the wreckage
I thought for sure I was going to die.
You know why I want to get him so bad?
Because he's the worst
kind of thief there is.
The kind that has Patience, and integrity.
The kind that if I don't get him now
I'm afraid I won't ever get him.
It's her.
Now what?
We wait and we follow her.
There's interference in the feed.
How about now?
This way please.
Take a good look.
You mind if I record the interview?
Not at all.
Let's begin.
Mr. Law, what year were you born?
On the 31st of this month
I'm throwing myself a birthday party here
I'd like for you to be there.
Let's get on with the interview, shall we?
When was the first time you tasted wine?
16 years old.
Do you remember what kind it was?
No, but it was expensive for sure.
So as long as the wine's
expensive, it's good?
Not just wine, it applies to everything.
Money means a lot to you, doesn't it.
Of course.
Mr. Law.
How would you describe your occupation?
Making money.
Big and small.
For example this castle
I live here but I also open
parts of it for tourists.
What's the most valuable
item in your collection?
Have you heard of the "rope of life"?
No, but now that you mention it...
I have an idea.
How about I take a picture of
you and the "rope of life"?
It'd make the article more enticing.
Follow me.
Right this way.
It's secret passage.
Must be standard for the rich.
Your security system here
must be one of a kind.
Everything is linked up to
the security control center.
There are cameras in there.
That are connected to my cell phone.
Good morning, Mr. Law.
Here is my collection.
Out of all the artifacts.
This is my favorite.
It's stunning.
It must be very expensive.
A lot of people would kill
to get their hands on it.
As it's one of the most coveted
pieces of jewelry in the world.
Buddy is my most trusted
security team member.
Yes, we've met before.
Buddy is actually very friendly.
He's just a little playful sometimes.
Try calling his name.
Let's start talking some pictures.
Sorry, there's a reflection.
From the glass.
No problem, I can open it up.
Looks very high tech.
Alright, again.
Give me a high-spirited pose.
Wait a minute.
Give me a pose with a homely feeling.
Perfect. Now some full body shots.
Let me get a top shot.
Imagine you're presenting it with pride.
Can you step to your left?
A little more.
Just a little more.
Are you sure you can still see me?
Perfect from this angle.
During the Nazi occupation of
Czechoslovakia in world war ll.
The castle was inhabited by the Nazis.
An underground secret passageway
was built as an escape route.
It connects the basement of the
castle all the way to the winery.
In fact, the wine cellar
was used as a bomb shelter.
Here she is, coming out.
That's way off.
Hello inspector.
I see your time behind bars did
little to rehabilitate you.
Not true.
I tried painting.
But I'm just better at
stealing art than making it.
Once a thief, always a thief.
I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to talk
I'm listening
That's your business.
Mine is to bring you in.
You dragged her into this mess.
That makes it your business.
Give this to her.
And keep her out of this.
What's going on?
He still cares for you.
You said you know how
it feels to be betrayed.
Who was it?
Since when are you interested in bonding?
When I was a boy, my father
was the greatest man I knew.
Everybody loved him, respected him.
He traveled a lot... For work he said.
Used to bring me trinkets and tell me that.
One day I'd go with him.
I was 14 when the police came.
Raided our home and seized everything.
I don't know if the trinkets
he gave me were stolen or not.
Doesn't matter.
Cops took them all away.
My dad too.
He went to jail.
Left us with nothing.
Did you ever confront your father?
He died in prison.
People like Zhang and my
father they destroy lives.
It isn't just objects they steal.
It is trust as well.
Well, I don't have to tell you this.
Why did you agree to help me?
One day.
Someone offers you an opportunity.
To put away someone you
tried so hard to forget.
But couldn't.
So you take it, because it
is the right thing to do.
I just didn't realize how hard it would be.
As much as I hate him.
I still...
Say no more
I understand.
It looks like our pal Charlie's
throwing a party at the castle
I have to go
I'm going with you.
I want to.
What kind of fingerprint scanner is this?
It's a pain to wear.
Help me lace this up.
Come on.
This is a high-risk operation.
Which operation isn't?
If anything happens.
I mean, if one of us gets caught.
I can't save you.
You don't have to save me either.
This is a rule set by Zhang.
That's a strange rule.
It's too tight.
Let's give it a try.
You need to hold on tighter.
What are all these red flags?
Surveillance cameras.
Their range is around 50 meters.
And they cover the whole
perimeter of the castle.
That's really difficult to get in.
That's why we won't be
going in on ground level.
Then how would we get in?
Getting inside is not impossible.
We can enter from the winery.
That's adjacent to the castle.
In there? Are we gonna suffocate to death?
The winery needs some new barrels.
That's how demon will sneak us in.
The manhole leads directly to
the underground passageway.
That will take us to the
castle's security control center.
Once I get there, I'll take out the guards.
Then turn off the surveillance
cameras and the security system.
Happy birthday to you.
Zhang will enter the vault
from the watchtower.
Got it.
And who's going to open the vault?
You've already planted the seed.
Laser system is down.
You look absolutely gorgeous today.
Thank you.
I know that you've got everything.
So I didn't bring a present.
You coming tonight is the
best present I could ask for.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Scared the crap out of me.
What the hell just happened?
It's a long story.
Go... Go.
Women are just gifts to you, aren't they?
Of course not.
Then what are they?
Like you.
They should be gift receivers.
The scan failed.
Try it again.
So you have a gift for me?
Let's go back to China together.
Wearing the "rope of life".
Okay, it's done.
Say goodbye.
Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.
I'm outside the vault.
Time for spidey.
What's happening?
Charlie's dog is attacking spidey.
We're running out of time.
Sorry doggy.
You made me do this.
Mr. Law.
The policeman is here again.
He says it's urgent.
Mr. Law.
Zhang, your old friend is here.
Po, we're running out of time.
Red is in trouble.
Send over the fingerprints.
So I'm just part of your plan.
Check your vault.
Everything is fine.
You've been robbed right under your nose.
Come with me.
They're heading your way.
They will reach you soon.
Get yourself out of there.
What about red?
Leave now! Before they catch you.
Find them!
Alert, all personnel!
What about the rule?
I broke it, but don't fall in love with me.
Let's go.
I won't kill him.
I don't know how to swim!
Don't move!
Stay on your knees.
You will have to kill me.
You think I won't?
Try me.
Don't be stupid.
Think of Amber.
Is that why you brought her?
You're smarter than I thought.
Get in.
What are you looking at?
Nothing, I just don't get it.
You saving me makes me think that.
There's still a possibility
to make this work.
Can I be together with a thief?
You haven't changed one bit.
I need to find the guy who screwed me over.
Without the complete "Gaia",
he won't show himself.
If he doesn't die, then
I can't live in peace.
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
But you're in a bit of a pickle.
You just became an accomplice.
You alright?
I'm good.
Only one parachute left.
Go with them, I'll follow after
I'm not going with them.
Listen to me.
Just let me talk to Kong
I'll figure everything out
and explain later, okay?
I'll save you the trip.
Did you forget about your
uncle because of this woman?
I have what you want.
Hand it over.
Hold on.
You want the goods? Where is the money?
Hand me the goods.
No, there's no turning
back if you give it to him.
Come on, bring it over.
He was talking to me.
Red? What are you doing?
He hired me first.
Take her with us
Think twice before snitching
when you're in jail
I have her as leverage.
Po, use spidey!
Hands up! Get down on the ground!
Go now, make sure you find her.
- What about you?
- Just jump!
Still refusing to cooperate?
Five minutes.
Where is "Gaia"?
We know your mentor Kong has it.
Go, take a break.
Where is he?
I don't know.
But I do know how to find him.
You can't get him without my help.
And Amber?
Let me out of here
I'll save her and take down Kong.
If we lose Kong this time.
He sells "Gaia".
We will never find him.
Why should I trust you?
Do you have another choice?
One condition.
Bring back "Gaia".
The buyer is here.
Keep an eye on her.
Uncle Kong
I'll be there in bit.
Be quick
I'm going in, you stay here.
What about red...
So what's the plan anyway?
Plan B.
Tell us.
Why did you side with Kong?
He saved my life before.
There are many things
where we have no choice.
The universe depends on a balance.
And we are all subject to Karma
Karma leads us to.
Where we are now.
You wouldn't be here.
Without me.
Five years.
Have I not repaid my debt to you?
There is no such thing as
"paying back" in a family.
What are you planning to pay her back with?
Everyone's here.
It's a family reunion.
Let me tell you.
The Russian doll behind you.
Is a proximity bomb.
The distance sensor.
Is attached to "Gaia".
Once the transaction is done.
And "Gaia" gets out of a.
One kilometer range.
The bomb will go off.
And this will be.
What you repay her with.
You stay here and watch them.
When I give the call, meet me downstairs.
Your operation in the Czech Republic.
Drew a lot of heat from the cops.
Don't worry.
This place is safe.
The original buyer from the
middle east got cold feet.
Luckily I found a new buyer, Mr. Yelyuk.
Last minute change in buyer.
Is not how we do business.
He's fine.
Mr. Yelyuk is a very rich man.
He's offering 20% more.
Nothing to worry about.
You know what this machine does?
It cuts Cannon barrels.
When I was a young man, I used
to work in a factory like this.
This damn thing can cut through anything.
I know you have something I want.
Let's see it.
I was like you.
Looked up to him like a father.
He sold me out five years ago.
Looks like it's gonna be you this time.
Save your story.
I only care about money.
Think about it.
Why did he leave you here?
You really believe after the transaction.
You will be getting your share?
To him, you are one of us.
Pull the trigger if you don't believe me.
Take it easy.
Just family business being taken care of.
Family business.
Lower your guns.
Carry on.
"bank transfer."
Hand over "Gaia".
Or I'll kill her.
You shot her down like a dog.
If she can't even handle a few of you.
What's the use of her.
What do you take us for?
What do you take me for?
If I raised a dog.
At least it would know how to fetch.
You left me for a bitch
I have rules for training my dogs.
Your rules don't apply to me.
Why does it have to suit you?
- Translate this to Yelyuk.
- Don't.
Does he have a younger brother?
Don't listen to him.
Did his brother disappear five years ago?
- Shut up!
- Hold on
I'll listen.
Five years ago.
After I stole the "eye
of the forest" for him.
I was ambushed.
By a thief.
He stole the "eye of the forest" from me
Kong had him murdered.
So what?
The problem is.
That thief was his brother.
Would you come here if you knew?
How do you know this?
Kong not only killed your brother.
He also cut off his tongue.
His tongue had a tattoo.
Just like the one you have on your neck.
I didn't know he was your brother.
He stole from me so I killed him.
That's the rule of the game.
You can understand that, right?
You are the one not playing by the rules.
You hired his brother
- and then you killed him.
- Shut up.
How dare you shoot at me?
I should be asking you that question.
Listen carefully
I am risking my life to come here.
You are right
Kong is the one who betrayed you.
He hired the eastern European boy.
To steal the "eye of the forest" from you.
What are you afraid of?
Shoot me.
He's all yours.
Remember what I said about that machine?
It cuts through anything.
Spideys ready!
Stand still.
Stand still.
Come out now.
Come out, you traitors
I will kill you.
Hand over "Gaia" to me.
Stop the car!
"One kilometer."
He was defeated by his own greed.
How are we going to keep you free.
From prison without "Gaia"?
Why do you always do this?
Keeping me in the dark.
Can't you give me a heads up.
I promise you.
From now on, whatever I do
I'll ask you first.
Ms. Li.
May I kiss you?
Are you out of your mind?
Women are complicated.
Like I said.
Plan B.
What is plan B?
Just play it by ear
"'gaia' returns home"
"from an unknown benefactor."
Good morning.
You have a package.
Thank you.
Come on guys! I'm done before you.
We got to give it a shake.
Now what?
Plan C!