The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954) Movie Script

When is the auction?
These girls will be sold
in Meshed.
They go today
in Osman Agas caravan.
Dye and trim the beard.
As you say.
Is this your caravan
that just arrived from Meshed?
-Tell me,
is there talk about the marriage
of our Princess Fawzia with your prince?
There are always fools who believe
that happiness will follow
when the prince marries.
So there is much talk.
There is much talk
that such a marriage would help trade.
| always say I like
Baghdad for a visit,
but not to live there.
I love to go there to eat
and for the entertainment and the fakirs.
Whats this I hear, Kerbelai?
ls Hajji leaving us?
Alas, great day
to our great Chief Executioner.
This is the very day.
Tis not enough for a son
to follow in his fathers footsteps.
Oh, he can put a man to sleep
or keep a man awake a week,
all with those skillful ?ngers.
Why are you not satis?ed
to be like your father, Hajji?
Youre a good barber.
But why, I ask myself,
must I remain a barber?
Take the Shahs chief favorite,
Ismael Beg the golden,
is he more handsome
or better spoken than I?
But he is the favorite.
Well, and, uh, the famous lord treasurer
who ?lled the kings coffers with gold,
he does not forget his own.
What was he,
the son of a grocer?
Eats and drinks what he likes.
He puts on a new coat every day.
And after the shah, he has his choice
of all the beauties of Persia.
Surely, one as handsome as you
has no trouble with the beauties.
l have no trouble with,
l have trouble getting to.
Ill put money on Hajji,
hell make his way.
One hundred dinars that
in six months Hajji is still a barber.
Make it 500,
and Ill take it.
Hajjis the kind of young man
who gets ahead in our country.
Five hundred dinars.
-Thank you, noble merchant.
-Succeed, and Ill thank you.
Since you leave today, Hajji,
youre welcome to a place
in my caravan.
The greatest caravan
to leave lspahan.
You had better be well-armed,
Osman Aga.
This is a risky time.
we did not encounter the ?erce tribes,
but my Uncle Aziz
was not so lucky.
Two days before me,
he was attacked
at the Great Pass at Meshed.
Oh, for a merchant,
theres always risk.
Remember, Hajji,
theres safety in numbers.
I prefer to travel alone.
As you wish.
Tell me, Hajji, youre a Baba,
you hear everything.
Who do you think
the Princess Fawzia will marry?
But with a temper like hers,
she must be already married
to the devil.
I must warn you, Hajji.
You should not speak
thus of our princess.
If my noble master, the Chief Executioner,
were to hear you,
he would have you ?ayed alive.
What have I said,
that she is mean and cruel?
Id rather receive a kick from her
than a kiss from most!
Nay, laugh not.
I may carry the instruments
of a barber,
but I have the desires
of a prince.
Haj/l, Haj/I, Haj/I;
Haj/I; Hal/.4 Haj/I;
Haj/I; Ha///.
J Haj/I; Haj/I; Hajji
Haj/I; Hajji Baba J
J Hajji Baba J
J Haj/i Baba, Hajji Baba, Haj/i Baba J
J He was always in /0 me I
J In love, in love I
J Come to my tent J
J Oh, my beloved J
J Bring me your lips J
J Warm as the sun J
J Hear my lament J
J on, my beloved J
J Come to my arms J
J on, wonderful one J
J Deep in each soul J
J Careful/y hidden J
J Theres a desire J
J To be indiscreet J
J Haj/i has said J
J When love is forbidden J
J Love is so sweet J
J Love is so sweet J
Hajji J
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba J
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba
Hajji Baba J
J He was always in lo ve J
J in love, in love J
J Come to my arms J
J Oh, my beloved J
J Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji J
J Hajji Hajji Hajji
Hajji Hajji Hajji J
The Caliph will be here shortly.
If we do not wake her,
she will be in a terrible temper.
-I dont want to be the one to wake her.
-But who will wake her?
Meriam, you do it.
No, I recall the last time | awakened her.
You do it.
And be slapped for my pains?
No, let Shireen.
Very well.
Who will wake me and why?
Is it you?
Is it you?
And why not you?
Is it so dif?cult to decide?
Very well, then.
I will decide for you.
You will wake me.
And now that I am awake,
for what have I been awakened?
Your father, the Caliph, will be here
much earlier than you expected.
-In a few minutes.
-Rose of roses.
-Princess of princesses.
Is my bath ready, or do l
have to choose someone to do that?
Who is to bathe me
and who is to dress me?
Am I a lobster
that you should boil me alive?
Cool it!
Cool it!
Where is my perfume?
Is it dead ?sh?
Smell it yourself!
Was ever a princess so cursed?
The coffee is cold,
and the bath is too hot.
Meriam, are you
going to torment me too?
the bath is cooler now.
Now it is too cold.
Hurry, hurry.
My father will be here,
and I will not be ready.
Again you have scratched me.
Oh. Oh, my emerald.
| wish to wear it.
The Caliph,
he is approaching.
Then go quickly, all of you.
Go. Out! Go, go!
May I deserve my fathers visit
by my actions?
It is my hope that your slumber was deep
and your dreams pleasant.
How can I sleep,
knowing for the ?rst time in my life
I do not wish to obey?
Youve been a loving
and a faithful daughter.
For that reason, Ive always
given you everything youve wanted.
But now I must refuse,
only because I am fearful
for your happiness.
But you were fearful
when I begged for the white stallion.
You said he was dangerous.
Then I rode him as I said I would
and you admitted you were wrong.
That is true.
It is also true that the horse
could only break your bones.
Prince Nur-EI-Din
will break your spirit.
See the ring he has sent me...
and read the letters he has written.
His words have no less ?re.
He desires me for his wife.
Think of all the wives hes had
and how hes treated them.
No one can hold him.
I am the one who can.
Do you remember the Princess Mirza?
She was as beautiful as you
and as wise.
And she was gentle as a dove.
Perhaps he doesnt need a dove,
but a falcon.
You may be the falcon,
but he will be the master.
But, Father, Nur-EI-Din
will make me happy.
I know he will.
In all the East,
there is no one as handsome as he.
Theres no greater warrior, nor one
who rides as well or hunts as hard.
-Or is as heartless.
-But I will ?nd his heart for him.
-You are a child.
-You are too old-fashioned.
Would you take for a husband
a man who sends your father a letter
which says,
Give her to me, or I will take her?
But that only shows
how eager he is.
He means no disrespect.
You cannot cajole me.
I say this man is not for you.
Hes evil.
And I say he has the heart
of a true prince.
He desires me for his wife.
Ive sent messengers
to Achmed Khan at Basra,
to tell him that Im sending you
tomorrow to be his bride.
Achmed Khan. Never.
Hes young and serious,
and hes never been married.
Hes promised me he would build
a mosque in your honor
even more beautiful
than the Taj Mahal.
A mosque.
Cold marble
cannot make my blood stir
but Nur-EI-Din can and does.
I fear for you.
You are so innocent.
Whose fault is that?
Here I am 17 and unmarried.
My sisters and cousins
were married at 14.
I have wasted three years,
and I will waste no more.
I will reason with you no further.
Now I command you.
I am the Caliph and your father.
Make yourself ready for the journey.
Tomorrow I send you to Basra
to my friend and ally Achmed Khan.
And I will send you under guard
and in bonds if need be.
-If I were a man, I would escape.
-Perhaps theres a way.
I have a message
from Nur-EI-Din.
You have?
I am as nothing in his eyes,
only a pathway down which
his voice may travel to your ears.
Do you know the avenue of Aberan
that is left unguarded?
Only one parasang from the outside of
the city, there is a well and some trees.
At that place, a horseman awaits,
a beardless youth.
-And for clothing?
-Not yet.
I received the message
only this morning.
Make haste and I will make ready.
J Haj/i Baba, Hajji Baba, Haj/i Baba J
J Hes beg/nn/ng to live J
J To live, to live J
J There was a man
Named Haj/i Baba J
J He of the great heart, soul, and an J
J Although he wore the robes
Of a barber J
J He was a man with fire
In his heart J
J But as it goes J
J The legend uncovers J
J He never knew of the thrill J
J Ofa kiss J
J Nor the joy and the rapture
0f lo vers J
Traveler, stop!
I beg you.
Help one who thirsts.
-Perhaps you set a trap.
-Nay, nay.
I am the rug merchant,
Akim of lspahan.
By Allah, you speak the truth.
What has happened to you?
Where is your caravan?
Captured on the Great Pass.
On the short route from Meshed,
we were set upon
by the Turcoman women.
I ?nd this dif?cult to believe,
my friend.
I hear these escaped harem girls
are creatures of delicate beauty.
Do not be misled, young man.
Theyre beautiful, yes...
and dressed enchantingly.
But they are sirens, cold.
Their hearts are ?lled with hatred.
They rode up out of the hills like--
like demons
and rode us down.
Those of us who were not killed
in the ?ghting
were hung up for vultures.
I was... I was left for dead...
with this sash knotted
around my neck.
Your words
only sharpen my interest.
Such women must be very exciting.
I merely wish to emphasize
a warning, young man.
Travel wide of the Great Pass.
You neednt choke me
to make your point.
Can I give you a ride
back to Ispahan?
No, no. Its but a short walk.
Youve been kind enough.
Then farewell.
May good fortune ride with you.
And good fortune to you.
J Haj/i Baba, Hajji Baba, Haj/i Baba J
J Hes beginning to live J
J To live, to live J
J There was a man
Named Haj/i Baba J
J He of the great heart, soul, and an J
J Although he wore the robes
Of a barber J
J He was a man with fire
In his heart J
J But as it goes J
J The legend uncovers J
J He never knew of the thrill J
J Ofa kiss J
J Nor the joy and the rapture
0f lo vers J
J Nothing l/ke this J
J Nothing l/ke this J
J Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji
Hajji Baba J
Praise be to Allah.
Praise be to Allah.
I am your servant.
-You intend to stay here?
-I may or may not.
At the moment you can see
I am watering my horse.
Filling my gourds.
Leave I pray you.
For at this place I am about to receive
a treasure of such beauty.
That it is not
for ordinary eyes.
What you say intrigues me greatly.
And now I will not leave for
ten times ten sheikh cadies such as you.
But for ten times ten golden dinars,
I might be persuaded to go.
By Allah, I shall slay you!
In here. Bring him in here.
Are you certain
the guards were bribed?
Yes, all is
in readiness.
Once you get into the courtyard,
you can walk out with the others.
I know, I know.
Let me through.
I am the courier.
-What courier?
-You know what courier.
Let me by.
I know nothing.
I must hurry.
What is it you want?
I thirst for adventure
as some do for wine.
Especially if it is pro?table.
Ten dinars.
This should teach you a lesson.
The seal of NurEI-Din.
Maybe I should slay you.
If Nur-EI-Din is in this adventure,
it may be dangerous
rather than pro?table.
Stop! Please, stop!
Youve misled us once, evil one.
And now speak the truth.
Where is the princess?
Stop! Stop it.
I will tell you.
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba J
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba
Hajji Baba J
J He keeps laughing at lo ve J
J At/ove, at love J
J Always the dream J
J 0f jewels and riches J
J Seem to ens/a ve J
Have you seen a warrior
pass by this place?
I am the one you expect.
I am here to fetch the treasure.
How clever of Nur-EI-Din
to send a warrior disguised as a barber.
How is he?
Everyone knows how he is.
What is the treasure
you expect?
That, you must reveal.
Prove you are the one I am to meet.
How beautiful.
There is a treasure.
By Allah, you are beautiful.
You are the treasure.
-Let me go!
-Who are you?
The Caliph
will let you know who I am.
You must be the Princess Fawzia.
My fathers guards.
Help me.
I must get to Nur-EI-Din in Meshed.
-What will you do for me.
-I will give you the emerald.
The emerald and 100 dinars.
Anything you wish.
Only hurry.
I must rest.
If we stop, we may ?nd ourselves
in the hands of the Chief Executioner.
I cant help it.
I am hot and tired.
Well stop when its safe.
My throat is parched.
-It wont be long.
-I must drink.
Complaints ?ow from you
like water from the springs of AI Baqir.
But I am a princess,
and my skin is soft.
I am not used to
such hard ways.
Youre no princess
as long as were on this desert.
Well, I am stopping.
Very well. You can stop,
but Im going on.
You know that
if your fathers men catch us,
theyll take you gently
back to lspahan.
Me, theyll leave with my head
in one place and my body in another.
I like them stuck together.
J Hajji Hajji Hajji
Hajji Hajji Baba J
J Hajji Baba J
It should be safe
to pause here for a while.
J Hajji Baba J
J Hes beginning to live J
J To live, to live J
J There was a man J
J Named Haj/i Baba J
At last, I will drink.
Bathe if you will,
but drink, no.
-You smell the leather.
-I dont like it.
Then dont drink it.
I would like some water now.
I was wrong.
Its the best water
Ive ever tasted.
J He ne ver knew
0f the thrill of a kiss 1
J Nor the fa y
And the rapture of lo vers J
J Nothing l/ke this J
Ive never been
on the desert before.
-Does it frighten you?
-Should it?
Its claimed more lives
than Nur-El-Din.
You dont like him?
Who does?
Ive never known a barber.
Nor I, a princess.
-Is it strange?
-Is it strange for you?
But I am curious.
Your curiosity
is greater than mine.
With luck, well overtake
a merchant caravan.
By the might of Allah. Stand.
We are two weary travelers
who wish to join your number
for the journey to Meshed.
-Take us to your leader.
-Dismount and follow me.
By Allah, if it isnt
my old friend Hajji Baba.
Inshallah, Osman.
And who is this one?
This youth is Shir Ali,
my assistant and apprentice
to the arts of barbering.
You move rapidly
towards success.
This morning you were little more
than an apprentice yourself.
Can you give us shelter?
-Find shelter for my friend Hajji Baba.
-It shall be done.
You refuse me in the morning
only to join me at night.
-How is it you go to Meshed?
- | now see a chance for a fortune there.
Ah, perhaps, perhaps not.
Everything is in the hands of Allah.
So be it.
Can I count on your mercy
for food for myself and Shir Ali?
Most assuredly, but ?rst,
you shall give me a massage
and then you shall share food
and, uh, other pleasures.
Fetch me the copper bowl. FiII it
with water, heat it and bring it here.
Fetch it yourself.
Allah has cursed me with an apprentice
with the disposition of a mule.
Aye. Can we contend with fate?
If Allah make a camel white,
can Osman Aga make it black?
Hey, what is your talent, youth?
Are you skilled in
the massage of Astrachan
or the trimming of the beard?
He is superb in the massage.
Can he by a slight pressure
on certain nerves
put me into a full slumber
as you can?
He is my apprentice
in all things.
Good. Then I shall strip,
and your hands shall melt away
all aches from my bones.
And later on, you shall
take me into the mess--
I will fetch the water,
-Where is the dancer?
-I shall send for her.
This is my good friend, Hajji Baba,
and his apprentice Shir Ali.
This is the Chaoush Mandan,
who has promised us protection
from the dreaded Turcomans.
Boy, fetch my pipe.
Send in the dancer.
I have a cargo of silks
from Constantinople
and slave girls from Meshed.
This dancer is a jewel who
might please a prince like Nur-EI-Din.
What manner of man
is this prince?
NurEI-Din? [chuckles]
Fortunately for me,
hes ?ckle.
His desires wax and wane
like the moon.
He is to marry
the Princess Fawzia.
Is there any slave girl
to compare with her?
Yes, there is one.
This dancer Ayesha.
She is beyond compare.
She is more to be desired
than ten princesses.
-But I hear that Princess Fawzia--
-And as beautiful.
Ah, yes, Ive heard so too.
But as you, yourself, said this morning,
shes cruel and sel?sh.
And I have it
from one of her handmaidens
that shes not even beautiful.
Her mouth is large,
she has no salt in her complexion.
Shes crooked.
As for her waist,
it is that like of an elephant.
And her feet,
a camel has smaller.
-That is a lie!
-Have you seen the princess, oh, youth?
-He is at an age
where all princesses are beautiful.
May I retire, oh, master?
No, boy. Come sit by me
and watch the dancer.
It is as Ha?z has said.
Every moment of pleasure
that one enjoys, a count has gained.
Ah, the musicians.
What do you think of her?
-She is magni?cent.
-What do you think?
-I have seen better.
Why do you not join the others?
Fatigue lies heavy upon me.
You did not enjoy the dance.
At least I learned what manner of woman
a barber ?nds beautiful.
She is beautiful. And I venture
your Nur-EI-Din will ?nd it so.
Her skin is coarse like pumice,
her legs are too thick,
her waist would take a bridge
to span it.
Some say that
of the Princess Fawzia.
Barber, you are fortunate
that we are not in Ispahan,
-or I would have you--
-Have me ?ogged?
That is your answer
to all but ?attery.
You wish to silence everyone
by threats.
Is that what it is
to be a princess?
Go. I am weary.
Move over.
You cannot stay with me!
Then leave.
This is my tent.
You will not
take advantage of me.
I have the courage to kill you
and myself if need be.
When I think of a woman,
I think of Ayesha.
You are safe with me.
Ive had a hard day,
and I need no blows to put me to sleep.
Disrobe, if you will.
I shall count a hundred stars.
-Wheres the princess?
-Shes safe.
-Bring her to me.
Im taking her to Nur-EI-Din.
She is my charge, and I do not need you.
Nor | .
-Do not be alarmed.
I wish merely to speak to you.
-Where is your master?
-Hell be back.
I will make a bargain with you.
I know that you are not Shir Ali,
neither am I Chaoush.
Who are you?
An honorable spy in the service
of your father, the Caliph.
And you are the Princess Fawzia.
Hajji? Hajji?
If it had not been for your courage,
I would be back in lspahan this day.
Youre precious to me,
worth an emerald ring
and a hundred golden dinars.
That is why
you risked your life?
Well, what else?
The emerald alone
is worth 20,000 tomans.
With that, I can buy everything.
Horses, houses,
slaves and love.
There is some love
you cannot buy.
Only in legends.
Perhaps you are right.
Perhaps legends are for barbers
and love for princesses.
You will get Nur-El-Din,
and I will get the emerald.
We shall see
who has the better bargain.
Now, Barber, I have found you,
I have caught you,
and I will kill you.
No. Iwill speak
to my father on your behalf.
You will not see
your father, Princess.
My orders are to take you
straight to Basra.
Prince Achmed Khan
rides from Basra to meet us.
I must see my father.
There is need for great haste.
We will take the short way
through the great mountain pass.
I know you are tired, Princess,
but we must continue.
We must get over this pass
before nightfall.
Do what you wish.
Your plans are not mine.
Guards, alert!
This road is watched
by Turcoman women!
Get them, get them!
Turcomans! [yells]
The Banah returns!
Come on, come on, come on!
Move along, move along!
Sell him in Bokara.
And bring in the next.
This is the leader of the caravan,
Great Banah.
Allah is with us.
III capture the Caliphs guard,
and you take the caravan.
Leave me at least one diamond.
These rings are all l have left
in the world,
and Im an old man.
Sell him in Bokara.
Who is next?
Can you ride and use a knife?
| conquer men in other ways.
Well said. To women of courage,
we give a choice.
Stay with us, or we will sell you
in Bokara to the highest bidder.
I wish to be sold
in Meshed to Nur-El-Din.
Then you are not for us.
You will be sold in Bokara.
Take her!
Who is the next one?
I offer this emerald
as my ransom.
That is my emerald!
Leave him.
Why is it in his possession?
He is my apprentice.
It is in safekeeping.
-What say you?
-The emerald is mine.
What do you offer for your life?
This ring and my skill.
Let me see the ring.
This is Nur-EI-Dins ring.
Are you his man?
No, I stole the ring.
My name is Hajji.
Im from lspahan.
I have the skills of a barber.
I bleed, pull teeth, set limbs.
You have need of me.
I can heal you.
I do have need for you.
And my apprentice, Shir Ali?
If you heal me,
I will spare you both.
If not...
Perhaps it is because I am weak
from my wound.
But I wish, if only for a few minutes,
to be a woman.
What is there to stop you?
Who are you?
I was forced into the harem
of Nur-EI-Din.
But as you have seen,
I am not meant to be any mans slave.
The moon is not more beautiful
than you.
In a con?ict of wills,
man has force on his side.
Nur-EI-Din taught me pain.
I hate him.
You escaped?
Yes, with two other girls.
Our fame spread,
and now whenever
any woman escapes slavery,
she comes to us.
And are you happier now?
I prefer to choose
rather than be chosen.
Is it possible I am
the ?rst one you have chosen?
Would that it were so?
Where are the others?
In my harem.
And where is that?
They rot in the sun...
once their ardor cools.
Mine will increase
with each passing day.
What is the meaning
of this?
Look for yourself.
Who is she?
The Princess Fawzia
of lspahan.
The Caliphs daughter?
And what is she doing here?
l was taking her
to her betrothed, Prince NurEI-Din.
You can forget that you were
in my arms ?ve minutes ago.
For it will not save you
if you lie to me.
As Allah as my witness,
it is the truth.
I promise to take her
to Nur-El-Din
in return for that
emerald you wear.
And she means
not else to you?
It is a matter of trade.
Like transporting
You should ask me
what he means to me.
He is a servant that I bought
as I would buy any other.
Spoken like a princess.
But that does not prove
that you are one.
Do any of you know
the Princess Fawzia?
I do!
I was her handmaiden.
-Yes, I am Fabria.
And she is the Princess Fawzia.
She is in your keeping.
I will show her how well
I learned my lessons.
Whatever she does to you,
will be better than you could expect
from Nur-EI-Din.
You, Iwill spare
for your gentle hands.
But I warn you,
if you communicate with her
in any way,
both of you will die.
Great Banah.
We have prepared
to take the slaves to Bokara.
We wait for your command.
Mercy, please.
Ill show you mercy
the same as you showed me.
I was frightened.
I thought you wanted
only the emerald.
The emerald?
- | | | be back.
J Always the dream J
J 0f jewels and riches J
J Seem to ens/a ve J
J His adventurous soul J
J Laughing at l0 ve J
J Be a tame man of wishes J
J Every mans goal J
J Every mans goal J
J Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji Baba J
-J Haj/i Baba J
J Haj/i Baba, Hajji Baba, Haj/i Baba J
Where were you?
Seize them and tie them up!
Since you are lovers,
Ive arranged for you
to watch each other die.
We were attacked
by Nur-EI-Dins men.
He took the slaves
from us.
And all women?
I am the only survivor.
We will avenge this loss.
We attack at once.
How long will it be?
Soon it will not matter.
I regret my ill-temper
and sel?shness.
Have you no regrets?
Only one.
That I ?nd myself tied to this pole.
You regret having tried
to bring me to Nur-EI-Din?
But I do.
Since I know I will not live,
I must speak the truth.
I do not wish
to marry Nur-EI-Din.
For in these past days and nights,
I have learned something.
Ive learned that
Ive been mean and cruel.
That I love you.
I have learned the same for myself.
Do you love me more
than an emerald?
More than 10,000 emeralds.
It is easy to say now.
For you will never see
an emerald again.
I would not now give you
to Nur-EI-Din or any other man alive.
If Nur-EI-Din would have even
looked at you, I would gouge out his eyes.
If his hand touched you,
I would break it.
By the beard of Allah, I swear it.
Great Prince.
We have defeated
the Turcoman women.
And here is their leader.
My old love, the Banah.
I would think
you would have died
rather than be
delivered to me.
Knee! and beg my forgiveness.
Put her in chains
with her followers.
Where did you
get this ring?
I will tear the words
out of you.
I can answer that,
Great Prince.
I know from whence
the ring comes.
Release her.
It belongs
to the Princess Fawzia,
who was a captive
in the Turcoman camp.
Princess Fawzia?
Take your ?eetest horses.
Ride to the Turcoman camp
and bring back the princess.
Five hundred dinars
to the man who delivers her safely.
Praise to Allah,
they live!
Fair cousin,
you must think ill of me as a ruler.
I beg your forgiveness
that I have been unable to protect you
from such shameful treatment.
I am grateful, Prince,
to you and your men for my life.
May | secure you
from all danger in the future?
First there is something
you must hear.
Hajji will tell you.
Hajji, tell the prince.
Tell him what happened.
Great Prince,
here is the scoundrel
who tried to steal the maiden
Morgiana from your harem.
I want him here
in front of me.
The law is clear.
And mine is the hand
of justice.
All right, now.
I want you to tell me what happened.
Well, uh, we were
latched to a pole, Great Prince.
We could not move.
And I was bemoaning the fact
that after many dangers have
been overcome,
it looked as if I might not be able to
deliver the princess to you as Id hoped.
I made every effort
to bring her to you safe and sound.
And now...
Now I claim my reward.
The brave lion
has become a lamb.
It is not enough.
He speaks the truth.
I promised him
the emerald you wear.
Give it to him.
A bargain is a bargain.
He shall have the emerald.
You are a true prince.
And I love you.
Leave him a horse.
A bargain is a bargain.
You promised him
an emerald, not a horse.
J Seem to ens/a ve J
J His adventurous soul J
J Laughing at l0 ve J
J Be a tame man of wishes J
J Every mans goal J
J Every mans goal J
J Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji Hajji Baba J
-J Haj/i Baba J
Go back.
Bring me the emerald.
Inform my friend,
the Caliph of lspahan,
that he is welcomed
in my camp.
My city will be as his
and his city as mine,
once the princess and I
are wed.
-Why are their heads shaven??
-[woman 2] Whats happened?
By the beard of Allah.
Two of our men dead.
But the horrible thing is
their heads are clean-shaven.
As if by a barber!
Osman Aga!
So you escaped too.
No, only with my skin.
How like a prince
you look.
To think you were only a barber
a few short weeks ago.
Now youre rich, handsome,
a successful merchant
with everything your heart desires.
Not everything, Osman.
Oh, thats how it is,
my son.
One hopes for 20,000 dinars,
then one ?nds
its not suf?cient.
One needs 40,000.
Fortunately for you,
I am here.
Ill give you a chance to double
your money... nay, triple it...
in the shortest possible time.
I leave immediately
with a great caravan of goods
to be sold at Nur-EI-Dins wedding.
As you know,
he marries the Princess Fawzia
a few days hence.
I will not go.
Oh, I do not ask to take you,
but your money.
Money has not brought me happiness.
Twice the money will not
make me happier. Nor thrice.
But what ails you, Hajji?
I am in love.
Oh, then buy her!
Whatever the cost,
its worth it.
No, she is not for sale.
Only a young man
speaks thus.
It is the Princess Fawzia.
The moneys gone to your head.
The Princess Fawzia?
And once I believed she loved me.
Then take her!
From NurEI-Din?
Why not?
Hes a prince!
A great and powerful prince.
I... I am a barber.
Oh, I despair for you.
Without courage,
one can be neither merchant nor prince.
Hajji Baba.
I am Hajji Baba.
Come with us.
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba J
J Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba J
J Haj/i Baba .1
J He was always in lo ve J
J in love, in love J
J Come to my tent J
J Oh, my beloved J
J Bring me your l/ps J
J Warm as the sun J
J Hear my lament J
J Oh, my beloved J
J Come to my arms J
J 0h, wonderful one J
J Enter my heart J
J And stay there forever J
J Lost in the spell J
J 01 stars up above J
J And well be like J
J The man Haj/i Baba J
I wish to see the prince.
Tell him I am here.
No one can enter, Princess.
He cannot be disturbed.
Perhaps it is this dancing girl
you should marry.
Let the Princess Fawzia enter.
Yourjealousy ?atters me.
It is not jealousy.
You are wrong.
Now, at last, I know
you are no the husband for me.
Arrange for an escort
to take me to lspahan.
Beloved, my heart is set
on this marriage.
It is the key to my future.
A bitter future.
You would be hated,
not loved.
I do not need love
if I have possession.
I have ways to persuade you
to do my bidding.
-Could you be forced into submission?
Neither can I.
Youre wasting your time.
We are a race of kings,
and we do not surrender easily.
I will make this arrangement with you.
Do as | ask, and once I have
accomplished my purpose,
I will give you your freedom.
What purpose is that?
I intend to possess
all Persia.
My armies have gone
as far as south as Kan/van,
and as far north as Samarcand.
lspahan lies across
the trade route,
from Basra to Baghdad
and Tehran.
I must and shall have.
You say must.
I say never!
Come with me.
This amber-colored liquid--
so warm, so full of ?re.
Would you believe
that in an instant
it could chill
the marrow of your bones?
Turn your blood to ice so rapid,
that you need but taste it?
And yet, it is merciful.
Like this one.
Color of an emerald.
The emerald I gave to you,
which you, in turn, gave to another.
This works slowly.
Twenty, 30 hours.
It looks cool,
like the ocean at its deepest point.
And would you believe
it sets every nerve on ?re
that one cannot breathe?
That one does not know
whether the agony in the hands
is worse than the feet?
Or the chest worse than
in the vital organs?
So it is.
And I dread its use.
But two slight months ago,
I gave it to my friend Amir Kalim.
He broke his word,
and it broke my heart
to watch his agony.
I think you will be the most beautiful
bride Persia has ever seen.
You are Hajji Baba?
I am, Great Caliph.
You are the one who took my daughter
against my will
and transported her to Nur-EI-Din.
No one transports your daughter,
I accompanied her.
In the four days and four nights
I was with her, I found her dif?cult,
spoiled, ill-tempered, and mean.
You love her.
Love her?
One might as well
love a storm on the desert.
Or an angry camel,
or the bite of a spear.
Girl, tell Hajji Baba
what you told me.
The princess implores the Caliph,
her father, not to come to the wedding.
She says it is enough
that she is in danger.
The princess says that Nur-El-Din
will kill the Caliph if he comes.
She begs her fathers forgiveness
for disobeying him
and for not heeding his warnings.
She asks him to ?nd Hajji Baba
and thank him
for what he tried to do.
My armies could never
defeat Nur-El-Dins in the desert.
Besides, I must keep them here
to defend lspahan.
But, Hajji, sometimes one man...
What could I do?
What could a barber do
against a powerful prince?
Do you love my daughter?
Love her?
I am a barbers son.
Muhammad himself
was not born a prince.
And it was he who said
the greatest power in the world is love.
Nur-EI-Dins strength can crumble
and fade away,
but the power of love survives.
I say to you, if you love my daughter,
you have that power.
Win her.
Spices from Samarcand.
Shawls from Cashmere.
Silks from Bokara.
Filigree from Damascus.
Fine mosaics.
Oh, patience.
Patience, my doves.
Wait. Turek!
Take those into the tent.
This is your caravan,
It is. I have gifts
for the prince and princess.
And also many fabulous jewels.
Will you please inform your master,
Nur-EI-Din, prince of princes,
that I would show him
my most precious gems.
What is your name?
My name is known
throughout all Persia.
I am the great merchant
Osman Aga of lspahan.
And you?
Who is he?
This is a holy man.
He is taken the vow of silence
and of darkness.
Thats why he neither
speaks nor uncovers.
Praise be to Allah.
Turek, make all ready
within the tent.
Uh-uh. Wait, wait, wait.
First, you must see what I have here.
Ointments and salves.
The ?nest in all Persia.
Silks, perfumes, and jewels.
More beautiful
than any I ever saw.
Where did the caravan
come from?
-[woman 2] No, from lspahan.
Its the caravan
of the great Osman Aga.
I, too, wish to go.
But Im afraid to leave
the princess.
Go. Go, all of you.
I will wait.
These salves and ointments are made
from secret formulas ages old.
In one of these jars of ointment,
there is a precious jewel.
A diamond worth a hundred tomans.
The lucky girl who ?nds the diamond
may go into our tent
and choose another gift.
And remember, my Iovelies,
once again I remind you,
the lucky one who ?nds
the diamond,
goes into the tent
to choose another gift.
Look! Look, the diamond.
Ah! Fortunate one.
Turek, take her into the tent.
Dont go! There are more diamonds.
More gifts.
Youve risked your life
to see me.
I hoped you would not forget me.
How could I?
Well, then, kiss me.
Sweeter than honey,
but I...
I do not come for that.
For what then?
Im on a mission
for the great Caliph of lspahan.
To rescue his daughter, the princess.
For a rich reward.
If you help me,
NurEI-Din will be yours alone.
You know,
that except for the Princess Fawzia,
you are far most favorite
in his eyes.
Help me and he will be yours.
You will rule by his side.
You will have the jewels,
the robes,
the power that Nur-EI-Din
would give the princess.
What is it
you would have me do?
Osman Aga has brought with him
an offering for the guards.
It is a potent mixture
of pomegranate juice and honey.
You will serve it to the guards
surrounding the Turcoman women.
No. Im afraid.
I swear to you,
it will not hurt the guards.
What is in this liquid?
Ah, beautiful dreams.
You see? It is not deadly.
If you desire a prince,
you must have courage.
The rewards you promise
are to my liking.
-I will do as you ask.
-Good. Then take this to the guards.
I will.
When will they drink it?
At noon.
Please. Please, will you
take me to lspahan with you?
Its very important.
Oh, have no fear.
This Turek cannot speak,
and therefore can be trusted.
At noon? Good.
Now will you do as I ask?
Will you take me with you when you
go to lspahan? Will you hide me?
I might.
I will see that
you are richly rewarded.
I have an ancient prejudice
against promises.
This is a measure
of what you might expect in lspahan.
To hear is to obey.
But tell me, how does a lad like you,
a mere barbers apprentice,
?nd himself with such a pearl?
It... It was a gift.
I did the Princess Fawzia a service.
And how is the princess?
Is she happy over her marriage
to Nur-El-Din?
How can she be happy
when she loves another?
She does?
And who may that be?
His name is Hajji Baba.
Hajji Baba?
I had no idea that your master Hajji
even knew the princess.
The last time I saw him
in lspahan,
he was surrounded
by beautiful slave girls.
I hear hes even thinking
of buying a charming girl for a wife.
-Oh, it cannot matter to you.
-Of course not!
As for myself,
he treated me ill.
I was speaking before
on behalf of the princess.
How is it that the Princess Fawzia
loves a barber?
Because she is a fool!
Ah! It is not wise
to speak thus of Nur-El-Dins bride.
Turek, take this lad into our tent
and show him our wares.
And hide him there.
Thank you, noble merchant.
Ah, praise be to Allah.
I must go see Prince Nur-EI-Din.
For noon is not far distant.
Tell me, lad,
what matter of jewel
does the princess like?
Ah, she has excellent taste.
Except in barbers.
Where do I hide, Turek?
Osman Aga lies.
For me,
there are no women but you.
Oh, Hajji, Im so happy.
But how is it youre here?
Youre in danger.
I said on the rocks that you are more
precious to me than any emerald.
Now I shall prove it.
No. Prove nothing.
Only stay alive.
I intend to.
Our plan is simple.
Osman Aga will keep Nur-EI-Din
occupied until noon.
Then the Turcoman women
will be released,
and we shall escape.
I have no need of pearls.
Prince of princes,
master of all Persia,
your northern armies are poised
for the attack on Basra.
Your ally Alabel Shahzad
sends this message.
-We are ready.
-Great Prince,
in the event your present plans fail,
we are ready to march on lspahan.
So be it.
And now, great merchant of lspahan,
what else have you to show me?
I have here a gift
worthy only of your queen.
This necklace once belonged
to the queen of Sheba herself.
What is the price of this necklace?
It is impossibly expensive,
noble prince.
It is worth 100,000 tomans.
Very well.
I will pay you
when I reach lspahan.
And I will remember you
Your esteem is worth more
than great riches, noble prince.
But if you could pay something,
on account--
These are truly wondrous gems.
Never have I seen
such well-matched stones.
The princess will be enchanted.
But, noble prince,
this is but one of the beauties
I have to show you.
There are rubies
which are like stars.
Fantastic combinations of precious gems
that have not been seen before.
-I will see them another time.
-But, noble prince,
I beg of you.
Be pleased to let me
show them to you now.
Let me show you
some of my other treasures.
Even better calculated
to please a princess taste.
Wait here.
Hurry! You must ?nd
the guards at once.
Its almost noon.
Do as I say! Go. Go quickly.
And more for you?
Praise be to...
Praise be to whom?
This is a gift from
the caravan of Osman Aga.
Then praise be to the generous
merchant Osman Aga.
Cool and refreshing, is it not?
Happiness and long life
to our great prince.
May Allah bless the marriage
of our prince to the Princess Fawzia,
and may their children be many,
and may Persia rejoice in their rule.
Wake up!
Rise. Get up.
Get up.
Abdulah, make haste.
Make haste!
Come on.
-Where is the princess?
-I know not!
Musa! Guards!
-Find the princess. Bring her here.
-Yes, Great Prince.
Where is Musa?
My sword. Be quick.
You have cheated us, Hajji Baba,
of the privilege of taking him alive.
your troubles are not over.
His men will now attack your city.
Ill see the princess safely back
and warn the Caliphs guard.
Well ?ght them off.
Allah be with you.
A great day for them
and for me.
The barber has his princess,
and I shall have their trade.
Theirjoys will be short,
but yours may be many.
That reminds me of our wager.
Is Hajji a success or isnt he?
A success?
He has married the princess.
He is worth more than all
the merchants of lspahan together.
Do you call that success?
Of course!
What do you call it?
Good fortune.
An accident.
Luck, thats all.
Ah, Hajjis luck is your misfortune.
Pay me!
Aye! [laughing]
Five hundred dinars!
Good people.
We thank you
for your wonderful affection.
However, the wedding ceremony
has tired the princess.
And I must regretfully
take my leave.
Allah be with you!
Theyre magni?cent.
Youre the idol of everyone,
my love.
I suppose I should
make another appearance.
Uh-uh. No.
That wont be necessary.
J Come to my tent J
J Oh, my beloved J
J Bring me your l/ps J
J Warm as the sun J
J Hear my lament J
Whats the matter?
The ring.
J 0h, wonderful one J
J into my heart
And stay there fore ver J
J Lost in the spell J
J 01 stars up above J
J Isnt it sweet? J
J To face life together J
J Always in love J