The Adventures of Maid Marian (2022) Movie Script

Which way to Kirklees?
My thanks.
If we can get the gable up
and the canvas over before
We'll have shelter of sorts.
It's a new start for us.
You'll thank me for it.
We'll dine on finer fair
Mark my words.
Thank you for coming to our aid.
I wouldn't have asked
but winter overtook us
and we were desperate.
- I'm sorry.
- Rebecca, no.
- Stop that, stop!
- Run, run!
The new sheriff might turn
a blind eye to poachers,
but the King's deer are my duty,
and you've killed your last one.
Take him, lads!
Stand up, you fools! Get him!
Come on!
I am impressed as always, Lady
with your commitment to the task
at hand.
One would be a fool to ignore
the changing seasons, Your
Winter bears no love for the
Indeed, Your Grace.
Come, come! Enough chattering!
Faster, please.
We have much work to do.
Where were you? Sister
Agnes is on the warpath again.
Give the world your burdens
and the Lord
will take care of you.
Sister Matilda, where have you
Your duties have been
found wanting yet again.
I'm sorry, sister, I lost
sense of time.
If you are too lazy to plough,
do not expect to reap the
Quite why the good Lady
Prioress accepted you
into the novitiate, I will never
Sister Agnes.
Messages, sister, from
- Thank you.
- Oh, there is another.
- This is odd.
- What is it?
Never you mind. News for
higher minds than yours.
- Sister Gaynor.
- Uh, thank you.
Sister Barbara, two for you
this month.
And even one for Sister Matilda.
The day is getting stranger.
I wasn't aware you kept
outside of the priory.
Only you and our good
Lord, Sister Agnes.
Lady Prioress.
- A message.
- From the sheriff, my lady.
Father, have terrible news.
Lady Prioress, I was just, um-
- King Richard, Lord bless him,
is dead.
Killed in a siege in France.
That's terrible news.
Naturally, that means the war
is over.
Most likely many of his
soldiers will return home
to see their loved ones while
they can.
Won't you think?
I wouldn't know.
Sister Matilda, you've
been with us for how long?
Three years this past October.
Three years. Yes, that
would be about right.
And in those three years,
I've watched you go about
your prayers and your duties.
I've watched you every day,
and on each and every one of
those days,
you have borne out that which I
the very first time I laid eyes
upon you.
I wouldn't know what you mean.
Sister Matilda, of all the
who have taken to the cloth,
you are by far the worst I've
ever seen.
There is no hope for you.
You were never truly
here to serve the Lord.
You've been marking time,
pacing the clusters like a caged
animal waiting for release.
- I'm sorry, I-
- No, I'm sorry, Matilda.
Sadly, the only solution when
with such a poorly-suited
candidate is dismissal.
- You want me to leave?
- I do.
I would order you to
gather your belongings
and leave immediately, but I
see you are already prepared.
- Lady Prioress-
- You are free, Matilda.
Go and find your soldier while
you can.
Quickly before Sister Agnes
tries to mend you ways again.
Lady Prioress, I don't
know how to thank you.
Well then don't. Is it far?
Um, Ashgate. I meet him
by the ruin in Ashgate.
Uh, I don't know the ruin,
but Ashgate is a tidy way off.
Best you hurry along now.
You spent enough time in
this old place, Matilda, go!
Uh, thank you. Thank you.
- Marian, wait!
- Robin.
What was that?
Oh, what was that?
Three years!
- Ooh!
- Three years!
Oh my God!
All Bible studies and prayers
whilst you follow Richard to
What can I do? He's the king.
You left me to rot! You
should've sent for me!
How could I? We were fighting
a war!
We're in a foreign country,
hundreds of miles away.
And I promise you, it wasn't
I would have gone for you.
I know.
And I'll come back for you.
I always wondered who lived
Besides us, you mean.
You know what I mean.
Way back in the past,
someone built this place
and maybe lifted it for silk
But now look at it.
It's just tumbled down and
Just lost in the woods.
Maybe no one except us will ever
Even here.
Sometimes things are
better lost or forgotten.
You know I'm sorry, don't you?
I know.
I didn't wanna leave you, but
I just...
Duty. Kings.
Holy wall.
You gave me that speech
at least four times
before you left me for His Royal
He was great man.
Well no doubt about it.
Warrior King.
A lion among men.
From the minute that royal fool
- I knew you'd leave me.
- How?
He had that same mad look in
his eye.
The same one you have when
there's even
the slightest chance of danger.
Hey, come on.
- When did I give you that-
- Please.
Every time you're up to your
neck in it.
And I was there to pull you
out and patch you back up.
This time he took you
somewhere I couldn't go.
It was fine. I, I'm fine.
I wasn't.
So what do we do?
You ever thought about
becoming a nun?
I heard they're
- crying out for them.
- Oh, really?
Silk robes, and a wimple,
Was it bad?
The biggest danger was dying
of boredom.
Well, look, that's behind us
Listen, Marian, Richard gifted
with land in France for my
We can build a house.
We could buy pigs,
cattle, maybe some sheep.
We could get married.
The legend of Sherwood Forest,
herding sheep and cattle.
You'd be the worst farmer ever.
Oh, the worst farm in the
west and in it together.
- Yeah.
- It was truly meant to be.
- You heard me, huh?
- I heard you.
You really would make
the most beautiful nun.
You should consider it.
Little John came back with me
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Uh, he said he'd meet us
today up at the old cross.
We're thinking of visiting
up in the north riding for All
Soul's Day,
and then maybe getting a boat
Well if we started up
there early this morning,
we could make it there in good
I hear he's planning quite the
I'd expect nothing less.
It would be good to see him
So you'll come? To France?
I don't know.
What is there left for us here?
Let's go to Alan's and find out.
Find out what?
See if things have changed.
What things?
Do you mean me?
What was that?
Outlaws, most likely.
This place is crawling with
You're such an idiot.
I need to clear my head.
I'm gonna go down to the stream.
Okay. I'll get out some food.
Oh, bring back some water.
Yes, sire.
Soldier! Over here!
- Come here!
- Uh, no!
Get off me!
Get off me!
- Marian!
- Robin!
Get off!
Well, good rescue.
Good escape.
Where are we? Who are they?
I'm not sure.
Uh, maybe mercenaries.
- We need to get out of here.
- How?
Let her go!
Bring her.
No! No!
- You'll regret!
- No!
Girls are a lovely hunt!
Hold her!
Thank you, Guisborne.
I'll deal with this.
Sheriff De Wendenal,
please, whatever you want,
just leave her alone.
Gosh, it's been a long time
since anyone called me that.
What do you want? Why have you
Three years I lost to exile.
I had everything.
And then you and your
precious king took it from me.
What we did was right to
take your title, De Wendenal.
You reap the rewards
of your own corruption.
Do you know when I was in exile,
I was dogged by tales of Robin
Every inn in every town.
I thought that I would never
escape you.
Until now.
It's over.
The legend of the bowman dies
Misfits Walter.
Do you know, I did think
about letting her go before,
but here she is, back again.
You never did know when
to walk away, did you?
Get it over with, William.
I'm so sorry, Misfits Walter.
It won't be over
for a very long time.
- Stay still, girl!
- Leave here!
You can struggle all you like,
but Robin hood is going to watch
every single cut I make
and listen to every single
Whoa! Whoa!
- You all right?
- Never better.
- Uh!
- Robin!
Get up! Get up!
Well don't just stand there!
Get them!
- Move, move!
- Go, go, go!
After 'em, after 'em! Go, go!
Just do it! Just do it!
Go, go, go!
They must be close. Spread out.
Search everywhere.
Come on. Get up.
- Over there.
- Okay.
They must be around here
Keep searching.
- Sorry.
- How bad is it?
- Oh!
- You know the answer.
What's De Wendenal doing back?
I thought Richard banished him.
That means he must have got
back after the king's death.
With Richard gone, who's
powerful enough to stop him?
- We need to move fast.
- Look, we stick to the plan.
We head east to the old cross
and meet up with Little John.
We can be at Alan's by the
and in France in two weeks.
He'll never find us.
They're gaining on us.
They'll be here any minute.
You have to go.
- No, don't be stupid.
- They'll see us if we run.
And I won't make it. Go!
No! We go together or not at
- Take off your surcoat.
- Okay.
You gonna tell me what you're
- You're going for a run.
- Oh.
- You ready?
- Always.
Find them.
Find them!
We need to stay off the main
- This way.
- Sir.
Every time they run, they head
So, they're trying to throw us
Take two men. The rest of you on
Stand aside, friend.
I said, stand aside.
We have urgent business to take
care of
and you are in our way.
Go around him.
- I don't think that's wise.
- He's one man.
What can he do?
This is your last chance,
Take him down.
- I need a minute.
- Are you all right?
- Hold it.
- What?
You're late.
Little John!
What happened to him? He
looks like death warmed up.
- We're in trouble.
- Less than you were.
- What happened?
- De Wendenal.
- What?
- Apparently he holds
a grudge.
We need to move fast.
It's a long way to France.
Oh, you'll never make it, old
- Look at the state of you.
- We can't stay here.
It's not safe.
I don't think we have a choice.
- He needs to rest.
- So what do we do?
- Run!
- Guys, I find him!
Come on!
- Go!
- Come on!
See you later, Marian.
Put him on the bed.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- How are you feeling?
- Just look at me.
I'm done.
No, you just, you just need to
What if they come for us?
I can hardly raise my arm let
alone a bow.
They won't. We're safe here.
Oh God, we should have
gone three years ago
when we had the chance.
I should never have
left you for Jerusalem.
You came back. And what I
You wanted a grateful pig
I guess that's what you've got.
You should try and leave while
you still have the chance.
I'll never leave you, Robin
Get some rest.
Maybe tomorrow we'll find
a brighter disposition.
We're in trouble.
This place is well-hidden.
They've never found me here
Yeah, you didn't see De
He's not gonna stop.
We need to get down to the
They'll patch us out on the next
That's 20 miles. Maybe more.
Robin's not even gonna make it
20 feet.
We need to find a way.
Can you get us a horse and cart?
Maybe. My cousin owns
a farm down by the Lea.
It's gonna be a few hours
I need to buy you some time.
Go. Thank you.
We lost him.
Yes, I can see that.
They had help. A big man.
Another outlaw, I guess.
John Little.
Be thankful it didn't turn out
Which way did they go?
- East.
- To the river.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
They ambushed us. We didn't have
- Yes, I don't really care about
We just need more men
to get ready to march.
So Fitz, fetch six men
and grab the throwers.
Meet me by the high road.
Ganger, just get everyone else.
- Now!
- Yes, My Lord.
I don't like this.
Find him! Find him!
There! Move, move!
After her!
De Wendenal's gonna get us
You all right, sir?
Get me up here.
Robin, where's Little John?
Well, I dunno. I
thought he was with you.
He went to his cousin's to get
a cart.
I thought he'd be back by now.
How are you feeling?
Yeah, maybe I'll stay here for
a moment.
Best not to rush.
Agreed. I'll make you some food.
It'll do you good. I'll make a
Where were you?
I went to see if I could
convince De Wendenal's soldiers
- to leave us alone.
- And did he listen?
I think he got the picture.
With any luck, De
Wendenal will crawl back
under his rock and give
us no more trouble.
He should know better than
to venture into our territory.
You hear that? It's Little John.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
Run for it! Get inside!
What now?
I don't know.
Robin Hood!
Come out.
I have you trapped.
How did he find us?
I have no idea.
Don't try me, outlaw.
I am not a patient man.
If you come out now, I'll kill
you quick.
I might even let your lady go
Come and get us, De Wendenal!
I was rather hoping you'd say
Bring up the throwers!
- Move, move, move!
- Come on, let's go!
Bloody set it down! Come on!
Let's go, down! Good!
- Come on, wind it!
- What's that?
Nothing good.
Come on, wind it!
Ready to go!
Guys go it?
We need to run now.
I can hardly stand.
When you're ready, lads.
Get back!
Release, Release, Release!
You go.
- Release!
- It's me they want.
How many times before you
I'm not leaving you.
They'll advance over on
us while our heads are down.
We need to slow them down.
- Release!
- With what?
- I can get you out.
- What?
- Release!
- Just trust me.
I can buy you time.
I'm not leaving you either.
If we both leave, they'll
catch us both.
No, they'll kill you.
Yeah, kill me, maybe,
kill you, definitely.
Look, get out, get to the river,
and get to a boat.
I'll meet you at Tuck's.
And I'll marry you.
Don't do anything foolish.
I just said
I'd marry you, didn't I?
What's the fool doing?
Stop her!
- Reload!
- Shoot her down!
For God's sake!
- No!
- He's down!
- Get after him!
- Go!
Get up!
Come on!
Come on!
- I'm all right.
- We need help.
You leave, I'll follow.
No, come on!
Get up!
Sister Agnes!
Sister, please! He's dying!
Whatever you've done, Matilda,
you cannot bring it here!
De Wendenal is back!
He's trying to kill us!
The old sheriff, why?
This is Robin Hood.
Jesus, Matilda.
You've just killed us all. Be
No, you cannot refuse
us! It's your duty!
You have to Grant us sanctuary!
Sister Mary, prepare inside.
Thank you.
Clear the table.
Sister, clear the table.
- Careful.
- Thank you, sister.
Sister Mary, bring hot water.
You're okay.
We'll need to get it out.
Matilda. What's going on?
I don't even know where to
The young fool has brought
death to us.
William De Wendenal is
hunting them and your prodigy
has brought him straight to our
He's dying! I didn't
know where else to go!
You did the right thing.
We'll be gone as soon as we can.
You won't be walking anywhere
for days. This won't do.
If William really is
coming here, we need help.
Matilda, De Lech, the new
is hunting near here over by the
old kirk.
He will have no quarrel with
and he was loyal to King
Find him.
- He will know what to do.
- No, I'm not leaving Robin.
There is no one else.
I'll be okay. I'm in safe
hands now, go!
- I'm not leaving you!
- I will look after him,
Marian, I promise.
I'll be okay.
It is done.
Well done, sister.
I feel I've done more harm
than good.
No one could have done
more. He's in God's hands now.
Thank you, Lady Prioress.
- You should rest now.
- I need to stitch
the wound. Oh, sister.
Mary will do it. She's good with
a needle.
I shall watch over him.
There's nothing more you can do,
Call me if he worsens?
Of course. Go now,
sister, with my blessing.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
I've never met an outlaw
before. Fascinating.
Fetch needle and thread,
sister, quickly now.
Prioress Elizabeth sent me!
I need to speak to the sheriff!
- He's resting.
- Then wake him!
- This is important!
- He will not be disturbed.
- Get off me!
- Step away!
May I assist you, madam?
Who are you?
I'm Simon. I'm the warden here.
I deal with matters whilst the
is otherwise indisposed.
He's resting at the moment.
A late lunch always
sends him off to sleep.
Is there something you need?
Prioress Elizabeth sent me.
William De Wendenal is back.
- He's trying to kill us.
- De Wendenal?
Who are you?
I'm Marian Fitzwalter.
A moment, please. I'll
wake the sheriff at once.
De Wendenal is back.
The exile De Wendenal is here?
Yes. He attacked us.
He's pursuing us. He intends to
kill us.
Arrogant cur.
I will string him up if I get
hold of him.
My betrothed's life is in
Your betrothed?
Robert of Loxley.
Robin Hood, the wolf's-head?
- Yes, sir.
- Ah.
Well, I can see why his
life might be in danger.
De Wendenal has good cause to
hate him.
He got what he deserved! Please.
We took shelter at Kirklees's,
but if he finds us, he'll kill
We need your help.
Well, there are many
rich men around here
who would gladly see Hood dead,
but De Wendenal, he cannot be
to flout the king's law as he
sees fit.
We will help you.
Thank you, sir.
There are not many of us here,
but we shall ride at once.
- Thank you, sir.
- Guard?
- What?
- Bring out the horses
and ready my armour.
- Simon?
- Yes, Lord?
Send a rider to the nearest
Bring troops to Kirklee...
The soldiers are on their way.
- I had no choice!
- What do you mean?
They have my family.
What are you doing?
I had no choice.
What? No.
Marian, what have you done?
Guards, guards! I found the
- I didn't do anything.
- Quickly!
I struck down her accomplice!
They tried to kill me! I
tracked down her accomplice!
Seize her! Seize her
before she kills again!
This way! Over here!
Come quickly! Something is
Where's Robin? Is he all right?
I left him with Lady Elizabeth.
She said you would watch
him, but now the door
is locked and she doesn't
- Why would she lock it?
- I, I don't know!
Step back.
We have to do something!
I don't now. I'm afraid
it may be too late.
- We have to try!
- I, I,
I'll fetch my medicines.
All right, hold on.
Whilst we are sinners,
Christ died for us.
You're a murderer!
Sometimes, yes.
Other times, I have help.
Isn't that right, cousin
- What are you doing?
- I could have pursued Robin
all across the Holy Lands,
but I thought it easier if
my cousin nurse made you
for his inevitable return.
Where else would the lovestruck
fool go when he came home?
How could you?
Blood is thicker than water,
Robin humiliated my family.
He has to pay the price.
Give me the sword, girl.
Robin lost.
It's over.
Give me the sword.
Such a shame.
Take her away.
It's just a scratch. Get after
You'll have to do better
than that, Marian!
Kill her!
Well let me fetch you bandages.
No, it is done.
I must go.
What about Marian?
Who cares about her? What
harm could she possibly do us?
You have work to do.
Of course, cousin.
Who's there?
Sister Matilda?
Come, closer child.
I assume you have good
reason to be abroad.
Uh, Prioress Elizabeth
sent me to the, mm,
for the justice, I am...
I lost my way. Forgive my
I'm glad to have found you.
And you haven't been back to
the priory?
I haven't.
That's probably for the best.
What happen?
Lady Elizabeth should know
than to send a new visit
on official business.
Well these are difficult times.
They are, father?
Forgive my intuition, but
might I have some of your food?
Yes, if you insist.
Thank you.
- Brother Common?
- Yes, father?
Meat and drink for the sister,
Yes, father.
Brother Common at your service.
Uh, Sister...
Sorry, I had a hard journey.
My provisions were stolen.
You must join us.
We've business in the morning,
but once it's done, we
would gladly accompany you
wherever you wish to go.
Thank you, brother.
Brother Common is
misguided in his promise.
We have much work to do,
and we can't waste time
mending your mistakes.
Brother, I need to prepare
my readings for the ceremony.
You will see the sister fed,
and then you will guide
her to the high road.
But father, surely it's
for a lady to be alone on the
If she wishes for our help,
do not permit a woman
to exercise authority
over a man, brother.
We have great works ahead.
You'll have to find your
own path home, sister.
My apologies, sister.
The Abbott has much to contend
No matter. I'm grateful
for Your Grace's kindness.
Tuck, what are you doing here?
Robin's been captured.
- Robin is dead.
- What?
De Wendenal killed him.
Uh, are you sure?
A messenger came to the Abbey,
hailing De Wendenal as a hero.
He tracked Robin and
trapped him at Kirklees's.
They claim he killed one of the
No, De Wendenal attacked us
and slew Lady Agnes in cold
Robin is alive. I'm certain.
No, I saw him with my own eyes.
There was no life in him.
You are mistaken.
Marian, they're going to
execute him tomorrow at dawn.
- Execute him?
- Yes.
And John.
What, what have I done?
I shouldn't have ever left him,
- There, there was nothing you
could do.
Where, where are we?
Uh, near Ashgate, maybe five
Ashgate. By the ruins.
Yes, yes.
There's enough armour
buried there for small army.
Alan in isn't far from
here. And Will Scarlett.
If we go, we can do
this, we can, we can go-
- Marian, you'll never make it.
It's pitch dark.
Just wait for me by the high
and I will come and
find you when it's done.
- It's, it's over.
- I'm not giving up on him.
Marian, we'll be killed.
What could a fat old man and a
do against a private army?
The only thing we can do, try.
All quiet, Ganger?
Yes, sir.
Stay vigilant.
This won't take long. Then we'll
move out.
It's healing well.
Thanks to your skill.
Is all prepared?
The barons are compliant.
They will follow the money.
As always. And the Abbot?
Eustace has been reminded of
the damage
he would suffer should
word of his indiscretions
reach the senate.
And I am assured the final
piece is on its way now.
You've done well, Elizabeth.
Speak of the devil and he
shall appear.
Simon. Good of you to join us.
I would not miss this
day for anything, My Lord.
Do you have it?
Of course, as agreed.
And with this, the
undertaking is complete.
Save one thing, dearest cousin.
Hmm, indeed.
Welcome, Abbot Eustace.
I thank you for answering our
It is a privilege,
Prioress, to bear witness
to an event of such import.
My lords and ladies.
We are gathered together to bear
to the rebirth of my family's
Once the deed is done,
we make for Nottingham,
where my cousin will reward
you well for your loyalty.
Perhaps a few words for
your honoured guests, sheriff?
Let's just get this over with.
I have scores to settle in
Of course, cousin.
Your skills are indeed
Robin, gladdens my heart
to see you on your feet.
William, it sickens mine to
see you
still standing on yours.
See you in the next life,
old friend.
I spent every day of my
exile contemplating your death.
I had dreams that I pursued
you to the ends of the earth
and tortured you in a
hundred different ways.
But now that you're here,
I realise that all I want is you
Your precious king is dead.
And in a moment, you will be
And I will be free to do
whatever I want.
Have you thought of becoming a
Such a fool.
Just do it.
Cut her down!
We have to help her!
Don't forget the task in hand,
Robin Hood must die.
Too late, Wolf's-head!
The legend of the Bowman dies
Stay down, little man!
If my cousin can't do the deed,
I'll deal with you myself!
- I thought I'd lost you.
- Huh, I'm good.
Where's De Wendenal?
He went that way.
Marian don't. Just let him go.
This ends today.
Right, let's go.
De Wendenal!
You never learned to walk
away. Did you?
Nottingham is mine.
Your star is on the wane and
mine is in the ascendant!
The Bowman is finished!
It's so pathetic what some
people do in the name of love,
but that is the weakness of your
And that is why you will die.
Think on this in your prison
Everywhere I go, every inn,
every town,
I will tell of story of Robin
Everyone will know the
legend of the Bowman
and you'll hear his name every
until the day you die.
Oh, oh, you're okay.
- Yeah.
- You're...
Are you okay?
So what do we do?
Look for trouble?
King John.
De Wendenal is dead.
Hood killed him?
No, sir. Marian.
Assemble the men, sheriff.
We ride to Nottingham.