The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure (2012) Movie Script

To most of y'all,
he... He was just old.
But you didn't know him
like I did.
Jack Bettys did great things,
Important things.
He was a great man.
Um, thank you,
Mr. Stumpwater.
And now, if the family will
please join me in the study
For the reading of the will.
Last but not least,
to my grandson,
Mickey Matson.
Mr. Mickey Matson,
I presume.
Stalwert priggish iii.
The lawyer said my grandpa
left something for me.
Oh, that is correct.
This way, please.
Your grandfather must have had
a lot of faith in you, my boy.
This is the one.
Grandpa left you
a stinking rock.
Wait till everyone at school
hears about this.
Dork boy gets a rock.
Crazy old gramps.
Mickey, come back.
I don't get it, gramps.
What did I do to deserve
a stupid rock?
I thought I was your favorite.
This kite is out of control!
Then I don't love you either.
Smooth, ace.
Nice kite work.
Where'd you learn
to drive that thing?
I was trying to miss you.
Anything broken?
Just your kite.
You may not be as bright
as he thought you were.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you think Jack Bettys
Would've kept a rock locked up
in a safety deposit box,
Just so you could throw the
dang thing into lake Michigan?
It's just a stupid rock.
I told you he wasn't ready,
Kids these days just play
them dang video majiggers.
No sense of duty,
And sure as heck
no common sense.
You know this old creeper?
I told your grandpa
I'd get you started,
But I didn't have to plan on
having to fish this out of water
Right after you got the thing.
Were you talking
to my grandpa?
And hopefully he's talking
to the big guy upstairs,
Pull a couple favors for you.
'Cause you gonna need 'em.
Still look like
a worthless rock to you?
What are you looking at?
I don't know.
It's some sort of pattern.
Looks like
a Petoskey stone to me.
They're only found
in this part of the state.
No, but there's more to it.
It looks like...
Hey, what about my kite?
That looks really old.
What are you doing on my roof?
I came to collect...
For the damages to my kite.
You almost killed me.
Well, if you hadn't
been in the way,
My brand-New kite
wouldn't be in a billion pieces.
And I wouldn't be bored
out of my crackin' mind
In this miserable little town,
Umm... crackin'?
BigCity word.
So did you just move here?
Nah, just staying at gram's
for the weekend.
My parents are on a trip.
So where'd you get
the microscope?
My grandpa.
The last thing he gave me
before he died.
I'm sorry.
That's sad.
What's your name?
Mickey Matson.
Sully Braginton.
Nice to meet you, sully.
Sorry about your kite.
No worries.
So what's up with the rock?
Not sure.
Gramps left it for me.
He left you a rock?
That's what I thought,
Until Mr. Stumpwater
pulled it out of the lake.
I saw something.
I-I just need a little water.
Here you go.
I-I can't believe it.
What is it?
It's a map.
You're kidding, right?
No, it's a map.
Crackin' awesome.
You best be hurrying up, now,
Come on, now!
We best be going!
I would not do that
if I was you, yank.
Hey, hey, hey,
that's enough now.
I'll play patty-Cake
with him later.
- You're not very nice.
- I know.
My mama used to call it
Now, back on up.
I just want to thank you all
For your fine
northern hospitality.
Hey, darling, why don't
you give me a call sometime?
Ladies and gentlemen,
listen up and listen good.
South gonna rise again.
Hear me.
The south gonna rise again!
Whoo, yee-Haw!
You're right.
It does look like a map
of north bay.
But do you have any idea
what we're looking for?
I don't.
Maybe he wanted it to be
like a challenge.
You know,
like a riddle or something.
Sounds like something
he would do.
He used to tell me
all the time
That there are things
worth doing,
And those things
were always worth doing right,
No matter what.
That usually means
it won't be easy.
So let's recap.
Your grandpa gets sick,
doesn't tell anyone,
And when he dies,
He leaves you a rock
with a hidden map on it
That apparently
leads to nothing.
We have to be missing something.
You forgot
about the microscope.
So he had everything
planned out
Until he decided to stump you
with the map.
Wait a minute.
Stump. That's it.
Whoa, there, partner.
The north arrow on the map,
I've seen this before.
A hidden symbol.
Maybe my grandpa
wasn't crazy.
There's no way we are going
to make ends meet this month.
I'm actually thinking of
cashing in my coin collection.
Honey, we'll make it.
Priggish has foreclosed
on three other families
This month alone,
And we were out wasting
gas money looking for Mickey.
Maybe it's time for you to go.
Yeah, I'll split.
But what about the symbol?
It's way out in coffer woods.
My parents wouldn't let me go.
Well, grams lives out
on the end of lily lane,
Just in case
you change your mind.
We drove around for over
three hours looking for you.
we know you're upset,
But we were really worried.
You can't just take off
like that.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't he tell us
he was sick?
We don't know.
But I do know
that he loved you so much.
I just wish
I could've said good-Bye.
We all do.
He'd want you to remember the
good times you two had together.
Can I go to my room now?
Hang up your good clothes,
I don't know
what your father was thinking
Giving him that stone.
He thought he was ready.
Ready for what?
To run off
on some wild goose chase of his?
He's still a little boy.
I don't even think
he's ready for junior high.
He lost his grandfather.
He doesn't need
to be disappointed by him too.
Oh, yeah, I'm ready.
Set. Go.
Hey, you're getting faster.
Try again.
I'll never be as fast as you.
Oh, you'll be even faster.
This knot
will come in handy someday.
It's a strong knot.
Won't slip.
Did you use it
in the coast guard?
Oh, almost every day.
Got me out
of a lot of tight spots.
This is for you.
It's been used
for quite a while.
I've just been looking after it
for you.
I can't take this from you.
I know
you'll take good care of it.
It doesn't keep time very well,
Be sure you keep winding it.
But it will always point you
In the right direction.
See here.
You point the hour hand
towards the sun.
You place a blade of grass
on across the face of the watch,
Right between
the hour hand and 12:00.
The grass
points north and south.
That's so cool!
Love you, gramps.
Love you too, Mickey.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
Don't you touch them raisinets,
You want me to give you
another whupping?
Eat your dang prune Danish.
You know the general puts it out
for you for regularity.
Boy, you need help,
I'll tell ya.
That gas you had last night
was disgusting.
You keep eating cherries
and candy like that,
You'll get fat, fat, fat.
You won't even be able to ride
your hog.
You might have made a less
noticeable entrance into town.
I heard you coming
from a mile away.
Yes, general.
We need not raise eyebrows.
One of the elements
has surfaced.
The Petoskey stone.
Well, where is it?
It was bestowed
to a runt of a boy.
Who's gonna give it to a kid?
Jack Bettys.
He must've been desperate.
Now, I don't think the boy
is even properly trained.
Well, if he's just a kid,
Why don't we just go snatch it
from him?
No, no, no, no, no.
We will be patient.
And when the time is right,
We will reclaim
what is rightfully ours.
And our glorious flag will fly
proudly across this community
And every other
around the nation.
Not a normal breakfast.
It's lunch.
Taking a friend
on a bike ride...
To coffer woods.
Coffer woods?
Mickey, that's too far.
You know...
No, it's not too far.
I'm not a little kid anymore.
So this friend,
Would it be the girl
that was climbing down our porch
When we got home last night?
She's staying with her grams
this weekend.
Mickey, about yesterday.
There's something that you need
to know about your grandpa.
There was a good reason
That grandpa jack
gave me that rock.
I just have to figure out
what it is.
Hand me the pliers, sully.
Get this up, and it'll be
running smooth like pudding.
I didn't think you'd show.
Morning, Mickey.
Good morning.
Sorry to hear
about your grandpa.
Jack and I were good friends.
Um, we should get going.
It's a little bit of a ride.
See you, grams.
Bye. Have fun.
We're getting close.
Just a few more miles.
Miles? Seriously?
Things are a lot closer
in the city.
Watch the roots.
It gets a little bumpy.
What did he leave you
that was so important
He had to make it
this hard to find?
I don't know.
I was in the, like,
third grade
When grandpa jack brought me
here for the first time.
I've never seen a stump
this big before.
I know it's here somewhere.
What do you think
it means?
This symbol's different.
The one on the map had an "n"
in the middle of the triangle.
Yeah, you're right.
37 what?
The other symbol
on the map had a north arrow,
So if we, like,
combine the two together,
We get 37 north.
like for buried treasure.
37 paces.
But which way is north?
Okay, so how is a pocket watch
going to help us?
We need a compass.
Well, grandpa jack taught me
how to use a pocket watch
As a compass.
Of course.
You just point the hour hand
at the sun
And put a blade of grass
on the face of the watch
And put it right in between
12:00 and the hour hand,
And then the blade of grass
should point south and north.
That's amazing.
He said
it would always keep me pointed
In the right direction.
Two, three, four,
Five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten,
11, 12, 13, 14...
35, 36, 37.
So now we dig, right?
I guess so.
the ground looks soft here.
I see something.
I haven't seen this one before.
It's some sort
of geometric shape.
So open it already.
What is that?
A picture.
An old one.
With some letters.
Looks like an old-Time photo
Of a barn being built
or something.
with a bunch of numbers.
Lotto numbers?
Who knows.
And an old key.
I have to be honest.
Not really
what I was hoping for.
You wanted it to be gold
or something?
Jewels would've been...
So you're Matson, hey?
Ah, look at you.
Scrawnier than I expected.
I told him this weren't
no mission for a kid.
And I'm sure
he didn't expected ya
To have a little girl
tagging along.
Watch it, fur face.
I'm from Chicago.
- Sully...
- This ain't a joke, girly!
And you ain't cut out for this.
Now, you take your little friend
from Chicago here
And head back to town
Before you get hurt!
And if people
come looking for you,
Tell 'em what they want to know.
Maybe you'll survive.
let's back the truck up here.
I don't know what
your granddaddy was thinking,
Trusting this to a boy.
the two of you get out of here.
Don't you ever come back, ever!
You hear me?
Now, Jeremiah,
this ain't gonna agree with you.
Why you do this all the time,
You know I'm gonna be up
all night with you
Giving you that pink stuff,
And you know
how we both hate that.
Don't you growl at me.
And why you drinking water
out of a flower vase?
I mean, ain't you never heard
of "etiquit"? Huh?
Boys, please.
I think it's time we had
a discussion with an old friend.
Ivan Stumpwater
followed the boy to the beach.
I think it's more
than coincidence.
Do you have any idea
what the symbols mean?
But I think I know
who can help us.
We need to check
the fishery reports.
Mr. Stumpwater?
Um, okay.
Mr. Stumpwater?
Shell's good for ginger's cold.
I meant the stuff in the pan.
I found the map...
In the rock.
Uh, Petoskey stone.
One of a kind.
Told you
it was a Petoskey stone.
Well, it led us
to another clue.
And a guy
who hasn't showered in a while.
Ooh, Buckshot Plindenberg.
He's still around, huh?
We were wondering if he's,
You know...
All there.
Ah, never has been.
I knew it.
But if he put
the fear of god in you,
It's for good reason.
I'm not allowed
to drink coffee.
Me either.
Make mine a double.
Did he, um...
Tell you
about the symbols?
That is terrible.
Is that even coffee?
No, he didn't say anything
about the symbols.
- Hmm.
- Do you know what they are?
What exactly do you know
about your granddaddy?
I know
that he was in the coast guard,
And when he retired,
He moved home
and bought the museum.
There are tales
of an ancient process.
Some call it science.
Some call it magic.
It's called alchemy.
I've heard of it.
I think.
What is it?
It was developed
by ancient mystics
As a way of turning any object
into silver.
Those symbols you've been
following from your granddaddy,
They're part
of the alchemy process.
You know eating that
Is why you smell the way you do,
So what'd you find out
in coffer woods?
This key
And an old picture
Of what looks like
a barn being built
With some letters on it.
There's a bunch of numbers
on the back too.
Oh, yeah.
He had buckets of faith in you.
Mr. Stumpwater, please.
We're just asking you
for a little help.
What is all this about?
What I do know is that
there are three powerful objects
That are used
in the alchemy process.
Your granddaddy's
been protecting these items
For many years,
But now they're in danger
of falling into the wrong hands.
What wrong hands?
some of the nastiest people
You will ever meet in your life.
We're supposed to find
these objects to protect them?
Now, I'm sorry
this has to fall on you, boy.
But at all cost,
You must find these elements
before they do.
Your granddaddy,
He saw a nobility
in your heart.
He chose you.
But this sounds like something
that he should've left
For my mom and dad.
You could tell my parents.
Ah, who'd believe the rants
Of a crazy,
old bait shop owner?
Who, indeed.
Ivan, what are on earth are you
filling these children's heads
With all these fairy tales for?
You and your boys,
get out of here.
We're closed.
Oh, we will,
once we get what we came for.
Mr. Matson,
we'd like to alleviate you
Of the burden
of finding all those pesky items
Mr. Stumpwater told you about.
Now, I'll be glad to pay you.
Why don't you just turn over
everything you've found
Up to this point?
Why, name your price, boy.
Why, I know your family
can use the money.
Now, what are they,
Nearly three months behind
on their mortgage?
I don't think any of this
is for sale, Mr. Priggish.
Everything has a price.
Now, think about this:
You could save
your family's home.
You could be a hero.
I don't think you appreciate
The gravity of your situation,
Mr. Matson.
This is your final chance.
We'll make it easy.
My grandpa taught me
that doing the right thing
Usually isn't easy.
I hope your grandpa
was right about you, boy.
I'm from Chicago.
I like a little spice
with my eggs.
How about a little cleanup,
- Go, go, go, go!
- Mickey.
Now, run, boy!
I said, run, boy!
Stop him, Billy!
Stop him!
Get in!
We got to burn rubber!
Tie up Mr. Stumpwater.
The bait shop owner
May have just become
bait himself.
Who were those guys?
Did you see those tattoos?
No. What tattoos?
Yeah, skull and bones.
UhHuh. And a bowie knife
with a six-Shooter.
And a snake.
Copperheads? Shouldn't we call
the police or something?
They have stumpwater!
Do you think stalwert is gonna
let those police arrest him?
Honey, he's bought and paid for
those townie police potlickers
Three times over.
What's a copperhead?
Let's get inside.
Now, this might be a little bit
much for you kids,
So try to keep up.
You keep something hidden
in a box of freezer wrap?
Now, pay attention.
Back during the civil war,
President Abraham Lincoln
formed a special forces unit
Known as the secret order
of the patriot.
No way.
This elite group of soldiers
had only one mission,
A mission could change
the course of this country,
And maybe even the world.
These patriots were to sneak
Into the heart
of the confederate stronghold
Without being detected
And secure
three mystical elements
That powered a fabled mechanism
From ancient times...
The alchemy machine.
But the the order
was found out.
We lost our first leader
that day,
But the others
were able to fight their way
Out of the forest
And protect the elements,
All the way back here,
Where the secret order
of the patriot
Has kept them safe
for generations.
So this is
the alchemy machine?
Anything passed
through the portal
When the elements are in place
Will be turned into silver.
How did the jerks from
the bait shop fit into this?
They're part
of a powerful group of men
Who don't believe
the civil war ever ended.
And those goons
at the bait shop...
they're field soldiers:
What about priggish?
He's the general.
Somehow they tracked
the elements back here
And have been lying in wait
for years
For the opportunity
to take 'em back.
And priggish,
He wants to take control
of the country.
And to set an example,
He plans to steamroller
this community.
And they want to use
the alchemy machine
To do that somehow?
But how would they use it?
I mean, it isn't a weapon.
Is it?
Power isn't having the biggest
army or the most weapons.
It's having control
of a country's wealth.
And priggish
knows how to control money.
What are the three elements?
I mean, do we even know
what we're looking for?
Only your grandpa jack knew.
And, uh, they're not written
down in the blueprints either.
We can't just leave
Mr. Stumpwater.
We have to save him
from those guys.
You two let me worry
about old stumpwater.
Now, where's that clue
that you found?
This code on the back
Could be like a Caesar shift
of some sort.
Now, this I may be able
to help you with.
Look familiar?
I didn't even see it.
It was right there.
You know where you're going?
Sure do.
Then let's head out back
and get you kids some wheels.
Watch your step.
I've been looking for that.
This one here is a Jim-Dandy.
I'm driving.
I don't think so.
Hey, this is pretty awesome,
isn't it?
My gracious
southern hospitality
Is running out,
Mr. Stumpwater.
Now, who was the old lady
in the truck?
I'm not sure who
you're talking about, priggish.
But if it's one of our patriots,
They'll defend those kids and
the elements to the last breath.
if that's what it takes,
It can be arranged.
I could use a bite to eat.
How about you run and fetch me
some fish and chips?
We know the boy has the stone.
Where are the other elements?
Don't forget
the tartar sauce.
No. Hit him.
This was grandpa jack's
favorite place
In the whole world.
It doesn't work.
You okay?
Just didn't see
that small cannon.
Oh, it's a lyle gun.
A what?
A lyle gun.
It fires a projectile
with a rope attached to it.
It was used to save people
from shipwrecks.
Bad place for it, though.
Bet you didn't expect
all this
When your parents
had to go out of town.
They're not on a trip.
They're fighting.
Maybe getting a divorce.
It's all good.
Maybe I'll just stay here
with grams
Until they figure it out.
Well, I don't think I could be
doing any of this without you.
So what are we looking for?
Not sure.
What's back there?
That's my grandpa's desk.
Hey, that's another symbol.
This antikythera thing.
I think
I've heard of this before,
Maybe in, like,
history class or something.
Grandpa jack and I
talked about this once.
What is it?
Nobody knows
what this thing really did,
But they know it was, like,
crazy advanced
For when it was made.
"Nw 3 plus 7."
So just like the tree stump.
Northwest, ten paces.
The compass thing
only works outside.
But, like,
lake Michigan's that way,
Which is west,
So northwest
has got to be that way.
Two, three, four,
Five, six,
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
What's that?
"To this man,
much is owed.
"He gave his life to save us,
"We, the people,
from evil forces.
"Appointed to lead
by the honest one,
He did not fail in his mission
and shall never be forgotten."
Look at the "s" in "this."
It's capitalized.
And the "o" in "owed."
And "people."
Secret order of the patriot.
"Appointed to lead
by the honest one."
Honest Abe.
James fowler.
He must've been
the commander of the mission
That grams
was telling us about.
The leader
that didn't survive.
What's this string?
Holy shish kebabers!
Was your grandpa
trying to kill us?
Oak grove cemetery.
A creepy graveyard.
Just what I was hoping for.
We better grab some gear.
Of course.
The gate is closed.
Must be after 5:00.
Are we looking for
the last symbol from the museum?
Could be.
Maybe on a headstone?
Oh, my gosh.
I'm seriously
so out of my comfort zone.
I mean, I don't even think
we have cemeteries in the city.
Sully, look.
The secret order
of the patriot leader.
Are we really going to break
into a dead guy's house thing?
I guess we're gonna have to.
I'm not ready
to see dead people.
It's the live ones
you have to worry about.
You grave robbers
always scream,
And it just...
It scares me every time.
And you could've done a better
job of hiding your motorbike.
Maybe not parked it
in front of the gate.
Or waited till dark.
I'm guessing it's
your first time robbing graves.
We aren't grave robbers.
Just here visiting
departed family members?
With a shovel sticking
out of your pack after hours?
He... He's got us there.
But, no... No...
I don't want to hear it.
Get out of here.
About-Face and march,
Before I call the police
and have you arrested!
Now move it!
And don't let me catch you
in here again, you hear me?
Or I'll have you thrown in jail.
that didn't go as planned.
I want you
to take the motorbike
And drive it around the block.
we need to find those elements.
I'm allergic to jail.
That's why I want you
to wait with the bike.
I get caught,
You can go meet up with grams
and try and save Ivan.
Are you sure, Mickey?
This is getting serious.
I have to do this.
Don't break a leg.
Hope you got my back,
- Hey.
- Whoa!
You were supposed to wait
by the bike.
II know.
I... It's really creepy
in the woods alone.
I thought
you might need a hand.
read these numbers for me.
We need some leverage.
I warned you
not to come back here.
Now you got troubles.
We're trying
to save our friend.
Well, if he's in there,
You're too late.
No, not... Look,
when my grandpa died,
He left us some clues,
And they've lead us here.
And we need to find out
what's inside of there
To save our friend.
And what is this clue
he left ya?
It's pretty complicated.
Try me.
This picture, it has a series
of numbers on the back,
Same as the number of keyholes
on that lock.
And who was your grandpa?
Jack Bettys.
You're telling stories, lad?
No, he isn't.
He died just a few days ago.
Jack was a good man.
Prepared the grounds for him
Sometimes these durn locks
Just need
a little encouragement.
Ooh, Martha!
I think my work is done here.
Lock 'er up when you're done.
Uh, and I was never here.
Looks like a civil war chest
to me.
Or a little coffin.
It might be our next symbol.
So you look through it,
Like a microscope?
My... My grandpa
had one of these at the museum.
it looks like the same photo.
but with different letters.
Mean anything to you?
There's a note on the back.
"It has illuminated
the path home
"For many a lost soul.
"When you attain this,
"You will have
all of the elements.
"I believe in you.
Grandpa jack."
But we haven't found
any of the elements yet.
can I see that other photo?
Perfect fit.
II think I remember
what this is.
Can I borrow your hair clip?
It's an old 3-D picture thing.
Check it out.
It's not a barn being built.
It's the lighthouse.
"Bring us the elements,
Or stumpwater
swims with the fishes"?
What'd they do to the babe?
Come on, honey.
Let's go teach
those potlickers
Just how they should treat
a lady.
Where in tarnation
have you two been?
What happened at the museum?
We found the next clue.
It lead us to James fowler's
tomb at the cemetery.
I'm sorry to tell you this,
But we are running out of time.
I just got a note that if
we don't turn the elements over,
Ivan's gonna be singing in
heaven with your grandpa jack.
Come on.
Let's go in.
I'm sure he's fine.
He's never
been this late before.
Well, he's never
been to coffer woods before.
What? Where?
Coffer woods.
For a bike ride.
There are miles of trails
out there.
We should've talked about this.
He... He could get lost.
He is not ready
for this kind of a trip.
He was ready.
And, besides, have you ever
known Mickey to be lost?
Okay, so I'm a little lost.
What do all these symbols mean?
I have no idea.
We need a key.
Are you sure my grandpa jack
didn't leave you anything else
That could maybe
help us with this?
He gave me a cookbook.
And I can't even boil water.
We need that cookbook.
Clues, clues.
Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie.
What is it?
And their meanings.
Hey, I found one.
This one means "silver."
The symbol from the stump.
This one means...
"Petoskey stone."
This must be
one of the elements.
And we thought
it was just a map.
Explains why grandpa had it
in his safety deposit box.
And why
stumpwater was so upset
When you going to throw it
into the lake.
Oh, my gosh.
The article from the museum.
The antikythera thing.
It's in the museum somewhere.
It's one of the elements.
How did we miss it?
Oh, I've been in that place.
It's a wonder
you ever found your way out.
This one means...
"Sapphire of Sudan."
I know we don't have that.
It's what the last clue
leads to.
Do you know where it is?
The lighthouse.
"Fire of rotation"?
I've seen this one before.
And so have you.
The three elements.
And the alchemy machine.
It must all work like a recipe.
A recipe for disaster.
All right,
you two get to the lighthouse
And find the sapphire.
I'll go to the museum
And find that antikythera
gizmo thing.
I'm driving.
About time.
That old man's
tougher than gator hide.
'Cause he had to hurt my hand.
This is why mama never let him
talk at home.
She said, "Billy lee,
you got all the brains
And all the looks."
The alchemy machine
is nearly finished.
Now, bring me those elements!
Yes, sir.
Come on, Jeremiah.
Do you think the alchemy
machine would really work?
My grandpa wasn't crazy.
No way would he have tried
so hard to protect the elements.
Well, he definitely
made the right decision
In picking you for the job.
I hope you're right.
"It has illuminated the
path home for many a lost soul."
there's nothing down here.
Maybe upstairs?
You scared of heights?
Me too.
There's nothing up here.
So then where's the sapphire?
Man, that thing is bright.
It's beautiful.
No wonder it's so bright.
And all he had to do
was look at the light
To make sure it was safe.
He could see it from
just about anywhere in town.
Uh, Mickey?
Short fatty
and the muscle are here.
The sapphire of Sudan.
Don't hit me.
Let's get the sapphire
and get out of here.
Come on.
We have to make it down
to the upper runway.
How do you do, kiddies?
We got to go, sully.
It's rusted.
Gotcha, little piggy.
Back off, copperhead!
Nice swing, slugger.
You should play for the tigers.
Dude, Chicago.
One more pull.
Now y'all gone and done
ruffle my tail feathers!
Let's go, sully.
Dead end.
Now what?
Strong knot.
It won't slip.
I don't know if I've properly
introduced you to...
My Arkansas toothpick.
You ready?
Let's do it.
Come on, muscle brain.
I'm not afraid of you.
Sully, no!
Let me go, you lunk-Head.
Let her go!
Well, give him the sapphire,
and he will!
Which one?
Let her go,
and I'll give you the sapphire.
Sapphire first.
Go! Go, go, go!
I got it, Billy.
I got the sapphire, Billy.
I got the sapphire!
What is that?
it looks like salami,
Black forest ham,
and Swiss cheese.
Give me that.
We gonna turn your heads!
You hear me?
No one messes
with us copperheads
And lives to tell the tale!
You hear me?
How many times have I
looked out at that lighthouse?
I never would've thought.
Now that's good coffee.
Whoa, young lady.
Thank you.
You didn't
have to go after him alone.
You could've waited for me.
You were saving the sapphire.
Yeah, which they almost got,
thanks to you.
Why did you go after him?
What are you trying to prove?
I've been trying to help you.
Yeah, well, you don't...
Well, who put you in charge?
That's not helping one bit.
The last thing we need
is for the two of you
To go acting like
a couple of bull calves.
We've got to stick together.
This is exactly
what priggish would want,
Our team
ripping each other apart.
I'm sorry, sully.
It's just that...
My grandpa
trusted me with this.
And no one ever thought
I could even tie my own shoes.
I can't mess this up.
I would've given them
the sapphire to save you.
You don't have anything
to prove.
But I do.
I need your help.
I'm sorry, Mickey.
I could've messed up
the mission.
So did you find
the antikythera device
At the museum?
No, and I turned that place
inside out.
we have two of the elements,
The Petoskey stone
and the sapphire.
Maybe we could trade them
to try and get stumpwater free.
No, no,
Ivan wouldn't want us
To run the risk of priggish
getting ahold of the elements
Just to save
his ornery old hide.
But let's go save
that old geezer anyway.
Save stinky pants.
But we're gonna need
some help.
It's time to assemble the order.
Have yourself
a fine evening.
You were fooled
by two children?
You are supposed to be the
iron fist of our brotherhood.
Don't fail me again.
We won't, general.
The alchemy machine
is complete.
Let's take Mr. Stumpwater
over to the ironworks building
As we prepare for
the resurrection of the south.
He can be
our first test subject.
But we don't have
all the elements.
Oh, don't worry.
I've made my own arrangements.
The elements will come to us.
That is way cool.
It's been around...
Since the civil war.
My signal flag,
Handed down to me from members
of the original order.
When the other members see it,
They'll know
where to meet us.
Grams, no one will know.
Ha! Come on.
We are not completely
in the stone age, silly girl.
Grams, are you sure
they know where to come?
it's getting really late.
I'm sure.
It's just that...
There may not be
many of us left.
We were all a lot younger
when we had our last meeting,
And a lot of us have passed on.
Haven't seen one of them flags
in nearly 50 years.
Mr. Plindenberg,
I know
that you've already met Mickey
And my granddaughter, sully.
Knew she was your kin
right off.
Found your way
back to civilization?
Don't give me any guff,
You're gonna need my help,
Since I'm the only one
Who showed up
at your little party here.
He's right, sully girl.
And we got us
some serious problems.
Seems old priggish
and his boys
Have located
a copy of the blueprints
For the alchemy machine.
Got 'er built
down at the old iron factory.
They've built the machine?
And if I know priggish,
He's gonna do away with Ivan if
we don't deliver the elements.
Okay, so, like, what plan
do you guys have in place?
For, like,
when the copperheads show up
Looking for the elements?
Your sole purpose
Was to protect the elements
from the bad guys.
You guys don't have
an emergency plan?
Well, look, the elements
were hidden so well that...
We never thought
that this day would ever come.
That's not true.
One of us knew
this day would come.
Your granddaddy.
And, uh,
looks like he prepared you
A little better
than I first thought.
You and your friend here
Are the new order.
You and jack brought us
some new recruits.
So what does that mean?
That means that you two
need to take a knee.
This sword belonged
to president Abraham Lincoln.
As acting president of
the secret order of the patriot,
I, Anna e. Fowler-Bradford...
your grandma was a fowler?
Do initiate
these brave young souls
Into the secret order
of the patriot.
Repeat after me,
But only if you truly believe
in your hearts
The words that I speak.
I solemnly swear
my allegiance
To the united states
of America...
solemnly swear
my allegiance
To the united states
of America...
To protect its citizens
and the constitution
In the brightest of days
And through
the darkest of nights.
To protect its citizens
and the constitution
In the brightest of days
And through
the darkest of nights.
I shall defend our nation
against all enemies,
So help me god.
And I shall defend
our nation against all enemies,
So help me god.
Arise, brave knights,
And prepare to defend
your country.
Thank you, grams.
We've got some planning to do.
You should be honored,
You're the first thing
since ancient times
To have your molecular structure
Into pure silver.
Damn, rotten copperheads.
You almost smell nice.
Take a bath?
Sure did.
Once a year
whether I need it or not.
Good timing for us.
you sure they have him in there?
Priggish just took possession
of this place.
Another one of his foreclosures.
Been doing some recon
since the kids came by.
Any idea
how we're gonna get in there?
Might as well just knock
on the front door.
- What?
- What?
I kind of like that.
You got some gumption, boy.
First mission
for the new order.
Strap up.
Here we go.
It's no use, Mr. Stumpwater.
We good old boys
know how to tie a good old knot.
Bigger than I expected.
Why, I do declare,
That was a very impressive
And you dented up
your pretty little truck.
We've come
for Mr. Stumpwater.
We have two of the elements,
And we're willing to trade them
for him.
Mickey, don't do it.
Get out of here.
Stumpwater, shut up.
Well, come on up here, boy.
Let's see if we can
make ourselves a deal.
Let's go.
I see you have acquired
a new recruit.
You're wrong, priggish.
Buckshot has been a member of
the order for a long time now.
Ooh, dear,
Then I'm afraid
this is gonna be quite...
Quite painful for you.
Sorry, kid.
what are you doing?
Don't you test me,
little girl.
For many years
I've read the tales
Of my great, great granddaddy's
travels to the Sudan
To retrieve the sapphire.
At long last,
It rests again
in the proper family hands.
Billy, place this
in the wheel's first position.
I'll be having that moment
you promised me with stumpwater.
Be my guest.
I've been waiting for this day
for a long time.
Secure this
in the wheel's second position.
Sit tight.
It's never gonna work without
the final element, priggish.
Oh, we have the third element,
Mr. Matson.
Oh, pardon me.
I should say, you.
You have the third element.
See, the sapphire is exquisite
and mysterious,
And its mystical properties,
They work like a power source.
The heart of the machine
And the Petoskey stone,
Well, that's merely petrified
coral from the great lakes
With the proper
density and weight
To balance the reaction.
But the third element...
The third element
is a conundrum.
The antikythera device,
It is, what we would call,
The brains of the operation...
Keeping time
So that the elements move
In perfect harmony.
Our finest
confederate craftsmen
Were called in to create
an exact replica to scale
From the ancient blueprints
we recovered.
And would you believe
That it fits perfectly
in your...
Stupid yank child.
That's it...
Not very becoming of a lady,
now, is it,
Mrs. Fowler?
Hello, boy.
Ooh, I reckon I'm gonna enjoy
watching you become silverfied.
Your grammar's terrible.
Back up.
You didn't see the symbol,
Right there under your nose
the whole time.
Now, I couldn't just
run y'all through the portal
Without at least showing you
the fate that awaits you.
That'd be unfair.
It's gonna be good.
your Arkansas toothpick.
It works.
This machine
will be the source of the wealth
For the copperheads
That will soon take over
this country.
I'm sorry, Ivan.
we just wanted to save you.
We're not sunk yet, kids.
Oh, yes, you are.
You sunk, all right.
Hold on, kids.
What's the plan here?
Y'all sit nice and still now.
Just be patient.
Your folks
are gonna be so mad at me.
Guys, seriously?
You make sure to strike
an interesting pose
For my sculpture garden.
Thought it could use a shovel.
What do we do, grams?
Get the elements.
You get the sapphire.
I'll get the stone
and the watch.
You'll find I'm a lot more fun
When my hands aren't tied,
Bring it, old man.
I've been waiting
for a good tussle.
Me too!
The next time you pull
a little razzle-Dazzle,
You better tell me.
Oh, what a nice kitty.
Well, you had to believe
I was a traitor.
Well, I'll tell you this:
You do it again,
And you're gonna be looking
for your dentures
In the next county.
It's time for plan "b."
That hurt. That hurt.
the old lady's bailing.
I doubt it.
Breaker one-Nine.
Breaker one-Nine.
This is grams.
It's been fun,
but it's time for me to go.
I'm just gonna leave you
with a little something special.
There you go.
Got to go.
Now you got troubles.
Sully, behind you!
I got you now.
Okay, wait.
What's with this girl
and the shins?
Grams, wait for me!
Stupid little girl.
Let's go, patriot!
Bring it on, baldy.
Take your best shot.
My pleasure.
Nice punch, Franken-Brain.
Mickey, need a hand here!
Sully, duck!
What in Dixie?
Nice work, Mickey Matson!
Hit it, grams!
Oh, way to go, patriots!
Way to go, patriots.
Way to go, buckshot!
Stop, stop.
What is it?
We need to destroy
the elements.
Uh, what?
If we don't,
They'll just keep sending
more copperheads.
I know you guys have been
protecting these things forever.
That's what's gonna make this
But doing the right thing
Usually isn't easy.
So what's your plan?
Buckshot, got any powder left
for the lyle gun?
Like this.
A double charge
ought to do it.
ByeBye, beautiful.
Love you, gramps.
It's over, priggish.
You lost.
You're no southern gentleman.
The south is filled with people
who love this country
And want it to grow
stronger together.
Now, what do you think
you're doing?
Love will always win
over selfishness and greed.
Oh, and, uh, one more thing.
You stupid...
You should duck.
Yank child. No!
You stupid,
blue-Bellied boy.
You have no idea
what you've just done.
A second explosion
in town today?
I think I just called
for backup.
And just in case those
city cops are your friends,
I called in the coast guard
on my truck radio.
A few of my grandpa jack's
old friends.
Yeah, and you ain't
crowned upon kidnapping
In these parts, priggish.
And they gonna love to hear
How you had me tied up
in your basement.
Go get him, boys!
Commander Webster.
I think you've been looking
for these two.
I would expect nothing less
from jack's grandson.
In your face, copperheads.
Well, that'll teach you
To mess with a seventh grader,
Come on.
That'll harm ya!
Come on.
Get 'em out of here, boys.
Way to go, Mickey.
Bring it in, fur face.
Not bad for a country boy.
Hey, Mickey.
Your grandpa left you
one more thing.
Aren't you guys coming?
This one's all you, pal.
Go down those stairs
and take a right.
"Dearest Mickey,
"There are many forces out
to destroy our great country.
"I urge you to train yourself
in every way possible
"So you're ready
at a moment's notice
"When the secret order
of the patriot is called upon.
"I'm proud of the young man
you have become,
"And I love you
with all my heart.
"God bless.
Grandpa jack."
Hey, dad.
Hey, Mickey.
I didn't see you there.
So how about we go to the
tigers baseball game tomorrow?
That would be fun, son,
But I'm afraid
we don't have the money.
I'll buy the hotdogs.
This is...
This is a Morgan.
Pretty cool, huh?
Where did you get this?
Grandpa jack left it for me.
This is one of the rarest
coins in U.S. History,
One of the rarest
silver dollars.
Only 80 of them
were ever discovered.
This is worth over $100,000,
So it should help us
keep the house.
No, no.
This is yours.
- You should keep it.
- Dad.
It's okay.
I want you to have it.
Having parents that love me,
That's the real treasure.
Mickey, you...
You are the real treasure.
Grandpa jack left me
a whole box full of them.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my... Ha!
I don't believe it!
Well done, Mickey.
Well done.
# Somewhere along the line
# The water got a little deep
# And all my fear
began to creep #
# Around me
# Oh, but somehow,
just in time #
# You helped to show me
what was true #
# And I would not
have had a view #
# Without you
# And now we're here
# At the finish line
# And it is clear
# We never fell behind
# I'm never on my own
# You're with me all the time
# No matter where I go
# You're standing
by my side #
# And there's no telling
where... #