The Adventures of Panda Warrior (2016) Movie Script

In the time of the
warlords, battles raged.
Countries invaded each other.
Crime and aggression
became a way of life.
Day to day existence
was difficult.
Entire populations
were starving.
There was no more
peace to be found.
No peace anywhere in the world.
Hey! Think you're
a great fighter?
- You wanna get hurt?
- Uh-uh.
Then why are you asleep
right in the middle
of my training?
Captain, sir.
No, I wasn't really sleeping.
I was just closing my eyes,
that I could gain
more insight, you see.
Oh, is that true?
You gain more insight?
OK. Then go ahead.
Uh. Sorry, sir.
I mean, yes, sir.
All right. Show me.
I want you to attack
me with your insight.
What are you doing?
I'm warming up.
- You warmed up now?
- Not yet.
Let's go!
If you don't come at me soon,
then I'll just have
to hit you first!
How do you plan to fight the
enemy and protect your country?
Uh, why must we
fight each other?
If we can live
together in harmony,
then there's no reason to fight.
- We can live in peace.
- Not true.
There is no peace here.
Peace doesn't exist.
The world as we know it is hard!
You're wrong. There is a place
without any war.
A peaceful place where
people live in harmony,
and it's called Merryland.
Grandpa, I'll prove
that Merryland really does exist.
And I'll prove that my
grandpa never lied to me.
Ah. What a beautiful
meteor shower.
Wait a minute!
Hurry, men! Go!
The enemy is near!
Get ready!
But, sir, it's the enemy! Run!
You coward! How can you retreat
at a time like this?
Don't chase me!
Somebody, somebody help!
Grandpa, it won't be long now.
I'll see you soon.
Ah, ah, ah!
Ah, ah, ah!
Ah, this must be heaven.
It's so beautiful here.
- Aggh! Pig?
- Uh-huh. That's right.
Wait. A talking pig?
Why not? Well, if a panda
can talk, then why can't I?
A talking panda?
Where? What panda?
I don't see any pandas here.
How 'bout now?
Oh, wow. It's a panda.
What's a panda bear
doin' in that thing?
It's called a mirror.
A mirror?
Mirrors are made of glass.
Hmm. Well,
this one's special.
Oh, no! You sure it's a mirror?
- Yep.
- No, that can't be me!
This makes no sense.
I'm not a panda,
and there's no such thing
as pigs who can talk.
Huh. He really
doesn't know how to fly?
Hey! You bumped into me.
Sorry. I didn't
know you were there.
Wait a minute.
Where am I?
Wow. Is this place for real?
Ahh! What a weird dream!
Where'd I get these mittens?
And what's with this
black and white fur suit?
Don't tell me I really
turned into a panda?
Can you see my tail?
Is it back there?
We're wasting a
lot of time here.
I have things to do.
Noooo! What do I do now?
I don't want to be a panda.
Put me back the way I was.
Chill. Everything
will be fine.
Now that I saved you.
I've never seen a place like this before.
Where am I?
This is Merryland.
Did you say Merryland?
What, are you deaf?
Of course. Where else
did you think we were? Hmm?
Merryland really exists.
Grandpa told me the truth.
All right, it's true! Ha ha!
Hey, is something
wrong with your butt?
You gonna be all right?
Yeah, sure.
Thanks. I guess I should
introduce myself.
I'm Patrick.
Who are you?
- Peggy Skyflyer.
- Peggy Skyflyer?
- Yep.
- So you can really fly?
Why is that so surprising?
Hmm. Yeah, right.
I guess nothing should be
surprising at this point.
Exactly. You're a
talking panda after all.
But I wasn't a panda before.
I have no idea why I
turned into a panda
all of the sudden.
Oh, I see. So maybe
you're not a real panda.
Huh? Looks real to me.
What else do you call
a black-and-white bear?
But are you the
legendary Panda Warrior?
Huh? Panda Warrior?
Hmm. Well, it's pretty
hard to imagine you
as much of a warrior.
Yeah, yeah. Not so much.
Ha ha. You got yourself
the wrong panda.
Now! Whaaa!
Oooh, whaaa!
And, launch!
Gross! That is so stinky!
Ah! Whoo!
Well, would you look at that?
Who knew?
Pigs really can fly!
Well, of course.
See ya, panda!
I'm on a mission.
Got a lot to do.
It's beautiful here.
Merryland is such
a wonderful place.
Hey, there.
Oh, well, hi.
What's that?
Oh, hey.
How's it goin', guys?
Hey, ah...
- Hee-ya!
- Not again!
That was amazing,
but why were they attacking me?
The Phantom Army Cats
are all mind-controlled.
- Phantom Army?
- Mmm-hmm.
By the Evil Master.
What? But wait.
I thought Merryland was
supposed to be a place
of peace and harmony.
It was many years ago.
Why isn't it anymore?
Unfortunately, most of Merryland
is under the control
of the Evil Master.
It's no longer the
paradise it once was.
Isn't there anyone who
can defeat the Evil Master?
No. No one has been able to.
The only one who
can is a true hero.
And who's that?
The legendary Panda Warrior.
Oh. Hmm.
You may be a panda,
but you're certainly no warrior.
That's what I've
been tryin' to tell ya.
Hey! Not so fast!
Hey, where you goin'?
Ah, oh, oh!
All right.
Why are you following me?
Uh, well.
I'm afraid the Phantom
Army will come back
and you don't want me
joining up with them, do ya?
I can tell you're a
really nice person.
Otherwise, you wouldn't
have saved me, would ya?
Huh? What else could I do?
And I'm truly grateful for it.
I mean, I don't know
what I would have done
if you hadn't come along.
Hey, knock it off, all right?
And don't follow me.
That's the Evil
Master's dark forest.
Set one foot inside and his
army could easily find you.
Hey, so we're not
goin' in there, right?
When night falls, there'll
be many army patrols.
It's a dangerous place,
especially for you.
Just stay out here if
you want to be caught.
Hey, wait for me!
- Hey, calm down, will ya?
- Who can be calm?
Shhh! You have to be quiet.
If you aren't careful,
the big monster,
who lives here,
will find us, all right?
There's a monster in here?
A big one, but you see,
no one who's ever seen it
has ever returned alive.
No survivors have ever returned
from the monster's clutches.
Now I'm really scared!
- Hey!
- Just kidding.
You're pretty
gullible, aren't you?
Oh, no! Help!
What is that scary thing?
That's a lot of teeth!
You think he's mad at
us for some reason?
Oh, yeah? Ha!
Hey, hey.
Help! What's going on?
Watch out, spider, here I come!
Yah! Yah!
Take that!
Hey, wait.
- Oh, no.
- Help!
What're we going to do?
I thought you had
this figured out.
Be quiet! Unless you want
to be spider bait.
We gotta get out of here.
This is it!
Wow. That was amazing!
You're awesome!
Oh, hey, wait. Let me
help you with that.
Starting a fire is
harder than it looks.
- Need some help?
- I got this.
- Here.
- I'm almost done.
I think I got it.
I almost saw an ember.
Wait, how'd you do that?
It's an invention
called a lighter.
Amazing! You can make a fire
without hurting your paws.
Hey, let me take
a closer look at it.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Cool, thanks.
Uh, how exactly
does this thing work?
Here. Let me show you.
I can't breathe.
It's dangerous to
play with fire. You OK?
It's pretty obvious you need to
take me with you on your journey.
I'll fight the Evil Master, too.
But you need some
help, don't you?
- No way!
- Why not?
I'll do whatever you want me to.
Sure, just ask.
I'll do whatever you say.
Hmm. All right.
Fine, then.
In that case, go join
the Evil Master's side.
- That'll help us out a lot.
- OK, got it.
Uh... am I that useless?
Why do you wanna help?
I wanna help because the
world's in chaos right now.
And I don't want
Merryland to be that way.
The Merryland that I've heard of is
supposed to be a peaceful place.
A place where everyone can
live in peace and harmony,
and I wanna protect that peace.
I'm on a mission.
I have to go.
To spy on the Phantom Army.
But I've no time to
take care of you.
I can take care of myself.
Don't you worry.
I hope so. I can't be
responsible for your safety.
Are you kidding? I'm a real
expert at being careful.
I can take care of you, too.
I'm good on my own. Taking care
of yourself is enough.
Then you'll let me come along?
Mmm. It's not up to me.
King Leo will make
the final decision.
Oh, I love it.
I give you my word.
I won't let you down.
I won't ever let you...
- Sorry.
- Oh, man, I totally regret it already.
Uh, you can't go
through life with regrets,
but no more green gas!
Hey, it's not fair.
Pigs can eat whatever they want.
I can only eat bamboo shoots.
- Whatever.
- Boring, right?
I'll tell you, Skyflyer...
It's not safe here.
- Run while you can.
- What's that?
Are you talking in your sleep?
Bet you're dreaming about
that spider fight, huh?
Run! Now!
Once again,
you totally saved us.
Quiet down.
Well, I can't blame
you for resting.
I'd take a break,
too, if I were you.
I said, "Run."
"Run?" What was that?
What d'you say? Hmm?
I said, "Run,"
before it's too late.
Ah? The Dragon Necklace.
Where did you get that necklace?
- Huh?
- You heard me.
- Start talking.
- It was my grandfather's.
- A family heirloom.
- Stop talking!
That is Princess
Angelica's necklace,
your grandfather stole it.
No, he didn't.
My grandpa's not a thief.
He was. A thief never
admits his true nature.
Your grandfather was a
slimy, stinking crook!
How dare you insult my grandpa!
Now you will pay for
your grandfather's crime!
No one insults my grandpa!
Take it back, right now.
No. I refuse to take
back a single word, panda.
- Yah!
- Too slow!
Hey, enough!
I win!
Now, why did you attack us?
A real Kung Fu Master
refuses to be ambushed.
Huh. Guess that
didn't work out for ya.
You just wait, pig.
I will defeat both of you.
I demand that you untie me.
Not a chance.
I don't trust ya.
And you haven't apologized.
You can leave me
here for an eternity,
but I refuse to apologize.
Now you did it.
Just because you're big
doesn't mean you are mighty.
Huh. Wha. Ohhh.
Thank you.
You can go.
Uh, huh?
You mean, you're releasing me?
You know nothing
about my grandpa.
Oh, all right.
I apologize.
You happy?
What's going on?
What'd you do that for?
You're sure you're
not the Panda Warrior?
Of course not. What did I do now
to make you think otherwise?
- What are you doing?
- Shhhh.
We're pretty close
to the onion village.
It must have been taken
over by those soldiers.
Wait! Try to stay calm.
Let's see what we
can find out first.
Show him what happens
when you disobey.
If you try to escape,
then you, too, will be punished.
Enough. I can't just sit here
while he bullies
those onion things.
Don't risk it.
We're completely outnumbered.
Weird onion animals or not,
it's inhuman.
Who's human? I'm a pig.
Here I come!
That's my pig.
Me... Ow.
Run, Patrick!
He knows magic.
He must be a tree spirit.
I am the one and
only Phantom Warrior.
Yeah, big deal.
I'm here to destroy
all evil forces.
Well, we'll see about that.
Whoa! Ahhhh!
Take that! And that!
It's the Mantis.
What, does this little pipsqueak
want a piece of me, too?
Hah. I may be
green, but I'm mean.
I am a force to
be reckoned with.
Get lost, bug!
Move it!
Hey, he just said,
"Your grandpa's a fool."
No one insults Grandpa,
except Grandma.
Hmm. Course not.
We all know who
the real fool is.
Now apologize to my grandpa!
You hear that, you mean tree?
Take that.
Sorry, I lost a little
bit there with the,
you know, he was talkin'
smack about my grandpa.
So, what should we
do with him now?
Let's see.
- Allow me to help you.
- Wow.
Are you the legendary
Maestro Ginseng,
the Master of Sonic Arts?
Yes, and I have
come here to help you.
But you can just call me Jimmy.
Oh, just Jimmy, huh?
Sure. I thought you
always worked on your own.
So, why would you
want to help us?
Because from the
moment I saw you,
I knew you were different.
I think you could
save Merryland.
That's why I've
decided to help you.
He is now cured.
What is the meaning of this?
How did I end up here?
You were taken over
by the Evil Master.
But that root saved you.
Rubbish! I am the one
and only Phantom Warrior.
I can't be mind controlled.
Oh, really?
I see. Interesting.
So you meant to attack
the onion village, huh?
No way!
How dare the Evil Master take
control of my mind like that!
I'm going to go find him
right now and take him down.
Hold on!
If you could beat him,
you wouldn't have
been mind-controlled.
Enough. No insect bosses me.
Jimmy, you freed
the crazy tree from
the Evil Master's control.
Could you free the
entire Phantom Army, too?
I always need time
to rest after I perform
The Song of Peace.
I need time to recover.
I can't free them all.
Well, that's weird,
but I understand.
You've helped us
out a lot already.
The Phantom Army will
eventually return here.
You should go now.
Farewell, panda.
And thank you, Jimmy.
Thanks, Jimmy, for your magic.
Come on.
Hey, how long will
it take to get
to the Rainbow Hole?
I guess we better
move our onions.
- Hey.
- What now?
Onions, take cover!
Perfect timing.
Saves us the trouble
of finding you.
You guys somehow managed
to break the spell,
which means that you must
be part of the rebellion.
Enough threats.
How about a little fire?
Patrick. That big ox just
insulted your grandpa.
I didn't hear him say anything.
Well, he was thinking it.
How could you possibly
know what he's thinking?
Hmm. I just know.
Do you know what I'm
thinking right now?
Hmm. How to escape?
Well, I know where I'm going.
Behind this bush over here.
Let's attack together
and we'll overwhelm him.
Together? I'll do
just fine on my own.
I am the Master!
Oh, look. What an
incredible insect he is.
He's pretty cool.
Ready? Bernie, Manny?
Let's get him.
Come on.
Well, guys, let me know
how it all turns out.
Metal beak to the rescue!
Now, Billy!
Take that!
Here I come! High flyin'
Bobby Bunny at your service.
Whoo hoo!
Let's do this!
And don't forget me.
Yours truly, Shadowfeet.
Great footwork,
but what the heck is he?
I'm a river horse,
here to fight.
- A hippo?
- Shadowfeet. You came, too?
Yes, indeed.
Hey, look. It's GoGo Goat.
Spinny the Monkey and GoGo Goat,
you're all here!
We're all together
again, at last.
I'll destroy all of you!
Wonder Seven battle array now!
Bobby Bunny.
I'm on it.
Spinny's blaster does it again.
- Out of my way!
- Oh, no.
The Wonder Seven battle
array isn't powerful enough.
You're goin' down, panda.
I'm Billy Beakman,
a trained metal beak.
You saw how I broke
that huge rock, right?
Yeah. That's a
pretty amazing skill.
His biggest skill is talking
non-stop for three days.
Ah, that's an old record.
I can manage five days now.
Want me to share with you everything's
that's happened in those five days?
Here. Fetch.
That's the only
way to shut him up.
Come on.
I'm high-flyin' Bobby
Bunny, at your service.
Need to cool off?
No, I'm fine. I'm fine!
I'm fine.
Hello, there.
I'm Shadowfeet, a river horse.
But, you're a hippo.
No, I'm not.
I am a river horse.
You are a hippo.
He just said that
he's a river horse.
That's right.
I am a river horse,
just like she said.
Look, you say
you're a river horse
and I wanna believe you,
but my eyes say...
I think he's made
it quite clear that
- he's a river horse.
- Yes, I have.
Despite what you think you see,
I'm a river horse.
Then I'm a bumblebee.
You're a hippo!
I am not a hippo.
I'm Shadowfeet,
the river horse, I tell ya.
At least admit
you're a hippo horse.
No. I am a river horse.
I am not a hippo.
I am a river horse!
Get it straight!
All right, all right, whatever.
You're a river horse, OK?
You crazy hippo.
Are you happy now?
Yes. That's better.
I'm Bruce
Barkley, the canine crusader.
Ooh, that one hurt me.
Below the belt.
Hmm. He'll feel that later.
Hi. Mwah.
Hello, Patrick, how are you?
Nice to meet you, GoGo Goat.
You should try sleeping with
cucumber slices on your eyes.
Really. Your patches
will vanish overnight.
Trust me. It really works.
Oh, thank you.
This is Spinny,
the genius monkey.
He's a brainiac from Merryland.
He invented every one
of the weapons I use.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I just got to say I really
admire all your work.
Hmm. The power
isn't strong enough.
I'll have to go back to
my lab and increase it.
I take everything
I said about him back.
Together, we're
known as the Rebellion.
The Rebellion
of the Seven Wonders!
Even if we all
can't be geniuses, we're strong.
Hmm? Mm...
Hello, everyone. We're back.
I brought my friends,
and Patrick the Panda.
We can find out if he's
the Panda Warrior or not
when we bring him
to meet King Leo.
He'll know for sure
if he's the one.
So, I take it you
have roots here?
Where are your defense forces?
They're all here.
- Just the seven of you?
- Mmm-hmm.
Well, that's more
than sufficient.
We are the best seven wonders.
Never mind the others.
No matter who the enemy is,
whether they're the Phantom Army
or their Evil Master,
I can K.O. them in round one
with one talon tied
behind my tail.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
He is big and round
and black and white.
You're the Panda
Warrior, aren't you?
Oh, no. That's not me.
I'm very flattered, though.
It's just like the legend said.
He's big, fat, black and white.
It's real nice
to meet you, Panda Warrior.
But you see, I'm not.
Got to hurry.
I need to report to King Leo.
Your majesty.
King Leo, we're back, and these are my
brave friends who have come here with me
because they want
to join our team,
and this is Patrick Panda.
He's wearing the
ancient Dragon Necklace.
Maybe he is the
legendary Panda Warrior,
but that remains to be seen.
Look, the necklace is glowing!
This is indeed
the Dragon Necklace.
Like I told you,
he is the Panda Warrior.
He is not the
legendary Panda Warrior.
Oh, dear.
That's what I said.
How could a coward
be the Panda Warrior?
The Panda Warrior should
be strong and brave,
just like me.
Here, fetch!
Go, go, go, go, go!
You're all tired
after your long journey.
Let us rest first.
Ah, Grandpa.
Why isn't Merryland the
way you described it?
The world changes
every single day
and Merryland is no exception
to that rule, Patrick.
Is that true?
Five years ago,
a terrible disaster
befell Merryland.
First, an animal that
I had never seen before
suddenly appeared
here to rescue us.
The legendary Panda Warrior?
You see, the Dragon Ball
of Light powers Merryland
and it used to also
maintain the peace.
It was guarded by
Hope and Faith,
the two heavenly whales,
until one day when Hope
absorbed far too much power
from the Dragon Ball.
The poor creature lost its mind
and suddenly began
destroying Merryland.
It was then that the
legendary Panda Warrior
came down from the heavens.
He quickly defeated Hope,
turning her back
to her normal self,
restoring peace to Merryland.
To show her appreciation
for his bravery,
Princess Angelica presented
him with the Dragon Necklace.
Then the Panda Warrior
returned to his own world,
with the magical
Dragon Necklace,
but during the ceremony,
a despicable rat
with a despicable plan
snuck into Merryland
from an evil parallel dimension.
Using his dark magic,
he merged Hope and
himself into one,
declaring himself the Evil
Master of all Merryland,
transforming himself into a
terrifying nine-headed snake.
He was too powerful
for anyone to resist.
He destroyed everyone
who disobeyed him
and then, he took Princess
Angelica prisoner.
Most of Merryland's
citizens were bewitched
and forced to form
his Phantom Army.
So, you can see how
desperate everyone of us are,
for the Panda Warrior
to come back
and rescue us, as he did before.
I'm sorry. I wish I was the
Panda Warrior, but I'm not.
Patrick, Panda Warrior is nothing
more than a mythical name.
Whoever has faith and courage
is the true
Panda Warrior of legend.
But sir, I'm nothing
more than a useless coward.
Don't you know there's
no one in the world
who could look down
upon you than yourself.
Our only hope lies in the
return of the long-awaited
Panda Warrior, Jin Long.
You are his descendant?
- I see.
- Huh? Wait a minute.
The Panda Warrior
came and rescued you
five years ago, right?
But by then, my grandpa
had already passed away.
He can't be your Panda Warrior.
I heard from Princess Angelica
the time in Merryland
moves differently
than the outside world,
so the timing makes
perfect sense.
It appears to me that
your Dragon Necklace
is the strongest
evidence of that.
Your grandfather
giving you the necklace
and your arrival
here at this time
is more than a coincidence.
That is something to
consider, Patrick.
Well, I'm convinced my grandfather
was the Panda Warrior
And I must keep his reputation,
and so I will help
you save Merryland
from the Evil Master.
Huh? What do you mean,
you'll help?
Is this some kind of a joke?
And how is it that you suddenly
believe that you
can save Merryland?
I found my courage and passion.
All right, then, prove it to me.
Why, I oughta...
So, that is your
courage and passion?
I'll never give up.
Ah. Give up now.
I'll never, ever give up.
Then catch me.
If you can't even beat me, how is it
that you expect to beat the Evil Master?
I understand, so please, King
Leo, train me to defeat him.
You think you have
the courage it takes
to become a warrior?
- I do.
- Very well.
In that case,
I will train you, Patrick.
- Yes!
- You all train yourselves, understood?
Yes, sir.
Wow, what a wonderful place.
Doubt you'll be
saying that later.
Oh. I should have figured.
Your first training task
is to use these lilies
to jump across the river.
Sounds simple enough.
- You really think so?
- Haha. Yeah, sure.
I hope your other tasks
are tougher than this!
Whoa. Whoa!
These flowers have teeth!
Oh, didn't I warn you?
Sorry. My bad.
They're piranha flowers
and they're hungry,
so be careful to not
become their lunch.
Hey, what kind of
training is this?
Trying to get me eaten alive?
You'll have to
manage on your own,
or it wouldn't be
training, now would it?
And one more thing.
These lilies have
a surprise inside.
What are you talking about?
Don't look, GoGo.
Ah, my tail!
Let go of my tail!
The lake is so shallow.
I don't need to
jump to get across.
I can just walk.
Yeah, well,
if I were you, I'd run!
Give me one good reason.
Uh, this lake is
full of piranha fish.
That's one.
I said,
"Run." Go Panda, go!
I finished. I passed.
Sorry, you failed the test,
unless you complete it
without getting wet.
Ooh, ooh, aah!
This water hurts!
So, your majesty, what exactly do
you have in store for me next?
- Look there.
- Yah!
What, more water?
A piranha lake and
now a piranha river?
Don't worry, there are no fish
to be afraid of in this river.
This time it's extremely simple.
All you need to do is fill
the two buckets with water.
And that's all there is to it?
Well, not exactly.
I knew it couldn't be that easy.
I got this one.
No! Not again!
This one is a
bit more dangerous.
- Peggy Skyflyer?
- Huh?
Please demonstrate.
Uh, yes, sire.
Now, it's your turn.
The world
certainly is full of surprises.
Patrick, you truly
are the chosen one.
You can keep me here,
but the citizens of Merryland
must not be hurt.
You are a creature
born of the Dragon Ball
and when you are gone,
the Dragon Ball will disappear.
I will not be tricked by you.
What do you want?
You shall see.
The poison water will drain away
the goodness in your heart.
When the Dragon Ball is
drained of its goodness
and finally turns dark and evil,
I will absorb its energy
and become more powerful
than you can imagine.
When that day arrives,
nothing will be able to stop me.
I'll conquer Merryland first and
move on to the rest of your world.
The Panda Warrior's
coming back for you.
I think not, Princess Angelica.
Even your previous
Panda Warrior would find it
next to impossible
to defeat me now.
I still have faith that the panda
will come and save us all.
That's because you have no idea
of the ways of the world.
Your fate lies here, Princess.
Patrick, now you understand
the challenges of the world.
Always treasure
your Dragon Necklace.
Hold on to it.
In your most desperate moment,
call upon its power,
and use it to save yourself.
You have earned
your magical sword.
I sincerely hope you can help us defeat
the Evil Master and save Merryland.
I will do my best.
Wait just a minute.
We can't let him be the leader
just because of his grandpa.
I object!
What do you suggest we do then?
I challenge him
to be the leader.
Patrick, do you
accept the challenge?
We should unite to
fight the Evil Master,
not fight each other.
What if I lose or get
hurt or something?
Hah. That's because
you know I'll defeat you.
Maybe so, but if you really
want a challenge,
let's see who can defeat
the Evil Master first?
Right. You're on!
But you're gonna lose.
The Evil Master lives
in a floating castle.
Unfortunately, it has
no fixed location,
so it's impossible
to know where it is
at any given time.
Oh, dear.
I don't want to spend
the rest of my life searching
for some floating castle.
What should we do, Patrick?
My master, the Fox
Elder, is a magician.
She might be able
to help us out.
Then we should go and
find her right away.
- Right. Huh?
- No!
She doesn't trust anyone.
Except for maybe
the Panda Warrior.
Listen carefully.
This is a piece of the floating
castle's foundation stone.
It's very rare and contains
mysterious magical powers.
Take it with you and it will lead
you to the castle's location.
Yeah! This is going to be
lights-out for the Evil Master.
And take this. It has
a special note inside.
Open it if you should
ever find yourself
in terrible danger.
Yes, Fox Elder.
Thank you
for your guidance, ma'am.
You're welcome.
Where are the Seven Wonders?
They should be here.
I sure hope they're
not in danger.
Help me.
Hi, GoGo Goat.
No, I wasn't scared.
Are you all right?
Everything OK?
I'm fine, but...
GoGo, what happened to everyone?
It was awful.
The Phantom Army attacked us.
Where's everyone else?
I don't know.
Bruce Barkley dug a
hole and hid me in it,
but I'm afraid everyone
else may have been captured.
Oh, no.
Forget about finding
the Evil Master.
The others may be part
of the Phantom Army now.
GoGo, please don't give up.
Who else can save them, but us?
We have to do it.
But first, we need to
find out where they are.
- I can't right now.
- But why?
Because I need to take a shower.
I'm all dirty from hiding.
I need to freshen up
before I can help out.
This way, guys.
Why don't you just
let me take them?
You can't.
Look over there.
All right, finally.
So how do we get all
the way up there?
If Peggy Skyflyer
was here, she'd know.
I have a plan.
Your horn is nothing but a fake.
Fake is such a strong word.
Can't a girl have a
few beauty secrets?
There she is!
Peggy Skyflyer, it's us!
Looks like she's been turned
into a Phantom Army soldier.
You dare to enter the
castle without permission?
You are all doomed!
Nice try, but your
little darts won't hurt me.
Huh. We'll see about that.
I'll inform the Phantom
General you're here
and we'll destroy you all!
Even when she's
under mind control,
she has no sense of direction.
Don't let her go.
We gotta capture her.
You got it.
How you want her cooked?
Don't hurt her.
Ah, you're no fun.
I gotcha.
This is going to hurt
me more than it hurts you.
I bet Manny Mantis
and the others
are bewitched and part of
the Phantom Army now, too.
Oh, no. I really don't
want to have to fight them.
The only way to save them is to
take down that nine-headed snake.
Let's go.
This castle is like a maze.
Which way should we go?
Just be sure to keep an eye out
for the nine-headed snake.
Follow me, guys. Though I have
not been here long,
I do know every
corner of the castle.
Billy Beakman.
At your service.
Stay where you are.
What's happened to you all?
- Run!
- They're bewitched!
What do we do now?
It's a dead end.
That's right.
We gotcha now.
Come on, Bruce.
Don't you remember us?
GoGo, you can join us, too.
I can't. You know I don't
like it when things get dirty.
I calculate we'll have
to do this the hard way.
Looks like we're
gonna have to fight 'em.
We can't do that. Your magical
flames will harm them.
- We got no choice.
- They're mind-controlled.
- We can't hurt our friends.
- Watch out!
Well, well, well.
I have you now.
And you're all mine.
I'm gonna barbecue
you, you big rump roast.
How dare you! Quiet!
If you aren't careful,
I'll chop you into firewood.
No, you won't.
Are you trying to rebel?
No, not rebel. Return!
Wait. But I thought that...
you were bewitched.
Well, you thought
wrong, didn't you, Crusher?
Let's get you back
to your old self.
Patrick, grab the
bull by the horns! Ha-ha!
I gotcha.
Hey, we could use
a little help here.
Going up.
How are you?
How do you think I am?
Right. If Jimmy Ginseng
hadn't arrived in time,
we really would have
become your victims.
You're ruining everything now.
Play your song.
Make it stop!
I must resist.
You've freed me from the
Evil Master's mind-control.
Ah, much better.
Are you OK?
I just need to rest.
It's up to you now.
Don't worry. We'll
take care of everything.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
What do you think
we should do next?
Well, first, we should ask them
where the Evil Master is.
No. I think we should
rescue the princess first.
Mmm. She's right.
The poor princess
has been locked away
in an awful place
and needs to be rescued now.
Can you take us right
to her, Crusher the Ox?
Yes, of course, I can.
It would be an honor.
Uh. General, sir.
Step aside. Move it!
Yes, sir. Sorry, General.
- How much further?
- Not too far.
This place smells worse
than Peggy's gas bombs.
It's enough to make me
wanna cock-a-doodle croak.
I can't take any more.
Hey, we're all in the
same stinky boat for now.
Princess Angelica,
we're here to rescue you.
I have been waiting for
all of you to come here.
We've been tricked.
Crusher the Ox,
why'd you sell us out?
I wouldn't trick
my own rescuers.
Ah-hah! I'm the one
who fooled you, suckers!
- Why you...
- Hey. I want to know what you've done
with Princess Angelica.
I bet you do.
You will find her locked
away in the cave behind me.
However, I will never
allow you to pass.
Oh, yeah? Well, we'll just have
to see about that, won't we?
All right. Let's charge him.
Snake eyes!
- He got him!
- All right.
Good job, Bunny.
Old nine heads isn't
so powerful after all!
We got this.
You lose.
The Rebellion of the
Seven Wonders ends here.
Bring it, ugly.
Huh? You regenerated?
But that's against the rules!
Everyone, together.
Unless we attack all
nine heads at once,
we won't be able to stop it.
There's nothing I despise
more than filthy traitors.
Hah. Hiyah!
My hair.
How dare you!
Bernie. The notes.
Yes. I'll use the note.
Step aside.
I'm burnin' mad, now.
I'm gonna break this snake.
Let's do this!
No, wait!
There's no stopping me now.
Feel the burn!
Patrick, run! Or we're all
going to be turned to ash.
Ah, see that?
That's how you do it.
I can't believe
we finally made it.
I'm exhausted.
I found this burnt
piece of paper.
- What is it?
- It's from the Fox Elder.
She told him to open it,
when in desperate danger.
So, what does it say?
We must sacrifice one
for the sake of all.
We should honor his sacrifice.
Let's go rescue
Princess Angelica.
This is where the nine-headed
snake has been keeping her.
- This is terrible.
- She's in a trance.
- Princess Angelica.
- Is she alright?
She can't hear us.
We have to hurry and save her.
Princess Angelica, I'll come
over there and save you.
No, wait.
Stop. You can't.
It's not safe.
The water is contaminated.
It's filled with evil poison.
Don't touch it.
GoGo Goat, use your whip
and pull the princess clear.
- OK.
- No, that won't be sufficient.
I calculate your whip won't stand
a chance against those chains.
Someone is gonna
have to cross the water
and undo those
chains to free her.
- Let me be the one.
- Huh?
If I'd have taken down that
snake when this all started,
Bernie Hothead wouldn't have
had to finish him by himself.
It's the least I could do.
Ox, no!
I'm the one to blame.
When I was bewitched
by the Evil Master,
I almost destroyed
Merryland with my rage.
A sword cannot
break these chains.
Only I have the
strength that can do it.
Almost there.
Your highness.
It was too much for him.
That poor bovine.
He'll be all right.
So, how is she doing?
The power of the
Dragon Ball will protect her.
Eventually, she will be fine.
But as for Crusher,
I cannot say.
You gonna be OK, there, buddy?
Don't worry about me.
I finally did
something really good.
Don't give up.
We'll find a way to cure you.
Eventually, I'll be fine.
But you need to save
Princess Angelica.
Wait. I still smell the snake.
The snake? Where?
I thought he was gone for good.
So, what are we gonna do now?
We've got to get the
princess and get outta here.
There's only one way
out of this chamber,
but it's blocked by the snake.
We can't get out.
Then why don't we
dig a new passage?
Together again.
Hello, friends.
Manny Mantis.
- Nice to see you.
- How'd you find us?
I am a master of many skills.
We'll talk later, but for now,
you must follow me.
Manny's right. We can talk about
all that once we've escaped.
But first we must
get the princess.
Not so fast!
I can't hold it much longer.
Wait. I'm stuck.
You're right. I'm afraid the
opening isn't quite big enough.
Allow me to...
Peggy, go next.
Take Ox with you.
- I can hold the door.
- No, I can hold it.
- You get out with Ox.
- No. You leave first.
Wait. Get out of here.
- You first.
- You go.
No, you first.
I can hold back the snake.
You two, go!
No, Crusher.
I've got this.
Escape while you still can.
Hurry, before it's too late!
I'll stay here,
but you have to save Merryland.
You found your courage, Patrick.
Now's the time to use it.
Go now. Have faith in yourself.
Thank you, Crusher.
Come on.
Is everyone OK?
No, it's filthy here.
How can it be OK?
This place is disgusting.
I can't wait to take a bath.
No, you don't.
Stay back!
You thought you
could contain me! Never!
You will never escape!
Did Crusher the Ox
make it out OK?
What are we gonna do?
There's a cave.
Let's hide in there.
- Yeah!
- Come on. Hurry!
Shh. Quiet.
We've been
hiding here all night.
That nine-headed snake's
gotta leave at some point.
I can't help it.
It's in my nature.
Roosters crow at
the crack of dawn.
I've got you now.
All right, ugly.
I've had enough.
Hey, 18-eyes.
I'm gonna give your thousand
teeth just one chance
to give yourself up,
right now, or I'm... What?
Let's get Princess Angelica
out of here.
- A little help, guys!
- I need to go help Patrick.
Huh? Hey, you don't get
to be the only hero.
I'll stay, too.
Me, too.
I suppose that means me, too.
But then I really
have to shower.
You are obviously going
to need my expertise.
- And I'll stay, too.
- Hey, don't leave me out!
If you all stay, then who's
gonna help the princess escape?
No, I'm fine.
The sun will be coming out soon.
The power of the snake is
at its weakest right now.
It's the best time
to destroy it.
- Come on, Manny! Run!
- Yes. Hurry faster!
The Song of Peace.
Look. It's our best chance.
Make it stop!
I have faith.
I won't give up until
the last bear falls.
Oh. Look at that.
Great Panda Warrior,
you have finally arrived.
Help us to defeat
the nine-headed snake.
I'm afraid you're
too late, Faith.
You'll never have enough
power to defeat me.
I will, with the power
of the Panda Warrior.
Together, we are invincible.
Who is that great whale?
That's Faith. One of the heavenly
whales and guardians of Merryland.
Wow, she's beautiful.
She protects
the Dragon Ball of Light.
Along with Hope,
the other heavenly whale.
That infernal Faith
has ruined all of my plans.
This is not possible.
I will destroy you all.
It burns!
GoGo Goat, fight the wind head.
Shadowfeet, fight
the water head.
Mantis, fight the ice head.
Bobby Bunny, fight
the fire head.
Spinny, fight the electric head.
Peggy, fight the poison head.
Bruce, fight the spear head.
Billy, fight the
bewitching head.
I'll take the main head.
I'm all tangled up!
No, you can't!
- Formation.
- Battle array.
That was terrifying.
No more nine-headed
snake for me.
That's it! I don't want to
be the Evil Master anymore.
They can have all the peace
and harmony they want.
I'm outta here.
See ya, Merryland.
Now that the Evil Master
is finally been defeated,
Faith and Hope,
the two heavenly whales
are once again the
guardians of peace
and protectors of Merryland.
This is hope
This is love
This is where we are one
If you call, I will hear
I will listen for you
Merryland is free once more.
The Dragon Ball of
Light has been restored
and will be forever protected
by the heavenly whales.
Faith and Hope,
guard our peace eternally.
If you believe
anything is possible
Step outside
To a brand-new day
in the month of May
I feel I can start again
Life is feeling new
This is hope
This is love
This is where we are one
If you call
I will hear
I will listen for you
Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe
anything is possible?
Do you believe in miracles?
If you believe,
anything is possible
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
If you are lost,
then I will find you
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe
anything is possible?
Do you believe in miracles?
If you believe
anything is possible
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
If you are lost,
then I will find you
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
This is hope
This is love
This is where we are one
Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe
anything is possible?
Do you believe in miracles?
If you believe
anything is possible
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
If you are lost,
then I will find you
So let go
I can see
the sun behind you
This is hope
This is love
This is where we are one
If you call, I will hear
I will listen...