The Adventures of Peanut and Pig (2022) Movie Script

Long ago in a faraway place...
the beautiful island of Goola
began sinking into the sea.
All the creatures of Goola
lived in helpless fear
of the day when their island
home would vanish
under the waves.
- Ah, not yet.
- Oh, boy.
But they knew
it would happen one day.
- Ah... no.
- Oh, yeah.
Until an especially clever
monkey named Moneke
had a very big idea.
He would build
a great machine to harness
the power of the volcano
and all the fruit of Goola,
and create a concoction that
would keep the island afloat.
When it was finished...
The machine worked better
than anyone
could have ever dreamed.
And there Goola remained for
generation after generation,
safely above the water.
Until one day...
Moneke's amazing machine
began to fail.
Watch the pressure!
You! Get on that valve.
Yes, sir.
Ooh, out of my way!
Cheek, buddy.
No need to crash the party.
You might try being
a little lighter on your feet.
Be still my beating heart.
What's all that noise, anyway?
Yeah, that's it.
You mind turning it down?
Whoa, there,
take a number, big boy.
There's plenty of me
to go around.
The old ape wants to see you.
The executive summons.
Well, what do you know?
I must have done
something right.
Duty calls, girls.
Always leave them wanting more,
that's my motto.
I can see it's yours, too.
Somebody should do
something about that.
What do you know?
This used to be the way
to my uncle's office.
I guess we'll just have
to turn around.
- Out of the way, pork chop.
- Oh, ah!
Now, that's what
I call cheek to cheek.
Oh, pardon,
oh, excuse me. Sorry, sir.
Don't mention it.
And keep up the good work.
Say, don't I know you?
I could fire you, ham hocks,
but if this island sinks,
we might need an extra float.
- Ha! You think?
- Ah, don't listen to him!
I happen to like a fellow
who enjoys life... a lot.
For luck.
Hey, Sal, baby.
Long time, no see.
Piece of advice:
You need to learn who really
runs this company, and start
spreading the sugar around,
if you know what I mean.
Ah, Peanut.
Uncle Moneke!
There you are.
How did you know
I was coming to see you today?
Were you?
Well, it's downright eerie
when that happens.
Like a sixth sense.
Must be that family connection.
Over here. That's better.
Now, what can I do for you?
Peanut, I'd like you to meet
an honored citizen of Goola.
Pink was one of the builders
of the original
Goola Juice processors.
Great Goola! That makes you...
A humble servant of Goola.
Pink is one
of our family's oldest friends.
Sure is.
Pleasure to meet you.
With a name like that,
school must have been rough.
Not for me.
There's no one
sharper than Pink.
You don't say.
I asked him
to come out of retirement
from the other side
of the island
to give us his perspective.
I'm worried about the recent
breakdown of the machines.
We're working on it, sir,
day and night.
Of course you are, Cheek.
But we can use
all the help we can get.
He's right. There's anything
I've learned from my uncle,
it's that machines break down
and we repair them,
whatever it takes.
This time is no different.
"We?" When was the last time
you got your hands dirty?
I don't know.
When was the last time
we shook hands?
Now, boys,
it's time we faced facts.
If we don't fix
the problem soon.
What went up
is going to splash down.
That's why I ordered
an investigation
into the frequency
of incidents and malfunctions.
If it involves
getting our hands dirty,
don't we have apes who do that?
Getting your hands
a little dirty now, Peanut,
is good preparation for later.
All this, my boy, will be yours.
Here's my lead investigator now.
Everyone, this is Flo.
Good morning.
Very, very clever.
You did it without telling me?
It was important
to get a fresh perspective.
Flo, if you'd care to share
your findings with everyone?
Thank you. Gentlemen,
the data clearly shows that
in recent months, the frequency
of incidents and malfunctions
has dramatically gone up,
while the island has gone down.
We're falling faster
than a ripe grapefruit.
Looking closer, key indicators
suggest that there
is a pattern at work.
Hmm. Uh-huh. Ah!
Big, round, hungry?
You want a sandwich? No.
Big problem. One point for me.
Next word. It's fun.
Pointy... pineapple? Rock?
Your pet rock
is a pointy pineapple?
Nah. Back to problem.
Swimming? Boogie?
What are you doing?
Moving. Parts. Machine.
Ah! Ha-ha. Problem. Machine.
Problem machine! I got it!
The machines
all have one problem.
- Why, yes. That's right.
- Huh?
We should be able
to trace all of the incidents
back to one central problem.
I'm glad you see it, too.
Oh, actually, it was...
obvious, in a not-so-obvious
sort of way,
if you see what I mean.
Why, yes, I do.
Now we just have
to find the problem.
Excellent, Peanut.
Now, hold the fruit.
If there was a central problem,
I would have found it.
Pink, what do you say?
I'm with the big one on this.
I don't see it.
But how can you say
that when it's so...
- Obvious?
- But what about the tremors?
It's been quiet
on my side of the island.
The increased volcanic activity?
Volcanoes are known
to bubble and boil.
And the fact that Goola
is losing altitude.
Ah, the excitability of youth.
Then again, I can't see much
of anything these days.
My dear Moneke.
It appears that I have nothing
useful to contribute here.
I'm afraid my time has passed.
As mine soon
will be, too, old friend.
Don't say that!
Yeah, we'd be lost without you.
Sooner than you think.
I'll take my leave now.
Thank you for your service.
Stay sharp.
Now, some of us
can get back to work.
Not so fast!
Boys, at a time like this,
we have to put aside
our differences
- and work together.
- Don't we always?
I'm glad you agree, because Flo
and I have come up with a plan
to deal with our dilemma.
Not since the days of Moneke I
has such
a noble task been undertaken.
Look at that.
Just a little warm.
Somewhere out there,
something is causing
our great Goola to sink,
and this expedition
must find what it is,
or we are lost.
- Yes, Peanut.
- Uh...
If the problem's
somewhere out there,
what are we doing up here?
I salute you and I bid you all
fruit speed.
You mean we're going in there?
It's the fastest way
to get around the island.
Not to mention an early grave.
Oh, it's not that dangerous.
Almost all of our first
volunteers have come back.
That's almost reassuring.
What is so funny?
Uncle Moneke, I was thinking.
You were saying?
What this team
really needs is a...
- A coordinator?
- Exactly.
Someone to remain behind
in case of emergencies.
And since I'm an expert
at reading messenger mugs,
I'll be able to send supplies
or help when it's needed.
There will be no help, Peanut.
No help?
No one must ever know
about this.
The citizens of Goola will
panic just like before
if they really knew
how bad things are.
- Very, very, very sensible.
- Glad you agree.
I'm a sensible fella.
Don't miss your bubble.
Hey, buddy.
Thanks for that tip back there,
you made me look great.
- Anything to help, sir.
- You mean that?
Sure, I do.
You're all going to be heroes.
In that case, throw
that wrench in the machine.
- Throw the wrench?
- Do it!
- In the machine?
- Go on.
- That's sabotage.
- That's an order.
You really had me going, sir,
that's a funny one.
- Give me the wrench.
- Peanut!
- What's the matter?
- I don't do bubbles.
Unless they're tiny
and in champagne.
Let's face it, I'm just not
the monkey for this mission.
Normally I'd agree with you.
You should always trust
your better judgment.
But I would be wrong.
Now, now, no, don't doubt
yourself like that.
Today, you showed me
that you truly understand
the complexities of our problem.
Even Cheek couldn't see it.
Oh, that.
I've never been more proud.
Gee, what can I say?
I need you on this mission.
When you put it that way...
Hey, slow down there.
What are you...
Hey, what are you, huh?
I thought we were friends here.
I wish I could trade places
with you, sir.
Well, your wish is my command!
Wait a minute.
- That was fun!
- Bye-bye.
Ah! Aw, too tight.
- Oh, that's better.
- Oh, great mother of Goola.
What did you eat for lunch?
- Flipping!
- No, no, no, no, no.
I don't want to know.
Have a safe trip.
There go my frequent
flyer miles.
Oh, oh!
I'm feeling a little upset
in the tummy.
No, I got it under control.
I'm fine now, thanks.
Ah! Oh, fruit.
Hey, boy, you know,
this isn't so bad, after all!
This is so cool!
We're going outside the city!
Didn't anybody ever tell you
it's dangerous outside the city?
Ah, at least we're in here?
Sure. Safely inside
a giant speeding bubble.
- I feel better already.
- Hey, look!
At least there'll be
witnesses when this thing pops.
Hey, hey. What's he doing?
Maybe she has something
in her eye.
In a pig's eye, she does.
Come on, we've got
to get this thing over there.
- How?
- There!
There, lean into it.
That cheeky monkey.
- Now what?
- Left!
Lean left. Right. Right.
Now we're moving.
Aha! We meet again.
This is it. Get ready.
Aye, aye, sir!
Now, full chops to the right!
Mission accomplished.
- Whoo!
- What was that?
Not bad, kid.
Where'd you learn
to handle a bubble like that?
- In the bathtub, sir.
- And say no more.
Yes, sir.
I should have known.
- Peanut?
- And the Pig?
That's more like it.
Look how happy she is to see me.
I don't know.
What, are you kidding?
She's totally captivated.
Could be something else.
Ah, what do you know
about sheer animal magnetism?
- It's big.
- That's true.
- Huge.
- Now you're making sense.
- Hot, hot!
- Smoking hot!
- It's a volcano!
- It's a volcano.
Hey, I like that.
It's a volcano!
That's what I said.
Well, you call that an excuse?
We're headed right for it.
We have to go left.
Wrong way, wrong way,
wrong way, wrong way.
I said left.
- That was left.
- The other left.
- This is all your fault.
- My fault?
Why didn't you use
your "animal magnetism"?
I'll use it later.
Right now, run!
Don't breathe, Digg,
Digg, don't breathe.
- Whoa, whoa!
- Here we go.
- Get off!
- I'm trying.
- I'm hatched already.
- That tickles.
- Stop.
- You stop!
No, we have to stop. Now!
Whoa, whoa, oh, whoa!
Pop it!
We're doomed!
You gotta admit,
that's some thick Goola Juice.
Oh, my tummy.
You did it!
Hold on.
We make it thick,
so it'll stick.
You saved us. You saved me.
Yeah, well,
don't mention it, to anyone.
We wouldn't want people to talk.
Does this mean we're friends?
You see anybody
else around here?
No, sir.
Now, let's find a way
outta here.
Short and sweet.
Bubble burst, trapped
inside volcano, send help.
"And food?
"Preferably apple flaps,
Fruity Jacks, and a juice chaser
"if you have room, over and out."
"PS, a fruit tart
would be nice, too."
Go quick before he asks
to see the chef.
Hey, what's your name anyway?
You can call me Digg,
or you can call me Pig.
Now you can call me P or D,
or double-wide on the side,
but don't you ever
call me late for dinner!
Ah, I had to ask.
Somebody, save me.
Hey, you mind turning that down?
We're lost.
That's a perfect way
to get found.
This way!
That way?
There is only one way
to settle this.
If that's how you want it.
Goola, Goola, fruity treat,
have a cocktail that is sweet
What's your
favorite fruit to eat?
I never lose.
You see,
I have a nose for directions.
Must be part of the original
Goola machinery.
- Let's take a look.
- Let's not and say we did.
Why, no one's been here
in a fruit's age.
Sir? Sir?
It's a much better view up here.
You should try it.
What is that?
What's all that noise?
Ha! These machines
are still working.
It's impossible.
They haven't been used for ages.
We found the problem!
I said we could do it.
- No, you didn't.
- Well, my uncle said it.
Now, if we can just figure out
how to turn them off.
We can save everyone.
We're going
to save the world
We're going
to save the world
We're going
to save the world
- I'm better than Cheek
- I really love this song
I'm better than Cheek
Yeah, you're right. It's fun.
I'm better than
that Cheeky Monkey
We're going
To save the world
We're going
To save the world
Do something!
I just did in my underwear.
I'm out.
Ah, that's more like it.
I hope this works.
Oh, fruit.
- Hoo-hoo, I got one!
- Well, me, too.
Mine's bigger than yours.
We're flying.
We're safe.
- It's a miracle!
- No thanks to you.
- Me?
- Well, I'm not the one
who boogied his Booty
into that lever.
You pushed the button.
Oh, yeah?
Well, who pulled the pin?
Right over the mulcher?
- Sir?
- How's my hair?
- I'm starting to think...
- You got a comb?
Maybe we're not really saved.
What are you talking about?
Maybe we're captured.
Who are you?
You can call me Digg,
or you can call me Pig.
I'll do the talking.
Who are you?
Ugh. We asked first.
It is polite.
Oh, but I insist, you go first.
We're warning you.
Would you...
Could you just say that again?
Don't play games with us
or you'll be sorry.
Maybe they want to eat us.
Will you look at that?
It's a bat girl.
- With a lovely bow.
- I ripped it off a bunny.
You didn't?
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you think you're doing?
None of your business.
You're consorting
with the prisoners.
And what if I am?
This is supposed to be
an interrogation.
Oh, well, don't let us
interrupt you.
Thank you.
You be sure to find out
everything she knows.
You know it.
Hey, don't look at me like that.
I can talk to whoever I want.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
And don't try to bully me, Fufu.
Don't call me that!
Ooh, Fufu.
Going somewhere?
Why, I'm just admiring
the natural formations.
You're our prisoners.
We give up.
You captured us fair and square,
and when you did,
you captured my heart.
A monkey like me
And a bat cute as you
Should never be far apart
So join with me now
In our cave here of romance
For baby
It's just you and me
You're cute and petite
One tasty little morsel
With beautiful wings
and tiny feet
You're everything
a girl should be
Sophisticated and worthy
Beyond your years
And when we make the scene
People will scream
Who's that lovely couple,
they seem in a dream
Our love is on display
Each and every day
You're cute and petite
One tasty little morsel
With beautiful eyes
And lips so sweet
My radar is a-hummin'
I see the love's a-comin'
The lava, it will flow
With the heat of our passion
The dark of this damn cave
Can never dim
our love in fashion
That's on display
right here today
I'll cry in the dark
without you
Hold my hand
and my fright is subdued
Stalagmites can't
get in the way
Of a love
that is here to stay
Because you're cute
and petite
One tasty little treat
I'll eat you up
each and every day
This love song could go on
If you will Grant me this
Just one simple little kiss
How do you know about the plan?
- We don't know any plan.
- Oh, yeah?
Then why were you snooping
around the machines?
Oh, you mean the plan?
We thought you were talking
about some other plan.
Everybody knows about the plan.
- Right?
- Uh, right.
You came here to sabotage it.
Want to help? Oh!
I mean, no, no, no.
Uh, what plan?
Ah! Really?
Look what you've done.
You've ruined everything.
- Me?
- Follow my lead.
You see anybody else
standing here
revealing top secret
- But you said everybody knows.
- Well, sure.
Now they do.
They know about the plan?
Well, of course
they know the plan.
- It's their plan.
- Not our plan?
- Except now they know we know.
- About our plan?
- Obviously, it's our plan.
- And everybody knows?
- Nobody knows.
- No?
- Yes.
- Yes, nobody knows the plan?
No, everybody knows the plan.
Which plan?
Well, buddy, there's only
one way to find out.
Goola, Goola, fruity treat
Have a cocktail
that is sweet
What's your
favorite fruit to eat
When I said follow my lead,
that's not what I meant.
Let's make tracks.
Still, you weren't
half bad back there.
In fact, I'd say this could be
the start of a harmonious union
between management and labor.
Not to be interpreted
as a union endorsement.
How could something
like this happen, sir?
- It's terrible.
- You're telling me.
That song never fails.
I sing, she swoons.
Woo, woo, woo.
Do you know what this means?
I could be losing my touch.
Say it ain't so.
It's not a malfunction at all.
- Keep talking.
- It's sabotage.
I think I see
where you're going.
That's how the bats know
about the machines.
Who cares about the machines?
We're talking about me.
How could they do this to Goola?
We need reinforcements.
Everyone needs to know
what's going on here.
But I thought everybody knows?
No, no, nobody knows.
- About our plan?
- About their plan.
Don't you listen to anything?
Maybe we should go
looking for them.
There's no time for that.
You said it yourself.
The fate of Goola
hangs in the balance.
I know, I know,
I did the calculations.
I just hope wherever they are,
they're safe.
We have to face facts.
Anything could have happened.
Their bubble could have burst.
They could have plunged
into boiling lava.
There's snake caves,
bottomless pits,
deadly mudflats.
And that's just for starters.
Eh, but I'm sure they're fine.
Yeah. Me, too.
Heh. Not everyone is cut out
for this kind of adventure.
We'll just have to go it alone.
Don't worry, I'll protect you.
And of course, we'll keep
an eye out for the others.
- Ow!
- Wha... What's wrong?
My eye! My...
Eech, eech, ooch, ooch,
ouch, ouch...
Something in my eye.
Is it an eyelash?
It's a message.
From Peanut!
They're alive!
Isn't that... lucky?
It must have come from this way.
Let's go.
Ouch, eech, eech, oh...
Hey! I'm not a banana.
- Oops!
- Got you.
The tremors are happening
more frequently.
Ouch, ooh!
We'd better hurry.
It's getting brighter.
Cheek, look.
Wow. It's beautiful.
Ooh, better be careful.
There's danger even in beauty.
That's why I have to keep
my guard up against you.
You really should stay
close to me.
Ow, ow, ouch, ooh, ooh...
I feel like
we're going the wrong way.
I have an unerring
sense of direction.
No, really.
I'm sure
we should be going that way.
It's just a trick of the light.
Trust me.
For the love of Goola,
woman, we're going this way!
There's something out there.
I saw it move.
Oh, of course you did.
Another trick of the light?
Let us proceed.
Ow, ooh!
- What the...
- Huh?
- We got them, we got them.
- Not too close.
Oh, hi.
- What the fruit?
- Peanut?
- Hey, you guys.
- You!
Sorry about that.
Can't be too careful out here.
I hope
you didn't bruise your ego.
Not everyone's cut out
for this kind of adventure,
you know?
We got your beetle.
Lucky for you.
Otherwise, who knows how long
you would have been lost?
- We're not lost.
- And we didn't find you.
You must be tired and hungry.
- Affirmative.
- Let's go back to our camp.
This is your camp?
We had to make do
with what we could find.
There's nothing quite
like living off the land.
Mm, what is
that wonderful aroma?
If everyone could please
take a seat.
Dinner is served.
- I call it happy soup.
- Why?
Because whenever I taste it
I get a warm,
happy feeling all over.
You have outdone yourself,
my friend.
Why, thank you.
Do you know where
the best mushrooms come from?
You're going to love this.
- Poop.
- Poop?
As in, they're the poop.
Ugh, that's not funny.
Nah, they're better than poop.
Oh, thank Goola.
These are from bat poop.
And those bats are
friends of ours.
To good food, good friends.
Present company excluded.
And googly-eyed fungus.
Well, that's weird.
All right.
There's only one thing
better than this.
- A mud bath?
- Nope.
A manicure and foot massage?
I'll tell you what it is.
The soup's got jazz
It's hot and hip
It's full of pizazz
And I like it
It's tart, but sweet
Spiced right for me
It tastes real neat
And we like it
Goola to me
is a place on the scene
An island of fun
that revolves around me
It's not about you
For our island's in need
Let's all pull together
And do the right deed
It's not as bad as it seems
We can fix it
if work as a team
There's no reason
to give up on our dreams
The soup is great
but it needs more cream
This soup's got jazz
It's hot and hip
It's full of pizzazz
And I like it
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
It's not as bad as it seems
We can fix it
if we work as a team
There's no reason
to give up on our dreams
This soup is great,
but it still needs cream
This soup's got jazz
It's hot and hip
It's full of pizazz
And we like it
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola, Goola (Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
(Goo Goola)
Goola, Goola (Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
Goola to me is a minor love,
The gears and the wheels
spinning in synchronicity
Seeing a piston thrust
Oh gosh, it's just too much
My head goes in a whirl
It's like meeting
a perfect girl
Goola to me
is a place I get to be
The biggest ape in town
No contender to be found
Why bother with words
when I got a pair of these?
You won't catch me begging,
or saying pretty please
Somebody turn on
the lights, please!
This soup's got jazz
It's hot and hip
It's full of pizazz
And we love it!
Goola, Goola (Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
(Goo Goola)
Goola, Goola (Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
(Goola Goola)
Goola, Goola (Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
(Goola, Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola
(Goola, Goola, Goola)
Goola, Goola, Goola (Goola)
No! Oh!
Mr. Pink?
What are you doing here?
I'm the one who should be asking
what you're doing so far away
from Goola City.
Easy for you to say.
And have you found the problem?
No, sir. Nothing so far.
Well, I wouldn't
exactly say nothing.
- What?
- In fact,
I'd say something.
How about you?
- Would you say something?
- Something.
- Peanut?
- My porcine pal here and I
have discovered the problem.
- That's impossible.
- What did you find?
It's the fruit bats.
They've been monkeying
around with the old machines
to disrupt the system.
I'll have, you know, that figure
of speech is offensive,
and entirely accurate.
Why would the bats want
to disrupt the system?
Hmm, they were there
when we originally built it.
There have been rumors
the bats are unhappy
that Goola City
isn't sharing enough fruits
of their labor.
You two, have done
very good work indeed.
If all the fruit bats
are in on it,
we're going to need
a much bigger team
to root them out.
In that case, I'll lead
you back to Goola City.
We better send
a messenger beetle back
so Moneke can start preparing.
Good idea.
Fireworks, fruit sculptures,
a ticker tape parade.
There's a lot to organize
for a hero's return.
I meant preparing the team.
Oh, well, that too.
There's no need.
The trip won't take us long.
Just to be safe.
Oh, look out!
We should get underway.
The way out should
be somewhere up ahead.
Say, Flo, I've been thinking.
You, me, Chteau Mango?
Sound like a plan?
Maybe you've noticed
we're in the middle
of a fungal jungle.
Now that I've saved Goola
you'll want to get on that
schedule as soon as possible.
Aren't you getting
a little ahead of yourself?
Actually, I'm trying to get
ahead of you.
or you might lose your way.
Not going to happen. You see...
I'm never lost
when I'm with you
Sorry, I've heard
from half the girls in Goola,
and I'm not falling
for your song.
Only half.
I'm looking for someone
who's sincere.
- Oh, now, don't be pessimistic.
- Hard working.
Let me carry
that heavy pack for you.
- Humble.
- Did I mention?
I couldn't have done it
without the pig.
- Exactly. Someone like Digg?
- You mean in maintenance?
It's not what a guy does,
but how he does it that counts.
I see what you mean.
He's a good egg.
Just look at him.
He could hatch at any moment.
Hard as it is to say,
I humbly and sincerely
wish you both happiness.
I didn't say Digg.
I said someone like Digg.
Oh, I can dig that.
I just need a few minutes.
Forgive me,
I'm not as slow as I once was.
Take your time.
While you're resting,
we'll go look for ourselves.
And I'll...
and I'll keep a lookout here.
Looks good to me.
All righty, then. Let's go.
You look like you could
use a little support.
This way out seems
more like the way in.
- Help!
- That sounded like...
Gee, maybe the old fella fell
down and can't get up!
Well, if he fell down,
he sure did get up.
The Bats have him!
Catch them! Ow.
What the...
Look out!
It's days like this
that give days like this
a bad reputation.
Hey, we gotta get out of here.
See, like that.
Parry, duck.
Dueling with a fungus.
Leap, swing,
and totally outmatched.
Oh, great.
Hey, stick around, will ya?
What's he doing?
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, over here.
All aboard!
Peanut, that's brilliant.
I figure bunnies like to hop.
Hold this for me.
First class all the way.
- Boopsie.
- Oops!
Oops! I'll show you, oops!
- You're riding?
- I'm there.
Fancy meeting you here.
- Touchdown.
- Anybody ever tell you
you have a future
in cannonballs?
Let's find Flo!
There she is.
I got you.
We hope you enjoyed
your flight today.
It really worked.
I prefer flying jumbos myself.
- This pig can fly.
- Oh, shucks.
Hey, it's Mr. Pink.
- You!
- That's right.
We made it out.
No thanks to you.
I saw the bats drop him.
He needed my help.
Oh, are you hurt?
Just old, my dear.
Good thing I held on to this.
Ah, my trusty.
Thank you.
We were just coming to find you.
Luckily for us, we had Peanut.
He sure saved my bacon.
Your uncle would be proud.
Don't get carried away.
Once was enough, I assure you.
I was just saving my own skin.
Now we know you were right
about the bats.
They obviously used me
to try and trap you.
Let's get moving.
Don't be sweating on me, hog!
B... b... but it's so hot.
That's some spring
in your step, Mr. Pink.
Oh, yes, the volcanic warmth
agrees with me.
Look at that!
Is that a bromance
in the making I see?
I'm starting to get a funny
feeling about all this.
Me too. Something stinks.
- That's just you.
- Oh yeah.
What do we really know about
that old sloth anyway?
He's one of the original Goola
founders and a living legend.
Oh, that!
Now, I know what they mean by
if you can't stand the heat,
stay out of the volcano.
What's the matter?
Can't you take it?
Well, you know, it's not the
heat, it's the stupidity.
I think we're going deeper
into the volcano.
Away from Goola City.
It's just lava pockets.
We have to pass through them
on the way out.
Ah, see there.
The journey is almost over.
Where are we?
Not the exit that's for sure.
The Central Cone!
Did I mention I have
a nose for danger?
That looks like the Goola juice
bubble maker.
Only that's no juice bubble.
That's lava.
The lava bubbles are so heavy
they're weighing
down the entire system.
They're what's causing
the island to sink.
Let's get out of here.
We have to tell Uncle Moneke.
Whoa! Now that's an avalanche!
Hey! The Boulder
almost flattened me!
Flattened us, you mean?
Sorry about that, Boss!
Boss? You?
And you! You're all
in on the secret plot together.
Not bad for an old fossil, eh?
It was just a matter of
modifying some of
the original Goola machinery
that had been abandoned.
- But why?
- Oh. But why?
Because I saved Goola,
it was me.
- I built all these machines.
- Impressive.
Ah! Just saying.
But your great grand-ape
took all the credit
and all the glory.
You monkeys live like kings.
While all I got was
a golden pineapple
and a pat on the back!
No one knows what I built,
but they'll know
when I destroy it.
What do you mean destroy it?
That wasn't part of the deal.
Always a little late to
the party aren't you, my boy?
That is why I chose you.
We were only supposed
to make them think
the island was sinking.
Then we'd save everyone
and rule Goola together.
As if I would share power
with another cheeky monkey.
You betrayed me.
Don't take it so hard.
You betrayed me and we...
- never mind.
- But if the island sinks
what about all the Goola fruit
you promised us?
Don't you see?
He tricked all of you.
- No fruit?
- No juice?
No anything.
You didn't think I was planning
to go down with
the rest of the island, did you?
After Goola sinks,
I will rebuild
on the volcano that remains.
Hurry, Hurry, hurry!
Let's go, let's go!
Stupid. This is not my job.
Revenge is the sweetest
fruit of all.
Wait a minute,
didn't you forget something?
- Pardon?
- Um, uh...
I'm too young to die?
- Goodbye!
- Stop him!
- Target acquired.
- Locked and loaded.
Dive, dive, dive!
Ouch. What are we doing?
- Huh?
- We got wings.
Oh, so?
Let's get out of here.
You're smarter
than you look, Fufu.
We have to climb.
Guys, guys. Guys!
- What's the matter?
- Pigs can't climb.
Last I heard
they can't fly, either.
Hey, yeah!
Let's get shakin' bacon.
Yeah. After you, sir.
There we are, all for
one and one for all.
That's my motto.
Since when?
Since right now.
There's nowhere left to go.
I hope that works out for you.
So this is it.
Somehow, I always imagined when
the end finally came,
I'd be somewhere else.
Come on.
We can't let this beat us.
What can we do?
We can look death in the eye.
We can laugh.
- We can kiss.
- Well...
Oh, great Goola!
Hurry up and end it!
I don't think,
this pipe is load-bearing.
- Who cares?
- But... but... but...
- Kind of busy.
- It might...
You ever hear
the phrase now or never?
Gotcha. They're too small.
Stop grabbing!
Let them stick to you.
Madam, how do you do?
It's working.
We're alive?
That's right.
I fly all the time!
If we had booked early,
we could have gotten better
- Oh, Peanut.
- Did someone say peanuts.
Nuts! You're all nuts!
- Look!
- It's going down.
Uncle Moneke.
- Oh, dear!
- I don't know how to swim.
Well, at least we made it.
We have to do something.
Do what? It's all over.
It really is over.
Now I'll never get
the penthouse office.
It's not over. It's not over
unless we give up.
And unless you're not the
monkey I think you are.
You'll never give up,
you're too obtuse to give up.
You think I'm obtuse? Hm...
Getting your hands
a little dirty now, Peanut,
is good preparation for later.
We need to go that way.
Can you do it?
No problem. I got a full tank.
What are you doing?
- We have to break the machines.
- Are you crazy?
You'll get us all killed.
That was a mistake.
This is how you break something.
You two don't know what
you're doing.
I'll show you how to disable
this machine.
Let's do it!
- Back it up, Pig!
- Okeydokey, sir.
I still have faith in Peanut.
- I don't know how to swim.
- Pink?
It's working.
Ooh! Fun!
If we get this, it should
finish off the whole system.
I don't think so.
I won't let you stop what
I've begun.
You're too late.
This is the beginning
of the end.
Or the end of the end.
Or maybe it's the end
of the beginning?
Eat lava, monkey boy!
My bacon is baking.
I hope it's true
that girls like fried bananas.
Do you think this is
covered in Goola's health plan?
Are you kidding? No way.
I know. I wrote it.
Hey! We're steering it!
Other way, other way. No. Yes.
- No.
- Sir.
They are heading for the lava!
- Right, go right.
- Go right.
- My left.
- Go left?
- Right!
- Oh, no!
Cheek, jump!
- I said left.
- You said right!
You got any marshmallows?
Going up.
I know these machines better
than anyone.
Next floor lingerie,
sporting goods,
and deadly lava balls.
Looks like we're having
a special run
on those lava balls.
Oh, fruit! No!
Buddy, I said, we make it
thick so it'll stick.
Flying gets easier and easier.
- Partner?
- Partners.
Now try and stop me.
You asked for it!
Goola, Goola fruity treat
For blocking lava
can't beat me
Especially when
I use my seat
This way.
It stopped!
- Oh, no.
- Oh please.
Well, you got to hand it
to the big chimp.
Hey, what the fruit
are you doing?
- No problemo.
- Yes problemo.
They're okay.
That is one lucky monkey.
- Nice work, pig.
- Why thank you, monkey.
Why you...! This isn't finished!
You want to bet?
He's in the juice now.
About time he got canned.
Now what?
Need a lift?
You came back.
What's the catch?
She's kind of sweet on you.
Well, you can't blame her.
Not you, banana breath. Him!
- Me?
- Him?
I like the strong, silent type.
- Oh, I see.
- Still friends?
The nose knows.
I had enough
of playing second banana
to a bunch of
simple minded simians.
I'm sorry, old friend,
but I order you to further
service Goola City.
You will help restore it
to its former glory
by cleaning up the mess
you made.
You order me?
Uncle Moneke is a bad...
Congratulations to you all
for saving Goola City.
- Ah, about that.
- Yes, Peanut?
We can do better than that.
Peanut, today, I am proud to be
a monkey's uncle.
Now this belongs to you.
Ooh! Gee.
Hey crybaby, get back to work.
Uncle Moneke, what can I say?
I made a copy for myself
years ago.
Oh, you cheeky monkey.
Not so long ago,
the beautiful island of Goola
began sinking into the sea
until a particularly
clever monkey
and his friends saved the day.
Hold the fruit!
Aren't you forgetting something?
That's more like it.
- Pardon me.
- Hey, buddy.
My buddy.
Mind if I cut in?
- Well...
- Of course.
Don't be silly.
Hey, buddy, hey, buddy
You're the best friend
that a guy could ever have
My buddy, my buddy
Hey, buddy, hey, buddy
One for all and all for one
It's me for you
and you for me
When I'm in a fix,
I can always count on you
Even when the chips are down,
you will still come through
Hey, buddy, hey, buddy
You're the number one best pal
I've had in all my life
I used to be a monkey
of leisure
But then I met you, pal,
and found a treasure
- Oh, thank you.
- My pleasure
Who'd have thunk
the two of us
Could have so much in common
- We do?
- Well, we both got lost
And both got found,
we knocked Pink out together
You know, it's true
that me and you
We work quite well wherever
We took some lumps,
a bruise or two
At times I wasn't aching
No matter what, no matter how
you always saved my bacon
- You're welcome.
- Before we met
I spent my days fixing
this or that, or the other
You made me laugh,
you called me friend
Now you're like my brother
from another mother
You helped me save
our island-home
There's no way that I'd let
you do it all alone
You carried your weight,
you helped me fly
That's why
there's no denying
It's me for you,
and you for me
Close friends
until we're dying
Hey, buddy!
(they're buddies)
You're the best friend
that a guy could ever have
My buddy (real buddies)
Hey, buddy (close buddies)
One for all and all for one
It's me for you
and you for me
Guess hugging is too much
When I'm in a fix
I can always count on you
Even when the chips are down,
you will still come through
Hey, buddy (they're buddies)
You're the number one
Best pal I've had
in all my life
Why don't you boys
just kiss?
That's so beautiful.
Well fruit.
Hey, who told you,
it's time for coffee break?
We have no time for
that right now,
you've got to go pick
up pencils,
then you've got to pick up soap,
then we clean the bathrooms.
You work for me, now, big boy!