The Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1975) Movie Script

That's fine for now.
We might take some more blood.
More blood?
No, no. Dad?
I thought you said, we can't
be doing that any more.
Well, I can only agree
with the other doctor's.
We need more allergy tests, and
just continue with the innoculations.
But, we've been through all of that.
What about all the medications,
she's been taking for the last year?
Well, those were to
control the condition.
She's getting worse, doc.
What do you think causes it?
If I knew that, we'd have the cure.
Could be anything.
Something in the air, the water,
maybe even the stress of living here.
What's the matter?
I'm sorry.
What is it?
I just don't like
the way our life is going.
I'm always unloading on
you and the kids.
I'm worried about Jenny.
I hate my job and I just
hate this stinking city.
Was I lacking?
I don't know whether it's us
or the way that we're living ...
but, it's just not working any more.
Well, what do you
want to do about it?
I want to get out of here.
I want to go do the things we talked
about, when we were younger.
And what are we staying here for?
Look at this place.
I don't know, Skip.
It's a big move.
Well, what about the kids?
What about Jenny?
Getting Jenny out of here,
would be the best thing.
What do ya think?
Guess we can try.
Are you sure?
I'm sure we can't stay
like this much longer.
I mean we really clear out of here.
We can sell everything.
We'll buy some land.
We'll build our own house.
We'll raise our own food.
We'll grow our food!
-Oh God.
We'll live off the land.
I'm serious!
Let's ... We're going to do it!
Right ?!
Let's do it! Come on!
We're getting out of here !!
You folks sure you know
what you're getting into up here?
It sure is a wild life.
I'd think twice, before
I brought my family up.
We thought alot more
than twice about it.
You know how many people
come up here to live and quit?
Alot, I imagine.
About 99 per cent.
Look Dad! Look down there.
You see them?
Yep. Mountain sheep up in the
high country for the summer.
Oh, it's going to
be just beautiful.
Oh, look.
We're gonna catch a moose.
My dad can milk it.
You can do that can't ya?
I heard, Gus, an old
mountain man done it.
There's alot of open
space out there.
You think we'll be okay, mom?
I sure hope so.
How much further is it?
Just over the ridge.
Can we get out?
Come on.
We're going in the water?
In the water.
Well, what do think?
Wow, it's beautiful.
Dad, look at this boat.
Which way is Macy's?
25 miles west of here.
Three families living
in a Ranger Station.
Do they have a boat there?
The only way out of here,
is in my airplane.
What about the river?
I wouldn't want to try it.
You got the radio?
-Right here.
Well, if you're ever ready to quit,
you can always reach me with it.
Thanks, I'll remember that.
What about the
Rocky Mountain Report?
Oh, every evening or during the night,
you can catch all the local scandal.
What's the Rocky Mountain Report?
It's a radio station, that's how
people communicate up here.
Well, this is your last chance.
We're staying.
Good luck.
Thanks alot.
Hey, come around and see us,
when you're in the neighborhood.
I'll do that.
Goodbye, young lady.
Goodbye, Toby!
Thanks again.
We're on our own.
I sure hope we can make it.
It's better than I ever
dreamed it would be.
Let's get to the cabin.
Is that it?
That's it.
Hey, this ain't no bigger
than our kitchen back home.
This is just temporary, we'll build
a much bigger place out here.
We could probably fix it up
really nice, right Dad?
Hey, a raccoon.
No, Crust. No.
Where did it go?
He went up the chimney.
It did!
It's coming out the chimney.
I wonder if it lives up there?
-Oh, he's so cute.
Do you think he'll bite?
-I don't think so.
It's really gentle.
Go, git in the cabin!
The door's broken!
Get up on the roof!
Hurry! Come on!
What are you doing?
Oh, my god!
Git up, git up.
Climb, climb higher!
Where are the guns, dad?
Over there, with the supplies.
Well, aren't you
going to go get them.
Not now.
[ thunder rumbling ]
Oh no!
That's alright.
It's just a light shower.
Everything's going to be alright.
Don't worry.
You hear me?
Skip, did you see it?
-Good mornin'
Did you see that little bird?
It was so cute.
It came on the stove
and it bit my finger.
What did it say?
No, I'm serious.
It was so cute.
Look, I'm serious too.
I want you to make this into a double
sleeping bag by tomorrow, ok?
Oh yeah?
Better cool off ... "Mister."
Take the water!
Jenny, get the water!!
What, Toby?
Is it time to go?
I'll tell you when it's time.
What time is it?
-It's early.
I left you lunches
on the shelf board.
Thanks, now
go back to sleep.
Toby, wake up.
What the heck is this?
Toby, where this come from?
He crawled into bed with me.
What is it?
It's a raccoon.
I've never seen
wild animals act like this.
Are you okay, Toby?
Yeah, I'm alright.
He slept with
an animal last night.
Get your things
and get ready.
You got him! You got him!
Come on, Toby! Come on!
Go get him Crust.
Come on! Go get him!
Crust, come on.
Go get him!
Now what are you going to do?
Well, you're just going to have to
go out there and get him, Toby.
Not me, you're the one that
shot him, so you go get him.
Come on!
It's not that cold.
You want to do it?
Come on Crust, go in and help him.
Don't be a chicken.
Get out here, Crust!
You alright?
What do you think
made that happen?
I don't know.
Probably the rain last night.
What's that?
Looks like a couple
of bear cubs.
Stay close. Come on.
Stay close to me.
Their mother might be around.
What is it dad?
It's their mother.
Is she dead?
You still got that apple?
Here, hold the dog.
Hold the dog.
Hold him tight.
Really hold him tight.
Stay. Stay!
Looks like they like apples.
Come on over here, Toby.
I'll hold the dog here.
- They're really tiny, dad.
Stop it.
Not my hat.
[laughing and giggling]
What they doing, dad?
They're hungry.
You look like their mother.
You look like their father.
come on.
Come on.
Oh, it works, it works.
They're so cute.
Oh, look.
Look at that.
You think they'll always
be this friendly, mom?
Oh, I hope so!
We're going to have to
let them go, when they get bigger.
You know that, don't you?
Aw, dad.
I hope it's a long time.
Shh! Listen...
" I'd like to give them a welcome."
" Skip Robinson and his wife Pat,
have moved into the old...
Jake Aikens place,
up on Bachelor lake."
" I hear that Pat is pretty enough,
to charm a grizzly.
And the kids, Jenny and Toby, are
pitching in like grown folks,
to put up a new cabin."
" So, welcome
to the territory folks."
" Well, that's it for tonight."
" This is Happy Jack Jackson,
the voice of the
wilderness, signing off."
See, I told you this
would be a good place.
Look at all the flowers.
I sure won't want to go
down that way again.
Oh, we won't. We'll go down
the other side, it'll be easy.
Sure is beautiful
up here, isn't it?
Yeah. Do you think the kids in L.A.
heard of that Happy Jack Jackson?
Oh, I doubt it.
I never heard of Happy Jack
Jackson, until we came up here.
Look at this.
Oh, beautiful.
I think it's a wild orchid.
I'll give this one to mom.
What's that?!
I don't know.
Let's go find out.
- Let's.
Come on.
Look, Toby. Look.
What are they?
I think they're little cougar cubs.
Where's their mother?
I don't know, but
we better stay away.
You think their mother will be mad,
if she knows that we were there.
I don't know, but we're
going to leave them alone.
They're following us.
Come on. Hurry up.
Quick, Toby!
Jenny! Jenny! Help! Help!
They're killing me!
They're killing me!
It's okay.
They're just playing. It's alright.
Do you see their
mother anywhere?
No, I don't see her around.
Maybe their on their own.
- It's licking me.
[laughing and giggling]
Come on, let's take
them back to the cabin.
- Come on. Come on.
Come on, kitty.
Come on.
One more load.
-Set them over there.
Hey, Skip, look.
Hey, we got these guys.
- Did you miss us?
- Where did you find them?
They were up on the hill.
And they followed us,
all the way home.
Well, where is their mother?
That's the point.
They don't have any.
Jenny, show me
where you found them.
What's wrong?
- We're taking them back.
Aw, dad.
You don't take baby animals
out of the forest, like that.
But dad, they just followed us.
Jenny, just show me
where you found them.
Their mother's probably
looking for them, right now.
Toby, you stay here.
Aw, dad.
Why would you do that?
You know that's
not the right thing.
They were up by that rock.
Well, that's their den up there, Jenny.
You should have known better.
Stay here with the dog.
Run, Jenny.
Get outta here!!
Come back here!
Get on him, Crust!
Do it !
Come on, Crust!
Daddy, be careful !!
Get away from him!
Go on, get out of here!
Did he hurt you?
I'm alright, Jenny.
Come here, sweetheart.
Crust, just ...
I'm ok, I'm okay.
I'm alright.
Now you know not
to take home babies?
You're bleeding, daddy.
It's alright.
They are only scratches.
[ snorts ]
Oh, Skip.
Come on, it's only scratches.
You kids go play with the bears and
stay close to the cabin, I mean it.
I'm sorry, dad.
It's alright, just
remember what I said.
- Oh boy!
It's okay. Come on.
I don't know how you
can take this so lightly?
I'm a world champion?
Skip, you're making
a joke out of this.
If something would have
happen to the kids out there, I ...
The only thing that
happen to the children,
they both learned a
very valuable lesson.
That's a terrific school.
You ... you risk risk
your life for a... a lesson.
I mean, that could have been,
Toby or Jen out there.
But it wasn't, it was me.
Skip, you're not thinking about
what could have happen.
I'm thinking alot about
what could have happened, Pat,
and it is over and it's not
going to happen again!
You're sure of that, huh?
I can't talk to you.
Wait a minute, Skip.
- I'm taking a walk.
I want to disguss this!
Here, dad.
Thanks, Jenny.
Maybe, you ought to
cook her dinner tonight.
That's a good idea.
Do you here that?
It's the plane.
What's it doing here?
Maybe, we got visitors.
It's the mail.
Let's go!
Come on, mom!
Look it, he dropped it in the lake.
Boy, I hope it's something good.
What is it?
A big package for Toby and Jen!
Oh, yay! -Yay!
Who's it from?
The school board!
How'd they ever find us out here?
I squealed!
Oh, dad!
From your sister?
Everything alright?
She sends you her love.
And she says, the smog is
worse than ever.
[ thunder crash ]
[ thunder rumbling ]
Thank you dear Lord
for this beautiful day.
For home and work
and happy play
Thank you from us
when the day is done.
and mother takes care of everyone.
And most of all...
thank you
for taking care of all of us today...
so we can be here together.
Aa... men!
Now, can I, mom?
Where did they come from?
Mom got them while you
were out fishing.
With one shot.
Well, what were they doing,
flying piggy-back?
Oh, Skip.
They were no closer together than yours.
Yeah, and mom got two.
Well, I think we ought to cut it.
Smells great.
cooked in wild onion.
Hey, guess what?
Everything on this table...
we provided for, ourselves.
You look beautiful.
For a sharp-shooter.
[ laughs ]
You sure they weren't asleep?
- I'm not sure.
Mom, I don't see how this
is going to help us out here.
You don't want to
grow up ignorant, do you?
What's ignorant?
Look it up in the dictionary.
I don't know how to.
See, that's what I mean.
You might not always live here.
You'll have to know those things, Toby.
I'm staying here forever.
Okay, and what if you want
to build your own cabin.
Will you know how?
Dad will help me.
Mom, can't we do this tonight?
Couldn't we play
during the day at least?
Will you do your
studies tonight, though?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Do you promise?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, close your books.
Go tell your dad, lunch is
going to be soon.
Take your sweater.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- Bye, Bye.
Go back and tell mom! Quick!
- Where are the kids?
- What happened?
- Where are the kids?
Well, they went to look for you.
They're not there.
Is the dog with them?
- Yeah.
- Okay, you stay right here.
- Wait here!
- Skip!
Skip! Wait a minute!
- Dad! A bear!
Where's Jenny?
Get back there with your mother!
I'm going after them!
- Wait dad, can.......?
- Just stay with your mother!
Come on, Toby.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Crust !
Crust !
Jenny !
Jennifer !
Where have you been?
I've been looking all over for you.
I'm so glad you came back.
I just hope you know
your way out of here.
Come on.
Jenny !
Toby !
Dad !
[ wolf howling ]
[ Crust whines ]
Jenny !
[ wolf howls ]
Crust !
Get away from me!
Crust !
Dad !
[ gunshot ]
Get out of here !
Get out of here!
Dad !
Go on!
Get out of here!
Go on!
Get out!
Dad ! .... Dad !
It's okay.
Don't cry, it's okay.
It's alright, don't cry.
They're gone.
Crust, come here. Come here.
Is he ok?
He's alright.
He's got a couple scratches.
Let's go home.
It's all past now.
Don't worry mom.
They'll be back home in no time.
Do you want to play checkers mom?
Sure, why not?
Is it red?
[ whining ]
[ dog whimpers ]
Oh no.
- What happened?
- Nothing. She's fine.
I was so scared.
Oh, oh.
Did you check her, is she okay?
She's fine.
Okay, go lie down, Crust.
Good girl. Go lie down.
Go lie down.
Go on.
You alright?
If anything were to happen to
you or them, I don't know....
Guess we just bit off more than
we could chew out here.
Do you want to go back?
I like it here.
I'm staying.
But don't you miss your friends, Toby?
They're all here.
I've got a lot of friends here.
What about the things that frighten you?
I'm not scared of nothing, right dad?
Right, Toby.
Got to have respect for things.
What about you Jenny?
What do you think?
Well, there are some bad things...
but there's a lot more good things.
Like what?
Like having the best back yard
in the whole world.
And being together.
Your turn, Pat.
Looks like I'm out-numbered.
Wonder what we got here?
You're a good old dog.
Yes, you are.
Just a good old dog.
Let's giddy up and visit
your family there.
Introduce me to them.
- Hi.
- Howdy.
You folks sure are a surprise.
Well, we just moved in.
Well, we're trying to, anyways.
Well, looks like you're doing
a good job of it.
That's a mighty fine set
of kids you got there.
Thank you very much.
This is my wife, Pat.
Howdy ma'am.
My daughter, Jenny.
And my son, Toby.
My name is Skip.
Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you.
My name is Willy Parsen.
Except, my friends, that is, what
I got left of them, god bless them.
They call me, Boomer.
- Boomer.
- Well, listen, are you hungry.
Are you interested
in some food or drink?
Hey, now.
That's mighty hospitable of you.
Come on back!
Every time we go some where
you're more stubborn than
my grandma!
I'll be right with you.
Every time we go some place he
don't wanna, it's like peeling potatoes.
Donkey is the worse dog in the world.
You folks planning on spending
the winter up here?
- Yeah.
- Uh, we were....
but, uh, we might not anymore.
Well, what happened?
Yesterday, Jenny got attacked
by a pack of wolves.
Wolves don't attack people,
they just get inquisitive.
Nah, I was there.
Oh yeah, you want to tell me
what happened out there?
Yeah, I was out looking for, Crust.
Wait. Now wait a minute.
Who's this here Crust?
Our dog.
Oh, well, there you go.
No, they'll attack a dog every time.
No, about the only thing around here
that will go after a man, is old three-toed.
- Three-toed is......
- Who's three-toed?
Three-toed is an old grizzly.
Hated people, ever since he got
his foot caught in a bear trap.
You know, he's been known to
bring down 3 to 4 cows, in one night.
You don't think he'll come
around here, do you?
Now he mostly stays up north.
My eyes are a little bit
bigger than my belly.
I think that was enough for me,
but it was a mighty fine meal, ma'am.
And I do appreciate it.
Would you like to have
some more coffee?
Yeah, love to. Thank you.
Here you go Skip. Thank you kindly.
Yes sir, this place here sure do bring
back a flood of memories.
Did you know the man
that built that place?
Yeah, I know'd him.
I know'd him...
and I buried him.
Sure has been a long time since
me and old Jake sit up here...
swapping lies.
What kind of man was he?
Most folks didn't like him.
But then, he didn't like most folks.
Sure did like his animals though.
What kind of animals?
Oh, you name it, he had it.
Well, thank you ma'am.
What did he do with the animals?
He raised them.
He raised them from babies.
Yes sir, this here place used to
be a regular orphanage.
Old Flore over there,
she used to hate it.
He didn't by any chance
have a black bear, did he?
Why, you seen one?
Yeah, he chased us and
we ran up on the roof.
Right up here, right?
That would be old Samson.
Hey now, you wait till he starts
to nibbling on your ear.
He is that tame?
Just like an old watermelon.
How do you know he's tame?
Well, I'll tell you what.
You walk right up and
introduce yourself to him.
What else does he got?
Well, let's see.
He had some wild geese...
some otters...
had a raccoon.
Did they used to steal food?
Yes sir.
Unless they was dying, they was
always looking for a free meal.
Kinda like me.
Well, I got to go.
But, can't you stay
a little while longer?
Well now ma'am, I'd love to,
I really would.
but, uh,
I've got to make 15 miles...
Dang blast it!
Where'd they come from?
We're raising them.
Come back here!
Don't you run away!
You kids stay right where you are!
If they run off with that mule, he's
gonna chase them plumb out of the country!
Hey, Flore!
Kids, come back here.
Oh, wait! Thanks.
Thank you kindly for the grub,ma'am.
Hey, I'll see you later.
Flore! Come back here!
Where you going?
What would you do if you were
out in the wilderness and
you hadn't had any means of medicine?
- I know.
- What?
You should boil everything first.
Because, that's how they
would disinfect things, right?
Very good.
Okay, you see that mark
on that tree over there?
What did it?
A woodpecker.
It was a bear.
That's how they mark
their territory around here.
You think it was old three-toed?
No, three-toed is way north of here.
But, that is a big bear.
Hey, let's go find the geese
that Boomer told us about?
Yeah. Let's go.
Come on. Yeah.
Alouette, gentille Alouette
Alouette, je te plumerai,
Je te plumerai la tte,
Alouette, gentille Alouette
Alouette, je te plumerai,
Je te plumerai la tte,
(Je te plumerai la tte)
- Et la tte
- (Et la tte)
- Et le nez
- (Et la nez)
- Et le bouche
- (Et la bouche)
Alouette, gentille Alouette,
Alouette, je te plumerai,
Guess what? OK! Hold it?
Guess what?
Next Spring, the four of us
are going to plant...
the most beautiful vegetable
garden in the world.
Yay.. ay... !
And over here we're
going to plant corn.
Hooray... !
And over there, we're
going to plant tomatoes.
Here, lettuce.
And over there is going to be? Ha! Ha!
Hooray...! Boo...!
( growling )
( screaming )
Skip! What are we going to do?
I don't know.
It's just old Samson.
Yeah, go on dad.
What do mean, go on?
Go on and introduce yourself,
like Boomer said.
Boomer said that, not me.
( laughing )
It's not funny.
Come on dad, I'll even
go with you.
Toby, get back here.
Samson, huh.
- Skip...
- Skip!
- What?
- Be careful.
See what I got here?
Would you like a little bread?
Come on, big fella.
Come on.
Whoa... oh... ohh...
Oh dad, when's he going to leave?
I don't know.
Maybe, if we stop feeding him
he'll get tired.
Maybe, he'll get mad.
I think we better keep feeding him.
You're right.
It says here, that they gorge themselves
before going into hibernation for the winter.
It's not even Autumn yet.
Maybe, he's starting early this year.
I don't know about that.
Well, what are we going to do
when we run out of food?
We'll have to get back up on the roof.
You know you're not suppose to
put your feet up on the table...
it's bad manners.
Goodnight, Skip.
Goodnight, dad.
Goodnight, guys.
Don't you have a girlfriend some place?
Here's the last one.
Are you ready to go?
Goodnight, Samson.
Breakfast is at seven.
( geese honking )
Are they flying south?
Why are they leaving?
Because they're birds.
They'll be back.
I'm going to miss them.
I wish things would stay the same.
Life's going to be changing constantly.
We wouldn't have a Spring
without a Winter, would we?
I guess not.
What's winter going to be like?
Let's see, uh.. alot of hard work.
And it's going to be alot of fun, too.
You're going to have to weigh in
some more meat, Jenny.
Do we have to?
If we're going to survive.
( softly growling whine)
Stay here.
You can't go with this time.
You stay here.
You watch the cabin.
You awake son?
Let's go.
( soft music )
( music continues )
( music ends )
Boy, it sure is a long ways.
Do you think they know,
we're hunting them?
Yeah, they know.
You think we'll get one?
With a little patience.
You know, the Indians believed
that the moose had a spirit.
And if you really needed him, he'd
be happy to give himself to you.
Do you believe in that?
- Yep...
I believe in alot of things the Indians say
after living up here.
( loud gunshot )
We did what we had to do, son.
Do you think trees have feelings?
Sure they do.
In fact, they even like music,
it helps them grow.
Then maybe, we should sing to
our vegetable garden every day.
I said music, Jennifer.
Aw, you mean they're choosy?
They prefer classical music.
[ barking ]
Boy, these ought to last us
a whole year.
Not the way Toby eats.
Toby's a hog.
- Jennifer...
Come on.
Let's fill up the whole bucket.
No eating!
I'm not!
[ Growl ]
Go away!!
- Screaming!
NO !!
Oh, my god!!
Oh, my god...
Jen.. !!!!!!!!
[ barking ]
[ growls ]
[ growls ]
It's alright, Jenny!
Here Jen, try to
drink some of this.
-You feel okay?
Mom, he won't come
back here, will he?
No, sweetheart.
He's miles away from here.
[ door opens ]
[ gasps ]
Oh.. geez...
- Oh, Skip...
Are you alright?
Oh, daddy...
You know how to use that, if you
have to, use both barrels.
Daddy, find Crust.
Don't worry.
No, you're staying with
your mom this time, Toby.
Boy, I wouldn't want to
be that bear, right now.
Oh, thanks, Toby.
So, was it scary.
Was it old three-toed?
I don't know, Toby.
What'd you do?
We ran.
Punch him in the nose
and it probably break.
I'll remember that.
[ low growling moan ]
Come here. Come on.
Come on. Come here. Come on.
Good boy.
Crazy dog.
Chasing that grizzly, huh?
That's enough right there.
Are you sure it was old three-toed?
I'm positive.
I tracked it at least five miles.
He just kept going north.
Think he'll come back?
I'm going to try and pick up
his trail again in the morning.
Look, everything's gonna be alright.
I'm gonna take care of it.
Jen's changed.
Her temperature is at 104
You should have woke me sooner.
I've gotta get a doctor up here.
What's happened to this?
I don't know.
The bears know,
they knocked it over.
- Well, Toby, why didn't
you tell us that?
I tried to fix it.
What are we going to do?
I don't like it, Skip?
I'm gonna go for help.
- How?
I'm going to take the river.
You can do that?
- Yes.
Well, how long is it going take?
It won't take long.
Try to keep her temperature down.
Is she gonna die?
No, Toby, she's not going to die.
What makes it happen?
There's a big battle going on
inside of her right now.
You trying to stop it?
Mm... hmm.
Boy, these guys sure eat alot.
It's okay, Toby, it's only the wind.
[ growling ]
[ Growls ]
Mommy, what is that?
It's okay, don't panic,
it's only a storm.
I hope dad's okay.
I'm sure he is.
Look, I'll show you, ok?
See, it's just a storm.
[ wind whistling ]
[ wind whooshing ]
Boy, am I ....
[ barks ]
You okay, sweetheart?
Okay, come on.
It's okay.
It's a storm.
What made that happen?
It's the wind.
It's very ferocious out there.
Now both of you know, it won't
happen again, alright?
How you feel, honey.
I'm okay, it just scared me.
It scared me, too.
[ growling ]
Sounds like the storm
is almost over.
Yeah, it nearly blew our
whole house down.
It only sounded like that, Toby.
Jenny's fever has gone down.
She should be well soon.
Does that mean that the battle
inside her is almost over?
Almost, it could
come back, you know.
[ growling ]
Somebody is at the door!
Toby, don't open that door!
Mom, what's wrong?
That could be Sampson,
can I let him in?
Get back on the bed.
But, maybe he's hurt!
No! I said get back up
on that bed!
Maybe, he wants us to
come out and play with him.
Who is it?
I don't think it's Sampson.
Get back!
Crust! Get back up here!
- Come on.
- yeah, good.
- Mommy!
Stay behind me!!
Crust! Get back here!!
Where'd he go?
Mommy, where is he?
I don't know.
I don't know!
Is he gonna come back?
I don't know, Jenny.
Kill it! Kill it!
He's coming in!!
Don't grab my arm.
Okay, I'm reloaded. Watch it!
- Where'd he go?
- I don't know.
Move back!
Is it going to come back?
Is it going to come back, mom?
I don't know.
Growling !!
- What is it?
It's Samson.
[ loud gunshot ]
Come on.
Everything's alright.
Alright now, breathe.
And once more.
That's fine.
So, what's the verdict?
You have the lungs of
an eleven year old.
I mean, besides that.
Two more days in bed.
Aw, two more days?
Either that or another shot.
That's okay, I'll take
the two more days.
I thought you'd say that.
Look what I found.
Oh, Toby, don't bring them in here.
That's alright, she can
have a little company.
Let's us go outside, shall we?
She had a viral infection.
It's a good thing,
you got me up here.
Is it serious, doctor?
It could have been, but those shots
I gave her, should take care of it.
What about her lung condition?
Had nothing to do with her lungs at all.
Are you sure?
They sound as clear as a bell.
She'll be fine.
How have you
been coping with all this?
How do you feel?
I'm okay.
Really, I'm fine.
You keep an eye on her.
- I'll do that.
I'll look in on you folks, when
I am up this way again.
Maybe, we can get in some of
that fishing you told me about.
That would be great.
And keep that new radio in a safe place.
I'll do that.
Thanks, doc.
Goodbye, folks.
- Thank you.
Hey, you know what?
We got to give you a name.
What should we name him?
Don't ask me, ask dad.
Come here, baby.
Maybe, we should name him...
Boo Boo.
I asked the pilot to
come back in the morning.
He's going to fly us all out.
Uh... uhh....
I don't want to go back.
Can't we at least stay, till Christmas?
And who's going to
take care of the bear cubs?
And I'm going to miss old Samson.
- So will I.
You really want to stay, don't you?
Only if you do.
And if you want to go,
I'll understand.
[ music soft ]
Well, if this is going to be our home,
then we better clean it up.
- We're staying !!
Yay !
Yay !
Yay !!
We're staying !!
Jenny. Jenny. Into bed.
Look, there's Boomer.
Come on down, Boomer!
Hey, get them bears back.
The bear cubs...
Flore !
Flore! Come back!
Flore! Flore!
I'll be back soon, ma'am.
I've got some of that moose meat.
Come on, sonny. You can help me.
Flore !
Flore !!
[ music ]