The Affair (2023) Movie Script

You gotta put your trust in God.
- Amen. - Not in man.
For he knows all your troubles
and everything that you're going through.
And when you feel like you're all alone,
just know that God is right there with you.
- Amen. - Praise God.
- For he said he'll never leave you nor forsake you.
- Nor forsake you. - Hallelujah.
- Let us turn to Isaiah 12 and two.
The King James version states,
"Behold God is my salvation.
"I will trust and not be afraid
"for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song."
- Praise the Lord. - Praise him.
- He also has become my salvation.
- Thank you Lord. - Thank you Lord.
- Let us pray.
Father God, it is once again that I come.
Lord, I come to you knowing
that you are the God of impossible.
- Yes, you are. - You are a trusting God,
and Lord, I want to be trustworthy.
- Yes. - Amen.
- My job and my duty as a child of God
is to follow and trust your every word.
- You are a mighty God. - Yes.
- Strong, powerful. - Yes.
- And true. - Hallelujah.
- And Father, I promise to walk this earth.
- As I would in heaven and let the church say amen.
Give God a hand, clap for praise.
- Hallelujah. - Yes, glory.
- In Jesus name. - Yes, glory, glory.
- Amen. Thank you, thank you.
- God bless you. Thank you for coming.
- In the name of Jesus, let me touch you.
In the name of Jesus, touch your body.
In the name of Jesus, amen.
- Oh, God bless you ma'am. - Thank you, Jesus.
- Thank you. Thank you. - It's always a pleasure.
- God bless you, mother.
I love, thank you.
- God bless you. - Oh, I love to see you.
Yes, ooh.
- Oh baby. - Oh God.
- You okay? It's time? - It's time. It's time.
- Oh my, I'll be damned. - Babe!
- Oh, sorry God. - Babe.
- Excuse me. Watch out now. - Okay.
- Oh Lord. - Come on, come on, come on.
- Okay, Lord.
Somebody go get the car for me, please.
I got you. I got you, baby. - Okay, okay.
- See, he got a lot of nerve.
- She's right here. - This is so exciting.
- Come on. Come on. - You know what?
- Let's get in the car. - I can't even say it.
- See? And that's exactly why this could never be me.
- That's why it's not. - Anyway, what you gonna do?
- I don't know.
I knew what it was when I laid with him.
- Right, but didn't he promise you
that he was gonna leave her?
- After the baby is born.
- After whose baby is born? Yours or hers?
- You know what, Cindy? - What?
- You're supposed to be my friend.
But you're not acting like it.
- Listen, I am your friend,
and I want what's best for you, okay?
But I've been told you not to mess with the pastor.
He probably fucking half of the church, okay?
- Whatever! I love him.
- And you think that his wife doesn't?
- I don't care what she wants! Ah!
- Oh my God. Your water broke.
Oh my God. I'm so sorry.
Sit down. Sit down.
Lemme go get somebody.
- Ooh.
I can't do it!
- Yes you can! Come on! - Push!
- You got this, baby.
Push, push, push.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Come on. - Okay. Okay. Okay.
- Breathe, breathe, breathe. - It hurts!
- Breathe, breathe, breathe. - One more time.
- Yes, baby. You got this.
In the name of Jesus.
- Breathe. Take a deep breath. - Breathe, baby.
- Oh, I can't do it again. - Come on, you gotta push.
You gotta breathe though, baby.
- You gotta push. - You gotta breathe. Come on.
- Yes, yes. I see it, baby.
Yes, keep pushing. Come on.
- Okay, okay, okay. - Come on, baby.
- One more. - Oh my God.
Come on, baby.
- Oh yes, baby. - I love you.
Lately, everything's trembling
All my shelters are opening
Feels like everything's crumbling
All the windows are shadowing
And now the cage
The lines in your head
Makes its way across your bed
And now your mouth can't say
All the things that made your stomach turn today
Your sadness in this world
'Til you feel mine and changes in your mind
- He looks like you.
- Oh my gosh, he is so cute. - So beautiful.
- I can't believe it. - Me neither.
- I'm so happy, oh my God, mama.
Something like that.
- Hi baby. - Look at all his hair.
- I know, right?
- No, he looks just like you.
- You think so? - Yes.
- I think he look like Doug.
- We're going to name him Douglas Ezekiel White.
- Wow, my dad would be so proud
that we keeping his name alive.
- I wouldn't have it any other way.
- Here. Let me get the pictures.
He hates that.
- Can I hold him?
- Okay. Be careful, okay? - I got him.
Come here, namesake.
- Baby, look.
Marci just had her baby too.
- Wow.
- Oh, these boys gonna be running around that church.
- So what'd he say?
- I texted him the room number.
- And?
- And he said he's going to pray for you and the baby.
- Pray? You wanna hold him.
- Hell no. Why did you text me?
- Because you just had a baby. Duh!
- You right. I did just have a baby.
Me and my wife just had my son.
But you? You trying to fuck things up for me.
How dare you had this damn baby
the same day that I had my son?
- You going to hell.
- I didn't have a choice in the matter.
- Oh, you had a choice
whether or not to fuck his raggedy ass
and you had a choice whether or not to have that baby.
- Shut up, Cindy.
- Yeah. Shut your ass up!
No, you shut up and tell that shit to your wife.
- Is everything okay in here?
- Everything is fine.
- We need to do some blood work.
We can keep him in the nursery if you need some rest.
- Okay.
- And what should we call this little fella?
- Douglas.
Douglas Ezekiel White III.
- Hey, you know Marci named her baby after me?
- Jesus, man.
You been holding on this burden
all by yourself all this time?
- Yeah. Me and God.
- God ain't got nothing to do with this one.
- Yeah, I know.
- What does he say about forgiveness?
- Well, first John one and nine says
that if we confess our sins that he is faithful-
- Stop. - And just.
- All right. - To forgive our sins
and cleanses of all unrighteousness.
- What does he say about adultery?
You gotta be honest, man.
You gotta tell her the truth.
- I can't tell Dana that.
- Why not? What do you want?
- I want my family. - Which one?
- See, this is exactly why I don't go to church.
I ain't even take you on Easter Sunday.
Them people ain't no saints.
- Mama, I wanted to know God.
I yearn for the word. He called for me.
- Girl, did the word call for you to fuck the pastor though?
- Ooh, Cindy, be quiet. - What?
It takes two to tango.
- Marci, don't listen to her.
- Mm-hmm, don't listen to me.
- Look, I hope you ready for whatever comes your way.
It's not easy being a single mother.
- Ain't nobody a single mother. I'm not alone.
- Oh, I've already raised my kids.
- I'm not talking about you.
- Girl. - Have you talked to him?
- Not since the hospital,
but he just needs some time, that's all.
- Some time?
Friend, he done had enough time. Okay?
He at least nine months overdue.
I just wanna know one thing.
How did you sit in that woman's face every Sunday.
- The same way she always does, easily.
And are you gonna tell her
that you named your baby after the pastor?
- That don't make no sense.
Two babies born the exact same day with the exact same name.
- Girl. - What was you thinking?
She wasn't.
- I am about to go take a nap.
Thank you.
Y'all can see yourselves out.
- Oh, she wasn't talking to me.
She was talking to y'all. - Child.
- Because I'ma stay right here
in case she does need something.
- Baby, you heard right. - Mm-hmm.
- Baby, can you put down the good book and hold me?
- Okay. But I believe all that holding you
is what got us that little bundle of joy over there.
Mm-mm, we did more than holding to get him!
- You want me to do a little more?
How about laying hands?
Oh, my God! You so crazy.
No stop, I can't. I just had him.
- I know.
Oh, let me turn the light off.
- Okay.
- Who's that? - I don't know. Nobody, baby.
- That feels good.
- Who is it? - It's me. Let me in.
- No.
Because she just put the baby to bed and she needs her rest.
So go on and take your ass back home to your wife.
- A heart at peace gives life to the body.
But envy rots the bones.
- Really? - I'm gonna pray for you.
I don't need your prayers. Okay?
Because a man who commits adultery is a utter fool.
And he destroys himself.
See, I know my shit too, pastor.
So you can go on with all the bullshit.
- Cindy, who's at the door? - Nobody.
- It's me, baby. - The false prophet.
- Damn.
How long he been asleep?
- I just put him down. - I ain't leaving Dana.
- We had a baby. You promised me.
- No, I promised God.
And I made a vow to my wife that said 'til death do us part.
- Are you asking me to kill her?
- No. - Because you know I will.
- I said no.
Shit, are you sure this baby's mine?
- Of course he's yours! - I'm not leaving my wife.
- You came all the way over here just to say that?
- Yes.
- You could've said that over the phone.
No baby. No, I know why you're here.
- Look, I gotta go. - No, whoa.
- Girl, you is not gonna believe this.
Girl, she in the bedroom sucking the pastor's dick.
- Listen, she ain't doing nothing she ain't been doing.
So stop criticizing her and be there for her
'cause when shut hit the fan,
which it will, she gonna need us.
- Now you know I'm gonna be here for her.
- Is he over there now?
- Mm-hmm. - Poor Dana.
- No, it's gonna be poor Marci when she find out.
- Hold on. I think he about to go.
Damn, that was fast!
He must got a little one.
- Where have you been? - Huh?
- The baby's been crying and I've been calling you.
- I'm sorry, baby. I didn't see a missed call.
- Okay, but that still doesn't answer my question.
Where have you been?
- Look, I'm tired. I'm about to lay-
- Douglas!
- Okay, Orlando called. He needed me.
- I need you! Helping with the baby.
- All right.
- Great, your turn.
Hurry up.
- You look good.
- I thought we would come in and say,
hey, before bible study.
- Oh my goodness, Marci.
Let me see this beautiful baby!
He's so handsome.
- Thank you. - He takes after his daddy.
- You know you've been going here for a while now.
And I have yet to meet his father.
You should bring him.
- He comes to church every Sunday.
- Really? What church does he go to?
- Come on, baby.
Leave her alone. Stop prying.
I'm not prying.
Look, you let him know that our pastor
preaches a mighty word from the Lord and he should come.
- Oh, well I will most certainly let him know that.
- Oh, what's his name?
- His name? - The baby.
- Oh, it's Douglas.
I think he looks like a Douglas. Don't you?
- If you say so.
- Okay, well I'll see y'all after.
- Okay.
Don't you think that's weird?
- What, baby?
- Her naming the baby after you.
- You think she named her baby after me?
- And you don't?
"Oh, he looks like a Douglas."
How do you think that baby's father is going to feel
knowing that she named that baby after the pastor?
- Baby, maybe he's gonna think that she named him
after a good, kind God fearing man.
You're thinking too much into it, baby.
- Yeah, if you say so.
I'm getting this lesson together.
- Hey baby, I didn't know you was coming by.
I would've made you some food or something.
I coulda-
- What the fuck was that? - What's wrong?
- What the fuck was that?
That shit that you did at church today?
- Uh-uh, see.
You need to shut the fuck up, pastor. All right?
'Cause this is a nice neighborhood.
- Man, fuck you and this neighborhood!
- Ooh, fuck you with your nasty ass mouth!
- Cindy, go in the house. - Get your girl.
No, I wanna stay right out here
so I can see what he talking about.
- You know what? I'm not gonna stay quiet for long.
- You gonna stay quiet
as long as I tell your ass to stay quiet.
- You know what? - Yeah, I do.
This shit here, I'm fucking done.
- Excuse me. - You heard me!
As far as the baby, whatever he needs, I got you.
But you, you're dead to me!
- So? - How fucking dare you!
- Fuck you. - What you?
- You know what, Marci? Fuck him.
He ain't shit! - No, fuck you!
- Fuck you! - Look.
What's going on here?
- I don't know what she told you, Angie.
But that ain't my fucking baby. That ain't my damn son.
- This ain't your baby? - For real?
- Stay away from me, my church and my fucking wife!
A fucking knife?
This bitch gonna pull a knife on me?
You gonna pull a knife on me?
- Put that damn knife down!
- He's not yours, right? - He not mine!
What the fuck are you doing?
- Fuck you too! Fuck you!
- Father God, please forgive me for I have sinned.
Lord, I come to you in the humblest way that I know how.
I know I've led so many people unto you.
Father, I myself have been led astray.
Father, as my son sits in that hospital
and fight for his life,
Lord, I ask that you have mercy, that you would-
- Your son?
- And father, that you would give me strength
and him healing.
And last but not least,
I pray that you give me an understanding
and a forgiving wife.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, babe!
Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
Can you forgive me?
- Are you sure he is yours?
- I have my doubts, but my spirit says yes.
You and that woman made a fool of me!
He looks like a Douglas. Don't you think?
Fuck both of y'all!
What about the church? What are you gonna tell them?
- I ain't gotta tell them shit.
I ain't telling them nothing.
- I don't know.
I don't know, Doug.
This is a hard pill to swallow.
I thought you were a man of God.
- I am a man of God!
- You ain't no man of God! - Baby, Dana stop!
But baby, I'm also human.
We all fall short of his glory.
Dana, baby, I don't want to lose you.
You and little Douglas are my world.
I can't afford to lose you, baby.
Baby, our vows said for better or for worse, you remember?
- How much worse can it get?
Is there something else you need to tell me?
If so, this is the time.
This is the time. Just tell me.
- No. - Just tell me.
Oh, Doug.
Are you serious? - Hello?
Thank you.
- Don't thank me 'cause I'm only doing this
'cause you're the mother of my child.
Otherwise I'd have left your ass in there.
- Yeah, well you said he wasn't yours,
so just take me to the hospital.
- Hell no! You don't get to see him.
Did you forget that you are the reason that he's in there?
You did this!
- No, you did this!
So I threw our son down on the ground?
- You know what you did.
- You know what? Get your ass out.
- So you just gonna put me out?
- Don't make me make you.
Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.
- You crazy as fuck! You know that?
Girl, can you come and get me, please?
I'll send you my location.
Just come get me.
Thank you, jeez.
- Girl, look at you out here
looking like a little prostitute on this corner.
Get your dumb ass in the car.
And why you didn't call us to begin with?
- Exactly.
Girl, now how you get put out the car?
- Hey, all right. Slow down, man.
When's the last time you had a drink anyway?
- It's been a minute.
- Guess even pastors need a drink sometimes. Huh?
- You know Dee got a little nooky on the side.
So you know he had to have a drink or two.
- So what else you been keeping from us?
- Nothing.
- You know, we usually come to you for advice.
But this right here? It's weird.
- I don't want to lose her.
- What you talking about, Dana?
- Yeah, man. Hey, y'all be real.
Is it wrong for me to want her to forgive me
in hopes that we can actually move past this
and work on our lives and actually stay like we used to be?
- Anything will never be the same.
You brought a life into this world.
Not only did you cheat, but a baby.
- Yeah.
- When the hell was you planning on telling her?
If you ask me, it might be a good thing
if little man don't make it.
- What did you just say? - Chill. Come on.
- You wishing death on my son, man?
- No, man. - Chill.
- But he in critical condition. I'm just saying.
- Yo, he ain't tripping. - Orlando.
What hell is Angie doing here?
- Man, I might have told Angie
we was stopping here for a drink.
- Damn, do you have to tell her everything?
- What? It's my wife, man.
- You know this fool don't be keeping
no secrets from his woman.
This boy is weird. Weird.
- Man. - Roger Rabbit ass.
- Y'all just jealous. Hating.
I cannot believe this man!
For better or for worse?
God, I need your help. Please Lord.
This is just too much.
Oh God.
He's not here.
This is his, his wife.
And his condition?
Okay, I'll be sure to let him know.
Oh my God.
At the tone, please record your message.
- Doug, it's me. Call me back.
It's an emergency.
- Douglas, you said just- - Look, man.
Lemme do it. I'm gonna get up out of here.
- Can we just talk for a second?
- Hit me later, man. - Yeah, whatever.
- Come on, sweet baby.
No, shh, shh, shh.
Mommy loves you.
Oh, Mommy loves you.
- Cindy, go home.
- Okay, damn.
Can I at least use the bathroom first?
- Fine. Just hurry up.
- I've been holding it all day.
You talking about hurry up?
- What the fuck was that?
How you just gonna let that nigga treat you like that?
All the shit you did for him,
all the shit you've been through with that nigga,
he's just gonna throw you out?
Fuck, that's okay.
We gonna get that nigga. Oh yeah.
- Whew, now that feels better.
Was it fast enough for you?
- I guess.
- Well, listen, I'm about to go. Okay?
But if you need me, call me.
- You know I will. - Okay. But I'm serious.
If you call me, I'll come right back over. All right?
- Okay. I got it.
Please lock the door your way out.
- All right. No problem.
- What the fuck? What the fuck?
Fuck, he's a motherfucker!
Now he won't even talk to me!
What the fuck! Oh shit!
Well, it's 'cause he don't want your ass.
You worthless piece of shit!
He does want me. He does.
Stop it. Stop that.
He does. He does.
Now if that was true,
don't you think he would be here with you right now?
And not her?
Stupid, fucking stupid! Stupid!
He's coming back for me.
He's coming back for me. He is!
And you killed your baby. You killed your baby.
Yeah, that's right.
You killed him and he going hate you for that.
You gonna go to jail for murder
for the rest of your fucking life!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
you know what? You should just kill yourself.
That would be better for everybody
if you just kill yourself.
Yeah. That would help everybody out.
Just kill yourself.
Yeah, that's right.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it! Do it!
I love you, Douglas.
- Girl, you ain't gonna believe this.
I done left my purse.
Where are you at?
Oh, Marci!
Marci! Marci!
- Well, the test results confirm
that you are the father of baby Douglas.
So the court will grant you temporary custody.
- Okay? Temporary custody.
What does that mean?
- That means that when Marci is better,
the baby will go back to her.
- Look, who was talking to you
and who invited you here in the first place?
- I invited her.
She has an interest in the baby.
And she would like visitation right.
- Oh, I don't know about that.
- Okay, so who asked you?
- Look, Pam, we are not gonna do that.
If we gonna do this, we gonna do it cordially.
And with respect, you will respect my wife.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, so how long?
- As long as it takes for Marci to get better
and then the courts will decide.
- I don't understand that.
How can you purposely endanger your child
and try to kill yourself?
She's not mentally stable to take care of a kid.
- It's always in the best interest,
however, to put families back together again.
- I am that boy's family.
I'm his father for Christ's sakes.
- Look, Marci is seeking the help that she needs.
Dana, you have your own child.
What do you want with hers?
- Because I'm a mother that cares.
- Uh, ladies, ladies, this is not the time or the place.
Alright? If you cannot agree on this,
the baby will go to foster care.
- Uh-uh. No, no, no, no.
My kid will never go to foster care. No.
- Look, I'm sorry, I apologize to you and your wife.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- And we will agree on visitation rights for Pam.
She is family too.
- Thank you. That's great news.
Thank you.
Now, I do need everyone to please sign these documents.
And when baby Douglas
is ready to come home from the hospital,
he will be released to you.
Marci is not to have any contact with him at all.
- Okay, so he can come home with me.
- Oh, no ma'am. She said visitation rights only.
- That is correct. - You'll be able to visit.
- That is correct, Ms. King.
You may see him only when Mr. White allows you to.
- And me and my husband,
we'll always do what's in the best interest of the child.
- I know I'm gonna send you my number.
I already have his.
- But just don't make me wait too long.
- I won't.
- Why don't you tell her that you wish Cindy
would've never found your stupid ass?
Stop fucking talking to me!
- Excuse me?
- Make her stop, okay? Please make her-
- Make who stop? - Don't you hear her?
She fucking talking to me all fucking night!
Just make her stop!
Stupid ass bitch.
Stop fucking laughing at me!
- Marci. - Fuck!
- Marci, are you hearing voices?
- Yes!
- And what are the voices saying to you?
Die, bitch!
Don't you hear her telling me to fucking die?
- Who's telling you to die? - Her!
Help me, please!
Get me out of here!
Somebody, please, please!
Somebody, please help me!
Help me, please!
You've done it now, bitch.
You're stuck in here now.
How's it feel, huh?
You shoulda have took me out
when you had the fucking chance!
Somebody please! Somebody please get me out of here!
Help me! Shut her up! Shut her up!
Shut her up!
Nobody can hear your stupid ass.
It's just you and me now, bitch.
Don't forget about your baby.
He's gone.
So you should've just killed yourself.
You couldn't do it, huh?
Bet you wish you had!
No, no, not my baby. No!
No, please somebody!
- Who am I talking to right now?
- It's me, okay? It's Marci.
- Now, I usually don't do this,
but your friends, Angelica and Cindy are outside.
Do you mind if they come in?
- Yeah. Yeah, okay.
- Okay, all right.
- Y'all, I've been hearing these voices, okay?
I can't shake this shit.
- Voices? And what they telling you?
- Well, she's telling me I killed my baby
and that I need to kill myself.
- No, no, Marci.
Your baby is here and we need you here.
- He's not dead?
- No, he's fine.
That's what we're here for.
We wanted to tell you he's on his way home.
- Well, then I need to see him.
- You cannot leave.
Do you understand where you are?
- I didn't do it on purpose.
I have to see him.
- Do you know that you are a danger to yourself?
Hmm? Do you really wanna take orders from the voices?
Do you wanna die?
- Wait a minute, Doc.
One question at a time. All right?
- No, I wanna live for myself.
Woke up this morning and rubbed my eyes
Took me a second but I realized
That I'm still the same man I was yesterday
All I want is to be a better man
All I need is to clean the slate again
But I know that change
No, it don't come easy
Yeah, change
No, it don't come easy to me
Change, change
All I want is change
Though it don't come easy to me
- Girl, I'm so glad that you popped up on us.
How you been doing? It's so good to see you.
- You know, it's my first day out,
so I'm just trying to take everything in.
Have y'all seen him?
- I actually haven't seen much of any of them.
- Why not?
- After the affair and the baby, the church voted him out.
They didn't think he was fit to be a pastor.
- Damn! I never wanted him to lose the church.
- None of us did, but he didn't have his affairs in order.
So something had to be done.
- Yeah.
Well, look, I've been trying to search on social media.
Can you tell me which one of the boys is mine?
- Marci, I hope you enjoy the food, but we can't.
- Yeah.
- Besides, I gotta get back to the church.
- Yes, you are looking at the new pastor
and first lady of New Jerusalem Baptist Church, honey.
- Hey babe, can you go get your shoes so we can head out?
Yes, I can.
- And Marci, if you need anything. I mean anything.
As long as it doesn't have to do with the Whites,
our door is open.
Here's your food, baby.
So good to see you.
- I hope you don't follow in Pastor White's footsteps.
- And what's that supposed to mean?
- I mean, they are friends.
- I'm gonna pray for you, sister.
- Pray my fucking ass.
How is he?
- Fine.
Happy, at peace. Healthy despite his prior injuries.
- No, I'm talking about Douglas.
- I am talking about Douglas. Your son?
- No, Douglas, Pastor White. How is he?
- I'm not going there with you.
When I first found out,
I wanted to hurt you, but I prayed.
And then when you slit your wrist, I also prayed.
- And nobody asked you to pray for me.
- I prayed you didn't make it.
- Well, then I guess your prayers don't work.
- No. God had other plans.
- You're right.
And his plans is for me and my man
to be together forever with our son.
- You are so pathetic.
You tried taking my husband.
How's that working out for you?
You had a baby,
but you ain't a mother.
Oh, you even tried to off yourself.
Can you do anything right, Marci?
Get the fuck out my face
before your son ends up losing both his mamas.
Because when you come for my family,
I come you and I'm not afraid of death or jail.
Let me get the door for you.
Get the boys out.
I'm gonna get the door, okay?
- Get him, girl.
Get him.
- Let me get this straight.
Your son's mother is stalking you?
- Yes, she was sitting outside of my house in her car.
And when I spotted her,
she tried to hit me with her freaking car.
- She even showed up to the store
and was asking questions about him.
She wasn't even concerned about her son.
- Do you feel threatened?
- What the hell, man? Are you listening?
I said she tried to hit me with her fucking car!
- Hey baby, be nice.
He's trying to do his job.
- Well, he ain't doing a good job.
- Sorry. - I'll note that in my report.
- I want a restraining order.
- Wait a minute.
She hasn't hurt either one of you, has she?
- No. But do you want us to come back when she do?
- I'll note that in my report as well.
- Thank you.
- Shit! Stupid bitch!
Fuck you bitch! You stupid!
He never loved your ass! He never loved you!
Oh shit, what were you thinking?
Stupid! Stupid!
Oh shit!
- Mm.
- Dana? Hey. - Melvin.
- I'm surprised to see you here.
- First day back to work.
Working from home, it has its perks,
but sometimes I just gotta get out the house, you know?
- I totally understand that. - Yeah.
- But Doug didn't tell me you was going back to work.
- Oh yeah. It was a last minute decision.
See, the boys start daycare today.
I said, "Yep, this is the perfect time."
- So how you holding up?
- I can't complain.
Okay, I can, but I'm gonna stand by my husband.
- Hey Dana. - Theo, hey.
- Hey, is Doug joining us?
- Oh no, I just ran in Dana over here.
- Oh, okay. So should we get our own table or can we?
- No, no. I was just about to go.
You guys can take this table.
- You sure? You don't have to leave?
- You can have it.
Excuse me. Good seeing you.
- Same.
- Doug don't know what he got.
- I'm sure he does.
Oh, wait a minute. Don't even go there.
- I wish I could. Have you seen her?
- I do see. - My point exactly.
- Oh, ooh.
Yes, Doug.
Oh! Oh!
- Why haven't you been returning my phone calls?
- I ain't felt like talking.
- Don't you know I'm worried about you?
Cindy's worried about you.
You got to start answering your phone, Marci.
- You stopped coming around and so did Cindy.
So why the hell would I wanna see y'all now?
- That's 'cause they cut off your visitation.
They said it would be better for your healing.
- Y'all really sat there and thought it was gonna be better
for me not to see my family?
- And you think I wanna see my baby like that?
- Whatever, Mom.
- And what happened to your forehead?
- I went to go see Doug and he lost it.
- Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Stop it.
So you're telling me he did that to you?
- Yeah, he did.
And he told me to stop coming around.
- Look, you still not well.
You think I don't know my own child?
- Mama, I'm telling you, he did this to me.
- Why are you lying on that man?
He may be a lot of things, but he ain't no woman beater.
- Mama, he got some cold ass eyes.
Okay? He'll do it.
- Oh, maybe. But he ain't do that.
Look, if you don't get yourself right quickly,
you gonna lose any opportunity of seeing your child again.
- I know that. I know that, okay?
What you want me to say?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mama.
Okay, I'm not gonna do it no more, I'm-
- Stop it! Stop it!
Look at him.
Isn't he handsome?
- Yeah, he is. He sure is.
- I don't know, Mom.
It just seems like ever since
he lost that church, he changed.
- Changed how? What do you mean?
- He's drinking more
and I'm talking about getting pissy drunk
and just sits in front of the TV.
- Yeah, sounds like he's depressed to me.
I mean, he lost everything he had.
- No, that ain't nobody's fault, but his own.
I'm the one that's suffering for his mistake.
Doug doesn't even help out with the boys, Mom.
- What do you wanna do, Dana?
- I don't know.
I just think it's time I come home?
I don't know about that.
- But Mom, I don't have anyone.
I moved here because of him.
I didn't make any friends.
But now I know why,
because all these women wanted my husband.
They were envious.
- I get it.
But you made those vows, honey.
You have to stick by your husband.
Everything will be okay.
And what did you think you were gonna do anyway?
You were planning on coming here
with this other woman's baby?
Now you know that woman is crazy.
I don't want that mess around here.
- But I'm your daughter.
- You are my daughter.
But you are my grown daughter.
You have to abide by this life that you chose.
- Uh-uh, Mama.
I didn't choose this life.
Mom, I'm alone.
Doug and I, we're not connecting.
- And I get it. You have to pray.
Pray for your husband, pray for your marriage.
There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.
- Whatever, Ma.
I'll talk to you later.
- What you cooking, baby?
- Food.
- Okay, look, I invited the guys
over to watch the game with me, okay?
- Mm-mm, stop. It's not done yet.
- Okay, well, since I can't be in the kitchen,
I guess I'll go check in on the boys.
- Doug, you're drunk.
They're asleep and I need this time.
- Yeah, I'm just going peek on 'em, okay?
- Damn it, Doug.
- It's so beautiful out here tonight.
All I can think about are the nights
me and Doug used to spend together.
Yeah, they were magic.
Oh, why did he have to choose her?
Bitch, because you crazy. That's why.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not crazy.
Bitch, you sitting over here talking to my ass.
Yeah, you crazy, all right.
- Hey Marci.
Are you okay over here?
- Look at this nosy ass bitch.
You think we should kill her?
No. We are not gonna kill her.
She's not the one we want.
Everything is okay over here.
- Okay, I was just checking.
- Okay, have a nice night. - You too.
- I'm sorry, Melvin. I'm gonna clean some of this stuff.
- You need some help? - No, I got it.
Oh no.
- What's wrong?
- These are court documents.
Marci apparently wants visitation rights.
- So how you feel about that?
- I don't know how to feel.
I've been that boy's mother for over a year now,
and I'm exhausted.
But that baby needs me.
My son, I haven't even been able to give him the care
and attention that he needs and he deserves that.
And Douglas? Oh God.
He doesn't even help with the boys.
I don't even know why I'm fighting.
- Yeah, well, I seen the change in him.
But you are a good woman, Dana.
And I don't know any other woman
that would've did what you did.
- Well, you need to let him know that.
And Marci, oh my.
That's a whole nother subject.
I'm trying, Melvin.
I'm trying to be strong, but it's hard.
- Hey, you are strong.
- He doesn't even touch me, Melvin.
He just sits there drunk and as a wife-
- Hey, hey, listen.
Every woman deserves to be touched
and every woman deserves to be loved.
- Oh.
- And treated like a queen.
Dana, baby, I've been wanting you for a long time now.
Honestly, I see the way you look at me.
- Okay, okay. Stop, stop.
- You think that's what he told Marci?
Baby, look at what you do to me.
- Oh!
Yes. Oh.
- Baby? - Is that?
You don't hear the boys?
The boys are calling you. Where you at?
- Yeah, I hear 'em.
I'm coming, babe.
- Hey, you still here? What's up?
- Oh man, I was just helping her clean up
while I got outta here.
- That's what's up.
That's what I'm talking, that's my guy.
- Baby, can you go and get the boys together?
I'm gonna see Melvin out.
- Sure, I got you.
Later, bro.
- You gotta go.
- I know.
Look, if you want me,
I'm gonna be at the restaurant tomorrow.
- I don't know about that.
- I will be there.
I hope I see you.
- Just go.
- Now the first thing you need to show the judge
is that you've completed the program
and that your mental state is in order.
You did miss all of the prior court hearings,
but it has been noted that you were seeking help.
- Okay, so what does she have to do to get visitation?
- That's gonna be up to the judge.
Child endangerment is a very serious charge.
Now, I would suggest you enrolling in a parenting class.
Number one, it would look great before the judge.
And number two,
it'll help give us a headstart in your case.
- But my son won't even know who I am by then.
Can't I just go see him when he goes to visit my mom?
- Oh no. No, absolutely not.
You cannot violate any orders that are already in place.
- Then how long before I can take him home?
- Again, that's up to the judge.
You are aware that Douglas and his wife
have submitted paperwork to declare you unfit.
And they've also started the process of full custody.
- Okay, so what does this process entail?
- Well, Marci should continue seeing her therapist.
And by the way, please get a written note from her
saying that your mental health is sound.
- You are not answering my question.
I said how long?
- Marci. - It's a process. All right?
And it's going to start with supervised visits in the home.
- Oh no. Hell no. I'm not going over there.
- Marci. - No.
You may not have a choice.
All right? Now they're gonna be in another room
and I'll be doing the supervising.
If all goes well, you'll have future visits
with him either here or or at public places.
- Well then I'm only going if it's just Doug there, not her.
Marci, I suggest
that you bottle up your feelings about Dana,
especially when we go to court.
- Yeah, okay.
- And stay out of trouble.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
She will. She will.
- Let's go, Mama.
- I'm sorry. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
No, that feels like a first date.
Hello, Melvin.
Silly, oh my gosh.
I haven't done this in so long.
Damn, I'm okay.
- Hey. - Hey.
Let me help you with that.
- Thank you.
We gotta forget about what happened.
- I can't.
I keep playing it over and over in my head.
- Me too. But it was wrong.
- In whose eyes?
- Thank you.
In my eyes. In God's eyes.
- So you didn't enjoy yourself?
Wouldn't you like to feel like that more often?
- I can make myself feel good.
- I know, but it's more enjoyable when somebody else do.
- Where's that waitress?
Amazing grace
How sweet
The sound
That saved a wreck like me
I once
Was lost
But now
I'm found
Was blind
But now
I see
- Look, why you keep playing with me?
I've been calling your phone and you won't answer for me.
- Cindy, what do you want?
- I want my friend back
and I wanted to tell you who I just saw.
- Who?
- Dana. - So what?
- So you don't wanna hear what I gotta say?
- Bitch, why is your ass talking
to her in the first fucking place?
- What?
- Bitch, you don't need no fucking friends.
Bitch, you got me.
- Bitch, who the fuck is you talking to?
- Right, I don't need no fucking-
- Marci? - I got you.
- Hello, Marci.
Who the fuck is you talking to?
You know what?
You better get your shit together
or they gonna lock your crazy ass back up.
- I'm not crazy.
- Well, stop acting like it then
because there's nobody else in the room but you and me.
- I know that.
- You know what? I don't even give a fuck.
This is your life and you're insane.
- Cindy, okay.
You know what? I'm sorry.
Just tell me what happened.
- No, I'm good.
But good luck on that custody case
'cause your crazy ass is gonna need it.
Now let me go to the bathroom before I leave.
- Didn't I tell your ass that you didn't need her?
Bitch, you got me.
See, it's just you and me now. Okay?
It's just you and me.
You right, you right.
I don't need her.
I'm gonna get my man back
and it's just gonna be you and me and that's all I need.
- Doug? Doug?
- Hmm? - Wake up.
- Baby, why are you waking me up?
- We need to talk.
- Oh my God. Here you go with that we need to talk shit.
What's up?
What? What? What's up?
- We have court tomorrow and I need you to sober up.
We need to prove that you're more fit than Marci.
And from the looks of it, neither one of you are fit.
- Come on, baby.
You know what I'm going through.
My church, you know the church done voted me out
and voted Orlando in.
I ain't talked to him since.
He just took the church away from me!
- Nobody took your church.
You gave it up as soon as the scandal started.
But they are going to take your son
if you don't get it together.
You're starting to disgust me.
- What did you say?
What did you just say to me?
- Nothing.
Look at you
You're running in circles but you're tired
- He don't want you, baby.
Never gonna want you.
Look at you
Stuck in the fire, you'll just have to burn
There ain't no sympathy for the broken man, no
You better your way
You better find your way
There are no tears to shed to the open man
The space begins with the troubled man
Learn from me, learn from me
- He don't want you!
I'm telling you, he don't want you.
- I see here that the Whites have filed for full custody.
- Yes, your Honor.
But Ms. King passed her mental evaluation
and she's also enrolled in parenting classes.
Therefore, CPS would like to vacate that order
and file for visitation.
- Well, visitation is premature as I also see here
that the child endangerment case is still pending.
And moreover, a criminal complaint
has been filed against Ms. King for a stalking
and attempt assault and battery
at the Whites' home no less.
These are very serious allegations.
So until that matter is concluded,
this case cannot proceed and it must be stayed.
- Thank you, your Honor.
- Well, where's Mr. White today anyway?
- Uh, he's a bit under the weather.
- Under the weather?
You tell him he'd better be here at the next court date.
- Yes, your Honor.
- That concludes this matter.
- Lord Jesus.
You look like a bag of shit done hit your face.
This is not the brother I know.
- I feel like a bag of shit.
And my whole life done flipped upside down.
You know what I'm going through.
- You know, a year ago nobody would've ever told me
that you would've went from being a pastor to an alcoholic.
- I'm not an alcoholic.
Just 'cause I have one or two drinks
don't make me an alcoholic.
- But you the lead singer from "The Five Heartbeats" now?
Just 'cause you lost the church, Dee,
does not mean you need to step away from God.
- Theo, I served God all my life, man.
And look at my life!
What the hell do I have to show for it, huh?
- And who fault is that?
You done mentored more people that I can even count.
And now you don't wanna even take your own advice.
What's the matter with you?
- Look, I'm gonna get myself together.
- When?
When are you gonna get yourself together? Huh?
You took your power and you ran with it.
Not only did you cheat on yourself,
you cheated on your congregation.
You cheated on God
and Dee, you cheated on Dana.
I looked up to you.
- Look man, I ain't come here for no lecture.
We eating?
Fine. You change the subject then.
You talked to Marci?
- Hell no.
I ain't got nothing that I need to talk to her about.
- That woman is the mother of your child.
You gonna have to talk to her sooner or later.
- No, I'll let Dana handle that.
- What about you then?
- What about me?
- Word on the street is
not only are you neglecting your sons, but also your wife.
- I'm not neglecting nobody.
I don't care what the streets is saying.
- You sure about that? - Yes, I'm sure.
What you saying, man?
What you trying to tell me something?
- I just did. Pay attention to your family, Dee.
James four verse six.
God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.
Think about that.
- Look, I ain't come here for no sermon.
You here to eat or not?
- I'm here to eat.
I see right here, that's the little special I want.
Flapjacks and links. That's what I want.
- Flapjacks, man.
This Detroit. We call these pancakes.
I don't know about that flapjack talk.
- See? Why are you worried about what I call my food?
Okay, I can call it hell or high water.
I'm gonna eat it.
- You're being light skinned.
- I can't.
Soon, baby.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
Okay, bye.
- Who's that, baby?
- Do I ask you who you on the phone with?
- Okay, where did that come from?
Look, baby, I know you've been upset with me lately-
- Upset is an understatement.
- Okay.
I've been doing a lot of praying
and soul searching to God to change my heart.
- You gonna need more than God, Doug.
- Now you of all people know how I am.
What's impossible to man is definitely possible for God.
Ain't nothing too hard for him.
- Whoever trusts with his own mind is a fool.
But he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.
- What's wrong?
- And my heart may feel,
but God is the strength of my heart.
- Your flesh and your heart?
What you talking about, Dana?
- Marriage is to be honored by all
and the marriage bed kept pure.
- What are you talking about, Dana?
Who? What marriage?
What are you? What the hell are you saying?
- For God will judge the adulterer.
- Who? Who's the adulterer?
What are you saying to me?
- I'm sorry. - You're sorry what?
What are you saying?
No, we're not done talking.
- Uh-uh. - What are you saying?
- We're done.
- Who the hell is this?
Look, man, I thought I told you you needed
to call me before you come by here.
Right now is not a good time.
- No, now is the perfect time.
I'm leaving.
I believe you're sober enough to watch the boys?
- Where you going, Dana?
- Yeah, Dana, where you going?
Everything all right? I can come back.
- No, man. I need to talk.
Come on in.
You ain't gonna believe what's going on, bro.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- If I knew this where you was coming,
I would've left a long time ago.
- I didn't know I was coming here.
I just drove around and around and around,
and I ended up here.
- You know you had both of us there waiting on you.
And you told him you was having an affair?
- It just came out. I'm sorry.
- Yeah, well, I had to sit there and listen to him talk
and talk and talk and act like I didn't know.
I realize how much in love I am with you.
- I think I love you too.
- You think? Wow, okay.
- You know what I mean. - No, I don't.
Tell me what you mean.
- I love you.
I don't want to love you, but I do.
So why don't you just tell him it was me?
No, I don't wanna mess up you all's friendship.
- It's too late for that.
Look, it's cold out here. You wanna come in?
- Nah, I gotta get back to the boys.
- I don't think it's safe for you to go there.
Besides, I want you to stay.
- Shoot! What time is it?
Oh my God.
- Good morning, beautiful.
- Why'd you let me sleep?
- Baby, I'm sorry, I just,
you were just looking so peaceful.
I didn't wanna disturb you.
- I've never slept out before.
You know I got the boys.
This is Providence Hospital.
Can you give us a call when you get a chance?
- What's wrong?
- That was the hospital. I don't know.
- Hey, what's up, man? Good morning.
Yeah, well,
it's not such a good morning over here, man.
He knows.
- What you talking about?
What you mean what I'm talking about?
Doug, he knows.
Is Dana with you?
- Yeah, she here.
- Yeah, well, he followed you home last night
and he was drinking and he got into an accident.
- Is he okay? - Yeah, he little banged up.
But he had the kids in the car though.
CPS took 'em.
- Wait, what? Are they okay,
- What's going on?
Yeah. Nobody can get ahold of Dana.
So yeah, CPS.
- Shit!
- What's wrong?
Theo, why is she here?
- I'm trying to see what's going on with my son.
- Well, your son isn't here, so why are you here?
- Oh no, no. Okay?
- I don't want my son in no institution.
- I need you to calm down.
Y'all causing a scene.
And Mel, I don't think he wanna see you right now.
- Excuse me. Move!
- Excuse me. Move.
See, if she wasn't out all night with them legs open
then she would've had them kids.
- Respectfully, fuck you.
- Well, look who decided to fucking show up.
- Why would you have my boys in the car, Doug?
I knew I should've left them with you!
- Was it that good?
Was the dick that good
that you couldn't come home last night?
- You endangered my boys, Doug!
That's unacceptable.
- Your boys? - Yeah.
- Those are my boys!
They got my name, my blood!
- I gave birth - Yes to one of 'em. Only one.
- So everything I did for you meant nothing?
You had a whole life outside of me and a baby
and I took him in and loved him because I love you.
- You love me but you fucking Melvin.
- Well, ain't that the pot calling The kettle black.
- Oh, I hope we're not interrupting anything.
- Hey Orlando, Angie.
I ain't seen y'all in a month of Sundays.
Well, I guess I ain't dead.
- Hallelujah.
- Well, Dana, we're just here to help.
You know, Tanya's a member of the church now
and she trusts me to get the boys back to you.
And she's gonna keep this incident off the record,
providing that Douglas gets help.
- Thank you. - Okay.
You know we offer AA and counseling at the church.
- I know what the church offers, Angie.
I started the church. Remember?
- Yes. - Look, I want both of y'all
to come back to the church.
There's nothing that counseling and God can't fix.
- Amen.
- Where are my boys?
- They're downstairs with Pam.
But listen, Marci doesn't know.
You can go ahead. - Thank you.
- Promise me you gonna get some help.
- I got you, man.
I'll be by the church soon.
- Get some rest.
- I appreciate you, man. - Always.
- Marci? You shouldn't be here.
- Why not, baby? I love you.
I will always love you.
- Uh-uh. Stop.
You gotta go before my wife see you.
- We already saw your wife earlier, okay?
She's not coming back.
Can't your dumb ass see that she's moved on without you?
With Melvin.
- Listen baby, we need to stick together, okay?
You, me and our son.
We just need to get the hell out of here
and start somewhere fresh like you promised me.
- Look, I ain't promised you
that I was gonna leave here or her.
- Fine, but you did promise to be with me and our son.
Baby, just admit it.
You chose the wrong woman.
- No, the only bad choice I had
was when I slept with your dumb ass.
- Girl, come on, let's go.
- Don't say that. Okay?
See, one day you gonna understand, we're soulmates.
Come on, girl.
- Bye-bye.
- Hey. - Hey.
- What you thinking about?
- Doug.
He comes home tomorrow,
so I don't think we should see each other after this.
- So what he come home tomorrow?
He's still not gonna treat you right.
- That's my husband.
That's different than what we got going on here.
- So what? I don't mean nothing to you?
- You do. You mean more to me than you know.
But I gotta make my marriage work.
- But it seem like you the only one trying to make it work.
He don't give a fuck about you.
And after all he put you through,
you really wanna go back home to that?
- I never left.
- Then what the fuck are you doing here?
- You couldn't possibly think
that I was gonna leave my husband.
- So what you doing?
You playing with me like I'm some fucking toy?
I see you like to play games, huh?
- You scaring me. - Really? I'm scaring you?
You don't know what scared it is!
You know what? Why don't you just get the fuck out?
- Melvin. - I said get the fuck out!
- I thought you were coming home tomorrow.
- They released me early from the hospital.
So I just called Orlando
'cause I didn't know what you be doing.
I just laid the boys down.
Do you need anything else from me?
- Oh no. We're good. I'll see you tomorrow?
- Yeah. - Okay.
- Come sit down. We need to talk.
So what we doing?
- We gonna live, get past this.
Raise these beautiful baby boys
and try to be a family together.
- Where's your ring?
Huh? Do you love him?
- I love you. - That ain't what I asked.
Do you love him or was you just trying to get even with me?
- Douglas, don't ask me questions.
You don't really want the answers to.
- I wanna know.
Well, since you can't answer that, are you still seeing him?
- Me seeing him has nothing to do
with trying to get even with you.
I stood by you when you didn't stand by yourself.
You took to the bottle and neglected us.
He gave me attention when I really wanted it from you.
And no, I'm not seeing him anymore.
You tried to kill me?
- If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't have stopped.
- I gotta get the fuck up outta here.
I'll be back to see the boys in the morning.
- You really killed Sam? - I had to.
What do you mean you had to?
He was like a father to both of us.
You do remember he helped me get out the streets, right?
No, he used us.
- Doesn't look like a place for a man
who got a wife and kids at home waiting for him.
I ain't have nowhere else to go.
- You got me and you got Theo.
We done never closed our doors on you.
- I couldn't stay with you
'cause Angie's too close to Marci.
And I ain't one feeling my business, man.
But you did try to warn me about Melvin.
He always used to say, "Keep an eye on your family, Dee."
- So nobody looking after your family but you.
- Yeah, I know. I don't trust him.
- How does that make you feel?
- Angry, disappointed, betrayed, shame, man.
- This is not helping, man.
- But it's gonna make me feel better.
- Did you really try to smother her?
Damn, man.
- Okay, baby.
- Let me see him. - No.
- Come on, Dana. Let me see him.
- Nothing against you. Court order.
- She's right. Marci, get in the car!
- What? No, it's not right.
Come on, Dana. Don't you have some compassion?
- No, no I don't. Did you?
He wouldn't be with me if you did.
- I made a mistake! - A big one.
- You know what?
I shoulda killed you when I had the chance.
- What?
- You know he asked me to, right?
Did you know that?
This is ridiculous.
- What's wrong with you?
- I don't care, Mom. I wanna see my baby.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was just about to put them down for a nap.
Come on.
Hey, baby.
Okay, come on. It's nap time.
Oh, come on.
We'll get back to that in a minute, okay?
You gonna be a good boy, okay?
- Hey, before you put that up, can you make me some lunch?
- Uh-uh.
You don't get to walk in here
and ask me to make you lunch after last night!
- I ain't ate all day.
Can you make me something?
- Okay. You want me to make you lunch, huh?
Yeah. Let's make you lunch.
After Marci walking up in that grocery store
like she's holier than thou talking to me.
I don't even know where she got the courage
to open her mouth to say a word to me.
And then you?
Now I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Are you sure you want me to make you lunch?
- Hey. - Hey.
Smells good in here.
It's been a long time
since someone's done something like this for me.
Thank you.
- Yeah, well, I didn't think you was gonna return my call,
so I had to make it special.
- I didn't think I was either.
- So why did you call?
I'm glad you did.
- About last night.
- I know, and I can tell you I'm sorry a thousand times
and it still wouldn't be enough.
- A thousand times? - More than a thousand.
- Just don't let it happen again. I'm serious.
- It won't.
I just want you to myself.
- It's just all so complicated. Don't you think?
- How?
Either you want me or you don't.
Or you still stuck on not leaving?
- I got my boys.
My son's one thing, but then there's...
- I know. I know.
- And Marci and Douglas, neither one of them are stable.
I raised that boy and I love my babies.
Those boys are mine.
- So you really ready to give up your happiness?
- I'm not giving up my happiness.
I'm happy right here, right now with you.
- Well look, what if we adopt 'em?
I'm sure if we take them to court, we will win.
- What do you mean we?
Uh-uh, Melvin.
- I am not kidding you
when I say I want you every day
and every night here with me.
Dana, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
Will you marry me?
- I haven't officially left my husband.
I can't promise you marriage.
Melvin, I don't know if I want a divorce.
Let me in!
I know she in there.
I see her car outside of the house.
Let me in, Melvin.
- Oh, man. - Where is she?
- What the fuck are you doing? - Where is she?
- Look man, yeah, she here.
But she here because she want to be.
So I think you should just leave
'cause you ain't doing shit but embarrassing yourself.
- Embarrassing, motherfucker?
The only thing that's fucking embarrassing
is you in here with my fucking wife.
Get the fuck out my way.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Damn.
- Bitch, get your goofy ass in the fucking car!
- I'm not going nowhere with you.
- What the fuck y'all got going on in here?
You playing house with this bum ass nigga?
- She ain't gotta go nowhere.
- Get your ass in the fucking car.
- Hey man, what the-
You can't assault me.
- Embarrassing! - Get in the car, Dana!
Just get in the car.
- I'm coming. - Get in the car!
Melvin, really? Melvin?
Get your ass. Get in the car.
I can't believe you.
- This is so embarrassing. - I can't believe you!
- Hello?
- I'm gonna kill that motherfucker.
- Who you want to kill, dawg? - Doug!
- Hello.
Hey, how you doing?
- Yeah, it's me.
Look, Marci, I've been doing a lot of thinking
about what you said to me at the hospital.
What part?
- The part about us.
About me picking the wrong woman.
And you and I actually,
and me realizing that we're soulmates.
Okay, but do you mean it,
I mean actually mean it this time?
- Yes, I mean it.
So why don't you come over here
so you and me can sit down
and we can talk about our future together as a family?
I don't know about coming over there.
Is she not home?
- I'm not at home.
I'm at this fucking motel.
Can you believe this shit?
What the fuck are you doing at a motel?
- It's a long story.
I'm gonna tell you about it when you get here.
Okay, well, before I come,
I need to make sure we on the same page.
- Baby, Marci, it's always been you.
So why not just me, you and Lil' Douglas?
We can get outta here like you talked about.
- Hello?
- Hey, so I'm at this hotel room
and I see your husband
and you'll never guess who he with.
- Send me a location. I'm gonna call the sitter.
- Yeah, I'll send you my location.
Room 121.
- Okay. What about Jamaica?
I've always wanted to live there.
- I don't know about staying on the island,
but wherever we move it's gotta
be somewhere where it don't snow
'cause I hate the fucking snow.
I don't mind it.
But you are right.
It would be nice to live somewhere
where it's sunny all year round.
But you know we could go home for Christmas.
Christmas ain't nothing without no snow.
I mean otherwise, why would Santa need a sled?
- You mean a sleigh?
You right.
- We can move to a big city,
somewhere where I can start my new church.
- And we can finally get married.
We can have whatever you want.
- Mm, and I'm gonna be the First Lady.
- First Lady Marci White.
Oh baby, I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
- But I knew you would come back soon.
I knew you would.
Girl, you better fuck the shit outta him.
Fuck him good, girl.
- Marci? - I got this.
- Marci. Who are you talking to?
- Nobody, baby.
- Hi. Excuse me. - Hi. How you doing?
- I'm good.
Can you let me into my room?
- Sure. - Thank you.
- Have a good night. - Thank you, you too.
- Oh shit. Oh shit.
- Baby, what the fuck is she doing here?
- I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.
I cannot believe this.
- Well, believe it, girl.
I told you from the very beginning, this is my man.
- You want him?
You can have him because I'm leaving.
- Wait, wait, wait, baby, wait, wait,
- Wait, wait.
Douglas tell her right fucking now.
- What? - Tell me what?
- He's leaving your ass.
- Oh, is that so? - Yes!
And we're moving to Arizona, LA, girl, somewhere hot.
We ain't decided yet.
Marci, stop, no.
- Oh, and we're gonna get married
and I'm gonna be the first lady-
- Marci. - And little Dougie.
He coming to me.
- My son ain't going nowhere with you!
- Really? Ain't nobody talking about your son.
- Oh honey, you'll never get him back.
You in here making plans with her?
You making plans to take my baby from me?
Look, crazy, you can have him but my babies?
Over my dead body.
- Bitch, if that's what you want.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. - Calm down. Calm down.
- Put the gun, Marci, put the gun down!
- Then you better get to fucking talking!
- Because I be saying a lot of shit
but you ain't said nothing yet!
- Relax. - Okay, okay, okay.
- Bitch, I told you he didn't want your stupid ass!
Shut up! Shut up!
- What the fuck? - Marci.
Do you, do you want him to talk
or do you want him to shut up?
- Bitch- - No, no!
Okay, I'm about talk!
Wait, Dana sweetheart told her-
- Sweetheart? - Yes.
- Shut the fuck up with that sweetheart shit!
- Oh, okay, okay.
Dana, it's over between us, okay?
I'm done with you. It's over, okay?
- You hear that? - I told her.
- Tell her, baby.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Me and Marci and little Doug.
We're leaving here.
- With Doug? - Yes, look.
- No. - So you can just go.
We're done. Go.
- I guess he told your ass.
- You know what?
You can have that crazy bitch.
- What'd you just say?
- I said you can have that crazy-
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Stay with me, Dana.
No, no.
No, baby, no.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Dana, no. Dana, no.
I love you.
- What the fuck did you just say?
Did you just say you love her?
- Yes! And you killed her!
- All right, now bitch, it's your turn.
Kill yourself.
Come on. You done killed everybody else up in here.
Kill yourself!
Come on, do it.
Do it. Do it. Do it.
Kill yourself.
- Dana! No, no, no.
- Melvin, help me, man.
- You think I give a fuck if you die?
Well, I don't!
So die, brother.
Isn't it strange
Are you now
Who let you down
Tell me my love
A new day will come again
I promise it will get better
Give it some time
Free yourself
Let your troubles unwind
Sweet lover of mine
Free yourself
Free yourself
Isn't it strange, oh
Are you now
Who let you down
Tell me, my love
Spread your wings
A new day has come again
And did my promises make it better
Healing in time
Free yourself