The After (2023) Movie Script

(indistinct chatting)
(horn honks)
(indistinct chatting continues)
- (bicycle bell ringing)
- (horn blaring)
James? I'll circle back
with those figures shortly
so everyone's up to speed.
Yeah. Yeah, no,
I'll be there shortly. Laura?
- Where are you going?
- (Laura) Come and dance with me, Dad.
- What, here?
- Oh yes.
(gentle piano music playing)
- Okay. You gonna show me?
- Okay. Hands out.
One foot behind.
Then the other foot.
And then you lean forward,
and your hands in the air.
- Can we do it again?
- We'll try faster.
All right, faster? Okay, all right.
(Laura chuckles)
I think I can do a better dance.
Wanna see my dance?
Go on, then.
(Laura laughing)
- I think my dance is better.
- Rubbish.
What? Rubbish?
I'm sorry I can't stay.
- (tires screeching)
- Careful, mate!
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Do you want me to come to your show?
- Yes.
All right.
(cell phone chiming)
(keypad clacking)
James? Yeah.
Look, it's my daughter's performance.
She's been practicing for weeks.
Look, the world isn't gonna end
if we postpone the meeting two hours.
- (woman 1) Laura!
- Mum!
(woman 1 laughs)
- Mum, Dad's staying!
- What?
- (woman 1) You're staying?
- Yeah.
(both chuckle)
(woman 1 chuckles)
You look nice.
Thank you.
- Have you guys had a nice morning?
- (Laura) Yeah.
- Yeah?
- We have, haven't we?
- Aww. Shall we head over?
- Yeah.
(woman 1 chuckles)
- (cell phone vibrating)
- Hold on.
It's James. Just give me a sec.
Yeah, James?
(woman 2 screams)
- No, no, that's 40% of the revenue.
- (man 1 yelps)
(people screaming)
(man 2) Hey!
(tense music accelerates)
(people screaming indistinctly)
Did you see my daughter?
There's no time! Laura!
- Did you see her?
- (woman 1 gasping)
- Laura!
- (woman 1 gasps, sobs)
(man 2) Can someone check if she's okay?
(shocked panting)
(siren wailing)
(ominous music playing)
(broadcaster) Some breaking news
just coming in.
A man has been convicted of murder
by a jury at the Old Bailey,
following an attack
involving multiple stabbings
which killed four people
and wounded several others last year.
Hi, Dayo. It's James.
I'm just calling to see
how you're doing, mate.
We all miss you.
(solemn music playing)
Hi, Dayo. It's Jasmina here
from Hammersmith and Fulham
Crisis Management.
You've missed your last four appointments.
We conducted another home visit yesterday,
but you weren't there again.
If you no longer need
Thursday's appointment,
please call this number.
(exhales sharply)
(woman) Hey, it's me.
Look, I know you're really busy
with work at the moment,
but it would mean the world to us
if you could be there today.
- How about I make it worth your while?
- (chuckles)
(voice mail beeps) End of saved messages.
(groaning softly)
(groaning softly)
(solemn music continues playing)
(man) This boy... No,
this man has done incredibly today,
haven't you?
I taught him myself.
Played in his first-ever football match.
He scored a hat-trick against, um
(sighs) What was that team called?
- Dad, he doesn't want to hear about it.
- Ah, he doesn't mind, do you?
I wanna tell everyone
about how amazing you were.
Now, tomorrow,
your old man's gonna teach you
how to bang in four goals in a row.
Good. I'm proud of you.
Well, the point was that if I saw him
in the street, I couldn't say hi.
And so I said,
"Uh, if I see you in the street
and you're in the company
of, like, uh, a girl,
you can introduce me
as your lesbian friend."
- (both laugh)
- (friend) Oh my God!
(woman 1) I'm asking her to get
the spare key. She says he's on the floor.
(woman 2) Fuck the key. She's not gonna
be able to find that. Can she see him?
- Doris, can you see him?
- Ask her if he's moving.
- Can she see his tummy moving?
- You didn't see him yesterday.
- You saw him yesterday.
- I just wanna know if Dad's...
I don't know if he's all right.
Doris, what are you...
No. Okay, just slow down.
Doris, listen.
I need you to call 999, okay?
I need you to get an ambulance, yes?
(tearfully) No, my phone's died!
(woman 2) Please, how long
until we get there?
- Um four minutes.
- (woman 1) I don't think he's okay.
I don't think he's okay.
- Thanks.
- (woman 1 sobs)
Oh my God.
(sniffles) I don't think he's okay.
(woman 2) I don't know what to do. (sobs)
Please, can you drive as fast as you can?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- (sobbing loudly)
(soft music playing)
(soft music continues playing)
(soft music continues playing)
(soft music continues playing)
(laughing) That's horrifying!
Stop zooming in, man.
(woman chuckles)
(horns blaring)
(man) I keep tapping the devil
and nothing seems to happen.
It jams. It does this
about twice a day now.
- (woman) Turn it off and turn it on.
- (man) Good idea. Thank you very much.
Yeah, okay. I'm to replace the screen
because I dropped it
when I was in that car park there...
John answered.
I'm sorry, hon.
(man sighs)
How long's it been, five years?
I still talk to him every day.
(woman) I just miss the life...
- Yeah.
- That he's never gonna have.
(soft instrumental music playing)
(Dayo singing) Happy birthday to
Happy birthday
(truck passing)
Happy birthday.
All right, I think it's on this floor.
Yeah, that's it.
- (woman) That's not a taxi.
- (man) That is a taxi.
- That is our taxi.
- (woman) No.
(man) Yeah, if we just, like,
work together on this. Hi. Hi.
Hello? I'm Stewart.
- I think you're my driver.
- (woman) Is this the car?
Yeah? Okay.
Yeah. Yeah, this is the car.
Listen, all I'm saying is that,
after all we...
Go in the middle.
- We'll all get in the back.
- One second.
Want a car with a child seat, book one.
You can't expect me to do everything.
(woman) Wanna put this in the boot?
- God.
- What?
- What now?
- Oh, just...
Some people obviously don't understand
the importance of the craft.
The craft?
- You've got 1,500 likes. That's nothing.
- (Stewart) What can't you see?
(woman) We won't get a return
from our sponsors.
- (Stewart) In what world is it nothing?
- (woman) Told you to post earlier.
- (Stewart) You know how. Why didn't you?
- (woman) I was looking after Amy.
- We were looking after Amy.
- (woman) Yeah.
- I was looking after her, okay?
- (Stewart) Okay.
(woman) I had things to do,
checking on things.
(Stewart) You obviously feel
it was necessary. I don't.
- (woman) You knew that!
- Can we have a peaceful ride home?
- (woman) Okay, fine.
- (Stewart) I don't wanna engage. Thanks.
Nice scarf.
You have no right to talk about my scarf.
- (Stewart) I can't pass a compliment?
- (woman) No, you can't, okay?
(Stewart) I should never
say anything to you again.
- (woman) No.
- Okay.
- (woman) Don't say anything, okay?
- No, it's fine.
(woman) Okay, fine.
(Stewart) Really interesting that you say
I'm being so sarcastic like this, and
(woman) Yeah. Yeah.
(Stewart) Honestly, using that
to counteract what you're doing
(woman) No, what am I doing exactly?
(bickering continues)
(Stewart) Okay.
- Where are my sunglasses?
- Did you switch the boiler off?
- I'm asking you a question.
- What?
- Did you do the boiler before we left?
- What?
(woman) I don't think you did.
You didn't switch it off.
If we're gonna go green,
we actually have to commit.
- (Stewart) The boiler?
- Yes.
(Stewart) I did it when you told me to.
- (woman) Sure?
- Yes.
- (woman) Okay, fine.
- Why...
(woman) Do you have the keys?
- (Stewart) I put them in there.
- They're not in my bag.
- Have you checked?
- Have you checked your pocket?
- Just down there, please.
- Thanks. Look.
Just check your pocket. I don't have them
in my bag. They're not in there.
- (sighs) Oh God.
- (Stewart) What?
Do you want to go inside?
- (Stewart) I'm sorry.
- (woman) How embarrassing for you.
(Stewart) Let it be a mistake.
Why does it have to be embarrassing?
(bickering continues in distance
- (woman) What?
- (Stewart speaks indistinctly)
- (woman) Don't patronize me.
- I'm not.
I am not patronizing you.
I want to know what's wrong.
- (woman) There's nothing wrong.
- There obviously is.
(woman) That's so unfair.
(Stewart) This was supposed to be
a nice holiday. Can we just stop?
(woman) What's she doing?
- What are you doing with her? Get off her.
- Amy?!
- Okay, all right.
- Go inside the house, darling, come on.
Come on. Get upstairs. Come on.
(door shuts)
(sighs deeply)
("Let It All Go"
by Birdy and Rhodes playing)
I've been sleepless at night
'Cause I don't know how I feel
I've been waiting on you
Just to say something real
There's a light on the road
And I think you know
Morning has come
And I have to go
I don't know why, I don't know why
We need to break so hard
I don't know why we break so hard
But if we're strong enough
To let it in
We're strong enough
To let it go
Let it all go, let it all go
Let it all out now
If I look back to the stars now
I know
I see everything true
There's still a fire in my heart
My darling
But I'm not burning for you
We've started it wrong
And I think you know
We waited too long
Now I have to go
-I don't know why, I don't know why
- I don't know why, I don't know why
-We need to break so hard
- We need to break so hard
-I don't know why we break so hard
- I don't know why we break so hard
But if we're strong enough
To let it in
We're strong enough
To let it go
Let it all go, let it all go
Let it all out now
Let it all go, let it all go
Let it all out now
-Who says?
- Who says?
-Who says?
- Who says?
-Who says?
- Who says?
-Who says?
- Who says?