The Age of Blood (2016) Movie Script

When King Gyeongjong died
in the reign of four years
and Yeongjo was crowned,
Some of Soron and Namin
that have been excluded
from the government
have revolted to remove
Yeongjo and Noron.
YI In-jwa became the
and led the rebellion.
The rebellion occupied
Cheongju, Chungcheong-do,
and began to march north.
However, the rebellion, which
had lasted up to 20,000,
was defeated by the royal
forces in Anseong and Juksan,
and the rebellion
was suppressed.
And Commander-in-chief
YI In-jwa was imprisoned.
But, 5 members of Eo-Yung-Chung,
the best warrior group of Joseon
who assisted YI In-jwa,
assembled the remaining forces
and established a new plan.
6 months ago
Here we are. How big is this place?
It's about 4km.
Before His Majesty returns
to the royal palace,
we should go through this place.
His Majesty will pass this way.
Even no ant should be let loose.
- Search everywhere!
- Yes, sir!
Who are you?
Where are you from?
We're the merchants from Cheongju.
Yeongjo 4 years in 1728
Let me go! Let me go first and talk.
Why are you so damn strong? Let me go!
You're so cheap and nasty.
I'm done! I'll never do it!
Hey, you scared me.
That's a load of bullshit.
You're completely insane!
I gave you a spear, a blade,
a sword, a bow, etc.
If each one values one nyang,
it should be twelve nyang!
How could you give me five nyang only?
Hey, look!
These are the used ones.
They are all crappy!
The string of horn bow looks
like a droopy cock of a dog.
And what is this?
It's a crappy sword used by
Royal guard's underlings.
It may not look like it, but
it's an excellent sword
that caught the villains of
the military officials' uprising.
That's absurd.
Just take them.
Eleven nyang!
Except this.
You said it's a crappy sword used
by Royal guard's underlings.
I didn't want to come here too.
I took pains to pick you up.
Then don't come here!
You're so rude.
I came here for you,
even I was busy.
- You should thank me!
- You're not busy!
You're a bum who were kicked
out of the royal palace!
- What?
- When you became an officer,
I bragged about it.
How embarrassing!
He has a nasty temper.
Wait, Dong-seok!
Let me give you a little
one, because you're little.
What the heck?
Let me have a big
one, because I'm big.
- Grandpa.
- Huh?
You son of a bitch!
- Hey, why did you hit me?
- How long will you be a bum?
Don't ever call me that!
Am I only one bum in
the entire country?
Hey, man.
You're a young man who
have no physical defects.
You should do something!
When did I ask for money or food?
Frankly speaking,
we're not that close.
Your dead daughter, Kotbuni,
I liked her for a while. That's all.
Hey, you son of a bitch!
I said, don't mention about Kotbuni
in front of Dong-seok!
Damn it!
You're as strong as
Hercules, you old man.
I'm no longer involved with you.
We have nothing to do with each other!
"Appoint Kim Ho,
the former official of Royal guard
as Prison guard.
Be faithful to your...
Najang of Uigeumbu!
A prison guard?
You got on your high horse
when you were a captain.
Then, now what, a prison guard?
How can you disgrace
your dead father's name?
Oh my!
Why are you talking about
my father again?
It's not fair to appoint
me as a prison guard!
I won't do it!
He's killing me!
When I said it nicely, you'd
better have opened the door.
Oh my! A son of a bitch is killing me!
A son of a bitch?
You swine!
Don't you know me?
It's me, Kim Ho. A
Royal guard official!
What, Royal guard official?
That's a story from ages ago.
You swine!
Are you still easily going to cuffs?
I'm at a loss for words.
That's going too far!
I deserve at least Minor official
or Captain.
But you appointed me
as a Prison guard.
What, you don't like it?
Then, do you want a job
at stable of Sabokshi?
- Uncle!
- What!
How dare you speak that way to him?
Even you're his nephew.
Uncle, you're a general.
I know you're better than this.
There's no reason to
play this kind of joke.
Who is it
who sent me to Royal
Investigation Bureau?
Stop it!
Even I overindulged you on
my dead brother's account,
you're going too far!
Leave now before you're flogged.
Damn it.
I've totally lost my face.
Try this.
Don't flatter yourself!
I mean, I'll resume my
seat at Royal guard soon.
Royal guard?
Are you laughing now?
Then what, do I need to cry?
In less than a year since
you worked for Royal guard,
you were demoted to Minor official.
In less than a half month,
you were a guard at the gate.
After all, now you're a prison guard!
I have nothing to say.
What the heck!
I didn't explain everything to you.
But there were complicated
Enough of your nonsense.
Here it is.
What is it?
It's a charm that makes
your guard life easier.
Keep it.
You must be very thankful
to this guard job.
Hey, look carefully.
There's no prison guard
carrying a sword.
Here it is.
This is your sword from now on.
Why are you here again?
Do I need to be home alone?
- Get out!
- Oh boy!
This is Royal Investigation
Bureau, not a public place.
6:00 p.m.
We got a message.
We need to get this done tonight!
Brace yourself!
Let's go.
Byeoljang's Prison at Uigeumbu
Is that you?
What are you doing now?
Oh my, it's a lot of
money for your hazing.
We can go on a binge in a long time.
I said, what are you doing?
How dare you speak that way to me?
How dare you're stiff-necked?
You little bastard!
Let me go!
Ho, what are you doing now?
- Hey!
- Get off me!
Why don't you go to
relieve your thirst?
What a lucky bastard!
You'll have to pay for this.
Why don't you let it
slide at least once?
Roll call!
I mean, call a roll!
You're only a prison guard.
This is too much.
You die!
Damn it.
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You die!
You'll be executed
at the crack of dawn.
Tell me what you want before you die.
I'm thirsty.
Please give me some water.
Drink the water to
your heart's content.
3 footsteps.
With 3 footsteps,
I can take the sword from
you and cut your throat.
Put that sword down.
Then I'll overlook this.
Don't say something you don't mean it.
Even though you're a master swordsman,
We'll not be able to
take care of all of us.
Shall we check it out?
2 hour sandglass.
8:00 p.m.
a traitor.
You're not a traitor.
Do you admit your guilt that
you didn't protect your king?
That is...
That's why
you're a traitor!
Who is it?
You jerk!
It's me, Hwang Jin-gi.
Don't you know me?
Mt. Jiri is famous for
good mountains and water.
I'm leading the group of robbers
who got settled in Nogodan Peak of it.
Hwang Jin-gi.
You know me.
But I don't.
That's enough!
We exchanged greetings, so
you're my acquaintance now.
You're crazy.
I'll make you rich.
You must live from hand to mouth
on the guard's paycheck.
I can make you live idle
with beautiful women
until you're old and Grey.
If you get me out of here.
If you don't want to be beaten
until you're old and Grey,
shut up and stay still.
Got it?
You son of a bitch!
Run as far as possible.
Let everything go and don't look back.
If you can't get away, fight to death.
You must die to survive.
Who's there?
You must die to survive.
Damn, this drives me crazy.
The enemy breaks the palace.
Kill them all!
What's happening?
There's no prison guard
carrying a sword.
This is your sword from now on.
Damn it.
You scared me!
What's up?
He looks like a guard.
Why is a guard there?
Hey, why are you here?
You're wasting time.
Take care of him now!
Don't shoot, no!
Damn it.
Who's there?
We don't need to exchange names.
Make sure to kill everyone here.
Without exception.
Who's there?
What do you think it is?
I'm a prison guard.
What are you doing there?
That's none of your business.
In the middle of the night,
you jumped over a wall of
Uigeumbu prison.
Things are really shitty!
As a government employee,
I can't let you go, because
you must be traitors.
You're insane.
Close the door.
You must be having a tough time.
'He poisoned his brother.'
'His mother was a humble maid.'
There are many ministers gossiping
behind the king's back.
I know it too.
These days,
the rumor says they're
plotting to commit treason.
That's an absurd rumor!
That's utterly unreasonable.
With your support,
the king will definitely govern wisely.
Sure, your majesty.
Don't worry.
I'll assist his majesty in my faith.
Did you hear him?
He'd assist him in his faith
at this belated time.
Did you receive orders
from Queen Dowager?
She ordered to make you relaxed.
She was also...
They moved in large groups.
Damn it.
What do you think you are doing now?
What do you think? I'm quite
good, even I'm a guard.
Hey, stop!
Who are you? Why are
you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
Damn it.
I thought I've seen them
somewhere before.
5 members of Eo-Yung-Chung!
Captain of Eo-Yung-Chung
and master of the iron mace,
CHOI Jung-gu.
The master of the spear,
YOON Ju-shik.
The master of the horn bow,
KIM Seong-shik.
The master of the short bow,
YOU Il-woon.
The supreme master
of Eo-Yung-Chung,
Commander DO Man-cheol!
screwed with the wrong guy.
Are you okay?
What's happening now?
Have you seen Dong-seok?
Uncle, hide in a safe place.
Let me look for him.
Sir, we wasted time.
Let's go.
Where are you going?
I wasn't sure, but I just remembered.
You must be
5 members of Eo-Yung-Chung!
Have we met before?
You look like you're
not an ordinary guard.
Who are you?
Just the thought of the fact
I was demoted because of you.
It makes me angry, because
it was so unfair.
I just remembered!
The underling of Royal
guard who asked us
to teach you a lesson, right?
Now you remember me?
The underlings of a military camp.
What an arsehole!
Ju-shik, Jung-gu.
You little rat!
Why are you hiding here?
That's all right. Let's go.
You're late.
You must be having a tough time.
The soldiers will come here at dawn.
You'd better hurry up.
We must finish it before dawn.
What about Queen Dowager?
I made connections with her.
9:00 p.m.
You son of a bitch!
Join the commander.
I have to play with
him little bit more.
I'm standing here,
right in front of you,
how dare you take the prisoner?
Who are you?
Should I undergo hazing
myself to the prisoner now?
Do you know who I am?
That's absurd!
It's too obvious.
You're guilty of high treason.
Turns out that you're the boss!
The rest of them
are your minions.
I'm curious. Let me ask you something!
What the heck
will you do after getting out of here?
In the middle of night,
the minions of a military camp
invaded Uigeumbu prison.
They killed everyone including
prisoners and guards
and take you who's
guilty of high treason.
I don't understand how this happened.
He used to be Royal guard official.
Royal guard official...
Let me give you a chance
because of your talent.
If you want to survive, run away.
Run away?
That's what I'm supposed to say!
I said I wanted to save you!
YI In-jwa.
You know who I am now?
You traitors!
save him.
I told you so.
You should have stopped.
Run away now.
I'll kill you all.
Jung-gu, kill him.
Yes, sir!
Shut up!
I thought you were dead.
Are you crying?
Nobody was crying.
What do you think?
Aren't we close to each other?
All right. We're close to each other!
No big deal.
Today is Dong-seok's birthday.
must survive.
Uncle, no! Don't die!
Wake up! Come on, wake up!
Uncle, open your eyes!
Wake up!
- Uncle.
- Grandpa.
- Wake up!
- Don't die!
- Wake up!
- Open your eyes!
- Wake up!
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
- Open your eyes, uncle!
- Don't die!
- Uncle!
What about Queen Dowager?
Her majesty is waiting for you.
You should be here, just in case.
We've been waiting for this for years.
Nobody shouldn't mess this up.
Yes, sir!
You must be having a tough time.
(Queen Dowager's residence)
I've done nothing.
I was just in prison.
You made it out alive from Uigeumbu,
while most prisoners didn't do so.
you revived.
It's time to see the high mountain.
The king poisoned the late
king to take the throne.
he doesn't deserve
the throne.
Since we were of one mind,
I just led the revolt.
Your majesty deserve the glory.
You're very humble.
Please remember this.
I'm listening.
I am
different from
the vice prime minister.
Then I'm relying on
your majesty.
And leaving to finish it.
Who's there?
I'm the former Royal guard official.
Now I'm a prison guard
of Royal Investigation Bureau.
Something urgent come up.
I want to meet with Chief Eunuch.
You rascal!
How can you get into
the Eunuch Department?
In fact...
Traitor YI In-jwa broke out of prison.
Prison break?
- The traitors are here already.
- Follow me.
I'm Kim Ho, the former
Royal guard official.
Sir, it's high treason.
Traitor YI In-jwa broke out of prison
and already sneaked in the palace.
We are ready.
Would you like a cup of tea?
Even everyone turned their backs,
you should protect the king
at the risk of your life.
When did we choose a king to serve?
No matter who is the king,
we should serve him.
After tonight,
we'll have to serve another king.
You traitor.
But, you also...
served the late king before
serving the current one.
Which of the two kings
had your loyalty?
The late king?
Or the current king?
Only you know the answer.
That's your karma too.
What are you doing?
The entire palace will be
thrown into chaos tonight,
so we were told that we
should hold our breath.
Who said so?
His majesty did.
There's no one at Royal guard,
the Ministry of War, and
the Ministry of Economy.
Why did his majesty
deliver the palace to the traitors?
Oh my, I missed the target.
You should have shot it carefully.
Damn it.
Hey, you must be talented.
I never knew you could beat
Jung-gu and Ju-shik.
Why are you feeling nervous?
At that rate, you'll
never shoot an arrow.
Damn it.
I'm feeling insatiable.
You're a rat in a trap.
You're a dead man.
After you.
Where is the king?
Where is the king?
How dare you...?
Stupid girl.
03.00 a.m.
You're late.
Where is his majesty?
He knew the plot of treason.
And escaped.
The half of Royal guard
joined the traitors.
The Eunuch Department,
Queen Dowager,
and all of the vassals
are traitors.
Nobody at the palace
was on the side of his majesty.
I know it.
Was it you?
Did you send me to Royal
Investigation Bureau?
His majesty...
There was no one to rely on
at Royal guard, except you.
6 months ago
Relieve your thirst!
Why are they refusing this drink?
What happened to the
leader of the traitors?
Your majesty,
even though YI In-jwa was captured,
The head of Royal guard
and official Kim Ho
couldn't prevent the
danger in advance.
They deserve to be dismissed
and executed by squeezing.
Do as you please.
But considering their credit,
Make sure they'll be avoided
the execution by squeezing
and serve in a war as enlisted men.
The ministers tried to
collapse Royal guard.
His majesty realized the
treason was not done yet.
So his majesty wanted
me to prepare for it.
Run away.
Far away.
There's no place to go
in this small country.
Even though I go
there's no place to hide.
Can you stop it?
The wind can be blocked by the collar.
The sky can be blocked by hands.
It is nearly dawn.
Nobody will survive.
Do you think
you'll save the court?
Don't flatter yourself.
When the sun rises
there's no Joseon you've known.
New Joseon...
New sun will rise.
It's 5 a.m.
05:00 a.m.
Why don't you give me an answer?
For what reason, the
eunuchs were annihilated.
Including archers
from a military camp.
Your lord.
Did you look down upon
his majesty like that?
You made it here.
What makes you bring here?
Even if I tell you, you
won't understand it.
In fact, I'm not sure of it too.
The sword is born this way.
When you cut a person first,
you're scared of it endlessly.
If you can't cut a person at a time,
you'll be killed instead.
Once, twice, three times,
ten times, hundred times.
When you cut people like that,
you'll be confused
if a sword cuts a man
or a man cuts a sword.
I'm not that confused.
You annoyed me.
That's more than enough.
Good, it's simple.
Are you pulling your punches?
You killed my men.
Do you think I'd kill you easily?
I appreciate that.
When you're beaten,
you'll be come around.
Why on earth!
You shouldn't have been doing this.
Just because.
Someone like you
will never understand it.
Good bye.
How dare you...?
You'd better abdicate now.
You don't deserve the throne.
You know it better than me.
I'd better abdicate?
- I don't deserve it?
- That's correct.
Damn it!
As a traitor,
- that's not for you to say!
- Hey, YI Geum.
Do you remember your father's face?
- What?
- You must know
your mother is a daughter
of a grave keeper.
- And your father...
- Shut up!
There's no reason
why you should be a
king in this country.
you mean, you deserve the throne.
No matter how you come
from a royal family,
it's not your call, you traitor!
A king
is made in heaven!
The whole nation
and the ministers here
should decide it!
The whole nation?
Where are they?
Silly man!
Your majesty!
- How come...
- Shut up!
You looked down upon the king.
It's a major crime!
- You coward bitch!
- Coward?
That's not for a traitor to say.
Why are you changing your minds now?
Do you think the ministers
of this country
are all idiots?
I shouldn't have trusted you.
I knew it.
Dump the fake one and make
the real one stand up!
I'll oust the fake king who
poisoned the late king.
You'd better stop it.
That's enough.
The sun already came out.
Do you know that clouds
sometimes hide the sun?
You said that's enough?
When you get anything
by killing innocent people,
do you still think that it is justice?
The sword has no power
to change the world.
It just cuts your enemies
in front of you
and only protect people
you really want.
The sword has no power
to change the world?
That's right.
With the sword only.
A lot of people died
for a great cause.
Then the swords they
held for a great cause
are not the swords, you mean?
You can't be a great cause.
You can't cover
the eyes
and the ears of people.
YI Geum.
- History is...
- History is...
the record of the winners!
Thank you for your trouble.
Your majesty.
The ministers are
waiting for you.
You'd better head for the court.
Chief Secretary.
Yes, your majesty.
In history,
how can I be recorded?
A bad king who poisoned his
brother to take the throne?
Or a good king who paid
attention to people?
Your majesty.
What happened last night
should not be recorded in history.
Not a word.
Yes, your majesty.
Do it properly.
Okay, I got it.
Hey, take this!
Is it good?
- Excellent!
- You're not good at this.
Since you haven't experienced,
you don't know how to do it.
Help yourself.
After all,
this is the only place to give us snack.
By the way,
I heard a revolt broke out in Seoul.
- What happened next?
- Where have you been?
Everyone knows it, except you.
The revolt has become useless
because of a prison guard.
That makes no sense.
I mean it.
Who is the prison guard?
His majesty is looking for you.
Tell him I'll never be in the palace.
Why did you turn down
the public office?
It's the head of Royal guard.
The best sword master
in this country deserves it.
I don't wanted to be like YI In-jwa.
He rose in revolt.
I don't know. I just hate Seoul.
I just want to die in this Mt. Jiri.
- Good mountains and water.
- His majesty gave you a name.
You'll be called Sword Wizard.
Sword Wizard?
Sword Wizard for a prison guard?
Live and learn.
You look pretty in that dress.
Take care!
There are many thieves here.
Sword Wizard!
I like it!