The Age of Shadows (2016) Movie Script

What are you doubting, sir?
Didn't you agree to this deal?
In this current Joseon, any person can
claim the independence movement badge,
claiming to save the country and its
people, creating false lies everywhere.
How can I believe in you all,
providing you with military funding?
Please don't associate
us with those bastards.
Not only can you gain what you want,
you can also contribute your power
to the independence of our motherland.
This is a counterfeit.
How dare you try to fool me?
Old man, are you blind?!
We've already agreed to this
earlier, why are you dragging time?
Then why didn't you
follow the agreed time?
Kim Jan-ok, you listen to me!
You are surrounded, you can't run!
Put your weapons down
immediately and surrender!
What's the situation?
Very stubborn, still biting the bullet.
That's normal.
After all, he is a core
member of Heroic Corps.
I'll try to persuade him again.
Give me.
Kim Jan-ok,
can you hear me?
I am Lee Jung-chool.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
I'll go look around.
Do not act rashly.
Are you commanding me?
Why do you think this is my command?
Capturing Kim Jan-ok alive is
Minister Higashi's instructions.
Go arrest them.
Follow me.
Cease your fire!
I said, cease your fire!
He's there!
Back off!
Everybody back off!
Back off!
Back off!
Lee Jung-chool.
I am Lee Jung-chool.
Let's talk.
I'm opening the door, don't shoot.
The higher-ups betrays our
country, and you betray our people.
Can you sleep well at night?
A bunch of dirty traitors.
Do you really think this
country can be independent?
After all, the boat is sinking.
Yes, of course.
Sinking ship, the
first to run is the rat.
Please go out.
Go out so you can live.
You need to stay alive, at least.
I will not work with rats.
Put your gun down now!
Long live the Korean Independence.
The Age of Shadows
Joseon Governor's Office
Please sit.
This is genuine.
Looks like they're in need of funding.
We should have capture him alive.
This operation was wasted.
Were you friends?
Of course...
In troubled times,
friends are hard to find.
Only those who first extend
their hand are considered friends.
The governor is putting
high hopes in you.
This statue will lead
you to the Heroic Corps.
We're counting on you.
Let him go.
Sampantong Rickshaw company
\ Heroic Corps hide out
Where is Joo Dong-sung?
They killed Jan-ok, but
captured Joo Dong-sung.
The fella, Lee Jung-chool,
released Dong-sung after a day.
Lee Jung-chool?
A new police captain. He is Joseon.
He was active in Shanghai
for a short while.
Sold off intelligence
to Japanese police,
and he climbed up the police
position through those intel.
A greedy hog.
He was a translator,
with a wide network,
but he's using it to
betray the government.
This means Lee Jung-chool
released Joo Dong-sung as bait.
Hold on, could this place be exposed?
No, we circled around
before bringing him here.
No one was following.
How shall we handle Joo Dong-sung?
He wouldn't say anything no matter how
hard we hit him. We have no more options.
Make him leave the group,
to avoid future troubles.
How about this...
You came out of jail with no injuries.
I really don't know what's going on.
He let me go, so I left.
Didn't Lee Jung-chool ask
his people to release you?
No, dear brothers.
Jan-ok's whereabouts were
also leaked from our end.
Not by me, brothers!
It's not me, really!
A fella like you, who sucks
the bones of our comrades.
Why, why are you suspecting me?
I don't even know
who Lee Jung-chool is.
Brothers, I really don't
know who Lee Jung-chool is.
I really don't know.
That night, I specifically arranged
it so that only the three of us knew.
How did the police know?
I will count to three.
You better tell the truth,
or your brain shall burst.
Who was the one to disclose our plan?
This is unjust!
I risked my life to deliver the bomb!
How could you still suspect me?
Damn it!
Why suspect me alone?
Don't you suspect anyone
else who might be a spy here?
Big brother!
Joo Dong-sung,
don't you know why
the enemy released you?
If you want to live, don't ever
appear in front of our eyes.
Leave the Gyeongseong immediately.
Big brother,
don't you believe me?
The resistance group seems
to be in short of money.
They've started selling
some valuable items.
Do you know who he is?
Yes, I know.
He's a junior classmate
of Jo Hwe-ryung,
a son of an artist.
His name is Kim Woo-jin.
It is said that he's in the photography
and antique business with his brother.
It is said that the funds are collected
there and sent to the higher-ups.
Why is the resistance group
so in need of money suddenly?
What are they doing?
I've heard,
they're buying explosives everywhere.
According to information from Shanghai,
they're in contact
with a bomb specialist.
Any new intel?
Yes. I think I've found the
Heroic Corps' funding plan.
It will be led by Jo
Hwe-ryung and Kim Woo-jin.
Looks like they're the new batch of Heroic Corps core
members sneaking into the Gyeongseong after Kim Jan-ok.
Very good. Let's go see
if we can make friends.
Whether if it's a travel pass or getting to know
someone rich, just promise them everything for now,
because these are
what's urgent for them.
Yes, sir.
You will team up with
Hashimoto going forward.
Please look after me.
I will do my utmost best.
Two people?
Captain Lee and me
will work well together.
Please guide me.
Hashimoto is trailing the Heroic
Corps' head, Jung Chae-san.
Share your intel with him.
The two of you can prepare a bait through
this opportunity, draw out Jung Chae-san.
This is the time for
you to show your ability.
Captain Lee did very well in this area.
Hashimoto, you have to
learn a lot from him.
Yun Gye-soon from China, not
sure if you've heard of her.
Jung Chae-san's
secretary, a female member.
There's news that she has
just reached the Gyeongseong.
But it's too bad no one
knows what she looks like.
Once we've captured her, it's the same
as slaughtering Jung Chae-san's throat.
Rong Seng Photo studio and Antique Shop
/ Heroic Corps Gyeongseong Meet Up Point
How's your preparation?
You stay here, I will go on my own.
Go by yourself?
You don't need to go this time around.
Wait for me to carry it over.
There are a lot of
rumours outside lately.
It'll be dangerous.
Are you worried about me?
Not worried about you, just
worried about my comrade.
How about helping a
comrade to take a photo?
What are you suddenly asking?
You've never taken a picture of me.
I want to keep a copy.
One, two.
What are you looking for?
Who is Mr. Kim Woo-jin?
I am.
I have a very valuable item,
can you help me take a look?
Yes, of course, let's go upstairs.
Do you know where this is from?
Is this genuine?
Let me see.
Looks like the old man in
Jongno has gotten his luck again.
Ah, that swindler.
What do you mean?
Do you mean this is a counterfeit?
It makes sense. Most can't tell the
difference, except for an expert like me.
But I took this from
someone I've trusted.
Please wait for a while.
Which one do you think is the real one?
Both look the same.
One of these is 200 years old, and
the other was just made this summer.
I have a ceramic factory in Shanghai,
even a broken night pot can be made
into a 300 year old royal treasure.
What? That's cheating.
When there's a genuine,
there will always be a fake.
This is high demand exceeding supply.
You have great talent
in scraping wealth.
How could I just scrape?
I will need to sweep.
I'm envious.
What do you do? Why envy
a business man like me?
Police Force Captain, Lee Jung-chool.
Aigoo, excuse me for my impoliteness.
Formally greeting you,
I am Kim Woo-jin.
I'm sorry for being too
ignorant to recognize you.
But since you have a position in the police
force, why envy a minor business man like me?
It's just a salaried
job, nothing interesting.
It's way better than a
small paddler like me.
Captain Lee,
I'm wondering if you have connections
with Japanese forces in Shanghai.
Not an issue, after all, I've been
staying in Shanghai for some time.
Is it?
Can I ask for a favour then?
I need to deliver some
goods from Shanghai.
Well, I'm not a resistance army funder like they've
said. I'm actually just a normal business man.
But ever since I've been suspected,
I've failed to ship anything over.
This is a small favour.
How about buying me some liquor?
Captain Lee, do you want
to earn some side income?
That's something good.
How about it?
Let's drink and talk about our cause.
Is there a problem?
Let's go.
Oh, so this is what happened?
Jang-ok and me, we were
from the same hometown.
So you and Jang-ok have known each
other since the provisional government?
Then you and me do have
some kind of relationship.
But you were the translator
for the provisional government.
Then how have you ended up with
the Japanese police force now?
People are unpredictable.
A man is an animal willing to
die for those who know him well.
The minister asked me to join
him, so I have become who I am now.
In those days, I first
met Jang-ok in Shanghai.
We were like-minded
When Jang-ok died, I took his toe.
It felt so light.
I only had that thought
in my mind at that time.
I knew it would be like this.
Big brother, you are not someone who
is ruthless. I've known it earlier.
If you had not joined the force,
I think you would be a poet.
Have some drink.
I am drinking.
From now on, I'll call
you my big brother.
Up to you.
Beware of the steps.
It's great today.
Look at you.
Big brother, thanks,
please go home safely.
Walk carefully.
Walk carefully.
Walk slowly, big brother.
I am Police Force
Captain Lee Jung-chool.
Please connect me to the main office.
Kim Sa-hee, don't go
to the office tomorrow.
Go to Sampantong, get the
thing I mentioned last time.
This is a very important thing,
you must be extra careful.
Japenese Police force is trailing us tightly. Lee Jung-chool, a Joseon who has been active during the provisional government
time, has approached me as Japanese police force. If our group's been exposed, I will travel with others to Shanghai.
This is Captain Lee's
conversation content.
Sampantong, nine o'clock.
This means if the Heroic Corps
do come to the Gyeongseong,
this is the route they will operate on.
St. Mary School.
Rong Sheng Photo Studio.
Kim Woo-jin, this fellow, I knew it.
This person is a big fish.
Oh, another Heroic Corps
rickshaw member's trail.
It's most important if it's
the same route as Kim Jang-ok.
Why is this opened?
Have you let someone see this?
Kim Sa-hee!
Hashimoto had been waiting
for me outside when I went out.
He says to share intel, so...
Move the car to the main door.
You, go to the photo studio.
We have to be fast before
Hashimoto's takes action.
St. Mary School
That one,
There is a thing inside, can you
help me carry it to the rickshaw?
Just move this?
You're exposed, be careful of Hashimoto.
I told you to catch them alive.
Nun, Japanese police is
waiting outside the main door.
Take care.
You good for nothing.
You couldnt even
catch a woman at St. Mary.
I told you not to tell even your
father or mother about this plan.
With such conduct, are you sure
you're Japanese Royal Police?
Who is this fella?
Me...I am Master Hashimoto's
inte...intelligence agent.
Captain Hashimoto.
Chief Higashi is looking for you.
Why didn't you just scream in the street
that you're the resistance
army secret police?
This is rubbish.
Are you done?
What do you mean?
Let's speak Joseon when
it's just the two of us.
It's so difficult to finally
find them, the fish net is set.
Why wake a sleeping wolf
and let them all run?
What order have we missed in
capturing the resistance army?
If I had known, we should have
captured them before they escaped.
You shouldn't question me.
Perhaps you should find out how
the police information was leaked.
Are you trying to oppose me?
Based on reliable intel, Jung
Chae-san went to Shanghai.
Looks like he is gathering
bomb experts in Shanghai.
It seems the Heroic Corps members
have left Gyeongseong to Shanghai.
The antique shop's Kim Woo-jin has
not been seen since this afternoon.
This is the strategy...
There is no need to explain.
Trace them immediately.
Use all the resources in Shanghai.
The head of Heroic Corps Jung Chae-san
is gathering bomb experts in Shanghai.
The governor house
is the obvious target.
We must prevent the bomb from
arriving to the Gyeongseong.
Make the most of our time.
Hurry up, head to Shanghai.
A huge reward never seen
in life is awaiting you.
Our all will be in Shanghai.
You stay here, collect
Hashimoto intel from Shanghai.
Report to me in detail.
Not going through Kim Sa-hee,
but directly reporting to you?
Everything regarding Jung
Chae-san, report to me directly.
Yes, sir.
Qingpu District, Shanghai
I'll go.
Woo-jin, how are you?
I have something to discuss with you,
I'll be in Shanghai in a few days.
Hope you can come pick me up.
Lee Jung-chool.
This place is no longer safe.
I hope you'll go to Manchuria to hide.
Now we're fighting
against an invisible enemy.
The situation is very dangerous.
I agree to Gye-soon
comrade's suggestion.
What do you think of Lee
Jung-chool as a person?
Can he be befriended?
He and I are both baits
thrown out by the rodman.
How can we call him a friend?
I heard Kim Jang-ok
mention this person before.
He said he was a good friend.
It's just old stories.
We don't have time or people now.
Let's just bite this bait.
Counter intelligence.
Let's make our enemy's
spy become our shadow.
It's the most dangerous among spies,
but it's the most effective.
This is counter intelligence.
I disagree.
The enemy's target is you, sir.
It's too dangerous.
After all, the characteristic of such people,
is like a person who bends with the wind.
Let's see which side he
will fall to this time.
A double spy will
only have one homeland.
This will surely make a
big space in his heart.
Let's help him open the doors.
After all, the voice inside
the heart is the scariest thing.
If we go together, Kim
Woo-jin will suspect.
You go down from there.
He's here. Smile now.
Okay, stop smiling.
Aigoo, big brother, long time no see.
You must have been really busy. I
can't believe we are meeting here.
As you've instructed,
I've investigated a little.
There is nothing short of such professional
talent among the anarchist in Hungary.
Maybe they've gotten
help from these people.
There are external forces
that want Joseon independent.
By helping a country build it's
government, one can become rich.
- Go to the Minister's house when you have time.
- What kind of shit is this Minister?
There's only money in the eyes of your Minister.
There's nothing he cares for besides money.
Your spy, when can I meet him?
Since the leaked
information at Gyeongseong,
people in the Heroic Corps have become
so careful, they don't act rashly now.
Being careful. That's
their business, isn't it?
Finding them is what we should do.
I believe we have a spy
from the Heroic Corps.
Captain Lee Jung-chool's every action
is observed every second right now.
Shanghai has changed a lot these years.
Me, I'm planning on giving up the Captain position and doing
some business here. Do you have any recommendation, brother?
Big brother, you have
finally opened your mind.
This is a good idea.
The thing on selling the country,
perhaps can relax a little for now.
But the guilt in the heart
will torture you for life.
Your words are nicely phrased.
When I was here, I had been active
with the provisional government.
I've left Shanghai for some time now, never
been in touch with these people since then.
Besides the Japanese, I do
not know any master here.
I'm looking for a person.
Don't tell me, let me guess.
You need a Joseon expert who has
relations with the provisional government.
How can you understand when I've
just mentioned half? Are you ghost?
Or am I that good at expressing myself?
A career is after all half coming from
Gyeongseong, and the other half is quick talent
I understand now, although I
don't know who you are looking for.
I'll help you find a master who's very
close to the provisional government.
You mentioned you wanted to
visit the ceramic factory.
Let's go now, it's not
too far from your place.
Very good, let's go.
Anything I can help you with, Mister?
Are there any foreigners who purchased
a big volume of explosives lately?
We don't sell explosives.
Don't lie, we know.
No such thing. Please
leave, leave, leave!
Hey! Hey! Boss! Boss! Hey! Hey!
It is said that a Hungarian revolutionist
has been visiting this place often.
I've always said the Hungarian
is an explosives expert.
He works at a France Pharmacy.
But his wife is an Asian lady.
Oh, Miss, you forgot this.
This is for your husband.
Thank you.
Come to our place for dinner some time.
Thank you.
Bye. See you again.
Don't go inside. Follow me.
Let's have French cuisine tomorrow.
Please drink a cup before leaving.
Let's relax a bit today, it's a long
journey. Don't forget what I've asked for.
How could you forget again, about
shipping my artworks to Gyeongseong?
Of course, of course.
Watch out.
Go in and rest.
Damn, only eating expensively.
Who is it?
What are you doing,
early in the morning?
Let's go and have breakfast.
So early?
The early bird gets the worm.
The early bird gets caught first.
Ah, the fragrance of the sauce.
Big brother, you've got to
help me with a big favor.
I told you I'll help.
I'm putting my head on
the chopping block now.
I'm so scared.
That's right, you should be scared. That's because
yours will be on the chopping block as well.
You're putting my head on the
chopping block just for a meal?
How is it? Do the
dishes suit your taste?
Pleased to meet you. I am the
Heroic Corps head, Jung Chae-san.
During Goryeo's resistance time,
I've heard comrades talking about you.
There are many comrades who are
grateful of Captain Lee's assistance.
I've wanted to meet you all along,
so I've asked Woo-jin to introduce us.
Pleased to meet you.
Same. If it wasn't for Captain Lee, I wouldn't have had
the chance to sit alongside the police captain for a meal.
But how can you trust someone
who is a police captain like me?
Why are you looking at
me? I didn't say anything.
Chief heard of you on his
own when you were in Shanghai.
Having a meal with a comrade thousand miles away from
home, how can our initial greetings be so long winded?
Come on, let's eat.
No alcohol? Should this be
the way to entertain our guest?
Looks like you've made up
your mind to make me rich,
bringing the most wanted and highest
rewarded Jung Chae-san in front of me.
What are you trying to do? There's nothing
to be afraid of when you're young, is that it?
I have forgotten about
fear a very long time ago.
Why, are you scared now?
Didn't you become close to me for this?
The person is right in front
of you now. Why not make a move?
I can get rid of Jung Chae-san.
You may give it a try.
If I leave now, you'll all be in danger.
With the rumour of the government house's Captain Lee Jung-chool drinking
overnight with Heroic Corps head Jung Chae-san, and calling each other "brother,"
the news will surely
spread throughout Shanghai.
Are you threatening me?
Don't you know your situation now?
Since you've been here,
has Higashi looked for you?
Why do you think the Japanese who came with you,
are hiding the news of the Shanghai government?
He probably wants to
complete the mission himself.
I've seen many people who swing left and right
like you. In the end, they lose their head.
This is not as much as
I'd originally thought.
Let's drink to the max
and talk about our home.
Although my big brother is a big stone
head, his alcohol tolerance is low.
When did I become your big brother?
Come, both of you drink too.
Great, everybody cheers.
Come give me your cups.
So fast?
Captain Lee.
Do you like night fishing?
It's good to come here fishing
when you're feeling bored.
You'll forget all your fears while sitting
in the dark next to the river like this.
Do you feel afraid?
Of course.
I am an army who has lost my country.
Now strolling as a defector,
I am most confident in
my alertness of people.
Who will stand on my side, and
who will help me continue life.
These are my instinctive decisions.
I believe Captain Lee will help me.
I'm just a salaried policeman.
I'm the type of person who
only hunts for benefits.
I can't guarantee I'll change my view.
Captain Lee, please push
me into the water now.
If this is what you want, please do so.
Such opportunity will not come again.
How can you be so confident in yourself?
I don't trust people's
words, nor my own.
I've only believed in what I
should do, what a person should do.
Everybody will face uncertainties, have
questions on where we should place our stance.
Comrade Lee, your name. Where do you
want it written in the history books?
I'm leaving my time with Captain Lee.
Please help us. We have no choice.
I'm going crazy.
So troublesome, what should I do?
We only need to safely arrive
to Gyeongseong, that's all.
But there are too many stumbling blocks.
We'll handle the rest. We won't
make things difficult for you.
The decision is yours.
We won't blame you.
I'm no different from Jang-ok.
Even if I become a ghost,
I will not be a coward.
I don't know what I'll
become when we next meet.
Do you understand?
I'll pretend I don't know anything.
He's really going as far as to
open a factory. He really trusts me.
These are fake. Fake.
I'll pretend I don't know anything.
He is really going as far as to
open a factory, he really trusts me.
Kim Woo-jin wants to go to Gyeongseong. Comrade Lee
applied two travel passes. Who do you think he's going with?
Of course, it's Jung
Chae-san, Jung Chae-san.
Kim Woo-jin is the second in line. He's going to
the port tomorrow. Quickly apply for a warrant.
Is the intel accurate?
I can claim all the rewards myself.
Don't believe me? Go ask around outside.
Are you Kang Jong-ki?
Is there anyone else here besides me?
Is Jung Chae-san really here?
Our target is to bring these
explosives safely to Gyeongseong.
We'll split up and go in
disguise to hide these explosives.
The most powerful ones are in that box.
Where are they?
Even if we face any
unexpected event on the way,
this box needs to arrive
safely to Gyeongseong.
We can only continue searching.
I'll send more men tomorrow
to the Shanghai port.
Let's go.
Everybody leaves from
the Gyeongseong station,
and when we meet at the final meet up
point, our mission will then be complete.
The bomb boxes, me and Seo Jin-dol will use
the train to deliver them to Andong Station.
Seo-im will collect those boxes from Andong
station, and move them to the warehouse. That's all.
Good, everybody must arrive at
Andong safely and we shall meet there.
The end.
What? What's going on?
Where's Kim Woo-jin?
We've searched all over the port.
We've looked all over the
port and we can't find him.
How can you work this way?
What did your spy say?
He's not sure of the details.
He's at the bottom rank.
You've been using such a
useless spy this whole time?
We do have a higher ranking spy, but we don't
meet often to avoid exposing their identity.
Then you should have informed me!
We all should have a completed plan!
Do you think this is my decision?
I'm just obeying orders from above.
So the higher-ups are excluding
me from the operation this round?
Was it Higashi's order?
Captain Lee's intel is questionable.
This is a fact, isn't it?
Do you think I've fabricated the intel?
If the intel is rubbish,
shouldn't we replace the informant?
Where did you spend all the money?
If it's not the ship,
it's the train, train.
Where to go?
They must have operated individually, and met
at Andong before going to Gyeongseong together.
What? Are you sure?
Jung Chae-san is risking his
life to go to Gyeongseong?
Are you sure?
I'm not too sure if Jung Chae-San
is following along this time around.
What? But Jung Chae-san
is the most important now,
and you said you're not sure
if Jung Chae-san is following.
For that, based on my informant,
Kim Woo-jin, Yun Gye-soon are operating
as a group, moving and meeting at Andong.
Get out now and report to me over
here! This disrespectful bastard!
Tell me now, why is it important if the
resistance group is going to Gyeongseong?
Where did Jung Chae-san
go? Jung Chae-san!
We have no information yet.
Who gave you such intel?
It's someone within them who they are
traveling along with to Gyeongseong.
Does this sound right? If he was a core member,
he should have known where Jung Chae-san went.
According to Heroic Corps internal, no one should
know the exact whereabouts of Jung Chae-san.
They will only disclose right
before each secret mission.
That's why I asked who
that person is, bastard.
Okay, okay. We can't talk about it now.
You shall continue checking
on Jung Chae-san's whereabouts.
Okay, let's move.
If this is false intel,
what should we do?
Heroic Corps's Jung Chae-san,
if we fail to capture him,
we'll go back empty handed.
No, this is an accurate intel.
This spy is 100% reliable.
We have promised him a thick reward.
Kim Jang-ok's hiding place
was also disclosed by him,
or we wouldn't have had such close
opportunity approaching Jung Chae-san.
Good, I think we have to act fast.
The train heading to Gyeongseong
will leave in 5 minutes.
The train leaving to Gyeongseong will
depart soon. Please board the train on time.
We will split up and search.
Which side do you want to go with?
Yun Gye-soon and the westerner should be at
the express cabin. I'll look for Yun Gye-soon.
Want to claim the rewards all by yourself by
catching Yun Gye-soon, huh? Is that what you meant?
Then you go there, I'll look over here.
Really, on this train? No mistake?
I'm going to go get some air.
What happened, why are you here?
You're exposed. Where's Yun Gye-soon?
Is she with the westerner?
Yes, they're in the first class cabin.
Hashimoto went there.
What? The mission on this train is
only disclosed to my team, how come...?
Now there's a spy within your team.
Kim Jang-ok was also
exposed by that bastard.
I'm now in such awkward
situation because of you.
Long story short, we must stop Hashimoto
and not let him search everywhere.
I'll think of a way. You better
think of what you should do now.
There's a spy within your
team on the train now.
Help me look after this bag.
Nothing there?
Looks like nothing.
I know now.
Can you please sit here?
I think that us going around
searching will alert the enemy.
After all, if we find them, we'll
have to wait till we reach Gyeongseong.
If we can't capture everyone, we have to
consider that the resistance may attack.
So if we found Kim Woo-jin, or any other
suspicious person, we have to observe them quietly.
We can arrest them in one swoop
at Gyeongseong. What do you think?
There is some sense in your words.
All right, then we shall work quietly.
We'll act normal like tourist,
and inspect in the dark.
Then do you we still
search through the travellers?
Yes, of course.
- No...
- I meant I will take careful action.
We need to capture them in
one swoop and not alert them.
I understand.
Each of us shall search
through different cabins.
Sorry, I'm just a passer-by.
What happened to my kid's diaper?
The smell was really bad, so...
Pretend you don't know me. Quickly, go!
15 minutes. The cabin in between.
Damn it.
When we leave the train at Gyeongseong,
we need to change the meetup point.
I feel the meetup
point has been exposed.
Really? Time and location.
Golden Shepherd Hotel, 4 oclock.
I'll tell the rest, don't approach
the others now to avoid complications.
If something goes wrong,
show your travel pass and make a scene. You're
a foreigner. They cannot do anything to you.
Once we arrive at Gyeongseong station, I
want you to take the bombs and rendezvous
at Jongno Tongtaehwa hotel at 5 o'clock.
To take preventive measures, we need to
change the meetup point at Gyeongseong.
The new meet up point is
Golden Shepherd hotel.
6 o'clock.
Golden Shepherd hotel, 6 o'clock.
We have changed the place, Jongno
Tongtaehwa hotel, 4 o'clock.
Jongno Tongtaehwa hotel, 4 o'clock.
Dae Song Dong Tailor Shop, 5 o'clock.
Do not let anyone know,
including Shim Sang-do.
I know.
I say, always bumping into you.
I'm in a risky position too.
Please listen to what
I'm going to say now.
I've told all my members, each
of them about the change of plan.
I've given them each a
different time and meeting point.
So before we arrive,
that spy should disclose the
information to Hashimoto's informant.
This will be the spy, the same
person who betrayed Jang-ok.
I've told you it's risky to meet.
You'll only need to let me
know the time and location.
Why should I join your plan?
Please give me a reason.
If they find out you've worked
with us, you'll be in danger too.
Think about it, you have been
giving false intel to the Japanese.
That's why we boarded the train safely.
Prentending to be your people and
getting close to you is my job.
I am a spy, this is
what Higashi permitted.
But you've done a dangerous thing with
us that Higashi doesn't know about.
This fella. You're threatening
me the minute you see me.
We have no other choice now!
Tell me what should I do?
Ignite the explosive, die together?
just let us arrive Gyeongseong safely.
I'll wait for you at the
cafe. Quickly, go now.
Damn, fella.
I'm not sure if they're disguised as
old men. I couldn't find them at all.
Have to search again. How's your side?
Have you found our Heroic Corps spy?
I've just met him.
Looks like they have
some change in plans.
So this is our strategy.
The shadow we have
arranged in Heroic Corps,
he will expose those core members
Kim Woo-jin, Yun Gye-soon and others.
The Heroic Corps members don't
know that we're on the train,
so they will head to the train station.
We have our people
surround the train station.
Once they're in the station,
they'll be arrested in one swoop.
So you're saying you won't touch
them until we reach Gyeongseong?
Yes, I'm listening to your advice.
I feel that we are outnumbered by Heroic
Corps members. We may be in danger.
For now, we will have to wait
quietly until we reach Gyeongseong.
We can finally sweep Heroic Corps.
The day to capture Jung Chae-san seems
to be nearing. This is getting exciting.
I'll go get some beer.
Do you want to join?
No, I'm not drinking. You go ahead.
Of course, we've been busy this whole time.
Get some rest. I'll be back in a short while.
May I know what you want to order?
Can you give me a beer?
I'll go get some paper towels.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Please excuse me.
It's okay, never mind,
let's continue our meal.
Everything's okay?
I thought you were in
trouble when I didn't see you.
It's too boring in the cabin. Went
out for some fresh air. Any news?
Where? What time?
Golden Shepherd Hotel.
Golden Shepherd Hotel.
4 o'clock.
4 o'clock.
You have to think carefully. Don't cause
trouble on the train, or we'll all die together.
You're on your own from now on.
Don't look for...
Hey, Kim Woo-jin. Looks
like we have to end here.
Didn't you say you'd rest at your seat?
I thought it over,
and decided to join
Captain Lee for a beer.
A cup of beer, please.
Nice disguise.
Is there nothing to tell me?
Don't you think this person looks
like someone we're looking for?
What are you talking about?
Damn bastard. From now
onwards, I will be in command.
I will be ordering, and
you should just follow.
I'm a policeman, show
me your identification.
Wait, don't move.
My ID is in the bag, do
you want to get it yourself?
You two listen carefully,
or we can all die here.
This will depend on who
takes out the other first.
You have to think carefully.
Kim Woo-jin.
You bastard!
Get away, get away!
Damn bastard, you never listen to me.
Get away, get away!
I am a Japanese Police Captain.
I'm on an operation. Do not
panic, get back to your seats.
Everyone, get back to your seat!
Did you have a change of heart?
It's not a change of
heart, but determination.
I've lost faith a long time ago.
I've given up.
How can you give up so easily?
If only we could have success at least
once, I wouldn't have changed so easily.
Do you really think we can obtain independence
by risking our lives and throwing a few bombs?
I can't act ignorant anymore.
Even if we manage to reach
Gyeongseong, it doesn't change anything.
We have no hope.
I'm giving us a way out...
Giving us a way out? Who to
who? From you to me? To us?
If wasn't for you, you all, I
would have exposed everything.
Just because you're my
friend, you're my family.
Shouldn't you thank me?
I want to avenge Jang-ok.
I am not your friend, and
I have no empathy for you.
Are you going to let this
westerner kill me? Really?
On behalf of Heroic Corps, I am
exterminating the enemy's spy.
See you in hell.
Once we reach Gyeongseong,
I do not know you.
Bring this off the train with you.
After this goodbye, if it's
not you who's dead, it'll be me.
Or we'll both die.
Gyeongseong Station
No, I am not this person.
- Arrest him.
- No, you can't do this to me!
Yun Gye-soon!
Give way! Give way!
Arrest him!
Give way! Give way!
Calm down, calm down, calm down.
Let go of me!
Calm down.
How's your body?
I can work immediately.
A gun shot and falling off a train,
and yet you look only lightly injured.
What a luck.
It's sad to lose Hashimoto,
but you have done a good job.
I've heard you've thrown a good
bait to capture the big fish.
Can you recognise her?
I know you can speak many languages,
but Joseon should be your most fluent.
Here is a person who can
speak with you in Joseon.
Ask her the whereabouts of Kim Woo-jin.
Where is Kim Woo-jin?
Wait a minute.
How is this enough?
Kim Woo-jin. Where is Kim Woo-jin?
You'll be all right once you talk.
I don't know, I really don't know.
Captain Lee.
Yes, sir.
Do it.
Do it.
Quickly, quickly.
- Say it now, quickly, say it!
- I don't know!
- Faster, say it quickly!
- I don't know! No, no!
Say quickly, fast!
I beg you, say it fast, tell us quickly!
Your facial complexion is bad.
It's not like that.
I've heard you two got
along very well in Shanghai.
Are you suspicious of me?
Everyone has suspected you from
the beginning, except for me.
After all, it's an informant's
job, during operations,
it's common practice not to
question every single thing.
Gensui Count Terauchi Masatake
once said this sentence:
"Joseon people can only choose between
obeying Japanese ruling or death."
Too bad you are Joseon.
So whatever you did,
I will let bygones be bygones.
Bring Kim Woo-jin here.
I am going now.
Heo Chul-joo.
Heo Chul-joo.
Now that you've mentioned it, when
will the weather be warm again?
Bring him away.
Please confirm again.
You get out now.
How can you treat me like this.
Please verify the passport again.
I have a right to be here.
Faster, go, faster!
Mother, I need to go far away,
you must wait for me alive.
Mother must wait for me alive, mother!
Not going off yet?
Hey, Joo Dong-sung.
Woo-jin came to my house.
He asked me to look for Captain Lee
Jung-chool, to create a fake ID card.
He said you'd help him.
Kim Woo-jin.
How is everybody?
Gye-soon must be suffering.
Look at you. You used
to be so confident.
Leave, quickly.
This is the pass to go on-board
a Japanese charcoal ship.
You can get to the ship if
you travel to Incheon now.
How is my brother?
I haven't seen him.
Then what are you doing here?
Joo Dong-sung.
Didn't you ask Joo Dong-sung
to look for me? ID card?
There, chase him!
Capture him alive!
Shoot his leg!
Kim Woo-jin.
Lee Jung-chool ran.
Kim Woo-jin.
Did you really believe
Lee Jung-chool? Really?
Lee Jung-chool is the
one who exposed you.
Where are the explosives?
Under your feet.
Looks like you have been treated too
gently, still full of spirit and energy.
I don't know how long this will
take, but you will tell me eventually.
That will never happen.
Is Yun Gye-soon your lover?
Want to listen to an interesting story?
You must have thought your
failure was because of a spy,
But we were able to capture Yun
Gye-soon, whom we have not seen,
because we have this
photo of Yun Gye-soon.
It's from your photo studio.
Let's see how long you can resist this.
Strong-willed and hard boned, right?
Let's start.
He has bitten his tongue.
We still can't find the explosives?
We have captured Lee Jung-chool.
We will start the public trial.
Defendant, please give your statement.
Lee Jung-chool.
Lee Jung-chool.
Please come to the front.
Please give your statement.
In order to retrieve the
explosives from Kim Woo-jin,
and to successfully pass on to the police
force, I purposely delayed reporting.
I was waiting for the arrival
of the Gyeongseong station police
and to capture everyone in one swoop.
I've always abided by police duties,
hoping to be successful
and to rise up positions.
I've always believe in this by
giving my upmost in operations.
I have only fulfilled my
duty as a Japanese policeman.
I am not a member of Heroic Corps.
I just wanted to
manipulate Kim Woo-jin.
I am not his comrade or friend.
I am innocent.
This Japanese dog!
You will go to hell, son of a bitch!
Can't wait to kill you!
Hey, Lee Jung-chool!
One month later
Hey Mr. Dumb.
Yun Gye-soon just
passed away this morning.
Why is it so small?
It's that beautiful prisoner.
From China, no one
knows her, and no family.
Can't find a right place to bury
her, can't throw her away either.
There is no time. Excuse me, excuse me.
You haven't eaten at all?
Do you have no appetite?
Are you going out?
Where is Minister Higashi?
There is an evening dinner tonight.
The police club is having
a Kendo's night event.
Who's going to the party?
The Japanese government officials, high
ranks from the police force, governors.
It's a Japanese party.
Help me take care of the explosive.
I'll draw them away, so you
can hide those explosives.
You're a mad and crazy
man, until the very end.
Still making deals with me.
Even if you're captured,
never disclose this.
You should never say you're a member
of Heroic Corps until you're dead.
We need at least one survivor,
so that our plan will have hope.
So that we aren't
sacrificing for nothing.
Thank you. If it wasn't for you,
we would not have come this far.
Kill him, kill him!
Everyone, Minister Higashi is here!
Let's go.
Officer, officer!
Is the rumour true?
Quiet, quiet!
Hey. Hey, Mr. Dumb.
Have you heard?
There was a huge explosion
at the Japan's club.
Many casualties and many people wounded.
I heard it was a big
mess. It's like man's hell.
And I've heard the Heroic
Corps explosive from Shanghai,
they have not found even half of it.
This is the scariest part.
Okay, it's better than being
confiscated by the Japanese.
But here is the issue, it'll be trouble
if others know I'm funding the army.
You have to promise me, to keep this
a secret before the independence.
Do you think we will
have independence, sir?
We have people like you,
independence is a matter of time.
Sir, how much is this worth?
I'll say, there are way more of these badges in
Gyeongseong than there are dogs in the streets.
Please, tell me, how much do you need?
The amount you've earned
from betraying Kim Jang-ok.
Who told you this? Jo
Hwe-ryung or Joo Dong-sung?
This is a gift for you.
We must succeed.
Is everything good for the chief?
Yes, he is good.
When he heard of the operation,
he cried for a long time.
And he said this:
"We have to move forward
even when we fail.
"By moving forward, we are
stepping on our failures.
"We will stand on higher
ground in the end."
Anything you want to tell the chief?
"We shall meet again."
We have to move forward
even when we fail.
By moving forward, we are
stepping on our failures.
We will stand on higher
ground in the end.