The Agnostic (2023) Movie Script

-[crowd applauding]
-[man] Hallelujah.
Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah!
First give an honor to God,
who is the head of my life.
Pastor, church and saints.
I would like to introduce,
visiting all the way
from Camp Springs, Maryland,
Reverend Doctor Jonathan Wright.
[crowd applauds]
Thank you.
And without further ado,
please stand to your feet
and welcome Pastor Brown.
[Pastor Brown]
Let the church say amen.
-[crowd] Amen!
-Let the church say amen.
-[crowd] Amen!
-Let the church say amen.
[church] Amen!
[Pastor Brown] This is the day
that the Lord has made
and we should be glad in it.
-[church] Amen!
Saints, we got
a special gift for you today.
[woman] All right, Pastor!
I see, I see this voice
in here that you need to hear.
Please receive her,
receive sister Autumn.
Would you come up, please?
[Pastor Brown] [indistinct]
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Praise the Lord, everyone.
-[crowd] Praise the Lord!
-[woman] Yes.
[Autumn] Some of you know,
whenever I come,
Pastor's gonna get me to sing.
-[crowd] Yes!
-[man] Bless you.
Well, I know that this song
isn't popular anymore,
but it's a favorite
of my grandmother's
and it simply says,
"Do not pass me by."
[overlapping agreements]
You know, we're going through
so many things in life
and situations are happening,
and we don't know what to do.
We just want the Lord
not to forget about us
and hold us up.
-Be our strength.
Mm. Sing the song, baby.
You got this.
-[man] Yes.
[man] Hallelujah!
Pass me not
O gentle savior
[crowd] Yes!
Hear my humble
While on others
Thou art calling
[crowd] Yes!
O Lord
Do not
Pass me
Me by
[crowd] Yes!
I'm singing Savior
Savior, Savior
O Lord, I need you to hear
My humble
While on others
Thou art
Lord, do not
Pass me by
[cheering and applauding]
[Autumn's husband] Let's pray.
Dear Lord, bless this food
that we are about to receive
and may it nourish our bodies.
Also, bless the hands
that prepared it.
do you really
have to go in tonight?
Do I have to? No.
But do I need to?
I mean, look around you, Autumn.
This lifestyle
comes with a price.
with the price having to be
me spending
quality time with my husband?
Because if so,
I'm perfectly okay
with downsizing
to a two-bedroom condo.
Imani's about to start
school anyway.
Right, honey?
[gospel music plays]
A prestigious college,
I might add.
I have to win this new contract.
We have to. Okay?
We need our best people
on the team.
This is our biggest client.
I have to go in
and that's just what it is.
[Autumn chuckling]
If you say so.
[gospel music building]
[phone ringing]
What happened?

No! No!
[sobbing, wailing]

[soft piano music plays]
[Autumn] Yeah, so,
we're gonna finalize everything
and thank you for choosing us.
You will not be disappointed.
Where's Imani?
She's 20 minutes late.
-She's not here.
Paul, can you hold on
for a second?
-[Paul over phone] Sure.
-What are you talking about?
She's not here.
This girl. [sighs]
[calling tone ringing]
-[Imani over phone] Yes?
Where are you?
[Imani] I changed my mind.
You changed your mind?
-Do you know--
-[knocking on doorframe]
You have a call on line three.
-Who is it?
-A Jamal Mosley.
I don't even know who that is.
Can you take a message?
Will do.
Do you understand what it took
for me to set this up?
[whispers] Paul.
[whispers] I know, I know.
-Imani, hold on.
-[keypad clicking]
-[Paul] Yes?
-Are you still there?
-[Paul] I am.
He says it's important.
Paul, I'm gonna
have to call you back.
[Paul] No problem.
This girl done hung up on me.
[groans] My God.
Jesus, take the wheel.
You were saying?
It-- it's urgent.
He-- he says
it's regarding your...
your husband.
My husband?
Put him through.
-This is Autumn.
-[Jamal] Hello.
I'm Jamal. Jamal Mosley.
How can I help you?
Can we just meet for lunch?
Grab a coffee or something?
You knew my husband?
[Jamal] Not personally.
Okay, well, whatever it is
you wanna discuss--
Jamal, right?
Can we just do it
right now over the phone?
[Jamal] It's best that
I tell you in person.
Uh, I'll put my assistant on
and you can give her
the address.

It is so, so nice to meet you.
So, uh,
you want something to drink?
You thirsty at all?
Mm, actually, I'm not thirsty
and honestly,
I really don't have
a lot of time,
so if we can just get
straight to the point?
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be rude.
It's just that
it's been a really crazy day.
Well, your husband and my wife
were having an affair.
Your wife?
Um, how do you even know?
Those are from that night.
That's not [indistinct].
I had to hire
a private investigator
who was just fortunate enough
to survive that whole shooting.
It's a year later.
Why now?
What does it even matter?
So, I basically was just...
casually scrolling
through the pictures
of the families
of the victims...
and I came across yours
and I said, "Wow."
So, I decided
I would like to meet you.
It's a little too late
for revenge, don't you think?
This has nothing to do
with revenge.
So, let me get this straight.
You pulled me
out of my very busy,
crazy, hectic day,
to tell me that you like me?
Do I have to
spell it out for you?
Yeah. Nah.
-I gotta go.
-Autumn, wait, wait.
Hold on one second.
Can I at least get
your cell phone number?

[Amber sighs]
[Amber] Wow, Autumn.
[Amber sighs]
I don't even know what to say.
I suspected it.
You know?
We always know.
I just chose to turn a blind eye
and it's obvious Jamal didn't.
Amber, I have to be honest.
When it comes to my faith-- Ooh.
I really need to
rebuild it, because...
I've been having
a lot of questions.
Like what?
We could just
talk about it later.
I really gotta get focused,
need to get back to work.
And you need to get out
and go back to work, too.
Uh, what did you want me to do
about that intern position?
Don't do anything.
Just hold it,
because I need to find out
what's going on with Imani.
[Amber] Gotcha.
Why? Why, Imani, really?
Ma, I'm 18.
I don't have to
explain myself to you.
Girl, as long as I pay
the bills in this house,
you do.
Just because you pay the bills
doesn't mean
you get to control me.
Sorry, but that's exactly
what it means.
Where do you think you're going?
The studio.
You need to be focused.
You have applications
to complete
from Howard,
Spelman and Hampton.
What is the real issue, Mom?
There's a deadline.
That's the issue.
Fine! I'll-- I'll do it.
But I'm following my dreams.
Sorry you didn't.
[Autumn sighs]
This girl is driving me crazy.

For all the money this man has,
he comes in here every day
with some Marshalls
fit on, like--
Just really think
about it, though.
That's like this,
like, TV show I watch,
where, like, pe--
there's physical people
named after a brand.
-That's him. Literally.
-[Imani laughs]
All this money,
all these bottles
and he come in here
with that same $7 shirt on.
-It doesn't make sense.
And he's named after trash,
because he comes here
with trash outfits all the time.
Let me see what you got so far.
Got you.
[lo-fi hip hop beat plays]
I like it.
I like where it's going.
On a rainy day
Imani, can you step
outside for a second?
On a rainy day
On a rainy day
Look, man,
I don't pay you to joke around.
I pay you to work.
She literally just got here.
It's not even like that.
That sounds
like an excuse to me.
All right, I hear you.

What did he say?
I don't even know what he said.
[mockingly] "I don't pay you
to joke around,
I pay you to work."
We can have a little fun.
And he had a stain on his pants.
-I saw it.
-[Imani laughing]
["Come Thou Long Expected
Jesus" by Salt Of the Sound]
Come Thou long expected...
[cell phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[calling tone]
[Autumn] Hello?
-Excuse me?
-[Autumn] What?
You were supposed to say,
"Hello, Jamal."
Assuming I knew who you were?
You don't have caller ID?
Just like I thought.
So, the next time I call,
I expect you to say,
"Hello, Jamal."
You do not run the show.
Israel's strength...
[calling tone]
[clicks tongue] Oh,
but you calling back, though.
Okay. Hello?
Okay. You can have that one.
I'm gonna give you that one.
So, are we hanging out
this weekend or what?
[Autumn] Hanging out?
Yeah, I was thinking
like a park or something.
The weather's nice.
[sighs] The park?
Yes, the park.
We could talk freely
without worrying
about a waitress just running
us out of the restaurant,
you know what I mean?
[Autumn] And if I get hungry?
I'll invite you
back to my place.
I'll cook for you.
No. Never mind.
The park is fine.
[Jamal] Nice.
-I'll call you back later.
This guy is a trip. [sighs]
[sighs, hums]
Time to concentrate...
on Autumn.
Born Thy people to...
[clicks tongue]
It's just you and me, baby girl.
Born a child
And yet a king
Born to reign in us
[Jamal] What's up, man?
You're starting to gray.
[scoffs] [indistinct] with me?
[indistinct lyrics]
Your cooking sucks.
I'm going riding
tonight after I get off.
That's cool.
Hey, just be careful.
I got you.
Rule in all our hearts
[indistinct lyrics]
[indistinct lyrics]
[Jamal laughing]
What are you laughing at?
So, my son tells me
earlier today
that he is tired
of eating my cooking.
So, you ain't even gonna try
to hook it up?
Look, my kitchen is spotless--
What's your son's name again?
He's a junior.
Just-- just call him JJ.
Oh, Lord. Another Jamal.
The earth's not ready.
So, how is your daughter?
You tell me, Sherlock Holmes.
I know that she is 17
and her name is Imani, right?
She actually just turned 18.
And she's good, you know?
Like any other typical teenager,
a know-it-all.
You reap what you sow,
you know?
What do you mean by that?
Bonita. That was my wife's name.
If she had been where she was
supposed to be that night,
she'd still be alive today.
And then people blame God.
They blame their parents,
they blame everybody
but themselves.
Everything that happens
to us is a direct result
of the decisions we make.
So, as far as I'm concerned,
she had it coming.
Oh, jeez. Okay, um.
We could have had the appetizers
before dipping
into the main course.
But you know what?
-It's been a wacky year.
And really difficult
for all of us.
So, how are you?
I was leveling out
until you confirmed
what I already knew was true.
I haven't found
any answers that make sense.
I guess it was God's will
You see?
It's statements like that.
Why do people always say that
when things don't work out?
Are you just gonna
roll over and die?
[in high pitched voice]
"Oh! Oh, my God.
I guess I just--
I guess it's just God's will.
I just-"
Because maybe it is!
So, let me guess.
God blessed you with a job,
your house, and your car.
[scoffs] As a matter of fact,
yes, he did.
Thank you, Lord.
I don't get it.
Why do people pray for things
that God has already given us
the ability to get on our own?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
First of all,
what does this mean?
And do you even believe in God?
To be honest with you?
-Okay. Bye. Adios.
You know what I'm saying
makes sense, though.
Au revoir!
[water running]
[serene music plays]
[phone ringing]
Hold on, is my son okay?
Come running now
Come running now
I need your shelter
from the storm
Come running now
Come running now
I need your shelter
from the storm
Come running now
Come running now
-[Amber] He said what?
-[Autumn] You heard me.
He's an agnostic
and he doesn't believe in God.
You know,
that don't sit well with me.
Well, that was fast.
I mean,
he seems to have it all together
on the outside, but...
[sighs] ...underneath...
there's a lot to unpack.
But isn't that the case
with all of us?
It is.
But some of the stuff this man
says actually makes sense.
[scoffs] Autumn.
I know. I know, I know.
Don't make me start
quoting scriptures up in here.
Please don't.
That's how Satan gets you.
He's tall, chocolate and fine.
And look at you.
All crazy, losing your mind.
But seriously, though.
This last year
has been the absolute worst.
I pray. No answer.
I ask why.
No answer.
And the toughest part
about this is that...
it's really hard with Imani.
We're not even close anymore.
I feel like
I'm out here by myself.
Like God has abandoned me.
Like he don't love me anymore.
But I know that
I'm still standing, because...
Amber, I refuse to give up.
I refuse to give up.
God has not forgotten you.
That's what
everyone keeps saying.
But honestly...
the time
I spent with Jamal earlier?
That's the best I've ever felt
in a long time.
I'm just so confused.
[sighs] This is a lot.
[upbeat lo-fi melody plays]
You think I sound good?
You should hear my mom.
-Oh, for real?
She's, like, amazing,
but I wouldn't tell her that.
I got you, I totally get it.
What's on your mind? Talk to me.
I just wish
I could sleep here tonight.
I hate going home.
This is my home.
I know. I can totally get you.
I feel like
my mom doesn't even know
who I am anymore.
Like, we don't even talk.
She just tells me what to do.
Listen, I'm sorry to hear that,
but you can't stay here.
At all.
Because you know
how your mom is.
What if your mom
came in here right now
and saw you sleep after hours?
You got a music career.
If Mr. T saw you here
after hours?
I don't have a job, so...
[sighs] Why?
You know Mr. T, man.
You know him.
He's got a thing
for younger girls.
What? [laughs]
-[Dion] I know.
-[Imani groans]
That-- that is
really freaking gross.
Why do you still work for him?
Look, he got street credit
and he be putting people on.
I can't afford
all this equipment,
so I gotta work for him
until I get it.
But once I get it,
I'm out of here.
But no, for real.
I want you to be careful.
I'm serious.
Keep an eye on him.
Sleep with one eye open.
[indistinct talking on TV]
Where have you been?
No text. No call.
Sorry, rushing. I'm late.
Imani! Iman-
Did you not hear me
talking to you?
I asked you a question.
I answered you.
I asked you the question.
Not your back.
[man on TV] Give me the phone.
Will I be charged
for this extra hour?
I don't know. Probably not.
If so, I'm taking it right
out of your checking account.
Okay. Is that it?
I don't know
what's going on with you.
But I need you to fix it
'cause I don't like it.
[man on TV] You know I'm gonna
put you in detention, right?
-[phone ringing]
[melancholy music building]
I can't.
Don't believe the hype, son.
It is not just the white man.
The enemy comes in all shapes,
colors and sizes,
so don't make any judgments,
good or bad,
based off of skin color.
You judge them
based off their actions.
And think before you act.
You're a Black man.
A Black man is not afforded
the opportunity
of multiple screw-ups.
You'll suffer the consequences
of your mistakes
for the rest of your life.
I guarantee it.
It's the curse of a man, son.
So just minimize it, okay?
What do you mean?
Son, it's like
when a professional athlete
gets injured, all right?
It's gonna be a lot of time,
a lot of money,
a lot of rehab is necessary
in order for that player
to return to the game.
Sometimes based off the injury,
they're never the same.
But it's not their fault
that they get injured.
But if you go out there
and start making those babies,
you're slinging dope...
you kill somebody,
or you rob a bank.
Whose fault is that?
The rehab, the recovery,
and the consequences
are all the same.
It could take you
a lifetime to bounce back.
In some cases,
you may never bounce back.
So, think before you act.

[people talking indistinctly]
-[Autumn] Yeah, Pastor really--
-[Rashad] Sister Autumn.
Sister Autumn. Oh, my.
I've been--
I've been running for days
trying to get to you.
-Um, so--
-Hey, Rashad.
Hey, hey.
Hey. No offense, sweetie.
Um, so, I was wondering, um..
Okay, so, I was wondering if,
um, maybe you might want to
kind of, like,
go out to dinner
with me one day?
But before you speak.
Before you speak.
I would have you know
that turning me down today
would be very unchristian-like.
I mean, provided
we are in front of a church,
-on a Sunday, on holy ground.
-[Autumn laughs]
Any other day
would be good, but today?
Not so much.
You don't have
to call me Sister Autumn.
-Okay. Right.
-Autumn is fine.
yes, I-- I'll go
on a date with you.
Thank you, Jesus!
She just-- She-- Okay.
Okay, um-- What was I--
A card! Okay, um-- Okay.
Listen, take the card.
Um, the business number on it,
don't call that.
I don't know why it's on there,
it doesn't work anymore,
um, but the other one,
please text it.
Please. Pretty please. Will you?
-Will you?
-I'll text you, Rashad.
[Rashad chuckles]
Did you say yes?
Thank you, Jesus! I knew it!
I knew you could--
Can you say corny? [laughs]
-[Rashad] Huh?
-But he is kind of cute.
-Oh, my God. He heard me.
-[Autumn laughs]

So, what do you think about
the place and the cool menus?
Oh, I like it.
It-- it's really nice.
Beautiful, right?
Yeah, I love
the outdoor seating.
Watch what you say.
This isn't beautiful.
You are. This is sub-par.
[waitress] Can I bring
you guys some water
or something to drink?
Sure, I'll have
a glass of water.
Thank you.
[Rashad] Me too, please.
Thank you.
Wow, you're so beautiful.
Anyway, so what do you see?
You see anything?
I actually was looking
at the house salad.
It looked really good, so.
[Rashad chuckling] No.
No, you-- No.
The stars are aligning.
This is destiny.
This is meant to be.
God sends messages to show--
Thank you.
God said what
he has put together,
let no man put asunder.
Thank you, Jesus.
This was meant to be, I--
I was thinking the same thing.
[Autumn sighs] Thank you.
-Are you guys ready to order?
-Yes, uh--
-[Autumn] Yes.
Um, I actually was thinking
about the house salad.
So was I.
So, you're a leader
in the youth department, right?
Yeah. Yeah, that's correct.
Okay, have you
ever been married?
Do you have children?
Nope. Still single.
So, why the youth department?
Probably because
I'm still a big kid myself.
I can see that.
-Oh, can you?
[Autumn chuckling]
Um-- You know,
I was-- I was thinking.
You have an amazing voice.
Thank you.
Have you been singing
all your life?
Since I can remember.
So, have you put out
any records?
-I actually have.
-Wow, really?
Well, what happened? Tell me.
Life happened.
I'm sorry.
Oh, here's the salads.
That looks delicious. Thank you.
Give us about 10 or 15 minutes
on the entrees, okay?
Thank you.
Wow. Um.
I guess that's our loss.
Well, not so much.
I mean, we do still get
to hear you on Sundays, right?
Yeah, you do.
Maybe we should pray
over the food.
Good idea.
I'm-- I'm sorry. You just--
Okay, yeah, um. Let's pray.
I like to, uh, touch and agree.
Dear God, thank you
for preparing this food
and, uh, bless the hands
who prepared it.
And I also ask
that you bless Autumn's heart
to be able to accept being
in a new relationship with--
What did you---
I'm-- I'm kidding, I'm kidding,
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

[calling tone]
[automated voice]
Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic
voice message system.
[Imani] Yeah, that sounds--
You made that?
That is so--
-[knock on door]
-Good morning.
-Um, can we talk?
I'm on the phone.
Like, right now?
You know what?
I'll just catch you later.
I'll-- I'll call you back.
I miss my daughter.
-[Imani] I miss you, too, Mom.
-Come sit down.
You can be honest.
Just tell me.
What am I doing wrong?
I don't know you.
I don't even
recognize you anymore.
When did you start
feeling this way?
After your dad died?
What do you mean?
What happened?
Between you and dad.
What happened?
Baby, what are you
talking about?
That's-- that's what
I'm talking about, Mom.
I'm 18.
I'm not a baby anymore.
I could tell
dad was seeing another woman.
I'm his daughter
and I could feel it.
And you're telling me,
as his wife,
you couldn't see it?
And-- and you guys
just walked around
pretending like everything
was okay, going to church,
smiling and laughing
at each other.
And that just forced me
to do it too, to pretend.
But I'm done, I'm over it.
I don't want to live
my life full of hypocrisy.
I love singing, Mom.
That's what I wanna do
for the rest of my life.
Not go to college,
but you're forcing me
to apply to colleges
I don't even wanna go to.
Trying to get me a job
in an office that I dread.
That-- that terrifies me, Mom.
Who are you?
Mom, who are you? You're dead.
Your dreams are dead
and that's what you want for me.
[emotional music playing]
[scoffs] This is a lot.
God, I really need your help.
[sobbing] This is a lot.
This is a lot for me.
[Autumn sobbing]
[sighs] Okay.
[breathing deeply]
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, baby.
I know you are going
through a lot, too.
But I just want
the best for you.
That's all.
[sniffles] That's all.
["Everything Gets Better"
by Giants & Pilgrims playing]
[assistant] Well, yes.
She just walked in,
so I'll put you on a brief hold.
Okay. Thank you.
-[assistant] Yeah.
They were delivered
this morning.
-Who are they for?
-[assistant] They're for you.
I'm still waking up
Still waking up to today
I'm holding on
to my tomorrows
Shaking from my yesterdays
[both giggling]
Hold on, babe.
I do not want to miss this.
[Autumn] Miss what?
-If it's from Jamal--
-[Both] Or Rashad.
-[Autumn] Ah.
Girl, you are so nosy.
Whatever. Let's see.
[Autumn sighs]
"This is a token
of my appreciation
for gracing me
with your presence.
-[both laugh]
[Autumn] That's sweet.
That's really cute.
-So how was dinner?
I like him. He's funny.
That sounds like
a nice way of saying thanks,
but no, thanks.
No, I-- I actually had
a good time.
I think I'm gonna see him again.
-Okay, cool.
[Amber sighs]
How are you though?
[grunts] Girl, I'm stressed.
So, Imani finally
opened up to me
and she told me that she knew
that her father
was having an affair
and she was upset
because I was walking around
pretending I didn't know.
Yeah. It was a lot.
But did she say how she knew?
She said she had a feeling.
Kids, you know, they're smart.
You can't put anything
past them these days.
Yeah, you're right about that.
Well, I have a conference
call in about five minutes.
Wanna hang out later?
-Yeah, sounds like a plan.
-All right.
-All right, girl.
-See you later.
[Autumn sighs]
You hungry?
Uh, no, I'm good.
I am starving.
I haven't eaten all day.
You cool if I run to
the vending machine real quick?
Yeah. Do what you need to do.
Bet. I'll be right back.
Hey, Mr. T.
Hey, how you doing?
I'm all right.
Dion tell you about
the party this weekend?
Yeah, he mentioned it.
You coming?
I-- I don't know yet.
I have to talk to my mom.
-You're 18, right?
-[Imani] Mm-hm.
And you still need
permission from your mom?
Well, it was kind
of part of the deal.
Listen, the industry
is a dirty business.
That's why it's good
that you're on my label.
I take care of my people.
So, trust me,
when you come
to one of my parties,
you're in good hands.
[tense music building]
So, I'll be expecting
to see you this week, Imani.
I mean, come alone.
No parents allowed.
This is strictly
for my employees, okay?
Yeah, I-- I don't...
I've done a lot for you
and you need to understand
that in this business...
nothing is free.
What are you talking about?
You're 18.
You know exactly
what I'm saying.
-I'm leaving.
-Hey, hey. Where are you going?
Won't you have another session?
[Dion] Hold on. What's going on?
Hey, can you wait
for me in the lobby?
Hey, man, what you say to her?
Man, that ain't
none of your business.
If you go after her,
don't worry about coming back.
I'm not coming back.
Imani, please just listen.
Listen, just listen.
I just quit. Come on. Let's go.
[Dion] I just love coming here.
[Imani] I can see why.
So, what are you gonna do now?
You already know.
I'm 'bout to build that studio.
You're gonna keep
making music with me?
Don't ask me silly questions.
Of course I am.
Are you gonna sign me
to your label?
Now why would I do that?
With all the opportunities
out here, like,
you can make your own money,
make your own label,
be in charge of your own music.
So, how are you going
to make your money?
I'll just charge you per track.
[laughs] Okay.
-[tap running]
-[Autumn humming]
[Imani] Hey, Mom.
Oh, hey, baby.
[humming continues]
What's going on with you?
So, I won't be going back
to the studio.
Let's just say
Mr. T is a dirty old man.
What happened?
Nothing happened.
-Do I need to go--
-Mom, no.
-You don't need to go.
-Do not play.
It was handled, so don't worry.
Just know
you raised me very well.
Well, I'm glad to hear that,
but you're not off the hook.
I still wanna know
what happened.
Okay. Um...
He was like...
saying stuff to me that
was making me uncomfortable
and, like,
he cornered me at one point,
um, but Dion came in
so I-- I, like, ran
and then right after that,
Dion quit, too.
But he-- he's making
a home studio
so I can continue
producing my music with Dion.
I like Dion, Mom.
-I can tell you like Dion.
-[Imani giggling]
You're smiling from ear to ear,
all giddy and stuff.
Well, what is it about
this Dion that you like?
I like that
he cares about me a lot.
He quit because of me.
So, he's a protector.
Yeah, I guess so.
Well, I'm gonna have
to meet this Dion.
Make sure
he's the one for my baby.
-Whatever, Mom. [giggles]
-No, not whatever.
Set it up.
Imani's been doing really well,
-given the circumstances.
I'm proud of her.
You should be.
She's been through a lot.
Yeah, and she's been
teaching me a lot.
-How to relax.
Trust the process more.
Yeah. She's a good girl.
So, tell me,
why haven't you
been married before?
Short answer is, uh...
I've been waiting.
For you.
I know you're a little taller,
but um, you know.
-I'm serious.
-I-- I am too.
Listen, God gave me
all that I need
to be able to keep up
with someone like you.
-And then, uh, you know,
comes the real thing, I, uh...
We dated for
a couple of months, maybe two--
No, it's actually two years
and, um, got engaged
and I ultimately lost to a thug.
-Guess it's true what they say.
Nice guys, what do they do?
Finish last.
I don't believe
you've always been a saint.
Beg to differ.
Listen, um, can I let you in
on a little secret?
Don't judge me.
-I'm, uh...
still a virgin.
A what?
-Shut the front--
-[Rashad stammers]
-Wait, are you--
-You're serious?
That's unheard of. Okay.
How did you manage
to pull that off?
I've just been waiting.
I know. I know.
"I've been waiting
for you to drop
-into my life like some candy."
-[laughs] Yeah, yeah.
You definitely was about
to say something like that.
-You know my works.
-Yeah, I know your works,
-I know your works.
-You know my works, okay.
[both laughing]
I was coming with it, too.
-I was, I was.
-So silly.
-I mean, I have to admit...
-These last few days...
...have seemed
a little brighter.
Well, I'd like to think
I had something to do with that.
-I mean, you are silly.
-You make me laugh.
-Keep going.
-Okay. Right.
["Fight" by Nicoismusic playing]
Struggle don't last always
The victory
is yours and mine
You're gonna win
Stand in the mirror
And dry your last tear
Encourage yourself, yeah
And break the fear
Hold on, don't you give up
Stand strong,
you can make it
Don't you know who you are?
It's gonna work
in your favor
Hold on, don't you give up
Stand strong,
you can make it
Just gotta know who you are
It's gonna work
in your favor
Fight, fight
'Cause you're gonna win
'Cause you're gonna win
You're gonna win, yeah
You're gonna win
Yeah, fight
And we're gonna win, yeah
We're gonna win
Push through the hurt
Through the pain
Through the fire
Through the rain
(Through the fire)
It's gonna be all right
It's now or never, do or die
Love lasts forever,
get it right
Reach for the light
And fight
Oh, oh
You gotta hold on
[music fades]
[Dion] So, tell me
about your mom's new boyfriend.
Um, he's cool.
Just cool?
Yeah, I mean, I like him,
but-- but I think
my mom's settling.
How so?
When my-- I remember when
my mom and dad were together,
they had this, like,
certain energy and, like,
happiness to them,
but this situation
is just different.
I feel like you should tell her.
I don't know.
But I do like
that she's happier now
and, like, singing around
the house and stuff.
That's good.
Oh, speaking of which...
Um, what is this?
It's one of my mom's
old recordings.
Oh, shucks.
You mind if I, uh, play this?
-I'll go ahead.
[R&B music playing]
-[Autumn singing riff]
-[Dion] Wow.
-She's really good.
-I know, right?
So what you want me
to do with that though?
I was wondering
if you could remix it?
I mean, to remix it,
I need it to be, like...
separated a little bit.
Oh, I don't think
my mom has that.
It's all good. I mean...
The most I could do is,
like, dump it
or try to EQ it, I guess.
That works.
-Weren't you about to head out?
["The Blessing"
by Duce Williams playing]
What's your legacy, son?
How do you want to be
remembered after you die?
That is what you need
to be thinking about
as you go about life.
Now, I know
what you're thinking.
You're young,
you got your whole life
ahead of you,
but death
has a different take, son.
I know. Look at Mom.
That's right.
So, there's this girl, right?
I really like her, you know?
She seems like
the type to settle down with.
But it's like...
I'm afraid to get close.
You know what I mean? Like...
What if she dies?
Don't look at it that way, son.
Love hard, man.
That way if it don't work out,
you still have some
good memories to show for it.
You know what I mean?
Hey, don't be scared, man.
Never play scared.
I'm blessed
Real blessed
I'm blessed (I'm blessed)
Real blessed
I'm blessed
I'm blessed (I'm blessed)
I'm blessed
Real blessed...
[Amber] Excuse me, first lady.
Where have you been?
-You really are a nosy lady.
-[Amber giggling]
I've been minding my business.
I've seen you two
come out of church.
I assume
everything is going well?
It's cool.
All right, so talk to me.
-Guess what?
He's a virgin.
-[both laughing]
I had to close my eyes
to surprise myself
just to see
the look on your face.
That man is a virgin.
That's unheard of.
A virgin.
I guess this is a good thing?
I mean,
I'm okay with it because
the idea of having sex
with another man right now,
it's kind of foreign
to me to say the least.
So, being around him
doesn't tempt you?
Of course I get tempted,
but, you know,
the Lord has been
undergirding my loins.
[both laughing]
No, I'm just playing.
I mean, really,
I-- I'm good with it.
Why? Is that a problem?
You should desire your man.
[Autumn sighs]
It will all happen in time.
I'm just enjoying myself.
[both laughing]
Hi, baby. You okay?
I'm good.
[Rashad laughing]
This here is honestly
the best day--
Year-- Time of my life.
So, come here, come here.
Come here, dear.
You're not gonna propose, right?
-No. No, no.
Just admiring you.
All of you.
-I have a confession.
So I've known for a while now...
that you...
were meant for me.
[Autumn giggling]
Oh, really?
Since I've been a widow,
I presume, right?
Oh, no. No, no.
Way before that.
What do you mean by that?
Because before then
I was married.
So what do you mean by before?
You know what?
Let's-- let's forget
I said anything.
-I was just talking out my--
-Rashad, Rashad, Rashad.
Your confession? Remember?
Tell-- tell the truth.
What-- what are you
talking about?
Because before I was married.
So what do you mean by
way before?
Yeah. About that...
[sighs] Uh...
I knew about the affair.
Wait a minute.
You knew about what?
I knew about the affair.
Yeah. Sure did.
-No, Autumn-- No-- Just--
-Let-- let me go, Rashad.
-Okay I--
-We've been dating for weeks.
You knew about the affair?
How did you know
about the affair?
I'm sorry--
How could you know
about the affair?
No one-- No one knows
about the affair.
What-- what are you
talking about?
You know, just explain yourself.
I need to hear everything
from the beginning.
I'm not sitting by you.
What are you talking about?
All right, all right--
How did you know
about the affair?
[Rashad] Okay.
Okay, all right.
Um, I overheard a conversation
with Pastor Brown
and Sebastian.
And they were talking
about the affair.
Pastor Brown told Sebastian
that if he doesn't
end it immediately,
that he was going
to be forced to expose him.
I could tell by the tone
of that conversation
that it wasn't their first time
talking about it.
So, then I would see you
at service...
and I would just watch you.
The way you moved,
spoke, sang, everything.
And I said,
"You know what?
He doesn't deserve you.
I do."
And that's when I knew.
This is God,
we were meant to be.
That is absolutely disgusting.
Oh, my God.
How long did this go on?
A couple months?
You did this for months?
-Baby, you're mine.
-[Autumn] What?
[grunts] Did anybody
else know about this?
I don't know,
Pastor Brown and, uh...
-My Amber?
-Yeah. What's-- what's--
You gotta go.
You gotta go.
-[Rashad] Oh, no.
-Rashad, I'm asking you nice.
Please leave.
Why are you doing this
to us, please?
-There is no us.
-But this is God!
This is not God!
God is honest.
-[Autumn] Get out. Get out.
Get out. No.
You need help. Get out!
You've-- you said
you [indistinct].
Get out!
Why do I have
to keep asking you?
Leave! Leave!
[sighs] This is crazy.
The healer
might come and take
How could you
do this to me, Amber?
The healer might come
and take away the pain
He might come
and take it all away
The healer might,
healer might bring the rain
"My son is in a coma"?
Oh, my God.
Oh, but keep breathing
through the pounding waves
Hi. Autumn.
What happened?
Oh, my God. When?
I'm so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
Where are you?
Okay. I'm coming now.
Come on, keep it steady
as the sun, let the body say
[machines beeping]
[Autumn] God,
please bring a miracle.
I know that you can do
the impossible
and I'm trusting
in your promises.
Thank you for being a God
who sees and hears
every need.
In Jesus' name,
it is done. Amen.
It's a beautiful night.
Just look at the stars.
God created all of that.
The stars, the sun,
the moon, the ocean,
everything that we admire
on Earth, God did.
Even when it comes
to the intricate design
of each
and every one of us.
-Including you, Jamal.
-[Jamal] Hmm.
Yeah, so, uh, how's Imani?
She's good.
You know, being a teenager,
back in the studio,
working on her album,
and we're finally
back on speaking terms.
-That's good, that's good.
-[Autumn] Yeah.
how's Jamal Junior?
What are the doctors
saying about him?
it's 50/50 right now.
I need my son to fight.
I need him to be with me.
I need him to pull through.
I need something. I just...
I believe he will.
But what you have
to understand is that...
Jamal Junior's
not fighting alone.
God is fighting with him
and for him.
But you have to believe.
[Jamal clears throat]
[Autumn sighs]
I have a very special request.
What might that be?
Would you come home
with me tonight?
[chuckles] Now, Jamal,
you know I'm not about--
Autumn. Listen, listen.
I just need you close,
all right?
I need my faith
to take me higher
Set a fire
Take me higher
I can feel you
I can feel you
Lord, you know I need you
Lord, you know I need you
I can see you on the horizon
I can see you rising
Clinging to your every word
Every breath you take,
I'll take
Every step you make,
I'll make
Lord, you're my redeemer
Nothing else compares to
Your love
It's the only thing
that keeps me sane
I'm down on my knees
Do as you please
I give you all of me
Your desires
I need you now
Hold these feelings
[indistinct lyrics]
I need you more
each and every day
Come now and fan the flames
Fan the flames
with your power
Set the fire
Here is my heart,
move me, shape me
Make me more
You are my one
and only provider
Set fire
Set fire
Fan the flames
with your desires
We lift our hands to you
On one accord we say
Set a fire
[Jamal imitating alarm clock]
Good morning.
Good-- good morning.
Good morning.
-It's morning?
-[Jamal] Yeah.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I really knocked out, huh?
Well, I got coffee.
It's black.
I could make breakfast.
That's okay because I have--
really have to go.
Besides, I have
morning breath. [chuckles]
I mean, maybe you-- [indistinct]
breakfast somewhere.
-No, I have to go to work.
But I-- I had
a really good time.
Me too.
If I had the option to trade
my seven year marriage in
for the past 12 hours...
it'd be a no brainer.
[angelic music building]
[Autumn chuckles]
All right. Bye.
[indistinct]. Drive safe.
-[Autumn] Thanks for the coffee.

[indistinct chatter]
What's wrong?
Can you stop by my house later?
Seven o'clock.
And don't be late.
-That's all.
So, what's going on, Autumn?
You knew about the affair?
How did you find out?
Rashad overheard
a conversation
between Pastor Brown
and Sebastian
where Pastor Brown
threatened to expose Sebastian
if he didn't end
the affair.
And Rashad took that
as his opportunity
to make his move.
And me,
being your best friend...
he tried to convince me
to snitch on Sebastian...
but I wouldn't do it.
I figured, why stir up
the hornet's nest if...
especially if he was
gonna end the affair.
I would have
told you, Autumn.
I-- I just needed some time.
Let me ask you a question.
If the tables were turned...
would you have wanted me
to tell you right away...
or give it some time?
[knocking on door]
[Autumn] Good morning.
Good morning, Autumn.
I knew you would be here.
If your son has
any chance of survival,
yeah, he's gonna need a break
from your mugshot
standing over him
every single day.
You need a break.
Let's go for a ride.
Where to?
Meet me
in the parking lot.
[hopeful music building]
[crickets chirping]
I'm bitter with God. [chuckles]
I'm bitter because...
I lost my husband.
I'm bitter because...
I didn't even get
the chance...
to confront him.
[Autumn sniffs]
I'm bitter...
because Imani's father
was snatched out of her life.
And I'm jealous.
I'm jealous...
of the hope that I see...
when I look into her eyes...
and to think...
it was me...
her very own mother...
that almost snatched
that hope away from her.
[sniffs] I'm sorry. [chuckles]
You are too beautiful
to be so bitter.
[Autumn chuckles]
[road din]
So, how you been?
Autumn, look, I'm sorry for
breaking the affair
to you like that.
I shouldn't have done that.
I was wrong.
I already knew.
Huh? How?
Sebastian's girlfriend's
husband told me.
Turns out that Sebastian...
was with his girlfriend
the night of the shooting.
She was killed, too.
The husband
contacted me recently...
with proof.
A lot of pictures.
-That's unbelievable.
-[laughs] Yep.
-[Rashad] That's a lot.
It is.
Well, still, I apologize,
Um, even dragging
Amber into it,
I realized I should
have just let it play out
and, um, yeah,
so hopefully,
you'll find it
in your Christian heart
to forgive me one day.
-You're human, Rashad.
-[Rashad] Yeah.
It's not easy
reading all the signs and...
making the right decisions.
You're right.
You're right.
So, where do we stand?
-I think we should just pause.
I got a lot going on, and...
I just really need
to focus on me.
That's it?
Nothing I can do? I--
You tell me,
I'm-- I'm willing to--
whatever it takes.
There is actually something
you could do.
What is it?
Tell me, you got it.
You could pray
for sister Autumn.
[laughs] Pray.
I can do that.
So, you forgive me?
[Autumn] Mm-hmm.
You hurt me, Amber.
I trusted you.
But our faith
teaches us to forgive.
So, yes.
I forgive you this time.
But don't do that again.
[Amber chuckles]
Look, I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you,
but with everything going on,
I just felt like
it would be too much on you.
-I'm sorry.
So, Jamal's son is in a coma.
Really bad motorcycle accident.
[Amber groans]
He called me, and...
I went to the hospital
and we spent time together.
Oh, really?
Yes. Oh, my God, Amber, I'm--
I'm like-- I'm so torn
because I'm starting to develop
feelings for Jamal, and...
I feel guilty because...
he's not a Christian,
he doesn't believe in God,
but everything else
about him is perfect.
How does that work?
When your emotions
are all over the place,
fall back on the word.
I mean,
your heart is just...
it's all over the place,
it's going through a lot.
Thanks, [indistinct].
Oh, who's calling me?
Oh. Hey, Paula. Hi.
I'm great. How are you?
Okay. Bye.
-Who's Paula?
That was a childhood friend
that I grew up with
and she's in town.
She's a really cool lady.
-Oh, that's awesome.
Paula Garcia.
Oh, my God.
How long has it been?
-Too long.
[both laughing]
[Autumn sighs]
I was so sorry
to hear about Sebastian.
You don't know the half.
What are you talking about?
He was having an affair.
And she was with him
the night that he was killed.
You gotta be kidding me.
She got killed, too.
Well, how did you find
all this out?
-Her husband.
-Whose husband?
The woman
he was having an affair with?
Yes, girl.
He contacted me a year later,
showed up with some pictures,
told me that he liked me,
and now we're in love.
[laughs] Hold on.
You must have
left something out?
Okay, let me get this straight.
Sebastian was
having an affair.
His mistress was with him
the night he got killed.
Her husband contacts you
a year later
to expose the affair,
and tell you he likes you?
-And now y'all are in love?
I wish I was a writer.
This would make a great movie.
But there's more.
No way!
He's an agnostic.
[inhales] Ouch.
You're in love with a man
that doesn't believe in God?
-[Paula laughs]
And that's why
I need you to help me
write the next chapter.
-Let me take this drink.
-[Autumn chuckling]
I'm really starting
to question my faith.
Losing my husband,
the affair,
Imani having to spend the rest
of her life without her father.
And you know
how close they were.
This last year,
I really feel like
I've been alone
out here by myself.
Paula, I'm just surviving.
Oh, and to top it off,
I started dating this guy
from the church named Rashad
only to find out that
he knew about the affair
before Sebastian was killed
and he tried
to get my best friend,
I'll tell you about that later,
to snitch
so he could have me.
-Oh, wow.
-Crazy, crazy.
This has been the worst year.
I mean,
I'm really starting to question
faith, church, people.
Everything. All of it.
your relationship with God
has nothing to do
with the church or its members.
Some of the most
nastiest, coldest,
the most vindictive people
I have ever met
have been church people
and if they are any indication
of what the love of Christ
is supposed to be,
you might as well take
180 degree turn right now
and head straight for hell.
Listen, the same Pharisees
who criticized Jesus,
who fed the hungry
with the communion bread
and the-- the wine
are the same people
sitting in
the church pews today,
judging you.
The only thing that's changed
is fashion and the year.
[Autumn chuckles]
God's spirit is in you...
and it's speaking.
You just have to shut
all these other voices down
so you can hear.
how do you feel
about me
being attracted to a guy
who doesn't believe in God?
God can represent a lot
of things to a lot of people.
And I think it's safe to say
that as a whole,
may have painted a God that--
to the world,
that is undesirable...
and I'd say show him
a version of God...
that he has
never seen before.
What do you mean? How?
What does he need right now?
Give him that.
Show him the love of God
through your actions,
not words.
I'm really glad
you stopped by today.
Me too.
Uh, I-- I have something
I want you to listen to.
Ooh, finally I get
to hear something. [laughs]
-[Imani] Okay.
-All right, I'm ready.
It gets real hard
for him to focus
He starts
to take a look around
[Imani giggling]
Wow. Oh, my God.
When-- when did you--
That sounds amazing.
-You like it?
-Like it?
Girl, I love it! Wow.
Yeah, I had,
uh, Dion remix it.
It sounds really good.
-Oh, my God. You got me.
-[Imani laughs]
I actually had an idea
for my album.
Uh, it's a duet idea
and I was wondering if
you wanted to sing it with me.
Oh, oh
-That would make me so happy.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
That means so much to me.
Oh, I love you.
Oh, oh, oh
There's a winner
that lives in me
If I believe
I can achieve anything
It's up to me what I will be
What I will be
If I believe
in the winner in me
Winner in me
-[Jamal sighs]
-That was very nice to see.
-I'm so happy Jamal's up.
Oh, my God.
I was so excited
when he opened his eyes.
I just texted you
and you came over, I--
Well, that text
had me really nervous.
I didn't know
what was going on.
Oh, no,
I'm sorry about that.
I ain't mean to make
you nervous, I promise.
I should have been more clear,
but I am so happy right now.
-Well, I'm happy for you.
-Yeah. Yeah.
So, uh, let's go meet him.
You ready?
Come on, don't you think
it's too soon?
Too soon?
I mean, we haven't been in--
You must have forgot what that
boy told me before the accident.
"Dad, I'm tired
of eating your cooking.
It sucks.
What's the Pepto?"
All of that.
He just hit me with all of that.
So, no, it's not too soon.
-All right.
-All right, let's go. Wait.
Before we go in there...
I gotta get
some off my chest.
There is a God.
-I told you.
-Yeah, you did.
And you know, I just...
I never felt
so fragile, vulnerable,
and helpless
as I had these past few weeks.
You know I wouldn't have made it
through this without you, right?
[Autumn chuckles]
And I would have
never met you
if not for the sequence
of events
that brought us together.
I don't know, Autumn,
I just feel like
something bigger than us
is pulling the strings.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm convinced of that now.
God is definitely involved.
[Jamal] Yeah.
I came before His throne
He touched my lips
and made me whole
Exchanged my heart of stone
For one of flesh and blood
in my bones
And all I can say
is holy is He
Yeah, holy is He
He opened up my eyes
And gave me spirit
short sight
And all I can say is
Holy is He
Holy is He
Holy is He
And all I can say is
Holy is He
Holy is He
Holy is He
And all I can say is
Holy is He
Holy is He
Now that my eyes
Now that my eyes
have seen your light
I just want to stay
Stay and behold
Stay and behold
your glory, Lord
And now
Now that my eyes
Now that my eyes
have seen your light
I just want to stay
Stay and behold
Stay and behold
your glory, Lord
Holy is He
Holy is He
Holy is He
Holy is He
I could not believe my eyes
I need you to find my light
Holy is He
O Lord, you're welcome
O Lord, you're welcome
You are welcome
You are welcome
You're welcome in this place
Into this place
Lord, you're welcome
Into this place
We want you
to have your way, O Lord
We welcome you
into this place
We welcome
O Lord
O Lord
Lord, you're welcome
O Lord you're welcome
Lord, you're welcome
O Lord you're welcome
We want to have you
in this place
[indistinct lyrics]
O Lord
Lord, have your way
O Lord
Lord, have your way
[indistinct lyrics]
O Lord
Lord, have your way
O Lord