The Albatross (2016) Movie Script

Iceman: 'Beautiful sight, isn't it? Hmm?
Iceman: We should open one, shouldn't we?
Iceman: Hey?
Iceman:Why not, huh?
Iceman:A toast to you, hey? Hmm?
Iceman: Ah damn, that's nice!
Iceman: Yeah! Huh? Huh? Huh?
Iceman: Ow!
Iceman: Huh?
Iceman: Alright!
Iceman: Here we go, baby! Go, huh? Go, huh?
Iceman: Go, huh? Go, huh? Go, huh?
Iceman: HUH?
Iceman: Try it!
Iceman: TRY IT, HUH?!! TRY I-
Iceman: Hey? Hmm?
Iceman: Yeah, you old fart. Hmm?
Iceman: That's you. Hmm? Hmm?
Iceman: Go 'head. Let 'er rip. Huh?
Iceman: Let 'er rip.